No dump today, just 1 Vanessa doodle

Sun Aug 23 00:16:04 2020

I've been working on finishing stuff that already exists like past Vanessa sketches and the Ivy pic so there really isn't anything I can share that you haven't already seen. I did doodle this Vanessa which I liked, but regular practice/WIP dump's will resume next weekend after I finish Ivy. Thank you!


Saturday Sketch Dump 20

Sat Aug 15 23:16:04 2020

Some more sitting/pose practice, the first pic is reworking an old sketch I did that I'd like to finish. The pale redhead is a necromancer oc I was working on for no reason other than I want a pale redhead and I like necromancers.

Vanessa_Practice_u.png Vanessa_Practice_t.png necromancer_oc.png

Saturday Sketch Dump 19

Sat Aug 8 21:48:08 2020

Its all just Ivy! Not 100% sure what I wanna do with her but I do have an overwhelming desire to draw her bunghole.

Isabella_Valentine1.png Isabella_Valentine2.png Isabella_Valentine3.png

Ivy won the poll!

Wed Aug 5 01:25:59 2020

You cur! One full color pic shall be made of the voluptuous dominatrix milf! I will be going with her design from SCIV, though I'm not sure what pose exactly so I might try something a little different, we'll see!

-All characters from the Soulcalibur series will be removed for the September poll but will return in October.

-Due to lack of interest, Yoko Littner and Asagi Igawa are going to be removed from the reserve entirely.

Thank you for your participation and support!


Saturday Sketch Dump 18

Sat Aug 1 22:11:03 2020

Doodle of Mr Sithums OC, a Vanessa bikini practice and some other scraps. I have trouble drawing curvy crossed legs and I can't figure out why...

Sithums_Cass.png Vanessa_Practice_bandeau.png Vanessa_Practice_s.png

July 2020 Recap

Sat Aug 1 21:19:35 2020

Everything from July! Thank you so much everyone! (d)

Fanart Poll Submissions August 2020

Thu Jul 30 02:07:10 2020

Comment below: 2 characters you'd like to enter, females only and no OCs please!
Please follow this format: Character's name / what they are from
Double check to make sure your character hasn't already been approved here: LINK
More info about the poll: LINK

Fate characters are exempt from the August poll but will be reentered in September. I will keep this up until the 1st of August so everyone has a chance to submit someone! If you have questions feel free to dm.

Thank you so much!

Saturday Sketch Dump 17

Sat Jul 25 22:24:24 2020

A doodle of Cass' demon girl OC Cassandra and some booty render practice.

booty_practice_2.png Cass_Cass.png booty_practice_2.png

Minamoto no Raikou!

Sun Jul 19 22:28:44 2020

July poll winner is finished! This character had a lot going on design wise but was relatively smooth sailing. I also attached the WIP stuff if you wanna see those as well. Big thank you to everyone that participated in the poll and to those of you that joined the new voting tier, I am excited to see who will win next month's poll now :>

Minamoto_no_Raiko.png Minamoto_no_Raiko_sketch.png

Saturday Sketch Dump 16

Sat Jul 18 21:19:43 2020

A shortstack imp girl OC I've been working on for awhile now. I'm still playing with the design but I want to make her similar to the two old pics I doodled in the bottom left. I know for sure I want to give her tiny butt wings instead of a tail and some thick horns. Also some booty render practice and feet stuff.

Also, Minamoto is pretty much finished and will go up tomorrow, thank you so much!

Nomi.png booty_practice.png feet_practice.png

Saturday Sketch Dump 15

Sat Jul 11 20:52:52 2020

Just the two things I have been focused on the most this week. A Minamoto rough and another attempt at tropical Vanessa. I am pretty happy with both at the moment.

Vanessa_Tropical_1.png Minamoto_no_Raiko_sketch.png Vanessa_Tropical_1.png

Minamoto no Raikō won the poll!

Mon Jul 6 21:24:18 2020

So i'll be doing at least 1 full color image of her! All characters from the Fate series will be removed from the August random selection and reentered in September.

Also, any characters that get a significantly lower amount of votes than everyone else within a poll will be removed from future polls altogether. In this case Kulve Taroth from Monster Hunter World and Tiamat from Fate are being removed.

Finally, I stream regularly over at picarto: so if you wanna watch me work come check it out!

Thank you!


Saturday Sketch Dump 14

Sat Jul 4 23:07:22 2020

Some Vanessa lingerie and some blue boob practice.

Vanessa_Practice_r.png boob_practice.png

New tier + monthly fan art poll!

Sat Jul 4 01:15:09 2020

Was informed that people aren't getting notified via email so hopefully this public post reaches all of you...

There is a new $5 tier for people that want to vote in the month fan art poll and you will need to select the $5 tier under your subscription amount even if you are already subbed for more than $5!!!

This month's poll is live to $5 + patrons here: LINK

More info on how the poll works can be found here: LINK

hank you!!

Fanart Poll Submissions July 2020

Wed Jul 1 22:35:05 2020

Patrons can submit 2 characters. We are starting totally fresh so previously approved characters are no longer on the reserve list, it is wiped clean. In the event a character has multiple forms I will choose the one I like best unless you specify.

Character suggestion rules
-NO real people
-Females only
-Can be human, furry or otherwise
-18+ characters only

Character's name / what they are from

Princess Peach/ Super Mario Bros
Isabelle/ Animal Crossing

More info about the poll can be found here: LINK

I will keep this up until the 3rd so everyone has a chance to submit someone! Thank you!

Monthly Fanart Poll Announcement!!

Wed Jul 1 22:25:13 2020


I am going to start doing the monthly fanart poll! I also added a new $5 tier for voting (Booty Fanatics) which includes all benefits from previous tiers but is the only tier that allows voting in the polls!

$1 and up patrons can submit 2 non-OC characters each month when prompted!

$5 and up patrons can submit 2 non-OC characters AND vote in the poll!

Here is a page with more info on how the poll works: LINK

If you have questions feel free to DM or post a comment below. I'll be setting up the character submission post in a few. Thank you so much!

June 2020 Recap

Wed Jul 1 20:49:49 2020

Everything posted in June! Really happy that I was able to finish the Samus, I feel accomplished now.

As always thank you for your support!! (d)

Zero Suit Samus Stretch

Sun Jun 28 22:49:59 2020

I originally gave up on this pose but then some of you came to me and said I should finish it anyway. I learned a lot working on this and I am glad I finished it, though it was very difficult for me. Either way I hope you all like it!!

I will also be launching the monthly fanart poll on the 1st of next month. There will be more info about the poll when I do. Thank you!!

Samus_Aran_May_Poll_retry.png Samus_Aran_May_Poll_2020.png Samus_Aran_May_Poll_2020_sketch.png

Saturday Sketch Dump 13

Sat Jun 27 22:15:41 2020

SMT Demon doodles. I love them, I will do more in the future. I hope we get some more SMT V news soon.

Also the ZSS is done, she will go up tomorrow. Thank you for your support!!!

SMT_Hua_Po_x_Pixie.png SMT_Lilith.png SMT_Senri.png

Saturday Sketch Dump 12

Sat Jun 20 21:44:17 2020

Vanessa swimwear and armpit practice. I've been working a lot on the ZSS sketch that I was going to give up on. It has become an endeavor I have to overcome. Sorry for the lack of finished works so far this month, but I have to do this.

Vanessa_Practice_q.png Vanessa_Practice_p.png

Saturday Sketch Dump 11

Sat Jun 13 20:55:46 2020

1. Bronxden 's OC Veronica in a bunnysuit.

2. Shortstack archer I'm designing for a friend.

3. Some Vanessa things I doodled through the week.

Veronica_Bronxden.png shortstack_archer.png Vanessa_Practice_o.png Veronica_Bronxden.png horse_girls_a.png

Saturday Sketch Dump 10 + general update

Sat Jun 6 23:35:45 2020

Shortstacks, practice, horsegirls and a peek into my insane obsession with trying to finish the Samus pic from last month.

1. Various shortstacks; a race of horned imps, an anthro pygmy marmoset and a garden gnome horticulturist OC that I might name Nomi (though "Nomi the Gnome" sounds fucking stupid).

2. Some old practice that I never posted, that is better than the way I've been practicing lately, so I may have to go back to that.

3. Some anthro horse ladies that I'm like 99% sure I never shared. If you are new and this is weird to you I'm sorry but horse girls are my jam no I will not draw MLP.

4,5,6. Zero Suit Samus insanity.

I hate giving up on things but I do not know how to finish this Zero Suit Samus sketch without it looking like an anatomical nightmare. I've tried looking at various reference material, but I just cannot figure out how to make this pose not shit. So I am not going to finish it. However, I promised you guys a finished image of ZSS so I will be working on a different pic of her, something more within the realm of my abilities.

