Farm Security

(same as the ones in Drage's animation archives)

Farm_Security_Q_NoSound.mp4 (d)

Barn Hospitality Extended M/F Safe (Old)

Old - without hoofs

BarnHospitalityMF1080Safe.mp4 (d)

BarnSecrets 0.90

WinZIP archive

BarnSecrets090.rar (d)

Barn Hospitality Extended M/F Snu (Old)

Old - without hoofs

BarnHospitalityMF1080.mp4 (d)

Choosing Own Punishment V1.0

(same as the ones in Drage's animation archives

ChoosingOwnPunishment_FullHD_V10.mp4 (d)

Blue Ribbon the Game Ver.02 Alpha Release

Sat Jul 11 10:01:47 2020

Hey people!

The first version is released. The day has come! We see the light!
Blue Ribbon is ready for you with all the animations i done with the endings included. You waited so long so there is no need to part it. It's the best to test it with everything at early state too.
So what is Blue Ribbon for now?
- Control Laura and do whatever you want to little human girl.
- 2 main positions with 18 skills (from 5 to 60 sec long) with critical versions.
- 46 Endings under 11 sets.

For endings you need to finish the game with proper conditions and with the right combinations. Some ending sets just need any skill to finish but some needs proper final "3" skill combinations. Combinations are hard to find by just playing the game. The gallery will have the tips to show you how to get proper endings you wanted but it's planned next versions. For now i will give you some hints and ending info at the download folder.

Other bottom options will be added after all the animations with girl finished. Same for furry versions.

Third main position and camera angles will be added later. There will be muuuuch more endings in time too. Gallery will be added but with more interactive way.

The animations are at lowest quality and they got some little problems which i already corrected and rerendered them but as this release is about testing the core game play, i did not release a huge file before being sure everything is working. After the game passed alpha as you don't report any bug or we handle them, i will go for beta with much better content including the gallery.

You need to have a windows PC to play the game. You don't need anything else like Barn Secrets.

Game Download-Hints-Ending Combinations (MEGA): DOWNLOAD LINK

Please report any bug here or at discord. This is the very early version and i need help from you to get any possible bugs to crush them!



New Animations At Firsts and Blue Ribbon Folders!

Sat Apr 25 18:53:43 2020

Hey people,

please check your PM links for Firsts and Blue Ribbon Folders for new animations and previews.

All the "new" folder links send to the patreons for their tiers as PM!


Welcome everyone!

Mon Feb 24 21:26:11 2020

Hey people!

- First of all thank you to come here to support me!

- Second you will get a big message with links to download everything. It can be delayed some hours because of sleep-work hours.

- I opened a simple place at discord to inform you about news and to hear your ideas and anything more about me. It's open for all.


You all welcome!

New Links and "Firsts" Animations

Sun Feb 2 11:06:54 2020

Hey people!

I send all the new links to all my supporters. You will find new Blu Ribbon previews at news section!

And from now on, i started to publish my before 2007 animations as named "Firsts". As their quality low as i could find them as flash files, I am working on them to revamp for better quality and resolutions.

As they are already old, 3$ tier and up will able to have them! I plan to release 2 per month.

If you got problems with links please inform me.

Thank you very much!

Links PM'ed!

Mon Jan 13 16:41:39 2020

Hey people!

I send all the new links to my patreon stuff. It's good time to download all to make a collection. I even lost so many things of my own and tring to find them at internet..

Thx and Enjoy!

Not: Farm Security Ultimate Edition is under "Animation" Mega folder.

So Happy News!

Thu Jan 9 00:03:17 2020

Hey people.

I am still working at endings and your will some cool stop, never done before at furry animation. They are very tricky animations so takes time to make it good enough.

If you can support me only at patreon, you can go on. I will continue to send messages with the content you are looking for. If you somehow miss the PM's and want to get your collection links of your tier, you can PM me to get the links.

Here, you see that the girl is so happy with dreams of pregnancy!

Cya you later!


Welcome to 2020!

Wed Jan 1 18:36:04 2020

Hey friends! I hope you get a nice year with your dreams coming true.

