Reading RP logs makes you grow

Sun Sep 1 22:15:02 2019

Haven't you heard? Reading Echoen RP smut logs (available here and at ) causes you to grow huge dicks everywhere.

Pleasure reading!


Posting RP logs to Patreon

Sun Sep 1 18:20:02 2019

Hi, folks! Your support through the years has been AWESOME and it's time I finally began rewarding your contributions.

I'll be posting some RP logs here. You can support the creation of MOAR!

Have some free samples!

AmethystineBalros-Snakebunny.txt (d) AvylinEchoen-Colony.txt (d) CloakableEchoen-ManyThatFennectaur.txt (d) DuffwuffBalros-ShoppingmallCorruption.txt (d)

Succubi Savior

Sat Jan 12 07:44:44 2019

Story commission for HP1741A about Pix, an escaped magical experiment to use a feline as the basis for a succubus, finding Marc, a human who brings her in from the cold.

Art by Mr. Pink and used with permission.

EchoenStBTxt...png HP1741%20Commission.pdf (d)

Silvia's Seduction

Mon Jul 2 22:15:22 2018

1k story commission featuring a bunny boyfriend and his growing boar girlfriend - growing into new gender, too!

Silvia%27s%20Seduction.pdf (d)

Arctic's Unwilling Ascension

Mon May 14 00:31:22 2018

Commission for Arctic Frost for a pony corruption of obscene scale and proportion.

Arctic%27s%20Unwilling%20Ascension.pdf (d)

Xilimyth's Epoch

Sun Apr 22 06:17:56 2018

Story commission for :iconXilimyth:

Xilimyth is a cheetah-dragon, and enjoys powerful muscle growth. Echoen was given free reign, but to keep it... mostly tame.

Pronoun preference: hir/shi

Xilimyth%27s%20Epoch%20by%20Echoen.pdf (d)

Joker vs Heavy

Sat Feb 24 01:13:37 2018

A mashup of the TF2 Heavy, interrogating a parody of The Joker from Batman: Dark Knight.

1239998278.echoen_jokerheavys.wav (d)

Thank you, lovely Patrons! Here is your Reward!

Mon Feb 5 23:45:48 2018

The animator is and it was a true pleasure to fund its production with you. Consider funding your own production, he's quite friendly!

JQMDpjfC88xOqpVX3pBTvrnsZBYzrnSzAMtF6F-H5dLxqG6F-yTIRdKS9rQaLjIA.jpe (d)

Male to Bustyboy TF

Sat Dec 30 18:39:40 2017

Commission from ComfyCushion

EchoenSquirrel1.png EchoenSquirrel2.png EchoenSquirrel3.png EchoenSquirrel4.png EchoenSquirrel5.png

Balros Nuts

Thu Dec 14 21:51:07 2017

Cleaning in the shower, but boy, are they heavy.

Art by scruffythedeer as part of an upcoming comic for me.


The Trumpet's Call

Thu Dec 14 08:32:49 2017

A story, with many pictures, based on the Elephant Infection.

Elephants.pdf (d)

Your Alana Girlfriend

Sat Dec 9 15:05:35 2017

Inspired by Doug Winger

Credit to the man who made me a furry.

Alana, wherever you are, thank you for providing inspiration to someone who never knew you.

Tracy Vale

Fri Dec 8 22:51:44 2017

A gift done for Dawmino of his hyperherm roo character, Tracy Vale.

Artist is EyelessMike.


Gina, for FelixMink

Thu Dec 7 17:10:10 2017

A gift for my friend FelixMink of his mink girl Gina


Hyper Shortstack Bat

Thu Dec 7 17:03:11 2017

A commission from Tincrash from MFF2017


What theme do you most want to see this month?

Thu Dec 7 16:02:26 2017

Please select a theme for me to write/post about.

Uploads incoming

Wed Dec 6 21:27:39 2017


I plan to upload things. Many things. Soon.

Gimme a few days.

Changes to Patreon

Wed Dec 6 06:54:05 2017

Attention, current patrons!

