Turtle Dragon (Full Res)

Sun Oct 11 15:53:35 2020

Hello everybody!

Here is the full resolution art of the Turtle Dragon I designed for LightBox Expo. I just also uploaded the time-lapse to go along with it.


Enable Discord Benefits

Fri Oct 2 23:02:10 2020

Hello Guys! Just a quick heads up! People just noticed that the Patreon Discord link server wasn't working. It should be fixed now if you want to access the Discord Server! It's still on the early stages but I would love to hear suggestions for channels .

Werewolf Curse Value

Fri Oct 2 19:31:49 2020

Happy Friday, everyone!

Hope you have a good start of the weekend. I am still editing the Dragon Ganon time-lapse so here is a quick werewolf value painting to make for the wait.

I really want to do more Halloween stuff related this month so this is a good start.

Stay Safe!

werewolf.jpg werewolf.jpg

Dragon Ganon (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

Wed Sep 30 14:46:13 2020

It's the end of the month and just in time, here is the Dragon Ganon Tutorial. I attach the PDF file to this post. The document is very brief and shows the overall process that I used on this illustration, I hope you guys enjoy it.

I will do my best to make more substancial tutorials as my Patreon gets more and more support.

Also, I will be posting the time-lapse of this illustration on Friday for the highest tier , so stay tuned for that!

Stay safe, everyone!


Glamrock Freddy

Fri Sep 25 17:34:48 2020

Happy Friday, everybody!

I posted this one last week, but I wanted to post it here because the first time-lapse I am featuring for dragon tier is with this guy. I really wanted to keep very clean and 3D sculpt style.

Its always refreshing to try fan art sometimes and I really hope you eager to see it , along side the content of The Dragon's Apprentice.

Hope you guys like it.


Welcome! ( Patreon Post LightBox Expo ).

Tue Sep 22 20:02:50 2020

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who became a Patreon after Lightbox Expo, I truly appreciate your support for all the plans and projects I will be working on.

After Lightbox ended, I was very tired to the point I had to take a week of rest. The preparations for that event left me burned out and had to spend a week away from my computer as much as I could.

However, now that I am fully recovered, I will start posting on the platform, sharing a couple of time-lapse videos and a step by step tutorial for the higher tiers. As well as some concept sketches I have been doing.

Again, thank you so much for your support and I hope you enjoy the new content I have prepare.

Stay safe!

Dragon Ganon (Full Res)

Tue Sep 22 19:50:54 2020

This is a concept I had in mind: What if Ganon was a villain in the Spyro Universe?

I will share a full step by step and Time-lapse for this guy during the weekend. Thank you so much for your support !


Heavy Weight Rottie

Fri Feb 17 23:56:40 2017

Omnivore Reward for one of my Patreons. His Rottweiler Character. Thanks for the Support!


Horse Pin-Up Art pack. (Preview)

Sun Jan 29 00:59:18 2017

On Tuesday 31st, I will be sending to each inbox the corresponding artpack depending on the tier youre in.

3$ Reward

5 Images including high res of :

Morning Sun, Golden Hour, Serene Sunset , Midnight Moon, a secret image and horse sketches.

5$+ Reward

5 Images including high res of :

Morning Sun, Sunny Afternoon, Golden Hour, Serene Sunset , Crimson Twilight, Midnight Moon, a secret image and horse sketches.

I would also appreciate if you would like to see a particular specie in this kind of presentation.

As always, Thanks for your support!


Preview - Studs Artpack 1

Tue Jan 24 23:07:53 2017

Greetings Patreons:

This January I have been slowly recovering and little by little I have been able to work on this exclusive artpack that will have 5 horse illustration (NSFW) and sketches I did during the process. Right now, I am waiting for my wacom stylus to arrive since my last one broke but this are the ones I got so far: Morning Sun, Midnight Moon, Golden Hour and Serene Sunset.

This reward will be given at the last day of the month for the 5$+ patreons and the 3$ will receive the sketches via message.

Thanks a lot for your support :)


Weekly Raffle Pic - Ira

Mon Oct 17 06:32:46 2016

Weekly Raffle Picture for Ira. Enjoy a struggling Lion with his hoodie.

