Barn on fire v1

Sat Oct 24 23:45:20 2020

Picture make for a friend

Applejack- Oh ! a new challenger approach

Welcom to the barn on fire , give me something and I let them free . Watchout they are pretty hungry . Ready ?

I make some colorimetrie correction tomorrow and i start the next animation promise ;) .

Barn_on_fire_v1.png Barn_on_fire_v1.png Barn_on_fire_v1.png

Program for the next

Fri Oct 23 23:26:20 2020

Hello there i'm back And ready for work . The first thing of the list is in progress , should come tomorrow .

I do of my best for finish all stuff before halloween . I've planned to work much more on animation for november . Need to increase this part again .

I guess organize soon a new vote and i prepare a futur animation collab too !

Commissioner ! It miss me some info about some last command . Please contact me for give info !

Wubbing Dat Cock

Sun Oct 18 23:09:32 2020

Commission by Ultima

Welcom fan ! I got a huge one ., i keep this one with me ...

I guess reedit a bit for adjust color on it ... some trouble with render . Anyway i work into a other picture for a friend but i'm back in some day i should manage some personal thing meanwhile.

Inspiration picture by dragk

Wubbing_Dat_Cock_v2_tag.png Wubbing_Dat_Cock_v2.png Wubbing_Dat_Cock_v3_tag.png Wubbing_Dat_Cock_v3.png Wubbing_Dat_Cock_v1_tag.png

Show me the dark v1

Sat Oct 17 21:00:22 2020

Animation voted by support !

This is a first version because i've planned to ask at lala to reccord me some voice and to adjust some other little face expression and detail to fix .

Anyway a bit short but complexe to do . Maybe continue it for make it more longer if i've the time ! i do make fast a new commission tomorrow and start a picture for a friend just after because i should move faraway for some day of the next week some a bit less of activity during this short day

Show_me_the_dark_v1_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) Show_me_the_dark_v1_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Show_me_the_dark_v1_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Show_me_the_dark_v1_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Show_me_the_dark_v1_1080p_60fps.gif

Elfe pocket

Wed Oct 14 14:11:28 2020

Commission by Anon

She can handle everything , start to be addicted with all this adventure. Pretty soft and hot elf

An other picture with midna ! i planned an animation soon

Next time it's the first animation voted , a bit complexe but i do of my best !

Elfe_pocket_v1.png Elfe_pocket_v1.png

10 years

Mon Oct 12 16:06:54 2020

Little tribute for my little pony . Little gift for the 10 years .

Always adopted during all this time . My bad to use you a bit naughty x) But i like you cuttie pony . Looking the sky for notice than they become culte .

Many good time pass to watch this show . Started during the beginin of the saison 3

I've a universe pretty dark an cold but pony was here for give me mental hugs and happyness , terribly need of this in this depress world.


Lost Search v1

Sun Oct 11 01:06:12 2020

Little picture for fun . I don't know again what write on the book ... give me some idea and maybe i add it for the final version . That make a while than i've not make tentacles , that miss me

Tomorrow i correct all other stuff and i prepare a special one for the 10 years of mlp ... already 10 years ...


Workout streaches V1

Sat Oct 10 00:57:45 2020

Commission by noname

Continuation of picture . Never enouth , the training today was so easy but can you keep the rythm with me . I need of a fast Oponent .

It miss some shade , i add them later for add more volume at the picture . Next time is a little personal picture !

workout_streaches_v2.png workout_streaches_v1.png

Trick on wolf v2 (Sounded)

Thu Oct 8 22:51:04 2020

Animation sounded and delete the pastiesWith some part increase , saddly i've a weird bug for the wolf left , anyway i go make an other version but later again . I should make other commission now ;) .

Enjoys !

Trick_on_wolf_v2_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Trick_on_wolf_v2_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Trick_on_wolf_v2_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Trick_on_wolf_v2_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) Trick_on_wolf_v2_360p_25fps.gif

Trick on wolf v1 (Preview)

Thu Oct 8 00:14:47 2020

Second animation voted !

Some creature get the best candy , they taste so fuc... good . Why they should be like this only with a big moon ? Well that give them the time to recover in 29 day . Hopefull she was here for them .

There is a v1 because after the first export i've notice some bug to correct and need to improve some part of the animation .

Anyway i continue it tomorrow and i add the sound too !

Give me advice of what you want be change !

Trick_on_wolf_v1_720p_30fps.webm (d) Trick_on_wolf_v1_360p_25fps.gif

Paw pads and horse shoes

Tue Oct 6 08:30:13 2020

Commission by Altx

New worgen pictrure in continuation with the first one ! Next time it's an animation voted , flutterstuff ! Patreon is actually out , but i've notice big french update !

And new money add , you can pledge in € soon . Actually i stay in $ i should go check all of this when patreon is on .


Fire in the ice v2

Sat Oct 3 23:48:54 2020

Starting to make cold here , but in the spa at the moutain, fluttershy wait this moment close with you ... enjoy of this moment and never forget it . Hot / cold / Soft and hard all this sensation ...

Derpy voted version add ! and the bubble

Inspiration by Nikoyishi and propose by some people ! I've make a fast vote for let chooce wich charactere i should use , flutterwin with no surprise , but derpy was really near to So derpy versioncome tomorrow

After that i make correction and other commission come back .

For commission please contact me !

Fire_in_the_ice_vfluttershy.png Bubble_in_the_ice_v1_derpy.png

Thank you support !

Sat Oct 3 23:40:20 2020

Wow its a bit late for this month .

Wow its a bit late for this month .

Normally this month would have more full of content . I'm in the middle of a move again. Finally getting away and back into town .

Corona has most things shut down anyways. I should add some modifications and post some other stuff in public , i should do that sometime tomorrow.

This tonight will be a new picture with an alternate version that will be published come tomorrow too based on the results from a vote on derpi Thank you so much and many time, I noticed all the pledges that you given me now that I have started working in 3D . I feel a bit my limited with just pictures , that's why animation should be an improvement, and I have always like it more.

Halloween will be here soon and content for it too, Fluttershy, Trixie, Chrysalis Nightmaremoon, and Rarity will all make an appearence My bad again for the delay it's just a bit difficult with all this moving for to get work done. I'm just always searching for a stable place to live (Don't worry its not a money issue)


A brief stretch v1

Thu Oct 1 21:49:03 2020

Commission by Kiara Castello

She look you from the sky , can you be accepted at the heaven ? You should pass the test , if you fluid tast good , your the welcome if not ... see you for the alternate version

I go finish the other version, i correct an other animation and i publish in public .


Program for the next

Tue Sep 29 23:20:27 2020

Hello there ! So i correct everything before the end of this month and i prepare all stuff for halloween .

This end of years still a bit difficult to me because my house family change of place at 1000km from where they are , so i've planned to be not here during a little week for personal reason moving .

My mistake i've say the applebloom was the second , no it's was the thirf animation selected . Second is Fluttershy and werewolf and first is spike with nightmare moon/rarity and chrys . I make the Chrysalis picture but i want make the trixie one too . So i go try hard all this stuff .

Lala is back but i can't ask her to much stuff , but a voice for the last animation should come soon !

Candy dog v1 (1/3 Animation voted)

Tue Sep 29 18:57:30 2020

Applejack warn so manytime applebloom to don't go on this part of everfree , specialy when the moon is high . But it's exactly what have search applebloom. Angry time.

Second animation voted , yeah i've started by this one . I adjust ligthing and some detail later . And i add lala voice when she is abble to do it .

Next time it's an picture commission but i redo the planning .

Candy_dog_v1_360p_25fps.gif Candy_dog_v1_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Candy_dog_v1_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) Candy_dog_v1_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Candy_dog_v1_1080p_60fps.webm (d)

I'm a wizzard

Sat Sep 26 23:06:19 2020

Sunburst can be with starlight but he love so much his mom , she can't be forget .

Maybe make an alternate version with starlight if you want ?

Little animation make for fun . Next time i go publish a new planning , i guess start by the seconde animation voted !

Im_a_wizzard_v1_360p_25fps.gif Im_a_wizzard_v1_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Im_a_wizzard_v1_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Im_a_wizzard_v1_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Im_a_wizzard_v1_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d)

She's..too..much! (Short comics v1)

Fri Sep 25 00:23:20 2020

Commission by Unnero11

Try the best amazone , you can regret it or get your best moment of your life.

After 4 day of work , that what i can do but honestly this one kill me x_x .

It's at the moment a v1 , i've so many little detail to correct everywere but that took me so much time . It's like make 5 picture . I hope than you enjoys it . I redo the composition and other thing for the v2.

A short animation come tomorrow ! A personal thing .

Wear_this_v1.png Wear_this_v1_discord.png Wear_this_v1.png

Drip of stress v1

Sun Sep 20 00:34:20 2020

After a long session for manage student with them trouble starlight need to relax . Hopefull spike is always around and easy to trigger .

Small Animation for fun , idk if it was a good idea but it's make , i really should give it some update and extetion , maybe some alternate with differente charactere and place ? It's up to you , anyway i add sound and maybe an other place or other charactere tomorrow .

Test the underview , i don't find at the moment how add on post edit some drop of sweat on the camera but i search it .

Next time would be an short comics so ask a bit of time .

Drip_of_Stress_v2_360p_25fps.gif Drip_of_Stress_v2_1080p_60_fps.mp4 (d)

Deep Sea Pleasure v1

Fri Sep 18 22:09:20 2020

Commission by Daemont

An other pony underwater , i make a v2 tomorrow because it miss some effect and detail .

Anyway enjoys of it ! Tomorrow i try to make fast a small animation with starlight ... a part of starlight lol ...

I accord you it's a bit hard to stay on quality and be fast at the same time .

Deep_Sea_Pleasure_v1.png Deep_Sea_Pleasure_v1.png

Sexy selfie challenge

Thu Sep 17 23:27:26 2020

Commission by deliking0001

You see twilight , this is how i trigger your brother , did you want take the picture with me twily ? Friendship and love together .

Next time an other commission ( underwater )

Sexy_selfie_challenge_v1.png Sexy_selfie_challenge_v1.png

Program for the next

Wed Sep 16 18:57:07 2020

Hello there ! I've restart the production ! There is again 1 week before the end of the vote too . So i try to manage all commission fast as i can for september . After All of that i go try to make picture on blender . I learn it always a bit .

I've in préparation 2 artpack , the halloween one And an other more specifique on horse ... or wolf , i understand myself . Certainly make a animation with midna later !

Today focus on some correction picture and other préparation for futur stuff .

Enjoys for the next !

Be trolled

Wed Sep 16 00:44:03 2020

Commission by Anon

She can be very anoying sometime ... Let me accomplish my quest

New charactere test , I try some stuff outside of mlp . Maybe more with her later ? I guess make a vote for that later . I hope than you like it !

Next time an other picture commission of pony no worry !

Be_trolled_v1.png Be_trolled_v1.png Be_trolled_v2.png

Caught pleassure v1

Mon Sep 14 23:47:24 2020

Commission by noname

3 Friend want play at the indian and cowboy and they try to make come the rain of the ferility .

Applebloom was in charge for catch his brother , now she can see his 2 best friend play with him . She have secretly dream of his body for few years .

I'm back on commission picture . I redo a planning soon , but i should try some basic animation or picture on blender so don't wait to much with my first stuff with blender xD need of an adaptation . And i don't thing get all the same props some certainly less background too at the beginin. Soon the first stuff not safe with blender .

I retoutch this picture at the wakeup..

caught_pleassure_v1.png caught_pleassure_v1.png caught_pleassure_v1.png

Frenchie marshamalow (v1)

Fri Sep 11 22:50:50 2020

Hello there ! always alive but always some difficult for work correctly , i come back sunday at home and restart to work on picture and animation much more faster ! But meanwhile i've draw that for show at a friend what i can do x) . Enjoys

Always lazy for make the background but i go update it soon

Frenchie_Marshmalow_v1_sing.png Frenchie_Marshmalow_v1_black_sing.png Frenchie_Marshmalow_v1_sing.png Frenchie_Marshmalow_v1_black_sing.png

Hooves learn Blender

Wed Sep 9 17:23:56 2020

Hello there ! that make a little time than i've post nothing , but i'm always actif as i can .

I've finally finished the donut training ( Basic starting thing to make on blender)

It give me the occation to learn the organisation of the software and different option systeme .

Next time than i make something on blender it was something more personal .

Thank again at : ExtremeSpeedSlowPoke / Unnero / MoreThreeDee / Vyprea / Tonkano / Omeggga / WishToon And some other private friend who help me to fix thing when i get difficult to understand and other trouble .

Now i start to be more accustom with blender , as if i find some option not ergonomic :v

I don't forget the flutter model and the new body but i need to get my level again increase on blender .

My situation personal is very complexe and difficult for the work actually : I move a place frequently and i'm not as before on my computer but i come back at the normal for this sunday . I Continue to search a new appartement and it's a bit difficult in this time .

Anyway Next work is a little drawing personal .

Donut challenge done !

Hooves_learn_blender.png Hooves_learn_blender.png

Vote for Halloween art pack

Sat Sep 5 20:49:22 2020

Hello people ! there is a new group artpack planned for halloween . I make 3 of the first animation and the first picture the most voted .

This last time i'm a bit busy with life . I start live on discord for blender pratice on the day who comes .

I participate at an other pack , planned for the start of 2021. It's a very special one ... but i keep it secret about the subject at the moment .

I warn than i don't post a lot of thing for the day who come !

If you have other sufggestion about the idea than i propose ask me in comment or discord !

Idea_2.jpg Idea_1.png Idea_3.jpg Idea_4.png Idea_5.png Idea_6.png Idea_7.gif Idea_8.png Idea_9.gif Idea_10.png Idea_11.png Idea_12.png Idea_13.jpg Idea_14.png Idea_15.gif Idea_17.jpeg Idea_16.gif Idea_18.png Idea_19.jpeg Idea_20.png

I can teach you

Fri Sep 4 09:44:46 2020

Fluttershy notice you , you seams terribly confuse . Are you interest by something ? She imagine right now how she can torture you in a next futur .

Picture make for an artpack who should come soon with some other artist ;)

Next time it's some preview or drawing . I hope than you enjoys it , i make it in rush

I_can_teach_you_v1.png I_can_teach_you_v1.png

Thank you support

Thu Sep 3 13:09:56 2020

An again a new month done , full of animation !

For this month of september less stuff . As i've mention many time i go learn more blender , make some drawing and design thing for my communication .

I've just a last picture to make in rush It was for a artpack than someone ask me to do .

So new picture comme soon And after that a break but i make commission and stuff after the 15 .

Meanwhile maybe correct some old stuff againand i creat poll too for the halloween artpack who come ! i've plenty idea but fell you free to propose them in the discord channel .

It's a difficult period for me , as i search a new appartment and i change between some friend of place

For commission ASK me and don't steal slot without permission you are always a lot who wait to take one !

If i've forget something don't be scare to recall me it ! Maybe redo a vote if you want some stuff be continued ?

Vote and preview,1 picture and update of post for the 2 next week


Resist the Temptation (Celestia Alternate)

Wed Sep 2 08:40:00 2020

Commission by Operculum

Alternate version of an old stuff . Watch out it's a bait !

i should update again some post and i go on blender ... after a last picture for a special event than people ask me ...


You are my secret part 2 v1

Sun Aug 30 13:00:17 2020

Well technicly it's the part 1 but i recompile that .

Fluttershy love see men be tortured

Next time it's a lot of correction , alternate version an adjustement of old stuff .

You_are_my_secret_part_2_v1_360p_25fps.gif You_are_my_secret_part2_v1_1080p_60fps.webm (d) You_are_my_secret_part2_v1_1080p_30fps.webm (d) You_are_my_secret_part_2_v1_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) You_are_my_secret_part_2_v1_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d)

Programm for the next

Fri Aug 28 23:03:21 2020

Hello people ! The Summer is soon finish And it's time for me to make more session for blender stuff and increase all communication thing .

This weekend i change of place for 2 week specialy for work hard , get good condition for work only .

That why i planned in first to finish the actual animation make a 80% And after that make all the correction than i've mention before , why i do that only now ? principaly for avoid leak , and because i was a bit lazy to return on it . But as all my planning was done i can return on them .

I make too some alternate version asked by commissioner . But for september i return for learn blender !!!

About commission i take them but i guess make them more after the 15 september that depend of many thing . Because i'm a bit in fight for search a house ... difficult time and move a lot . CONTACT ME BEFORE TAKE SLOT OF COMMISSION ! SOME PEOPLE WAIT SINCE SOME MONTH FOR TAKE IT.

I open for september a new slot for safe stuff

On blender i guess make stream session when i can.

Well cya for the next stuff and enjoys ! thank you again for all your support .)

Fractured love making (Animation commission)

Fri Aug 28 07:44:44 2020

Commission by thecrimsonpit

Changement of plan it's was in reality an animation request for this one x) , i post at my wake up when patreon was not again in maintenance the 60 fps version and other format on patreon . Next timr would be the last animation of the month and maybe the last stuff before a blender session learn . Dam people enjoys of this ship .

Fractured_love_making_v1_360p_25fps.gif Fractured_love_making_v1_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Fractured_love_making_v1_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Fractured_love_making_v1_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) Fractured_love_making_v1_1080p_60fps.webm (d)

You are my secret

Wed Aug 26 16:18:46 2020

Little new animation Inspirated by a short comics make by Brainsiste

Fluttershy capture a new friend ... but it become a personal toy than no one should know . Now she can practice for get more level in this skill ... that why she seams always very experimented .

I guess make a second animation after the next picture and after that i take a break because of personal moving and for check more blender . (More expérimentation soon )

I guess open more slot for safe stuff , i've really enjoys make the marble one . Than i should correct and reupdate soon too .

always no lala voice ... she is always weak this last time

You_are_my_secret_v1_360p_25fps.gif You_are_my_secret_v1_1080p_60fps.webm (d) You_are_my_secret_v1_1080p_30fps.webm (d) You_are_my_secret_v1_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) You_are_my_secret_v1_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d)

Notice me ... ( 1 day version )

Tue Aug 25 00:53:40 2020

Finally marble can take acces at internet in his shitty place lost into a rock farm in the familial computer . She want be notice by someone ... help her

Animation make in 1 day . I've try hard for make something like that in only 1 day . I continue it with more good ligthing and finition and with a bit of sound ! but i've really loved make it !

This last time i start to be bothered by explicit stuff ... just need to keep my head out for a day into a personal work .

Tomorrow new animation but more as you like .

Notice_me_..._v1_360p_25fps.gif Notice_me_..._v1_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) Notice_me_..._v1_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Notice_me_..._v1_720p_30fps.webm (d)

Les-bian is Magic Lightning Dusts Revenge

Sun Aug 23 20:49:06 2020

Commission by Deliking0001

Mom joke is the best . But we can say it's a totally victory domination for ligthing dust ...

After have make thinking she was best friend , lighting dust have search the revenge on the mom of his opponent.

Next time it's a personal cute animation !


Compote v1

Sat Aug 22 22:34:22 2020

Commission by NoName

Momy is so proud of his son , he have grow so much and become so strong . The perfect mix between the pear and the apple .

i add correction just after , need of a little modification . (Face expression )

I've do change my planning because of late respond of other commissioner . But meanwhile enjoys of this one !

Compote_v1.png Compote_v1.png Compote_v2.png

Program for the next

Sat Aug 22 00:16:05 2020

Hello there , There is some last thing to do but i lost actually my motivation on the n.sfw stuff . I don't stop it but i've need to make thing more ... kind , i've in mind a cute animation to do and i want make more face expression animation and test .

Terribly difficult to work because of the hot have . With my big set up it make much more hotter again . ( I'm not at all accustom to the hot )

After all of that i took some time of break because make to much nsfw content kill my inspiration and my personal motivation . I hope than you understand . So during this time i make blender stuff with always preview to send you .

I publish at the same post all the other picture modified .

And i should prepare the hallowen art pack so new vote for it come soon !

I've actually not news about lala , i presume she is extremly weak actually ...

Somenone give me a bit of rain please !

Never enouth for me v1

Thu Aug 20 20:17:35 2020

Intense fun for a small mare . Don't stop , until the night come , until than the holiday was end . Because this FFF **** castle is so cold and anoying .

First animation voted but i prepare a v2 when lala is up . With correction for move detail . Lighing increase too . And voice acting . Meanwhile i return on some picture and after i go blend

Never_enouth_for_me_v1_360p_25fps.gif Never_enouth_for_me_v1_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Never_enouth_for_me_v1_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Never_enouth_for_me_v1_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Never_enouth_for_me_v1_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) Never_enouth_for_me_v1_360p_25fps.gif

Go deep in the dark v1 (Animation voted)

Mon Aug 17 21:51:49 2020

Animation voted by support

Second animation voted , and continuation of the fluttergoth and spike trip . This time they go in the dark way ...

I'm personaly not fan of this whole but it was the best in this position . A v2 come later with voice ... but about that WARNING :

Lalalexxie is actually at the hospital for heart trouble , she got an surgery operation soon . So i can add voice acting for the moment , i hope than you understand . And she ask your praise and support for pass this terrible moment .

Next time it's an alternate version of picture with the first animation voted ( Flurry heart ) But without voice saddly for the moment .

Go_deep_in_the_dark_v1_360p_25fps.gif Go_deep_in_the_dark_v1_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Go_deep_in_the_dark_v1_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Go_deep_in_the_dark_v1_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Go_deep_in_the_dark_v1_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d)

Taste it v1

Sat Aug 15 00:10:11 2020

Charactere voted by support for drawing !

I've find some tips for make a better shading , but i'm always so much bothering to draw brackground and natural place ... i guess redo the background more cartoon

Maybe i should share the png version without background ?

Anyway thank at some people to come in the chat vocal for talk a bit ! I've already started a sfw artwork drawing for a friend but i continue it later with more correction .

Tomorrow i make the fluttergoth animation with spike !


Worgen in the wild

Thu Aug 13 00:20:15 2020

Commission by Altx

Well , i've try to make something a bit different of my abitual stuff . a V2 should come tomorrow because i've not adjust every as i've want , discoverd a new model specialy who give me some issue .

Don't esitate to propose me maybe some other world to explore ... but don't worry i stay in majority in mlp , it's just a proposition than i ask you.

Anyway for the 2 next day who come there is 2 draw , the first one is a gift for someone .


Drawing , charactere vote

Tue Aug 11 09:00:44 2020

Hello there ! Little poll for you . I've planned to make a new drawing anthro but idk which charactere select . Pinkie pie / celestia / Luna /Applebloom are out because i've already make them .

I make the drawing in live stream the day were the poll is finish ( Friday ) on my discord But the stream is for tier 5 . And you can come for vocal or chat .

Propose me some idea with them , i'm not totally sure again of what i can do make for it .

Shining Cumdump v1

Tue Aug 11 00:20:11 2020

Commission by Candescence

The best mare to posess , Never enouth of the queen fluid . With the perfect mouth

- You are much usefull with me than you your f*** castle . I've a lot of plan for you ...

It's a v1 , i guess change a bit the face expression again and add more fluid tomorrow .

Tomorrow was full of other correction and new vote come too ! I actually work principaly when the sun go down ... it's burn so mucchhhhh .


Keeping an eye out

Sun Aug 9 19:49:35 2020

Commission by San

Always an eyes in the beach and on the sky , so many place to cover .

But everypony keep an eyes on her ... strange no ?

I've somedifficult for make run my computer correctly with the hotwave , i precise than i've no airconditioned. I work right now on the next thing planned !

That make a long time than i've not make a safe post

Keeping_an_eye_out_v1.png Keeping_an_eye_out_v1.png

Program for the next

Sat Aug 8 13:30:10 2020

Hello there ! So as i've mention i go take the time for learn blender much more . Between all of this thing planned i go make some session for learn it . But i prefer start by creat basic thing or props than i've really need . Like certainly increase my horse C model or maybe a new puss one .

Maybe you have notice but i try to avoid explicit word , i've notice than patreon reconize them and i try to attrack to trigger them ...

I start to feel a bit sick this last time , idk if it's because of the hot wave or my travel but i'm not at my best . Anyway i try to publish 1 stuff per day ( when family don't disturb me too much )

I've again some commissioner who have not contact me ... it would be nice to get a little sign of them

Cya soon for the next work !

Resist the Temptation v1

Fri Aug 7 23:54:55 2020

Commission by Operculum

The queen can creat hard pheromone ... it's technicly impossible to you to go away your only solution for avoid to suffer for many day is to make her full of your deep love .

She wait ...

Version a bit more thick add !

Resist_the_Temptation_v1.png Resist_the_Temptation_v2.png Resist_the_Temptation_v1.png

Vote for the animation I'll continue

Thu Aug 6 23:09:07 2020

Hello there ! i'm back from a big travel . Restart tomorrow to make stuff !

But i planned to toutch at blender too so i prefer start by creat or adjust small thing ( like a new female intime part and increase again the male horse than i've already make with new flex and other adjustement .

And learn the rigging on blender , but in first i really should understand how blender work .

So meanwhile as you ask so many time in comment there is a selection of think than you want abolutly see continue .

Some are just idea than i've in mind ... just in case

Tomorrow new picture commission and new planning for give you an idea of what comes

I've thinking make a proposition with my oc but i keep a vote for that theme only for later ( if you are interest)

Commissioner please contact me ! ( But ask before send the pledge thank you )

Idea_1_2.jpeg Idea_2.png Idea_3.gif Idea_4.gif Idea_5.png Idea_6.png Idea_7.jpg Idea_9.jpg Idea_8.png

Tavi Drop

Mon Aug 3 00:05:43 2020

Second animation voted

Tavi can take it very easy after some drink ... vinyl know everytime how corrupt her at the party . Stay on rythm until she let out all the flow .

Short but i've planned to extend it , because of the timing i've should finish it fast . Take some small holiday . Anyway i hope than you enjoys it !

Have fun for the next day ! i stay on discord for talk and send advice for artwork

Any suggestion tell me in comment ?

Tavi_drop_v1_360p_25fps.gif Tavi_drop_v1_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Tavi_drop_v1_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Tavi_drop_v1_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d)

Thank you support !

Sun Aug 2 23:58:06 2020

An other month done ! very productive . To much maybe ...

The situation here is not the best , i hope i can continue again some month ... But i prefer avoid talk of it around . Anyway i hope than you stay again with me ! Sorry to be such confuse about that , it's for the good .

I take small holiday for this week . I should move and find my new appartement far away ! But i stay on discord for talk if you need advice on your work i'm full here !

I propose to you soon new vote for stuff than you want see be continue . Animation only .

About commission please CONTACT ME BEFORE TAKE A SLOT

About my personal model : i go continue it this month so maybe less stuff , anyway i redo a planning soon too ! I really do finish it .

The flurry animation come in public after some last correction

This month was full of learning around première pro and the new way of editing similar at my picture stuff ! more coerent so now .

And drawing , i've learn a bit of this but i should continue .

Did i've forget someone in the mention ? i hope not this time . But you are to many i can't put all of you x) thank you so much you are so many !

Cya for the next month ! ahahah


To small for me

Sat Aug 1 00:50:11 2020

Little animation make just for myself and make some test . But i should continue to work on it for fix many detail . I'm again such slow . Honestly compare at the image than i've get before start it , it's totally different of my mind .

Took one full day just for export it of my software

Not to much , but certainly a continuation for later if people want it .

Thank again at Lalalexxi

Anyway i publish many work in public tomorrow and i start the second animation voted ( Vinyl with octavia )

To_small_v1_360p_25fps.gif To_small_v2_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) To_small_v2_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) To_small_v1_1080p_60fps.webm (d) To_small_v1_1080p_30fps.webm (d) To_small_v2_360p_25fps.gif

Animation update !

Thu Jul 30 00:22:43 2020

Hello there , i've update 2 last animation , one with the tempest shadow version and the other with the lala voice added but not again lipsed .

But i've too some big trouble of driver for my component , mods try to help me actually but it give me some issu

I've good new too . i've almost finish the other one animation with flurryheart , lalaleexie just send me the voice acting for her so i can finish all toutch and start to export . So i come soon ! Just of a bit of wait again :p

And just after i try to make the animation vinyl x octavia ! and all done for this month !

She_orders_you_vtempest_360p_25fps.gif Slave_of_love_v3_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Slave_of_love_v3_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Slave_of_love_v2_1080p_60fps_.mp4 (d) Slave_of_love_v2_1080p_30fps_.mp4 (d) She_orders_you_vtempest_1080p_60fps.webm (d) She_orders_you_vtempest_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) She_orders_you_vtempest_1080p_30fps.webm (d) She_orders_you_vtempest_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) Slave_of_love_v2_360p_25fps.gif

Out of the castle "Preview Animation"

Tue Jul 28 21:15:42 2020

Hello there , i work since yesterday on a middle long animation . It should make around 30 sec but i try actually to animated it the most good as i can.

There is no spetacular not safe thing (Maybe just a bit :x )

But it's something than i want make for try to improve my capacity of animation .

Specially around the dialogue . But should certainly took me 1 day to export . And for fixe lipsing with lala . I don't give her never a lot of work to make on my animation so i try to correct that with this one .

And because it's her favorite charactere to voice . So Dirty talk and shtttttt

About the last picture i make the correction than i've mention soon , i'm just totally focus on this animation .

All is basicly finish i try now to increase timing and detail move . At the end the lipsing .

After that go make the second animation voted !


A Thunderous Ovation v1

Mon Jul 27 00:23:20 2020

Commission by Cadenza

Third picture of octavia and thunderlane love .

Finaly she find the perfect intrument , perfectly sized !

I've a lot of thing to corrected on this one ( i got a terrible headache all the day so i rework that tomorrow ! ) Tomorrow i start to make the flurry heart animation too and other correction and maybe surprise thing i should check my planing of thing to to .

Meanwhile enjoys !


Slave of love

Sat Jul 25 23:37:36 2020

First thing voted by support ! i make a other version later with lala voice ( certainly tomorrow update )

I've take a bit more time for try to increase my level of post-production on vidéo , I've add some new tool really good for increase it visualisy like for photoshop ! Very proud of it .

Anyway i go work on the next and last commission and after it's a special animation with flurry heart . Certainly ask me a bit of time for it , idk again .

Slave_of_love_v2_360p_25fps.gif Slave_of_love_v1_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Slave_of_love_v1_1080p_60fps_.mp4 (d) Slave_of_love_v1_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Slave_of_love_v1_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d)

She orders you v1 Gift

Thu Jul 23 23:59:57 2020

Gift for lunar !

Animation really short but it was make in 1 day some i've make as i can ! Maybe add the voice acting ... if i do that i extend it a bit , but for later .

Go pound your princess ! she orders you ! Nice Spear ... For a peasant

Tommorrow i go work on the first animation voted !

But i'm actually in the doubt... Patreon start to be more exigent with the content . i start to make an account in a other place for support me in case something happen ...

Internet become so much weird .

Sand_bag_v1_360p_25fps.gif She_orders_you_v1_1080p_60fps.webm (d) She_orders_you_v1_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) She_orders_you_v1_1080p_30fps.webm (d) She_orders_you_v1_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) She_orders_you_v1_360p_25fps.gif

up to you!

Wed Jul 22 23:04:12 2020

Commission by Viewer

Every morning preparation of the cake but they need of them trainee for raise them up together before the work . Pinkie never say not , she is just happy to see them make a perfect couple . Always so intrusive but with the time it become natural. And they become more fertile.

Thank you pinkie . - All this milk for me mr cake ? hum tasty !

Next time an short thing ... for someone again and i make the first thing voted ! Hope me good luck for tomorrow because i go try make it in one day >< . (Animation )

up_to_you_v1.png up_to_you_v1.png up_to_you_v3.png

Large bikini

Tue Jul 21 22:46:40 2020

Gift for Lunar

An other day an other draw ! I continue to add and fix some detail again .

Thank you again at the people who come in the stream . Some curious people interest to know what i make .

Tommorrow idk if i make a luna stuff in 3d or the next commission ... that depend if i'm fast :x but i don't think be abble to make both , my planning is so full and again so many thing than i want try .

Like i'm at my 1000 post on derpibooru and idk if i go creat a special picutre for it ( Full of pinkie clone ) Anyway i keep it in my mind for later ... i try to work fast as i can !

This one look perfect for a sticker ...


Need cream v1

Mon Jul 20 23:30:29 2020

Draw make for fun in stream !

Happy holiday people , pinkie pie wait you to put the cream here .

Thank at the people who watched me during all his drawing . I've make multiple other sketch at the beginin and maybe i make them for later . Anyway tomorrow i go make an other draw ,A Gift for a moderator of my server and a Luna draw too ... i Guee maybe turn it in png idk again . I'm a bit lazy for background .

Pinkie_Tan_v1_sing.png Need_cream_v1_sing.png

Bad apple (with sound)

Mon Jul 20 00:36:01 2020

There is the animation vote the last month in second position with sound and better face expression !

Finally done ! maybe increase the ligthing with after effect i want try something with it

Bad_apple_v2_360p_25fps.gif Bad_apple_v2_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Bad_apple_v2_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Bad_apple_v2_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Bad_apple_v2_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) Bad_apple_v2_360p_25fps.gif

Program for the next

Sun Jul 19 20:48:04 2020

Hello there , Recently i got more and more motivation for draw . That why tomorrow i planned to make sketch stuff , nothing really finished it's was just for test thing . Draw butt and boobs x) maybe more idk again . But i terribly want increase my draw style specially for the color .

I publish tonight the nex version of the bigmac x applebloom animation with voice acting and less bug .

But i try to take my time for make good stuff , i've actually nothing else to do at home since some day but i've notice than stuff come regulary all the 1and half day . But a bit more for an animation .

Anyway i hope than you enjoys the stuff

And an reason why i don't finish to much my animation during the start of the month , it's because of the leaker =/ Thank to respect a bit the content ! they come always in public anyway .

THe vote is soon finish but i can already notice wich stuff would be the most voted ! i make 2 of them .

Pegasus Ritual v1

Sat Jul 18 13:02:31 2020

Commission by Altx

Fluttershy get enouth of this stupid society , no one can tell her to do not drive his little pegasus friend . There is so much frustration who need to be dry there is the secret for keep a smooth and curve body .Hopefull the balls was full and fluttershy so starve .

Thank for have commissioned something with my charactere :D it's the first time !

Next time woulb be the update with the applebloom animation !

Pegasus_Dark_Ritual_v1.png Pegasus_Ritual_v1.png

Smooth predator

Thu Jul 16 20:17:23 2020

Commission by Daemont

They can be dangerous , they can be huge , they can be small and without brain . All animal are amazing . This predator come everywere for give all his love with this most generous curve .

Now , are you always affray of the deep water if you can find Mermaid ?

I've personaly really loved the subnautica game ( both ) but it can be terribly naturally terrify because of the dark ( but i recommand it x) )No sponso but just passion.

Next time an other commission ( a special one who make me a lot pleasures xD ) Tomorrow i publish it .

Smooth_predator_v1.png Smooth_predator_v1.png

Vote special futa stuff animation

Thu Jul 16 08:36:55 2020

Hello there , so as promise i make a special animation futa , maybe just the 2 first voted .

About the 4) luna idea i wasn't not sure again of the context

For the 5) the blue thing is fitt rainbow dash and mucluar in the toilette with twilight up

And For the 9) I want make a size difference between octavia and vinyl .

I've change a bit some idea proposed for let vote only 1 time the same charactere . Anyway all of this proposition are animation ! If other mention you have for this idea feel you free to share it !

The new commission come today ! i'm in late for the blender planning ... maybe i should be already on it for the first part of august too . And sound adding of the 2 last animation too !

Idea_1.jpg Idea_2.jpg Idea_3.jpg Idea_4.webp (d) Idea_5.jpg Idea_6.jpg Idea_7.jpg Idea_8.jpg Idea_9.gif

Shower of shadows

Tue Jul 14 23:47:36 2020

Commission by San

After the sport always take a good shower and relax time at the spa , but oh ! She notice his victime for tonight . Prepare yourself to get your soul and your body destroy .

I'm not toally finish this one because it's very late . And i publish the last picture in public tomorrow morning After small add detail.

Next time it's an other commission with a shy pony .


Rough Casting Session

Mon Jul 13 22:31:44 2020

Commission by noname

Flurry was in holiday with bodyguard .She want keep some video of her trip ... That recall good moment for some , and for other revange for be sick at the castle with everyone all the day .

it was really fun to make ( reference on a meme picture )

I add small correction once again but i should make right now the next picture ! Umbra one .

Flurry_cast_v1.png Rough_Casting_Session_v1.png Flurry_cast_v1.png

Program for the next

Sun Jul 12 00:16:02 2020

Hello there !So there is some last stuff to make for this month , after that i return on blender with my model ! And meanwhile i organise a new vote , but with only futa stuff proposition .

Give your idea in the server if you want !

But right now it's full of commission . Thank for one to have select my oc in his commission ahaha

Taking Turns

Sat Jul 11 16:54:09 2020

Commission by TheSharkMaster

New best guard of the month . Take reward to be raise by moon and sun !

I publish the new program in a hour ! i go rush all my picture commission ( one per day atleast ) and fix other stuff .


Hyper activity ( Birthday Animation )

Thu Jul 9 22:12:37 2020

No one can resist at a butt like this ... so smootttthhhhh and deep .

Little animation make in one day , exactly at the same time than the last animation , i was just to busy today for publish it x) but there is ! i've planned to modificate it again and add lala voice . It's was an animation make in a half day so x_x

Thank you a lot for all you message :) tomorrow i go make a new commission picture , and i correct the last animaiton with applebloom too ! and this one too .

No 60fps because i've get many trouble once again with my personal model ... apparently the face bug appear when i use 60 fps , the model seams not parameter for it ... idk why so i've ask to update it .

Hyper_activity_part_2_1080p_25fps.gif Hyper_activity_part_2_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Hyper_activity_part_2_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d)

Hyper activity ( Birthday picture )

Thu Jul 9 10:37:21 2020

Today is my birthday ... but idk if it's a good thing for me, but finaly pinkie found me ... she don't want leave me , she is totally crazy . After be captured i've do give her over flow of love ... during all the day without stop . SOMEONE HELP ME!

(I've a fetish about fluid and glasse , and boobies and if you have notice it x) )

Thank and the people who hope me already an happy birthday !

I should post an animation in some minute , a v1 in 24 fps ( Because i've get some trouble with my model face expression and it's was the only weird thing to make for correct this bug ) So no 60fps for this time .

It's an ... continuation , at the start i've thinking animated this one but the pony model was verybroken to move like this .

I upload them in public later today ! both . But i take my day for me x)

Hyper_activity_v1_text_sing.png Hyper_activity_v1.png Hyper_activity_v1_text.png Hyper_activity_v1_text_sing.png Hyper_activity_v1.png

Bad apples v1 (test version)

Mon Jul 6 23:47:11 2020

Second thing voted ! Hello there so i publish tonight a v1 of this animation and only in gif at the moment because i've get trouble with the model dirrectly .

If you notice some little thing to change mention it .

As you can see the face expression bug a lot . So i've ask at an modeler to update my model of applebloom . And already the voice acting of lala lexxi.

So the next version was the good one with mp4 and webm . Meanwhile i go work on my personal animation for birthday .

And after i return on commission


Playing the Cello

Sat Jul 4 21:13:21 2020

Commission by Ultima

It's was a bit scary at the first look because of the size but finally she can handle it , good girl ... And now she likeplay it .

An second part for an other picture with octavia than i've already make !

I start now the second animation voted by you ! ( big mac x apple bloom , hard pounding planned but not fast ) !


Thank you support

Fri Jul 3 00:10:45 2020

An other month done ! mostly animation stuff , I hope you've enjoys it .

Maybe full of werewolf , anyway more stallion come for july .

But after have take a look at the recent vote than i've make i separated the month in 2 .

First i make all the commission and stuff . After i return on my model so certainly bit less production .

Little info my birthday come the 9 july for the people interest . Something with my oc too .

Anyway I continue right now an other commission who come certainly tomorrow .

I hope to you to stay safe with all this shit around . And thank you so much to be more and more every month !

Patreon_reward_june_2020_petit.png Patreon_reward_june_2020_petit.png Patreon_reward_june2_2020_petit.png

Long day

Wed Jul 1 22:31:57 2020

Commission by Grey045

After a long concert octi need to sleep saddly vinyl wasn't here tonight in town . But you can be sure she dream of her .

I count this one like a june stuff ! i publish right now all the other stuff in public , tomorrow this one .

About commission please CONTACT ME BEFORE TAKE THE SLOT.


Make her sing ( Futa version)

Tue Jun 30 23:13:36 2020

Commission by unnero .

Little update asking by the commissioner . Next time it's an other commission 3d


MVP ( Birthday Gift)

Tue Jun 30 13:56:43 2020

Gift for loveslove

A good person with who i like to play sometime . But i'm always random in gaming action . Progamer activated xD !

I work right now on the next commission , i wait just an export to be finished and i update my 2 last animation with the voice acting !

MVP_v2_sing.png MVP_v2_text.png MVP_v2.png MVP_v2_sing.png

July month program

Sun Jun 28 22:51:44 2020

Hello people . So i'm always a bit confuse since some week . I've leave in stand by my model than i've present you in may . Atleast in june i've finished the cock model .

But the probleme than i've discovered with my model was cause by the software :

I can't use everything what i've make in Maya , specially the rigging . Than mean than i do restart all in blender , and that mean learn blender and pratcice it much more .

Blender is not again a software than i use a lot ... in first because of the controls than i hate . But i guess it's just a question of practice . And after have redo the rigging i can continue to push and finish the model fast as i can .

(But you've not make the rigging for the horse cock ? ) yes on maya but because it was very simple with simple fonction in fk , it was possible to transfert it on blender for export to sfm after . My body rig not ( to much complexe about the ik )

So i ask you to decide if for july you want see the model finish ( or very almost finished )

Or if you want see many other animation . Or maybe try to take a a week or 2 for fix the new model . Certainly for the second part of the month

I don't want make wait people for some stuff but i don't want make disapoint people after all the teasing than i've make for my new model . So i leave you chooce for me .