I'm changing how my Patreon works. Please check the rewards page to select your new tier.

Littlest Pot Shop

Thu Nov 23 05:57:16 2017

Thank you every body for your wonderful support. Through your help, we were able to commission an artist (who wishes to remain anonymous) for a 23-page (with 25 bonus pics) corruption, growth, and transformation comic.

The comic is for sale at

As loyal patrons, you receive the comic for free. Please do not share!

lps_comic_1.png (d)

Sypress Squeaking Hyperfection

Thu Aug 20 20:52:08 2015

Art by GrandStorm

Poor Sypress. Assaulted and swollen by infectious rubbergryphs!


Vayl's Foxbeast Infection by Shormu

Wed Aug 19 05:53:32 2015

Written by Shormu, for Vayl, as in Vaylute.

Foxbeast_Infection_by_Shormu.pdf (d)


Sun Aug 9 23:37:33 2015

Octo-gal mutations! All of her suckers are pussies... and end in cockheads. Art by the talented GrandStorm.

Celia's owner:

Story to come!


Sinful Sypress

Sun Jul 5 21:58:51 2015

Sypress sporting some feralgryph tits! Wouldn't want hir to land on you... only once. Repeatedly is the way to go.

Art by


Lluna Boss

Tue Jun 23 01:40:50 2015




Fri Jun 19 20:48:31 2015 's Erika gets a bit thirsty. Check out what phant milk can do!

E07.jpg (d)


Fri Jun 19 20:46:01 2015

A ferret girl (PinkFudge's Simmer) has a pony experience. Right in the car!

E01.jpg (d)

Shortstack to Superslut

Sun Jun 7 06:01:39 2015

Art by

E11.jpg (d)


Sun Jun 7 06:00:17 2015

Drawn by


Vaylute Corruption

Thu May 14 05:37:49 2015

Newest patron Vaylute isn't quite fitting into hir new outfit...

e9e567f75bb4e30194378b1589417fca.jpg c471d7e54a1399c9720c4369732edd54.jpg b4787eed2ab4ce05863c51395e2ea784.jpg 83e768b8c993736899e699d335c75e04.jpg 44b90e71418bb7ff7751b6c2d2107b07.jpg d01b38f71e642462aaa67891154e5920.jpg aed64ef8c410a6d5e5d87b5cd92357ce.jpg 69c78220e989a5002db5de938d75cad6.jpg 15a5bd3a1f9c5bb7d1bc3c2a78b14bd0.jpg 28c14620c0e3d60263bbb00f7bc61605.jpg

Squirrel Park

Fri Apr 10 20:49:39 2015

Art by Boo3

b83b410ac9a61cc41e37164025b2ea36.jpg (d)


Mon Mar 30 18:11:48 2015

I've decided to give a bit of a breakdown on exactly how much you've donated to Patreon and how much I've spent, and on what. So you all can know the value of your donations :)


Sept 2014: $134
Oct 2014: $162
Nov 2014: $177
Dec 2014: $130
Jan 2015: $163
Feb 2015: $255
March 2015: $172
April 2015: $160




Reindeer Games: $305

Batty Beverage: $35

Herming Pool: $50

Contaminated Nuts: $90

Patreon Pony Bombshell: $120

Luna Tripped: $50

Mutations Can Be So Sensitive: $25

Checkmate! Queen to King: $45

Luna Daigo: $50

MoT Corruptions: $177 (Shaftsnakes: and rubbersuit recruit

More Pony Pet: $125 (Not yet posted on FA)

Pregnancy Program: Pending completion by Blaqink $134


Not yet paid: Squirrel Park: Pending completion by :Boo3, $200



So, as you can see, I've forked in some of my own money, just to keep things running smoothly. This is good for me to know too, so I can plan things out for the month of May.

I'm sure the latest amazing things you're slaving over are the Reindeer Games series that was recently completed. It was only created due to you wonderful loves that have joined my Patreon:

The more of you that join up, the more and bigger the commissions get. You can even YOURSELF be in the pictures if you join in at a high enough level! Can't let Llunablue and PinkFudge and Checkmate22 have all the fun now can you?

