Animal Crossing Pack

"Animal Crossing: A New Beef"

ANLB.rar (d)

March-14 Face-Sitting

Fri Mar 22 11:25:22 2019

I think someone in the journal wanted face-sitting and also thicc ladies so I bring this , killed two birds with one stone O-O

Nidorina & Eevee © Nintendo / Game Freak / Pokemon

Quinn © MattyG


March-13 Big Goat Teen

Fri Mar 22 11:23:02 2019

It seems the prince of the underworld have been working out a lot lately ~
Another idea from the Brainstorm's journal

Asriel Dreemurr © TobyFox


March-12 Big Gargoyles

Fri Mar 22 11:18:59 2019

From the brainstorm's journal, I've been doing a few of those because i wanna give you something you havent seen <3 i hope you like it
also comes with an special version for those who are kinky ;3

Lex , Broadway & Brooklyn © Disney


March-11 Big Bear Butt

Mon Mar 11 22:10:25 2019

He has quite a big thicc fat one ~

Kumatetsu © Mamoru Hosoda


March-10 Belly Pats

Mon Mar 11 09:54:25 2019

He wont admit it but he loves those nice pats from him ~

Don © The_ProtoBanham

Charizard & Incineroar © Nintendo / Pokemon / Game Freak


March-9 Big Fuzz Dad

Mon Mar 11 09:46:46 2019

He is quite the big fuzz dad indeed!!

Bowser Morton Koopa © Nintendo


March-8 Large Dragons

Mon Mar 11 09:33:08 2019

Ft Jake Long and Spyro,both matured and huge ~

Jake Long © Disney

Spyro The Dragon © Activision


March-7 Huge Experiment

Mon Mar 11 09:27:18 2019

Seems the research from Jumba are going pretty well ~

Stitch © Disney



Thu Mar 7 22:49:21 2019

Been a little under block, and i've been trying to seek for new ideas to draw, so im all ears boys, which characters you are interested to see and who specially ~

March-6 Zard-boobies

Tue Mar 5 07:43:30 2019

Charizards can be surprisingly cuddly and also a great huggers , but this one will make you sink into her bossom and squish you with them!

Charizard © Pokemon / Nintendo / Game Freak

Charlie © TheProtoBanham


March 4-5 Big Dragon and Panda

Tue Mar 5 07:39:21 2019

These boys been working hard on their shapes ~

Po © DreamWorks

Mushu © Disney


March-3 Forbidden Move

Tue Mar 5 07:36:46 2019

It lowers the defense and Sp.defence sharply and let you defendless!!

Charizard © Pokemon / NIntendo / Game Freak


March-2 Overweighted Starter

Tue Mar 5 07:35:03 2019

Seems that giving so much berries and candies to your poke partner on Go does not make him get stronger but a super heavy Snorlax-like-weight hell of a chub zard, well gotta walk some km to ran out of that fatness!!

Charizard © Nintendo / Pokemon / Game Freak


March-1 Jock Long

Tue Mar 5 07:30:25 2019

It seems puberty has turned him into a greedy american dragon ~

Jake Long © Disney


Feb-23 Burr Tits

Thu Feb 28 19:49:58 2019

I really have an issue with this boy

Banjo © RareWare


Feb-22 Tits Lung

Thu Feb 28 19:47:41 2019

I coulda have came up with a better name for the preview..

Tai Lung © DreamWorks


Feb-21 Sweaty Kuma

Thu Feb 28 19:44:59 2019

I hope you look forward to this one <3

Kumatesu © Mamoru Hosoda


Feb-20 Banjo Flex

Mon Feb 25 21:41:20 2019

What a show off

Banjo © RareWare


Feb-19 Morning Kuma

Mon Feb 25 21:40:24 2019

He usually wakes up naked

Kumatetsu © Mamoru Hosoda


Feb-18 Cat Tits

Mon Feb 25 21:39:11 2019

Tai Lung © DreamWorks


Jan-17 Banjo Sketches

Mon Feb 18 10:59:27 2019

I think i will finish the flexing one , its so cute <3

Banjo © Microsoft / Rareware


Jan-16 Bear Butt

Mon Feb 18 10:58:27 2019

And he has quite a big one ~

Banjo © Microsoft / Rareware


Jan-15 Big Bowser

Mon Feb 18 10:54:59 2019

Bowser Koopa © Nintendo


Jan-14 Big Pete

Sat Feb 16 21:48:23 2019

Late Pete Day

Pete © Disney


Jan-13 Profile Bear

Sat Feb 16 21:46:54 2019

Damn i just really like this bear a lot

Banjo © Rareware / Microsoft


Jan-12 Crotch Adjust

Sat Feb 16 21:45:02 2019

He is having issues with his tiny tight shorts ~

Banjo Kazooie © Rareware / Microsoft


Jan-11 Big Banjo

Thu Feb 14 11:15:48 2019

He deserves loves and lots of it!!

Banjo © Rare


Jan-10 Hyper Cat

Thu Feb 14 11:14:29 2019

Really like this character .-.

Incineroar © Nintendo / Pokemon / Game Freak


Jan-9 Punished

Thu Feb 14 11:13:23 2019

never overfeed your pokemon, you will pay soon or later

Charizard & Psyduck © Nintendo / Pokemon / Game Freak


Jan-8 Top Cat

Thu Feb 14 11:12:17 2019

Careful he will show his special move!

Incineroar © Nintendo / Pokemon / Game Freak


Jan-7 Hug The Snorlax

Tue Feb 12 04:18:55 2019

One of my favs pokemon, and the option you can actually ride atop his belly in Let's go series is fantastic

Snorlax © Nintendo / Pokemon / Game Freak


Jan-6 PokePuffs

Tue Feb 12 04:16:41 2019

I think he just needs a few thousand more ~

Charizard © Nintendo / Game Freak / Pokemon


Jan-5 Strong Kong

Tue Feb 12 04:14:59 2019

He might dont own a counter attack but those pecs can block and counter anything ~

Donkey Kong © Nintendo


Jan-4 Stuff the King

Tue Feb 12 04:11:36 2019

That armor wont last a few more bananas ~

King K Rool © Nintendo / Rare


Jan-3 Big Fluff Pup

Tue Feb 5 20:33:01 2019

Arcanine © Nintendo / Game Freak / Pokemon


Feb-1 Wolf O'Donnell

Sat Feb 2 09:26:29 2019

Wolf O'Donnell is Nintendo


Jan-7 More Beef Cat

Fri Feb 1 04:08:26 2019

Damn why i like this pokemon so much!

Incineroar - Nintendo



Wed Jan 30 22:58:49 2019

And its finally time to start finishing the packs after so much delay, gotta stop working at mom's store so i can have time to finish these more quickling, I thank you enough for your patient and you will getting the packs soon my dear guys ><;; sorry so much for the delays, also upcoming private patreon streams and im getting a discord server for you so you will be more updated about any issue or upcoming proyect <3 thank you for the patient guys!


Wed Jan 30 02:54:38 2019

For those who doesn't know he just got buffed at the most recent patch !! Damn he is going to be better !!



Tue Jan 22 09:42:06 2019

After so long and waiting finally finally after lots of issue I'm getting a new laptop and guys I finally will bring you all the treats that been holding up, after so long it's coming soon, and I will not sleep until you get your packages delivered and new content coming because planning to work hard with this laptop, private streams for my tier patreons and other things but first the packages before anything else, just a few days more !! Thank you so much for your support guys thank you very much so!!!

Atte Charlie CyVe

Jan-5 Poke Present

Sun Jan 20 20:56:12 2019

I really like this pokemon so much he looks so sexy in almost everything <3 he is so Huggable like in pokemon let's go Eevee and Pikachu ~


Jan-4 Mega Present

Sun Jan 20 20:53:56 2019

I think this one was so much fun tbh I hope you look forward for this as well <3


Jan-3 Mega Charly

Thu Jan 10 08:57:27 2019

That ain't me, I just loved the suggestion of a Charizard....gotta focus on the others more though >>;;


Jan-2 Jake Long

Thu Jan 10 07:01:01 2019

Another pic from the suggestion journal, I already have a few selected to be done and others that are done already ~ I hope you look forward for them ~

Jake Long © Disney


Jan-1 Thicc Zard

Sun Jan 6 20:28:07 2019

One of the ideas from the suggestion journal, I do have more that are prepare to be uploaded this week, also planning to get a new laptop these following weeks <3 I pray that I can get it sooner for you guys and send your rewards all together <33

Charizard © Nintendo / Game Freak


Dec-6 Santa Asgore

Sat Dec 29 11:11:20 2018

Who was a good boy?

Asgore Dreemurr © Undertale / Deltarune / TobyFox


Dec-5 Kuma Santa Colored

Sat Dec 29 07:22:47 2018

I cannot thank enough my super bud Gulf for making his coloring so damn badass , please give him a big thank and watch at his Twitter <3 he really does amazing stuff ~ THANKS GULF

Kumatetsu © Mamoru Hosoda



Fri Dec 21 00:58:07 2018

Hello everyone
I want to start off by apologizing for my delays and for not keeping you updated.
Lots of stuff has happened and i just want to get caught up and make sure everyone gets their monies worth.
Since i know i cant really give everyone an individual piece of art, I will do this. I would love it for you guys to leave suggestions of characters you want to be seen drawn by me! (Pokemon, anime characters, cartoons, ect) please no OCs since i want to be fair for everybody.I will try to get a lot of them done. I know i wont be able to get to every persons choice but i hope this makes up for my long absence and will try to make the most possible.

Update, I did get my laptop back, but i don't think i can trust it fully for streaming or digital work. So i will be doing much more traditional works.I took it for repair but it ended worst, not its soo slow and does not let me install the tablet, my ddear bro Dawn even mentioned me it was a hardware/software issues

As for issues that came up... Most were RL but I want to keep that for myself. I don't mean to worry you guys.
Hoping things will look much better this much this upcoming year
I really really really apologise with all this guys seriously very much so
I will do what I can to make your wait worth

Atte Charlie&Alec

Dec-4 Eggnog Santa

Thu Dec 20 01:16:28 2018

He just really likes eggnog..

Kumatetsu © Mamoru Hosoda


Dec-3 Eggnog lover

Wed Dec 19 09:06:12 2018

Don't you dare to give him more eggnog to this dumb bear...he has had enough!!