I am working on my animation and i promised a beta version for this weekend. When i was preparing final render, i noticed some weak parts and wanted to remake them before release something big. The biggest reason was the Laura's big boobs. She is a cow and boobs are important for them and us. So i am revisited the physics and some shape correction to make it more cow like. For that reason, i will ask some more time to public a bigger animation.

Again, i send some PM's to my patreons about replacing my home for getting support. Please consider to move there if you did not already. If you don't want and go on with patreon, it's not big problem, i will stay here as much as i can and you will get my art by PM's.

And here you can see how the laura and our human girl are so happy!!! Because they are all willingly enjoying themselves!!

Cya soon with another update!


Merry Christmas and News!

Tue Dec 24 20:31:55 2019

Liana says hi to you all my fellow supporters!

Another year passed and we are older now. I want to thank you to all for all your support you did to me at this year again. As someone with a little girl and lovely wife, with you support i can give them a more quality life.

New year will bring more animations and games for sure. I am already working for some months over new Liana animation which will be a game in future.

Now as important note; as i send you an info PM, I won't publish any original artwork at this feed again as patreon does not like those. As i mentioned, i moved to another site which i am waiting you all there. So you can see much more updates and art you really want to see.

Here you can see a new loop from the new animation and you see them so happy.. they are enjoying so much and they are all willingly.. as patreon wants it so. I will put some little art here at patreon as the happy versions..

Before new year, you will have an early version of this animation. I will finish final editing at weekend and publish it here as PM and at my new place.

Cya soon!


Blue Ribbon 0.4 Loop

Sat Nov 16 14:21:09 2019

Hey people!

I continue to work on blue ribbon and it has many more loops now and will have much more.

Here is a mid-month preview from the tamed kissing scene. Enjoy!

Download: MEGA


Blue Ribbon V.0.3

Sun Nov 3 11:51:46 2019

Hey people!

As i could not put anything worth for a while rather then previews, i owned you something to kill time. Here is an early version of my next big animation project. I did not work on loops this time, so there is no repeating elements. There is many details and physics to work on. There will be tons of new positions too.

The story is a hate crime. The girl is someone who is visiting our cow's farm for some reasons and she hates the furries and always bullies them about how stupid they are compared humans. Someday, our cow can't endure it anymore.

Enjoy for now! Thx for all support!



What could she possibly thinking?

Sun Oct 27 12:39:18 2019

Hey ppl or barn!

I am working on my new animation fully at these days. Most of you know that i am creating the scenes as the animating progress continue. When i see a pose, i just stop and think about possible loops or poses i can create. Most hardcore and sexy animations i created, like hot kissing scenes, were the result of this. Here, i made something probably first time at furry history.. heh.. a new pose for furrysutra..

Our lovely cow was just doing her but she could see only her back and her foot is just in front of her nose, moving up and down fast.. so maybe she can find a way to enjoy herself at this situation.

What could it be?

Hint: It's about the foot. :)


Another loop!

Tue Oct 15 21:01:31 2019

Working on the new project. I created some nice poses and got some very surprise ones on the list. Probably i invented them,heh.. Not much boob physics here, i will add in time.


Blue Ribbon Preview

Sun Oct 13 18:13:07 2019

Hey ppl!

I know that I could not put any new art for a while. But as i do mostly, i was workin on somethin at background.

You remember the short animations i done earlier. So i wanted to upgrade those with new models. Then.. as i always do, it became a whole story. This one got some complex animations as you here. Poses are more extreme as my new models can allow me to do those. I will tell you the story behind it but for now, just enjoy little gif!

And as my first vaginal penetration animation, you will notice the detailed penetratin at that zone :).

For more info, there will be horse as top and some other little furries as bottom versions when finished.



Choosing Own Punishment - Ult.Edi.

Mon Oct 7 12:52:06 2019

Hey everyone!

The time has come to finalize one of my beloved animation. Here is the Ultimate edition. I love this cow.. i really like her. So what is this about, what is the difference?

- More compact, 3 minute exprience.

- Smooth frame rate, much faster then original (the old version was like slow motion at some parts)

- annnnddd SOUND moth*******!!!! Yes! and it's done by a pro audio engineer who like this kind of stuff (which is ultra rare to find and makes a huge difference at quality)

I hope you all enjoy! Thx!

