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Passing Love 1 - Page 4


Massive Art CD 1 (d)

Meesh Liquid Courage page 20


Massive Art CD 5 (d)

Liquid Courage High-Res

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Massive Art CD 2 (d)

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Massive Art CD 3 (d)

Massive Art CD 4 (d)

Passing Love 1 - Page 5


Mass Effect -Rite of Assage Standard (d)

Sketch | Travis Faces (And One Vanessa)

Fri Oct 30 03:22:43 2020

This most recent comic page got me studying expressions for Travis, since the impact of the page rested a lot on his face.

There are specific shapes for eyes that are more cartoony and more realistic, and I tried a few on in my sketchbook, with some short thoughts alongside. The Vanessa face was the first one I put down, and I really like her big out of control anime hair.


Passing Love 2 | Page 17

Thu Oct 29 01:20:51 2020

Well, time to get back to homework...


Passing Love 2 | Page 17 | WIP

Mon Oct 26 02:23:53 2020

Real positive vibes on this page!


Working Late | Hi-res

Thu Oct 22 03:28:54 2020

Hi-res for you spooktacular Platineers! Enjoy!

WorkingLate_HR.png WorkingLate_HR_Boo.png

Working Late

Thu Oct 22 03:27:49 2020

The PromoTech building's been quiet tonight. You don't normally work so late, but an important project has been through several delays and you decided to work a couple extra hours to push back against another delay.

Leaving your desk to get another cup of coffee, you hear strange noises on the floor below you. Loud thumps, like an immense creature moving across the building... You're not aware of many people who work at the company who are so... immense.

Summoning up your courage, you head downstairs to make sure nothing's awry. And who knows-- maybe whoever's down there might be up for a late-night quicky before getting back to work.

You flick the lightswitch, only to find that the power isn't working on this floor. Activating the light on your phone, you begin to investigate, following the unusual sounds coming from the far end of the room. Grunting. Wet slaps against flesh... a couple fucking in the dark?

You cross aisle after aisle of work desks, until you finally find the culprit... and have just enough time to gasp in shock as he rushes you with an unearthly roar.

I've included an alternate version with a bunch of BOO! on his shirt. I didn't have the gumption to paint form-fitting text all over his shirt, but I still sort of like the flat version of the text!

WorkingLate_RS.png WorkingLate_RS_Boo.png

Working Late | WIP

Sat Oct 17 22:15:08 2020

Something seems a little different with Luis!


New Halloween Prints In | Store-Wide Print Sale!

Sat Oct 17 20:08:33 2020

I finally got off my ass and added some new prints to my store!

Upon Reflection and Life of the Party are new additions to the store, with Upon Reflection featuring a choice between "reflection" and "no reflection". Plus, all of my prints are 20% off with the checkout code "spookymeesh20". This includes my Business Casual book! As with all previous additions to the print store, you patrons are getting notified 24 hours before anyone else.

The sale will end on Oct 31st, so now's the time to grab a print if you've had your eye on one!

HalloweenPost_censor.png Chase_Halloween_Preview.png UponReflection_Preview.png UponReflection_Preview_Butt.png

Please Vote! | Hi-res

Thu Oct 15 02:24:11 2020

Hi-res for my superb Platineers! Enjoy!

PleaseVote_BackHome_HR.png PleaseVote_HR.png

Please Vote!

Thu Oct 15 02:22:38 2020

It's election season! I felt like drawing up a sexy little reminder. If you are over 18 (which you should be, if you're here) and live in America, please follow the example of this big-titted fox and go vote! And if you have to leave the house to do so, please wear a mask. ❤ Stay safe out there!

PleaseVote_BackHome_RS.png PleaseVote_RS.png

PL2 | Page 16 Brainstorming

Wed Oct 14 00:30:52 2020

Just a bit of insight into what went into the brainstorming of this page!

These are the first thoughts I put down for page 16. First sketching a thumbnail and a synopsis for the page, and then jotting down potential lines as I imagined Dennis and Travis's conversation. They are somewhat out of order, which required me to number them so I could keep them sorted.

The opposite page was me testing out different angles for different panels. It's a little hard to make a conversation scene visually interesting, so I wanted to work a sort of dynamic angle in there somewhere... but then I wondered if I was thinking too hard, and settled for the slight 3/4 angle for Dennis in panel 1. And finally in the lower right, an updated panel sequence for panels 3-6.


Passing Love 2 | Page 16 | Hi-res

Tue Oct 13 20:03:55 2020

Hi-res for my precious Platineers! Enjoy!


Passing Love 2 | Page 16 | Process

Tue Oct 13 20:02:52 2020

In the past, during my days off, I tended to not draw at all, because I figured that was the point of a day off. But I realized that doing some idle sketching during that time was wonderful for getting me to make some scribbles that I didn't feel needed to set a high standard.

I experimented with getting some layouts figured out for the next couple pages of Passing Love 2 using my physical sketchbook, and I think it was very beneficial. It cut down production time by a day and a half! This may be just a fluke, but I'm going to continue with this method to see how it works down the line.

PassingLove2_16_lineart.png PassingLove2_16_refine.png PassingLove2_16_rough.png PassingLove2_16_RS.png PassingLove2_16_Process.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 16

Tue Oct 13 19:59:04 2020

Such a smooth-talker!


Sketches | Male Warmups

Sat Oct 10 18:23:40 2020

A collection of body warmups, and Joe imitating that Andrew W.K. album cover (although the actual album cover has WAY more blood than I remembered)



Passing Love 2 | page 16 | WIP

Sat Oct 10 17:59:11 2020

Whatever he's saying seems to be working great!


Nightly Collection | Hi-res

Tue Oct 6 20:43:32 2020

Hi-res for my spooky Platineers! Enjoy!

NightlyCollection_HR.png NightlyCollection_HR_NoShade.png

Nightly Collection

Tue Oct 6 20:42:32 2020

Legend tells of a demon succubus that roams the streets every autumn... crawling in through bedroom windows and leeching off of men's sexual essence. They say that men go mad from being milked over and over again, being driven to such orgasmic heights that they lose their minds...

Strangely, during autumn it's harder to get a hold of Clara. It's not like her to ignore her phone...

I included a version without the shading because I think it looks pretty cool with just the flats. Happy October to you all!

NightlyCollection_RS.png NightlyCollection_RS_NoShade.png

September Roundup | Platinum Tier

Mon Oct 5 18:16:16 2020

Here's a big dump of pixels for ya! All the hi-res up-to-date comic pages along with a big-ass Taylor and his big-ass wiener for you to enjoy!

All you folks at the Platinum tier have proven your generosity by sticking around another month, and that means the world to me! Thank you for supporting the arts, and ensuring more porn gets made! Long live porn!! (d) (d) (d) (d)

September Roundup | Gold Tier

Mon Oct 5 18:15:55 2020

All the fun gritty guts of my comic pages and illustrations are here! All the process snapshots for Passing Love 2 pages, as well as the blow-by-blow of how the Taylor illustration came to be!

Thank you so much for that extra little bit of support with your Gold pledge, I really appreciate it! I hope you enjoy checking out my process! (d) (d) (d) (d)

September Roundup | Silver Tier

Mon Oct 5 18:15:49 2020

Another couple of pages to add to the pile! Here's all of Passing Love 2 so far, as well as the Taylor illustration from last month.

The comic is getting pretty spicy... I hope you've all been enjoying where it's going, and where it'll end up! Thanks as always for your lovely support! (d) (d)

September Roundup | Bronze Tier

Mon Oct 5 18:15:41 2020

I moved last month and had less time to work, which meant one less illustration. It couldn't be helped, but I apologize all the same! October should be more fruitful. Thank you for your support! (d)

Nightly Collection | WIP

Sun Oct 4 21:51:25 2020

Succubus Clara time! Happy spooky month!


Sketches | Miscellaneous Practice/Warmup Ladies

Sat Oct 3 18:26:02 2020

I've been working on making sketching in my sketchbook a regular habit to keep my muscle memory flowing, as well as to work on diminishing my fear of getting things wrong in a sketch. I think I made good progress, but it's a skill that requires consistent effort in order to not fall back into bad habits again. Enjoy the babes!


Passing Love 2 | Page 15 | Hi-res

Thu Oct 1 00:04:57 2020

Hi-res for my patient Platineers! Enjoy!

PassingLove2_15_HR.png PassingLove2_15_HR.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 15 | Process

Thu Oct 1 00:04:08 2020

This was a lot of dialogue to fit into one page, and I typically underestimate the amount of space the word bubbles will require. There are some balance issues going on with the composition, but I'll keep trying to improve with later pages!

PassingLove2_15_Process.png PassingLove2_15_refine.png PassingLove2_15_lineart.png PassingLove2_15_rough.png PassingLove2_15_RS.png PassingLove2_15_Process.png

Passing Love | Page 15

Thu Oct 1 00:00:53 2020

A little bit of shunning never hurt anyone, right?

PassingLove2_15_RS.png PassingLove2_15_RS.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 15 | WIP

Mon Sep 28 00:37:46 2020

Dialogue! Dialogue!

PassingLove2_15_refine.png PassingLove2_15_refine.png

Showin' Off The Boner | Hi-res

Tue Sep 22 21:07:41 2020

Hi-res for my beautiful Platineers! Keep in mind that the file labeled with "WS" is for watersports, so download at your discretion! Enjoy!

ShowinOffTheBoner_HR.png ShowinOffTheBoner_HR_WS.png ShowinOffTheBoner_HR.png

Showin' Off The Boner

Tue Sep 22 21:05:50 2020

Taylor is very proud of his cock, and loves looking at it almost as much as looking at porn. Sometimes he is so inspired by his thick, throbbing erection that he wants to take a pic to share it-- no matter where he is!

Watersports version included in the attachments! Enjoy!

ShowinOffTheBoner_RS.png ShowinOffTheBoner_RS.png ShowinOffTheBoner_RS_WS.png

Showin' Off The Boner | Sketch

Sat Sep 19 02:26:35 2020

Going for the finish with this one!

Taylorselfie_wip2.png Taylorselfie_wip2.png

Warmup Ideas and Taylor Selfie

Thu Sep 17 23:49:17 2020

Because of the move and everything, I hadn't actually sat down for an extended sketching session in something like 11 days, which is exceptionally long for me. And so when I sat down today to get something together for the next gay illustration, I felt suuuuper rusty... I spent some time loosening up with some random poses, as you can see here.

I've been trying to pull out a finale for the Putting On A Show series for a few months now, but I haven't quite been able to nail it, with every sketch I make for it lacking confidence. Today was no different! So instead I took a look inside my idea bucket and found a rough sketch for Taylor taking a selfie of his big meaty schlonger and thought it was a good excuse to practice my foreshortening. Also I missed drawing his doofy face.


Gaywarmups.png Taylorselfie_wip1.png Gaywarmups.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 14 | Hi-res

Mon Sep 14 20:59:08 2020

Hi-res for my patient Platineers! Enjoy!

PassingLove2_14_HR.png PassingLove2_14_HR.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 14 | Process

Mon Sep 14 20:58:17 2020

I had only half-shaded this comic page when I had to disassemble my computer setup in preparation for my move, and couldn't come back to it for several days. I had never interrupted work on a page right in the middle like that, and coming back to it in a new work environment felt incredibly bizarre. I felt very out of sync... half my house is still in boxes, so perhaps that was a distraction as well.

I liked rendering that toilet, but then I just covered it up with a big word balloon. Such is the nature of comics!

PassingLove2_14_Process.png PassingLove2_14_lineart.png PassingLove2_14_refine.png PassingLove2_14_rough.png PassingLove2_14_RS.png PassingLove2_14_Process.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 14

Mon Sep 14 20:53:57 2020

Betrayed by the boner!

PassingLove2_14_RS.png PassingLove2_14_RS.png

Moving complete! Currently unpacking

Fri Sep 11 23:21:34 2020

My move went fairly smoothly! I've been busy as hell getting essential stuff unpacked and getting settled in my new home, and I finally got the computer set up. Work on the next comic page can now resume!

Thanks a ton for your patience during this little dry spell while I get my life started up again. I'm dying to get back to a normal routine again! Look out for the next comic page soon!

August Roundup | Platinum Tier

Sat Sep 5 16:32:57 2020

Here are all the BIG files, the hi-res versions of all my content! Plus all them WIPs as well. I love making Platinum Roundup posts because each of the hi-res zips feel so weighty when I upload them...

You're at the highest pledge level, which makes a big statement of support. Maybe you like seeing the hi-res files, or maybe you really want to give me money, or maybe both! In any case, I vastly appreciate it, and it makes me want to continue to work hard to earn it. Thank you very much for sticking around! (d) (d) (d) (d)

August Roundup | Gold Tier

Sat Sep 5 16:32:52 2020

The Gold Tier is where the roundups start gettin' beefy... Here's everything from the previous tiers, but now with all the WIP snapshot images I've saved! Witness my process from start to finish!

Thanks for beefin' up your pledge past that Silver tier and up into Gold! It feels a bit like a tip, which makes me feel good about the content I make. I hope you enjoy all my WIPs! (d) (d) (d) (d)

August Roundup | Silver Tier

Sat Sep 5 16:32:47 2020

Passing Love 2 grows ever larger! Here are the first 13 pages, as well as the August illustrations.

Thank you so much for helping support my dream job! These comics wouldn't exist without the help of you guys. I hope you enjoy this and all future content! (d) (d)

August Roundup | Bronze Tier

Sat Sep 5 16:32:40 2020

Something really gay, and something really straight in this roundup! Here are the illustrations from the month of August. Thank you for your continued support! (d)

Passing Love | Page 14 | WIP

Fri Sep 4 21:15:14 2020

Dennis is puttin' the moves on Travis!

PassingLove2_14_refine.png PassingLove2_14_refine.png

I'm Moving! Productivity Slowdown

Thu Sep 3 04:00:15 2020

Hi all! Hope you're all doing well and staying safe.

I'm moving from an apartment to a house (exciting!) on the 8th, and this last week in the apartment will be a very, very busy one. There is still lots to take care of and packing to do! I've been working on the next Passing Love page for the last few days, and although the moving workload hasn't ramped up quite yet, I can tell that productivity has already taken a hit.

Over the next week, each free moment I have I will put it into the comic, but the update may take a couple more days than usual to get polished up and out the door. Thank you so much for your patience, and I should be back to my normal schedule soon!

Welcome To Marley's | Part 4 | Hi-res

Sun Aug 30 03:18:29 2020

Hi-res for my amazing Platineers! Enjoy!

WelcomeToMarleys4_Anal_HR.png WelcomeToMarleys4_Anal_HR.png WelcomeToMarleys4_HR.png WelcomeToMarleys4_Anal_HR_ND.png WelcomeToMarleys4_HR_ND.png

Welcome To Marley's | Part 4

Sun Aug 30 03:17:05 2020

Wasim had been at it for a while, while Marley excitedly continued listing all the things that she enjoyed about the department store Neighman Marcus. He had stopped processing the precise things she was saying, her high voice reduced to background noise as he focused on the tight and slippery cunt that was bestowed upon him.

He could fuck her all night and she might not even notice that they hadn't gone out to the store yet, but part of the fun of his position was not feeling obliged to drag out a fuck. In fact, it could be exhilarating to dump a load as quick as you could before going on your way, knowing you had the privilege of fucking again whenever you wanted.

His fingers sunk into her plush ass. He informed her that his orgasm was coming, which she acknowledged, and continued her story with aplomb.

All versions attached. Enjoy!

WelcomeToMarleys4_RS.png WelcomeToMarleys4_Anal_RS.png WelcomeToMarleys4_Anal_RS_ND.png WelcomeToMarleys4_RS_ND.png

Welcome To Marley's | Part 4 | WIP

Wed Aug 26 01:07:00 2020

Looks like she's still chattering away...


Passing Love 2 | Page 13 | Hi-res

Sat Aug 22 20:33:11 2020

Hi-res for my awesome Platineers! Enjoy!


Passing Love 2 | Page 13 | Process

Sat Aug 22 20:32:18 2020

I re-wrote the dialogue on this page a few times. Initially Dennis jumped to conclusions about Travis spitting out his load, but then I realized that he may not exactly know that's what Travis is doing or where he's going. For all he knew, Travis was about to exit his dorm.

I sketched out the entire page more or less in a day, and the next day I had second thoughts about the angle of Travis's head in the first panel, and spent literally the entire day attempting to draw a replacement. And then around the evening, I decided that the first head I drew wasn't so bad...

PassingLove2_13_Process.png PassingLove2_13_lineart.png PassingLove2_13_refine.png PassingLove2_13_rough.png PassingLove2_13_RS.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 13

Sat Aug 22 20:25:34 2020

No swallowing on this day!


Passing Love 2 | Page 13 | WIP

Wed Aug 19 03:59:30 2020

Some cum-spitting action, here. This is what people like, right??

PassingLove2_13_refine.png PassingLove2_13_refine.png

Jock Frot | Hi-res

Sat Aug 15 02:09:36 2020

Hi-res for my adventurous Platineers! Enjoy!

JockFrot_HR.png JockFrot_HR.png JockFrot_HR_ND.png JockFrot_HR_ND_Cock.png

Jock Frot

Sat Aug 15 02:08:34 2020

Scheduling can be tricky at college, when classes, homework, parties and sports all need to fit in somewhere. Finding time alone with your shy new boyfriend on top of all that is tricky, especially when he's as busy as you are.

Brett found himself in this situation, having to settle for ogling his boy Austin as they passed to and fro in the halls, with only a wink or occasional discrete grope to sustain him. But finally, his libido got the better of him, and he stole his boy Austin away before football practice to have his way with him. Austin isn't so sure about dipping his wick on school grounds-- and so close to the locker room, as well. But Brett is keen to change his mind, and quick!


JockFrot_RS.png JockFrot_RS_ND.png JockFrot_RS_ND_Cock.png

Sketch | Jock Frot

Tue Aug 11 01:05:25 2020

They got a real bad case of it!

JockFrot_wip3.png JockFrot_wip3.png

Adam Ellis as a furry | Hi-res

Sat Aug 8 00:18:37 2020

Hi-res for my glorious Platineers! Enjoy!

AdamEllis_Furry_SFW_HR.png AdamEllis_Furry_NSFW_HR.png AdamEllis_Furry_SFW_HR.png

Adam Ellis as a furry

Sat Aug 8 00:17:02 2020

While I was on vacation, I received a message from Adam Ellis (a comic artist, formerly of Buzzfeed fame) who asked if I was available to be commissioned to turn him into a dog person.

After I shook off the surreal nature of the situation, I said yes, and here is the result! He was a breeze to work with, and I think it turned out very well. I hope you enjoy!

AdamEllis_Furry_Web_SFW.png AdamEllis_Furry_Web_NSFW.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 12 | Hi-res

Fri Aug 7 02:46:55 2020

Hi-res for my fantastic Platineers! Enjoy!


Passing Love 2 | Page 12 | Process

Fri Aug 7 02:45:50 2020

I tweaked Dennis's "almost there" face quite a bit, because it is a pretty silly face, but I didn't want it to be over-the-top ridiculous. During the sketching phase, I kept making it too goofy and cracking myself up.

Also, drawing the throat was an interesting challenge. I wanted to set it apart from vaginal internal shots I've done, because the structure of the throat is obviously different. I wanted to show off the tonsils and uvula squashed up against all that meat in there, but it's not super noticeable...

PassingLove2_12_Process.png PassingLove2_12_lineart.png PassingLove2_12_refine.png PassingLove2_12_rough.png PassingLove2_12_RS.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 12

Fri Aug 7 02:37:17 2020

I guess "almost as good as a lady" is good enough for Dennis.


July Roundup | Platinum Tier

Wed Aug 5 16:37:46 2020

Hope you Platineers are doing well! Here's all the big boy files for Little Buddy Chapter 1, Passing Love 2 (so far) and the hi-res Marley illustration, which may threaten to take over your entire computer screen. This of course is in addition to all the WIP images for everything mentioned!

$12 of support is nothing to sneeze at. Whether you're just hopping in really quick to take a look around, or you've been a long-time patron at the Platinum level, it's an impressive show of generosity that is significant to me. These comics and illustrations can't happen without the support of you and others like you, so I hope you all feel great about that!

Stay safe and sane out there, and look forward to new art soon! (d) (d) (d) (d) (d) (d)

July Roundup | Gold Tier

Wed Aug 5 16:37:33 2020

All the usual goodies for the Gold Tier, with the special inclusion of the never-before-seen WIP images for Little Buddy Chapter 1! I mean, I guess every new WIP image is never-before-seen... but the Little Buddy ones are from a special pornographic tomb, dusted off and placed with care into a .zip for you to enjoy.

Thank you for adding just that little bit of spice to your pledge and placing yourselves in the Gold Tier. That extra little bit of support goes a long way in my book! I hope you enjoy all these process steps for my work, as well as the work in general! Thank you again! (d) (d) (d) (d) (d) (d)

July Roundup | Silver Tier

Wed Aug 5 16:37:21 2020

Only got one new page of Passing Love 2 out last month, but here's an updated .zip for your records regardless! And of course, all of Little Buddy Chapter 1 and the Marley illustration!

Now more than ever I am thankful for the support of my fans, who enable me to draw my own personal creations every month. Thank you so very much for supporting the comics, and me! (d) (d) (d)

July Roundup | Bronze Tier

Wed Aug 5 16:37:00 2020

In a wild twist, the bronze tier roundup has a comic .zip this month! Here is all of Little Buddy Chapter 1 collected for you, as well as the multiple versions of Marley's illustration!

Thank you very much for your support, and I hope you enjoy! (d) (d)

Passing Love 2 | Page 12 | WIP

Sun Aug 2 23:07:08 2020

The return!


Back from Vacation!

Sat Aug 1 17:22:17 2020

It was nice to take a break from the normal hustle and bustle, but I'm back in action! Normally at the start of a month I work on an illustration, but I'm sure people are anxious to see the next page of Passing Love 2, so I'll be working on that for the beginning of August. There are a handful more pages of Little Buddy | Chapter 1 to be posted, but I'm at work on new content once again.

Thank you all for sticking with me during this content shift! It's been really fun to see people's reactions and nostalgia towards LB, and I look forward to giving the other two chapters the same remastering treatment at some point.

I hope everyone's been doing well and staying safe. Look forward to more of Joe, Travis and Dennis!

Sketches | Judy Smushed By Cock

Fri Jul 31 18:40:14 2020

Fairly self-indulgent, these...


Sketches | Tough Coyote Boyfriend

Wed Jul 29 16:37:03 2020

One day I just had scummy coyotes on the brain. ✨


Sketches | Hunks of Men and Casual Fuckin'

Fri Jul 31 00:00:02 2020

Always a fan of Taylor and free use!


Sketches | Grabbin' Cocks and Deflatin' Knots

Wed Jul 29 00:00:01 2020

Some fun ideas in this one that still have potential!


Sketches | Solo Gals

Sun Jul 26 00:00:02 2020

Just a trio of gals by themselves (mostly).


Sketches | Some Claras and a Judy

Fri Jul 24 00:00:04 2020

Some super raunchy stuff with Clara and some medium raunch with Nick & Judy!


Little Buddy | Chapter 1 | Pages 15-17 (Final) | Hi-res

Tue Aug 4 00:04:01 2020

Hi-res for my patient Platineers!

LittleBuddy_15_HR.png LittleBuddy_16_HR.png LittleBuddy_17_HR.png

Little Buddy | Chapter 1 | Page 13 & 14 | Hi-res

Sat Aug 1 00:04:01 2020

Hi-res for my fabulous Platineers! Enjoy!

LittleBuddy_13_HR.png LittleBuddy_14_HR.png

Little Buddy | Chapter 1 | Page 11 & 12 | Hi-res

Thu Jul 30 00:04:00 2020

Hi-res for my bodacious Platineers! Enjoy!

LittleBuddy_11_HR.png LittleBuddy_12_HR.png

Little Buddy | Chapter 1 | Page 9 & 10 | Hi-res

Tue Jul 28 00:04:01 2020

Hi-res for my beautiful Platineers! Enjoy!

LittleBuddy_9_HR.png LittleBuddy_10_HR.png

Little Buddy | Chapter 1 | Page 7 & 8 | Hi-res

Sat Jul 25 00:04:01 2020

Hi-res for my sweet Platineers! Enjoy!

LittleBuddy_7_HR.png LittleBuddy_8_HR.png

Little Buddy | Chapter 1 | Page 15-17 Sketches

Tue Aug 4 00:02:00 2020

I would love to remember how long it took me to make each of these pages... I believe I was putting them out fairly quickly. Maybe 3 or 4 days? And that was while going to art school and doing homework. How did I do that??

LB1_15sketch1_RM.png LB1_15sketch2_RM.png LB1_16sketch1_RM.png LB1_16sketch2_RM.png LB1_17sketch1_RM.png LB1_17sketch2_RM.png

Little Buddy | Chapter 1 | Page 13 & 14 Sketches

Sat Aug 1 00:02:01 2020

I'm pretty fond of how the sketch for page 14 came out. I recall thinking "Finally! We're getting to the good part!"

LB1_13sketch1_RM.png LB1_13sketch2_RM.png LB1_14sketch1_RM.png LB1_14sketch2_RM.png

Little Buddy | Chapter 1 | Page 11 & 12 Sketches

Thu Jul 30 00:02:01 2020

I'm pretty sure my intention with the faces in my rough layouts was to crack up my writer.

LB1_11sketch1_RM.png LB1_11sketch2_RM.png LB1_12sketch1_RM.png LB1_12sketch2_RM.png

Little Buddy | Chapter 1 | Page 9 & 10 Sketches

Tue Jul 28 00:02:01 2020

I was pretty familiar with the final pages of Little Buddy, but it has been so long since I looked at these roughs. The approach seems so chaotic to me, but roughs that I do now are just as messy.

LB1_9sketch1_RM.png LB1_9sketch2_RM.png LB1_10sketch1_RM.png LB1_10sketch2_RM.png

Little Buddy | Chapter 1 | Page 7 & 8 Sketches

Sat Jul 25 00:02:00 2020

You serial bro?? I sure did like to get silly with my roughs back then.

LB1_7sketch1_RM.png LB1_8sketch1_RM.png LB1_7sketch2_RM.png LB1_8sketch2_RM.png

Little Buddy | Chapter 1 | Pages 15-17 (Final)

Tue Aug 4 00:00:03 2020

And history was made! The first of many loads that Chris will swallow out of John's cock.

I hope everyone enjoyed revisiting the comic that arguably kick-started my career. It's been super fun going through it all again with fresh eyes, both with me and with all my patrons!

We'll be getting back to our regularly schedule of Passing Love 2 pages now, as well as my normal illustration work. Thank you for your patience!

LittleBuddy_15_RS.png LittleBuddy_16_RS.png LittleBuddy_17_RS.png

Little Buddy | Chapter 1 | Page 13 & 14

Sat Aug 1 00:00:02 2020

It's nice to have a good teacher for your first cock-in-mouth experience!

LittleBuddy_13_RS.png LittleBuddy_14_RS.png

Little Buddy | Chapter 1 | Page 11 & 12

Thu Jul 30 00:00:01 2020

I get hard faster when someone else touches it.

LittleBuddy_11_RS.png LittleBuddy_12_RS.png

Little Buddy | Chapter 1 | Page 9 & 10

Tue Jul 28 00:00:02 2020

An incredibly messy room... the perfect ambiance to suck some cock.

LittleBuddy_9_RS.png LittleBuddy_10_RS.png

Little Buddy | Chapter 1 | Page 7 & 8

Sat Jul 25 00:00:04 2020

You ever schedule a dick-suckin' a day in advance?

LittleBuddy_7_HR.png LittleBuddy_8_RS.png LittleBuddy_7_RS.png LittleBuddy_7_HR.png LittleBuddy_8_HR.png

Little Buddy | Chapter 1 | Page 5 & 6 | Hi-res

Wed Jul 22 17:42:33 2020

And the hi-res files for my lovely Platineers! Enjoy!

LittleBuddy_5_HR.png LittleBuddy_6_HR.png

Little Buddy | Chapter 1 | Page 5 & 6 Sketches

Wed Jul 22 17:40:42 2020

In every friendship, one must ask the question "do you butt sex?"

LB1_5sketch1_RM.png LB1_5sketch2_RM.png LB1_6sketch1_RM.png LB1_6sketch2_RM.png

Little Buddy | Chapter 1 | Page 5 & 6

Wed Jul 22 17:37:05 2020

Oh no... I used to listen to the Backstreet Boys...

LittleBuddy_5_RS.png LittleBuddy_6_RS.png

Sketches | Dan and Hank and Gloryholes

Wed Jul 22 03:04:24 2020

I had two Dan and Hank sketches from the past, as well as some random horny idea. Hope you'll like them!


Little Buddy | Chapter 1 | Page 3 & 4 | Hi-res

Mon Jul 20 15:43:28 2020

Little Buddy's never looked so hi-def! Enjoy!

LittleBuddy_3_HR.png LittleBuddy_4_HR.png

Little Buddy | Chapter 1 | Page 4 Sketches

Mon Jul 20 15:41:41 2020

It seems baby Meesh didn't deem it necessary to save any sketches from page 3. I also at some point in the past flattened the .PSD, so there was no sketch layer to dig up. I hope just the sketches for page 4 will suffice!

LB1_4sketch1_RM.png LB1_4sketch2_RM.png

Little Buddy | Chapter 1 | Page 3 & 4

Mon Jul 20 15:38:36 2020

The shocker! Will this be the end of their friendship???

LittleBuddy_3_RS.png LittleBuddy_4_RS.png LittleBuddy_3_RS.png

Sketches | Warmups and quick ideas

Sun Jul 19 00:21:00 2020

In-between Little Buddy pages, I'll be posting some of the saved doodles and sketches that I never ended up using, and accompanying them with some short thoughts about them, or explanation if it's needed. Enjoy!

SketchCompilation1.png SketchCompilation1.png SketchCompilation2.png

Little Buddy | Chapter 1 | Page 1 & 2 | WIPs

Fri Jul 17 23:43:50 2020

I thought these were kind of fun. I unearthed these alongside my old Little Buddy PSDs. Very interesting to see how I liked to rough out pages.

LB1_1sketch_RM.png LB1_1sketch2_RM.png LB1_2sketch1_RM.png LB1_2sketch2_RM.png

Little Buddy | Chapter 1 | Page 1 & 2 | Hi-res

Fri Jul 17 23:32:50 2020

As per usual, Platineers get the extra pixels! Enjoy!

LittleBuddy_1_HR.png LittleBuddy_2_HR.png

Little Buddy | Chapter 1 | Page 1 & 2

Fri Jul 17 23:31:24 2020

Get ready for this blast from the past!

As I mentioned in my update post, I'm on vacation for the rest of July, and will be replacing my normal content with this Meesh classic. Three times a week, I will be posting two pages from the comic, available to all patrons.

I'm also working on compiling old sketches with short descriptions for them to post in-between these pages. There are a couple dozen of them, dating back to around 2017.

I hope you enjoy strolling down memory lane with this comic, and as always, I am available if anyone has any questions or concerns.

LittleBuddy_1_RS.png LittleBuddy_2_RS.png LittleBuddy_1_RS.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 11 | Hi-res

Thu Jul 16 03:12:52 2020

Hi-res for my fantastic Platineers! Enjoy!

As I mentioned in the Silver Tier for this page, I will be taking a break from my regular content for the remainder of July in order to relax and recuperate. In place of Passing Love 2, I will be posting the first chapter of Little Buddy, the comic that precedes Passing Love. For more information, check out my update post from last week.


Passing Love 2 | Page 11 | Process

Thu Jul 16 03:09:30 2020

As of late I feel like I have lost touch with a reliable process for constructing both heads and bodies, so for this page I tried to slow down a little bit and get back in the habit of constructing everything step-by-step, rather than attempting to skip construction stages to get to the end quicker. This usually only resulted in frustration, as I had to fix a lot of problems that came about because of a poor foundation. Ironically, no time was saved at all!

It's always worth it to take the time to build up the sketch foundation, no matter how boring it may feel. Ensuring that the construction is correct makes the rest of the process so much smoother. Measure twice, etc etc.

PassingLove2_11_Process.png PassingLove2_11_rough.png PassingLove2_11_lineart.png PassingLove2_11_refine.png PassingLove2_11_RS.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 11

Thu Jul 16 03:03:24 2020

Sorry Dennis! Looks like Travis is setting the pace.

As I mentioned in a previous post, this will be the last Passing Love 2 page for July, as I am taking a break to relax and recuperate. In its place I will be posting the first chapter of Little Buddy, the comic that precedes Passing Love. Check out the post for more information.

PassingLove2_11_RS.png PassingLove2_11_RS.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 11 | WIP

Mon Jul 13 02:14:41 2020

Dennis has good taste in TV!


Welcome To Marley's | Part 3 | Hi-res

Thu Jul 9 03:17:14 2020

Hi-res for my high-rollin' Platineers! Enjoy!

WelcomeToMarleys3-2_HR.png WelcomeToMarleys3_HR.png WelcomeToMarleys3-2_HR.png WelcomeToMarleys3_HR_ND.png WelcomeToMarleys3-2_HR_ND.png

Welcome To Marley's | Part 3

Thu Jul 9 03:15:42 2020

All it takes is the promise of some fresh, stylin' new clothes and Marley's on her back with her legs spread wide! She may be too distracted thinking about what she's going to pick out to really pay too much attention to what her sugardaddy Wasim is doing, but he doesn't seem there for the conversation...


WelcomeToMarleys3_RS.png WelcomeToMarleys3_RS_ND.png WelcomeToMarleys3-2_RS.png WelcomeToMarleys3-2_RS_ND.png

Welcome To Marley's | Part 3 | Sketch

Mon Jul 6 01:40:01 2020

She sure doesn't seem to mind being fucked! Although she's probably thinking of shoes, or something...


June Roundup | Platinum Tier

Sun Jul 5 19:14:25 2020

Here's all the goods from June, plus all Passing Love 2 pages so far... but huge! Large, even!

More than contributing to make my files swollen, your amazing generosity buoys my lifestyle of drawing animal people fucking, as well as allowing me to pave a future for myself. Your continued support is changing my life for the better, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Enjoy the porn! (d) (d) (d) (d)

June Roundup | Gold Tier

Sun Jul 5 19:14:18 2020

Here's the WIP snapshots for the illustrations from June, as well as the progress images for all Passing Love 2 pages so far! Delve deep into their history, step by step!

Thank you so much for your generous, beefy pledge, and I hope you find the WIPs illuminating! You rock! (d) (d) (d) (d)

June Roundup | Silver Tier

Sun Jul 5 19:14:07 2020

A page of Passing Love 2 squeaked over into July, but nonetheless here is a roundup of Passing Love 2 pages 1-10! It's getting a little sizzly, isn't it?

Thank you very much for allowing me to work on comics for a living! I deeply appreciate your support, and I hope you're enjoying the comics! ❤ (d) (d)

June Roundup | Bronze Tier

Sun Jul 5 19:13:39 2020

Here's the meaty n' juicy illustrations from the month of June! Thank you for contributing towards the Meesh Dix & Pussies Fund! (d)

Late July Vacation

Sat Jul 11 01:30:40 2020

Hey everyone, I hope you're all staying safe and sane with all the hullabaloo going on in the world.

I will be completing another page of "Passing Love 2" over the next week, and then I am planning on taking 2 weeks off during the latter half of July. I've been experiencing mental and physical symptoms of stress and burnout for quite a while now, and I think that taking some of the pressure off in this way will be very beneficial.

So that you guys have something to look at while I'm taking it easy, I've been giving my seminal work "Little Buddy" a bit of polish, and will be posting the first chapter here. I will be making it available to all my patrons, rather than only the $6 tier and up. Additionally, I have a handful of sketches that I never posted, which will act as supplemental material.

If you're not familiar with "Little Buddy", it's a three-part comic that I made from 2010 to 2012 for the now-defunct paysite Clubstripes, and where the "Passing Love" characters Joe, Travis and Dennis originate. One or two people have told me they really enjoyed it back in the day, so I hope some of my modern fans will get a kick out of it too. Eventually I'll be posting the entire series on Patreon, but there is still some tweaking yet to be done to the other two chapters.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, I am happy to address them either here, via private message or via email:

Additionally, some may have noticed that I have added discord benefits to my $6 tier and higher. If you are pledged to the silver, gold or platinum tiers, you can link your Discord to Patreon and instantly gain access to my server. It's a pretty chill hangout zone, and I'm in there fairly often. Poke your head in if you fancy!