Dec-2 Heavy Waiter

Mon Dec 17 03:32:16 2018

Make sure to give tips for the big fellow ~


Dec-1 Big Roar

Sat Dec 15 08:43:20 2018

I wanna thank my dear friend and bro Bulgefan/Gulf for coloring my bad doodle and turn it into something super wonderful, you must follow him guys, he is really a wonderful artist <3 Thanks again bro ~



Packs Are Setting Up

Thu Dec 6 01:04:39 2018

After all my issues with things over here, finally going to bring the three packs together after all these delays, I deeply apologise for the whole problems of delaying and waiting you guys been getting these last months, not going to give any excuse just many family and irl stuff, so I'm working on putting these three all together since september in one whole pack for anyone who waiting since mentioned month and giving it all together, I really hope you can forgive me for the whole issues i've been giving you with the packs, but i will work for this and exclude many things i do irl to give more time and work to this patreon

Thank you so much for all the support and patient once again


Nov-20 Huge Chest

Fri Nov 30 19:29:55 2018

A lil follow from the last drawing

Asgore Dreemurr © Undertale / Deltarune / TobyFox


Nov-19 Asgore Chest

Fri Nov 30 19:27:56 2018

Asgore Dreemurr © Undertale / Deltarune / TobyFox


Nov-18 Big Cat

Fri Nov 30 19:25:38 2018

Incineroar © Pokemon Game Freak & Nintendo


Nov-17 Big Horny Dad

Thu Nov 29 09:24:59 2018

Asgore Dreemurr © Undertale / Deltarune


Nov-16 Hunk Young Adult

Thu Nov 29 09:23:18 2018

Asriel Dreemurr © Undertale


Nov-15 Horny Roo

Thu Nov 29 09:19:39 2018

I guess some porn videos will do the job


Nov-14 Monster in a suit

Fri Nov 16 09:52:11 2018

He seems to like the tight suit for sure ~

Kumatetsu © Mamoru Hosoda


Nov-13 Lazy Goat

Fri Nov 16 09:46:53 2018

He prefer sleep with tight clothing ~

Asriel Dreemurr © Undertale / TobyFox


Nov-12 Asriel Sweater

Fri Nov 16 09:45:00 2018

He seems to like his sweater!

Asriel Dreemurr © Undertale / TobyFox


Nov-11 TV Chill

Sun Nov 11 02:43:21 2018

He does not have nothing to do this weekend

Asgore Dreemurr © Undertale/Deltarune/TobyFox


Nov-10 Have some extra coffee?

Sun Nov 11 01:27:15 2018

He would like a coup or two


Nov-9 Big Hog

Tue Nov 6 10:02:38 2018

Roadhog © Overwatch


Nov-8 Grumpy Roomie

Tue Nov 6 10:01:02 2018

He is not happy about having a roomie at all


Nov-7 Royal Butt

Tue Nov 6 09:59:50 2018

He got it indeed

Asgore Dreemurr © Undertale


Nov-6 Hunk Dad

Tue Nov 6 09:58:35 2018

There will be a full version of this

Asgore Dreemurr © Undertale


Nov-5 Poke-Training (Sketch)

Mon Nov 5 07:23:49 2018

Kumatetsu © Mamoru Hosoda
Incineroar © Pokemon & Game Freak / Nintendo


Nov-4 Hyena Hunk

Mon Nov 5 07:21:31 2018

I love 'em


Sep/Oct Pack Coming This Week

Mon Nov 5 07:24:49 2018

I Will Keep You All Updated And Sorry For The Delay.

Atte - Charlie

Nov-3 Big NewComer

Fri Nov 2 08:26:04 2018

Following Nintendo'sDirect from yesterday

Incineroar © Pokemon Game Freak & Nintendo


Nov-2 Sweater meme

Fri Nov 2 08:24:48 2018

I dont have a fursona but he makes it better for that meme

Asgore Dreemurr © Undertale / TobyFox


Nov-1 Hyper Donkey

Fri Nov 2 08:23:40 2018


Oct-8 Hippo Hunk

Wed Oct 17 04:10:25 2018

Someone is getting in shape


Oct-7 'Nother Big Wuff

Wed Oct 10 17:31:56 2018

Damn its october and its werewufs time


Oct-6 KoopZilla Strikes Back

Mon Oct 8 04:19:44 2018

We are doom!!

King Koopa © Nintendo


Oct-5 The Koop-Zilla

Sun Oct 7 17:51:52 2018

I guess this was someone's first macro on those series X3

King Koopa © Nintendo


Oct-4 Wild Yeena

Sun Oct 7 17:50:04 2018

You step right into his forest, no one can disturb his forest OO;
You better run away but he will still hunt you down

Mightyena © Nintendo & Game Freak


Oct-3 Big Wulf

Sat Oct 6 23:32:34 2018

This is the month of the big wuffs!!
They are so sexy!


Oct-2 Drunk Kuma

Fri Oct 5 05:21:01 2018

Please dont give him more sake ==;;

Kumatetsu © Mamoru Hosoda


Oct-1 Big Werewolf

Fri Oct 5 05:17:43 2018

It's october and halloween coming up as well!! expect more of big things perhaps orcs as well!!


Sep-21 Big Mad Daddy

Thu Sep 27 09:24:12 2018

He is so upset that people turned him into a princess peach bowser like XP

Bowser Koopa © Nintendo


Sep-20 Machoke Friend

Thu Sep 27 09:22:17 2018

Not a good idea to use a machoke as transportation !

Machoke © Nintendo & Game Freak


Sep-19 Big Bear

Thu Sep 27 09:20:21 2018

I really like this bear so much

Lorank © Bobert


Sep-18 Hous-Bando 2

Sun Sep 23 09:41:34 2018

Horkeukamui © Housomo


Sep-17 Hou-bando

Sun Sep 23 08:07:43 2018

Macan © Housomo


Sep-16 Dragon Americano

Sat Sep 22 23:32:27 2018

I really like this show a lot haha
Comes with another version at the end of the month ~

Jake Long © Disney


July & August Packs Has Been Sent

Sat Sep 22 22:11:31 2018

All the waiting is over, I finally bring you the two delayed month packs from August and July has been sent to you, I seriously cannot apologize enough guys, was very unprofessional from my part made you wait this long once again, I really will put a lot on this month for you, I hope what you got with these two packs worth the waiting, I also cannot thank you enough, for all this great support despite my delays and issues, I seriously cannot thank you enough guys ;n; You are the best and deserve the best, Thank ya very much and I will be preparing the month pack before hand so I dont make you pass through all this again.

Thank ya very much so for your patient and generosity ~ <3

Atte - CyVe/Charly

Sep-15 Big Zards

Wed Sep 19 07:24:16 2018

Charkol © Charkol
Charlie © Schky_Boy

Charizard © Nintendo & Game Freak


Sep-14 Mucha Lucha

Wed Sep 19 07:19:39 2018

A big fan of this big boy too, he is really murrr

Incineroar © Nintendo & Game Freak


Sep-13 More Kumatetsu

Sun Sep 16 09:39:28 2018

I apologize with these constant stuff of him, I just really cant help it....I hope the lil proyect im doing of him might make you see him different too ~

Kumatetsu © Mamoru Hosoda


Sep-12 Mushu

Sun Sep 16 09:36:21 2018

One of the ideas from the brainstorm journal from last month, im still looking for some ideas of that journal, what will be next i wonder ~

Mushu © Disney


Sep-11 Big Arcanine

Sun Sep 16 09:33:42 2018

A second version coming also in the pack which will be finally delivered (both July and August) tomorrow thanks that i finally got borrowed my cousin's scanner so please stand by ~

Arcanine © Nintendo & Game Freak


Sep-10 Big Reveal

Sat Sep 15 04:10:21 2018

I really really going to main her in smash ultimate with my veteran Villager and Charizard!!

Isabelle © Nintendo / Animal Crossing


Sep-9 Hungry Kumatetsu

Wed Sep 12 09:28:10 2018

Seriously....I need to stop...

Kumatetsu © Mamoru Hosoda


Sep-8 Chill Kuma

Wed Sep 12 09:27:02 2018

I really like this one though <w>

Kumatetsu © Mamoru Hosoda


Sep-7 Kuma Bath

Wed Sep 12 09:25:47 2018

I really need to find other characters from movies because this one is taking me so bad <>;;

Kumatetsu © Mamoru Hosoda


Sep-6 Pectacular

Mon Sep 10 09:10:46 2018

I really really think this is one of the best characters ever animated/created

Kumatetsu © Mamoru Hosoda


Sep-5 Koop-Zilla 2

Thu Sep 6 07:43:43 2018

Like I said, i was going to do more of himlike this, i think i can make him bigger OO;;

Bowser Koopa © Nintendo


Sep-4 Koop-Zilla

Tue Sep 4 07:11:07 2018

I tried to see how he would look in this shape and I really like how it came up and preparing more of him like this~

Bowser Koopa © Nintendo


Sep-3 Hippo Beach 2

Mon Sep 3 08:41:57 2018

He is really enjoying the beach that he fell asleep !!


Sep-2 Hippo Beach

Mon Sep 3 08:40:45 2018

After a long jogging for the hippo, he took a break at the beach and needs some help ~ Other piece im going to clean and color


Sep-1 Jogging Hippo

Mon Sep 3 08:39:02 2018

This last week was hippo week and i really got into it, here is one im planning to clean and color among others!!


July/August Pack Coming This Week

Mon Sep 3 03:24:35 2018

First to all i wanna apologize to delay this last month pack until this moment, I was hoping the scanner was going to be fixed before time but it seems I might going to save for a new one, luckly my cousin glady lend me his's so I can scan my stuff for the month packs, I really apologize once again for all these delays boys =( and for second, one of the things I'm looking for this month is try more coloring with some pics, even if its possible do it with scanned pics, but we'll see, things are getting a bit tight in here with my family but that's non important, anyways I really appreciate your patient with these issues and delays boys , seriously thank ya so much <3

Love you so much


August-21 Baewatch Hippo

Thu Aug 30 08:38:47 2018

from a lil poll on twitter, though was fun for hippo week heh


August-21 Thicc Toffee

Tue Aug 28 07:58:47 2018

working on those ideas you my people commented into the brainstorm post <3 expect more ~

Toffee © Star Versus The Forces Of Evil


August-19 Big Dalmatian

Mon Aug 27 02:11:21 2018

I really think dalmatians are very nice doggies~


August-18 Big Kuma

Mon Aug 27 02:08:56 2018

I seriously love this guy I dont know why but i do!!

Kumatetsu © Mamoru Hosoda


August-17 Big Kitty

Mon Aug 27 02:07:31 2018

I love cats


August-16 Morning Wood

Sat Aug 25 22:22:21 2018

Seems even the king of beasts has those ~

Kumatetsu © Mamoru Hosoda


August-15 Mega Rool

Fri Aug 24 08:48:00 2018

I did this during a stream when I was blocked, i think it turned good so im posting it here, also more of the brain storm ideas coming as well for you <3

King K. Rool © Nintendo


Brain Storm

Thu Aug 23 08:51:14 2018

Been kinda a little blocked lately, would you guys give me a hand ? ~

August-14 Casual Rool

Tue Aug 21 04:23:36 2018

The winner of the pool in twitter, with a variation of colors ~ for ya ~

King K. Rool (C) Nintendo


August-13 The Kings

Sat Aug 18 06:26:00 2018

They finally are together in the same game!!

King K. Rool / King Dedede / Bowser Koopa (C) Nintendo


August-12 Nickle

Thu Aug 16 09:00:15 2018

Seems Asgore found a nickle at the beach, maybe is his lucky day or someone's lucky day to whoever is right behind him!

Asgore Dreemurr (C) Undertale / Tobyfox


August-11 Revealing

Sat Aug 11 21:37:21 2018

Seems he is showing something more that usual

King K. Rool © Nintendo


August-9 Beach Food

Sat Aug 11 07:35:33 2018

Asgore likes seafood very much but seems he might overdid himself, again, which kinda frustrates/annoys his son because despite his dad draws a lot of attention from people, his belching made everyone turn their sight to them!!

