image up on discord

Fri Mar 20 14:06:06 2020

ETgBEvQWkAYr3xP.jpeg ETgBOjkWsAcCiop.jpeg

whats been happening

Sun Mar 1 21:01:55 2020

if you are a patreon or fan of my work you know what's been happening for the past 3 or 4 months but if your out of the loop here's a recap. last year my husband rito got a job after months of unemployment. rito is about 500+ pounds and is unable to drive safely so I have been driving him to and from work every weekday from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. that commute is about 45 minutes long "one way" so on a good day i am driving 4 hours a day, 28 hours a week it's killing me emotionally and creatively. it's the reason dishes, floors and most importantly why art has not been done. I've had good days when I can do some art on weekends but it's been extremely spaced out and hard to get things going when i need it. so I was elated to hear the good news last Monday. starting the 16th of march he will be at a new job "downtown" which means I no driving. no getting up at 6 am, no going straight to bed after I get home. I can focus solely on my art. i am so so soooooooo happy you have no idea.


Fri Dec 13 18:58:58 2019


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Mon Dec 9 22:32:02 2019

like what you see? consider joining my patreon, it costs as low as a dallor
and it helps me make more stuff for you to enjoy.
you can also fallow me on twitter and join the discord server i post everything there first

|| [URL=https://www.patreon.com/MIDSUMMERNIGHTSDREAM]MY PATREON[/URL]||[URL=https://twitter.com/Jetblackcatdog]MY TWTTER[/URL] ||[URL=https://discord.gg/5fdzmZa]MY DISCORD SERVER[/URL] || [URL=https://beta.furrynetwork.com/midsummernights/artwork/]FURRYNETWORK[/URL] || [URL=https://www.weasyl.com/~furrysouthernartist]WEASYL[/URL]

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Wed Dec 4 17:41:35 2019


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stream banner skunk

Mon Dec 2 17:51:20 2019


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fit-nnick growth sequence

Mon Dec 2 17:18:13 2019

working on the last image in the set today then will move on to color

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Sat Nov 30 20:50:32 2019


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Fri Nov 29 18:57:53 2019


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Mon Nov 25 18:15:29 2019


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stream banner skunk

Sat Nov 23 20:18:30 2019

streaming working on some muscle finnick art today

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stream banner skunk

Sat Nov 23 00:53:31 2019


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stream banner skunk

Wed Nov 20 17:19:02 2019


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private commission stream stream

Sun Sep 29 18:34:19 2019




nick and judy THICC BEACH

Sat Aug 10 16:01:38 2019

new image up on the discord at the $5.00 gold tire

finished a quick drawing for this month, more to come but commission work is calling so enjoy until I get back to working on requests


umbreon image sequence up on discord

Thu Aug 1 20:57:05 2019

come join the server if you havn't already https://discord.gg/5fdzmZa


help reach patreon push goal

Sun May 19 20:52:11 2019

ive got 154 patreons, if you can help get my patreon to 46 new patreons " at any tier" this image will get posted early for everyone & a fallow up image will be made just for patreons with you guys getting to pic what happens


two new pieces.

Tue Apr 2 05:41:29 2019

kind of a two parter, you can see them in the discord in the silver chat

about posts

Wed Mar 20 06:55:25 2019

all art is posted on the discord server, you should have gotten a message when joined telling you how to join the server.


Wed Mar 6 03:44:25 2019

changes include the following. the slots will be divided up as such. the first slot will go to the 15.00 tier the other slots will be given to the other patreons. and if there are slots left they will be offered publicly in the discord.
commissions will open next week

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sketch commissions

Sun Feb 17 05:16:36 2019

opening for first come, first serve. sketch commissions tomorrow at $25 a character. Patreons take priority, if you're a patreon you get a bump to the front. conditions. 1. must be present to claim the slot. So you have to be in the stream when I open 2. One slot per person.

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eat your heart out big chungus

Sat Feb 16 23:10:29 2019

posted to the discord for your veiwing pleasure

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coconut beach

Thu Jan 10 22:53:45 2019

we could all use a little vacation so a teaser for a special thank you piece to my patreons. coconut beach.
full image posted in the discord server.

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part 4 purple dragon

Mon Nov 19 23:54:22 2018

part four for the purple dragon image pack has been posted to the discord server at the $5.00 tier
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patreon request

Wed Nov 14 22:19:09 2018

request "haida feeding coworker" I added resasuke cuz it pushed the image over the top and Im happy I did. if you want to see the image early and help support me join the patreon in the link bellow


you can also join the discord by fallowing the instructions bellow

in order to get your synced role, you'll need to go yo your account settings (found here: https://www.patreon.com/settings/account) to link your Discord and get your role

image in attachments to help

Dr7KfOAU4AAwCZ7.jpg ss2017-12-10at09.png

join the discord, get updates sooner

Wed Oct 3 04:05:59 2018

just giving an update theirs pages for thicc wilde are up there. if you join the server using the link provided when you join your role will be given automatically.