Take care and take it easy!

Passing Love 2 | Page 10 | Hi-res

Thu Jul 2 01:33:58 2020

Hi-res for my gorgeous Platineers! Enjoy!


Passing Love 2 | Page 10 | Process

Thu Jul 2 01:32:48 2020

Been really filling up my quota of Travis ass with this comic!

Mercifully, not much needed to change as this page progressed. Initially I thought to cut off Dennis's eyes in the final panel to give it a foreboding look, but I think it added to the scene to be able to see his entire face. Incidentally, Travis's ears needed to be reeled in near the end, as I felt like they were getting too wide. I can add that to my scrapbook of "things only I would notice".

PassingLove2_10_Process.png PassingLove2_10_lineart.png PassingLove2_10_rough.png PassingLove2_10_wip2.png PassingLove2_10_RS.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 10

Thu Jul 2 01:29:03 2020

Travis can't stay away, can he?


Passing Love 2 | Page 10 | WIP

Mon Jun 29 02:54:37 2020

Whatever he texted must have been pretty good!

Bonus image:


Putting On A Show | Part 5 | Hi-res

Thu Jun 25 00:04:50 2020

Hi-res for my productive Platineers! Enjoy!

PuttingOnAShow5_Cum_HR.png PuttingOnAShow5_HR.png

Putting On A Show | Part 5

Thu Jun 25 00:03:07 2020

As Bill came down from his high, he planted his cock into Corey's waiting mouth, the last drooling pulses of his orgasm happily swallowed. Terry kept his ass jutted out as Bill propositioned the audience to have a go at Terry's ass-- all cocks welcome.

The onlookers were startled, and then a little bashful... until a donkey from the bar stepped up, fishing his enormous endowment out of his fly. Bill grinned, Terry cooed, and the donkey slid right in, receiving the sloppiest of seconds. Bill kept Terry's cock out of the way, squeezing and tugging at him as the donkey pounded away, his thick meat ensuring a tight fit.

Having been riled up quite a bit from just watching, and being further excited from the prospect of joining in, the donkey didn't last too long, his deep grunts making his orgasm obvious to everyone in the room. He pulled out right during the middle of it, stepping back and plopping his cockhead into Corey's mouth, which had stayed dutifully open just in case this new boy wanted to make use of him as well.

With the show getting more obscene by the minute, another man gathered the courage to step forward, his hand experimentally squeezing the delicious booty before him. Terry gave a little wiggle and a hum of contentment, welcoming the contact without words. He could go a while longer, yet...

I hope you enjoy!

PuttingOnAShow5_Cum_RS.png PuttingOnAShow5_RS.png

Putting On A Show | Part 5 | WIP

Sat Jun 20 01:55:24 2020

Now the spectators get to have fun with that hole!

PuttingOnAShow5_wip3.png PuttingOnAShow5_wip3.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 9 | Hi-res

Tue Jun 16 21:34:14 2020

Hi-res for my packin' Platineers! Enjoy!


Passing Love 2 | Page 9 | Process

Tue Jun 16 21:33:12 2020

The most notable shift in this page is changing the angle of panel 2 to be looking down at Joe, and not up. I think both angles work, but for whatever reason I could not make the initial pose look correct to my eyes. Foreshortening can be very tricky like that, and it was psyching me out a bit. I probably could have gotten it working given an extra day or two, but for the sake of time I switched it out.

PassingLove2_9_Process.png PassingLove2_9_lineart.png PassingLove2_9_wip5.png PassingLove2_9_rough.png PassingLove2_9_RS.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 9

Tue Jun 16 21:29:56 2020

Hey, Joe's smuggling equipment out of the gym!... oh no wait that's just his penis


Passing Love 2 | Page 9 | WIP

Sat Jun 13 00:38:28 2020

Joe's boner is really fucking with him! And that 2nd panel really fucked with me, oof... you have good days and bad days as an artist!


Welcome To Marley's | Part 2 | Hi-res

Mon Jun 8 00:43:53 2020

Hi-res for my high-rolling Platineers! Enjoy!

WelcomeToMarleys2_HR.png WelcomeToMarleys2_Buttplug_HR.png WelcomeToMarleys2_Fingering_HR.png WelcomeToMarleys2_Buttplug_ND_HR.png WelcomeToMarleys2_Fingering_ND_HR.png WelcomeToMarleys2_ND_HR.png

Welcome To Marley's | Part 2

Mon Jun 8 00:41:42 2020

Marley is so excited to tell her sugardaddy Wasim all about what happened during her exciting day! However, Wasim's attention is split between her words and her soft, wiggling ass in his lap, and he may only be getting every other word. But Marley won't notice!

Hope you enjoy!

WelcomeToMarleys2_Buttplug_RS.png WelcomeToMarleys2_Buttplug_ND_RS.png WelcomeToMarleys2_Fingering_ND_RS.png WelcomeToMarleys2_Buttplug_RS.png WelcomeToMarleys2_Fingering_RS.png WelcomeToMarleys2_ND_RS.png WelcomeToMarleys2_RS.png

May Roundup | Platinum Tier

Fri Jun 5 17:59:49 2020

You wanted more pixels, and you got 'em! Here's the hi-res files for all the stuff from May, as well as the big Passing Love pages. That's like a billion pixels!!

You've looked at my work and decided it's worth the highest tier I offer, which is exceedingly kind of you. I'll keep working hard to make it worth paying for! Thank you for your amazing generosity! (d) (d) (d) (d)

May Roundup | Gold Tier

Fri Jun 5 17:59:42 2020

Wanna see the guts of the May illustrations and Passing Love pages? I got you covered here, with WIP snapshots aplenty!

You've put a bit more pizzazz into your pledge by bumping up to the Gold Tier, and it means a lot to me. Your support allows me to build my future, and that's a big deal! Thank you so much, and enjoy the art! (d) (d) (d) (d)

May Roundup | Silver Tier

Fri Jun 5 17:59:35 2020

Another two pages of Passing Love 2 in the bank! Here they all are, as well as the illustrative goodies from May.

I greatly appreciate your lending me your bucks in support of Joe, Travis and Dennis' shenanigans. Support for them means support for me, and allows me to draw more naked people! Thank you! (d) (d)

May Roundup | Bronze Tier

Fri Jun 5 17:59:29 2020

Here are the illustrations from last month, with all their various alts!

I hope my art is able to bring you a little bit of joy. ❤ Thank you for your support! (d)

Welcome To Marley's | Part 2 | WIP

Thu Jun 4 01:18:40 2020

Time to tell the sugar daddy all about her day!

WelcomeToMarleys2_wip4.png WelcomeToMarleys2_wip4.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 8 | Hi-res

Sun May 31 02:42:52 2020

Hi-res for my pent-up Platineers! Enjoy!


Passing Love 2 | Page 8 | Process

Sun May 31 02:41:31 2020

Goodbye, squat rack! I won't miss drawing you.

Sometimes I think about if I put some effort into painting these comics 100% rather than having a lineart layer, a flats layer, etc. Just get all of it done at once, rather than having this lengthy process for a picture. I convinced myself a while ago that this allows me to have more control over any one particular element of a picture to more easily fix mistakes, but I have a sneaking suspicion it's just my way of hoisting more work on myself. I may have to bite the bullet and attempt a 100% painted comic one day...

PassingLove2_8_Process.png PassingLove2_8_lineart.png PassingLove2_8_rough.png PassingLove2_8_wip4.png PassingLove2_8_RS.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 8

Sun May 31 02:36:14 2020

The bathroom is the best place to write philosophy papers!


Passing Love 2 | Page 8 | WIP

Thu May 28 03:14:28 2020

Oh no! He's hot!

PassingLove2_8_wip3.png PassingLove2_8_wip3.png

Putting On A Show | Part 4 | Hi-res

Sat May 23 20:08:43 2020

Hi-res for my voyeuristic Platineers! Enjoy!

PuttingOnAShow4_HR.png PuttingOnAShow4_HR_Cum.png

Putting On A Show | Part 4

Sat May 23 20:07:24 2020

After his orgasm subsided, Terry lingered in Corey's throat, his cock still pulsing weakly, the last dribbles of cum oozing out to be swallowed eagerly. In a simultaneous maneuver, both Bill and Terry withdrew their cocks, Terry's wantonly grinding against Corey's panting face, and Bill's bobbing and throbbing proudly in the air. Spectators nearby, deciding that capturing the event was more important than jerking off, began to whip out their phones to snap pictures.

Terry teased Bill and the crowd alike, shaking his cheeks and showing off the hole that had taken Bill's huge cock so easily. Bill grasped his dick behind the knot, massaging the sensitive sphere right at the base, urging his orgasm closer and closer.

His finally his cock jumped, an impressive stream of hot cum leaping through the air to paint Terry's backside, with a significant amount dribbling down to Corey's face. Hands holding phones reflexively retreated, but soon returned as the jets of cum kept going, splashing against Terry's anus, and eventually along his tail and back. Bill hissed through his teeth as his hands kept massaging his knot, committed to showing the crowd how much cum he could produce...


PuttingOnAShow4_RS.png PuttingOnAShow4_RS_Cum.png

Putting On A Show | Part 4 | WIP

Mon May 18 01:47:23 2020

This show's still goin'! But seems to be reaching its end...


Sketches | Putting On A Show Part 4

Sat May 16 20:56:33 2020

Time for the next "Putting On A Show" illustration, and since I didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted it to be, I brainstormed a couple different possibilities. Feeling good about that one on the right!


Sketch | Morning BJ

Fri May 15 01:47:30 2020

Looks like Nick and Judy have a special morning routine!


Passing Love 2 | Page 7 | Hi-res

Wed May 13 23:58:21 2020

Hi-res for my oglin' Platineers! Enjoy!

PassingLove2_7_HR.png PassingLove2_7_HR.png PassingLove2_7_HR.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 7 | Process

Wed May 13 23:57:19 2020

This page feels like it would be more at home in Business Casual, rather than Passing Love! I was concerned that the tone would be too silly for what I am trying to establish for Passing Love 2. But it's still early in the comic, with plenty of time to build things up!

PassingLove2_7_Process.png PassingLove2_7_lineart.png PassingLove2_7_rough.png PassingLove2_7_wip3.png PassingLove2_7_RS.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 7

Wed May 13 23:53:36 2020

Wow, Joe! You must be really into his shoes!

PassingLove2_7_RS.png PassingLove2_7_RS.png

Business Casual pre-order available!

Mon May 11 18:50:31 2020

You can now pre-order the physical release of Business Casual!

I'm so excited to make this available for purchase! It's got the whole comic in there, plus a few small extras. 40 pages, in full-color of course! Dimensions are 7.44"x9.69".

It costs $15 + shipping, and signed copies are $20 + shipping. I'll ship pretty much everywhere! I'm aiming to start shipping on May 15th.

If you're hankering for some high quality, heterosexual smut for your coffee table or bookshelf, pick up a copy here!

BusinessCasual_Store5.png BusinessCasual_Store1.png BusinessCasual_Store2.png BusinessCasual_Store3.png

Business Casual physical sales imminent!

Mon May 11 03:05:33 2020

I got a big palette of packages at my doorstep the other day! After a long process of trial and error and back and forths, my order of Business Casual books have finally arrived!

I'd had books including my work made before, but this was the first time that I've made one solo. But I'm very proud of the quality of the books, and I think customers will be too!

I just have to take some photos of the books, put it up on my store, and we're off to the races!

IMG_7301.jpg IMG_7303.jpg IMG_7302.jpg

Passing Love 2 | Page 7 | WIP

Sun May 10 03:12:28 2020

Just in case you weren't aware of all the Travis ass around here!


Welcome To Marley's | Hi-res [Resolution Fixed]

Fri May 8 03:19:45 2020

[Due to a sleepy Meesh error, the resolution for the files was incorrect. They have been fixed, and the images properly attached.]

Hi-res for my generous Platineers! Enjoy!

WelcomeToMarleys_HR.png WelcomeToMarleys_HR_Bottomless.png WelcomeToMarleys_HR_ND.png WelcomeToMarleys_HR_Nude.png WelcomeToMarleys_HR_Topless.png WelcomeToMarleys_HR.png WelcomeToMarleys_HR_Bottomless.png WelcomeToMarleys_HR_ND.png WelcomeToMarleys_HR_Nude.png WelcomeToMarleys_HR_Nude_Post.png WelcomeToMarleys_HR_Topless.png

Welcome To Marley's

Fri May 8 03:16:50 2020

Looks like Marley got herself a sugar daddy! Could this be the man responsible for her sudden shift in personality and perspective on life...?

Enjoy her and her various states of undress!

WelcomeToMarleys_RS.png WelcomeToMarleys_RS_Bottomless.png WelcomeToMarleys_RS_ND.png WelcomeToMarleys_RS_Nude.png WelcomeToMarleys_RS_Topless.png

Sales tax for certain states and regions coming July 1st

Wed May 6 22:00:40 2020

Howdy guys! Patreon creators received notice today that a new tax law is going into effect July 1st, which will enact sales tax for certain pledges and states. This sales tax is also dependent on what the local laws are for certain Patreon rewards. For example, some states will charge tax on digital goods, while others do not.

According to estimates, less than half of patrons will be charged sales tax, and it will be quite small. Sales tax in the US ranges from 4%-11%, so for a $6 pledge the tax would be between 24 cents and 66 cents. That is, if your state or region cares to tax digital goods at all. According to what Patreon tells me, around half of states do not.

A more exhaustive breakdown of how the taxes work can be found here! Patreon will be rolling out tools for creators to further tweak how the taxes work for our specific Patreon pages, but I'm not super clear to what extent. I'll know further down the line.

If you're in a location that will be enacting this sales tax, you should be getting an email about it pretty soon. Sorry to be the bearer of annoying news! Take care and take it easy. ❤

April Roundup | Platinum Tier

Tue May 5 18:51:32 2020

Tons of love for you generous peeps out there! Please enjoy all of Travis and Joe's big muscles in hi-res, as well as the big big illustration files.

Thank you all for stickin' around another month and supporting the arts during tough times, it means a lot! You are simply the best! (d) (d) (d) (d) (d)

April Roundup | Gold Tier

Tue May 5 18:51:26 2020

Tons of step-by-steps this month! I hope you enjoy checking out the process, and thanks for giving just a lil bit extra! I couldn't do it with out you ❤ (d) (d) (d) (d) (d)

April Roundup | Silver Tier

Tue May 5 18:51:19 2020

Here's the latest on Passing Love 2, as well as the April illustrations! Thank you so much for being here and helping me create furry porn! You're awesome! (d) (d) (d)

April Roundup | Bronze Tier

Tue May 5 18:51:12 2020

Last month was a really Judy-heavy month! I had a ton of Judy on the brain, please forgive my indulgence!

Enjoy the sketches, and thanks for the support! (d) (d)

Welcome To Marley's | WIP

Tue May 5 01:05:21 2020

This may or may not be the next illustration, I haven't decided yet! I have a handful of sketches I'm sitting on from last month. But enjoy Marley's boobs, in the meantime.


Possible Business Casual Spin-off Thumbnails

Mon May 4 19:34:04 2020

I've been kicking around a short Business Casual spin-off comic for a little while, and drew the first couple page thumbs some weeks ago. Yesterday evening I sat down on my couch with a glass of wine and hashed out the rest to wind down the day.

The jist of the story is that Vanessa goes to grab some more coffee, but to her dismay realizes that there's no creamer left. So she goes to Luis to ask for a different sort of creamer! I'll take my Pulitzer prize now, thank you.


Office_Creamer_thumbnails.png Office_Creamer_thumbnails.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 6 | Hi-res

Sun May 3 00:59:58 2020

Hi-res for my pumpin' Platineers! Enjoy!


Passing Love 2 | Page 6 | Process

Sun May 3 00:58:43 2020

Have you ever tried to draw someone squatting with a barbell? I thought it'd be a piece of cake, but wow! Harder than it looks. I do like how that squat rack came out, though.

PassingLove2_6_Process.png PassingLove2_6_lineart.png PassingLove2_6_refine.png PassingLove2_6_rough.png PassingLove2_6_RS.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 6

Sun May 3 00:55:56 2020

Joe seems to be having trouble keeping his eyes from wandering...

PassingLove2_6_HR.png PassingLove2_6_RS.png PassingLove2_6_HR.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 6 | WIP

Wed Apr 29 00:53:49 2020

Eyes on the prize!


Sketch | Space Lady Gets Tentacle Tickled

Sun Apr 26 23:52:54 2020

Oh my! This space lady is having some fun with some tentacles. It seems to like tickling the insides of ears!

This image has been taken via spaceport CCTV. Her face has been censored to protect her identity.

brainmelter_wip2_bar.png tickler_wip2_bar.png

Ultimate Illustration Roundup | Hi-res Files!

Sun Apr 26 01:12:50 2020

Goddamn, this is the big kahuna! 3 of the 4 years had to be split into multiple parts to get around Patreon's 200mb upload limit. Enjoy! Hope it takes less time to download than it took to upload! (d) (d) (d) (d) (d) (d) (d) (d) (d)

Ultimate WIPs Roundup!

Sun Apr 26 00:47:58 2020

Here's the same kit n' kaboodle as the earlier roundup, but for all the WIP images for all the illustrations! Have fun! (d) (d) (d) (d)

Ultimate Illustration Roundup! [Fixed!]

Sun Apr 26 00:31:17 2020

[The .zips didn't finish uploading before I hit Save! Should be fixed now!]

A patron lamented to me about how long it took them to gather up all the illustrations from months and years past, so I decided I should make a roundup post with all the artwork I've posted to Patreon, categorized by year. I hope this makes things simpler for new and old patrons!

Come January 2021, I'll make another post rounding up the illustrations from 2020. Hope this is helpful for people! (d) (d) (d) (d)

Putting On A Show | Part 3 | Hi-res

Sat Apr 25 00:56:30 2020

Hi-res for my superb Platineers! Enjoy!

PuttingOnAShow3_HR.png PuttingOnAShow3_HR_Internal.png

Putting On A Show | Part 3

Sat Apr 25 00:55:19 2020

As the boys rocked and ground into each other, more and more patrons of the club gave them their attention. Louder conversations quieted down, as the growls and gasps in the center of the room became more pronounced.

Corey squirmed in that way that Terry recognized: he was having the time of his life, and needed that final push to go over the edge. Terry wasn't far behind, and with a signalling wiggle of his ass, he indicated to Bill that he was ready for the pièce de résistance.

With a one, and a two, and a three, accompanied by a crescendo of shivering pleasure, Terry ground his cock as deep as it could go into Corey, aided by Bill shoving his whole cock into Terry's ass, knot and all. Terry's knot swelled, pushing into the back of Corey's mouth... until it finally slipped past, cementing it firmly into his throat.

Terry could only gasp up at the ceiling as he shot his cum directly down Corey's throat, Bill's enormous dick filling him up like no other cock could. Corey, reeling with the feeling of being tied to a pole and used as a sex toy, hit his own zenith, his untended cock squirting cum at Terry's feet.

As far as he was concerned, life couldn't get better than this...


PuttingOnAShow3_RS.png PuttingOnAShow3_RS.png PuttingOnAShow3_RS_Internal.png PuttingOnAShow3_RS_Internal.png

Putting On A Show | Part 3 | Sketch

Mon Apr 20 01:29:18 2020

Only normal, realistic sex acts here!


Sketch | Judy Entertaining

Sun Apr 19 01:25:22 2020

I guess on my days off, I tend to draw Judy! Enjoy this rough lil sketch!


Putting On A Show | Part 3 | Rejected composition and new rough

Sun Apr 19 00:54:17 2020

I spent the day tinkering on the next "Putting On A Show" illustration, although as I worked on it I began to feel dissatisfied with the composition. The main aspect that I wanted to portray was the throat-knotting Terry was doing to Corey, but it was looking cramped... I didn't like that so much of Corey's head was being obscured.

And so, late in the workday, I decided to scrap it and start again with a different take on it. I'm liking the top-down view more, and I think I'm going to enjoy drawing Terry's O-face. 💦

PuttingOnAShow3_Reject.png PuttingOnAShow3_wip1.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 5 | Hi-res

Wed Apr 15 20:41:50 2020


Hi-res for my patient Platineers! Enjoy!


Passing Love 2 | Page 5 | Process

Wed Apr 15 20:39:54 2020

I think the sparkly Travis face is my favorite I've ever done of him... Such a good boy!

This is the last page in the locker room, thank god! I need a break from painting lockers. 😩

PassingLove2_5_Process.png PassingLove2_5_lineart.png PassingLove2_5_rough.png PassingLove2_5_refine.png PassingLove2_5_RS.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 5

Wed Apr 15 20:37:09 2020


Problem solved! Right?


Passing Love 2 | Page 5 | WIP

Sun Apr 12 00:29:59 2020

Gasp! They touched!


Extracting A Fine | Hi-res

Thu Apr 9 00:57:47 2020

May just be a sketch, but here's a hi-res! Enjoy!


Extracting A Fine

Thu Apr 9 00:56:42 2020

I posted the (extremely) rough sketch of this to my Discord channel, and word got out! It was requested that I post it to the Patreon proper, so I decided to dress it up a bit. :)

Judy is being a lil bit unprofessional and decided to settle these boys' parking tickets in some other way...

JudyDoubleAnal_RS.png ExtractingAFine_RS.png

Off-Duty Service | Hi-res

Wed Apr 8 02:43:27 2020

Hi-res for my hard-working Platineers! Enjoy!

OffDutyService_HR.png OffDutyService_HR_ND.png OffDutyService_HR_Cum.png OffDutyService_HR_Piss.png

Off-Duty Service

Wed Apr 8 02:41:48 2020

You'd have to be daft to not notice Judy's commitment to the stress-relief of the ZPD. However, some may not have realized that a couple nights a week, after her shift, she devotes some time to the men's bathroom, where she takes up a special shift at the infamous gloryhole. Looks like this night, Officer Nick Wilde has joined her. And Judy sure likes to edge him on...

All versions attached below, as well as a watersports variant! Enjoy!

OffDutyService_RS.png OffDutyService_RS_Cum.png OffDutyService_RS_ND.png OffDutyService_RS_Piss.png

March Roundup | Platinum Tier

Sun Apr 5 18:23:53 2020

The big boy roundup! Here's everything from March... but bigger! (except the WIPs, I'm afraid)

Times are tough for a lotta people right now, which gives every pledge to my Patreon a lot more weight. If you're reading this right now, you decided that you still want some Meesh in your month, and that kind of support is invaluable. Thank you all for sticking around, and I hope to keep entertaining you! (d) (d) TheresSomethingAboutVanessa_HR.png (d) (d) (d)

March Roundup | Gold Tier

Sun Apr 5 18:23:39 2020

Here's the complete WIP stuff from last month! This of course comes with all the March illustrations and comic pages, bringing Passing Love 2 up to 4 pages! Moving right along!

You've given that little bit extra for your pledge, which is saying a lot in these times! I've never been more grateful that I am able to draw furry porn for a living. Thanks so much for helping out! (d) (d) (d) (d) (d) TheresSomethingAboutVanessa_RS.png

March Roundup | Silver Tier

Sun Apr 5 18:23:27 2020

Here's the March illustrations, as well as the first four pages of Passing Love 2! Plus we got that lil Vanessa comic I squeaked into the month. I'm feeling pretty good about PL2 so far, and I hope you all do too!

Strange times we're living in, but it makes your pledges all the more valuable. Thank you for stickin' with me another month, and supporting the arts! The cast of Passing Love 2 and I thank you! (d) (d) (d) TheresSomethingAboutVanessa_RS.png

March Roundup | Bronze Tier

Sun Apr 5 18:23:15 2020

Here's the illustrations for the month of March! Goddamn, I put a lot of edits together for that Clara pic. What came over me?

Thank you for your support, especially during these wild times! I hope you enjoy this and all the future content I've got in store. ❤ (d) (d)

Off-Duty Service | WIP

Fri Apr 3 20:40:08 2020

The ZPA restrooms seem to have more than one utility!

OffDutyService_wip2.png OffDutyService_wip2.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 4 | Hi-res

Tue Mar 31 20:08:52 2020

Hi-res for my succulent Platineers! Enjoy!


Passing Love 2 | Page 4 | Process

Tue Mar 31 20:08:00 2020

While drawing the thumbnail for this page, I had a rare moment of ultra-productivity and drew up the thumbnail for the next page as well, as I wanted to get more of the scene solidified... although maybe I was just impatient to plan this ensuing conversation. :)

But the lockers... why do I keep torturing myself with lockers...?

PassingLove2_4_Process.png PassingLove2_4_lineart.png PassingLove2_4_rough.png PassingLove2_4_refine.png PassingLove2_4_RS.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 4

Tue Mar 31 20:04:50 2020

Don't gotta rub it in, Travis...


Passing Love 2 | Page 4 | WIP

Sat Mar 28 02:21:22 2020

Aww... what's wrong, Joey boy?


Putting On A Show | Part 2 | Hi-res

Wed Mar 25 00:44:32 2020

Hi-res for my kinky Platineers! Enjoy!


Putting On A Show | Part 2

Wed Mar 25 00:43:16 2020

With the help of his buddies, Corey got into his customary position attached to the column in the center of the club and opened his mouth, creating an invitation to begin. Wasting no time, Terry stepped up and confidently slid his cock inside up to the knot, his vulpine flesh throbbing happily inside Corey's throat.

As the club filled with people, so too did the crowd around the trio, watching Corey getting his face fucked with nary a grunt to indicate any discomfort or strain. Nonetheless, Terry removed his cock after several minutes of thrusting, to allow the crowd to admire his spit-covered cock, precum jetting out with each rhythmic pulse.

Not wanting to wait any longer, Bill stepped up next to Terry and got a nice handful from both ends. He had a behemoth of a cock, but he knew from experience that Terry could take it just fine. The show was just beginning...


Putting On A Show | Part 2 | WIP

Fri Mar 20 01:33:32 2020

The show has begun!


Passing Love 2 | Page 3 | Hi-res

Mon Mar 16 00:43:31 2020

Hi-res for my fanciful Platineers! Enjoy!

(if you're wondering why this is back to the normal style of comics, there's a short explanation in the Silver Tier)


Passing Love 2 | Page 3 | Process

Mon Mar 16 00:42:26 2020

It's one thing to flippantly plan a scene in a locker room, and another to realize that you actually have to draw all those lockers.... Perspective also threw me for a loop, as I realized during the coloring phase that my background sketch for the last panel wasn't quite as accurate as I hoped. It was a little hard to visualize, so I had to extend the canvas in order to work out the perspective.

Perspective is a cruel mistress...

PassingLove2_3_Process.png PassingLove2_2_rough.png PassingLove2_3_lineart.png PassingLove2_3_refine.png PassingLove2_3_RS.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 3

Mon Mar 16 00:32:29 2020

You okay Joe? You kinda sound like you've been jerking off all night...

Keen-eyed patrons may notice that I have gone back to my usual rendering style for this page. The long and short of it is, I've been going back and forth about my comic style, and in an effort to diminish burnout I wanted to take some of the pressure off with a style that is easier to produce.

After a lot of thought (and therapy) I feel like my source of burnout may not be tied to any particular comic style, and after trying out a couple pages of PL2 with it, I honestly began to feel restless about stepping away from my old style.

At some point I'll be re-vamping the first two pages of this comic to be more in line with this one. I'll still keep those particular pages in the old style up on the Patreon, because I do still like that approach-- it just feels more appropriate to apply my normal rendering for PL2. Pardon my dust!


Passing Love 2 | Page 3 | WIP

Thu Mar 12 01:40:54 2020

Joe's still lookin' a little ragged!


Deep In Thot | Hi-res

Sun Mar 8 00:47:41 2020

Hi-res for my patient Platineers! Enjoy!

DeepInThot_HR_ShirtOn.png (d) (d) DeepInThot_HR.png DeepInThot_HR_Xray_ND.png DeepInThot_HR_Cum1.png DeepInThot_HR_Cum2.png

Deep In Thot

Sun Mar 8 00:47:29 2020

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she registered that he was getting close. Kit had stopped thrusting into her, his hands gripped tightly in an effort to get as much of his cock into her as possible. She could feel the familiar sensation of his penis throbbing, signifying his imminent climax, his hips and balls drawn up tight against her slick entrance.

However, at the front of her mind was the book she had been assigned to read, and there was no reason she couldn't satisfy Kit while also getting her homework done. The evening had begun as a mutual study-session, but not long after she arrived, Kit asked for some "stress relief"... as he always did. She had already told him that if he wanted to fuck her, he didn't need claim a pretense that she was there to help him study. Old habits die hard, she supposed.

Every once in a while I go a little crazy with edits on an illustration... this one has the standard no-dialogue variants, but also lightweight x-ray variants across the board, as well as a watersports sequence. Not all edits are shown in the gallery above! The entirety of the variants are gathered in a .zip below, with the watersports version in a separate .zip. Hopefully there's something for everyone here! Enjoy!

DeepInThot_RS_ShirtOn.png (d) (d) DeepInThot_RS.png DeepInThot_RS_Xray_ND.png DeepInThot_RS_Cum1.png DeepInThot_RS_Cum2.png

February Roundup | Platinum Tier

Thu Mar 5 20:40:32 2020

The big kahuna! Here's the hi-res versions of everything from last month, with all the WIPs as well! Thank you so much for your generous support for another month. As long as you're here, I'll keep on making sexy characters and make them fuck! Here's to furry porn! 🍻

PuttingOnAShow_HR.png (d) (d) (d)

February Roundup | Gold Tier

Thu Mar 5 20:39:37 2020

While there was only one illustration for February, there's a decent amount of WIP snapshots for it! I hope you enjoy them, as well as the WIPs for Passing Love 2 so far. Thank you for going above and beyond with your pledge! You're awesome! (d) (d) (d) PuttingOnAShow_RS.png

February Roundup | Silver Tier

Thu Mar 5 20:39:19 2020

Here's the first two pages of Passing Love 2, as well as the illustration from February!

People are pretty hyped about PL2 finally arriving, so I hope I can make pages that are pleasing to everyone! Thank you very much for your contribution to make these comics happen! (d) PuttingOnAShow_RS.png

February Roundup | Bronze Tier

Thu Mar 5 20:39:06 2020

February is already a short month, but a visit from my girlfriend and some artistic responsibilities outside of the Patreon meant I could only get one porny pic finished. Whoops! It's attached below, in case you missed it!

March should be more productive, but I appreciate y'all stickin with me through that dry month! Thanks for being a part of my Patreon!


Deep In Thot | WIP

Tue Mar 3 22:34:06 2020

Clara can do a lot of things while her pussy is being used...


There's Something About Vanessa | Hi-res

Mon Mar 2 01:34:19 2020

Hi-res for my neat n' tidy Platineers! Enjoy!


There's Something About Vanessa

Mon Mar 2 01:33:12 2020

This is something I doodled in mid-February, while I had a bit of downtime. I had the idea, started drawing it, and partway through I thought to myself "Wait a minute... wasn't this in a movie?"

While not wholly original, I still liked the idea enough to bring it to a finish! Enjoy!


Passing Love 2 | Page 2 | Process

Thu Feb 27 22:26:50 2020

This was one of those pages where for some reason, I felt like all of my ability to draw had gone out the window, and it required a lot of introspection as to why the progress on the page was so slow. Part perfectionism, and a lot of stage fright because it's Travis and Dennis's first appearance in the comic... but there were also many speedbumps because of lots of small differences I've had to accommodate due to this new style. Different inking brush, different approach to color because of the omission of shading, and I also spent time considering a different approach to backgrounds because of the new look. I can't help but wonder if the page would have gone much faster had I just stuck with the same style as Business Casual.

This style has its merits, but not without some foibles as I feel everything out. I suppose it's not too late to just revert to the old style if I so chose!

PassingLove2_2_Process.png PassingLove2_2_lineart.png PassingLove2_2_rough.png PassingLove2_2_refine.png PassingLove2_2_RS.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 2 | Hi-res

Thu Feb 27 22:27:14 2020

Hi-res for my patient Platineers! Enjoy!


Passing Love 2 | Page 2

Thu Feb 27 22:12:18 2020

Travis gettin' a raw deal and it's only page 2...

Thank you for everyone's patience while I got this page out!


Back to art | New comic page soon!

Sun Feb 23 20:43:42 2020

Just letting you folks know that my girlfriend has safely returned home and I'm back in the saddle! The next page of Passing Love 2 is well underway and will be dropping this week. Thank you so much for your patience!

(Also, the full comic preview is up on the Gold Tier, if you wanna get a better look early)


Passing Love 2 | Page 2 | WIP

Sun Feb 23 20:40:55 2020

Back on the horse and drawin boys!


Next Comic Page Delay!

Sat Feb 15 01:32:42 2020

Hi guys! My girlfriend is coming into town tonight and will be here until Wednesday, so the next update is going to take a little longer than usual to come out. I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with her and also plenty of relaxation too, and will be back before you know it, giving you some Passing Love goodness!

Hope you guys have been having a great Valentine's day, and I'll see y'all next week!

Putting On A Show | Part 1 | Hi-res

Fri Feb 14 03:13:59 2020

Hi-res for my kinky Platineers! Enjoy!


Putting On A Show | Part 1

Fri Feb 14 03:12:19 2020

A couple years of frequenting sex clubs will take the shyness out of anyone, something Terry, Bill and Corey know very well. It's Friday evening, and they're keen to show off Corey's special oral skills...


Putting On A Show | Part 1 | WIP

Mon Feb 10 02:12:04 2020

Three friends go to a sex club to put on a show!

A prelude to this:


Passing Love 2 | Page 2 | Hi-res

Thu Feb 6 00:41:48 2020

Hi-res for my patient Platineers! Enjoy, and welcome back to Passing Love!


Passing Love 2 | Page 1 | Process

Thu Feb 6 00:39:56 2020

While coloring this page I had to come to a decision on how far I wanted to take the rendering, so as to make each page less of an ordeal to complete than Business Casual. For the most part, I needed to rein myself in with most of the rendering opportunities I saw. I was even unsure of putting in the darker tone on the sides of the bed, indicating a shift in plane. In addition, Joe's dress shirt was shiny in the first chapter, and I wondered if I should put highlights on it, because all these elements would set a precedent of rendering that I'd need to follow through with for the rest of the comic. However, I'm happy with the final outcome of the page, and I think it's a good basis for what's to come.

Also, I wonder if I made Joe's penis too short, as it was a little longer in the previous chapter. It will probably get bigger as the comic goes on... that wouldn't be so bad, would it?

PassingLove2_1_Process.png PassingLove2_1_lineart.png PassingLove2_1_refine.png PassingLove2_1_rough.png PassingLove2_1_RS.png

Passing Love 2 | Page 1

Thu Feb 6 00:34:02 2020

Joe and his penis are back!

If you'd like a recap on what happened in the first Passing Love, you can check out the complete comic here:


January Roundup | Platinum Tier

Wed Feb 5 19:11:10 2020

Everything from January, as well as the hi-res files for Trigger! Despite being short, Trigger ended up being a personal favorite of mine, and I hope you've enjoyed it as well!

Thank you for sticking around for another month with your generous pledge! It means a lot to me. Pledges like yours really make artists feel great, and it encourages them to keep on goin'! So thanks again for taking that chance on me, and here's to another month of content! 🍻 (d) (d) (d) (d)

January Roundup | Gold Tier

Wed Feb 5 19:10:58 2020

Here's Trigger in its entirety, the illustrations for January and all the WIPs of everything!

As stated in the Silver Tier roundup, the Trigger pages have been re-numbered so that there is no more page "1.5", but a normal numbering from 1-4. However, all the WIP snapshot images of the comic pages have the old numbering scheme, so I apologize for that!

Thank you for going above and beyond with your pledge! It's a little cherry on top, so I hope these WIP cherries give you joy as well! (d) (d) (d) (d)

January Roundup | Silver Tier

Wed Feb 5 19:10:36 2020

Collected here is the full Trigger comic, re-numbered so that instead of page "1.5" it is now page two, and the rest of the pages are corrected as well. Thank you for indulging me this short silly comic, and thank you for pledging to keep the comics comin'! You rock! (d) (d)

January Roundup | Bronze Tier

Wed Feb 5 19:10:22 2020

Thank you for another month of support! I just realized that both illustrations last month involved blowjobs... I didn't plan that, I swear!

Anyway, here they are on a platter for you. Thank you again! (d)

Passing Love 2 | Page 1 | WIP

Mon Feb 3 21:11:49 2020

It's officially happening! PL2 is comin' atcha. ✨


Sketch: Throat-Knotting

Sat Feb 1 00:50:49 2020

Just a horny idea that I felt like slappin' down! Might make this a series down the line. Idea is that they're in a sex club with that guy on the left available for use from the patrons. Guy to the right is probably a great dane...