Asriel Dreemurr & Asgore Dreemurr © Undertale / Tobyfox

August-8 Summer Goats

Sat Aug 11 07:32:47 2018

I think Asriel isn't pleased that his dad decided to "accompaing" him at the beach, specially becaue he didn't even invited him but Asgore only needs to make some puppy face smug to change Asriel's mind

Asriel Dreemurr & Asgore Dreemurr © Undertale / Tobyfox


August-7 Beefy Mom

Sat Aug 11 01:55:12 2018

I wanted to see Toriel with some bulk and well here it is ~

Toriel Dreemurr © Undertale / Tobyfox


August-6 Gold Belly

Sat Aug 11 01:52:56 2018

it might be gold but his gullet jiggles as jello!!

King K. Rool © Nintendo


August-5 The King Is Back

Sat Aug 11 01:48:57 2018

Based on the recent news from Nintendo! King K. Rool © Nintendo


July-4 The King of Underworld

Wed Aug 8 05:55:58 2018

Its beebeen a while since I try him out so....here is him , being shy as showing his glory off Asgore Dreemurr © Undertale / Tobyfox


August-3 Ballon Power

Mon Aug 6 08:34:10 2018

Bowser better watch out for those around mushroom kingdom Bowser © Nintendo / Nintendo


August-2 Belly Rivals

Mon Aug 6 08:30:10 2018

Seems one of them is about to get larger! Bowser & Midbus © Nintendo / Mario Bros


August 1 - ¡!Happy Bowser Day¡!

Sun Aug 5 01:31:22 2018

I hope you enjoy this boys, it took some time but it was fun to do ~
I know isnt something mindblowing, amazing or anything but I was fun to try to do, i hope you enjoy it still <3<3

Patreon Payment Issues

Thu Aug 2 19:14:41 2018

It seems lots of people's payments got declined by from issues coming from Patreon, which caused a big mess around many others, I want to apologize for all issues for those whose payment was declined , it was not your fault about this inconvenient

If you want more info about this issues check the links below


>> Updating Payment Info >> https://patreon.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203913769-How-do-I-update-my-payment-information-

I hope you guys have a great moth <3

Month Reward Coming This Weekend

Thu Aug 2 05:56:44 2018

Stay tunned guys, plus with something else included ~

July-22 Treadmill

Tue Jul 31 00:43:38 2018

Based on the scene after Bowser was fattened up in Bowser's Inside Story Bowser Koopa © Nintendo/Mario Bros.


July-21 Megalodon

Mon Jul 30 19:43:27 2018

Shark week is over but still wanted to do it , you can sue me now


July-20 Big Ladies Friends

Mon Jul 30 03:36:44 2018

Rue Vaziliezkah © MattyG Leslie Dawn © DawnRN

July-19 Hammerhead 2

Mon Jul 30 03:32:33 2018

He is a hunk !!


July-18 Big Sharko

Sun Jul 29 23:24:50 2018

Jared © Blemur


July-17 Macro Charlie

Sun Jul 29 02:07:21 2018

Seems the protein and carbos been doing their job!!

Charlie (C) Schky


July-16 Shark 2

Sun Jul 29 02:04:16 2018

I really feel like big shark mood!! Ceal © Arachibi


July-15 Hammerhead

Sun Jul 29 02:02:04 2018

Why sharks are so much fun ?


July-14 Shark

Sun Jul 29 02:00:21 2018

Ceal © Arachibi


July-13 Bowser Summer

Thu Jul 26 21:15:26 2018

He is kinda in the season

Bowser Koopa (C) Nintendo / Mario Bros


July-12 Yoshi Mushroom

Wed Jul 25 08:51:52 2018

This is why we can't let Yoshi to eat mushrooms at the game. Yoshi © Nintendo / Mario Bros.


July-11 Nook Issues

Tue Jul 24 22:34:01 2018

Tom Nook (C) Nintendo / Animal Crossing


July-10 Yoshi Juice

Tue Jul 24 22:32:33 2018

Inspired by Mario Sunshine, its silly though

Yoshi (C) Nintendo / Mario Bros.


July-9 Machoke Bulk Up

Sun Jul 22 08:41:46 2018

Seems the bulk up move doesnt only work out the muscle mass, also the urges !!

Machoke (C) Pokemon / Nintendo / Game Freak


July-8 Bowser Summer 2

Sun Jul 22 08:36:27 2018

The King of Evilness seems having more issues with his large body, now he would need help to clean the melting icecream off his cleavage!

Bowser Koopa (C) Nintendo


July-7 Koops Urge

Sun Jul 22 08:33:11 2018

Guess the shy boy isnt so shy to think about certain koopa and fat in the though ~

Koops (C) Nintendo


July-6 Summer Bowser

Sun Jul 22 08:27:41 2018

Seems his chest is been just getting more jiggle and bouncy lately, wonder why ~

Bowser Koopa (C) Nintendo



Fri Jul 20 04:25:23 2018

I truly apologize with these delays again boys, I just seriously need to figure out to get privacy to set up all my stuff ==;; now that school is over for my lil brother, he is been quite an ass lately, picking my up and seeing what's draw on my sketchbooks when i saw out at México, seriously my parents need to be the parents this kid need, but well its just too much asking to the universe, anyways, during my trip in México, I found some really nice places, some way expensive, other middle expensive but kinda afordable and others cheap but they are in the most dangerous places in México so yeah that's the only flaw on the last option, and about the rest, just seems i've been stucked in the same thing as usual which is time to b reak the routine and start a new one, so I might be posting different stuff, whih i hope you might enjoy <3
I apologize again for all these delays boys, still I really super thank ya for all the support again ;b; I will try t not dissapoint ... take care ´please , love you all of you <3


July-5 Large Pup

Fri Jul 20 04:19:12 2018

I wont like about the fact that canines are such adorable creatures, one of my favs to be honest, so ehh!! one big pup for you!


July-4 Fourth

Fri Jul 20 04:17:29 2018

Quite a title for this guy x3

Bald Eagle (C) God


July-3 Reading

Fri Jul 20 04:16:20 2018

This polar bear lady really likes books, so far she has her own library on her house, its quite a nice hobby to have!

Ruë Vazilïehzkä (C) MattyG


July-2 Mega Kuma

Fri Jul 20 04:08:32 2018

It seems Kumatetsu also has been getting the bulk up treatment or maybe someone set something into his Sake!!

Kumatetsu (C) Mamoro Hosoda / Bakemono No Ko


July-1 Duck Hunk

Fri Jul 20 04:01:52 2018

I don't blame that duck that he isn't happy at all with his sudden bulky partner, and won't even take the moment to consider to fly him up back into the stage at all XD

Duck Hunt Duo (C) Nintendo


Month Reward Upcoming This Week

Wed Jul 4 22:50:04 2018

Stay tunned boys ;3 and I wish you a happy 4th July <33

June Preview 21 Bubba

Fri Jun 29 08:20:04 2018

Recently got into this char as well from Spyro The Dragon, seriously i cant wait for the release !!

Bubba (C) Spyro The Dragon / Sony


June Preview 20 Mega Donk Pecs 2

Wed Jun 27 19:21:47 2018

I really cant stop drawing these pecs bigger and bigger... <//> maybe more bigger might calm mea bit ~

Donkey Kong (C) Nintendo


Preview 19 Mega Kong 2

Tue Jun 26 05:46:55 2018

Dont just me, blame Donkey Kong series....

Donkey Kong © Nintendo


June Preview 18 Pipe Stuck

Tue Jun 26 05:37:50 2018

I guess eating all those goombas and koopas makes a good addiction into yoshi's frames, damn mario stop overfeeding him!!

Yoshi © Nintendo


June Preview 17 Kong Pecs

Tue Jun 26 05:35:11 2018

Seriously, you just need to see the game of this character to see he is fucking a pec boy <3

Donkey Kong © Nintendo

June Preview 16 Mega Kong

Tue Jun 26 05:33:08 2018

Been recently into this character lately and i done regret he is just too big <3

Donkey Kong © Nintendo


June Preview 15 Hyper Potion

Thu Jun 21 05:14:48 2018

Be careful with where you get cheap stuff, you wont know how much itwill affect your pokemon ~

Charizard (C) Pokemon / Game Freak


June Preview 14 Gizza

Thu Jun 21 05:13:10 2018

A stream doodle i made in the stream this week, dont think this will be the female pic on this pack, i have many saved for it ;)

Gizza (C) CarlosSaiyan


June Preview 13 Macro Dilfs

Thu Jun 21 05:10:35 2018

I seriously love Bakemono no Ko so much, its one of the b est animated movies done so far, period. Both ot them are just so fucking hot !!

Kumatetsu & Iozen (C) Mamoru Hosoda


June Preview 12 Chari-Butt

Thu Jun 21 05:07:44 2018

I certainly love drawing zard somuch, so forgive me for drawing it a lot, but if you dont like, sue me >:T kidding but yeah!!

Charizard (C) Pokemon / Game Freak


June Preview 11 Huge Horse

Mon Jun 18 01:35:37 2018

Equines are really such fun creatures for drawing and here is Seb from AnthroAnim, I really like the man, he is so amazing with his rendering!! Sebastian © AnthroAnim


June Preview 10 Big Kamui

Sat Jun 16 04:29:02 2018

He is relaxing after a huge training, he is showing off the results <3 Horkeukamui © Tokyo Afterschool Summoners


June Preview 9 Hydro Bomb

Thu Jun 14 06:51:20 2018

seems like a critical hit self move, pumping those balls with that hydro bombs !!!

Blastoise (C) Pokemon / Game Freak / Nintendo


June Preview 8 Dilf Bows

Thu Jun 14 06:48:10 2018

A surprise im working on for this month ~

Bowser Koopa (C) Nintendo


June Preview 7 Old Bully

Thu Jun 14 06:40:42 2018

Seems fox is going to have such a big problem in this new release if you catch my draft ;O

Fox McCloud / Wolf O'Donell (C) Nintendo


June Preview 6 - Hungry Macan

Wed Jun 13 02:13:00 2018

Damn i really like this boy a lot with other im planning to draw as well, but different ~ I hope you enjoy it <3

Macan (C) Tokyo Afterschool Summoners


June Preview 5 - Wolf Teaser

Wed Jun 13 01:57:36 2018

Since today it was revealed his return into smash scene, im maining back again from brawl <3 damn he is so uff

Wolf O'Donell (C) Nintendo


April & May Packs Has Been Sent

Mon Jun 11 18:44:24 2018

After all the waiting guys, I finally was able to deliver these two packs to you, I truly cannot apologize for all the time I let you all waiting for these, specially April's, was a really rough month this May, with all the incidents in the city, my scanner,something that happened when i was going to work,my cat and a kitten I tried to help, was a lot of things over my mind and I really just got a bit overwhelmed with all that, I seriously appreciate the support you all gave me in this harsh time, that's why I'm doing a bit more this month, I hope you enjoy these packs and also could suggest me some ideas for later, I would love that since I know some of you have some great ideas to share and I want to listen to you ~ <3

I hope you have a wonderful week and a great month as well, and enjoy the E3 and lets hope for great game coming up <3
Love you guys

-The_Selcia <3

June Preview 4 - Bowsah

Mon Jun 11 07:31:38 2018

He is a big dilf for sure!