Program for the next

Sun Jun 28 00:21:38 2020

I've certainly forget to fix some last post ... i try to remember what was it . And i've forget an alternate version of an old post too ... They come soon .

I publish tomorrow a important vote ... it's about my model for july . I've not really work on it for june that why i want ask you about it for the next month . If you accept to see less content in july for let me work on it . ( in blender port this time )

Thank you again for all your support ! My birthday is the 9 july if some people is interest to know it ...

And other commission not again define

Hunt and knot v1

Sat Jun 27 23:48:55 2020

Third thing voted ! I wasn't sure about the lighting , maybe it would be better in day light ? It's up to you i make a little vote in my discord for get the final version in day or night time . With the lalavoice who come soon too for the v2! I make some last detail too like the finger animation and fix some little small clipping .

A little continune for fluttershy and his friend ... you can't escape until they finish to play with you , that can take some longer because they are full . Fluttershy appreciate them for the knot .

I make the bigmac x applebloom later . I've already in mind a good rythm for it ...

I'm actually very confuse about my model ... i've need of your opignion soon I publish program just after.

Hunt_and_knot_v1_360p_25fps.gif Hunt_and_knot_v1_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Hunt_and_knot_v1_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Hunt_and_knot_v1_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Hunt_and_knot_v1_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d)

Diamond doggy v1

Fri Jun 26 00:16:32 2020

First thing voted !

Lalavoice acome later . This is my version of the diamond dog . Rarity adventure failed.

I've get some personal issue recently than why i've a little time of afk . I've done this animation in 1 day . For the next i try to make the same x) but maybe not the export

Next time i make the third one because the second is a bit similar . But no worry i make it too ! Tomorrrow focus on the fluttershy animation .

Diamond_doggy_v1_a1_360p_25fps.gif Diamond_doggy_v1_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Diamond_doggy_v1_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) Diamond_doggy_v1_a2_360p_25fps.gif

Closed for the Day v3 part 1

Sun Jun 21 19:18:07 2020

Commission by StartARiot

Voice acting add

Rarity want test some new cloth . But it need a test subject . Thank big mac for your help <3

I've planned an other part with an other loop different ( more angry ) The voice acting come soon too , lala is always a bit weak so she take his time for recover after all session of voice .

I work on a new animation with celestia right now ( and add the voice acting for the last animation too ) I'm in late for the sun day but anyway something come !

Closed_for_the_Day_360p_25fps_v1.gif Closed_for_the_Day_1080p_60fps_v3.mp4 (d) Closed_for_the_Day_360p_25fps_v3.gif Closed_for_the_Day_1080p_60fps_v3.webm (d) Closed_for_the_Day_1080p_30fps_v3.webm (d) Closed_for_the_Day_1080p_30fps_v3.mp4 (d) Closed_for_the_Day_360p_25fps_v1.gif

Sweetie Belles 18th Birthday

Fri Jun 19 17:21:59 2020

Commission by DK0001. summary

Happy birthday sweetie . You become a young women now . This is the tradition between the mare of the family to discover the lesbian pleasure in family .

Next time it's an animation ! but i try to work a bit more faster this time .

I've notice today than i've reach 1000 Support on patreon ... idk which type of gif you want ... maybe i propose you something animated and popular after the next animation !

Thank you so much people ! idon't realise the popularity than i've get ... 2 animation for the both work who comes !


Royal Intrusion " remake" Animation

Wed Jun 17 14:07:39 2020

Commission by Caelos

There is a new version of this animation ( without voice acting at the moment but it come soon ! )

As i wasn't not happy at all of the last animation than i'v make with celestia and luna i've decide to change it and rework totally . I try to find some good tuto vidéo for increase in the futur my sound editing because i make very basic thing and it would be a good thing to manage better .

I publish Later the voice version with the hd model , maybe an other view ... i'm not sure . A vertical camera would be more good ?

I hope than you like it and futa content !

Royal_Intrusion_Reboot_v2_360p_25fps.gif Royal_Intrusion_Reboot_v2_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Royal_Intrusion_Reboot_v2_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Royal_Intrusion_Reboot_v2_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Royal_Intrusion_Reboot_v2_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d)

New poll ! Animation and picture

Tue Jun 16 17:06:58 2020

Hello there , so i've take your recommandation of potential idea of stuff .

There is some differente idea with differente charactere , If you have other suggestion in the futur , feel you free to share it . ( With a picture or gif in ref it's much more good )

Anyway , the animation is in good porgress , i'm again on some detail . I publish maybe a first version tonight with the low poly model . ( And withtout voice acting , they come after with the high poly ) i repport it a tomorrow morning , i've again some ting to change

I've not publish the idea 9.5 reference in animation ( idk if it's legit to share that in patreon ) but i share it on discord

Let's get ready to vote !

Idea_1.png Idea_2.gif Idea_3.jpg Idea_4.jpg Idea_5.jpg Idea_6.png Idea_7.jpg Idea_8.jpg Idea_9.5.png Idea_10.png Idea_11.5.jpg Idea_12.jpg

Program for the next

Sun Jun 14 23:43:31 2020

Hello there ! So i planned to finish all commission fast and i make a new little vote for you because idea start to be full in the idea channel ! A little personal animation in mind ... nothing again totally chooce but i want make something with my charactere and the new cock model .. in action ;) .

Anyway tomorrow i change a bit the last commission , i've notice some important thing to change . Between all of this i've always some other correction to put of some last post too .

I want work more on animation right now . The next animation should come in 2 day i guess , time to make something good .

Thank you again and enjoys !

Alternative Medicine 2 v1

Sun Jun 14 17:15:27 2020

Commission by NoName

Second picture of this ship . I put a second version later today :. And i publish the new program just after !I want change again some ligthing

After warn it's true than the male model look a bit bold , i correct that xD

Alternative_Medicine_2_v1.png Alternative_Medicine_2_v2.png Alternative_Medicine_2_v1.png

New cock model ( special hooves)

Sat Jun 13 00:12:32 2020

Finally ! after all the pain , i've finish in part this model than i can use already !

It's miss always some good flex but i can add them later much more easy now :) .

Thank at all the people who have support my bad mood ( because of work in the late night ) But i can be very proud of this new model than i use for later , for the next animation and picture ! All is what i want .

Thank you again so much for your support people ! I can continue to produce stuff now ! the new integral model need again much more time of preparation , but with this one i show you than i can finish and use a model than i've totally make from zero .

This model is not downloadable , i keep it in private for some time .

Hooves_art_cock_A1_360p_25fps.gif Hooves_art_cock_A2_360p_25fps.gif Hooves_art_cock_A3_360p_25fps.gif Hooves_art_cock_A1_360p_25fps.gif Hooves_art_cock_A3_360p_12.5fps.gif

Strength training

Wed Jun 10 12:29:20 2020

Commission by San

Third picture with umbra at the sport training .

I've search a little time in more for find a good ligthing .

Anyway i suppose add for later some very small detail in more but i want work on my new cock model now ! So for the next time i publish a picutre personal for present it ! and i can start to make stuff with it

Strength_training_v1.png Strength_training_v1.png

Our secret

Mon Jun 8 13:47:05 2020

Commission by connor shepherd

It's just impossible for everyone to keep a good relation with pinkie around . She want to much taste everyone

I start after a new commission with umbra and i continue to work on the new cock model .

Enjoys !

our_secret_v1.png our_secret_v2.png our_secret_v1.png

Milf Breeding A Stud v1 (Short comics)

Sun Jun 7 00:43:13 2020

Commission by Anonymous

Spike is terribly hard to stop when he start to fuck . The pleasure have just beginin . Hopefull the mom get the best pussy , perfect for a cock dragon ! Sexe intense and dirty .

And there is an other short comics ! I try always some good systeme of narration but it's again a v1 . Some detail can change . Maybe just redo a face for the 4th pose , need to be the most intense .

Next time is an commission picture and after i continue to import my new cock model !


Riding till the Moon Cums

Thu Jun 4 00:42:52 2020

Commission by Altx

Some terrible creature stay on everfree . But aj is accustom to fight them , just a question of stamina ... and size.

I try to change for the next time to add a voice acting for aj . But lala stay weak .

Next time it's the short comics !

Riding_till_the_Moon_Cums_v1_360p_25fps.gif Riding_till_the_Moon_Cums_v1_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Riding_till_the_Moon_Cums_v1_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Riding_till_the_Moon_Cums_v1_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Riding_till_the_Moon_Cums_v1_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d)

Thank you support !

Wed Jun 3 22:06:17 2020

So this month pretty inactif in stuff is finish . But my model wasn't not again finished . As i've already mention i should redo some part in blender .

But i've planned to use the new cock model very soon ! and maybe creat more other stuff for sfm ?

Anyway i make commission and stuff for the start of the month in priority . An animation should come in some minute . And after i go make the short comics.

Thank you again so much for was stay and keep your support for may , i was affray to create no much stuff because of the modeling .

Much more stuff come ! but for the transition of model and software you should wait again a bit .


Program for the next And commission Open

Mon Jun 1 20:52:41 2020

Hello people ! So there is a new month who start i've restart to make sfm stuff . But i work between of it on my model and other stuff .

As i've mention you it take much more time than i've planned and after reflection i should move already my model to blender Because i don't know how many time i can get my student version of maya . I've just need to redo the rigging and skinning and all the other thing dirrectly on blender .

But as i'm not an expert at all on blender i should learn the software , so please wait .

I've planned to redo the last animation than i've make with luna gaming and the dildo because i wasn't not enjoy of it , so i've watch that with the commissioner for turn that futa or with double dildo . But i want try to use my new cock model for this animation .

Some slot of commission are always open just ask me , i open them after asking for don't get unknow people who can stole it without contact me .

Not all the stuff planning are in the program .

Grip the stick v2

Sun May 31 18:12:55 2020

Voice acting add , ligthing update and bug fix .

Everytime flurryheart was watching by guard ... fuck them they are so bothering . But she have the autorisation for use them as she want ... cadance have notice than a little time so guard come in his chamber the night for fancy . It's a young adult now .

Flurry is to much accustom to see on internet extreme thing . So she want test weird position and hardcore thing like she love. Fucking royal life .

All charactere have +18 years old . I've use a reference for this one but i've not notice at the start than i've need a so much difference of sizing for get this position .

I publish tomorrow an seconde version with an difference ligthing and so bug correction to fix . And after i release it in public .

Little animation for restart the work after all this technical time for try to creat my model

I try for the next time to make an animation with the new cock than i've creat , but i pain a bit for export it for sfm with rigging and lowpoly and normal map.

Grip_the_stick_v1_360p_25fps.gif Grip_the_stick_v1_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Grip_the_stick_v1_1080p_60_fps.webm (d) Grip_the_stick_v1_1080p_30_fps.webm (d) Grip_the_stick_v1_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) Grip_the_stick_v1_360p_25fps.gif Grip_the_stick_v2_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Grip_the_stick_v2_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Grip_the_stick_v2_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Grip_the_stick_v2_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) Grip_the_stick_v2_360p_25fps.gif Grip_the_stick_v2_360p_25fps.gif

Making her sing

Fri May 29 23:52:56 2020

Commission by Unnero11

Someone enjoys to be full of cum , it's a bit thigh but than don't bother her .

I should put a futa version of aria Soon.

I try to increase my level of draw . But that should make 3 month than i've not draw xD . I should make more small draw for try an other style , actually i'm bad for creat smooth shading . So i stay on the cartoon style .

After i want search for draw new icon for my patreon an other , and find a new watermark . Mine was make 3 years ago or more , i don't remember .

More commission come soon ! Tomorrow i make a small animation for show you than i'm back on the stuff and i send you tomorrow too the new planning !


Trouble of timing

Wed May 27 11:50:41 2020

Hello people , i've a good an bad new to announce to you .

The good new is :

I restart really soon , maybe tomorrow , to retake commission ( animation and picture )

I make only commission at the moment ! But it come to me a difficult month of june .

For all potential commission thank to contact me in mp on discord or patreon ( just send me your both nickame for them ) as always i select the idea than i find good to make ! I guess certainly open much more commission than usually . So i guess open much more slot gradualy during this month . I've 2 commission already pay than i should make in priority !

The bad new :

I've not planned enouth of time for creat my model . I've certainly need of 1 month in more for correct wrong thing and bug .

Actually my model is finish it 65% I've all the base for work ( a good modelisation , but who need some very small change ) i've notice that during the skinning than i've not create it totally perferct for the deformation .

So i work and both , commission and the model at the same time

Today i've planned to work on the texture and fix all the other piece of the model like : the mane , teeth , eyebrow , eyes . And work on the texture again .

But it's impossible to me to finish it for the first june . I've again to make all the facial expression and body deformation flex .( more increase butt and boobs option exemple )

But all the part of the rig is a big trouble for me ... because of one thing , the export for later into blender . Maya and blender don't have exactly the same option so i guess i should make the rigging and all the other part into blender dirrectly , saddly i'm a beginner again with this software .

It's very depress to me , i've lost some day of work just because of the transfert . That why i've need of more time . Any help about blender like send to me good tuto video would be very helpfull . I don't want surrender this work who take me such a lot of time .

Thank you again for all your support , i've just need of time and learn .It's my biggest project in progress . ( i send you always news of preview about it )

Actuality day 21

Sat May 23 23:36:58 2020

Hello there ! that make a little time and during this day i've pain a lot for finalised the rigging , my last part of bug take me 2 day to resolve . Since some day i'm on the skinning , process who consite to creat good shape of deformation with the rigging . The automatique process create very harsh thing so i do pain everywere the good one .

It's the first time than i make this part of the 3d so i learn , make some mistake but i prefer the skinning at the rig xD .

i've for some day again for finished everything . After that i go collapse all the other part of the body ( eyes , mane , teeth , tail . ) And make fast the same process for them .

But bad new , i don't think at all finish the model for the end of this month . I 've again the facial expression to make and the flex for increase some part . With the finalisation of the texturing . But i hope propose you something with it soon !

Anyway For the first june i make 5 commission picture day a day . but between i continue it .

I wait your opignion on that , but yeah 1 month for creat a complete body and complexe was to short for a beginer like me on this way.

But i don't surrender , just send me a little more time !


Actuality day 17

Mon May 18 23:47:17 2020

Welcome to my hell ! Rigging is not the worst and technical part for nothing , Full of planninfication , adjustement of coordonate for everypart in the world and differente interraction between them .

It's very painfull but i can see the end soon and i've learn so much about it !

I've just to create the ik controle for the arms and add jiggle joint for ears / butt / breast and maybe other .

Anyway i've an last part to make before be abble to use the model . The skinning ( deformation of the body with the squelleton rig )

I get tomorrow the new piece of my computer so i leave the work for 1 day . (New ram , got 128 go )

Everything look a bit quiet around but i'm always here ! no worry I make just a lot of preparation for a very nice 3d , create from nothing .

I see you for an next new with all the body finalised rigged and the skinning started !

Preview_body_v6.png tenor.gif

Actuality day 14

Sat May 16 00:03:56 2020

Hi there ! So all in progress but this last time i start to get many difficult for progress

Uv totally done ! so now i can add normal map , bump map , texture and other but i check for recover substance i've some issue with my session . I've make 3 different uv for the model . Body / Eyeslashes and nail , because i add different material for them so they are not in the same uv .

I make some test actually with the texture but not ready for show a good preview again .

I've totally redo the pussy model , but okay i've add the akko pussy model on it ( just the lips of the center because my topo was totally wrong too me , i've do just adjust it in quad and redo some curve and past to my model without tris .

Meanwhile i check always with the riggin , that and the part of the next : Skinning ( prosessus for fusion this squeletton who can move at the body with good deformation are the prosessus who take the most of the time . so Sorry if now i progress slowly .

I've do ask at many other student for get help but apparently we cry all for this part of the creation xD Rig a model is not the worst part of the 3d for nothing , and the most pay ;) .

Anyway i come back soon for resend actuallity ! Thank you again for you support and your waiting . And anyway i restart without late to redo stuff ... on sfm or with my new model the first june ( or more soon if i succes ! )

Hope me good luck because i start to be a bit in depression for this work ...

Preview_body_v5.png Preview_body_v5.png

Actuality day 11

Wed May 13 00:13:50 2020

Hello there ! The model progress and come to look good to me !

As i've mention " it's the basic start model ! " i've planned to give option for add more curve but it come after the rigging !

FK Rig : you can move the squelleton piece by piece and they have influence on the other part of rigat the end of the member .

ik rig : You move only the end of the member and that make move for exemple : knee or elbow automaticly . All the body can move around , the part ik rig stay static in the world

I'm in pain on this part as i've planned , need again of some day for finish all this part correctly . And after i can attack the skinning ( attach the squeletton at the scult) skinning : add good deformation for member .

Anyway i take some longer to be realase but i clean everytime everything for be perferct , end it's the first time for me than i creat a complete model with all the process .

If you have some suggestion mention it in comment or come talk a bit in my stream x) .

I try to post an other preview more soon than this time . In 2day for show you once again the progression .

Preview_body_v3.png Preview_body_v3.png gif_rig_hooves_2.gif gif_rig_hooves_1.gif Preview_body_v4.png

Who is the next ? ( new pony head )

Mon May 11 13:06:06 2020

Hello there !

So i work a lot on the rig who is a part terribly technical and not really satisfy to look . I send you an other preview tonight about it .Come slowly , But really nice !

I've ask help from teacher i wait again just some respond for get council .

But meanwhile i go return work on the pony head for completed all imperfection and try to upgrade it once again . the eyes stay the part the most terrible to work for me .

Meanhile i can try to search to creat an other mane for an other caractere just after , vote for who is the next !

As obvious , i make the mane six in first . After i go make the princess .

I Create by order of vote all the other mane six . But they stay without texture at the moment ! i prefer creat the rigging and skinning in first .

I push myself for creat the best model with the best option ;) thank you for your support

Actuality day 6

Fri May 8 21:51:57 2020

New horse cock model ! 50k polygone , and topologie done . Idk again if i work it like a separated model or not anyway i should start the texture and uv work for think at any normal map .

About the design i can change it with some flex later but i want absolutly add bludge flexx and other ... i've not planned again to make a male model but he should certainly come in not to much time after the complet female model.

For the next day : Rig the body ! (under the head )

I go check the rig with different tuto of my teacher . NO automatic rig only manual . If the model is not move in the space or attach with the rig i can continue to work on it next too , so i return work on the pony head after have see how the rig can work with my model .

People want a human dick ? idk if it's usefull at the moment .


Actuality day 5

Thu May 7 23:52:35 2020

The sculpt is finish ! but i guess come back on it just for fix small detail . I add more curve but for later with the flew option ! If you have suggestion or advice tell me in comment !

I was a bit in late because of a fucking bug , but i've do take one day for resolve it !!!

Tomorrow i make a horse cock model ! topo and sculpt completed

Preview_body_RAPPORT.png Preview_body_RAPPORT.png

Actuallity Day 2

Tue May 5 00:11:40 2020

Hello there ! So i've almost finish the principal sculpt and topologie for everypart , tomorrow i make the topo for the torso and i adjust curve and other . I wait too some opignion in other comment .

For the feet and hand they are basicly finish but i guess adjust some very last detail for be good . About the head it's the most difficult part i search to fix the eyes for later when they are close and other face expression . But actually i've a good and clean topo for many part .

This 2 next day i try to complete all the model together , or atleast finish the topologie of the torso .

Important change : i've give acces at my stream for tier 1 and 3 too . Feel you free to join it when you want . But i prefer stay quiet . I respond in chat . I don't make special announcement when i stream because it's pretty random , i work during most of the day on it with some random break .


New model , New software Preparation for may

Sat May 2 22:55:43 2020

Hello people !

So that make a long time than i've already started this personal project :

I do proceed at all the important part of the 3d :

I can use already some software than i know ( thank study )

I hope really creat all of this for atleast one completed model for the end of the month . And propose you stuff with it !

As you can see i've started to make flutteshy , but i organize for later some vote for chooce who was the next . I start by the mane 6 .

If you have some recommandation feel you free to share them . Personally i create a new special channel for all this creation and feel you free to share with me some advice on it .For tier 5 it's a Preview channel !

I post regulary some new about the Progression of this project on patreon for inform than i'm always actif ! I do find after that a name for this new set of model ... but i search it again , certainly propose a vote for it . Every 3d model stay in private ! I've planned to use it for my book professional

The only trouble at the moment is my graphique tablette , i've not my huge one who is stay in town because i've do move in urgence and now i can't again return search it . I've just a trouble of drive for my cintiq 22 hd . I resolve that in first .

Anyway i hope than you can continue to support my work . Because if i succes , much more quality stuff come ! I want add good fluid syteme for the animation and more physique body .

Thank you people


Thank you support

Sat May 2 22:24:51 2020

And a new month , full of difficult for everyone a suppose , I hope send you some good stuff . I've many important thing to inform you for may , but i prefer announce them in a other post for publish it in public ( no nsfw stuff in public for patreon )

==== Commission are close for may ! ====

Almost 1000 support , maybe they come soon , but Don't wait to much of may because the patreon is ready for be a be calm ( only for this month ) I can't put everyone on this post picture ! you are too much ahah .

Personally , i'm stuck at home since 1 and 1/2 month at parent home =/ Normally i've planned to move and start my real artist life but ... the virus is around and stuck all administration ... But i'm safe ! Not sick , or maybe already idk .

I've a last post to make : the short comics of button's mom x spike , but i do repport it at later . And every commission was done .

I finish some stuff with sfm and ... maybe change for after that depend of what i can do with it

I publish the luna gaming animation too in public but without soon because i prefer rework on it with the voice of lalalexxie when she come back ...

For the people who are not tier 5 , i keep some stuff planned to be in artpack publication .

So i post All the other info in some minute.


Unicorn and dragon

Sat May 2 00:31:00 2020

Extra picture for april voted ! i update it tomorrow and i publish it in public just after .

And i make some new for everyone . I've not finish the comics picture so i repport it at later during the month .

Don't take a commission slot , they are close

Unicorn_and_dragon_v1.png Unicorn_and_dragon_v2.png Unicorn_and_dragon_v1.png

Button’s Mom New Deepthroating Technique "complete animation"

Thu Apr 30 00:15:17 2020

Commission by Austin

As many people i've ask and the commissioner , there is the complete versio of this animation !

Tomorrow i try to be fast for work on the short comics , but not easy , maybe publish the extra picture just before .

Enjoys ! I put certainly some update for correct some little detail of cliping.

Buttons_Mom_New_Deepthroating_Technique_v2_360p_250fps.gif Buttons_Mom_New_Deepthroating_Technique_v2_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Buttons_Mom_New_Deepthroating_Technique_v2_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Buttons_Mom_New_Deepthroating_Technique_v2_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Buttons_Mom_New_Deepthroating_Technique_v2_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) Buttons_Mom_New_Deepthroating_Technique_v2_360p_250fps.gif Buttons_Mom_New_Deepthroating_Technique_v3_360p_250fps.gif

Picture in extra for this month

Wed Apr 29 20:20:48 2020

So they was on the last work than i make before my break of casual stuff .

I've select some personal idea and some propose . Only picture because i don't think have the time for an animation .

I post the animation in some minute . And the short comics just after the end of the vote if everything goes nice . But anyway i post it dirrectly the thing voted in public when it's finish Because i count this like a stuff for april .

Idea_1.jpg Idea_2.png Idea3.png Idea_4.jpg Idea_5.jpg Idea_6.jpg

Program for the next

Mon Apr 27 22:55:36 2020

Hello there .

So i've some last thing to make after something like a little break of 1 month .

But a month full of thing Than i do prepare .

No worry i don't leave , but i change just of software and model for grow up my art level . I've already mention it before but i presum not everyone know about it . I retalk about that later and i show you my project at the start of the month .

Warning : may would be full of preview of work But no stuff ( except if this project go very nice and fast )

The animation is almost finish , just some last detail and ... all the export to make and it's done certainly for tomorrow night .

1) Tier 5 : Long Animation commission (button's mom x mash other loop and ending )

2) Tier 3 : Short comics ( Button's mom x spike )

3) Tier 5 : Extra stuff ( Not totally define , but if i've the time for make it )

4) Public : Thank you support picture

5) New Programation for all the 3d preparation work and a lot of info

Silly drunk v2

Sat Apr 25 16:33:46 2020

Commission by Altx

Someone drink to much of cider but it make to much hot in this barn , the tempation was to hight

Apple jack - Someone need to get a punished but ... you look so cute like that sister ...

I add an other version with more fluid later today ! and i've 2 last post to make before the break ( with some correction of old post . ) ( More fluid add )

Silly_drunk_v1.png Silly_drunk_v2.png

Earth day

Thu Apr 23 23:00:09 2020

Little picture make for the earth day (22 april and already in late )

Remake of an very old artwork than i've make , it was make 2 years ago . I'm very surprise because it was a good picture for my level at this moment :o .

But i've want upadte it because it's one of my favorite , not porn here , just art .

About the ecologie : i hope you consider this probleme . Personaly my most important chooce of life is to don't get a car . I've my transport permis but i'm not interest at all to get one car . Specially because i'm always sick on it ( when i drive too ) . I know internet consume a lot of energie and it's not ecologique but ... i try to make my part as i can with not a lot of consomation of product no necessary .

Be kind with earth people . And enjoys all simple thing of life .

Tomorrow new commission !


Morning Rainbow

Wed Apr 22 13:59:55 2020

Commission by Adeck42

Wake up little pegasus , you have a lot of work today ! Maybe you can relax with her just before go ...

For the next i search an idea for the event of today ... but i'm not sure at all , maybe make an other commission after .


Stretching out

Mon Apr 20 23:14:36 2020

Commission by San

New day , new work . New training .

Umbra continue her hard training for stay fitt . It's not good to don't make sport activity .

Tomorrow new commission again !


Old memories mom v1 "animation"

Sun Apr 19 19:37:43 2020

Animation than i've really like make . Maybe continue it for later ? sometime it's good to make an animation without make a loop . It would be nice to put some lala acting but she is always sick . Need of a nude version ?

Next time it's a commission !

Old_memories_mom_v1_360p_25fps.gif Old_memories_mom_v1_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Old_memories_mom_v1_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) Old_memories_mom_v1_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Old_memories_mom_v1_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d)

Wild love v1

Fri Apr 17 20:17:47 2020

There is an other picture for the mom pack .

But i'm not toally satisfy but the face expression i change it later tonight !

Next time , an animation ! an other mom ;)


Be proud of me " animation final"

Wed Apr 15 22:31:00 2020

Rainbow dash - I hope you be proud of my training mom , i'm the most fast pegasus now .

And there is the version in part sounded without voice , with an climax extend !

I cotninue the work on the other picture now and the sound for the last animation as i've mention before .

Be_proud_of_me_v2_long_360p_25fps.gif Be_proud_of_me_v2_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Be_proud_of_me_v2_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Be_proud_of_me_v2_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Be_proud_of_me_v2_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) Be_proud_of_me_v2_short_360p_25fps.gif

Be proud of me " animation v1"

Tue Apr 14 23:58:36 2020

Second thing vote for the mom art pack , it's a first version so i update it and change some part tomorrow with a sound editing in more ! meanwhile tell me if you have some suggestion for it . I do correct again this wiggle butt effect for be perfect ! Tomorrow i put the correction on it with the octavia picture and the sound editing ( without voice ) for the luna and celestia animation .

1half day of work for make it , i try to increase my speed but it need again a little hour of work for correct .


Program for the next

Tue Apr 14 11:51:30 2020

Hello there ! so plenty thing to do for the next ! I try to make one stuff per day , or 2 when it's an animation as always .

You have vote in third position , velvet x shining armor , i guess change a bit the plan about it because it's a lot similar with some animation make already this month , but i make something with them soon ! no worry . So meanwhile i want make the pear butter animation

But lala can make anyvoice actually ... so maybe the get update for voice acting later .

So i've this month for finish all this list ! Let's rock

A Broken Octave (cloth and nude version )

Tue Apr 14 00:28:35 2020

Commission by Cadenza

Again some thick adventure with the most classic girl of canterlot . This butt can contain a lot of ... flow .

Nude version add !

And i publish the new planning too tomorrow .

A_Broken_Octave_v1.png A_Broken_Octave_nude_v1.png

Happy easter 2020

Sun Apr 12 23:46:55 2020

More they are shy more they have weird fun . Keep safe eggs !

Today I've make fast a picture for the easter event than i've totally forget . I've do organize in rush a little poll for choose the charactere selected . Just nearby Marble was trixie . No chance for her this time .

I publish it in public soon

Tomorrow i make a new commission picture with octavia !

Happy_easter_2020_v1_texte.png Happy_easter_2020_v1.png

To sate a dragon v2 "animation voted

Sat Apr 11 19:19:00 2020

Animation voted !

Two mom into the forest find a terrible dragon there is one only way for survive but i guess they enjoys of this situation like a secret dream of mom to be stuck with an pervers monster .

There is the first thing voted ! Saddly no lala lexxi for acting ... she take a good rest .

I rexport tomorrow an other version with some correction , because it look for me to mechanical again specialy for velvet . Anyway enjoy ! Tomorrow i start a new commission picture .

To_sate_a_dragon_v1_360p_25fps.gif To_sate_a_dragon_v2_1080p_30fps.webm (d) To_sate_a_dragon_v2_1080p_60fps.webm (d) To_sate_a_dragon_v2_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) To_sate_a_dragon_v2_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) To_sate_a_dragon_v2_360p_25fps.gif To_sate_a_dragon_v1_360p_25fps.gif

No voice acting for a little time

Fri Apr 10 09:40:52 2020

Hello there , so i've get a very bad new about my voice acting Lalalexxie this morning .

She is actually at the hospital for an pneumonia , Certainly because of the corona virus ...

So i can't add voice at my animation at the moment , i hope you understand !

Go support her if you can ! and Meanwhile i continue to work on animation .

No worry about me people i'm into a very safe place with no contact with other people . So clean your hand and stay safe !


Royal Intrusion

Fri Apr 10 00:24:58 2020

Commission by Caelos

Luna get a solo pleasure and dream secretly of her sister ... celestia too .

I put the sound tomorrow but idk if lala lexxie can voice acting . Many trouble this last time .

Anyway tomorrow i start the first animation voted for the mom art pack ! And some update come certainly for it too.

Royal_Intrusion_v1_part_3-3_360p_25fps.gif Royal_Intrusion_v1_1080p_60fps_no_sound.mp4 (d) Royal_Intrusion_v1_1080p_30fps_no_sound.mp4 (d) Royal_Intrusion_v1_part_1-3_360p_25fps.gif Royal_Intrusion_v1_part_2-3_360p_25fps.gif

Royal satisfaction

Tue Apr 7 18:51:36 2020

Commission by noname

Flurry come from a family to much socialy acceptable ... she want just much more Fun in his life . She like abuse a lot of his autority for use them guard like a sextoy . She have much more idea in mind ... multiple fun ... Mom and dad do not know that , fucking boomer .

Tomorrow i continue the luna and clestia animation ! and i add the voice acting of button's mom animation too !

royal_satisfaction_v1.png royal_satisfaction_v1_no_texte.png royal_satisfaction_v1.png

Mash Got Some Ass for Valentine’s Day

Mon Apr 6 13:38:59 2020

Commission by Austin1

New animation with this mythic duo ! I Wait the lala voice for button's mom ! and put last detail . The next commission come soon ! Voice added and change some little thing !

Mom is the best !

Mash_Got_Some_Ass_for_Valentines_Day_v1_360p_25fps.gif Mash_Got_Some_Ass_for_Valentines_Day_v1_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Mash_Got_Some_Ass_for_Valentines_Day_v1_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Mash_Got_Some_Ass_for_Valentines_Day_v1_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Mash_Got_Some_Ass_for_Valentines_Day_v1_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) Mash_Got_Some_Ass_for_Valentines_Day_v1_360p_25fps.gif Mash_Got_Some_Ass_for_Valentines_Day_v2_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Mash_Got_Some_Ass_for_Valentines_Day_v2_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Mash_Got_Some_Ass_for_Valentines_Day_v2_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Mash_Got_Some_Ass_for_Valentines_Day_v2_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) Mash_Got_Some_Ass_for_Valentines_Day_v2_360p_25fps.gif

What do you think of may stuff

Sat Apr 4 21:25:18 2020

So i want get your opignion on that because that have a big impact on me .

No stuff for may , only focus for learn an other software correctly and creat my own body model with a new pony head base with in first fluttershy as new model .

I don't give me the chooce this time , i don't want come back before have create a stuff with an other software ! But i want a little garantie than you stay behind . That rassure me a bit .

If everything work good , i organise more vote for wich charactere i create in next !

Important mention ! i post the new about the backstage for show you everyprogress in this stuff on may with screen shoot in detail

Thank you support !

Sat Apr 4 21:09:48 2020

Thank you again so much , i've big announcement to make !

It's a very huge descition for me but i stop my study at school .

i've some personal reason for that but the actual one is the containment . I start now after some administratif thing for my entrer into the real life . But that don't mean i stop to learn !

I've an other big announcement but ... i prefer give you a part of this chooce ( i make a vote for get your opignion on it ) . After monday i can be full time on the patreon work . I've planned to make more work for this month of april ! But for nothing may , why ?

If you follow me since a little time you should know than i've try multiple time to change of software with always an echec ... but not this time !

I want use all the month of may for study only blender or other software for increase my work an specialy around the animation phisique ligthing and render and with new model ! The other time than i've try that , i was to much distract by commission and study . Not now !

I don't think propose you at the start a lot of charactere but they come with the time , anyway i've already started to create the new body model and the pony head base .

All of this for show you all the skill than i've learn in 3d and than i've never show .

I hope just you can countinue to support me . Because it's a huge bet than i try .

10 years of study , for understand than study is not for me ... certainly my most biggest mistake of my life . Hope me just good luck for the next .

An other last thing : it's a difficult periode for everyone around the world , i hope you to stay safe and to keep your prioritie . So i wasn't not disapoint to see some people goes .

Thank you again for the chance than you give me to get this work . It's just the beginin

See you soon for the next work ;)

Patreon_reward_march_2020_petit.png Patreon_reward_march_2020_petit.png

Goth Chick Tempting the beast "Complete version"

Sat Apr 4 19:27:26 2020

Commission by Anonymous

And finish ! I post it for the first tier because you have wait to much for it x) and because i want continue to correct some part again .

I've get many many issue when i've try to reexport some part , so sometime that can look a bit cut because of that . But it's planned to be corrected .

A verry big thank at lalalexxi for the voice !

Anyway now i can run the work much more fast ! but i explain you all of this in the next post.

Goth_Chick_Tempting_the_beast_360p_25fps.gif Goth_Chick_Tempting_the_beast_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) Goth_Chick_Tempting_the_beast_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Goth_Chick_Tempting_the_beast_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Goth_Chick_Tempting_the_beast_1080p_60fps.webm (d)

Royal Intrusion v1 part 2-3

Fri Apr 3 23:46:22 2020

Commission by Caelos

There is an other piece of this animation ! the last part do come soon !

I take a long time for publish the thing planned but i explain all with the "thank picutre" who come tomorrow , it's a bit difficult for me actualy .

Anyway i've do rexport multiple time the fluttergoth animation for correct again some part , because i want build all the scene of fuck with spike together and it's not again enouth good for me . Thank for your waiting but you won't regret it !


Program for the next

Wed Apr 1 22:03:34 2020

Hello people , so there is a new month finish and i publish all the stuff in public now ! i've a last piece of animation to post certainly tonight . Or tomorrow .

I editing the long version of fluttergoth animation in one files too ! i try to do that tomorrow and i publish it in public .

About the commission i recall once again : i don't accept commission without be contacted for talk about it !!! Because i don't accept every commission and because i've a waiting list .

You got this ( Voice added and futa version )

Tue Mar 31 19:33:07 2020

And after some protestation in comment , there is a futa version with some little talk !

Thank again at lalalexxie for her voice !

But after that , i'm into a difficult situation about sfm . Since monday we have sundenly inform than we get school by correspondance and it have already restart , so sorry about the less of production but i try to do of my best ! I put an last animation atleast before the end of the month . The final one with luna dildo and celetia .

You_got_this_v3_360p_25fps.gif You_got_this_vfuta_1080p_60fps.webm (d) You_got_this_vfuta_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) You_got_this_vfuta_1080p_30fps.webm (d) You_got_this_vfuta_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) You_got_this_vfemale_1080p_60fps.webm (d) You_got_this_vfemale_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) You_got_this_vfemale_1080p_30fps.webm (d) You_got_this_vfemale_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) You_got_this_v4_360p_25fps.gif You_got_this_v3_360p_25fps.gif

You got this ( Short Animation)

Sun Mar 29 23:45:24 2020

Babs - What's happen dude ... you want something ?

Little animation make for the fun with an charactere than i've rarely use . I export a hd version tomorrow , because it's not the hd body , with some little change .

Tomorrow i put the luna dildo animation full

I guess make her talk a bit in the next version .

Need a futa version maybe ?

You_got_this_v1_360p_25fps.gif You_got_this_v2_360p_25fps.gif You_got_this_v1_360p_25fps.gif

A Soaking Soirée

Sat Mar 28 16:54:10 2020

Commission by Cadenza

Canterlot stay the best play for meet ... classy girl . They take a good time together , but maybe they need of someone else in more ...

Futta version add

For tomorrow i want make a reall short animation just for test something with a caractere than i've rarely use !

A_Soaking_Soiree_v1_no_futa.png A_Soaking_Soire_v1_no_futa.png A_Soaking_Soiree_v1__futa.png

Before the end

Thu Mar 26 17:11:50 2020

Little personal picture for continue an other picture make the last month .

Maud stay the most difficult to make a face expression ... it's always to much with her ! stay neutral.

Next time it's an commission picture !

Before_the_end_v1.png Before_the_end_v1.png

Tea cup party

Wed Mar 25 01:14:41 2020

Trixie have take with her some potion for make him stop to be to much shy and for grow his ... hability . Friend are always here for help in trouble . Starlight have finaly show his love and they make a party at 3 for the first time . I'm sure it's not the only time at 3 like that ;)

Hi there ! little picture make for fun :p after all this last day without a great production i try to make alteast one post like that per day , tomorrow it's the duo maud x pinkie pie .

i've do make some change and rexport again on my animation but it come tomorrow morning because i've already export 80% of it . and meawhile i've edit this one

Cya tomorrow for the next !


Goth Chick Tempting the beast (4/4) v2

Tue Mar 24 01:57:37 2020

Commission by Anonymous

Finally ! i've something to show you ! this is the last part of this animation ! i've some bug and detail to correct ... specially of the jiggle bones .

Sound version add ! but i repost all the animation with the other piece soon ! (and minor correction again )

Anyway ! little anouncement for the next ! as i was to much slow for produce it i make some picture commission and personal stuff picture ne per day and before the end of the month the luna gaming animation completed .

I mention the update tomorrow !

I hope you stay safe at home and clean your hand !

Goth_Chick_Tempting_the_beast_intro_4-4_v1_360p_25fps.gif Goth_Chick_Tempting_the_beast_4-4_v1_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Goth_Chick_Tempting_the_beast_4-4_v1_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Goth_Chick_Tempting_the_beast_4-4_v1_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Goth_Chick_Tempting_the_beast_4-4_v1_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) Goth_Chick_Tempting_the_beast_intro_4-4_v2_360p_25fps.gif Goth_Chick_Tempting_the_beast_intro_4-4_v1_360p_25fps.gif

Mom's day theme vote

Fri Mar 20 17:35:11 2020

Hello there ! So as i've finish all my stuff for the flutter art pack i start now a new one for the mom's day ! So i've select for you 10 proposition .

I try to make as always 3 of the most voted ( or 2 that depend of my time but with the quarantine ... i guess it's not a probleme). Maybe i make some alternative version when it's animation with different mom .

But no button's mom ... because i've already prepare something with her . Talking work for lala lexxie ;)

I give you the time for chooce what idea you want see make ! Enjoys ! I send you in description all reference for every idea .

Idea_1.gif Idea_2.jpg Idea_3.jpg Idea_4.jpg Idea_5.jpg Idea_6.jpg Idea_7.jpg Idea_8.jpg Idea_9.png Idea_10.webm (d)

Show me the good

Fri Mar 20 01:05:16 2020

Secret relation ship ... they are such opposite but they are both attrack .

Sombra : don't tell at anyone than i was here ...

Flutershy : No worry . They can't understand our love . Please come to me more often

Sombra : ... yes , i've never feel that before

Fluttershy : I love you sombry

And a last piece for the fluttershy art pack . I send you the link for the pack when it's publish soon . For support the other friend who have participate on it !

Next time it's an animation !


Remember to workout

Wed Mar 18 18:12:10 2020

Commission by San

Need of help ... it's such hard to keep a good body , Some one can help ?

Next time it's the fluttershy picture , i start it already . And i post the voice version of my last animation tonight too !


Program for the next

Tue Mar 17 12:57:48 2020

Hello there , so i've plenty of time for make stuff , as i've mention i want try to make 1 post per day ... except when it's animation i do of my best for that xD But like me you are certainly many at home ! so I do be here for distract you .

I've many idea in miind and an new art pack to make = mom's day . I propose you soon some different stuff but i want creat a dialogue thing for Test myself and for give at lala and better job than moan to make .

Anyway i've praticly finish all picture commission so ... maybe i give at some the oportunity to get some slot . But the end of the planning can change like for pinkie x maud or sweetiebelle x bigmac , it's some stuff than i want make .

Good quarantine people . And i notice you if something happen to me ... no one can know , but i'm always safe at home with family .

Reanimation part 3 "animation"

Tue Mar 17 02:27:32 2020

And short animation make in bonus :) ! i update the post tomorrow with the lala moan and some other detail .

I make the planning tomorrow , but i try to post 1 ting per day now . Nothing else much to do . Have a good quarantine people and clean your hand !

