MacroFurry Art Collection #1 - KenCougr

Thanks to an anonymous user from u18chan for this contribution. Now the only 4 remaining collections that are needed to have Cougr's entire catalog in here are the MacroFurry Art Collection #2, the Notebook Art Collection #1 and both Dancing Stoat Enterprises. They're available to buy on his store and it would be really appreciated if someone could get and share any of them: Thanks! -FF96 (d)

Busbar Artfolio 2014. By KenCougr

Includes 275 artworks, macro/micro male content. This is the last pack that I have from Cougr, once again I would appreciate if someone could purchase and upload the rest of his work: since I couldn't find them anywhere else. Thanks! -FF96 (d)

Sketchbook Art Collection #1 - KenCougr

Thanks to an anonymous user from u18chan for this contribution. Now the only 4 remaining collections that are needed to have the entire Cougr's catalog on here are the MacroFurry Art Collection #2, the Notebook Art Collection #1 and both Dancing Stoat Enterprises. They're available to buy on his store and it would be really appreciated if someone could get and share any of them: Thanks! -FF96 (d)

Open Canvas #2

The second Open Canvas pack (d)

KenCougr 2017 Patreon Artfolio - Mar 2018

This collection is nearly the entire art output for the year and contains well-over 350 PNG Images and Video files. Pictures range from sketches to full-color done in multiple media. Some series of stages of progress of a finished picture. Videos are time-lapse recordings of working on pieces Content runs the full gamut of subjects: All-genders of myriad species. Pin-ups, Macro, Hyper, Destructive and Gentle. (d)

Women of Massive Dimensions 2

Macro furry cougr (d)

Color Art Collection #1 by KenCougr

Thanks to Furrynomous over u18chan for this. We're still missing 4 packs from his store including the 2nd MacroFurry Art Collection, the Notebook Art Collection and both Dancing Stoat Enterprises: Please help us get them. Thank you! -FF96 (d)

Open Canvas #1 - KenCougr

Includes: altern, female, herm, macro and male content. He sent some exclusive Patreon Art Packs to his Patreons via PM a while ago, if anyone has them, or any of his other collections available on PumaPaw, please share them here. -FF96 (d)

Titan Tods Unlimited #3

Includes 300 images. Please consider helping the community by purchasing and sharing the rest of Cougr's giant/giantess packs: -FF96 (d)

Titan Tods Unlimited #2

Includes 72 images. Macro male content. Please consider purchasing and sharing the rest of Cougr's packs and collections, which are hard to find otherwise: thank you. -FF96 (d)

Women of Massive Dimensions 1

macro furry (d)

KenCougr 2016 Patreon Artfolio - Mar 2018

KenCougr 2016 Patreon Artfolio - (Mar 2018 pack Macro Furry art by Cougr) (d)

Black & White Art Collection #1 by KenCougr

Thanks to Furrynomous over u18chan for this. We're still missing 4 packs from his store including the 2nd MacroFurry Art Collection, the Notebook Art Collection and both Dancing Stoat Enterprises: Please help us get them. Thank you! -FF96 (d)

Titan Tods Unlimited #1 - KenCougr

Includes 380 artworks. 100% giant male content. I only have this three TTU collections plus Busbar Artfolio, if anyone is willing to buy and share Cougr's others giantess collections it would be of great help for everyone: -FF96 (d)

What Do You Like In March & October Rewards

Tue Oct 27 17:43:29 2020

While we are at it, Let me know what it is about the March and October Rewards that lead you to vote for those in the poll.

Enquiring minds what to know, and all that.


Tell Me What To Do - Round Two

Tue Oct 27 17:18:55 2020

Seems like there is a lot of stuff people liked in the May Rewards Pack. That choice was overwhelmingly the top choice in the last poll. March and October came together in a close second and third. I suspect people like skunks.

Round Two:

Please vote again, if you want. I will work on the top three choices when the poll ends, Sunday night, Nov 1st.

I removed some names from the list, things I'm not willing to bother with. I consolidated the names of each series of sketches to bring the number of choices down a bit. If you vote for a series, leave me a note with the name of the image you most want to be done.

Kind of complicated, but it's a first time doing this sort of thing. Working out the kinks on how I work on the kinks.

Have at it.

Tell Me What To Do. :)

Mon Oct 19 00:10:48 2020

Howdy, howdy.

I have been stuck in idle for the longest time. I want to do more art stuff and more things to make this Patreon feel more inclusive. Yep, I said that before and flubbed it. I'm not going to whitewash away any bad behavior.

A great deal of by trouble is an inability to actually -decide- on what I should do and what I should work on. I start things and get distracted and don't get back to what I started in most cases. Then, it becomes a big pile of things and I run around in small circles trying to figure out what I should work on until I fall over from exhaustion and wind up doing nothing.

So, I have managed to push myself forward with this idea to have you find folks tell me what I should work on.

I want to see if polling you all in a cascading fashion will yield results enough to give me a direction to run in.

I am starting with the Reward Packs from this year. Asking folks to look through what was presented this year and pick which month's Reward Pack I should pull from to make the next poll. Idea is to get a list of three or four pieces for me to finish.

If that works out, I can make it a regular thing. It can, perhaps, improve my output and give you folks extra input on where I should go with the art stuff.

Please, pick a month. Any month. You can pick as many as you like, but optimally, picking three, at most, will give this a chance to be useful. Month with the most votes gets to have its contents voted on.

I am giving this a week. The poll will close on Oct 25th, 5 PM PST.

I hope this will be fun and productive for us.

October 2020 Supporter Reward Is Up

Tue Oct 6 05:28:27 2020

Again, I return from my Lunar Rotation trip to leave behind a Reward Pack to you delightful Supporters.

Seems I caught a mouse this month. She's kinda hanging around for a bit. I hope you find her as appealing as I do.

Thank you for your support.

October 2020 Supporter Reward

September Supporter Reward Is Up

Sun Sep 6 05:29:20 2020

Howdy all.

This month's Reward Pack is up and running. I spent a lot of time this month poking at the animation of Yanhua, aka Bang-Bang, taking her little stroll. So, we're kind of light on the normal artsy stuff.

Regardless, I hope you will be entertained.

September Supporter Reward Art Pack

August Color Pic - Brumps

Wed Aug 19 21:42:26 2020

Okee, what we got here is the monthly color picture for you fine folks of the upper Tiers. Just a nice little shot of my Cougr self having a small show of affection to Aly, the tremendous demon skunk lass in her abode in Hell. Nothing out of the ordinary for my ridiculous self. :)

I seem to have a habit of befriending Beings that most normal people would run screaming from. Just means they miss out on the sweet personality of the large lady. Too bad.


Aug 2020 Supporter Rewards Is Mostly Up

Fri Aug 7 04:34:43 2020

Howdy all.

I have the Supporter Reward pack up for nabbing. I decided to get what I have out to you now, as the only thing holding this up is the color piece. I figure I can upload it here when I get done and it should amount to the same thing. Yes?

Anyhow, there be a link here in these here words. Looks like I'm becoming the "Bunny & Skunk Puma" these days. I hope you get a smirk out of things.

Aug 2020 Supporter Rewards Pack

Gonna Be Late With Rewards

Wed Aug 5 23:43:31 2020

Once again, I'm going to be behind on the Rewards Packs by a day. The color piece is taking me more time than I'd like, but will hit it during my stream tonight.

I should have the uploads tomorrow. Sorry about that.

July 2020 Patreon Rewards Are Up

Sun Jul 5 20:01:20 2020

Hey, howdy.

It's that time again. Time to see what's been tumbling out of my brain over the last thirty days or so. You get to see more of the Bang-Bang/Yanhua animation. Been poking at it off and on. I'm at the place where I'm stumbling into unknown territory. Hope I make it through with a nice, curvy Wah in tow.

I sure hope this is all worth it to you folks. I think my head is settling into a better space and more gets done. Still majority scribbles and random idea dumping, but more finished stuff is getting done.

Thank you so much for your patronage. I hope you're all staying well and staying safe.

Download the July 2020 Supporter Rewards

Big Wah Walkin'

Fri Jun 19 04:45:32 2020

I've messed around with the Yanhua animation a little more. Something akin to inking put upon it and placeholder color to help me see where things are going. There's a lot more to clean up and update. Ears need to move and some blinking action in. The body lines look like garbage to me and need serious work.

It's progress, though. It's something. Get off my tush and show you folks something.


Patreon To Charge Sales Tax

Fri Jun 19 04:39:33 2020

I imagine you've all heard about it by now. Patreon is going to pull sales tax away from you folks on top of the Tier charges. It was bound to happen. Thankfully, Patreon has mechanisms in place to mitigate the pain as much as is reasonable.