Stakeout Blowjob | Hi-res

Thu Jan 30 02:21:01 2020

Hi-res for my vigilant Platineers! Enjoy!

StakeoutBJ_HR.png StakeoutBJ_HR_Cum.png StakeoutBJ_HR_Cum_ND.png StakeoutBJ_HR_ND.png StakeoutBJ_HR_Pee.png StakeoutBJ_HR_Pee_ND.png

Stakeout Blowjob

Thu Jan 30 02:19:10 2020

Nick and Judy are often paired up for stakeouts, but they're far from Nick's favorite part of the job... With very little happening hour after hour, Nick pesters Judy for a little bit of fun to pass the time. While Judy normally would think nothing of taking care of Nick's libido, she does try to be a responsible cop from time to time.

After 10 minutes of flirting and teasing, Nick finally wears her down and gets her head bobbing in his lap. Surely nothing will happen while she gets him off, right?

All the versions attached below, including a wee watersports version. Enjoy!

StakeoutBJ_RS.png StakeoutBJ_RS_Cum.png StakeoutBJ_RS_Cum_ND.png StakeoutBJ_RS_ND.png StakeoutBJ_RS_Pee.png StakeoutBJ_RS_Pee_ND.png

Stakeout Blowjob | WIP

Sun Jan 26 23:32:29 2020

Continuing to work on this one!


Sketches: Two pages with similar pictures

Sun Jan 26 00:39:13 2020

These were just idle doodles (many of my sketches don't start with much in mind). These were drawn weeks apart, and I was not deliberately mimicking the previous page, believe it or not.

I forget what I was going for with the first page, but I know that with the second, I was trying to draw without worry of mistakes, which is something I think many artists should do. I am not always successful with this!


Sketches: Heads, Butts and Boys

Sat Jan 25 00:12:16 2020

The two lads on the left were an idea I had for another light-hearted Christmas illustration starring Taylor and Chase. I didn't have a canonical idea in mind for the pose, just something in the pinup style. I didn't end up going for it, but it could still become a finished illustration down the road.

To the right was me practicing heads; specifically the far eye. There is something about the far eye (that is, the eye furthest away from the viewer) where its form doesn't come easily to me. If I ever get it right, it feels out of luck rather than skill. I feel one step closer to getting it right on the first try, but there is still practice to be done.

To explain the final spread of sketches... I wanted to sketch something one night but couldn't think of anything. So I drew butts and a pussy. They're a reliable fallback!

HeadsandBodies.jpg Butts.jpg

Sketches: Judy, Marley and a Stakeout Blowjob

Fri Jan 24 02:42:22 2020

Some sketches made semi-recently while unwinding. Judy writing a ticket, Marley being available, and an impatient fox goads Judy into a blowjob during a dull moment on the job.

JudyandDoe.jpg Stakeout_BJ.jpg

Trigger | Finale | Hi-res

Wed Jan 22 22:00:25 2020

Hi-res for my partyin' Platineers! Enjoy!

Trigger_3_HR.png Trigger_3_HR_DogDick.png

Trigger | Finale | Process

Wed Jan 22 21:59:04 2020

As I create more comics I become aware of more weak spots that I have, or rather elements of drawing that I've become rusty on. Full-body perspective shots with many people in the room seem to be one of them! Also that hunched over pose gave me a wild amount of trouble and I don't really understand why. Anyway, comics are hard.

Trigger_3_RS_Process.png Trigger_3_RS.png Trigger_3_RS_DogDick.png

Trigger | Finale

Wed Jan 22 21:55:04 2020

Classic Zeke!

I hope you've enjoyed this short lil comic! Next up will be Passing Love 2!

Trigger_3_RS.png Trigger_3_RS_DogDick.png

Trigger | Page 3 | WIP

Sun Jan 19 22:56:36 2020

Blue cum might be a sign of a serious ailment...


Suited-Up Taylor | Hi-res

Wed Jan 15 20:08:28 2020

Hi-res for my fashionable Platineers! Enjoy!

TaylorSuit_HR.png TaylorSuit_Cock_HR.png TaylorSuit_BJ_HR.png TaylorSuit_Cum_HR.png

Suited-Up Taylor

Wed Jan 15 20:06:37 2020

I wanted to give this series of images more of a painterly look to sell that it could be at home on a magazine cover. I don't practice my painting very often, as it is a workflow that is very unusual for me, and isn't quite as predictable as my normal method.

Halfway through I thought maybe I should scrap the painting and start again with my usual rendering, but it felt wrong to throw away all the effort, so I powered through. I hope you enjoy!

TaylorSuit_RS.png TaylorSuit_BJ_RS.png TaylorSuit_Cock_RS.png TaylorSuit_Cum_RS.png

Suited-Up Taylor | WIP

Sun Jan 12 01:30:24 2020

I had an idea of a guy in a suit striking a pose like in an ad... and then I thought I'd put Taylor in there, cuz I haven't drawn him in a while. And then I figured I'd include Chase, where he would most likely be in this scenario. 😏


Trigger | Page 1.5 | Hi-res

Wed Jan 8 20:43:30 2020

Hi-res for my proud Platineers! Enjoy!

Trigger1AndAHalf_HR.png Trigger1AndAHalf_HR_DogDick.png

Trigger | Page 1.5 | Process

Wed Jan 8 20:42:22 2020

Very late in the process I decided I didn't like that the fox's expression was so similar to the other dog's, so I widened his mouth and eyes to give him a more excited earnest look. He's just really excited to hop on the bandwagon and show off his girl!

The fingers-in-the-pussy shot was referenced off of a pic I found in an annnncient porn stash that I found from when I was in high school. The spread was very unique, so I thought to try and replicate it here, but in the end it just looks like plain o' fingering! Oh well.

Trigger_1andahalf_Process.png Trigger1AndAHalf_lineart.png Trigger1AndAHalf_refine.png Trigger1AndAHalf_refine_DogDick.png Trigger1AndAHalf_rough.png Trigger1AndAHalf_RS.png Trigger1AndAHalf_RS_DogDick.png

Trigger | Page 1.5

Wed Jan 8 20:38:27 2020

The immediate orgasm from page 1 to 2 made more sense when the comic was about hypnosis, but it was suggested to me that the lead-up was a little too short for Zeke to have cum. So I decided to make a page 1.5 to have more leadup and teasing from his friends in order to make him pop his cork. Enjoy!

Trigger1AndAHalf_RS.png Trigger1AndAHalf_RS_DogDick.png

Trigger | Page 1.5 | WIP

Sun Jan 5 23:27:10 2020

I felt like this comic needed an extra page inbetween the first and second to have more lead-up to Zeke finally popping.

Is this comic straight or gay? These dudes are hanging out with another dude with his dick out... but those photos!!

Trigger1AndAHalf_refine.png Trigger1AndAHalf_refine_DogDick.png

December Roundup | Platinum Tier

Sun Jan 5 19:11:34 2020

A double-portion of pixels are here for you Platinum Tier pledges! You can zoom in very close on Zeke's glans, or the un-groped tit on Joan in the most recent Christmas illustration! Or if you're feeling repentant, you can zoom in on Zeke's necklace and say a couple hail marys.

Thank you very much for being a superfan with your pledge, and I hope you enjoyed the content last month! More to come soon! (d) (d) (d) (d)

December Roundup | Gold Tier

Sun Jan 5 19:01:43 2020

Do you like process WIP images? Then I got the .zips for you!! Here's everything from December, and also snapshots of my journey along the way! Enjoy the sketchies, and thank you for your generous pledge! As a further reward, I invite you to pet this emoji dog. 🐶 (d) (d) (d) (d)

December Roundup | Silver Tier

Sun Jan 5 18:59:37 2020

Here's the first two pages of Trigger, with another soon on the way! (as well as those christmas illustrations from December) Thank you for keeping the comics alive with your pledge! (d) (d)

December Roundup | Bronze Tier

Sun Jan 5 18:57:57 2020

Enjoy this roundup of festive illustrations from December! Thank you for your support! (d)

Happy New Year!

Wed Jan 1 23:42:32 2020

2019 is over! Wow what a year that was. I finished Business Casual, my most ambitious comic to date, and drew some of my most favorite pieces yet. It was also the year I was able to eliminate my debt, thanks to you all! But it was also the year that took it out of me the most, for various reasons. I always end up proud of the work I put out, but at the cost of my health!

2020 will be the year that I try and reel it in a little bit and make artwork to a level that is satisfying, but won't kill me to make. I've already been dipping my toe into this mindset with Trigger, my interim comic before Passing Love 2, and I just need to experiment a bit more with tweaking my illustrative process to also allow me to rest more! I never seem to learn my lesson with each new illustration and kick my own ass every time. It's an ongoing process to treat myself better!

In terms of what I'd aiming to finish, I'm hoping to get Passing Love 2 done much more quickly than Business Casual, and also produce physical copies of BC. I've made a lot of progress with the latter, which will hopefully pave the way for my other comics to get physical releases as well. Very excited about that!

I will also be working on a hypno version of Trigger and while that won't be available on Patreon, I'm going to be selling it on my gumroad for cheap. Also very excited about that, since it shouldn't be too hard to make. Imagine that, a comic where the process is easy??

That's all I can think of to mention. Thank you guys for being the best patrons on planet Earth, and I'm looking forward to delivering more spicy content to you all 2020 long! Take care!


A Very Cucky Christmas | Hi-res

Wed Jan 1 02:11:03 2020

[EDIT: Made a couple of very small tweaks!]

Hi-res for my beautiful generous Platineers! Thank you and enjoy!

AVeryCuckyChristmas_HR.png AVeryCuckyChristmas_HR_Cum.png AVeryCuckyChristmas_HR_Cum_ND.png AVeryCuckyChristmas_HR_ND.png

A Very Cucky Christmas

Wed Jan 1 02:09:24 2020

[EDIT: Made a couple of very small tweaks!]

Jerry and Joan were a very close couple-- more than once they were told to quit being so sappy in public by their friends. They were perfectly satisfied in the bedroom, but during one playful evening, they talked about what it might be like for Joan to fuck some of Jerry's friends-- under supervision, of course! It was an exciting thought for both of them, and they clued in three of their friends of their sexual scheme as an idea for Christmas Eve.

After a short discussion of dos and donts, Jerry sat back as Joan's panties came off and one by one, his friends fucked orgasm after orgasm out of Joan. Joan didn't say much, but her expression told it all as she happily spread her legs for all the men in the room... except him.

He had never felt so alive.

Snuck in my final pic of 2019 right under the wire! All the variants attached below! I hope you enjoy!

AVeryCuckyChristmas_RS.png AVeryCuckyChristmas_RS_Cum.png AVeryCuckyChristmas_RS_Cum_ND.png AVeryCuckyChristmas_RS_ND.png

A Very Cucky Christmas | WIP

Tue Dec 24 02:08:07 2019

Maybe it wasn't such a smart idea to bring his super hot girlfriend over to his buddies' house on Christmas eve! Or maybe he knew this would happen and did it anyway?

I put some color on this sketch because I'm not going to be able to work on it over the next couple of days, being Christmas and all. I'm bummed that I couldn't finish it before Christmas, but so it goes...

I hope you guys don't mind me extending Christmas til New Years!


Trigger | Page 2 | Hi-res

Sun Dec 22 00:27:44 2019

Hi-res for my poppin' Platineers! Enjoy!

Trigger_2_HR.png Trigger_2_HR_DogDick.png

Trigger | Page 2 | Process

Sun Dec 22 00:25:53 2019

I got a little more organized with the different cock versions with this page, so I had less frantic juggling of layers trying to remember where I put what. Always organize your layers, people! Your future self will thank you.

Making an outline to my sound effects was something I haven't done in a while, and I'm not 100% if I'm into how they look! They fit along with this specific style IMO, but perhaps not with more rendering. I was big into a subtle drop shadow for the SFX in Business Casual, so maybe my brain is reacting negatively to change.

Trigger_2_RS_Process.png Trigger_2_wip3.png Trigger_2_wip5.png Trigger_2_wip1.png Trigger_2_RS.png Trigger_2_RS_DogDick.png

Trigger | Page 2

Sun Dec 22 00:21:09 2019

Dude, we just cleaned that floor...

Normal version and dog dick version attached! Enjoy!

Trigger_2_RS.png Trigger_2_RS_DogDick.png

Trigger | Page 2 | WIP

Fri Dec 20 00:51:33 2019

We got a Sir Spurtsalot over here...

Trigger_2_wip3.png Trigger_2_wip2.png

Stocking Stuffer | Hi-res

Tue Dec 17 00:41:21 2019

Hi-res for my festive Platineers! Enjoy!

StockingStuffer_HR.png StockingStuffer_HR_Cum.png

Stocking Stuffer

Tue Dec 17 00:40:03 2019

The whole floor of Dan and Hank's dorm was throwing a holiday party, and almost everyone took part. And when you start drinking, inhibitions disappear, and you may fuck when you normally wouldn't!

A couple of hearty helpings of eggnog later, and Hank's sour disposition melted like snow. Before long he was getting a little ornery and amorous at Dan, who (having had plenty to drink himself) was more than willing to excuse himself from the festivities to fuck Hank on his bed.

But their snoggin' and noggin' was interrupted by a wandering party-goer looking for the bathroom. While Hank was mortified, Dan couldn't care less. And neither did the intruder, who heartily cheered the two on celebrating the season with a bang.

Cum and no-cum versions attached! Enjoy!

StockingStuffer_RS.png StockingStuffer_RS_Cum.png

Poll Results!

Sat Dec 14 19:09:42 2019

I meant to make this post last night, but I got caught up with work... sorry about that!

The deadline has passed for the poll on the Platinum Tier, and Passing Love 2 is the winner! (surprising no one)

Once the handful of pages of Trigger have been produced, PL2 will begin! Thanks to everyone for voting!


Stocking Stuffer | WIP

Fri Dec 13 01:03:00 2019

Unexpected visitors don't bother Dan!

StockingStuffer_wip3.png StockingStuffer_wip3.png

Holiday Sale in the Print Shop!

Wed Dec 11 03:37:49 2019

Print wave 6 is here and with it a slew (or maybe sleigh?) of Christmas-themed prints! Four holiday illustrations from past years have been made physical, along with 7 other newcomers! And from now until January 1st, all prints are 33% off with the offer code "holiday33". If you've been on the fence about picking up a print, now is definitely the time to go for it!

The gallery above has a preview for each of the new prints available, except for one which Patreon probably won't like. And as always, I'm letting my Patrons know first so you guys can have first dibs. Check out the store and peruse to your heart's content!

big_pile_Christmas.png Photo_Dec_10_11_10_44_AM.jpg Photo_Dec_10_11_11_39_AM.jpg Photo_Dec_10_11_12_11_AM.jpg Photo_Dec_10_11_12_37_AM.jpg Photo_Dec_10_4_44_45_PM.jpg Photo_Dec_10_4_48_18_PM.jpg Photo_Dec_10_10_51_48_AM.jpg Photo_Dec_10_10_55_42_AM.jpg Photo_Dec_10_10_58_29_AM.jpg Photo_Dec_10_11_03_44_AM.jpg

Trigger | Page 1 | Hi-res

Mon Dec 9 02:49:18 2019

Hi-res for my generous Platineers! Enjoy!

Trigger_1_HR.png Trigger_1_HR_DogDick.png

Trigger | Page 1 | Process

Mon Dec 9 02:48:04 2019

I forgot to save very many WIP snapshots of the process here, because I was distracted by working on something that I knew was quite different. From the beginning I was just vaguely aware of how I was going to go about it.

Even though there was more time taken in picking colors and settling on how I wanted to go about lineart, it still took less time than a typical page of Business Casual, so that's fantastic! Even swapping out the junk from dog dick to human dick didn't take that long, whereas for a BC page I wouldn't even consider it.

Trigger_1_RS_Process.png Trigger1_wip6.png Trigger1_wip3.png Trigger1_rough.png Trigger_1_RS.png Trigger_1_RS_DogDick.png

Trigger | Page 1

Mon Dec 9 02:36:43 2019

This is a short interim comic I'll be doing while the next comic is polled on in the Platinum Tier, and also to test out a simpler comic style which will take some of the weight of production off my shoulders. This could lead to a quicker turnaround time for comics, which could mean more comic updates in a month. We'll see how it pans out!

Anyway, Zeke is back, and he's very proud of finishing No-Nut-November. His friends are a little tired of his gloating and showing off, though.

Attached is an alternative version with dog dick. Enjoy!

Trigger_1_RS.png Trigger_1_RS_DogDick.png

Next Comic Poll!

Sat Dec 7 01:11:54 2019

Here are the options for the next M/M oriented comic! I've written up small lil' blurbs for each one, and all of them are titles pending except for Passing Love 2. They are as follows:

Passing Love 2 (M/M)

After trying and failing to cast off his intrusive bi-curious fantasies, Joe resorts to desperate measures. Meanwhile, Travis decides to confront Dennis about his behavior.

Repairman Gloryhole M/M

A job to fix a large hole in the wall turns into an opportunity for depravity for a brash young carpenter. However, his cock doesn't quite reach it's intended target.

Dan and Hank M/M

Hank tolerates his annoying, arrogant roommate Dan, but he's not quite the picture of modesty either. When Dan overhears Hank boasting about all of the supposed women he's taken to bed, he decides to put Hank in his place.

Zeke Chastity (M/M)

In order to join his frat of choice, Zeke must undergo a long hazing ritual that involves giving up agency over his cock and balls. Week after week, he endures teasing from his soon-to-be frat brothers.

You can vote below! I think you can vote for as many of them as you want, but you can only vote for each one once.

I'll leave the poll open for a week-- plenty of time to decide and cast your vote! Have a good time, and let me know if you have any questions.

Trigger | Page 1 | WIP

Fri Dec 6 22:58:50 2019

This will be a short interim comic while I test out a new comic style! It's about our buddy Zeke, who survived no-nut November and thinks he can make it through December as well. His friends don't like his cocky attitude...

Why is his penis out, you ask? I'm still figuring out the details... or maybe they aren't necessary. I'm also preparing a human cock version.

If this looks familiar, it's based off the rough comic I drew while I was in Hawaii! Although that one had a bit of a different theme...


On Comic Voting [Further Thoughts]

Thu Dec 5 22:14:44 2019

It's about time for me to get started on the next comic, and I wanted to bring up comic voting, which is one of the rarely-utilized perks on the Platinum Tier.

In the past I would put together a poll of various comic ideas, both m/m and m/f, and ask my Platinum patrons which they would prefer to see. A perfect plan, I thought! Except some problems arose:

First, I realized that given a choice between m/m and m/f content, m/m will win the majority vote every time. Since I have an interest in both types of content and want to strike a balance, that's an issue!

The second is sometimes there are ideas that I really, really want to work on, but it may not line up with what my patrons are into at the time. And while I wouldn't put an idea on the poll if I wasn't somewhat interested in making it, a comic takes a very long time from start to finish, and I'd rather be working on the projects that I'm 100% jazzed about.

I want my next major comic to be Passing Love 2, and I feel like if I put it on a poll it would probably win anyway! So for the time being, I will be removing the voting perk from the Platinum Tier. Because of the great expanses of time that occur in-between each opportunity to exercise that perk, I am not sure how people feel about this, but I would be happy to hear anyone's thoughts if this is a jarring change.


When I wrote the above post, I honestly wasn't sure if the voting privileges were very important to people, since the opportunity only came about roughly once a year. I know now that there are some folk who found this a valuable perk, and I feel I was hasty in outright removing it, even for a short time.

The issue of balance is easily solved by swapping out choices for the polls to all M/M and all M/F when it comes time for each. And if there ever is an idea on the poll that I'm not super jazzed about, that's really my own fault!

For the past year I have been getting a lot of people asking me when Passing Love 2 is coming out, so I really felt like I had to get that comic going sooner rather than later. Because of this, I felt a growing anxiety about the upcoming poll, and the possibility of putting PL2 off in lieu of something else. Because it takes me so long to finish each comic, it could have meant another year of people asking me where PL2 is.

However, if there really is such anticipation for Passing Love 2, then it would probably win the poll, like I predicted above. While I appreciate the support of the people who don't mind whether there's a poll or not, I no longer feel like removing them is the best solution.

My major goal is to come up with a reliable comic style that is simpler and easier to finish up, so that more comics can be made during the year, and that maybe I could do multiple comics at once! ...That may be far-fetched unless I grow a couple extra hands, but we'll see how it all pans out.

Anyway, I apologize for the back and forth, and I greatly appreciate the feedback. I'll be organizing the next poll, so look out for that soon! And if people have any suggestions for ways I can improve the Platinum Tier (short of offering commissions), let me know.

November Roundup | Platinum Tier

Thu Dec 5 17:59:40 2019

You guys get the big kahunas: The hi-res versions of all of Business Casual, plus Zeke letting it all hang out with all those extra penis pixels in your face.Thank you so much for being so generous!! Look forward to fresh content coming soon! (d) (d) (d) (d) (d)

November Roundup | Gold Tier

Thu Dec 5 17:56:55 2019

Whole lotta WIPs! I've been trying snapshot each page and illustration at more steps along the way, to better showcase my process. Thank you for goin' the extra mile with your pledge, and I hope you've been enjoying the content! (d) (d) (d) (d) (d)

November Roundup | Silver Tier

Thu Dec 5 17:55:13 2019

May I present Business Casual, in its entirety! This will be the last roundup with BC in it. We'll miss ya, Vanessa!

Thank you for supporting the comic and allowing me to wreck Vanessa's vagina with cock every month! It wouldn't happen without you! (d) (d)

November Roundup | Bronze Tier

Thu Dec 5 17:53:49 2019

Just one illustration from November, but quite a lot of edits! Thank you for your support! (d)

Business Casual | Cover | Hi-res

Tue Dec 3 05:03:00 2019

Now the hi-res versions, for my generous Platineers! Thank you very much and enjoy!

BC_Cover_Title_HR.png BC_Cover_HR.png

Business Casual | Cover

Tue Dec 3 05:00:58 2019

It's finally done! Thank you for your patience.

I feel like this cover accurately portrays the tone of the comic! It feels good to have the final "page" of the comic done, although I would call this more of an illustration-- thus its spot on the Bronze Tier.

If you're a Bronze patron, Business Casual is completely finished on the Silver Tier! If you're interested in reading about a poor new employee who is finding out on her first day that sex is a normal part of daily work, check it out! 31 of super explicit free-use fun!

BC_Cover_Title_RS.png BC_Cover_RS.png

Business Casual Cover

Thu Nov 28 02:00:15 2019

Business Casual just wrapped up in the Silver Tier, so it's time to make a cover for it!

There'll be a bit of a delay in finishing this up because of the upcoming thanksgiving weekend. I'll do my best to complete it ASAP!


Business Casual | FINALE | Hi-res

Sat Nov 23 22:57:09 2019

Hi-res for my Professional Platineers! Enjoy, and thanks for supporting this comic!!

BC_31_HR.png BC_31_HR_PEE.png

Business Casual | FINALE | Process

Sat Nov 23 22:55:31 2019

This comic page was a doozy to finish, on account of so many different things going on... I really wanted to make the ending satisfying on a technical level as well as story-wise, so I took some extra time to polish things here and there. Even as I was saving the files, I had to fight the urge to change a little imperfection that I had spied...

There were times as I was closing in on the end of this comic that I felt I had exhausted everything I could think of in terms of the "free use" fetish, but there are a couple more ways I feel like I could explore the field!

BC_31_Process.png BC_31_lineart.png BC_31_rough.png BC_31_refine.png BC_31_RS.png BC_31_RS_PEE.png

Business Casual | FINALE

Sat Nov 23 22:47:39 2019

We made it to the end! Business Casual is finally complete!!

Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen! I realize I just made a thank-you post to you guys not long ago, but it cannot be understated how much I appreciate you allowing me to draw smut comics for a living. Business Casual has been a blast to create, and I'm looking forward to returning to Promotech and its horny employees some day.

And a quick aside, I made a quick alternate version of this page with some watersports happening in the upper right, and have labeled it as such in the attachments. Don't download that puppy unless you wanna get your eyes wet!

(To be honest, I'm not really sure if she'd allow herself to be peed on, so I'll go ahead and say that urine on Vanessa's chest isn't canon)

BC_31_RS.png BC_31_RS_PEE.png

Thank You, Patrons!

Wed Nov 20 03:51:12 2019

I saw the other day that Patreon was making today a "Thanking Patrons" day, and since my 3rd anniversary of my Patreon was not long ago, I thought it the perfect excuse to whip up a silly doodle of what my life may have been like had I not made a Patreon.

Long-time patrons know all about it, but at the time of my making a Patreon, I was running out of options for making art my living! I was burnt out on commission work, and had realized that it wasn't going to be viable in the long run for making a living, let alone saving for any kind of long-term goals. So I started the Patreon and gave myself six months-- if I couldn't earn enough money to make a living by that time, I'd pull the plug on it and look into a job that didn't involve art.

By the end of six months, I was making enough to survive and then some. Earlier this year, I was even able to eliminate all of my debt, including an enormous mountain of student loans! Saving for retirement or a house is no longer a pipe dream-- it could actually happen!

Patreon has changed my life, or more accurately, all of you have changed my life. Thank you for your continued support, and allowing me to be able to plan for the future. It means the world to me!


Business Casual | Finale | WIP

Tue Nov 19 01:38:32 2019

There's a lot goin' on in this page so it's taking me a while. Sorry about that! I do think it'll be a fitting end to the story. :)


Property | Hi-res [EDIT: DogDick HR files added]

Thu Nov 14 03:57:20 2019

Hi-res for my lovely Platineers! The attachments below labeled with "sounding" have (naturally) sounding content, so don't click 'em if you don't wanna see em! Enjoy!

[EDIT: Accidentally attached the resized versions of the Dogdick version, the correct files are now in place!]

Property_HR.png Property_HR_ND.png Property_DogD_RS.png Property_DogD_RS_ND.png Property_HR_ND_Sounding.png Property_HR_Sounding.png Property_DogD_HR.png Property_DogD_HR_ND.png Property_DogD_HR_ND_Sounding.png Property_DogD_HR_Sounding.png


Thu Nov 14 03:54:14 2019

Zeke had heard that Chi Gamma Pi was the frat to join, with the best parties and the most clout. However, he wasn't aware of some new hazing rituals they had begun to inflict on all new pledges.

For one month, your cock and balls belonged to the frat. Besides trips to the bathroom (which were supervised) you were not allowed to use your genitals for anything without permission... a case of blue balls could only be alleviated by the mercy of the frat members.

There were times that some members decided to use Zeke's cock as a plaything, but not in the interest of getting him off...

All versions attached below, including no-dialogue and sounding versions for each dick! Not for the squeamish, download with caution! Enjoy!

Property_RS.png Property_RS_ND.png Property_DogD_RS.png Property_DogD_RS_ND.png Property_RS_ND_Sounding.png Property_RS_Sounding.png Property_DogD_RS_ND_Sounding.png Property_DogD_RS_Sounding.png

Next Illustration Coming Soon!

Wed Nov 13 01:04:27 2019

Remember this guy? I thought about reposting the sketch, but I didn't wanna recycle the content. Look forward to the final within the next couple days!


Business Casual | Page 30 | Hi-res

Thu Nov 7 04:47:42 2019

Hi-res for my fabulous Platineers! Enjoy!


Business Casual | Page 30 | Process

Thu Nov 7 04:46:20 2019

Originally the idea for the last panel was that the men using her pussy would be nice and clean up after themselves, as a courtesy to the next guy to fill her up. But after sketching it, I felt like getting a little raunchier... That, and I wanted another full-on shot of her puss.

BC_30_Process.png BC_30_lineart.png BC_30_refine.png BC_30_rough.png BC_30_RS.png

Business Casual | Page 30

Thu Nov 7 04:42:00 2019

Such a hard worker!


October Roundup | Platinum Tier

Tue Nov 5 18:22:14 2019

Biiig files! Getcher biiiiig files over heah! Here are the usual .zips full of the hi-res files of the Business Casual pages so far, as well as the October illustrations. I explained in the Gold Tier roundup, but real quick: The .zip for the BC WIP images had gotten too big for Patreon's britches, so I had to split it in two. Sorry for the extra click!

It can be hard for me to figure out what to write here every month, because when I think about how much you all have helped me create a job out of making horny art, let alone pledge at my highest tier, I get a little tongue-tied. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you so much for being here. I hope you enjoy the art!! (d) (d) (d) (d) (d)

October Roundup | Gold Tier

Tue Nov 5 18:21:58 2019

Here's your chonker of WIPs for the month! 29 pages of Business Casual, plus all the WIP images of the spooky illustrations. A new problem popped up for this roundup... the .zip for all the WIP files for BC had exceeded Patreon's attachment size limit! So now the process .zip is split into two zips. You will now have to mouse click one additional time to get all the process images for Business Casual, and I'm very sorry.

Also, thank you for your generous pledge! I'm quite lucky indeed that I have fans willing to support me in making horny pictures and comics, and I hope I continue to meet your expectations with the content. Enjoy the goods! (d) (d) (d) (d) (d)

October Roundup | Silver Tier

Tue Nov 5 18:21:45 2019

Here is the roundup of the 29 pages of Business Casual so far, with the October illustrations included! Thank you very much for continuing to support my Patreon, it means the world to me. I hope you enjoy the conclusion of Business Casual, coming in November! (d) (d)

October Roundup | Bronze Tier

Tue Nov 5 18:21:29 2019

Here are the scary illustrations from October! Thank you for lending your support, and helping make the art happen. (d)

Business Casual | Page 30 | WIP

Sun Nov 3 20:32:07 2019

This has been a fun page so far! I had a dose of inspiration and thumbnailed page 31 as well, and I'm pretty pleased with them both. 31 should be the final page!


Upon Reflection | Hi-res

Thu Oct 31 01:08:48 2019

Hi-res for my ghoulish Platineers (as in ghoulishly generous). Enjoy!

UponReflection_HR.png UponReflection_HR_Alt.png

Upon Reflection

Thu Oct 31 01:06:29 2019

What if Clara's been a vampire all along? A thousand years of living will take the thrill out of sex for anyone. And perhaps, on this Halloween, she's decided to make a vampire out of Geoff... or at least Geoff's penis.

This isn't canon or anything, I just thought it'd be fitting for Clara's character. Also included an alt where she ISN'T a vampire so you can see her ass in the mirror. Enjoy, and happy Halloween!

(If you don't know who Geoff is, he's the guy in this picture: )

UponReflection_RS.png UponReflection_RS_Alt.png

Upon Reflection | WIP

Mon Oct 28 00:01:11 2019

Hey, wait a minute...


Business Casual | Page 29 | Hi-res

Fri Oct 25 00:17:55 2019

Hi-res for my sparkling Platineers! Enjoy!


Business Casual | Page 29 | Process

Fri Oct 25 00:16:50 2019

Boobs are fun to draw, dude!

I was trying to think of what to say about this page and nothing came to mind except that. Comic is winding down! I'm anticipating one more page, but it might extend to two... depends on if I want to rush through this little epilogue. Let's all enjoy Vanessa while she's still here, eh?

BC_29_Process.png BC_29_lineart.png BC_29_wip2.png BC_29_rough.png BC_29_RS.png

Business Casual | Page 29

Fri Oct 25 00:12:32 2019

Someone hasn't lost their confidence!

[EDIT: This is not the final page! But the comic is winding down.]


Comic delay!

Sat Oct 19 15:41:17 2019

Quick update to say I’m in Colorado visiting my girlfriend for the weekend! Comic work will continue on Tuesday.

Thank you for your patience!


Business Casual | Page 29 | WIP

Thu Oct 17 23:46:51 2019

Today I reveal Vanessa owns more than one outfit!


Life of the Party | Hi-res

Mon Oct 14 02:01:03 2019

Hi-res for my spooky Platineers! Enjoy!


Life of the Party

Mon Oct 14 01:58:17 2019

Chase works hard for his frat, especially during holidays! Each holiday, all of the frat houses participate in a competition where whichever frat produces the most cum-filled condoms wins the "best frat" award. This lad who finished in Chase's ass pulled out a little too quickly to make way for the next man, and thus his wasted efforts spill out of the condom... oh well! Keep it coming, boys!

Chase places each condom he helps produce around his neck, and calls it his bone necklace. Spooky!


Print Wave Five | The Spooky Wave!

Fri Oct 11 23:57:11 2019

I've scrambled the next print wave together, just in time for Halloween! Got a handful of themed prints ready to go, along with the typical run-of-the-mill explicit pornography.

Take a gander at these, and excuse the repetitive message:

Like the images say, the three spooky prints will only be on the store during October! Come November 1st, they will vanish, never to be seen again... (until next year.) Each of them has their own variants, like most of my prints! The Ashley one on the right has three, with some fun things happening with those penises, there.

Here are some other favorites from the run. Starting with a pretty lioness, who I've always liked:

Finally, more D-Club goodness!

And it's been a while since we saw Dan and Hank in print form...

And some Clara, before she got all jaded about that sex thing.

Per usual, patrons are being alerted about this batch a day before I tell the whole wide world about it. Check out the store, and you might find something that you fancy!


Life of the Party | WIP

Thu Oct 10 23:38:37 2019

Chase, where did you get that thong?

Alternate titles:

Give A Dog A Bone

Sack o' Lantern

Hocus Poke Us


Business Casual | Page 28 | Hi-res

Mon Oct 7 02:36:17 2019

Hi-res for my stupendous Platineers! Enjoy!


Business Casual | Page 28 | Process

Mon Oct 7 02:34:59 2019

That first panel was one of the most challenging scenes to prepare, which shows how out of practice I am with perspective scenes. Also, it's just a lot of people to fit in one scene. I'm happy with how it turned out, but I'm also glad it's over with!

I had an idea for an alternate ending to the comic where it turns out a simple grope of one's buttcheek is grounds for sexual harassment at this workplace. Dropping a load in a woman's pussy is just practical, but groping?? Buddy, that's a step too far.

BC_28_Process.png BC_28_lineart.png BC_28_refine.png BC_28_rough.png BC_28_RS.png

Business Casual | Page 28

Mon Oct 7 02:29:57 2019

What's a first day at work without a little faux pas?


Business Casual | Page 28 | WIP

Fri Oct 4 01:00:54 2019

Making progress! In drawing that butt grab, I realized how little I draw flesh grabbing (boobs, butts) so I need to do more in the future.


September Roundup | Platinum Tier

Sun Oct 6 00:10:27 2019

Everything! Here's everything!! All the hi-res versions of the illustrations from September, plus each immense, pants-tightening page of Business Casual thus far. Did you know it would take 164 floppy discs to house all the hi-res pages of BC? Each page would have to be split up between 4 floppies. Isn't that interesting?

Anyway, thank you for your incredible patronage and support! You are awesome! (d) (d) (d) (d) (d)

September Roundup | Gold Tier

Sun Oct 6 00:10:19 2019

Here's all those chunky WIPs you crave! For all the illustrations in Sept, plus all the wips for Business Casual! Big fat packages, these! I hope you enjoy, and thank you so much for your generous support! (d) (d) (d) (d) (d)

September Roundup | Silver Tier

Sun Oct 6 00:10:07 2019

The illustrations and sketches for September, plus all the completed pages of Business Casual to this point, collected in one place for you! Thank you forcontinued support, it's very very much appreciated! (d) (d) (d)

September Roundup | Bronze Tier

Sun Oct 6 00:09:56 2019

Here are the illustrations and the bevy of sketches I made during the month of September. Thank you for contributing to it's creation! (d) (d)

Horseplay | Hi-res

Mon Sep 30 01:17:49 2019

Hi-res for my beautiful Platineers! Enjoy!

Horseplay_HR.png Horseplay_HR_ND.png


Mon Sep 30 01:16:58 2019

Judy had taken to wearing her modified bottoms around the office when she wasn't going to be on the beat, which usually attracted attention from fellow officers. On this particular day she had been cornered by officers Monroe and Jacobs (to her not-so-subtle glee). She steered the conversation to some of the toys she enjoys at home, bragging about her biggest, longest dildo which she takes with ease.

This prompted a small competition between these two gentlemen who, being some of the few equines on the force, also had some of the biggest equipment. And so they sat down, swapping Judy's cunt back and forth to see how deep she could go. And as she warmed up more and more, they learned it was deep indeed...

As always, no-dialogue version below. Enjoy!

