Independence Day Pecs! (NSFW)

Thu Jul 4 15:28:30 2019

Here's also the mandatory lewd version and a flat color alternative, Happy Independence day to all of ya'll M'URICANS!


Independence Day Pecs!

Thu Jul 4 15:23:36 2019

Sorry for not posting in quite a while, Im feeling a whole lot better now and I hoped to get this done for July 4th. Happy Independence day to all of ya'll M'URICANS!

Here's also a Flat Color Alternative.



Tue Jul 31 13:35:05 2018

Hello everyone!

Sorry to announce that unfortunately I have to change it, so from now on I will make a new image every two months instead of every month. Which means 2018 is pretty much set, though could still make polls for each month and have the two most popular characters of those two month "battle it out" in a final poll. Please discuss below or in the discord group for whatever you think sounds best!

In other words this means the Patreon is currently on hold and from now on this will be considered a donation until the new year(Hopefully). The reason for this is that I have too much on the backburner and I really feel the need to get everything dealt with before I add more work onto my list.

If you haven't already, at least you can still get access and join in on the Discord group. Also please send me a direct message on discord so I can give you the appropiate role.

Discord Invite link: (Give a hoot if this no longer works)


Tue Jun 19 18:45:42 2018

Which mighty unstoppable beast will wreak havoc uppon the world!?

Mythical May Poll!

Tue May 29 14:00:22 2018

Which mythological beast will rule with their might and glory!?

Terror Lizard King Sketch Poll

Fri May 11 22:04:33 2018

Here you have 8 new rough sketches... along with some of the previous Argonian Behemoth sketches, I figured they were good enough to be potentially repurposed for some Swollen Terror Lizard King!


Thu May 10 21:19:08 2018

Stepaside Daedra Lords, there's a new god in town! Argonian Behemoth (Titan in this case) from Elder Scrolls Online.

I'm so sorry for the long overdue Fantasy Febuary image, hopefully the detail of this image will still satisfy ya'll!


Alien April Poll

Fri Apr 27 15:28:11 2018

Which Alien species will invade, spread far and wide across our Solarsystem?

Argonian Behemoth Sketch Poll 2

Wed Mar 28 20:11:17 2018

Monster Vs Mech March Poll!

Wed Mar 28 01:27:14 2018

Which Kaiju will brutalize the competition and become the next king of all monsters!?

I was so super tempted to add The American Kaiju onto the list... xd

Argonian Behemoth (Titan) Sketch Batch

Fri Mar 23 21:50:15 2018

At Digimon Worlds End

Wed Mar 21 19:51:58 2018

So sorry for the way overdue December and January Patreon image in 8k+ resolution! Here's also the covered up muscelature of Belphemon and Guilmon. Onto the next, the giant Argonian Behemoth!


Argonian Behemoth Gender?

Sun Mar 4 14:08:31 2018

The Gender polls will now be case by case basis, as in if the frenchise its from could be either a male or female, ya'll be able to vote for either of em!

Fantasy Febuary VOTE!

Sat Feb 24 00:43:51 2018

Sorry once again Patreon has the multiple option bullshit as default... >.<

I need your advice...

Fri Feb 23 22:30:19 2018

On discord a few have discussed that I should not include the fetish polls and just let me go with the flow... It could possibly increase the rate of me being able to deal with these images and whatnot.

But what do the rest of you think?

An additional poll...

Tue Jan 30 18:20:16 2018

This will be the last poll for the Belphemon/Digimon Special! Here's all the images which got any votes, plus one new additional challenger with a booty view!

Belphemon (and Guilmon?) Rough Sketches

Fri Jan 26 23:22:01 2018

I'm not entirely sure which one to go with, or if you'd like me to do a combo picture with both of them. So feel free to vote and that may help me decide what to continue with.

January Guilmon Poll of Swoleness

Sun Jan 21 13:25:30 2018

With this reference scale image below, how muscular would you like him to be?

Guilmon Macro January Poll

Sun Jan 21 13:15:42 2018

With this reference scale image below, how big would you like him to be?

Guilmon Male Hyper January Poll

Sun Jan 21 13:10:09 2018

With this reference scale image below, how big would you like him to be?

Jurassic January Victor, Guilmon!

Mon Jan 15 23:23:53 2018

Which gender do you prefer Guilmon to be?

First batch of the Tauren Leveling Up!

Sun Jan 14 12:55:19 2018


Jurassic January Final!

Fri Jan 12 23:31:32 2018

There was a 3-way tie, time for the final battle!

Jurassic January Poll

Sat Jan 6 15:34:13 2018

Which pre-historic beast will rule and tower above all in the month of January?

Sorry about the repost, forgot to enable the "One Vote per person" option xd

Jurassic January Poll

Sat Jan 6 12:46:30 2018

What pre-historic beast will rule and tower above all in the month of January?

New Year Special, Tauren Sketches!

Sun Dec 31 13:44:13 2017

Figured I'd share a little something for ya'll! More or less all sketches with the Tauren Giantess!


Strippersaurus sketches

Sat Dec 23 23:22:02 2017

First of all Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone!

Unfortunately I've not gotten around to drawing Belphemon yet, so enjoy these rough Strippersaurus sketches in the meanwhile!


Grenn The Naga (November)

Sun Dec 3 01:05:20 2017

Sorry for the delay fellas, hope this makes up for it!


SWOLE Demon December Poll

Sun Dec 3 00:53:33 2017

With this reference scale image below, how muscular would you like her to be?

Macro Demoness December

Sun Dec 3 00:46:21 2017

With this reference scale image below, how big would you like her to be?

Hyper Demoness December Poll

Sun Dec 3 00:44:04 2017

With this reference scale image below, how big would you like her to be?

Which gender for the Demon?

Wed Nov 29 22:39:31 2017

Vote for which gender you'd prefer to see of the winner in Demon December!

Demon December Follow Up Poll

Sun Nov 26 17:38:44 2017

It appears to be a tie between four of them, this time it's one vote each.

Demon December Poll

Fri Nov 24 18:33:29 2017

Vote for multiple demons you'd like to see for the December picture. The demon with the most votes will be declared the winner!

In a second poll we will decide together what will happen to the demon.

Join in on Discord!

Fri Nov 10 21:10:53 2017

It appears to be some weird bugs going on with the Patreon rewards, the Discord invites more specifically... so hopefully this will help!


Monthly Themes

Fri Nov 10 20:49:34 2017

Hiya everyone,

Please be creative and come up with as many options as possible for each month, no matter for far-fetched it may be.


Grenn The Naga (WIP)

Thu Nov 9 23:04:10 2017

Decided to draw this as my birthday image, and as the patreon start-up image!

Grenn The Gigantic Naga from Gigantic!


Swolenok & Charnekka

Thu Nov 9 23:00:29 2017

Four sketches inspired by my favorite playable character from the game Gigantic.


Argonian Assault on Solitude

Thu Nov 9 22:57:17 2017

Another taste of what's to come.

a giantess Argonian from Skyrim.


Dungeon & Dragoness

Thu Nov 9 22:55:25 2017

Another taste of what's to come!

The final boss from D&D Chronicles of Mystara


Deathclaw Queen

Thu Nov 9 22:53:38 2017

Another taste of what's to come!

A female Deathclaw from Fallout


Sycorax The Titan

Thu Nov 9 22:51:12 2017

Another big taste of what's to come!

Sycorax from Thundercats


Omega Bahamut

Thu Nov 9 22:14:14 2017

A big taste of what's to come!

A massively swole Bahamut from Final Fantasy