Content providers, like me, are able to define what percentage of their content falls into taxable categories. Donations and Support contributions are not taxable, but things like downloadable content is likely to be taxable.

I took an assessment of my Tiers and based on comments I keep getting from folks, it seems most everyone is in here to support my ability to make art, and not specifically for the art. Odd as that sounds, I get it. I appreciate the heck out of it, too.

But, as I offer digital downloads as part of the Patreon, I really need to account for that so the watchful eyes see there is something they're getting a pound of flesh off of.

I've worked out that the Digital Download Reward is $2.00. The Exclusive portions of the Supporter and higher is another $1.00. I believe those are subject to sales tax. The lowest Tier is entirely support contribution.

So, expect to see Sales Tax on two or three dollars show up on top of your contributions. I'll take some more looks at how the pledge categories are set up and see if I can revamp the Patreon around to classify as 100% support. There is some language in there that says contributions given that don't aren't based on the posted Tiers is considered a contribution and not taxable. If not paying sales tax is really important to you, that's an option to look into.

More on the situation as the thinking goes on. I wouldn't blame anyone if they cut and run. We'll see how it goes.

No matter what, Thank You to you all for the support you've shown to me. You're terrific.


June 2020 Supporter Rewards Pack Is Up

Sat Jun 6 03:15:46 2020

Hello all.

The monthly message about the monthly Supporter Rewards Pack is here for this month. :)

A lot has been going on and I didn't get a lot done. Much of that is because I spent a lot of time on a few color pieces and a hunk of work on another animation. You will find those in the Rewards.

Thank you all for your patience and support. I hope you enjoy what your kindness allows me to give you.

June 2020 Supporter Rewards Pack

May 2020 Supporter Awards Are Up

Wed May 6 05:56:41 2020

This month's Supporter Patron Awards are up and ready for nabbing. I hope you enjoy the scribblings. Thank you again for your support.

May 2020 Supporter Awards Pack

Jennifur - Stage 3 Camper Crunch

Tue Apr 21 05:01:20 2020


Yep. Camper.

"Has the right name, anyhow."

Figured you'd get a giggle out of that.

"*giggle* Yeah. Ah don't think it'll hold up f'long. Kinda short for a lounger, too. Now, draw me like one of your French giiiiiIIIRLS"

Are you all right?


You're all right.


Yeah. Campers make crummy loungers for twenty-seven foot tall skunk gals.

Another one of the suggestions for Jennifur shenanigans.


Please Check The Security Of Your Account

Mon Apr 20 23:04:26 2020

Hi all.

I'm not sure, but I think the Patreon account of someone I watch has been compromised.

I have changed my account password here, as a precaution. I suggest you take similar action, just in case.

Better Safe Than Sorry, eh?

27' Tall Elbow-Drop Skunk

Mon Apr 20 05:39:31 2020

"Y'all are crazy, you know that?"

Probably. Crazy for you, it seems.

"Hush up, you."

You're still going to do it, though, aren't you?

"Aw, heck yeah! Ain't every day ah get t'bust up a house! Yeeeaaahhh!"


Plenty of suggestions for Stage 3 Jennifur to make a mess of. The girl likes to have rough and tumble fun. Condemned houses don't grow everywhere and heck, it's all for a good cause, am I right?

"Wrasslin' is Real, y'all! Woo!"


106' Tall Wrecker Skunk Wrecks What?

Tue Apr 14 04:03:34 2020

Looking for suggestions as to what Ms Stage 4 Jennifur should make a mess of for a good cause.

Lemme have 'em. Please.

Jennifur Smash! Poll #1 - Miata

Sun Apr 12 23:19:47 2020

"Y'want me t'do what, now?"

The fans voted and they want to see you smash up a Miata.

"Jes like that? Bust up somebody's car for their fun?"

It's a junker and it's going to charity when you're done.

"Oh? It's nobody's car -and- it's goin' t'a good cause? Oh yeah, ah never did like these li'l Japanese buzz-boxes! Lemme at it."

Yep. Not surprisingly, the car won the poll for what Jennifur should smash up. I'm pleased she's into it. Looks like she's stretching out the cabin so she can get into it. I don't think it'll get her to the store and back.


April 2020 Supporter Rewards Art Pack Is Up

Sun Apr 5 19:46:47 2020


It's that time of the month again, where I push last month's content of art at you for pickup. Macro March ate up a lot of my efforts last month, so it's mostly skunk.

I hope you like it, anyway. Thank you so much for continuing to support me. I am striving to be better.

April 2020 Supporter Rewards Link

Macro March 2020 - Jennifur - Stage 6

Tue Mar 31 01:36:24 2020

"Hey y'all."

"This is it. Stage Six. Somethin' over three THOUSAND feet. Makes it easier to say one kilometer tall. This is scary, 'cause it's too danged easy to bust up stuff. Seems like ah flex a toe an'... WHOA! Hey! Dangit! Ah must be on the flight path t'the airport. Ah don't feel like gittin' a 737 up mah nose."

"Ah think that'll be it, y'all. Ah kin get bigger, ah know. But, dang, it's scary enough right here! Maybe ah'll be seein' you again. I might be able t'see you from here! Hee-hee!"


Thus endeth the official Macro March 2020 image run. It was an interesting experience. I don't think I've done so much color stuff that quickly before. I was definitely skimping all over the place; Hardly any backgrounds, messy cell shading and to heck with detail.

It was fun. I need to figure out other things to serialize.

Thanks for hanging out.


Macro March 2020 - Jennifur - Stage 5

Sat Mar 28 17:57:11 2020

"Hi y'all!"

"Here ah am at Stage Five. Seems kind of appropriate, as ah'm five hundred and thirty feet tall, ah'm told. This is the biggest ah feel comfortable at. Ah can get around mostly without makin' too big of a mess. And ah can watch the ball games for free, long as ah stay in the parkin' lot."

"Don't you worry about this here stadium. It's not the one my team plays in. *giggle*"

"Let me git somewhere open for mah next step up."


Macro March 2020 - Jennifur - Stage 4

Wed Mar 25 21:20:34 2020

Okay now.

At Stage 4, Ms. Jenni Lee is now up to the typical giant size many of us are use to. A healthy one hundred and six feet tall from heel to ear tips.

"Ah'm betting you'd like t'see me go all 'Attack of the Hundred Foot Mephit' and go around stompin' on cars n' eatin' people."

I am not taking that bet. Particularly because I know being mean and stompy isn't your thing.

"Yup! Ah am a cultured an' civilized lady. Still doesn't mean y'all wouldn't like to see me bust up stuff under mah boobs."

You are a naughty girl. So, help me down so we can do the next Stage.

"Mmmm, naw. You look good right there. 'Sides, ah don't don't need you for the next couple of steps up."

What? Hey, now. You don't... oh come on! Come back here! They lock the roof entry! Jenni!



Macro March 2020 - Jennifur - Stage 03

Mon Mar 23 07:21:55 2020


So, here we are, outside in a nick of time. Our petite femme skunk is now a delightful twenty-seven feet tall and is quite the sight.

"Why, thank you. It's good t'git back out in th' air and wiggle my toes in th' grass."

I hope the yard is big enough for those toes of yours. You do have delightfully big paws.

"You wanna git smothered under one?"

Ummm... Later. There's more demonstrating to be done.

"Al'right, then. Y'might not git a choice next time around. *giggle*"



Let Me Know What A 27' Tall Skunk Destroy?

Fri Mar 20 06:32:40 2020

Pretty straight-forward question. Lemme have your thoughts on the matter. *puts on a monocle and puffs studiously on a pipe he got from nowhere*

Macro March Jennifur Stage Two Bust-Up

Fri Mar 20 06:29:59 2020

So, first try at this. I hope it'll go well.

Stage 2 Jennifur is a healthy nine (9) feet tall. Nice to use as a mattress, to be sure. Options for things she can mess up are limited.

I'm open to ideas out of the blue, too. In fact, let me also request suggestions for fodder for her next size in another message.

Giving the poll a week for voting. Thinking I might need to shorten that time period. We'll see what we get.

Have fun

Macro Skunk Polls

Fri Mar 20 06:20:44 2020

I've been mulling over an idea to spice things up around here that is based on the Macro March series of the cute skunk, Jennifur.

Some folks like to see destructive macros. Duh. Jennifur is typically not one of those. But, with a lot of coaxing, things can be arranged.

I am going to throw up a new poll with each new stage of Jenni's growth that will ask you folks to decide from the list what belle femme skoonk will destroy. I will sketch out the winning idea.

This is all short and sweet stuff. Something I can do quickly to entertain you folks more.