Reindeer Games

Fri Mar 27 03:21:14 2015

One of the two massive projects funded by your patronate. Starring Luna, Checkmate, and guest-starring cub Echoen and cub Fortune.

Please enjoy.

0b1fc24af1aa0e1f6826baa1bba75079.jpg 0286179bd5f7ceb6deb03159039c3c3d.jpg 011fb28b386c1602f32e925b3eb6ab8e.jpg b0619d7467ef96af9f76a8149b694894.jpg 6a7e0451c2581528b398a348cdc280ca.jpg 753dcbdbc0159616fb677bbd212df295.jpg 5f193653afc4d986387b5ab7385798ef.jpg f66a0f98d02edfa9e558ee7e38882a4c.jpg e960848ee4cf5b086600ec8a6253f49b.jpg ac00c20063b8e169e40d244e757d2836.jpg ae45bfda9b6e0e1b2143d79143ce6434.jpg b4cfcf135e6d81448604a8a33f589ee0.jpg 75c2ce8608a74167c6514340fbf590f6.jpg c911e93b2304c7fb7e5c3174531c1716.jpg 3870cebc51ab27e14845d7683fa7703f.jpg 2c3b74dad6fdea0b98d511829fae4920.jpg (d)

Bimbo Time

Wed Mar 18 19:05:46 2015

Art by

535c061c1f70c13488c98521e3b3654d.jpg b854f3ee15e2728df99fe23e9670ac2f.jpg

Young Roo Grows!

Thu Mar 5 05:05:01 2015

Art by DrMellbourne, of hir sweet roo character growing hyper.

0913e0567185fc9174caf66e4aba314b.jpg 0a470c913e511e66d7597c2a7edd743d.jpg 67af77aefb0b6c6ddac486dd565cf69e.png 4dcc55c03591120031e86638ffd8c2ad.png c9251e471fe8b7bc5b2f95745ef7f591.png

Sun Feb 22 19:00:55 2015

Teaser update, page 13 of the big squirrel comic:



Fri Feb 20 01:49:01 2015

Another sneak peek update

a044878e87cb1a666c06c5364befc79a.jpg 9a723938ad42524bced5c1b7715cba1a.jpg f8a13cd53bbec7438871814bbe530ea4.jpg beef13d431a602dea51623df897086ba.jpg 7b209ca100fd635c23fd3b8b713bcf12.jpg


Sat Feb 14 18:59:05 2015

Teaser of things in progress!


Demonroo Babygrowth

Sun Feb 1 00:50:10 2015

Turning a big slutty demon roo into a HUGE slutty demon roo fuck-cub

ea21dfd9d00fd9d9c78d7efccac4999e.jpg b74fa9a5455b20e68da0affa8cd62f72.png ac86b617b7d6f9bddcd036049ac961f3.png fd51ec52d6b6c769b0a4855eaa084103.png 0bbe45144b17da0209c726893e7ecc35.png

Boo3 Squirrelpocalypse WIPS

Fri Jan 30 02:40:48 2015

Enjoy these teasers

a4e53b5f8851bc99d5781925b5977ee9.jpg b714b9bb55bca89fe57236e2f31c2eae.jpg 0c21b175589e8dc78ea53c5c5981ab0a.jpg 38253fecaab1fe36c86162fcb8dcbac0.jpg 08a1fd29a33fd9751fbb1db3b88e2844.jpg 6ebb9d50d66fd946bdc01047dfcf6f1f.jpg 1bd7e555bd6c006ace79ffc6eb3a26fc.jpg a25adb4e909b86c2357bc0579384597d.jpg b149670f7a276a210f079b3e7097f829.jpg e541f132bf3240c77b57bf0c6a6e0e00.jpg d3dbcf516575bbf818c8ea27b01527a5.jpg f1cdce4c7c4bd44c41c94ea49b912695.jpg

More Pony Pet

Mon Jan 26 08:14:40 2015

I like this series too much, I just have to keep making other artists draw it!