Bowser Koopa (C) Nintendo


June Preview 3 - Mega Blastoise

Sun Jun 10 03:51:26 2018

i've bene thinking on this pokemon a lot lately, not sure why >>

Blastoise (C) Nintendo


June Preview 2 - Big Lion

Fri Jun 8 03:23:37 2018

I just adore big cats, they are one fo the best because fluffy ~ <3 Heehee Also sorry for waiting about the packs, couldnt find a power cord for the scanner, but i manage to find one today, it worth the 2 hours of walking this morning <3


June Preview 1 - Mega Yeen

Wed Jun 6 05:00:26 2018

Here is one big meaty yeen for you <3 Sorry for the lack of quality, seems i might get a nwe power cord for my scanner tomorrow early =-= ;;


April and May Packs Coming Up This weekend

Fri Jun 1 23:37:48 2018

Scanner is finally repared!!

Mon May 28 04:48:51 2018

after such a fucking awful month, my scanner is repared after a power outage, now i can finally scan all the drawings from april and this month and send it to you, damn really sorry guys, its been such an awful month, but im trying to do what i can and everything i can do at the moment, seems this month might start commissions as well because my laptop is been a big problem as well, lost some big progress in some pics i was preparing, and other awful events that makes me feel so giulty and crappy, but still holding up, and at least now i can pick up the scan tomorrow and start publishing my doodle s for you, im awfully sorry for all this waiting ;n;

I will try to work my soul out for you boys, seriously thankya so much for the support, its been really something very important for me!!


Month Pack Coming This Week

Wed May 2 03:31:45 2018

Sorry for being out for a while boys, been dealing with some personal stuff and RL stuff as well, barely been doing something for my own but yet I try to give my time to make more stuff for you, I hope you understand my issues >•< I will try to update as soon as possible thank ya ~CyVe

Preview April 17

Sun Apr 22 19:25:57 2018

He is pretty pent up, horny wolf

Daikitei (C) Daikitei


Preview April 16

Sun Apr 22 19:19:18 2018

This is why i dont do alligator/crocodiles, they are so cute and great for drawing!!
Alfonso seems starving for some nice filling meal ~

Alfonso (C) Animal Crossing


April Preview 15

Sun Apr 22 19:16:50 2018

Alfonso is a lazy glutton, he could eat the entire village for sure!!

Alfonso (C) Nintendo


Preview April 14

Tue Apr 17 08:01:51 2018

I need to calm my urges for drawing this one.

Champa (C) Akira Toriyama


Preview April 13

Tue Apr 17 07:59:07 2018

Wip for this month.

Bowser Koopa (C) Nintendo


Preview April 12

Sat Apr 14 06:55:07 2018

Seems Beerus isnt so happy that his brother has a bigger ass than him

Beerus & Champa (C) Akira Toriyama


Preview April 11

Sat Apr 14 06:53:24 2018

Champa showing off the goods ;O

month of the bunnies ~

Champa (C) Akira Toriyama


Preview April 11

Fri Apr 13 08:14:30 2018

Swamp time with gators Walton © Vdisco


Preview April 10

Fri Apr 13 08:11:43 2018

page 3/7 Champa © Akira Toriyama


Preview April 9

Fri Apr 13 08:10:44 2018

Page 2/7 Champa © Akira Toriyama


Preview April 8

Fri Apr 13 08:09:42 2018

Page 1/7 Champa © Akira Toriyama


Preview April 7

Fri Apr 13 08:08:03 2018

One big dog having clothing problems , big guys has always these kind of problems huehue


Preview April 6

Wed Apr 11 00:21:26 2018

Unicorn Day !! And one big large unicorn is here!!


Preview April 5

Mon Apr 9 06:34:26 2018

One big Beeras talking with some warrior from her universe, seems the guy might be distracted by something ~ Beerus © Akira Toriyama / Toei Animation Beeras © SuppehZemmei


Month Reward Has Been Sent

Sun Apr 8 17:08:50 2018

Hello guys, the march pack has been seen to you last night, I do want to apologize for the waiting to this weekend, but seems some things doesnt go as I always expect, but I'm glad it was able to not delay it more, and also I also apologize for the lack of digital stuff on this one, it's been very hard for me to do digital work lately since my laptop does keep shutting down randomly, sometimes making me lose lots of progress or detailed stuff, which is the reason of the lack of streaming these days, I just hope you can understand guys, I will put more effort this month .
I hope you have a good weekend and a great month, love you all.


Preview April 4

Fri Apr 6 08:17:13 2018

I'm a big fan of hotdogging I find it very hot more when is a big fat ass involved >~


Preview April 3

Fri Apr 6 07:59:31 2018

Seems an easter bunny got himself a big carrot to play with ;)


March Pack Coming Up This Week

Mon Apr 2 06:31:24 2018

Hey fellas, seems another month has just ended , this month was full of some issues and other problems, besides that it was a 2/3 I'm going to prepare march pack this week and I really hope to not delay it any other week, I just want you to be patient and once again, thank ya very much for all your support through this month <3 I really hope you dont get dissapointed ~

- CyVe

Preview April 2

Mon Apr 2 06:28:07 2018

One big naughty teacher giving a good lesson to one of her students Miss Salma © Suppeh


Preview April 1

Mon Apr 2 06:14:30 2018

Seems it's the month of Bunny stuff hehe

E. Aster Bunnymund (C) DreamWorks


Preview 14 Big Sharko Dad

Tue Mar 27 21:41:04 2018

Ft. Testosterone because b ig sharko dilf heh


Preview 13 Join Bed

Wed Mar 21 02:22:05 2018

Kass is such a lover ~ You must decide what to do ~

Kass (C) Nintendo

Preview 12 Fem Kass

Mon Mar 19 03:15:56 2018

I was just playing arond and this came out....I dont regret!

Kass (C) Nintendo


Preview 11 KK Hoddie

Mon Mar 19 03:13:58 2018

He likes to wear those all the time, his favorites ~

KK Slider (C) Nintendo

Preview 10 King of the Beasts

Mon Mar 12 18:48:19 2018

Perhaps one of the drawings im so happy and proud of hehe


Leomon (C) Bandai Namco


Preview 8 Prime Thighs

Sun Mar 11 09:52:21 2018

I wish that i've had another idea for the title XD

Kass (C) Nintendo


Preview 7 Locker Room 2

Sat Mar 10 03:56:19 2018

A follow up from the scene in the lockers , I guess the fox boy is going to take some big manhoods >;P


Preview 6 Fresh Bird

Sat Mar 10 03:51:38 2018

Kass is a bit of a show off , but unnintentionally, he only feels so comfy with being nude and let his body take some fresh hair while laying on the grass <3

Kass (C) Nintendo


Preview 5 Guard Dog

Fri Mar 9 23:47:51 2018

I guess you will think twice before messing with this big bad boy ~


Preview 4 Royal Service

Fri Mar 9 09:10:59 2018

Bowser is such a potent king and needs more that a few of his minions to get completely satisfied >:P

Bowser (C) Nintendo

Work (C) ~???????~


Month Reward Has Been Sent

Thu Mar 8 04:06:52 2018

I do want to apologize for the delay guy, hope the waiting was worthy and that the content for this pack might be of your enjoyment <3 I will try to finish the pics for this month more earlier for you to deliver at the correct time, I really hope you enjoy it boys <3 Love ya all and thaks you again for the great support ;w; It really motivates me to do more and more <3 I will catch ya again soon with more content!!

- Cy

Preview 3 Nude Bird

Tue Mar 6 01:22:32 2018

He likes to show off what does he has ~

Kass (C) Nintendo / Breath Of The Wild


Preview 2 Bathing

Sun Mar 4 23:58:49 2018

I guess Link is too shy to even talk or reply to that offer, but Kass seems to be enjoying the back view from the young hero ~

There will be a different version of this ~

Kass & Link (C) Nintendo / The Legend Of Zelda


Preview 1 Locker Room

Sat Mar 3 03:29:57 2018

Guess the fox boy came into the lockers in the wrong time, or maybe in the best time? What you think about it ~


February Month Pack Coming This Weekend

Sat Mar 3 03:28:21 2018

Sorry for the delay about the pack these two days boys, taking care of some bussiness but that isn't an excuse for the delay, I apologize for all these issues boys, thank ya very much for the support boys <3~

Preview 15 Kuma-gut

Sat Feb 24 09:16:23 2018

He is been putting on the pounds for sure ~

Kumatetsu (C) Mamoru Hosoda


Preview 14 Lion BF

Sat Feb 24 09:14:42 2018

He is waiting for you to lay on the bed and cuddle in


Preview 13 Big Plumber

Tue Feb 20 09:03:14 2018

He will make all the special services ;0 ~


Preview 12 Surrender

Tue Feb 20 08:59:04 2018

Seems the king has fallen into the feet from other king

Asgore Dreemurr (C) Undertale / Tobyfox

Bowser Koopa (C) Nintendo


Preview 11 Royal Butts

Sat Feb 17 19:42:46 2018

They are showing their mighty royal backs , surely the white king isn't very comfy about showing his big fat royal butt, unlike bowser who really likes to let ya admire him all his goods ;P

Bowser Koopa (C) Nintendo
Asgore Dreemurr (C) Undertale / Tobyfox


Preview 10 French King

Fri Feb 16 08:28:53 2018

He is expecting you to pick that rose off his maw with yours ~

Bowser Koopa (C) Nintendo


Hey boys. How you feel about?

Thu Feb 15 23:04:27 2018

Humans (Males Muscle, Males Fat)
Inflation (Food,Cum,Muscle,Air)
Hyper (muscle, dongs, fellaws, bowser, kass lajdlaksj anything)
Size difference (i think its cute and hot sometimes :P)
Hypnosis (for making someone eat lots of food only)
Poke Stuff (Male/Female)
Sumo Theme
Macro (I know you love those)

Because I wanna experiment more with different things, but I don't any of you to feel uncomfortable or disgusted with some content, which I always love to ask first before doing it, it can be fun to try something new and well I think it might turn interesting >:P ~

Also I wanna make a quick announcement here too, for those who have been supporting me for a whole year, I deeply appreciate your big support on everything, and I'm thinking about giving something back, so stay tuned for the next announcement since I'm polishing some stuff about it, and what it might be, so stay tuned ~

Preview 9 Your Valentine's 1

Wed Feb 14 08:03:27 2018

He is making sure you get a good valentine's preset


Preview 8 Tail Whip

Wed Feb 14 08:01:14 2018

It's a super effective move!!