I hope to have the first poll up when I figure out how the system works here. :)

Macro March 2020 - Jennifur - Stage 02

Fri Mar 20 06:11:23 2020

Hi again,

Thanks for coming back to check out Jennifur's talent. Pretty obvious from the "Macro March" part.

"Ah figure the folks are fixin' to see just how macro things get with me."

Indeed. So, this is Jenni's Stage 2. She's at what I like to label as "Fun Size". The label comes from those extra-big candy bars you can get during Halloween.

"And I can have as much fun as I want with a willin' playmate. Or, is that a 'plaything'?"

Aaaanyhow, Jenni is about double her normal height now. Easy and fun. Now, let's get outside and see where things go.


Here is the second in the series of "Skunks Gone Large", or something. Full-sized image of Fun-sized skunk gal for you. Enjoy.


Macro March 2020 - Jennifur - Stage 01

Wed Mar 18 06:10:37 2020

Hi Folks.

I'm taking a stab at being part of the Macro March thing. I am being helped by this pretty little lass, Jennifur.

"Hi Y'all!

"Ah'm Jennifur Rey Lee. Ah'm gonna be demonstratin' mah talent to y'all."

Jenni, for short [Hey!] is at Stage 1 and stands at a sweet 4' 5" tall. That's 1.35 meters to some of you.

She will be showing off progressive Stages over the next few days. I hope you stick around to see what happens!


I have this running on FurAffinity, too. You kind folks are getting the full-scale images, though.


Fixed The Dropbox Link

Thu Mar 12 05:11:46 2020

I believe I got it this time. I would really appreciate it if Patreon would not put it's own "https://" in front of a pasted in URL.

Just in case, here is the raw link URL.

Please let me know if this fails for you. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

March 2020 Rewards Link Error - Corrected

Tue Mar 10 06:41:27 2020

Hello there. Some folks have noted that the web links for the March 2020 Rewards is broken because of a double "https" at the front of the link.

I have fixed the link on the Patreon site, but it seems the email link remains broken.

Please jump to the Patreon page to the message and use the link found on the Patreon page.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

The March 2020 Supporter Reward Is Ready

Fri Mar 6 07:14:00 2020

**** FIXED THE LINK ****

Hi folks. Another month, another Art Pack Reward is up for you to nab.

A month of some busy silliness and more skunks than you can shake a stick at. Not a total overload, at least. A bunch more color stuff than usual. I am making more effort to finish things.

Anyhow, thank you again for your support and I hope you enjoy the madness.

March 2020 Supporter Reward Pack

Feb 2020 Supporter Award Is Up

Thu Feb 6 07:18:46 2020

Hi folks,

I hope you like skunks, because there are a lot of them in this month's Art Pack. There is other stuff, of course, but the theme has been WolfKidd Abuse and the skunks are good weapons.

I hope you enjoy and thank you for your support.

Feb2020 Supporter Awards Art Pack

I Am Not Dead

Tue Jan 28 20:08:27 2020

Even if I act that way or spend way too much time thinking I were.

I want this Patreon to be better for you all, my great Patrons. I am stunned by the patience you all have with me. I thank you all for that. I don't deserve it in the slightest.

My head has ideas tumbling through it all the time for improving my Patreon. My troubles are an inability to pick something and commit to doing it. Fear of screwing up more than I already do.

Somewhere along the line, I need to grow up and do the good things that need doing.

I am hoping help from you folks will be the shove I need to make improvements here. There are tools for doing polls here and I can just plain ask you what you think and want. I am going to stop over-thinking things and just commit. Accept that I may make more of a jackass out of myself.

So, let's start off with the easiest thing, even if it may bring the sloppiest results:

What Things Would You Like To See Me Do?

I'd like to do more for my Patron Tiers. I've seen other people doing a monthly sketch commission for a limited, higher-level tier. A good idea, maybe? I can probably handle a four or five slot thing.

Discord: Lots of folks seem to have Discord servers for their Patreons. Sections for general chatting and making suggestions and previews of things. Is there any interest in that kind of thing? Considering my monthly Reward Art Packs have nearly everything I produce in a month, there would be limited previewing happening. The ability to more readily hear and take suggestions could be good.

I think a lot about polling you all about what I should do, but there is that problem of where to start. Ideas start with "Which Sketch Should I Make A Finished Piece?" We have "More Girls or More Boys?" "Maws, Paws or something else?" That kind of thing.

Streaming: I do my regular streams Wednesdays and Saturdays. I generally just do... whatever during them. No real structure. I have thoughts of making the Wednesday Stream a "Work" stream, where I do commission and Patreon stuff. Saturday would be the "Fun" stream, where I do whatever and theme off of what the audience wants to see.

Tags. Archives. Contests. Stuff!

Let me stop here. I'd like to get your help and your thoughts about what direction I should go to make this thing you're contributing to better and worth your time. This joint needs spiffing up.

Thanks for your time and patience. I hope to hear from you.

January 2020 Supporter Rewards Art Pack Is Ready

Mon Jan 6 02:58:01 2020

Hi again. Things stayed together long enough for me to get this month's Art Pack together and uploaded. I hope you enjoy the contents and Thank You so much for your support.

January 2020 Supporter Rewards Art Pack

Jan 2020 Contributor Rewards Are Ready

Mon Jan 6 02:54:53 2020

So, back in business here, I got the reward Art Pack together and uploaded. Thank you all for your patience and I hope you enjoy the scribbles.

As this is the first month of a new quarter of the year, all Patrons up to Contributor gets access to this content.

Jan 2020 Contributor Rewards Art Pack

Possible Delay With Rewards

Sun Jan 5 18:30:43 2020

I am really sick of having to write these kinds of posts. It stinks of making excuses.

Anyway, I made the mistake of turning off my PC to set up a new UPS and now, it's doing that damned "I'm gonna just Turn-Off at random" BS that it has been doing and I haven't been able to troubleshoot.

I think I've managed to move last month's art files off the box in the period it would stay up for me to do it. I should be able to put things together on my old, reliable MacBook and get the rewards out today.

Let me get to it.

December Supporter Art Pack Is Up For Download

Fri Dec 6 05:37:03 2019

Hi folks.

You big folks can now download the December Art Pack. It's pretty full of big Wahs, so I hope you're ready for overwhelming cute.

I hope you enjoy and thank you so much for your support.

link: December KenCougr Art Pack

December Contributor Art Pack Is Ready

Fri Dec 6 05:33:23 2019

Hey Howdy,

It is that time again. The December Contributor Art Pack is ready for grabbing. I hope you like Red Pandas, because it's jam packed with Wah. Big wahs.

Since it is the start of a new quarter, the Fan Patrons get this Art Pack as well. I think I mucked up the timing of the last one.

I hope you enjoy the art and thank you again for your generous support.

KenCougr Patreon Art Pack

November 2019 Supporter Art Pack Is Ready

Thu Nov 7 01:26:35 2019

Hello folks.

I have access again to my account, so here is your link to the November Art Pack. I hope you'll enjoy what's in it.

Download Art Pack

October 2019 Patreon Pack Is Up

Mon Oct 7 05:36:14 2019

Apologies all. I haven't been organizing my time even remotely well this month. A day behind and a lot of art short.

This is the Fourth Quarter Art Pack, so it goes out to all of my Patrons. I hope you find something worthwhile in it. I spent a lot of time this month working on private art for some folks, which is why this Art Pack is so light on content.

I will see about doing better next time.

Take care.

Download Art Pack

Bust Shot - Sam - Better Run

Wed Sep 25 21:28:51 2019

Finally uploading a color image to make up for the one missing from last month's Art Pack.

Meet Spykr's Sam. She's a fascinating "person". She's a demon with some exciting quirks and habits. She's great fun to watch. And run from.


September Art Pack Is Up

Fri Sep 6 04:15:17 2019

Hi folks. This is one of those months where things didn't go as smoothly as they should. I wound up doing a lot of personal art for people and I didn't manage to do a color piece. Not to mention the pack is light on number of pieces.

So, I am making this a single, non-tiered Reward. I will do a color piece, or more, for the Supporters and post it when I am able.

I hope you enjoy what's there.

September Art Pack

August 2019 Contributor Art Pack is a Go

Tue Aug 6 04:56:10 2019

Hi folks,

It's the Fifth, so it's the day of the Art Pack drop. It's pretty heavy this time, so be careful. Hehe.

Thank you for contributing to the madness.

August 2019 Contributor Art Pack Link

August 2019 Supporter Art Pack is Ready

Tue Aug 6 04:53:53 2019

Hello again.

I have the August Art Pack up and ready for nabbing. A fair amount of zany going on. WIPs and early peeks.

I hope you enjoy.

August 2019 Supporter Art Pack Link

July 3Q 2019 Art Pack Is Up

Fri Jul 5 22:30:35 2019

Hello all,

Thank you again for sticking with me another month. I have this month's Art Pack ready for pickup. This one is available for every Patron, as part of the Quarterly Reward structure.