Horseplay_RS.png Horseplay_RS_ND.png

Horseplay | WIP

Thu Sep 26 00:38:51 2019

Two horse officers take turns to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. Bogo's like, "Maybe this is why we can't meet our quotas..."


Short Comic Where A Guy Cums All Over The Floor

Tue Sep 24 23:09:43 2019

While in Hawaii I also doodled up a comic idea where a guy is hanging out with his penis out (this is completely normal) and his friends want to know if it's true if he can cum at will. He goes on to prove that yes, indeed he can.

However, while he was in the throes of climax, his eyes went cross-eyed, which he swore wouldn't happen this time. He has asked that this embarrassing faux pas be censored out.

In the third page his eyes disappeared completely from his head, but he was ambivalent about this being shown publicly.

Trigger1_rough.png Trigger2_rough.png Trigger3_rough.png

Property / Protein Shake

Tue Sep 24 18:11:47 2019

More sketches from Hawaii! This boy is very happy to give ownership of his cock and balls over to his buddy. Better not use it without permission from the owner! (to avoid his employer finding out about his kink life, his identity has been protected)

The boy above is momentarily confused, as he thinks he is receiving a protein shake from his friend, but in fact, his friend is cumming in his mouth. Talk about your silly mistakes! (He is very embarrassed that he mixed up a protein shake with a load of semen, and asked that his identity be protected)

Property.png proteinshake.png

A Butt In A Wall / Fresh Lemonade

Tue Sep 24 17:55:25 2019

Another sketch from Maui. I wanted to draw a butt, and then I put it in a wall! This employee of Butt In A Wall looks excited to work there.

Hey wait a minute, what's this...?

Whoa!! Something tells me that's not really lemonade... if you'd like to make sure, check out the attachments, where the mosaics can't find it. (Face blocked out to protect the identity of the man enjoying lemonade.)

The last few sketch posts have had a large amount of sketches compiled together, and this post is smaller by comparison. If you prefer I hold off on sketches until I have more of them to show, let me know!

buttinwall.png freshlemonade.png

A Fistful of Judys / More Random sketches

Tue Sep 24 02:11:13 2019

A while back I mentioned really loving the idea of Judy sitting on dicks, and had a concept in mind involving a horsecock, but couldn't nail down an interesting or believable pose involving a dick with that length (and in fact, the original concept turned into the "Good Cop" pic). Instead I elected to have a horse holding Judy above his dick, which turned into the sketch first in line up there. Two fellow cops trying to see if they can get all of their massive lengths inside her, I reckon. Judy's just fine with this.

That's actually the only Judy pic I ended up drawing over vacation, and the rest are stuff I had already in the sketchbook but never posted: A gloryhole'd dick (with a tentative Judy?), and Judy with a... horsecock... necklace? I don't know, it was better in my head.

Then there's Judy slyly denying Nick access to her puss-- some slight cuck overtones, there. Then more Judy ass, a completely random ass, and the concept for "Can't Wait" (that's the one with Clara on the train), along with a photoref'd dick.

Horseplay.png judys.png random2.png

Random Anatomy Practice / Butts

Tue Sep 24 01:57:31 2019

During my vacation I wanted to get some confidence back with anatomy I felt I was rusty on, as well as relearn patience with sketching. I sketched a lot of things from memory, as well as referencing my own hands and feet. It's very rare that I sketch in an actual sketchbook these days, so it was a bit embarrassing how slow going it was... But I did feel like it was successful!

Those butts at the end in purple are actually from some months ago, but never uploaded to Patreon for some reason.

anatomy.png random.png butts.png

Back from Maui!

Tue Sep 24 01:49:41 2019

I returned yesterday from my trip to Hawaii, and got back laaaate last night. I spent today getting things sorted around the apartment, cleaning up sketches I made on the trip and syncing photos to my computer.

I spent about half the trip doing activities with my family, and the other half lounging in the couch in the airbnb, playing on my Switch and sketching porn away from everyone's eyes. I'll share those sketches in another post, but here are some standout photos:

The view from our spot was pretty damn good; we were up on a hill with an excellent view of the surrounding area. And a short walk away was the beach...

Many photos were taken on the first day, as there was a lot to take in. Especially the flowers!

Some notable activities we did was a sunset sailing trip (with an open bar on board):

An excursion to a town called Lahaina, which hosted an absurdly large tree. Or maybe the tree hosted the town?

It may look like several trees, but it's actually a single organism. Planted over 100 years ago! They forbade climbing on it, sadly.

Did I mention the sunsets are amazing in Hawaii?

Like, really amazing?

The scene above was from one of the fanciest resorts I've ever walked through. With rooms starting at $900 per night, it's a wonder they didn't charge us for standing near the pool.

Couple last photos of random gorgeous scenery:

Those last couple photos were taken by my Dad's phone, which has a better camera...

And now I'm back home and back to work! Thanks for stickin' around, guys. I'll be posting some sketches very soon!


Hawaii Vacation! Sept 15 - Sept 22

Sun Sep 15 00:39:53 2019

My family and I have been planning a trip to Hawaii over the last year and a half, and tomorrow it's finally happening! I haven't been there in many, many years so this will be a very cool trip.

I managed to finish up the latest page of Business Casual before I left (thank god) but there will likely be no updates while I'm in Hawaii. Like any time I'm away from the house, I'll try and sketch something up, but the focus will be on relaxation and recuperation. :) I can update the Patreon with photos and updates of what I'm doing while I'm there if people are interested!

While I'm talking, I'd like to thank all my patrons once again for sticking around and supporting the content through the years. I tend to feel guilty for taking vacations and missing out on supplying content to you guys. However, when I take time away from the computer, it always helps the creative process when I return.

I love creating smut for my fans, and I'm looking forward to continuing when I get back from Hawaii! See y'all in a bit!

Business Casual | Page 27 | Hi-res

Sat Sep 14 23:50:20 2019

Hi-res for my potent Platineers! Enjoy!


Business Casual | Page 27 | Process

Sat Sep 14 23:49:02 2019

The central panels showing Luis's withdraw from Vanessa was heavily inspired by Kiyoshiro Inoue (really, the whole comic is inspired by him). He really loves a messy pull-out.

Many have asked for Vanessa to take it up the ass, but she's definitely not ready for that... in this workplace there are several employees who take turns being "anal-ready" throughout the week, so if someone really needs to fuck an ass, they'll know who to go to.

BC_27_Process.png BC_27_lineart.png BC_27_rough.png BC_27_refine.png BC_27_RS.png

Business Casual | Page 27

Sat Sep 14 23:43:21 2019

Well, that's that! Time to get back to work.


Business Casual | Page 27 | WIP

Thu Sep 12 00:28:39 2019

Shlork! That cum spill out may or may not increase by the final draft...

I'm heading to Hawaii on the 15th, so I'll do my very best to get this page finished beforehand so as to not leave y'all hanging!


Turn About | Finale | Hi-res

Sun Sep 8 20:24:33 2019

Hi-res for my patient Platineers! Enjoy!


Turn About | Finale

Sun Sep 8 20:23:39 2019

Finch wasn't exactly a quick shot, but he had no reason to hold back as he taught Don and Mike a lesson. After pumping a load into Don, Finch hoisted Mike right on top of his still-quivering body and went for round two in Mike's ass. For rounds three and four, he switched between 'em.

When Finch finally left the room, the boys thought that he must surely be done by now. As Mike shakily lifted himself off the bed, Finch returned, hoisting a leg up and sitting atop them like a saddle, the weight of his massive muscular body keeping both of them in place. Don yelped and squirmed, being well and truly squashed into the mattress.

Amidst the pants and grunts, they heard the hiss-click of a beer can. It looked like they'd be there a while yet...


Turn About | Finale | WIP2

Sun Sep 8 02:34:33 2019

I'm so, so, so close to finishing this pic, but it's getting late and I'm very tired! The final version will 100% be done tomorrow, but until then enjoy some flats.


August Roundup | Platinum Tier

Thu Sep 5 19:10:42 2019

Whoa!! The pixels in this hi-res batch... there are so many of them! Please, take these files off my hands, as they're making my computer heavier.

Thank you for your above-and-beyond pledge, and enjoy the artwork! You're awesome! (d) (d) (d) (d)

August Roundup | Gold Tier

Thu Sep 5 19:08:43 2019

Every Business Casual page so far, the illustrations for August, and a big batch of WIPs for everything. There's even a bonus Vanessa booty in the comic WIPs! Can you find it??

Thank you for your generosity and for supporting the arts! Enjoy! (d) (d) (d) (d)

August Roundup | Silver Tier

Thu Sep 5 19:06:06 2019

I managed to squeeze the second comic page into August at the last second... that was close! Enjoy all of the Business Casual pages up to this point, and the illustrations for August! You rock for supporting 'em! (d) (d)

August Roundup | Bronze Tier

Thu Sep 5 19:04:50 2019

One thoughtfully erotic illustration and one super explicit illustration round out the pics for this month! Thanks for the support! (d)

Turn About | Finale | WIP

Thu Sep 5 00:31:42 2019

Hail to the king, baby!


Print Shop Wave Four Is Here!

Tue Sep 3 00:57:43 2019

This is the biggest addition to the print shop yet, with 14 illustrationsbeing added!

I think this is a really fantastic batch, with art from May to October in 2017. I feel this is a real golden period when I was hitting a great stride with the art. From America's favorite ass: America's favorite ambivalent sex partner:

Not to mention wanton fucking while stoned! What more could you ask for?

I'll put a couple more wee previews here...

Come on and check out the shop to see the full selection! Per usual, you patrons get first pick of the new lineup before the general public gets a gander. Hope you like what you see!


Business Casual | Page 26 | Hi-res

Sun Sep 1 02:42:08 2019

Hi-res for my lovely Platineers! Enjoy!


Business Casual | Page 26 | Process

Sun Sep 1 02:40:56 2019

I tell you what, it is hard to find quality references of a pussy getting stretched open wide by a huge dick from that specific angle. I drew that pussy over and over and it just didn't look right. Pussies are a little harder to figure out than dicks...

BC_26_Process.png BC_26_lineart.png BC_26_rough.png BC_26_refine.png BC_26_RS.png

Business Casual | Page 26

Sun Sep 1 02:38:03 2019

A good boss listens to his employee's needs!


Business Casual | Page 26 | WIP

Thu Aug 29 00:13:33 2019

So many fluids!


Can't Wait | Hi-res

Sat Aug 24 22:01:58 2019

Hi-res for my eager Platineers! Enjoy!


Can't Wait

Sat Aug 24 22:00:52 2019

Clara and her new friend Geoff were on their way back from a day trip to the neighboring town. Being a hopeful suitor, he had been very sweet to her the whole time. He asked her if she'd like to have some dinner with him, once they had returned. Once he made it clear the dinner was meant to be romantic, she let him know romance was not something she was interested in.

"But if you just need to get your rocks off, I'm fine with that," she stated, idly scrolling through her social media.

Geoff was shocked at first, but his mind started to spin of the implications of what she said. He rested his hands on her midsection, testing her. No response. Lower and lower they went, until they slid under her shorts, to feel the soft flesh underneath...

She slightly widened her stance, took a sip of her drink, and kept scrolling.



Can't Wait | Partial Flats

Sat Aug 24 02:13:26 2019

Real life stuff ate up about a day and a half of work, so I'm running a bit behind on this charming girl. Should have her all finished up tomorrow, but enjoy a little preview beforehand! Full flats can be found on the Gold Tier.


Can't Wait | WIP 2

Sat Aug 24 02:08:41 2019

Real life stuff ate up about a day and a half of work, so I'm running a bit behind on this charming girl. Should have her all finished up tomorrow, but enjoy some flats in the meantime!


Can't Wait | WIP

Wed Aug 21 00:49:14 2019

The return of Clara! She clearly doesn't mind an audience.


Business Casual | Page 25 | Hi-res

Sat Aug 17 01:43:39 2019

Hi-res for my poundin' Platineers! Enjoy!


Business Casual | Page 25 | Process

Sat Aug 17 01:42:36 2019

This page was a challenge with the angles, because I was blanking on new ones. I would sketch out a pose, and realize it was a copy of something a couple pages before... this happened a few times until I decided that this needed a dramatic angle to really show she's getting the bajeezus slammed out or her.

I think the lead-up to sex can be more interesting than the sex scene itself, unless there are multiple stages to it: blowjob, to sex, to different sex position, and then climax. It didn't feel realistic to have him change up her position, but that may be a case of missing the forest for the trees.

BC_25_Process.png BC_25_lineart.png BC_25_rough.png BC_25_refine.png BC_25_RS.png

Business Casual | Page 25

Sat Aug 17 01:38:01 2019

Hmm... I mean, it's only polite to let him cum inside...


Business Casual | Page 25 | WIP

Tue Aug 13 23:52:59 2019

Pound it! Pound it! Pound it!


Good Morning Judy

Sat Aug 10 20:20:39 2019

I didn't get too much drawing done while camping, but I refined a sketch I had already started. Fucking at the ZPD is pretty common (as it is with most of the workplaces I draw, it seems...), and I imagine this scenario came about with the horse fellow pulling out of someone else's pussy to receive his good morning kiss from Judy. Just another day!

GoodMorningJudy.png GoodMorningJudy.png

Turn About | Part 4 | Hi-res

Sat Aug 10 01:32:41 2019

Hi-res for my patient Platineers! Enjoy!

TurnAbout4_HR.png TurnAbout4_HR_ND.png

Turn About | Part 4

Sat Aug 10 01:31:49 2019

Cowed back into submissiveness by Finch’s sudden return to lucidity, Don had a hard time arguing against getting Finch’s cock crammed into his ass. A single order from Finch got Michael down on his knees, and a second got Mike's muzzle buried between Finch's asscheeks, tongue lapping up the dirty deed he was responsible for.

Finch felt fucking good rubbing their noses in it. And despite Don's protests to the contrary, he really could take a cock like nobody's business.

No dialogue version attached below. Enjoy!

TurnAbout4_RS.png TurnAbout4_RS.png TurnAbout4_RS_ND.png

Back from camping!

Fri Aug 9 16:07:32 2019

I returned last night from my trip! My parents and I went to our usual spot that we've been going to for the last couple of years. We always try to secure the same spots, since it gives us a pretty great view of the lake and is relatively shady.

Camping has always been about a change of scenery rather than doing anything especially rugged, so I spent most of my time lounging about the camp reading. I did get to see my fair share of nature, though.

In recent years we've given up the pretense that we're roughing it at all. This was the epitome of "glamping", as there was a small resort with cabins on that very lake with its own bar...

So classy.

I didn't end up drawing too much, only refining a sketch I had started a week ago, which I'll upload later today. I'll also be finishing up Turn About Part 4 and getting that to you patient Patrons today.

I'm happy to be back and drawing for you all! I hope you guys have a great Friday!

Photo_Aug_05_2_51_19_PM_copy.jpg Photo_Aug_05_2_51_19_PM_copy.jpg

July Roundup | Platinum Tier

Mon Aug 5 15:08:03 2019

All the Business Casual pages thus far, plus all the July illustrations... but bigger! Real big! (Plus all the WIPs, too). Thank you so much for your generous pledge, and I hope you enjoy the goods! (d) (d) (d) (d)

July Roundup | Gold Tier

Mon Aug 5 15:02:26 2019

Beefy set of WIPs for the Gold Tier this month, as well as the normal roundup of comic pages and illustrations! I hope you enjoy checkin' out my process, and thank you so much for the support! (d) (d) (d) (d)

July Roundup | Silver Tier

Mon Aug 5 14:58:50 2019

Business Casual is chuggin' along! Thank you for helping its creation, I greatly appreciate it. ❤ Here is all of the pages so far, as well as the illustrations from July. Enjoy! (d) (d)

July Roundup | Bronze Tier

Mon Aug 5 14:55:23 2019

I'm really proud of the illustrations from last month! Here they are collected for your convenience. Thanks for the support! (d)

Turn About | Part 4 | Finch Preview

Mon Aug 5 01:20:14 2019

Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish this in time before my camping trip, but I wanted to share a small preview before I'm gone for 4 days!

It should only be one more full day's work until the pic is finished, so it won't take too long once I'm back to produce the finished product. I hope you all have a great week, and I'll see you next Friday! Hopefully!

(Also the full-size preview of this was just posted on the Gold Tier, so upgrade to that tier if you're interested in more WIPs!)

TurnAbout4_preview2.png TurnAbout4_preview2.png

Turn About | Part 4 | WIP2

Mon Aug 5 01:15:30 2019

Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish this in time before my camping trip, but I wanted to share the flats before I'm gone for 4 days!

It should only be one more full day's work until the pic is finished, so it won't take too long once I'm back to produce the finished product. I hope you all have a great week, and I'll see you next Friday! Hopefully!


Turn About | Part 4 | WIP

Sat Aug 3 21:15:37 2019

Settled on a sketch idea, based off a comment I read from Part 3 I think.

I'm going to do my best to finish this before Monday, as I'm going away on a camping trip for 4 days next week and won't be able to work on patreon stuff. Though I will have internet, so perhaps there will be a sketch or two to share!

TurnAbout4_wip4.png TurnAbout4_wip4.png

Turn About Sketches

Fri Aug 2 01:43:11 2019

I spent today sketching ideas for the next image in the "Turn About" series and hadn't quite come up with a definitive direction to go in. I felt like I was onto something with the first image here, but as I developed it, I started to fall out of love with the idea. I really like the second sketch, but it feels like a good conclusion image, and one more before the end feels about right.

Sometimes you sketch all day and only vaguely know where to go by the end of it. That's life!

TurnAbout4_wip2.png TurnAbout4_wip2.png TurnAbout4_alt.png TurnAbout4_alt.png

Business Casual | Page 24 | Hi-res

Tue Jul 30 15:38:24 2019

Hi-res for my patient Platineers! Hope you enjoy!


Business Casual | Page 24 | Process

Tue Jul 30 15:38:09 2019

My original sketch was the first panel, they were facing right, the second having them more facing the viewer, and then getting to the pussy shot and fucking shot. I figured that the 2nd panel front-on would ease the transition to them facing to the left for the final shot, but the refined sketch ended up having them still facing a bit to the right. And that felt a little awkward, so I just flipped the top two panels horizontally, and that made me feel better.

Then I inked them with Vanessa's hair facing the wrong way. But my brain wasn't workin' so good at that point, so I didn't catch it until afterwards...

BC_24_Process.png BC_24_lineart.png BC_24_rough.png BC_24_refine.png BC_24_RS.png

Business Casual | Page 24

Tue Jul 30 15:37:51 2019

Gotta finish fucking eventually, Vanessa! You do have work to do...


Print Shop Wave Three! (AKA The Judy Batch)

Sat Jul 27 20:20:46 2019

Happy Saturday to everyone! The next batch of 7 illustrations is ready to be purchased and enjoyed! As usual, you patrons of mine get the first look and first dibs on what's new.

When I was picking the first illustrations to be made into the first print batch, I realized there was a disproportionate amount of hetero-themed art in the early days of the Patreon, so I had to leap forward some months in order to find some gay art to even it out. There had to be a hetero-centric batch eventually, so why not make it the one with a ton of Judy art in it?

Here's a couple of my favorites!

So cute, almost innocent!

Not so innocent at all...

What a cute moment of a boyfriend watching his girlfriend play a game, and-- hey he's fucking her! What the heck!!

4 of the 7 new prints are Judy themed, so if you're a fan it's never been a better time to check out the store! As usual, many of the prints come with different variants, all with their own limited run of 50, and each one hand-signed and numbered.

Also, very important! I realized just recently that Gumroad has a glitch when buying multiple items in a cart. It will charge you shipping on EACH ITEM, rather than being smart and doing a single shipping charge for all items. They've acknowledged it's a glitch and are working on a solution.

In the meantime, if you are buying multiple prints, use the code MULTIPLE10 to take $10 off the total order. This isn't a perfect solution to the issue, especially if you're outside the US, but it's the best I can do at the moment. There isn't really a way to prevent people from utilizing this code on single-print orders, but I've decided to use the honor system with this. Please only use that code if buying multiple prints at once!

Give it a look-see if you're so inclined! Thanks, and take care. :)


Business Casual | Page 24 | WIP

Sat Jul 27 00:01:19 2019

Takin' the whole thing no problem now!


Good Cop | Hi-res

Tue Jul 23 02:50:26 2019

Hi-res for my talkative Platineers! Enjoy!

GoodCop_HR.png GoodCop_HR_DogD.png GoodCop_HR_DogD_ND.png GoodCop_HR_ND.png

Good Cop

Tue Jul 23 02:45:45 2019

One of the co-conspirators responsible for the nighthowler attacks throughout the city was arrested and placed in the lock-up, ready for interrogation. Rather than resort to their usual methods, Judy figured she had a way to make him cough up information a lot faster. With every bit of info he coughed up, she sank a little lower, until she was bouncing for minutes on end, the entire length engulfed inside her.

The ZPD found that after this ingenious technique was put to use, they had a much easier time of capturing members of the gang...

Doggy dick and the regular no-dialogue versions attached below. Enjoy!

GoodCop_RS.png GoodCop_RS_DogD.png GoodCop_RS_DogD_ND.png GoodCop_RS_ND.png

Good Cop | WIP

Fri Jul 19 00:45:51 2019

We hardly need a bad cop with these tactics!

I'm really into Judy sitting on dick right now, so don't be surprised if you see more of it in the coming months...


Business Casual | Page 23 | Hi-res

Mon Jul 15 23:58:51 2019

Hi-res for my lovely Platineers! Enjoy!


Business Casual | Page 23 | Process

Mon Jul 15 23:57:51 2019

For the last couple of pages there have been small elements that I've gone back and forth on, and for this page it was Vanessa's eyebrows on the last panel. Both expressions I like, but ultimately decided on an incredulous look. But even now, I'm unsure... at least it's an easy thing to change!


Business Casual | Page 23

Mon Jul 15 23:53:00 2019

He's right-- she took off her panties before she even stepped into the IT department!


Business Casual | Page 23 | Flats

Mon Jul 15 01:30:01 2019

I'm having fun rendering Vanessa's tits... ✨

Finished page coming tomorrow!


Business Casual | Page 23 | WIP

Fri Jul 12 01:08:15 2019

There they are!!


Turn About | Part 3 | Hi-res

Mon Jul 8 02:23:42 2019

Hi-res for my spry Platineers! Enjoy!

TurnAbout3_HR.png TurnAbout3_HR_ND.png

Turn About | Part 3

Mon Jul 8 02:22:23 2019

While the effect lasted long enough for Don and Michael to get their rocks off, it didn't last as long as they had hoped. Finch's eyes snapped back to normal as the boys were catching their breath, and it only took him moments to realize they'd done. In a flash, Finch had subdued Don, ready to show that he can give as good as he gets, and more.

No-dialogue version below. Enjoy!

TurnAbout3_RS.png TurnAbout3_RS_ND.png

June Roundup | Platinum Tier

Fri Jul 5 17:26:47 2019

Everything Business Casual, plus the June illustrations... but big! Real big! Stare deep into Vanessa's eyes and marvel at Luis's enormous dick!

Thank you for you immensely generous support, and I hope you enjoy! (d) (d) (d) (d)

June Roundup | Gold Tier

Fri Jul 5 17:23:50 2019

All the illustrations from June, all the Business Casual pages up to this point, plus all the WIPs I saved for each! Scrutinize every step of my process to your heart's content! Thank you for helping make it happen! (d) (d) (d) (d)

June Roundup | Silver Tier

Fri Jul 5 17:18:46 2019

All the June illustrations and all the pages of Business Casual so far, cobbled together for your viewing pleasure! Thank you for funding such debauchery! You rock! (d) (d)

June Roundup | Bronze Tier

Fri Jul 5 17:14:02 2019

Here's the roundup for the illustrations for June! Thank you for your support! (d)

Turn About | Part 3 | WIP

Thu Jul 4 00:20:28 2019

Uh ohhhhhh someone snapped out of it...


Business Casual | Page 22 | Hi-res

Sun Jun 30 03:21:48 2019

Hi-res for my lovely Platineers! Enjoy!

BC_22_HR.png BC_22_HR_CockShadow.png

Business Casual | Page 22 | Process

Sun Jun 30 03:20:50 2019

I have a lot of fun playing with Vanessa's face! Would that face count as ahegao? It's probably right on the cusp.

The third panel was a tough pose for me to nail, the foreshortening was tripping me up, along with that area being a weak spot for me. I tried to focus a little more as I was making this page, intent on visualizing each pose more accurately and making lines with more intent instead of noodling around. I feel like I achieved more of a "zen" state that way, so that's a good sign.

BC_22_Process.png BC_22_RS.png BC_22_RS_CockShadow.png BC_22_lineart.png BC_22_refine.png BC_22_rough.png

Business Casual | Page 22

Sun Jun 30 03:15:19 2019

She lost her mind for a second there!

Made a version where you can see just how deep Luis has gotten:


BC_22_RS.png BC_22_RS_CockShadow.png

Business Casual | Page 22 | WIP2

Sat Jun 29 00:00:27 2019

Had to miss a day of comic work because of non-patreon illustrative duties, so I'm a bit behind. Aiming to have it finished this weekend!


Business Casual | Page 22 | WIP

Tue Jun 25 23:33:15 2019

Slowin' down the action a bit as Vanessa loses some layers...


Print Shop Wave Two!

Tue Jun 25 17:41:25 2019

Took a while, but I've stocked my print store with 8 new illustrations, and almost all of them have different variants to choose from.

Here are some standouts:

Like before, each print is available in 8.5"x11" or 13"x19" size, and each print (along with each variant) is it's own limited run of 50.

I'll be showing these off in more detail on twitter starting tomorrow, but as my patrons you get first dibs! Check 'em out if you're keen to have some Meesh on your walls!


I paid off my student loans!

Sun Jun 23 03:02:17 2019

Holy shit!

I am now completely debt-free! For the first time since... I literally cannot remember!

Why am I telling you guys? Well, here's some storytime for people who don't know. I can't remember if I told this story to you guys already, and it's a bit of a long one, so here we go... (TLDR version at the very bottom)

Back around early 2016 I was at the lowest point of my life. I had just ended a bad relationship, concluding an extended run of bad luck and poor financial decisions fueled by panic. I had drained my savings, racked up thousands of dollars of credit card debt and was forced to move back in with my parents. This is in addition to the impressive student loan debt I had accrued, having made little headway since graduating college in 2013. My total debt was in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Living commission payment to commission payment, prospects for finding an affordable place on my own was grim... It was going to be very expensive without roommates, but I desperately needed to live by myself. My best solution was an apartment in a city an hour away from family and friends. The alone time was sorely needed, but I was at a loss as to my next step in life.

How was I going to make a dent in my debt? How could I possibly save for the future? I had long-standing clients that were very generous to keep hiring me, but it was only enough to tread water. More and more it seemed like art, the field I went to college for and was truly passionate about, was no longer enough to live on. Art had been so much of my life for so long, that it truly broke my heart to think I'd have to replace it.

Before this point, I was too scared to try Patreon. I was dubious that I could make enough money through Patreon to survive, and it was safer to just keep taking commissions. But as the reality of my situation sank in, I realized I had nothing to lose.

And so, I formed my plan: I would open a Patreon and dedicate 100% of my time to producing content for it. And at the end of 6 months, if it wasn't enough to live on, I would close it and start making plans to learn a new profession. Pushed to the wall, I figured that if I couldn't make a living drawing my own ideas and comics, then at least I could say that I gave it a shot.

The positive response was more than I could have ever dreamed of. By the end of 6 months, I was not only covering my living expenses, but actually starting to make headway on my debt. The relief I felt, being able to draw my own content and that people were willing to support it, was indescribable. And now, two and a half years after starting my Patreon, I have crushed my credit card debt and wiped out my student loans.

After six years of struggling with insurmountable debt, it is because of you guys that I could finally defeat it. Whether you are a supporter from back in the early days, or if you just joined yesterday, it is thanks to you that I have been able to turn my life around. All of you have given me a path to the future when I was certain I had none. I can't imagine having another job, and I hope I can continue to make explicit smut for you for as long as I am able. Thank you so very much!

TLDR: I started my Patreon as a gamble and it worked out and completely turned my life around and paid all my debt and it's all thanks to you! 100%! Thank you from the bottom of my soul!

Office Creamer | Hi-res

Sat Jun 22 03:05:49 2019

Hi-res for my thirsty Platineers! Watersports version in the attachments. Enjoy!

OfficeCreamer_HR.png OfficeCreamer_HR_Piss.png

Office Creamer

Sat Jun 22 03:03:22 2019

I decided to try and paint this illustration, to see how long it would take versus my normal method. It turns out that it takes longer! I chalk it up to being out of practice with painting, as there was a lot of hesitation with each step and overthinking the whole way through. I'll be going back to my normal methods for illustration for the time being.

For you watersports enthusiasts, I included a pee edit in the attachments. Enjoy!

OfficeCreamer_RS.png OfficeCreamer_RS_Piss.png

Office Creamer | WIP 2

Fri Jun 21 00:49:26 2019

For some reason I decided to paint this next illustration, thinking it would be quicker than my usual method. Not so!

More than once I thought about scrapping what I've done and going back to the old reliable process, but since I've come this far, I may as well finish it like this.


Office Creamer | WIP

Tue Jun 18 00:36:33 2019

Half n' half just won't cut it here!


Hypnosis Content Update

Fri Jun 14 19:16:39 2019

It seems that Patreon has adjusted their guidelines regardling acceptable content. They are now taking a dim view of hypnosis/mind control, classifying it as a form of rape. As a result, several creator's accounts have been suspended until they remove all hypnosis content from their Patreons.

As a pre-emptive measure, I've taken down all of my own hypnosis content from my Patreon page to avoid becoming suspended myself. This content can still be found on my online galleries, and I won't stop drawing it on my own time, but it'll be at a much more limited capacity.

I'm sorry to anyone who is disappointed by this turn of events. I'm pretty bummed out myself. Thankfully, hypnosis makes up just a fraction of my content and everything else should be unaffected.

Business Casual | Page 21 | Hi-res

Fri Jun 14 01:53:47 2019

Hi-res for my amazing Platineers! Enjoy!


Business Casual | Page 21 | Process

Fri Jun 14 01:52:24 2019

Many times when I make a rough for a page that has 3 or 4 panels, even if it's bombastic, I cross my arms and go "it just doesn't look like enough is happening...".

I really wanted the sideways thrust pose to be in the center of the page, but then I pushed it to the left because it seemed to make more sense there, and I liked the overall composition. Then I had second thoughts about the last panel-- the first pose is a flat side-view, and the final panel is a flat front view, and I wanted to shake up the poses.

Then I felt like maybe just a bit more dialogue was needed out of Luis before he goes all the way inside, so I put him back in the center to give space for another panel. Then the final panel went through a couple iterations... Even the angle of the penis in the internal shot changed 4 times. Am I thinking too hard?

BC_21_Process.png BC_21_lineart.png BC_21_rough.png BC_21_refine.png

Business Casual | Page 21

Fri Jun 14 01:46:28 2019

A one, and a two, and an orgasm!


Business Casual | Page 21 | WIP

Tue Jun 11 01:16:42 2019

Hard part's over! So to speak... Luis looks like he's just getting started.

I've been wanting to draw that center pose for weeks! So glad to be getting into the meat of the "Vanessa getting fucked" section.


Bullying the Girlfriend | Hi-res

Fri Jun 7 01:46:36 2019

Hi-res for my adventurous Platineers! Enjoy!

BullyGirlfriend_HR.png BullyGirlfriend_HR_ND.png BullyGirlfriend_HR_squirt.png BullyGirlfriend_HR_squirt_ND.png

Bullying the Girlfriend

Fri Jun 7 01:45:07 2019

Even once they started dating, it took River a long time to bring Candice out of her shell. Candice had never dated before and kept to her studies, mostly. But that all changed when River found the secret bin of sex toys under her bed. After that, River couldn't help but insist on using one or two or four on Candice when she came over for "homework help"...

No-dialogue and squirtin' version attached. Enjoy!

BullyGirlfriend_RS.png BullyGirlfriend_RS_ND.png BullyGirlfriend_RS_squirt.png BullyGirlfriend_RS_squirt_ND.png

Bullying The Girlfriend | WIP 2 Full

Thu Jun 6 03:25:32 2019

The full preview for my lovely Gold Tier and above. Look forward to it's completion hopefully tomorrow!


Bullying The Girlfriend | WIP preview

Thu Jun 6 03:25:13 2019

This new illustration is coming along, but I've been slower than usual in getting it out! I'm aiming for completion tomorrow. It's actually further along than this, but I just like having flats as my go-to for previews. I love how the flats look...

Full preview on the Gold Tier!


May Roundup | Platinum Tier

Wed Jun 5 17:03:40 2019

Everything from Business Casual and the month of May, but bigger and bolder! Thank you so much for your wildly generous pledge, you guys keep me going. I hope you enjoy the smut and look forward to more! (d) (d) (d) (d)

May Roundup | Gold Tier

Wed Jun 5 17:03:27 2019

Here we have not only all of Business Casual so far as well as the May illustrations, but a boatload of WIP images for both! Thank you so much for making it happen with your generous support! (d) (d) (d) (d)

May Roundup | Silver Tier

Wed Jun 5 17:03:11 2019

We've got all the pages of Business Casual rounded up here (up to 20 now!) and the illustrations from last month. Thank you for helping bring it this far, you rock! (d) (d)

May Roundup | Bronze Tier

Wed Jun 5 17:02:45 2019

Here's the two illustrations from last month! Thank you for your support! (d)

Bullying the Girlfriend | WIP

Sun Jun 2 01:14:37 2019

I was asked if I would ever do any women-on-women content, so I thought I would give it a try, as it's been quite a while since I did any. Hope you enjoy!


Business Casual | Page 20 | Hi-res

Thu May 30 03:15:03 2019

Hi-res for my sweet Platineers! Enjoy!


Business Casual | Page 20 | Process

Thu May 30 03:13:54 2019

I'm happy with the direction this new page took after the initial rough, but I mourn the loss of the top-down view of Luis cock. We'll be seeing plenty more Luis cock through the rest of the comic, though.

BC_20_Process.png BC_20_lineart.png BC_20_refine.png BC_20_rough.png BC_20_RS.png

Business Casual | Page 20

Thu May 30 03:12:03 2019

Made it twenty pages! Go Vanessa Go!


Business Casual | Page 20 | WIP

Mon May 27 00:54:03 2019

Inch by inch, we're getting closer to full penetration!

Originally, this page was going to have a completely different feel, setting the pace much slower. But as I sketched it out, it felt like pumping the brakes on the energy that I established in the previous page.

I admit my main goal was to find a way to get Vanessa's tits out during this page, but there's plenty of time for that still. I do like that Vanessa face in the original 2nd panel, though...

Enjoy the WIPs!

BC_20_refine.png BC_20_wip2.png

Turn About | Part 2 | Hi-res

Thu May 23 02:20:34 2019

Hi-res for my lovely Platineers! Enjoy!

TurnAbout2_HR.png TurnAbout2_HR_Alt.png TurnAbout2_HR_Alt_Cum.png TurnAbout2_HR_ND.png

Turn About | Part 2

Thu May 23 02:19:30 2019

Finch kept his slack-jawed expression and not-at-all-there stare throughout Don's vigorous probing up his never-used ass, so both he and Michael felt pretty confident that he wouldn't so much as flinch if they ordered him to get on the bed and be their fucktoy.

He obeyed every command, albeit a bit slowly as the words sludged their way into whatever part of his brain was still paying attention to the outside world. Nonetheless, he remained relaxed and compliant as the boys began to try him out...

Various alts are attached below, including no-dialogue and creampie'd. Enjoy!

TurnAbout2_RS.png TurnAbout2_RS_Alt.png TurnAbout2_RS_Alt_Cum.png TurnAbout2_RS_ND.png

New Dress Code

Tue May 21 04:41:09 2019

During a rare quiet moment while I was hosting friends from out of town, I sat down and sketched out Judy wearing some new work pants.

The guests have gone home now, the apartment is cleaned up, and I’m ready to get back to work in earnest! Look forward to another update in the next couple of days.


Turn About | Part 2 | WIP2

Thu May 16 23:32:28 2019

Here's a partial WIP to tide y'all over for this piece! It'll be delayed a bit, as I'm going to be entertaining some guests this weekend. Check out the full WIP over at the Gold Tier!


Turn About | Part 2 | WIP2

Thu May 16 23:29:32 2019

The tiger stripes take a long time but feel oddly zen to do...