Charmeleon (C) Game Freak / Pokemon / Nintendo


Preview 7 Draboobnite

Sat Feb 10 03:16:26 2018

It's personally one of my most favorite pokemons, she might be playing with her boobs and teasing a second character in the pic ~

Dragonite (C) Game Freak / Pokemon / Nintendo


Preview 6 Royal Butt

Sat Feb 10 03:13:29 2018

He is just chilling at his royal bed ~

Bowser Koopa (C) Nintendo


Preview 5 Feb 6

Wed Feb 7 06:48:19 2018

Anyone who is a true pokemon fan would guess why the title of this pic ~

Mewtwo (C) Game Freak / Pokemon / Nintendo


January Reward Sent ~

Tue Feb 6 07:03:44 2018

Sorry for the delay boys again, always dealing rather family or other stuff, but well the month reward has been delivered to you, I really hope you enjoy this month content, been trying to do more coloring, i wasnt able to finish two pics but i still sent the previews in the pack, I'm thinking about doing some little changes and also an announcement coming this month as well.
I really cannot appreciate your support guys, am super grateful about all this great support and i will put more and more work for you guys, seriously <3

I love you all of you ~
The CyVe

Preview 3 La Aplanadora

Sun Feb 4 07:54:23 2018

The names comes from a move known in Mexico Wrestling ~
That poor 'meleon about to get crushed ~

Incineroar & Charmeleon (C) Game Freak/ Pokemon / Nintendo


Preview 2 HM-Surf

Sun Feb 4 07:49:19 2018

There is other way to move around Alola? I don't think so ~

Lapras (C) Game Freak / Pokemon / Nintendo


Preview 1 Booty Slam

Sun Feb 4 07:46:28 2018

Despite Normal-types are super weak vs Fighting-types, even a normal-type move can be super effective in different ways ~

Snorlax & Vigoroth (C) GameFreak/Pokemon/Nintendo


Patreon Reward Coming Up This Weekend

Fri Feb 2 03:17:24 2018

Stay tunned for it boys ~ Plus a big announcement will coming up this month too ~

Preview 16 Overheat

Mon Jan 29 04:04:29 2018

A certain dragon is been under lot of pressure somewhere on his body ~

American Dragon (C) Disney


Preview 15 Overstuffed

Thu Jan 25 08:27:14 2018

Seems feeding your pokemon with too much rare-candies, pokepuffs and protein wont make it stronger, if not way more fatter and heavier, but still a good result ~

Charmeleon (C) Game Freak / Nintendo / Pokemon


Preview 14 Big Koopa King

Sat Jan 20 03:52:50 2018

He is the mighty koopa , I really like this character so far....

King Koopa (C) Super Mario Bros. Series / Nintendo


Preview 13 Nihonshu

Thu Jan 18 07:31:36 2018

He likes to get drunk, like very much that he can just walk around naked caring a fuck about it haha !!

Kumatetsu (C) Mamoru Hosoda


Preview 12 Starters

Thu Jan 18 05:49:54 2018

Seems having a big huge booty isn't so good if the others arent that big , though they surely enjoy it!!

Feraligatr used Bite !!
Meganium used Vine Whip !! *ITS SUPPER EFFEFCTIVE*

Feraligatr,Typhlosion and Meganium (C) Game Freak / Nintendo & Pokemon


Preview 11 Poke Thiccs

Wed Jan 17 06:06:47 2018

Because these are one of my favorite pokemons huehue I hope you like it ;)

Dragonite / Tyranitar (C) Game Freak & Pokemon / Nintendo


Preview 10 Koop-Zilla!

Mon Jan 15 19:25:16 2018

That episode only makes me get some macro ideas, and here is a good one X//X;; I blame that episode!

King Koopa (C) Super Mario Brothers Series


Preview 9 Zard Man

Mon Jan 15 07:46:09 2018

HE is staring at you, you going to catch him or what?

Charizard ( C ) Game Freak & Pokemon


Preview 8 Senpai....

Sun Jan 14 10:29:01 2018

He does not understand why he has to be laying on bed and nude for this training, he is so bashful and cute!!

HorkeuKamui (C) Tokyo AfterSchool Summoners


Preview 7 Mega Long

Sat Jan 13 00:06:24 2018

I like this character very much X//X;;

Jake Long (C) American Dragon



Wed Jan 10 04:22:42 2018

Guys,been under some pressure due family's stuff and my mind cannot think into something big, mind to give some suggestions please?

and I mean suggestion for drawing ~

Preview 6 Belly Pudge

Tue Jan 9 10:00:29 2018

Seems Yoshi is been getting some pudge on belly and hips, perhaps Mario Brothers should stop making him eat lots of things ~

Yoshi (C) Nintendo


Preview 5 The Giant !!

Sat Jan 6 03:05:27 2018

I think this could explain better how much i loved that fight >w>

Bowser (C) Nintendo



Thu Jan 4 19:27:34 2018

Well boys after so much waiting, 2017 it's finally over, we had some big issues on this year but let's do our best this 2018, I'm planning so many stuff, coloring, sequences, short comics, follows, and do one of my biggests deals, shading and lights, it will be hard but everything its possible with a big attitude >=3 I hope you enjoy this month pack, and forgive me for the pics missing ><;; I couldnt finish those at the last week due family meetings, but i will finish those and add them in this month ;w;
Anyways boys I hope you enjoy it <3
And be prepared for more great stuff!!
Love you all!!

The CyVe-G

Preview 4 Booty Bump

Thu Jan 4 05:34:42 2018

Seems yoshies can get meaty butts too not only koopas ;O

Yoshi (C) Nintendo


Preview 3 Angry Koopa

Thu Jan 4 05:24:00 2018

Where is his switch pad? Where it is!!

Bowser Koopa (C) Nintendo


Preview 2 Croco Dad

Thu Jan 4 05:22:15 2018

Who says that pre evolutionsarent sexy !! HUH?!-

Croconaw (C) Game Freak / Pokemon


Happy New Years!!

Mon Jan 1 16:58:57 2018

Well 2017 it's finally over and we can start fresh this 2018, and here is the first pic of 2018, I'm planning to do more coloring this year, and shading too !! I wanna do many new things that I always think am not capable to do, but now its my challenge for this year >:3 I hope you like this one ~
Thanks again for all your support and love !!

Amelia Gideon © Ryuakira
Ashi © MysteryMan01
Leslie © Dawnrn
Arboth © Keiros_Dragon
Risew © AdagadePrata
Mama Rüe © MatyG


Second Last Preview MOoooo!! 2

Fri Dec 29 10:17:17 2017

Gosh this guy is going to be a new addiction to me?!!?!

Ferdinand (C) 24 th Century Fox


Last Preview - Mooooo!

Fri Dec 29 08:43:59 2017

He is such a sweetheart!!!!!!!!!! I love him!!

Ferdinand (C) 24th Century Fox


Preview 17 Mega Zard

Tue Dec 26 09:11:44 2017

Too much Rare-Candies perhaps? :O who knows!!

Charizard (C) Pokemon / Game Freak


Preview Pic 15 Nuki Muffin

Sun Dec 24 06:51:30 2017

He cannot wait to taste it!!!

Im glad my lil bro sleep a bit early because christmas so i can take this pic!!


Preview 15 Gaomon

Fri Dec 22 06:08:21 2017

Bring it , babe!!!!
He will pull out all your teeths for sure ~

Gaomon (C) Digimon / Bandai Namco


Preview 14 Gods of Destruction

Fri Dec 22 05:48:29 2017

They really are big powerful gods of destruction :V

Beerus & Champa (C) Akira Toriyama


Preview 13 A King Flex

Wed Dec 20 08:48:15 2017

gosh why nintendo created such big daddy dragon turtle whatever he might be , he is a big daddy!!!!!!!!!!

Bowser (C) Nintendo


Preview 12 Battle of Guts

Wed Dec 20 08:44:13 2017

Been under a lot of pressure because of these two, they are driving me nuts xx;;; love 'em DONT BLAME ME BOYS!!

Kumatetsu & Io Zen (C) Mamoru Hosoda


Preview 11 Bowser Growth

Sun Dec 17 10:20:05 2017

A short sequence i made while trying to focus on something else
Use my young brother's phone to take this photo while he is asleep
I hope you enjoy it


Preview 10 The Evil

Thu Dec 14 08:54:34 2017

He is so magnificent no doubt of it <3


Preview 9 Pete

Thu Dec 14 08:52:03 2017

I remember someone said that wanted see Pete, so here it is for oyu ~ ;3 specialy that boy ~

Pete (C) Disney


Preview 8 Stressed Nook

Mon Dec 11 08:37:32 2017

Working in a store must be pretty stressing, he gotta take care of that ~

Tom Nook © Nintendo


Preview 7 Kuma Trainer

Mon Dec 11 08:29:37 2017

You better be prepare because he is not going to be gentle at all :B

Kumatetsu © Mamoru Hosoda


Preview 6 DanChub

Mon Dec 11 08:25:07 2017

One big shepherd doggo jiggling his gut
Dan (C) DannyChubbs

Month Reward Sent

Sat Dec 9 22:43:45 2017

Forgive me for all these delays my dear patrons, been dealing a bit with family and other personal stuff, plus checking on some stuff with my SAI program because some of the progress from the pics for this month didnt saved so im sorry for all these delays boy, I promise i will try more thismonth ^^
I hope you enjoy the content <3


Preview 5 Comet

Thu Dec 7 02:50:35 2017

I hope you've been a good kid, or you won't the gift


Preview 4 Rudolph's Treat

Wed Dec 6 00:42:44 2017

He gotta earn that candy cane from Dasher


Preview 3 The Boss

Mon Dec 4 00:50:47 2017

He is the big boss and you and I are a peepsqueaks <3 Bowser © Nintendo


Preview 2 Fluff Kass

Mon Dec 4 00:44:43 2017

I'd use that chest as bed for sure so comfy Kass © Nintendo


Preview 1 Asgore Winter weight

Mon Dec 4 00:40:03 2017

He is preparing for become Santa ;0 Hoohoo Asgore Dreemurr © Tobyfox


November Pack coming this weekend

Fri Dec 1 21:46:35 2017

hey guys im preparing and setting up everything for this last month pack, and we start a new one now =3 I hope you have good holidays <3
Stay tunned ~

Preview Pic 17 Kuma Gut

Mon Nov 27 02:08:58 2017

I guess he workout a lot of weight and muscle for sure... Macro sized ? Definitely hah Kumatetsu © Mamoru Hosoda


Preview Pic 16 Rivaly

Fri Nov 24 23:07:04 2017

They will growth further more to see who's the biggest

;O who nows hehe


Preview Pic 15 Rito Trio

Wed Nov 22 04:30:06 2017

The best ritos from the entire zelda franchise ~
with bigger pecs ;O

Kass,Teba & Revali (C) The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild


Preview Pic 14 Clawhauser

Wed Nov 22 04:23:12 2017

I believe he is talking about the donut from his hand , yeah ~
teasing Bogo perhaps ~

Benjamin Clawhauser (C) Disney


Preview Pic 13 Big Chuck

Wed Nov 22 04:00:09 2017

A sketch of a big chuck boy

Chuck (c) Neska


Preview Pic 12 Prince Leomom

Sat Nov 18 07:23:31 2017

I will be his tammer... Leomon (C) Bandai Namco


Preview Pic 11 Bear Cop

Thu Nov 16 09:08:54 2017

You better give him a good explication about what you doing there without permission


Preview Pic 10 Leomon to the Rescue

Tue Nov 14 04:14:10 2017

He is protecting you boys :O

Leomon (C) Bandai

Preview Pic 9 Ogremon WIP

Tue Nov 14 04:09:17 2017

Something for this month ~ of course it will be cleaned and colored ;O


Preview Pic 8 Pocky KK

Sun Nov 12 02:02:14 2017

Happy Pocky Day ;3


Fri Nov 10 02:44:25 2017

Entei, one of the favs pokemon from 2nd generation


BrainStorm Post!!

