Lawndale - 5 Page 2 preview.psd

Page_2.psd (d)

The PSD of Lawndale - 5 Page 1 Preview

Page_1_preview.psd (d)

Thank You

Sat Sep 19 17:07:23 2020

Today we reached 100 total patrons. I honestly don't know what to say but THANK YOU guys for supporting me and my art.

I honestly can't live without this stuff so, it means a lot that you guys support me. Every patron counts, and all of you mean so much to me.

I know I have been slow, and going through the struggle, but I am trying my best to give you guys more content and rewards. I hope you guys enjoy the patreon, the comic, and all the chances at art in the future!

Skin Book 1 Page 1 (PSD/HD)

Sat Sep 19 03:40:31 2020



Page_1A.png Page_1A.png page_1_flat.psd (d)

Skin Book 1 Page 1

Sat Sep 19 03:36:09 2020

Meet Austin ( the coyote ) and Jayden ( the panther )

Page_1B.png Page_1B.png

Rise and Shine (HD/PSD)

Fri Sep 18 08:04:06 2020

"And I don't wanna hear a peep about it being hard to do, small fry."


Bx.png Bx.png BX.psd (d)

Rise and Shine

Fri Sep 18 08:01:05 2020

"Well, get to licking. I got to head to work in an hour, and you wouldn't want me late, would you?"

Bx2.png Bx2.png

Well? (WIP)

Fri Sep 18 01:15:32 2020

Something self indulgent. Sorry πŸ˜…

VEMoLL9YJL.png VEMoLL9YJL.png H6KThfVLzz.png

Sorry For The Discord Stuff

Thu Sep 17 03:57:44 2020

Take this peak at the good boyos as compensation~ I am almost done with it AHHHH

doDF10rDdk.png doDF10rDdk.png

OOps I did a bad

Thu Sep 17 03:26:59 2020

HAHA, I messed up the discord stuff, so I am sorry if you got booted from the server. So, pardon the readds D:


Sun Sep 13 19:37:51 2020

Hey, sorry I haven't been active as of late... Something has been seriously up with me lately. I can't really go to a doctor so I kinda have to deal with it. My energy has been shit lately and I've been desperately trying to art, but I just end up too tired to do much.

I've started to take some sleeping aids to try and help but lately it's just gotten worse... So I'm really sorry guys. I'm trying my best to work on stuff for y'all to the best of my ability~ I hope y'all understand my slowness lately. ILY all❀️


Next Rule 34 picture

Wed Sep 2 17:00:54 2020

Suggest a theme down below.

New Rule 34 Suggestions

Mon Aug 24 20:32:12 2020

As I work on the T-Bone please put down some suggestions for next Rule 34 poll~

gonna start the poll on the 27th

Milk (HD/PSD)

Mon Aug 24 07:12:43 2020

????- "You drank the whole thing!???"

Germ- "And?"

????- "N-Nothing!! Just shocked is all... Wanna go get some more??"

Germ- *POG*

milk.png milk.png milk.psd (d)


Mon Aug 24 07:06:35 2020

We all have that one guilty pleasure. Germ just happens to have an unhealthy obsession with milk. His new roomie sure isn't complaining.

milk2.png milk2.png

Letting Himself Go (PSD/HD)

Sat Aug 22 22:26:31 2020

🦑 -"You know you like my new weight. That's why you ask me to sit on your face now."

🦊 -".... shut it."


Chubstergoon2.png Chubstergoon2.png Chubstergoon.psd (d)

Letting Himself Go

Sat Aug 22 22:17:29 2020

🦊- "Geeez~ You seriously couldn't wait 5 minutes for me to get home, could ya?"

🦑- "Nope, took too long, so you getting the jock!"

🦊- "( -_- lll) I don't even know why I keep going out to get you fast food anyway. You're starting to get tubby."

Quarantine bod hitting us all SMH

Chubstergoon3.png Chubstergoon3.png

Would you guys like a small side comic about a werewolf hunter that hunts werewolves and asks them out on dates?

Wed Aug 5 05:37:08 2020

Just a small side comic idea I had, probably when I get Skin rolling and need an intermission. What do you guys think?

Ire pt.2

Tue Aug 4 04:04:36 2020



Skin Book 1 Page: 1 (WIP/Sneak Peak)

Fri Jul 31 09:34:24 2020

A treat to everyone~ Enjoy the sneak peak at skin.

ewbveV9mJ6.png 1UUJjykxOV.png ewbveV9mJ6.png

Ire (WIP)

Sat Jul 25 07:04:02 2020

"Sucks we only have one stroker to share. You sure you're okay with me using it first?"


