Mon Sep 28 18:55:28 2020

Ended up taking a lot longer on these than I was expecting but I think it was worth it. Wanted to experiment with drawing a Mammoth given they're adorable and they have some nice heavy... body types yes.

Also the Capybara poll results are in and it was pretty heavily leaning in favor of the 4 Fingers & 3 Toes. So updated that one picture and will look into finishing up and updating the rest of the art for him now that this is sorted.

2020-09-29_Sketches_53_-_Mammoth_Attack.png 2020-09-29_Sketches_53_-_Mammoth_Ambushed.png 2020-09-29_Sketches_53_-_Mammoth_Ambushed_No_Text.png 2020-09-29_Sketches_53_-_Mammoth_Seat.png 2020-09-29_Sketches_53_-_Mammoth_Seat_No_text.png 2020-09-29_Sketches_54_-_Capybara_Grocery_Run_Update.png 2020-09-29_Sketches_53_-_Mammoth_Attack.png

Donk and Lock

Mon Sep 28 11:42:36 2020

OK SO donkey boy Derrick, two things. First I'm upgrading the structural integrity of his ears so they'll stand up right now. Second I'm torn between two hairdos so it's poll time!

I'll probably go back and up date the art for him next month so I'll let this poll sit for a bit.


Concerning Monthly Uploads.

Sun Sep 27 12:33:58 2020

OK SO, as I've just learned Patreon has a file side limit of around 200mb so I've had to break some of the recent yearly zip uploads into parts. I'd rather keep them as a single file but outside using third party storage (which I'd just rather not that will get messy with time) I'm kind of stuck with this for now. It's a pain but I hope it's not a inconvenience, the only other way about it I can think of is to make a post to sum up the year and upload the monthly zips all together? But I feel breaking the year up into 2-4 parts will just cut down on unnecessary clicks so that might be better?

Anyway one other thing, I thought I had done the yearly upload for 2019, I had not. The file was ready to go but I just never put it through. This is where I learned of the file limit. I also managed to clean up some of my older stuff from 2017. Found a program that would let me mass add the correct dates to the images. I still need to rename a few of the files as a lot of them are, well trash. But that is going to take time and I'd rather be making content than messing around with file names. So hopefully it wont be too much of a hot mess to deal with when browsing.

Anyway besides that there's a few things I want to try and update and wrap up before the month ticks over but it's been pretty real life busy so time has been short. Sorry about that but it also couldn't be helped sadly. Anyway uploads should be up soon enough.

2019 Full Year Archive

Sun Sep 27 12:37:14 2020

2019_-_Full_Year_Archive_Part_1.zip (d) 2019_-_Full_Year_Archive_Part_2.zip (d) 2019_-_Full_Year_Archive_Part_3.zip (d)

2017 Full Year Archive

Sun Sep 27 12:37:27 2020

2017_-_Full_Year_Archive_Part_1.zip (d) 2017_-_Full_Year_Archive_Part_2.zip (d)

Capydigits Poll

Sat Sep 19 18:08:55 2020

Been tossing this around in my head since I drew this guy. Initially I just went with giving him a heavy set of digits to go with the rest of him. But in looking at references of Capybaras I found out they have this thing of having a different number of digits between their hands and feet and I feel that's kind of interesting specially for a mammal. So i always wanted to do a poll and see what people thought.

Anyway that time has come!



Sat Sep 19 06:14:42 2020

You thought I'd reached the limit of alts for my ram? oh I haven't even begun yet.

But ok so been doodling kassy as a plain old sheep a few times this year and I'm kind of thinking of maybe trying to make it a thing? A friend brought up the idea of Wererams aaand I like it? Plus the idea of having a more feral wild man/giant kind of alt could be fun. So might mix them and see how it goes.

Also did a alt for a specific someone because they've been helping me get back on my feet a bit.

2020-09-19_Sketches_58_-_Wereram_Kassy_Snacking.png 2020-09-19_Sketches_59_-_Wereram_Kassy_Snacking.png 2020-09-19_Sketches_59_-_Wereram_Kassy.png 2020-09-19_Sketches_59_-_Wereram_Kassy_-_Conall_Edit.png 2020-09-19_Sketches_58_-_Wereram_Kassy_Snacking.png 2020-09-19_Sketches_58_-_Wereram_Kassy.png 2020-09-19_Sketches_58_-_Wereram_Kassy_-_Conall_Edit.png

Skate Park Donk

Fri Sep 11 16:09:34 2020

People been talking about skating a lot lately and it got me thinking, that's a hobby I should give Derrick, and so it was slowly done. I've kind of not had any solid ideas for it so just been picking away at this page. I'm not sure on any of it though so will have to come back to these and this idea at some point. For now I'll leave it as a sketch page.

2020-09-20_Sketches_53_-_Donkey_Derrick_Skate_park_Sketch_Page_1.png 2020-09-20_Sketches_53_-_Donkey_Derrick_Skate_Park_Sketch_Page_1.png 2020-09-20_Sketches_53_-_Donkey_Derrick_Skate_park_Sketch_Page_1.png

Déjà vu

Mon Sep 7 18:16:45 2020

So these will probably feel familiar to a few of you. To make a long story short, there's a few characters who I've made art for that I want to make some change on. So I'm doing exactly that, going back and cleaning up and editing some older art. Why? I have a thing for trying to keep art consistent, at least if it's art or a character that I really like.

Also I need to rest my hands a bit as they've been giving me some pains and stiffness lately so I'm going to be doing some light work first and see if that helps before doing anything too big or heavy this month. I don't want to break the money makers.

But yeah so, In this case it's my Giraffe Jerry. I wanted to give him 5 fingers and toes and do some clean up on that first picture to make it feel more final where before it was quite sketchy. Ok that and I have a massive thing for characters that should have hooves but have feet instead ok, I'm weak.

2020-09-08_Sketches_54_-_Giraffe_Jerry_Beach_day_Update.png 2020-09-08_Sketches_54_-_Giraffe_Jerry_Beach_day_Update.png 2020-09-08_Sketches_54_-_Giraffe_Jerry_Tall_Jokes_Update.png 2020-09-08_Sketches_54_-_Giraffe_Jerry_Deep_Throat_Update.png

2020 August Archive

Wed Sep 2 14:30:47 2020

2020-08_August_Archive.zip (d)

Club Meet

Tue Sep 1 15:43:36 2020

I don't think I'll ever get good at making titles.

Ok so, a few things, I have a serous problem and can't stop making new lads. But also I have a name for him! Peka. He's based off a New Zealand ground dwelling bat. Is pretty chill overall just don't be a bug, he does eat those. Also he loves to dance even if it means a few people get caught under foot.

Also the polls I ran were ridiculously close. So I had to consult my cabal, flip some coins and have decided to rock the black hair.

2020-08-31_Sketches_58_-_Bat_Peka_-_Club_Find.png 2020-08-31_Sketches_58_-_Bat_Peka_-_Club_Find_No_Text.png 2020-08-31_Sketches_58_-_Bat_Peka_-_Club_Find_No_Glow.png 2020-08-31_Sketches_58_-_Bat_Peka_-_Club_Find_No_Text_No_Glow.png

Bat Poll For a Bat Man

Mon Aug 31 15:29:13 2020

I can't believe it's not feet.

But ok so, I'm 90% there, just not sure what to do with his hair colour. These are the two options I've run it down to. Problem is I really like both actually.

I'll check the results when I wake up and will run with whats in the lead, I want to try and get this sorted before the end of month. But we'll see how it goes, things have been a bit crazy as of late.


Going Batty

Fri Aug 28 18:10:52 2020

I might have a problem, I keep starting new things...

But ok so, ideas here are he's a party hard bat/raver dude, uses head phones to help keep his sensitive ears safe. Spats and flairs to show off but also keep the dance floor clear. So he's probably into wearing lots of flashy things. still very much a work in progress but I wanted to show them off anyway. Need to work on a name and more details though.

Things overall have been pretty slow and I'm sorry for that. It's been pretty all over the place and then a dentist visit turned into three, but after much pain that's all sorted now though.

2020-08-29_Sketches_58_-_Rave_Bat_WIP_1.png 2020-08-29_Sketches_58_-_Rave_Bat_WIP_2.png

Orc Boy

Sun Aug 23 16:15:33 2020

OK so got reminded of a old alt I had and was hit with a sudden very strong Orc mood. I've not drawn them in over 3 years so thought I'd have ago at them again and I quite like how these came out.

I could have drawn him at a more "normal" size but where's the fun in that?

2020-08-24_Sketches_58_-_Orc_Kassy_One_Sided.png 2020-08-24_Sketches_58_-_Orc_Kassy_Rendezvous_Text.png 2020-08-24_Sketches_58_-_Orc_Kassy_Rendezvous_No_Text.png

Sharks Stuck

Fri Aug 21 08:48:46 2020

I'm only like what, a week or more late for shark week? It's still good.

I keep meaning to do more with Sunny but my brain has been kind of dry on ideas for her. I want her to be more fun and goofy but I think my heads just not been in the right space for that, not yet at least. Still at least it's a start!