This pic will be delayed a bit as I'm entertaining a friend from out of town for the weekend. I'm excited to get back to it, but I hope that this lil tidbit will tide y'all over before it's finished!

TurnAbout2_wip11.png TurnAbout2_wip11.png

Turn About | Part 2 | WIP

Wed May 15 00:58:02 2019

Back to these boys! Finch has taken to bottoming quite well, wouldn't you say?


Business Casual | Page 19 | Hi-res

Sat May 11 15:25:21 2019

Hi-res for my lovely Platineers!


Business Casual | Page 19 | Process

Sat May 11 15:24:22 2019

Vanessa's butt shot was one of the most challenging perspectives I've done in a while, mostly because I hardly attempt a view like that very often. With this kind of extreme perspective it's hard to get the proportions right, or scale things out correctly. Maybe more extreme butt shots are in my near future...

BC_19_Process.png BC_19_lineart.png BC_19_refine.png BC_19_rough.png BC_19_RS.png

Business Casual | Page 19

Sat May 11 15:17:40 2019

I mean... it's not THAT big...


Business Casual | Page 19 | WIP

Tue May 7 01:49:39 2019

We have liftoff! Butts are hard to draw, man...

Also if you're ever having some trouble drawing a particular body part or heck, the entire figure, and you've been messing with it for hours going nowhere, I wholeheartedly recommend completely erasing the whole thing and starting again because you're probably gonna nail it when starting from scratch!

Or combine that idea with this other one, which is taking a break away from your drawing for an hour or two. Nothing will reveal where you're going wrong like some fresh eyes. I say all this because I think I drew Vanessa's head in the lower right about three times before I got to this point, and I may just go ahead and do it again tomorrow.


April Roundup | Platinum Tier

Sun May 5 17:18:48 2019

I feel pretty proud of the work from April, and I hope you've been enjoying it! Here are all the WIPs and hi-res files for Business Casual and "Turn About". You guys are stellar, thanks a ton for your pledges and support through the highs and lows! (d) (d) (d) (d)

April Roundup | Gold Tier

Sun May 5 17:18:30 2019

I've been trying to save WIP files at more stages of the creative process in order to "paint" a clearer picture and give you guys more of an insight into how things happen. Though near the end of a picture I tend to get tunnel vision and barrel on through to the finish. I'll work on that, but in the meantime, enjoy all these chunky WIP .zips, and thank you so much for your generous support! (d) (d) (d) (d)

April Roundup | Silver Tier

Sun May 5 17:18:14 2019

Business Casual is getting exciting! Thank you for supporting and making it happen. Here are all the pages so far as well as the two versions of "Turn About". Here's to the bright future of Vanessa's pussy! (d) (d)

April Roundup | Bronze Tier

Sun May 5 17:17:56 2019

Just one image got squeezed into April, as the second (A Little Recharge) bled into May a bit. Nonetheless, thank you for the support! (d)

Print Store Early Access!

Sat May 4 17:20:30 2019

I am pleased to announce that I'm finally ready to show off my print shop!

Before I start advertising these across twitter and FA and the like, I wanted to show you guys first in order to give y'all a chance to peruse the shop before anyone else!

Getting this going has been a huge learning experience. Turns out there is a whole lot of prep one has to do in order to open a print shop from scratch. From securing a PO box, to sorting out shipping costs, settling on the proper packaging... and glamour photos, of course.

I'm doing waves of prints, starting with some of my earlier works from 2016. Each of these prints will have it's own run of 50, with all of them hand-numbered and signed by myself.

I'm very proud of how the prints have come out, and whether I sell 100 prints or 5 prints, I've had fun making it happen!

EDIT: My friend made this immediately after my post and it sums it up pretty well:


A Little Recharge | Hi-res

Sat May 4 00:57:41 2019

Hi-res for my fun-lovin' Platineers! Enjoy!

Alittlerecharge_HR.png Alittlerecharge_HR_Sticker.png Alittlerecharge_HR_ND.png Alittlerecharge_HR_Sticker_ND.png

A Little Recharge

Sat May 4 00:55:33 2019

A popular sex club has set up a system for its workers, stickers that let you know what any particular girl is willing to do. Here we see two men interested in some mind control (and equipped well for it) having flagged down a girl with the appropriate label and going to town.

After about an hour, the original hypnosis was wearing off a little, so that prompted a quick recharge to get that mind good and blank again...

Attached are no dialogue versions, and a version without the butt stickers if you prefer a more open-ended narrative. :)

Alittlerecharge_RS.png Alittlerecharge_RS_ND.png Alittlerecharge_RS_Sticker.png Alittlerecharge_RS_Sticker_ND.png

A Little Recharge | WIP

Tue Apr 30 00:33:43 2019

Someone needs a little more pep!


Business Casual | Page 18 | Hi-res

Fri Apr 26 20:30:05 2019

Hi-res for my Grand Platineers! Enjoy!


Business Casual | Page 18 | Process

Fri Apr 26 20:28:36 2019

I've been trying to get a little better at drawing butts and genitalia, prowling through my reference folder and the internet and studying more overall. There are a lot of subtleties to penises and vaginas that can go unnoticed...

I've been looking at not only real life examples, but genitalia done by one of my favorite artists Kiyoshiro Inoue. They have a way of making it look effortless!

But anyway, at long last, some completed Vanessa pussy. The rest of this comic is gonna be fun!

BC_18_Process.png BC_18_lineart.png BC_18_rough.png BC_18_refine.png BC_18_RS.png

Business Casual | Page 18

Fri Apr 26 20:22:57 2019

What kind of cruel boss would he be to turn that down?


Business Casual | Page 18 | WIP2

Wed Apr 24 23:01:32 2019

That pussy looks even better in color!

My girlfriend was in town over the weekend and we all had a splendid time as I showed her around Portland. But now I'm back in action and ready to continue Vanessa's adventure!


Business Casual | Page 18 | WIP

Fri Apr 19 00:48:15 2019

We have officially spotted Vanessa pussy on the horizon!

Maybe she just asked him to work out the kinks in her hips. All the kinks...


Turn About | Hi-res

Mon Apr 15 16:35:58 2019

Hi-res for my awesome Platineers. Enjoy and happy Monday!

TurnAbout_HR.png TurnAbout_HR_ND.png

Turn About

Mon Apr 15 16:34:22 2019

Don, Finch and Michael were gym buddies who had a mutual admiration of each other's muscles. After some weeks of meeting at the gym, they ended up meeting at Finch's place to get a little more hands-on with their admiration. Innocent gropes of an ass would turn into a handjob, a little making out (just a little!), blowjobs, and eventually Don and Michael were taking it up the ass. Not Finch, though.

Finch would never go down on them, would never take it up the ass, sniffing and saying that was the gay line he would never cross. Don and Michael would roll their eyes, acquiesce and spread their cheeks once again. But Finch's amazing ass gave the other two boys a curiosity that was hard to ignore. If they could just convince him one of these days...

Michael heard about some unlicensed app called Zonk, that when installed and activated, claimed to exert complete control over anyone who observed it. Luckily Michael already had a jailbroken iTab, so he was able to download the app. It was a longshot, but even if it didn't work, they could joke about how they so badly wanted to plow that plush ass that they'd download some shitty app to hypnotize him into it.

"Oh, Finch! Dude, I gotta show you this super funny video..." Michael smirked as he pulled his iTab in front of Finch's face.

Almost immediately Finch's eyes began to change...

No dialogue version below. Enjoy!

TurnAbout_RS.png TurnAbout_RS_ND.png

Making Comics With Meesh | Panel Planning Part 2

Sat Apr 13 02:13:10 2019

I have just a couple more things to touch on in regards to planning panels, and they're all very specific and very broad at the same time: Close-ups, vertical panels, and the 180° rule.


When a single subject is large on the page, that lets the reader know that something big and important is happening. This could be an important plot element, or a deeply dramatic moment.

It helps that these panels are more or less moment to moment, but the third panel close-up takes up nearly half of the page, slowing down the pace a lot. Oftentimes, a bigger panel means more time is encapsulated within, freezing a moment in time.

Close-ups don't always have to mean the action is slowed down, it can still be read as a quick sequence of events.

Obviously, you're not meant to dwell on the second panel for too long. It's meant to be a big, in-your-face moment of the superfolks arriving on the scene of a crime, before they take care of business.

Close-ups are a useful tool for amplifying certain moments, but take care to not overuse them, especially when they aren't needed... The lure of using up more of the page with less rendering effort can be strong.


Vertical panels that span the entire height of the page have a specific utility, but you need to handle them carefully in order to maximize their effectiveness. In researching this aspect of comics, I didn't find very many examples, but for a few:

In this example from Blacksad Volume 1, the 1st panel is used to set up Blacksad's destination in all it's verticality: a very tall skyscraper.

In a similar example from Watchmen, The artist Dave Gibbons has made a vast, vertical panel showing an enormous Dr. Manhattan.

On these pages, the intent was to show a large, intimidating subject-- portraying an element of power, both metaphorical and literal.

Note that with both examples, the narration sticks to the top of the page, for good reason. If dialogue trails down near the bottom of the panel, it is with more effort that the reader has to travel back to the top of the page, where the next panel is waiting to be read. This is far from the most egregious faux pas that an artist could make, but it is still in the spirit of maintaining a good flow of dialogue or narration.

With vertical panels that do not span the entire height of a page, there's a little more wiggle room to place word balloons lower, as there's less space for the reader's eyeballs to get to the next panel. I would still keep them around the upper 50%, as you can see in panel 5 of this page of the critically acclaimed erotic comic Business Casual:

Keep in mind this is a more subjective rule, as a savvy reader will logically know where they should be going next on a comic page, if you've laid out the panels in a neat and tidy way.


This is a basic rule in comics enforcing clarity in a scene, regarding your choice of camera angles.

Imagine two people talking. If we visualize these two people as opposite points on a circle, then the circumference on either side of them forms 180°.

The idea of the 180° rule is that when you are switching camera angles as a scene progresses, it's a good idea to stay within these 180 degrees. An abrupt shift outside of this zone is jarring to a reader and can jeopardize their understanding of where everyone is and what they're interacting with.

With the example above, a reader may interpret that Angry Pancake Rabbit had swiveled completely around to point the finger at someone behind them, rather than the Defensive Rabbit that was situated to the right. In hindsight, after processing the page, a reader will likely piece together your intent, but ideally the scene would be clear at first glance, rather than after several read-throughs, trying to decipher your decisions.

It is absolutely possible to transition outside of the 180° zone, but you must take care to continue to clearly establish people's positions in a scene. Practice makes perfect, as with all aspects of comic-making.

That will wrap up this session of Making Comics With Meesh. Next time, I'll touch on effective word balloons and typography. I hope you enjoyed!

Turn About | WIP

Fri Apr 12 00:21:34 2019

The idea with this one is some good friends are sick and tired of bottoming for this guy, when he never reciprocates with that sweet bubble butt. So they found this hypno app and...


Business Casual | Page 17 | Hi-res

Mon Apr 8 23:42:22 2019

Hi-res for my patient Platineers!

And just for kicks, I've added a version without the word balloons, so you can check out Vanessa's Penis-Vision without the dialogue in the way. Enjoy!

BC_17_HR.png BC_17_HR_Wordless.png

Business Casual | Page 17 | Process

Mon Apr 8 23:39:37 2019

I've had a buddy from out of town staying with me for a couple days, so that ate into production time a bit. Nevertheless, I really like how this page came out! The looming Luis penises behind Vanessa are my favorite part, along with her wincing face. I haven't really played too much with her expressions in this comic so far, so I was happy for the opportunity.

On a side note, the moment-to-moment panels at the top are a style of transition I don't do too often, mostly because I find them a little bit tedious, having to redraw so many similar elements, but they can be so effective with something like this, watching her grapple with what she feels is imminent.

BC_17_Process.png BC_17_lineart.png BC_17_rough.png BC_17_refine.png BC_17_RS.png

Business Casual | Page 17

Mon Apr 8 23:36:10 2019

Is she saved?


Business Casual | Page 17 | WIP2

Sat Apr 6 22:36:47 2019

Lineart! Flats! Penis! Action!

Don't you just want to slap that penis and make it bob around?


Business Casual | Page 17 | WIP

Thu Apr 4 01:20:55 2019

That shoulder pat is so... explicit?

Leave it to me to come back from a vacation with an 8 panel page, but there was no other way to do it how I envisioned without breaking it up into two pages...


Vacation Over! Work Begins Again

Tue Apr 2 00:49:38 2019

Hi guys! I got back to work today, and started on the next page of Business Casual. Beforehand, I did some doodling to shake the rust off and produced this page of bods. Backs are very difficult and I still have a ways to go before I can draw them with any kind of speed.

Unfortunately even after all my time off my tension headaches have not really gone away, but I feel like they've lessened in intensity. So I'd say that the time away did, in fact, do some good for me, and it also allowed me to analyze how my work habits got me to that point in the first place. In short, I need to be kinder to myself in terms of my own perception of the quality of my work, as well as output. It's a long process of undoing certain habits I've built up, but I'll continue to work on it.

I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who stuck around while not much art was happening. I'm back at it and excited to keep on making sexy art for you!


March Roundup | Platinum Tier

Fri Apr 5 17:00:03 2019

All the March goodies, packed with even more pixels to match your generosity. You guys are awesome, thank you so much helping me continue to make art my job! Couldn't do it without you. <3 (d) (d) (d) (d)

March Roundup | Gold Tier

Fri Apr 5 16:59:33 2019

The pics from March, the up-to-date pages of Business Casual, and all the nitty gritty WIPs to go with everything! There's quite a lot of them... Thanks as always for your generous support and keeping the art going! (d) (d) (d) (d)

March Roundup | Silver Tier

Fri Apr 5 16:59:13 2019

Here's all them juicy pages of Business Casual that have been completed so far, as well as the illustrations from March. Very proud of the work from the last month, thank you so much for supporting! (d) (d)

March Roundup | Bronze Tier

Fri Apr 5 16:58:50 2019

Happy Friday! Here's the roundup of illustrations from March. Thank you for supporting! (d)

Making Comics With Meesh | Panel Planning Part 1

Sun Mar 31 21:15:00 2019

When designing your comic page, one of the challenges is setting the pacing. Some scenes you may want to feel like things are moving quickly, and other times you may want to slow everything down. Generally, smaller panels will be digested quickly, and larger panels will take more time for the reader to process.


In addition to panel size, there are types of panel transitions that will play a large role in how quickly or slowly the reader perceives the action to be. Action to action and scene to scene are some of the more commonly used transitions.

Above is a series of action to action panel transitions. Quick jumps to the most important elements of the scene, in quick succession. This type of panel transition can be used for anything from scenes of dialogue between characters or a fist fight.

If you want to really highlight a particular action with more subtlety, a moment to moment series of panels can allow you to explore it:

In this example taken from Saga V.1, Prince Robot IV is trying to make love to his bride after coming back from a battle. He's got some mental scars that are preventing him from performing, and this series of panels explains it in an intimate way.

On the other hand, scene to scene transitions show more time passing, or show a change of locale to other characters or points of interest, such as in the example below.

Within these two panels, I've decided that you didn't need to see the character having breakfast, putting on his clothes, or walking to the bus stop. All you need to know is that he has recently woken up, and his mental state is pretty much unchanged between these two points in time.

Within just one comic page, you could be switching between moment to moment, action to action, and scene to scene. However, you should take care that you're picking the right transitions for the pace and the mood that you're trying to convey.


Large panels that take up much of the space on a page have several uses, like establishing shots and exposition.

An establishing shot is a shot that introduces the scene where your characters or action will be taking place. Movies, television and comics all use this basic technique to visually inform the reader of what's going on. It doesn't have to be a wide shot of the outside of where they are like the example above-- it could be a large panel showing all your characters in the same room together, before they begin a conversation in earnest.


Large panels are also often used for when a character has a lot to say, and the action is more or less unchanged throughout their speech.

I find that this can be hard to make visually interesting, so it's wise to break these sorts of panels up with smaller panels that show off character reactions or characters interacting with the scene, with props, or anything else to show that they're not just standing there, doing nothing while absorbing all this dialogue.

The following examples are from Akira V.4 (Forgive these camera photos, scanning these wasn't working too well with the artwork so close to the binding)

These first two panels of the page are heavy on exposition. The second panel is it's own sort of establishing shot: We are shown that Tetsuo has sat down in order to listen to Lady Miyako's tale of the Esper experiments decades prior.

Once established, the camera changes as the speech goes on, to show different angles and reactions in order to keep things visually interesting. Scenes of exposition are a great time to play around like this.

That's all for this session of Making Comics With Meesh. There's a little bit more to touch on with panel planning, so look forward to that next time!

My Printing Adventures | Color Tweaks and Piles of Porn

Sat Mar 30 20:07:20 2019

Once I made the decision to switch to luster paper, the next step was to run all of my patreon illustrations through the printer to make sure they printed okay. The first few were a little rough as I played with all the various settings to get a feel for the controls, but after going through about 10 pictures, I was getting pretty good at predicting what needed to be tweaked for each pic. I tried not to be too perfectionist about it, since I learned upfront that it's easy to be dissatisfied with just the tiniest flaw in color or contrast. You could literally spend all day tweaking a single file.

Images with a lot of darker elements typically printed much darker than what was on my screen, but nothing a hue/saturation tweak couldn't fix.

The "control" print is on the left, and the tweaked version is on the right. The difference is very noticeable with all the dark-furred doggies around Ashley.

Not all of the images were easy to tweak. Some took quite a few tries before I really got the hang of it...

Some too dark, some too light... some where it was bright, but all the lighter elements had become flat... The center middle Clara was printed in CMYK, and compare that to it's right-most neighbor, where I tweaked the raw RGB file instead. Her pink shirt has a better contrast with the overlay layer I put over it, while the CMYK decided to eat up that overlay layer. I think this was the print where I decided that maybe I should just stick with RGB going forward.

Once I had my strategy down, it was time to continue in printing my entire library. And what a task that was...

Some of these were the test control prints, where some of them were the tweaked version. I got them a little mixed up in the flurry of printing out all day. But these are just a small portion of the images I've got sorted out. I've sure drawn a lot of pictures in the last couple years...

To the left, all the matte paper tests I did before switching to luster, on the right. What a huge stack! I'll need to find a way to sell them as discount prints at some point, because it seems a shame to recycle them. Along with all that paper, I built up an impressive ink cartridge graveyard. Now these I'll definitely have to recycle...

Tweaking the colors of all my prints was just the first step. Most of the prints when fit within the 8.5x11 print area left margins, since none of them were originally drawn within that size ratio. In order to keep within standard print and framing sizes, I'll be going through each file and creating versions that will fit within each of the two sizes I've chosen: 8.5"x11" and 13"x19" (or A4 and Super A3/B). That part will be even more time intensive, so this small enterprise of mine won't be ready for a little longer.

That's all I got for this episode of My Printing Adventures. If I encounter any more notable printing adventures, I'll let you guys know!

Making Comics With Meesh | Intro and Basic Comic Flow

Thu Mar 28 19:11:54 2019

At Anthro New England, I held a panel about the basics of making comics: Comic flow, panel structure, page composition, etc etc. I've been meaning to get the gist of this presentation up on the Patreon for a while, and with this breathing room I've given myself, it's finally time to do it.

I created this presentation because there are some basic mistakes I see a lot in the fandom regarding readability in comics. So basic, that I could sum up most of them in a 35 minute powerpoint. These rules are not set in stone and everyone is free to ignore the advice I have to give, but I feel like these guidelines are very helpful for budding comic artists who are intimidated by the immense possibilities within the medium. And so this presentation wasn't really about how to draw comics, but how to construct comics.

My guess is that if you're making a comic, your goal with that comic is to tell a story. So the intent as you create each page should be to tell that story with clarity and purpose. With more experience comes the ability to tell your story in more unique ways, but for now we'll start from the top.


Most books and comics in the USA are made and intended to be read from left to right, top to bottom. If you've been reading for a while, you likely do this automatically and without thinking about it. You'll want to try and make the experience similar for your audience, so that they can glide through your page without hitting snags and wondering which panel or balloon goes next.

With panels broken up in the example above, your average reader will attempt to read the page in the numbered order. The page is sectioned in big horizontal chunks of panels, read left to right, before the reader will go down the page.

You can see these horizontal chunks highlighted in both of these examples, even when the junction of panels is in a series of crosses, as in the example on the right. This 9-panel structure was used for many of the pages in the famous comic Watchmen. When they adopted this structure, there was concern that readers may try to read them as columns rather than rows. However, the flow was maintained as rows, and this flow never deviated, so readers could be confident that in any given page, they were meant to read through as rows. Maintaining this consistency for your own comics is essential for readability.

In this following image, we see examples of potential paths an artist could take in planning their page:

In the left example, panel flow is maintained left to right, top to bottom for the entire page, and is easy to understand. However, in the center example, the order is switched abruptly from reading as a row, to reading as a column. You can understand how this would throw the reader for a loop.

The example on the right gets even trickier, with a zigzag of panels. A transition from panel 3 to 4 makes sense, and establishes reading as a row, but must switch to reading as a column so that the final panel is panel 7. If the reader attempted to maintain reading as a row, the final panel would be 6, which being on the left side of the page, doesn't make much sense.

A safer route through the example on the right would be to make the structure 1>2>3>5>6>4>7, but is still messy and has the chance of leading readers astray. I don't mean to suggest that switching between columns and rows is a bad thing, but the panel structure needs to say loud and clear "we're going in this direction now". It's nearly always better to have a page that's basic and understandable, than fancy and indecipherable. Unless being indecipherable is your intent, of course.

That'll do it for this installment of Making Comics With Meesh. In the next episode, we'll talk more about panel planning and timing, and there is a lot to unpack with that. I hope you found this informative! I'd be happy to answer any further questions about what I covered here in the comments.

My Printing Adventures | Part 1: The Matte Battle

Wed Mar 27 21:09:39 2019

After returning from ANE, I had prints on the mind. I ordered a batch of 100 prints of six of my illustrations from my girlfriend (who owns a professional Epson printer), and she did an amazing job with them. They did pretty well at the convention, and it got me thinking about going full-scale with print-making and having a prints-on-demand storefront.

After researching for a couple days and looking through half a dozen or so prints-on-demand sites (and reading a ton of fine print) I was getting discouraged. I ordered a sample from one site that promised quality, but the product I received was so embarrassingly shoddy... It looked like it was printed out of a $50 printer and it arrived very curled up, and I couldn't get it to lay flat even after a couple days under a very heavy box.

This didn't bode well, and it made me concerned about leaving the quality up to an outside company. So I began to look into getting my own printer and selling the prints myself, so that I could be sure that the prints came out looking good. Enter the Canon Pixma Pro-10:

Excitedly, I began to try out some test prints of my artwork. I wanted to go with a high-quality matte paper, since that's what my girlfriend provided for me. But I noticed something amiss right away...

The large print here is a 13x19 test I made on matte paper, and the smaller is an 8.5x11 on luster paper. The darker colors were very rich on the luster, but looked dull and flat on the matte. I couldn't figure out why, until I did some more testing...

Canon has a special setting for the "Fine Art Matte" papers, so I tried that one out. And the blacks did indeed come out richer, but this huge margin showed up. I looked into it, and the Pro-10 has a "Photo Black" and a "Matte Black" ink, with the latter having much more density and showing up as a darker black. It'll allow you to use this premium ink, but not without enforcing an enormous margin on the paper.

I looked around the internet for some explanation and the prevailing theory is that this is done to prevent the edges curling because of all the ink, and to try and avoid a printer jam and damaging the printer. Apparently Canon printers are the only printers that do this, at least from what I could find out. There are some programs out there that can override the Pro-10 drivers and gain access to the nice ink and all of the page at once, but I couldn't make heads or tails of it, being such a printing newbie.

I was pretty frustrated because my girlfriend was able to produce deep blacks on matte paper without much fuss, and it seemed I wouldn't be able to replicate it purely because I bought the wrong printer. So my conclusion is that if you ever want to print on matte paper, go with an Epson printer or be prepared to waste even more ink and paper than I did tweaking with a third-party driver.

And waste I did indeed, as I tried to find a sweet spot while still staying within the artificial constraints given to me by my expensive new toy...

No matter what, I couldn't seem to get the blacks deep enough to match the print that my girlfriend made, who I don't believe spent more than 10 minutes tweaking the file. I then wondered why I was so hell-bent on sticking with matte paper, when the luster paper came out of the gate looking pretty damn good. So I decided moving forward, luster was the way to go.

This post is getting pretty long, so tune in next time for another exciting episode of My Printing Adventures!

Taking the week off!

Tue Mar 26 18:35:07 2019

Hi guys, I will be taking the rest of March off in order to recharge my batteries and alleviate some chronic pain I have been experiencing. Please pardon the following lengthy explanation:

After two and a half years of more-or-less constant work, with very few days off inbetween, I've developed what I believe is a chronic tension headache brought on by stress and anxiety. I just recently learned about tension headaches, but the pieces seem to fit: A constant feeling of pressure on the sides of the head, with occasional sparks of pain about the neck and shoulders.

If this happened for a few hours I'd brush it off, but I've been experiencing this continuously for more than two weeks now, to the point where I wonder if it will ever go away. A doctor visit and having my blood examined hasn't turned up any possible culprit, but I'm considering getting something like an MRI to rule out anything more sinister.

In addition to avoiding days off, I think my mindset and personal expectations of quality and output is a major factor in this buildup of stress. I've started therapy to attempt to sort myself out and find a balance in my work life.

Having this time off may finally give me the opportunity to put up the comics presentation I made for ANE, which will be going on up on the Gold Tier. I'll also post some behind-the-scenes pictures of my new side-hustle: print-making! It's been quite the learning experience...

Every month I do my best to create as much quality content as I can to make up for the astounding support I've received from you all. Hopefully after this time off I'll be in a better position to continue to do so!

The Macintosh Plus | Hi-res

Mon Mar 25 00:14:47 2019

Hi-res for my beautifully designed Platineers! Enjoy!

LuisMac_HR_Text_Nude_Hard.png LuisMac_HR_Text_Hotpants_Hard.png LuisMac_HR_Text_Hotpants_Soft.png LuisMac_HR_Text_Nude_Soft.png LuisMac_HR_Text_SFW.png LuisMac_HR_Hotpants_Hard.png LuisMac_HR_Hotpants_Soft.png LuisMac_HR_Nude_Hard.png LuisMac_HR_Nude_Soft.png LuisMac_HR_SFW.png

The Macintosh Plus

Mon Mar 25 00:09:02 2019

Luis has a restored Macintosh Plus that he keeps around in his home, and perhaps in a parallel universe, Apple hired him back when it was first released to add some punch to their magazine advertisements.

That's a long way to say, once again: I wanted to draw a Mac Plus, and decided to put a beefy lion next to it. ;)

There's a boatload of alternate versions here, with and without the text, and some hard cock as well...

It feels like sacrilege to completely cover up his dick, but maybe this is another parallel universe where he can fit his dick in his pants.

Also attached is each version without the text. Enjoy!

LuisMac_RS_Text_Nude_Soft.png LuisMac_RS_Hotpants_Hard.png LuisMac_RS_Hotpants_Soft.png LuisMac_RS_Nude_Hard.png LuisMac_RS_Nude_Soft.png LuisMac_RS_SFW.png LuisMac_RS_Text_Hotpants_Hard.png LuisMac_RS_Text_Hotpants_Soft.png LuisMac_RS_Text_Nude_Hard.png LuisMac_RS_Text_SFW.png

The Macintosh Plus | WIP

Thu Mar 21 23:11:29 2019

This computer was the first computer I played with as a kid, and I remember it very fondly, so I wanted to make a picture with it! And then I drew Luis and his huge cock to go along with it.


Business Casual | Page 16 | Hi-res

Tue Mar 19 02:07:25 2019

Hi-res for my wonderful Platineers! Enjoy!


Business Casual | Page 16 | Process

Tue Mar 19 02:05:56 2019

This was one of those rare pages where everything sort of came together smoothly and I didn't get hung up on any one process for too long. Maybe Luis's fat sausage was lending me it's great power...

BC_16_Process.png BC_16_RS.png BC_16_lineart.png BC_16_refine.png BC_16_rough.png

Business Casual | Page 16

Tue Mar 19 02:00:52 2019

Er, Vanessa? His eyes are up there...


Business Casual | Page 16 | WIP

Sat Mar 16 00:17:51 2019

Boner mode engage! Vanessa's pussy is so tantalizingly close...


Free Drinks All Night | Hi-res

Wed Mar 13 02:19:37 2019

Hi-res versions for my beauteous Platineers! Enjoy!

FreeDrinksAllNight_HR.png FreeDrinksAllNight_HR_ND.png

Free Drinks All Night

Wed Mar 13 02:17:50 2019

Everyone remembered Marley being a pretty demure girl. Quiet, shy, and hardly ever showed up at the bar with friends, let alone by herself.

Then one weekend she arrived looking very, very different. Not just her recently shed modesty and her brand new wardrobe, but she seemed like a completely different person. And did her eyes always look like that?

It only took one brash fellow from out of town to swagger up, shoot her his best leer and offer her a drink for a turn at her pussy. To the shock of everyone nearby, she just chirped "Sure! If you want!" And easy as that, she pushed out her ass and lifted up her miniskirt to reveal her tiny, barely used pussy, with no panties to get in the way. I don't think the guy thought that would work.

She really got a sparkling new reputation after that night, with all the single boys lining up to treat her (and the married boys staring, to boot). But some did wonder... what the hell happened to make her change so much?

No dialogue version below. Enjoy!

FreeDrinksAllNight_RS.png FreeDrinksAllNight_RS_ND.png

New Doe Character | Sketches

Sat Mar 9 00:56:54 2019

As it sometimes happens, I didn't have a super clear idea of what the next illustration should be, so I got to sketching random ideas. I thought I'd draw a doe, and drew a couple of situations for her. The image above is my favorite so far: depicting a happy-go-lucky, either completely oblivious as to how sexy she is, or very self-aware and loving all the male attention that comes her way.

Another idea:

Her happily inbetween two horses, who are pawing at her and discovering (to their delight) that she is wearing no undergarments at all. I was including a hypnosis angle to it, before I had really nailed down who I wanted this girl to be...

Lastly, a more laid-back piece:

I referenced this pose off of a porn gif that I found on tumblr (RIP). I really liked the posing, but something was throwing me off of it. I think I was really in a breasts-drawing mood and this didn't have an opportunity for that. Maybe it can be finished later? I was reminded by my girlfriend that female deer don't have horns, so disregard that lil bit.

Enjoy the sketches!

VIP_vip4.png VIP_vip3.png VIP_vip2.png

Anthro New England Artwork

Fri Mar 8 02:01:41 2019

Here are some of the pieces I did for Anthro New England last month! Top image is a piece of banner artwork, which was used throughout the convention to label important rooms and places of interest in the hotel. The label of each room was placed over the moon.

When I was sketching this I had to remember that this sign was going to be seen by all ages, so the bulge I had subconsciously given him had to be removed.

This is the design for the t-shirt that was being sold in the dealer's room. I was going for a Mike Mignola style that was simple and clear enough for a t-shirt but still left room for some detailing here and there. I was happy with the shirt in the end, very thick fabric and the colors were pretty accurate.

The badges for the con also had the transformation theme tied into them. Me and the other GoH, Enro/CaffeinatedCreep, did a sequence of three. He did the first, we collaborated on the second, and I did the third. So it was not only a transformation of the character, it was a transformation between our styles. Here is the first badge done 100% by Enro:

I provided the sketch for the second:

and finally the third piece, which was all me:

Once again, I was going for a Mike Mignola look, because it was so fun to play around with and I hadn't gotten enough with just the piece done for the shirt.

And that's it! All in all, not a huge amount of work needed in exchange for a great GoH experience.

MeeshSignArt_wip4.png MeeshCollabBadge_wip1.png MeeshBadge_wip5.png MeeshShirt_wip2.png

Business Casual | Page 15 | Hi-res

Wed Mar 6 03:33:59 2019

Hi-res, for my super-duper Platineers!


Business Casual | Page 15 | Process

Wed Mar 6 03:31:51 2019

Fun fact: I have a list of color swatches for this comic, so that I can easily pull up each character's colors easily and quickly. Luis is only the third character to be added to this list, with Vanessa and Jordan being the other two. So as you can surmise, we'll be seeing a lot more of him...

When roughing out each page, a lot of the time I'll do a quick scribble of whatever expression I want each character to have in that given moment. This might be my favorite from this comic, and I wish I could have kept it in:

I think it captures her emotions perfectly!

BC_15_Process.png BC_15_lineart.png BC_15_refine.png BC_15_rough.png BC_15_RS.png

Business Casual | Page 15

Wed Mar 6 03:26:47 2019

Will he? Won't he?


February Roundup | Platinum Tier

Tue Mar 5 18:27:22 2019

Everything from February, with extra ultra-juicy pixels. Thanks a million for going the extra mile, it's all possible thanks to you! I hope you enjoy! (d) (d) (d) (d)

February Roundup | Gold Tier

Tue Mar 5 18:27:00 2019

Squeaked in some WIPs of page 15 of Business Casual in the final days of Feb. Thank you so much for your generous support and sticking with me! (d) (d) (d) (d)

February Roundup | Silver Tier

Tue Mar 5 18:26:23 2019

I got about a page and a half of Business Casual done in February, but the next page is coming out very very soon! Thank you so much for your patience and support! (d) (d)

February Roundup | Bronze Tier

Tue Mar 5 18:26:08 2019

February was pretty light on content for a couple of reasons (short month and ANE, chiefly) but a pretty spicy picture was made anyway! Thank you for your support as always! (d)

Business Casual | Page 15 | Lineart

Sun Mar 3 02:27:09 2019

Making my way through this page! I think I'm getting addicted to drawing comically large, floppy penises. Now I understand all those hyper artists...


Back from ANE!

Wed Feb 27 00:15:08 2019

I'm back from Anthro New England and it was a real treat! First time being a guest of honor and it was pretty wild. Did my first-ever solo panel about comics which went over beautifully, and it was my first time selling in a dealer's room in roughly 10 years. I was pretty rusty with preparing for a convention in such a way, but it was worth it to talk and shake hands with all the fans!

To everyone who attended ANE and came by the table or checked out the panels, thank you so much and I hope you had fun! Definitely got my mind working for possibly making future conventions happen, but I have a long way to go to widen my selection of merch to offset the costs of attending. We'll see what happens!

While at the con I also was updating twitter on what I was doing and I got plenty of people asking about purchasing prints outside of a convention space. I'm looking into prints-on-demand services and I'm ordering some samples to see what works and what doesn't. Making a big ol' print store may be easier than I thought. I'll keep working at it!

For those who were not at ANE, thank you for your patience while I was away! I'll be back to work tomorrow to bring you more Business Casual and spicy illustrations. Stay tuned!!

Anthro New England Imminent!

Tue Feb 19 00:08:25 2019

ANE is this weekend, and things have been getting hectic around my apartment-- crafting my powerpoint about comic-making for my panel, getting all the materials ordered, and double/triple checking that I haven't forgotten anything.

The next page of Business Casual is well underway (a preview of which has been posted to the Gold Tier), but unfortunately I won't be able to resume work on it until I return from the con, which is the 25th. Please forgive the break in content while I get through this convention!

If you're coming to ANE this weekend, I'll see you there! For everyone else, please look forward to the next comic page next week. Thank you for your patience!


Business Casual | Page 15 | WIP

Mon Feb 18 23:53:32 2019

Someone looks a little nervous!

I tried to fit in an ass shot of Luis on this page, but it just didn't work out. I'll definitely get around to it before the end of the comic...


Rimming Taylor | Hi-res

Thu Feb 14 01:36:43 2019

Hi-res for my awesome Platineers! Enjoy!

RimmingTaylor_HR.png RimmingTaylor_HR_C.png RimmingTaylor_HR_AltT.png RimmingTaylor_HR_ND.png

Rimming Taylor

Thu Feb 14 01:32:15 2019

Taylor's girlfriend really doesn't like him watching porn, but Chase's room is a decent haven for him to indulge. Chase doesn't mind, as long as he can get something out of it... and that something is a long, extended rimming session. It's the ultimate forbidden fruit, and he can't get enough!

Taylor doesn't really get why anyone would want to eat ass, but if Chase enjoys it, he doesn't mind.

Couple of alts in the attachments, including a depiction of the aftermath of Chase masturbating to Taylor's glorious cheeks... and cleaning it up. Enjoy!