"I might need to borrow it again after your go, I feel like I can go again."

xC3hZxVn5L.png xC3hZxVn5L.png xC3hZxVn5L.png

Pose studies

Thu Jul 23 01:44:00 2020

Some pose studies I did. Been in another art rut and I have been trying to get rid of the booty funk. Take my attempts at ridding the art rut.

If you wanna see the image with the refs I used just PM me.


T-Bone Rule 34 character suggestion

Fri Jul 17 01:32:08 2020

Aight guys this time around you will be sexting t-bone naughty nudes tryna get him hard , bothered and make him cum in his jock :3c.

Leave a ref down below and if you wanna have an ass pinup or dick pinup.

Selection ends at the end of the day the 17th.

1st Jock Themed Daki

Thu Jul 16 00:28:04 2020

There will be a front and back done for you You also get a choice of a jacket/shirt and jock color.

Suggest your character down below with your ref included and I'll pick one of yous.

This will be a slow one so bare with me, I just wanna start figuring out the person now. β™₯

The person will be selected on the 17th

Next Rule 34 picture

Wed Jul 15 20:44:45 2020

Theme is sexting.

My Rude Boyfriend's Been Letting Himself Go (WIP)

Mon Jul 13 01:47:59 2020

"Dummy, I am already coming over."

"Better hurry before I mess another one up for you."

GVwEpP4iPD.png YPVG48jP3Y.png GVwEpP4iPD.png O77yrUJ7G9.png

Rule 34 Suggestions

Sun Jul 12 21:01:30 2020

You know the drill. Place your suggestions for the next Rule 34 Poll down in the comments. I'll select 3 and pull one or two from my brain or past polls. You guys got until the 14th to suggest something.

Themed Picture Suggestions (Closed and Selected)

Sun Jul 12 20:59:52 2020

"Game night with the boys is heating up. I guess watching guys collide and grunt has made the dudes pretty frisky."

The theme is "3 way game night".

To properly suggest your character this is the information you need to include in your comment below.

-Character's position (Top, bottom, middle)
-(EXTRA POINTS) Show me something they would wear :) or say.

I'll close this and select the people the 14th

The selected people are:


Tue Jun 30 14:00:43 2020

Hey! I had some stuff planned to be posted today, but yesterday I lost my power for a few hours till it was too late for me to continue. I also lost a buncha work. So, I have a bit of a delay happening on what I wanted to post. I am sorry, and I hope you guys can understand

β™₯ Yall are the best


Rule 34 Poll For This Week

Mon Jun 22 15:55:04 2020

Not many this week so we pulling some from the past :) May the best HIMBO winbo

Next Rule 34 Suggestions

Wed Jun 17 11:53:54 2020

Comment a suggestion for the next rule 34 poll.

Caught Looking (PSD/HD)

Tue Jun 16 05:36:28 2020

Heavy Roadhog balls


rh1.png rh1.psd (d)

Caught Looking

Tue Jun 16 05:33:41 2020

Be careful, he might go "whole hog"

Thank you DirtyMindedIncubus for lending your character for this.


Nuts out (WIP)

Mon Jun 15 19:12:24 2020

Well... Shouldn't of looked. lol


Roadhog Rule34 Picture (closed)

Fri Jun 12 00:32:55 2020

Place a ref with your character down below and I will select a character to be drawn with an anthro version of Roadhog with your idea. Y'all got an hour.

You can also put "wing it" If you don't care what I come up with myself uwu

The character that will be drawn with Roadhog will be DirtyMindedIncubus

Suggest The Characters For The Next Poll

Thu Jun 11 18:52:40 2020

Comment down below with who you'd like to see. I'll pick the ones with the most likes, or the ones that sound good to me ^^ GL (Y'all have more time on this one because I am ahead of my game rn ;)

Summer Vibing (HD/PSD)

Thu Jun 11 05:54:47 2020

Burd bunz


gbfh.png Ka.psd (d)

Summer Vibing

Thu Jun 11 05:52:08 2020

"Yeah, nobody gon' notice anyway."


Jock Flat Colored Lineart Commission (closed)

Mon Jun 8 18:38:06 2020


I am opening 2 line art slots to be done this upcoming weekend. Send in your form if you are interested

Beach Time WIP

Mon Jun 8 03:43:04 2020

Kass getting some TLC


Background Characters For Skin 1

Sun Jun 7 18:56:30 2020

I will be needing 2 background characters for an upcoming page of my new comic.

Post your ref down below and I will select someone.

BTW, if you are selected to be a background character, this doesn't exempt you from becoming a side character. So, feel free to join in.

Upcoming week's "Rule 34" Illustration Poll!!!

Sun Jun 7 16:44:44 2020

Make your selections!!!