I wont say how long it took trying to get those buildings and cars right. Because it was a embarrassingly long time for what they are. I really need to sit down and study drawing cars some time.

2020-08-21_Sketches_53_-_Sunny_Shark_Stuck_Text.png 2020-08-21_Sketches_53_-_Sunny_Shark_Stuck_No_Text.png

New Boots

Thu Aug 13 02:43:12 2020

So a friend surprised me with some gift art today of Kassy all punked up. Next thing I knew this got spat out of Photoshop.

Just something quick and dirty but yeah, a sudden VERY STRONG boot mood came up.


Drakk & Stickers

Wed Aug 12 15:32:15 2020

Ok so I'm trying something different here. I do make telegram stickers from time to time but I never really upload them. I'm not sure if that's content you guys would like to see? So I'm going to give that ago. Let me know if this is something you want to see more of or if you're not worried about it at all.

My thinking is I'd only uploads when I have enough to make a batch. I'm just not sure. But sometimes they're the kind of subject matter people want to see.

Anyway just say if this is something you guys want to see uploaded onto here or not.

Update: Almost forgot https://t.me/addstickers/KassyPack is the link to the sticker pack overall. Should have done that at first but didn't think about that till it was brought up.

Drakk_Telegram_Stickers_-_Stomp_POV.png Drakk_Telegram_Stickers_-_Youve_Killed_Me.png Drakk_Telegram_Stickers_-_Aftermath.png Drakk_Telegram_Stickers_-_GOOD.png Drakk_Telegram_Stickers_-_Full.png Drakk_Telegram_Stickers_-_Bliss.png

You Scream

Sun Aug 9 13:57:31 2020

OK SO, I might be a little late to the whole vore day thing, but I was very close! This just ended up taking a while because I kept moving the goal posts and making it more detailed. Anyway putting the new dragon and his "talents" to good use.

Also I feel kind of guilty because I know paws won the poll I ran. But that was before I knew about the 8/8 day coming up so, I made this as a one off and it will be back into working on paw stuff next.

But after taking a few days as a break because oof my hands right now are a bit sore.

2020-08-08_Sketches_58_-_Dragon_Drakk_Vore_Day_Comic_SFW_Sweat.png 2020-08-08_Sketches_58_-_Dragon_Drakk_Vore_Day_Comic_Soft_Sweat.png 2020-08-08_Sketches_58_-_Dragon_Drakk_Vore_Day_Comic_Soft.png 2020-08-08_Sketches_58_-_Dragon_Drakk_Vore_Day_Comic_Fatal_Sweat.png 2020-08-08_Sketches_58_-_Dragon_Drakk_Vore_Day_Comic_Fatal.png 2020-08-08_Sketches_58_-_Dragon_Drakk_Vore_Day_Comic_SFW.png

August Work Load Poll

Mon Aug 3 13:24:38 2020

OK SO, there's quite a lot of sketches piled up, I'm not sure where to start. So which topic do you lot want to see worked on first? I know it's pretty vague but these are the two modes I find myself in for the most part.

I will probably jump between them anyway but this is to help jump start things for this month.

2020 July Archive

Sun Aug 2 09:19:35 2020

2020-07_July_Archive.zip (d)

July Sketch Dump

Fri Jul 31 15:19:35 2020

So I feel kind of bad dumping these all at once instead of sprinkling them out over the of the last month.

But it's just been a very busy month and my brain has been all over the place. I was really hoping to finish one or two of these off, as a nice way to cap the end of month off. But time marched on, again sorry for the lack of content this month. Was just too much going on and I didn't get enough time to do art this month.

On the good news side of things, Finally got some names down for the alien lads and after looking over the poll results made a decision on the dragon. Also this all means there will be plenty to aim for next month which should be good.

2020-07-31_Sketches_58_-_Dragon_Kassy_Sketch_Page_1.png 2020-07-31_Sketches_58_-_Alien_Karnir_Sketch_Page_1.png 2020-07-31_Sketches_56_-_Alien_Nomad_Sketch_Page_1.png 2020-07-31_Sketches_56_-_Giants_Feet.png

Here we toe again

Wed Jul 29 03:44:55 2020

OK SO, this has been something playing in my head for a while and it's kind of been holding me back on doing some art with this boy because I can't make my mind up. I know it's not super important in the grand scheme of things but I'm unsure. So here we go again with a poll about toes.

Basically, I want to go with what looks good but also feels right for something that's going to represent me every so often as a dragon. I just want to knock out this indecision I'm having.



Mon Jul 27 14:03:16 2020

Sometimes derelicts aren't as empty as the scanners say.

I think I might be on a sci-fi kick... In this case it's a a want of killer cyborgs and off brand xenomorphs. I need to come up with a name for this guy and his species. Also side view of the head there to help show off whats going on with those horns.

It's been quite slow this month and I want to apologize for that. Lots of things outside my control have been happening. So I've just been trying to deal with them as they come, getting art done as I get the time for it. Good news is plenty of sketches and ideas to develop, problem is that all takes time.

2020-07-28_Sketches_56_-_Alien_Xeno_Awakening_Text.png 2020-07-28_Sketches_56_-_Alien_Xeno_Awakening_No_Text.png 2020-07-23_Sketches_56_-_Alien_Xeno_Head_Shot_WIP_1.png

Break Out

Tue Jul 21 15:06:38 2020

New boy time (when is it ever not?) I actually come up with a name for him though! Karnir. Wanted to do something a bit different with him, I'll try to explain more in some future posts/art with him. But in this case he's fresh out of some sort of space correctional facility. Trying to stretch his legs, It's hard being a macro sent to do time inside a prison thats not quite to size.

So unsurprisingly drawing cities hasn't gotten quicker, in fact I keep making them more complicated. That and it really doesn't help when I do things like, delete the wrong layers so I end up losing half my work only to notice far too late to recover any of it. This picture had some development problems don't lie.

2020-07-22_Sketches_58_-_Alien_Karnir_Break_Out_Text.png 2020-07-22_Sketches_58_-_Alien_Karnir_Break_Out_No_Text.png

Ash New Digs

Thu Jul 16 14:58:05 2020

Ok so went back to this boy because there's a few things I wanted to touch up. Namely wanted to add some more shades of grey to his clothes and make his clothes look more trashed. He is a dumpster diving gremlin after all so it's only fitting.

Mostly was focused on the clothes first, pose second. So I guess In this case he's either taking out the trash or picking the little dude out of it. Either way R.I.P him.

Side note, got stuff in the works it's just taking a while because this month started off really busy in the IRL department.

2020-07-16_Sketches_54_-_Black_Cat_Ash_New_Clothing.png 2020-07-17_Sketches_54_-_Black_Cat_Ash_New_Clothing.png

Alien Paw Poll

Mon Jul 13 14:23:44 2020

"Really KC? again?"

Look these foot polls are going to happen a lot and I'm so sorry for that. But it is what I think most of you are here for so makes sense to make these as they are the important decisions.

Oh also, yeah sneak peek at a new lad, a alien wolf thing! Some colours are in the works for him too.

Stepping on the Beach

Wed Jul 8 01:14:06 2020

Heeey so turns out glass floor perspectives are weird and take ages to draw, oops.

But anyway ok so, a particular someone on twitter helped with making the new clothes for Kassy by suggesting the idea of what to put on him. I thought what better way to pay them back then to draw them getting stomped? So here we are!

Tried something new out with the colours as well and I think it came out pretty nice.

2020-07-07_Sketches_58_-_Ram_Kassy_vs_Joe_Barefoot.png 2020-07-07_Sketches_58_-_Ram_Kassy_vs_Joe_Sandal.png 2020-07-07_Sketches_58_-_Ram_Kassy_vs_Joe_Sandal_Transparent.png

2020 June Archive

Wed Jul 1 11:17:26 2020

2020-06_June_Archive.zip (d)

Kassy Sketch Page

Tue Jun 30 12:13:18 2020

Ok so this is a collection of sketches over the last month of Kassy, I want to try and mix them together, try and make something out of them but kind of stumped on ideas.

So just kind of put all the layers on and make a sketch page for now. Might come back to them in the future.


Dragon Kassy

Tue Jun 30 05:44:17 2020

OH no I drank the transformation juice...

Ok not really BUT I've been wanting to make some kind of anthro dragon for a long time. Way back in the day I seriously considered making a dragon character for myself but could never pull it off. Over the last few months though a few ideas had been coming to mind and stated clicking and I guess I have a dragon alt now!

I feel like I should give him a proper name but until I can find anything fitting, retooling kassy works too.

Expect him being large and eating maidens in the coming year.

2020-06-30_Sketches_58_-_Dragon_Kassy_Reference_Sheet.png 2020-06-30_Sketches_58_-_Dragon_Kassy_Strut.png 2020-06-30_Sketches_58_-_Dragon_Kassy_SNACK.png

Mouth poll

Sat Jun 27 16:02:38 2020

More polls, this time on mouth colour/insides.