Download: MEGA


News! Finally!

Sat Sep 21 11:26:36 2019

Hey People!

I continue to handle the animations for my new game. Now you see my throwing animation. There will be plenty rather then just one for both couple. Just i need to figure out, how to add this mechanic to the game. I am still thinking possibilities.. For example, how can i make a capture when the enemies back as all the enemies will look at the player as beat-em-ups logic.. and what will happen if there are more enemies who will hit you when you captured one. I got some ideas but if you got a solution in your mind please share with me at development phase.

And i will have a nice surprise very very soon.


News! Fighting Horse!

Fri Aug 23 22:02:31 2019

Hey people!

The development is continuing silently. I wanted to show you some moves to give you more ideas of the next game.

It's very early stages and i know there is some bugs at those animations but i know that and as i said this is early stages.

Thx for your support with patience again! There will be some silence weeks probably because i will be on sail for a long time and work mostly at the ship with this project.

At next news you will start to see some nasty moves for sure!



More Series.. more everything..

Sat Jul 27 11:27:26 2019

As i said before.. there is many things, almost ready and waiting just the model additions like hoofs, paws..

Cya soon with much more!

horsefox2.png horsefox2.png

News and Model Upgrades!

Wed Jul 24 08:18:49 2019

Hey Fellas..

As i said before, i am on preparing the new game and the animations with it.

I am working with one of the greatest furry modeler for my 3D program and she is preparing some great updates for me. I hope i will totally handle the "feet to paw" problem very soon. This is a wip so it will be much better at the end.

I just do not like that human feet at my models, so this is very important step for me. For this reason, i do not publish any new visuals. Probably you will have plenty for next month.

As the game coding is progressing well so as i always to i will burst content when i see it's good with my quality standards.


WIP01.jpg WIP01.jpg

New Project Ahead!

Sat Jul 6 20:48:10 2019

Hey People!

I was on sail for a long mission, so it was a very busy month. I am not at my home still.. but i try to work behind closed doors.

Barn Secrets was a success and i happy to give you something finished in short time. As you know me, i do not like to publish alpha phase products but i will make my projects bigger so i will need more time and my help for them.

Let's talk about my new project. After Barn Secrets, i saw that making games with full of video files got some problems and got limits. So i need to change the game style. First i wanted to make a 2D platform, but then it did not able to give what i want and to be honest with my heavy hitters it would not look good a mario type game.

I was always a beat-em-up fan like Final Fight and Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. As there are many examples out there, it's a fun action game style. So a very close friend and I decided to go for that kind of game.

Here you see our herm horsy who can fight very well. The game play will be about beating enemies then finishing with some crazy sexy captures. She will get a help message from barn and will investigate. There will be more playable characters after i finish this.I got some plans but nothing is certain so if you got any ideas how the game should flow. As an action game, there will be TONS of things to animate for me so it will take some time until i go for nasty moves. I want to stay with me at this project too.

Thank you very much!


Barn Secrets v.0.90

Wed Jun 5 09:27:52 2019

Hey people of Barn!

After some struggles with game mods, even it took more then i planned. It's here.

So what do we have at this version?

- Gallery Mod: Do you just want to relax by watching little wolfy screwed? Yep, this is for you. Including the endings.

- Difficulties: You want to play it but don't want to go for all the planing or stress? There is 5 difficulties for you to select!

- Key Shortcuts: You need both hands and can't handle the mouse clicking? Just numbers are for you for all 10 skills!

- Technical Improvements: Boring stuff..

Download: MEGA - Google Drive (1.22 GB)

Rather then possible bugs and more game smoothing, this version will be the final version for content wise. I am still open for any ideas for any part of the game.

Thank you for all support!!


News and Thanks!

Sat Apr 27 17:52:56 2019

Hail to the Great People of our Barn Watchers!

First of all, i want to thank you for all for your great support to my game project! Some of you paid already tons at long term, some came per update and even some of you support me at high tiers. They mean so much for me and to my family's future!

As all you played the game, i got very good reviews and some more ideas to improve it. I am very happy to able to give you something worth to play and give your money and time. As i mentioned before, this game project was my dream. Controlling the top character, rather then just watching it can create many role playing aspects in our fantasies.