028e2099b364f7baa96cb54fa973a5b4.jpg ae0b16df51e1e4aadfd570aa10e08652.jpg f9fe6f334ab01559b81af03a8d4f6dd0.jpg 1c26445cb03ac360477d3e775d0ca0e8.jpg 2ca72a4e22755afed2fe6d14456610e2.jpg a485708337d33624d5cfe741032cda47.jpg

Pool Pollution

Sat Jan 17 06:53:44 2015

Art by featuring and

3dba223be0e2d80cae47fcbc0e496a23.jpg 6064552d3c74f5b5fb2823f630575249.jpg f047b5b367fe4d930bc9eb548dfe26c9.jpg 7a6675c673039fb7aa8a98f8f2a968f8.jpg 8d541971f369181c42e0958b0a9ce0c9.jpg baf91cb4d03a30adcab906b4076e9f9c.jpg 0284fed96719649737eb963929b47509.jpg 62cf147216e5be9cade88828642ecac3.jpg e3824f5c33fb1233368523a8a3a50749.jpg 3b8644370e7028a5992fc8a18905bb4d.jpg

Mon Dec 29 17:30:55 2014



MoT Corruptions 2

Tue Dec 23 17:33:09 2014

Thank you all for funding these! Enjoy!

b2975b98f2e2fa4a15cf40dd3fb7113f.jpg 4ca90141b2370d5f2029e8c9ced24a2a.jpg d8996a268b7d18f08f1af226228c1efe.jpg 3959e29f1abd54853095bd0dd8cecd68.jpg d08bad7188df881862005b13f1b9ef0a.jpg 0829e9307dca1f9bdf7f5b19c98e971e.jpg d7ba3b5b42948b022a1d11c732637cb9.jpg cacf5b3228123ddd9671b9520a0039ab.jpg 9fc5d9df626940a68d417b41604f0c00.jpg bb988ce07c2b5c6f564eb4afdaafc45b.jpg f23df809e10510e6fdae21476426c1ca.jpg 7d8578b50c46d813f2d8533380b2cfa9.jpg 3e2e61316868282d681f661365dc1710.jpg 4bd83438ffc6f93713c51872d9bed749.jpg ece5c5dbec61652c02c68e008207035b.jpg f54126f3c07953ddef36f2c61d64502a.jpg d58c5605dc4afbb5e61120ca7c9d95f0.jpg 621124cece275ba48eb5b7267290ea50.jpg adbf02df735068eb240c270df52b397b.jpg e26427f763d83f9ddaecd19f6803fe45.jpg

Simmer - Ref Sheet by PinkFudge -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Sun Dec 21 20:23:12 2014


Here is the layout for the upcoming Patreon comic, as will be drawn by

Simmer the ferret:
Luna the fox:
Vanessa the shiba-inu:

1: Luna, Simmer and Vanessa as three sexy ladies dressed for a hike or camping. Keyword: Pockets. A sign nearby that says "Danger: Infected Squirrels."

2: A close-up picture of a feral squirrel, it's body thick and sweaty, drooling from its mouth, oddly human tits and a sheath/balls on it.

3: Luna walking past, the squirrel jumping onto her back, juice/sweat flinging off of it.

4: Simmer and Vanessa looking startled at Luna as her clothes are suddenly ultra tight, bulging off her bigger breasts, wider hips, herm bulge. Luna is clearly startled by this, too! (Please add in the POV of tits growing in like the top left and top right of )

5: Luna, now full squirrel, with a somewhat pregnant belly, hermy and horny and drunk on how good this feels. Reeking of musk and dripping with juice.

6: Simmer, stumbled onto her back, her clothes tight from her own growth and partial transformation.

7: Vanessa, stumbling as she tries to run away, but her own clothes tight from her growth and partial transformation.

8: Luna, halfway to transforming into a squirrel version of this:

9: Luna, fully transformed into something like this:

10: Simmer, turning into a squirrel version of this

11: Vanessa, trying to run but having trouble as she's a squrirel version of this (and with big underboobs too)

12: Simmer, Luna and Vanessa all on the same page, all clearly pregnant and aroused as fuck.