I don't look at my patreon that much and focus solely on discord. please consider joining.

if you can't find the link use this and wait for the bot to give the role it can take up to 48 hours some times sooner for the bot to do that


bubble butts image pack

Mon Sep 10 16:54:53 2018

you can download the pack here guys sorry for the radio silence Im getting back to thicc wilde this month.



back to patreon work with a surprise gift

Sat Sep 1 14:29:58 2018

getting back to patreon work this week also have a big supersize for everyone in the 5.oo tier and up. its almost finish and should be posted on Monday, a 27 part sequence. sorry for all the delays and good to be back.


june vote winner "thicc hyper wolf"

Wed Jul 4 01:48:03 2018

not finished just yet theirs still some work to do on wolf himself but its an overall possible response from everyone on discord.

theirs a new vote for July going on now in the discord server, get in on this by joining the server.



patreon/commission update

Sun Jul 1 21:52:42 2018

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I haven't had much time this month to work on Thicc Wilde. And I'm gonna be focusing on over do commissions for a bit and try burning through all of them fast . After there done no more, I can't do patreon and commission work at the same time it's way to much for me to handle. So it's all gonna be patreon for the foreseeable future or at lest until Thicc Wilde is finished.

New event! "Discord request voting"

Sat Jun 16 14:16:40 2018

I have started a new event that will happen every month where a second pool of request are made each month on the server and everyone on there "patreon or not" gets to vote useing the reactions. On the last week of that month the requests close, we tally the vote and choose a winner after which the pool is drained and we start all over with new once. This was an idea a friend have me to make interacting with my fans more fun. Also patreon do not worry this doesn't effect the old request system in any shape or form. Normal request will continue they have been this is just something extra to make things interesting for everyone. If you want to vote go to the discord server listing in your tier reward and it will be the channel "request-voting" have fun and good luck

requests poll

Sun Jun 10 15:45:37 2018

I've been thinking about the way my request are set up and I wanted some input from you guys.

1. do you like having request done in order of there posting?

2. would you like them done at random/RNG? pick from one tier each Friday

3. do one tier every Friday for that month.

No bottom for rockets bottom

Sat Jun 9 21:19:58 2018

Request for "thick rocket raccoon"


lower tier for thicc wilde

Thu Jun 7 18:57:17 2018

Ive been thinking or making a lower tier for thicc wilde, where you can see just the thumbnails or just change the 5 to 3 to make it cheaper for you.

do you think offering this would bring more people in?

a little "old" supersize marsupial goo inflation

Fri Jun 1 19:11:20 2018

a commission my friend unit52 asked for a year ago, thought I would post it here to help fill the gap between comic pages and get some more people into the patreon with some teaser images.

hope you enjoy you have this guy to thank for the swelling boi~ https://twitter.com/UnitRoo?lang=en

beach_rocko_1.png beach%20rocko%202.png beach%20rocko%201.png beach%20rocko%203.png beach%20rocko%204.png beach%20rocko%205.png


Fri Jun 1 14:05:15 2018

I had a slow week for creativity but coming up I'm getting out at lest four thumnails. We'll finally get to see the fox in action at his night club when I get them out. Also sorry for the lack of request finished this month. I haven't been feeling good emotionally for a while and I don't know why. My creative juices have been zapped and I might have found out why but I'll keep you all posted on that as I am not 100% sure. Anyway the latest thumbnail is up on my discord if you wanna see it go there or wait a until I post it tonight here.


Mon May 28 19:19:01 2018

will be doing a live stream tonight where I'll be working on roughing out more thicc wilde pages

also the request tiers are going to be changed up again and I think you all will like the changes.

word limits on request will be changed

1.00 now has 4 words

5.00 has 6

10.00 will be 8.00

and 20.00 will now have a 10.00 word limit.

as a result of these changes you can change your request accordingly.

now there is also some new limitations.

I can and will not do requests that I see as something Im not going o have fun drawing I.E. humans, robots, and others so if you want to stay on the safe side keep it with cute or animal like. it can be alien , robotic just as long as its something I find appealing

second is if you ask for a sequence or comic you will be asked to remove it or change it, yeah I can't do something that time consuming but I can technically do a sequence if its one requested image at a time. so if you want to ask for a fallow up of a previous request you are aloud to :3

if you have any question just ask and feel free to join the discord server for faster posts, updates and speedy responses

building busting expansion

Thu May 17 20:26:03 2018

request finished will try to get the next one done tomorrow


part two finished

Sun May 13 21:00:02 2018


thought i would post this here to see what you guys think

Sun May 13 02:22:06 2018

rwAVSLt7kO-d_olCKSVt0_18xc_xRqejxmeUA20FazoJBu0GcR_GGYF7wi0qEuc_.jpe (d)

updates coming in hot!

Fri May 11 21:00:59 2018

almost finished with this will be working more on thicc wilde after this including a supersize!!

also a reminder all updates and other images are posted to my discord server "first" if you want to say in the loop and get updates the second I post do yourself a favor and join.


purple dragon update

Fri May 4 22:43:52 2018

more to more dudes I'm trying to have the series out before the month is up


update WIP

Wed May 2 22:20:16 2018

working on thicc wilde and the purple dragon boi image pack. here's a teaser



Mon Apr 30 16:49:27 2018

sorry there isn't any requests this month I've been trying to focus on thicc wilde and the Spyro sequence it's been more work then I thought I could handle but I'll to doing the requests starting this Friday. As for this "thicc wilde" I have a very important announcement. After this Wilde is completed I will be looking into printing the comic as a soft cover book! Then sell them both online and in conversations like AC, MFF, and possibly others starting next year. There will also be special edition copies that that I will have a personal massage to all 20.00 tier supporters and possible surprise gift with it ;3 Also not just thicc Wilde but up coming pin ups of characters like Bogo, Clawhauser and of course Judy, Nick and Gideon. Other possible things I'll offer could be stickers. there options are only limited to my imagination and the printer I want to buy.