New Clothes New Ram

Wed Jun 24 14:39:54 2020

Ok so I've been wanting to try and mess with kassy's look for a while and give him some more clothes and styles to wear. This will be one such set, I want to build up some alts for him, stuff that's not just one offs and can be used or mixed. But that will all come over time, so right now he's got this and the original get up.

I also wanted to work on giving him some shoes and I'm quite happy with how these have come out.

Also while I was doing some back and forth with a friend on clothing details they got me thinking about kassy beingbig, buff and hungry so that sketch happened.

2020-06-25_Sketches_58_-_Ram_Kassy_New_Clothes.png 2020-06-25_Sketches_58_-_Ram_Kassy_BUFF.png

Ear Poll

Mon Jun 22 02:31:25 2020

I can't believe it's not feet.

Ok so, 90% happy with this new dragon guy that's in the works, but been thinking about his ears a lot. So it's poll time!

More Kenny

Mon Jun 15 05:09:18 2020

OK so yeah he's called Kenny now. Because I have a fetish for alliteration and K sounds. Also did some minor updates to his clothing and hair, oh yeah he also has eyes now.

I also took the liberty of updating the older picture I had done earlier in the month. So if you go back to that last post you'll see the updated pictures with the new features. So now my character OCD is satisfied.

But anyway, the main picture here it to try and show off a idea I have for how his system of stomachs work. It's kind of running off taur logic. Upper body has a belly, when it gets full it then passes off it's mass into the rest of the digestive system. I want this dumb boy to be a eating machine and his gut to be a food possessing factory.

As a side note, turns out drawing mutiple panels and colouring them takes a long time, who knew!!

2020-06-15_Sketches_56_-_Caterpillar_Kenny_Stomach_Capacity.png 2020-06-07_Sketches_56_-_Caterpillar_Kenny_Question.png

Possum Paws

Wed Jun 10 02:03:44 2020

A quickie that came about after talking to someone this morning about trying out some plantigrade grabby feet.

2020-06-10_Sketches_58_-_Possum_Paws_Dreck.png 2020-06-10_Sketches_58_-_Possum_Paws_Dreck_Crush.png


Thu Jun 4 15:24:53 2020

Well wasn't expecting this but the winds blew the right way I guess.

Nooo Idea what to call him but he is a hungry hungry boy that is for sure.

2020-06-05_Sketches_56_-_Caterpillar_Confusion.png 2020-06-07_Sketches_56_-_Caterpillar_Kenny_Confusion_Update.png 2020-06-05_Sketches_56_-_Caterpillar_Kenny_Stampede.png 2020-06-07_Sketches_56_-_Caterpillar_Kenny_Lunch_Text_Update.png 2020-06-07_Sketches_56_-_Caterpillar_Kenny_Lunch_No_Text_Update.png 2020-06-05_Sketches_56_-_Caterpillar_Confusion.png 2020-06-05_Sketches_56_-_Caterpillar_Stampede.png 2020-06-05_Sketches_56_-_Caterpillar_Lunch_Text.png

2020 May Archive

Wed Jun 3 07:36:46 2020

2020-05_May_Archive.7z (d)

Switching to "charge up front" format

Sun May 31 12:14:38 2020

Ok so I was recently informed about some features on Patreon with regards to how it handles the payment and subscription. Features I would have used initially if I knew they where there so I'm going to make the switch over to them now that I know.

Basically going from charging at the end of the month to a "charge up front" format. So from now on if someone new joins they will be charged on the day of joining instead of waiting till the end of month with everyone gets to get charged. I'm doing this because there's been a few cases of people jumping in, taking stuff, then leaving before the end of month charge happens.

Now the important part, from what I've read this should have no impact for anyone already on here. Everything should still work the same and the charges should be sent out on the same days. it should only affect anyone new joining up and if people go up a tier.

THAT SAID If any of you run into issues, get double charged or notice anything funny going on with the payments you can let me know either on this post, through the Patreon messaging system, my twitter account, FA, if need be I can post a Email on here, what ever.

We'll sort it out. It should be fine but I'm always extra worried when it comes to computers and money. So wanted to let you all know what's happening in case something goes on or anyone has issues.

Some piggy and some updates.

Sun May 31 11:53:27 2020

Ok so quick sketch done for a friend of one of their DnD boys being large. Also I got that last Boof picture updated with the ankle collar so now my character OCD is sated.

I've got something I'm hoping to get done before the month flips over but we'll see if I can get that done on time. Again sorry I've not gotten as much done this month it's ended up being a pretty messy one so again. But it also means more work in progress stuff for the end of month ZIP.

2020-05-29_Sketches_55_-_Siegfried_vs_Bandits.png 2020-05-29_Sketches_55_-_Dog_Boof_Paw_Show_Dirt_Text_Update.png 2020-05-29_Sketches_55_-_Dog_Boof_Paw_Show_Dirt_No_Text_Update.png 2020-05-29_Sketches_55_-_Dog_Boof_Paw_Show_Text_Update.png 2020-05-29_Sketches_55_-_Dog_Boof_Paw_Show_No_Text_Update.png 2020-05-29_Sketches_55_-_Dog_Boof_Paw_Show_Text.png 2020-05-29_Sketches_55_-_Dog_Boof_Paw_Show_Dirt_Text.png

Status Up Date.

Sun May 24 15:33:22 2020

Ok so to keep this short. Art is going to be delayed a bit this month because the power supply on my computer blew up three days ago. It's all fixed up now though, got a new unit and the rest of the computers parts and data are fine. BUUUT I am going to focus on making a ton of back ups of everything while I can. Nearly could have lost two months worth of work and I'm really not keen to have that happen. So I might be a bit slow for the next few days as I get things in order.

Rude Roo

Mon May 18 09:29:26 2020

Hope you like Kangaroos named Greg being horrible hungry gluttons.

Been kind of holding off posting these because I kept wanting to go back and spend more time on them and fiish them up, but instead I just kept adding more sketches. SO, just going to chalk this up as a sketch page for now.


Morning Walk

Fri May 15 16:42:42 2020

Ok so yeah this took way longer than expected. kind of got caught up on the little details here and there. Also wasn't expecting to colour it as far as I did. Anyway, threw in a little cameo of a recent face, cats and dogs you know.

2020-05-16_Sketches_55_-_Dog_Boof_Morning_Walk_Text.png 2020-05-16_Sketches_55_-_Dog_Boof_Morning_Walk_No_Text.png

May WIPS 1

Fri May 8 17:38:21 2020

Ok so, mixed bag here. Had a idea one night of using a dog collar as a anklet. So did a quick sketch, liked it. So now I'm going through and updating the older dog art to incorporate the change. While also updating the original sketch into something, more detailed. I also did a alt of that older ant picture for a friend so throwing that into the mix too.

It's going to take some time to go through all these, finish them up, and get the cyclops stuff done. So I might be away for a bit while jumping between these and uploads will be slow in the mean time. Thought I'd do a update to let people know I'm still alive and that stuff is on the way I'm just juggling a few things so it might take time.

2020-05-06_Sketches_55_-_Dog_Boof_Anklet_Test.png 2020-05-07_Sketches_55_-_KC_Dog_Alt_Boof_Update.png 2020-05-09_Sketches_55_-_Dog_Boof_WIP_3.png 2020-05-05_Sketches_54_-_Ant_Kassy_vs_Bee.png

2020 April Archive

Sat May 2 17:57:20 2020

2020-04_April_Archive.zip (d)

Cyclops POV

Fri May 1 18:02:39 2020

Traveling to uncharted islands is a danger for a very good reason. You just don't know what you'll find.

OK SO, finally got to finish this off. Took a bit because I wanted to do some experiments with the trees using some brushes. Then that led to one thing, then another.

I will get through the others that were on that poll but that will take a little bit of time.

2020-04-30_Sketches_56_-_Cyclops_Kassy_POV_Clean.png 2020-04-30_Sketches_56_-_Cyclops_Kassy_POV_Dirt.png 2020-04-30_Sketches_56_-_Cyclops_Kassy_POV_Dirt__Blood.png

April Sketches

Thu Apr 30 08:49:11 2020

Some rough sketches I did for a couple of people as a spare of the moment thing. Figured I'd post them now while working on the results of the poll.

2020-04-15_Sketches_56_-_Storm_Giant_Lion_Beach.png 2020-04-27_Sketches_56_-_Bart_Rabbit_Sketch.png

Cyclops Poll

Sun Apr 26 17:27:54 2020

OK SO, I want to get all of these done, but I'm not sure what to focus on because I was a dumb dumb and kind of make them all in the sameish day. So this poll with be to sort out what order to get these done in. So vote for what you'd want to see done first and I'll work on these in descending order based on how many votes they get.


More Keith But Slightly Different.

Tue Apr 21 12:19:31 2020

Ok so, had a little light bulb go off and wanted to try and draw some human stuff, decided to use Keith as a base and kind of give him a human alt (kind of reusing a old idea here honestly) I kind of like the results I don't think it came out that bad. So then I went and sketched up two more and gave them all colour oops.