This Upcoming Week's Rule 34 Subject Suggestions

Sat Jun 6 18:05:10 2020

Suggest a character you wanna see down below.

Tier Changes Have Been Made

Sat Jun 6 17:36:01 2020

I have implemented the new tier changes, and I have added to all of the tiers. Hopefully you find the changes to your liking, and I am open to any suggestions about them! :D

Here are the changes:


Wise Guy

Party Animal

Star Player

I Paused Billing For This Month

Sat May 30 23:31:35 2020

Hey everyone, I have been in a really bad bad mood, and with everything going on this month it hasn't improved. I got really freaking sick too, so that didn't help, and on top of all of that I had some personal drama to deal with.

I have been battling this month to stay positive, but I can't and I feel like I failed y'all. Honestly tho, I am sure I am not the only one suffering this month. Hopefully June has more positive things in store for all of us, and you guys take it easy!

I will be posting the changes soon, and I will be catching up on patreon art I owe to you guys <3 I love you all and stay safe in this crazy time.

If you still wanna support me you can donate something here: https://streamlabs.com/k0suna/tip

Cool Shoes Bro (HD/PSD)

Thu May 14 00:14:17 2020


450.png 450.psd (d)

Cool Shoes Bro

Thu May 14 00:11:42 2020

πŸ‘€ For Elaz


Livestream (closed)

Wed May 13 19:45:24 2020


Key for those on mobile: 3f98472b1f21976d3ad51ab8668bcb26

5vyFei2s6e.png 5vyFei2s6e.png FqDpJhOhdH.png

Patreon Tier Changes Soon

Mon May 4 01:53:03 2020

Some changes are gonna be coming to the tiers soon. I am just working out the information and stuff. :) Just gonna shape it more to reflect what I can actually do and give out.

I will not be taking away things, but I will be adding more to some tiers and replacing some things for better things. Hopefully you guys will enjoy what I have in store.


Tue Apr 28 14:05:57 2020

Key for those on mobile: 45aac3d7148b7b2f6e277920274dd27b


Suck It, Bro (HD/PSD)

Tue Apr 28 13:09:31 2020


vc7.png vc7.psd (d)

Post Movie (HD/PSD)

Tue Apr 28 13:07:42 2020


hig.png hig.psd (d)

Post Movie

Tue Apr 28 01:26:16 2020

Patreon piece for Higaku

I wonder what he's saying to him.


Suck It, Bro

Tue Apr 28 01:17:45 2020

Patreon piece for Tal



Mon Apr 27 15:27:12 2020

Key for those on mobile: 45aac3d7148b7b2f6e277920274dd27b


Q&A: Germ 1 (PSD/HD)

Sat Apr 25 14:57:20 2020


ask_germ4.png ask_germ.png ask_germ.psd (d) ask_germ4.png

Q&A: Germ 1

Sat Apr 25 14:53:40 2020

He didn't have to take them off to show ya, but I guess he did anyway~

TY Tal for sending in the question!!!


Early Morning Stream

Sat Apr 25 10:18:44 2020

The key for those on mobile



Germ Q&A WIP

Thu Apr 23 15:58:02 2020

In case y'all missed the stream c:


Game Night (HD/PSD)

Thu Apr 23 09:27:03 2020


fdg.png fdg.psd (d)

Game Night

Thu Apr 23 09:22:08 2020

Look at Germ's fat dick~

Thank you to Sinyk for lending his character for this <3

fdg.png fdg2.png fdg.png fdg2.png

Livestream (Closed)

Thu Apr 23 02:29:49 2020

Drawing some good GERM BOIII

Key in case you guys are on mobile: 45aac3d7148b7b2f6e277920274dd27b


Post Game (PSD)

Wed Apr 22 12:01:46 2020

Just the PSD file of a commission I finished.

faefae1122.png pgo.psd (d)

Coin (PSD)

Wed Apr 22 11:58:17 2020

A PSD file of a recent Commission I finished.

Coinjpne226.png 4ro.psd (d) Coinjpne225.png Coinjpne224.png

Wolf Picture (For Party Animals+) (closed)

Wed Apr 22 11:50:46 2020

I will be drawing a picture of Wolf (Star Fox) with a Patron from the Party Animal and Star Player tiers.

Down below put an idea of one of your OCs with Wolf, and I will pick my favorite idea. I will be announcing the winners in a few days. May the best idea win!

I selected Viktor Hazashi 's idea. :)

Sorry Guys I Had to Take a Small Break From Art

Wed Apr 22 11:39:24 2020

I kinda had to take a break to recharge from art, but I am back at it. I have a few things planned this upcoming week.

Later on today I will be streaming Germ's responses to some of the questions.

Tomorrow (Thursday) to Friday I will be finishing some Patreon pictures and Star Player stuff on stream.

