Naked Cutie [POSTER]

Sun Oct 18 19:24:16 2020

Mama's still got it! [Wip Animation Poster]

Fri Oct 16 20:33:02 2020

I was animating a video with her then this pose happened, So sexy I had to make it a poster.

Sweet Boobsdrop [Commission] - [Short-Loop]

Tue Oct 13 14:07:27 2020


SBoobDrop.mp4 (d)

RariJack (1) - [Short-Loop-Commission]

Sun Oct 4 20:36:44 2020

Full animation down on ATTACHMENTS

RJ2.mp4 (d)

Close your window next time (Short Animation)

Thu Oct 1 12:39:45 2020

Check ATTACHMENTS for the animation

Bloom1.mp4 (d)

Needs - [Solo female\masturbartion\OC]

Tue Sep 29 22:17:57 2020

Animation on ATTACHMENTS (Contains sound)

SoloIzar.mp4 (d)

Sweetie Belle x Cream Heart (Animation)

Mon Sep 28 16:37:57 2020

Animation on ATTACHMENTS

SBxBM.mp4 (d)

Reward (Short Loop) - [Foot Worship]

Sat Sep 26 00:35:25 2020

feetFixed.mp4 (d)

You better pay for it (POSTER)

Thu Sep 24 14:12:03 2020

We bid you welcome [POSTER]

Sun Sep 20 13:24:03 2020

Just testing the Apron mode (WIth style!)

SmartGirl [POSTER]

Sat Sep 19 20:46:45 2020

[Futa x Female] - Payback (Short Commission)

Wed Sep 16 17:06:01 2020

Commission for Corinto

Full Video Here

Update: Something went wrong on the Attachments, let me know if the link above works now.

[Short Animation] - Laundry

Mon Sep 14 18:35:33 2020

A Request.

SoloRarity.mp4 (d)

[Short Animation] - AppleBloom's Secret Toy

Sat Sep 12 14:14:42 2020

SoloBloomDildo.mp4 (d)

[Short Animation] - Just make a video, it'll last longer.

Fri Sep 11 15:20:35 2020


SoloShimmer.mp4 (d)

Solo Starlight Glimmer - [Short Animation]

Thu Sep 10 13:10:38 2020

Requested by my Good Old (not that old) pal Corinto!

Full animation down in ATTACHMENTS !

SoloStarMTB.mp4 (d)

[Futa x Female] Glitchwithahat x Midnight Music (Commission)

Wed Sep 9 02:32:33 2020


[ANIMATION] - A Silent Ride

Wed Sep 2 04:29:57 2020

Check ATTACHMENTS! (Animation contains sound)

SilentRide.mp4 (d)

Homeworks (POSTER)

Fri Aug 28 23:03:21 2020

Flexible mum [POSTER]

Thu Aug 27 17:56:32 2020

[Animation] - Last time before bed - [STRAIGHT]

Tue Aug 25 04:13:40 2020

Poster made by: DevineSFM

Animation on ATTACHMENTS (2:00 Minutes + Sound (Simple))

SpicyxAzure.mp4 (d)

Poker Night [POSTER]

Mon Aug 24 14:18:11 2020

Pillow Fight! - (Short Animation\ NON SEX)

Fri Aug 21 17:13:14 2020

[Also this alt version I made for a friend]


Pillowfight3.mp4 (d)

Girls being Girls (POSTER)

Sun Aug 16 21:42:59 2020

Expensive Game - [OC Animation - Solo Female - Masturbation]

Fri Aug 14 12:34:00 2020

She's back and she's horny.

Check ATTACHMENTS (+2:00 animation with [simple] sound)

SpicyWaterJob4.mp4 (d)

ScootzPlayin' (Solo Female and Solo Futa) [Short-Commission]]

Wed Aug 12 16:14:07 2020

Short simple animation
FUTA ver and Female Ver. down there.


FUTAloo.mp4 (d) FemScoot.mp4 (d)

Too Tight - [Short Commission\Anal Masturbation]

Sun Aug 2 11:39:12 2020

Full Animation right on ATTACHMENTS (With Sound)

CreamHANL.mp4 (d)

Love is Bittersweet [Futa x Female] - (Commission)

Sun Aug 2 02:07:07 2020

Full vid at attachments

CxC1.mp4 (d)

It Feels So Sinful [Lesbian\OCs] - [CONTAINS FOOT FETISH]

Tue Jul 28 06:33:01 2020

Pretty much 8:00 Minutes of Sin!