2020-04-21_Sketches_56_-_Human_Keith_Got_One.png 2020-04-21_Sketches_56_-_Human_Keith_Got_Two.png 2020-04-21_Sketches_56_-_Human_Keith_Two_more.png 2020-04-21_Sketches_56_-_Human_Keith_Rock_Park_Power_Trip.png

Park Life

Tue Apr 21 11:20:11 2020

Been trying to work on them rabbit paws, wanted to do a few things with Keith at a more normal size too.

I'm sure he has no idea whats going on, probably...

2020-04-21_Sketches_56_-_Rabbit_Keith_Park_Life_1_Text.png 2020-04-21_Sketches_56_-_Rabbit_Keith_Park_Life_1_No_Text.png 2020-04-21_Sketches_56_-_Rabbit_Keith_Park_Life_2_Text.png 2020-04-21_Sketches_56_-_Rabbit_Keith_Park_Life_2_No_Text.png

Easter Rabbit

Tue Apr 14 17:16:32 2020

I'm not late for Easter I'm just early for next years.

Also here's some Keith.

2020-04-15_Sketches_56_-_Rabbit_Keith_Easter_Text.png 2020-04-15_Sketches_56_-_Rabbit_Keith_Easter_No_text.png 2020-04-15_Sketches_56_-_Rabbit_Keith_No_Easter.png

Easter WIP

Mon Apr 13 15:40:15 2020

I'm going to be VERY LATE with this one. Was hoping to get it all done in one day but that's not quite worked out. But either way, a taste of things to come!


A Closer Look.

Sat Apr 11 05:37:15 2020

So this kind of took like, 5 days longer to get done than I was planning for. But I'm happy with it and feel like I learned a few things along the way about how to draw paws. I also tried out a new brush that I think did a pretty decent job on the pad textures, so going to be using that more in the future.

2020-04-11_Sketches_55_-_Dog_K9LT_Paw_Show_Text.png 2020-04-11_Sketches_55_-_Dog_K9LT_Paw_Show_No_Text.png 2020-04-11_Sketches_55_-_Dog_K9LT_Paw_Show_Dirt_Text.png 2020-04-11_Sketches_55_-_Dog_K9LT_Paw_Show_Dirt_No_Text.png

2020 March Archive

Wed Apr 1 15:52:45 2020

2020-03_March_Archive.zip (d)


Wed Apr 1 12:26:06 2020

Kind of been wanting to make a dog alt for myself for a long time and recently something came together.

Time to go chasing cars.


Eel WIP's 2

Sat Mar 28 15:02:20 2020

Look sometimes the names for these submissions are going to have to be basic because they can't all be winners.

But yeah some more sketches of these two in between working on other stuff. I just really like them, something about them is fun and I have some plans...

2020-03-29_Sketches_55_-_Eels_Page_WIP_1_Crop_1.png 2020-03-29_Sketches_55_-_Eels_Page_WIP_1_Crop_2.png


Mon Mar 23 10:47:18 2020

Yousie made a Bee character. They are very cute.

SOOO naturally I drew them massive.


Eel WIP's

Sun Mar 22 00:52:01 2020

Now, a taste of things to come.

Been kind of jumping between a few things, so just letting people know there's stuff on the way. It's just taking a while to clean them up and get them fully ready.

2020-03-20_Sketches_55_-_Eel_Stomp_WIP_1.png 2020-03-17_Sketches_55_-_Eel_Huff_WIP_1.png 2020-03-14_Sketches_55_-_OC_Doggo_WIP_2.png


Mon Mar 16 16:17:01 2020

When you both share the same body but it's ok because you both got a foot fetish too.

Ok so, saw some two headed art that was really nice and it reminded me of a old picture I did with a two headed eel as a one off monster thing. So I just though, screw it, let's make them into a thing.


Ants Ants Ants

Sun Mar 15 16:30:59 2020

OK so that admin work I was talking about? yeah it was this. I ran two polls on the Ant kassy stuff and so far the 3 toes is the winners so going to rock that.

But basically I've been meaning to update the ant kassy alt for a while. I wanted to try and get the scale right and work on his clothing a bit. Also been wanting to fixed up some of the older work I'd done with Daz as that was a little off model, so now it's fixed up and more in keeping with how his character is meant to be.

Which is a long way of saying I cleaned some stuff, added some stuff and gave everyone a extra toe.

2020-03-14_Sketches_38_-_Mega_Daz_Final_Update.png 2020-03-14_Sketches_38_-_Mega_Daz_Final_Update__Kassy__Abbot.png 2020-03-14_Abbott_Commission001_Daz_Final_Update.png 2020-03-16_Sketches_54_-_Ant_Kassy_Final_Update_Text.png 2020-03-16_Sketches_54_-_Ant_Kassy_City_Stomp_Text.png 2020-03-16_Sketches_54_-_Ant_Kassy_City_Stomp_No_Text.png 2020-03-16_Sketches_54_-_Ant_Kassy_x_Daz_Strange_Moss_Final_Update_Text.png 2020-03-16_Sketches_54_-_Ant_Kassy_x_Daz_Strange_Moss_Final_Update_No_Text.png

I Am Once Again Doing A Poll About Toes

Thu Mar 12 04:53:58 2020

Ok so yeah long story short I'm doing some admin stuff and cleaning up some old things that have been bugging me about a few old characters.

In this case, how many toes should Ant Kassy have. I'm thinking either two, or three per foot.

Look I'm a foot guy who makes foot content, toe numbers are VERY IMPORTANT I swear.

2020-03-12_Sketches_54_-_Ant_Kassy_2_toes.png 2020-03-12_Sketches_54_-_Ant_Kassy_3_toes.png

Toxtricity Colour Poll

Tue Mar 10 16:15:31 2020

Tonight on "KC can't make up his mind about minor details" I'm going back to that toxi boy and had some thoughts. I was never fully happy with his colours as they were a bit rushed so I did some editing around tonight.


Night doodle time.

Thu Mar 5 15:44:43 2020

OK so, the hippo is a work in progress I've been tinkering with tonight. trying to work out details and what to put on their upper torso, I've been wanting to try my hand at a Hippo for a while.

The yeti is just because someone drew one and it reminded me that I like that sort of thing so I did one too <-<

2020-03-06_Sketches_55_-_Hippo.png 2020-03-06_Sketches_55_-_Yeti.png

2020 Feburary Archive

Mon Mar 2 17:36:50 2020

2020-02_Feburary_Archive.zip (d)


Mon Mar 2 17:19:43 2020

Sometimes you just don't have what you want, so you need to create it. God help anyone if he forgets to delete the history though.

Was hoping to get this done before the end of the month but, yeah it was taking quite a while. I kept adding things last minute so it took a few days more to get done.

2020-02-29_Sketches_56_-_Ramulan_Kassay_Holodeck_Text.png 2020-02-29_Sketches_56_-_Ramulan_Kassay_Holodeck_No_Text.png


Fri Feb 28 05:40:59 2020

If you hate puns you're going to hate everything I do with this boy, just going to get that out the way.

If you saw the stuff in last months zip then you'd have seen this coming. Been taking a while to get the designs sorted out and there's a few more things on the way but yeah.

Race of space rams, now no one is safe from getting abducted and bleated at, or in this case snacked on.

2020-02-28_Sketches_56_-_Ramulan_Kassay_Abduction_Text.png 2020-02-26_Sketches_56_-_Ramulan_Kassay_Uniform_1.png 2020-02-28_Sketches_56_-_Ramulan_Kassay_Abduction_No_Text.png

Meet Up

Wed Feb 26 15:34:24 2020

Fly is probably fine... Probably.

Also more updates, yeah so it looks like this month is going to be pretty lax on content and I want to apologize for that. I'm going to get as much done as I can before the month flips over. The tl;dr Is I got pretty overwhelmed by a lot of things that were going on and time got the better of me. Good news is thats sorted now and I have a ton of work ready to get finished off next month. So here is going to be pretty busy next month.

2020-02-20_Sketches_56_-_Kassy_Fly_Meet_Up_Text.png 2020-02-20_Sketches_56_-_Kassy_Fly_Meet_Up_No_Text.png

Heavenly bodies + Update.

Fri Feb 21 14:40:35 2020

Now a Pegasus joins the fray! Look I wanted to give Angel kassy a friend, a bad friend who's going to be a terrible influence...

Also yeah for those wondering, nope not dead yet. That big project I was blabbing on about? thats all sorted now. I had to put my head down and focus on it for most of this month to get it sorted. But I don't have that hanging over my head now and I'm free to focus on getting back into doodling! Getting started on that by finishing off these two pieces I started end of last month.

2020-02-22_Sketches_55_-_Pegasus_False_Idols_Text.png 2020-02-22_Sketches_55_-_Pegasus_False_Idols_No_Text.png 2020-02-22_Sketches_55_-_Pegasus_Delightfully_Devilish_Text.png 2020-02-22_Sketches_55_-_Pegasus_Delightfully_Devilish_No_Text.png

2020 January Archive

Sat Feb 1 14:37:32 2020

2020-01_January_Archive.zip (d)

Skate Park Misstep

Sat Feb 1 13:31:14 2020

These kinds of "accidents" happen all the time when your feet are so damn big.