page 2 update

Sun Apr 22 05:32:01 2018


page 1 update

Mon Apr 16 18:08:18 2018

the process I'm using to make these pages taking longer but the results are better when you look at it. I've been trying to plan out the composition with very ruff thumbnails.


some help with discord rewards

Thu Apr 12 19:24:14 2018

ok so a few people have PMed me about how to get access to my discord and get there respective tiers.

you can find out exactly how in the link it should tell you everything you need to know.


for the people that haven't yet join keep in mind I post all of the patreon stuff on the discord "first" so please consider joining its a lot easier and faster to do updates, talk to patreons and keep things organized there


Tue Apr 10 15:29:37 2018

was able to get part one finished last night, 1 down 7 more to go.

thicc wilde will be updated tonight some time around 8 ish


patreon request for Big Z

Wed Apr 4 00:02:33 2018

this is a 20.00 request they are done on the last Friday of every month


Updates and news

Mon Apr 2 15:26:18 2018

Updates to thicc Wilde will be some time this week I have a few already on the discord server but more to come. side note, things have been very stressful this month after we got some bad news. Our car is in need of repair, badly. the timing belt, spark plugs and one of the headers all need to be changed. It was going to be close to 1,500 but after a call to the local Kia dealer they had a price much closer to something doable for both me and hun. Hun is having to take Lyft to work and ride home with with a co-worker. We hope to get the repairs done next week after we both have money.

what would improve my patreon?

Tue Mar 13 20:40:42 2018

I want your input guys, no judgement I just want your uncensored opinion about what I could do or offer to improve my patreon.

thicc wilde page three thumbnail

Mon Mar 12 22:26:50 2018

most of the thumb nailing for the three pages


So it has come to my attention

Mon Mar 12 15:01:55 2018

that the process in which I pick request my be not to patreon friendly. So I will have to go about picking the requests a different way and the only way I could see that working out is by doing them first in chronological order. And second is to have them split up into there respective tiers. I'll be doing this two or three times out of the month or if I'm able every Friday. The first three tiers will take turns as there are only so many Fridays in a month. The biggest tier well be done at the end of every month. The number of request that will be done will be grater or lower depending on my work load that month. The other rules are the same.

Three words only,

everybody gets one

request stream next Friday the 16th + request rule changes

Fri Mar 9 20:29:45 2018

there will be another request stream on Friday the 16th it will be a private affair for patreon supporters only. you have time to submit your request either here or in the discord server under "court" and "request-parlement-patreon"

also the rules for the request have changed a bit but for the better, all patreon requests are now "tier based" so the higher the tier, the better the drawing. it will go as followed

1.00 tier sketch

5.00 tier sketch "flat color"

10.00 tier sketch "flat cell shade color"

20.00 tier ink! "full color image"

you still have time if you wish to change your tier or make a request before then to be picked at random so feel free to jump in

update page three thumbnail in progress

Mon Mar 5 23:46:03 2018


TW page 2

Tue Feb 27 21:51:15 2018


TW page 1

Tue Feb 27 21:50:17 2018


Updates and news. Streaming today

Mon Feb 26 17:27:24 2018

Hello everyone, thank you all for joining my patreon this month. Got some updates for ya first one is the 20.00 Cameo teir is full, that might change if someone drops out before I get draw then into the comic. Second is the request sketches are going to be done on Friday and your gonna love this X3 everyone on patreon will get there request drawn at some point, here's how. the requests are going to be pooled into a RNG machine and three sketch ideas will be picked on that day. If your not picked, don't worry it's still in the pool and will be picked by prosses of elimination. Now please keep in mind to you can only have a limited amount of words to make your request so I'm gonna limit it to three words to keep it short and sweet. Anyway send your request by commenting Bellow, have a lovely day and see ya later.

help make my patreon better for you.

Wed Feb 14 19:15:26 2018

Im thinking about adjusting my tiers again so each one gets a fare amount of stuff. the $1.00 doesn't really get much so I want to know what you guys think I should do to help with that.


Tue Jan 23 20:49:17 2018

I have a new tier for cameos in the up coming comic "thicc wilde" it is set at 20.00 with a limit of 10 people

character design "Bob B. Blacksheep or Bobby for short

Sun Jan 7 22:00:59 2018


the patreon to do list

Sun Jan 7 14:42:53 2018

I will be working on three things at once

1. the spyro image pack "partly thumbnailed"

2. commission work "of a long list of people that have been waiting very patiently"

3. thicc wilde comic "the first half of the comic will be sketched out first with basic text,changes and updates will made until finalized after which ink work and color can start"

thats my scheduled for the next few months, gonna be a lot of work but hopefully you all enjoy the results of it :3

also there will be updates for a character in the thicc wilde comic coming soon

thicc wilde comic "finished cover art"

Sat Dec 30 01:26:15 2017

and now with a polished look hope you all enjoy and happy new year guys


thicc wilde comic porject

Wed Dec 27 22:02:10 2017

little update on the project and some early looks at the unfinished cover art.

will be starting on the comic soon but right now I have to finish commissions and another image pack before I begin on that so I hope you enjoy this little piece


male comic poll

Tue Dec 19 17:39:10 2017

I will be doing both of these ideas but I will do the most popular first.

pepe le goo part three

will have goo inflation/weight gain/hyper cartoon sillyness.

zootopia nick and finnick.

will have bottom heavy hyper and muscle expansion

character types

Wed Dec 6 23:40:04 2017

what kind of characters would you want to see in a short three to four part sequence?