I like to support early projects too but i always wait to play a finished product. For that reason, Barn Secrets started from a beta state and the first phase (ver 1.0) will come very soon. BUT this is just one step of a huge game project. There will be more couples with all variations and all together there will be a RPG\Strategy mixed game progress.

I started to the second couple animations, our fox and horsy. To be honest, it's very hard to find different poses and combinations which needs to be same loop with same start and finish. Our first couples main position was very good about this but now it became a challenge.

Let's talk about the next update;

- Difficulties: It's hard to balance 10 skills with critical versions. When i was testing all the numbers, i did not make the game long but same time i want you to able to use every skill. For this reason, game is long and hard to finish as it is. To avoid that, we will have many difficulties to choose. You can play whatever you like with your taste.

- Gallery: Even the game is enjoyable as it is. Sometimes you just want to do, whatever you want to see without all the stress and planning. We will have a gallery options which you can select all skills (including criticals and endings) without any limit and the loop you select will play on without pressing again and again.

- Skill Shortcuts: Number keys will be used for skill selection.

- Performance: As a video heavy game, it's unique at it's own way. My game dev works so hard to minimize the freezing and slowing at video passing.

For later, we plan to make an android version.

If you got any idea or anything to ask, please feel free about this!

Cya at next release!


Barn Secrets v.080 Screams! UP!

Wed Apr 17 18:05:48 2019

Hey People!

Here is the Barn Secrets v080.

I will go for short, so what do we have here?



Download: MEGA




Sat Mar 16 17:08:48 2019

Hey people!

I thank you again for supporting my dream game.

As news, audio work started officially and we will start to have sound at next month.

I will be on sail until next month. So I won't be here for a while. Enjoy the game and please share your thoughts and ideas!

Barn Secrets V.0.75 Released!

Mon Mar 11 17:45:53 2019

Hey Ppl!

Barn Secrets V.0.75 is here as the first serious playable version to enjoy!

- All pairing variations as M/M, M/F, H/M and H/F.

- 10 Skills, 3 Endings and 10 Critical Skills (8 of them different animation)

- Special All the Way animations for H/M.

For the gameplay, there is 3 type of skill groups.

- 1. to 4. skills are to get "Excitement" like Super at fighting games.

- 5. to 7. skills are heavy Climax and heavy damage skills which requires Excitement.

- 8. skill is low heal and heavy resistance (body integrity) hitter.

- 9. skill is heal.

- 10. skill is for big Excitement.

Every skill got critical version with a little bit different and powerful then default version.

Do whatever you want! :)


Zip Password: dragesanimations


Barn Secrets - DEMO

Mon Mar 11 17:27:33 2019

Hi Ppl!

Here is the official DEMO of Barn Secrets. This will be the free version and published at anywhere. The first real patreon build will be at 10$ tier and then as other versions come, it will go to 5$.

- All the pairing as M/M, M/F, H/M and H/F

- 5 Skill, 2 Ending and 1 Critical Skill (For 1. one)

There will be detailed explanation soon at from page.

Download: MEGA

Note: Enjoy Skill fixed.


Barn Secrets New Version is very soon!

Sun Mar 10 21:59:50 2019

Hey Ppl!

New version will be up with tons of new skills for all pairing options.

Here you see one of the new animations. It will be included only herm/male version for now.

If you have any loop idea for the game, please tell me.

For future plans, my furry models will get a big update to look and bend much more better, but it will take time. So before a totally new project, i want to make this one better and i will start to make game version of the "All the Elephant" with much more loops.

Cya very soon!


New Version (s) on they way!

Wed Mar 6 17:54:11 2019

Hey ppl!

I am finishing final things for "Barn Secrets". There is many things at skill system now, like critical hits, armor penetrating... yeah i know it sounds like something totally different but this is a fight and we will have all!

- Armor Penetration is just penetrating the inner organs of the wolf. Low level skills won't able to penetrate him/her, so if you cannot penetrate enough, you can not go in further.

- Critical Hit is like any other critical chance to inflict more then a normal skill. You can get double excitement but same time, it could damage much more and you could kill the wolf in progress. Critical hits will have their own animations!