2020-01-31_Sketches_56_-_Keith_Skate_Park_Misstep.png 2020-01-31_Sketches_56_-_Keith_Skate_Park_Misstep_No_Text.png


Thu Jan 30 14:31:27 2020

OK so quick thing for a friend who made a switch over to a Obstagoon.
I plan of fleshing this out more and colouring it but that might have to sit on the back burner for a little bit while other things get worked on. But in the mean time it's decent enough to show I think.

2020-01-29_Sketches_55_-_Eda_Big_WIP_1.png 2020-01-29_Sketches_55_-_Eda_Paws_WIP_1.png


Sun Jan 26 12:57:06 2020

So this started as a dumb joke in my head but it kind of became a thing and now he's called Ash and he's going to be a awful gremlin.

Also I apologize for how slow it's been on here. Mix of RL issue that needed to be dealt with and me starting too many big projects all at once. Turns out the more panels you add to a sequence the longer it takes to get done??? who knew!

2020-01-26_Sketches_54_-_Ash_Black_Cat_Vore_Text.png 2020-01-26_Sketches_54_-_Ash_Black_Cat_Vore_No_Text.png 2020-01-26_Sketches_54_-_Ash_Black_Cat_POV_Stomp.png 2020-01-26_Sketches_54_-_Ash_Black_Cat_MEOWMEOWg.png

Who's the most powerful?

Tue Jan 21 14:07:41 2020

Ok so this is kind of shitposty but it might be fun, Basically this is to determine if I should go with a extra soft round look or go with something more anthropomorphic/anatomical for how I try to draw that Wooloo alt.


Thu Jan 16 14:24:10 2020

Sometimes trying to start fights with giants is actually a bad idea? who knew!

Ok so, been in a oddly big Pokemon mood lately, But there is some other stuff on the way too! It's just taking time because I'm slow and started several things all at once, OOPS!

2020-01-17_Sketches_53_-_Scorbunny_Trainer_Battle.png 2020-01-17_Sketches_53_-_Scorbunny_Trainer_Battle_No_Text.png 2020-01-17_Sketches_53_-_Scorbunny_Trainer_Battle_No_Micros.png


Wed Jan 8 15:42:06 2020

So after the polls where so close, decided to do a mix. So cool tones for the clothes and kept the red hair. Also got a name for her, Sunny.

Really happy with how she's come out now I just need to draw her getting into trouble.

2020-01-09_Sketches_53_-_Sunny_Shark_Boots.png 2020-01-09_Sketches_53_-_Sunny_Shark_Barefoot.png

Big Ayy

Wed Jan 8 15:07:05 2020

Bit of a unexpected quickie for Yousie with his massive alien lad.Ok so it's only the lower half of his alien lad, but he wasn't complaining.

2020-01-09_Sketches_53_-_Yousie_ASS.png 2020-01-09_Sketches_53_-_Yousie_Stomp.png


Sat Jan 4 12:49:38 2020

Ok so, took the old mouse lad, made him into a rat. feeling a lot better about him, it's hard to explain but I was never quite happy with him, this seems to have fixed that feeling. Mostly just did some small changes, larger around the hips/belly, smaller ears, different muzzle, fatter tail. It seems to be doing the trick though.

Also he comes in mutiplesizes because of course.

2020-01-05_Sketches_54_-_Rat_Small.png 2020-01-05_Sketches_54_-_Rat_Giant.png

2019 December Archive

Thu Jan 2 11:50:00 2020

2019-12_December_Archive.zip (d)

Shark Poll Time.

Mon Dec 30 03:02:59 2019

Got something in the works and more or less what I'm thinking is either going with cooler colours overall or off setting her cool skin tones with warmer clothing/hair.

It's more about picking a thematic choice to carry forwards with her than these specific clothes but anyway!

Horse Kassy

Fri Dec 27 14:21:23 2019

Look I really like horses ok, so much so I wanted to make a alt for kassy that was one.

This is something I've been meaning to try for a long while, just had the right inspiration and ideas come about at the right time. Next step will be getting him into some mischief.

2019-12-27_Sketches_55_-_Horse_Kassy_Size_Page_Final_1.png 2019-12-27_Sketches_55_-_Horse_Kassy_Size_Page_Final_1_No_text.png 2019-12-27_Sketches_55_-_Horse_Kassy_Size_Page_Final_2_No_Text.png

Like a Speck of Dust

Thu Dec 26 04:36:28 2019

So this was a Christmas gift for Danyel from a deer friend.

If you look real close you might even be able to see him in it!


Something Old and Something New.

Sun Dec 22 17:20:19 2019

Ok so with the deign decided on and nailed down after those polls, I felt it was time to go back and finish off some of the sketches I had done, give this boy some decent art.

Still have no idea what to name him though.

2019-12-23_Sketches_56_-_Unicorn_Snack.png 2019-12-23_Sketches_56_-_Unicorn_Dietary_Discussion.png 2019-12-23_Sketches_56_-_Unicorn_Dietary_Discussion_No_Text.png


Mon Dec 16 16:47:04 2019

OK so, something about Buzz wasn't sitting right with me so I did some warm ups and made some edits and I'm feeling a lot better about Buzz's look overall now.

To celebrate, I set him loose on a friend. (the bug guy) It's been a good night.

2019-12-17_Sketches_53_-_Toxtricity_Buzz_Final_Edits_5.png 2019-12-17_Sketches_53_-_Toxtricity_Buzz_V_Rigel_.png

Hypo Stroll - and mini satus update.

Mon Dec 16 16:31:07 2019

Bit of a small (harhar) birthday gift for a specific someone.

Ok so update. I am working on things it's just quite a few of them are their own projects with people and with set release times attached to them. So ended up having a few of those all fall within the same month so it might seem like nothing is happening, but it will, they'll just be coming out later :'v

So between that, the fact it will be the Holidays soon, which means more things to do and family being around. It might be a bit slow this month content wise. So sorry about that.


VR Try Out

Mon Dec 9 01:25:15 2019

Derrick gets a little too into his games, he tends to block out the rest of the world and focus on what he's doing to try and be the best at it. The RV thing really doubles down on that.

OK so funny story, I thought I had uploaded this already but I checked it this morning and see it never went though. Uploading late at night might be a mistake, but I also updated the horse post with a extra sketch I finished off last night so there's that!

2019-12-04_Sketches_53_-_Donkey_Derrick_VR_Text.png 2019-12-04_Sketches_53_-_Donkey_Derrick_VR_No_Text.png

War Horses

Fri Dec 6 15:17:14 2019

OK so did a bit of pose recycling and came up with a armor I quite like.

This is part of something I've been thinking about for a long while and have been slowly putting together bit by bit. But to make a long story short, race of giant alien space horses.

There's more to it than that but, more on that in due time. For the here and now, have some late night doodles.

2019-12-06_Sketches_54_-_Trojan_Armor_Wip_1.png 2019-12-06_Sketches_54_-_Trojan_Armor_Wip_2.png 2019-12-07_Sketches_54_-_Trojan_Spoils_of_War.png 2019-12-07_Sketches_54_-_Trojan_Sandal_Attack.png 2019-12-08_Sketches_54_-_Trojan_Bunk_Wip_1.png 2019-12-07_Sketches_54_-_Trojan_Spoils_of_war.png 2019-12-07_Sketches_54_-_Trojan_Sandal_Attack_2.png

Deja vu

Fri Dec 6 00:13:15 2019

"Wait haven't you done a poll like this before with THIS character before?" Yes!

But I'm very indecisive and this is something thats been bothering me recently. So lets see what you guys want.

2019 November Archive

Tue Dec 3 15:36:54 2019

2019-11_November_Archive.zip (d)

A tease for this months Patreon zip file

Sat Nov 30 05:55:14 2019



Fri Nov 29 05:05:15 2019

Ok so poll time, I got some thoughts on where to take this lad, main things I'm not sure on are the pants, some of the arm/ankle details and some colour choices.

None of these options are set in stone just more, trying to show some variants and ideas so if you have any thoughts feel free to share them!



Wed Nov 27 03:44:33 2019

Was going some drawing warm ups and then this lad popped out.


Wooloo 2 Electric Woogaloo

Tue Nov 26 16:19:16 2019

People got me thinking about Kassy as a Wooloo again and some things got said and some other things... happened.

I feel really strongly on some of these additions and changes. Feels like a decent mix between the two now. Also what better way to celebrate settling on a look than to draw some size smut of it.

2019-11-26_Sketches_53_-_Wooloo_Kassy_You_know_I_had_to.png 2019-11-27_Sketches_53_-_Wooloo_Kassy_Boots_Off.png 2019-11-26_Sketches_53_-_Wooloo_Kassy_In_Boot_Final.png 2019-11-27_Sketches_53_-_Wooloo_Kassy_Boots_Off__Sweat.png 2019-11-27_Sketches_53_-_Wooloo_Kassy_Boots_Off__Sweat__Heat.png

Sore Winner

Fri Nov 22 02:35:30 2019

So wanted to do something quick and dirty as a warm up and then about 4 hours later this happened. OOPS

Also Derrick is big due to the power of the Bethesda Creation Kit.