Reanimation_part_3_v1_360p_25fps.gif Reanimation_part_3_v2_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Reanimation_part_3_v2_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Reanimation_part_3_v2_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Reanimation_part_3_v2_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d)

Find the cure (part 1-2/ 3 )

Sun Mar 15 17:00:13 2020

She is here for save your life , but your a young men so she know already who retablish you ;)

Picture voted ! but ... something more come just after an little surprise with it .

I do update this both a bit later but now i'm focus on the surprise who do come tonight or tomorrow , after i redo a planning .

Take care people and wash your hand ! it's just the beginin .

Reanimation_part_1_v1.png Reanimation_part_2_v1.png

Royal Intrusion v1 part 1-3 (no voice)

Sat Mar 14 01:26:23 2020

Commission by Caelos

There is something in more better quality ! But once again only the first part in hd . I've praticly finish the other but for the 2 next day i make the picture voted ! both picutre .

I'm in quarantine now , so i've plenty time for work ! the high production come now !

About the voice acting i send all at all when all the thing is finish

Royal_Intrusion_v1_part_1-3_360p_25fps.gif Royal_Intrusion_v1_part_1-3_1080p_60fps_no_sound.webm (d) Royal_Intrusion_v1_part_1-3_1080p_30fps_no_sound.webm (d) Royal_Intrusion_v1_part_1-3_1080p_60fps_no_sound.mp4 (d) Royal_Intrusion_v1_part_1-3_1080p_30fps_no_sound.mp4 (d)

Preview Animation Commission and some info

Fri Mar 13 00:35:31 2020

Hello there , that take me some longer for make it , sorry about that , it's a part of what i'm working . It's come soon as i can but ... i'm actualy pretty worried by many thing around me , i'm such distracted . My country start to be closed like many other now . I guess just make a first part of this animation i come back later on it but i want absolutly make the picture voted ! So it's the nurse .

This preview contain again a lot of bug but i correct them and publish it certainly for tomorrow , atleast one point of view ... i've an other other for the eyes who look behind ;)

Anyway i do of my best but i do certainly move of house soon . My school is close like all of the country for monday . So i stay at home for continue to work on nsfw.

Royal_Intrusion_preview_360p_25fps.gif 53f9ba804eb5d30de091e5b4a158795d.png

Special Polls Corona theme ! And some info

Tue Mar 10 18:43:17 2020

Hello there , so if you don't live on mars , you have already hear of the corona virus right ?

In first info about the next work :

I work actually into a animation , this one give me a little time for make it .So be patient :p .

I make the thing voted when i've finish the animation but i hope don't be ... affected by all this shit . And if you like the picture maybe i can make an animation for some , that depend of wich one is select and if i find good idea .

My Personal info :

In my country it start to spread such a lot and we are soon at the same situation than the italian people , stuck at home and do nothing ( it's just a question of day now ) . Hopefull for me that mean more time for work on sfm lol . But actually my small holiday was finish and i'm return this monday in town at school . Nothing is again closed but every people talk of it . I come back just of the supermarket i've feel too much more people around the pasta and conserve .

So no worry about me , i'm strong and young and in good health , i'm much more affray by the consequence of all of this who have already started ... I continune everything until i'm stoped by something from outside , i can't planned that but i give you so new if i'm affected.

Be safe people !

Hot inside

Sun Mar 8 23:23:18 2020

Commission by FoxNightshade

Sport is good , sport is life . Don't let your dream be dream .

I coach personally fluttershy but idk why she get always an awkard situation .

For the next time i work on a pretty long work for me so no post for some day . Animation with luna and celestia ;)


Personal Locker Room

Sat Mar 7 19:00:19 2020

Commission by noname

Never enouth , when she started you can't stop rainbow dash , A very nice thing than the lockerroom was mix ... for more team collaboration . Latex Suit ... it's the best

I put some little modification later ( pretty small detail to adjust , meanwhile i try to make the most fast as i can for an other commission with a new props than i've get for fluttershy ;) come soon !


Breeding a Fertile Milf

Fri Mar 6 01:31:45 2020

Commission by anonymous

Hello there , so my appologie for the time than that have take to me , but it's certainly the animation the most painfull than i've never make . I try to correct again some little thing .

I put hd model too for tomorrow with sound . I kick my butt for make a new picture for tomorrow too .

Voice acting add , thank again at lalalexxie !

Breeding_a_Fertile_Milf_v2_360p_25_fps.gif Breeding_a_Fertile_Milf_v2_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Breeding_a_Fertile_Milf_v2_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Breeding_a_Fertile_Milf_v2_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Breeding_a_Fertile_Milf_v2_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d)

Get rekt ( charactere voted)

Tue Mar 3 15:29:41 2020

There is the picture of luna , a chilling time .

She invite you for see you cry . But if you win , she give you something for celebrate it . But not sure if that can happen soon xD . Anyway enjoys the view during the game ... It's maybe for that than you lose everytime .

I love pinup picture , but maybe you prefer more explicit.

Next time it's an animation !


Program for the next

Tue Mar 3 00:42:09 2020

There is the new planing , all commission are not totally fixed , because some people seams want get the slot once again without ask before , so i've warn i don't refund . Slot as already reserve for some people!

For some animation i can't put voice acting as i've mention before , lala stay sick again .

Anyway the planing can change again after some stuff publish . I give you just an idea of what come soon this week !

Thank you support !

Tue Mar 3 00:11:37 2020

Thank you so much once again An second month of the month completed ! the most short . A bit less content this month .

i keep some animation make in patreon acces at the moment because they was used for futurartpack . I 've again many commission to make , picture and animation but i do prepare too some picture for art pack again , so i can organise new vote again ! But in first some commissioner who wait !

For the bad new : corona come now in my country and everything seams to be block . No worry about me for this virus , it's just a shitty thing .

For the good new ; nothing change , i continue to work on the stuff !

I publish the planning just after .


Royal needs

Sun Mar 1 16:12:32 2020

Commission by noname

It's the turn of luna .... celestia was right about him , she love how taste the balls .

At the middle age , the royauty get a law for make what they want of anysubject ( named in french : Droit de cuissage , i've not the english translation for that ) you can't deneid an desir of your princess .

Next time it's an other picture with luna ! but i do redo the planning soon . And all the public publication .


Commission slot Urgent information !

Sat Feb 29 15:31:25 2020

Hello there , so this is soon the new month , we patreon manage the charge for february , so some commissioner wait for take them slot it's already reserve for some .

So please , don't take anyslot without have contact me ! I DONT REFUND .

If you are interest please contact me , but i do select because you are to many everytime , thank you for all this request :) !

Sunburn ( first charactere vote )

Sat Feb 29 01:41:38 2020

Don't forget the sun cream next time , the sun can be very agressive . Applejack have again lost him =/

Real question ... big mac can get a sunburn ?

So there the first charactere voted ! next time it's luna , but before i make an commission ... ( luna content too)

Thank you at tonkano for the new model of mane celestia


Goth Chick Tempting the beast (intro (2/4)

Thu Feb 27 23:06:43 2020

Commission by Anonymous

And there is a little adding of the last animation with fluttergoth , no voice again at the moment lala have lose his voice ! So i put it on it when she have recovered ( with some little modification after looking i feel it mechanical in some point )

Anyway if you don't have follow my discord The winner of the last vote is Celestia ! I make the picture for her very fast tomorrow ( with the new mane ) !

Sorry to add always some correction but i've always need a little time on break for see modifcation than i do update . Considere it always like a wip .

Goth_Chick_Tempting_the_beast_intro_v1_360p_25fps.gif Goth_Chick_Tempting_the_beast_intro_v1_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Goth_Chick_Tempting_the_beast_intro_v1_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Goth_Chick_Tempting_the_beast_intro_v1_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Goth_Chick_Tempting_the_beast_intro_v1_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) Goth_Chick_Tempting_the_beast_intro_v1_360p_12.5fps.gif

Good Wolfy v1 (no voice)

Tue Feb 25 00:19:34 2020

Look at this poor doggy , he want just meet new friend . And fluttershy know how make them more kind .

There is an first animation than i propose you with werewolf and flutter , maybe make more for later ?

I put the lala voice acting tomorrow with the hd body ! so just need to wait tomorrow for that .

Next time i extend the last fluttergoth animation !

Good_doggy_v1_360p_25fps_a1.gif Good_doggy_v1_360p_25fps_a2.gif Good_doggy_v1_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Good_doggy_v1_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Good_doggy_v1_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Good_doggy_v1_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d)

Charactere Poll

Sat Feb 22 11:29:15 2020

Hi there ! So as mention just before , there is a little poll for an new stuff later with an charactere less make ( sorry fluttershy or button's mom )

No mom in this poll because i keep them for a special thing later ;) .

I keep the idea for me , i leave you just the chooce of the charactere . But feel you free to propose always idea . I can always change my mind if i see something better .

Idk how many vote i select 1 or 2 maybe 3 , but if i take 3 it was only for picture . Anyway that depend of my mood .

I Publish some correction for some last animation soon . And i make the last type of animation vote just after that ;)

Cuckquean Cadance

Sat Feb 22 01:12:41 2020

Commission by Third Wheel

- It's my turn now , no objection ? No , sure ! Give me all your now and breed me too my prince .

Manipulate shining seams such easy .

Next time it's some update for some stuff . And the new vote come soon ! After that go for some ... new friend for fluttershy .


Program for the next !

Thu Feb 20 23:31:52 2020

Hello there ! So the next thing into the planning is finish for tomorrow ! I organise a new vote too , this time i propose you not idea , but charactere . I keep the surprise of the stuff than i make with them ( different idea but it's more fun to keep the detail )

The vote is almost finish ! but we can see already the winner of the last one

Anyway , this last time i make a bit to much of fluttershy stuff , we need more variety ! So old charactere than i've not make since a little time now ... Luna ,Rarity , Applejack , Rainbowdash , Cmc And many other ) Anyway , i don't send you more info about what stuff i make with them. It's the surprise But i've many different idea in mind .

For this weekend i post some update for some other animation !

The personal model than i creat is always in progress , but i prefer take my time on it , because he need to be perfect ! i Send always some wip of it into my #workschool channel )

I re-open soon the commission soon , if you are interest please mp me on discord ! But i can't take everyone .

I don't think get the time to make everything note here before the end of the month , but i do of my best !

The Potion of Lust

Thu Feb 20 00:34:07 2020

Commission by San

The true power make the game over .

Meanwhile zecora experiment new potion for stay young and perfect curved.

Next time it's an other commission ;)


Deep and hard lesson #2 v2

Tue Feb 18 00:26:38 2020

There is people ! The animation voted ! :) but considere it like a first version , i do add the twilight voice and correct a lot of bug and trouble x) . I don't sleep a lot this last night so i'm unproductive as fuck . I keep it next to in waiting the voice acting . ( Like it's not the hd body for them i've do make an rexport in urgence later because i've notice a to big mistake )
Anyway i Correct everything during the week , meanwhile i make an other commission picture !
If you want see something change tell me in comment , i'm to much out for it tonight .

Deep_and_hard_lesson_360p_25fps_part_2_v2.gif Deep_and_hard_lesson_1080p_60fps_part_2_v2.webm (d) Deep_and_hard_lesson_1080p_60fps_part_2_v2.mp4 (d) Deep_and_hard_lesson_1080p_30fps_part_2_v2.webm (d) Deep_and_hard_lesson_1080p_30fps_part_2_v2.mp4 (d)

Flutter x werewolf poll

Mon Feb 17 01:04:23 2020

Hello there , The new animation come tomorow ! i've just the export to make , but i repost it later because i do adjust again the voice acting who come a bit later again .

So meanwhile i propose you a vote for the animation than i've skip . I make it after some little commission picture .

All proposition are animation ! It's an continuation of an last picture with fluttershy and werewolf . I've not decid about all detail so i keep always some good proposition to add in more if the idea is vote .

For the idea 3 i can make an alternate view , more up in the butt view focus (werewolf pov )

I make the New planning after have post the new animation .

Idea_1.png Idea_2.jpg Idea_3.jpg Idea_4.gif

Speed dating

Sat Feb 15 01:44:31 2020

I take a small meeting with chrysalis , i prefer no fake thing , girl are more seduce when they are natural . So no fake apparence

Happy valentine's people ! I've make a small picture for the event. I hope than you get a good one , and if you are alone , think than many sweet girl are like you . Just one council , stay natural and yourself . I send for tier 1 because you need of love people . I don't give the autorisation for publish the private stuff in public . Some people seams don't understand that ...

I prepare the first thing voted for this weekend ! Animation twilight futa x flutterhy (Other sequence ;) )


Deep and long lesson ( animation voted)

Thu Feb 13 00:34:14 2020

Fluttershy need some special lesson because she stay a noob for a long time with all the social thing . Hopefull she have meet twilight and she want use all this lesson of the private celestia library

There is the second thing vote for the flutterartpack , slow deep throat , i put an other version tomorrow with some tesseled body for twilight atleast .

Next time i make a special picture for the valentine's day ... And after i continue the program ! for later i make the first thing voted , and i consider it like a continuation but into a other position and angle .

And thank you again so much ! wow people i've reach the 800 support Oo! Your to many xD thank you once again <3

Deep_and_hard_lesson_360p_25fps.gif Deep_and_hard_lesson_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Deep_and_hard_lesson_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Deep_and_hard_lesson_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Deep_and_hard_lesson_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d)

Relax and make it out

Mon Feb 10 00:35:13 2020

Twilight make some experience of relaxation for understand how this little thing can get a such huge genital organ ... but apparently it's extremly sensible . She seams to get fun with it .

Little animation make for fun ... principally because i wasn't not much more inspirated for the valentines day so ... i've produce that in 1 day ( and because i've publish nothing else this weekend ! I Guess extend it ( rythm more faster with cuming + voice and sound add ) . But at the moment i return on the planning ! so it's the first thing vote ! But ... extremly similar at the second one .

Relax_and_make_it_out_v1_360p_25fps.gif Relax_and_make_it_out_v1_no_sound_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Relax_and_make_it_out_v1_no_sound_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Relax_and_make_it_out_v1_no_sound_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Relax_and_make_it_out_v1_no_sound_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d)

VIP after show #5

Fri Feb 7 00:39:36 2020

Commission by noname

And an other picture of this set ! the special event for big mac continue!

Next time it's some special animation , i've thinking prepare something for the valentine's day , but the timing is very tight . Normally i start the animation of flutter x were wolf . But i'm not on work until sunday because i go check family !

( i change tomorrow just some contrast )


Invading the Crystal Empire From the Rear

Tue Feb 4 23:46:16 2020

Commission by Ultima

How conquer a kingdom ? By progeny . She is the first one of his new harem

Next time i make an other commission because i see some people complain about the creature stuff . Anyway i repost the last animation update with the voice acting soon ! just need to redo some small lipsing modification .


Patreon and discord auto link trouble

Tue Feb 4 00:14:44 2020

Hello people , patreon himself have some bug for give automaticly the link for the discord of artist . But they try to resolve that apparently , so if you search my discord acces it's here : discord.gg/8humceK

And ask into the roles chanel the new roles of your pledge.

Goth Chick Tempting the beast (3-4)

Tue Feb 4 00:01:34 2020

Commission by Anonymous

Final version of this animation . Soon an other commission !

I make an introduction and a cum ending so wait ! Tomorrow i make fast a new picture commission !

Goth_Chick_Tempting_the_beast_3-4_v3_360p_25fps.gif Goth_Chick_Tempting_the_beast_3-4_v3_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Goth_Chick_Tempting_the_beast_3-4_v3_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Goth_Chick_Tempting_the_beast_3-4_v3_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Goth_Chick_Tempting_the_beast_3-4_v3_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) Goth_Chick_Tempting_the_beast_3-4_v3_240p_12.5fps.gif

Program for the next

Mon Feb 3 00:43:36 2020

And there is some change compare at the other program , no sweetie belle , i prefer be focus on what want people ... were wolf x fluttershy . Anyway i make that for an other time .

For the Animation who come i've praticly finish the animation loop for fuck with some variation . And always the great and sweet lala voice . But i come back later for finish it correctly . I take more time for creat an animation more clean and good without to much mistake . Sorry if that take a bit more time , I want just increase the quality of animation .

The next animation do come tomorrow orTuesday

Thank you support

Sun Feb 2 22:57:52 2020

And a new years start ! In good i hope ... virus , ww3 , almost anarchie in France, brexit Australia burn . No this is fine i guess...

Anyway i take care of myself no worry ! So i've for this month many other commission to do with the animation vote for the art pack who come in march . Idk if i propose you an other vote for this month ... maybe into a subject than i'm not sure but i garantee nothing at the moment .

Meanwhile i'm in work on the new animation who come slowly . But i inform you about that into the new program who come just after . And i'm always on work on my personal body than i do use into an other software . It's in very good progress but i take a bit my time for make something good and clean , i want take much more my time for the stuff , i'm to much anoyed by work rushed . So i hope than you understand it . Anyway when i check all the stuff than i've produce ... i'm always fast , i presum .

Thank again at all the new people , you was almost 100 in more just for this month !!!

So i'm sorry i can't put everyone into the thank picture . I select always the commissioner , the most donnator and the people who comment .

I see you certainly tomorrow for the new animation


Button’s Mom Tries a new Mating Dance (v anal corrected short comics commission)

Sat Feb 1 01:03:10 2020

Commission by Sam2

Anal version corrected after a mistake of discution . With some different detail add .

Tomorrow i start the fluttergoth animation part 2 ! ready for the beast ?


Dirty Boys part 1/? (Artpack picture )

Fri Jan 31 01:08:00 2020

Many pony hear of a dark legend of terrible werewolf during some rare moonlight . That would make scare everypony about this legend ... but fluttershy brave the scare for find at the end some good boy ... a kind rabit between the wolf

And there is an little idea in mind , if you want more stuff of that or maybe people who want commissioned .

I make now some correction of old work , with the part 2 of the fluttergoth animation with the beast this weekend ;)


Flutter poll

Wed Jan 29 12:38:37 2020

Hi there , there is some idea for the next art pack planned , the dead line is in march , so i've the time . There is many idea for you ! I keep only the 3 most voted ! So i give you a bit of 1 week for answer it .

For more easy way to understand the idea , go into my discord i publish all picture ref with theshort description next too. I don't publish the fluttershy stuff in public , i mean not only the organisator of the artpack have decid it .

I start now with an first personal picture than i post soon

If you have question ask me in commentary , but it's better to talk directly on the tier 3 channel on my discord . If you have some trouble for get the acces ( because patreon bug ) thx to mention me into the roles channel .

Idea_1.jpg Idea_2.jpg Idea_3.png Idea_4.png Idea_5.png Idea_6.jpg Idea_7.jpg Idea_8.jpg Idea_9.jpg Idea_10.jpg Idea_11.jpg Idea_12.jpg Idea_13.jpg Idea_15.jpg Idea_14.png

Mistake of plan (Animation voted)

Tue Jan 28 23:28:00 2020

Animation voted by the support !

It's a trap , but spike no care , No love only primal pulsion , The queen is fuckup by this Stupid dragon who want only one thing , a hole .

I've make somemistake of export for the cadance one , i reexport it tomorrow . Idk for what reason but my premiere pro is very lag , i've an i9 and i've search all possibility for optimise it but i've always some difficult for previlualize . Anyway meanwhile i search new tips for it .

Thank at lalalexxi for the voice as always !

Next time is an personal stuff with fluttershy

Mistake_of_plan_cadance_v1_360p_25fps.gif Mistake_of_plan_chrysalis_v1_360p_25fps.gif Mistake_of_plan_v2_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) Mistake_of_plan_v2_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Mistake_of_plan_v2_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Mistake_of_plan_v2_1080p_60fps.webm (d)

Spike’s Breeding Party – Part 6 (Orgy)

Sun Jan 26 00:14:20 2020

Commission by QuelloScelto

It's the turn of the background ponie of canterlot , never enouth spike want them all .

Dragon semen get a lot of aphrodisiaque propretie. All the mare are crazy of it , like the cat with the weed .An fanfic should come later

Now , i can work on the animation voted :) !

Spikes_Breeding_Party_Part_6_v1.png Spikes_Breeding_Party__Part_6_v1.png

Program for the next

Sat Jan 25 01:49:33 2020

Hello there ! So i'm always on the picture orgy , it take some bit of time . I participate at an special artpack focus on fluttershy so i put mine and your idea for fluttershy stuff ;)

I want make a short animation with sweetiebelle too , but that come for later , huge cock , for tight body ... .

Fluttershy human sculpt v1 , Workschool

Thu Jan 23 19:37:56 2020

Design fluttershy by doxy .

There is a first version of what i've do this 2 last day at school i'm pretty happy of what that look , but i've again many little thing to correct and some part to resize for look more at the original design , not easy at all to redo an 3d scult of a 2d illustration , it was my first time , so now i should work on the ordy picture ...

Make on Mud box and Maya

Fluttershy_doxy_design_v1_sing.png Fluttershy_doxy_design_v2_sing.png

A Sensual Dance

Tue Jan 21 21:56:08 2020

Commission by CornerEngy

Drop your money for the best zebra of the town . She is expert on exotic trick

Next time ! it's an other big orgie so that do come in some day . Wait for a good quality of artwork :)

And there is the result of the vote ! So for later i make this animation : Candance x angry spike ( +alternate Chrysalis)


Tuning up the Cello (set 2/2)

Sun Jan 19 22:52:30 2020

Commission by Ultima

Thunder - I know than you want it

Octavia - Right now ? the public is just behind ... dam your huge .

And there is the second picture of this short set with octavia and vinyl ! Next time it's again an other commission !

+ one little extra picture , because why not x)

Tuning_up_the_Cello.png Tuning_up_the_Cello.png 2_Friend__1_Desire.png

Bonk Bonk ( Applejack version ) Animation

Sat Jan 18 19:37:07 2020

There is the alternate version of the other animation already make , it was just to find the time to export this animation who take me one day , and block my computer during .

Thank again at Lalalexxi who have once again make the voice acting !

I redo the correction of my last picture and i go make the second one ( finish for tomorrow )

Bonk_bonk_Applejack_360p_25fps_a1.gif Bonk_bonk_Applejack_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Bonk_bonk_Applejack_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Bonk_bonk_Applejack_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Bonk_bonk_Applejack_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) Bonk_bonk_Applejack_360p_25fps_a2.gif Bonk_bonk_Applejack_360p_25fps_a3.gif

Throat Wubbing (set 1/2)

Sat Jan 18 02:15:26 2020

Commission by Ultima

Party hard ! Stay hard ! And keep the flow !

First picture of a good duo ;) , i've not very finish it but it's terribly late , so i publish an other version more puch in detail tomorrow . Oh and i don't forget the animation bonk bonk with Apple jack too !


Goth Chick Tempting the beast (1/2)

Thu Jan 16 00:13:52 2020

Commission by "Anonymous "

Flutter is prepare for test ... new hardcore thing . She's soft but saddly such bothering to don't find someone ... enouth intense and hard for her .

There is finally the first part of the animation with fluttergoth and the beast ... I can't wait myself to make the next . There is 2 version with different song .

Thank at Lalalexxi for the voice acting , she is wonderfull

And for the model Spike by Petruz3d

I've just custom it a bit , there is no official spike model like this .

Next time it's an double commission ( 2 picture who goes together )

Goth_Chick_Tempting_The_beast_360p_25fps.gif Goth_Chick_Tempting_The_beast_1080p_60fps_Thick.webm (d) Goth_Chick_Tempting_The_beast_1080p_60fps_Thick.mp4 (d) Goth_Chick_Tempting_The_beast_1080p_60fps_Evanescence.webm (d) Goth_Chick_Tempting_The_beast_1080p_60fps_Evanescence.mp4 (d) Goth_Chick_Tempting_The_beast_1080p_30fps_Thick.webm (d) Goth_Chick_Tempting_The_beast_1080p_30fps_Evanescence.webm (d) Goth_Chick_Tempting_The_beast_1080p_30fps_Thick.mp4 (d) Goth_Chick_Tempting_The_beast_1080p_30fps_Evanescence.mp4 (d)

Program for the next

Tue Jan 14 23:49:04 2020

Hello there ! So the animation is praticly done , because of some trouble from lalalexxi we should wait a bit before than i publish the animation with fluttergoth (mouth not animated )

Anyway that is the first part of the animation who come soon maybe tomorrow but that do take me certainly one day to export it . So meanwhile , i redo the planning

Vinyl and octavia picture come together and they can be fast to make so i add this both in first to make after the animation .

I redo an other vote when the other one is finish .

2 sister part1/?

Sun Jan 12 11:18:40 2020

Little concept than i've in mind , i guess continue it later if you like the idea , more explicit scene with futa pinkie only for this duo . When you think pinkie have the most huge booty ... you don't know his sister ...

I've get some trouble for patreon yesterday , so i've post it in early on my discord yesterday night . My server is always open for talk and meet new friend :) or see the work in progress .

Actually i prepare my new pony head design , it's always in work but it come good , certainly finish for the next week ( just the 3d model without rig at the moment and no hair ) visible into the channel "school work "

Next time it's an animation !


New Deepthroating Technique (Animation intro add)

Sat Jan 11 02:10:01 2020

Commission by Austin

So there is just some sec of intro for this one , maybe continue it later with an ending .

But for tomorrow ... pinkie x maud comming ;) ( Picture )

If i've not post something this last day it was because i work on my most important project ... my own pony head model set !

New_Deepthroating_Technique_v3_360p_25fps.gif New_Deepthroating_Technique_v3_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) New_Deepthroating_Technique_v3_1080p_30fps.webm (d) New_Deepthroating_Technique_v3_1080p_60fps.webm (d) New_Deepthroating_Technique_v3_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d)

Vote of suggestion

Thu Jan 9 00:41:17 2020

Hello there , so there is only your Best proposition into my discord than i've note .So i can't wait to see who win !

Meanwhile i work on all the other thing of the program !

Idea_1.jpg Idea_2.jpg Idea_3.jpg Idea_4.jpg Idea_5.jpg Idea_6.jpg Idea_7.jpg Idea_8.png

Savage monster v1 (Animation voted)

Tue Jan 7 23:32:55 2020

Don't make him hungry or you can regret it . He turn much more hard than expect .

First version of this animation voted by the support ! I do correct some little thing on it i've a big fuckup the animation rythm at somepoint but ... by the hazard he look not to bad as expect . Anyway for more logic thing , and rarity version come soon :p . And the update of my last one with the voice acting add .

Model by Aeridicore (Pinkie-Rarity)

Model by Petruz3d (spike)

Savage_monster_v2_Rarity360p_25fps.gif Savage_monster_rarity_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Savage_monster_rarity_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Savage_monster_pinkie_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Savage_monster_pinkie_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Savage_monster_v2_pinkie_360p_25fps.gif Savage_monster_v2_rarity_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Savage_monster_v2_pinkie_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Savage_monster_v2_pinkie_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) Savage_monster_v2_rarity_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d)

Program for the next

Mon Jan 6 00:04:17 2020

Plenty thing to do for this new month . But many thing who can take me some little time to produce , i want creat more animation ! much more , but i've to much idea , for the next vote i propose you some other animation idea propose on the server ! And i restart the study ...

I wait again some commission already not send !

A Melodic Interlude

Sun Jan 5 23:44:46 2020

Commission by Cadenza

This Instrument sound suuch melodious . Moan and slap make sound from the heaven .

And an other little commission , i put the new program in some minute ! i've plenty thing to do !

A_Melodic_Interlude_v2.png A_Melodic_Interlude_v1.png

Bonk Bonk v1

Fri Jan 3 01:17:26 2020

Little short animation of pinkie ! i've creat different view and all the other version come tomorrow with sound and 60fps , i do just export them now . Maybe put some alternate version with an other charactere ?

With some correction ...


Thank you support !

Thu Jan 2 12:04:44 2020

And the 2019 stuff is end :) it was a very nice years but i hope such more great thing to make for 2020

New vote , new animation , redo some old artwork . Upgrade some , learn new software and always increase my stuff !

About commission : please mp me in first if you see an slot open , actually i've close some because i've some big project already pay in coming .

What i hope make for 2020 :


Happy new years 2020 (v1)

Wed Jan 1 23:00:31 2020

Just in time !


Preview of work for the new years

Tue Dec 31 16:47:51 2019

Hello people , i guet not the time for finish all in time . I go out for tonight like many people !

But i finish the new years picture for tomorrow , i've ... fail the timing with it . The pinkie butt is an animation , so both come for the next :) Get a very good event tonight people !

The new years picture is a big one ;) it's just a small part of it

New_years_preview.png e93139de73351b819b7a8eb4c6004be5-jpg.jpg

New vote for animation

Mon Dec 30 00:53:28 2019

Hello there , so for my come back , i propose you many good idea tha i've get in mind .

I make only 1 alternate version for the animation vote . The other version ship was chooce by an other vote later .

Only animation , and not my oc this time . But some futa into the poll ( Futa x female only)

Chooce good :p

About the ref , idk if i can put some irl clip on patreon , so i prefer post only the picture

Meanwhile i stress because i've again not find the good idea for my new years picture .

Idea_1.jpg Idea_2.jpg idea_3.jpg Idea_4.png Idea_5.jpg Idea_6.jpg Idea_7.png

Old habits

Sun Dec 29 17:45:01 2019

Commission by Unnero11

Always difficult for find a good moment together when they have a different timing of work . Sleep well luna , it's the turn of celestia now .

Next time it's the thing for the new years ! Meanwhile i publish in public many artwork make on old artpack !


Godness conform (2d draw)

Sat Dec 28 16:06:34 2019

There is a other 2d artwork than i've make during my rest . Certainly upgrade it later . But i do make all the other stuff fast now .

I should try more complexe angle of view for the next time . At the moment i prefer make very simply color . But i get my style of draw now i guess :)


Back soon and program for the next

Thu Dec 26 13:52:52 2019

Hello people ! i hope than you've get a very nice christmas !

I come back at my house saturday . Just in time for make some stuff for the new years .I've get a very nice rest into the island spain ( Around palma with family )

I've some idea in mind , some commission to finish , animation to correct and extend .

About the new vote it was special around some very focus thing . I prepare you some very nice idea of stuff to do .

Anyway i'm always stuck with the study next too than ... i want stop because they don't learn me what i want learn exactly , my personal body of 3d is always in progress but slowly . Soon finish the feet xD . I can't wait to change of software with an real personal stuff make from zero by myself . Go to maya , substance and zbrush , not blender again .

I see you soon for the new next stuff !

Feel my heart ( artpack 4/4)

Fri Dec 20 16:08:05 2019

Good girls or bad ? santa feel happy apparently ...

At the start i've thinking make a lewd fluttershy ... but after reflection i think it's better for her to stay cute for christmas . It was the third thing voted .

And the last piece before christmas ! i take the plane tomorrow for the 1 week of holiday for me . Maybe some draw for the next day .

Merry christmas all :) !

Feel_my_heart.png Feel_my_heart_texte.png Feel_my_heart_cum.png Feel_my_heart_cum_texte.png

Merry christmas ( gift )

Thu Dec 19 00:51:31 2019

Gift for loveslove <3 She was so kind with me . She make gift for some sometime , it's the minimum than i can make for her . Have a good event people !

I keep it for patreon for some little day , with some last correction of detail .

Tomorrow i start the last picture voted ( big mac x fluttershy boobsjobs)


Deet celestia (animation voted art pack 3/4)

Wed Dec 18 00:20:52 2019

Who was the gift for who ... only both we know it ;) . Santa celestia and a good milk with the muffin , hopefull i was wake up .

Short animation for let me the time to make 2 last piece before my holiday .

Always very surprise than you chooce my oc for the animation . But for the new years maybe make something ... special and different . i hope just get the time for it .

Tomorrow i make an other stuff very fast , gift for someone .

deer_celestia_v1_360p_25fps.gif Deer_celestia_v1_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Deer_celestia_v1_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Deer_celestia_v1_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Deer_celestia_v1_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d)

Program for the next

Sun Dec 15 22:16:16 2019

Hello there , so i've only one week before the christmas break for myself ( 1 week of holiday )

But maybe some 2d picture inside . Yeah break seams for me : 2d picture stuff ... don't search a logic .

So this weekend seams intense for me ! i do make the santa stuff in priority ! And i come back before the new years

Body Paint Adagio

Sun Dec 15 00:49:31 2019

Commission by MegaBoltX

Hummm she have get your attention and now she wait only one thing ... your love ... and more .

Little correction to make on the paint version . I've a bit rush because it's last but i adjust all of this at the morning .

And i do redo an new program soon , because i goes soon in small christmas holiday .

Body_Paint_Adagio_paint_v2.png Body_Paint_Adagio_no_paint_v1.png

Pleasure knot v2 (artpack christmas 2/?)

Fri Dec 13 14:46:56 2019

Animation voted by the support !

This years sweetie belle get a much better gift .. - sorry sister but he is my toy for tonight ( maybe it's her the toy actually .... )

I've search a lot of time about what rythm add for this one , smooth ? slow ? fast ? angry ?

Voice acting add !

If you notice something who need to be corrected tell in comment ,wrong note it in comment . I do already work on the next commission !

Pleasure_knot_v1_part_2_360p_25fps.gif Pleasure_knot_v1_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Pleasure_knot_v1_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) Pleasure_knot_v1_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Pleasure_knot_v1_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Pleasure_knot_v1_part_1_240p_25fps.gif Pleasure_knot_v1_part_1_360p_25fps.gif Pleasure_knot_v1_part_2_240p_25fps.gif Pleasure_knot_v2_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Pleasure_knot_v2_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) Pleasure_knot_v2_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Pleasure_knot_v2_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Pleasure_knot_v2_part_1_360p_25fps.gif

A Royal Respite (v2)

Tue Dec 10 00:32:30 2019

Commission by CornerEngy

Wild shower for the queen of darkness

I put some correction tomorrow because it's very late for me , and i want send you something for tonight ;) ( and because i want start the next animation tomorrow too )

A_Royal_Respite_v2.png A_Royal_Respite_v1.png

Consumed by Her Heat

Sun Dec 8 16:37:13 2019

Commission by Third Wheel

Sexual learning in the palace of the love ... i can't imagine the guard outside who wait ahaha

Flurry get his sexual majority but like all princess she need to discovered this part of herself? Hopefull mom is an expert .

I'm already on the next commission who involve queen umbra ;)

Consumed_by_Her_Heat_v2.png Consumed_by_Her_Heat_v1.png

Button’s Mom Tries a new Mating Dance (v1 short comics commission)

Sat Dec 7 13:48:18 2019

Commission by Sam2

Finally , after praticly 1 week of work there is something to show ! It's really interesting to creat short story like that , but i've do rush it at the end because i'm sooo much in late in my planning , and i can't skip christmas , so i try to make an other picture for tonight ! i really work fast as i can xD

Tell me if you like short comics like this one :) And thank you again for the waiting


Bubble mom (short comics) Delete scene

Fri Dec 6 01:44:54 2019

It taste so familar , a taste than they have always know . It was the same for both ... they can't live without . Taste fruit ... and such juicy .

It's was a scene delete of my short comics who come very soon , sorry again about the late . Actually we have some big trouble in our country and i was participate at all this shit today , check the new about the france .

Anyway i've finish 3/4 picture of the short comics , i make this one separatly for you support ;) yeah about the comics i've make a mistake at his announcement , no were wolf just mom and son .


Thank you support !

Mon Dec 2 22:18:15 2019

The end of the years come soon , with some other great stuff already planned and always some commission ! You have never enouth of it right ahah ?

I've not add in public only one post , i keep this one for christmas art pack :) ( and patreon reward ) with some other who comes .

3d and 2d , i try different medium . Need to be polyvalent now . Study bother me more and more because of the scolar process ... rated ... pushed ... Depress and stress . But i try to keep the hope of the end .

Always a bit carfull about the new law on the web who can destroy many vocation ... If one day i stop it was certainly because of a new big restriction .

But until i keep your support i continue to make for you great artwork of much more quality again and again .

I'm in a small vacation for christmas as many people i presum but i prepare stuff for you ;)

Thank you so much .


Program for the next

Mon Dec 2 13:00:01 2019

Hello there ! New planning . I've many thing to prepare before christmas , I hope get them time for make all of this . Many good idea and commission .

About the vote : the first thing vote is really up compare the other x) About the tier of publication i recall than if it's an animation vote it's for tier 5 as all the animation make , and tier 3 if it's an picture .

About the commission please contact me before take a slot . And i've the final desition between who i chooce , but for this month many people have already reserve them commission for december so don't fight to much .

I check the mp tonight , i'm actually busy with study 3d .

As always i check the idea for some futur vote but actually i'm a bit busy with the commission and the christmas art pack BUT :

An other Artpack is planned for the next years and that involve fluttershy theme ! so if you have idea and suggestion feel you freee to share them in my server .

About myself next to patreon :

Well i'm into a bit difficult moment , patreon ... study it's more and more difficult to manage both together and that take my sleep time . I'm not very enjoys to continue my study for the next years ( after june ) because i know already enouth for change totally of software and for create my own model with his own rig , animated and Props . Saddly with patreon and study i find rarely the time for work on it :( .

I'm always on the modeling of different part ( Torso in progress , Hand done , feet in progress , head not started ) And after i do again redo all the rotopo of the scultp and add the rig and finally add the material and texture . But that do ask certainly a lot of time if i'm not in full time on it .

Thank you again for your support . I try always new thing like some drawing , than i guess make an other one between all of this list . The level on the drawing come with the time and when i check my 3d progression i'm not worry about the 2d too .

Stripped apples ( Big mac alternate version )

Sun Dec 1 16:55:39 2019

Commission by noname

And the last version asked . With big mac ;)

And about the commission please , MP ME BEFORE TAKE ONE . Normally i've reserve all the spot for this month for people who have ask since a long time ago

So i do redo the export of my last animation with the correct , meanwhile i post the other stuff in public now .

Stripped_apples_appplebloom_x_big_mac.png Stripped_apples_Scootaloo_x_big_mac.png Stripped_apples_Sweetie_x_big_mac.png

Pinkiexmas (Christmas art pack 1/?)

Sun Dec 1 00:36:48 2019

First suggestion and gift make for a friend :)

Come sitting on my knee and feel the Sweetness of my warmy chest and tell all your problem at momy santa .

Tomorrow i publish stuff of the month in public but before i make all the cmc alternate version with big mac , fast to do . And the correction of my last animation ( just render are a bit long )

I keep it until the artpack for christmas publish in private

Pinkxmas_v1.png Pinkiexmas_v1.png

New Deepthroating Technique v1 "Animation commission"

Thu Nov 28 23:57:35 2019

Commission by Austin

Mom is always here when you need of her . She is so lucky to have get a son with a huge cock like this .
First version of this animation , i do extend it a bit with an start and ending

I've get some trouble with the frame rate once again , some new trouble appear with sfm now ... i correct that tomorrow with some small change . i add an second angle too later

I do correct some small detail but that look good now .

Personal draw behind in poster make for the study :) .

Next time pinkie picture

New_Deepthroating_Technique_v1_360p_25fps.gif New_Deepthroating_Technique_v1_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d) New_Deepthroating_Technique_v1_1080p_30fps.webm (d)

Poll for christmas

Thu Nov 28 15:50:35 2019

Hello there !

A new animation come soon : the first part , because i do extend it before and after (Button's mom and son ) .

But i'm in run so i do make my next stuff faster ! It's soon christmas . Involve pinkie picture for the next picture (Santa pack ) .

So there is different idea than some people have give me or propose into my discord channel idea .

I chooce the 2 most voted , but if i've the time i can make the third too .

I'm actually on a pretty difficul periode for my study and around ... i do of my best for keep the moral .

Idea_1.jpg Idea_2.png Idea_3.gif Idea_4.jpeg Idea_5.jpg Idea_6.jpeg Idea_7.jpg Idea_8.gif Idea_9.jpg

Stripped apples 2/3 and 3/3

Mon Nov 25 00:04:26 2019

Commission by noname

Scootaloo and sweetie want play with the zebra cock too ... They are so cutes !

I do just switch again with big mac for all and the commission is complete . I post the 3 picture together for the next time . But i do make an other animation now ;)

Involve button's mom and his son again <3 ( I wait again about a respond of lalalexxi so no worry the update come later .)

Stripped_apples_Sweetie.png Stripped_apples_Scootaloo.png

Blue balls ( animation full version )

Sat Nov 23 23:29:58 2019

Little pony ... maybe ... but such full of stress than i do evacuate

I put the v3 soon ! i just wait the voice act and some other cleaning .

It's done . I wait just the lalalexxi voice , and i put the mention about the update of it , anyway i'm already in late on the program .

I've get some trouble with the rigging of pony , make me some clip than i can't difficult resolve . Anyway i hope you like it !

Now i continue the programm but i guess certainly make all the cmc picture version tomorrow .

Blue_balls_v2_360p_25fps.gif Blue_balls_v2_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Blue_balls_v2_1080p_30fps.webm (d) Blue_balls_v2_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Blue_balls_v2_1080p_30fps.mp4 (d)

Blue balls (Animation test version)

Thu Nov 21 00:37:11 2019

No nut fail ... ffffff . to much work ... need to relax !

It's just a first version , i planned to make a better quality with and mp4 format and webm with sound , but i wait a lot your comment because well ... it make me confuse x) (make me shy ) . More longer ? more faster ? tell me

Animation second vote

Blue_balls_v1_360p_25fps.gif Blue_balls_v1_240p_12.5fps.gif

Program for the next

Mon Nov 18 19:08:50 2019

Hello there ! so as always the planning for give you an idea of the stuff who come .

In first , stuff than i'm already on it ! the second thing voted , my feral oc who ride twilight , ahah very enjoys to make it . Need a bit of thime for this one ( come during the week ) .

After i do continue the set of the cmc set picture , as i've mention it's ecactly the same pose but with the other crew of the cmc , and at the end i replace the zebra by big mac ( make in total 6 picture ) .

I participate at the Huge artpack for christmas ! the most bigger than i've participate ( already 40 artist 3d and 2d ) so i do prepare already the stuff for it , because i should move for christmas ( not me this time who manage the artpack but i'm mod ) , So i planned to make some little gift and make you vote ! I do search again some good idea but i listen your suggestion on the special channel on my discord .