13: All three birthing / having birthed squirrelherm abominations.


15: Orgy + birthing despite still having sex.


MoT Corruptions

Wed Dec 17 02:52:40 2014

Some previous of a huge hoard of artwork I bought from

f83789383b163aec1cebce4f198f5cbd.jpg 1cb11e0548ac239cdaa371743dbea03c.jpg 17f002df6d4ba201346e9ab664b38be3.jpg 8deec24dac0c576c51dfff24c2e15b06.jpg bdaa86177eaac76cb15889cfc08c4eb4.jpg 8649ee79dbc9ddd4462947d5544440b1.jpg

Contaminated Nuts

Sun Nov 30 08:36:51 2014

Wheee! More wolfespada work finally come through! Enjoy!

Features Luna for some of it, but it's mostly a generic squirrelgirl that nibbled on some nuts I left out for her...

2c603e0df89c47512d5e0320a87c3672.jpg 974c5c8c2609213b1562e406874f2683.jpg 6cd2fc9091e134b9a3ef74e736570128.jpg 9cf586d04ff74750c718bc370eac73ce.jpg 64e5c53a6f134e92d943880f3e5fbb8d.jpg 6c76ef5d7c36f99474431fd30ec9644a.jpg b45f8066870ec69d097d4e5c2996e04c.jpg 0866b54011e3210c7df1a39a18274bc1.jpg d12c52cee3812096756bdfe5f49cec62.jpg 570cd67a5af3115dc0438c0fc68315a8.jpg 9fa4f6532ca6873985b831c1097ab3cc.jpg cb737b83f81e0ea19bbcdfc41f1e04b7.jpg 3f87e03182db95a9bde8cf771676e9b9.jpg c24dc7604bf66180556c91c99752b5b5.jpg 746b6d66a016c02f2d03d0d42dcc7f79.jpg 5299dbd5ba102fba79ec824b0efde978.jpg ad0311a534a9f7ced0d54631809d5105.jpg 8e0719208500277d313d09e44eed2450.jpg

Luna's Pony Party

Mon Nov 10 07:12:50 2014

A BIG pony pays Luna a visit, and leaves hir a gift!

df8c297e40bc032fb4633f6f8743eb75.jpg 816ccc5b7ca9b967077b35b023ea7e91.png 3c4c639bfd3a36e9887fde78be3e5699.png 0e2e521dda1d28928bd4b32dafcaebc3.png 2353b586293dd8993623fd29858be38f.png 5a5ef0d09d565ede4d7c11117f416200.png

Luna Tripped

Mon Nov 10 07:10:35 2014

Art by as Lluna is infected by Trip:

51cf10e806a3cf9245c6dfb484a775d8.jpg 59f6a19bd2972fe3a93eadf85e9efbf6.png

Sat Oct 25 01:39:51 2014

LunaBlue Boobwuff by RevaDiehard



Wed Oct 22 05:18:52 2014

So, news.

Turns out that September's Patreon purchase, a huge series from Blaqink, is cancelled due to a HD crash that corrupted all the SAI files. The funds will be refunded in the next few weeks.

This is why there hasn't been much lately.

I am now in the process of developing new commissions and you can expect to see a flood of them as they probably all get completed at the same time.

Shiba Inu Corruption

Sat Oct 11 00:41:11 2014

Thanks to Checkmate22!

c624e25a249318d758c03ebf8db5da3d.jpg f5a4098a0c6be52b866223998ee15ba1.jpg 10a5401a9208174e7e79000ef99a4eb1.jpg cb073263085b0c19c18997e8f40db691.jpg 6a234c8ef46583cd65ef6f5e35f28431.jpg dfa73ed7ef6239cbe05803812a603445.jpg c5c531b0d9833c9fb82cbf1d2e8cd4f2.jpg 27cfe94fed409a482392b96f40aa0150.jpg

LunaBlue - Daigo

Sun Oct 5 14:36:13 2014

A preview of one of September's patreon purchases, by Daigo!