Thu Nov 21 17:47:15 2019

Sooo, this is Buzz... Look I had to make one alright, he was calling out to me and I'm a sucker for punks.

But with that, little update on things. Got a bunch of stuff in the works it's just taking time and I want to try and clean most of them up before uploading, trying to keep things a little themed as well. So between that and a few other things going on. Sorry things have been a bit slow lately.


Blueberry Pancake

Tue Nov 19 04:01:47 2019

A surprise quicky for Hypo featuring his dragon lad and kassy showing Danyel a good time.


Tonights theme, Jackal paws.

Thu Nov 14 12:37:39 2019

So two things on this. First I'm thinking maybe I should make Jack have paws.
Second thing, I think I'm slowly getting the hang of this "drawing paws" thing. Still going to take a while but if I can do pages like this every so often it should help. YAY LEARNING.


Griffon Walk

Sun Nov 10 04:36:17 2019

Aaand now some of those sketches are cleaned up and in colour!

2019-11-10_Sketches_53_-_Griffon_Walk_1_Final.png 2019-11-10_Sketches_53_-_Griffon_Walk_2_Final.png 2019-11-10_Sketches_53_-_Griffon_Walk_2_Final_Clean.png

New month, new plans, new sketches!

Wed Nov 6 14:53:35 2019

Thinking the theme of this month will be "trying to learn how to draw paws"

2019-11-05_Sketches_43_-_Wolfram_Hail_To_The_King.png 2019-11-07_Sketches_53_-_Griffon_Jog_1.png 2019-11-07_Sketches_53_-_Griffon_Jog_2.png

2019 October Archive

Mon Nov 4 05:37:56 2019

2019-10_October_Archive.zip (d)

Capybara lad

Thu Oct 31 14:33:10 2019

So this has been something I've been wanting to make year long, it's just only recently a few ideas started to fit together and a new character was formed. Ideas so far is mostly a good, soft sort. Buuut that doesn't mean a few smaller friends wont go astray.

Things have been hectic on my end so I wasn't able to finish as much as I wanted of him before the end of month. But in the mean time here's one final and a few wips, and a sketch page.

2019-11-01_Sketches_54_-_Capybara_Final.png 2019-11-01_Sketches_54_-_Capybara_Sleep_WIP_1.png 2019-11-01_Sketches_54_-_Capybara_Pay_Up_WIP_1.png 2019-11-01_Sketches_54_-_Capybara_Feet_Sketch_Page_1.png

Gamer Ass

Sun Oct 27 02:06:45 2019

Ok so new boy time, idea being he's a streamer donkey lad who suffers home invasions from tiny people. If you ever wanted to get stomped live on stream and suffer under some tacky gamer clothing then he's your guy.

Also a embarrassing side note, second time I'm writing this up because I was 100% sure I uploaded this last night. But I must have forgot to publish it before turning my computer off. The risks of staying up till 7am in the morning to finish art off.

Also I apologize for the content gap I've been working on stuff but it's been slow, started a lot but now I need to start finishing them and it's taking longer than I thought.

2019-10-27_Sketches_53_-_Donkey_Streaming_Final_Text.png 2019-10-26_Sketches_53_-_Donkey_On_The_Run_Final_Text.png 2019-10-27_Sketches_53_-_Donkey_Sock_Tease.png 2019-10-27_Sketches_53_-_Donkey_Streaming_Final_No_Text.png


Wed Oct 16 04:41:32 2019

I also did this.

2019-10-10_Sketches_55_-_God_Kassy_Pov_Stomp_1.png 2019-10-10_Sketches_55_-_Star_God_Kassy_Pov_Stomp_1.png 2019-10-10_Sketches_55_-_Star_God_Kassy_Pov_Stomp_2.png 2019-10-10_Sketches_55_-_Star_God_Kassy_Pov_Stomp_3.png

More Star God and some sketches.

Wed Oct 16 02:42:43 2019

So after spending waaay too long mulling over colours and such for this guy I've finally settled on a look.

And to celebrate I of course, drew his feet... such is my way.

2019-10-16_Sketches_55_-_Star_God_Kassy_Main.png 2019-10-16_Sketches_55_-_Star_God_Kassy_City_View.png 2019-10-16_Sketches_55_-_Star_God_Kassy_City_Pass_Over.png

Rat boys

Sun Oct 13 13:12:31 2019

Who likes Skaven? I like Skaven! Look they might be evil to the core but I still love them and their dumb way of talking.

Also hey, not dead yet just been really busy with that life thing sorry! Got a lot of stuff started though so there will be more coming soon.

2019-10-14_Sketches_54_-_Skaven_Warlord_Dreams_Text.png 2019-10-14_Sketches_54_-_Skaven_Warlord_Thieves_Text.png 2019-10-14_Sketches_54_-_Skaven_and_Rat_Ogre_Sketches.png 2019-10-14_Sketches_54_-_Skaven_Warlord_Dreams_Close_Up.png 2019-10-14_Sketches_54_-_Skaven_Warlord_Dreams_No_Text.png 2019-10-14_Sketches_54_-_Skaven_Warlord_Thieves_No_Text.png

2019 September Archive

Sun Oct 6 16:17:49 2019

2019-09_September_Archive.zip (d)

More Goose

Fri Oct 4 08:03:26 2019

Look i really like this guy ok, also tried to implement the results of the poll to see how it would look. Also some wips that I will get to at some point!

Also also! The archive upload is going to be a little delayed because of some FUN computer problems that popped up over the last few few days. Things are MOSTLY working now so it should be up soon.

2019-10-04_Sketches_54_-_Goose_Camera_Shy_Text.png 2019-10-04_Sketches_54_-_Goose_Camera_Shy.png 2019-09-29_Sketches_54_-_Goose_Stomp_WIP_1.png 2019-09-29_Sketches_54_-_Goose_Vore_WIP_1.png

"It's just one a Kobold they said"

Tue Oct 1 16:58:04 2019

A specific someone was making mentions of wanting to try out things and I had to give it a shot. Look if you bring up feet there's a high change I'll come zooming in through your wall ok.


Poll time - Goose edition

Mon Sep 30 15:20:09 2019

So been kind of tossing up between two main looks for that Goose guy.

Yes I know, another foot poll. Look these are the parts of deign I have the most problems with. Finding the right feet for the right boy is important ok :_:


Goose on the loose

Fri Sep 27 16:21:43 2019

A lot of people have been talking about geese lately and they are natures assholes sooo.., yeah wanted to doodle one up.

2019-09-28_Sketches_54_Goose.png 2019-09-28_Sketches_54_Goose_Stomp.png

Dean can be mean

Sat Sep 21 07:10:04 2019

2019-09-21_Sketches_40_-_Dean_VS_Cops.png 2019-09-21_Sketches_40_-_Dean_VS_Kassy_Tongue_Tied.png 2019-09-21_Sketches_40_-_Dean_VS_Security.png

Sketch Dumb

Thu Sep 19 17:55:00 2019

Bit of a hodgepodge of some things I've done over the last few weeks. Hell one of them is a hint at something coming down the road thats a little more substantial.

2019-09-20_Sketches_53_-_Angel_Kassy_Travels_Final.png 2019-09-19_Sketches_54_-_Mouse_Tiny_Dom.png 2019-09-12_Sketches_47_-_Jack_Jacket_WIP_1.png 2019-09-12_Sketches_53_-_Yousie_City_Stomp.png

Status Update

Thu Sep 19 17:38:23 2019

Ok so status update time. For anyone who doesn't follow my twitter account on the 7th September my dad had a stroke. Hes been home for a while now and seems to be recovering well but it came as quite a shock. So more or less until he's full recovered and things are back to normal I'm going to be mostly focused on helping the family out with things.

Now that doesn't mean I'm shutting down or anything, it just means I'm going to be a bit slower than normal getting things done and this month and maybe next month might have a low output. I've been debating weather or not to say anything on here but I figure it's best to just say something. I don't want any of you thinking I'm being a ass or doing a runner or ignoring Patreon or something like that.

Everyone here supporting me means a lot to me, but I also can't ignore something like this happening. So I hope you all can bear with me.

Some GODLY sketches

Thu Sep 19 17:45:09 2019

Listen I'm going to run out of names for these things at some point. So yeah, wanted to try and come up with a kind of old god/deity alt for my ram. We'll see how it goes but these are some of the better sketches that came out of him.

Sill need to work on some colours for him though. kind of torn between keeping them the more natural browns like Kassy has or going wild with some thing weirder like teals or something.

2019-09-09_Sketches_55_-_Old_God_Kassy_Wip_1.png 2019-09-09_Sketches_55_-_God_Kassy_Sketch_1.png 2019-09-09_Sketches_55_-_God_Kassy_Sketch_2.png 2019-09-09_Sketches_55_-_God_Kassy_Sketch_3.png 2019-09-09_Sketches_55_-_God_Kassy_Sketch_4.png

Late for Work

Sat Sep 14 05:18:14 2019

Sometimes traffic is a real killer. Or in this case a real annoyance to a impatient Jackal god thats trying to get to work.