Next week I have planned pictures for Doomguy as a tiger, Chernobog, and lastly Wolf from Starfox.

In between all that (depending on how well I get through the previous mentioned stuff) I have some comic stuff to show y'all.

Impromptu 4 Skin Day Stream Picture (closed)

Sat Apr 4 23:29:41 2020

In an hour I will select someone to be in a simple sketch with Germ. Put your ref, position (top/bottom), and a theme or pose down below and I will be selecting someone in an hour.

May the best idea win uwu

I selected Synik's idea Thank you all for putting in your suggestions.

Postgame (WIP)

Fri Apr 3 19:24:40 2020

A commission I am working on, enjoy the sneak peak of it.


Patreon and Discord Server Image

Fri Apr 3 16:55:16 2020

I am gonna be making a Patreon background, and Discord server image. Its gonna be some of y'all in a the locker room, or maybe a frat party.

So, you guys know the drill. Put your refs below and I will select a few of y'all to be in the picture. When it's all done I'll message the selected people and ask for their preferences and what they might like to be doing.

the selected people for this picture are:










Please message me and I we can talk about the idea

Q&A with Germ

Thu Apr 2 16:28:12 2020

Totally ask him lewd questions... He's lying, he likes it.

Comment below with a few questions. He's gonna respond to a few with some pictures on Sunday or Monday.


Hey Guys

Thu Apr 2 15:35:17 2020

I just wanna say thank you for supporting me during this stressful time. I know things are tough and tight for everyone, and I am honestly honored you all continue to support me through it. You guys are the real MVPs!

I hope you all stay safe, practice social distancing, and are having fun dreaming of buff jocks with me!

Love y'all, stay safe out there.

Milkdrinker WIP

Thu Apr 2 04:07:56 2020

Germ's guilty pleasure is drinking milk from the jug.


Excited (HD/PSD)

Wed Apr 1 00:17:58 2020


Tbone was my first furry crush BTW...

TBONE3.png TBONE3.psd (d)


Wed Apr 1 00:15:39 2020

T-Bone tends to be a little easily excited and horny lately.



Mon Mar 30 21:55:45 2020

Would you guys be interested in like a character Q&A type thing?

Rule 34 illustration

Mon Mar 30 21:53:05 2020

Vote for the next rule 34 illustration HIMBOFIED

Rule 34 Furryize poll

Mon Mar 30 21:39:46 2020

Which human charater should I draw as a furry.

Afterdark (HD/PSD)

Mon Mar 30 18:34:52 2020


xxc2333.png xxc5.png beh445.psd (d)


Mon Mar 30 18:29:00 2020

Taytay likes to tease Germ about his fat tanuki balls ALL. THE. TIME.

Thank you Cameron Scott for lending your character for this ^^

xxc23335.png xxc57.png

R34 Request

Sun Mar 29 08:19:03 2020

Come comment with some suggestions of some fuzzies for the next poll. I'll pick a handful and put em up for voting.

Human character to furry R34

Sun Mar 29 08:16:15 2020

Let us turn a humanoid character into a furry! Comment below with a human character you'd like to see furryfied (and maybe a species you'd like to see them tured into) and I'll have a vote between some of the faves.

Skin teaser (WIP)

Sat Mar 28 23:46:44 2020

just a wip

BTW, Germ is a tanuki <U<

3TRZduTcM3.png 5SKoLkaLw1.png

Coach's Office (HD/PSD)

Mon Mar 23 06:15:35 2020


s19w.png s19w.psd (d)

Coach's Office

Mon Mar 23 06:11:55 2020

It happens to Coach so often. He always has to carry extra. πŸ’¦

New year reward for Hekar.


After Workout (HD/PSD)

Mon Mar 9 18:42:50 2020


du1.png du1.psd (d)

After Workout

Mon Mar 9 18:39:50 2020

Looks like Coach isn't done just yet. ;o

For https://twitter.com/Aster_The_Lion


Livestream (Closed)

Thu Mar 5 00:55:45 2020


Live until it says closed. Here is the key if you guys are on mobile 74addd73e98ae58c809eb999f045a3d1


Livestream in 2 hours

Wed Mar 4 22:03:33 2020

Catch ya there :)

(EDIT) I had ordered food and it came late so, just give me an extra hour ;)β™₯

Showoff (HD/PSD)

Sun Mar 1 21:38:58 2020


y.png Yu1.psd (d)

Hero (HD/PSD)

Sun Mar 1 21:36:55 2020


122.png 122.psd (d)

B&W Party Animal Sketch

Sun Mar 1 21:30:04 2020

I will also be opening 2 slots of B&W sketches for next week Monday the 9th.