(Consider moving to https://subscribestar.adult/cdv if things should blow up! For now, I'll just upload here and there as usual)


SinfulLWDFT.mp4 (d)

Moving out, before it's too late!

Sat Jul 25 05:23:28 2020

Since things are getting too risky in here, I am as well moving to SubscribeStar. (Click here to see my new page)

Now this is a very shitty situation, for, IF Patreon should ban me one day, it'd literally mean the end of CDV; for I cannot afford to lose support due to my current situation.

So yeah, I naturally won't demand any of you to go and pledge there, I am ready to face my fate if needed, so, if anything should take the wrong way, I'd like to say I am more than thankful for you all guys that helped in these long 4 years, there's many stuff I wanted to see done and posted one day, but life has always a new surprise for me, especially when things are going too well.

Anyways, I have a very long animation coming up ( it'll be available at SubscribeStar in a few days [at $5 tier or above]) and free released one day if I am still around.

That's all.


Mon Jul 13 22:52:21 2020

Short Silly animation I made for a friend: https://twitter.com/DIEGODDM213/status/1282809308259000321


BthiaFix.mp4 (d)

ScarletSound [Short Commission]

Mon Jun 15 01:24:40 2020

More girls playing with themselves

ScarletSound2.mp4 (d)

Trivia #2 [Wallpapers] [OCs] Meet the Moms!

Fri Jun 12 04:19:35 2020

Here you go, Azha and Spicy's moms, now I just need a good idea for an animation.

[Azha and Spicy's lore were updated]

Cream_Coffee_Infos.png Cream_Coffee_Infos.png Cream_Coffee.png Izar_Lampsi_info.png Izar_Lampsi.png

Creaming your Coffee [OC - Solo Female - MILF - Anal Masturbation]

Wed Jun 10 14:25:36 2020

Some anal masturbation, just for a change (check the ATTACHMENTS for full animation with sound)

Creamingurcof.mp4 (d)

It's served [POSTER]

Mon Jun 8 03:11:46 2020

Enjoy your breakfast.


Breakfast? [Poster]

Sun Jun 7 00:45:57 2020

That's Spicy Flavor's mommy.


Drunkcy - (OC x OC\ Lesbian) [Contains Butt Spanking]

Thu Jun 4 17:59:10 2020

Special 3.000 Followers on Twitter, the girls drank a little too much...

Yeah, it's a bit short but, ehe, I wanted to do it.

Drunkcy.mp4 (d)

Midnight Love [Lesbian\OC x OC]

Tue May 26 17:42:24 2020

+4:00 minutes animations with sound Featuring: AnthroPoniesSFM and Audina Puzzle (or this)


AxA54.mp4 (d)

PawJob - (OC x Canon\Straight\FootJob\Short Commissions)

Thu May 14 19:29:25 2020

check ATTACHMENTS for de content (Contains soundss)

Rxg.mp4 (d)

MiaBat x Flogau [Straight\OCs\Short Animation] - Commissions

Mon May 11 10:34:37 2020

Animation in ATTACHMENTS

MbT3.mp4 (d)

Reading Time (POSTER)

Thu May 7 16:55:41 2020



FutaShy (Solo Futa\Short Commissions)

Tue May 5 02:08:27 2020

SoloFlutterFuta.mp4 (d)

Lost in my own Fantasies (Short animation\OC\Solo female)

Mon May 4 02:47:38 2020

Birthday commission for: @Neo37


SoloSpicy.mp4 (d)

Softer Than Rocks - [Short Commission]

Thu Apr 30 06:20:06 2020

Well, I think it's time to get back to work, 2nd commission's done, only 9 left. Wish me luck!


TrxXmd.mp4 (d)


Tue Apr 21 22:16:15 2020

No, I am not dead, I am just reeeeeeally busy, but no worries, I'll try my best and have something good done before the end of this month or my name isn't Radul Pintos (Which is not)

Pizza time! [Poster]

Tue Apr 14 16:59:52 2020


Enjoying the Night - [Futa x Female]\ OCs (Commission)

Mon Apr 13 19:44:24 2020

RavenXAtari2.mp4 (d)

Things I forgot to post here...