Thu Nov 9 03:23:16 2017

I want the lewds!!

Preview Pic 6 Moving Boy

Wed Nov 8 22:00:55 2017

He is ready to do his job ;0


Preview Pic 5 Garchomp

Wed Nov 8 21:54:10 2017

I just love many pokemon and I get the inspiration to draw something like this ~


Preview Pic 4 Puffs

Wed Nov 8 02:49:56 2017

Too much poke puffs, yet tasty ~
Too much perhaps? >;3


Preview Pic 3 Pent Up

Wed Nov 8 02:39:31 2017

Yoshi better hold still as much as he can ~ >:O
Upcoming pic for this month among others with colors ~


October Month Reward Has Been Send!!

Sun Nov 5 22:41:32 2017

As i mentioned in a last post, i wanted to deliver the october pack early and it's been sent to you boys, I hope you enjoy it <3 sorry if there is less pics than the previous months but i will try to work harder this time, this month its starting rough with my throat being so sore and cough, but well i will get better soon hopefully <3 I hope you find this pack interesting, love you boys, and have a good day and once again thank ya very much for your support ;O; I will work harder for you!!!


Preview Pic 2 Kuma

Sat Nov 4 20:02:54 2017

"Hey there kiddo" I swear there is not enough of him!!! Kumatesu (C) Mamoru Hosoda


Preview Pic 1 KK Show off

Sat Nov 4 04:19:14 2017

He is such a showoff for sure ~
That pitbull!!


October Month Pack coming this week

Fri Nov 3 01:43:01 2017

Hey my dear followers, I'm sending this month pack early this time, recently been a bit sick, but I prepared the pack before hand, so i could only preparen it and send it to you sooner <3 thank ya again for your support ~ I feel so happy most of you keep supporting me through this whole year <3 means a lot to me boys, thank ya thank ya

- The ĆŷŲệ

Preview Pic 9 Werewolf

Sun Oct 22 08:30:34 2017

Coming up this month pack ;0


Preview Pic 8 Asgore Daimon

Fri Oct 20 08:53:35 2017

Poor monster king, he wanted to dress as something else, but he couldn't fail to his kids


Preview Pic 7 Orc

Thu Oct 19 23:21:51 2017

Because October


Preview Pic 6 Dino Stripper

Wed Oct 18 19:13:48 2017

From Rick & Morty show thing


Preview Pic 5 Bear Bday !!

Sun Oct 15 00:45:59 2017

This is a bday gift for a good friend, I hope he likes it For ThisNorth


Friday The 13th

Sat Oct 14 01:36:09 2017

You afraid of black cats? >:O
You're jinxed!!!!!!!!!!


September Pack Has Been Sent

Wed Oct 11 20:17:25 2017

Thank ya guys for all your support once again <3 I hope you enjoy what i prepared for you, again thank ya very much for everything <33

Preview Wip 4 Toffee

Tue Oct 10 08:27:44 2017

he is so hunky from Start vs The Forces of Evil ><


Preview Pic 3 Party Selfie

Sat Oct 7 04:24:15 2017

I think Kass is very show off and Revali its enjoying this too hehe LoZ (C) Nintendo


Werewolf Wip 4

Fri Oct 6 20:08:06 2017

Because Halloween!!! Hooowl


Any ideas for October/Orctober/Inktober?

Wed Oct 4 22:52:31 2017

I want to listen my patrons again <3 I'm sure some have some ideas, but these/this would be picked randomly still I'm all ears for you <3

Preview Wip 1 Kuma Glutton

Tue Oct 3 17:19:55 2017

I just really cannot stop drawing him sometimes haha I hope you enjoy this preview!


Leomon Outfit

Mon Oct 2 22:30:01 2017

No, is not leomon, just a big Leo dressing as a Leomon, I think he look so hunky and sexy ;)


Month Pack Coming This Week

Sun Oct 1 22:29:59 2017

Thank ya all of you again for you great support guys, <3 this month i worked in some pics that im sure you will love it <3 plus preparing more for this month as well, i hope you all enjoy what's coming up this week <333 You are so awesome and amazing.Thank ya!!


Sake Kumatetsu

Thu Sep 28 17:44:03 2017

He can be such a drinker sometimes , huehue


Preview Wip 8 K.K Horny

Thu Sep 28 04:06:02 2017

I just really like him so much >> even tattoeed


Prewiew WIP 7 IceCream Pudge

Thu Sep 28 02:58:17 2017

Seems he has gotten outta shape, but dont worry, he is going to be working out his weight >:O


Preview Wip 6 belly groe

Sun Sep 24 05:52:38 2017

Bowser belly groping ;O

and shaking

Bowser (C) Nintendo
Work (C) The CyVe


Preview Wip 5 Kumatetsu

Fri Sep 22 06:12:07 2017

He is just one of my most favorites <33
I hope you enjoy it ~


preview 4 Tebass

Tue Sep 19 08:07:35 2017

More butts coming from TLoZ!!

Teba (C) Nintendo


preview wip 3

Tue Sep 19 08:05:23 2017

Butts are important in someone's life !!

Pokemon (C) Pokemon


preview wip 2

Tue Sep 19 08:04:03 2017

Something for this month, working on it !!


Preview 1

Fri Sep 15 18:47:25 2017

Something for this month ~


It's supper effective!!

Wed Sep 13 02:03:12 2017

Sometimes even short pokemons can lead into critial hits!!

Ursaring & Charmeleon / Game Freak and Pokemon
work (C) CyVe


Jonah The Glutton

Wed Sep 13 02:01:02 2017

He is going to be your new personal trainer and going to study your stamina ;O

work (C) CyVe


August Month Reward Sent!!

Mon Sep 11 04:00:53 2017

First to all, I wanna apologize for the big delay, recently got my scanner back and all these recents event been extremely awfully, but i keep myself positive and always moving foward , I hope you enjoy the content from this pack interesting, I saved some stuff that im sure you saw in the wips, but i will not dissapoint when they come in the september pack plus more sequences arriving soon ~
Thank ya for all your patient and support <3


Kaiju Pork

Thu Sep 7 21:43:14 2017

Ft Sisha
this was a lot of fun t do but tedious because the buildings and perspective, going to try more of this in the future, also i want to apologize for the delay of the month reward, its been a pain with my family and my brothers using the scanner and trying to get a time to use it for myself, i hope you enjoy it ;w; again sorry before hand



Month Reward Coming Up This Weekend/ Updates

Sat Sep 2 01:51:59 2017

Hey there everyone! Just wanted to give a quick update, first of all i would like to thank you all for your patience on waiting for the image pack, I would also like to add I will be doing something new this month. I want to expand my horizens and get into some colored works and also work on backgrounds... since it is something i have little practice with, working on dynamic angles and more poses. These will probably hurt the final count of the images I post in the image pack, but i do hope the trade off is worth it! And please, once i release it, leave concerns or any comments. I would aim for about 2 colored images (single characters) and about 6-12 sketches. Thank you all for your continued support and I hope not to disappoint you!

Thank ya again in advance for your patient <3

The CyVe


Mon Aug 28 07:32:37 2017

There is not sexy sharks so. here it is !!


Rooster Flex

Fri Aug 25 03:34:34 2017

A lil fanart from Rooster from Broadsword


Belly WIP

Wed Aug 23 02:40:37 2017

Other wip for the day ~

I'm working hard for these :3
I hope to not dissapoint any of you <3



Wed Aug 23 01:26:37 2017

Something i hope you find interesting for this month :3


Upcoming Colored Stuff

Sat Aug 19 18:12:51 2017

So I've been wondering myself that I should do more coloring work, and here are some previews for this month, i hope you find these previews interesting, there are more coming up of course, and If I can, i will try some cell-shading and blending stuff too =D I hope you like these short previews, stand by for more ~





Wed Aug 16 03:44:19 2017

T.V Seller :"You better try the new muscle-gain bars, they are so delicious and off-calories, will grant you with very thick muscles within a few days, order now!!"

Asgore : "I gotta get a few of those for sure"

Yeah they will work as the last diet candy bars from the last weekend..
He is just so silly and unff ~


August BrainStorm!!!

Tue Aug 15 06:46:08 2017

I'm ready to listen some suggestions and some good ideas or concepts you have in mind, been working on some stuff I might get scan and posted here, some nsfw and some very different stuff I hope you find....interesting also

Also heads up, folks!! I hear Discord is implementing a screen sharing app on their platform, I'm not very sure about it, but a friend mentioned it to me. I hope they do that and soon and allows for streaming in groups. I'd love to use discord for patreon streams, for scrappy doodles you will be able to see , and maybe i can work more in some of them, yet its only an idea, and i hope all of you wish this happen for Discord 83

anyways, I will leave you thrown some good ideas, very eager to listen to them ~ <3

~ CyVe

Reward has been sent

Fri Aug 11 18:56:51 2017

I hope you really find this pack somewhat interesting sorry for all the delays boys I will work more on this upcoming pack too ~

Sorry for the delay

Thu Aug 10 08:37:01 2017

I've been dealing with my family a lot lately, and had to take my scanner back because my bros lended it to one of their friends, so I'm scanning everything right now so you can have your reward ,againvery sorry for aall these delaays >.<

Summer Kass

Thu Aug 10 07:49:16 2017

what you will do >:P


July Pack Coming Up this weekend ~

Wed Aug 2 03:39:25 2017

Hello to everybody, seems another month has passed and that means another package is coming up to your hands, but this time I have something special in this package for all of you that I hope you will enjoy, plus been thinking about giving a big step for my work, and other special rewards for this month or september to start with, like patron-only private stream and short comic ideas, but one step at time, I'mpreparing a bunch of stuff for all of you my dear friends, and I will give my best to it

<3 thank ya for all your support and care

PS twitter possible reactivation coming up and stream raffles

Stand by for the next post my beloved ones ~

CyVe ~

Pent Up

Wed Aug 2 03:33:50 2017

As i mentioned I wanted to ink this piece, I hope everybody enjoy it
this one was so fun to do, and for those who pledged, I'm sure you will find something on this month pack, which is coming this weekend and i hope you will find it...interesting ~

Bowser (C) Nintendo


Koopa Wip

Sat Jul 29 18:49:44 2017

Something i t will come in this month ~
of course clean and possible coloring

Bowser (C) Nintendo



Thu Jul 27 02:56:14 2017

Sorry for bringing human content, I've been under lots of thoughs lately after some incidents with my family around and twitter ,and well my mood its a bit killed though im working on the stuff for this month,i hope you forgive me.

Soriz from GrandBlue


Big Lab

Tue Jul 25 17:12:00 2017

Some big Mr.Labrador cause chubby dogs are sexy


Item Gotten

Tue Jul 25 01:58:45 2017

My pen replacement finally has arrived.

"Ready to roll"

Wed Jul 19 05:06:12 2017

Some big lion wip from @CanonofCats Zack
I love t his big ca t <3



Wed Jul 19 04:26:38 2017

Some of my female bowser design for you ;3


Growth Sequence Poll

Tue Jul 18 20:42:45 2017

I'm already preparing a female growth sequence for this month but i want you to decide which is the most you want

I hope you like the ideas for this poll


For My Dear Patrons

Sun Jul 9 06:29:33 2017

Tell me what you'd like to see doing from me , muscle growth, weight gain sequences ? let me listen to your ideas ~~

Wip 3

Sun Jul 9 03:58:10 2017

" 'Cha waiting fur, sunshine?"