new inflation comic

Sat Dec 2 22:50:11 2017

hello everyone, sorry for the lack of updates with patreon I have been an extremely terrible slump for the past few month. so I do hope this makes up for some of it. I think I might have needed a break from patreon work and art in general but mostly the portal comic. I'll be honest I have been phoning it in for the last two pages and was burned out.

if I'm going to do this comic to the end I want to give in an ending you all will remember and blow your fucking minds like what I did in the first few pages with how good the art was.

so for now portal is on hold but I am slowly building back up to it and have the ending with "all" of the juicy fun stuff you have been waiting for. including some things you might not expect but will really like. until then I will try and keep you all updated.

also if you want to get updates as soon as possible I do all of that on my discord and its much easier for me there to talk with you all.

so for now hope you all have a happy holidays and see ya next time

containment_breach_banner.png image%20pack%20file.zip (d)

sorry about the lake of updates this month I'm thinking of making some changes

Sun Sep 3 21:06:27 2017

me and hun have had a lot going on this month, one being we have been looking for a new place.

week ago we found a three bedroom one bath with a huge basement and over all more space then the one we live in now.

we are moving do to problems with the land lord and better rent.

now it's not a guaranteed thing, we don't have the home yet but if we can get a problem with my Social Security card fixed within the week it will be ours.

we still wont be able to move in to it until our lease is up at the beginning of the year or until we find someone one to take over the lease.

a friend will be footing the bill for the home until then and we cant be thankful enough for him to do that for use given the shit he has had to deal with himself.

as for patreon, I am sorry for no new updates this month.

I wanted to get something out but was unable to in time so.

I am going to try and put to get more thumbnails done for portal this month and finish up the fox chapter and move on to the final part of the comic.

again I hope you understand and thank you for being so patience

portal page 18 thumnail

Mon Aug 14 15:34:00 2017

sorry this are coming in late I have more on my plate then I thought I would and I'm trying to do three pages at once while doing commissions at the same time.

one more to come before I start on colors


side note. discord/ telegram

Fri Jul 21 19:29:59 2017

be sure to join the discord server and fallow the telegram channel for updates, its faster for me to post on discord and fallowing the link connected to your tier and telegram for news, streams and voice chats.


Spyro image pack thumbnails

Fri Jul 21 19:27:39 2017

upcoming image pack with spyro and cender. watch as spryo goes from slime and trim, to fatter and fatter heights X3 hope you enjoy


portal update more pages coming soon

Fri Jul 21 18:53:47 2017

sorry for the lack of updates I've been busy trying to make money for this month but I haven't forgotten about you guys. so years a little taste of whats to come at the end of the month. there will be more pages then just the one this time.

also we have Spyro image pack in the works with a story written by my friend krown


the thumbnails will be posted to the 5.00 tier


pokemon image pack

Thu Jun 29 17:51:10 2017

my half of a collaboration pack with my friend and fellow artist https://www.furaffinity.net/user/orikomi/

pokemon_pack_goodrasalazzle.png pokemon%20pack%20lucario.png pokemon%20pack%20lycanrocs.png pokemon%20pack%20Delphox.png pokemon%20pack%20nine%20tails.png pokemon%20pack%20pikachu.png

patreon goal challenge :please read as this effects you:

Tue Jun 6 14:42:43 2017

patreon goal challenge :please read as this effects you: ok, I have been wanting to try this for a while and I think now is a good a time as any to give it a shot. if I can reach my patreon goal of $1,000 I will make a "patreon only" exclusive series that I will work on for only that month, nothing else no commissions no image packs until its finished. and it will "only" be for patreons for a whole year no image packs no posting to other sites just patreon and the discord server. and finally the series will be picked from a list of ideas with the fetish tags added so you know exactly what your voting on and only "you" the patreons get to vote. you can voice your thoughts in the comments bellow and this voting will be done using google forms so all votes will be counted

patreon/ image pack questionnaire

Thu Jun 1 13:46:45 2017

help make my image packs better by answering a few yes or no questions just go here



community questions for all patreons supporters

Wed May 31 15:26:49 2017

I got a few things I would like to ask from you guys so if you have the time I want to know so it can help me out with making better stuff for you and everyone around.

1. if I started a voting poll would you use it vs comments in patreon.

2. how are you enjoying this experience so far with my patreon and what can I do to make it better.

3. do you have/use the discord linked to this patreon and if so do you like it more here or discord?

beliel is bottomless part one

Sun May 28 13:51:51 2017

start of a series that will be an ongoing story involving weight gain, macro, hyper souls sucking, herm

how_to_kaiju_part_one.png beliel%201%20clothes%20no%20text.png beliel%201%20clothes.png beliel%201%20no%20text.png beliel%201.png beliel%202%20no%20text.png beliel%202.png beliel%203%20no%20text.png beliel%203.png

portal page 15

Fri May 5 06:27:10 2017

long over do but here it is more to come next week



Fri Apr 21 13:46:45 2017

writing this to let you all know what is going on.

about two weeks ago a friend of mind found bed bugs where in my apartment, as a result, we have been in a state of stress consisting of cleaning/drying cloths putting what we can't clean into bags and what can't go into bags we through away including our bed which has mad sleeping a little harder, I have not been getting great sleep and am tired a lot of the time now but my hun has been the one most stressed by this problem as he does not like having the apartment a tornado of trash bags and sleeping on the couch. in addition, I had to give 425.00 of what I mad this month for bed bug treatment and it just sucks I spent all that time trying to build up to save money and this happens. but the worst for me is time, time is a huge factor for me with art and with all that has happened this month I am extremely behind on work. trying my best to keep composed and work through it so I can keep up with patreon (WHITCH AGAIN VERY SORRY GUYS I REALLY AM, THINGS HAVE BEEN HELL THIS MONTH) commissions and the new image pack which will most likely be out in may at this point. I hope you all understand the situation and have a lovely day