Mon Apr 13 09:09:45 2020

First Animation

Second Animation

[Both videos can be downloaded from the source]

Hot Buns (Poster)

Thu Apr 9 14:37:30 2020

Featuring: Raven Storm @hunterz263 (And also who made the bikini model)

Atari @Triangle_Horse

Spicy Flavor (Mine)

Aurora Starling @AnthroPoniesSFM

And a nude version will be made if the post on twitter gets 333 likes, so, I am counting on you, doods! (Post on Twitter)


Not Big Enough? - [BREAST EXPANTION] ~ [Short COMMISSION] \ OC

Fri Apr 3 05:55:04 2020

Trying to get back with short little steps, my life is not getting any easy here, I'll be posting some commissions results before I get back to my projects. I wish you all a spendid day.


Astral_Starlight_Comm.mp4 (d)

Trivia #1 [Wallpapers] [OCs]

Sat Mar 28 02:04:47 2020

During these days of...isolation, I have dedicated a few of my time to work on my OCs lore.
I also would like to apologizes for the lack of animations this month, you guys now better than me how difficult are these days, specially here in Italy...

Will be back in a few days with long animations, just give me a moment until this mess is fixed.

Azha.png Azha.png Azha_Infos.png Dream.png Latipachebrucia.png Dream_Infos.png Lava_Infos.png Mimus_infos.png Mimus.png Spicy_Infos.png Spicy.png winter_Infos.png winter.png

Sunsexy Shimmer (Posters\Commisison)

Mon Mar 23 14:42:06 2020

and some Sunset Shimmer

Shim1.png shim2.png shim3.png shim4.png shim5.png

Trixie on the Beach (POSTERS\Commission)

Mon Mar 23 14:39:54 2020

Just Sexy Trixie being sexy

Trix1.png Trix2.png Trix3.png trix4.png


Tue Mar 10 00:11:36 2020

She wanna feel the taste of your dreams.


Dealing With Heat - (Short Animation)

Mon Mar 9 03:34:03 2020

The first Animation of Anthro Wallflower Blush ever made?? (IT BETTER BE!)

Full video on ATTACHMENTS

Dealing_With_Heat.mp4 (d)


Wed Mar 4 11:31:24 2020


az-clothed.mp4 (d) az-nude.mp4 (d)


Sat Feb 29 19:24:52 2020

Not much to say, just remember to knock next time!


Don't be ashemed (Poster)

Fri Feb 28 13:24:27 2020

Just trying out the effects, they make posters look way better.


Fai la Brava - [Lesbian\OCs] - {Special Animation}

Wed Feb 26 11:24:08 2020

It's amazing! I got no commissions this month, finally a bit of free time to work with my cuties, bellissime, maravilhosas OCs.

Anyways, here you go over 5 minutes of pure lesbian love with *dingdingding* SOUND.

*This video is in early access for EVERY patron (no matter which tier you at) it will be free released one day next month.*

I can't thank you guys enough for all the support you gave me in the past 2 years and now.

More stuff coming soon, stay tuned.



fbl.mp4 (d)

Phisical Poster

Sat Feb 15 23:58:00 2020

Would you like to have this amazing poster right on your hands? Well, you can!

**This form only allows for 50 responses, so be sure you fill it out quickly, but also accurately because you cannot change any info once you submit this form! **

In a few words: CHECK IT TWICE!!!!

There is like 48 left, so you better hurry.

(They'll only be printed once we have sold them all. if it doesn't happen, well, it was worth the trying.)

(https://t.co/ArgD4LQXP6?amp=1) (Read it FOR GOOD.)


Happy Valentine's Day

Sat Feb 15 03:21:52 2020

I wish you all a great day.


Unloading - (footjob) [Short animation]

Tue Feb 11 22:31:52 2020

ooohboshta, nè?

Here, lets see how long can Twilight hold having 2 wonderful feet rubbing her baton.


RDxTSxPP.mp4 (d)

She's Waiting (Poster)

Sun Feb 9 00:09:57 2020

Gonna make some posters now, because I need to learn how to.

If I have time, I'll make a short animation based on it.