https_lh4.googleusercontent.com_lyNftjIU3fAykanIEm0oEpPx9LFS4lQqN5usQDmmnaWBpoZDEUSPRQVSrHnZkX9Q5CKs9-ow1200-h630-p (d) https_lh4.googleusercontent.com_lyNftjIU3fAykanIEm0oEpPx9LFS4lQqN5usQDmmnaWBpoZDEUSPRQVSrHnZkX9Q5CKs9-ow1200-h630-p (d)

2 Colored Sketch Slots

Sun Mar 1 20:53:42 2020

I will be opening up for two colored sketch slots to be done next weekend at a reduced price. If you are interested, please send your form in here: https://forms.gle/evBkcWTgekack6ri9

Livestream (closed)

Sat Feb 29 19:36:38 2020

Up until it says closed

Key to join the stream (if it ask) 74addd73e98ae58c809eb999f045a3d1

https_picarto.tv_images_socials_socials-cover.jpg https_picarto.tv_images_socials_socials-cover.jpg

Livestream in 2 hours :)

Sat Feb 29 17:38:24 2020

Heads up :)

Before I Post Some News, I Have A Question.

Sun Feb 23 16:46:22 2020

I was wondering what character would you guys like to see a daki or mouse pad made of?

Livestream (closed)

Mon Feb 17 02:30:57 2020

Live until this says closed :)

If you are on mobile you might need the key: b8fd7c1d73ac5017cc11e3641896132d


I Should Have Worn Underwear (HD/PSD)

Sun Feb 16 20:42:20 2020


The psd is flipped. Don't worry, it's supposed to be like that XD I intended it to be flipped when I was exporting it to PNG. :)

by1.png by1.psd (d)

Shy Boy (HD/PSD)

Sun Feb 16 20:36:13 2020


ls.png ls.psd (d)

Once (HD/PSD)

Sun Feb 16 20:34:19 2020


rev.png opsd.psd (d)


Sun Feb 16 20:32:08 2020

Renegade at it again πŸ’¦


Shy Pool Boy

Sun Feb 16 20:30:20 2020

Shy boi for LutherCage ;)


I Knew I Should Have Worn Underwear

Sun Feb 16 20:29:22 2020

Sketch for Aster :)


Happy Valentine's day!

Fri Feb 14 19:05:08 2020

For celebration, tomorrow I am gonna do a stream open to everyone to view ^^ hope you guys have a nice day!

Livestream (closed)

Tue Feb 11 19:30:15 2020

Live until this says Closed

If you are using the app and need the key here it is b8fd7c1d73ac5017cc11e3641896132d

https_picarto.tv_images_socials_socials-cover.jpg https_picarto.tv_images_socials_socials-cover.jpg

Sketch stream (closed)

Sat Feb 8 22:04:16 2020

https://picarto.tv/k0suna/b8fd7c1d73ac5017cc11e3641896132d Live until it says closed.

https_picarto.tv_images_socials_socials-cover.jpg https_picarto.tv_images_socials_socials-cover.jpg

Sketch Stream tomorrow at 4:30* PM EST

Sat Feb 8 00:52:52 2020

First come first serve! If you wanna get a head start send in your form here https://forms.gle/PGp1QaXmBm6XH3d38 I will be taking only 2.

Picking A Person for Next Rule 34 Illustration

Tue Feb 4 17:10:45 2020

Put your ref down below and I will pick one of you to be in a picture with the winner, Obstagoon. :D Theme is "Two bros having fun in a furry con hotel shower"

Picking ends tomorrow 12:00PM EST

OOPS forgot to put two winners because I am making two pictures for this.

The selected people for this are:




I like When You Call Me Nerd (HD/PSD)

Tue Feb 4 16:45:53 2020

Now in Futurevision Β©

ob1.png ob1.psd (d)

I like When You Call Me Nerd

Tue Feb 4 16:38:04 2020

"You sure you remember the safe word, lil' guy?"

"Yeah! Lay it on me!"


Rule 34 illustration poll for Feb 3 - 10

Mon Feb 3 14:32:57 2020

Will be picking a patron from the Wise Guy, Party Animal, or Star Player tier to be drawn with the character that wins. Theme is "Two Bros In A Furry Con Hotel Shower"

Poll ends tomorrow.