I update some draw than i've already make too between all this stuff planned . But as always the planning can move a bit .

Thank you for your support !

Wash the darkness

Sun Nov 17 23:28:48 2019

Picture voted

And you have chooce the queen . Look the Perfect curve for the perfect bugs queen .

You can't resit , surrender your freedoom .

I make the program tomorrow morning .

Picture update

Wash_the_darkness_v2.png Wash_the_darkness_v1.png

Stripped apples 1/3

Sun Nov 17 01:50:35 2019

Commission by noname

Applebloom met a new friend... With big benefits~

Other members of the cmc crew will come in time, with largely the same pose but different locations, lighting and editing.

Tomorrow I'll make the first winner of the vote: Chrysalis! After that's posted I'll plan what to do next"

Stripped_apples_v2.png Stripped_apples_v3.png

The Ancient Ride.

Fri Nov 15 18:11:23 2019

Commission by Bluesliver

Become the new star of my leo constellation ... and with a bit of effort everything can enter but i warn you , i'm savage ...

New toy for the sphinx <3 enjoys of it ! maybe some futur idea about the next ?

Next time is a cmc content ;)

The_Ancient_Ride..png The_Ancient_Ride.png

6ft under "Animation commission"

Tue Nov 12 23:28:38 2019

Commission by Blitzy

Voice make by Lalalexxi who have realy make this caractere :) thank again at her .

Sorry if you have fail your challenge of the month . I accept always for commission anon caractere , but no oc . ( only for the drawing )

I was in some rest this last day , but now i'm back and next time was an other picture commission . I prepare it already tonight

6ft_under_v1_360p_25fps.gif 6ft_under_v1_1080p_60fps.webm (d) 6ft_under_v1_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d)

Make you hard

Mon Nov 11 00:13:13 2019

Don't look , she can make you hard like a rock . We she see a very nice stallion she is totally crazy .

Hello there ! little drawing during my little rest . Need to make more ponk ...

Tomorrow i come back at home and i continue and finish the animation planned !

Make_you_hard_v2.png Make_you_hard_v1.png

Animation Commission preview

Fri Nov 8 00:11:21 2019

Hello there ! changement about the planning , originally it was a picture with her but ... a little trouble of understood have change it in animation now x) . So i'm not here for 2 day but i come back and i finish it for monday !

Meanwhile i guess make a short picture of sexy model with my laptop in travel... Canon this time ! Rarity ... or pinkie ... idk again xD


Wild Night Ahead

Thu Nov 7 07:42:38 2019

Commission by CornerEngy
She have waiting so much longer about this moment . She feel ready for you

First time than i make a real lewd art with this charactere ...

I guess change again some little thing because I'm sure than miss of something humm

Next time other commission soon !


Grinding the Gear (2d Commission)

Tue Nov 5 00:53:36 2019

Commission by Unnero11

And an other 2d artwork done ! i try always to learn some tips and technique about it . I guess update it again , like for add a background or just a little ambiant

I love fluffy ears .

I accept to make oc only by draw , at the moment ... But i would like draw more canon x)

Next time new 3d picture !


Thank you support

Mon Nov 4 00:11:29 2019

Thank you again ! Dam i was sure during all the day than i've forget something ^^'

No many stuff for october but praticly only animation ! I've put such effort and time on them you have no idea . Now i return on the commission . Next time it's an drawing post for tomorrow (line already make and base color so no late this time )

After that well return on picture with sfm .

About the commission :

Please contact me beofre take a spot ? i've do delete some slot because i don't want be to much in late with the commission .

About blender :

Well saddly it's was once again an fail . If i want learn it correctly i do stop for a long time ... But make content everymonth stress me so , maybe for later ...

Meanwhile !

I 've already start to work on the creation of my own 3d model and some personal props with maya (pro software 3d) I wait just to learn the rig who comes during my year of school i post some preview later when something look decent !

Thank you again of your support , i'm a bit slow this last time . Sorry about that .

2d comes tomorrow


Button’s Mom Mating Dance for Werewolf (Complete loop)

Sat Nov 2 20:23:17 2019

Commission with Sam_W2 by

And finally with all the other loop of button's mom pole dance this one is the last , so i've combine the last animation make with this one .

I don't think it's my best but i pain always i make longanimation xD . Many issue with sfm again . ps : the song behind was ask

So for the next time it's a draw ! and i publish all already in public

Buttons_Mom_Mating_Dance_for_Werewolf_fuck_v1_360p_25fps.gif Buttons_Mom_Mating_Dance_for_Werewolf_fuck_v1_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Buttons_Mom_Mating_Dance_for_Werewolf_fuck_v1_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d)

Vote for the next stuff

Sat Nov 2 00:46:54 2019

Hello there ! the animation is in export ! come tomorrow during the day , and i post everything in public dirrectly. So just for make you wait i propose different idea suggest or in my mind . I've post some ref for illustrated the idea .

Anyway i make this picture as planned on the program ( 4 other post before start this one vote ) Maybe i make the 2 most voted , but i want make in first the commission no again done !

Enjoys ! And good vote !

Idea_1.jpg Idea_2.jpg Idea_3.jpeg Idea_4.jpeg Idea_5.jpg Idea_6.jpg Idea_9.jpg Idea_7.png

Spook-tober-fest (Free art pack )

Tue Oct 29 22:10:31 2019

New art pack everyone ! a lot of great artist ! but not only sfm worker this time ^^ , Happy halloween everyone and enjoys !

Link for download

I can't release it


Witch down of the sky (artpack haloween 4/4)

Mon Oct 28 23:15:07 2019

And my very last thing for the art pack and gift at the same time for AntrhoponiesSFM (he chooce the charactere)

Watch out from the sky ! And Happy halloween in early everybody :) !

I continune to follow the program send before now ! so it's the last part of the animation with button's mom and were wolf for the next .


Above you v1 ( Long Animation Halloween art pack 3/4)

Sun Oct 27 15:14:03 2019

And finally ! i can put something out now . Enjoys of this animation . Since the last years i want make it

Total inspiration video by Walpurgisnacht (Felix Sputnik)

I was thinking make the complet animation but i've miss of time . Anyway it was a good training but need to make a break on it because i'm not abble to see my mistake when i work praticly 24/h on it . I've thinking make speak trixie at the end with the lalalexxie voice but she is busy with the life . And no 60fps because the export was to much long for it .

SFM have creat as always many bug and trouble who have make me late on this work . But there is .

For the next time ! Tomorrow new picture add in rush ! Last thing for the art pack ( picture and gift for a friend at the same time ) Butt and dick content x)

I hope you have like it because i've work a lot on it ! Thank you a lot for your support <3

above_you_v1_360p_25fps.gif Above_you_v1_720p_25fps.mp4 (d) Above_you_v1_1080p_25fps.mp4 (d) Above_you_v1_1080p_25fps.webm (d) Above_you_v1_720p_25fps.webm (d)

Animation come soon !

Fri Oct 25 23:58:21 2019

Hello people ! i've take my week for work on a special animation for halloween , music concept . No preview because i've not make ligthing or special clothing at the moment just the biggest part of animation . And because i want keep that secret until it was finish

Normally all is finish to be done tomorrow but with the time for render everything idk , maybe saturday or sunday post !

Thank you for have waiting . I search a lot about this one for make something very nice visually :) .

Program for the next

Mon Oct 21 23:15:03 2019

Hello there , so i finish the last big project before halloween . But i've need of certainly 1 week for render something good . It's a project than i've in mind since the last years and it's the perfect time for it .

It's not really something explicit but ... just wait to see it . I want try something ... a Musique concept but i take that from somewere .

After that i do make full commission and maybe some other little stuff if i've the time for it . Many idea but not define again i do a vote for that ! I take some idea request on my server .

Mlp is end , but do i continue ?

Sun Oct 20 23:06:56 2019

Hello everyone, I've a little annoucement to give you .

As you have notice MLP ... is ending :fluttershyouch: :fluttershbad: ( personaly i've not again watch the end of the series ... a bit diffuclt for me to think it's the end )

But the question than some people have ask me : do you continue the mlp stuff ?


"Until the end of the time"

Until i keep support , i continue mlp . I hope the G5 was good for make stuff on it too on the futur . Think than i can make mlp stuff for the eternity , i'm not sure about that . As i've say that depend of you support <3 . Maybe i should try new universe or creat mine ?

Meanwhile with the study i continue to learn many tool for creat from the beginin my own personal stuff . I've need again of time because i've not check the riging .

About Blender ... well it's was a total fail for me . Because it's to much technical and complexe for my little brain . But ! with the school i've learn how use MAYA an other good software of 3d pro and some other software for make the different part of the 3d process .

The only problem than i can get with maya it's : i use a student version at the moment for again some years . The software cost around 600€ per month ! i don't think get the licence after expiration xD . So the futur stay confuse for me . I do certainly retry blender when i get the time , but i learn much better with a real teacher with me .

Anyway all of this for told you than i don't stop again just slowed by the study an artpack ! Many good thing come again . Thank you a lot for your support and cya for the next stuff ( Tomorrow public post ! )

Ps : anyway my personal charactere is a pony and i don't think at all change of nickname or avatar ! never ! maybe upgrade or change him of style but always keep my little grey and blue pony <3

A private performance

Sun Oct 20 21:29:00 2019

Commission by Cadenaza

I love this butt <3 such harmonic
And an little picture commission between all this animation ! I put a nude version soon !

Nude version add !

A_Private_Performance_v1.png A_Private_Performance_v2_.png A_Private_Performance_v3.png

Button’s Mom Mating Dance for Werewolf part 3/4

Sat Oct 19 16:57:37 2019

Commission by Sam2

And a new thing about this animation , i combine all of this when it's finish , just need to make the final end but actually i do work again on something else before .

Buttons_Mom_Mating_Dance_for_Werewolf_v1_part3_25fps_360p.gif Buttons_Mom_Mating_Dance_for_Werewolf_v1_part3_60fps_1080p.webm (d) Buttons_Mom_Mating_Dance_for_Werewolf_v1_part3_60fps_1080p.mp4 (d)

Shut up and fuck me hard "animation voted " art pack

Wed Oct 16 21:18:46 2019

And the second piece of the halloween art pack , the thing vote ! Position inspired from an very old artwork of me .

About the moan acting i wait lalalexxie because she is actually sick and not abble to use his voice . So i update it when i've it! and later tonight i add an other version i export just an other angle more close . Because it's a short animation .

Thank again for your support i guess redo a planning very soon , need to make some commission and the last one animation ! something in mind since a very long time . Perfect for halloween

Shut_up_and_fuck_me_hard_v1_a1_360p_25fps.gif Shut_up_and_fuck_me_hard_v1_a2_360p_25fps.gif Shut_up_and_fuck_me_hard_v2_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Shut_up_and_fuck_me_hard_v2_1080p_60fps.webm (d)

Pumpkin masters v1 "Animation

Sun Oct 13 18:56:54 2019

Fort thing for the art packs ! I guest exteng it a bit Fifa live the Times. But i do make the fluttergoth x big mac ;) finnaly vote but very with sunset

First time than i try to post with my phone ... not very succesfull i upload the good version now

Pumpkin_masters_v1_240p_25fps.gif Pumpkin_masters_v1_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Pumpkin_masters_v1_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d)

Animation vote for Halloween artpack

Fri Oct 11 06:11:02 2019

Hello there , i work soon on the first animation for the art pack "pinkie butt crush !"

Maybe make some alternative charactere with it ,idk again .

I propose you some different idea , i want just try with different creature . (But maybe the sunset idea is a bit to extreme human x horse )i'm not sure about this one and if it's allowed

Anyway i let you chooce :) i make it for this weekend after the other animation who come !

And the last part of the button's twerk come soon ;)

Already 3 animation planned for this artpack , i skip a bit the commission for this one .

Button’s Mom Mating Dance for Werewolf part2 v1

Wed Oct 9 23:10:02 2019

Commission by Sam_W2

And the second part of this animation , maybe something else

I've during the upload get the time for correct this one already xD for told you how the upload is long ! (like the neck bug , and jiggle butt increase and different little thing )

Anyway i post all the thing for different point of view all in the correct order , i'm sorry about the commissioner but i guess it's more logical to make this loop like the first part .

The part 3 was more interesting and popular ;) but i take a little break for this one and i make a little other thing between ( i continue it this weekend and post the total version corrected)

Buttons_Mom_Mating_Dance_for_Werewolf_part_2_v2_360p_12.5fps.gif Buttons_Mom_Mating_Dance_for_Werewolf_part_2.5_v2_240p_25fps.gif Buttons_Mom_Mating_Dance_for_Werewolf_v1_part2_60fps_1080p.mp4 (d) Buttons_Mom_Mating_Dance_for_Werewolf_v1_part2_60fps_1080p.webm (d) Buttons_Mom_Mating_Dance_for_Werewolf_v2_part2_60fps_1080p.webm (d) Buttons_Mom_Mating_Dance_for_Werewolf_v2_part2_60fps_1080p.mp4 (d)

Button’s Mom Mating Dance for Werewolf part1

Tue Oct 8 08:45:35 2019

Commission by Sam_W2

Hello there , there is the first part of this commission , other move come later . enjoys :)

Not accustom to make pole dance or twerk but i do of my best . Sorry again for the longer of the publication .

Buttons_Mom_Mating_Dance_for_Werewolf_360p_25fps.gif Buttons_Mom_Mating_Dance_for_Werewolf_v1_part1_60fps_1080p.mp4.webm (d) Buttons_Mom_Mating_Dance_for_Werewolf_v1_part1_60fps_1080p.mp4 (d)

"Preview "Button’s Mom Mating Dance for Werewolf

Sun Oct 6 23:39:25 2019

Commission by Sam_W2

Work not again finish ! but i do make mutliple shoot with different loop like this so thank you to waiting again a bit , i pain such a lot on this one who can look easy to do xD idk why i take such time on it , anyway , it take certainly 30 sec or 20 idk again

But this is a preview ! The version 60fps 1080 and sounded come in some day


Relaxation Splatter

Sat Oct 5 00:20:23 2019

Commission by Nearie

The last time it was fluttershy , now it's the turn of rarity !

I add some little correction tomorrow morning because it's very late and after that .. big thing ;)

Little trouble with the view some i've find a easy way for correct that table who block the view , i hope that don't bother to much now .


Thank you support

Wed Oct 2 22:15:39 2019

And as always , the thank at all the most important people who support me with them donnation or comments and commissioner <3

Well make stuff become to be more difficult to produce because of the study , but i've planned an new artpack with many other artist for halloween ! Actually i've keep all the some big thing to do in first .

Not all the work are in public , because they are into a special artpack

I've a little probleme on my discord server with the automatic roles assignement , i hope resolve that soon . If you have no roles please go into the roles channel and ask .

For the commission i guess take again for this month but not for december . I check again the proposition . And i select

But please ! contact me before take a slot ! i don't refund money now !

Thank you again a lot <3


Program for the next

Tue Oct 1 22:46:48 2019

Hello people ! and an other month finish ! So tomorrow i make the thank at all as always :)

And i do prepare the new art pack for halloween , so in my last thing in the program i've an big animation than i've in mind since the last years , it's not a sex content but i'm sure than you like it ( but atleast it's nude ) .

And a big animation with button's mom too.

I do reorganize the commission for the month of october but i've already take some late ... i guess don't take commission for december . Anyway i try to inform you on my server about the new commission slot .

I'm in study time so sorry for the slow production !

Thank for your service

Tue Oct 1 16:43:00 2019

Special picture For my mods on discord , they have vote a sweetie picture . There it !

Tonight i publish the stuff in public !

(Make during the study ... theorique learn so , i get the time for make the editing lol )

Maybe add a bit of correction when i was at home . Anyway enjoys !


Magic Battle Part 1 v2

Sun Sep 29 21:19:42 2019

Commission by Tofu Digital

Always this confrontation , trixie don't want surrender ... , not again . I'm finally back ( CORRECTION ADD ) . And export with the hd model . and i wait the voice act too Anyway tomorrow i try to make an personal picture .

Magic_Battle_Part_1_v2_360p_25fps.gif Magic_Battle_Part_1_v3_360p_25fps.gif Magic_Battle_Part_1_v2_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d) Magic_Battle_Part_1_v2_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Magic_Battle_Part_1_v2_240p_25fps.gif Magic_Battle_Part_1_v3_240p_25fps.gif

Animation commission WIP

Thu Sep 26 23:21:24 2019

Hello people , sorry to be slow . I've restart this week my study and i was busy with many other thing . But this animation is in progress ! It do come technicly sunday night because i do travel a bit again .

I do finish the last detail and redo the scene build with the ligthing a bit .

My appologie for the late .


Shining slave v1 3/3

Sun Sep 22 20:33:53 2019

Lost in the desert the captain is stuck with his body guard and them natural desirs ... this is the jobs of a real captain .

And finally ! the animation voted ! well i hope than you like it :) and thank you a lot at all the support because today i've reach a symbolic point ...

Well little anouncement :

i'm not here for some day ( like a little break ) because i restart the study and i do manage to many thing next too . But ! i come back with an other animation ( trixie and twilight ). Meanwhile maybe i update this post , and i do add the voice acting soon ;) .

Thank you a lot again

Shining_slave_v1_240p_25fps.gif Shining_slave_v1_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Shining_slave_v1_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d)

Spike’s Breeding Party – Part 5

Thu Sep 19 18:28:40 2019

Commission by QuelloScelto

The continuation of the série !
An fanfic do come certainly later . But don't care to much about one charactere here ... little incrustation of myself

Pfiiou , this work was very hard to make because of the new hot wave in my little appartement with an fan broke =/ but it's resolve now . Certainly need some correction ( for some face ) Thx you a lot for your support people ! next time it's the animation voted . I do change a bit the organisation because i'm in late on some project .

Spikes_Breeding_Party_Part_5_v2.png Spikes_Breeding_Party__Part_5_v2.png

Pose animation for shining female pack .

Wed Sep 18 22:01:21 2019

Hello there , the orgie picture is coming ! for tomorrow , but meanwhile i propose you an vote for chooce what is the animation with sining armor female version . But i've get some difficult for show you the expemple so please check discord into the channel tier 3 on my server if you want see the idea . (Sorry if you are not on discord .)

Idk if it's a good idea to post on my patreon them artwork who was not mine .

But i try to describe you a bit the Basic idea of what idea .

Actually i'm in the rush because i've to many thing to do in a short time ... oh god .

Program for the next

Sun Sep 15 22:16:29 2019

Hello people , so we are at the second middle of the month , i've make the majority of the small request , now i start the most bigger and more animation specially . I warn you than you should wait a bit because i do continue to work next to sfm for my study (and i restart it the next week ) and because the big work take much more time than an simple picture who can take me minimum 1day .

The vote for the shining armor was on my server discord because i do show you the reference . but it's voted here .

My objectif was to finish all of this before the end of the month

So thank you for your waiting . and enjoys for the next !

Gothic Midnight Ride 69

Sun Sep 15 16:43:13 2019

Commission by Ultima

Fluttershy is not impress ... Maybe just a bit . She maybe start to like his new sex slave .

I really like this style ...

For the next time it's an orgy picture


Warrior slave 2/3

Sat Sep 14 13:26:49 2019

And this is the second picture of my little set , for the last one , this is an animation but i search an idea ... maybe organise an little vote soon .

Actually i melt ... hotter is back at the middle of setember =/ fuck this world who burn . I try to make fast an other commission but i garantee nothing before tonight .


"How speak a baguette " safe and stupid animation

Wed Sep 11 22:08:57 2019

... Why i've do that ( 1 hour of rush for animated something just for the fun ) initiated by AnthroPoniesSFM , people want see my oc ? there is ! Me when i try to talk in english

For the next time in an other personal picture with shining armor femal for the artpack

ps : i've this pillow , from miles df .


Wine and Dine

Tue Sep 10 23:24:50 2019

Commission by Cadenza

After gala , until the end of the night , a very classy girl have no other argument for continue the party with you . To drink with moderated ...
This one would taste the wine :p ahah i imagine add a taste at all pony girl .

I take some day for me , because i do work on a very important thing .


XXXL Cider Barrels

Mon Sep 9 14:43:26 2019

Commission by CornerEngy

That happen when you eat to much apple ... you become full of cider .
(It would be nice to tast cider ... always drunk when you suck it , Hummm concept in mind )
Inspiration by Spindles


Helping hand

Sat Sep 7 23:52:53 2019

Commission by Conner Shepard

Apple jack get some apple for the hard work at the barn , but fluttershy don't seams very ... good at it , but maybe she can help at an other work of the farm production ...

And an other great commission finish :) i love try something new with some special cloth .


Warrior slave 1/3 v1

Fri Sep 6 11:47:45 2019

First thing for an artpack with some other artist :)

I'm not fan of femboy so i prefer do him female version . I change him a bit , i want redo some effect but i've miss of time . Anyway next time it's an commission :) !


Program for the next

Thu Sep 5 21:42:41 2019

Hello people ! All the commission was already take just in some day . So i've selection them .

But i do work on school work next too , i've again just a week before restart it so i do as i can between all of this work x_x , i've already planned all my futur day and i take some day for my other work .

So i've already almost finish the first of the list just put on it some detail in more and add the photoshop edit and done ! I can't wait to make the second ... And about this long animation i creat it between some commission by part and i send you that at the end

Thank you again for your support and sorry for all the other people who have ask for take a slot of commission but i can't make everything without be saturated .

Commission are close now !

Benefits of a Princess of Friendship's close friends (version 1 )

Wed Sep 4 22:23:09 2019

Commission by Badger Knight

Twilight share with boyfriend with her friend . He is really strong ...

I update this animation soon , because i've not noticed an trouble with the ligthing behind , so i correct that with some other detail. (stupid ligthing ... )

Thank you again at Lalalexxi for his voice , it's such more easy than before for the voice .

Tomorrow i've an little move of house to do . But i put the new programm tomorrow ! with maybe ... an other work .

Benefits_of_a_Princess_of_Friendships_close_friends_v1_360p_25fps.gif Benefits_of_a_Princess_of_Friendships_close_friends_v1_240p_25fps.gif Benefits_of_a_Princess_of_Friendships_close_friends_v1_240p_12.5fps.gif Benefits_of_a_Princess_of_Friendships_close_friends_v1_1080p_60fps.webm (d) Benefits_of_a_Princess_of_Friendships_close_friends_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d)

New price list !

Mon Sep 2 22:13:13 2019

Hello people ! The new price list is here ! So contact me on discord or mp if you have an request , i don't open the commission again . At the moment i check just how many people want something . And after i guess slection them by importance of waiting and best idea .

Yeah sorry i take them or not with my final dessicion .

You are too many who have already mp me , and i restart study soon , so i do of my best !

I guess already get some late for make them all per month so maybe i can stop them like for august just for complete them all.

I've again 2 last animation too finish ( 1 almost done )


Thank you support

Mon Sep 2 19:55:21 2019

And almost the end of the summer holiday job done . Thank you again for be always more :) !

About the next month :

I resume studying until mid September, and won't be sure how it may affect my time outside of school. I've been working hard on a huge project, but outside work has made it a bit more difficuly to finish. I return home next week so I shouldn't have to deal with spotty interner.

About the commission :

Many people have been asking for one. I did end up changing my prices, so I do apologize. Having many side projects and many commissions to work on takes time to finish both, and its not fair to take too long on a commission. Because so many users would like a commission, I felt it was fair to give everyone an early notice. I do try to stay honest with everyone. i keep generaly the accustom commissioner because i can trust on them payout without trouble (And because they leave me more free with them request ).

About the next animation :

I am doing a collab piece with lalalexxi! She has some very nice voice work [add her link here]. Any commissions done requesting her (or others) to do custom voices will cost more as I need to commission them for your commissions.

About the futur artpack :

I've been planning on making one for the end of September with a shining armor theme. I'm not exactly sure what I might do for this heart pack just yet. I'm planning on doing a Halloween art pack I, too. I have so many great ideas in mind!

About the mistake of pledge :

The last thing I wanted to bring up was accidental pledges. I've had some people said that they pledged on accident. Please make sure that you are pledged to a tier you want to be at. Patrons are charged at the beginning of the month . ( i make an exeption for the huge pledge)

I publish soon the price list ! In some hour


Gothic Midnight Ride

Sun Sep 1 23:49:20 2019

Commission by Ultima

- Pathetic animal ...

And for me the last stuff of august . So , now i start to publish all my stuff in public , when i was wake up because it's to late now . Maybe make more of this flutter style x) . Anyway i do make the last commission animation and i re open the commission in 2 or 3 day .


Chilling time v1 (music and without)

Fri Aug 30 21:32:18 2019

Hello people , so as promize there is the chilling animation . Nothing very lewd , nothing intense just chill and relax into an athmosphere than i really like . 30sec of loop chill

Music by wünsche - sunday vibes

Originaly i've think creat that for be with an chill music ( sadly idk how creat music and it's not my jobs x) ) so feel you free to use this one as you want .

For the next time it's a lewd animation commission! ( but i count this animation for august ) . Oh and last thing i re-open the commission soon !

Chilling_time_v1_360p_25fps.gif Chilling_time_v2_1080p_60fps_without_music.mp4 (d) Chilling_time_v2_1080p_60fps_music.webm (d) Chilling_time_v2_1080p_60fps_music.mp4 (d) Chilling_time_v2_1080p_60fps_without_music.webm (d)

No shy in the barn part ?/?

Tue Aug 27 15:27:35 2019

Hello people , so there is an other part of animation than i cotninue later because i'm in rush and i do take a train in some minute so , sorry for the bad quality of image at the moment but i send you that with an better version soon , i'm not here until tomorrow night .

Final version of this loop and view , thank you again at Lalalexxi for the voice acting !

No_shy_in_the_barn_part2_360p_25fps.gif No_shy_in_the_barn_part2_240p_25fps.gif No_shy_in_the_barn_part2_240p_12.5fps.gif No_shy_in_the_barn_part_2_1080p_60fps.webm (d) No_shy_in_the_barn_part_2_1080p_60fps.mp4 (d)

Harvesting An Apple

Sat Aug 24 22:36:09 2019

Commission by Raritybro

Aj meet a new creature who originaly do help her for the apples but it was not the good this time .

Finally after have redo many time the ligthing i've find something good ! For the next time i republish the correction of my last animation with the voice act finally get :) , and i continue it with an other pose . ( and an other angle for the last )


Animation , standing pose

Sat Aug 24 00:10:09 2019

Hello people , i propose you today an little poll for chooce which charater you want see animated for the next time , i continue just after that the big mac x fluttershy .

Because i've such difficult for find something good with my actuall commission.

And i put the new version with the voice act soon :)

I want just creat something fast . Make your chooche . But always sexy ;)

I want try some standing action .

Cream Gilling

Wed Aug 21 23:48:56 2019

Commission by Altx

Aj dream . Do you have get already this strange dream ? For Applejack yes Certainly an allegorie ?

Tomorrow i start an other one with aj and tentacle <3


No shy in the barn part ?/? version1

Tue Aug 20 12:42:50 2019

Hello people . Finally an little part of the global one is Make . Not totally because i wait my voice acting and i redo some correction for the lips and other when i get it . But i guess now it's acceptable .

20sec at the moment .

One of my worst work because i've get such many mistake than when i try to resolve them that creat always more other mistake . So i continue this one when i get my voice . Meanwhile i continue the other commission left .

No_shy_in_the_barn_360p_25fps_v1.gif No_shy_in_the_barn_1080p_60fps_v1.webm (d) No_shy_in_the_barn_1080p_60fps_v1.mp4 (d) No_shy_in_the_barn_240p_25fps_v1.gif

Animation come soon

Sun Aug 18 22:06:51 2019

Hello people .

Well that do make 6 day now than i make you wait . I've get such difficult with the actual animation (Depression) . Like the other one with button's mom and button's mash ( the big one ) . It's again not the same longer ( a bit less ) but i really do of my best about the quality ( to much maybe because i've already restart since the beginin the animation )

So animation come but i consider this one just like an part of the global big one like part 1 on / ??? . All of this is again a bit chaotic

After that i return make fast some other commission . And i return continue an other part

Thank you for the waiting . And i put the new commission tier in some day too . ( the new price about the new possibility of asking )

Pinkie Ez

Wed Aug 14 13:30:44 2019

Little challenge make easy for pinkie .

I test the new model for the pony v6 for aeridicCore ( new ears / face flex/ brow and a lot of little change !)

-Patreon AeridicCore


Program for the next

Tue Aug 13 23:46:25 2019

Hello people , as always an little planing for give you an idea of what content come, Technicly i can start tommorow to continue to work on flutter x big mac :p But after reflexion i guess live you that bye part of loop and transition .

Need more animation your not agree ? After that it's only animation ( maybe a little draw than i've wip since a little time ) and i re open commission after

Breeding out the Opposition

Mon Aug 12 23:40:39 2019

Commission by Unnero11

Chrysalis was taped , Into a dumd trap of zebra

Perfect ! The star are aligned for an ritual of hunt

I put an other version of this one tomorrow with some correction . And i hope finish tomorrow an other personal picture for make a test with a new stuff . And after an animation ! big mac and fluttershy .

Breeding_out_the_Opposition_v2.png Breeding_out_the_Opposition_v2_futa.png

Alternative Medicine

Sat Aug 10 22:49:02 2019

Commission by NoName

- Experimental medecine ... it seams work very good , maybe to much <3

I guess redo a bit of detail later . Anyway i try to produce more


Ready for swim (with atlternate)

Fri Aug 9 12:36:26 2019

And an other picture with this suit , maybe a bit similar at some other old but i really like this pose . Look at this butt . Next time it's an commission. And after more patreon stuff content only ;)

Ready_for_swim_suit.png Ready_for_swim_bikini.png

Applejack Gets All The Mares (female /futa version )

Wed Aug 7 21:00:17 2019

Commission by Raritybro

It was difficult to catch Aj , but finally she is at our . You can't escape aj <3

And an other commission done ! Tomorrow i make an personal stuff with fluttershy ... i promise you a ... huge thing ;)

Applejack_Gets_All_The_Mares.png Applejack_Gets_All_The_Mares_futa.png

A Great and Powerful Trick

Mon Aug 5 19:49:58 2019

Commission by Ultima

Perfect duo at your service after get the jackpot . Epic win

A_Great_and_Powerful_Trick_v2.png A_Great_and_Powerful_Trick_v1.png

Thicc and tight on the beach

Sat Aug 3 23:06:03 2019

Commission by Unnero11

Even the best flyers in Equestria like to have some tender moments every now and then. Their mothers are also more then happy to watch over their precious girls and show help them relieve some stress.

I publish the commssion in public with one day of separated .

Tomorrow an other commission ( trixie and starlight trick ;) )


Thank you support

Fri Aug 2 09:57:50 2019

And an other month finish ! And some change for the next .

In first i stop to take commission until than i finish all the other already pay , i don't want take to much late on it . And i can re organized for the next time the price and the list and tier about commission more correctly .

I've planned to make more personal thing , like the big animation (finally but atleast some loop ) and certainly some picture of fluttershy swim suit .

Normally and i hope the most difficult about the weather are gone now ... And i'm at home all the month for work . So an other commission do come today maybe (some family at home actually , i do as i can for work on it =/ ).

And i see you for the month of august who have already start ! Don't forget to check my discord i post the most of the time some wip of my actual work !

Thank you again people !


Program for the next and important thing for August

Wed Jul 31 20:54:49 2019

Hello people ! The month of july is almost finish (in some hour ) but i add something more about an animation with spike and twilight . It do come tomorrow ( i finish it tonight .)

About the commission VERY IMPORTANT = I close them for and indertimined time . I've actually 9 commission pay than i do make . I don't want take to much late for the other month so i finish them before reopen . That mean than i delete the commission slot Tomorrow ! So i Don't take commission at the moment they are close for everyone .

For august i want creat more personal stuff and make this big animation ( the commission have give me to much late about it so i close them for spend time on my idea .

I give you the program for the next as always =

I guess make all of this faster i've the time for work .

Change of shifts

Tue Jul 30 17:22:03 2019

Commission by NoName

Cadance has the best job ever. To be the princess of love, and she's always under the protection of the strongest and toughest that Equestria has to offer. And there is no shortage of love to share <3

Next upload will be an alternate version of my last, and after that I'm hoping I'll be able to make an addition to an animation I've already completed, something you (the fans) have been asking for for a while. Anyway, I'll publish a program later tonight


Heat wave

Sun Jul 28 23:09:36 2019

Picture for the difficult of this last day x) don't prise to much the sun people that can be dangerous , this butt is on fire

Heat_wave.png Heat%20wave.png

Polishing A Diamond (Animation commission )

Sun Jul 28 07:54:14 2019

Commission by Raritybro

Ship appreciate by many people !

And Thank you a lot at Lala Lexxi for the voice acting :) it was a test and i use his voice for the next animation , now i've personalised voice acting ! But i do pay her too , so i guess redo or change my price list about that ( like = personal voice acting = $ ) LalaLexxi https://twitter.com/LalaLexxiVA

ps: i now than normaly the breast stand not like that but i've no find how make something better with this model . ( natural gravity )

Today i work on a personal thing ! Hotwave theme ;)

Polishing_A_Diamond_360p_25fps.gif Polishing%20A%20Diamond%201080p%2060fps.webm (d) Polishing%20A%20Diamond%20360p%2012.5fps.gif Polishing%20A%20Diamond%20360p%2025fps.gif Polishing%20A%20Diamond%20240p%2025fps.gif Polishing%20A%20Diamond%20240p%2012.5fps.gif Polishing%20A%20Diamond%201080p%2060fps%202.mp4 (d)

Apple Juice (2d draw commission)

Fri Jul 26 18:01:00 2019

Commission by Altx

And finally done , an other 2d commission .

I've do this one on laptop because my computer is in upgrading at the technician than i keep tomorrow morning .

My laptop have make many bad noise today i was scare than it burn .

Next time i publish the animation commission with an short personalised voice acting ;) .

Do you want than i turn this charactere as big mac ? It's easily possible

Apple_Juice_3500pix_sing.png Apple%20Juice%20%283500pix%29%20sing.png

Preview 2d draw commission

Thu Jul 25 23:57:49 2019

Hello people , not very actif this last time ... but the fresh breath come back and my computer upgrade too ! i do just make the last detail of my actual animation and i publish it ;) oh and i've get personal voice acting for this one .

I'm stuck into the cartoon style xD with very hard shading . I continue to upgrade it , ad i try to be accustom with my graphique style than i search always .

Tomorrow New post


Hot wave trouble

Wed Jul 24 18:22:27 2019

Hello people , i take some longer for make stuff this week because we get a terribly hotwave , again . It's the second one in 1/5month .

That make now 1week , i hope he stop soon ... Tomorrow seams to be the worst day with 40°c for me . My computer have some trouble for run good . I try to publish the animation tonight or tomorrow morning when it make a bit more fresh for the render .

And i guess make a special picture for this terribly event x_x (daybreaker )

Meanwhile i do check the old people around me for avoid terribly thing . I hope than you understand

We are going to die !

Helping hand

Mon Jul 22 17:08:38 2019

Commission by Nearie

Aloe = need a specialist for evactuate all the tensionwas a great idea dear

You have fill my bowl and cover the floor , the fluid of pegasus look terribly creamy and tasty .

Fluttershy = *Mind lost*

Aloe = hum ... your maybe not again totally empty ... how can you do that alone ?

This one have take me much more time than i've espect because i was unsatisfy a long time of the render , but it look descent now . Sorry i take my time for creat picture . But the next one is an animation commission ! i do the draw when my computer was at the technician for upgrade this week .

Helping_Hand.png Helping%20Hand.png

Prance Getaway "Short comics"

Sun Jul 21 00:45:32 2019

Commission by Dawnshine

Rarity have a dream , it's to go at some great convention of mode in france . Rainbow dash have find an last ticket just for his friend . Enjoys the ride in france :) ! My lovely country ( when you are not into a big town x) )

The real first time than i publish an short comics like that , inspired by Urbanator than i really like how he creat short context with some frame . I've already do some picture like that in the past but they was for the school and lost in some ssd

I can do safe content you know , i'm not only a monster . I'm really proud of this one .

And i guess propose this concept of picture for other commission but it's for an other tier because it's a lot of work in more . I redo my price list for the next month .

French_kiss.png Prance%20Getaway%20.png

Smile for the Camera

Thu Jul 18 22:54:31 2019

Commission by ultima .

The continuation of the serie with luna gaming x shining in stream

Cloth version in description

Smile_for_the_Camera_nude_version_.png Smile%20for%20the%20Camera%20%28nude%20version%20%29.png Smile%20for%20the%20Camera%20%28cloth%20version%20%29.png

I'm back , (programm)

Wed Jul 17 21:53:51 2019

Hello people , little announcement for tell than i restart the production ! i'm back . Today was a big travel between plane and train and car but i'm finally back at home ! it was very nice a great holiday break .

Full of motivation i publish something tomorrow , i work actually on both thing at the same time 2d work and sfm

So now the programm for the next :

I do of my best for produce the most as than can ! before the end of the month , atleast all of this one in first and maybe some extra ... <3

Just one more "2d draw"

Mon Jul 15 07:38:51 2019

Celestia ... need a diet ... or she become the most fat ass of the kingdom ( suggest picture ) .

I'm actually in holiday , but i draw a bit and i take rest .

I come back at home Wednesday

Just_one_more_....png Just%20one%20more%20....png

The guardian

Thu Jul 11 01:29:46 2019

Commission by Daemont .

For find an antique jewels you do fight the guardian ... Good luck daring this test is not easy

Never easy to make an underwater theme but i've some really fu with the ligthing so enjoys <3

i try to start on a short picture but it's already 3am and i go in holiday for 8am so i do of my best , after it's funny 2d draw for fun

The_guardian.png The%20guardian.png

Juicy and Creamy Amazone

Wed Jul 10 12:40:49 2019

Hi there ! Yesterday was my birthday . And it's my personal gift

Best duo ever for an tiny pony like me . They are so tasty totally lost into them cruve <3 I had need of something fresh to drink , and a lot of stress to evacuate .

And i've try to prepare in time an picture just for me xD But as always i'm in late , I've do spend 15 hour on the editing so it's finally here , but i wait your reaction xD

I take 1 week of break tomorrow but i do make 1 or 2 commission before . So i don't think sleep this night .

But i come back rest , meanwhile i guess make some 2d artwork and commission because i take only my laptop.

Juicy_and_Creamy_Amazone.png Juicy%20and%20Creamy%20Amazone.png

Info about me and the next

Tue Jul 9 23:53:05 2019

Hello people , yesterday was my birthday and i want told thank you at all the people who have hope me many good thing and give gift . This is very very kind <3

Special thank to: Loveslove / Unnero11 /SFMrogue / Lazybutt for you personal gift <3 i love them

But i've a big problem this last day , I spend the double of time than before on my work and i'm less profuctif . I'm stuck withe page , i can turn during many and many hour my model without find something . Like for today who was my birthday i've spend praticly all this day for creat an personal artwork just for me , but i was not happy at all of the final render ... i'm again on it and it come but i've need a bit of time again before publish it .

I'm totally stress and on rush because soon i take a break of one week of holiday in some day, and stay somewere without produce something stress me more , i guess make my 2d artwork during this little time , some sketch and 1 or 2 commission 2d .

About the commissioner :

I've a lot a commission to do and sorry to be such slow for produce them . but they come no worry ! I guess don't take commission for august because i don't want be totally break by the commission who wait .

I do of my best it's the principale thing than you need to do ( actually i write this at 2am and again on work on my picture )

VIP aftershow #4 (cum and without )

Mon Jul 8 19:20:49 2019

Commission by Noname

4th picture of this trio happy ending for the 2 best party girl .

Tomorrow ... is a bit important for me , but i'm not sure again of what i do create .

VIP_aftershow_4_avant_cum.png VIP%20aftershow%204.png VIP%20aftershow%204%20cum.png

Ok (Tiddies and hotdogs (Art pack 5/5))

Fri Jul 5 15:13:20 2019

Flutter go meet all the beatufill creature of the sea but she stay a minimum shy with his suit . Fluttershy ... we can always see all your curve it's maybe a bit tight for you ?

"Perfect " i process at the finalisation of the art pack realase soon and i add the correction about the animation tonight .

I want already make more picture with this fluttershy swimsuit <3


Jungle wiggle v1 (Tiddies and hotdogs (Art pack 4/5))

Wed Jul 3 23:22:43 2019

Wiggle with zebra , them secret technique for get hard thing ...

I do redo some correction just about the hand move .

I can't change the type of rig on sfm like ik and fk if you know this both system of riging ( exemple in ik on sfm the hand and feet move indepandently of the pelvis stay static and i do adjust aproximativly the move , in fk the arms follow the body integraly .) it's two different process than in generaly in animation you switch , i've not again find how do that in sfm . but i put the correction on it later . For tomorrow it's fluttershy picture ;)

Jungle_wiggles_v1_360p_25fps.gif Jungle%20wiggles%20v1%20360p%2025fps.gif Jungle%20wiggles%20v1%20240p%2025fps.gif Jungle%20Wiggle%20v1%201080p%2060fps.webm (d) Jungle%20Wiggle%20v1%201080p%2060fps.mp4 (d)

Program for the next

Tue Jul 2 10:36:05 2019

I do finish in first all my submition for the art pack who come with some other artist ! And after i make somecommission who wait since a little time now =x i've such a lot to finish ! And after i can continue the big animation . Sorry for the waiting again about that last one .

I'm not sure about my personal holiday , for 1 week this month , but idk when exactly . Go to the sea <3 in a fresh place

Thank you support

Tue Jul 2 10:09:43 2019

if all this stuff exist it's because of you

Special thank for JPR With his huge donation for me and at some other artist

I've actually 3 stuff finished but not publish again in public , it's for an artpack who do come soon ( when ? Idk we do finish all the stuff and i send a date but it's soon )

I work next too again on a biggest animation than the last with button's mom. It involve fluttershy and big mac principally . Less stuff for the month of june because i've spend much more time on more longer animation .