Surprise Video! [Short Animations\Solo Female]

Sat Feb 8 06:06:51 2020

Check DA ATTACHMENTS!!!!! (Contains sound)

vinil.mp4 (d)

StarTrix [Lesbian]

Fri Feb 7 18:03:32 2020

Just a short vid I made (Yeah, it has no sound, sorry, happens)

Video on attachments

Startrix2.mp4 (d)

Interruption - (Straight)\ [Short Commission]

Wed Feb 5 05:00:56 2020

The last commission, finally, now, back to the big projects, uuuhh!!

CxS.mp4 (d)

Flutterbat x Fluttershy [Commission]

Wed Jan 29 21:25:46 2020

Just in time, ehe??? EEEHEE??????

I have no time to work on my own videos these days, so full of commissions, and the drop this month will be huge, so...I think I'll have to stick with them for a little while.

BUT THAT IS FINE! 'cause I am currently working on something worthy the waiting. Stay around and you won't miss it....What a shitty-ass speech.

FFB.mp4 (d)

Da Flip Flops!!

Mon Jan 13 10:19:48 2020

Just a model Show Case made by: Rarity263


Lil' Show - [Solo female\futa] (because she turns into futa at the end of it) [COMMISSION]

Wed Jan 8 04:07:07 2020

Don't ask me why, just making what I was paid for.

Finally a commission I am allowed to post, much of them were private, what a waste.

More content soon!

Very soon.

SoloCOzy2.mp4 (d)

Thanks and Sorry.

Sun Dec 22 22:21:29 2019

I would like to thank everyone who supported me this year, and wish all of you a marry Christmas and a happy new year.

And sorry for not posting any quality content this month, I really need a little break and to stay miles away from a computer for a little. I will be back next year with more and better content. I have written many scrips for animations I wanna make next year and I want them to be perfect, so, that is why I am taking this week off.

I hope to see all of you next year and to become a better person and Artist.

Good night, everyone.

I wish I knew....(Short Animation)

Fri Dec 13 23:56:00 2019

Vid's down in ATTACHMENTS.

harbash.mp4 (d)

Mimus 2

Sun Dec 8 11:21:31 2019

The sequel nobody was expecting for.

https://pt.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5decd0b933d22 (full vid)

https://derpibooru.org/2215744 (full vid too)


Tue Nov 26 04:23:43 2019

Another random quick animation; my current big project is almost done, just a bit more of time and it's done.

czc.mp4 (d)


Thu Nov 21 16:20:18 2019


Analver2.mp4 (d) Vagver1.mp4 (d)


Mon Nov 11 15:39:08 2019

More art. Getting better at making posters-

Daroof2.png dds.gif Trixio.png

Solo Belle II (Short Animation)

Sun Nov 10 10:18:38 2019

I hope it doesn't ruin your No Nut November thing...

(Full video in ATTACHMENTS ) Contains sound.

SOloBelle2.mp4 (d)

Workin' Hard

Sat Nov 9 23:06:02 2019

I am currently working on a big project (maybe the greatest video I ever worked on)

and I need time.

In the while, I'll be making posters and (maybe) some short vids here and there.


Halloween, ehe?

Fri Nov 1 08:26:50 2019

Happy Halloween everyone, and thanks for being here this year.

Scootaloo's last chance [Futa x Female] (Commission)

Thu Oct 31 18:43:19 2019

I think there will be no Halloween Special..........

Video's available in ATTACHMENTS

Scoot.mp4 (d)

Flutterdash (short animation\commission) - [Lesbian]

Wed Oct 30 23:13:51 2019

Sorry it has no sound, because it wasn't request.

(Let me know also if you guys can download stuff from attachments without problems)

Video's available in the attachment bellow.

Fluterdash.rar (d) skyFluterdash.mp4 (d)

A new start

Fri Oct 25 18:36:08 2019

A better version of these can be found inside the .rar

Pk001.rar (d)

New Tier and Changes!

Fri Oct 25 18:36:35 2019

So, due to the amount of commissions I am having to do every month, I am having a very hard time to make Patreon Exclusive content, which are known for being pretty long and fully sounded.

So now, I am creating a new tier ($5) in there you can find short videos (not perfectly looped) and some posters.

This new tier will be updated way more often than any other, but its content will be way more limited and simple.

The $20 and $30 will NO LONGER GIVE YOU A VIDEO REQUEST as it used to give.