Also, for those of you wondering, I am not going to launch the fanart poll anytime this month. It is a little too late and I don't wanna start charging people for some new thing when I already have other things I need to take care of before hand.

Thank you!

shortstacks_a.png practice_junk_a.png horse_girls_a.png Samus_Aran_sketch_c.png Samus_Aran_sketch_d.png Samus_Aran_sketch_e.png

May 2020 Recap

Mon Jun 1 22:05:31 2020

Everything posted in May contained in a zip, nothing secret here! Thank you all for your support! (d)

Saturday Sketch Dump 9

Sat May 30 22:04:29 2020

2 Samus doodles. Currently finishing up the ZSS pic, I really like the idea of giving her a sexy version of her jump boots from smash. I enjoyed doodling the armored pic but I am not going to finish it.

Samus_Aran_sketch_a.png Samus_Aran_sketch_b.png

Samus Aran won the poll!

Sun May 24 00:05:38 2020

I'll put something together, at least 1 full color pic. Poll was a lot of fun to setup and a huge learning experience for future polls. I was not expecting her to win, but this will be a fun challenge I think.


Saturday Sketch Dump 8

Sat May 23 23:31:07 2020

Vanessa feet and face practice stuff and 1 full figure Vanessa where I attempt to lock down her proportions. I really need to practice faces and heads more... I still don't feel like I REALLY know what I'm doing when I draw them. Even when I practice them it doesn't feel as constructive as when I practice anything else.

Vanessa_Practice_m.png Vanessa_Practice_n.png


Fri May 22 04:41:19 2020

Okay here are the 10 randomly selected characters from all of the approved characters you've submitted! Please note that you can vote for any number of characters you are interested in.

I'll keep this poll up for 24 hours, so 10pm PST tomorrow is when it will end. So far I have learned a ton about what I should do for any future polls, but if you guys have any feedback then let me know.

Huge thanks to all of you for your submissions and participation!

Saturday Sketch Dump 7

Sat May 16 22:34:41 2020

Doodle of Ishtar from the SMT games, some weird Monster Hunter anthros and some heel practice. I enjoy sketching/doodling in color, but when I practice stuff my brain wants to work in monochrome.

Hope you are all well and safe and as always thank you for your support!

smt_Ishtar.png monhunnies.png Hiiiigh_Heels.png

Vanessa Slingkini

Wed May 13 22:07:46 2020

I did this fast and loose in the stream yesterday. Let me know how you feel about this level of quality. A lot of people seemed to like it despite it not being as "clean" as other completed stuff. IDK maybe it is just me!

Vanessa_Microkini.png Vanessa_Slingkini.png Vanessa_Slingkini_sketches.png Vanessa_Microkini.png

Saturday Sketch Dump 6

Sat May 9 23:50:06 2020

I really like all of these, or at least the ones that look semi-completed. Future sketch dumps may be more practice oriented as opposed to full figures like these while I work through and finish what I've been workin on.

Also just a reminder, I try to stream regularly over at so feel free to stop by if you see me on there!

As always thank you for your support!

Vanessa_Practice_k.png Vanessa_Practice_l.png

Vanessa Tight Dress

Mon May 4 22:03:28 2020

One sketch completed! I spent a lot of time experimenting with different ideas that made this take longer than it should have, but I enjoyed working on it overall. I also included the different stages, so the original sketch and then the changes leading up to the final piece.

Vanessa_Tight_Dress.png Vanessa_Tight_Dress_sketches.png

Saturday Sketch Dump 5

Sat May 2 22:29:53 2020

Not a ton of stuff as I haven't been able to stream for the majority of last month. I have however been working on finishing the stuff you guys have made clear you wanna see finished. Those will roll out once I can say they are "done", though I may try some different things with a few of them.

Also I doodled a zombie monster.

Thank you for your support!!

Vanessa_Practice_i.png Vanessa_Practice_j.png 1_zombie_boi.png

April 2020 Recap

Fri May 1 22:15:24 2020

Everything posted in April. Mostly sketches from all the dumps and then the bunnygirl Vanessa pic. I wanted to get some of the sketches I've been working on finished and posted before the end of the month, but I don't want to rush them either.

As for the fanart poll, I am considering a test run to see how smoothly it goes before I actually launch into it. I'll post again when I am ready to do that!

Thank you for your support! (d)

Monthly Fanart Poll ~Test Run~

Thu May 21 00:48:17 2020

Before you do anything please read below!

As the title says this is a test run so everything will stay in the $1 tier for now. Should I start doing a real poll (earliest being June) voting will be put into a higher tier, most likely $5 like in the old poll.

Here's how it will work:

SUBMISSION: You submit up to 3 characters in the comment section. See rules below before submitting!

APPROVAL: I review and choose which characters I'd want to draw. I will tell you which of your submissions I approve of.

RANDOM SELECTION: All approved characters get added to a reserve list where I then pull 10 of them via random selection from all character on the reserve list.

POLL: The randomly selected 10 characters are put into a poll, you vote, only the 1st place winner gets drawn, at least 1 full color image of w/e kind of content I want to draw for them.

Character suggestion rules
-NO real people
-Females only
-Can be human, furry or otherwise
-18+ characters only

Character's name / what they are from

Princess Peach/ Super Mario Bros
Isabelle/ Animal Crossing
Black Diablos/ Monster Hunter

I'll leave this up for 24 hours, so you have until 6pm PST tomorrow to submit characters. The poll will go up once I am done filtering suggestions and stay up for another 24 hours. If this is fun for us then I may continue doing it in the future!


Saturday Sketch Dump 4

Sat Apr 25 20:25:49 2020

Every. Saturday.

More stuff from recent past streams. I am still working on other posted sketches, trying to get them into good places so I can finish them, but I have been generally unsatisfied. Right now there are so many sketches I am working on to finish... but its GOOD.

Stay safe out there and thank you for your support!

Vanessa_Practice_g.png Vanessa_Practice_h.png

Saturday Sketch Dump 3

Sat Apr 18 23:08:27 2020

The usual batch of ideas and practice stuff. I always try to do specific things with Vanessa's proportions but they are never quite what I want. I suppose it is just a part of the process and the more I draw her the closer I will get to what I want.

I also haven't had a chance to stream at all for the last week or so, but I will try to squeeze something in when as soon as I can. I have other life stuff going on (nothing bad!) that has distracted me.

Thank you for supporting my art and please stay safe out there!

Vanessa_Practice_f.png Vanessa_Practice_d.png Vanessa_Practice_e.png Vanessa_Practice_f.png Vanessa_Practice_f.png

Vanessa Bunnygirl Day 2020

Tue Apr 14 21:19:53 2020

A tad late, but I ended up spending WAY more time on this than I originally planned. I also included a super-difficult-to-make bare legs version and the WIP roughs that I had left over.

Anyway, hope you had a nice Easter Sunday now that its Tuesday! Thank you for your support as always and stay safe!

Vanessa_Easter2020_pantyhose.png Vanessa_Easter2020_roughs.png Vanessa_Easter2020_bare_legs.png Vanessa_Easter2020_bare_legs.png

Saturday Sketch Dump 2

Sun Apr 12 01:04:50 2020

While I haven't been terribly inspired to draw Vanessa in a bunny suit lately, I figured it best to share what I have been working on. Currently finishing up at least one for tomorrow.

Also, I like the idea of dumping sketches on Saturday so I think I'm going to roll with that. This way you guys can see what I've been working on more frequently and I can hear your input!

As always thank you for your support!!

Vanessa_Easter2020a.png Vanessa_Bunnygirl_Day_2020a.png Vanessa_Bunnygirl_Day_2020b.png Vanessa_Easter2020b.png

Saturday Sketch Dump 1

Sun Apr 5 00:21:52 2020

A few of the sketches I've done on stream, mostly practice stuff. I have more that i'll post in time, it takes awhile to organize all of this stuff considering its between multiple separate files. I plan on finishing some of these, or at least doing more with them, but wanted to share what I've been up to.

Thank you!

Vanessa_Practice_b.png Vanessa_Practice_a.png Vanessa_Practice_c.png

March 2020 Recap

Wed Apr 1 21:36:37 2020

A few things included. The Vanessa latex pic is in there since there was no recap for February. I also included the WIP sketches for the completed images since I just forgot to post them alongside the finished images. I'll be sure to include the WIP sketches in future completed image posts. Thank you for your support and stay safe! (d)

Yo, quick update!

Tue Mar 31 09:03:48 2020

Hello! I hope this message finds you well and safe in these strange, strange times.