RimmingTaylor_RS.png RimmingTaylor_RS_C.png RimmingTaylor_RS_AltT.png RimmingTaylor_RS_ND.png

Taylor's First Rimjob | WIP

Sun Feb 10 03:04:57 2019

Working title because I feel like I need to come up with something more clever...

Chase rimming Taylor, look forward to the finished pic soon!


Business Casual | Page 14 | Hi-res

Thu Feb 7 02:25:28 2019

Hi-res for my glorious Platineers! Enjoy!


Business Casual | Page 14 | Process

Thu Feb 7 02:24:22 2019

I've been thinking about Luis for a while, so I'm happy to finally get to his page. Originally I thought about giving him full-on leather bondage gear with assless chaps, but figured that was treading too far into silly territory. Not that this isn't ridiculous...

I wonder where he bought those pants?

BC_14_Process.png BC_14_lineart.png BC_14_refine.png BC_14_rough.png BC_14_RS.png

Business Casual | Page 14

Thu Feb 7 02:18:39 2019

My, what a... luxurious mane you have!


Business Casual Update Tomorrow!

Wed Feb 6 01:43:02 2019

Just about all the Anthro New England work is complete, and I've been humming away on the next Business Casual page for the last few days. Thank you for your patience, and look forward to page 14 tomorrow!


Business Casual | Page 14 | WIP2

Wed Feb 6 01:38:15 2019

I always like how flats look in the comic process, so you get to see it too!

Look forward to the finished comic page tomorrow!

(Lion's eyes in panel 3 are deliberately missing, I'm trying A Thing)


January Roundup | Platinum Tier

Tue Feb 5 18:21:42 2019

Beep beep! I got those extra pixels you ordered! Here's all the pages of Business Casual so far, plus the January illustrations, but real real big. Look at Vanessa's cute flustered face up close!

Thank you so much for your pledge, and allowing me to continue drawing for a living. You're the best! (d) (d) (d) (d)

January Roundup | Gold Tier

Tue Feb 5 18:15:29 2019

Business Casual so far, All the January illustrations, and a big fat bag of WIP snapsnots to peruse. Thanks for the extra love in your pledge, and I hope you enjoy! (d) (d) (d) (d)

January Roundup | Silver Tier

Tue Feb 5 18:10:59 2019

All the January illustrations, and all the pages of Business Casual right here, up to the end of January. Thanks a million for sticking with me! (d) (d)

January Roundup | Bronze Tier

Tue Feb 5 18:08:55 2019

Here's the roundup of illustrations from January! While there's only two, I'm quite pleased with how they both turned out. Thanks for your support! (d)

Business Casual | Page 14 | WIP

Sun Feb 3 03:07:29 2019

I'm back to work on the comic! I've been looking forward to this page. May I present: Vanessa's new boss!


Delay for next update!

Wed Jan 30 02:09:46 2019

As some may be aware, I'm one of the guests of honor at the upcoming Anthro New England furry convention, being held in Boston, Massachusetts on Feb 21-24.

I've been creating artwork for them, and until now I've been able to juggle Patreon updates and artwork for the convention. However, I am facing down a very imminent deadline and must buckle down and finish some things very, very soon. An unfortunate result is that this will push back the next item on the Patreon schedule, which is a new page of Business Casual, if only by a couple of days.

I try very hard to keep up a consistent schedule and don't like to go without giving people content for too long, so it sucks when I have to delay an update. But you can look forward to a new page of BC in the first week of February.

Thank you for bearing with me, and I'm sorry for the delay! The next page will be worth it, I hope! Have a good week, and I'll see you in February!

Don't Let Bogo Know | Hi-res

Mon Jan 28 01:33:04 2019

Hi-res for my awesome Platineers! Enjoy!

DontLetBogoKnow_HR.png DontLetBogoKnow_HR__ND.png DontLetBogoKnow_HR__ND_DCock.png DontLetBogoKnow_HR_C.png DontLetBogoKnow_HR_DCock.png DontLetBogoKnow_HR_C_DCock.png

Don't Let Bogo Know

Mon Jan 28 01:31:24 2019

Judy is famous around the ZPD for bending over for any fellow officer who asks (with a big smile on her face, to boot!) but a new rule has been instated: Chief Bogo gets the first fuck of the day, no exceptions.

The other officers at the department have gotten a little sick of the effect that Bogo's colossal pole has on that tiny bunny pussy, so they've pulled Judy into the records room for some clandestine fun...

This self-indulgent idea came about because I wondered, "What if Judy started stamping her foot when she was really excited/horny?" and I just ended up here...

I made a canine cock version as well, because I just love giving myself extra work.You'll find it labeled "DCock" in the files. Cum and no-dialogue versions as well! Enjoy!

DontLetBogoKnow_RS.png DontLetBogoKnow_RS_C.png DontLetBogoKnow_RS_C_DCock.png DontLetBogoKnow_RS_DCock.png DontLetBogoKnow_RS_ND.png DontLetBogoKnow_RS_ND_DCock.png

Don't Let Bogo Know | WIP

Thu Jan 24 01:14:39 2019

Let's be quick, boys!


Business Casual | Page 13 | Hi-res

Mon Jan 21 03:32:49 2019

Hi-res for my Patient Platineers! Thanks for the support and enjoy!


Business Casual | Page 13 | Process

Mon Jan 21 03:31:45 2019

This page was tough to get out, mostly because I kept overthinking everything I was doing. It was bad! Halfway through I honestly felt like I forgot how to draw. Those days are normal for any artist, but they're no less scary when they happen.

Sometimes you just have to stop worrying about how good something is and just finish it. Nothing is perfect, and to attempt to get close is foolish...

Anyway, I really like how Bianca came out for this page. Her outfit was inspired by an ancient porn comic called Slut Girl, by Isutoshi. That comic has a lot of great 80's and 90's style clothing inside. It's hard to find in print nowadays, but you can find it online easily enough.

BC_13_Process.png BC_13_lineart.png BC_13_rough.png BC_13_refine.png BC_13_RS.png

Business Casual | Page 13

Mon Jan 21 03:27:33 2019

Thank you for your patience! It's done!

Harry broke the golden rule: You can fuck all you want, as long as you get your work done!


Business Casual | Page 13 | WIP 2

Sun Jan 20 02:53:21 2019

Some zebra action up in here!


Business Casual | Page 13 | WIP

Fri Jan 18 01:47:14 2019

You're in trouble, Harry!


The D-Club | Finale | Hi-res

Sun Jan 13 23:22:08 2019

Hi-res for my disciplined Platineers! Enjoy!


The D-Club | Finale

Sun Jan 13 23:20:16 2019

Lt. Samson is a hobby photographer, but his favorite subjects are his sexual conquests. After this particularly explicit bonding session with his platoon, he was inclined to immortalize the night with a photo of everyone together.

Perching his camera on a stack of ammo boxes, he ordered the group to line up for a photo. Dean didn't really feel like pulling out of Thomas, but no one could blame him. The kid needed the practice, after all. Cheese!


The D-Club | Finale | WIP

Thu Jan 10 01:08:33 2019

Everybody pose!

DClubFinale_wip4.png DClubFinale_wip4.png

Business Casual | Page 12 | Hi-res

Mon Jan 7 17:47:51 2019

Hi-res for my awesome Platineers!


Business Casual | Page 12 | Process

Mon Jan 7 17:47:00 2019

I had been wanting to practice boobs for a while before this titjob scene, and I couldn't resist making one panel with them completely in your face.

I love painting in the little plants in the background, even the silhouettes.

I've got dumb brain since I was working on this until 10:30pm last night! I really wanted to finish it yesterday, but then it got so late that not many people would have seen it at the time of posting. So here we are!

BC_12_Process.png BC_12_lineart.png BC_12_rough.png BC_12_refine.png BC_12_RS.png

Business Casual | Page 12

Mon Jan 7 17:42:48 2019

Slimy, yet satisfying...


Business Casual | Page 12 | WIP 2

Sun Jan 6 18:25:33 2019

Moving along! If I'm super on the ball today, this could be finished by tonight. Here's hoping!


Business Casual | Platinum Tier

Sat Jan 5 18:11:16 2019

I can't possibly thank you enough for your generous pledges, but I hope some HD comic pages and illustrations will make up the slack! Happy New Year and thanks so very much for the support! (d) (d) (d) (d)

December Roundup | Gold Tier

Sat Jan 5 18:08:28 2019

Some beefy WIPs in this binch. Thanks for your generous support, and I hope you continue to enjoy the content! (d) (d) (d) (d)

December Roundup | Silver Tier

Sat Jan 5 18:06:28 2019

Here's all the pages of Business Casual so far, in addition to all the December illustrations. Thanks a million for your continued support! Enjoy the porn you've helped create! (d) (d)

December Roundup | Bronze Tier [Edit]

Sat Jan 5 18:02:30 2019

Here's the illustrations from the month of December! Thanks for the support!

[EDIT] forgot the "Jumping Into the New Year" lady! If you don't have that file in your .zip, try this updated one. (d)

Business Casual | Page 12 | WIP

Fri Jan 4 01:17:36 2019

Back to business as usual! Harry sure looks smug...


Jumpin' Into The New Year | Hi-res

Wed Dec 26 20:23:11 2018

Can't forget the hires version! Take it easy, Platineers!


Jumpin' Into The New Year

Wed Dec 26 20:22:03 2018

Leap for joy for having made it through another year! Here's to making the future as bright as we can!

I drew this on an iPad Pro with that version of Clip Studio. It's a bit bumpy but felt surprisingly similar to working on a cintiq, as long as I have a lil bluetooth controller in the left hand for shortcuts.

This'll be the last update before January! Thanks again for being my Patrons! See you in the new year <3


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mon Dec 24 18:03:14 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from me to you!

2018 was another super busy year, with me stretching the limits of the workload I can handle, but the result was some of the best art I think I've ever made (not including the image above).

Going into the new year, I'm going to be trying to take better care of myself, not being quite so strict with deadlines, and tinkering with techniques to make the art easier to get done, without me losing sleep over it.

But for now, I'm going to be taking time off for the rest of December to recoup from this hectic month. I have an illustration that I've been sitting on that I plan to fill in the gap in the schedule with, but it's not quite Christmas-themed, so I'm gonna wait until closer to New Year's to post. Nothing special, but I think it's cute, so look forward to that. :)

Thanks for sticking with me through 2018, and being the best patrons ever! Have a safe and cozy holiday! <3

Business Casual | Page 11 | Hi-res

Sat Dec 22 01:13:12 2018

Hi-res for the beauteous Platineers!


Business Casual | Page 11 | Process

Sat Dec 22 01:11:55 2018

That first panel was a real challenge to get the perspective looking halfway decent, which means that I should definitely practice that more! Speaking of things I don't draw much, I can't remember the last time I drew a titjob... squishy boobs are difficult as well...

Drawing is just plain hard overall, isn't it?

BC_11_Process.png BC_11_lineart.png BC_11_rough.png BC_11_refine.png BC_11_RS.png

Business Casual | Page 11

Sat Dec 22 01:08:28 2018

Looks like you've got a new admirer, Vanessa!


Business Casual | Page 11 | WIP

Wed Dec 19 01:56:38 2018

Titties! Titties everywhere!!


White Christmas | Hi-res

Sun Dec 16 02:17:01 2018

Hi-res for my festive Platineers! Happy holidays!!


White Christmas

Sun Dec 16 02:15:11 2018

Living on the West Coast, Taylor's often dreamed of a white Christmas. And so, as he ground his cock into Chase's mouth, pumping his masturbator onto Chase's cock to a point of mutual climax, he yanked his cock out, squirted a nice fat load onto Chase's chest, and made his dreams come true.

Oh Taylor... such a prankster. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Also, forgot to mention at time of upload: I used some reference for Chase's holiday sweater from a Budweiser brand sweater I found online. Really liked the sleeves for that. Small detail, but should've mentioned it anyway.


White Christmas | WIP

Thu Dec 13 18:22:14 2018

Settled on a pose, and an actual title to boot! Let it snow, let it snow...


Taylor and Chase Christmas Roughs

Wed Dec 12 16:57:54 2018

Yesterday I spent the morning roughing out materials for the upcoming con, Anthro New England to prepare for my guest of honor position. For whatever reason that took up a lot of my creative energy, and so when I set to work to make the next illustration, my brain felt like it was moving at half speed...

I want to make a Christmas theme pic with Taylor and Chase, and I started roughing out ideas, but none of them clicked all the way. The concept at the bottom middle I got the furthest on, but ultimately I stopped because something about the composition bugged me.

Usually I have a clear idea of what I want to do for an illustration before I do it, but occasionally my gears will stall when trying to get something going. I'm back to sketching as we speak.


Business Casual | Page 10 | Hi-res

Mon Dec 10 01:56:05 2018

Hi-res for the patient Platineers! Hope you enjoy!


Business Casual | Page 10 | Process

Mon Dec 10 01:53:20 2018

I probably could have found a way to have Vanessa pep-talk herself into being okay with this turn of events in less than 9 panels, but I wanted to specifically show her taking her panties off in order to make things easier for her future sex partners. Cutting certain panels out felt like it was funking up the flow... oh well. Sometimes a page will take a long time!

I'm going to work on keeping panel count lower in an effort to not take so long, in the future. No more than 7!

Oh yeah, funny little thing about panel 4. I originally had her whole body set up to ink, but then I got concerned that people would transition from that right to panel 7, since her legs were next to that big ol badonk she got. So I cut off her legs to hopefully make it easier to have people go all the way to the left to panel 5. Even then, I don't feel like it's perfect. Sorry, Vanessa...

BC_10_Process.png BC_10_lineart.png BC_10_refine.png BC_10_rough.png BC_10_RS.png

Business Casual | Page 10

Mon Dec 10 01:47:34 2018

That pep-talk might not have worked super well...


Business Casual | Page 10 | WIP2

Sat Dec 8 01:05:07 2018

Inks are well under way on this baby, but here's what inks are going on top of! Some IRL issues have slowed this down (not to mention the high panel count) but I'm movin' as fast I can. I think these are some of my cutest Vanessas yet...


November Roundup | Platinum Tier

Wed Dec 5 18:10:50 2018

Whoa! Watch out for all these pixels... Here's all the hi-res files for the November illustrations and big, big pages of Business Casual. Thanks for going the extra mile with your pledge! Enjoy fillin' up the screen with all that genitalia! (d) (d) (d) (d)

November Roundup | Gold Tier

Wed Dec 5 18:05:25 2018

Big stuff for the GoldMembers! All the pages of Business Casual, AND the illustrations AND the process WIPs for everything! I hope you enjoy, and thank you so much for your generosity! (d) (d) (d) (d)

November Roundup | Silver Tier

Wed Dec 5 18:04:01 2018

Here's all the November illustrations, and all the pages of Business Casual so far. Hope you're enjoying Vanessa's scary adventure in the world of casual office sex! Thank you for your pledge, the comic couldn't happen without you! (d) (d)

November Roundup | Bronze Tier

Wed Dec 5 18:02:14 2018

Here's the various versions of the illustrations made in the month of November! Please note that since I didn't actually finish "Pound It Out" until December, I'm lumping those files in with next month's roundup for ease of filing. Thank you for your support! (d)

Business Casual | Page 10 | Rough

Wed Dec 5 03:16:00 2018

Made it to page 10! Yay! Get psyched, Vanessa!

(That's a tit-job happening in the final panel, if it's not super clear)


Pound It Out | Hi-res

Sun Dec 2 23:47:25 2018

Hi-res versions for my patient Platineers! Enjoy!

Pounditout_HR.png Pounditout_HR_Cum.png Pounditout_HR_Cum_ND.png Pounditout_HR_Meesh.png Pounditout_HR_Meesh_Cum.png Pounditout_HR_Meesh_Cum_ND.png Pounditout_HR_Meesh_ND.png Pounditout_HR_ND.png

Pound It Out

Sun Dec 2 23:43:27 2018

Owen did manage to squeeze into Clara's busy schedule in the locker room that day, but he's gotten a little hooked on her casually accessible pussy. So much so that he's kind of forgotten to look for an actual girlfriend... Not that Clara cares.

... Just don't cum all over her face without warning. Then she'll be slightly miffed.

Beef Meesh co-stars!

No-dialogue versions of Meesh/Clara and Owen/Clara below. Enjoy!

Pounditout_RS.png Pounditout_RS_Cum.png Pounditout_RS_Cum_ND.png Pounditout_RS_Meesh.png Pounditout_RS_Meesh_Cum_ND.png Pounditout_RS_Meesh_Cum.png Pounditout_RS_Meesh_ND.png Pounditout_RS_ND.png

Pound It Out | WIP 2

Fri Nov 30 02:10:53 2018

Probably won't be able to finish this pic before the beginning of December, sadly... but here's another preview! Being a little indulgent and making a version with Beef Meesh.


Pound It Out | WIP

Thu Nov 29 01:08:47 2018

Horseboy gets his turn!


Business Casual | Page 9 | Hi-res

Tue Nov 27 01:33:52 2018

Hi-res for the generous Platineers! Enjoy!


Business Casual | Page 9 | Process

Tue Nov 27 01:32:37 2018

Something that keeps happening with my comics is that I'll sketch out certain panels, and mean for them to be BIG and take up a LOT of the page, but there are too many other things I want to add to get to the story beat that I want to get to. And so the panels get shrunken down further and further as the sketch develops. That's what happened with the first panel... I really wanted that ass to be huge! Huger than it already is, I mean.

BC_9_Process.png BC_9_lineart.png BC_9_refine.png BC_9_rough.png BC_9_RS.png

Business Casual | Page 9

Tue Nov 27 01:25:16 2018

We're breaking new ground! The first toilet ever shown in a comic, ever! ...Wait, that can't be right...


Business Casual | Page 9 | WIP

Fri Nov 23 21:54:25 2018

Touching yourself on the job? How unprofessional!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Thu Nov 22 23:54:05 2018

Today's the American holiday of reflecting on the things you're thankful for in your life, whether that be friends, family, or having all your arms and legs. In my case, I'm thankful for all of you, my patrons and fans who have chosen to support me and my artwork!

2 years ago I was down on my luck, on the crossroads of life. Circumstances forced me to move back to my parent's house, I was scraping by on commissions, making little headway on a mountain of debt. I had little hope of being able to afford my own place, let alone save money for the future. Pushed to the wall, I decided to start a Patreon.

Fast forward to today, and my situation has changed dramatically for the better. I moved out from my parent's basement (literally), I have my debt under control, and I'm able to not only continue to work my dream job, but be my own boss. Freaking incredible!

So thank you again for transforming my life for the better. I hope I can continue to draw furry porn for you all for a good long time. There are so many things left to draw, and I only wish I had 4 arms... but I'm also thankful for the two that I've got.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Mwah!

Dan Hangs Out | Hi-res

Tue Nov 20 01:22:27 2018

Hi-res for the proud Platineers!

Cum and no-dialogue versions below. Enjoy!

DanHangsOut_HR.png DanHangsOut_HR_C.png DanHangsOut_HR_ND.png

Dan Hangs Out

Tue Nov 20 01:20:01 2018

Spring break early last year wasn't a great one for Hank. He had spent his meager savings buying a boatload of dildos, but none could replicate the sensation of Dan pounding him inside-out. He had always thought of himself as 100% straight, but Dan's repeated violations of personal space and casual use of his mouth and ass had awakened a yearning within Hank. As terrible as it was to admit, he missed Dan.

Upon returning to campus, he walked up to Dan, red-faced and stammering, and asked him if he wanted to come over and hang out. Maybe watch some anime? He thought he was going to die of embarrassment.

But Dan, shameful as it was, had also felt Hank's absence pretty keenly. With a smirk, he agreed. He even kept the teasing to a minimum on the way to his dorm.

Nowadays, they hang out pretty regularly, even if Dan rolls his eyes at Hank's choice of anime. He might even be starting to like Hank... just a little.

Cum and no-dialogue versions below. Enjoy, and thanks for humoring my attempts at writing!

DanHangsOut_RS.png DanHangsOut_RS_ND.png DanHangsOut_RS_C.png

Dan Hangs Out WIP and other sketches

Sat Nov 17 00:22:25 2018

Everyone's favorite fuckbois!

And here are some of my brainstorms for potential Dan illustrations:

Thought of having him halfway in a football uniform and really push an Autumn vibe, but wasn't in love with it. Then there was an idea of Dan jerking Hank off from behind, but it felt too simple. Not that there's anything wrong with simple... I should probably do more simple stuff anyway.

DanHangsOut_wip3.png DanIdeas.png

Business Casual | Page 8 | Hi-res

Wed Nov 14 05:31:48 2018

Hi-res for the Patient Platineers. Enjoy!


Business Casual | Page 8 | Process

Wed Nov 14 05:30:42 2018

When I started Business Casual it was with the intention of sorting out a technique to make comics faster-- and then I went and made everything complicated so it takes way longer. I also am being a little too perfectionist with shading and highlights... even back on the earlier pages, I wasn't as preoccupied with every brush stroke going in the right place.

Just gotta worry less about it, that's all! Thanks to everyone for the support and encouragement earlier in the week when the page was being sketched <3

BC_8_Process.png BC_8_lineart.png BC_8_refine.png BC_8_rough.png BC_8_RS.png

Business Casual | Page 8

Wed Nov 14 05:26:34 2018

Maybe the mouse guy gets off to the abuse...


Business Casual | Page 8 | WIP 2

Sun Nov 11 05:13:46 2018

Wanted to get this good and prepped for (hopefully) easy inks tomorrow.

Would you believe that in the tail end of Liquid Courage I was able to get a page out in 4 days? What changed?? Maybe I'm just out of practice with ladies in comics...


Business Casual | Page 8 | WIP

Sat Nov 10 01:30:58 2018

I feel like I'm gettin' slower and slower with art these days. Burnout detected?

I wish I could have a fully sketched out page to show y'all, but I don't like going to long without posting something. Are you alright seeing these slightly rougher pages, or is it worth waiting an extra day to post something slightly more refined? Lemme know if it matters to you.


Personal Trainer | Hi-res

Tue Nov 6 22:50:57 2018

Hi-res for the hard-workin' Platineers. Enjoy!

[edit: adjusted the colors of the lockers to help Clara stand out.]

PersonalTrainer_HR2.png PersonalTrainer_HR_ND2.png

Personal Trainer

Tue Nov 6 22:48:51 2018

For a couple years, Clara had been ambivalent to sex... of all the men she's dated, only a few had gotten close to rocking her world. But she'd be blind to not notice the hungry looks from men around her. Even her male friends...

One night, after letting a friend vent about his string of bad luck with ladies, she felt like doing him a favor and just... letting him fuck out the frustration on her. As expected, she didn't get much out of it, but he was so relieved and grateful! That satiated smile on his face... she got into the habit of helping out her friends whenever they needed the release.

Now, she's got more friends with benefits than without. It makes them happy, and it's no big deal for her, even if it eats into her schedule a bit.

No-dialogue version below. Enjoy!

[edit: adjusted the colors of the lockers to help Clara stand out.]

PersonalTrainer_RS2.png PersonalTrainer_RS_ND2.png

October Roundup | Platinum Tier

Mon Nov 5 17:14:08 2018

Big, big pixels to munch on for the stupendous Platineers. Thanks a ton for going the extra mile! Enjoy the porn! (d) (d) (d) (d)

October Roundup | Gold Tier

Mon Nov 5 17:13:51 2018

Lots of WIPs for October. Enjoy seeing how the sausage is made! Thanks for the generous support! (d) (d) (d) (d)

October Roundup | Silver Tier

Mon Nov 5 17:13:32 2018

October was a good comic month, with three new pages! Thanks for making it happen! (d) (d)

October Roundup | Bronze Tier

Mon Nov 5 17:13:17 2018

Here are the extra spooky illustrations from October. Thanks for the support! (d)

Gym Assistant | WIP

Sat Nov 3 01:33:19 2018

Alternate title: "Leg Day". Or I guess it's "Pussy Day"?


Business Casual | Page 7 | Hi-res

Tue Oct 30 19:45:40 2018

Hi-res for my hard-workin' Platineers! Enjoy!


Business Casual | Page 7 | Process

Tue Oct 30 19:44:32 2018

Drawing Vanessa looking super flustered is turning out to be one of my favorite things to do. I also really like drawing Maria's hair... For that reason alone she may show up more.

The pages always look so empty to me without word bubbles hanging around, so putting them on as one of the final steps is extra satisfying. For the last few pages I've been typing out the dialogue first, which makes allocating space for them easier during the sketch phase.

BC_7_Process.png BC_7_lineart.png BC_7_rough.png BC_7_refine.png BC_7_RS.png

Business Casual | Page 7

Tue Oct 30 19:35:51 2018

Everyone is so nice here! Oh, wait...


Business Casual | Page 7 | WIP

Fri Oct 26 23:38:44 2018

Start with a pussy, end with a pussy, as they say...


Blake's Haunting Hypnosis | Hi-res

Tue Oct 23 00:58:27 2018

Hi-res for my spooky Platineers! Happy Halloween!

BlakesHalloween_HR.png BlakesHalloween_HR_ND.png

Blake's Haunting Hypnosis

Tue Oct 23 00:56:16 2018

On Halloween night, there were countless parties happening across the country, and Blake happened to be at one of them. But then when he was going to refill his drink, he had a strange urge to go upstairs. Like a voice, or a feeling, or a force he couldn't comprehend calling to him.

Upon entering the master bedroom, he found two horses, waiting for him. He could swear one of them looked familiar...

That was the last thought he had that night.

No dialogue version below. Enjoy!

BlakesHalloween_RS.png BlakesHalloween_RS_ND.png

Ashley's Halloween | Cum Version | Hi-res

Sat Oct 20 03:38:43 2018

Didn't forget the hires! Enjoy, Platineers!


Ashley's Halloween | Cum Version

Sat Oct 20 03:36:40 2018

Made a quick and dirty cum edit. Hope you like!


Blake's Halloween | WIP

Sat Oct 20 00:43:36 2018

Blake's in some Halloween shenanigans too!


Business Casual | Page 6 | Hi-res

Wed Oct 17 21:26:22 2018

Hi-res for my lovely Platineers! Enjoy!


Business Casual | Page 6

Wed Oct 17 21:24:40 2018

My favorite parts of this page are Maria's face, the copy machine, and the plant next to it.

Well.. the close up pussy is fun too!

Fun fact, there was some nice wall art in the first panel, but it had to be covered up by the balloon. Them's the breaks.

BC_6_Process.png BC_6_lineart.png BC_6_refine.png BC_6_rough.png BC_6_RS.png

Business Casual | Page 6

Wed Oct 17 21:18:40 2018

Maria is as cool as a cucumber. A big panda cock don't faze her at all!


Business Casual | Page 6 | WIP

Sun Oct 14 20:37:56 2018

You guys bonin'??


Ashley's Harrowing Halloween | Hi-res

Thu Oct 11 01:17:38 2018

Hi-res for my spooky Platineers! Enjoy!

AshleyHalloween_HR.png AshleyHalloween_HR_Knot.png

Ashley's Harrowing Halloween

Thu Oct 11 01:15:29 2018

Ashley was on her way to a Halloween party, when she decided to take a shortcut down an alley... Little did she know that on Halloween, the border between dimensions wears thin, and Demon Dogs go on the prowl for prey to fuck! You might be late for this Halloween party, Ash.

Very, very late...


AshleyHalloween_RS.png AshleyHalloween_RS_Knot.png

Ashley's Harrowing Halloween | WIP

Mon Oct 8 00:04:15 2018

I was having trouble coming up with a Halloween picture... so why not something super wild? Demon dogs!!


September Roundup | Platinum Tier

Fri Oct 5 18:37:17 2018

Hi-res goodness, comin' at you! Thanks for the amazing support, you're incredible! <3 (d) (d) (d) (d)

September Roundup | Gold Tier

Fri Oct 5 18:36:28 2018

We got a bevy of WIP images for both comic pages and illustrations! Check 'em out below, and thanks for your generous support! Mwah! (d) (d) (d) (d)

September Roundup | Silver Tier

Fri Oct 5 18:35:33 2018

September doubled the number of existing Business Casual pages! That's right, from two to four! Thanks for making it happen! (d) (d)

September Roundup | Bronze Tier

Fri Oct 5 18:34:38 2018

Here's the illustrations from last month! Thanks for your support! (d)

Business Casual | Page 5 | Hi-res

Fri Oct 5 01:39:56 2018

Hi-res for the cool n' casual Platineers!


Business Casual | Page 5 | Process

Fri Oct 5 01:38:33 2018

This page started out with less panels, and then I wanted to experiment with small panels for reaction shots and quick cuts so panel count went up a little bit. It was also in service of getting through more dialogue in one page, so that we can get back to the action.

I considered continuing with Vanessa never getting an explanation as to why everyone was having sex, which I thought was a fun idea as she tried to play it cool, but I figured an explanation would be necessary to ease her into Promotech's company policy.

BC_5_Process.png BC_5_lineart.png BC_5_refine.png BC_5_rough.png BC_5_RS.png

Business Casual | Page 5

Fri Oct 5 01:32:38 2018

Oh yeah! This isn't normal! Well, not normal for OTHER companies...


Business Casual | Page 5 | WIP

Mon Oct 1 16:55:24 2018

Just a quick break from the sex for some talking.


Robin Hood and Little John | Rough

Fri Sep 28 23:23:15 2018

Today is my day off but I decided to doodle a little bit after running some errands. Sketched out the first panel, and then it turned into a rough concept of Robin getting railed by Little John.

No guarantee this'll go anywhere, but I hope you enjoy this lil bit of foxy fun.


The D-Club | Part 5 | Hi-res

Thu Sep 27 23:34:10 2018

Hi-res for the high-ranking Platineers! Enjoy!

TheDClub5_HR.png TheDClub5_HR_ND.png

The D-Club | Part 5

Thu Sep 27 23:32:54 2018

With the young cheetah private more or less completely shagged out, and Don, Hughes and Lt Samson still having some fuckin' in their system, Hughes offers up himself to satisfy the men. Gotta go the extra mile when your fellow soldiers are concerned!

No-dialogue version below. Enjoy!

TheDClub5_RS.png TheDClub5_RS_ND.png

The D-Club | Part 5 | WIP

Tue Sep 25 00:23:34 2018

You wanted a gator BJ, you got it!


Business Casual | Page 4 | Hi-res

Sat Sep 22 01:40:39 2018

Hi-res for the delicious Platineers!


Business Casual | Page 4 | Process

Sat Sep 22 01:39:37 2018

This page I didn't bother to type out the dialogue before sketching, so I think there are some placement issues that I'm not 100% satisfied by, but it definitely works fine.

Originally Kaili was just going to walk out of the room after swallowing the load, but it was suggested to me to have some snowballing happen, and I thought it was a perfect idea.

BC_4_Process.png BC_4_lineart.png BC_4_refine.png BC_4_rough.png BC_4_RS.png

Business Casual | Page 4

Sat Sep 22 01:36:29 2018

Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happening here.


Business Casual | Page 4 | WIP

Wed Sep 19 18:35:01 2018

Spreading the love!

BC_4_refine.png BC_4_refine.png

Intermission | Finale | Hi-res

Sun Sep 16 00:02:01 2018

Hi-res for the juicy Platineers! Enjoy!

Intermission4_HR_Insert.png Intermission4_HR.png Intermission4_HR_Cum.png

Intermission | Finale

Sun Sep 16 00:00:02 2018

Derrick got impatient waiting for Jessie to finish pounding his girlfriend (and her blowjob skills were a little lacking, since she was still high as a kite) so he pulled her down to the carpet so he could get at her ass. She had already gotten plenty of practice stretching to accommodate Derrick's huge pole, and she was eager to continue pleasuring both the boys.

Taking two cocks at the same time is a vigorous business, however, and it was a little too easy for their dicks to slip out. It's a nice opportunity to catch one's breath before sliding back in...

Cum version and alternate insertion version below. Enjoy!

Intermission4_RS.png Intermission4_RS_Insert.png Intermission4_RS_Cum.png

Intermission | Finale | WIP

Thu Sep 13 01:15:15 2018



Business Casual | Page 3 | Hi-res

Mon Sep 10 00:15:29 2018

Hi-res for the superb Platineers!


Business Casual | Page 3 | Process

Mon Sep 10 00:13:56 2018

I'm playing around with some denser panel formats and a quicker pace overall, which is fun! Also more unusual subject placement, as you can see with the first appearance of Jeremy.

I think this is also the most talking I've written for a comic... it's kind of fun to have people say more than a handful of things each page ;)

BC_3_Process.png BC_3_lineart.png BC_3_refine.png BC_3_rough.png BC_3_RS.png

Business Casual | Page 3

Mon Sep 10 00:10:55 2018

Hard at work, I see!


Business Casual | Page 3 | WIP

Fri Sep 7 16:50:20 2018

Is that sum blowjob??


August Roundup | Platinum Tier

Wed Sep 5 16:06:59 2018

Here's every hulked out, beefed up hi-res pic and comic page from August! Thank you for your generous pledge, I hope to continue earning it! <3 (d) (d) (d) (d)

August Roundup | Gold Tier

Wed Sep 5 16:05:00 2018

Nice chunky WIPs of the August illustrations and Business Casual pages are the star in this roundup. Thank you for going the extra mile with your support! (d) (d) (d) (d)

August Roundup | Silver Tier

Wed Sep 5 16:02:59 2018

The first coupla pages of Business Casual! Welcome to your first round-up, Bizz. Thanks to all my Silver Lovelies for helping it happen! (d) (d)

August Roundup | Bronze Tier

Wed Sep 5 16:01:00 2018

Here's the illustrations from August! Lil gay, lil straight. Thanks for the support! (d)

I'm back!

Tue Sep 4 16:45:18 2018

Back from camping and Colorado! A good time was had by all. We did a lot of hiking, and in-between all the hiking I played a lot of Zelda.

My trip to Colorado was less rugged, but I couldn't avoid my habit of photographing rivers and lakes as I see them:

My girlfriend lives on a land that was full of miners a hundred years ago, and there is still some interesting, ancient machinery here and there...

The timestamp on that pumping station is 1915! Over a hundred years ago.

And now, a pile of playstations I saw at a used game store, because I like piles of old video game consoles.

Thank you for humoring my vacation photos! More pornography soon <3


Upcoming Payment Processing

Thu Aug 30 22:45:12 2018

I saw Jay Naylor make a post about this, and it's smart to do the same and let everyone know about what's goin' on with Patreon's payment processing moving forward.

As my patrons might remember, at the turn of August there was a huge upswing in declined payments. This was because of Patreon adding on a UK-based payment processor, which clashed with many people's banks, as most fraudulent charges originate out of the country. Payments were frozen, certain charges were incorrectly labeled "fraud", etc. Total mess!

It's Jay's theory (and I agree) that this change was made so that there can still be adult content on Patreon. So while it could cause some snafus in the next month or so, it's a necessary shift as everyone settles into it.

As your charge is processed in the first days of September, if your charge is declined, you will receive an email from Patreon detailing the issue, and everything you can do to set it right. Contacting your bank and letting them know the charge is legitimate, for one.

If you're using Paypal to pay for your pledges, I don't believe you'll have any issues. This seems to be contained to pledges made with credit and debit cards. But just in case, monitor your pledges at the beginning of the month to make sure your favorite artists are still getting paid!

Thanks for reading, and hopefully September won't have any problems!

Going Camping / To Colorado!

Sun Aug 26 16:11:26 2018

I'm goin' on the last vacation of the summer, a short camping trip in the Oregon wilds and then off to Colorado to visit the girlfriend! I'll be away for a little bit over a week, from today until next Tuesday (Aug 26th-Sep 4th)

After this final summer vacation things should go back to normal in regards to the content schedule. Thank you for bearing with me during these lighter summer months!

The D-Club | Part 4 | Hi-res

Sun Aug 26 01:08:27 2018

Hi-res for the gorgeous Platineers!

D-Club4_HR.png D-Club4_HR_ND.png D-Club4_HR_C.png

The D-Club | Part 4

Sun Aug 26 01:07:02 2018

Alas, our Cheetah private was unable to take Samson's whole cock, and has been judged the cocksleeve for the group... He's taken to his new role with gusto, though.

Cum and no-dialogue version below. Enjoy!

D-Club4_RS.png D-Club4_RS_C.png D-Club4_RS_ND.png

The D-Club | Part 4 | WIP

Fri Aug 24 00:35:40 2018

Each idea for a pose I think will be easy, turns out to be more complicated than anticipated... oh well!


Business Casual | Page 2 | Hi-res

Tue Aug 21 01:40:00 2018

Hi-res for the gorgeous Platineers!