This change is happening due to the amount of commissions I take monthly, I've found myself with a number of commissions and request I can barely hold, so, this cut is required, so if you're in any of those tier BE SURE TO CHANGE YOUR PLEDGE, BECAUSE YOU WON'T GET YOUR REWARD NEXT MONTH!

And since there are a couple of people that just pledged them to support me, I am not removing them now, but, as soon as everyone leave them, they'll be removed.


The Requests tier will be replaced for a more expensive one ($50), but it'll be added later.

Q: Why so expensive?

A: To reduce the amount of requests I may recieve and to make it worthy to me. Since this tier give you a +%50 discount for a request (and your video can also be 1:20 long).


$1 will no longer recieve exclusive content updates.

Sexy Apple Bloom (Solo Female)

Sun Oct 13 13:37:48 2019

FULL VIDEO HERE ( https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5da30eba4d501 )

Solo Zedwin (Solo female\ alt. version)

Fri Oct 11 11:17:32 2019

An alternative version from my last video asked by Prof. Zedwin ( https://twitter.com/Prof_Zedwin )

Full Vid here ( https://derpibooru.org/2165460 )

Some time with myself - (Solo Female)

Thu Oct 10 02:59:14 2019

https://derpibooru.org/2164501 (Full video there)

Startrix [Futa x Female]

Tue Oct 8 09:50:40 2019

https://twitter.com/CDVreus/status/1181501844616617988 (full video)

HD: https://pt.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5d9c54853227e

Just a lil' test!

Thu Sep 19 05:14:36 2019

Nothing to say, just enjoy it, yo.

Spicy.gif Shimmer.gif

Random posters 2, yo.

Sun Sep 15 23:19:46 2019

Because I needed.

coldy2.png rgl4.png

Soddisfazione - [Lesbian\OCs]

Tue Sep 10 19:22:54 2019

I have Implemented lots of new features to increase the quality of my content.

* Better lighting

* A new and unique squirting effect.

* New and better sounds effects.

Let me know what you think, your opinion does matter.

Full video here ( https://dn0.newtumbl.com/img/35130/13090025/1/19229739/nT_pu5qz5arh87f63u8ef6ut78q.mp4 )

Just some random posters....

Thu Sep 5 20:18:38 2019

Gotta make more posters.

Azha.png ilpane.png

Clouds of Fire - [Futa x Female] - +4:00 minutes Animation

Tue Sep 3 21:32:47 2019

Looooooooong animation here is it!!

Click here for a +4:00 Animation filled with sound

Commission #49

Fri Aug 30 17:50:11 2019

Just a simple commission.

(Animation Here )

Watchin' U! (Solo Female - Masturbation)

Sun Aug 25 18:46:45 2019

Not sure if I want to make it a longer thing, I'll think about it.

NewTumbl Ver.

Twitter Ver.

Solo Scoot. [Solo Female]

Tue Aug 20 05:18:34 2019

Almost like a private show.

With the #1

Full video Here ( https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GiqZZYK-qb5KEPZyapDpUkI7x6tjvR4k/view ) For App users, just copy and paste the URL

The Price - [Futa on Female] - Animation

Thu Aug 8 15:28:21 2019

Long animations are back again!!!1!11

HD ver.

DerpiShittyQuality Ver.

Nightclub [Dance\Music animation]

Fri Aug 2 08:43:57 2019

Some times a little change is called for, I don't really expect everyone here to like it, but I wanted to try something new this month.

Poster made by AP [NOT TR....ok enough of this joke]

Full Animation here and there.

Amanti II

Sun Jul 28 19:59:18 2019

Just a short (but complete) animation to fill the void (Also to avoid seeing people saying I didn't make anything for a month) while big projects are not ready yet.

Pornhub (HD)

Derpybooru (Meh) [Just upvote it in there]

Twitter (HD)

Be Right Back!!1!

Sun Jul 14 06:39:45 2019

I know that I am taking more than usual to make updates in here, but, my commission list is full and their project are pretty complex also, but no worries, I am working on 3 new animations to compesate the time I lose....



Sat Jul 6 02:51:07 2019

Full Animation HERE

Cobaltum - [Lesbian\Threesome\ALotOfOthersThingsIDon'tWannaAssign.]

Sat Jun 15 04:06:50 2019

Eeh, Chuuuupaa, piruuuu!!!

Full Animation ( ± 6:00 Minutes + Sound HERE)

PornHub: Here if it's ready.