I hope you enjoy.

July 3Q 2019 Art Pack

July 2019 Art Pack Is Ready

Fri Jul 5 22:26:44 2019

Hey, hey, hey! Happy July, you all. The monthly Art Pack is up and ready for you fine Contributors to nab. Has a nice WIP sequence for the Color special in it.

I hope you enjoy.

July 2019 Art Pack

June 2019 Supporter Art Pack is Up

Sat Jun 8 02:35:45 2019

Hi folks,

Thank you for your patience and support. Here be the goods for this month. It's pretty heavy on Cute. I hope you enjoy.

You can pick up the Art Pack here.

It's Coming!

Thu Jun 6 02:01:48 2019

Again, I am behind schedule on getting my Art Pack together this month. I'm working on it as I type this, just so you're aware I haven't forgotten you find folks.

May 2019 Supporter Art Pack Is Up

Sun May 5 05:24:13 2019

Hi again.

The May Art Pack is up and ready for download for you kind people. You can download it from here.

April 2019 Supporter Patreon Art Pack is ready

Sat Apr 6 06:45:10 2019

Hey, hey!

Pardon the delay. There was a family birthday that chopped into my build time.

A fair bit of color stuff this time. WIPs and such. Plenty of other sketchy things for folks who like that.

So, grab the ZIP file here. I hope you enjoy.

And again, thank you so much for your support.

April 2019 Patreon Pack Is Ready

Sat Apr 6 06:38:10 2019


It took a while. Family birthday celebration causing a bit of a slowdown.

Anyhow, here is the Art Pack for April. As it is the start of a new Quarter, this one goes out to all my supporters, as a regular thank you for believing in me.

Download the ZIP here. I hope you enjoy.


GDBM - Chee?

Mon Mar 25 21:29:31 2019

Ginormous Mice are all the rage now! Well, they should be, at least. Poking around some with poking at a few choice tweak targets, the GDBMs are making a comeback.

For the uninitiated, "GDBM" stands for "Giant Demon Bimbo Mousies".

It's easy to remember. Just hum it to the tune of the 80s "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" theme song. :)

Here's a cutie from stream, curiously wondering what the noisy, flying bugs are. They better not be trying to get her snack.


Mousie Uber

Thu Mar 21 05:11:28 2019

Well, not exactly.

Arilin's unnamed "Vignette Mousie" has our favorite Rha and is treating her to a quick trip across country. At eighty feet tall, Arilin could make the trip in a reasonable walking time. But, Mousie can make the trip quicker for her, and more comfy.

Providing some "in-flight entertainment" as well.

The best part of the night's streaming.


Stream Thing. 5 PM PST 3/20/19

Wed Mar 20 23:58:54 2019

I'll be streaming on a Wednesday,

Streaming on a Wednesday,

Streaming on a Wednesday afternoon.

Where's The Cream Filling?

Sun Mar 17 21:05:01 2019

Rochelle is evil. Sexy and sweet and sassy, but evil. Somewhere in Pie Day, she decided I would make a good cake topper (Cheesecake is a pie. Don't argue with a 300 ton squirrel). After that gig was done, she needed to clean me off.

Shenanigans ensued.


3/16/19 Streamin' 5 pm PST

Sat Mar 16 23:08:29 2019

Doing it again. Same cat time, same cat channel.

Increasing Activity

Tue Mar 12 05:57:04 2019

Howdy all,

So, once again, I am going to make the effort to be more active on this here Patreon thing.

I am doing regular streams on Picarto on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. That's btw. As I should be producing more art, I should be posting more of it. I figure at least one new posting post-stream, so there is some sort of regular content here.

Plenty of other ideas about this thing, but ideas are easy. Execution of the ideas is where the action is. I will see about keeping you all better informed.

That's it for now. More to come. This time, for sure!

WIP - The Huan Train

Tue Mar 12 05:49:02 2019

So, what we have here is my response to seeing a delightfully cute video of a bunch of Red Pandas scooting across some bars to get fed or something. Immediately thought it might be cute to have Huoyao and her siblings doing something similar.

Base colors done. The dreaded background and shading next.

Just an example that walking is faster that driving. These three never worry about traffic. Much to the chagrin of the drivers...


March 2019 Supporter Art Pack is UP

Tue Mar 5 05:18:04 2019

Hello folks,

The new Art Pack for March is up for the Supporters and higher levels. Kind of a lean month. I spent most of it waffling on finishing art that's been languishing for months.

I'm working on ways to get myself moving forward more regularly. I am planning to communicate more and work on making this Patreon more interesting.

For now, here is The Link to the Art Pack.

Thank you again for your support.

2/23/19 Streamin'

Sun Feb 24 00:25:01 2019

Ho, ho, ho. Stream ahoy.

Be there or be... not there.

Supporter Level Art Pack Is Up

Thu Feb 7 04:55:39 2019

I made it. Finally made it.

Anyhow, the Feb 2019 Art Pack is ready to get grabbed. Thank you for your patience.


Coming Soon

Wed Feb 6 04:21:48 2019

Hi everyone. I haven't forgotten you. I'm working on the color piece for the Art Pack and I'm way slower than I'd like to be. I'm working to get things together and out tonight. Will certainly be up tomorrow if I miss tonight.

Sorry about that.

January Color Picture

Mon Jan 28 01:21:06 2019

Howdy folks.

Took me a while to get myself on track. Some pushing was necessary. But, here is the Monthly Color Picture for the upper tier rewards. Starring Candice, being a sexy Jingle Bunny.


Aaaaaand Streamin'

Sun Jan 6 01:08:34 2019

Saturday Evening Streamin' with WolfKidd again. NSFW, obviously.

Monthly Color Piece Coming

Sun Jan 6 00:38:33 2019

I didn't get my act together enough to get the Monthly color pic into the Art Pack, so I will be posting it on the Patreon page when I'm done.

Sorry about that.

January 2019 Supporter Art Pack Ready For Download

Sun Jan 6 00:35:56 2019

Hey all you special people!

New Year means new art! New start. Moving towards bigger and better.

I've changed the naming of the Art Packs to show the month the file was uploaded and not of the month the art was drawn. Should make things less confusing. Also put the Tier Level name on the file so you know which one you get.

I'm going to do more with this Patreon and make it more engaging and fun, I hope. The first step is a lulu.


January 2019 Contributor Art Pack Ready For Download

Sun Jan 6 00:31:10 2019

Welcome to the New Year and to me trying to do more and better with this Patreon account. Let's see if I can make things exciting.

First piece of excitement is for this month, I'm making the Contributor Art Pack available to all of my Patrons. I figure doing that twice a year will be a nice way to say "Thank You!" to the people to support me that don't have a lot of spare green floating around.

I've reset how I name the art packs to have the name of the month it is sent in and not of when the art was drawn. That little change should make things less confusing. I've also renamed the Art Pack files to include the Tier Level it's for, so that'll be more informative.

Let's start with a bang and keep the explosions getting bigger. Or, are those footfalls?


Stream Dec 12, 3 PM EST

Sat Dec 15 19:56:39 2018

Got a cold or something, but I'll give streaming a shot this afternoon. NSFW, naturally.

Saturday Stream 11/8

Sat Dec 8 19:41:06 2018 8 PM EST / 5 PM PST

More of the usual nonsense.

Cougr Supporter November Art Pack Ready

Thu Dec 6 05:20:22 2018

Hello folks,

Here we go. The November Art Pack is ready for you to grab.

So... much... stuff...

Hope you like Red Pandas. ;)

Art Pack Coming

Thu Dec 6 02:19:42 2018

Figured I'd let you all know I haven't forgotten you. I did a metric buttload of sketching this month, so it is taking a while to get the Art Pack together.

Should be posted in a couple of hours.

Saturday December 1st Stream

Sat Dec 1 20:40:08 2018

Back at it again with WolfKidd. Saturday, 5 pm PST/ 8 pm EST.

That is all.

There Be A Streamin'

Sat Nov 24 22:36:50 2018

Saturday Stream, Nov 24, 5 pm PST.

The usual NSFW shenanigans. Watch it if you dare. :)

Going To Do More

Wed Nov 21 06:34:26 2018

Howdy folks.

I've gotten it into my head that I need to improve this Patreon a lot. I desire to do more with it, make it nicer and engage you all, my Patrons, more in what goes on here. That will require me to get my head on straight and to find out what it is you folks would like to see happen here.

- I will be updating more often.

- I will be streaming on Saturdays as a regular thing with WolfKidd.

- I will try my hand at doing commissions again. Low-volume. Two or four a month kind of thing.