Business Casual | Page 2 | Process

Tue Aug 21 01:38:49 2018

I thought I wanted to make the lineart looser and sketchier for this comic, but days passed and I looked at the first page, and I realized that I'd prefer to keep the lineart clean like in Liquid Courage. It's still more textured than the smooth lineart brush for LC, but the tidyness is more pleasing to the eyes, imo.

BC_2_Process.png BC_2_lineart.png BC_2_refine.png BC_2_rough.png BC_2_RS.png

Business Casual | Page 2

Tue Aug 21 01:36:04 2018

We're rooting for you, Vanessa!


Business Casual | Page 2 | WIP

Sat Aug 18 01:17:05 2018

This shorter page count is gonna be the death of me... trying to cram a lotta stuff in each page!


Intermission | Part 3 | Hi-res

Wed Aug 15 01:24:53 2018

Hi-res for the amazing Platineers! Enjoy!

Intermission3_HR.png Intermission3_HR_ND.png

Intermission | Part 3

Wed Aug 15 01:21:53 2018

For a short while the only noises were the dialogue from the movie (long-since forgotten), Millie's breathy pants of pleasure, and the sound of Jessie's dick plunging into her sloppy pussy.

While he never thought he'd lose his virginity with his brother's hot-as-hell girlfriend, he did wish that Derrick had bothered to pull out first. Not that he was going to turn it down, despite the slippery sensation of his bro's still-hot cum gushing around his cock... She was still tight, despite Derrick's huge member having been inside her minutes before.

Millie didn't look like she was going to join in the conversation. She was in a world of her own, servicing Derrick's dick, eyes blankly forward, and occasionally rolling back in empty-headed pleasure. Jessie didn't mind, and continued to pound away...

No-dialogue version below. Enjoy!

Intermission3_RS.png Intermission3_RS_ND.png

Intermission | Part 3 | WIP

Sun Aug 12 00:10:31 2018

Little brothers get sloppy seconds, no exceptions!


Business Casual | Page 1 | Hi-res

Thu Aug 9 01:32:58 2018

Hi-res for the glorious Platineers! Enjoy!


Business Casual | Page 1 | Process

Thu Aug 9 01:30:52 2018

I felt like experimenting as I begin this new comic, and wanted a more kinetic, scratchy lineart to accompany the textured painting I typically do. The intent was to make the lineart process go faster as well as give it some more life, but it may, in actuality, take longer... expect more experimentation as the comic goes on. I hope you enjoy!

BC_1_Process.png BC_1_refine.png BC_1_rough.png BC_1_lineart.png BC_1_RS.png

Business Casual | Page 1

Thu Aug 9 01:28:26 2018

Meet Vanessa, the newest hire at PromoTech! She's very eager to start her first day.


Business Casual | Page 1 | WIP

Mon Aug 6 00:59:42 2018

Who's that cat??


July Roundup | Platinum Tier

Sun Aug 5 15:40:49 2018

Everything from the month of July in hi-res, plus all of hi-res Liquid Courage! Thank you so much for your generosity... I hope to continue to earn it! (d) (d) (d) (d)

July Roundup | Gold Tier

Sun Aug 5 15:40:27 2018

Here's all of Liquid Courage, the illustrations for July (including the cover of Liquid Courage) and all the WIPs for everything! The cover has a lot of them...

Thank you for your generous support, you rock! (d) (d) (d) (d)

July Roundup | Silver Tier

Sun Aug 5 15:40:15 2018

I'm proud to present Liquid Courage in it's entirety! Thanks so much for making it possible! (d) (d)

July Roundup | Bronze Tier

Sun Aug 5 15:40:03 2018

Here's all the illustrations from the month of July. Thanks for your support! (d)

Mass of Declined Pledges

Thu Aug 2 19:40:21 2018

Hey all,

You've probably heard all about it by now, but Patreon did some new stuff with credit card processing that caused a lot of pledges to be declined, as the origination of the charge is deemed suspicious by many credit card companies.

I THINK this is because their new processor is based out of the UK, and US credit cards don't like getting a charge from out of the country out of nowhere. Those paying via Paypal seem to be unaffected.

If you can see this, and you pledge using a credit card, I urge you to double check that your payments haven't been declined! If so, you can contact your banks or CC companies to let them know the charge was authorized by you, and to OK charges originating from this specific company in the future. Alternatively, you can switch to a different payment method and re-try the charge.

I lost about 350 patrons overnight, and a lot of my artist colleagues are feeling similar punches to the gut, so please bear with us as we've been raising awareness across twitter, tumblr, etc.

Thanks a bunch!

Liquid Courage Cover | Hi-res

Wed Aug 1 00:02:06 2018

Hi-res for the gorgeous Platineers!

LC_0_HR.png LC_0_HR_NoCover.png

Liquid Courage Cover

Wed Aug 1 00:00:01 2018

Something cute and pinuppy for the physical release of Liquid Courage, which will happen..... at some point!

Version without the title found below!

LC_0_RS.png LC_0_RS_NoCover.png

Liquid Courage Cover | WIP

Sun Jul 29 00:16:58 2018

Chase ends up half naked on the floor a lot, doesn't he?


Judy Confronts a Cock

Fri Jul 27 02:42:33 2018

During the Montana vacation I had some small amounts of time here and there to doodle out a picture. And then once I got home, accidentally resized it before I could color it... but decided to work through the tiny file and slap some color on.


Comic Poll Winner: Business Casual!

Thu Jul 26 00:17:40 2018

With a nice round 100 votes, Business Casual will be the next comic! Work will begin right after the next illustration, so look forward to it. Thanks to everyone in the Platinum tier for casting your vote!


Liquid Courage | END | Hi-res

Thu Jul 26 00:06:01 2018

Hi-res for the awesome Platineers! Thanks for supporting this comic!!


Liquid Courage | END | Process

Thu Jul 26 00:03:01 2018

I worked on this page immediately after coming back from vacation, and so it felt way easier to get the rough sketch out, and to not beat myself up for every mistake along the way. This proves the benefit of weekends and vacations! Gotta step away from work from time to time.

The ending of a comic is always hard to write, because it has to feel graceful in the wind-down and the conclusion, instead of just abruptly halting. I wanted it to feel semi-open-ended, but also a nice happy place to end just in case I never get back to Chase and Taylor.

I wish I was a faster artist so that I could get more stories done... but the only way to do that for me is for the overall style to become looser and less polished, and I don't know if I'm prepared to do that. We'll see!

LC_31_Process.png LC_31_lineart.png LC_31_refine.png LC_31_rough.png LC_31_RS.png

Liquid Courage | END

Thu Jul 26 00:00:02 2018

And so ends Chase's first night at the frat. He made new friends, AND got Taylor to cum in his ass. Can't beat that!

Thanks for supporting this comic! Kind of hard to believe it's over. Chase and Taylor were really fun to draw together, and they seem to be popular with a lot of people. Will they return?? Probably.

Without the support of my patrons, this comic would never have been made. Thank you again <3


Liquid Courage | Page 31 | WIP

Tue Jul 24 00:00:00 2018

The end is nigh!


Poll Clarification!

Sun Jul 22 04:46:15 2018

I'm seeing a lot of people comment in the last post regarding the comic poll, and it's starting to worry me that people may be misunderstanding how to vote for the next comic.

You have to have a Platinum-tier pledge to be able to vote for the next comic. There is an actual poll that you can participate in beyond commenting in a post. If you are not currently a Platinum pledge, you cannot see it.

Maybe people completely understand the circumstances and are just voicing their opinion in the comments, but it's the actual poll that will influence what comic I do next. Just making this post to cover my bases!

Poll for next comic is live!

Sun Jul 22 00:09:37 2018

I have posted the poll for the next comic in the Platinum tier of the Patreon! If you'd care to influence into what comic I do next, up your pledge to Platinum and cast your vote! Keep in mind that this time around all the choices are heterosexual.

If you don't want to stay at the Platinum level once you vote, you can change your pledge back to a comfortable level afterwards. It will charge you the difference between your new pledge and your old one, but the monthly recurring cost will revert to your old pledge tier.

The choices are below:

Business Casual: Based around my "Business Casual" series of images, this would be a story about a new female hire at a company getting used to the policy of allowing men access to your body throughout the workday. Blowjobs, vaginal, maybe a bit of anal.

(Zootopia) Judy and Nick and Bogo: Nick and Judy enjoy a healthy sex life, but sexual tension between Judy and Chief Bogo starts a conversation about letting Bogo have some fun with her. Light cucking, not soul-crushing. BJs, vaginal and threesome sex, with size difference (naturally).

Ashley's Tutor: Ashley is a happy-go-lucky college girl who has a crush on a classmate, and after inviting him over to study together, subtly indicates that she wouldn't mind that much if he decided to, y'know, fuck her. Vanilla, a dash of romance. BJ and vaginal sex.

Back from Montana!

Sat Jul 21 18:33:44 2018

I had a lovely, relaxing time with my close family around Flathead lake... and Glacier National Park, as well.

Lots of amazing sights, bonding, and plenty of doing nothing, as well. Just what the doctor ordered. Back to work today! Look forward to the final page of Liquid Courage soon!


Intermission | Part 2 | Hi-res

Fri Jul 13 00:35:09 2018

Hi-res for the beautiful Platineers. Enjoy!

Intermission2_HR.png Intermission2_HR_Alt.png

Intermission | Part 2

Fri Jul 13 00:34:04 2018

Though Derrick was willing to let his brother stay to enjoy his girlfriend, he was naturally going to get first dibs on Millie's accommodating pussy. Well-used to his huge girth, Millie kept her legs spread happily, taking both Derrick's huge cock AND tongue inside her.

Though she was hazy with pleasure and THC, she had the presence of mind to see how little brother Jessie's cock felt in her hand…

Alt version with a close-up pussy shot attached below. Enjoy!

Intermission2_RS.png Intermission2_RS.png Intermission2_RS_Alt.png

Summer Plans

Tue Jul 10 01:20:51 2018

Hey guys! I wanted to keep you all informed of stuff I'm doing this summer, since it's more packed with trips and activities and it's going to affect work.

In a couple days I'll be heading on a family trip to Montana for a week (July 12th-19th). I'm going to do my best to finish Intermission Part 2 before I have to go, and I have a feeling it will be down to the wire-- I apologize in advance if I'm unable to finish it! In addition, my 30th birthday is happening on the 31st, so I might be tied up for the day.

In August, I've got another family trip, but camping instead. I'll be away for that from August 26th to the 29th, and then right after that I'm visiting my girlfriend in Colorado from August 31st to September 3rd. And then after that I'm faaaaairly sure I don't have anything going on for several months.

TLDR: the content will be a slightly lighter than usual this summer, and I apologize!

Intermission | Part 2 | WIP

Tue Jul 10 01:01:54 2018

Returning to the gator dick this week!

Intermission2_wip3.png Intermission2_wip3.png

Liquid Courage | Page 30 | Hi-res

Sat Jul 7 00:53:35 2018

Hi-res for the gorgeous Platineers!


Liquid Courage | Page 30 | Process

Sat Jul 7 00:52:37 2018

I was tearing my hair out over this page! My original rough script, I had only written up until Sara walked into the room, and I hadn't quite decided how I wanted the rest of the scene to play out. Flying by the seat of my pants, here.

Also, some rare flaccid Chase and Taylor...

LC_30_Process.png LC_30_lineart.png LC_30_refine.png LC_30_rough.png LC_30_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 30

Sat Jul 7 00:50:15 2018

Comin' out unscathed!

LC_30_RS.png LC_30_RS.png

June Roundup | Platinum Tier

Fri Jul 6 03:17:57 2018

Thank you so much for your Platinum Pledge! Here's everything from June and all the Liquid Courage pages, with extra juicy pixels. You're awesome! (d) (d) (d) (d)

June Roundup | Gold Tier

Fri Jul 6 03:17:38 2018

Here are all the illustrations done in June, plus all pages of Liquid Courage thus far. Not to mention a big pack of WIPs for all! Thank you for the support, and goin' the extra mile! (d) (d) (d) (d)

June Roundup | Silver Tier

Fri Jul 6 03:17:23 2018

Here's all the pages of Liquid Courage up until the end of June, as well as the illustrations made in that month. Thanks a bunch for that Solid Silver Support! (d) (d)

June Roundup | Bronze Tier

Fri Jul 6 03:17:10 2018

Here are the illustrations done in June. Thank you for your support! (d)

Liquid Courage | Page 30 | WIP

Thu Jul 5 00:10:25 2018

This page has been very difficult to make progress on for whatever reason, so this particular WIP is a little less robust. But progress is being made! Happy 4th of July <3

LC_30_wip1.png LC_30_wip1.png

Hazing Chase | Part 2 | Hi-res

Thu Jun 28 00:04:59 2018

Hi-res versions of both the cum and watersports versions! The watersport versions are labeled with a "P", so avoid those if you'd rather not see it. Enjoy!

HazingChase2_HR.png HazingChase2_HR.png HazingChase2_HR_P.png HazingChase2_HR_ND.png HazingChase2_HR_P_ND.png

Hazing Chase | Part 2 | Watersports

Thu Jun 28 00:03:00 2018

Here's a watersports version! Fair warning: it is very wet. Enjoy!

HazingChase2_RS_P.png HazingChase2_RS_P_ND.png

Hazing Chase | Part 2

Thu Jun 28 00:01:00 2018

Each frat brother stepped back, their cocks still dripping, and waited for Chase to chicken out. None of them actually expected him to go through with it.

But with a smirk still on his lips, Chase tilted the mug back and started gulping that cum down, no hesitation at all. The boys stood in disbelief. He was really gonna finish the whole thing, wasn't he?

And as Chase hit the half-way point , flashing a thumbs-up, the rest of his frat brothers started to think about what else they could get him to do...

No-dialogue version below. Enjoy!

HazingChase2_RS.png HazingChase2_RS.png HazingChase2_RS_ND.png

Hazing Chase | Part 2 | WIP

Sun Jun 24 01:09:56 2018

Was this somehow unexpected?

ChaseDrinking_wip4.png ChaseDrinking_wip4.png

Liquid Courage | Page 29 | Hi-res

Thu Jun 21 04:01:25 2018

Hi-res for the gorgeous Platineers! Enjoy!

LC_29_HR.png LC_29_HR.png

Liquid Courage | Page 29 | Process

Thu Jun 21 04:00:24 2018

That blurry drunk-vision panel was the most fun to make out of the whole page, just because it was so different.

It was a challenge to get used to drawing Sara again, since she hasn't been seen since page 5. And here we are on page 29... big 30 comin' up! Have I even made a comic that long yet...?

LC_29_Process.png LC_29_refine.png LC_29_rough.png LC_29_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 29

Thu Jun 21 03:55:58 2018


LC_29_RS.png LC_29_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 29 | WIP

Tue Jun 19 03:29:08 2018

Alt title: Clenched Buttholes

LC_29_refine.png LC_29_refine.png

Intermission | Hi-res

Fri Jun 15 02:33:50 2018

Hi-res for the awesome Platineers! Enjoy!

Intermission_HR.png Intermission_HR_ND.png


Fri Jun 15 02:30:41 2018

It was Derrick's date night with his girlfriend Millie, and they were all set to watch a film and get stoned. But his little brother Jessie happened to come home and insisted on watching the film, since he never got to see it in theaters. Derrick was all set to kick him out, but Millie convinced him to be a nice guy and let him stay. Derrick was beginning to think he wasn't gonna get pussy that night...

... until halfway through the movie. Millie (stoned as hell) was getting more and more flirty, despite Jessie sitting right next to her, getting more and more embarrassed (and pitching a bigger and bigger tent).

Derrick decides he's had enough, kicks off his shorts and starts undressing his girlfriend... inviting his virgin brother to get in on the action as well.

No dialogue version below. Enjoy!

Intermission_RS.png Intermission_RS.png Intermission_RS_ND.png

Back from the woods!

Mon Jun 11 23:16:07 2018

Had a great time in the middle of the Oregon woods. Nothing to do but chill out, play board games, drink wine and read books. A wonderful lil weekend away from the hustle-bustle.

I'm back, and ready to get back to work! Stay tuned for the next illustration soon!


Cabin Trip!

Sat Jun 9 00:04:00 2018

As this post goes up, I'll be at a cabin in the Oregon woods with a couple of friends, having a nice vacation from the internet! So the next illustration ("Intermission", the WIP of which went up before this) will take a couple days longer than usual to be completed.

Sit tight, and I'll be back to making porn for you all very soon! Much love and enjoy the weekend <3

Intermission | WIP

Sat Jun 9 00:01:00 2018

Some gator brothers and a more-than-willing cow lady! Still need names for 'em...

Intermission_wip5.png Intermission_wip5.png

May Roundup | Platinum Tier

Tue Jun 5 17:30:28 2018

Here's all the goods from May and all pages of Liquid Courage, jacked up to supersize! Also includes the WIPs for them all. Thanks so much for your crazy generous support! You're amazing! (d) (d) (d) (d)

May Roundup | Gold Tier

Tue Jun 5 17:28:31 2018

Here are the illustrations from May, all pages of Liquid Courage so far and the WIPs saved for 'em all. Beefy package here, enjoy! And thanks so much for your awesome support! (d) (d) (d) (d)

May Roundup | Silver Tier

Tue Jun 5 17:27:29 2018

Here are the illustrations from the month of May, plus all the pages of Liquid Courage so far. Thanks a ton for the support, I couldn't do it without you! (d) (d)

May Roundup | Bronze Tier

Tue Jun 5 17:26:12 2018

Here's the roundup of pictures made during the month of May. Thank you for your support! (d)

Liquid Courage | Page 28 | Hi-res

Wed Jun 6 00:06:01 2018

Hi-res of this bombshell for the lovely Platineers! Enjoy!


Liquid Courage | Page 28 | Process

Wed Jun 6 00:03:01 2018

I was really looking forward to making this page! A couple people predicted this would happen but I still enjoyed the build up, and constructing this dramatic angle.

Setting up the perspective was challenging-- I kept fiddling with a lot of different elements with it. I need to practice more with heavy perspective shots like that.

LC_28_Process.png LC_28_lineart.png LC_28_refine.png LC_28_rough.png LC_28_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 28

Wed Jun 6 00:00:01 2018


LC_28_RS.png LC_28_RS.png

When Hank's Away | Part 2 | Hi-res

Wed May 30 01:12:34 2018

Some hi-res versions for my super-duper Platineers. Enjoy!

WhenHanksAway2_HR.png WhenHanksAway2_HR_ND.png

When Hank's Away | Part 2

Wed May 30 01:11:25 2018

While Dan was missing his favorite fleshlight, Hank's spring break was no picnic either, as he had developed an odd quirk that was affecting his ability to enjoy his free time.

I guess when you learn to anticipate a huge, throbbing cock up your ass whenever you try and play video games, going without it just feels... incomplete.

No-dialogue version below. Enjoy!

WhenHanksAway2_RS.png WhenHanksAway2_RS.png WhenHanksAway2_RS_ND.png

When Hank's Away | Part 2 | WIP

Sun May 27 00:28:01 2018

We're finally seeing what exactly Hank was up to during spring break!

WhenHanksAway2_wip2.png WhenHanksAway2_wip2.png

Liquid Courage | Page 27 | Hi-res

Thu May 24 00:06:01 2018

The hi-res version for my generous Platineers!


Liquid Courage | Page 27 | Process

Thu May 24 00:03:00 2018

Most of the time, I carve out the form of my character's bodies in the color process rather than the lineart. But that can make me a little nervous when I finish the lineart, and it seems to be "lacking" in making the forms readable-- such as the thighs in panel 3.

I was also concerned about the abundance of space in panels 1, 2 and 4, even though I knew I'd be filling it out with rendering. A small part of me panics at such empty space, since the composition doesn't look correct at that stage. But then all the other stages come and go and it tends to look alright!

LC_27_Process.png LC_27_lineart.png LC_27_refine.png LC_27_rough.png LC_27_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 27

Thu May 24 00:00:01 2018

Ummmm, this is pretty gay.....

LC_27_RS.png LC_27_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 27 | WIP

Mon May 21 00:00:00 2018

Phew, what a mess they've made together...


Business Casual | Part 3 | Hi-res

Fri May 18 01:16:21 2018

Hi-res for the amazing Platineers! Enjoy!

BusinessCasual3_HR.png BusinessCasual3_HR.png BusinessCasual3_HR_ND.png

Business Casual | Part 3

Fri May 18 01:15:02 2018

Alternate title: Have You Tried Turning Me On Again?

The price for good IT support isn't necessarily a couple minutes in the pussy, but at this particular company, it just comes with the position.

Spread your legs and let that cock in-- you'll get used to doing your job regardless!

Alternate no-dialogue version found below. Enjoy!

BusinessCasual3_RS.png BusinessCasual3_RS.png BusinessCasual3_RS_ND.png

Back from BLFC

Tue May 15 15:26:18 2018

This con was my first in a couple years, really glad I decided to go! Got to see a lot of old friends and clients again, and it was fun to be completely engulfed in furry energy for a little while. I'm back home now and ready to get back to work. Hope y'all had a great weekend!

Business Casual 3 WIP / Going to BLFC

Thu May 10 00:00:59 2018

The most casually sexual office is comin' back!

It'll be a lil bit before I'll be able to wrap this pic up, as I'm going to be attending Biggest Little Fur Con in Reno, Nevada this weekend! I'm leaving tomorrow mid-day, returning in the evening on the 14th, and back to work on the 15th.

Enjoy the WIP, and I'll be back soon! <3

BusinessCasual3_wip5.png BusinessCasual3_wip5.png

Liquid Courage | Page 26 | Hi-res

Mon May 7 00:06:01 2018

Hi-res for the generous Platineers!

LC_26_HR.png LC_26_HR.png

Liquid Courage | Page 26 | Process

Mon May 7 00:03:01 2018

It was kind of a shame to cover up that cock with sound effects, but it had to be done.

I really like Taylor's face in this one. He looks good with cum all over, wouldn't you say?

LC_26_Process.png LC_26_RS.png LC_26_lineart.png LC_26_refine.png LC_26_rough.png

Liquid Courage | Page 26

Mon May 7 00:00:01 2018

Taylor finally gets off! Deep inside Chase's ass, of course. No way it could go anywhere else!

LC_26_RS.png LC_26_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 26 | WIP

Fri May 4 00:19:11 2018

These boys are getting more and more juicy...

LC_26_refine.png LC_26_refine.png

April Roundup | Platinum Tier

Sun May 6 00:10:00 2018

Here's eeeeeverything from April, with extra pixels for you! Thank you so much for your amazing support, you rock! (d) (d) (d) (d)

April Roundup | Gold Tier

Sun May 6 00:07:00 2018

Here's all illustrations from April, every Liquid Courage page so far, plus all the WIPs for all! Thanks a ton for your generous support! (d) (d) (d)

April Roundup | Silver Tier

Sun May 6 00:04:00 2018

Here are all the illustrations from April, plus all pages of Liquid Courage up to this point. Thank you so much for your support!

April Roundup | Bronze Tier

Sun May 6 00:01:00 2018

Here's all the illustrations from April. Thank you for your pledge! (d)

Hazing Chase | Watersports | Hi-res

Tue May 1 02:08:38 2018

And a hi-res of the Hazing Chase watersports for the awesome Platineers!


Hazing Chase | Watersports

Tue May 1 02:06:34 2018

Made a version of Hazing Chase with pee, on a lark. No preview just in case people are squeamish. Enjoy!


Hazing Chase | Hi-res

Tue May 1 00:56:32 2018

Hi-res for the generous Platineers!

HazingChase_HR.png HazingChase_HR.png

Hazing Chase

Tue May 1 00:54:52 2018

Some time ago, Chase was pledging to a fraternity, and they pulled out a whopper of a task for him. Take your pants off, get on your knees, and present the "almighty chalice" for your soon-to-be frat brothers to cream into... and then drink down the mug of cum in one go, no breaks.

The act was meant to be humiliating, but Chase couldn't help but smile as each of the burly bros released their loads right in front of him (and on him). Maybe go back to the drawing board, guys?

HazingChase_RS.png HazingChase_RS.png

Hazing Chase | WIP

Sat Apr 28 00:47:48 2018

Nothin' gay about this!!

HazingChase_wip5.png HazingChase_wip5.png

50% Off | Version 2 | Hi-res

Thu Apr 26 03:26:43 2018

Hi-res of Cel-Shaded Sally for the generous Platineers!

50off_v2_HR.png 50off_v2_HR.png

50% Off | Version 2

Thu Apr 26 03:25:49 2018

Some more style work. Sally here makes a nice base to experiment off of.

50off_v2.png 50off_v2.png

Liquid Courage | Page 25 | Hi-res

Wed Apr 25 00:06:00 2018

Hi-res for the generous Platineers!

LC_25_HR.png LC_25_HR.png

Liquid Courage | Page 25 | Process

Wed Apr 25 00:03:17 2018

I see a lot of wild panel breaking in Japanese hentai manga, with bodies extending past the boundaries-- it encourages a lot of experimentation with panel layout and comic flow. Check out some Japanese porno today...!

LC_25_Process.png LC_25_lineart.png LC_25_refine.png LC_25_rough.png LC_25_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 25

Wed Apr 25 00:00:01 2018

Is cum going to be achieved??

LC_25_RS.png LC_25_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 25 | WIP

Sat Apr 21 23:48:25 2018

Chase is really going for it!

LC_25_refine.png LC_25_refine.png

A Little Extra Coin | Hi-res

Thu Apr 19 02:01:00 2018

Hi-res of all the files for the amazing Platineers!

ALittleExtraCoin_HR_Cum.png ALittleExtraCoin_HR.png ALittleExtraCoin_HR_Cum.png ALittleExtraCoin_HR_Cum_ND.png ALittleExtraCoin_HR_ND.png

A Little Extra Coin

Thu Apr 19 01:42:51 2018

The town of Nottingham had hit rock bottom, when even a little bit of happiness was met with a little bit of despair. Why, even when that no-good sheriff had been sent packing thanks to Robin Hood, the lovely Maid Marian went missing at the same time...

A terrible rumor started up, about how the sheriff, in order to satiate his lust for coin, had kidnapped the sweet maid to sell her body to brigands and low-lifes.

But maybe, it's not so terrible for the maid after all...?

Included a no-dialogue version and a squishy messy cummy version. Enjoy!

ALittleExtraCoin_RS.png ALittleExtraCoin_RS.png ALittleExtraCoin_RS_Cum.png ALittleExtraCoin_RS_Cum_ND.png ALittleExtraCoin_RS_ND.png

A Little Extra Coin | WIP

Mon Apr 16 00:22:53 2018

The land of Nottingham sure has fallen on hard times...

ALittleExtraCoin_wip2.png ALittleExtraCoin_wip2.png

Liquid Courage | Page 24 | Hi-res

Fri Apr 13 00:07:00 2018

Hi-res for the generous Platineers!

LC_24_HR.png LC_24_HR.png

Liquid Courage | Page 24 | Process

Fri Apr 13 00:04:00 2018

Chase can be a challenge to color because I can never quite remember where all his spots are supposed to be. Keeping them correct across all the pages has been tough and I still fuck up here and there. Don't get me started on Chase's watch...

LC_24_Process.png LC_24_lineart.png LC_24_refine.png LC_24_rough.png LC_24_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 24

Fri Apr 13 00:00:59 2018

I don't know if Taylor is used to someone else taking the reins in bed...

LC_24_RS.png LC_24_RS.png

50% Off | Hi-res

Wed Apr 11 00:53:35 2018

Hi-res for the awesome Platineers!

50off_v1_HR.png 50off_v1_HR.png

50% Off

Wed Apr 11 00:52:33 2018

Just a hard-working gal, whose boss uses hypnosis as a desperate sales tactic.

I wanted to try a new style, so I've been tinkering with this on-and-off for the early part of April. It's titled V1 because I kinda want to return to it for further experimentation with lines/shading.

50off_v1.png 50off_v1.png

Liquid Courage | Page 24 | WIP

Tue Apr 10 01:03:05 2018

Switching it up!

LC_24_refine.png LC_24_refine.png

When Hank's Away | Hi-res

Sat Apr 7 00:03:59 2018

Hi-res versions for the generous Platineers!

WhenHanksAway_HR.png WhenHanksAway_HR.png WhenHanksAway_HR_ND.png

When Hank's Away

Sat Apr 7 00:00:59 2018

Aww, sorry Dan. Hank will be back soon, and you can go back to interrupting his gaming with penis.

Included a version without dialogue, as always. Enjoy!

WhenHanksAway_RS.png WhenHanksAway_RS.png WhenHanksAway_RS_ND.png

When Hank's Away | WIP

Wed Apr 4 01:30:31 2018

Turns out Hank is pretty useful!

WhenHanksAway_wip3.png WhenHanksAway_wip3.png

March Roundup | Platinum Tier

Thu Apr 5 16:09:01 2018

Here's the entirety of what I made in March in Hi-res, including all the Liquid Courage pages so far. Thank you so, so much for your generous pledges! Hope you enjoy and continue to enjoy the content! (d) (d) (d) (d)

March Roundup | Gold Tier

Thu Apr 5 16:06:01 2018

Here's the March illustrations and Liquid Courage comic pages up to this point, plus the WIPs I saved of each. Enjoy this bucket of content! Thanks a ton for the amazing support! (d) (d) (d) (d)

March Roundup | Silver Tier

Thu Apr 5 16:03:01 2018

Here's a roundup of the illustrations from March, and all the pages of Liquid Courage so far. Productive month! Thanks for the generous support! (d) (d)

March Roundup | Bronze Tier

Thu Apr 5 16:00:01 2018

Here's a lil zip of the illustrations published in March. Thanks for your support! (d)

Liquid Courage | Page 23 | Hi-res

Sun Apr 1 00:06:59 2018

Hi-res for the generous Platineers!

LC_23_HR.png LC_23_HR.png

Liquid Courage | Page 23 | Process

Sun Apr 1 00:03:59 2018

I think panel 2 is the first thing I envisioned for this page when I started planning it out. I had to research a lot of balls from behind as they go to pound-town.

I think some people thought this page was where Taylor nuts in Chase's ass, but naw, we're not quite there yet.

LC_23_Process.png LC_23_lineart.png LC_23_refine.png LC_23_rough.png LC_23_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 23

Sun Apr 1 00:01:00 2018

I guess Taylor zones out a bit when happy things happen to his cock.

LC_23_RS.png LC_23_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 23 | WIP

Thu Mar 29 01:15:57 2018

This page has an appearance by Dopey Taylor. 8)

LC_23_refine.png LC_23_refine.png

Judy's Double Dip | Hi-res

Sun Mar 25 23:38:33 2018

Hi-res files for the generous Platineers!

JudyDoubleDip_HR.png JudyDoubleDip_HR.png JudyDoubleDip_HR_Alt.png JudyDoubleDip_HR_Alt_ND.png JudyDoubleDip_HR_ND.png

Judy's Double Dip

Sun Mar 25 23:36:22 2018

It's no secret that Judy is pretty easy, but she's especially "available" for her favorite fox and buffalo. There is one rule above all between these three-- keep it clean and cum-free for the Chief. He's not a fan of sloppy seconds.

Typical no-dialogue version below, as well as a special cummy alt. Enjoy!

JudyDoubleDip_RS.png JudyDoubleDip_RS.png JudyDoubleDip_RS_Alt.png JudyDoubleDip_RS_Alt_ND.png JudyDoubleDip_RS_ND.png

Judy's Double Dip | WIP

Fri Mar 23 00:43:53 2018

Judy's working late!

JudyDoubleDip_wip3.png JudyDoubleDip_wip3.png

Liquid Courage | Page 22 | Hi-res

Tue Mar 20 00:35:41 2018

Hi-res for the generous Platineers!

LC_22_HR.png LC_22_HR.png

Liquid Courage | Page 22 | Process

Tue Mar 20 00:33:53 2018

I want to experiment with different ways of conveying quick motion in the lineart phase, rather than the coloring/finalizing phase, because I think it can have a lot more personality than simple motion lines. Ideas for the future!

As a side note, I like blissed out faces with tongues lolling out.

LC_22_Process.png LC_22_lineart.png LC_22_refine.png LC_22_rough.png LC_22_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 22

Tue Mar 20 00:29:57 2018

So touching!

LC_22_RS.png LC_22_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 22 | WIP

Sun Mar 18 00:04:30 2018

Page 21 felt like a breeze to put together but something about this page has been really tough. It's kind of tough for Chase too, taking all that dick!


The D-Club | Part 3 | Hi-res

Wed Mar 14 01:31:22 2018

Hi-res file for the generous Platineers! Also included is a no-dialogue version. Enjoy!

D-Club3_HR.png D-Club3_HR.png D-Club3_HR_ND.png

The D-Club | Part 3

Wed Mar 14 01:27:42 2018

The casual atmosphere of admiring each other's dicks got to be a little too exciting for the young cheetah recruit, who got to worshiping Lt. Samson's enormous meat. Slathering it up with his mouth, the group let him in on an unofficial initiation-- take all of Samson's dick up your ass, or you'll be everyone's cock-warmer for the rest of your time in the squad.

The cheetah's gonna give it all he's got, but maybe being everyone's fuck-toy wouldn't be so bad?

Included a version with no dialogue. Enjoy!

D-Club3_RS.png D-Club3_RS.png D-Club3_RS_ND.png

The D-Club Part 3 | WIP

Sun Mar 11 19:45:09 2018

That whopper's goin' in! Brace yourself, cheetahman!

D-Club3_wip3.png D-Club3_wip3.png

Liquid Courage | Page 21 | Hi-res

Thu Mar 8 01:06:00 2018

Hi-res buttsex for the generous Platineers!

LC_21_HR.png LC_21_HR.png

Liquid Courage | Page 21 | Process

Thu Mar 8 01:03:01 2018

Taylor's face went through a lot of revision as I tried to nail down the "blissful cross-eyed pleasure" look. Various severity of the crossed eyes, thinning/widening of the mouth, and eyes-rolled-back to not-so-rolled-back. These are heavy decisions to make as a porn comics artist.

LC_21_Process.png LC_21_lineart.png LC_21_refine.png LC_21_rough.png LC_21_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 21

Thu Mar 8 01:00:01 2018

Houston, we have anal sex!!

LC_21_RS.png LC_21_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 21 | WIP

Tue Mar 6 19:33:15 2018

Penetration! Finally!

It was a unique challenge to draw Chase's back arch in three phases and making it look like a fluid motion, but good practice for the future.

Also, I love drawing Taylor's silly faces.

LC_21_refine.png LC_21_refine.png

February Roundup | Platinum Tier

Mon Mar 5 20:02:45 2018

Here's everything made in February, but with a lot more pixels! Thanks a ton for your amazing support-- here's to another month of porn! <3 (d) (d) (d) (d)

February Roundup | Gold Tier

Mon Mar 5 20:01:11 2018

Here's the illustrations from February and all pages of Liquid Courage so far, as well as the process pages and various WIPs for the lot. Thanks a bunch for your awesome support, you rock! (d) (d) (d) (d)

February Roundup | Silver Tier

Mon Mar 5 19:59:52 2018

Here's the pics from February, as well as all the pages of Liquid Courage so far. Thank you for your generous support, I truly appreciate it! (d) (d)

February Roundup | Bronze Tier

Mon Mar 5 19:58:42 2018

Here's the pics from February, rounded up! Thanks for your support! (d)

Caught | Hi-res

Fri Mar 2 01:30:05 2018

Hi-res for my generous Platineers!

Included an alt version with a canine cock. Enjoy!

Caught_HR.png Caught_HR.png Caught_HR_CockAlt.png


Fri Mar 2 01:28:10 2018

Neighborhood parties are a great place to mingle and flirt, activities Chelsea is no stranger to. She caught the eye of the charming host, and as the night went on, good conversation turned to heavy petting, and the pair slipped off to a nearby closet so she could thank him for the party more... intimately.

The sounds of an enthusiastic mouth around a cock (not to mention a man's shuddering orgasm) aren't exactly covert, as they found out the moment the door opened.

Included an alt version with a canine cock. Enjoy!

Caught_RS.png Caught_RS_CockAlt.png Caught_RS.png

Caught | WIP

Tue Feb 27 01:25:07 2018

Bringing Chelsea back cuz I haven't drawn her in foooreeeeverrrr. I don't think I'll be able to finish this one before the end of February, but it'll definitely be showing up very early in March.