Poster Made by: AnthroPoniesSFM, NOT TRACER!!

M.O.M.s - (Lesbian - Feet Licking - Orgy)

Wed Jun 12 01:35:58 2019

5 characters at once.....Never again.

Full Animation HERE (1:10)

Kirin's Love [Futa on Female] - (It contains footjob)

Thu May 30 06:58:39 2019

I went easy on sounds this time because I am REALLY TIRED and this video was supposed to be done 3 weeks ago.

Anyways: Watch it HERE

MiniCommission - Threesome - (1Futa2Female)

Thu May 23 06:46:05 2019

A little something just to fill the void, since the project I am working right now is taking a lot (because it's long).

++ Full Animation HERE ++

Getting Busy - Threesome - (Futa on Female)

Sun May 12 20:21:35 2019

-- Full Animation HERE --

Twilight's Fantasy - [Futa on Female]

Wed May 1 23:57:38 2019

Full animation HERE


Trizzlings - (Straight [Bisexual?]\PoV ) Animation

Mon Apr 15 19:41:55 2019

Back with more PoV animation! More animations coming in the next few days (probably)!

Full Animation (3:05) with sound HERE

2x1 (2Futa on 1Female) [Commission]

Tue Mar 26 15:14:37 2019

Full animation here

Sapidum - [Lesbian] - (Analingus) - | Commission |

Mon Mar 18 09:36:24 2019

Commission here and there... Big Projects coming soon!

Full Animation with sound Here

Perfectio - (Growth Breasts and Ass) - [Commission]

Mon Mar 11 02:20:18 2019

I do not really know how many of you guys will enjoy this animation (I personally did) Let me know if you guys would like to see longer and better animations containing Brests and Ass Growth.

Watch it here


Fri Mar 8 20:55:37 2019

Here some beloved futa x female animation, a little short than usual, but, I am trying a new animation style. : Full Animation with sound and free HERE or HERE

Insertis [Solo Female] - (Short Commission)

Tue Feb 12 08:33:55 2019

Just a commission: Click Here (Full animation with sound)

Mimus - [Lesbian] (Free Animation)

Sun Feb 10 20:38:35 2019


This was supposed to be a Patreon only Animation; But, I am a man of my word! So, this time, it will be free for everyone (But I'll post it here anyways, because I can).

Also, they nuked Tumblr, but now it's back (sort of it)

Follow me on the NewTumbl

Uritur (Futa on Female [Threesome])

Sun Jan 27 04:53:35 2019

Do not mind the possible low quality of this particular project, it's a bit old and only now I could find the correct characters to make it works (for me).

Better stuff coming very, very but not that soon.


AmiCum - Episode 01 [Early Access]

Fri Jan 11 14:32:25 2019

Here the 1st Episode of my Longest project, I tried some Striptease in it but it didn't come so well. I also have to work more on the sound.

Anyways. Have this +4:30 Minutes Animation and pray for the rest comes out soon.

(This Episode will be free released when the 2nd be updated in here) [Something around 2 to 3 centuries]

Used Musics:

Gardenias on Venus

Powder Snow


Sun Dec 30 00:55:59 2018

Join us: https://discord.gg/zkNff6Y

(Perma Link)

My gift to you. (Lesbian and Incest)

Thu Dec 27 01:48:41 2018

It took more than I was expecting...I am Suuuuuuuper late with other animations I wanted to post along that one, but however, I'll post them separately in the next few days\weeks

FULL ANIMATION HERE (3:35 Long or something)

With sound and all these features you guys love.

[Commission] - The Mares Book-Club (Part 1)

Sun Dec 9 22:17:59 2018

Chapter 1.

Here the first part of a commission a got recently, I cannot tell when it will be complete, so, do not ask.

There isn't much to watch yet, and I do not know how this commission will end.

You can watch the first part, if you wish to. ClickHERE


Thu Dec 6 12:43:35 2018

Only 15 hours of rendering, I hope it was worth it: CLICK HERE AND WATCH IT!!

Sweet as Apples (Foot Fetish)

Thu Dec 6 12:43:41 2018

Ah, you didn't get the house, so?

Whatever then; Click HERE AND WATCH IT!

Tumblr and the Nuke, Part 2 - Volume 4

Tue Dec 4 05:01:30 2018


As you guys know Tumblr will not be available anymore, and NOW I am using......TWITTER!!!