So, I have been doing a lot of streaming and I have a bunch of sketches I need to dump. There's a few different things which I need to get organized before I can post them all, which I will do starting next month. If I keep on with the amount of streaming/practice/sketches I've been producing I'll start dumping more frequently, maybe weekends or something. As for the fanart poll I'd like to set it up to launch come May if all goes well, I just want to spend a little more time figuring art things out.

Anyway, thank you for your support and stay safe!

Vanessa Stream Bath

Wed Mar 25 22:07:56 2020

Spent way more time on this than I planned to, but I think it turned out nice enough! I was also planning on using this as a stream pic but ehhhhhhh probably not.


Serenya Lingerie

Sun Mar 8 00:40:40 2020

Pic of SilenceSoLoud's OC Serenya in her lingerie. Wanted to draw her awhile back but didn't have the chance. This is supposed to be a sort of follow up to another much older pic I did of her, but with an updated design to her lingerie.

Serenya_Thongbooty.png Serenya_Lingerie.png

Vanessa Short Hair Latex 2

Sat Feb 29 22:43:22 2020

Similar to another pic I did of her in latex, but I wanted to draw this type of leg pose. I always have problems with it, heels and legs at this specific angle ALWAYS give me problems. I may do more of this pose since I feel like it always needs more practice.

Also I will not be doing a recap pack tomorrow since I already did that huge recap earlier in the month. This will be included in the recap after next, along with w/e else I do in March!

As always thank you for your support!!


All 2018 Commissions Recap Pack

Sun Feb 23 03:05:04 2020

A 188mb zip with all of the commissions I did from the April 2018 batch! I wanted to do a recap since I was not producing enough things on a monthly basis to warrant the usual monthly recap, which I think will change in future months.

This pack includes:
-All sketch commissions from 2018 until now
-All full color commissions from 2018 until now

The pack does not include:
-Anything secret
-WIP sketches

Thank you so much!! (d)

All commissions are completed. We did it everyone.

Sat Feb 22 02:09:51 2020

I want to compile them all into a zip and post them as a "recap" but it might be too fucking big.

Anyway, thank you all for sticking around and supporting me while I worked through my huge batch of poorly planned out commissions. I have learned a lot about myself, my limitations and (a little) about art. I will never take this many commissions again, maybe small batches but that will be a long time from now on a horizon I cannot even imagine.

What's next on the agenda:

-Streaming more often
-Drawing Vanessa
-Practicing stuff
-Build my new pc/learn new art program (probably CSP)
-Remake the fanart poll here on patreon (it will be different from what I originally did)

Feel free to ask questions if you have them, but above all else than you for your support.


Diana Workout Attire

Sat Feb 22 01:48:58 2020

Commission for Sixtytriggers over on twitter of their OC Diana in some aerobics attire. How can I say no to a leotard and stirrup thighhighs!?

Sketches are attached as well if you like that kinda stuff!

Diana_Workout_Attire.png Diana_Workout_Attire_sketches.png

Fully Fashioned Stocking Feet

Wed Feb 12 00:01:09 2020

Commission for Striker of their unnamed OC showing off her stocking feet!

There are color alts as per the commissioner's request as well as the usual roughs, though I didn't seem to have as many difficulties as usual with the early stages of this one.

Striker_OC_nude.png Striker_OC_black.png Striker_OC_white.png Striker_OC_sketches.png

Halla Bunnygirl Feet

Fri Jan 31 22:41:45 2020

Commission for @ShivsWriting over at twitter of their OC Halla in a bunnysuit! Sketches are attached as well.

There are only 3 commissions left, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! As always thank you for your support while I work through what I need to do.

Halla_Bunnysuit.png Halla_Bunnysuit_sketches.png

Preparing Peach

Sun Jan 19 01:38:05 2020

Peach comm for @DeswinStens on twitter. I hit a lot of walls with this one but I am really happy with the end result so I hope you like it too!

You can see all the iterations and WIP sketches attached as well. Thank you for your support!

Preparing_Peach.png Preparing_Peach_sketches.png Preparing_Peach_sketches3.png Preparing_Peach_sketches2.png

Nisha Booty

Sat Jan 11 23:58:53 2020

Commission for PocketSand over on twitter of their OC Nisha and her tanline butt!

Nisha_Booty.png Nisha_Booty_sketches.png

Silvy Boobs Out

Mon Dec 30 00:45:37 2019

Commission for Shadowknux over on twitter of their elf babe Silvy.

I actually finished this awhile ago but caught up in the holidays! As always sketches are attached as well if you're into that.

Thank you for your support!

Silvy_Boobs_Out.png Silvy_Boobs_Out_sketches.png

Merry Christmas!!

Tue Dec 24 21:54:23 2019

And Happy Holidays to you!

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you all that your support has meant a lot to me during the last year+ of me grinding through my commissions. I am happy to say that I am very close to the end of this batch and will finally be able to shift my focus onto other exciting and more personal things.

Thank you again for your support and I hope you are safe and happy during this holiday season!

Syndra Legs Up

Wed Dec 4 00:15:45 2019

Syndra comm of her butt, legs and feet! The helmet is a nightmare don't it! Sketches are attached as well of course.

Thank you for your support!

Syndra_Legs_Up.png Syndra_Legs_Up_sketches.png

Lana Lingerie

Thu Nov 14 22:25:11 2019

Commission for Intrigue 3D over at twitter of their OC Lana.

The WIP sketches are attached as well. Thank you!

Lana_Intrigue.png Lana_Intrigue_sketches.png

Bellamorte Booty

Fri Nov 1 00:25:09 2019

Commission for Ghostofsmut of their vampire babe Bellamorte.

The rough sketches are attached as well if you feel so inclined.

As always thank you and I hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!!

Bellamorte_Booty.png Bellamorte_Booty_sketches.png

Ashtoreth Booty

Sat Oct 5 01:24:21 2019

Commission for @ash_illacrimo of their OC Ashtoreth. Shes CUTE.

Also as a side note this commission went SUPER smooth. I'm happy with how it turned out and only ran into a handful of problems that were quickly figured out. All in all a good feel.

Ashtoreth_Booty.png Ashtoreth_sketches.png

Ironscale Shyvana Bunnysuit

Sat Sep 28 22:16:22 2019

Commission for anon. Its suppose to be the Iron Scale Shyvana skin but also shes wearing a bunnysuit!

Shyvanna_Bunnysuit.png Shyvanna_sketches1.png Shyvanna_sketches2.png Shyvana_Bunnysuit.png Shyvana_sketches1.png Shyvana_sketches2.png

Lyvess Lingerie

Sun Sep 1 03:03:47 2019

Commission for TheEmmit over on twitter of their OC Lyvess. Included the WIP roughs as well as per usual. Tried to do a pose that I wasn't super sure about and when it came time to line and finish her I started running into problems. Really should stay in my comfort zone for commission stuff.

Lyvess_Lingerie.png Lyvess_sketch_1.png Lyvess_sketch_2.png

Viera Pinup

Fri Aug 2 01:05:56 2019

Pinup commission for of their Viera girl in some lingerie.

This pic is heavily influenced by the piece "Lola" by Gil Elvgren whom I am a big fan of. I am sure I will do other pieces in the future that will be influenced by their work.

Also this new gallery feature is nice, the sketches should be attached! Thank you!!

SirSaber_Viera_Pinup.png SirSaber_Viera_Pinup_sketch.png

Lillie Roughs

Mon Jul 1 21:45:55 2019

Sketches and parts from the Lillie comm. I have attached a few canvases showing my attempts at different poses, faces, boobs, hair, etcetc, so check em out if you're into that!

Lillie_Scraps1.png Lillie%20Scraps1.png Lillie%20Scraps2.png Lillie%20Scraps3.png Lillie%20Scraps4.png Lillie%20Scraps5.png Lillie%20Scraps6.png Lillie%20Scraps7.png Lillie%20Scraps8.png

Lillie Bedtime

Mon Jul 1 05:50:07 2019

Commission for Tiny Behemoth over on twitter of their demon girl Lillie! I included some of the color alts done in the stream as well.

I did not include the wip/process roughs as there is an absurd amount which I will have to sit down and organize tomorrow for its own post (maybe even posts, shits out of control). Expect that to be dumped tomorrow!

As always thank you for your support!

Lillie_Bedtime.png Lillie%20Bedtime.png Lillie%20Bedtime%20purple.png Lillie%20Bedtime%20white.png Lillie%20Bedtime%20green.png Lillie%20Bedtime%20red.png Lillie%20Bedtime%20pink.png

Sab and Tay Tropical Bar

Tue May 14 05:11:51 2019

Sabrith is the redhead and Tayelle is the pink haired twintails, just for clarification. I attached the many wip sketches that I had left over (as well as a swimsuit alt).