Thanks for the support guys and see ya next weekend for the raffle. :)


Winter Weight

Tue Sep 13 05:17:10 2016

A Fat Chipmunk guy for my art book. Have tons of updates to post, just a little slow due to I got sick the last weekend


Shall we Dance- W.I.P

Sat Aug 27 21:17:27 2016

Wanted to draw the tiger dancers for a while. :D

Gonna do a SFW and NSFW version of this.


Cub Stickers

Fri Aug 26 17:36:18 2016

In September, I am attempting to Mexico Comic Con offering this stickers. I wanted to craft something small to in order to be able to send something to my patreons in other countries.

I would love to know what do your think or what other specie would you like to see :)

Enjoy some cubs! :>

Thanks for you support!



Sun Jul 31 05:55:20 2016

Greetings Guys! So, in this month after I talk with a lot of furry artist and ask for advices. I have decided to include NSFW in my Patreon as one of my rewards. Don't misunderstand me, the fact that its NSFW doesn't mean that I will draw two furs f*** each other or doing sex, but the fact I will do more suggestive stuff : like more nudes, suggestive poses, some kinks , proportions, etc.

I would like to know your opinion about this. Also, no change on my reward prices, they will still at the same price.

And If you can commend below I would really appreciate it!

Thanks for reading! :)

Mexico Comic Con 2016 Artwork

Fri Jul 15 17:29:31 2016

Greetings Patreons!

First of all, I apologise for not updating until now since I had been recovering and organising my from all the payments i had to do for AC. However, It was a great experience I will never forget and Its sure I will be going next year.

As for now, I have been working on an artwork that will be featured at Mexico Comic Con on September. This is an anthropomorphic representation of a mexican comic hero from 60's called Kaliman.

Again, sorry for the hiatus. I will be updating as much as I can during this month.

Thank you so much for your support.


May Patreon Rewards

Sat Jun 4 01:45:04 2016

For May I will be sending the PSDs of my cyborg characters and also I some high resolution pictures I made as request and for fun. Finally, a exclusive picture of an Ambipom that you can print 20x20 cm for the Pokedex Mexico.

Thank you so much for your patronage. :) Hopefully I will be working on the art book even more this month.



Sat May 28 18:29:12 2016

This is a Character Sheet I did for an Animation Contest. Its kind of different to my style but I am really proud of it. :)

The PSD with all the layers I used will come on this packs month . Just a note: I drew him naked first before i put him the clothes XP.

Thank you so much for your support guys! Have a nice weekend! .



Thu May 26 01:21:10 2016

Doodle Exclusive in this months pack!

This was a doodle request was made by Artfullreggie who asked for a Gideon Grey with a really big problem eating his own creations. :) Came out with this.

Thanks a lot for your support!


DURAL - The Cyborg Kangaroo

Tue May 17 15:01:59 2016

This is an original character I have been working on lately. Probably gonna include some of this in my art book, perhaps? I tried to keep the design simple yet with some patterns to make the character more appealing and easy to animate.

Dural comes from a word that means *Valley* in an Aboriginal Australian Language.


My Little StarFox

Sun May 8 18:36:08 2016

Happy Mothers Day! :)


Patreon Rewards April

Tue May 3 17:42:37 2016

Thank you so much for all your support guys! I just delivered the first package with images for my art book and a couple of exclusive pictures I did during this month via message. I could do anymore due to losing my Imac this week. With your support guys, hopefully, I will save up for a new one.

Thank you all and have a nice week!


P.S. For those who still support me and didn't receive it, check the payment settings that for some reason it was declined.


Winners for Free April Doodles!

Thu Apr 14 23:24:10 2016

Please contact me via Message so you can let me know what do you want :) Congrats.


W.I.P Longma - Horse-Dragon God

Wed Apr 13 18:45:59 2016

So you may already notice, my art book is gonna be about gods and mythical beasts but mostly with anthropomorphic designs. With many body types , species and body complexities. Everyday I will have some progress that can be watch on my channel:https://picarto.tv/edmallard

Thanks for your support!