I want your help with guidance. I'd like to get suggestions from as many of you as are willing. Three to five suggestions from each of you would be cool. Take ideas from other, better run Patreons. Pie in the sky dreams you have. Anything. Everything. I want to know what's in your heads and what you think I should try to do.

Definitely want to engage you more. Make this thing worthwhile.

Let me have it. :)

Huoyao - Lotus Wah

Wed Nov 21 06:25:11 2018

Here we have my cutie Red Panda, Huoyao, doing the only thing she can actually concentrate on for more than a minute and a half. Yoga. I like to think when she gets into this meditative state that she tunes out everything. Explosions could be going off on her and she'd not notice.

I sketched out this pose and finding myself totally tickled by it, so I'm working it to finish. Assuming I can concentrate for more than a minute and a half.


Boingie! Boingie! Boingie!

Fri Nov 16 04:58:38 2018

Not a lot going on here. Just the lovely Micole doing some happy bouncing with the lovely DiscoBunny. I don't remember what got them started, but once they've started, they're hard to stop.

Not like we want them to stop.


Saturday Streaming.

Sun Nov 11 00:26:41 2018

5 pm PST. Saturday the 10th.

Huoyao - Getting A Good Stretch

Tue Nov 6 06:36:18 2018

Full-body shot of the new cutie. She's a not-so-short short stack who has a lot to carry. Regular stretches are recommended.


Huoyao - Derpy Wah

Tue Nov 6 06:09:13 2018

Had me the urge to create a Kain-Class character. Cute, sexy, fun-loving hyper herm character for messy fun ideas. Thus, we have Huan Huoyao, Derpy Wah of Doom. "Pow-Pow" for short, since her name, Huoyao, means "gunpowder". Thank WolfKidd for that bit of brilliance.

I'll probably be obsessively drawing her for the next few months. I get that way. Better get your insulin shots and Insurance policies up to date.


October Supporter Tier Art Pack Link

Tue Nov 6 04:46:21 2018

Hello there,

Here is the link to this month's Art Pack. I hope you enjoy the loot and thank you again for your support.

October Contributor Tier Art Pack Link

Tue Nov 6 04:45:08 2018

Hey there. Thanks again for supporting me. Here is the link to this month's cache of goodies. I sure hope you consider them goodies.

Oct Art Packs Going Up

Tue Nov 6 04:42:20 2018


Heads up that I am about to post the links to this month's Art Packs. There have been some changes made at Patreon about how announcements get sent to Patrons, in particular to those who pledge an amount different from the actual Tiers.

Please let me know if you DO NOT see a link post for the Art Pack links in the next day or so. The postings will happen minutes after this message, so if you don't see either of them, I need to figure out how to get them to you.

This month was a busy one. Lots of stuff in this batch. Don't want you to miss out.


Streamin' Saturday Evening 5 pm PST

Sat Nov 3 21:11:52 2018

Yeah, I'm trying to make this a regular thing. Streaming with da WolfKidd Saturday, 11/3, 5pm PST.

Let's see what we can do.

Boss! Boss! Ze Stream! Ze Stream!

Sat Oct 27 20:12:32 2018

The plan is to stream tonight, Saturday the 27, starting about 5 pm PST, maybe sooner. The plan is also to multi with WolfKidd.

Zany goodness should be the order of the day.

Upper Tier September Patreon Art Pack Ready

Sat Oct 6 05:23:46 2018

The Cougr Supporter Tier Art Pack for September has made it to its landing spot.

I hope you find something to tickle your fancy in there.

September Patreon Art Pack Is Ready

Sat Oct 6 05:21:26 2018

Hey everyone.

My network has decided to be super slow on top of me being super slow. The mid tier Patreon Art Pack for September is uploaded, so you can grab that.

The upper tier Pack is still pushing its way through the pipes. I'll update here when it's done.

I hope you enjoy.

Stream Thing

Sun Sep 16 19:46:16 2018

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Spontaneous attempt to draw.

August Art Pack is up

Fri Sep 7 01:37:28 2018

Hiya. Here is the standard Art Pack for you folks to snag. Not as heavy as the last one, but it's been a busyish month getting ahead on some things.

Hope you enjoy.

August 2018 Full Art Pack Is Up

Fri Sep 7 01:35:46 2018

Hi folks. Sorry about the delay. Things are moving along and busy in odd ways. Art Pack is a little light this time around, but it has some variety, at least.

As I realize I failed to add something I did recently... :/


August Art Pack May Be Delayed A Day

Thu Sep 6 01:29:02 2018


Figured I'd throw out a note that I may be late on this month's art pack. A few things came up that ate some time today.

I am going to try to have it posted soon.


Busbar - Capture Gone Horribly Wrong

Tue Aug 21 04:50:52 2018

And lo, it is done. At least, I'm calling it done, otherwise I'll be working on it for the rest of my life.

Took the advice of a certain DevilTod and turned the animation into a typical situation when trying to capture Busbar. Things don't go to plan for the Trainer. I guess a Pokemon Center can fix that, right?

"Catch me? Up yours! I don't have time for this crap!" *THWUMP*

Overall, it was a fun project. Surprised myself at how into the process I got. I might do better in future.


July Art Pack is Ready ($5 Tier)

Sun Aug 5 20:38:59 2018

Howdy folks. The July Art Pack is up for you to snag and to hopefully enjoy. It's a pretty big mishmash of sketches, scribbles, color and animation. A month of wackiness.

July Art Pack is Ready

Sun Aug 5 20:37:01 2018

Hey there, hi there, ho there.

The latest Art Pack is ready for you to snag. A lot of WIP stuff, some finished things and some animation (Oooo!). Hope it'll give you some good feels.

Streaming Friday 8/3/18 7 PST

Fri Aug 3 04:35:42 2018

Yep, warning ahead of time, mostly. I will see about running a Picarto Stream Friday night.

Patreon Payment Malfunctions

Fri Aug 3 04:33:23 2018

You've probably already heard of how the Patreon system has munged itself up completely and people's payments and credit systems are coming up as fraudulent and PayPal is clamping down on NSFW Patreon accounts.

I'm still trying to sort things out. I'm told there is a Twitter about what's going on.

Stream 7/30/18

Tue Jul 31 03:15:35 2018

Hokey Smoke, Bullwinkle! Another stream by this bum!

Stream - 7/29/18

Mon Jul 30 01:49:51 2018

Yeah, going to put myself out to the world to see what happens.

Nikkii - Not Enough Paw!

Fri Jul 27 01:11:18 2018

What's Nikkii Thinking?

Thinking you don't have enough PAW on your face!

As usual, the easiest answer is the actual answer.

Such a silly question.


Nikkii - What's She Thinking? - Finished

Fri Jul 27 00:45:39 2018

And so, here is where I've ended up with the previous image. Nikkii in all her fluffy glory giving us the eye, probably plotting much mischief.


Nikkii - What's She Thinking?

Tue Jul 24 06:38:06 2018

Well, this weekend, my Muse, Nikkii kidnapped me and forced me to her wicked will. She hasn't freed me yet, but I'm showing a bit of progress on what she has me doing.

I rather like this one a lot. There is something extra appealing to me about her face and pose. Quite commanding and maybe demanding.

Nikkii is looking you over rather intensely. I wonder what she's thinking...


Celine - More Butt!

Thu Jul 19 06:23:55 2018

Got on a small kick to draw Itchigo-Icetalon's sassy "little" fennec lady, Celine. Seems I have a thing for sassy gals. She has a lot to sass with, too.


Preferences for Days To Stream

Tue Jul 17 06:20:02 2018

Hey there.

I'm looking to do more streaming and I'm looking for your opinions on what days are better than others. The only day I'm totally staying away from is Tuesdays. I'm kind of iffy on Saturday, but, that may be a majority preference for folks, so it's in there.

Let me know your opinions.

Tiers Scrambled

Tue Jul 17 01:22:05 2018

I just noticed that the tiers are recorded oddly now because I shifted things around. My Patreon has been around long enough that the Tier structure wasn't updated and I couldn't just edit the parameters. I had to delete them and make new ones.

As a result, everyone who hasn't joined recently or reset themselves to a new tier are set as "contributing with no reward." That's not a problem when it comes to sending out the monthly packs, but it will probably mess up people's abilities to see stuff posted here for specific tiers.

I will see if I can just move people around, but I doubt that's possible. Folks may have to change up themselves. I'll let you know.



Changes A-Comin'

Tue Jul 10 15:26:54 2018

Hello all.

I want to thank you all for your continued support, helping me keep on doing this drawing thing you seem to like so much.

I continue to feel as if I'm not keeping up my end of the arrangement, even if most of the feedback is positive. I'm not going to make excuses. I'm going to see about making things better, at least in my own mind.