Caught_wip4.png Caught_wip4.png

Liquid Courage | Page 20 | Hi-res

Sat Feb 24 02:08:55 2018

Hi-res for the awesome Platineers!

LC_20_HR.png LC_20_HR.png

Liquid Courage | Page 20 | Process

Sat Feb 24 02:07:25 2018

I'm starting to think I don't draw enough assholes. They're fun to practice! And a lot of people like them! Okay, it's settled.

I like to think Chase is practiced enough so that just a bit of spit is enough lube. He's also really horny and drunk, so he's not about to slow the action down...

LC_20_Process.png LC_20_lineart.png LC_20_refine.png LC_20_rough.png LC_20_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 20

Sat Feb 24 02:03:07 2018

You're such a charmer, Taylor.

LC_20_RS.png LC_20_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 20 | WIP

Thu Feb 22 01:01:00 2018

Lotta butt action strollin' around this page...

LC_20_refine.png LC_20_refine.png

Using Blake | Hi-res

Mon Feb 19 01:02:03 2018

Hi-res versions for the generous Platineers! Enjoy!

UsingBlake_HR.png UsingBlake_HR.png UsingBlake_HR_ND.png

Using Blake

Mon Feb 19 01:00:37 2018

Blake had managed to drift in and out of the horse's influence for the first hour of fun, but the horse's talents for hypnotic persuasion eventually won out, with Blake fully and completely under his power.

He thought it'd be fun to put Blake to use in the main room of the bar. Other customers felt a little bad for the young lion being taken advantage of like that, but it was hard to turn down the horse's offer with that ready-and-willing ass waving in your face... and no need to get his hole warmed up for the bigger boys, too.

An additional no-dialogue version is attached below. Enjoy!

UsingBlake_RS.png UsingBlake_RS.png UsingBlake_RS_ND.png

Using Blake | WIP

Fri Feb 16 23:41:45 2018

Blake needed some love so I decided to give him... a lot. Free hole, boys! He don't mind!

UsingBlake_wip3.png UsingBlake_wip3.png

Liquid Courage | Page 19 | Hi-res

Mon Feb 12 01:13:01 2018

Hi-res for the beauteous, generous Platineers!

(Edit) Fixed the eye colors, oops!


Liquid Courage | Page 19 | Process

Mon Feb 12 01:05:01 2018

This page came together pretty smoothly, didn't really change my mind much in regards to panel placement, size, etc. I thought about shrinking most of the panels down in order to make Chase's final pose take up more of the page, but I thought it would look weird if most of the panels were such a small size.

Not much else to say, except... hey, asshole!

(edit) Fixed those eye colors, oops!

LC_19_Process.png LC_19_lineart.png LC_19_rough.png LC_19_refine.png LC_19_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 19

Mon Feb 12 01:00:01 2018

If that isn't an invitation, then I don't know what is.

(edit) Fixed eye colors!

LC_19_RS.png LC_19_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 19 | WIP

Fri Feb 9 17:26:51 2018

Things are moving fast for these guys! Taylor must be a smooth talker to get Chase to give up the goods like that... or maybe it was all that tongue-action around the muzzle.

LC_19_wip3.png LC_19_wip3.png

Camping With Friends | Hi-res

Tue Feb 6 02:16:05 2018

Hi-res versions for the generous Platineers!

CampingWithFriends_HR.png CampingWithFriends_HR.png CampingWithFriends_HR_WindowCum.png CampingWithFriends_HR_Window.png

Camping With Friends

Tue Feb 6 02:14:04 2018

Denise loves to go camping with her good friends Brian and Zach, and she loves pleasuring them out in the open air. Brian had the first go at her pussy, and Zach (who is not a fan of sloppy seconds) had his turn in her ass. Good thing Denise likes it both ways!

Nice 'lil windowed version to see the action, plus a extra goopy cum edition attached below.


CampingWithFriends_RS.png CampingWithFriends_RS.png CampingWithFriends_RS_Window.png CampingWithFriends_RS_WindowCum.png

Camping With Friends | WIP

Sat Feb 3 23:09:44 2018

My doberman gal Denise hasn't been seen in a while, so I thought I'd dredge up this sketch from a year ago that I never did anything with:

Final image will have a 'lil window with a closeup of her getting it up the ass. So look forward to that!

campgroundfuck_wip5.png campgroundfuck_wip.jpg

January Roundup | Platinum Tier

Mon Feb 5 18:14:39 2018

Here's absolutely everything from the month of January: All comic pages, all illustrations, and in higher-res! Thank you for your amazing support!! (d) (d) (d) (d)

January Roundup | Gold Tier

Mon Feb 5 18:12:52 2018

Here's all the comic pages of Liquid Courage so far, plus all the processes WIPs for 'em. Included is also the illustrations for the month of January and the WIPs for those as well. Thank you for your generous support! (d) (d) (d) (d)

January Roundup | Silver Tier

Mon Feb 5 18:02:09 2018

Here is the roundup of all the pages of Liquid Courage so far, as well as the illustrations from January! Thank you for your continued support! (d) (d)

January Roundup | Bronze Tier

Mon Feb 5 17:58:38 2018

Here's all the illustration stuff from the month of January! Thank you for your continued support! (d)

Liquid Courage | Page 18 | Hi-res

Wed Jan 31 00:40:41 2018

A big ol' hires page for the Platineers!

LC_18_HR.png LC_18_HR.png

Liquid Courage | Page 18 | Process

Wed Jan 31 00:39:40 2018

I like how this page turned out, as it marks the beginning of things getting a little more hot and heavy. Heavier than a quick lil' BJ, that is.

Moment-to-moment panels are the hardest to draw because you have to draw a nearly identical panel twice or thrice in a row. I guess I could have copy pasted some of the details...

LC_18_Process.png LC_18_lineart.png LC_18_refine.png LC_18_rough.png LC_18_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 18

Wed Jan 31 00:36:46 2018

Huh, I guess Taylor really likes the taste of Chase...


Liquid Courage | Page 18 | WIP

Sun Jan 28 01:50:18 2018

This page was fun to piece together-- I'm trying out a different way of sketching that's more thoughtful, and it feels slower-- but it ends up making the sketching process faster overall since I'm not doing as many "feeling" lines and actually thinking about what I'm making. Takes a bit of concentration and getting used to, but the results are positive. Enjoy!


Patching The Tigers | Part 3 | Hi-res

Wed Jan 24 21:34:35 2018

Hi-res for my lovely Platineers, enjoy!

PatchingTheTigers3_HR.png PatchingTheTigers3_HR_ND.png

Patching The Tigers | Part 3

Wed Jan 24 21:32:11 2018

Erikson and Nash's captivity continued with the sex experiments growing more and more intense. Not content with slapping aphrodisiac patches on their bodies, they moved onto mental conditioning and mind-controlling gas. For what nefarious purpose are these scientists developing these drugs?

Nash has been trying to keep his cool, even as orgasm after orgasm racks his body, looking for any opportunity to escape. But try as he might, he couldn't bring himself to push his partner away from slamming that huge cock into him. What was happening to him...?

No-dialogue version included as well! Enjoy!

PatchingTheTigers3_RS.png PatchingTheTigers3_RS_ND.png

Patching The Tigers | Part 3 | WIP

Mon Jan 22 20:20:14 2018

Turns out, this angle is pretty tricky... At least there's lots of cum! I still have to add in a nice dose of cum for the guy doin' the fuckin'.


Tiger Sketches + Random Lady Bods

Sun Jan 21 00:26:16 2018

Some beefy tigers for a planned 3rd image in the "Patching The Tiger" series, and some random women bodies. I'm trying to get back in the habit of doing random sketches to loosen up.

TigerSketches2.png female%20sketch.png

Liquid Courage | Page 17 | Hi-res

Thu Jan 18 01:35:28 2018

Hi-res page for the generous Platineers!


Liquid Courage | Page 17 | Process

Thu Jan 18 01:33:37 2018

Experimenting with a bit of slapstick on this page, and implied movement. Tried to give each cumslap some oomph!

I caught a cold right when this page got started and let me tell you, having a cold makes drawing really tough! Your mind feels all foggy and heavy, kind of felt like being perpetually hung over. I wouldn't recommend it.

LC_17_Process.png LC_17_refine.png LC_17_lineart.png LC_17_rough.png LC_17_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 17

Thu Jan 18 01:27:31 2018

Awright, playtime's over... or has it just begun?


Liquid Courage Page 17 | WIP

Tue Jan 16 02:33:07 2018

Frats have cum fights a lot... right?

I've caught a cold so work has been a little slower than usual. Will try to finish this in the next handful of days!

LC_17_refine.png LC_17_refine.png

A Cheeky Peek | Cum Version | Hi-res

Fri Jan 12 03:35:10 2018

Hires cum for the generous Platineers!


A Cheeky Peek | Cum Version

Fri Jan 12 03:34:12 2018

Was able to pump out a creampie version! Enjoy!

ACheekyPeek_RS_Cum.png ACheekyPeek_RS_Cum.png

A Cheeky Peek | Hi-res

Fri Jan 12 01:32:14 2018

Hi-res for the awesome Platineers!


A Cheeky Peek

Fri Jan 12 01:31:19 2018

Your bud invited you over to his house along with your mutual friend Clara, but all he wants to do is play games and have you watch... Clara got a little bored and feels like teasing you a bit!

ACheekyPeek_RS.png ACheekyPeek_RS.png

A Cheeky Peek | WIP

Tue Jan 9 23:40:23 2018

A fun new pic of Clara is in the works! Who needs underwear?

ACheekyPeek_wip3.png ACheekyPeek_wip3.png

December Roundup | Platinum Tier

Sat Jan 6 18:06:01 2018

Here's everything produced in December, every dang ol' thing! And Hi-res versions of the illustrations and comic pages, naturally. Thanks so much for the incredible support!! <3

To check out the roundups from previous months, just check the "roundup" tag! (d) (d) (d) (d) (d) (d)

December Roundup | Gold Tier

Sat Jan 6 17:58:19 2018

Here's a roundup of the Liquid Courage pages to the end of December, the December pics, and all the WIPs I saved of them all! Thanks a bunch for your generous support!

To see roundups of previous months, check out the tag "roundup". (d) (d) (d) (d)

December Roundup | Silver Tier

Sat Jan 6 17:53:40 2018

Here's the roundup of all the pages of Liquid Courage up to the end of December, in addition to the pics draw in that month. Thanks a ton for keepin' the lights on!

To check out roundups from previous months, check the tag "roundup". (d) (d)

December Roundup | Bronze Tier

Sat Jan 6 17:40:29 2018

Here's the roundup of the pics from December and their alts! Thank you for your support!

To check out the roundups from previous months, check the tag "roundup". (d)

Liquid Courage | Page 16 | Hi-res

Sat Jan 6 00:41:40 2018

Hi-res for the generous Platineers!


Liquid Courage | Page 16 | Process

Sat Jan 6 00:40:42 2018

This ain't gonna be the only orgasm showin' up in the comic! Still plenty to go.

I like how Taylor's playful posture came out-- his bro-ness is in full force here.

LC_16_Process.png LC_16_lineart.png LC_16_refine.png LC_16_rough.png LC_16_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 16

Sat Jan 6 00:37:58 2018

Taylor, you rascal!


Liquid Courage | Page 16 | WIP

Thu Jan 4 18:06:57 2018

I've never drawn someone splatting another person's face with cum, but we're here to bravely chart new territory...


Judy Hopps Telegram Pack | Hi-res

Thu Dec 28 21:05:10 2017

Here's a bigger version for you to enjoy! And the link to add the pack to your Telegram:

Have a happy new year!!


Judy Hopps Telegram Pack

Thu Dec 28 21:03:53 2017

I whipped up a Judy Hopps Telegram pack as a Christmas gift for a good buddy of mine-- He gave me permission to give it everyone to enjoy! Here's the link:

That works best with the Telegram desktop app, but it should also work for mobile. Enjoy!

This will also be the last post of 2017-- Look forward to more Liquid Courage soon!

JudyTelegram_patreon.png JudyTelegram_patreon.png

Joe's Christmas | Hi-res

Sat Dec 23 23:51:38 2017

Here's the hi-res versions for the generous Platineers! Happy Holidays!

JoeChristmas_HR.png JoeChristmas_HR_ALT.png JoeChristmas_HR_ALT_ND.png JoeChristmas_HR_ND.png

Joe's Christmas

Sat Dec 23 23:49:33 2017

The mixture of bourbon and eggnog was a little... unbalanced, and Joe has had a couple glasses.

Maybe for Christmas we can get him a pair of pajamas that fit! Or not.

This is in an alternate universe where Joe's b-hole is seen way more often. Also, we have a dangly cock version:

I'm going to be taking a couple days off for the holiday hullabaloo, and a nice resting period afterwards. Look forward to the next comic update in the early days of January!

JoeChristmas_RS.png JoeChristmas_RS.png JoeChristmas_RS_ALT.png JoeChristmas_RS_ALT_ND.png JoeChristmas_RS_ND.png

Joe's Christmas | WIP

Thu Dec 21 17:23:04 2017

Joe's back! His asshole, too. Did someone spike the eggnog?

JoeChristmas_wip4.png JoeChristmas_wip4.png

Liquid Courage | Page 15 | Hi-res

Sun Dec 17 22:49:49 2017

Even more pixels of jizz for the generous Platineers!


Liquid Courage | Page 15 | Process

Sun Dec 17 22:49:34 2017

Wouldja look at that money shot! Fun stuff. Still plenty more comic to go, by the way.

I experimented with some "dash" lines to increase the "WHOA" factor, it's a nice lil technique.

LC_15_Process.png LC_15_lineart.png LC_15_refine.png LC_15_rough.png LC_15_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 15

Sun Dec 17 22:49:15 2017

The jizz must flow!

LC_15_RS.png LC_15_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 15 | WIP

Fri Dec 15 19:08:10 2017

Don't mind the jelly-colored cum! That was just for ease of visualization. Chase does not have a jelly disease.

LC_15_refine.png LC_15_refine.png

Office Retreat | Part 3 | Hi-res

Tue Dec 12 20:22:44 2017

A nice big version for the generous Platineers!

OfficeRetreat3_HR.png OfficeRetreat3_HR.png OfficeRetreat3_HR_alt.png

Office Retreat | Part 3

Tue Dec 12 20:21:13 2017

Shale was practically a rag doll at this point, the boys continuing to take their turns. As the night went on, they slowed down a bit and began to relax a bit more, slipping back inside her once they caught their breath.

Made an alt showing the dick silhouette just for kicks. Enjoy!

OfficeRetreat3_RS.png OfficeRetreat3_RS.png OfficeRetreat3_RS_alt.png

Office Retreat | Part 3 | WIP

Sat Dec 9 20:34:53 2017

This originally just had Meesh and Shale in it, but I felt weird keeping it so simple so I added the two other blokes again. This sex is more implied but I may add a silhouette of penis?

Anyway, enjoy the WIP!

OfficeRetreat3_wip4.png OfficeRetreat3_wip4.png

Liquid Courage | Page 14 | Hi-res

Wed Dec 6 21:39:20 2017

More penis pixels for you generous Platineers!

LC_14_HR.png LC_14_HR.png

Liquid Courage | Page 14 | Process

Wed Dec 6 21:38:11 2017

Nothing comes to mind for the behind-the-scenes process of this page! I added another panel before the last because I thought it was too abrupt a shift for Chase to suddenly be on his back, especially after the moment-to-moment panels of his cock being worked over.

Besides that, the logistics of two hands on a penis is tough to sketch out...

LC_14_Process.png LC_14_lineart.png LC_14_refine.png LC_14_rough.png LC_14_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 14

Wed Dec 6 21:32:12 2017

Taylor's a quick study at this "touching another dude's dick" thing...

LC_14_RS.png LC_14_RS.png

November Roundup | Platinum Tier

Tue Dec 5 18:12:53 2017

Here's the November roundup for the Platinum Tier! Thank you so much for your crazy awesome support! (d) (d) (d) (d)

November Roundup | Gold Tier

Tue Dec 5 18:11:46 2017

Here's the November roundup for the Gold Tier. Thank you for going above and beyond! Enjoy the behind-the-scenes WIPs! (d) (d) (d) (d)

November Roundup | Silver Tier

Tue Dec 5 18:09:03 2017

Here's the November roundup for the Silver Tier. Thank you for supporting the comics! (d) (d)

November Roundup | Bronze Tier

Tue Dec 5 18:07:46 2017

Here is the November roundup for the Bronze Tier. Thank you for your support! (d)

Liquid Courage | Page 14 | WIP

Mon Dec 4 02:15:53 2017

Now Taylor's the one getting grabby...

LC_14_refine.png LC_14_refine.png

The D-Club Part 2 | Hires

Thu Nov 30 02:23:10 2017

Hi-res for the generous platineers!

DClub2_HR.png DClub2_HR.png DClub2_HR_ND.png

The D-Club | Part 2

Thu Nov 30 02:21:43 2017

We find our boys where we left them-- hangin' out, comparing cocks, like you do. But this cheetah private is new to the platoon and has never seen a package quite like what Lt. Samson's packing. He's gotten a little carried away, which is making everyone else a bit frisky...

No-dialogue version included below.

DClub2_RS.png DClub2_RS.png DClub2_RS_ND.png

The D-Club Part 2 | WIP

Mon Nov 27 01:35:42 2017

Those military boys are at it again...

That bottomless look is such a winner!

Part 1, from months and months ago:

DClub2_wip2.png DClub2_wip2.png

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thu Nov 23 20:23:58 2017

In this US tradition of giving thanks, I wanted to take the time once again to thank all my awesome patrons for choosing to support me through the months. That so many would continue to hold their pledges, month after month is astonishing, and even that someone would take a chance on one month's worth of content is an honor.

My ability to live, pay rent, buy food and pay off debt all comes down to the generosity of your pledges, and I truly can't thank you enough. I hope that my artwork continues to live up to your expectations, and that each update brightens up your day just a lil bit. <3

Take care, and have a great Thanksgiving!



Liquid Courage | Page 13 | Hi-res

Thu Nov 23 20:12:43 2017

Hi-res cock sucking for you awesome platineers!

LC_13_HR.png LC_13_HR.png

Liquid Courage | Page 13 | Process

Thu Nov 23 20:11:34 2017

I really liked how this page came out, lotta good stuff imo! I tried a new method of putting the lineart down that shaved an hour or two off the production time and that's quite a relief.

I had some worries about the first two panels, and if the reader would shift down to Taylor drinking or if their eye would accidentally shift over to Taylor licking his chops (which is actually the 3rd panel). I figured a thinner divider between the first two panels would coax the eye downward, instead of to the right. Who knows if it'll work for everyone.

LC_13_Process.png LC_13_lineart.png LC_13_refine.png LC_13_rough.png LC_13_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 13

Thu Nov 23 20:07:52 2017

Taylor is thinkin' it's about time to give back!

LC_13_RS.png LC_13_RS.png

Liquid Courage Page 13 | WIP

Tue Nov 21 02:38:18 2017

Looks like the shock has worn off somewhat for Taylor...


Lioness Style Test | Hi-res

Sun Nov 19 21:49:43 2017

It occurred to me that my Platineers might like a bigger version! Hope you enjoy!

lionladystyles_HR.png lionladystyles_HR.png

Lioness Style Test

Sun Nov 19 18:44:36 2017

The next comic page is underway, but I had some time to doodle a bit last night and came up with this lady. I went back to a similar style as my Rest Stop comic, which has the benefit of greatly reduced production time. I think the look has more character, too.

lionladystyles.png lionladystyles.png

Office Retreat | Part 2 | Hi-res

Sat Nov 18 02:19:42 2017

Hi-res for the generous Platineers!

OfficeRetreat2_HR.png OfficeRetreat2_HR.png OfficeRetreat2_HR_C.png

Office Retreat | Part 2

Sat Nov 18 02:12:08 2017

Everyone took a moment to catch their breath, cocks bobbing and twitching from where they were just buried. Paul, who had gone first (and who was closest to the bag) had the courtesy to light another joint for Shale, who took a puff gratefully. She had already smoked through a few, and who could blame her? Each inhale just made the sex feel better...

Made a version with Elijah's (the leopard) cum as well, find it below!

OfficeRetreat2_RS.png OfficeRetreat2_RS.png OfficeRetreat2_RS_C.png

Office Retreat | Part 2 | WIP

Thu Nov 16 00:53:51 2017

Coming along nicely! The characters were a little hard to differentiate with just the refined lines so I added some super quick color in there.

OfficeRetreat2_wip5.png OfficeRetreat2_wip5.png

Liquid Courage | Page 12 | Hires

Sat Nov 11 22:42:56 2017

Hi-res for you super-duper Platineers!

LC_12_HR.png LC_12_HR.png

Liquid Courage | Page 12 | Process

Sat Nov 11 22:41:15 2017

Finally some moment-to-moment sex actions! This page made me realize I haven't drawn an explicit BJ in a while, where the tongue and mouth and saliva is going nuts on the shaft, so I'm gonna have to find a way to insert that into an illustration later.

LC_12_Process.png LC_12_lineart.png LC_12_refine.png LC_12_rough.png LC_12_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 12

Sat Nov 11 22:28:04 2017

Now or never, Chase! Swallow that cock before Taylor realizes this isn't normal bro activity!!

LC_12_RS.png LC_12_RS.png

Liquid Courage Page 12 | WIP

Thu Nov 9 21:00:03 2017

A whole lotta cock getting handled! 'Atta boy, Chase!

LC_12_refine.png LC_12_refine.png

Backseat Gamer | Hi-res

Mon Nov 6 00:13:04 2017

Hi-res versions for the Platineers!

BackseatGamer_HR.png BackseatGamer_HR.png BackseatGamer_HR_Cum.png BackseatGamer_HR_ND.png BackseatGamer_HR_ND_Cum.png

Backseat Gamer

Mon Nov 6 00:03:52 2017

Hank is a heavily competitive gamer, and was in the final match of his clan's tournament... and then Dan let himself in.

Hank's clan-mates were suddenly treated to a lot of grunting and squealing through the party chat, accompanied by some rather baffling play. Needless to say, he had some explaining to do later.

Cum and text-less versions available below!

BackseatGamer_RS.png BackseatGamer_RS.png BackseatGamer_RS_Cum.png BackseatGamer_RS_ND.png BackseatGamer_RS_ND_Cum.png

October Roundup | Platinum Tier

Wed Nov 1 16:51:58 2017

For your incredible generosity, you get everything I made in October, but the illustrations and comic pages are bigger! So you can zoom in closer on your favorite genitals. Thank you so much for your awesome support, you rock! (d) (d) (d)

October Roundup | Gold Tier

Wed Nov 1 16:49:17 2017

Here's all of Liquid Courage so far, PLUS all the process images and various WIPs that were produced with them. PLUS all the pics from October! Thanks a ton for goin' the extra mile with your pledge! <3 (d) (d) (d)

October Roundup | Silver Tier

Wed Nov 1 16:48:15 2017

Here's all the pages of Liquid Courage so far, plus all the pics n' sketches from the month of October. Thanks for your generous support! (d) (d)

October Roundup - Bronze Tier

Wed Nov 1 16:47:20 2017

Here's all the pics and sketches from the month of October. Thanks for supporting, guys! (d)

Backseat Gamer - WIP2

Mon Oct 30 23:29:32 2017

Returned to this WIP from the beginning of the month and I've been reworking the poses a bit. These guys are always fun to play with.

BackseatGamer_WIP2.png BackseatGamer_WIP2.png

Liquid Courage | Page 11 | Hi-res

Sat Oct 28 01:22:41 2017

Hi-res for the Platineers!

LC_11_HR.png LC_11_HR.png

Liquid Courage | Page 11 | Process

Sat Oct 28 01:19:57 2017

I'm gonna be candid and say that the laptop is getting kind of tricky to fit into the panel and comfortably between the boys, so I'm quite glad that it's going to go away soon. I can't wait to get rid of Taylor's hat, too.

LC_11_Process.png LC_11_lineart.png LC_11_refine.png LC_11_rough.png LC_11_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 11

Sat Oct 28 01:18:48 2017

This... might be gay...

LC_11_RS.png LC_11_RS.png

Liquid Courage Page 11 | WIP

Wed Oct 25 16:27:54 2017

It's not gay! Just helping out a friend! Not gay!! Don't look at those tags!

LC_11_refine.png LC_11_refine.png

Marilyn's Halloween | Hi-res

Sun Oct 22 23:49:26 2017

Hi-res for the lovely Platineers!

MarilynHalloween_HR.png MarilynHalloween_HR.png

Marilyn's Halloween

Sun Oct 22 23:42:58 2017

Um... What sort of stuff are you up to behind the scenes, Marilyn...?

Happy early Halloween!

MarilynHalloween_RS.png MarilynHalloween_RS.png

Marilyn Halloween - WIP

Fri Oct 20 15:53:19 2017

This sultry panther lady from Passing Love 1 is comin' back for a sexy Halloween pinup. She's a... bone-witch? Watch out for her spooky boob.

MarilynHalloween_wip3.png MarilynHalloween_wip3.png

Liquid Courage | Page 10 | Hi-res

Tue Oct 17 18:47:14 2017

Hi-res for you generous Platineers!

LC_10_HR.png LC_10_HR.png

Liquid Courage | Page 10 | Process

Tue Oct 17 18:41:37 2017

I thought a long time about the best, most natural way for Chase to take his penis out... the results may vary between y'all, but now we have two penises out, and we can all agree this is an improvement.

LC_10_Process.png LC_10_lineart.png LC_10_refine.png LC_10_rough.png LC_10_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 10

Tue Oct 17 18:39:41 2017

Yeah, he's totally hard cuz of the porno! Yes. Nothing out of the ordinary.

LC_10_RS.png LC_10_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 10 WIP

Sat Oct 14 19:27:17 2017

Two cocks, and now it's a party! Taylor seems pretty chill about it.

LC_10_refine.png LC_10_refine.png

The Back Room - Hi-res

Thu Oct 12 01:35:14 2017

Hi-res for the generous Platineers!

TheBackRoom_HR.png TheBackRoom_HR.png

The Back Room

Thu Oct 12 01:26:46 2017

Each section of this club was no stranger to promiscuity, but in the back (near the gloryholes) are pillowed areas to sit down, kick back and do whatever your heart desires. In this case, James and Bruce are entertaining some nice-looking cocks nearby. Open mouths and bare asses tend to attract attention around these parts...

TheBackRoom_RS.png TheBackRoom_RS.png

The Back Room | WIP

Tue Oct 10 19:11:50 2017

This came about from a sketch I made back in June, and I was just looking for a good time to return to it. This is the same crowd from the New Prey illustration with poor Blake the lion gettin' hypnotised.

Due to an unanticipated social life that sprouted up overnight, I lost a few days of productivity, whoops! I've been scrambling to get this pic finished ASAP. Enjoy the cocky preview!

TheBackRoom_wip.png TheBackRoom_wip.png

Liquid Courage | Page 9 | Hi-res

Thu Oct 5 22:40:59 2017

Hi-res for you Platineers!

LC_9_HR.png LC_9_HR.png

Liquid Courage | Page 9 | Process

Thu Oct 5 22:33:52 2017

Taylor was originally gonna ask if it was cool to whip his cock out, but I decided it would be better if Chase is just surprised.

If you've got any questions or are curious about anything on this page, lemme know!

LC_9_Process.png LC_9_lineart.png LC_9_refine.png LC_9_rough.png LC_9_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 9

Thu Oct 5 22:28:54 2017

Chase is getting a weee bit distracted...

LC_9_RS.png LC_9_RS.png

Liquid Courage Page 9 | WIP

Tue Oct 3 19:47:00 2017

Yes, yes, I know what you're all excited about...

... what kind of porn is gonna be on that laptop?? Oh my god!!

LC_9_refine.png LC_9_refine.png

September Roundup | Platinum Tier

Sat Sep 30 17:44:46 2017

All the goods from September, but even bigger!! Thanks for your incredible support! <3 (d) (d) OT1_Process.gif (d)

September Roundup | Gold Tier

Sat Sep 30 17:40:53 2017

All the comic/illustration goods for September, plus the nitty-gritty process WIPs for all the Liquid Courage pages so far. Also threw in that Office Retreat gif! Thanks so much for your awesome support! (d) OT1_Process.gif (d) (d)

September Roundup | Silver Tier

Sat Sep 30 17:39:07 2017

Attached are all the pages of Liquid Courage so far and the illustration material for September. Thanks a ton for your generous support! (d) (d)

September Roundup | Bronze Tier

Sat Sep 30 17:36:22 2017

Here are the illustrations and preview sketches of the illustrations for the month of September! Thank you very much for your continued support. (d)

Office Retreat Pt. 1 | Process Gif

Sat Sep 30 17:22:32 2017

I tooled around with Clip Studio's animation tools to make this gif of the various process WIPs I saved. I'm still a novice at creating gifs so I wasn't sure how to minimize the degradation of visual quality (or if it can even be avoided)

Was this interesting to see? Lemme know.


Office Retreat | Part 1 | Hi-res

Sat Sep 30 17:05:09 2017

Almost forgot to post the hires! Enjoy!

OfficeRetreat1_HR.png OfficeRetreat1_HR.png OfficeRetreat1_HR_ND.png

Office Retreat | Part 1

Sat Sep 30 16:18:47 2017

In preparation of the next difficult project, these four office workers were sent to the company-owned retreat-- a cozy house in the midst of a secluded forest, all food, drink and entertainment paid for. The intent is to recharge and regroup in a relaxing setting, and they have their own special method for doing that.

They've grown pretty close as a team, wouldn't you say?

You can find a dialogue-less version below. Enjoy!

OfficeRetreat1_RS.png OfficeRetreat1_RS.png OfficeRetreat1_RS_ND.png

Office Retreat | WIP

Wed Sep 27 01:19:41 2017

Whipping up an image series where four businesspeople get sent to a fancy house up in the mountains for a retreat to relieve stress, and they end up bangin' all night. Naturally!

OfficeRetreat_wip.png OfficeRetreat_wip.png

Back Seat Gamer - WIP

Mon Sep 25 21:56:05 2017

Thought it was time to give Dan and Hank some love again.

BackseatGamer_WIP.png BackseatGamer_WIP.png

Liquid Courage | Page 8 | Hi-res

Sun Sep 24 01:08:21 2017

Check out the darling boys in hi-res, Platineers! Go on!!

LC_8_HR.png LC_8_HR.png

Liquid Courage | Page 8 | Process

Sun Sep 24 01:03:40 2017

That laptop was interesting to draw, but I think I'll be finding any excuse to avoid drawing the keyboard again. Or try and find a way to fudge it in future panels...

Speaking of complex things that are fun to draw exactly once, I had fun drawing that poster in the stairway. Can you guess which band it's referencing?

LC_8_Process.png LC_8_lineart.png LC_8_refine.png LC_8_rough.png LC_8_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 8

Sun Sep 24 01:02:17 2017

You think you've seen male bonding? You ain't seen nothin' yet!

LC_8_RS.png LC_8_RS.png

Liquid Courage Page 8 - WIP

Thu Sep 21 20:59:22 2017

Out comes the laptop! Let's zoom in on those laps...

LC_8_refine.png LC_8_refine.png

E-Z Hypno | Part 3 | Hi-res

Sun Sep 17 23:59:41 2017

Hi-res version for the generous Platineers!

EZHypno3_HR.png EZHypno3_HR.png

E-Z Hypno | Part 3

Sun Sep 17 23:52:15 2017

Running out of condoms didn't stop our hypnosis enthusiasts from continuing to pound their friend's un-resisting ass, until it was practically overflowing. Finally feeling spent, they order him to walk to the bathroom and snap out of it, capturing his reaction as their night's work spill out his backside.

EZHypno3_RS.png EZHypno3_RS.png

E-Z Hypno | Part 3 | WIP

Thu Sep 14 18:16:45 2017

The boys are coming back! And gushier than ever!

Hypnofriends3_wip3-2.png Hypnofriends3_wip3-2.png

Liquid Courage | Page 7 | Hi-res

Tue Sep 12 22:23:49 2017

Hi-res porn excitement for you generous Platineers!

LC_7_HR.png LC_7_HR.png

Liquid Courage | Page 7 | Process

Tue Sep 12 22:20:01 2017

We'll be transitioning back into a more subtle lighting scheme in the next page, and not a moment too soon. I'm looking forward to something more sensual and less intense. We gonna start seeing some dong soon, promise!

LC_7_Process.png LC_7_rough.png LC_7_refine.png LC_7_lineart.png LC_7_RS.png

Liquid Courage | Page 7

Tue Sep 12 21:45:51 2017

Oh boy!! Let's watch a porno!

LC_7_RS.png LC_7_RS.png

Liquid Courage Page 7 | WIP

Sat Sep 9 17:16:48 2017

From the rubble of a newly-moved-into apartment, a comic WIP appears...

Did you know clothing folds are hard? Well... they're hard...

LC_7_refine.png LC_7_refine.png

Move Complete!

Wed Sep 6 23:52:21 2017

That is, all my stuff is now in my new place. The past week has been so damn busy getting things in, getting junk out, trips to the recycling center and putting furniture together. I'm finally getting close to that blissful state, when I wake up and the only thing I have to do is make art.

Thank you everyone for your patience while I get things in order. The next page of Liquid Courage is coming soon!


August Platinum Roundup

Tue Sep 5 16:28:40 2017

Hi-res versions of Liquid Courage 1-6 and the August illustrations, rounded up for your viewing pleasure. Thank you for your amazing generosity! (d) (d) (d)

August Gold Roundup

Tue Sep 5 16:24:32 2017

Liquid Courage pages 1-6, all the WIP files for said pages, and the illustrations from August! Thank you very much for your support! (d) (d) (d)

August Silver Roundup

Tue Sep 5 16:20:02 2017

Liquid Courage pages 1-6, and all the illustrations from the month of August. Thank you for your generous support! (d) (d)

August Bronze Roundup

Tue Sep 5 16:16:43 2017

Here's the roundup for Bronze Tiers for the month of August. Thanks for an amazing month! (d)

I'm Moving!

Wed Aug 30 22:22:49 2017

Right now I'm in the middle of moving, and have been for the last week or so! Most of my belongings are in boxes, and my workspace has been dismantled. As I write this my computer is set up on my coffee table, hastily re-assembled when I remembered I still needed to post the illustration for today. Whoops.

The official move-in date is Sept 2nd, and the couple days after will be spent finalizing my departure with my old apartment complex. The days after THAT will be spent getting my new workspace in order, and I hope to be back to work ASAP. Please bear with me as I transition into my new space!

I wanna say that this month has been super awesome, with a ton of new pledges, and renewing of pledges-- one of my best months yet. Thank you so, so, so much, people new and old! You're all amazing and I truly appreciate the support. See you in the new spot!



First Blowjob | Hi-res

Wed Aug 30 22:20:04 2017

Clara isn't one for drinking or for conversation, and as she milled about her friend's house party, there wasn't much around that interested her. However, one of the other guests caught her eye, and she thought she'd pass the time with him.

Cornering him and bluntly stating her intentions, they quickly entered the upstairs bathroom and she got the lucky guy's pants down. She noticed his increasing nervousness, and suddenly his awkward demeanor made more sense... not that she minds breaking in a virgin.

This pic has a lot of alts! Including: Cum version (with and without disappointment at his quick shot), a watersports version for fun, and versions without dialogue for each scenario. Enjoy!

FirstBlowjob_Base_HR.png FirstBlowjob_Base_HR.png FirstBlowjob_Base_HR_ND.png FirstBlowjob_Cum_HR.png FirstBlowjob_Cum_HR_ND.png FirstBlowjob_Cum2_HR.png FirstBlowjob_Cum2_HR_ND.png FirstBlowjob_Urine_HR.png FirstBlowjob_Urine_HR_ND.png

First Blowjob

Wed Aug 30 22:07:43 2017

Clara isn't one for drinking or for conversation, and as she milled about her friend's house party, there wasn't much around that interested her. However, one of the other guests caught her eye, and she thought she'd pass the time with him.

Cornering him and bluntly stating her intentions, they quickly entered the upstairs bathroom and she got the lucky guy's pants down. She noticed his increasing nervousness, and suddenly his awkward demeanor made more sense... not that she minds breaking in a virgin.

This pic has a lot of alts! Including: Cum version (with and without disappointment at his quick shot), a watersports version for fun, and versions without dialogue for each scenario. Enjoy!

FirstBlowjob_Base_RS.png FirstBlowjob_Base_RS.png FirstBlowjob_Base_RS_ND.png FirstBlowjob_Cum_RS.png FirstBlowjob_Cum_RS_ND.png