Now i finish my submition for the art pack and ALL the commission who stack more and more Okay i do rush them ( one per day about the commission picture )

And after i continue the big animation promise

I send the program soon


Praise it ( female version )

Sun Jun 30 21:11:53 2019

Little alternate version make in the rush of the end of the month , i've already 2 animation to correct a bit . And after have do that i publish everything in public .

I should stop to praise the sun this last time ...

Praise_it_female_v_.png Praise%20it%21%20%28female%20v%20%29.png

Happy lover ( Birthday Gift )

Sat Jun 29 21:50:39 2019

Little picture for Loveslove <3 this is my gift .

And ... yes it's an oc , but as i've mention just before i make some exeption for people next too me <3

Next Time , an version alternate fast to make of an old picture . And after some correction of animation , i'm in late as always x) an after the zecora animation for the art pack and after i publish a new program

Happy_Lovers.png Happy%20Lovers.png

Nightmarish Cosmic Impact

Fri Jun 28 10:34:31 2019

Commission by Ultima .

When the most powerfull sun raise , the moon down . Actually pretty to much of sun

If you are europeen like me you understand how that can be difficult to work with the actually heatwave . My compasion for all the people who work outside

i do of my best for try to continue in this condition xD .

Next picture is a gift for someone so ... i'm an little affray by the reaction of you people on the next one =x that was an rarely exeption for a friend . And after that an other short animation for the art pack

Model by AeridicCore

Nightmarish_Cosmic_Impact.png Nightmarish%20Cosmic%20Impact.png

Natural State

Wed Jun 26 13:56:25 2019

Commission ANON

Kirin pleasure into the wet forest , very wet with some sunray for make appear strange creature of the forest .

Next time an other commission and after an personal animation for the artpack ( sorry i take some longer with the fluttershy x big mac but it come no worry atleast some loop )

Natural_State.png Natural%20State.png

Tiddies and hotdogs (Art pack 3/5) SunCream application "Animation"

Tue Jun 25 00:38:18 2019

Short animation for the art pack , Yeah i don't follow the program but i do absolutly finish all thing for the art pack . Tomorrow i make an commission .

For the two other thing i guess make an fluttershy picture ( suit for swim like on the eq show ) and the zecora animation (the most vote after fluttershy and big mac)

Enjoys <3

Hotwave in Eu actually , like on this animation !

SunCream_application_v1_360p_25fps.gif SunCream%20application%20v1%201080p%2060fps.mp4 (d) SunCream%20application%20v1%201080p%2060fps.webm (d) SunCream%20application%20v1%20360p12.5fps.gif SunCream%20application%20v1%20360p%2025fps.gif SunCream%20application%20v1%20240p%2025fps.gif SunCream%20application%20v1%20240p%2012.5fps.gif

Tiddies and hotdogs (Art pack 2/5) "Farfar away"

Sun Jun 23 12:43:00 2019

Second thing for the artpack , next one is an short animation ! at the start i've think make something with Flurry heart , but i wasn't not satisfy so i've take my charactere in background for make something x) it's the result .


FarFar_away_v1.png FarFar%20away%20v1.png

Button’s Mom Mating Season V1 (animation commission )

Fri Jun 21 20:14:18 2019

Commision by Sam W2

Finally here ! After many and many issue with it , i've finally something to show you . My most longer animation until now (Find the total version in description ) . 5 day of work on it and something like 15hour of render ... This animation give me such pain , depress and other trouble . Because i've spend the most of the time to correct the bug and mistake , but everything is not again perfect . At the origine i've make more cut view but that have not look good at all ... maybe add them later if i find how look them good .

It's enouth at the moment i do change of work before break me or my computer on it .

I correct some mistake later because actually the ratio of render for just 1 sec of animation ask me 30 minute of render . So i can't stay and wait , i do make something new , an other stuff .

Meanwhile i hope than you like it <3 (i notice when i update this animation )

but for the next time i want make something peacfull ... something than i know make .

Buttons_Mom_Mating_Season_v1_360p_25fps.webm.gif Button%E2%80%99s%20Mom%20Mating%20Season%20v1%201080p%2060fps.webm (d) Button%E2%80%99s%20Mom%20Mating%20Season%20v1%201080p%2060fps.mp4 (d) Button%E2%80%99s%20Mom%20Mating%20Season%20v1%20360p%2025fps.webm.gif

Preview Animation ( commission )

Tue Jun 18 23:05:18 2019

Hi there , that do make now 2 day than i work on this one but not totally finish in the detail end the last sec of climax .

Around of 35 or 40 sec of animation come soon ;) I search again how i can increase some part or correct some mistake , but this one come soon ! at the moment i do find a solution with this breast who clip a little in the hand

About the cm of button's mom yeah it's not the good but it's ask by the commissioner so no need to mention me that again .

Thank for your waiting , i promise you the best quality of animation and phisique ;) at the moment i do find a solution with this breast who clip a little in the hand .

Enjoys !


Poll For Next animation

Sun Jun 16 23:11:34 2019

Hi there ! new poll For the next animation after my commission ! To much idea , some than i'm again not sure so i don't insers them on the poll maybe make some in picture after that .

Make the big animation first loop in first or the animation for art pack ( than i do make no choose )

All choose are animation !

Program for the next

Sun Jun 16 22:53:38 2019

Hello there , New program planned ! So my objectif is to make 1 thing per day ... But with animation it's maybe an little to much ambicious for me xD . I do correct a bit my last animation Aj/Rarity/Ap Just about the scene build than i'm not fan . And maybe make the female version of the last picture of celestia ... just for me <3

I've to much thing than i want make again for my art pack x) But idk what make in first , or if i do stay focus on the big animation , than i continue no worry !

I'm full of commission to do ! Many other are planned but i keep them for later

Tiddies and hotdogs (Art pack 1_5) "Package "

Sun Jun 16 13:09:05 2019

First picture of an artpack with some other artist !

Go scootaloo (rainbow confirm how he can be awsome in your bed) go my little scootaloo you have the old for this type of thing .

At the start i've think focus the view only on soarin ... but after reflex and move a bit scootaloo in the background ... dam she is sexy

i've think make an animation between them ? What do you think of it ? And some people have ask me to make something with zecora so i guess make one zecora picture or animation for this artpack too but i do find again the idea

Enjoys for the next stuff i organize an poll and an program soon !

Tiddies_and_hotdogs_art_pack_1_5_Package.png Tiddies%20and%20hotdogs%20%28art%20pack%201_5%29%20%20Package.png

Praise it!

Fri Jun 14 23:45:40 2019

Commission by Unnero11

Ready for the summer <3

Next post is an personal artwork for an artpack ... Very unexpect about the first charactere chooce ;) maybe post today !

Praise_it.png Praise%20it%21.png

A Diamond in the Rough V2"Animation commission"

Tue Jun 11 23:46:55 2019

Commission by Raritybro

Correct version add :) enjoys and sound edit

This last time my life is only animation , i'm actually on a big stage of animation , next to sfm i work on a big animation ( fighting scene anon model ) i guess show you that when it's finish

A_Diamond_in_the_Rough_v2_360p_25fps.gif A%20Diamond%20in%20the%20Rough%20v1%20360p%2025fps.gif A%20Diamond%20in%20the%20Rough%20v2%201080p%2060fps.webm (d) A%20Diamond%20in%20the%20Rough%20v2%201080p%2060fps.mp4 (d) A%20Diamond%20in%20the%20Rough%20v2%20360p%2012.5fps.gif A%20Diamond%20in%20the%20Rough%20v2%20360p%2025fps.gif A%20Diamond%20in%20the%20Rough%20v2%20240p%2025fps.gif A%20Diamond%20in%20the%20Rough%20v2%20240p%2012.5fps.gif

Stress Relief v2 "Animation commission"

Sun Jun 9 21:35:19 2019

Commission by Stress Relief

Secret dream of luna , who have find the best pone for get some fun ;)

At the start it was futa , but finally change for lesbian .

So 20 sec of loop of fun ! My teachers have mention me in animation than in pprofessional way normaly 10 sec in 3d take 1 day for his realisation ( and 1 day for 2 sec of 2d )

I've not again the level of an professional but i try now to take the same rythm , maybe that can increase my level ? So 20sec in 2 day .

For the next time it's an other animation ! only around 10 sec but 3 charactere .

Not very fast this last time , i take my time for create stuff more clean , but this one need some little bit correction again x) . Tell me if you notice something in comment , i read everything .

Stress_Relief_v2_360p_25fps.gif Stress%20Relief%20v2%2060fps%201080p.webm (d) Stress%20Relief%20v2%2060fps%20720p.webm (d) Stress%20Relief%20v2%201080p%2060fps.mp4 (d) Stress%20Relief%20v2%20720p%2060fps.mp4 (d) Stress%20Relief%20v2%20360p%2025fps.gif Stress%20Relief%20v2%20360p%2012.5fps.gif Stress%20Relief%20v2%20240p%2025fps.gif Stress%20Relief%20v2%20240p%2012.5fps.gif

Applefly Wip#2 Long animation

Fri Jun 7 23:37:24 2019

. Hi there ! So the animation is in good progress one of my shoot praticly done , just for give you an little teaser of the next . Certainly change the ligthing again , But i give you other wip later x) Tomorrow i do work on an other commission animation ! i hope finish this one in one day . See you for the next !
Tell me


Midnight Snack " 2d draw commission"

Wed Jun 5 23:39:57 2019

Commission by Altx

Seconde time than i make an 2d commission i try to increase my level on this way , it's not totally finish for me , but i do go sleep and contiue the big animation so i continue that later ^^ ( miss the ambiant occlusion )

Midnight_Snack_v1_patreon.png Midnight%20Snack%20v1%20patreon.png

Program for the next

Mon Jun 3 20:21:28 2019

Hello there ! So many and many thing planned ! i'm very soon totally free for work !

2 week left and abble to be extremely actif , with for this month more animation ( short because commission ) but i can take more time for work on the long . Anyway a preview come soon , i do just fix some little detail for give you better idea of this one ;) .

ARTPACK planned with some other artist and dirige by me . Summer come and stuff about this theme too ;) . My first idea about this artpack was ... unexpected xD but that make a long time than i want try it so prepare yourself to be surprise.

At the moment i want draw ... so i make this 2d draw commission in first and as i've decid all draw commission are for the tier 3 , until the end of the month . ( i try to find a good style into the draw art . ) And an other big draw planned too for this month ( experimental thing )

I see you for the next stuff .

Shower Surprise!

Sun Jun 2 23:38:06 2019

Commission by Daemont

Shining armor was terribly surprise when he notice than the girl on the bathroom are not cadence but her daughter . Flurry heart can't stay conform as a royal princess , she need more exotic experience , like the cock of his father . (All caratere show have the majority ) The planning come tomorrow .

Shower_Surprise.png Shower%20Surprise%21.png

Thank you support

Sun Jun 2 17:39:14 2019

Hello everyone :) again an other month make ! I'm very enjoys to see with the time always more people <3 . So for resum this month of may , less stuff as i've warn , i've do take some little break for medical reason because it's terribly hard to work on SFM and the school at the same time . So the time come to be much better soon ! I've now only 2 week before the end of my years . And after that i can work full time on sfm .

About Blender , i'm on stand bye on it , the official version come soon . And i was need much more time and need to be focus only on it for learn it good . But it's always planned I've just push it an little .

About the next and now ! If you support me you have see than I work on a big animation . But I’ve need again a lot of time for release it . At the moment , all the intro is done . Just need to fix lighting and make the export who can take a lot of hour . ( 25 sec done at the moment but no sex action again ) .

I’ve planned to make some 2d draw for commission and one big with an … experimental thing , I’ve already talk about this project into the #idea-for-vote .

But I do move of house soon ( just back at my original town because I don’t want stay in town for the summer , no fresh river ;) )

So thank you again for your support and I give you more information about the next stuff who come . An commission picture come tonight . And after a new planning .

See you for the next !


Grey Balloons ( and alternate version)

Thu May 30 23:52:19 2019

Commission by Cadenza

Little commission make between a very long work in progress.

View on the sea , and some other fruit of the wild ;)

Grey_Balloons_Juicy.png Grey%20Balloons.png Grey%20Balloons%20Juicy.png

Long animation WIP#1

Tue May 28 23:27:00 2019

Hello there , so the long animation is started ! Normally the ligthing come at the end but i've manage a little thing just for show you a minimum thing . This work need a lot of time if i want do that really nice and good . For this week i've 4 day totally open for work only on it But i keep one for make just a little commission before the end of the month .

So enjoys , i try to make the best animation nsfw sfm mlp ;) Not very easy specially for the transition , i'm accustom to make single loop .

I send you the script for the next wip ;) at the moment only the intro was make , but i do redo again ligthing . I search Again the perfect titles .

Charctere Edit = Done

Scene Build = Done in part ( i wait some special props )

Script = Done

Animation = Not started

Ligthing = Basic

Progression = Around 4%

So i continue to work on it But i've just need of your patience now . Thank you a lot people <3


Program for the next

Fri May 24 13:48:01 2019

Hello there , so after have finish this new little set , So i guess keep the 2d draw for tier 3 because i don't publish a lot on it , and i've make an mistake on disocrd than i see just only now , i've publish all flutterspy picture on the channel tier 5 , my mistake i publish all of them later today on the good channel . Stupid mistake .

Anyway , i make so search for the animation during the weekend so enjoys for the next but i do prepare everything perfectly for this long sequence without get a bug . sfm ...fatal error you know .

Oh and i do prepare for the next month some picture and animation for an new art pack make with some other artist ;) .

Almost finish my years of study , only 3 week and after i can work like now with 1 thing per day or two . ( I'm actually in official burnout :v but i keep this time for work keep and calm on some stuff than i want personally make ) And honestly i like this way . Eat good sleep good and make some sport hiw the best way and between all of this make a new picture .

So Next time i send you the planning for the animation and some wip picture . (maybe before my personal oc picture , i've never make an picture of only my oc , so go for it )

Flutterspy : Mission Accomplish 3/3

Fri May 24 13:21:35 2019

How resist at this curve ... time to come back at home . We hope just fluttershy to be more kind with his pet in the futur .

And this is the last picture of this small set . At the start i've thinking make this picture during the night , but after reflection and test ligthing day look much more better for this one

Anyway enjoys <3

Mission_accomplish_v1.png Mission%20accomplish%20v1.png

Nightmarish Cosmic Event (no futa)

Fri May 24 00:32:28 2019

I propose you that by myslef , because i was very proud of this picture , and because i want see this one female version ^^ . And because i'm not abble to finish the fluttershy 3/3 tonight , certainly tomorrow morning . I've change the lighting for make her with a day light , After this post , isend you the program , in waiting enjoys ! and after this fluttershy picture it's full animation

Daybreaker_nightmare_avant_no_futa.png Nightmarish%20Cosmic%20Event%20no%20futa.png

"Flutterspy : Wanted 2/3

Thu May 23 00:34:58 2019

She chases after her innocent little pet. She knows she can get him back, but this time has been proven to be difficult... This is the second picture of this little set. This one doesn't have much relation to the first picture except for the suit x) , so maybe I'll do a correction later. Anyways, enjoy and the last picture will come out tomorrow!

Wanted_v1.png Wanted%20v1.png

Flutterspy : Spotted 1/3

Tue May 21 21:43:02 2019

I want creat an little set of 3 picture with fluttershy spy , this one was the most acrobatic x) so i've 2 other idea than i'm already on work , I prepare the long animation in the same time , but actually ... i'm in burnout officially by my medicine so some day of break with the school =/ need to manage better my time , if you have some council about that . Soon the 2/3 flutterspy

Flutter_spy_Spotted_v1.png Flutter%20spy%20Spotted%20v1.png

Training Days: New Recruits

Mon May 20 00:32:41 2019

Commission by P7R2

This is the reason why pegasus world are the best ;) go to the heaven new recruits .

So actually it's an little difficult to keep the same rythm of publication i've some import work school to make for the end of the years ( big project and group )

For the next time it's an flutterbutt ;) but it's for the support this time

New_Recruits.png New%20Recruits.png

Devotion "futa" animation commission

Sat May 18 17:51:46 2019

Commission by Unnero11

Alternate version both futa add . Next commission come soon

Devotion_futa_240p_12.5fps.gif Devotion%20futa%20720p%2060fps.mp4 (d) Devotion%20futa%201080p%2060fps.mp4 (d) Devotion%20futa%20720p%2060fps.webm (d) Devotion%20futa%201080p%2060fps.webm (d) Devotion%20futa%20240p%2012.5fps.gif Devotion%20futa%20240p%2025fps.gif

Program for the next

Sat May 18 09:51:03 2019

Hi there , the new program is here ! For the alternate version of the last animation that don't take me a lot of time , just the time to redo an export who take some hours =/ and if my internet want post this one .

After that i do this commission with soarin in first because some people wait them commission . But after it's the fluttershy Spy ( Flutter butt = Flutternoob , little expression than i like use for explain how get many like with an picture xD )

The result of the vote for the long animation =

Fluttershy go find her love at the barn (big mac)

Without a big surprise you want see flutterhsy , So during this first try i make everything than i've need for duration of this animation i make for you some preview after have find all the detail of the scenario and cut camera . And i start a bit the animation . But i continue this one after some other commission again .

All the commission are not again on the planning . I do make an 2d draw later so i check already this one in early .

Maybe you want an version without futa of my last picture ? I'm really proud of this one .

Thank you for your support and enjoys <3

Nightmarish Cosmic Event

Sat May 18 00:05:02 2019

Commission by Ultima

Double nightmare <3 Daybreaker model on this body is not again avaible . Model by Aeridicore https://www.patreon.com/aeridiccore/overview Tomorrow i try to make an other commission . I publish soon an other planning and result of the vote .

Nightmarish_Cosmic_Event.png Nightmarish%20Cosmic%20Event.png

Spike’s Breeding Party – Part 4

Wed May 15 00:33:19 2019

Commission by QS so this it the first version i do add much more shade/cum increase /nipple photoshop / eyes effect and some other little mistake to fix i spend to much time on it, for downcrease this hallo ... so thank you for your waiting , i publish the last version tomorrow again more better ;)

it's 3am i've certainly spend 2day for find the compo and 8 hour on it only for the photoshop and it's not again finish .

If you notice some important thing to correct you can notice me because after be to much focus on it i've need of new eyes

So cya tomorrow and thank you for your support

Spikes_Breeding_Party_Part_4_.png Spike%E2%80%99s%20Breeding%20Party%20%E2%80%93%20Part%204%20v1.png Spike%E2%80%99s%20Breeding%20Party%20%E2%80%93%20Part%204%20.png

Spike’s Breeding Party – Part 4 "PREVIEW"

Mon May 13 23:57:53 2019

Hello there , so there is a preview of an big picture , that do make 2 day than i've search some composition and i guess it's all for everyone . I add ligthing and model hight poly tomorrow and export and photoshop , post tomorrow night. it was a very long a painfull job but that look good i hope ? I've take reference for nothing on this one , everything is improvisation if you want know .If you notice some mistake told me what . the level was 10 time much better tomorrow . So enjoys ^^

Find the place for everyone ... pfiou sweet mother day ...

Spikes_Breeding_Party_Part_4_WIP.jpg Spike%E2%80%99s%20Breeding%20Party%20%E2%80%93%20Part%204%20WIP.jpg

AS(S)MR Play "Commission" nude and cloth version

Sat May 11 19:41:41 2019

Commission by Ultima
And new commission done !Cloth version add . ASMR INTENSIFY , please no fart joke =/ it was just a plug xD

Enjoys viewer ;) and hears the slid sound <3

Mic_Check_nude_.png Mic%20Check%20nude%20%20.png ASS%20MR%20cloth.png

Devotion "Animation commission " Final

Sat May 11 09:57:51 2019

Hello everyone . And the final version with all the little correction add on this animation

Move breast / LMigthing eyes / Ligthing global / Pillow and bed move / Butt move / Angle of camera / Hand / Skin change / Face expression / Mane move

I can't upload all the version actually because i've not enouth of internet for that without get an mistake of upload =/ i add all the version monday morning . But in waiting you have this one .

Devotion_360p_25fps_v2_a1.gif Devotion%201080p%2060fps%20a1.mp4 (d) Devotion%201080p%2060fps%20a1%20v2.webm (d) Devotion%201080p%2060fps%20a1%20v2.mp4 (d) Devotion%20360p%2012.5fps%20v2%20a1.gif Devotion%20240p%2012.5fps%20v2%20a1.gif Devotion%20240p%2025fps%20v2%20a1.gif Devotion%20360p%2025fps%20v2%20a1.gif

Program for the next

Fri May 10 17:53:26 2019

Hello veryone , I've many commission to make because i'm in late ,

About blender ... hum . Honestly i've make a terribly mistake to thing than if i can be abble to change of software like that ... That don't mean than i surrender no ! I get some personal session of learn with some good people who know good this software . I mention this people when i make my first post of blender <3

Ii've just some difficult for understand everything ( Specially the interface ) That ask me again a time for be accustom and to understand everything , because compare at sfm it's 100x much more complexe ( some people learn it fast but not me =/ )

I practice a lot maya for the study but we don't have see again how manage and creat a rig for body so it's something than i do learn at the beginin . And between the study ... it's very tight so i check that much more intense after this month .

All the commission are not announce again but they are already pay and planned , i keep that for an other program .

Mash The Button "animation commission" Final

Fri May 10 10:47:57 2019

Commission by Sam W2

And there is the final version of this animation i've notice just one last mistake but , i can skip it x) So enjoys <3 i make the correction for the other animation tonight . And after picture commission !

Correction add :

Ears move
Lighting eyes fix
Other ligthing eyes add
Lipsing and face expression change a bit
More cum add
Hand attach fix
sound voice change a bit
Color eyesbrow add
Body make hight poly

Mash_The_Button_360p_25fps_v2.gif Mash%20buttom%201080p%2060fps%20v2.webm (d) Mash%20buttom%201080p%2060fps%20v2.mp4 (d) Mash%20The%20Button%20360p%2025fps%20v2.gif Mash%20The%20Button%20360p%2012.5fps%20v2.gif Mash%20The%20Button%20240p%2025fps%20v2.gif

Long animation scenario poll

Thu May 9 23:02:20 2019

Hello there ! The vote for the scenario ! Chooce between all of them , the big line of this scenario are already imagine but not the detail . So i wait your chooce now x) . No voice acting , because i've not so only moan and no speak. I want try many thing , basic action and something interesting for everyone . If you have some question ask in commentary , but i do write the detail of the animation selected ( i do that just before the last date of end of poll ) meanwhile i search idea of action with all of this scenario .

Meanwhile i continue the commission until the last week ( end of the poll ) and i start it , but i make between his realisation some other commission

Devotion "version 1" Animation commission

Thu May 9 12:01:30 2019

Commission by Unnero11

Hi there , There is the next animation commission but again not the final version .

Let me explain you why i don't post directly the final version :

Because some people and teacher have council me to change of work and to don't stay on the same everytime ,the work can contain some mistake than i can't see dirrectly . So i've need of a break on the work and do something for at my back see the mistake and correct them .

So for the next , this evning i rework on the last animation "mash the button " i redo the export tonight and i post the final version ! The same for this animation but for friday . and about this one i do make 2 point of view but i change this one , with the background and ligthing increase . So no worry if you feel some work be less quality it's because i change my process of work and as i've say just before it's just the first shot ;) and meanwhile if you have some comment it's always good to get some impression before release it .

Devotion_v1_360p_25fps_Unnero11.gif Devotion%20v1%20240p%2025fps%20Unnero11.gif Devotion%20v1%20360p%2012.5fps%20Unnero11.gif Devotion%20v1%20360p%2025fps%20Unnero11.gif Devotion%20v1%20720p%2060fps%20Unnero11.webm (d) Devotion%20v1%201080p%2060fps%20Unnero11.webm (d)

Mash The Button "animation commission" (Version 1)

Mon May 6 08:14:23 2019

Commission by Sam W2

Hello there ! so there is the commission animation make this weekend , but i've do spend all my sunday night on it so i'm actually an little .... sleepy and break . This version need some correction but i'm actually of , but they come soon . ( like the face expression , a bit of sound , and ligthing ) .

The commissioner want specially than i work on the smash butt so i've try to to of my best x) .

Anyway , for the next post it's finally the blender picture ! sorry for the waiting i know than normally in my planning iut was program for the last weekend . I try to do of my best for you so let me a bit sleep now ahah.

360p_25fps_v1.gif Mash%20buttom%201080p%2060fps%20v1.mp4 (d) Mash%20buttom%20720p%2060fps%20v1.mp4 (d) 360p%2025fps%20v1.gif 360p%2012.5fps%20v1.gif 240p%2025fps%20v1.gif

Big polls

Fri May 3 21:59:45 2019

New poll for this month , i guess take 2 or 3 thing the most vote , that depend if i've the time .

About the long animation , if it's vote it was Principally that for the month , so i recreat an other vote next too with some different scenario and charactere . So you can already ask some suggestion of scenario if you want . I'm not a good writer so i guess keep the inspiration from the other .

About Blender , i've already planned to make something with it soon but i do manage other commission in priority who wait since a little time now . So if you want a picture more soon , i can work in priority on it .

I see many picture with derpy delivery this last time ... that give me some inspiration

I guess add my oc in some piece of work x) that make a long time than i'm not apear .

You can select multiple thing . And i give you until Tuesday For respond at it . So enjoys for the next ^^

All picture are for tier 3 , for the animation it's tier 5

Thank you support !

Fri May 3 11:52:39 2019

Hi there . An other month reach , And again many thing planned , to much maybe and not the time for make everything x)

Thank you all for your support, you're the best! I try my best for you all!

Patreon_reward_April_2019_2000.png Horse%20wip.png

Deep on the dark "Aeridicore new suit"

Fri May 3 08:55:45 2019

Hi there , Personal picture for promote the new cloth suit of Aeridicore

Enjoys the nightmare xD for me actually it's my internet ! at the moment i've some big difficult for get acces at discord or post something ( everytime i do post that into a other place ) I post later today the Thank support picture as all the month . And for later it's an new vote and a commission animation

Deep_on_the_dark.png Deep%20on%20the%20dark.png

Programm for the next

Wed May 1 22:05:40 2019

Hi there ! i've a lot a thing to do so enjoys for the next stuff , i've start many thing at the same time . But i'm feel very very worry with blender , i've some big difficult for the interface and for understand how work the rig , so i do of my best for that ! Study / sfm stuff / commission / blender learn / sleep / Bad internet connexion all this this stress me to much this last day . So keep the faith !

Juicy BlueBerries "Wild fruit set 6.2/6

Wed May 1 13:25:56 2019

And the last picture of the set done ! So now i do prepare some little thing and the publication of everything , meanwhile i prepare some picture or animation i'm not sure again .

Many personal idea ... certainly make a vote because i've not the time for do everything saddly for me , i guess make today an commission much more nice for me . So thank you again for your support and see you for the next one

Juicy_BlueBerries.png Juicy%20BlueBerries.png

BlueBerries "Wild Fruit 6.1/6

Wed May 1 00:33:01 2019

And the last charactere make ;) enjoys i post tomorrow morning the cum version , i try to add the most as i can ! and for after an commission but i redo an program soon .


Primal desir final " animation "

Tue Apr 30 14:18:52 2019

And the corrected version (Lighting and render ),

Important add for the next ! i add the mp4 format , sorry for don't have add it before . Some people can't read the webm and some website too , so mp4 add

i notice than how it's usefull to post the last version an little later because some people have notice me again some leak ... =/ So bad luck for you , you have publish the bad version ahahah

Next time Wild fruit 6/6 tonight !

Primal_desir_V2_360p_25fps.gif Primal%20pinkie%20v2%201080p%2060fps.mp4 (d) Primal%20pinkie%20v2%20720p%2060fps.mp4 (d) Primal%20pinkie%20v2%201080p%2060fps%20.webm (d) Primal%20pinkie%20v2%20720p%2060fps%20.webm (d) Primal%20desir%20V2%20360p%2025fps.gif Primal%20desir%20V2%20360p%2012.5fps.gif Primal%20desir%20V2%20215p%2025fps.gif

Juicy Mango "Wild fruit 5.2/6"

Mon Apr 29 20:50:07 2019

And the cum cover done ! so now i do make in priority 2 thing ! the rainbow dash wild fruit and the correction of my last animation ( ligthing and render ) And about Rainbow dash ... i've really thing make for her the smaller tits .... but with a great face and the most cum cover x) anyway cya later , certainly tomorrow both post .

Juicy_Mango.png Juicy%20Mango.png

Mango "Wild fruit 5.1/6"

Sun Apr 28 23:21:04 2019

And an other one make enjoys ^^ cum version come tomorrow . Idk why everytime Apple jack is the less favorite of the mane six ... she is really cute

Blender picture get some difficult , not easy as i've think so i make both , blender learn and sfm picture at the same time but the picture than i've planned do come >< it's my objectif . But it's again to much hard after some day on blender for propose you something acceptable x) .

Mango_v1.png Mango%20v1%2C.png

Programm for the next

Fri Apr 26 23:18:34 2019

Hi there , as always little program for prevent you of my activity :

All the commission are make on sfm ? Maybe but i'm not again sure , and i'v so many commission to do ... i gues have take to much , So please commissioner i ask you to wait , you are to many . I've an last month of study and after I've finish my years of study and i can rush all the commission in late .

All This program worry me terribly because Idk if i do already close the commission for the next month , with blender i've to many thing to do .

So if you commission me I ask you to wait much more for the next , i hope you understand . Thank for your support !

"Difficult to chooce " (SFM stuff v1 Promotion model)

Fri Apr 26 13:23:02 2019

Request of promotion suggest by one of his creator something urgent to make .

Hi there , new little picture for the model than i use since manytime with someother artist

( Attention this picture can contain a lot of photoshop and some personal model for some part )

I'm always on the learn of blender and everything is in good progression . At the moment i'm not with my big computer so i guess redo some little change on it later .

I've forget how it's difficult to work correctly on laptop xD

I mention now everytime if the work publish is make on sfm or blender .

I publish always some wip of my blender progression into my discord server so find me here if you are not again on discord

Program for the next soon !

Version without logo in description and version update come later

Difficult_chooce_v1_promote.png Difficult%20chooce%20v1%20promote.png Difficult%20chooce%20v1.png

Hooves-art Transition

Tue Apr 23 09:32:52 2019

Hello everyone! I have a major announcement in regards to upcoming changes.

As I've said in the past, I'm going to be taking a few days off to learn Blender so I can make the transition to it from SFM. I already know much of what's required for this to go smoothly (modelling, materials, bump map, normal map, animation and lighting) thanks to having experience in softwares like maya and Mudbox so I expect this to go rather smoothly!

The only thing I've yet to learn is the UI in Blender, and I know version 2.8 is just around the corner, which will revamp rendering entirely (oficially coming on July).

To start off I want to redo the stuff that's already been made in SFM (inporting models, changing a few parameters and flexes, adjusting lighting and posing, rendering and animating).

I'll also find out about all the other options that will also offer a high degree of customization. But to make all of this happen I need to take a little break.

Do not fear though as there are plans to make and release the remaining pictures of the "wild fruit"set on SFM before the end of the month, and maybe make the last picture and animation comission already commissioned.

If this transition works you can expect me to continue doig the same NSFW ponies I've always done, but the price for comissions will rise due to difficulty in making these pics.

If it doesn't I'll just keep going with SFM, until it's annoyance and tediousness wears me until I burn out and stop altogether.

I hope that you continue to support my work because a lot of time and effort goes into every piece :D Thank you all for helping me reach the final goal of $2000 as it's thanks to this that I can make some better quality stuff!

So see you soon ;) maybe even sooner than you expect (this week)


Primal desir v1 " animation "

Tue Apr 23 01:38:31 2019

Hi there , first version of my personal animation .

Pinkie = Who is the worst animal ? Sexe is sexe Pony , human antrho , we are alone into this dark forst and nobody can judge me . So fuck me harder wogy doggy <3

I do make some modification for later , change an little the ligthing , increase the render and maybe extend the animation a little bit . But ... i make the annoncement tomorrow morning for the next ...

Primal_desir_V1_240p_25fps.gif Primal%20pinkie%20v1%201080p%2060fps%20.webm (d) Primal%20pinkie%20v1%20720p%2060fps%20.webm (d)

The game you lose " animation Complete"

Sun Apr 21 20:56:29 2019

Finally ! After many and many retry of his export , and after many modification . the last part is here ! So i've do make some change for avoid the corruption of files ... but it's always very very weird , i don't understand again why that is happen .

An good reason again for change of software . So now i make the last animation , an little short but i do make the next thing just after that ... more soon because i don't want throw my computer by the window =/

Find in descrpition the full sound version and enjoys .

Next time " Primal Desir "

The_game__you_lose_360p_240fps_part_3.gif The%20game%20you%20lose%20Final%20version%201080p%2060fps.webm (d) The%20game%20you%20lose%20Final%20version%20720p%2060fps.webm (d) The%20game%20%2C%20you%20lose%20360p%2012.5fps%20part%203.gif

Primal Desir " Animation WIP "

Sat Apr 20 22:56:22 2019

Hi there , animation in comming !

I want try something with an were wolf this time x) , but i'm not again sure if i do make just the cock or the werewolf visible , because he can hide a lot , maybe make both version idk .

Anyway this is again a short thing but after that and the last part of " the game , you lose"

I've a big announcement to make because i can be an little inactif for an little week ( some day or more idk again )

Well i wait your comment on this one , if it's a good idea or if you want something specially with them


Good morning

Fri Apr 19 22:00:02 2019

Commission by Hotel VII

Lyra has buy some new lingerie just for you

I hope your enjoys . Next time i make an animation personal .... idk again wich ... dick use ... xD but i've the position than i do make and the charactere . Prepare you ( And the last animation finish too

Good_Morning.png Good%20Morning.png

Momma Cake’s Night Out

Thu Apr 18 12:26:24 2019

Commission by Daemont

Milf make some dance of seduction :twilight_2: such accrobatic Next time an other commission

Momma_Cakes_Night_Out.png Momma%20Cake%E2%80%99s%20Night%20Out.png

Little program for the next

Wed Apr 17 22:58:27 2019

Hello there , so i redo an little planning because with the difficult from everywere i've do change the planning.

After I can't really planning more so i try to finish all of this one in first !

Holiday sun

Wed Apr 17 12:49:41 2019

Little personal picture , make for give you my appologie about the animation , that come but ... some difficult again , that bother me so much xD because the animation is done but the export is a madness Who want take a break for the holiday with starlight ?

And an other commission do come today

Holiday_sun.png Holiday%20sun.png

Vip Aftershow #4

Tue Apr 16 23:50:10 2019

Commission by Noname ,

Well not again the animation , i've again not solve the issu today =/ so i've start an commission meanwhile i find a solution , next time an other commission or personal work idk ( maybe try something fast picture )

Vip_after_show_4.png Vip%20after%20show%204.png

Technical difficult

Tue Apr 16 00:29:32 2019

Hi there , i've finish my animation "the game you lose " last small part , but sfm start to make many weird thing ... the last time the most of my stuff on the steam workshop have disapear of my list ( no turtle :'( ) and now when i try to export something of the animation my avi files are corrupted ... by what ? idk .

So one day of late ... sorry for that and maybe need to rexport everything ... so , i do of my best for resolve this shit .

Really need to change of software ... i learn it actually ( but i make some commission just in first ) I've check everything , it's just sfm not my computer who make weird thing for no reason

If someone have an idea of what's happen thank for your help

Raspberry "Wild fruit 4.2/6"

Sun Apr 14 22:47:01 2019

The cum version is here , That have don't take a lot of time for make this edit cum but i watch many tuto for new thing for the next. So i work on multiple thing at the same time . But for tomorrow ... go and finish the animation " the game you lose " and after that an little commission so i try to make one post per day minimum .

Juicy_raspberry.png Juicy%20raspberry.png

Raspberry "Wild fruit 4.1/6"

Sun Apr 14 01:06:12 2019

Finally i've produce something with pinkie ^^ i was not sure again about his face expression but i've already find the face for aj xD so the cum version come soon . Maybe adjust again some contraste for this one , or if someone have a sugest

raspberry_v1.png raspberry%20v1.png

Underwater horseplay

Fri Apr 12 23:00:58 2019

Commission by Daemont ,

And again an underwater theme i've fix an minimum scale because to small look to weird for me... . So very good new ! i'm in holiday so i try to rush for the first day who come the stuff and after go check blender ... so next post come tomorrow !

Underwater_horseplay.png Underwater%20horseplay.png

Programm for the next

Wed Apr 10 23:13:56 2019

Hello there , so some little thing planned , but as i've explain before i do learn the new software for the week who come for make betterstuff !

About the stuff from blender , idk again if i do creat an new tier ... see my work leak is always such bothering . You have just need to wait a little people :( .

Idk if i do increase the price i check that after the result of blender

I can add between all of this some commission than i've certaily forget !

So the planning :

The planning can change again , i've not get all the commission again . And if i've the time for some vote or personal idea , but i first blender !

Spiked Marshmallow

Wed Apr 10 19:17:33 2019

Commission by Altx ,

Huge rarity ... eat to much ice cream and become and big marshmallow . First time than i really do an chubby picture . For the people who like huge curve Next time it's an other commission , but i send just after post that the planning

Spiked_Marshmallow_v1.png Spiked%20Marshmallow%20v1.png

Juicy Blackcurrant "Wild fruit 3.2/6"

Mon Apr 8 17:00:52 2019

And the juice version ;) , so for the next time it's an cxommission , but i've some school work to make in the same time , an little hard , but atleast 2 artwork before the weekend .

Maybe i do add again more cum ?

Jucy_blackcurrant_v1.png Jucy%20blackcurrant%20v1.png

Blackcurrant "Wild fruit 3/6"

Sun Apr 7 23:07:03 2019

And finally the new charactere of this set x) , i guess have finally find the good concept , name her with fruit

and i do redo some change about the 2 last , make them out of the framework , that make something more dynamic

So i'm on the cum version , maybe tonight or tomorrow post . But who is the next now ? Pinkie Applejack or Rainbow ?

So for the next time after the cum version it's an commission

blackcurrant_v1.png blackcurrant%20v1.png

The game , you lose . "Animation V2 part 2 "

Fri Apr 5 11:56:46 2019

Hi there , and the second version is here with the first part an little corrected , 1080p 60fps for 10 sec at the moment but i do make again the climax part for finish it .

And i've already start the picture vote ;) rarity is the next

I'm not here this weekend but i try to make atleast the editing

The_game__you_lose_v2_480p_25fps_part_2.gif The%20game%20you%20lose%201080p%2060fps%20version%202.webm (d) The%20game%20you%20lose%20720p%2060fps%20version%202.webm (d) The%20game%20%2C%20you%20lose%20v2%20240p%2025fps.gif The%20game%20%2C%20you%20lose%20v2%20360p%2025fps.gif The%20game%20%2C%20you%20lose%20v2%20480p%2025fps.gif The%20game%20%2C%20you%20lose%20v2%20240p%2025fps%20part%202.gif The%20game%20%2C%20you%20lose%20v2%20360p%2025fps%20part%202.gif The%20game%20%2C%20you%20lose%20v2%20480p%2025fps%20part%202.gif The%20game%20%2C%20you%20lose%20v2%20240p%2025fps%20part%202.1.gif The%20game%20%2C%20you%20lose%20v2%20360p%2025fps%20part%202.1.gif The%20game%20%2C%20you%20lose%20v2%20480p%2025fps%20part%202.1.gif

The game , you lose . "Animation V1 "

Thu Apr 4 10:40:52 2019

Hi there !

Strange thing happen in this family ...

First version , i planned to make an little extend for this one with cum on throat i rexeport that today upgrade with the sound version so i redo an other post for the final version , i've 2 angle for this one

I don't consider my button's mash like a child on my work , because i make his size similar at his mother. The different size with child charatere is to much weird for me , i keep that for my oc because i'm not a child ... i guess ... x)

The_game__you_lose_v1_480p_25fps.gif The%20game%20%2C%20you%20lose%20v1%20240p%2025fps.gif The%20game%20%2C%20you%20lose%20v1%20360p%2025fps.gif The%20game%20%2C%20you%20lose%20v1%20480p%2025fps.gif

Thank you support !

Wed Apr 3 06:20:45 2019

Hi there , and thank you again so much ! again and again !

More struff than i've imagine xD i've spend such night for make them all , with the study next too always hard to stay focus on something .

First Picture Commission draw 2d <3 not easy but make .New animation make with painfull too .

Nothing is perfect and some little thing than i've annonce was never make . But if i've the time i can always corrige that .

Well how i've explain before i think change finally of software but i've need of a little time for learn this one ( blender ) i work usually on school with maya , it's very similar but i do find the interface who is diferent . So that can give me the occation to make more personal thing and graphique style than the other artist . And that give me the occation to evolve with the technologie ... sfm is such old without update And my computer can't use his full potential .

About my Computer I've planned to Upgrade it too again . I just do find the good component Because in 3d The processor have many different type of use ... thank marchandising .

So for the commission i try to do as i can for this month ! if you have something for me please contact me ! but i guess remove some commissioner because some people have some big project for me than i like .

Thank you again a lot for your support <3 without you i don't think i was elvolve so much with the sfm stuff , if the stuff actually exist it's because of you people! Thank you! And i see you for the next month .






Multiple poll

Tue Apr 2 22:10:44 2019

Hi there I creat today an multiple vote with different answer than i wait

3 part

Yeah i prefer do Everything in one vote Than avoid the spam , but i give you some day becuase i try to make the charactere vote before the weekend

Well i do make the resume picture with all the good people ^^ i post that tomorrow morning

Oh and last thing , the vote about the longer of animation don't involve the next animation personal

Program for the next

Tue Apr 2 21:52:28 2019

Hello people , so an other month is finish , i've some important thing to make for this month

I've actually 2 week before my holiday so i try to make the most as i can ( but i'm not here this weekend who come )

Because i've planned to try to move on an other software like blender and use my skill get with the study for creat more original and complexe stuff but i've no really spend many time on it for learn this one , so i keep an big part of my holiday for learn it , that mean certainly less stuff .