After weighing in what people tell me, I'm going to change the setup of my Patreon. I'm keeping the tier structure, but I'm going to operate more like a Tip Jar site and I'm lowering the prices by half. That seems way more fair. Might entices others to chip in and hang around.

I'll be posting the Monthly Art Packs as links on the site, rather than as email to each Patron, so that new people can have something more right when they join. I'm also going to make more effort to post more regularly and possibly have a regular streaming session.

And catch up to all the things I'm behind on...

Anyhow, that's where my head is at right now and where I want to go. I'll implement the changes as soon as I make time to figure out how to do it. Thought I needed to say something first.

Thanks again for your support. Let's see if I can give as good as I get.


June Art Pack Is Ready

Fri Jul 6 01:44:50 2018

Howdy folks,

Here is the link to the June 2018 Art Pack for your tier. I hope you'll find it worthwhile. I found some old, old, oooooooold art I thought you might find terrifying or amusing. Something. :)

Kenji -Laying It Out

Thu Jun 28 18:27:05 2018

Just a minor bit of rudeness that came to mind. More to come of this if all goes to plan.


PC - Back in Business

Tue Jun 19 04:50:28 2018

Well, my Art Box is up and running again. I'm almost certain the culprit was the ASUS Thunderbolt 3 add-on card that was causing the barfing. I managed to purge the BIOS and do a full reset which would let me get past POST and into BIOS again. But, the machine immediately fell over once I restarted the Thunderbolt subsystem in BIOS.

So, OUT went the card. It was in there only to drive the Cintiq to 4K resolution. Thankfully, some smart people online discovered that we *can* get 4K resolution from the Cintiq Pro using the DVI Link... if you threw away the DVI cable that came with the Cintiq and got one that's actually rated for 4K.

So, back up, still got a working art machine. Now, to turn myself into a working art machine. Jeez.

A Paw

Sun Jun 17 01:19:48 2018

Let me throw this up, at least. Done in Clip Studio Paint on the iPad. I like the animation tools. Once I got through a little primer video, it seems pretty basic to use.

Going to have to use the iPad more, since my desktop is being a beyatch again.




Sun Jun 17 01:16:02 2018

So, my PC has decided to do that power-flicker-fail-to-start thing again. Doesn't get to the BIOS screen. Heck, doesn't ever really start the fans. Been that way for a couple of days. Going to try to get it working right.

Wish me luck.

Nikkii - Ummm...

Mon May 28 06:16:28 2018

It is I, messing around with an animation again. If you can call four frames an animation. Supposed to be key frames, but, it takes me forever.

An attempt at an idea I've had for years. I totally, totally overdid the mountain motion there, but, hey, it's Nikkii.

"What? Nikkii is just standing here."


Message to 2018: F*CK YOU!!!!

Thu May 24 05:16:45 2018

Tuesday night, I was informed that my younger sister succumbed to lung cancer.

She was a year younger than me.

I generally don't like to make such news public, but this is... Yeah.

Working on a plan to head home to New York next week.

I want this year executed.

Kain - Happy Rattie Kisser

Thu May 24 05:12:51 2018

Got a hankering to jump back onto an older sketch that was laying about because Kain reminded me of it. I forgot it had been done. I'm grow senile faster, it seems.

Anyway, here's a snippet of it. More to come later, if Life allows.


Lazy Gaming Artie - Of Course

Sun May 20 22:28:36 2018

Updated the Artie on his GameBoy, to Artie on his Cellphone. Ten years later. An anniversary, of sorts.

Of course, I couldn't just leave it with his paw on the table. Had to add some unaware fun.


Updating a "Classic"

Thu May 17 03:37:17 2018

Paw Day 2018 is coming up. A certain Fox has convinced me that the day should be celebrated with a Tenth Anniversary update to his infamous Gameboy picture.

WIP here. Hoping to work up the go-power to get it done before the 20th.

That fox can talk me into anything, it seems.


Going to muck about in Picarto Stream

Sun May 6 22:29:20 2018

Some attempt to do something. Anything. Come watch me flounder.

Nikkii Carmelldansen Redux

Fri Apr 27 17:17:12 2018

So, I'm gonna call this done, but I know it's a lie. I don't like the way I put the cars in. All the rest of the things I feel pretty good about.

So, here's to hoping you enjoy the hypnotic hip action of my maniacal Muse.


WIP - Nikkii, taking all my time again

Tue Apr 24 05:07:19 2018

I have been slowly picking more on the animation of Nikkii in the few hours between work and moving when I'm able to actually move through fatigue, and during times sitting in doctors' waiting rooms. Figured you'd like to see the progress.

I'm still enamored with how well Clip Studio Paint works on the iPad.


Ze Move, She is Done

Tue Apr 24 05:01:07 2018

About time I got on here and let you all know that I have finally moved out of the old abode completely. A solid month of moving boxes. The fatigue level remains high, but the stress levels are dropping.

Now comes the unpacking boxes and setting up shop again. The new place is significantly smaller, so I have to cut some corners. Things will be squeezed in somehow.

Going To Miss This Month

Tue Apr 3 05:24:08 2018

This is starting to get old. It's been another of those kinds of months. We're packing things up to move to the new rental house and a new round of wonderful medical hassles has dogged us for the past few weeks. I'm probably not going to have a Monthly Art Pack ready for this month.

A possible up side to all this mess is that I've found an insane amount of my old sketches and art from as far back as 1975 packed in boxed from previous moves. The usual "I'll put the stuff here and go though it later..." kind of thing. I can hopefully get set up again in the new place and spend some time scanning in that stuff for showing off here and on my Puma Paw site.

I can possibly make a Monthly Art Pack or two that consists of the old stuff. Updated, cleaner, higher-resolution postings of old favorites and the like.

What do you think?

Nikkii Caramelldansen Updating

Thu Mar 22 01:23:11 2018


Decided to pick at the Clip Studio Paint animation tools while sitting around in waiting rooms. I figured messing with something I'd done earlier would be easiest and this Nikkii animation is the simplest thing I have.

The CSP animation tools are pretty neat. Not a big headache to work with once you know some tricks. I've added inbetweens to the existing cels to smooth out the motion some. Going to play with inking and all that when I have the time.

If I'm gonna be spending so much time waiting on medical things, may as well do something fun?


Anita Is Not Impressed

Sun Mar 18 05:32:50 2018

Goofy sort of idea I had ever since seeing that "Game of Thrones" episode with the caravan attack. Peter Dinklage's character looking out at some guy waffling on if he should try to attack the Dragon and muttering "Flee, you idiot!"

Thought that line needed to go to RoboMax's Anita. On vacation, enjoying herself, amused but unimpressed at humanity's attempts to end her sightseeing and sunning. Handing out some useful advice.


Art Pack Coming Soon

Sat Jan 6 03:59:44 2018

Just letting you all know that I should have the links to you in a few hours.


Gonna Mess Around In Stream

Sat Dec 30 22:57:26 2017

Going to try to draw in front of people and hopefully generate some oomph.

Gonna stream a wee bit

Tue Dec 12 03:45:46 2017

Ah-yup. Going to poke about on Picarto a bit.

Late. Shooting for the Weekend

Thu Dec 7 05:06:24 2017

Hello folks,

Obviously, I'm late getting the Art Pack out to you. I wanted to make it today, but it's probably better for me to do it right. So, I will have something in your mailboxes by Saturday, latest.

Sorry for the slowness.

Gonna stream a little bit.

Sat Nov 25 19:42:09 2017

Work a bit on the Sketch things while I have time.

Email Address To Use For Sketch Requests

Sun Nov 5 00:48:41 2017

I didn't even think about it, but use my PumaPaw email address to make your requests.

I'm picking up the requests that were made through the Patreon messaging, so you don't have to repeat yourself if you sent a request that way.

Apologies and Restitution

Wed Nov 1 00:44:47 2017

Hello all.

I need to apologize to you all for my serious lack of content this month. As a lot of you know, my wife, Lisa, suffered a debilitating stroke at the beginning of the month and I've been dealing with that. She is improving, thankfully, but she is still a long way from normal.

Anyway, I haven't drawn at all this entire month. The situation at home is easing off a lot, so I want to try to do this thing to make up for your support.

I am offering a simple digital character sketch to each of my Patrons who are official for this month. I figure a sketch is easy enough to do and won't take too long to complete. Of course, there are limitations.

- This is a sketch. Similar to this

- Single character. I will take suggestions on what the character will be doing, but, leaving it to my discretion.

- No background or elaborate props. I'll do hinted buildings and littles for macro characters, something to show off size, if wanted.

- Please do not ask me to make exceptions of the terms. The idea is to give everybody something in a reasonable amount of time.