Dont make him wait :V

Baxter (C)BaxterPoodle


Another Wip

Fri Jul 7 02:46:50 2017

More Whagon Fun ~

I hope you enjoy it, because you will have the full version of this ;3

Whagon (C) KuroWhagon


Whagon Wip

Tue Jul 4 22:01:29 2017

Some wip from KuroWhagon's sona
It's very fun to draw!!!


June Pack SENT!!

Mon Jul 3 21:43:51 2017

I thank ya all of you for this support again, i cannot thank ya enough for it ;A; I hope you find the package worth it , i will bring new stuff this month <3 just for you!!!

June Pack coming up tonight

Sat Jul 1 22:19:48 2017

Stay tunned, my dear people, I hope you will enjoy this month pack, and this month will be full of updates, ideas and other things, also going to create a Discord account for all of you, so you can get the updates about everything i'm planning for this year and anything else.
Thank ya for your support


Tue Jun 20 09:58:35 2017

Finally after all these delays, the last month pack has been sent to you, please check your message box and you will see the link from this last month pack, I was able to work out some stuff and got my scanner as i mentioned in the last post, i hope you guys enjoy it =) and this month is about to end, and I'm prepared for it so stay tuned for what you will find this next pack =D also, once i get everything set up I will be announce a public post about how this patreon page was able to exist and who was behind everything before things changed

Stay Tune, Awwoah ~



Sat Jun 17 03:48:00 2017

After so long wait, I finally recovered my scanner, the only things that are left its the pen tablet and the laptop (that finally i will be able to pick up tomorrow, and school is over!!) which means i will be able to scan all the paper doodles i was able to do throughout the last month
I beg you to forgive me with all these delays, it hasnt been so easy here, but i work as much as I can for you boys, <=3 thank ya for your patient

Who's the strongest (fatty)

Fri Jun 9 19:12:37 2017

I think its Charizard O3O


It's her!!

Mon Jun 5 04:48:41 2017

been a while since I drew her, and now that he is back, I decided to give him a surprise !

Amelia Gideon (C) RyuAkira

Also monthly pack coming this week =D


"Does this speedo looks tight?"

Wed May 31 09:35:16 2017

I dont think its appropiated for a pool party, what cha think? :O

Speedos are thin


"Why this shirt is so tiny?"

Tue May 30 07:37:36 2017

Seems Asgore has been working out his gut, getting more thick and more defined :O


So pent up

Thu May 25 07:24:26 2017

This buffalo boy has been pretty pent up these days
He needs some help badly :O

Wyatt-Shankar Radhav (C) HanetoFox


About the BrainStorm

Mon May 22 19:43:14 2017

I'll be picking only few ideas, dont feel bad or sad if I dont take yours at this moment , but next time i will ;3 ~

Stay tunned ~

"Ready for your present ~"

Sat May 20 09:55:46 2017

A little gift for Dubbawide who recently just graduated from school ~

Hama (C) Dubbawide


Fire Prime

Wed May 17 07:00:09 2017

This was a com by Aether718

this one was from the other post, but it did not show x3 sorry

Firepaw (C) Aether718


Doodles May 1

Wed May 17 05:03:03 2017

Just some doodles i did on my sketchbook while I wait for my new tablet pen and my laptop to be completely fixed, lets hope it happens soon!!

Two are coms, and the first one its gift art


Patron Voice

Sat May 13 20:21:15 2017

i wanna listen my patrons ideas, i need a brainstorm !!
Suprise me!!!

April Month Reward Sent

Sun May 7 21:45:09 2017

Thank ya for all the patience everbody, Im utterly sorry for all these delays but I've been not in the best luck moments in this year, but let's hope things change soon <3
This pack has some of the doodles i worked on my brother's computer at nights, though it was hard since my mom didn't let me stay after midnight on his room, anyways i hope you enjoy it <=)

P.S Once i get my laptop, I wanna gotta explain why this patreon exists and also who made this possible

Hello everybody!

Mon May 1 07:56:06 2017

First that anything, I wanna apologize for the lack of my presence here, but I've been pretty unfortunate these last months, but I'm still trying to keep in contact and productive, and from some recents events, I think i will not be able to draw digital, not only because my lack of my laptop,and about that, thank god my cousin is bringing me a new hard disk from Mexico and a motherboard, so fingers crossed, and about the recents events, my mother got a surgery since she's been suffering about from blood clots on her thighs and feet, thank god she is now better, but still on bed, I've been taking care of her with help of my sister, but this week, my olders brothers came over to visit mom, and well they needed to stay somewhere (my room most presice) and well, they let a whole mess and "cleaned" , but it seems they might accidentaly tossed my tablet pen , I'm still praying is around the house still, and about the pack of April, I was able to work at nights in some simple doodles, that i hope you might enjoy also with some traditional stuff so stay tuned.
I also wanna appreciate my great friend and bro who i will keep anonymous for the support he gave me to get my new hard disk and mother board <3 thank ya bro!!!
I wanna truly thank you for the support guys, it's been a very very awful year so far to me,but I'm still positive and trying to keep further with my stuff, thank ya so much for your support <3



Sun Apr 23 07:35:23 2017

another wip while using my mom's computer, i hope you like it, and please forgive me for the recent events <=3


Easter WIP

Sun Apr 16 21:52:20 2017

Well, still without computer, but I took my little brother's comp and drew this, I hope you like it, since once i get my lap back, i will finish this


March Pack

Sat Apr 1 04:58:33 2017

Well another month ends , a very tough one for me though but we gotta move on, right? ^^

I wanna appreciate to all your support again guys, I'll be sending the March Pack to you this weekend, thank god this time i will be able to scan since I got my scanner back ^^ thank ya again for all the support =D


After Study

Thu Mar 30 08:23:37 2017

comes the fun part

Sorry for the lack of posting, its been quite an awful month >o<


"Hey there fella"

Thu Mar 23 08:41:02 2017

"Wanna join in?"
Commission for Cuddles


Come here ~

Sun Mar 19 03:21:39 2017

"We are going to have some fun"

KK being so so horny tonight ;O

I wanna apologize due the lacking of posting, i will try to post here more often >n<


Hyper Bararos

Sat Mar 11 03:31:41 2017


Sorry for not posting often , i will be posting more soon <3


Month Reward

Wed Mar 1 07:54:23 2017

Hello my people, as we can see , another long month has been gone and it's time for your monthly reward, which i will be posting this week, I really do appreciate your support <3 I will be working hard this month for you <3 Love you boys

Koz -

Quazy Dragon

Fri Feb 24 08:44:53 2017

Undies Malfuction
Old Work


Try Everything !

Mon Feb 20 17:48:24 2017

Just a scrap doodle from a upcoming thing I'm working on ;O


Asking to my patrons!!

Mon Feb 20 06:23:44 2017

Would you like more to get a montly picture (full colored and blend-shaded) rather that a monthly package of all personal sketches, doodles and commissions dont throughough the month (HQ)

Coach Grifter (concept work)

Fri Feb 17 22:38:38 2017

From Extracurricular Activities from @DyneWuff

<3 I love this bear so much


Love bite

Thu Feb 16 21:01:23 2017

i'm sure some of you remember these two, well t hey are coming back ;p


Valentine's Day ~

Tue Feb 14 21:39:49 2017

A special com from AshtheWaffle for Butchy ~

Shhh it's a surprise!


Febraury Brainstorm

Sun Feb 12 03:12:16 2017

You know wha t wha t t ha t means boys ;3
I'm all ears

Belate Gift

Sun Feb 12 03:09:41 2017

this was an old doodle for chris t mas i couldn' t finish so here you go ;3


"You did it good, Kitten"

Sun Feb 12 03:07:56 2017

"Next time we will do push ups and sit ups"

Sam so friendly and big as always


Selfie #6

Tue Feb 7 17:39:40 2017

"That kitten will enjoy this contact photo"


"Do it slowly, yeah ~"

Mon Feb 6 04:07:31 2017

Seems the pitbull it's quite enjoying this workout more that the little kitten



Sat Feb 4 19:58:51 2017



Monthly Pack Sent

Fri Feb 3 08:31:35 2017

As most of you were wondering, the reward pack from last month has been sent to you, my dear people please enjoy it, and I'm very sorry for the lack of posting in here, this last month was very annoying with bad stuff happening but let's hope this month everything goes well <3


Bro Frat

Fri Feb 3 02:22:22 2017

this one was very funny to try :3


Another month ends

Thu Feb 2 17:39:21 2017

the first month of 2017 has ended, so that means it's time for the monthly reward :D
I wanna thank ya for all the support since the beginning <3 I do really appreciate it guys.
I promise i will be posting more often here, and more suggestions from you <3

You will recieve the link later either by posting it or send a message with the link ~
Stay toned ~

Say Cheeze ~

Mon Jan 30 18:22:47 2017

Some big hairy husbando lion for you ;O


"Someone need a mechanic?"

Sat Jan 21 21:47:38 2017

You tell him where is the problem ;o


Dog Gym

Thu Jan 19 04:58:34 2017

"Hey there lil kitty, are you lost?"
"Well Well seems we have a new guest in here"
"Hey Sam, who's your cute little friend here?"
"Share it with us, Sam"

Seems a nerdy kitty got some company in the local dog gym, since the other felines does not let him work out in their gym
I guess he has a good companion now ~



Wed Jan 18 02:17:12 2017

" I told you!!,Stop watching those porn videos in your work shift , you understand me , James?! You listening to me?! "
Dont watch porn at the office ;V



Sun Jan 15 05:14:40 2017

Wonder what kind of animal you would like to see the most!!!!
Write down your suggestions/ideas!!

Mama Rue

Sat Jan 14 21:26:52 2017

"Oh my, pardon me, didn't knew you were around, let me put a blouse and we'll have some tea" ~

Mama Rue being such a polite yet teaser milf :Q Behave boys!


December Pack Sent

Sat Jan 14 07:32:33 2017

Thank ya to all my patrons for the support these last months, I wanna offer an apologize of the delay time for this pack due the many issues I passed over this last month, still I hope you enjoy it <3 This year I challenge myself to get more coloring stuff done and more great stuff for you <3 thank ya for your support

Love you <3

KéKé Koz ~

Finally Back

Wed Jan 11 16:15:49 2017

After a few weeks of computers issues and other events, I'm finally back and preparing everything for this month, I wanna apologize with my patrons for the issues that delayed the December Moth pack, but right now I'm working on it and will be ready before the days ends, if not tomorrow , so please be patient , glad to be back to you my people <3

Love you ~


"Hey there, shorty"

Tue Dec 20 23:32:09 2016

Commission for GeneralArma


Post-Work Beef

Thu Dec 15 07:58:54 2016

A commission for DaxxCat >:3
He is so hunky and sweaty!!!