Snow Leopard Princess

Sat Apr 2 17:54:54 2016

This is an illustration that will be on my book. I will make some small edits but its pretty much finished. Enjoy! :)


This chains can't take me - Giga Bowser PinUp

Sat Apr 2 17:52:36 2016

A pin Up I am working on! Will finish this up later :>



Patreon Gift_Artfulreggie_Fox Gainer

Sat Apr 2 03:09:31 2016

I forgot to post this here. This was actually the last raffle pic I gave to one of my top patreons Reggie, who wanted a picture of his gaining fox and my cougar in a gainers situation.

I am not doing the raffles as a standard anymore but i try to give surprises once or twice a month.

Thanks a lot for your support guys.


Div-Ed-Sity 2.0

Mon Mar 28 14:48:49 2016

So this is a personal project that will be used as bookmarks and also as part of my new book. I plan to take out different species so this is just a little of more upcoming panels. I will appreciate if you would like to see a particular specie missing and with what body complexity. So here is the line up so far.

Bear, Donkey, Fox, Puma, Otter, Deer, Bunny, Hyena

Fruit Bat, Kangaroo, Hippo, Horse, Ram, Tiger, Bull, Badger,

Lion, Raccoon, Wolf, Beaver, Cat, Elephant, Giraffe, Red Panda,

Tapir, Chipmunk, Rhino, Impala, Coati, African Buffalo, Warhog, Leopard.

The last batch hasn't been released to the public so enjoy! :)



Sun Mar 6 19:50:07 2016

Sorry if I haven't been updating but recently I got a back injury that is messing up my body badly and have been in rest for all this month.

Anyhow, you will see changes on this Patreon due to I really want to have more variety.

-Content will be more diverse.

- It will still have chubby art but with a different focus. Since I had issues with the raffle ( mostly because some winners didn't answer ) , I decided to eliminate that stuff and just add more exclusive content on the higher pledges and special commission slots.

Please make suggestions if you want something in special.




Thu Jan 28 20:09:58 2016

Hey Patreons!

Suddenly this week , fake account patreons have pledged on my page so to make this work, I won't post stuff normally like I do anymore.

So the plan is to give you via message a zip file with the pictures of the month after your payment has been processed. Patreon is working on a banning button so until that is done, just check out you messages for the monthly link to download your stuff, that will apply for next month. That applies to all the pledgeds.

Thank you so much again for your support. :)

WIP Izumi going Kaiju

Thu Jan 28 08:10:10 2016

Commission in progress for Borussa of his character Izumi becoming macro. Still got to add shading and some details.


Fat Yoshi - Exclusive Patreon Pic

Thu Jan 28 02:06:53 2016

An old pic I forgot to post here. Enjoy the fat Yoshi :>


Borusa Growth Sequence

Wed Jan 27 07:28:29 2016

1 of 2 commissions for Borussa who asked me to do a macro - kaiju weight gain sequence of himself.

Sorry for the wait :( High resolution attach to this post. :)



Hideki's Last Piece

Wed Jan 27 07:23:41 2016

I think you had enough...TUBBS! Look at yourself!

Commission picture for Troodon. Of course, high resolution for you Patreons :>

More to come.


January Raffle Winner

Tue Jan 26 02:38:54 2016

Lets retake it from this year raffle and the Winner is: REGGIE FOX!!

Please contact me via Message or mail. Thank you so much for your support! :)

Eventually When I get all my commissions done, I will try to do 2 raffles in order to people with minor pledges to get a price for the month, perhaps a sketch raffle for the 3$ pledge patreons?

Stay tuned for more guys. Thank you so much again.



Raffle Pic for Troodon - November - December

Tue Jan 26 02:25:13 2016

Finally getting this one done to do the next raffle. I will be doing it tonight. There wasn't any December Raffle due to I offered the pack as a reward as I said in a previous message. Thank you so much guys for your support and I will keep working as hard as I can to get more content done.

Finally, stay tuned for exclusive sneak peeks of the next art pack . :)

For now enjoy this pic.

Stay Tuned!


Reindeer Auction 2015

Fri Jan 22 02:07:17 2016

Greetings Patreons! I am sorry for the big delay on posting something but i have been dealing with issues with my health and getting a new job. Anyway, here is the finished picture in high res of the Reindeer Christmas Auction I do every year. Enjoy the Chubbs. And something is sure.. they are not feeling any cold for sure! x3


A Heavy Merry Christmas W.I.P

Fri Dec 25 17:23:03 2015

Merry Christmas everyone! :) That the best wishes for you and all your loved ones come true this end of the year.