Krystal image pack 1 to 9 sorry for the wait

Mon Apr 10 03:22:18 2017

very, VERY sorry for this being posted to pay-hip before here guys I had a few things to take care of and lost trak of the time but better late then never so please anyjoy and I hope you all have a wonderful day

banner.png krystal%20image%20pack.zip (d)

krystal image pack update two more to go and it's done

Fri Mar 31 23:11:57 2017

yeah I know it has been awhile and I have had a far bit of my patreon leave but thats ok I need to get more out for patreon soon and there is more to come I promise I just have to make money for rent first. I'm working on the image pack right now and after that will be portal I worked a little bit on portal but I felt if I didn't finish this image pack now I would not be able to for another month and I will "not" have that. I am finishing this now and that is that

for now I hope you guys enjoy the new images and more to come, again very sorry for the long wait and have a wonderful day

unknown.png Krystal%202.png Krystal%201.png Krystal%203.png Krystal%204.png Krystal%205.png Krystal%206.png Krystal%207.png

discord bot

Fri Mar 10 18:47:39 2017

ok so I resentlly found out discord and patron had a colaberation to make a bot to give and take away roles so now all patreons that join useing the discord link will automaticlly have the role given to you.

if you want to join come on in my discord server is all for you guys


portal page 16 wip

Fri Mar 3 17:23:35 2017

ok here is a wip of page 16 I am sorry this took so damn long to get out I have been very busy with adjusting to the new living situation, I am happy but getting used to a proper sleep schedule buuuuuuuuuuut that has not been successful. I stayed up all night working on a bunch of different stuff, animated banners commission and getting back to the image pack for krystal. it only has three parts left to finish and I can sell it I just got sick and lost track of time after recovering and I needed money for this month so I did sketch commissions in stream to relitive success.

anyway I hope you like the teaser more to come in the week I will be trying to get out more them one page wips this month three at lest.


late do to a sick spell

Tue Feb 28 04:42:11 2017

had a cold for a little bit and just got over it a few days ago, so things will be late again but I also think I have run into a little bit of a burn out and need a break or something but I'm still trying to get all of the stuff done as soon as possible.

again very sorry for the late replys and updates I've been getting ajusted to the new living situation.

want faster updates? join the discord chat and be part of the conversation too

Mon Feb 20 22:23:42 2017

ok so a few people might know I have a discord server set up for people that don't like using credit cards. but what people didn't know is that if you join I post stuff on there much faster then on my patreon, it's more convenient for me and is much faster for updates. I still post updates here as much as I can it's just way easier on discord.

I'm also on discord all the time so if you have questions or just want to talk with other patreon supporters or me, best to do it there it's faster and you have a better why of getting ahold of me if you have something to ask or are having problems with payment or other stuff. also, there is a chat room called the "the-court" where all ideas are reviewed and seen by all patreon and be voted on for future projects so if you really want to have an active role in my patreon and future project, this is how to do it.

just give me the name of your patreon account when you join and I will give you a role that lets you see all the content for your respective tire

hope you join use in the conversation and have a wonderful day :3


I've been busy @.@

Thu Feb 16 22:58:49 2017

still working and should have all of this out within the next week and will start work on portal soon just wanted to give you guys an update to keep you all in the loop. I am moved in with my hun rito and am working full time now.

its been interesting adjusting to the new home but it has been nothing short of wonderful livng with my hun rito.

will keep you all updated and have a wonderful day.


update and samples of the image pack

Thu Feb 2 19:06:02 2017

things are picking up I had a little bit of a could but am ok now same with my hun rito we both had a crude.

still have lots of acses flem but hopfully thats nothing I do not need to be sick now XP.

I have finally got some little teasers for you all for the image pack and one for a second image pack. I call it disney vs disney the frist two are finnick and stitch.

update.png Krystal%201.png Krystal%203.png Krystal%202.png Krystal%204.png disneyvsdisney.png

heads up content will be late this month do to move

Wed Jan 25 17:46:17 2017

I havn't had time to finish my image packs or the next comic page,

moveing tomorrow so it will take a little bit to get everything back up and running so please bear with me this was really just bad timing on my end and I will have the new page and image packs up as soon as there finished

teaser images for the next image pack

Thu Dec 29 19:48:45 2016

hope you guys like the small update I have been working like a mad man on this @.@

Krystal_image_pack_teaser.png Krystal_3.png Krystal_4.png Krystal_1.png Krystal_2.png

portal page 15

Sat Dec 17 02:38:37 2016

hope you like it :3

if you don’t like using credit cards, try my discord mailing list here.


and you can find me on twitter, Tumblr here


here http://midsummernightsdreamarts.tumblr.com/


portal page 14

Fri Dec 2 16:46:28 2016

and done


portal page 14

Thu Dec 1 02:29:00 2016

ok seen this done by a few people that use patreon so I thought I would give it a try.

from now on all post will be sent out only to prossed patreons and if there is no responce from the plage giver after two month it will be deleted.


renabutt weight gain sequence

Tue Nov 1 01:13:00 2016

hey everyone.
with my computer hard drive bricked at the moment I am am unable to get out the newest portal comic pages as I am unable to work on them in the asus, however I was able to put together this.