Be sure to follow me in there: @CDVreus

You may also find 85% of my free stuff here: Derpibooru (Watch my tag if possible)

Have a good Apocalypse.

Punk Duo

Sun Oct 28 16:55:14 2018

Full Animation HERE(.rar file)
WEBM (It can only be watched if Downloaded)

Keep That Secret....

Sun Oct 28 16:55:19 2018

Full Animation HERE

Tiers re-work

Sun Sep 30 23:35:10 2018

I made a little re-work on the highests tiers:

Old rewards removed

New rewards added

They're limited now.

I found this way better to get along with everyone, since posting Exclusive Content on high tiers is not well seen.

Midnight Sonata (Variant)

Sun Sep 30 23:31:01 2018

This animation is the 1st Version of Burning Midnight, but I found it so short, then I re-worked some parts.

And I took the part I deleted from the original video and made this new version with a different ending.

Click Here to Watch it


Rainbow Dash x Twilight Sparkle

A cancelled commission I get long time ago, I do not feel like throwing it away, so, here is it.


Magic-Test (Animations) (Variants)

Sun Sep 30 23:30:46 2018

Just a Variant

Female Version

Futa Version


Female Ver.

Futa Ver.

Burning Midnight

Wed Sep 19 10:51:16 2018

Early Access of an Animation I did....a very long one...

Click HERE and enjoy it!...i hope

Info about it HERE!

Let me know if you guys like straight things too, I am just shoting in the dark nowdays.

This animation will be free released in about a week, and new versions of this animation will arrive with:

Different Characters (female only)

Different Poses

Different Scenes

Note: All of these new versions will be available only at tier $10

Physically Impossible (Animation)

Thu Aug 30 21:34:18 2018

Another PoV Video.

Here the Link to this video. VIDEO HERE


Sassi (Animation)

Thu Aug 30 21:34:16 2018

Not much to say about this video, it's just too cute




Sun Aug 5 14:48:38 2018

There are more animation I wish to bring (Starring Trixie) I just need more time to finish them.


Private Show (Animation)

Sun Aug 5 14:48:43 2018

Sorry if I am late.......

Full Animation right HERE! Feel Free to Download it or whatever you wish to do (Just don't post it around)


....A Dream. (Animation)

Sun Aug 5 14:48:45 2018

That's the 1st time I do a PoV animation, let me know if you guys like this style and if you wish to see more.

Full Animation right HERE! Feel Free to Download it or whatever you wish to do (Just don't post it around)


Deep Inside.

Tue Jun 19 02:06:31 2018

Full video HERE! <-- (No Audio Avaible)

Let me know what you think and what you guys'd like to see here.


Too wet...

Tue Jun 19 02:07:30 2018

You can Download or Watch it HERE (It contains audio):

Scene 1

Scene 2

Not used scene.


Let me know what you think and what you guys'd like to see here.


Real talk, I could not find a good name...

Mon May 7 21:16:21 2018


One for Two.

Mon May 7 21:15:51 2018

A time with myself...

Mon May 7 21:15:20 2018


Tease me! Pretty Please!

Mon May 7 21:14:56 2018



Tue Apr 3 19:00:55 2018


Tests #3

Wed Feb 28 23:47:40 2018


Removed Scenes from "Steamy Spa"

Fri Feb 16 14:31:23 2018


Happy Saint Valentine's day

Tue Feb 13 17:41:57 2018




(Exclusive) both


Here some random scene from a future project

Wed Jan 31 18:54:14 2018







Once I finished Steamy Spa I'll start this one.

Exclusive pics from "Intimidating"

Thu Dec 28 20:34:32 2017

Ambient Occlusion Ver.


"Intimidating" is avaible to Download (Early access)

Thu Dec 28 20:30:26 2017

I hope you guys enjoy it, let me know what you guys think.


Fri Dec 22 18:22:11 2017

Another teaser from my newest video (almost done)


Cuming for You

Thu Dec 7 21:21:25 2017

Excluse BG from "Shower Adventure"



Thu Dec 7 21:20:01 2017

Exclusive .gif from "Shower Adventure" <--- Name I just Invented.


Just to make it clear!

Mon Dec 4 18:54:19 2017

Since I do not have any goal yet.

ALL post will happen randomly.

That's all for now.