Guys, I Cant thank you enough for all the patreons that have supported me so far. Thank you sooo much! I am planning a lot of cool stuff for next year: prints, comics, personalised icons, stickers,etc.

I was hoping to finish this picture before christmas but family always comes first. :) Anyway here is a Work in progress of my latest christmas Auction. Fatty reindeers!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas !



Sat Dec 12 17:19:02 2015

The Last Auction I did on FA. Enjoy the High Resolution! :)



Updates for December

Wed Dec 2 03:10:48 2015

Hello Guys!

I am back from my trip to California and I am getting ready to end this year with a lot of pictures. Regarding to the raffle, I already told that i will compense this two last months giving away to all my patreons the new art pack i am about to release. I appreciate everyone for your patience and your support because right now I am on a really complicate economical situation due to all the costs I have to pay of my trip. :) Finally, I will be doing another auction , as for the second year straight, i will be posting my Santa's Team V.2.0 in which you will have an opportunity to become one of Santa's reindeer but..they do kinda have to carry something extra that is not their cargo.

Anyway, stay tuned for a lot of activity and thanks for the patience guys!

Best Regards.


Monster Mass WG Serie - Cougar

Wed Dec 2 03:03:00 2015

Ed having some serious problem with product placement and some powder for muscular mass that goes totally wrong. Something exclusive I worked during my trip to California since I didn't have any much time to do something else. Enjoy guys and thanks for the support.


Furry Couples - Artpack Idea

Tue Nov 17 04:04:55 2015

So guys, this is just a little silly idea I have for the future. I will probably be making this ones colored but the idea is basically furry couples with different sizes having *funny* situations between each other.

For now i got this sketch that I will only share with my patreons. :)

Thanks for support guys!


Big Boys Cartoon Bundle

Wed Nov 11 20:41:55 2015

Hello Patreons! Lately I have been busy with a really important job event next week so I am really sorry if i haven't done any raffle so far or posted any picture. I will keep it up with it next month. But, in replace, for all the patreons that have supported me, no matter what amount of pledge, will receive for December my first art pack ever. Which will feature 20 anthropomorphic characters , 10 colored pictures, 10 sketches of your favorite cartoon shows all bulked up and heavy. This is my christmas gift for all you patreons that have supported me no matter the amount.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, you have been a great support for me! I will be sending personally the bundles to each one with the pdf that will include all the pictures. :)

So I give you a sneak peak of 5 of the characters of the colored pictures. I won't post anymore until its completed but here they are, they don't need presentations so enjoy!

Thanks again!



Lucky Ed & Jack's Halloween Party 2015

Wed Oct 28 20:21:24 2015

This is an YCH Auction I did last week and this is how it came out. Lots of sizes, species and textures. Thank you so much guys for the support, you have really help me out to improve myself. :) Stay tuned for more!


Sumo Academy HR

Sun Oct 25 16:22:29 2015

As I promised here is the sumo academy high resolution :

I actually did some corrections to it so this is probably the final version. :) Enjoy and thanks for the support!



Beefcake Shirt

Sun Oct 25 15:12:10 2015

A magic shirt exclusive of my workshop. Imagine your size , clap 3 times and *fwwwooomp* , there you go!


There is a limit size to the shirt's magic

If the shirt breaks, the magic will stay on your body for 10 days.

No refunds

A commission for Camble and the high resolution for the patreons. Thanks a bunch for the support guys!


The Wizard Dragoness Wallpaper

Sun Oct 25 14:32:49 2015

This is something i decided to post due to my idleness but I hope you enjoy it . :)


Borusa Kaiju Weight Gain W.I.P

Thu Oct 15 21:28:27 2015

I am sorry for having being so idle lately. For my luck, I got the chance to show my portfolio on Laika Studios and I have been busy with that. :) I have tried to get back on commissions and this one is taking a while so I figured out it would be a good idea to post a work in progress. The last pic on the sequence is without stripes because its gonna be painted. Anyway. Enjoy this for now ! =) Thanks for the Support!