But meanwhile i've little thing to do , some personal and commission

About the commission please recontact me if you have get a slot for picture or animation but i guess be already in late for make them all during the month of april.

I do make all of this before the holliday , i'm abble to do that ... maybe one or two thing more but i check that after

Happy easter 2019 "Animation vote "

Tue Apr 2 00:17:13 2019

Animation vote , Hello there , finally the new little animation than you have ask x) i've change many time the original concept because i've start it with an other position in mind , i was up on his butt ... but ... it seams than i'm to much small for this one with the angles than i've try , so i've change totally the angle and position . And after that try many different ligthing but i'm already in late so it's here enjoys!

I plublish everything tomorrow in public and i make the new program and maybe a new little poll for the next time

Happy_easter_2019_v1_360p_25fps.gif Happy%20easter%202019%20v1%20720p%2060fps.webm (d) Happy%20easter%202019%20v1%20480p%2060fps.webm (d) Happy%20easter%202019%20v1%20240p%2025fps.gif Happy%20easter%202019%20v1%20360p%2012.5fps.gif

Sunshine over the Rainbow "Animation Commission"

Sun Mar 31 10:35:40 2019

Commission by Unnero11

An other foot jobs session make by the sun !

Hi there ! Sorry again for the late i get many trouble with this one and the render export take me something like 10 hour for 11 sec

So you get finally this one ! But no i do rush very fast the thing vote for easter eggs

My oc x fluttershy , well i do something fast because i'm in late . And i do maker after that the little modification for "fruit power"

Sunshine_over_the_Rainbow_240p_25fps.gif Sunshine%20over%20the%20Rainbow%20720p%2060fps.webm (d) Sunshine%20over%20the%20Rainbow%20480p%2060fps.webm (d) Sunshine%20over%20the%20Rainbow%20240p%2012.5fps.gif Sunshine%20over%20the%20Rainbow%20240p%2025fps.gif

Juicy Cranberry

Thu Mar 28 00:36:36 2019

Cum version edit , i guess redo some little change later , but i'm already in late with the other piece of stuff... i try to do of my best but it's such are to take the intense rythm with the study ... next time it's an animation and correction for the "fruit power " animation

Juicy_Cranberry.png Juicy%20Cranberry.png


Tue Mar 26 23:44:37 2019

And an other picture for an futur bukake i do the edit cum for tomorrow i was no sure about the place or the breast size tell me if you want some change for the next time ? and wich is the next ?

And i do search an good tittle for this new set ...


Programm for the next

Mon Mar 25 22:36:57 2019

Hello there , New little programm for the next .

In first i want to notice than i've not make a lot of animation than usual For this month .

Yeah i'm feel an little tired And that ask me a lot of time for make them . I try to do one for this week ( an commission ) I've almost finish every commission for this month , only the 2 last animation than i do always make But i keep them an little for later .

I've Some idea in mind an i want make an last personal picture for this month . I Try to stop the stress with this one . Today i've sleep on my keyboard at study Impossible to stay wake-up xD

I do make more little animation ... For the next month if i've the time between all the futur commission and thing to do , I've again 3 week before the next holiday And for the next holiday i've already mention than i planned to move on blender and try to do something with it .

1) Tier 5 Twilight Bukake And Clean ( Like the picture with fluttershy)

2) Tier 5 Animation Commission Clestia x Rainbow futa Footjob

3) Tier 3 Easter Theme Thing vote

4) Tier 5 Correction And other angle for the walk cycle animation And Aj "Fruit power"

5) Tier 5 Personal Work Autumn Blaze

6) Or before the last thing mention Picture as everymonth for congrat the support

Happy easter theme poll

Mon Mar 25 22:11:22 2019

A lot of idea propose by you on my discord . I've chooce the thing who seams to me good to make . I make the vote end for friday And i make the thing vote for the next weekend

I send the programm in a small time .

Never to much (commission )

Mon Mar 25 00:46:02 2019

Commission by Daemont . Huge butt ! for huge cock . I guess make some little correction for tomorrow and publish it on public . I make the new vote for tomorrow too .

I've really need to find an other model for spike =/ maybe i do redo that myslef ...

Never_to_much_v1.png Never%20to%20much%20v1.png

Go and Walk "Animation Post in progress"

Sun Mar 24 12:23:00 2019

Hi there little training for me ! really important because i see that the next week for the study and i want stay the first on animation 3d in my classroom x)

and i export actually an second angle from the back who come in a little hour , AND i make the combo angle of animation maybe 1 more on webm in 60fps and 720p . And finally for today i've change an little bit the commission than i do make ... but you won't be disapoint

Walk_cycle_v2_A1_360p_25fps.gif Walk%20cycle%20v2%20A1%20360p%2012.5fps.gif Walk%20cycle%20v2%20A1%20360p%2025fps.gif Walk%20cycle%20v1%20A1%20720p%2060fps.webm (d)

Orriental Soap (Commission )

Sat Mar 23 12:53:39 2019

Commission by Panzer Grey

And an other commission done ! Best duo of pone .

She need maybe of an animation for the futur ?

well now i want start an experimental animation , i don't think that take me to much time it's a really simple loop . and it's for the study !

Orriental_soap.png Orriental%20soap.png

I don't care (Commission)

Thu Mar 21 15:16:53 2019

Commission by Panzer Grey

Hi there , new commission . Improbable ship between them ... maybe the nightmare of the wars ... who know ? But the nightmare ... seams terribly good .

I_dont_care.png I%20dont%20care.png

French pillow " witout me "

Tue Mar 19 19:25:14 2019

Snif , but this is here x) enjoys . I add the correction for derpy picture "oupsy in some hour with an mention aletre , no many thing to change but it's important for me

French_pillow_Without_hooves.png French%20pillow%20%28Without%20hooves%29.png

Program for the next

Tue Mar 19 12:48:28 2019

Hello people , new little program for warn you about the next post who come

After the both commission i do make an training of an walk cycle , i learn that soon with my study and i want keep an little avantage with that . For the charactere ... not again the idea of who , maybe pinkie pie or twilight , if you want see someone else i can always try to make other version . If i've the time before the end of the month i try to add the correction of my last animation and a little more more longer .

I'm actually sick i try to rest an little but not to much as you see i've many other thing to do

Fruit power "Animation First version"

Tue Mar 19 07:36:32 2019

Hello there , this is the actual version of this test of animation , well not again perfect i do make again many modification like increase the speed make it more longer and change some rythm but i was not much time for work on it at the moment , i've some other commission to do for this weekend .

If you ask me i can continue to work on it for make all this little modification .

I post an little planning for the next work who come . I'm in a big perdiode of study i've such difficult for manage both .

Fuit_power_v1_360p_25fps_A1.gif Fuit%20power%20v1%20720p%2060fps%20A1.webm (d) Fuit%20power%20v1%20480p%2060fps%20A1.webm (d) Fuit%20power%20v1%20360p%2012.5fps%20A1.gif Fuit%20power%20v1%20240p%2025fps%20A1.gif Fuit%20power%20v1%20360p%2025fps%20A1.gif

Fuit power "Preview"

Mon Mar 18 00:29:32 2019

Animation almost finish , just the detail like the fingers who are such bothering.

9sec of animation " ilimited cuming that make a really long time than i've not make applejack,

Today i've work during all the day on an animation commission ... but the ship have not at all inspired me i've leave it at the moment such depress to don't have find something good , well i hope you like this one in waiting .


Oupsy (picture vote)

Sun Mar 17 01:06:12 2019

Picture vote in second rank .

Derpy = Hi sir i'm the new trainee , and my mission is to help all the patient for make they recover the most fast than i can <3.

Derpy get a new job like a nurse , but i don't thing she have understand good how make recovered good the patient ...

I do add some modification , but i keep that for later tomorrow i work on a new animation

and i do make the version without oc for my last picture vote too

Oupsy_v1.png Oupsy%20v1.png

Umbran Climax

Sat Mar 16 00:42:44 2019

Commissio by Ultima

The best stallions of the kingdom presents themselves, his new queen needs to feed on their delicious essences. <3

Well this one wasn't easy, I've done my best as always for this render but the composition proved difficult. Who can I add as far as male characters go?

For the next post it's the vote that won second place ^^ I promise it'll be great! ... and after that one is an animation (ps: I'm going to redo the alternate version without my OC on the last picture)

Umbran_Climax.png Umbran%20Climax.png

French pillow v1 (picture vote)

Wed Mar 13 00:48:31 2019

hi there and the picture voted x) i was not sure if i had my personal caractere on it ... but oh go for it see picture need of some update ( adust some curve shade and the mane ) it's very late and , i want dream of this pillow again ( my special fetish sleep on it )

I can maybe make an other one withtout my oc if you want . But i wait your comment in first.

I guess use the notice when the correct version is add but i'm not sure if that work .

French_pillow_v1.png French%20pillow%20v1.png

Program for the next

Mon Mar 11 12:29:04 2019

Hi there , as always the little program for make you teasing on what i've planned to work ^^ and the result of the vote too ! i've select the 2 best thing vote

For the personal animation i want test the particule effect , it's just an test with the cum and the fap x)

Well i hope finish all of the the most fast than i can . Sorry again if my work was publish an little more slowly . I do of my best for you ! And ... soon 400 support on patreon OMG thank you so much people <3


Mon Mar 11 02:10:46 2019

Commission by altx

well an other huge thing x) best duo for an futa rd huge and voluptous butt ... ( i post that a 3am and i do be wake up in some hour x) ) but i spend to much time on my work now , next time the picture vote but i redo the planing before . maybe add some correction my brain is fuck actually.


Equine on Tap

Sun Mar 10 00:42:41 2019

Commission by Altx

My first 2d draw commission , hi there well everybody do start by something ... i've learn many thing during this creation , but honestly i do restart all if i want make something correct , the principal reason why it's not better : just a question of time , i do make other commission . and well that look ... decend i guess . I've never draw without real body reference it's something very new for me and hyper ... well that hyde many thing xD don't be to much harch with me .

I search my graphic style too shade Smooth or hard shade and light i don't really know at the moment .

Equine_on_Tap_v1_sing.png Equine%20on%20Tap%20v1%20sing.png


Thu Mar 7 22:21:36 2019

Overload version hi there , and alternate version for Vitality vanilla, little challenge for me too make an extreme bukake xD I hope than you like dirty thing ... <3 idk if i do make an art pack in the futur with the mane 6 like that ? with other pose but the same angle of camera and concept .


My actually

Thu Mar 7 00:06:33 2019

Hello there , Tonight i want write something for you support . And the new people who comes.

In first sorry for my bad english i know how that can be an little hard for understand me but i try to make this short .

As you can know i'm in study , it's particulary hard to maintain this both work ( study and patreon ) I really try to do of my best for you people ... i've soon reach my last goals ... omg honestly that scare me now x).

Tomorrow i try to finish the fluttershy picture cum covered , one little tricky but i want keep my master cum crown ;) . (Hooves-art make the best cum quality )

For show you an little how look like my day during the week it's:

You understand how sometime i can feel an little depress and tired with this planning , but i can't really do other .

I don't garantie the same number of animation publication for this month , i was in holiday before . The number of support who come again and again make me always stress

Thank you so much for your support <3 atleast i don't lose everything in the hard work

Ps: i love read your comment but i guess than i do talk one little more with you x) i'm not very good with the communication .

Training days #2

Wed Mar 6 00:22:21 2019

Commission by P7R2

The dream continue with this both angel <3 , the dream continue for ever . For some estetic reason iv'e delete the wings of spitfire . Well for the next time it's an 2d draw finished or the alternate version of my last personal picture avaible for the tier 5$

Training_days.png Training%20days.png

Poll for an good idea to make

Mon Mar 4 12:56:10 2019

Hello there , you've give me some good idea to make , but as always i can't make all .

Certainly chooce the 2 best of this poll . Some milf as request into my discord .

Specially stellarflare than i've really like make into my last animation ^^

Autumn blaze than i want really want make an beautifull picture with the forest or plain grass and rain ambiance . Gilda because many time ask by someone xD an never make an other specie female ( i guess )

Sweet milf button's mom at the wake up <3

And Nurse derpy who want take care of you ...

Vitality Vanilla

Sun Mar 3 23:20:46 2019

Hello there New Little personal picture , at the start i was make an bukake but she look very cute like this if you want i do an alternate version with more ... fluid ? I've work the ligthing and some editing , and try an other format . I can certainly retouch it and make some small modification . For all the flutter lover , angel girl with some huge argument for keep you with her . I publish tomorrow morning an version an little more bigger (6000 pixel)

I do the vote soon

Vitality_Vanilla_3000pix_.png Vitality%20Vanilla%20%283000pix%29%20.png Vitality%20Vanilla%20.png

Hooves-art all stuff

Sun Mar 3 10:50:48 2019

Hi there , isend as i've promise the link for download all my stuff :)

Link for download all the stuff

It have need certainly of update but the v1 is here . Enjoys and thank you for all you support since the beginin .

Sorry i try an other post , i hope this time that work

Thank you support !

Sun Mar 3 00:01:49 2019

Hi there , and thank you again so much !

This month was full of animation because i has the time . They are not perfect but atleast i've try x) . I see my mistake , specially on the boobs phisic ( something than i do work again , but it's in rapport with the jiggles bone ) . Anyway for this new month i don't think have the same time for work on the stuff . yeah i've again the study to finish .

After this long month i reflect about myself and my method of work , I'm accustom to work full time nonstop on 1 work and make an other just after finish it . Maybe i do start some in the same time for see the mistake to correct ?

Happy to see you on my discord too ^^ it's always fun to talk with you guy , but sometime i get some difficult too with somone of you , Just respect the rules and all be fine . If you don't have the direct link when you pledge on patreon , here is the link for my discord :https://discord.gg/nuSvxg

Oh one thing about the respect , i see again some people leak my stuff ... I warn you than that make me such angry to see my patreon stuff in public just before the end of the month -_- , so please wait an little , my patreon is not a pay wall because all is release in public all the first of the month . (consequence : i refind you , i ban you definitly, and warn all the other artist for blacklist you . )

I send you tomorrow monring for download ALLLLLL my stuff than i've make during around 3years . I do check if everything is correct and i give you the link

I guess change at the next holiday of software that mean an little time without stuff . But you can be sure of something , i don't stop to make the stuff ^^

I've certainly to mention some little thing but if it's important i make a mention for @everyone on my discord .

I see you for the next post or vote ! thank you so much <3


Program for the next

Sat Mar 2 13:21:59 2019

Hello there , and an other month finish !

I was focus on the animation for the february month . I know than my animation are not perfect but i hope get more skill on the animation for correct all this mistake for the next .

And search better way for sound them .

For the next holiday for me who come around april i guess take this time for learn blender with a lot of intensity for finally move of software. If you are agree to see less stuff during this periode but i promess stuff in better quality and much more original if i find how redo the pony and body deisgn ( i love the face with a lot of expression ) Sfm is such old and the most of the engine error make me crazy

I finish too this weekend the full pack of all my stuff download dirrectly

I'm not really here for this weekend but i come back with more stuff after ! thank you again for your support people and cya for the next

The Mother Meet " animation commission"

Fri Mar 1 09:00:17 2019

Commission by BP

What is this sound into the forest ... some ... moan ? dam i do go watch this for be sure ... oh <3 Some mother get really fun in this private expedition.

Hi there :D and new animation , dam this one have take me such time to make and export , i learn always new process for make animation .

For today i try to make an personal picture because i'm not here this weekend

The_Mother_Meet_360p_12.5fps.gif The%20Mother%20Meet%20720P%2060fps.webm (d) The%20Mother%20Meet%20480P%2060fps.webm (d) The%20Mother%20Meet%20360p%2012.5fps.gif The%20Mother%20Meet%20360p%2025fps.gif The%20Mother%20Meet%20480p%2025fps.gif

Animation preview

Wed Feb 27 01:14:26 2019

Hi there , i've praticly finish to edit all the scene build ligthing and pose , for the two next day i make the animation and the export . I've change my process for make animation , this last time i've the motivation to puch the limit x) , but i think again a lot change of software . Sfm suck a lot with all his bug ( and limited by his memory capacity ) .Anyway

I post this one before the end of the month ! smooth and nice lesbian orgy in forest .


Glim-glam enjoys "animation commission"

Mon Feb 25 17:53:51 2019

Commission by Shimmering Spectacle

Link for download

Well it's maybe just an editing of an old animation but . Omg an export was not such painfull than this one ! In first because it's a long animation and i use hight polygon model ( that take 10* much more time at the export than the other artist ) And because this saves crash everytime x_x impossible to make export much more long than by part of 3 or 4 sec who can take more than hour per this little sec .

And between all of this , i've make this animation with an terrible bad process , i'm not sure at all to understand the clip animation editing on sfm ( it's at this point cause you understand than in reality you know nothing xD )

That make me really sad to be such slow but i want make the thing to much perfectly (and it's always not that =/)

But i'm always happy to learn an little the lipsing animation . idk how import sound on sfm dirrectly , it's for that than can seams not really perfect because i make the sound edit separatly of the animation . ( need to find and sound library much more bigger )

I've so much to learn and saddly i'm hurry by the time , it's soon the end of the month and i've 1 big animation to do for the next time ;) Lesbian quatuor ! ps I add the link for download all in some minute

Secret_toy_starlight_part_1_360p_12.5fps.gif Secret%20toy%20starlight%20480p%2060fps.webm (d) Secret%20toy%20starlight%20720p%2060fps.webm (d)

Riding Into the Sunset v1 "Animation commission"

Sun Feb 24 01:46:33 2019

Commission by Cadenza

Hi there , new animation :D , well i guess make some change , and maybe and an other rythm , if i've the time . But i do make some little change ... i add this tomorrow . And next time an other animation ;) ( Such difficult for the send all the version i try to send you an mega link an little later )

Link for download ( link for download all version as always i send in description , but to low connexion for add them as always i make )

Riding_Into_the_Sunset_360_12.5fps_v2.gif Riding%20Into%20the%20Sunset%20480p%2060fps%20v1.webm (d) Riding%20Into%20the%20Sunset%20480p%2060fps%20v2.webm (d)

Training Days

Thu Feb 21 23:40:31 2019

Commission by P7R2

I see you again at the clinic hm? All that attention you get... but I know a way to claim you faster. Yes... just a little meeting, don't tell anyone. <Damn, I feel like my heart would explode, oh how I want to kiss him right now> Hot summer at the wonderbolt academy clinic

And new commission finish i was not totally sure of the high ligthing , look good on my screen but not really on my old second

Well i hope that look good for you people , tomorrow i start an new animation , for tier 5$ But i don't think finish it in one day idk ...


training_days.png training%20days.png

Joystick (Nude and cloth version )

Wed Feb 20 22:35:38 2019

Commission by Ultima

Hey! I keep a fanboy around, he’s got a nice joystick… not bad hmmm~ Enjoy it viewers~ Hey Shining you think your wife might be watching us? I hope not, she might be able to interrupt us with a "Twitch ban"~

Hello there , well sorry it's not the picture planned in my last program send xD i've mixed them :sweat_smile: well it's spitfire x soarin tomorrow

Joystick.png Joystick%20cloth.png

Go with the flow

Sun Feb 17 22:08:16 2019

Commission by Daemont

An picture in the same style than the twilight last . I've take some liberty for change the basic request for make something better and more sexy . Turtule are back ! ( idk if the quality look the same for this one ive do make the editing on m laptop ) I come back with an other commission picture in some day i take actually an little break before tryhard my work

Go_with_the_flow.png Go%20with%20the%20flow.png

Program for the next

Sat Feb 16 22:49:39 2019

Hello there , finally i'm in holiday , i've much more time for work on sfm . I do principaly the commission ( animation ) . But before i do take some day in family . I come back soon no worry .

Sorry again if all my artwork can't make happy everyone . It's what i feel this last time , well i guess take more responsability on my creation like suggest maybe better idea for the people who commission me . But sometime it's my fault too . Need a rest a little .

For the next one it's something an little more personal than i've suggest . I've actually almost finish it i search just the best ligthing and ambiance for this thing very simple =/ (post for tomorrow)

A lot a thing to do i hope finish all of this before the end of the month !

Getting his Rocks off

Sat Feb 16 10:04:42 2019

Commission by Altx .

Maud find finally something who is hard like a rock . Strange ... it's not mineral this time ... I guess make some little modification for later . ( huge thing for the people who like hyper curve )

Getting_his_Rocks_off.png Getting%20his%20Rocks%20off.png

I'll clean my self ( climax )

Wed Feb 13 21:27:30 2019

Commission by FunnyFr3sh

Everything is clean now , except the shower ...

Ill_clean_my_self_climax.png I%E2%80%99ll%20clean%20my%20self%20climax.png

I'll clean my self ( v1 )

Wed Feb 13 18:46:13 2019

Commission by FunnyFr3sh

It's very important to clean everything ! you need to rub a lot some part for make dissapear some dirty thing and the stress in the same time

Hello there , new commission :) again fluttershy but for futa lover

Next time an other commission

Ill_clean_my_self.png I%E2%80%99ll%20clean%20my%20self.png

illusion of paradise "animation" fluttershy /changeling

Mon Feb 11 15:23:44 2019

Hello there , finally my last thing for the valentine's art part , normally he is publish the 14th february .

You dream again of your favorite pone ... it's just a dream or ? a trap make by an cute changeling <3 this was the only way for attrack you at her ... everyone need of love .

Sorry again for the little waiting i've get some technical difficult , my key usb was broke with some save =/ i've do re exporte the files version of the final cut .

Well now for all the next post it's principally commission .

I guess publish soon an other vote for something more important for me .

Illussion_of_paradise_480p_25fps_v1.gif illusion%20of%20paradise%20720p%2060fps.webm (d) illusion%20of%20paradise%20480p%2060fps.webm (d) Illussion%20of%20paradise%20480p%2025fps%20v1.gif Illussion%20of%20paradise%20480p%2025fps%20v2.gif Illussion%20of%20paradise%20360p%2025fps%20v1.gif Illussion%20of%20paradise%20360p%2025fps%20v2.gif Illussion%20of%20paradise%20360p%2012.5fps%20v1.gif Illussion%20of%20paradise%20360p%2012.5fps%20v2.gif

illusion of paradise (after) v1 art pack valentine day

Sun Feb 10 00:59:49 2019

It's a trap ! she have take the apparence of the most sexy pone for get your semens... such delicious . Sorry for lying to you . Tomorrow i take the full day for animated but it's an flying cock and horse again . I guess add some little modification on this one too later . meanwhile enjoys <3

Illusion_of_paradise__After_V1_.png Illusion%20of%20paradise%20%28%20After%20%29V1%20.png

illusion of paradise (before) art pack valentine day

Sat Feb 9 14:41:02 2019

Hi there , there is the first version of this duo of picture :p i creat the other one today too , and start a little bit the animation today too . But at the moment i've need to find something to eat in town =x enjoys ! (maybe some very very smal detail to add in more for later )

Illusion_of_paradise__before__.png Illusion%20of%20paradise%20%28%20before%20%29%20.png

Program for the weekend

Sat Feb 9 00:12:42 2019

Hello there , i've an last thing than i do make ,the third thing vote ( lewd fluttershy ) But !

I've get an better idea , i respect the deal with you but :

But fluttershy is a trap :p For the people who want see an little preview check my discord for the people tier 5$ and look into the hooves-wip-art

I'm not sure again about what dick i guess use , i've think at an human for this time . But maybe make an horse cock version for later ? Tell me in comment

This is my last work for the valentine's art pack , after i restart to make the commission in waiting .

Thank you again for your support <3

Milk shake " animation " 3 angles

Fri Feb 8 07:22:03 2019

Hello there , finally all version are here , sorry again for the late . I spend such time on it for this animation ... to much and it's not again perfect . (Atleast the loop is ) But for the sound version i guess make some adjustement =/ i've need to learn that .

Well i start the new picture with lewd fluttershy

If you have some suggestion for the next i'm here , but i guess an animation for later between Sunburst x stellar flare ... i really want make this milf <3 it's an personal work for later . At the moment i've such commission to do x)

Milk_shake_25fps_480p_v2_angle_1.gif Milk%20shake%2060fps%20720p%20angle%201.webm (d) Milk%20shake%2060fps%20720p%20angle%202.webm (d) Milk%20shake%2060fps%20720p%20angle%203.webm (d) Milk%20shake%2060fps%20480p%20angle%201.webm (d) Milk%20shake%2060fps%20480p%20angle%202.webm (d) Milk%20shake%2060fps%20480p%20angle%203.webm (d) Milk%20shake%2025fps%20480p%20v2%20angle%201.gif Milk%20shake%2025fps%20480p%20v2%20angle%202.gif Milk%20shake%2025fps%20480p%20v3%20angle%203.gif Milk%20shake%2025fps%20360p%20v2%20angle%201.gif Milk%20shake%2025fps%20360p%20v2%20angle%202.gif Milk%20shake%2025fps%20360p%20v3%20angle%203.gif Milk%20shake%2012.5fps%20360p%20v2%20angle%201.gif Milk%20shake%2012.5fps%20360p%20v2%20angle%202.gif Milk%20shake%2012.5fps%20360p%20v3%20angle%203.gif

MilkShake v1 "animation wip"

Wed Feb 6 17:57:12 2019

Hello there , i post now the first version of this animation vote ^^ , i've planned 2 other angles , but i do work again on some adjustement and detail and the webm version with sound ;) . Fight with the jiggles bones .

Anyway i try to make this animation an little more longer ... but it's actually something unfinish

I try to post for tomorrow the final version , but i've need a little time for export the 2 other angles

Milkshake_25fps_480p_v1.gif Milkshake%2025fps%20480p%20v1.gif Milkshake%2025fps%20360p%20v1.gif Milkshake%2012.5fps%20360p%20v1.gif

Full of love v2 "animation"

Mon Feb 4 09:31:40 2019

Hello there , new animation vote and add for the art pack ! i guess maybe make again some correction like redo the camera move . I wait some comment from you :) .I've do restart this animation 3 time since the beginin and i hope it's good now . The sounded version come later today .

Now i do make the second animation vote ;) chrysalis fuck face starlight

Full_of_love_25fps_480p_v2.gif Full%20of%20love%2060fps%20720p%20sound%202.webm (d) Full%20of%20love%2060fps%20480p%20sound2.webm (d) Full%20of%20love%2025fps%20480p%20v2.gif Full%20of%20love%2025fps%20360p%20v2.gif Full%20of%20love%20%2012.5fps%20360p%20v2.gif

New pet "animation" sounded and corrected

Mon Feb 4 09:26:00 2019

Hello there , i redo an post for show you the sounded version and all the link for the gif corrected .

Thank you again for your support , i was surprise than you like an animation with my oc xD

But okay ... after that ... i've my legs totally broke . dead by snusnu .

New_pet_c_25_fps_480p.gif New%20pet%20c%2025%20fps%20360p.gif New%20pet%20c%2025%20fps%20480p.gif New%20pet%20720p%2060fps%20sound.webm (d) New%20pet%20480p%2060fps%20sound.webm (d)

Thank you support !

Sun Feb 3 14:48:02 2019

Thank you people <3! An other month with much more stuff than i've expect .

This month was not very easy for me , but that make me very happy to see you here for chat with me .

Actually i work on some animation vote for an art pack with some other artist , the first one do come maybe tonight or tomorrow ( in patreon acces only at the moment ) .

I'm certainly in late on some commission but no worry they come with always the best quality than i can do .

For february i've too some holiday who can give me the time for work more on sfm ! I've an very big project in mind ... but i prefer wait some month before talk about it .

Your support help me so much thank you again and cya later for the next stuff


New pet "animation"

Fri Feb 1 23:57:11 2019

Little animation just for myself , this dream come to me the last day i let you imagine the result ahahah , maybe sound it ? but tomorrow .I want sleep now i've terribly need to sleep , I add this one in public , but the sound version for patreon for february

i've already notice an little thing to correct , i do that tommorrow

New_pet_25fps_480p.gif New%20pet%20720p%2060fps%20no%20sound.webm (d) New%20pet%2025fps%20480p.gif New%20pet%20c%2025%20fps%20360p.gif New%20pet%20c%2025%20fps%20480p.gif

Program for the next And commission !

Thu Jan 31 19:20:06 2019

Hi there , little program for me than i show you as awlays

About the commission ! If you have already an commission ask one please recontact me on my discord .

If you have some trouble for the acces of my server contact me too

I've some little thing to redo , like the picture with ligthing dust who was make finally like an personal artwork because of lack of information . And i look again for my 2d artwork .

For the animation commission please recontact me too , you are a lot who want one and i do keep the place for the good one people for february ( i make them in order of ask )

But it's actually an very hard month for me ... i'm in a periode of depression ( sometime i'm good sometime not but that can change very fast ) sorry for that

Thank you again people <3 nice to talk with all of you and to see your support .


Wed Jan 30 17:40:56 2019

Commission by Finalprank

You have wait an artwork with queen Umbra , it's there ... i've find an other idea with her but i keep that for later

Futa version in description

Heresie.png Heresie%20futa.png

Fuck the world and fuck me

Mon Jan 28 00:40:57 2019

Someone need to break all this shitty rules ... she want you now and here , no care of the other who can see . At the start it was an commission ... but at the end of the sfm version my commissioner have ask something else ... i do his commission later , but i don't want lose all this time for nothing . i've continue it and make some change for correspond better at myself x) enjoys ! Next one is umbra and if i finish it my draw picture

Fuck_the_world_and_fuck_me.png Fuck%20the%20world%20and%20fuck%20me.png

2D Commission WIP

Sun Jan 27 00:02:44 2019

Hello there i give you an little wip about my first Commission in draw 2d ^^ at the moment i prefer continue than in black an withe , i do again finish the clean and the degrade of the shade and fluid :p Anyway I'm good start . No very actustom about the worst part : the clean . I try to finish the black and withe version for tomorrow .


Poll for artpack

Sat Jan 26 00:05:26 2019

Hello there , an art pack is organize for the valentines day with some other artist

The special theme was changeling . I take 2 best idea vote ( or 3 if i've the time ) .

Very limited about the charactere Only changeling . But i make nothing With Ocelus because i wait an better model version ( not the best at the moment for her)

I work during the first day of the month of february and i add them for tier 3$ if it's an picture and tier 5$ if it's an animation .

Some idea Send in private message thank you at them and reading on my discord " idea for vote " But i can't add all your suggestion because not all of the time in the special them for this art pack . But maybe for an other time ;)

For the last idea Royal guard x changeling it's a idea just send when i write this poll ... I do think again about what i can make with them ... but certainly Quatuor Between both sex ( Female guard x male changeling / Male guard x Female Changeling )

In for a Penny ( Hooves version)

Fri Jan 25 00:01:09 2019

Commission by Altx

And the little edit done , not really hard to make but i was busy on something else . Well for the next time it's Lightning dust . And i do work in a same time on the 2d request .

In_for_a_Penny_version_hooves.png In%20for%20a%20Penny%20version%20hooves.png

Programm for the next

Thu Jan 24 07:13:05 2019

Hello there , i've some last thing to do for this month . In first i'm not here for work on sfm for the weekend . But i do prepare an 2d illustration than an commissioner have ask me ^^ ( not mlp ) well i've never make before an 2d commission , i try to do of my best for this one .

But i've some difficult with my school this last time ( some tension with an teacher ) and some work school in late ^^'

I continue all of this stuff the next week .

I hope than you have really like all my last stuff i work a lot in it for give you the best <3

Thank you so much for your support <3 you are always more

For the most of the preview of my work go check my discord in "hooves-wip-art"

I guess finish the upload of the archive on it this weekend too .

In for a Penny

Wed Jan 23 19:29:02 2019

Commission by Altx Some people have ask me more applebloom picture i hope this one make you enjoys .

Very tight postion . After be a adult mare applebloom get some new different punishment for don't listening his older brother ... hum i guess the punishment don't work a lot ... she love that

( I post soon an other version with hooves , no feet )

In_for_a_Penny.png In%20for%20a%20Penny.png

Happy birthday Forsaken

Mon Jan 21 22:11:20 2019

Happy birthday Forsaken And for all the futa lover ;) suck this pink ball :p they are so soft

Next time Applebloom x big mac

Happy_birthday_Forsaken_2019_.png Happy%20birthday%20Forsaken%202019%20no%20text.png Happy%20birthday%20Forsaken%202019%20.png

Soft Pleasure

Sun Jan 20 14:55:42 2019

Commission by Panzer Grey , New commission done ! The best soft duo ? idk but certainly your best dream

For the next time i guess make an personal work for someone special . An idea in mind , and after it's applebloom x big mac ;)

Soft_pleasure.png Soft%20pleasure.png

Spike’s Breeding Party – Part 3

Sat Jan 19 01:32:50 2019

Commission by QuelloScelto

Hello there ! finally i've make something !

Spike get more and more fun with all the pone of the kingdom

(Some detail to corrected ... dam just small detail but it's important for me , and correct some little effect , meanwhile i give this version enjoys :) 3am , i'm totaly down x_x . I come back for the last correction tomorrow monring )

Correction done !

Spikes_Breeding_Party_Part_3_v2_.png Spike%E2%80%99s%20Breeding%20Party%20%E2%80%93%20Part%203%20v1.png Spike%E2%80%99s%20Breeding%20Party%20%E2%80%93%20Part%203%20v2%20.png

Spike orgy "Preview"

Fri Jan 18 00:29:14 2019

Hello there i start the editing and i try to post it for tomorrow night , in waiting enjoys the view ;)


Program for the next

Tue Jan 15 07:09:43 2019

Hello there , I'm again in the rush for finish all the old commission , i guess finish the spike orgy for before the weekend .I've change an little the planning because i've forget some commissioner ( sorry) .

I've planned to participate at the futur artpack for the valentin's day , not sure again on what idea i make it's for that than i propose you for later an vote between some idea ;) .(i select 2 or 3 the most vote)

Oh i remember than i do finish too my own animation with my oc ^^ well if you give me the time .

Thank you again for your support <3 I hope than you have like my last work


Mon Jan 14 18:51:24 2019

Commission by Sprinkles Happy birthday an little in early

PRAISE THE SUN !!!<3 And surrender moon is a fake dream , join the light an come to the heaven . Sorry for the late post ( as always ahahah ) i've spend an little much more time for make something the most great than i can



Twitch Ban Incoming

Sun Jan 13 21:39:21 2019

Commission by BluesXx

i've spend such time and effort for make this picture

New model for luna ! Make by Tonkano thank at him ( i've help too for his design) . This model stay private and exclusif at me . I upload all and i do finish the next commission with celstia just the edit to make and done too ! enjoys :p

Twitch_Ban_Incoming_clothed_.png Twitch%20Ban%20Incoming%20%20.png Twitch%20Ban%20Incoming%20clothed%20.png

Twilight's Deep Dive

Fri Jan 11 12:23:42 2019

Commission by Daemont

New picture :) , a little challenge with this one , i don't think have already see on picture underwater with sfm , or it's very rarely . Anyway i've test some new little thing . Certainly an other of this style come for the next month ;)

Next commission come soon ! with an new special model than i've wait du'ing a long time

Twilights_Deep_Dive_.png Twilight%27s%20Deep%20Dive%20.png

We're On Break "animation" final version

Wed Jan 9 07:31:27 2019

Commission by Frist

Sweet corruption ... fucking politician xD

Hello there , yes little repost . I've get many trouble with some detail . Always this thing with the sound , during the sound edit i've see than i've totaly no sound who can correspond at her lipsing . For this reson i've do redo all the lipsing . And corrected some other details .

I hope than you appreciate my work. I spend a lot of time and no sleep for give you the best quality ( and always annoyed by some detail repport in comment x) )

Well i start today an other commission picture . Thank you a lot for your support . And i've restart the study

Were_On_Break_v2_angle_1_360p_25fps.gif We%27re%20On%20Break%20v2%20angle%201%20720p%2060fps.webm (d) We%27re%20On%20Break%20v2%20angle%201%20480p%2060fps.webm (d) We%27re%20On%20Break%20v2%20angle%201%20360p%2025fps.gif We%27re%20On%20Break%20v2%20angle%201%20480p%2025fps.gif We%27re%20On%20Break%20v2%20angle%201%20360p%2012.5fps.gif We%27re%20On%20Break%20v2%20angle%202%20720p%2060fps.webm (d) We%27re%20On%20Break%20v2%20angle%202%20480p%2060fps.webm (d) We%27re%20On%20Break%20v2%20angle%202%20480p%2025fps.gif We%27re%20On%20Break%20v2%20angle%202%20360p%2025fps.gif We%27re%20On%20Break%20v2%20angle%202%20360p%2012.5fps.gif

We're On Break "animation"

Tue Jan 8 09:56:24 2019

Commission by Frist

Sweet corruption ... fucking politician xD

Hello there , new little animation ! I upload in some hour an other angle and the sound version . Enjoys !

Sorry i've get some technical difficult , i've redo all the lipsing for be aproximatively next to the sound box than i use , i pulbish all and definitly version tomorrow morning

Were_On_Break_v1_360p_25fps.gif We%27re%20On%20Break%20v1%20360p%2012.5fps.gif We%27re%20On%20Break%20v1%20360p%2025fps.gif We%27re%20On%20Break%20v1%20480p%2025fps.gif We%27re%20On%20Break%20v2%20360p%2012.5fps.gif We%27re%20On%20Break%20v2%20360p%2025fps.gif We%27re%20On%20Break%20v2%20480p%2025fps.gif

Program for the next and commission

Sun Jan 6 19:23:05 2019

Hello there , Because of the end years event and artpack i've not really work on all the commission of december . It's because for this month i do principaly make the commission .

I give you the order than i think make them : ( if i've forget someone please message me , but normaly i've ask at all the commissioner to write them request on the special patreon channel on my discord with all the info than i've need )

If you have pledge me for an commission ( into the commission tier ) Please contact me ! preference on discord .

And sorry for the waiting for all the other people who have commissioned me . I do of my best

PS : I finish my own animation with pinkie x me during this month

Find a new talent "animation vote"

Fri Jan 4 12:35:09 2019

Little animation vote by the support. The cmc want try some new trick ... maybe an other special tallent , they have so much grow up .

Maybe extend this one for later if you really want it , i've make an other background and ligthing but i publish that and other moment i really do work on the other commission , next time an other commission (animation )

Find_a_new_talent_v1_360p_25fps.gif Find%20a%20new%20talent%20v1%20720p%2060fps.webm (d) Find%20a%20new%20talent%20v1%20480p%2060fps.webm (d) Find%20a%20new%20talent%20v1%20480p%2025fps.gif Find%20a%20new%20talent%20v1%20360p%2025fps.gif Find%20a%20new%20talent%20v1%20360p%2012.5fps.gif

Thank you support

Thu Jan 3 17:46:12 2019

Thank you support ! as always you help me a lot for make my work

This month was difficult for many people because of the tumblr apocalypse and i guess all is not finish with the nsfw content ... internet come to be very hard with that . I hope than i can make much more for this new years who come . I've learn so much since the last years

Specially for the post edit and animation .

Many other thing do come , but all animation take me a lot of time to make because i'm terribly slow for work on them x) .

Anyway thank you again and follow me everywere i'm twitter / patreon / derpibooru / e621 / newground . I try to propose you the best stuff than i can make

I'm again on the cmc animation who get me some difficult but no worry they come


Happy new years

Thu Jan 3 16:46:26 2019

Happy new years people , i wish you many good thing :) , little picture for celebrate this one. Because i've miss of time for finish my first one idea , But i planned to finish it later (animation who involve my oc x antrho .) I was almost dead this last day (no joke)... sorry for my absence and many trouble with my internet not very stable.

But i'm okay now . For the next it's the cmc animation .

Happy_new_years_2019.png Happy%20new%20years%202019.png Happy%20new%20years%202019%20no%20text.png

Happy new years !Animation "WIP"

Mon Dec 31 19:21:26 2018

Happy new years !Animation "WIP" (an little in early for me ) I prefer post that one before the new years because i don't want start with a fail xD ... like this animation wip I do correct many thing , and this one is only an little gif into an animation who make finally around 20 sec.... little thing for myself , but as you see ... i'm not at the good years xD 2018 lol an other thing to corrected . Well i guess make an picture for tomorrow and publish it in public for hope at all the new years , because with this one ... i'm very very very fail my timing

Anyway i'm at an event for make the new years , i wish you many great thing for this years :D


Attract them "Animation"

Sat Dec 29 16:37:45 2018

Hi there , little animation for fun and for test new little thing like this body from aeridic and some jiggles bones . I do make again some adjustement with them i'm not sure to have understand at 100% everything . Well take that like a bonus animation x) , Now i start the pinkie ride :p

Bubble butt ...so soft

Attract_them_v2_360p_12.5fps.webm.gif Attract%20them%20v1%20720p%2060fps.webm (d) Attract%20them%20v1%20480p%2060fps.webm (d) Attract%20them%20v1%20360p%2012.5fps.webm.gif Attract%20them%20v1%20460p%2025fps.webm.gif Attract%20them%20v1%20360p%2025fps.webm.gif Attract%20them%20v2%20720p%2060fps.webm (d) Attract%20them%20v2%20480p%2060fps.webm (d) Attract%20them%20v2%20360p%2012.5fps.webm.gif

Program for my little holiday

Thu Dec 27 21:36:48 2018

Hello there , i hope you get some good holiday :) me yes ! i restart to work 24/24 on sfm tomorrow ( i come back at my appartement ) i've get such motivation for make more stuff . Take a break was the best thing but one week is to much for me i stress now xD

About the vote it's the cmc who win but pinkie riding was very very tight ( 1 vote less) i chooce to make both . But pinkie in first because it's much more easy and fast to do ... many something long idk.

Thank you again a lot for your support <3

Warming Butt’s (Art pack collaborative)

Mon Dec 24 16:34:09 2018

Merry christmas everyone !