Reminder to send in characters for both Wulfdrang and Elements

Fri Jan 31 05:03:00 2020

Just a reminder to you guys to send in characters through the forms.



https_lh5.googleusercontent.com_5U8g9lhumgUdi3UF9FaIiUtBHzgsLDFjbBYUXe9eUyfKGpxUKa3CONEX1QIOJZTtwYxb1W8w1200-h630-p (d)

Make your suggestions for the next Rule-34 Poll

Fri Jan 31 01:42:59 2020

Comment down below with your suggestion, leave a like on ones you like. The more likes it has the more likely I am to put it in the poll. :D

Wulf-Drang PG.1 HD/PSD

Fri Jan 31 01:39:39 2020


wulfdrang_1.png WD1base.psd (d) wulfdrang_1.psd (d)

Wulf-Drang PG.1

Fri Jan 31 01:35:38 2020

Thus it begins.

Thank you, Aster, for lending your character to be the first tribute. ^^


Happy New Years

Thu Jan 2 07:05:03 2020

So, for the new years I will be selecting an extra person to receive a B&W colored sketch. Same rules as always put your ref below.

Movie night (HD/PSD)

Thu Jan 2 06:22:15 2020

This was posted, but thought you guys would like the HD and PSD files.

H1.png H1.psd (d)

Tune Up (PSD/HD)

Thu Jan 2 06:14:45 2020

Now in future vision

bewA.png bewB.png bew2.psd (d)

Tune Up

Thu Jan 2 06:11:51 2020


bewB2.png bewA2.png

Next Patreon Illustration

Sun Dec 29 15:08:30 2019

So, with the two patrons winning I will select two people from all of you! Go ahead and drop your guy's refs in the comments and I will pick people tomorrow.

Next Rule 34 Picture

Tue Dec 24 18:34:19 2019

You decide who will it be! One patron will be selected to be featured along with the subject. Happy Holidays!!!

Sorry, I had to re-up because I am a dummy and forgot to set end date

Detective Work (HD/PSD)

Tue Dec 24 07:11:18 2019

Now in FutureVision β„’

B1HD.png B1PSD.psd (d)

Detective Work

Tue Dec 24 07:07:49 2019

Don't tell anyone, but Bones loves to wear his collar when he's a sub. :3c

Thank you to Akuro for showing Bones a good time!


livestream! (closed)

Tue Dec 24 02:45:59 2019

Streaming until it says closed :)


Livestream (Closed)

Sun Dec 22 19:51:42 2019

Sorry I am late on this I ended up falling asleep yesterday haha. Will be streaming until this says (closed).


Patreon Stream This Upcoming Saturday

Wed Dec 18 16:03:37 2019

What is gonna happen in the stream:

- Two sketches

- Comic strip work!

- Working on and talking about Station 65!

- And, if I have time for it that day, Wulfdrang page~

Just A Small Question.

Wed Dec 18 15:58:09 2019

I am thinking about moving the "Suggest Rule 34 characters" portion of the "Party Animal" Tier down to "Wise Guy" but keeping the voting to the Party Animals. What do you guys think of something like that?

I just think that would get more suggestions out there and allow more people to participate, but I am curious what you guys think.

Patrol This (HD/PSD)

Wed Dec 18 15:54:27 2019

Now in future vision

PolarPHD.png PolarPSD.psd (d)

Patrol This

Wed Dec 18 15:52:17 2019

Reprised one of my favorite poses and drew a special bear.



Next Rule 34 Character Suggestions

Sun Dec 8 19:56:51 2019

Put your character suggestions down in the comments~ They will be drawn with a lucky patron.

Something Is Coming

Sat Nov 30 06:34:21 2019

Some of you may know that the "Elements: The Comic" stems from a Visual Novel/RPG that I was working on. Unfortunately, the game project is too large for me to attempt currently at this time without good help. I have tried to seek help on "Elements: The Game" for quite some time and I have had hit bumps in the road finding reliable help. I will have to put aside the idea for now, but I still want to produce something grand. ( The Elements comic will still be continuing, but the game will be on shelf until further notice. )

Station 65 is my answer to that. I am working on Station 65 entirely by myself, coding and artwork, so nobody to halt the progress. It is a much more simple game with a smaller scope. The game will be a horror adventure VN. I will be releasing an update about it, showing off some small game play, and talking about the premise soon. I wanna have a lot more to show you guys before you get invested into it, but it is something that I plan on adding to the Patreon as a whole :)

So, look forward to some spicy spooky stuff coming to all tiers (Newbie and Up) in the not so distant future. :D


The King of Monsters (HD)

Fri Nov 29 23:14:08 2019



The King of Monsters (SD)

Fri Nov 29 23:07:50 2019



Party Animal Sketch openings~

Fri Nov 22 22:08:30 2019

I couldn't open the stream for some reason on picarto. I will have to figure it out, I think it has to do with my roommates new router.

In the mean time, please send your information over to here I will only be taking 3 slots. They are first come, first serve. : https://forms.gle/5yWhSkHqkXXPT6Vd7

Rule 34 poll

Sat Nov 9 14:22:50 2019

Choose your champion.