Sumo Academy Final Prewie

Sat Sep 26 17:40:31 2015

Its finally Done! After 4 days of work in total and only receiving half of what of the price this image could have gave me XD. Its done! I personally would have invest more time in this series but I need to keep up with my fundraising for my food supplies and bills.

It is a bittersweet feeling because when I first started in the fandom my first pic were sumo related and I was remembering one pic I did of the sumo academy with colored pencils. And now, be able to do this and capable that i can do it even better.

Thank you so much for the Auctioneers and patreons who have supported me so far and for your patience, in this image and in my daily posts.

I will send to all my patreons and auctioneers the final image with and without the text in high res via dropbox .

Why Uma's and not Ed's? Because thats my secret horse name, don't tell anybody ;P



The Perfect Body Canons -YCH Auction

Mon Sep 21 22:12:05 2015

So all this fursuiting fundraising has been dragging me physically since i haven't had a proper eating, besides I need to pay bills at the beginning of the next month.

The Perfect Body Canons -YCH Auction

Would you have considered that the perfect body has always been the round shapes? I mean the golden ratio has always been considered with spirals and circle. Also it seems to be everywhere in classic sculptures and paintings. This is how this piece came to my mind.

This is a really silly pic I had in my mind after watching a sculptures and classic paintings but yeah pretty much a bunch of fatties pile on the top of each other. XD 6 male characters and 6 female characters. Even if i have worked hard for my fursuit, i haven't get enough supplies for food and my rent coming next month so I decided to open this since I will clear up the Sumo last image this weekend.


- The end result will be in this quality:http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15255847/

- The Auction Ends on September 30th at 11:59 P.M.

- Las second bidding with will make the Auction 30 minutes longer.

- Genre change and size isn't negotiable, little tweaks can be done but not total changes.

- If you have a winged character, your wings will be turn into angel wings. Thats a requisite for the picture.

- if you grab slot 5 ,6 , 11 or 12 , there will be a tailless version if your character has tail.

- Payment will be done in the moment I start the painting of your character. I will be doing individual streams for each character and after the character is done I will send you an invoice with the total payment.

-If you win the auction and you decide to back up, you will have to pay a $15.00 bill , so binding if you are sure to have the funds by that time.

- I will send you a note asking for your character reference and paypal after the auction is done.

BIDS will be manage on FA but I am giving you this message to you first to be aware this is coming

Character 1 - Anthropomorphic Female Character

Starting Bid: $20.00

Auto Buy: $100.00

Characters 2,3,4 - Anthropomorphic Male Character

Starting bid: $20.00

Auto Buy: $80.00

Characters 5,6 - Anthropomorphic Male Character

Starting bid: $20.00

Auto Buy: $90.00

Character 7 - Anthropomorphic Male Character

Starting bid: $20.00

Auto Buy: $100.00

Characters 8,9,10 - Anthropomorphic Female Character

Starting bid: $20.00

Auto Buy: $80.00

Characters 11,12 - Anthropomorphic Female Character

Starting bid: $20.00

Auto Buy: $90.00

Thank you Patreons and have a good week! :)


Patreon Raffle Winner of September

Sun Sep 20 16:39:14 2015

Congratulations to Troodon! As I said before if i get more patreons soon, I will be able to offer 2 painted pics per month and perhaps one sketch so everyone would have a better chance to get a price.

Thank you so much for your support so far and expect more pics soon! :)


Patreon Raffle 1 - Brewmaster

Thu Sep 17 23:33:13 2015

As I promise, patreon winner pic for Mitchell Gonzales. He requested an obese Brewmaster. Enjoy the high res. :) The raffle is done tomorrow. Stay tuned for the result. ;)


A Toast for Memories

Fri Sep 4 04:06:27 2015

Commission for the awesome :iconcamble:

" William started out as a tiny skinny junior with a lot of ambition to be a sumo wrestler, he moved from Australia to Japan to pursue this career and he got along with the master really well over the time. Years passed, Both Him and Ed, the head master, became old and too big to train other sumo trainees by themselves. But that didn't stop them to mentorship other masters about their techniques and knowledge in sumo wrestling. As they are sitting in a rainy afternoon, they make a toast for all the good times they have passed together ".