Also heeey, a paw alt because frankly some people will like that more and being a semi-god thing I can't imagine it would be much of a issue to change your features or clothes on the fly

2019-09-14_Sketches_47_-_Jack_Late_For_Work_Foot_Dirty.png 2019-09-14_Sketches_47_-_Jack_Late_For_Work_Paw_Dirty.png 2019-09-14_Sketches_47_-_Jack_Late_For_Work_Foot_Clean.png 2019-09-14_Sketches_47_-_Jack_Late_For_Work_Paw_Clean.png


Tue Sep 3 04:05:04 2019

I guess this mornings mood was "space worm"

I will call them Shai

2019-09-03_Sketches_55_-_Worm_Sign.png 2019-09-03_Sketches_55_-_Worm_Attack.png 2019-09-03_Sketches_55_-_Worm_Sleep.png

August 2019 Archive

Mon Sep 2 17:04:46 2019

2019-08_August_Archive.zip (d)

Instead of getting one thing done before the end of the month I accidentally started several new things...

Sat Aug 31 16:24:59 2019

Yeah so like the title overly explains, was planing to get one more thing fully done before the end of this month. Kind of got carried away with the Cobra and started a few projects at once... so going to be picking away at these and what ever else comes up next month.

I kind of feel bad not having something completed so have like a half dozen works in progress and some quick sketches I did a few days ago of the kaiju rabbit and Kassy.

2019-08-31_Sketches_55_-_Comic_wip_3.png 2019-08-29_Sketches_55_-_POV_Sketch_01.png 2019-08-31_Sketches_55_-_Gracie_Cobra_Comic_WIP_2.png 2019-08-31_Sketches_55_-_Coba_Nerd_Shots.png 2019-08-26_Sketches_54_-_Kaiju-Rabbit_AV_Yousie.png 2019-08-26_Sketches_53_-_Kassy_Crushes_Fly_Barefoot_1.png 2019-08-26_Sketches_53_-_Kassy_Crushes_Fly_sandals_2.png


Wed Aug 28 14:44:08 2019

So after getting all the votes in going with the number 3 pattern. SO, A NEW BOY IS BORN.


Snake patterns

Fri Aug 23 04:28:48 2019

Ok so nothing too fancy but I've nailed down some looks I like and don't know what to roll with, so time to see what you all think!


Snake wips

Wed Aug 21 15:40:58 2019

Saw some good art of snakes recently and reminded me of a old boy I had so wanted to try and give him a fresh coat of paint.

Going to be picking away at it for a bit but wanted tot throw this wip (and fast horny doodle) up.

Edit1: Ok some more trash got added to this little dump.

2019-08-22_Sketches_55_-_Snake_Cobra_WIP_1.png 2019-08-22_Sketches_55_-_Snake_Cobra_Stomp_WIP_1.png 2019-08-22_Sketches_55_-_Snake_Cobra_City_Stomp.png

T a l l j o k e s

Tue Aug 20 09:50:31 2019


Some late night sketches

Sat Aug 17 16:11:46 2019

I got talking with someone and well, quite a bit happened tonight.

2019-08-17_Sketches_53_-_Kassy_Socks_Ruined_Again_Futon_Sketch.png 2019-08-17_Sketches_53_-_Kassy_Foot_Bed_Futon_Sketch.png 2019-08-17_Sketches_53_-_Kassy_Sleepy_Futon_Sketch.png

A horny follow up

Thu Aug 15 09:50:13 2019

Listen we all knew this was going to happen to the bus...

2019-08-15_Sketches_53_-_Kassy_Bus_Crush_Final.png 2019-08-15_Sketches_53_-_Kassy_Bus_Crush_Final_Blood.png

Pun and games

Thu Aug 15 03:44:34 2019

Sooo today's morning doodle got a little out of hand.

2019-08-15_Sketches_53_-_Kassy_Toe_Zone_Text.png 2019-08-15_Sketches_53_-_Kassy_Toe_Zone_No_Text.png

Woolly the Wooloo

Mon Aug 12 15:59:11 2019

I'm great at this "names" thing :^)


Hoof Poll - For something to come 👀

Sun Aug 11 12:43:29 2019


Volcanic Bath

Sun Aug 11 00:34:30 2019

Despite his rough appearance he's a very clean boy when it comes to personal hygiene.

His cave though? not so much.


Forest Boast

Sat Aug 10 06:52:51 2019

Ok so this took a little while to do. was only going to be something small and simple but it kind of kept expanding.

2019-08-10_Sketches_52_-_Blue_Dragon_Forest_Boast_Text.png 2019-08-10_Sketches_52_-_Blue_Dragon_Forest_Boast_No_Text.png

Poll - Blue Boy

Tue Aug 6 20:09:57 2019

OK so, been working on a new boy, or rather a redux of a new boy. anyway point is, medieval/fantasy setting, he's a cave dwelling barbarian who comes out to eat all your cattle and grain, typical bully/dragon really.

Now like always the main things I'm torn on are the hands and feet. (i know, I know...)
So the two options I'm thinking are below.


Shark Week

Mon Aug 5 07:16:38 2019

Ok so I'm A BIT LATE but hey wanted to get something done and I'm pretty happy with how this came out overall.

2019-08-05_Sketches_53_-_Shark_Woman_Effects_1.png 2019-08-05_Sketches_53_-_Shark_Woman_Base_Colours.png 2019-08-05_Sketches_53_-_Shark_Woman_Effects_2.png

2019 July Archive

Sat Aug 3 14:48:23 2019

2019-07_July_Archive.zip (d)

Oh hey design Poll time!

Thu Aug 1 08:19:48 2019

Ok so was having think on the design of these Imp guys and wanted to throw this up to a vote. One idea is to give them little red dots as their eye's the other is to keep their sockets a blank void.


Poor boy is just trying to do his job

Tue Jul 30 14:48:55 2019

I love these stupid Imp I'm sorry.

2019-07-31_Sketches_53_-_Imp_Too_Horny_For_Hell.png 2019-07-31_Sketches_53_-_Imp_Too_Horny_For_Hell_No_Text.png

Gay Baby Jail

Mon Jul 29 04:42:35 2019


Demon Invasion

Sun Jul 28 17:06:33 2019

2019-07-29_Sketches_53_-_Angel_Kassy_Demon_Invasion.png 2019-07-29_Sketches_53_-_Angel_Kassy_Demon_Invasion_No_Text.png


Sun Jul 28 10:59:53 2019

Oh hey I'm not dead, yeah ok so long story short. Lots of family drama was going on last week so ended up with barely anytime to finish anything. I've started a few things though so over the next few days those should be showing up. as they get done.

In the mean time thinking about them low level enemies.


Got around to fleshing out that WIP

Sun Jul 21 14:24:15 2019


Mice and Mice

Fri Jul 19 12:35:50 2019


Kaiju Kass wip

Fri Jul 19 12:31:51 2019

Wanted to try out a different body type on him, I quite like it. It's just a wip for now but hoping to put more work on it later on.

Sketches_53_-_Kaiju_Kassy_wip_1.png 2019-07-20_Sketches_53_-_Kaiju_Kassy_wip_1.png


Wed Jul 17 04:19:02 2019

Ok so was talking to West this morning about Heather (A space horse commando lady we came up with) and I wanted to do a warm up doodle and well now this happened.

2019-07-17_Sketches_54_-_Heather_Space_Commando_2.png 2019-07-17_Sketches_54_-_Heather_Space_Commando_2_No_Text.png

Sonic Emitter Online

Mon Jul 15 10:19:03 2019

So one massive headache and two busy days later finally managed to get this done.

Sorry my overall progress has been slow this month, been having to handle a lot of family issues that have been going on. Going to keep trying to do what I can when though. And I haven't forgotten last months Poll either!


Wrestle boys

Wed Jul 10 16:28:38 2019

Little know fact, Dean was very good at wrestling in high school.

Kassy was not.


More Dean

Mon Jul 8 15:32:35 2019

I just love this boy so much I'm so sorry.

Also not dead yet just got some IRL stuff thats eating into time.

2019-07-09_Sketches_40_-_Dean_Netflix_and_chill_2.png 2019-07-09_Sketches_40_-_Dean_wrestling_wip_1.png

Horse Armor DLC

Tue Jul 2 06:24:53 2019

So going with the knightly giant horse people idea. I was working on a bunch of variants to try and work out some patterns and helmet ideas. The picture up is what I'm thinking of rolling with overall.

Also i thought I had already uploaded these the other night but I must not have sent it, OOPS.

2019-07-02_Sketches_54_-_Horse_pattern_wip_4.png 2019-07-02_Sketches_54_-_Horse_helm_wip_1.png 2019-07-02_Sketches_54_-_Horse_helm_wip_2.png 2019-07-02_Sketches_54_-_Horse_helm_wip_3.png 2019-07-02_Sketches_54_-_Horse_helm_wip_4.png 2019-07-02_Sketches_54_-_Horse_pattern_wip_1.png 2019-07-02_Sketches_54_-_Horse_pattern_wip_5.png


Tue Jul 2 06:20:25 2019

Might go back and finish this up later but until then have some armored horse.