This commission went in a few different directions over the course of its completion and while I am happy with this end result I have learned that I need to practice duo character poses more often before I ever do something with multiple characters again.

I STILL have commissions left over that I am working on. I appreciate you for hangin around and supporting me while I work through things. Thank you so very much!!

Sabrith_Tayelle_seated.png Sabrith%20Tayelle%20seated.png Sabrith%20Tayelle%20seated%20swimsuits.png Sabrith%20Tayelle%20sketch.png

Emily Office

Sat Mar 30 05:13:34 2019

Anonymous commission of a dog girl named Emily in some office attire. The work flow sketches are attached as well if you're interested!

Emily_Office.png Emily%20Office.png Emily%20Office%20sketch.png

Karla Slut Leash

Fri Mar 1 02:03:36 2019

Glaceon girl Karla wearing her usual attire. Commission for Lucho.

I also attached the wip sketches. There were a lot of reiterations as I couldn't make up my mind with how I wanted to pose her or what I wanted to dress her in. Decided it was best to put her in some tall pleaser heels and skimpy bikini.

Karla_Slut_Leash.png Karla%20Slut%20Leash.png Karla%20Slut%20Sketches.png

Rose Punk

Wed Jan 30 02:39:47 2019

Commission for Mr. Hide of their OC Rose in some punk attire. I also included the wip sketches below if those are your thing. Thank you as always for your support.

Rose_Punk.png Rose%20Punk.png Rose%20Punk%20sketch.png

Kasuga Poledance

Sun Dec 16 00:03:23 2018

Commission for Lewdori of Kasuga from Sengoku Basara.

Included the WIP roughs I did instead of making it a separate post.

Thank you!!

Kasuga_Pole.png Kasuga%20Pole.png Kasuga%20sketches.png

Vanessa Poll (Just curious I ain't drawin anything just yet)

Thu Dec 13 03:06:15 2018

I am curious, how would you feel about Vanessa being lewder than just pinups? I really like her as she is, but I'm curious what you guys think. I'm not saying I will ever draw this kind of stuff, but I would appreciate your feedback!

You can select more than one option so select all that apply.

Thank you!! More art soon sorry for the slow content D;

October + November Recap Pack

Sun Dec 2 02:29:24 2018

Everything posted between October and November, as there was no recap posted for October due to pausing patreon and being sick.

Thank you for your support! (d)

Bun Fluffs Lusts Longingly in Lingerie

Sat Dec 1 22:20:07 2018

Commission for @wildstarbunny of their OC Bun Fluffs waiting for her man in some lingerie.

Bun_Fluffs_Lingerie.png Bun%20Fluffs%20Lingerie.png

Dry month of WIP Sketches + general update

Mon Nov 26 02:22:36 2018

First of all, thank you to everyone that has been waiting patiently for new content and those that sent me well wishes to me when I was sick, I really appreciate knowing that you guys care about my well being.

That being said I've attached a zip with the wip sketches of things I've worked on over the last 46~ days, not including commissions that are still pending.

Most of the zip is sketches of the above pose which was my attempt to essentially force a pose showing Vanessa's feet, booty, breasts and face as well as giving her a flat bangs hairstyle (a hairstyle I have learned I don't actually know how to draw). Long story short, I obsessed over this for roughly 5 weeks, often restarting the piece to fix anatomical problems well after I had gotten done with the lines and rendering. What I should have done was contacted the commissioner as soon as I had felt this bizarre perfectionist feeling and been more transparent with the difficulties I had, because once I finally did they told me to try something else and do what feels best.

So the end result was the the Vanessa Nude Resort piece from earlier today where shes laying on her side, a pose I initially told the commissioner I would have problems with but turned out better than the above pose ever could at my current level. I have no idea what I was thinking at the time, maybe I thought I could do something more interesting with the above pose or maybe I felt like I needed to show more of the breasts/face/etc? This obsessiveness to get things to be as good as I can make them often makes me blind to the fact that I don't know how to do certain things and that I REALLY shouldn't attempt them with commissions.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think about this stuff/mindset if anything and as always thank you for your support!

vanessa_tropical_sketches3.png (d)

Vanessa Nude Resort

Sun Nov 25 23:51:41 2018

This was commissioned by @DEADMANART so a huge thanks to them for funding a piece featuring my OC!

Vanessa lounging at some tropical resort. I wanted to put her in one of those indoor-outdoor settings where they have those fancy beds, but it was difficult to make the large pillow shes laying against look elaborate. Ah well next time.

Vanessa_laying_side_nude.png Vanessa%20laying%20side%20nude.png

Cassandra Lingerie

Tue Oct 9 21:10:25 2018

Commission for MrSithums of their OC Cassandra in lingerie!

Cassandra_lingerie.png Cassandra%20lingerie.png

Jam Kuradoberi sketches

Fri Oct 5 00:49:54 2018

Workflow sketches for the Jam piece complied onto one canvas.

There were a lot of changes throughout, mostly with her arms/head, but other major considerations were her dress, looping hair style, and serving platter. While I am happy with how this piece turned out, I learned a lot about the weak areas I have what I need to work on, like the range of motion for arms, arm anatomy, shoulders, necks and how the pelvis tilts. This piece also had a lot of torsion which isn't something I am particularly confident about, despite drawing it often.

Anyway, I'll be posting these sketches as I complete the remaining commissions, so I appreciate you guys for your support while I do so. Thank you!

Jam_sketches.png Jam%20sketches.png

Jam Kuradoberi Waitress

Fri Oct 5 00:00:17 2018

Commission for Amadeus of Jam from Guilty Gear. This version of her design is based off of some older concept art as opposed to her in game design.

Thick_Jam.png Thick%20Jam.png

September Recap Pack

Mon Oct 1 16:24:47 2018

The few pieces finished in September! I did not include the workflow compilation from yesterday, but I may post more of those in the future as some people are into that kinda stuff and it just requires that I don't delete it.

As always thank you for your support! (d)

Requested workflow examples

Sun Sep 30 23:39:41 2018

Some of the various stages/sketches/roughs/workflow for the commissions I've completed that have been requested! There would be far more, as I usually have to do multiple iterations before I am happy with it, but I usually do not save this sort of stuff, sorry!!

-When I start an image I begin with a silhouette or vague form and erase some parts as a guideline. The blue and the beige silhouettes are an example of this.

-Next I will rough in some kind of sketch on top of the silhouette, focusing on anatomical structure and proportion.

-From there I'll rough in the most relevant details, the parts that the commissioner wants to see and that matter most to distinguishing the character. Examples of this include: the facial expression, clothing, weaponry, hands/feet, hair, etcetc. This is hands down the most frustrating and necessary part of the piece as it is where problems are illuminated and poses are broken often resulting in an overhaul of what I am working on. It is a huge time sink for me, but I am unsure how to work otherwise to reach the same results. At the end of this point in my workflow, the "sketch" is done and ready to be lined and colored (which is a whole other section of nonsense).

This has been my workflow for quite some time, and while it may seem overly complicated or... anal... I've realized that it gives me the best results! Sorry for the wall of text and I hope this has been somewhat interesting to you!! Thank you!!


Druid Elf Ehnwy

Mon Sep 24 20:45:51 2018

Commission, but the commissioner remains private.

Ehnwy is a half-elf, half-giant druid. I really enjoyed working on this and I feel it turned out especially well. I hope you like it too!


Velvet in Heat

Thu Sep 20 19:57:28 2018

Commission for 1uped of their anthro horse girl OC Velvet.

Velvet_in_Heat.png Velvet%20in%20Heat.png

Kage Kimono Booty

Tue Sep 18 01:01:14 2018

Commission for Nomidae of their OC Kage.

Kage_Kimono_Booty.png Kage%20Kimono%20Booty.png

August Recap

Sat Sep 1 23:23:36 2018

All works posted in August! I still have commissions left over that I am working on, but I appreciate you guy's for supporting me while I try to finish all them! (d)

Sally Anne Feet

Thu Aug 30 02:26:36 2018

Commission for @1nt3r1m of their OC Sally Anne.

Sally_Anne_Feet.png Sally%20Anne%20Feet.png

Cizi Space Booty

Wed Aug 22 00:34:01 2018

Commission for Cizi

Cizi_Spacesuit_Booty.png Cizi%20Spacesuit%20Booty.png

Ruby Lounge

Thu Aug 9 21:39:34 2018

Commission for Alandra of their OC Ruby.

Ruby_Lounge.png Ruby%20Lounge.png

Gladiator Juno

Wed Aug 1 21:47:03 2018

Commission for Azi of their fresh OC Juno. This is the first image of her, but I enjoyed putting her together and working out the details.