Commissions are Open


The Gainer Series - Flex for me

Fri Sep 4 04:00:13 2015

"...I almost didn't notice it has been a year since I started to go out with this particular husky girl. I couldn't believe my slim frame now become a whale of a body, I could barely move my limps as layers of blubber covered it. Every afternoon she took the camera and record me like it was a game. My body limited me to do what I wanted: to get out of there. But something in her eyes mesmerized me to follow her orders. She told me to flex my arms and i did, even if that single action like that was almost impossible to me..."

This is the monthly colored pic I share with all my patreons, no exclusion.

Enjoy! :)


Our Royal Fatness Prince John

Tue Sep 1 20:12:01 2015

Yet another commission done for VaughnBlondeTail. The Sheriff and Robbin hood receive too much love. Give some to Prince John, he is a whiny big baby. :P

Enjoy The Big Resolution.

Prince_John_Final.jpg Prince_John_Final.jpg

The "Grande" Anubis

Tue Sep 1 00:45:47 2015

A silly concept of a fat jackal man. Enjoy


How did I get this big? Classified

Fri Aug 28 02:27:35 2015

A commission for Vaughn. This will be included in the art pack as well as this is the quality the art pack will be. Thank you so much for you support guys and Enjoy!


Bulk Up Fundraising

Mon Aug 24 16:20:35 2015

Hi Patreons! Still on my search to make my goal come true of having a fursuit. I just released this fundraising. For more information I leave this link in the description:


Since you guys are already donating as patreons:

-I will give you the high resolution pics without the numbers and all the typography.

-I will let you decide how do you want to use your points in this way depending on how much are you pledging on patreon . (You are still free to donate out of Patreon to my Paypal) It works like this:

- $1 = 1lb in FAT (Upper or Lower accent) or MUSCLE

- $2 = 1/4 inch of HEIGHT

- $3 = BULGE ( The picture won't reach an adult theme. BULGE! ME!? YEAH THIS WILL BE WEIRD CASE I WILL DO BULGE XD)

Each 400.00 the ones who donates the more will appear with this character doing whatever you want.

Thanks for your support guys and have a nice week! :)

Fundraising_Bulkup_Fox.jpg Fundraising_1.jpg

Big Toons Sample - Classified and King John

Mon Aug 24 05:46:10 2015

This is a commission I am working on now but very related to the upcoming Big Toons Artpack Sample. Thanks for Vaught for commissioning me and you guys see the opportunity of what you get when I release my art pack. Thanks a bunch and Enjoy!


The Big Buffet

Sat Aug 22 16:39:31 2015

What a lovely day to beat the crap out booths xD.

Commission for the lovely Zedex.

For Patreons commissions are always open! :) Thanks a bunch!


Brewmaster WIP Patreon Raffle Pic

Sat Aug 22 16:34:08 2015

Upcoming coloring pic for the winner of this month's Raffle : Mitchell Gonzalez who asked for an overweight Brewmaster from Dota. I will be uploading the flats soon. Enjoy the sketch! :)



Thu Aug 6 16:52:50 2015

I am working in 2 brand art packs of your favourite anthro video game and cartoon (including TV and Featured Animated Movies) XXXL sized. And as my patreons, you will be the first ones to know the final list. Also you will receive a special deal for both of them. P.S : Art Raffle will be at the end of the weekend so stay tuned! :)


Many Blob

Wed Aug 5 17:27:45 2015

Monsters High Character: Many Taur, who apparently was cursed with some sort of ...spell? Enjoy the Sketch Patreons! :)

674296d68568e5896f9444c4e0c3d8ce.jpg f7c32e0ad17cbe470ef46aa7ebd83b86.jpg

Ed_Bowser Day

Wed Aug 5 17:21:51 2015

Something Silly for yesterday's Bowser Day. I started in the morning but couldn't finish this until late night. High Res also included. :) Enjoy Ed Bowser (not Original Bowser which is more evil and...slim?) xD

3c65db63d5c9ceb6577fd429db75248c.jpg 89edcaabf3538b6e646c5341743d6cb0.jpg

Run Borusa, Run!