Continuation of Pizza

Wed Nov 6 17:45:37 2019

I need a boyo for the continuation of the "Pizza (Wip)" picture. All patrons apply for this one because it's not really covered anywhere. I just wanna do something fun ^^

Comment below with a ref or picture link of your sona, and I'll select one of y'all

Suggestions for next week's Rule 34 poll

Sun Oct 20 19:35:16 2019

Please put in your suggestions for next weeks illustration.

Elements Chapter 1: Lawndale - 5 Page 3 HD/PSD

Sun Oct 20 02:08:36 2019

WAP now in future vision.

Page_3_HD.png page_3_PATDOC.psd (d)

Elements Chapter 1: Lawndale - 5 Page 3

Sun Oct 20 02:07:16 2019



Please Send In Your Responses For WulfDrang~

Sat Oct 19 18:09:04 2019

Just a reminder~ :) I need characters for the comic.

https_lh6.googleusercontent.com_PEMEt57_T3y6ZQxAYFUXJZxZ3vrBOL53yu6axkDf2oziHTdXO8UlRFyrSXsaPeCz5wIw1200-h630-p (d)

Pizza (WIP)

Sat Oct 19 00:59:10 2019

"Bro, thanks for picking up the pizza. You want what now? To see my chest? Heh, no problem bro, you know I like to show off. Oh... I didn't notice it was poking out <<;"


Just a question.

Fri Oct 18 22:58:50 2019

Would you guys be opposed to me using the Discord channel to stream?

The Ick

Fri Oct 18 19:06:56 2019

Hey guys, just saying I am gonna be a bit slow with some of my planned stuff. I got a little sick so trying to take it a bit easy. Also, my internet has been odd, so I am sorry for not streaming often.

With that said, I have a page of Wulfdrang and Elements almost ready to go for you all, and another wip of some spicy himbo. This week's rule 34 may come a little late though, sorry D:>

Weekly Rule 34 poll

Wed Oct 16 04:54:07 2019

Select the best answer, and comment with a theme~

Rule 34 Poll suggestions for this week.

Tue Oct 15 02:08:04 2019

Comment with your rule 34 poll suggestions and themes and I will throw them up in the poll tomorrow.

After The Game (HD/PSD)

Tue Oct 15 01:50:35 2019

Tyler has had eyes for this guy on the rival team for quite some time. I think he finally built up the courage to ask him to let him have some fun.

I think Tyler might be enjoying Bowser quite a bit. <U<


bowsie3w.png bowsie3w.psd (d)

After The Game

Tue Oct 15 01:46:48 2019

Tyler has had eyes for this guy on the rival team for quite some time. I think he finally built up the courage to ask him to let him have some fun.

I think Tyler might be enjoying Bowser quite a bit. <U<



Sun Oct 6 14:57:52 2019

Sorry guys tomorrow I'm gonna do the stream, I kinda messed up and forgot Sunday was my birthday lol πŸ˜‚ but anyway, I'll see y'all tomorrow.

Helping A Bro Out (WIP)

Fri Oct 4 16:16:07 2019


Weekly Rule 34 Poll Oct Week 1

Fri Oct 4 15:16:28 2019

The one with the most votes wins! Pick your favorite y'all! Also, comment with next week's suggestion. You guys rock~!

Next Date For The Sketch Stream For Party Animals

Thu Oct 3 12:52:15 2019

So, Party Animals (and above) you guys will have a sketch stream this Sunday around 1pm and I'll be making a calender for all patreon streams soon! See y'all there.

Grand Reopening And Change In The Patreon

Wed Oct 2 22:15:38 2019

Greetings everyone, today marks the day of the grand comeback of the Patreon! There have been many, many changes and I hope you all receive them well. There have been more perks given to everyone and more content to see than just comics, so I hope you all find something you are interested in. I have also lowered the cost of one of the tiers before the Re-opening. Overall, there are many changes for you to explore within the Patreon.

Make sure you all change your pledges to the ones you desire now, before it is too late. I will be reminding people constantly in post here. I left a handy photo, so you guys can read all the different perks and pick one that best suits you.

Thank you all very, very much for believing in me, and sticking with me though it all. You all are very wonderful and I am so glad to be back.


Celebratory Rule 34 Request and Poll

Wed Oct 2 22:02:44 2019

Hello everyone! To celebrate the grand face lift of the Patreon, I am holding our first Rule 34 character request and poll for all Patrons! This will mark week one's sketch of October, so make sure you guys send in your recommendations in the comments below, and I will select a few and we will poll them against each other. Please limit yourself to one recommendation in the comments.

Thank you!