Juno_Gladiator.png Juno%20Gladiator.png

June + July Recap

Wed Aug 1 21:20:53 2018

Recap of the images from June + July that were posted in those months. Full color commissions are taking me forever to complete, so thank you for your patience and support while I work out my weird issues!! (d)

Nora Lingerie

Fri Jul 27 02:37:48 2018

Commission for Roku of their cute elf OC Nora in some lingerie!

Nora_Lingerie.png Nora%20Lingerie.png

Ming Ming Vertical Splits

Tue Jul 17 00:05:14 2018

Commission for @LightningKimba of their shortstack Pokemon trainer OC Ming Ming showing us how flexible she is!

MingMing_leg_lift.png MingMing%20leg%20lift.png

Urma Curls

Sun Jun 24 22:32:10 2018

Commission for yukisami of their OC Urma.

Urma_Curls.png Urma%20Curls.png

Yuki Bust

Fri Jun 15 03:41:53 2018

Commission for Evov of their OC Yuki!

Yuki_busty.png Yuki%20busty.png

May Recap Pack

Fri Jun 1 22:40:30 2018

All art posted in May. Mostly sketch comms and then of course the one full color comm I managed to finish before the end of the month.

Speaking of full color comms, I will be reaching out to people that got slots for full color comms throughout this month with either rough poses or questions if I have them. Thank you for waiting!

As always thank you for your support! (d)

Mistress Jocelyn

Fri Jun 1 00:19:18 2018

Full color comm for stongey of their mean mistress elf Jocelyn.

Mistress_Jocelyn.png Mistress%20Jocelyn.png

Marie Cherry Pie

Fri Jun 1 00:12:12 2018

Sketch comm that I had not posted due to some communication issues, but everything is all good so here she is!!

OC belongs to chocolettestarfish!

Marie_Cherry_Pie.png Marie%20Cherry%20Pie.png

Shiny Chariot Booty

Sat May 19 23:29:53 2018

Sketch comm of Shiny Chariot from LWA and her butt.

Shiny_Chariot_Booty.png Shiny%20Chariot%20Booty.png

Vessa Morr'v Twi'lek BOOTY

Sat May 19 23:23:09 2018

Sketch comm for Evo of his Twi'lek girl Vessa.

Vessa_Morrv_Booty.png Vessa%20Morr%27v%20Booty.png

Kiss-Shot Thong

Sat May 19 23:16:23 2018

Sketch comm of Kiss-shot with a huge booty and too-small thong.

Kissshot_Thong.png Kissshot%20Thong.png

Kiki Thongstrapping

Sat May 19 23:10:55 2018

Sketch comm for Delita of their short and thick OC Kiki.

Kiki_Thongstrapping.png Kiki%20Thongstrapping.png

Yael Sweater Puppies

Sat May 19 23:05:31 2018

Sketch comm for kazanhouse of their OC Yael.

Yael_Sweater_Puppies.png Yael%20Sweater%20Puppies.png

Tallyndra Tavern Tease

Sat May 19 23:03:34 2018

Sketch comm for reddragonroyale of their OC Tallyndra.

Tallyndra_Tavern.png Tallyndra%20Tavern.png

April Recap Pack

Tue May 1 19:24:24 2018

Everything posted in April! Includes the sketches that got dumped from last month too, along with the commissions that have been posted so far.

Thank you for your support! (d)


Wed Apr 25 00:15:47 2018

Sketch comm for cinnamon-suncat of their miqo'te Syrena.


Kaylena Buttlift

Wed Apr 25 00:08:45 2018

Sketch comm for superbgentlemanwolf of their OC Kaylena.

Kaylena_Buttlift.png Kaylena%20Buttlift.png

Saeb Bathing

Wed Apr 25 00:06:30 2018

Sketch comm for Jaegertango of their elf bathing.

Saeb_Bathing.png Saeb%20Bathing.png

Rayla Creampie

Tue Apr 24 23:55:29 2018

Sketch comm for rex501st​ on tumblr of their OC Rayla

Rayla_Creampie.png Rayla%20Creampie.png

Calynne Thong

Wed Apr 18 18:44:15 2018

Sketch comm for naughtyshannanigans


Jalter Feet

Wed Apr 18 18:22:10 2018

Sketch comm

Jalter_Feet.png Jalter%20Feet.png


Wed Apr 18 18:13:27 2018

Sketch comm for demschai


Commissions are now Closed!

Sat Apr 14 06:29:37 2018

Thank you so much to those that submitted a form, I will be reviewing them over the next 2-3 days and replying with emails regardless of my decision.

There were many more forms submitted this round than ever before, so it may take some time to even respond to them all. I appreciate your patience as I work all of this out!

Thank you again!!

Commissions Are Open

Mon Apr 9 23:28:58 2018

-You will need imgur/direct image links for your character/pose images.
-It is not first come first serve, so take your time in filling it out.
-I’m keeping them open until Friday 13th at the latest
-This is my first time using google forms, so please bear with me!

If you have questions feel free to email/dm me but I am only accepting commissions through the form system this round so please do not request a commission through furaffinity’s note system or some other site that I don’t check often!!

Thank you for your time!


Vanessa Slingbacks

Sat Apr 7 20:38:26 2018

All her shoes are gold! Ran a poll when I was streaming this for what she should be wearing and "just her heels" won. Thank you guys for your support, I aim to finish some other Vanessa pics soon!

Vanessa_Slingbacks.png Vanessa%20Slingbacks.png

Easter Sketch Dump

Sun Apr 1 23:04:15 2018

A few Easter themed sketches! Nothin too fancy but a bit more polished than the usual sketches since I want to do a monochrome style like the above image for when I open comms soon. Thank you guys for supporting and I hope you have a chill Easter!

Vanessa_Bunny_Soles.png (d)

March Sketch Dump

Sun Apr 1 22:48:22 2018

All the roughs/doodles/sketches from March. Should include WIP's for the lounge pic, some general practice stuff and some stuff I really want to finish (like the above epic, but maybe different hair). I did not include the Easter related things because I'ma batch those in a minute, nor did I include the shortstack I've been poorly attempting to create since she ain't ready yet.

As I mentioned in the previous post I'm gonna try to post this type of content throughout the month/before its over as opposed to a large batch dump after the fact. We'll see how it goes!

sketch_pompprepared.png (d)

March Art Recap Pack

Sun Apr 1 22:24:11 2018

Okay so, its the lounging pic and I apparently posted the sketches from February in March, so they're in there too.

I'll be posting the sketches from March in a minute, but for April I'm gonna try to post w/e sketch work I do either as I go or a day or two before the month is over, because this is getting kinda silly...

As always, thank you for your support! (d)

Vanessa Lounge

Tue Mar 20 21:07:48 2018

Big Vanessa pic where I wanted to just draw her on her side, but then it turned into me trying out a bunch of different things. Anyway, hope you guys like how she turned out and thank you as always for your support!!

Vanessa_Lounge.png Vanessa%20Lounge.png

Vanessa February Sketches

Thu Mar 1 22:22:46 2018

Roughs/doodles/sketches of Vanessa from February. I hope you guys like these and thank you for your support!

Vanessa_Feb_Sketches_Lipstick.png (d)

February Art Recap Pack

Thu Mar 1 21:25:50 2018

Small pack, just the two Vanessa pics + color alts.

Febrruary wasn't nearly as productive as I wanted it to be, at least for completed images. I do have a few roughs/sketches that I'll be dumping shortly in a separate post, but overall I was spending way too much time on one thing or the other only to ultimately get frustrated and abandon the piece. Long story short, I am never satisfied with my art but I know you guys like my stuff enough to follow and support and I need to focus more on that than my own dissatisfaction. SO thank you very much for your support and for reading lol. (d)

Stick em up!

Thu Mar 1 04:27:27 2018

Some Vanessa + alternate lingerie colors that peeps asked for in the stream. Overall, I'm not super satisfied with how this turned out, but this month has been a slog only for me to end up being unsatisfied with everything, and I wanted to post something other than the short haired pic. Hope you guys like em and I appreciate your support.

Vanessa_Legs_Upxred.png Vanessa%20Legs%20Upxred.png Vanessa%20Legs%20Upxpurple.png Vanessa%20Legs%20Upxvanilla.png Vanessa%20Legs%20Upxblack.png Vanessa%20Legs%20Upxbrown.png

Vanessa Stream

Wed Feb 28 00:09:20 2018

streamin a thing I been workin on, come watch as I attempt to finish it!

bw0Nn5k_aC5-6cJvM95FY1yfuwy9TY-9PE0TNtZ3411EIrc0nTTkK3DGBTG-jJRm.jpe (d)

Vanessa Short Hair and Latex

Thu Feb 15 01:29:42 2018

Finished the old short haired Vanessa sketch after reworking some of the issues I had with it. I got some other things I'm working on, that I wanted to have done for today, but I'll post them once they're ready. Thanks for your support, your suggestions with the monthly post and your patience!