Art pack for christmas : 31 pictures 3 animation / with 15 artist sfm nsfw

I hope than you like them :) All artist who have participate in description on the pack with them link


I come back after friday , i take some holiday with family :)


New years theme poll

Sat Dec 22 22:30:31 2018

Many idea propose , not the time for make all . But i keep an good idea for an next time in personal work (short animation with fluttershy) . after the new years i do continue the commissions ( i've an commission animation to make for this holiday too .)

I hope you a very good christmas with you friend or your family

Sweetie drop "animation"

Sat Dec 22 00:28:31 2018

Animation make for the christmas pack :D

47 sec of animation. Different angles add for more longer , i know how that can be boring to see an really short animation , but not the time for do more . Always in 60fps and 720p (480p at the moment ) with sound ^^ . I give you all the gif when i come in a place with a better connexion . I send soon more info about the next.

Tomorrow morning go take the plane

Sweetie_drop_angle_1_360p_12.5fps.gif Sweetie%20drop%20angle%201%20360p%2012.5fps.gif Sweetie%20drop%20angle%202%20360p%2012.5fps.gif Sweetie%20drop%20angle%203%20360p%2012.5fps.gif Sweetie%20drop%20angle%204%20360p%2025fps.gif Sweetie%20drop%20480p%2060fps.webm (d)

Sweet drop animation "preview"

Fri Dec 21 00:00:19 2018

Animation in coming !(some different point of view but short animation ) i make the export in a little moment, i make the sound and done ! last thing for christmas pack :) in waiting an little preview , no chooce to finish the export tomorrow because after i take the plane for christmas with family !

wip_sweet.png wip%20sweet.png

Quiet toy

Wed Dec 19 00:12:35 2018

Third picture for the christmas pack ...

My personal gift .
i continue to work on it tomorrow at school xD it's very late , but in waiting the last version enjoys

Quiet_toy_v2.png Quiet%20toy%20v1.png Quiet%20toy%20v2.png

White Christmas v1

Mon Dec 17 00:25:58 2018

Commission by altx

Rd was a naughty girl for christmas .... santa come for her

I guess make some little change tomorrow , i'm not totally satisfy by it

But i really do make the 2 last thing before christmas

White_Christmas_v1.png White%20Christmas%20v1.png

Suggestion for the new years

Fri Dec 14 23:12:35 2018

Hello there , i think about the new years who come in 16 day . But i've no many idea for make something really different of the last years . It's for this reason than i ask you to give me some suggestion on discord or patreon message , after that i organise a vote for christmas .

Mane 6 Picture ? Short animation ? something with my oc (feral) nsfw and canon (antrho)? as you want . i wait your suggestion ,and i selection the best for me/ possible to make too and in give you the vote acces.

For christmas i'm not here for the 23 and until some day ( family event like many people ) , but i publish the art pack with many other artist during the 24 ;) .

I planned to make after the commission in progress , 1 picutre or an animation ( maybe both if i'm really fast =x ) i really want make both .

As always thank you for your support <3 you are more than 300 who support me ! Omg it's to much for me . thank you so much

A Derpy Christmas Delivery

Thu Dec 13 00:09:07 2018

Commission by final prank

Happy xmas in early ;) derp as always

A_Derpy_Christmas_Delivery.png A%20Derpy%20Christmas%20Delivery.png

Give me your gift " v2"

Tue Dec 11 00:47:01 2018

Second picture for the art pack christmas ... i've get an other idea from an other artist who come here toda, but next time commission .

I've add some little correction of color and other . Good to work on different screen for adjust the colorimetrie

Give_me_your_gift_v2.png Give%20me%20your%20gift%20v1.png Give%20me%20your%20gift%20v2.png

Programm of the week

Sun Dec 9 23:26:51 2018

Hi there , little programm as always

I'm not here for the next weekend i hope finish all of this before . Or i can always make the photoshop with me . And i try to make some new banner for my twitter and other new website .

Special gift ever v2

Sun Dec 9 13:11:57 2018

Happy heart's warming ! I'm just a poor little pone who search a new home for tonight

Can i be your best gift ever ?

Please give me an answer fast it's cold outside

Special_gift_ever_v2.png Special%20gift%20ever%20v1.png Special%20gift%20ever%20v2.png

New discord Server

Sat Dec 8 19:53:50 2018

Hello there , if you have see . You have join a new serveur automaticly on discord . It's an option than i've add , when you pay an tier you have acces at some special channel as write in the description tier .

I try to upgrade again the server , it's an little empty at the moment but many stuff and other do come for later ;) . Actually i work on a personal picture . If you have some suggestion for upgrade the server tell me or talk with the admin.

I upload the archive too but that take a lot of time

A Growing Sensation 2/2

Sat Dec 8 01:20:04 2018

Commission by BluesXx

Twilight get fun with an special spell ... illimited power !

Well it's 2am i make some little modification about the fluid and add more ;) , at the moment i'm just dead

I open my personal discord channel tomorrow during the day ! And for tomorrow too first picture for an pack for christmas ;)

A_Growing_Sensation2_v2.png A%20Growing%20Sensation%232%20v2.png

A Growing Sensation 1/2

Fri Dec 7 20:11:57 2018

Commission by BluesXx

First picture , with maybe some correction when i post the seconde , i'm already on it , maybe for tonight too .

A_Growing_Sensation1_v2.png A%20Growing%20Sensation%231%20v2.png

VIP after show #3

Wed Dec 5 20:43:40 2018

Commission by NoName

Octavia = Omg , why Vinyl don't respond at the call ... she is again at this awfull party night

Vinyl what are you do ..... Sweet celestia !

Big mac = sorry she is take ...

Pfiiiouuuu i post this at school at soon 10pm ... time to go . Anyway i've work a lot on it but the study take always more time >< in some minute i send In description a fun picture for show you where i work XD but it's not on this one

An discord serveur for me is on preparation ! it's open this weekend !

VIP_after_show_3.png VIP%20after%20show%20%233.png Post%20prod%20%20at%20school.png

Thank you support !

Mon Dec 3 12:56:28 2018

Hello there ! Thank you again for your support .

Some little thing planned for the new month who come . Like make the principal commission with theme christmas beofre it . And make an little art pack for christmas again . And if i've the time ( because i guess move a lot during the end of years ) make a picture for hope you the new years :)

I try to breath an little bit but it's always hard xD i don't want make you disapoint .

Program of the week


Secret toy "final cut"

Mon Dec 3 09:13:29 2018

Hello there , after many test and retry i send you the voice version i've correct some little thing . 30 sec of Animation with sound and 60fps in 720p , i don't think it's neccesary to make an gif version because it's maybe to much longer

I've a very small soundbox , it's really hard to find something great record . Anyway i hope your enoys of this one

But i do really work again the lipsing , it's a very hard part x)

Anyway the next commission come soon !

secret_toy_360p_25_fps_short.gif Secret%20toy%20part%202%20720p%2060fps.webm (d)

Important change

Sun Dec 2 14:21:07 2018

As you have see i've change my price list But !
I change too the systeme of payout now ! that mean all support pay now dirrectly when they give them pledge , it's an secure fore me

And about the commission , i'm not sure to make all the request for december , with christmas event i'm not here . But i prepare a pack for christmas too .

And i publish tomorrow the picture for thank all the support as always :) with in the same time the program of the week

Well i try to make the most possible than i can . thank you for your support .


Commission Info

Sun Dec 2 14:05:43 2018

New price . I've increase them a little bit , +10$ for picture (30$ for solo ). I come back on the design for the price list i've do rush a little bit because i'm in the rush !

Commission list =

I work actually again on the sounding for secret toy , but i've need to remake a little bit the animation for an better lipsing . And i work today to into the commission with vinyl x big mac


New twitter account

Sat Dec 1 22:01:20 2018

Hi there , i’ve just creat a new account for twitter , i start an other website for share my work with you , maybe more easy and accessible for many people .

I work on the sounding with secret toy =/ but hard to find something good at the moment

https_c10.patreonusercontent.com_3_eyJ3Ijo2MjB9_patreon-media_p_post_23058083_0dda21562350420d9975a86a0c66ce29_1token-time2145916800token-hashcmcCcaUs2gklvzB3qtKIp2Hfq16cGdlGZbLqIyZaORo3D (d)

Solaris Animation"V1"

Fri Nov 30 19:01:42 2018

Hummmm hard to chooce the best option ... left or right ?

Pfiioou , I've restart at the beginin 2 time this animation because my model bug after an litlle moment =/ , I do correct again some little thing . And it's not guard but soarin and thunferlane , but it's the same color than i've planned , it's just than i've an bug with the model guard .

Enjoys !

During this weekend i check the other website , and creat an twitter . I give you all the link when it's make . Sunday i correct the little bug on this one . And i try to correct all the little thing on the old work of this month like find the sound for "secret toy"

If you want i make an alternate version with twilight and cadence , and futa version with the 4 princess

Next time commission .

I'm in the end of my trimester of school i'm full of work x_x thx teacher .

Solaris_v1_360p12.5_fps.gif Solaris%20v1%20720p%2060%20fps.webm (d) Solaris%20v1%20360p12.5%20fps.gif Solaris%20v1%20360p%2025%20fps.gif Solaris%20v1%20480p%2025%20fps.gif

Animation "preview "

Wed Nov 28 07:21:58 2018

Hi there , i'm on the animation voted :) ! two .... big thing ... i hope you don't regret your vote ;) ahahah , it come normaly before the firt december , maybe the 30

but i do again make this one perfect and intense . if you have some suggestion i'm here for listen you .

This make model are always the hell to place correctly without bug

I search a title too


What is the best version ?

Mon Nov 26 22:40:42 2018

Hi there , just a little poll for get your opignion on my last animation , it's specially for know what version i do publish in public for later .

Between them it's just a difference of polygone , but for the high version an bug of texture on it than i can't correct .

Yes i know i'm maybe to much worry and magniac about my work but it's for the best x) .

I correct the little mistake of sentence too in my commission with twilight and werewolf sorry for that ahaha.

And now I start the new animation with celestia and luna ! just wait a little bit , i publish it beofre the end of the month.

Princess foot play "Animation" high model

Mon Nov 26 19:44:28 2018

Commission by Hotel

Hi there , Version with better model here , but as you see some little mistake of texture than i can't change .

I upload soon the corrected version of my last commission and publication in public , i'm on it ! And after i make the straw poll for get your opignion ( only for tier 3 because only you can see it ) .

And during the week i make the great animation with celestia and luna ! something intense come :p .

Angle_1_12.5fps_360p_high.gif Princess%20foot%20play%2060%20fps%20720p%20high.webm (d) Angle%201%2025fps%20480p%20high.gif Angle%201%2025fps%20360p%20high.gif Angle%201%2012.5fps%20360p%20high.gif Angle%202%2025fps%20360p%20high.gif Angle%202%2025fps%20480p%20high.gif Angle%202%2012.5fps%20360p%20high.gif Angle%203%2025fps%20480p%20high.gif Angle%203%2025fps%20360p%20high.gif Angle%203%2012.5fps%20360p%20high.gif

You're a grower

Mon Nov 26 00:02:45 2018

Commission by alt

I do again change some little thing on the fluid but it's very late and i've need again a little time for finish this correctly .

But ahaha bigger is better ? that is the question . My commissioner love the bigger thing .

Twilight have a big secret fascination for the mystical creature cock ;)

Youre_a_grower.png You%27re%20a%20grower%20v1.png You%27re%20a%20grower.png

Program of the week

Sun Nov 25 11:16:23 2018

Hi there , Some little thing to finish before the end of the month. I guess my last animation is the most clean than i've never make ! Correct the little detail is always the most longer thing ...

For the next month i prepare a little pack with an other great artist who have stop his activity since many month . Christmas theme

Thank you again for your support <3!

Princess foot play "Animation" Low model

Sat Nov 24 23:40:36 2018

Commission by Hotel

Hi there ! new animation ! and this time 3 point of view for make something more longer , 24 sec!

I've finaly upload the low version , I export the version with body high polygoned soon but the only mistake with this version is the texture , for an unknow reason unsolvable the texture between the legs torso and arms bug . Well i post the high version later when all is export ( around 5 hour per angle with this model )

In waiting i give you all the low gif with low model , and the webm with sound version ! :) enjoys !

Princess_foot_play_angle_1_12.5fps_360p.gif Princess%20foot%20play%2060%20fps%20720p.webm (d) Princess%20foot%20play%2060%20fps%20480p.webm (d) Princess%20foot%20play%20angle%201%2025fps%20480p.gif Princess%20foot%20play%20angle%201%2025fps%20360p.gif Princess%20foot%20play%20angle%201%2012.5fps%20360p.gif Princess%20foot%20play%20angle%202%2025fps%20480p.gif Princess%20foot%20play%20angle%202%2025fps%20360p.gif Princess%20foot%20play%20angle%202%2012.5fps%20360p.gif Princess%20foot%20play%20angle%203%2025fps%20480p.gif Princess%20foot%20play%20angle%203%2025fps%20360p.gif Princess%20foot%20play%20angle%203%2012.5fps%20360p.gif

Notice me

Wed Nov 21 21:59:16 2018

Dear Anon , idk if you like me but your just so amazing . Do you have a girlfriend ? Do you like me ? Yes / No If yes i'm in my favorite spot in the library...Please notice me
Final picture :) after 3 hour than i try to upload xD but i get always error it's the end finally ? , if that bother people i add the anon version if you want x) . For the next post it's an animation ! Need a little time for make this one

Notice_me.png Notice%20me.png

Notice me "preview"

Wed Nov 21 07:11:31 2018

Hello there , i work an little slowly because of the school , but this picture come today finish , i do make again some edit. Sorry again x) . I see you this evening! It's actually for me when i post this one 8am

Thank again for the new people who support me <3 i do of my best



Mon Nov 19 19:58:14 2018

Hello there , i get an little message for warn the people who follow me on tumblr . Tumblr seams activated the ultra nazi mode ! my account can be possibly delete . ( that can be real sick from tumblr because i've pay my set !)

In waiting i check some different website , maybe creat an discord channel ? idk I'm rarely only .

Inkbunny / furrafinity / Hentai foundry / . I do check all of them . But i can't upload all now , only in a week . If you have some other suggestion say me !

Program of the week

Mon Nov 19 06:30:38 2018

Hello everyone . New little program

I've take a really good weekend , with this convention ( who are not realy interesting as always by them exposition ) But interesting for meet some professional and amateur artist . It's the first time than i've talk a lot with the exposant .

About the price of the stuff in convention ... seriously between 2 stand with the same stuff i can check 10€ or 20€ of difference for the same thing ... it's crazy . And for a mysterious reason the figurine of sexy girl are always to much increase compare at some casual figurine like : 40€ luffy figurine and for the same size with an sexy tsunade 200 € Oo you are just crazy dude .

I do start to make more animation for this month . Two animation come soon if you check the programm ;) but i do finish the sounding of the last one too.

And happy monday x)

Boutique Bonding 3

Sun Nov 18 23:40:39 2018

Commission by Ultima

Unicorn power ! They have a big horn ;) Sassy is to much tight !

And third picture with this duo ! I do just adjut again some detail and i publish the final version tomorrow. In waiting enjoys :)

I'm to much Obsetional about the detail , it's the thing who take me the most of the time , but i clean picture look always more good than a picture make to much fast .

Boutique_Bonding_3.png Boutique%20Bonding%203%20v1.png Boutique%20Bonding%203.png

Pony space pack

Sat Nov 17 19:36:53 2018

The pack is finaly done ! Thank you again for your support .This pack take me aroud 60 and 75hour idk i don't have account x)

Why space and pony ? Because i love the space and Pony , and i don't remamber have see many thing with this theme . No gravity !

For the next time it's a commission ! And for later , i prepare an other thing for christmas.

Pony_space.png Lost%20in%20my%20head.png Retake%20the%20control.png Impact.png Nirvana.png Pulsar.png N%C3%A9bula.png Pony%20space.png

Nebula v1 "Pony space pack 6/6"

Sat Nov 17 00:46:14 2018

And the last one ! Pack almost finish .

I make the last correction tomorrow morning because it's very late . And during the next night i publish in public all the set of pony space (if i can ) .

Fluttershy please ... stop it , your to much addicted at this thing .

Thank again for have support me during the creation of this set !

Nebula_v2.png N%C3%A9bula%20v1.png N%C3%A9bula%20v2.png

Pulsar "Pony space pack 5/6"

Wed Nov 14 22:45:45 2018

And Rainbow dash add :) , i've think at an other version with her , without wings .

Yeah the wings ... some artist don't like them , but i get sometime some comment for know why the pegasus don't have wings ? I've never forget to add wings , it's just more easy to see them back . Imagine fluttershy with wings , impossible to see correctly this butt ! Go for the heaven . And between us , RD without wings it's an little strange and sadic for her

Next time ! Fluttershy !


Little poll

Wed Nov 14 20:18:35 2018

Hi there , some other idea in mind , but not the time for do all , maybe the no selectioned for an other vote .

Actually i'm on the finition of ponyspace "Rainbow dash" who come in some little hour And after that i make the last one with fluttershy ... i'm sure some people wait to see her .

I make this thing vote after the 2 last pony space picture and one commission

About the animation with me ... i want try something with feral x antrho that can be interesting . Such dream x)

About the animation with celestia and luna it's luna x guard and celestia x other guard in the same position for both

Not the time for make all at the moment , and little changement of profil picture :v

Mental Jail

Tue Nov 13 00:09:44 2018

That make a long time than i'm stuck . Impossible to stop to create nsfw work , like some other artist who are in the same position than me .

Since 2-3 years than i make picture . At the start for the fun . Now it's a job . A wonderfull job but in a same time sick for the Brain. Draw everytime butt, boobs and dick ...

I forget to eat sometime , I do not say than i don't have the money for buy the food (specially swandwich and smoothie) but ... I lose the desire to eat , to go outside , to meet people . Work until very late during the night for my patreon or for the school . It's hard to find the time to make a break . But when i take a break , i realize than i've no people around me and no other hobbie.

Patreon money use = Actually i keep that for later if something turn bad and for the study . About the stuff , i've already all than i want . Maybe a bigger graphique tablette for chrismas ? I love smothie <3

After all who want be friend with an guys who draw dick butt and boobs everytime ? That interest always some people irl but not enouth for be super friend , paradoxaly ... that interest special the girl in my school . They are such curious about my work and respectfull.

It's ... it's for the work ... my special sentence

With this picture you can imagine what place can take the butt in my mind xD To much frustrated to be alone . And always strange dream ...

Fun fact = The other day i've dream than all people in my school was pine tree who talk :v yeah i make always such funny dream like this .

I've think stop to make picture ... idk ... that make 1year than i say that . I say that myself : ok i finish the commission and after i stop ... okay i can take one more again because i'm kind ... again one ... again one ... oh i've an idea of personal picture ... and that never stop . (i've again some stuff into the trash like my comics ... 2 page of this one ... )

I don't talk a lot in public because i know than i'm boring and than i've realy nothing interesting to say (and because my english is to bad) .

The sun goes away with the winter who come ( Noooo praise the sun ) And that make me such depress for nothing . I think a lot during this period to kill myself because i fail many thing at the school ... with people ... with myself . Good bye no nut challenge ( lose day one )

Well , i've certainly forget to talk about many thing but when i write this texte it was 1am.(and because i've already my speech.

I see you later for an other work .

About the commission they are increase for the next openning . Why ?

Because many people say than i'm in the top artist . And for be the top , my price are really down . That make bad the other artist who want maybe increase them price . i mean , i can be a reference for the other artist about the price . And after , i take such more thime than before for make my artwork , i guess you can understand this ?

Oh and if you are interest to see an animation feral x antrho but for this one it's only with myself and this twilight <3 (to be continued ?) I creat a vote for later for this idea .

Thank you if you have take the time for read and understand my speech <3

Mental_jail_v1.png Mental%20jail%20v1.png

Program of the week

Sun Nov 11 22:43:24 2018

Hello there , an personal work come tomorrow , i do just finish the editing .

Nothing special to say today . I mean the most important thing than i want say come tomorrow . Maybe with an approximate translation as always x) But if you want help me for the translation that can be great .

Oh and for the next weekend i go into a convention in france, if some french people follow me , maybe you get a chance to meet me here . But i'm very quiet .... check the hentai salon ... it's for the work ;)

Et pour le weekend prochain je serais à la japan touch à Lyon , si des français me suivent peut-être aurez vous la chance de me croiser , on ne sais jamais . Je passe toujours au stand hentai ... mais bien sur c'est pour le travail ;) ( ou sinon contacter moi )

Banana split #1.3

Sat Nov 10 23:10:01 2018

Commission by Phenomxtreme

It's going to be a long day

And finaly the horse cock version , For the next time it's an personal work for talk with . And sexy thing ;) no worry .

Banana_split_1.3.png Banana%20split%201.3.png

Banana split #1.2

Sat Nov 10 21:28:54 2018

Commission by Phenomxtreme

It's going to be a long day

An last alternate version come soon , i feel some bad comment with this one x) , i know many people don't like human cock for an unknow reason . But the last version is horse cock no worry .

It's not really hard to make an alternate version but it's just impossible to upload actually , i hope than i've work this time x) , for the public publication they come monday because i've alaways error of upload =/.

Banana_split_1.2.png Banana%20split%201.2.png

Banana split #1.1

Sat Nov 10 17:43:02 2018

Commission by Phenomxtreme

It's going to be a long day

Alternate version come soon

Banana_split_1.1.png Banana%20split%201.1.png

Secret toy part 2 v1

Fri Nov 9 16:34:13 2018

And finally , almost done ! i do correct some little thing on it , and i wait your comment too :) i've need to change of work at the moment , make more picture .

For the sound version i've fusion with the first part . That make around 30 sec .

About this second part i've an big problem if you hear the sound version . The voice acting ! It's the part the most hard to find , I search actually something good for add on her . At the moment no voice act , but i add this for later !

Next post commission

Secret_toy_part_2_v1_360p_25fps.gif Secret%20toy%20720p%2060fps%20part2%20v1.webm (d) Secret%20toy%20480p%2060fps%20part2%20v1.webm (d) Secret%20toy%20part%202%20v1%20360p%2025fps.gif Secret%20toy%20part%202%20v1%20480p%2025fps.gif Secret%20toy%20part%202%20v1%20360p%2012.5fps.gif Secret%20toy%20part%202%20v1%20240p%2025fps.gif Secret%20toy%20part%202%20v1%20240p%2012.5fps.gif

Secret toy part 2 "preview"

Wed Nov 7 23:55:08 2018

Hi there , i work a lot on this animation , but it's not again ready , many detail to fix and little face expression to add , as i've already say i've for around 30 sec of loop with the first part .

I guess upload it friday , but maybe not the final version .I've always some thing to correct .

And for the weekend i come back with picture :) .


What does Hooves-art next to sfm ? (school work)

Tue Nov 6 13:06:16 2018

Hi there , maybe that interest you to know what i can make next to sfm ,this is only school work (some exemple ). I learn many soft ware as :Photoshop/Mudbox(modelisation)/Maya(modelistation,ligthingand render)/Première pro and soon some other . And learn for the futur other thing like rig and texture and animation 3d .

I've make many other little work but it's specialy for learn the software , not really for create something interesting .

Fun fact = I've always some people in school who laught of me because all the girl than i draw or modeling have always some curve ... to much bigger ahah .

Well , i'm again on the animation , it's the most longer than i've never make . Maybe much than 30 sec . Animation take a lot of time and with all this little work school next too it's not very easy.

Thank you again for your support <3

School_work_patreon.png School%20work%20patreon.png

Program and commission slot

Sun Nov 4 10:42:33 2018

Hi there , I send here the commission list planned . It's a new month and if you want ask me an other request , message me .

But maybe i've forget some people , because i've lose my excel board of the commission info after a crash .

Commission list =

And the program planned for the week=

Shy Family Vacation Fun

Sun Nov 4 09:11:40 2018

Commission by final prank

Hi there , again a lot of your on this one , for the next it's the sencond loop of secret toy finaly ! Just need to wait a little time . I've some difficult for manage my time of work as always .

But enjoys , i hope than you appreciate the quality on my work , i've make the correction as ask for pony space . (i upload actually)

For his publication i make as i can always this problem of internet . ( student connexion share enjoys your 1mb/sec)

Check the other one piece of milf fuck , make before :

Shy_Family_Vacation_Fun_v1.png Shy%20Family%20Vacation%20V1.png

Thank you support !

Thu Nov 1 23:46:18 2018

Hello there ! Thank you again for your support .

As i've warn the last month less content for this month , but always with the best quality .

Some picutre or animation are not again in public , why ? Because it's some stuff planned to be publish together or for a collaborative pack .

Incest pack (1 animation do at the moment) Collaboration pack

and Pony space ( 4/6 picture done ) pack creat by only me . Publication for all when the 6 are finish .

I add the modification on some pony space picture tomorrow , and i return into something more simple as ask into the vote . But for the next post it's a commission :).

For this month of november i guarantie nothing because i'm always into the study and i can't planned if i get a lot of work or not =/ but i've again some other animation in mind .

Oh and about the animation secret toy , some people are bothered by the mechanical sound , i try to correct the 2 version for this sound .

Thank you for your great commentary too :) i love read them and your private message <3


Ultimate prey #2

Tue Oct 30 09:39:22 2018

And the second picture for this theme voted , enjoys and happy halloween :)

Ultimate_prey_part_2_.png Ultimate%20prey%20part%202%20.png

Ultimate prey #1

Mon Oct 29 09:39:13 2018

And first picture for halloween enjoys :) the sencond one come soon

Inspired by the comic book where we find nightmare rarity and this one

Show an black body is very hard ... without be racist xD

Ultimate_prey2.png Ultimate%20prey2.png

Program of the week

Sun Oct 28 20:06:05 2018

Hi there some little info for the next

I'm again on the picture vote for halloween , but after many reflexion it's not one but two picture with nightmare rarity x spike 1) one large angle horizontal 2)focus and vertical angle

I've already finish the sfm version for both , i do just edit them and it's post , certainly for tomorrow .

After this both picture it's one little hard , after Wednesday i leave my home for some day and i come back certainly the weekend . Correction for rarity pony space and Applejack during this time. And maybe some new design for little thing . For an unknow reason many software have stop to work on my laptop (no game no sfm :( ) but i can always photoshop something .

Thank you again for your support it's always nice to get some people like you :)

Pony space correction

Sun Oct 28 06:47:10 2018

Hello there , after some relevant comment ( thank you Derivative and clairon ) I get this reflection , the original idea have maybe digress ... I'm not perfect and i can always make mistake . But you're here too for keep me into the right way .

I know , no one picture can make enjoys everyone , but with this poll i chooce to make as you want . But after i've not a illimited time =/

And apparently it's Night mare rarity x spike for today :) ! well i try to make something perfect for this time ! Very wild thing come ...

Nirvana "Pony space pack 4/6"

Sat Oct 27 19:25:33 2018

And an other one piece for this set :)

But maybe some modification for later ,i've need a time for maybe change something on it and i wait always your first impression .

Long search about ligthing and editing , the pose is maybe not very dynamic =/ but the angle is top for me

Nirvana_v1.png Nirvana%20v1.png

Little poll for halloween

Sat Oct 27 06:49:34 2018

Hello there , well i'm acutally confuse about what can i do make for the 31 october , i've think make nightmare moon but some other idea are come to me during the night and now i'm not sure about what make .

Sorry i don't give a long date for the pool because i do make this one during the weekend ( minimum finish the sfm version)

I'm actually on Apple jack " pony space"

Symphony (Birthday gift)

Fri Oct 26 16:40:10 2018

For an friend :) a little picutre for him , Happy birthday ! i hope you like it !

Next picture come soon ! ( maybe the nightmare moon day theme in early)



They came from behind

Wed Oct 24 06:29:47 2018

Commission by Altx

Praise the sun ! well i guess redo some little modification because i've do rush it for publish it this morning .

Morning royal cleaning !

They_came_from_behind.png They%20came%20from%20behind.png

Program of the week

Tue Oct 23 06:29:45 2018

Hello there , many thing planned and i do make some commission fast .

If i've forgive you or if you want know some info about your commission just ask me ( for exemple if i've forget you that can already happen ).

Thank you again for your great support , that scare me to see to much support like you come when i'm in my periode no very productive .

Fan n°1 #1.2

Mon Oct 22 20:01:17 2018

Commission by blue

For continue this picture

Actually the thing the most difficult is the upload =/ , for tumblr and other not sure but maybe tomorrow because to low internet i've always echec of the upload ... the real pain .

I've corrected and little bit the other version .

Fan_number_one_cum.png Fan%20number%20one%20cum%20sing.png

Fan n°1 #1.1

Sun Oct 21 21:15:49 2018

Commission by blue

For continue this picture

The cum version come tomorrow , enjoys for this good duo ;) special for the fan of hyper .

I give you a little planning for the next work soon

Fan_number_one.png Fan%20number%20one.png

Bible black V2 "animation"

Sat Oct 20 09:33:33 2018

Hi there , an other short animation for a pack with some other artist " incest". But i take an occation for hope you happy halloween , i guess make a personal picutre for hope you that personaly .

About the suggestion on the preview , i've try to add a solo fap for pinkie but that change to much the pose , and personally i prefer like this ( invitation ;) to join the party pinkie can take more longer alone ) . And change the title too ( i guess many people know this reference )

Well modification and sound version come soon . After that , an commission.

Bible_black_360p_25fps_v2.gif Bible%20black%20360p%2025fps%20v1.gif Bible%20black%20360p%2012.5fps%20v1.gif Bible%20black%20480p%2025fps%20v1.gif Bible%20black%20720p%2060fps%20v1.webm (d) Bible%20black%20360p%2012.5fps%20v2.gif Bible%20black%20360p%2025fps%20v2.gif Bible%20black%20480p%2025fps%20v2.gif sister%27v%20finalv2.1.webm (d)

Trick or treat " Preview animation"

Wed Oct 17 14:19:31 2018

Hello there , i work actually on the animation vote , i do finish this one before the 20th october . Short animation . Just wait a little bit :) i can change again many thing about the ligthing and other details .


Impact "Pony space pack 3/6"

Mon Oct 15 19:37:40 2018

French kiss ;)

Rarity = do not wait a pretty pone spike... I feel some natural desir after so many time lost in space ... hum spike ... your the only one around please can you help me ? hum i don't give you the chooce.

Hi there , I work actually on the new animation vote ! (Animation/Maud (futa) and limestone (futa) double fuck marble + pinkie next to enjoys ) . I think redo some little thing for the futur on this picture too , and i wait your opignion if something look weird. I've need to work on something else .

Sorry for the waiting , i get some trouble irl actually that give me some difficult for work .

Impact%20v1.png Impact%20v2.png

Poll for pack

Thu Oct 11 21:35:27 2018

Hello there , i'm into a pack with many other sfm artist . The theme is "incest"

I've planned to make the family pie , but i miss of time and i don't think make all than i want . I've already my own pack "pony space next too" the commission , and the second part of my animation to do .

I let you chooce between all of this suggestion (many futa chooce this time because i've only one male into this family , but without big mac x marble )

Secret toy Part 1 horseock "animation"

Thu Oct 11 19:34:35 2018

Version with horse cock add , i work on the second part of "breed me young man " now

I've many event irl this weekend i don't think work a lot during it .

But i do create something other for a special pack ! I organize a vote between some idea . I work into some many thing in a same time .

Secret_toy_360p_25fps_part1_v_horse.gif Secret%20toy%20720p%2060fps%20part1%20horse%20.webm (d) Secret%20toy%20360p%2012.5fps%20part1%20v%20horse.gif Secret%20toy%20360p%2025fps%20part1%20v%20horse.gif Secret%20toy%20480p%2025fps%20part1%20v%20horse.gif

Retake the control "Pony space pack 2/6" Corrected

Wed Oct 10 17:57:34 2018

Hi there ! well after many hour again on it , and restart since the beginin the edit , final version § It's a crime to wrong a pinkie butt ! And it's for prove at some other artist who don't have invit me to join an art pack with pinkie theme ... a shame for them nah

I've two version , one without text on the butt , i don't know if you perfer with or not .

When i post this picture i'm again in school for use internet at 20pm x) , finish and post my work !

I start to make the "secret toy " horse cock version ! Thank you again for your support !

Retake_the_control_v2.png Retake%20the%20control%20v2.png Retake%20the%20control%20v3.png No%20time%20for%20sleep.png

Ride before the night "animation correct"

Tue Oct 9 16:42:59 2018

Commission by White Heart

Hi there , Re-post of this one with some little modification of move and sound , and other version with white and black stallion anon come tomorrow morning , impossible to upload something actually.

When you export your animation ... for the 5th time . And he crash always for no reason ... it's for this reason than that have take me a little time for post ^^'.

I work again on the correction of "retake the control" i try to finish this for tonight or tomorrow morning . I run everywhere !

Ride_before_the_night_480p_25fps.gif Ride%20before%20the%20night%20480p%2025fps.gif Ride%20before%20the%20night%20360p%2025fps.gif Ride%20before%20the%20night%20360p%2012.5fps.gif Ride%20before%20the%20night%20720p%2060fps.webm (d) Ride%20before%20the%20night%20v2%20480p%2025fps.gif Ride%20before%20the%20night%20v2%20360p%2025fps.gif Ride%20before%20the%20night%20v2%20360p%2012.5fps.gif Ride%20before%20the%20night%20720p%2060fps%20v2.webm (d)

Program of the week

Mon Oct 8 08:14:37 2018

Hello there , Many thing planned , but very tight about the time .

Very very hard to take the rythm , i get at the moment only 6-5 hour of sleep per night this last time :( with the school work next too and sfm .

Thank you again for your support , i try always to make the best quality of content !

Retake the control "Pony space pack 2/6"

Sun Oct 7 22:04:01 2018

And pinkie pie add :) , but i guess redo some little thing for later like some little light , now i work on all the correction of animation and alternate version and second part . I try to add the max this week . I tell you all into the program of the week

Retake_the_conrole.png Retake%20the%20conrole.png

Lost in my head "Pony space pack 1/6"

Sat Oct 6 22:16:47 2018

Hello :) pfiou i've work all the day on it , i hope you like it !

Something relaxing soft and peacefull for test new thing learn in school . Specialy the organisation of my layer and some special thing than i've never see , i learn i learn ...

I've an ratio of 30% sfm 70% photoshop on my work now xD . It's not very hard for me to do that on sfm it's specially the editing version than i love work .

For the next post it's Pony space 2/6 with pinkie pie butt , but this time i try to make something more ... big and stupid with pinkie xD

About the name of this pack someone have an idea for an better name ?Pony space seem an little boring , but i find nothing else at the moment

Lost_in_my_head.png Lost%20in%20my%20head.png

Ride before the night "animation"

Fri Oct 5 22:05:24 2018

Commission by White Heart

Finaly ! I hope than you love it :) , i publish it in public monday . To low internet at home . But i guess change little detail if you think something need to be correct =/ but i've need a break with this one. And start to work on a picture , Tomorrow i make the first picture of the set with the mane six into space .

Ride_before_the_night_360p_25fps.gif Ride%20before%20the%20night%20480p%2025fps.gif Ride%20before%20the%20night.webm (d) Ride%20before%20the%20night%20360p%2025fps.gif

Animation come today

Fri Oct 5 06:06:13 2018

Hello there ,yes the animation come maybe today , i do redo some adjutement , the sound and it's good . Sorry again for the waiting . I try to publish this for tonight

Animation commission Preview

Tue Oct 2 22:33:29 2018

Hello there , Liltte preview. This time double animation

I do manage again many thing but i've make the basic move for them ;) , Very hard to make a good blow job with this pony head and a dick to much huge , i correct all the detail and ligthing for later . And after i restart the commission picture , and some other idea .


Thank you support !

Tue Oct 2 06:22:23 2018

Good new anyway ! I learn the base of modeling and more software I think show some piece of my irl work for show my level in modeling ( but nothing nsfw , it's for the study ).

About the commission , i guess than i'm already full And i reduce my number of commission 7 => 5 . I don't think it's nessecary to ask me about the commission , as always you are to many who want take a slot.

I mention that for all again , it's not because i've lose the motivation to create but it's because i've not the time. Certainly less stuff for this month But animation an set of picture planned ! And the second part for the last animation

Thank you again

The next post is an animation commissioned ( in public dirrectly)

1$ for commission without water mark

3$ for vote on many idea and get access on them

5$ for some personal stuff , animation and wip


Monster Under the Bed "

Sat Sep 29 18:19:34 2018

Commission by Altx

Hello everyone ! I've spend again a really long time for find something great with the sugest of my commissioner ^^ .And for the next time it's the animation commission .

Monster_Under_the_Bed_.png Monster%20Under%20the%20Bed%20v1.png Monster%20Under%20the%20Bed%20.png

Secret toy Part 1 "animation" correct version

Wed Sep 26 11:54:34 2018

Hello there , finally the version corrected , you can compare with the last for show the difference

Changement = Ligthing , Hips body , move eyes , lipsing and some other little thing . Enjoys ! I want always creat the thing the most perfect as possible . About the part two i try to make something more fast and deep <3

Secret_toy_480p_25fps_part1.gif Secret%20toy%20720p%2060fps%20part1.webm.xmp (d) Secret%20toy%20480p%2025fps%20part1.gif

Small info

Tue Sep 25 22:39:01 2018

Hello there , i'm not here until friday but i want tell you some special info about some last animation , i repost tomorrow morning the clean version for "secret toy " many correction add and 1080p this time ! And later the first version for Breed me young man" A1 L1 With big mac l

I've restart the study and many other thing to do , i prefer prevent you about that . And when i can , i post the commission with fluttershy tentacles .

Secret toy "dildo alternate version"

Mon Sep 24 10:45:15 2018

Hello there , little poll for later about my last animation . I do make for later the second part , like "Breed me young man" who come soon too .

I propose you too chooce with wich toy she can get some fun <3

But before i do make the picture with fluttershy tentalce . ( and the promot picture for this one too )

Secret toy Part 1 "animation"

Mon Sep 24 08:07:15 2018

Hello there , animation than i've in mind since a little time .

Think add again some correction . Turn on more faster for the next part and more deeper too :p i think creat a little poll for make you chooce the alternat version of dildo .
But this time i'm very busy i restart the study tomorrow and i've many thing to manage just before . Thank you again for your support <3

New home ... student appartement ... low connexion ahhh

I try to upload the webm and gif version but my connexion is to low :( i search a solution

Secret_toy_360p_12.5fps_part1.gif Secret%20toy%20480p%2025fps%20part1.gif Secret%20toy%20720p%2060fps%20part1.webm (d)

Secret toy "Animation Preview"

Sun Sep 23 10:58:29 2018

Hello there , i work on this animation actually :) , i try to make my most longer animation . I've again so many thing to do , i hope finish this for tomorrow . Maybe make an alternate version with different dildo ;) ( like human / dog ... or other )


VIP after show part two

Sat Sep 22 00:21:38 2018

Commission by NoName

Happy birthday Big mac

And i prepare an animation for the next post ! enjoys ! it's something simple but cute and sexy .

VIP_after_show_part_two_part_2_.png VIP%20after%20show%20part%20two%20part%202%20.png

Luna gaming "animation " all

Thu Sep 20 16:33:41 2018

And the version Assemble ! I hope you than like this one :)

Thank you again for all your support :) And don't forget to get always fun !

Next post commission , come soon .

Luna_gaming_480p_25fps.gif Luna%20gaming%20720p%2060fps.webm (d) Luna%20gaming%20480p%2025fps.gif

Luna gaming "animation" A2

Thu Sep 20 16:14:40 2018

And seconde done ! Luna get more some fun with his new friend <3

Thank you again for all your support :) And don't forget to get always fun !

I post an last thing with this two loop

Luna_gaming_angle_2_480p_25fps.gif Luna%20gaming%20angle%202%20480p%2025fps.gif Luna%20gaming%20angle%202%20720p%2060fps.webm (d)

Luna gaming "animation" A1

Thu Sep 20 16:02:35 2018

And finaly done ! Luna get some fun with his new friend <3

The second anlge come in some little minute

Thank you again for all your support :) And don't forget to get always fun !

I make an other post For the second angle and assemble with this one

Luna_gaming_angle_1_480p_25fps.gif Luna%20gaming%20angle%201%20720p%2060fps.webm (d) Luna%20gaming%20angle%201%20480p%2025fps.gif

Program and other info

Wed Sep 19 15:58:11 2018

Hello there , when i write this short text i export actually my animation with luna"gaming" i've it for 9 hour , but good new ! i've two point on view !

One front of like this preview picture and one other who show the penetration . But i can't see in detail what i do correct with preview . It's for that than i think add the correction after the first post .

Well it's all what i've planned before the end of the month

I restart the study the next week . I warn you , my stuff can be post more slowly . I reduce the number of commission take too ( 7 => 5)

For the month of october i've always the set with the mane six in space. And again some other animation ;) with the family pie ( it's for a pack )

If the commissioner have some question ask me ! And if i've forget someone tell me !

Luna gaming animation "preview"

Tue Sep 18 22:23:55 2018

Hello there , i've work a lot on it , luna is actually full animated , i do just correct the death claw who make again to much weird thing . After i do adjust the ligthing and scenebuild for make something more visible .

I think export and finish that tomorrow . If you have some sugestion ask me .


Slim and smooth ( futa )

Mon Sep 17 18:08:24 2018

Solo picture for this mare very pretty and very little show

She look like at young celestia too =/ It's fleur de lis !

I work now on the luna animation

Slim_and_smooth_futa_.png Slim%20and%20smooth%20futa%20.png

Slim and smooth

Mon Sep 17 16:04:51 2018

Solo picture for this mare very pretty and very little show

She look like at young celestia too =/ It's fleur de lis ! Futa version come in a little moment

I work now on the luna animation

Slim_and_smooth_.png Slim%20and%20smooth%20.png

Boutique Bonding 2

Fri Sep 14 17:51:15 2018

Commission by Ultima

Hello there , new commission! I'm not here this weekend . But i come back with the "Luna Gaming animation " ! I think make soon too create an solo picture with fleur de lys because she is verry pretty :3 enjoy !