Tue Aug 4 15:33:12 2015

This is a Patreon Sample Gift for Borusa of my other account. From my 25.00 pledge I was going for a sketch but I decided it would be better to be a coloured pic instead. This are around 40.00 so for 25.00 I think It is a good reward :)

Thanks for the Support and Stay Tuned!

5d8df6a6e12fab164a27da0d864c0636.jpg 4ef889cdca4fa46603a3b87e7f681d93.png

Horse Balance Problem

Wed Jul 22 23:22:54 2015

More Fat Horse. This one is from my previous Horse TF-WG sketches. This would be a sample for the quality of the monthly raffles. Enjoy! :)

3e70e13655232a11209fc51ffe3000d5.jpg 0521bae587400d6e094f89ef791cb9f2.jpg

Sumo Auction Sketch Final

Wed Jul 22 20:02:48 2015

Third and last sketch done of the auction pic. I decided to take one of the scenes out since it wasn't necessary to add (since there was only my character on it). Anyway, our apprentices, instructors and both interacting are ready. You can see some of them got more than a "new haircut" :) Enjoy this for now since I will be starting colouring after a one week hiatus for vacations.

519f2e3130a7583b95c47fc91fea17dd.jpg 2122940bc885d459bd9013a0ad877326.jpg

Sumo Auction Sketch 2

Tue Jul 21 16:09:09 2015

Sketch for the Auction Pic with both apprentices and instructors. Time for the most difficult panel which is the one with both of this guys interacting. Enjoy!

deb681671498da7c2088840d6ba6136b.jpg Sumo_Auction_Sketch_2.jpg

Sumo Auction Character Sketch

Tue Jul 21 03:46:09 2015

Characters Lines ready of the first pic to be painted


The Wrong Vitamins

Mon Jul 20 16:54:56 2015

"A friend of this horse gave to him some vitamins. He told me that they would help me to make me beefier and indeed...not in the way he expected. Sorry bud, no bodybuilding contests for you anymore, well, not the traditional ones" XD

Full color picture attached to the post. Enjoy!

a02024ba2e6e1be06f8b2d95d44c4c5e.jpg 7f9b3428a520f7fd9ec165488eb21b6f.jpg

Horse TF-WG Sketches

Mon Jul 20 05:44:27 2015

I did this pic for fun one afternoon after watching the halloween special of The Fairy OddParents, in which Timmy wishes that anyone who wears a costume turns into the character of the costume itself. This is kind of inspired on that but this one includes a curse, one that much of you would enjoy but our character is barely doing it because exploding is not a nice thing. :x Enjoy the Sketches and the high resolution attached to all the patreons. A little something for the Beginner Fatasses this time ! :P

285f36ecfd4b6f71c7fd66073b7c54c8.jpg 258b37f43faf9d5885c58a211481f28a.png

Two Sneaky Ghosts

Mon Jul 20 05:20:25 2015

Trinity and Myself got into a predicament in which two sneaky ghost took our forms and fool us to fatten up until they desire to stop. I really don't have any story behind this but you can create your own.

I usually don't make character this big but it was a special commission for my best pal Trin, who has its birthday the same day as me. :)

High resolution is attached to the file. Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

a0b760c7578f4606f27b619ec04952cb.jpg 56ed93519b185f5f98197d49a0e5f401.jpg


Mon Jul 20 05:10:55 2015

Wait!? Two Trinitys. Whats actually happening!? :o

I usually don't make character this big but it was a special commission for my best pal Trin, who has its birthday the same day as me. Stay tuned for more :)


Monthly Art Raffle WINNER! + UPDATE!

Mon Jul 20 05:12:20 2015

Contratulations to Mitchell Gonzalez who won a free full character coloured pic. I will send you a note asking you for info and description of the pic. Again, thanks to each patreon to helping me to get closer to my goal.

I will be updating soon about the art pack I am working, I have already decided around 5 character and I will post the sketches exclusively here so, stay tuned. Also I will be contacting the +50.00 patreons for its free sketch grayscale pic. Lots of work to do but its worth it for the help I am getting of you guys. Thank you so much again!

Peace! :)