if you like renamon weight gain and ass play and all that fun stuff then you will like this.

for you guys on patreon and my discord mailing list. this is free

you can download it here



hard drive died, no new portal pages this month

Wed Oct 26 10:17:13 2016

this is something I have been trying to fix for the past few days. started with a problem with my windows install being corrupted after a problem with an update being interrupted. my friendChanceWolfhelped me get the computer working again but after a second time it happen, I was told it was a failing hard drive. I am going to see about recovering my data with more help from :ChanceWolf wonderful dude. he is a peach,

when or if I can get my data back, I am stuck with only a few things to work with. right now I am on my Asus tablet and it’s not the best for drawing on though it is possible just a pain in the ass and very slow.
right now I have got only a few hundred in my bank account after buying a new hard drive. thankfully my friendShad-Wolfis giving me a copy of windows 10 so I won’t be spending an extra 89.00 dollars so I am saving some money. this just happened and the worst possible time I was working on a new image pack sequence of renamon as well. I should be able to finish that in time to be up before Halloween. I can hopefully recover my losses. as a consultation for this month, all my patrons and discord mailing list supporters are getting the sequence for free.
a preview for the pack will be out sometime tomorrow. right now I just need to chill and get ready for my flight. I don’t need to stress out over this bull shit anymore. done being angry or sad about it as it has just drained me too much for me to care anymore so all I can do is move forward and hope for the best

renabutt part five

Sun Oct 23 21:49:00 2016


renabutt part four

Sun Oct 23 21:45:40 2016


renabutt part three

Thu Oct 20 03:25:17 2016


renabutt part two

Tue Oct 18 23:45:22 2016

more to come later


renabutt part one

Tue Oct 18 22:50:40 2016

something I did when my computer was bricked for a few days


discord server mailing list

Sat Oct 8 22:49:38 2016

just a heads up to everyone on my patreon.

patreons TOS about copyright characters well go into effect the first of November.

not sure what well happen so I am trying my best to push the discord server to cover my ass and give people the option to try and support me that way.

theirs no credit card required you can just use pay-pal.

works like patreon but a little smoother and less red tape.

already have a few very kind people join the mailing list and I am overjoyed that they did so if you want to keep supporting me if the worst comes to worst on patreon you can support me here



portal page 13 of 20

Sat Oct 8 22:31:04 2016

ok finished finally hope you all like it


thank you all so much :D

Tue Oct 4 22:06:38 2016

I just had a fairly large some of new patreon pledges come in and I just have to say thank you no like serious thank YOU! O.O I needed the extra cash this month to sent to my hun for help with rent and was going to have to dip into my commission funds to do it, that money is being saved up for the a few very impotent things, two being my big move at the end of the year and the big trip to MFF witch is going to run me at lest 5 to 600.00 for everything so thank you




portal page 12 of 20

Fri Sep 30 23:27:06 2016

sorry it's late I well have the second page posted soon


mailing list

Sun Sep 11 13:57:05 2016

hearing about the patreon TOS change has had me on pins and needles for a while now. worrying about the day they send me a CMD or just shut me down without warning so I have been thinking about this for the past few days, it seems like an idea I would like to try for a number of reasons,

1. I could get more people in the mailing list that don't like to use patreon for the credit card reason, so everything would go through PayPal.me

2. it would be sent right to people's mailbox in high resolution

3. you can email me anytime about questions and I would see them eminently as it's my primary email.

I know some people would be a little afraid of the idea as it would be really easy for someone to take the money and run without repercussions like on patreon, but I believe I have built up enough faith from the people on my patreon now to have a good reputation for being on time and not just taking money and not giving something back.
so if this is something you would like me to "try" I would love to know.
if you think it's a bad idea tell me to all feedback is welcome

a thank you to everyone that has been supporting my project for the past years

Thu Sep 1 18:44:20 2016

thank you so much for the help, its extremely appreciated and I am trying to add more to my patreon and still balance my commission work "and make some time for myself so I don't go bat shit with stress >.>:" but still I have more ideas I want to do.

some of them well be sold as pay-hip downloads like the rocket raccoon image pack but I want to try and do comics later and like before all the stuff I do for pay-hip will go to all my patreons for free.

I really want to have more then one page out this month as things seem pretty relaxed this time so here's hoping :3

portal page 11 of 20

Wed Aug 31 12:02:41 2016

ok finally done! cut it close but here is the next page. and I am really "really" happy with the way this page looks I wanted to try something different with the lighting to build up to what well happen next.

let me know what you think please


portal page 10 of 20

Thu Jul 14 22:29:36 2016

ok page 10! the half way point for the series and boy what a cliff hanger XP

but yeah going to leave you all in anticipation until the next page is out I do't want to ruin the surprise


portal page 10 update

Fri Jul 8 09:05:51 2016

small update for the next page to come


payment screw up

Fri Jul 1 20:44:29 2016

so sorry for everyone that is seeing a double chargethis month for their pledges, patreonrecently let me into the "by monthly beta" and as a result, something might have been changed to double charge you by mistake.

I have contacted patreon support for help and am working on getting your money back. again very sorry for that I didn't want anyone thinking I was trying to overcharge them.

thank you all pin up set

Fri Jun 24 06:21:15 2016

to all of the people of my patreonI say thank you.