(also happy Valentines Day!!)

Vanessa_Short_Hair_Latex.png Vanessa%20Short%20Hair%20Latex.png

Vanessa Monthly Suggestions!

Sat Feb 3 23:28:26 2018

Okay! Overwhelmingly, the poll has resulted in that you would be interested in submitting your Vanessa related ideas/requests/suggestions for me to pick at my leisure, thank you for voting! I'd like to try one here and see how it pans out...

Here's how it works

1. Post your idea/request/suggestions in the comments below.

2. Give me a brief description of what you have in mind (i.e. "Vanessa in sexy lingerie!" or "Please finish this sketch of Vanessa you did!")

3. Please link any relevant reference images! This includes things like the pose, the attire, or if you want me to complete a sketch then a screen shot of it will do!

I am excited to see what you guys have in mind and thank you so much for your participation and support! (also feel free to pm me if you are unsure of things, i'll respond once I can)

Vanessa polls/suggestions?

Sat Feb 3 01:20:43 2018

So, would you be interested in periodically suggesting poses, outfits, and/or ideas (maybe even a sketch you'd want to see me finish) for me to draw in regards to my OC Vanessa? Maybe once a month I'll ask for suggestions? If so would you prefer I choose at my leisure or should the best suggestions be chosen through a patron paid exclusive poll?

Naturally there are some things regarding Vanessa that I have no interest in doing, like hardcore and nudity, but I'd like to give those of you who are gracious enough to support me some engagement in my art outside of just giving me your money.

I'll keep this poll open for maybe a day, so lemme know what you guys think, either through your vote or in the comments below as I am very interested! Thank you for your time and support!!

January Recap Pack

Thu Feb 1 22:30:35 2018

Here's the stuff posted from January!

I've been spending a lot of time trying to figure out how certain things work and making example pieces for the commission form I've been getting ready. I'll be sharing the practice stuff that didn't get posted in January soon as well as the commission form roughs from the examples I've been trying to make nice.

Thank you all for your support!! (d)

Vanessa Sketch Dump

Thu Jan 11 04:21:33 2018

Okay here are all of the Vanessa sketches I've been hoarding! The zip should include: the outfit raffles, the latex devil sketches, some dumb 4th of july things and then all of the practice/roughs that I still had saved. Sorry it took this long but I was unsure if I was going to finish some of them... which I still might.

In the future I'll try to share this stuff more often instead of trashing it as I know some of you like seeing it and can't always make it to the streams. Thanks for your support!!

Vanessa_short_hair.png (d)

Latex Glaceon Karla

Thu Jan 11 01:15:19 2018

Wanted to draw some latex on my buddy Lucho's glaceon girl Karla. Hope you guys like it!

Karla_Latex_Dress.png Karla%20Latex%20Dress.png

Serenya Stocking Feet

Fri Jan 5 22:43:07 2018

A gift for SilencesoLoud of their OC Serenya

Serenya_feets.png Serenya%20feets.png

December Recap Pack

Mon Jan 1 21:12:02 2018

The few things I posted in December. I only seemed to post completed works this month, so I'll try to bundle up some of the sketches and things I have laying around that I know a lot of you have been waiting patiently for. As always thank you for your support and happy new year!! (d)

Vanessa WP

Mon Jan 1 04:08:10 2018

I made this as a WP for myself because I love my own OC too much I guess.

Also happy new year hope you guys have (or maybe "had" for some of you) a safe and fun one!!

Vanessa_layingside.png Vanessa%20layingside.png


Tue Dec 12 07:25:02 2017

Some Rosalina but thicker and also she has huge boob. There is also a tanline alt attached.

Thank you for your support!

Rosalina.png Rosalina.png Rosalina%20Tan.png

Nov Art Recap

Fri Dec 1 21:26:07 2017

All the stuff posted in November! Not a whole lotta stuff compared to previous months but that's a product of the downsize and the focus on completing the pending commissions. Anywho, Thank you everyone for your support and I am looking forward to drawing more this month! (d)

Vanessa Bodysuit Bend

Fri Dec 1 08:30:01 2017

Vanessa is a tease but that is why I love her!

Side note: sorry this month has been pretty barren. I got super focused on the commissions I had left over from months ago and really wanted to knock them out. Once I finished the last one I just felt creatively burnt out, which is really REALLY bad. I'll be posting the recap pack tomor- later today. Thank you everyone for your support!!!

Vanessa_Bend.png Vanessa%20Bend.png

Vanessa Stream

Wed Nov 29 23:36:24 2017

Gonna draw for maybe an hour or two, nothing specific other than Vanessa. Come chill if you wanna no pressure.

p8Vd3EFXQIHX2TS9n-6KNR_gsE1dviOhXP73-IE-VVjHjeKiQ0Yvq0enA9TL7cM9.jpe (d)

Taimanin Isane Footjob

Mon Nov 27 20:23:14 2017

Commission for Sting of Isane from Bleach. We decided to put her in a sort of anti demon ninja suit like that of the Taimanin series.

Edit: I don't know why but I tried to attach the file (which is a png as usual) and when downloading it results in some really weird file download totally unrelated to it, as if it were corrupted or something. I tried deleting the original png and re-saving if from the original sai file, but it came up with the same issue. It must be something on patreon's end, ill try to re attach the file another time.


Miqote Stocking Feet

Fri Nov 17 00:22:39 2017

Commission for SirSaber of their miqote girlie in some black and white lingerie!

Miqote_Stocking_Feet.png Miqote%20Stocking%20Feet.png

Patreon Poll Sketches

Tue Nov 7 20:11:58 2017

Various left over sketches/roughs from past poll winners. These wont apply to ALL past winners, as I only doodled out a few pics for certain characters. There are more in the attached zip. As always thank you so much for your support!

Wicke_sketches.png (d)


Mon Nov 6 20:15:43 2017

A few different things. I need to round up all the sketches and shit I've got floating around and I have some things I wanna figure out. Come chill if you want but you aint gotta.

cleP620aw0jfsyePF38d4ycypk7mMCLdP0Tx6OTVRSavSCIBrGEViOTcXS20Oz0K.jpe (d)

Milaska Tease

Mon Nov 6 20:05:40 2017

Comm for yukisami of their dark elf OC Milaska and her opaque stocking feet!

milaska_feet.png milaska%20feet.png

October PSD and Sai Files

Wed Nov 1 20:30:15 2017

The working files for Lulu/Morrigan in psd and sai format. I gotta share them like this because I cannot send direct messages to the people that were in the appropriate tiers as those tiers no longer exist. Thank you~


Oct Art Recap Pack

Wed Nov 1 20:06:37 2017

All the stuff I posted from October. I didn't post the sketches I have on hand in Oct (like I planned) so i'll most likely dump some this month, sorry they are taking forever! Anyway, thanks everyone! (d)

October Runner Up: Morrigan

Wed Nov 1 19:39:27 2017

Ahhhhh and here is Morrigan and her pantyhose bum! I hope you guys had a safe and fun Halloween D; Thank you so much for your support everyone and sorry this is a little late!

Morrigan_October_Poll.png Morrigan%20October%20Poll.png

October Poll Winner: Lulu

Tue Oct 31 21:02:33 2017

This took longer than expected but I hope you guys like it! Thank you for your support and i'll have Morrigan up in a few.

Lulu_October_Poll.png Lulu%20October%20Poll.png

Major Patreon Downsize

Sat Oct 28 20:58:15 2017

TL:DR- I am downsizing my patreon into a very simple tip jar, so please adjust your pledges accordingly and thank you for your support.

Long Version- This patreon was never suppose to be what it is now and I have been struggling the last 2 months or so to keep up. I originally wanted it to be an extra support outlet and place to safely host art but it has gotten out of hand. I also really want to focus on personal art and this is preventing me from doing that.

I will continue to offer the monthly art recap packs, as people seem to like when I bundle everything I did for that period together, but the monthly polls, requests, private streams and PSDs will no longer be offered. I know this will be a disappointment to some but this current format has become too overwhelming for me.

I will still be posting here and engaging patrons but not in the same rigid way. I really appreciate you guys for supporting me and I respect you if you feel the need to lower or pull your pledge.

If you have questions you can post in the comments, send me a PM, or even email me. Or if you wanna send me angry anon messages you can through tumblr.