Full Belly

Thu Dec 15 00:05:30 2016

A commission for Arthro


Preview of Daxxcat

Sun Dec 11 15:29:18 2016


November Pack Send ~

Mon Dec 5 18:38:16 2016

to all my proccesed patrons, the link of the november package was always send to you ^^ thank ya for the support <3

New Rewards for Patrons coming up on December

Thu Dec 1 05:11:54 2016

Since all of you guys have been supporting me so much, I'm willing to offer a bit more for you, to show my gratitude and appreciation <3

Stand by for the upcoming packages and future proyects

Also vote polls so you can write down your opinions about characters and else <3

Preview Of Arthro's Commission

Thu Dec 1 03:19:02 2016

Just flat coloring left :3


Big Dino

Wed Nov 30 13:07:38 2016

Never big enough ;O

Commission for BigDino :3



Tue Nov 29 20:21:56 2016

Commission for BaneiCorn

When you have the urges, you need to take care of them <3


Dark Side of Gazelle

Mon Nov 28 03:34:56 2016

She is such a naughty girl. <3


Gator Milf

Mon Nov 28 03:33:46 2016

Such a delicious view <3



Mon Nov 21 21:10:12 2016

Such a huge boy :3


Underwear is a HUGE Problem

Mon Nov 21 19:43:45 2016

Noone cant put those with such wide ass like that one ;O



Mon Nov 21 19:40:16 2016

they are looking for a "trainer" ;)


I wanna ask my Patrons

Tue Nov 8 06:20:38 2016

I'd love youto suggest some ideas , not too complicated though, but those that really have been supporting me, i wanna listen your ideas or suggestions, and if I don't pick one of your ideas, please don´t get mad <=)I wanna thank ya , my patrons <3


Mon Oct 31 09:36:06 2016

Ithinkthat berry was so suspicious :3



Mon Oct 31 09:17:40 2016

I wantedtotrythis girl in a while, so here it is :3


Dress of the Night

Mon Oct 31 09:07:39 2016

Alphys not very secure of herself using suchtight precious dress <3


Mission Complete

Mon Oct 31 07:45:31 2016

Fox McCloud has been one of my most favorite nintendo's characters (right behind KK Slider) and i wantedto do a quick coloring practice and sketch before bed, so here it is <3


"No one can stop the Universe"

Wed Oct 19 08:03:07 2016

Just a preview of a picture i might finish >//> Dont blame me please..


"Gazelle it's the best"

Wed Oct 19 07:55:42 2016

Clawhauser it's one of the most favorites characters from Zootopia so i wanted to give him a chance:3


New Stuff Coming up!

Fri Oct 14 08:47:22 2016

Hello guys,as all of you know I was out of computer due some problems with my cord but thanks to some help from my friends, i got a new cord last weekend, been going to start posting art i did while being offline and again i'm very thank ya for all your support <3Ohh andi found a way to give the people who pledged things, i will be sending image packs of high rez stuff that was on patreon plus extra private stuffagain tthank ya for all your support, and you are welcome to suggest stuff, only patreons that processed <3 Thanks again

Hero Pose

Fri Oct 14 08:34:16 2016

So attached to this big guy, not sure why ><


Biggest Fan

Fri Oct 14 08:28:32 2016

She definitely is his biggest fan ;3


Patrons Manipulating Pledges.

Sun Oct 9 20:11:34 2016

WARNING: Declining just before paying your pledge gets an automatic block AND blacklisting from any future commissions.
That is STEALING my content.

I am an artist, not a charity. ^^;;

Thanks for the support <3

Wed Oct 5 16:06:13 2016

I do really appreciate to the people who supported me this month, i will be mailing a private dropbox link this next monday for those who payed, this is as a reward of appreciation for all the support you gave me this month <3Again thank ya very much ;A;

Jogging Time

Sun Oct 2 20:34:29 2016

An old doodle i did about early 2015 , i still love it so much probably going to finish it one day <3 I must draw my rabbit girl again soon ~



Sun Oct 2 20:31:57 2016

Because its one of my most favorites digimons <3Old art from 2015


Sorry for the delay guys <=)

Sun Oct 2 20:24:43 2016

sorry for not updating lately guys, been so hard to do it without a laptop, but i will try to upload soon , thank ya for all your patient and support

Reward Tiers Updated

Wed Sep 28 00:16:22 2016


I'm going independant.

Sat Sep 24 03:33:07 2016

Hey folks , I am separating myself from my former business partner and making this my independent Patreon. So far I have been the sole individual posting, and yet my partner was going to get half of all my hard work. So, with encouragement from friends I am stepping up to manage my own content.

Please stay tuned, as Patron tiers will be altered.

I am eager to hear what kind of content and rewards you all would be interested in, going forward-if you would provide feedback it would be greatly appreciated. :)


Keep backin it up~

Fri Sep 23 23:01:44 2016

Love me some booty like that!

And some veiny meat to go in between!




Thu Sep 22 21:21:39 2016

Not much else to say about it. Title says it all. x3

And hey, for those that haven't noticed yet, we updated our patreon yesterday to finally include 2 new tiers! 10 and 15 dollar tiers. Check em out for yourself to see what rewards come with em!


Hot and Ready~

Wed Sep 21 17:42:22 2016

A little Charmeleon love!

Had to share a Pokemon sketch because of our latest tiers introduced today! Check them out if you haven't yet! You may just see some more Pokemon or AC Villagers soon if you do~ ;D


New Pledge Tiers Coming Soon!

Tue Sep 20 23:30:34 2016

Cozy here! Just letting all our marvelous Patrons here know that we have planned some fantastic new tiers to be added. With enough support behind us, we'll be bringing even MORE quality large ladies and gents content that you're all looking forward to!

Here's a hint at some of the new tier rewards too, one, will have to do with Patron-only streams, and the other, well, we're gonna be bringin in our Pokedex and Animal Crossing ideas we were testing at launch. No more details yet! You'll know clearly all about them once we release theses 2 new pledge tiers!

And hey, don't forget, if you can't support being a Patron and pledging, just mentioning our Patreon to fellow furs with matching interests and word of mouth goes an awful long way! Spreading the love for BBW /BHM and muscle furs of all sorts is a mission we're all in on this together! See ya'll again soon!

Accident on the Beach

Tue Sep 20 22:43:22 2016

"Oh no! I'm so sorry, did I happen to bump into you and knock over your icecream?! I'd be happy to make it up to you!"


inner thoughts"I can think of a few things..."


"KK Night"

Mon Sep 19 08:30:30 2016

He's playing a concert for us <3


"Wooble Wooble"(Low Resolution)

Mon Sep 19 03:11:19 2016

I love Amelia <3 so much, enjoy ~


"Wooble Wooble"

Mon Sep 19 03:08:24 2016

I love my Amelia lots X3 hehe enjoy it fellas



Sat Sep 17 09:07:55 2016

Gotta be careful when you use Bulk Up on an Aipom or any normal type pokemon ;O



Sat Sep 17 01:00:02 2016

Super Effective !! <3


Mhmmm This show is good ~

Sat Sep 17 00:58:17 2016

I like this silly ~


Judo KK Slider (HD)

Wed Sep 14 17:22:49 2016

He is really bad ass, isnt he O.OI really love KK Slider


Soaked Kumatetsu (HD)

Wed Sep 14 17:20:08 2016

He is just so unfhh <3 i really liked tha movie :3


"Comfort" (High Resolution)

Tue Sep 13 16:53:34 2016

BoobHugs in High Resolution



Tue Sep 13 16:52:14 2016

Nothing like a huge squeesh from those boobs ~


Rough Lioness ~ (High Resolution)

Mon Sep 12 01:12:21 2016

She is just a delicious treat ~ <3


Rough Lioness ~

Mon Sep 12 01:07:37 2016

She is just so dominant, no matter if it's a predator or prey , she is the queen <3


Beach Hunk ~ (High Resolution)

Mon Sep 12 01:06:12 2016

High resolution for my patrons <3 enjoy it


Beach Hunk ~

Mon Sep 12 01:02:31 2016

Havent do any ink picture in a while i will try more of it <3


In Upendi ~

Sat Sep 10 04:11:16 2016

PurrsssHad this odd idea in a while, i think it came up great ~


Give Papa a hug ~

Fri Sep 9 19:06:34 2016

"gropes and shakes belly"Murssss~


Full Moon ~

Thu Sep 8 06:20:11 2016

Yes it is ~


Late for Classes

Sun Sep 4 20:59:27 2016

Asriel and his goatfriend having some fun before they head to schoolPS They are already in puberty


Kimahri Ronso

Sun Sep 4 20:57:47 2016

One of my favorite Final Fantasy's Characters


Painting practice

Sat Sep 3 13:48:11 2016

I really need to give my work more love and color, I'm trying my best as coloring ><


Lazy Lion

Sat Sep 3 13:43:42 2016

I personally love Lion from SU, and i imagine him just like this over Steven's bed :3



Wed Aug 31 18:38:41 2016

One of the character i got a lil crush onRamona (C)Ritts


Today marks our first official launch day to the public!

Wed Aug 31 18:33:09 2016

Welcome everyone to our patreon! This is Cozy here, introducing you all to me and Kozy's lovely little, or rather I say BIG, Patreon of big ladies and gentleman, of the furry variety!

We hope you enjoy your stay, and see some content our tiers worth your time and possibly money too! As our mission statement says clearly, we only want to bring more and more appreciation and art to the community for this type of content.

And your generous support and sharing helps everyone, and definitely us, immensely! So another great big thank you, from the bottom of our hearts! <3

The Boss

Wed Aug 31 18:30:28 2016

She is giving her most efficent worker a good reward >;9


Trying new clothes

Tue Aug 23 01:04:45 2016

I guess some ladies are just too heavy and wide to find any kind of clothes to fit in ~


Details on the Pokedex Parade and Animal Crossing Villager Vista!

Mon Aug 22 03:22:43 2016

For those curious Patrons and Patrons-to-Be, we wanted to properly explain what this content/pledge tier would be for you all! Simply put, it is going to be regular uploads of some of your favorite Pokemon and Animal Crossing characters! And that's right, YOUR favorites. We will have open suggestions to those of this pledge tier on up, so if you haven't seen your fave villager or pocket monster, well don't be shy, speak up in the comments of the next upload for the PP or ACVV!

And please refrain from just shouting, "I want ____," or "More ____!" We're not looking for demands, kind words and suggestions are appreciated, and always taken into consideration more then harsh or terse words. You know, be nice!

We hope you all will enjoy this fun-filled, flirtatious and full-out geeky tier reward for $5 and above! Cheers~


Guilmon Shinka...!!!

Mon Aug 22 02:58:53 2016

GROWLMON!!I have a thing for this digimon, among others of course, I hope to do more of it soon!!


Just Letting an "Early" Patrons Know

Sun Aug 21 02:56:49 2016

We are still working the kinks out currently, and will be officially "going public" very soon! If you can't tell already by the content currently available, we are still testing the waters for uploading, as well as wanting to inform all interested friends and followers of our official launch soon too. We've just a bit more to go folks! Also have a nice new avatar almost ready as well for our Patreon too.

Thank you so much to those already who have shown their support! See you all again very soon!


Testing N°2

Thu Aug 18 22:34:34 2016

This one was done a month ago trying to launch this page, i guess it deserves to be posted ! More stuff coming soon ~


Testing testing 123!

Thu Aug 18 22:04:56 2016

Just a test image that Kozy made a year ago as a Commish. Hope ya'll still like!