I am really happy to give you this set of pin-ups and I really do hope you enjoy them


a special thank you to all my patreon supporters

Mon Jun 20 20:10:39 2016

it's been one whole year sinceI started my patreon. things are looking good. I'm making more money, working faster on my stuff and getting it done sooner.

and I wanted to do something to thank you for all the support to my patreonsand for yourpatience.

it's also a way for my to try something new with my work.

I've only done one image pack with a friend and after that I have been wanting to try it but time and moneyhave been keeping me from doing that until now

to everyone on my patreon.you well be getting this as this month's rewardand if I can a new portal page.

everyone else well have to buy it for $15.00 for the whole pack with both a largeand small racoon friend we see here and yes you get this too.

I hope you people enjoy this set of pin-upsand let me know what you think in the comments below


surprise 2

Thu Jun 16 15:59:42 2016

something I am working on for this month that well be "free" only to all my patreonsupporters as a thank you for a year of support



Thu Jun 16 15:54:05 2016

something I am working on for this month that well be "free" only to all my patreonsupporters as a thank you for a year of support


portal page 9 of 20

Thu Jun 9 01:22:47 2016

and after a few days of extra work and some small delays, page 9 is finished

really wanted to make the backgrounds looks nice for this and wanted to experiment as well with some stuff for this page.

also, I fixed an error from the last page, the proto-portal gun is orange,not blue

hope you all enjoy the new page and look out for more pages this month is nothing go wrong.


I can't thank you all enough

Thu Jun 2 21:52:45 2016

I have finally broke 200.00 for my payout this month with 210.00 being my total amount I got and ever this much is a "HUGE" help, I can start saving up for my move soon and even put money back into my own art projects.

again thank all of you, so much that you like my work enough to support me and help me out with this.

portal page 9 of 20 update 2

Tue May 31 23:51:37 2016

extra little update as I just wanted to show off the background


portal page 9 of 20 update

Sun May 29 21:28:24 2016

another teaser for all the people waiting for the next page, should be done within the next few days


drake comic page 4

Sun May 15 01:16:13 2016

ok this one's all done well post a teaser for this tomorrow on FA and tumblr hope you enjoy :3


drake comic update

Tue May 10 01:51:36 2016

little update for people waiting for the second half of the drake comic to come out


well a little disheartening but not going to bring me down

Sun May 1 09:55:56 2016

had about 4 accounts including one for the 50.00 pledge declined.

pretty sure most of them are bots other then one or two that don't look like bot accounts. damn I was really hoping I was going to break 200.00 this month but guess that's not happening haha XD oh well if I don't get a replay from the accounts in the next few days I well block then and wait for the next bots to replace then.

portal comic page 8 of 20

Tue Apr 26 03:26:02 2016

ok page 8 is finished and yay!! I finished it early this month and as a result I can focus on my long over do drake comic for my $5 patreons and I am really looking foroe to it Xd let me know what you guys think of this and any thought


unfinished update for portal

Sun Apr 24 18:24:27 2016

ok getting this out to show I am working on this and trying my best to get it out.

what is rocket running from? you well see >: 3


portal page 7 finished

Sat Apr 2 06:48:35 2016

ok it took a little longer then I would have hoped but here we are and holy shit did the growth escalate for fox

again I so sorry that this was late, I have so much going on with my family it is making it harder and harder for me to get these out but I am trying and really hope you all enjoy it and continue supporting me as long as you like


portal page 7 update

Sun Feb 28 01:30:15 2016

a small update to both show you guys what I have and hopefully not lose my payment for this month I really need it


portal comic page 6

Fri Feb 26 02:06:51 2016

ok new page and wow did this one turn out wonderful :D

I honestly am super satisfied with this and I hope you all enjoy


portal comic page 6 "wip"

Sun Jan 24 16:43:02 2016

just posting this to let people know that I am still working on my patreon project and other stuff for it.

I apologizes so much for not getting anything done for this moth, there have been so many awesome people that pledged for my patreon this month and no I only have this to show for it.

if your wondering don't worry, you well not be charged for this month on anything.

you are only charged when I post something for that month that is listed as "for patrions only" this is free and well be posted to FA shortly.

again really sorry I haven't be able to post something good for you guys this month, I have just been getting ready for my trip to see my hun rito and I needed "right now money" as to my money I get later from parteon, witch I really appropriate all of you for supporting me.

anyway I well not blather on any longer about my life, you all have a wonderful day and a fantastic week :3


sketch 2 just for hun

Fri Jan 8 03:03:46 2016

ok had a little trouble getting this one to work with me but here it is, a fatty bolt giving the puppy dog eyes


sketch 1 shadow&light study

Mon Jan 4 05:50:47 2016

ok so this is sketch one of what I hope to be a shit ton more of sketches and experimental/study works

character belongs to tach0012


portal comic page 5 of 20 finished

Thu Dec 31 11:39:08 2015

I made it!!!!!!!!!

thank Christ I did it, finished the next page before the new year.

I really hope you all like this as it was like all the other a lot of work but a joy to work on as well :3

anyway, happy new year everyone!!


sketch comic page 3 "part one"

Sun Dec 27 00:05:26 2015


sketch comic page 2 "part one"

Sun Dec 27 00:03:10 2015


sketch comic page 1 "part one"

Fri Dec 18 07:33:59 2015


comic delays for November and what it's going on

Sun Nov 29 22:01:16 2015

hello everyone, hope you are doing well.

I would like to say sorry for not keeping anyone updated on any progress of the comic and other side project on my patreon, I have been having some problems with my family being home and making it incredibly hard to focus on anything other then them, my mother is a constant with over cleaning and it drives my crazy with gilt and my paranoiaabout her and other family members has been getting to me. I don't really want to go into to much detail's about it but one thing she is bugging me about is keeping my door closed all the time.............I need the door closed to work in private. and she has a huge hang up about it.