If you want to participate, send me an email, with "[Cougr Patreon Sketch]" in the subject header. Please keep in mind that it may take me a while to get to your request. I'm going to make Nov 15th a cut-off date for requests, too.

I would like to thank you all for your support and patience. I'm hoping for and working for things to improve.


Rewards will be late

Fri Oct 6 00:12:52 2017

Have a medical emergency happening today, so I will be late sending links to this month’s Art Pack.


It Has Been An... Adventure

Sat Sep 23 00:22:04 2017

This month has been... less that pleasant, so say. Having the Wife and good friends wind up visiting the ER on the same weekend and then taking a trip to take care of that friend (thankfully, the Wife is fine and dandy), art has kind of been shaky.

Also, Destiny 2 ate up a week... :P

I'm hoping to make up for lost time and give you some fun stuff to look at.

I'm not dead and THANKFULLY, neither is anyone else I know.


Bento Takes A Seat

Sat Sep 23 00:18:30 2017

Tirrel's lap looked lonely to Bento. And comfy. So, she's decided to fill the space with her spaciousness.

Me taking a shot at a perpetually cranky deer.


Going Live

Mon Sep 4 02:26:48 2017

Gonna try to draw a little.

Candice - PTO Morning - Wakey-Wakey

Sun Aug 27 04:40:27 2017

Candice, first thing in the morning after getting out of bed. This is probably as rumpled as she gets without getting actively helped.

Just a slice-of-life sketch of the cutest of Anita's Owsla trio. She probably has a long day of mischief ahead.


Candice - PTO Morning Prep

Sun Aug 27 04:37:08 2017

A bit of slice-of-life fanservice of Candice, up and about on her day off, getting ready for the day. More an excuse to draw her significantly lush rump than anything.



Gonna Picarto Some - 8/20/17

Sun Aug 20 22:45:22 2017

Dz'isu Snax - Ink Rough

Fri Aug 18 04:15:57 2017

Working on finishing my Vore Day picture for a cover of Megamorphics. Takenshi being rather sloppy with his snacking. Stadiums are so full, generally, a little waste is acceptable.

Dz'isu belong to Brian Harp, btw.


Anita's Executive Team - with eyes :)

Fri Aug 18 02:30:10 2017

Just a little bit more touch-up. Detailed there eyes, which I tend to have trouble with.

For those paying attention, Karin's uniform color changed, as did her hair. Just an idea I had that Karin's normal duty wear is black. She wears white when she's on an assignment that is guaranteed to get... messy. Getting a point across.

Karin is a big fan of the movie "Equalibrium".


Anita's Executive Assistant Team Flat Color

Fri Aug 18 02:21:21 2017

Here we have the trio of top assistants in their base colors. As if you couldn't tell.

Candice is the Exec Receptionist. She prepares visitors before meeting Ms Anita Bigtime. Mostly to distract and unravel them.

Camille is the actual Exec Assistant. She always has whatever Anita needs, the instant she needs it. A far cuter version of Darla Dimple's Max.

Karin. The Fixer and Chief of Corporate Security. Her job is to teach respect for Ms Bigtime and make "problems" go away that are too minor for The Big Boss to handle personally.

I like them.


Anita's Executive Assistant Team

Fri Aug 18 02:08:58 2017

Been having fun exploring my idea of RoboMax's imperious Dragon gal, Anita's Executive Assistant Team. Three pretty bunny lasses, each with particular talents that support Anita attaining her agenda.

Top sketch is where I started. Filled them out a bit below.

Definitely having fun with these ladies.


Picarto Stream

Sat Jul 15 19:26:15 2017

Doing that Picarto Stream thing again for interested folks.

Picarto Streamin'

Fri Jul 14 01:10:23 2017

Hiya folks.

Just a note saying I'm trying out some streaming on Picarto right now, 7/13. Pop in and take a look if you want.

June Patreon Pack Message Received?

Thu Jul 6 02:27:15 2017

Hi folks,

I tried to send the usual monthly message with the links to the Patreon Pack for June, but I cannot tell if the messages actually went anywhere.

Please let me know if you did or did not get the monthly link message.



Going to be Late

Sat May 6 07:04:00 2017

A quick note to let you all know I'm going to be a day late on the Patreon Pack for this month.

My apologies.


Help meeeee

Sat Feb 18 18:26:51 2017

Hey everybody.

I've run into one of those creative roadblocks where I have all these things laying around wanting to be worked on, but I can't decide which ones to attack.

So, I'm going to ask you fine people to help me with that.

If you're so inclined, email me the file names of three of the art pieces I've shown that you'd like to see finished. I'll compile a list and present it you folks for a vote.

I'll set a deadline for the end of the month to have a list. Figure I'll make this ongoing. I need all the help I can get to give you folks what you want to see.


Riot in Flight

Mon Jan 2 21:04:02 2017

Whoa! Hey! What's this? Another posting? It must be a new year.

Anyhow, here is an update on the picture of Riot. Base colors to tease with. You'll get to see the full image later.


Riot - In Flight

Sun Dec 18 20:56:38 2016

Something I started ages ago. Run into again and thinking "This looks way better than I remember when I started on it."

Dragons fly. Riot is a Dragon(thing). Riot should be shown flying. So...

There will be more to it.


Work In Progress - Coming Ashore

Mon Dec 12 06:36:28 2016

An extra-detailed and extra-large portion of a piece I'm working on. Seems like the beach is going to get a -lot- more crowded in a moment.

I should someday do one of these as a YCH, filling the space with fans.


A little clarification

Sat Sep 10 19:28:54 2016

Hello folks,

I figure I should explain a little about my policy on access to the previous Art Packs for Patrons.

I give the links to the previous two month's content and not to all of the previous content out of fairness to the Patrons who joined earlier. I don't think it would be fair to the earlier adopters who have supported me longer if someone who just joins gets access to everything. I think there should be some exclusivity for their support.

On the subject of volume of monthly content: It should be understood that the old Art Collections I sold are compilations of art done over years, if not decades. I think it's unreasonable to expect one hundred to two hundred art pieces be produced in a month's time, every month for my Patreon.

That being said, it's unfortunate that some of you are disappointed with the content they're receiving for their donation. I will be producing more content and of higher quality, but there will never be anything on the level of the Art Collections. I feel anyone disappointed by that fact should withdraw from my Patreon and use their funds for other things.

I don't want people believing they are wasting their efforts supporting me. I like to be fair and try to make things worthwhile for people. I don't expect to please everyone. I expect people to do what they feel is best for themselves.



Sat Sep 3 04:52:59 2016

It has been a really bad month for art for me. Between work issues, health issues, automobile issues and other fun, I haven't had much time or creative drive to get much done. I don't want to get into details.

Regardless of what's going on, I need to apologize for being way less than worthwhile for your patronage. I can only say I'm going to put more effort into giving you folks things to look at and to get more of the headshot art done faster.

I'll also make more of an effort to communicate. At least let you know I'm alive.


"How I Made It" Video: Sahri - Concentration

Tue May 24 03:59:23 2016

A very handy function of the iPad App "Procreate" is the ability to record the process of creating in the program. It's not fancy, but I think it's cool.

I'd like to know what folks think about this. Is it something you'd be interested in seeing from time to time?

Sahri_Concentration_01-ink-MakingOf.png Sahri_Concentration_01-ink-MakingOf.m4v (d)

Sahri - Concentration?

Tue May 24 03:55:51 2016

I bet she has. :)

I guess she's a fan of Samuel L Jackson.


Another Month

Wed Mar 2 18:07:30 2016

Hi folks,

I'm gathering together the next art pack for folks. You should get a link in email in a couple of days.

Also, I'm going to try something different this month for all you generous people that I think you'll like. Assuming I don't make a hash of it. :)


Beherit - Can Haz? 02

Wed Mar 2 17:55:02 2016

There has to be an easier way to get snacks.


Beherit - Can Haz? 01

Wed Mar 2 17:53:14 2016

Like a kid looking into a candy store window.


She Had It Coming

Sun Jan 24 00:28:54 2016

Reindoe Molly teases Cougr. Cougr assaults Reindoe Molly.

She really did have it coming.



Sun Dec 13 06:22:16 2015

Hey folks. Sorry about the lack of updates. I have been traveling for my day job and haven't been in a position or mindset to do the art thing.

I also found out someone has essentially hacked into Patreon and has made every furry artist's content available online. I need to work out a different way to distribute my wares for you kind, paying folks.

I will be gathering a few things to art-bomb you with in a few days.

Riot - Breaking News

Sun Nov 29 21:36:58 2015

Incoming posthumous Pulitzer Prize for Photo Journalism.


Ti'Ping - Hottie in Overalls 2

Sun Nov 29 21:27:11 2015

Here she comes. Walking down the street. She gets the funniest looks from everyone she meets.