Thank you for your support,

October Private Stream 2

Fri Oct 27 20:47:13 2017

Last batch for this month of request stuff. These... took a bit longer and came out a lot more polished than I had anticipated. Anyway, hope you guys like em and thank you for your support!

PS_October_Ceres.png PS%20October%20Ceres.png PS%20October%20Nneke.png PS%20October%20Niarri.png PS%20October%20Victoria.png PS%20October%20Hollie.png

Nona Feet

Thu Oct 19 01:04:25 2017

Comm for thatdamnedelf on tumblr of their dark elf girlie Nona!


October Private Stream Stuff

Thu Oct 12 23:27:45 2017

Doodads from the private stream consisting of a buncha cuties and I am totally not biased. Thanks for waiting and supporting me!

Also, a friend made a wallpaper version of the neon imp pic:

PS_October_Flurian.png PS%20October%20Flurian.png PS%20October%20Minerva.png PS%20October%20Neon%20Imp.png PS%20October%20Bernadette.png PS%20October%20Imari.png

October Monthly Character Poll Submission

Sun Oct 1 18:11:00 2017

Submit who you would like to see for this month's Character Poll in the comments below!

You can suggest up to two characters.

Please do not suggest characters from: Pokemon and/or Street Fighter as a character from each series placed last month.

Poll should go up on Tuesday the 3rd, thank you!

Sept Art Recap Pack

Sun Oct 1 00:56:08 2017

All the stuff from September. I have some other sketches and things that people have been asking about that I will post next month. Thank you everyone for your support and I will see you next month! (d)

September Runner Up: Menat

Sat Sep 30 23:40:23 2017

Note the butt shadow. Thanks for your support everyone, I hope you like this and I hope to deliver more nice things in the future!

Menat_September_Poll.png Menat%20September%20Poll.png

September Poll Winner: Wicke

Mon Sep 25 00:40:33 2017

Really happy with how this turned out and I hope you guys like Wicke and her kinda transparent skirt lol.

Wicke_September_Poll.png Wicke%20September%20Poll.png

Sept Private Stream 2

Wed Sep 20 01:33:47 2017

Second batch of pstream ladies with big b00b and butt.

PS_September_Eiris.png PS%20September%20Eiris.png PS%20September%20Mina%20Ashido.png PS%20September%20Lenea.png PS%20September%20Bryn.png PS%20September%20Emma.png

Sept Private Stream

Thu Sep 14 21:18:03 2017

Here are the pics from the first private stream for September. Thank you everyone for your support it means a lot to me :>>>

PS_September_Nina.png PS%20September%20Nina.png PS%20September%20Asta.png PS%20September%20Morganna.png PS%20September%20Angora.png PS%20September%20Midna.png

Nebet X Vanessa Foot Tease

Thu Sep 7 19:40:09 2017

Commission of SilenceSoLoud's Nebet with my Vanessa. Thank you so much!

Vanessa_X_Nebet_feet.png Vanessa%20X%20Nebet%20feet.png

September Monthly Character Poll Submissions

Fri Sep 1 19:48:21 2017

Submit who you would like to see for this month's Character Poll in the comments below!

You can suggest up to two characters.

Please do not suggest characters from: Bleach and/or Dragon's Crown as a character from each series placed last month.

Poll should go up on Sunday the 3rd, thank you!

August Art Recap Pack

Thu Aug 31 22:37:18 2017

Alright everyone, here's the month's recap. I wanted to get the pending feet comms in this month, but ended up getting caught up in patreon stuff so those will have to go up next month. Thank you all for supporting me and my love for creating boobs and butts. I hope we can continue to make nice things together! (d)

August Private Stream 2

Thu Aug 31 22:16:00 2017

Here's the second private stream stuff for August!

PS_August_Kyrie.png PS%20August%20Kyrie.png PS%20August%20Mari.png PS%20August%20Alexis.png PS%20August%20Sona.png PS%20August%20Freya%20Crescent.png

August Runner Up: Rangiku Matsumoto

Mon Aug 28 23:25:42 2017

More big tiddy, but it seemed appropriate for the character. Hope you guys like it!


August Private Stream

Sat Aug 19 03:16:51 2017

Hope you're all doin well! Here are the things from the first private stream of the month. Some poses were changed, but I think they all turned out pretty nice.

PS_July_Solitaria.png PS%20August%20Solitaria.png PS%20August%20Magisa.png PS%20August%20Leunra.png PS%20August%20Cecelia.png PS%20August%20Nico%20Robin.png

August Poll Winner: Sorceress

Sun Aug 13 19:23:00 2017

Big magical breasts!

Sorceress_August_Poll.png Sorceress%20August%20Poll.png

Feet Comms are Open!

Thu Aug 10 22:33:13 2017

Doing a small round of commissions (5 slots only), prioritizing feet this time.
If you are interested in commissioning me for that then review my info first

>>>>Commission Information<<<<

then email me at:
(please do not send me notes/asks/pms asking for commissions, email only)

I’m keeping this open for 24 hours and will check the emails after I close.

Thank you!

Vanessa Blue Lingerie

Thu Aug 10 21:08:43 2017

A pic I've been workin on on n off. Unrelated to patreon, but I hope you guys like it!


Dragon's Crown Sorc WIP

Wed Aug 9 02:31:38 2017

I like how this is and wanted to share, will prob look a bit different once its all done which should be soon!

Oh also for those that didn't see, she got 1st and Rangiku got second so this months poll stuff is gonna be a lot of big boobs.


I just want you guys to know...

Fri Aug 4 09:19:22 2017

that if you ever feel like my patreon and the art I'm producing for you isn't meeting your expectations to please feel welcome to tell me via a patreon private message or even an email. I will not make it public in any way and I will not hold it against you, I promise.

I'm always willing to hear your opinions, especially the negative or constructive kind! Thanks, I'll stop talking now and get some art posted up soon.

August Monthly Character Poll Submissions

Tue Aug 1 20:32:43 2017

Submit who you would like to see for this month's Character Poll in the comments below! Please do not suggest characters from Fire Emblem or Final Fight as a character from each series placed last month. Poll should go up on Thursday the 3rd, thank you!

July Art Recap Pack

Tue Aug 1 00:33:37 2017

Here's everything posted this month. Thank you guys for supporting me, it means a lot to me that you think my stuff is good enough for your money!! (d)

July Runner Up: Poison

Tue Aug 1 00:21:40 2017

There is the attached dong version as well. Hope you guys like them both!

Poison_July_Poll.png Poison%20July%20Poll.png Poison%20July%20Poll%20penus.png

July Poll Winner: Camilla

Tue Aug 1 00:18:17 2017

Thank you so much for your support everyone, as well as your patience.

I juggled various poses (which I wish I kept now) but realized the thing that matters most is the booty, so I really hope you like this big Camilla butt!!

Camilla_July_Poll.png Camilla%20July%20Poll.png

July Private Stream 2

Thu Jul 27 03:24:01 2017

Private stream doodles from last weekend. Hope you guys like them!

Also, I'm finishing up Camilla and she should be done and up within the next few days. Poison is actually more done than Camilla atm, but I am in a weird position with her where I want to be 100% sure she looks right before saying "she is done". Idk, a dumb problem a often face. Anyway thank you guys so much!!

PS_July_Issateh.png PS%20July%20Issateh.png PS%20July%20Cassandra.png PS%20July%20Sombra.png PS%20July%20Mama%20Shazryx.png PS%20July%20Mint.png

July Private Stream

Thu Jul 20 22:25:32 2017

Here's the stuff from the first private stream for July, hope you guys like em!

PS_July_Yoko.png PS%20July%20Yoko.png PS%20July%20Rei.png PS%20July%20Koko.png PS%20July%20Yulia.png PS%20July%20Feli.png

Charge Up Front

Tue Jul 11 20:54:47 2017

I've been given the option to switch to charge up front, which I will be doing after I make this post. Although it won't change anything if you are already a patron (you will still be charged at the beginning of the month) it will immediately charge new patrons should they decide to pledge. Either way I felt you guys should know! As always thank you everyone for your support!

If you would like more info you can find it here:

July 2nd Place Tie Breaker Poll

Thu Jul 6 22:36:40 2017

Camilla took 1st place but Amazon and Poison tied for second. SO here's the 24 hour tie breaker poll (ends July 7th at 4:30 PST). You can only vote for one so pick which of the two you'd wanna see more!!

America Day Vanessa

Wed Jul 5 02:36:01 2017

Happy 4th of July guys, hope you have fun and are safe!


July Character Fanart Poll

Mon Jul 3 21:33:54 2017

Poll will be up until the 6th at 3:30pm PST. As always, you can vote for more than one character but in the case of a tie there will be a 24 hour tie breaker poll. Thank you so much everyone!