Pony model by Aeridic Sassy saddles

Pony model Fleur de lys by Sindroom

Boutique_Bonding_2.png Boutique%20Bonding%202.png

Breed me young man "Animation" (L1 A2 Buttons)

Fri Sep 14 07:01:59 2018

And the last version ,button second angle .

Well i've a planning very full for the next . Today i really try to finish an commission .

But if i do mention something for the commissioner , For the next time send me your discord , i wait again some precision for someone . Because i'm not sure if i can modifie your request for make something maybe better or if you want absoluty what you've ask .

I spend all my last day for find nothing . But today i try publish something

Enjoy and thank you again for you're support . ( i try to make the luna animation the next week because i'm busy this weekend , i don't think be here )

Buttons_mom_x_button_Loop_1_angle_2_480p_25_fps.gif Button%27s%20mom%20x%20button%20Loop%201%20angle%202%20480p%2025%20fps.gif Button%27s%20mom%20x%20button%20Loop%201%20angle%202%20720p%2060fps.webm (d)

Breed me young man "Animation" (L1 A1 Buttons)

Thu Sep 13 07:26:24 2018

You have ask button , you get this one ^^ enjoys

Tomorrow i export the second angle with him . Meanwhile i do make an other request today .

But I have to take my computer with me for an other visit with the technician because my new ssd is bad install =/ I've get an ssd at 500 go and i see only 500mo already full , i do fix this .

And i want mention something important ! Button mash is actually not a kid because he have the same size than big mac and his cm , i don't want be affiliate at something bad ok ?But i've already make incest

Buttons_mom_x_button_Loop_1_angle_1_480p_25_fps.gif Button%27s%20mom%20x%20button%20Loop%201%20angle%201%20480p%2025%20fps.gif Button%27s%20mom%20x%20button%20Loop%201%20angle%201%20720p%2060fps.webm (d)

Midnight snack

Wed Sep 12 16:32:26 2018

Commission by final prank

Need to eat something during the middle of the night ? Naughty game ... and maybe make one ... or Two child ?

Pony model Cookie crumble by Maximiliano235

Pony model Hondo Flanks by EmpireOfTime

midnight_snack.png midnight%20snack.png

Breed me young man "Animation" (L1 A2 Big mac)

Wed Sep 12 09:20:06 2018

And second angle , i've adjust some little thing , i do update the first loop .

But i've get some coomentary ... do you want an version with button mash ? I can do that easy . But i can make only one render per night .

For the next , i don't work on the second loop , i work on commission and after the other animation with luna , only one loop but maybe something around 10 sec . For tomorrow morning i update the last one animation

At the end i make a big version with all the sequence.

Buttons_mom_Loop_1_angle_2_480p_25_fps.gif Button%27s%20mom%20Loop%201%20angle%202%20480p%2025%20fps.gif Button%27s%20mom%20Loop%201%20angle%202%20720p%2060fps.webm (d)

Breed me young man picture

Tue Sep 11 15:43:31 2018

Because i like this one , i want make a picture with her <3

And that can make for me an promotion picture for my animation .

I really want extend this one and correct and some little thing .With different angle , i need to practice more animation ! i've give you in description two version , one more saturated =/ i'm not sure which one can be the best for your screen .

Enjoys for the best mom ever !

Breed_me_young_man_Picture_.png Breed%20me%20young%20man%20Picture%20.png Breed%20me%20young%20man%20Picture%20v2%20%20.png

Breed me young man "Animation" (Loop 1 Angle 1)

Tue Sep 11 09:55:25 2018

And done , this is the first part , i want make my biggest animation but it take a lot of time . I export the other angle for tomorrow ( during the night)

And after make an other version more faster :p if you're agree .

For the story ... i've dream of this one night . So soft <3

Buttons_mom_Loop_1_angle_1_480p_25_fps.gif Button%27s%20mom%20Loop%201%20angle%201%20480p%2025%20fps.gif Button%27s%20mom%20Loop%201%20angle%201%20720p%2060fps.webm (d)

Program for the week

Mon Sep 10 20:18:56 2018

Hello there , i'm on sereval thing in a same time.

I've in mind an idea of set for halloween , no many rapport with halloween but i want make this thing " Mane 6 into the space " I want try some art without gravity i'm sure that can be beautifull. Say me in comment what you think of this .

Hit the showers

Sat Sep 8 23:47:58 2018

Commission by Altx

And an other commission done .

Two Nerd futa girls who want meet an another species . And get a personal shower .

I see some people fan of my last utilisation of werewolf :p .

I can't wait to learn blender for make better ligthing . I've find an other good idea for an pack of picture ! But i do finish all animation and commission before

Hit_the_Showers_v2_.png Hit%20the%20Showers%20v1.png Hit%20the%20Showers%20v2%20.png

Animation "Preview"

Sat Sep 8 00:03:10 2018

Breedme young man .

Hello there today i've work a lot on this animation , it's not again perfect but i've do the most important part of the animation , that can be a really short loop because i use a body very detail for this one , but i think extend this later .

Lighting and background can be change again

I Wait too an upgrade for the body than i use ussualy !

But tomorrow i make an other commission .

If you have some suggestion about this animation say it in comment


Creamy cupcake "unfinish"

Thu Sep 6 23:36:25 2018

Commission by Quakeor

Hello there , i've get my computer today , but not the time to finish this , i continue it tomorrow morning .

And i've a good new for you ! I prepare an personal work ... animation ... with button's mom :p for tier 3 I work on it after this picture .

I want try a strange position for this one it's the perfect one for show all than i want , i hope you like it ! cum edit come too no worry ! need to be more creamy ...

Creamy_cupcake_v1.png Creamy%20cupcake%20v1.png

Poll for animation

Tue Sep 4 20:42:34 2018

Hello there, this month I plan on practicing animation again because i've had a few animation ideas on my mind for a little while now.

The final idea is for your to choose :) I plan on making a poll for it but there will be some delay due to maintenence work being done on my main work computer (a small upgrade to a new 500GB SSD).

I am able to work on basic NSFW pictures using my laptop but I will have to keep the editing work and commissions on hold until Thursday (depending on when I get my computer).

However, I'm currently also preparing work for my university as i'll be resuming my studies on the 24th of September which doesn't give me much time to work in SFM

Letting out the vapors

Mon Sep 3 21:16:50 2018

Commission by Super Duper

Ahh it's always fantastic to work on something very fresh and angelic :p

Sweet angel <3 welcome to the paradise

Pony model vaportrail by MythicSpeed

Soon post other commission and vote !

Letting_out_the_vapors.png Letting%20out%20the%20vapors.png

Thank you support !

Sun Sep 2 14:08:10 2018

Thank you again for your support ! Again an month with a lot of stuff ! And with much better quality !

I can't show all support ( sorry if i've forget you ) As all of the month little compilation for show you all my work creat in august 2018 .

I've planed much more but i restart soon the study , and than mean less production of great picture , but always with this quality , or more .

I organise soon some vote and i restart to make the commission who are ask since august . Because i'm in late i don't take Other request .

Oh And thank you at anthroponiessfm for his collaboration and help and

Dark skye too it's two other great artist !

The next post come soon ! enjoys <3

1$ for commission without water mark

3$ for vote on many idea and get access on them

5$ for some personal stuff


Luna gaming Pack !

Sat Sep 1 23:36:49 2018

Thank you at all for have support me during this work . i've spend so many time and work on this set . i hope you like it .

I mention as all of the month soon the best support of the month ^^ ! this picture for say thx at all come soon .

Promotion.png Luna%20gaming%20ready%20to%20play.png Luna%20gaming%20ready%20to%20play%20futa.png Luna%20gaming%20level%201.png Luna%20gaming%20level%201%20futa%20.png Luna%20gaming%20level%202%20%20.png Luna%20gaming%20level%202%20%20futa.png Luna%20gaming%20level%203%20.png Luna%20gaming%20level%203%20futa%20.png Luna%20gaming%20Final%20boss.png Luna%20gaming%20Final%20boss%20futa%20.png

Luna Gaming " Final boss" #5.2/5

Sat Sep 1 22:57:25 2018

And finish ! Set finish ! version for the lover futa ;)

Ahaha what did you expect for the last ;) not a penetration compare at the other But ! i propose you something ! do you want see this duo be animated ? i make a vote soon for this and between other animation ( no other set for this month but animation !)

It's the one than i've the most rush because i'm in late xD but i hope you like it . Thank you again for all your support .

I publish now this set in public give me just some minute for manage all .


Luna Gaming " Final boss" #5.1/5

Sat Sep 1 22:56:15 2018

And finish ! Set finish !

Ahaha what did you expect for the last ;) not a penetration compare at the other But ! i propose you something ! do you want see this duo be animated ? i make a vote soon for this and between other animation ( no other set for this month but animation !)

It's the one than i've the most rush because i'm in late xD but i hope you like it . Thank you again for all your support .

I publish now this set in public give me just some minute for manage all .

Luna_gaming_Final_boss.png Luna%20gaming%20Final%20boss.png

Luna Gaming " Level 3" #4.2/5

Fri Aug 31 23:26:57 2018

And level 3 done !

Tomorrow the last ! Final boss >< biggest one !

Luna_gaming_level_3_v2_futa_.png Luna%20gaming%20level%203%20v2%20futa%20.png

Luna Gaming " Level 3" #4.1/5

Fri Aug 31 20:59:35 2018

Now , you know where come the power and bestiality of the werewolf ;) .

After 12 hour finish ! well you see the difference with the preview picture .

I send the futa version tonight i'm actually on it .

And tomorrow the last ! Final boss

Luna_gaming_level_3_v2.png Luna%20gaming%20level%203%20v2.png

Luna gaming level 3 "Preview"

Thu Aug 30 23:29:16 2018

Hello there , an little preview for show you the work in progress , after an little debat with some other people i've chooce to continue this picture .

Before continue to detail the picture i creat some other different position and angles , it's for this reason than that take me a lot of time for creat one picture . Some people want know how i work , well i give you the preview and an other than i've use for chooce which one i continue.

Werewolf for the level 3 :p ! i've think add 2 but with only one ... it's not already more hard and bestial than before ? and oh ! i want create something new , two point of view for this one , into an corner i guess add an small window with for point of view the pussy fuck by this werewolf because actually we can't see many thing like this =/

Tell me in comment what do you think of this concept ? and no worry it's an preview x) the quality is much more increase for the final picture.

Ps : new icon for tier :D i hope you like it !

Wip_luna_gaming_level_3_wip_v1.png Wip%20luna%20gaming%20level%203%20wip%20v1.png Wip%20luna%20gaming%20v5.png

Program for the next

Thu Aug 30 10:56:43 2018

Hello everyone !

It's soon the end of the month , and i make the commission ask for september ! at the moment i do finish luna gaming "level 3" and "final boss" . But to reassure you I notice here , the commissioner who have ask something and them request =

For the last please confirm your payout

I don't take commission for the month of september but i make all of this up note .

Thank you for your support , and no worry i don't want make a work than you can be disapoint it's not my objectif ;)

Meet the apple family V2 "Animation commission"

Wed Aug 29 21:21:14 2018

Commission by Mega Bolt X

Hello ! and finaly i can show you something :D ,a lot of work behind this . But that have need again of some little correction , i recorrect all this night and export ( an exportation cost me 4,30 hour =/ for 12 sec i do that this night )

In waiting i give you the gif and the webm sounding , i search again some much better sound effect . Thank you for you're support .

Meet_the_Apple_family_v2_480p_25fps.gif Meet%20the%20Apple%20family%20v1.webm (d) Meet%20the%20Apple%20family%20v1%20480p%2025fps.gif Meet%20the%20Apple%20family%20v2%20720p%2060fps.webm (d) Meet%20the%20Apple%20family%20v2%20480p%2025fps.gif

Animation commission preview

Tue Aug 28 15:45:52 2018

Hello there, the animation come soon , normaly tomorrow , i guess make an animation around 10 sec , with two different rythme and as always 60fps 720p ad with sound .

After my third tentative i've finaly find something x) but i do adujst and finish to animate many little detail , actually it's finish at 60%

And i say thank you for the people who help me for learn how animat on sfm x) i learn always some little thing very stupid but so much greatfull


Cute friendship (collab)

Sun Aug 26 23:33:37 2018

Little collab between me and AnthroPoniesSFM

For all the hatter who can send some angry message again'st our Oc , we do this .

AntrhoPoniessfm do the sfm work , me the editing :3

I know it's maybe not very interesting but i've need to change an little of the nsfw antrho , and that recall me why i like do sfm stuff and editing <3

The animation come soon !

Cute_friendship_v2.png Cute%20friendship%20v2.png

Luna Gaming " Level 2" #3.2/5

Sun Aug 26 15:19:23 2018

And the futa version done ! with some little modification for the other.

Now i can start the animation request ! and in a same time a personal work with an little collab picture ...

Luna_gaming_level_2_v2_futa.png Luna%20gaming%20level%202%20v2%20futa.png

New bedroom ( irl stuff )

Sun Aug 26 13:29:06 2018

Hello hello ! This last time i was an little busy because i've do redo all my bedroom into the parent's house (an little ironic when i know than i move after september in appartement in town for my study lol )

Change the floor , redo and paint the wall , and redo the electricity . I do again change some old furniture like my desk and my chair =/

But it's finish ! now i can speed the rest of the work than i do make ^^'

For the setting of my computre it's :

Window 10

Gtx 1080

32 Go Ram

SSD 500 Go


Water coller ventilation

Screen = Hp w 2207 22"

Secondary = PB27UQ LCD Monitor 27" (4k)


Luna Gaming " Level 2" #3.1/5

Sat Aug 25 21:08:07 2018

Level 2 done ! (not totaly , i do finish the futa version and i guess increase a little more the effect when i upload the futa .

Tentacles ! Level reach ... not bad ... more difficult ... Mash the button A for load luna :p

I'm a great fan of tentacle ... that have realy need to exist , look like a bubbles gum :3 texture like a latex ... and totaly wet , perfect for be extremely clean ...

Luna_gaming_level_2_v2_.png Luna%20gaming%20level%202%20v1.png Luna%20gaming%20level%202%20v2%20.png

Spike’s Breeding Party – Part 2

Thu Aug 23 19:29:38 2018

Commission by Quello scleto

Finally ! after ... maybe 7hour of edit , i guess have finish , i've certainly forgive some very small detail but it's done :)

The first picture than i've do is here

Thank again for your support , i take more pleasure to take more my time on a work for make better stuff . Next post luna gaming level 2

Spike's Breeding Party - Part 2 –

Two weeks later Spike found himself again surrounded by nine eager-to-be-bred mares. And again he found himself locked in the same room now aptly renamed as ’Dragon Breeding Grounds’ by an overly eager Twilight.

If that wasn’t enough, these nine new mares were also mare he had come to know in one way or another, carefully selected and reviewed by his mother, Celestia, and approved by Luna.

When he first entered the room he was greeted by the sight of these nine mares, already naked and waiting for him. He was surprised to see them as his mother had wanted to save their identities as a surprise. And what a surprise it was! After a short talk with the mares, Spike came to know of their motives for offering themselves as mothers to his kirin foals. Arrangements had already been made and signed, such as Celestia’s and Luna’s promise that the crown would generously support the soon-to-be breeding mares.

At least, in some cases.

Trixie’s motive was, if not childish, then certainly very endearing. She liked Spike as a friend, but after Starlight told her what she had done, Trixie didn’t felt like leaving her best friend like that, and so, decided to carry her own kirin foal alongside her dear friend.

Then came his old friend, Lyra, who confessed she always liked him and always kept a crush on him, much like Moondancer, Twinkleshine, Minuette, and Lemon Hearts did. He believed her alright, the way she was treating his sack was proof enough for him.

And wherever Lyra went, Bon Bon followed. Or should he say Sweetie Drops? He didn’t know much about her true identity, but she was always friendly to him. She only stated that she would always support Lyra no matter what, even if that meant joining her in motherhood.

Another duet of friends made their appearance: Vinyl and Octavia. Both famous musicians, both long-time friends, and both longing to embrace him ever since the day they all met in Canterlot all those years ago. Of course, he knew they were an item, but that never stopped them from teasing him with promises of one day bearing his foals. Now a future reality.

Then was the oldest of the ’Flower Trio’, Roseluck. They had always been friendly towards each other, and while not quite close friends, Spike respected her and her sisters for their work despite their tendency of overreacting. Imagine his surprise when she told him she was a dragonphile and that she would do anything for a chance to bear his foals? How could he refuse her?

The last three mares were the biggest surprise, however.

Berry Punch, a mother already, had always been a fun mare to be around. Genuinely funny and caring, her drinking habit made her a hit in every party; perhaps the reason why the two of them were so quick to befriend the other. A benefit of being a dragon was his incapacity to get drunk with alcohol, which made him the perfect drinking partner for Berry. She offered herself for a steady supply of booze and because she was frustrated that he had never got her hints to rut her brains out before.

Mayor Mare was far simpler and straightforward. She wanted a foal, end of story. But if she was going to have a foal, might as well be for the future of Equestria and with someone, she respected for his work around town and to Princess Twilight.

And at last, was Ditzy Doo, better known as Derpy, nickname given thanks to her clumsy nature. Spike could only describe her as adorable and a fantastic mother. Their friendship had always been very simple, but endearing. She, ashamed, admitted she did it for the bits; raising two daughters was not easy on her pockets. But she also confessed she wanted to be a mother again before she leaped and kissed him oh so tenderly.

Now Spike found himself pounding at Derpy’s depths, the mare panting and moaning in delight as yet another orgasm coursed through her body, repeating over and over again she wanted his foal. He felt his orgasm nearing and with it Derpy’s wish.

The night was just beginning; he had nine gorgeous, eager, beautiful mares to please, breed, and impregnate with his seed. Spike knew it was going to be a long night… or three. He did need to be sure they were successfully pregnant with his offspring.

Nine mares so close to his heart were already pregnant. These new nine mares would soon follow.

And Spike knew this was far from over.

On a secluded room, three alicorn princesses watched as their plan continued onward undeterred. All three of them knowing their turn with Spike would come sooner or later. All they had to do was wait.

Spikes_Breeding_Party_Part_2_v2.png Spike%E2%80%99s%20Breeding%20Party%20%E2%80%93%20Part%202%20%20v2.png

Preview : Spike’s Breeding Party – Part 2

Wed Aug 22 22:38:53 2018

Picture before export and edit

Hello , i finish this picture tomorrow ! In waiting i give you the preview . Thank you again to wait for more work quality :).

Very painfull for export this . i do leave my pc do that during the night lol . I see you tomorrow ;)


Program of the week

Tue Aug 21 16:30:13 2018

Hello there ! Little program for warn you about the picture who come .

I test actually a new model for a pussy like my last with chrysalis and zecora , say me what you think of this model i guess i this into the orgie

About the animation i've one slot open for 150$ but because it's increase i prefer keep the money in first and make the commission animation the next month .

Amazon collab

Sun Aug 19 23:54:45 2018

I give you the link for all picture in description in some minute

Very great collab of picture and idea , different style graphique , but i guess we start a good friendship after this <3

Thank you MUS ( more-useless-source )


The hunt

Sun Aug 19 23:16:40 2018

And New picutre ! i've work so much on it for add new effect for water , i publish the picutre now for all . Thank you at MUS for this collab :)

I guess add more effect for late , but it's very late and i do publish this set

Hunting_v1.png Hunting%20v1.png

Crocodile (collab pack 1/2)

Sat Aug 18 09:26:08 2018

Hello there , first picture of the duo for theme amazon :p about this collab we make 2 picture seperatly , i can't show here his work . But when it's finish i publish all in my tumblr

Pinkie wild instinct WARNING !

I've two version for this picture but i'm not sure about them which is the best , igive you the link , and say me what is the best.

Crocodile_v1.png Crocodile%20v1.png Crocodile%20v2.png

Luna Gaming " Level 1" #2.2/5

Thu Aug 16 23:35:59 2018

And the futa version , i think add very some correction later.

And i start to work on the collab :D!

Luna_gaming_level_1_futa_.png Luna%20gaming%20level%201%20futa%20.png

Luna Gaming " Level 1" #2.1/5

Thu Aug 16 11:08:02 2018

The futa version come soon :)

Enjoys for the level 1 !

Ez... Ready for the next level

Luna_gaming_level_1.png Luna%20gaming%20level%201.png

Preview Luna Gaming " Level 1" #2.1/5

Wed Aug 15 23:52:39 2018

Hello there , this is the wip version , because that make a really long time than i work on it , and always not finish , i've make the most important correction , but i do add again many thing .

About the concept : yeah it's only the level 1 :p

But it's not only with the magic hands ... I do use some different type of monster by picture ... the level 2 is something than i've already use in my old work . The level 3 ... i've do ask at some people before start this ... (it's for the ethics )

And the final boss ... well i leave you imagine... ( i can't wait to finish all of this :p )

I work a very long time on my work , i publish maybe an little less of picture but i want increase the quality . I Hope than you understand

Luna_Gaming_Level_1_v1.png Luna%20Gaming%20Level%201%20v1.png

Special thing for special fan

Tue Aug 14 11:37:50 2018

Commission by Furima

Underarms fetish ... i discover always some new fetish lol

special_thing_for_special_fan_.png special%20thing%20for%20special%20fan%20.png

Program for the day who come

Mon Aug 13 23:06:41 2018

Hello there , I was an little afk this last day . I work on other work than sfm, But i finish an other commission tomorrow morning ( an little strange subject ... )

I've Again two last thing to do who is already pay

For the commission of this month please re-send me the info , but because i guess i've take to much commission than i can , i think don't take commission for september .

Well i resum my program

Tomorrow = commission picture

And maybe if i'm fast "Luna gaming level 1"too

After that i do work on a collab with an great other artist sfm ! I post my picture in first here when they are finish , but when i've finish my duo i publish them for all . ( 4 picture for this collab , 2 by artist with a special theme ;) )

Luna Gaming " Ready to play ?" #1.2/5

Sat Aug 11 19:55:36 2018

And the version for the futa lover !

Luna_gaming_ready_to_play_futa.png Luna%20gaming%20ready%20to%20play%20futa.png

Luna Gaming " Ready to play ?" #1.1/5

Sat Aug 11 13:57:49 2018

Hello there , first picture of the set for luna gaming , i prepare some surprise for you :3 level 1 come soon .

I post the futa version in a small time :p

I prepare a collab in a same time sorry if you do wait but i want publish this collab all picture in a same time ;) with an very old artist sfm ( one of the best for me )

For the other commission they come too soon

Luna_gaming_ready_to_play.png Luna%20gaming%20ready%20to%20play.png

I'm ready for you

Thu Aug 9 10:36:32 2018

Commission by NoName

Hello there , sorry again for the waiting , just at the end i've see than i've make a big mistake about use the wrong charactere >< i've do restart all .

This_is_ready_for_me_v2.png This%20is%20ready%20for%20me%20v2.png

VIP after show

Tue Aug 7 21:56:06 2018

Commission by NoName

Private session for big mac ;)

I try to make the work the most clean possible .I 've learn some other thing about the editing , and add 1 million of filter xD

After the heat wave , i restart finally to work x) i try to post the seconde one tomorrow .

VIP_after_show.png VIP%20after%20show.png

Heat wave

Sun Aug 5 16:42:24 2018

Hello there , i've some very very diffuclt for work because of the sun (dam i've praise to much celestia ,it's become daybreaker now ><')

40°c here , with my computer who increase again the heat .

Actually i work on 2 commission picture they come soon , but i think than i can only work the night on it !

Another Satisfied Customer #2/2

Fri Aug 3 23:32:27 2018

Commission by BluesXx.

And seconde picture of this serie with chrysalis pizzy girl ^^ ( i mean third)

Pony Chrysalis by Sindroom


Another Satisfied Customer #1/2

Fri Aug 3 12:47:39 2018

Commission by BluesXx.

First picture on two , but before publish this in public i prefer finish the other than i've already make the sfm version , just the editing to do . And add some little change at the end

Really hard to make an blowjob correct with this pony model when the cock is too huge x)

f7yx6Edz0g6-pxVR0vUkZsHlWxLx6hzC-pc4ND8qMuehKSSXMbIhUeK6Xw22FeGQ.png Another%20Satisfied%20Customer%20part%201%20v1%20.png

New set poll

Wed Aug 1 22:28:36 2018

Hello there ! I give you more time for vote (1 week ) because i do finish in first the other commission . Many idea but not the time for do all . YOU HAVE THE POWER !

About "Luna gaming" I want make something like =

And more and more hardcore with the level reach :p

Thank you support !

Wed Aug 1 20:29:01 2018

You're always more , i mention the principal donation / commentary guys and commissioner . With for exemple all the special stuff on my patreon for july!

1$ for commission without water mark

3$ for vote on many idea and get access on them

5$ for some personal stuff

You're support help me for my study , computer stuff and sandwich . I hope make again much better quality for the next time :D

But at the moment i do make the other commission in late D: !

Ps : i've think it's better to mention you like this for you support <3


New rules

Tue Jul 31 23:14:55 2018

Commission by Lupus Master

Pony model Tempest shadow by Aeridiccore

New_rules.png New%20rules.png

Paradise Hooves Better version with sound

Mon Jul 30 21:05:03 2018

Hello there , i've finally make the sound edit , and i've redo this one with an better model it's not very visible but she have more polygone .

Next time i try to make an loop more longer than this . But for tomorrow : commission !

Find in description the gif version 480p and 720p in 25 fps

And the webm with sound version 480p and 720p in 60 fps

Paradise_Hooves_2_480p_25fps.gif Paradise%20Hooves%202%20480p%2025fps.gif Paradise%20Hooves%202%20720p%2025fps.gif Paradise%20Hooves%202%20%2060%20fps%20sound%20480p.webm (d) Paradise%20Hooves%202%20%2060%20fps%20sound%20720p.webm (d)

End of the month and August

Sun Jul 29 23:16:06 2018

Hello there , well now i focus my work on the commission , i finish in first all in my previous list and after I continue again the commission of august . And after i want creat more animation ! i've need to learn more on it . and make more animation or more long and complexe .

I wanted to talk about an issue I encounter often which is that every month I receive emails and messages to ask me if I take commissions or if commissions are open. I even get some that ask why I always take the same commissioner and sometimes I feel so overwhelmed I forget to respond to some people who want to talk to me.

The thing is that it is starting to get hard to manage all of you myself. About commissions, I have no idea how to make a fair system for it in order for not people to feel left out.

Sometimes, some of you get legitimately angry at me because I take ages to respond or I downright forget about you. I really want you to know that it is not something I do on purpose and I'm really, terribly sorry to create so much distress.

Ps : i search some new icone and banner but it's experimental , and the edit of the animation come soon too , actually i try to increase it again with an better model ( more polygone but very long for export )

Paradise Hooves II Animation ! Summer pack 5/5

Sat Jul 28 17:53:15 2018

Hello ! And last thing for the pack ^^ short thing but enjoys ! i'm not a pro with animation but i try to do of my best ! I prepare the webm version with sound . i add with this in a little moment !

Paradise_Hooves_2_720p_25fps.gif Paradise%20Hooves%202%20720p%2025fps.gif

Paradise Hooves

Fri Jul 27 10:10:12 2018

And finaly done ! Pfiou , i've really work a lot of time on it , i hope you like it !

I think create a non futa version for later ? With some little detail in more

Last thing ... dam if i've the time ! i do really rush my short animation>< i make something short but good !

Paradise_Hooves_v1.png Paradise%20Hooves%20v1.png

Picture #4/5 Preview

Thu Jul 26 17:45:10 2018

Hello there , short preview with just the scene build ! 7charatere on it , i try to finish this for tonight actually i export all for edititing just now ! just wait a little bit again ^^

Do you prefert see an preview like that ? i mean just the scene ?

And an other thing , about my banner : my account i've been suspend during a small time , i do creat an other ... more ... safe i guess ( patreon start to be very very very strict with the nsfw ... ) actually all is resolve ! but i do change my profil picture too soon


Futur commission

Wed Jul 25 13:30:29 2018

Hello there , Some commission can't be finish this month but i repport them for august + the 7 other of the month of august

But i want try to make more short animation for the month who come

Well i show all the commissioner who have ask me a request but certenly repport for the next month

And if the commissioner want more info contact me

Massage Derp #3/5

Tue Jul 24 23:12:17 2018

New picutre for the summer set !

Well for the two last i guess make an big picture with an short animation enjoys !

That make a realy long time than i've not use derpy .

I search again an better tittle , say me in comment you're suggestion for a new tittle

Massage_Derp..png Massage%20Derp..png

Améthyste #2/5

Mon Jul 23 21:22:15 2018

Hello new picture for the summer pack , but i've try to make something hard >< i explain : i've two screen but they don't show me the same contraste on for this picture , i can certainly retoutch the contrast and some detail later .


Here for save the your life #1/5

Sun Jul 22 15:47:17 2018

First picture for the summer pack , the next come soon !

Certainly somemodification before the last date .

Here_for_save_the_your_life_v1.png Here%20for%20save%20the%20your%20life%20v1.png

Butt on face poll

Sat Jul 21 21:50:48 2018

Hello there , i've planned to make an butt on face , but i'm not decide about who that can be into the picture , it's for that than i propose you some proposition , this picture it for the summer pack

Cum here often

Sat Jul 21 14:46:23 2018

Commission by Altx

Huge Rd special for the people who like the "bigger it's better"

This type of cock is ask from the commissioner .

About the other commission , actually i'm to much late >< i do finish some picture for the summer pack in first , i post them in first on my patreon tier 3

Rainbow dash alternate by AeridicCore

Cum_here_often.png Cum%20here%20often.png

Boutique Bonding #1.2

Thu Jul 19 23:40:59 2018

Commission By Ultima

Always good to test some rare model use like them , fleur de lys look very pretty ,i think use her for later too ;)

Sorry again for the waiting , but i do modificate my planning .

Sassy saddles model by AeridicCore

Fleur de lys model by CobbeltCo

Boutique_Bonding_1.2_.png Boutique%20Bonding%201.2%20%20.png

Boutique Bonding #1.1

Thu Jul 19 22:30:32 2018

Commission By Ultima

The cum version come in some minute

Always good to test some rare model use like them , fleur de lys look very pretty ,i think use her for later too ;)

Sorry again for the waiting , but i do modificate my planning .

Sassy saddles model by AeridicCore

Fleur de lys model by CobbeltCo

Boutique_Bonding_1.1_.png Boutique%20Bonding%201.1%20.png

Very bad day

Wed Jul 18 20:40:31 2018

Hello , as you can see , i don't have publish so many picture this last time , i'm terribly sorry for that . But i've get so many bad new and bad thing this last day ...

we can start to talk of my cat ... after some week i've decided to take him away for see an vet = very tired / no eat a lot / lose many fur in her back / start to be very skinny / and huge belly

I've just think it's a worms parasite ... but it's a cancer ...

And they don't have send me a lot of chooce exepect make her fall asleep ... i wait an little more before do this thing ...

I've just after that lose my wallet , and i do make many thing about the administration for that ! Hope full for me i've never something into ( into my paycard too ahahah ) exepect ... important paper .

And some other little trouble who make me slow into my work of sfm . I think post something tonight or tomorrow monring but i prefer warn you i'm not in my best happyness .

I hope you can understand and thank you for you're support <3

Succes story

Mon Jul 16 22:59:03 2018

Commission by Final prank

New old couple make ;p how make a Diamond ... Rock with very high pressure .

I want test new effect with this picture , i hope you like it !

Next commission come soon !

Filthy rich model by Tyrakareborn

Spoiled rich model by Fillerartist

Succes_story.png Succes%20story.png

Master of seduction #4.2

Sat Jul 14 08:54:31 2018

And the group version , i've spend a lot of time for find for them something good , many other test of pose but i like this one :) Thank you for you're support again ! If this set exist it's because of you !

I'm not here this weekend , but i restart to make commission monday , and 1 picture per day if i can !

Master_of_seduction_4.2.png Master%20of%20seduction%204.2.png

Master of seduction #4.1

Sat Jul 14 08:53:28 2018

And the group version , i've spend a lot of time for find for them something good , many other test of pose but i like this one :) Thank you for you're support again ! If this set exist it's because of you !

I'm not here this weekend , but i restart to make commission monday , and 1 picture per day if i can !

Master_of_seduction_4.1.png Master%20of%20seduction%204.1.png

Master of seduction #3.2

Thu Jul 12 13:46:25 2018

And Adagio version futa finish :) Some one want to hel for add the suncream ?

Little modification add about the other version

The group version come soon

Master_of_seduction_3.2_v2.png Master%20of%20seduction%20%233.2%20v2.png

Master of seduction #3.1

Wed Jul 11 22:28:44 2018

And Adagio :) Some one want to hel for add the suncream ?

Little modification add

Master_of_seduction_3.1_v2.png Master%20of%20seduction%20%233.1%20v2.png

Master of seduction #2.2

Wed Jul 11 10:11:46 2018

And futa version done ! I try to finish adagio today too .

Master_of_seduction_2.2.png Master%20of%20seduction%202.2.png

Master of seduction #2.1

Tue Jul 10 17:32:20 2018

Seconde picture ! the futa version come in some hour i do finish the edit .

Depraved girl , i guess we have all meet a girl like that , top popular of the middle school or college , totaly sick with the other .

Master_of_seduction_2.1.png Master%20of%20seduction%202.1.png


Sun Jul 8 23:36:40 2018

Hello ! an picture an little special , focus on me because today it's my birthday :D !

My Absolute fetish ... not like everyone ... just sleep into some... soft and tasty big thing ...

Why on luna ? i guess that make more sence because she is watch my dream and she take care of me , like all the other mare .

I've no favorite i love all of you .

Sorry if sometime i use you for some bad thing . But the women in generaly have totaly my respect ,i don't consider them like a slut or something stupid like this .

I reblog tomorrow morning some gift from other artist on my tumblr :D thx you guy for you're gift !

And now i've 2 screen ( one 4k ) but i've again some difference of color between them =/ it's very hard to manage exactly as i want the contraste.

And thank you at all my support on patreon :D you're the best !

Happy_birthday_hoovesart_texte.png Happy%20birthday%20hoovesart%20%20texte.png Happy%20birthday%20hoovesart.png

Master of seduction #1.2

Sun Jul 8 20:37:23 2018

And first picture of the set ,as always i do make some little modification on it again .

sorry for the late ... i prepare something important for me who come very soon ...

I try to make the the seconde tomorrow :) Seduction master ;p

Master_seduction_1.1.png Master%20seduction%201.1.png

Master of seduction #1.1

Sun Jul 8 20:35:56 2018

And first picture of the set ,as always i do make some little modification on it again .

sorry for the late ... i prepare something important for me who come very soon ...

I try to make the the seconde tomorrow :) Seduction master ;p

Master_seduction_1.2.png Master%20seduction%201.2.png


Thu Jul 5 11:56:53 2018

That make so many month than i search an idea with this character , she is to much pure for make something dirt . I've work on it during many hour for finally do this ! i'm certain , if i learn new thing i add on it , but at the moment i propose you that :')

My original inspiration is find into the manga berserk , but i leave you search from what picture i'm inspirate . (i'm not at the level of Miura but i've do of my best)

Actually my new favorite picture

Mother.png Mother.png

What is the next ?

Wed Jul 4 07:05:54 2018

Hello everyone new poll for chooce what you want see ?

Actually i make 1 special picture for soon , and some picture for pack , nothing for today that mean but a preview

My futur

Wed Jul 4 06:54:21 2018

Hello everyone .

I presum you have some question about how many time i continue to do the sfm stuff ? Sure until the end of this summer , but after ...

I mean sfm is to much old , to much limited . I've need of more power if i want continue to increase my work . It's for this reason that i think move on blender or an other software soon .

I've get a good last years in my school art , learn many thing . But i've decide to change of formation . I was into a traditional way , so acedamical and only traditional toll . It's great for learn the drawing , but honestly an little boring and frutrating.

I've need to learn more digital 3d and 2d , it's for this reason than for the next years i change of formation for go in 3D . (For learn all of what i've need in digital ( painting digital , modeling , software and many other thing )

But eh you know what that mean , more quality , less of picture . But !

I've planned to redo all the pony base head and with my own model for be totally independant of the modeler artist . And be a real artist

All of what i've talk come afer september and i'm so much forward to start to learn with an teacher !

Spike’s favorite

Tue Jul 3 22:38:56 2018

Commission by Lupus Master

I test a new horse cock

And done ! It's an commission of the last month than i've forget ^^' , if i forget some request please re-contact me .

I give the version without text on patreon only

Spikes_favorite_.png Spike%E2%80%99s%20favorite%20.png Spike%E2%80%99s%20favorite%20without%20texte.png

Secret coaching

Mon Jul 2 21:54:27 2018

Rainbow - Rhhaaa , where is fluttershy?? she really need to make more sport activity !

Fluttershy - Thank you mr's handyou're much more kind with me than dashie ... hum ... oh ... am ... huf ... sorry for my dirty body ... are you sure about this exercice ?

Hello there ! first post of the month , well this week callenge to post one picture per day ... or to prepare x)

I've some other idea with this first concept ! say me in comment if you want more ... i mean ... the next part ...

Need more safe work in my stuff like this :) and maybe like always some modification on it in the futur .

Secret_coaching_v1.png Secret%20coaching%20v1.png

Commission open

Sun Jul 1 14:28:08 2018

Commission open , contact me by my email = hoov3s4rt@gmail.com

Or by the patreon message , payout by patreon sub , when you sub for the commission slot you have all of the tier accessible .

Only 7 slot open hurry up ! :p


Program for the month of july

Sun Jul 1 14:16:18 2018

Hello people ! many thing planned this month .

For the commission i think make someone when i've the time but i think make the most of the commission after the middle month .

But i can be in apparence an little inactif ,because i do continue to work on some stuff for the pack of summer with some other artist . i've no idea if i can share the work who come on my patreon but for tier 3 maybe integraly or maybe just a preview.

I hope than i can do all of this during the month ^^ and little info ... my birthday come soon ... 9 july , i make an personal picture for myself for celebrate this lol .

Thx you again for all the new support who comes.

And for the commissioner please recontact me !

Personal sun cream

Sat Jun 30 12:11:59 2018

New picture vote !

After many test , i find finaly something , but some little correction to add . I don't think have the time for finish fluttershy before tonight . I propose you this for the next month on my patreon .

Recurrent charcter with human cock into my work

I love smoothie ...

Personal_sun_cream_v1.png Personal%20sun%20cream%20v1.png

Praise the love

Thu Jun 28 12:24:10 2018

Done ! i wait you're comment , because i think add soon some little correction . Little changement of point of view because i don't want read than i make always the same thing x) anyway enjoys !

Praise_the_love_v1.png Praise%20the%20love%20%20v1.png

Little program before the end of the month

Wed Jun 27 21:35:32 2018

Hello there , sorry for my rencently inactivity ( i mean today x) ) it's just because i do resolve some real life trouble , like appartement and study for the next years but it's what i've planned to do before the end of the week =

Thx you again for the new support , you're many who come this time :D

Chrysalis' Revenge #1.2

Tue Jun 26 17:29:44 2018

Commission by Ultima

Hello , new commission done , but i've need to talk with you about it .
Yes , it's a rape =/ Honestly i don't like this type of artwork , but into the show this scene can make a sence , i mean it's not two random charactere who are rape . But sometime i can see people who want something like a cadence rape by king sombra or other thing like this . I prefer warn you it's the only time than i make this type of artwork . No pain or scare for the next time . I prefer when it's lovely fun and happy , nothing sad . (But that can be naughty :p )
For the patreon support , i work in first of the "praise the love" i'm not sure if you have understand because some people have ask me what is it ( it's a picture with cadence)

Queen chrysalis model by Sindroom
Starlight model by Mariofan48

Chrysalis_Revenge_2_.png Chrysalis%27%20Revenge%20%232%20.png

Chrysalis' Revenge #1.1

Tue Jun 26 17:28:39 2018

Commission by Ultima

Hello , new commission done , but i've need to talk with you about it .

Yes , it's a rape =/ Honestly i don't like this type of artwork , but into the show this scene can make a sence , i mean it's not two random charactere who are rape . But sometime i can see people who want something like a cadence rape by king sombra or other thing like this . I prefer warn you it's the only time than i make this type of artwork . No pain or scare for the next time . I prefer when it's lovely fun and happy , nothing sad . (But that can be naughty :p )

For the patreon support , i work in first of the "praise the love" i'm not sure if you have understand because some people have ask me what is it ( it's a picture with cadence)

Queen chrysalis model by Sindroom

Starlight model by Mariofan48

Chrysalis_Revenge_1_.png Chrysalis%27%20Revenge%20%231%20.png

Sexercising Outdoors

Sun Jun 24 17:56:51 2018

Commission by FoxNightshade

Twilight coached fluttershy during her exercise, but it's always hard to stay concentrated with her

Twilight - don't worry fluttershy , i've read somebook about a type of exercise that can make you lose weight , stay like this and don't move ...

No response from fluttershy ... only some groan and a smile

Pony model from JuiceDane

Next post is the last commission of the month

Sexercising_Outdoors.png Sexercising%20Outdoors.png

What is the next ?

Sat Jun 23 08:42:34 2018

Hello everyone , new vote again ! Thank you at all the new support ! i see you have really like the result of the last vote ! well i propose you again an last thing before the end of the month .

I make this for the next week , before i do finish the two last commission .

I've think make an alternate version of an last animation ( with marble x big mac i change for fluttershy because many ask )

Enjoys !

Praise the moon

Thu Jun 21 13:13:33 2018

And finish ! i'm fast ? the vote is end since less than an hour ? I've anticipated the result because since a long moment luna is vote in majority x)

Well , it's a duo of picture than i propose you ! enjoys . Happy celestia day ! ( it's the Solstice today day the most big of the years )

The next time it's a commission but i do manage some little thing in real life i try to post the commission tomorow but not sure .