Probably in anticipation of the impending structural failure of those straps that will doom them all.


Sahri - Hottie in Overalls 2

Sun Nov 29 21:24:21 2015

Little-bitty Jackal Booty.


Jenna - Hottie in Overalls 2

Sun Nov 29 21:16:55 2015

That WolfKidd is one tough guy to get out of the dumps. Yup. So, hyena butt has been prescribed.


Haley -WubWub Wear - Shading by RoboMax

Sun Nov 29 20:23:35 2015

DJ Haley of the H-Bomb Club on Second Life. Thought I'd give Ms Bodacious an outfit based off WolfKidd's "Wub-Wub Wear"; clothing for gals with heavy beats.

RoboMax graced my colors with his exceptional shading. Brings out all the curvaceousness.


Hotties in Overalls - Shameless

Fri Nov 20 03:54:41 2015

And just because he is who he is...

Ev'rybody's gotta get inta de act!


Hotties in Overalls - Ti'Ping

Fri Nov 20 03:53:01 2015

Okay, so I admit that Tip is more for me than for WolfKidd. :)

There is no way she'd find overalls that fit right.


Hottie in Overalls - Sahri

Fri Nov 20 03:49:42 2015

WolfKidd needed a pick-me-up. So, naturally, after Jenna, Sahri had to get into the act.


Hottie In Overalls - Jenna

Fri Nov 20 03:39:35 2015

WolfKidd needed a pick-me-up, so I decided to throw some hotties wearing overalls at him. Naturally, Jenna was first.


Riot - Being Helpful

Wed Nov 18 06:12:51 2015

WIP of Riot Thundertalon "being helpful" to the military of whatever world he's visiting.

"I know how long it takes you guys to get organized to meet me, so I figured I'd save you time and come to you! Ha!"

Riot_ArmyTaunting-WIP01-c.png Riot_ArmyTaunting-WIP01-p.png

Jenna & Sahri - Okay, Maybe Not... Color WIP

Tue Nov 17 03:29:05 2015

Yeah, Jenna is having a grand time with Sahri wearing the big Hyena's shirt. Little Jackals in Hyena tents.

Jenna-Sahri_Shirt-Tryout-rgb01-c.png Jenna-Sahri_Shirt-Tryout-rgb01-p.png

Jenna & Sahri - Okay, Maybe Not...

Tue Nov 17 03:25:00 2015

Silly idea from a while back. Sahri is very large-breasted and figured she could wear Jenna's tops. The big Hyena babe finds it HIGHLY amusing.

Jenna-Sahri_Shirt-Tryout-ink-c.png Jenna-Sahri_Shirt-Tryout-ink-p.png

Haley Maruti - WubWubWear Inks

Tue Nov 17 03:00:19 2015

Digital inking. Details added.

Haley belongs to Herself.


Haley - WubWubWear Pencil Sketch

Tue Nov 17 02:45:24 2015

Holy cow, I sometimes sketch on paper!

This is where the Haley Maruti picture started. Quickie-type scribble in an actual sketchbook. Get the wiggle and the wobble down.

Haley belongs to herself.


Haley Maruti - WubWubWear

Tue Nov 17 02:11:50 2015

Bodacious Squirrel Alert!

A WIP of Ms Haley Maruti, DJ of the H-Bomb Club on SL. I wanted to design an outfit for her, befitting her "WubWubWear" clothing line.

Haley Maruti belongs to herself.


Wardrobe Malfunction

Mon Nov 9 04:22:11 2015

Baloney! It was sabotage!

BoobDisasters-Slippage01c.png BoobDisasters-Slippage01p.png

Goddess Emma - Bird Bath 2

Mon Nov 9 04:15:34 2015

While a lake formed by a dam is a nice pool too lounge in, I don't think the dam makes a good shelf for Emma's rack.

I guess she's looking for the soap?

Emma belongs to RoboMax

BoobDisasters-GEmma_BirdBath02c.png BoobDisasters-GEmma_BirdBath02p.png

Big Bunny Boys - Another One Rides The Bus

Mon Nov 9 04:11:13 2015

But, not for long, I suspect.

BigBunnyBoiz-SiblingAntics01B-c.png BigBunnyBoiz-SiblingAntics01B-p.png

Big Bunny Boys - Not Enough Room

Mon Nov 9 04:01:39 2015

Even when they can't fit, they make no room for anyone else.

BigBunnyBoiz-SiblingAntics01Ac.png BigBunnyBoiz-SiblingAntics01Ap.png

Well, Lookee Here!

Mon Nov 9 03:20:43 2015

Can you see them? They can see you. That's probably not a good thing.

BigBunnyBoiz-SiblingAntics01-c.png BigBunnyBoiz-SiblingAntics01-p.png

Naniyo - Grabbing Some Snacks

Mon Nov 9 03:16:04 2015

Five Second Rule in effect!

You have five seconds to get out of grabbing range.

BigBunnyBoiz-Naniyo_SnatchNGrab01c.png BigBunnyBoiz-Naniyo_SnatchNGrab01p.png

Goddess Emma - Bird Bath 1

Mon Nov 9 03:07:07 2015

A shame more of her doesn't fit into the pool. I mean, if they put a pool on a rooftop, it should be fit for a Goddess, yes?

Goddess Emma belongs to RoboMax.

BoobDisasters-GEmma_BirdBath01c.png BoobDisasters-GEmma_BirdBath01p.png

Goddess Sahri - Nope! Don't Fit!

Mon Nov 9 03:03:14 2015

I really have no idea what I was trying to do here. Goddess Sahri overwhelming the top of a building with her endowments. All perfectly normal behavior.

BoobDisasters-GSahri02c.png BoobDisasters-GSahri02p.png

Goddess Sahri - Shaking Things Up

Mon Nov 9 02:53:54 2015

Or, should that be "down"? Sometimes, a girl has to let her girls free and get some fresh air. Up to and including moving enough air around to create skyscraper-dropping shockwaves.

BoobDisasters-GSahri01c.png BoobDisasters-GSahri01p.png

Naniyo - By the Handful

Mon Nov 9 02:50:56 2015

Big Bunny Boys have to eat, right?


Naniyo - Stepping Up

Mon Nov 9 02:46:00 2015

Big Bunny Boy coming through. Hey, at least he's not on the lawn, right?


Big Bunny Boiz - Naniyo's House Pillow

Sat Nov 7 05:29:41 2015

Just a hint of what I'm working on. Big, bad bunny boys are a bit of a weakness I have. It's gonna get messy.


Haley & Rochelle - Squirrel Hugs WIP

Sat Nov 7 04:51:13 2015

My two favorite squirrelly gals reuniting and being all cute and cuddly and spreading the joy. Haley and Rochelle haven't been together in ages. Looks like they don't plan to separate any time soon. :)

Flat colors.


Coneja - Surf's Up!

Sun Nov 1 16:00:21 2015

Big Bunny Babe Bombing on the Beach. Coneja is one of those gals that loves the beach and cannot pass up hitting the waves on a sunny day. Never mind that she'll likely make waves bigger than those out on the ocean.

Coneja_BeachBunny-rgb-sm.png Coneja_BeachBunny-rgb.png

I Got More! - The Sketch

Sun Nov 1 04:19:03 2015

Here's where it started. Brain banged a mental image of Shameless expressing his amusement of a certain Cougr's strange desires. The Rattie obviously doesn't mind helping out.

Shameless belongs to WolfKidd, btw.

Shameless_GotMore01A.png Shameless_GotMore01.png

I Got More! - WIP Color 03

Sun Nov 1 04:13:42 2015

Sort of fixated on the spooge. Heh, heh, heh...

Shameless_GotMore_01-rgbflats04-smA.png Shameless_GotMore_01-rgbflats04-sm.png

I Got More! - WIP Color 02

Sun Nov 1 04:11:40 2015

Here I am trying to lay down the pattern of the hosing down.

Shameless_GotMore_01-rgbflats03-smA.png Shameless_GotMore_01-rgbflats03-sm.png

I Got More! - WIP Color 01

Sun Nov 1 04:09:10 2015

Base colors added to the pic. As well as added the hillside of Shameless's rump.

Shameless_GotMore_01-rgbflats02-smA.png Shameless_GotMore_01-rgbflats02-sm.png

I Got More! - WIP Ink

Sun Nov 1 04:06:50 2015

Ink line work of The Cutie and the Coug.

Shameless_GotMore_01-inkrff01-smA.png Shameless_GotMore_01-inkrff01-sm.png

I Got More!

Sun Nov 1 03:34:47 2015

Shameless being the helpful little nibbler he is.

Shameless_GotMore_01-smA.png Shameless_GotMore_01-sm.png