July Character Suggestions

Sat Jul 1 16:50:32 2017

Submit who you would like to see for this month's Character Poll in the comments below! Please do not suggest Tiki or Kat. Poll should go up on Monday the 3rd.

June Art Recap Pack

Sat Jul 1 01:16:46 2017

Here's everything posted this month! Thank you guys for support meeee!!

June was concentrated garbage for me in so many ways, but I'm sure July will be infinitely better and I look forward to what we can accomplish together! (d)

Mama Kat and Tiki extras

Sat Jul 1 00:58:14 2017

Some other doodles of a milf version of Kat and some Tiki things.

Kat_rough1.png Kat%20rough1.png Tiki%20rough1.png Tiki%20rough2.png Kat%20rough2.png

June Runner Up: Tiki

Thu Jun 29 19:19:18 2017

Tiki is all set, I hope you guys like how she turned out!

Tiki_June_Poll.png Tiki%20June%20Poll.png

June Private Stream 2

Wed Jun 28 21:16:29 2017

Doodads from the private stream. There were a lot of really solid requests and I enjoyed working on these loose quick pics, but I had to limit how many I took so I apologize if your request didn't get picked this round!!

PS_June_Daemys.png PS%20June%20Daemys.png PS%20June%20Myserra.png PS%20June%20Rinko.png PS%20June%20Sithums.png PS%20June%20Lin.png PS%20June%20Serenya.png PS%20June%20Syndra.png

Private Stream Requests Go Here

Fri Jun 23 19:16:45 2017

-Put your request in the comments below!

-It can be anything, but I will choose the idea's I like best. Please keep that in mind.

-If your request is very specific please attach a link to any image references for characters/poses/attire etcetc.

-You do not have to attend the stream to make a request.

-Private Stream will be Sunday the 25th at 3:30 pm PST

Tiki WIP + Patreon changes!!

Fri Jun 23 06:35:51 2017

Still a good amount of work left on her but wanted to share with you guys what I have so far and talk a little bit about changes to the patreon.

SO! I'm removing the $30 tier private streams, moving private streams to the $10 tier and changing them into private sketch request streams. There's a lot of reasons for this, but it mainly has to do with patreon's rules. So if you chose to pledge $30 for the private streams then consider changing it to the $10 tier. If you are no longer interested in how the private streams will work and feel the need to pull your pledge completely, then I totally understand and appreciate your support until then!

I will have more info on how private streams will work under the patreon main info section and probably on the picarto page as well. Thank you guys for working with me and supporting me while I iron out the kinks in how this all works.


June Private Stream

Mon Jun 19 03:57:32 2017

OC owners/requester in order are:

Minamoto Terumi

Thank you so much for your support everyone! You guys keep me going ;u;

PS_June_Minamoto.png PS%20June%20Minamoto.png PS%20June%20AdrienVin.png PS%20June%20Whispers.png

More Kat

Mon Jun 19 02:11:26 2017

Did another Kat pic. Had the rough for this pose layin around and just decided to finish it. Tiki soon... hope you're staying cool wherever you are!

Kat_June_Poll_2.png Kat%20June%20Poll%202.png

June Poll Winner: Kat

Fri Jun 16 04:21:30 2017

Thanks so much for your guy's support and patience... the first half of this month has been bonkers, but that's another story. I hope you like this Kat piece tho!

Kat_June_Poll.png Kat%20June%20Poll.png

June Character Fanart Poll

Sat Jun 3 20:45:56 2017

Poll will be up until the 7th at 2:00pm. As always, you can vote for more than one character but in the case of a tie there will be a 24 hour tie breaker poll. Thank you so much everyone!

Keep in mind you can vote for more than one character, so vote on all the characters you think you'd like to see me draw!


Sat Jun 3 02:01:21 2017

A few things I wanna briefly talk about:

-I am feeling much better, still recovering but I should be well enough by tomorrow (pretty sure it was food poisoning). Thank you everyone for your well wishes!

-Character Poll should be up sometime tomorrow, so be sure to submit your character suggestions to the post before it goes up. Keep in mind you guys can suggest as many characters as you'd like, just be sure to include their source.

-I will now be holding a secondary "24hour tie breaker poll" when there is a character tie in the polls.

-Private streams will be bi-monthly (originally was just going to be once a month), first one for June is TBD.

Thank you!!

June Character Suggestions

Thu Jun 1 17:24:56 2017

Submit who you would like to see for this month's Character Poll in the comments below! Please do not suggest: Zero Suit Samus, Urbosa or Hexmaniac.

I will be starting the poll in a few days as I woke up this morning feeling very sick (im about to sleep after I post this) so ill talk to you guys again soon once I can keep my eyes open and solid food in my stomach. See you soon and thank you for your support!

May Art Recap Pack

Thu Jun 1 00:22:22 2017

Here's all the pieces I've done for May, Patreon funded or otherwise!

As always, thank you very much for your support. Patreon has been a ton of fun for me thus far and I look forward to future polls, streams, and booty art with you guys! (d)

May PSD/SAi Files

Thu Jun 1 00:10:26 2017

Thank you so much for your support and I hope you enjoy these!

Sai is recommended as I use Sai when I work.

As the files are too large to upload directly, I've prepared a dropbox link until I work out a better file management alternative:

I apologize for any inconvenience!


Wed May 31 00:03:27 2017

She tied with Hex Maniac for 2nd place in the May Poll.


May Private Stream ROUND 2 Stuff!

Mon May 29 03:01:20 2017

JohnDylena: Dominatrix Urbosa
Obstrepera: OC Tikaana
CarbyVIn: OC Adriane

As always thank you for your support and I hope to continue delivery the good stuff!

PS_May_John_Dylena.png PS_May_John_Dylena.png PS_May_Obstrepera.png PS_May_AdrienVin.png

Private Stream Round 2

Sat May 27 22:05:32 2017

For those of you that maybe didn't get the direct messages, but the private stream is up. Raffle starts at 3:30 PST.

Private Stream ROUND 2

Wed May 24 23:49:45 2017

Holding another private stream this Saturday the 27th at 3pm PST (raffle starts at 3:30pm PST). If you got something last round you are welcome to come hangout but you cannot enter until the following month! Thanks again for your support and I hope to see you there!

Hex Maniac

Wed May 24 20:38:11 2017

2nd place for the May poll.

Hex_May_Poll.png Hex_May_Poll.png

May Poll Winner: Samus

Mon May 22 20:05:06 2017

Its like the suit is some kinda body condom! There's a creampie variant attached too.

Samus_May_Poll.png Samus_May_Poll.png Samus_May_Poll_Creampie.png

$500 Goal Reached!!

Sat May 20 22:59:52 2017

Thank you so much to all of you for your support! I did not expect to reach my goal in my first month, I am extremely flattered you all like what I do this much!!

That being said, as Urbosa and Hex Maniac tied for 2nd place I'll be cookin up at least 1 image for each of them before the end of the month.

Thank you again guys, I will continue to do my best!!

May Private Stream Stuff!

Sat May 20 03:07:40 2017

SilenceSoLoud : OC Cayrah
Krow: OC Toria
Sting: Olivier Armstrong

Thanks for your support everyone, and hope to see you next private stream!

PS_May_Silencesoloud.png PS_May_Silencesoloud.png PS_May_Krow.png PS_May_Sting.png

Private Stream May 2017

Fri May 19 19:54:31 2017

Here is the private stream link!

Starts at 1pm pst, but the raffles begin at 1:30. Thank you so much and hope to see you there!

Private Stream Reminder!!

Fri May 19 00:16:49 2017

It's gonna be tomorrow (Friday) at 1pm PST, but I wont start the first segment for about 30mins, or until I think everyone is there. If you can't make it on time still try to come by even if its late, you might be able to make it into the later segments. Hope to see you there and thank you for your support!!

Samus WIPs

Thu May 18 21:31:08 2017


May poll winner: Zero Suit Samus!!

Wed May 17 20:38:01 2017

I'll be streaming her later today or tomorrow, so I'll hope to see you guys there! Thank you so much everyone!

Private Stream Date/Time?

Sat May 13 23:39:34 2017

Does Friday the 19th at approximately 1pm PST work for you Booty LEGENDS?

If not, PLEASE tell me some better times/availability for you guys in the comments so I can figure out when to get everyone at the same time.

Thank youuuuu

May Character Fanart Poll

Fri May 12 20:30:34 2017

I'ma keep the poll up for 5 days so the people that join up later have a chance to vote.

Keep in mind you can vote for more than one character, so vote on all the characters you think you'd like to see me draw!