I hope you can understand

I think I'm getting back to the swing of things again but well be making some changes to how I have my patreon set up including exclusive content for everyone, the portal comic and other big projects like it well be free. but smaller series that well hopefully come along well be exclusive to patreons only.

again hope you all understand and wish me look getting more art out to you guys

portal comic page 4 of 20 finished

Sat Nov 7 13:39:26 2015


yeah sorry everyone I have an insane October and the image pack that I did with my friend jelli roll "this fine lady herehttp://www.furaffinity.net/user/jelliroll/"

and you can go get your self some tasty Halloween leftovers with the image pack herehttp://www.e-junkie.com/281927/product/507859.php#Spookyroll+Presents+-+Halloween+Treat

I hope to have the next page out soon and really hope you are forgiving with how late this is. I was hoping to have this out in October but do some problems I just couldn't make it happen.

anyway enjoy and thanks for all the support guys :3

comic reads from left to right


payment screw up

Wed Oct 7 20:20:29 2015

ok I have got into contact with patreon support......finally. and they tell me I forgot to set all my posts as "Do you want to charge your patrons for this post?"

and as a result nobody was charged for this month.

so now I have to send you all a message about how I scrwed up and ask you to send the pledge for last month to my Paypal at jetblackcatdog@gmail.com

I am very sorry for the inconvenience really I am. if you have any question let me know please.

PS. no note in the payment please, the less paypal knows the better.

new ideas about portal comic

Sun Oct 4 23:12:05 2015

I've been thinking doing an adult version of the comic, I've thought it over and it might be the best way to pick things up with patreons, that and I kind of want to do it really XD.

the adult comic well be given to all patrons a when posted and to everyone else two or three weeks later,

let me know what you think about this idea and anything you would like to see in the adult comic.

portal comic page 3 of 20 finished

Sat Sep 26 00:00:51 2015

ok this was was really really fun to do X3 I loved working on the background and adding all the awesome little pieces to it and I'm so happy with how it came out:3

I really hope you guys appreciate the work I put into the pages. I love doing this but I am not really get that much money right now for the work I'm putting into it, that's not to say I don't appreciate all the awesome people and even friends that pledge what they could. but I don't think I can continue with what I'm doing at this rate, and I need more money so I at lest need to brake 100.00 a month or the comic can't go on like this as I'm only getting 47.00 a month and not even that much really

I'll be changing my work load to three pages a month and not 5 manly cuz I can't really keep up with it but also cuz it's not really worth the stress and money I'm getting right now. if I brake 100.00 or more I well work on more pages per month.


new teaser

Tue Sep 22 04:21:09 2015


portal comic page 2 of 20 finished

Fri Sep 18 17:18:07 2015

ok page two came out a little slower then I had hoped but it's finished and I'm working on three now.

I really hope you guys are enjoying my work with this, I've worked really hard on this and still am and my friend rito fixed my god awful grammar so thank him for making the word diarrhea that I call English. he is truly an awesome friend and my lovely hun. thank you rito X3

also as you might have known with my patreon being NSFW you can only give a pledge with a debit or credit card and I've seen that might be a problem for some people so I think I have come up with a solution. if you wish to pledge to the comic and other projects I'm working on, send me a not with the amount and your Paypal and I well send an invoice with that amount so you can help support the comic with Paypal


update for page two

Tue Sep 15 14:52:22 2015

sorry this is taking so long, I should have had this finished last night but I've been feeling very down for the past few days, but I'm doing my best and I hope you like what's been done so far


portal comic page 1 of 20 finished

Tue Sep 8 02:55:23 2015

this is without a doubt, not necessarily the hardest but deferentially the most focus demanding projects I've ever had to do and you can see the results of that here I'm am so so soooo happy I finished this under a week if not for a few family problems this would have been finished in three to five days tops

no I have gotten a few patreons I have no where near the amount I was hoping to get, but I know it well take a little bit of time to get the numbers I desire.

so please, if you really want this comic to be made. you have to help or I can't make it happen cuz really...........I need money and this comic takes up most of my time.


payment complications

Sat Sep 5 22:05:48 2015

just to let everyone know that if you used paypal to send money on my patreon it well not go through, my patreon is NSFW and payment well not be charged. you must us credit or debit.

portal comic update 1

Thu Sep 3 06:10:42 2015

ok just giving people an update on what's been going on. I have started on page one and it should be finished in two days.

let me know what you think about the backgrounds as they are now and if you have an idea to make it better feel free to let me know.

for now I'm working on characters and the little props.


portal comic page 5 of 20 concept

Sun Aug 30 10:57:54 2015


portal comic page 4 of 20 concept

Tue Aug 25 00:41:34 2015


portal comic page 3 of 20 concept

Tue Aug 25 00:37:34 2015


portal comic page 2 of 20 concept

Tue Aug 25 00:27:09 2015


portal comic page 1 of 20 concept

Mon Aug 17 08:59:27 2015


portal comic teaser

Tue Jul 21 12:54:04 2015

and here it is, the teaser sort comic for the portal series.

a good bit of work but not as slow as normal cell shade and line work.

it's a challenge but a fun one with how the shade works so I hope you all like it and when I announce the donation comic I hope it well get enough to start the first five pages.

also if you want to help be sure to spam the shit out of this comic to get attention for it.