2019 June Archive

Mon Jul 1 14:42:12 2019

2019-06_June_Archive.zip (d)

When there are bandits in giant horse country

Mon Jul 1 00:19:12 2019

It doesn't end well.


Back again.

Sun Jun 30 00:32:44 2019


2019-06-30_Sketches_54_-_Ant_Kassy_x_Daz_On_Kassys_foot.png 2019-06-30_Sketches_54_-_Ants_on_Kassy.png

Strange Moss

Sat Jun 29 13:44:44 2019

Heeey only took me a month to get around to finishing this!


Netflix and Chill

Fri Jun 28 13:52:27 2019

Oh hey I got around to finishing off that wip


Look I don't know either so here's a Giant Giraffe

Sun Jun 23 01:41:33 2019


Oops I drew a Giraffe

Sat Jun 22 09:52:46 2019

So I made a boy yonks ago (Linked in the attachments) and I don't know, tried something with them but was never really that happy with them.

Saw some inspiration today and sparked me to go back and try some changes and I guess he's got a new bod now.

2019-06-22_Sketches_54_-_OC_Giraffe_New_Bod_Colour.png 2019-06-22_Sketches_54_-_OC_Giraffe_New_Bod_BW.png Miscellaneous_sketches_32_Giraffe_old.png

More monster doggo

Thu Jun 20 00:22:10 2019

2019-06-20_Sketches_54_-_Monster_Thing_Vore_Trick.png 2019-06-20_Sketches_54_-_Monster_Thing_Stomach_Internal.png

Scorbunny has a chill day

Wed Jun 19 04:12:16 2019

I also did a slight update to his overall look and applied it to the previous picture too. So going to link that down below too.

2019-06-19_Sketches_53_-_Scorbunny_Chill_Day_Final.png 2019-06-19_Sketches_53_-_Scorbunny_Stomp_Final.png

Late night doodle of a monster thing.

Mon Jun 17 13:23:51 2019

I have no idea what the hell this thing is but i kind of like it.

2019-06-18_Sketches_54_-_Monster_Thing_Final.png 2019-06-18_Sketches_53_-_Monster_Thing.png 2019-06-18_Sketches_53_-_Monster_Thing_head_alts.png Sketches_54_-_Monster_Thing_Chase.png

Art Poll

Sat Jun 15 03:42:39 2019

OK so going to be a bit of a experiment here so we'll see how this works out.

I got two boys I want to draw more while practicing somethings. So what I'm thinking is you guys vote on who you'd want to see more and for the next week (or more depending how things go, this is all a bit of a experiment.) I'll be focusing on drawing content around that character.

Ok so!
Wolfram vs Raccoon fight!

(One day I'll name my OC's I swear)

Gotta love them paws

Thu Jun 13 13:48:37 2019


So yeah I coloured it.

Tue Jun 11 05:13:54 2019

2019-06-11_Sketches_40_-_Dean_Show_Off_Text.png 2019-06-11_Sketches_40_-_Dean_Show_Off.png


Mon Jun 10 23:38:17 2019

More lewd art of that poodle boy.

He's starting to become my go-to for this stuff. Anyway wanted to try and work on how I draw bums.my lower torso anatomy. Aka the bum.


Dean pawb

Mon Jun 10 23:27:26 2019

Was messing with some brushes and found one I think will work quite well for adding some paw like textures.

2019-06-11_Sketches_40_-_Dean_foot_sketch_2.png 2019-06-11_Sketches_40_-_Dean_foot_sketch_1.png

Dean wip

Sun Jun 9 01:52:35 2019

OK SO, little something i plan to work on more at a later date just been a bit busy. Figure it could take a while so in the mean time here's a work in progress upload.


The Wooloo post

Sun Jun 9 01:49:37 2019

SORRY little late in posting these. Had some worried due to some things people told me about there being issues with Pokemans content on Patreon but, I guess we'll see how it goes.

Also of course I needed to draw this sheep (being horrible vore trash) how could I not?

2019-06-06_Sketches_53_-Wooloo_Hooves.png 2019-06-06_Sketches_53_-Wooloo_Kassy.png 2019-06-06_Sketches_53_-_Wooloo_Vore_Hooves.png

Kassy foot banner

Sun Jun 9 01:41:07 2019

Something that was done spur of the moment for a lovely Abbott.

2019-06-09_Sketches_53_-_Kassy_Abbott_Banner_2.png 2019-06-09_Sketches_53_-_Kassy_Abbott_Banner_1.png 2019-06-09_Sketches_53_-_Kassy_Abbott_Banner_1_Sweat.png 2019-06-09_Sketches_53_-_Kassy_Abbott_Banner_2_Sweat.png

2018 Full Year Archive

Tue Jun 4 15:41:56 2019

So had a scan through and picked out every worthwhile bit of art from my folders to do with the year 2018. So it's a bit of a horrible jumbled mess with tons of bad or non-existent naming conventions. But hopefully there's a few new bits and pieces in there you guys might enjoy.

2018_-_Full_Year_Archive.zip (d)

2019 May Archive

Sat Jun 1 16:41:38 2019

2019-05_May_Archive.zip (d)


Fri May 31 18:52:00 2019

OK SO, was a very spare of the moment thing but this finally got finished with several alternative versions as per request from Hypo, enjoy some big paws.

2019-06-01_Sketches_43_-_Hypo_Final_1.png 2019-06-01_Sketches_43_-_Hypo_Final_3_No_Wings.png 2019-06-01_Sketches_43_-_Hypo_Final_2_No_Effects.png 2019-06-01_Sketches_43_-_Hypo_Final_4_No_Wings_No_Effects.png 2019-06-01_Sketches_43_-_Hypo_Final_5_Half_Effects.png

Bit of a sneak peak

Wed May 29 18:36:35 2019


Would you guys want to see more skeches on here?

Tue May 28 07:05:00 2019

OK so far I've been posting stuff as I make it. But there's a few instances from time to time of me just aimlessly doodling on things that will never get posted really because they're super rough, basic or don't get fleshed out much.

So what I'm thinking of doing is uploading them onto here if they're worth while and if not maybe sticking them in with the end of month zip files.

Linked below in the attachments is a exampled of what I'm talking about.


Who ordered up the spicy rabbit?

Mon May 27 06:06:33 2019


More Kevin X Dean content finished up!

Fri May 24 17:16:19 2019


I had to get something done for paw day.

Tue May 21 16:20:13 2019


Brave Knight

Sun May 19 18:43:57 2019

SO, went back and coloured up a old set of line art I did for Sleet, pretty happy with how it's come out.


Big gay wip 2

Sun May 19 07:45:31 2019

Now with implied vore!


Big gay wip

Sat May 18 17:20:40 2019

Dean and Kevin having some Netflix and chill without the Netflix.


He was a skater bun

Tue May 14 06:56:18 2019

Yes, yes I am going to go there with some of these titles.


Some whale heads, and a fut.

Sun May 12 16:58:00 2019


Some digi paw practice

Sat May 11 18:53:19 2019

2019-05-12_Sketches_54_-_Renamon_Rally_Stomp.png 2019-05-12_Sketches_54_-_Renamon_mega_paw_stomp.png

Ok so, first Proper wip for this thing.

Thu May 9 16:42:22 2019

OK so first proper wip thats up on here! I don't know how often I'll be throwing work in progress pieces like this up, I'd imagine most just want to see the final results or "finished" sketches and such but we'll see how it all goes.

Had a idea and wanted to get as much as I could done before needing to sleep, will do more on this soon when i can.

In case anyone is wonder who these two are, lets just say they're a pair of buggers.


Time for some AAANT

Tue May 7 09:57:50 2019

2019-05-04_Sketches_54_-_Kassy_as_a_ant_nude.png 2019-05-04_Sketches_54_-_Kassy_as_a_ant_Clothes.png 2019-05-05_Sketches_54_-_Ant_Kassy_Stomp_text.png 2019-05-05_Sketches_54_-_Ant_Kassy_Stomp_notext.png

OK so, first post and first test of Patrons systems!

Tue May 7 09:25:11 2019

2019-05-03_Sketches_54_-_Renamon_wip_2-4.png 2019-05-02_Sketches_53_-_Kassy_x_Nommz_Hotel_Take_Out.png 2019-05-02_Sketches_53_-_Kassy_x_Nommz_Under_Desk_Boy.png

2019 April Archive

Tue May 7 08:12:40 2019

2019-04_April_Archive.rar (d)

2019 March Archive

Tue May 7 08:04:10 2019

2019-03_March_Archive.zip (d)

2019 Febuary Archive

Tue May 7 07:50:33 2019

2019-02_Febuary_Archive.zip (d)

2019 January Archive

Tue May 7 07:37:59 2019

2019-01_January_Archive.zip (d)