Fri Sep 13 17:54:20 2019

Hello everyone, I know it has been quite some time since I have had an update on the Patreon and the comic. I want to honestly thank you all for sticking it with me through everything and being understanding. This past year has been very, very hard for me. A lot of things haven't been going my way, and I had to make some really hard choices to keep doing art. I am now finally in a good position to be working on art again without any hindrance. I am in a stable place, and I can't wait to begin bringing content to everyone again.

On that note. I will be working on Elements and Wulfdrang again, I will still be keeping the Patreon on pause until I get the updates out, but I plan to charge everyone on November 1st after I finish the major content drop. This just a heads up and I can't wait to get back to it.

Jesse Dakimakura WIP

Fri Nov 30 03:00:19 2018

Just a taste of the boy.


Page 3 WIP preview

Thu Nov 29 15:48:51 2018



Elements Chapter 1: Lawndale - 5 Page 2

Mon Sep 24 05:18:09 2018

Here we go!


Elements Chapter 1 : Lawndale - 5 Page 1

Sun Sep 23 00:24:15 2018

First page is here!


New character WIPs

Mon Sep 17 01:46:31 2018


Comic Strip 3 part: 1 Preview

Sat Sep 8 19:00:22 2018

In case you guys missed the streams.


New characters and Updated info for the comic strip request.

Sat Sep 8 18:57:49 2018

I am working on new characters for people to select when choosing a character to be drawn with in a comic strip. Once I finish their designs and stuff they will be added to the form. There is quite a few to be added and I am really excited to show them all off to everyone here!

Along side that, I will also be making character Bios and information pages for each character. This way people will have more information and foresight into the character they pick, besides just visual information.

Comic strip #2 preview

Sun Sep 2 18:44:43 2018

Looks Like someone is getting some special attention from Jesse.


Comic strip livestream

Sun Sep 2 18:42:58 2018

file.Untitled (d)

Elements comic strip livestream today (ended)

Sat Aug 25 20:18:06 2018

file.Untitled (d)

Wulfdrang Character form

Sun Aug 19 20:53:55 2018

A form to submit your character to be selected for a Wulfdrang Comic or image.

file.Untitled (d)

Livestream 1/18/2018

Thu Jan 18 16:01:32 2018

Come join ;) https://picarto.tv/k0suna/22f949bee5a126b48cfc8fafcad258ca

Patreon Reward for Axel

Sun Oct 29 19:56:02 2017

Want to get a strip drawn with your character and Jesse? Just send a request in with your character and idea! ;o


About sending request.

Mon Jul 17 18:23:43 2017

Again, you guys make sure you send a request to me if you want to be drawn with one of the characters https://goo.gl/forms/ZIQqhsf3th5f3F652 the the two characters from the comic are Jesse he's the lizard and Flynn he's the rottweiler with the red hair and ear piercing! Just making sure you guys know.

Lawndale - 5 Page 2 preview.psd

Mon Jul 17 01:08:55 2017


Lawndale - 5 :Page 2 Preview

Sun Jul 16 23:17:18 2017

Looks like Flynn sees something he shouldn't


The PSD of Lawndale - 5 Page 1 Preview

Sat Jul 15 18:51:50 2017


Lawndale - 5 Page 1 Preview

Sat Jul 15 18:47:38 2017

Ooooo space


Patreon livestream!

Sat Jul 15 13:54:55 2017

Link here:


Comic stream scheduled for Saturday

Thu Jul 13 17:04:49 2017

This Saturday the 15th around 10am EST I will be working on the comic. Just a small heads up!

Discord Server info

Mon Jul 10 19:42:44 2017

Hey, I noticed something was wrong with the discord. Thought I should post a link just in case people couldn't connect

https://discord.gg/bfdUe This link only has a few uses and expires in 6 hours. If you missed it let me know!!

Make sure you guys connect your discord accounts to Patreon! ^^

Molecule monthly sketch request form

Mon Jul 10 04:43:01 2017

If you are a molecule and would like to have access to the sketch request here is the from to do it!


Next Chapter's Setting Poll!

Sun Jul 9 15:58:24 2017

Same deal!

What setting sounds most appealing to you guys!?

Next Chapter's Characters poll

Sun Jul 9 15:26:45 2017

With this being the first poll (of the patreon) I think I will let people decide early on it!

So, tell me.

What character would you like to see most?

Elements Chapter 1: Lawndale - 5

Sun Jul 9 15:10:19 2017

Follow Flynn, a young bashful yet curious engineer, as he moves with his family to Lawndale-5 the biggest earthen colony ever built. Here on Lawndale-5 everyone must have a job, and Flynn has been preparing for it for 2 years. But before he can put the space suit on he needs to learn the ropes about the solar panels and his "place" on Lawndale-5.