- All combinations will be ready. As you can see at the UI, you can have 4 variations to play.

I will publish a very limited version for free and some other versions with different price tags. But it will be about just getting the final versions just earlier. Ppl who supported me enough, will get the final version directly.

I don't publish any alpha state versions, because i just don't like it. I want to put something finished and playable. This does not mean the game is totally finished, because i got big plans still.. but it needs more support.. sadly i lose ppl at this development times but i think it's normal.

Thank you for your patience! Cya!



Thu Feb 21 11:29:57 2019

Hey people!

I returned from sail after 25 days, mostly without internet. So i could not put many updates like old times. But even over the seas and being not online, i worked at some points and my game dev continues on the updating the game.

First of all, all 4 combinations of Barn animations are finished as MM, MF, HM and HF. I got many loops to use so i will use them at some special combinations. This takes time so please have some more patience.

I try to make a perfect cow model, so i did not start for next animation for this reason. The barn animations are taking so much time already so no lose here.

And i can add more, deadlier hyper/all the way style loops for barn animation too, as the one we got is a bit short.

Cya soon!

New Couple is on the way!

Sat Jan 19 22:42:13 2019

Hey Fellas!

Here is the new team for next animation. I though about using not-a-fox but as i am working on the game now, i want to have a good horse and fox character for the game. After we got these main characters we can have more variants for next ones..

Game development continues as i am bringing new skills for Laura and the male on male version rendering.

Cyu soon!


Heart Breaker - Mini Loop Series Downloads

Sat Jan 19 12:00:01 2019

Here is the full series:

With Cloth and Hair: MEGA

Naked: MEGA


Barn Secrets 0.62 Beta is on!

Sat Jan 12 11:21:46 2019

Hello ppl!

Here is the first version of Barn Secrets.

There could be bugs or unbalanced parts of it. I am waiting all your bug reports and great ideas.

I will be on sail for 2 weeks. After that i will answer all your questions. I just got limited time for now so i am leaving the game with you!

As it's the first release, i will put this at 5$ patreons, later i will bring more things to other price tags.

I recommend to use windowed-1280/720. But you can go for full screen too.

Download link: MEGA

Note: Video passing is not so smooth i know but Unity is a bit limited about this. I am still working on that.


Happy New Year and Thank you!

Tue Jan 1 09:34:32 2019

Hey people!

I just want to thank you so much to all people who supported me somehow until this very day. I am doing animations for years and with you, i could make something for myself and my family. I could survive against my fate at some point because %90 of the choices of my life, done by other people. Someday, i will take control of my life truly, thanks to you.

I am very happy to able to create something and share with others. I always want to create something which will stay forever at my very little free time. So i can continue to do this with your power behind me.

As i live at a stupid 3. world country (probably much lower then 3..), the life standards are very bad and everyone wants one piece of you at everywhere.. you work crazy but take just so few. Nothing is fair. I could handle this by myself by screwing everything but when it comes to family, it changes. I need to make them happy and let them live as happy as i can. At this point, the only way is to have more money. Everything needs money, life, happiness, health.. so at this point YOU are the one who saves me and my family.

Probably my traumatic life created "Drages" with this "dark side", i am happy with it. I will go with it.. maybe further. So i want you thank you again to save me and my family. I will try my best to give everything i can!

I hope that next year brings us what we want.. Cya soon!

Heart Breaker - Mini Loop Series

Sun Dec 30 20:00:22 2018

Hey ppl!

I normally do not take commissions. There are reasons for this. First, i should have the hype to create something and mostly i do it from my own ideas. Second, people mostly wants very different things and models which i don't have. Third, i am mostly very expensive because of the needed effort to create an animation even it's a loop. As you already know that, my animations take nearly 3 month to make.

First time, someone came to me with a logical and nice idea for a commission. Algorax wanted some specific loops with a human girl and Liana. He wanted 3 loops. As i already remake my herm cow character Liana, i accepted his offer. I thought it would be not so hard but his poses was much more harder then i think. So i needed to create some possibilities.

I worked over some clothes too. It's very hard to make clothes fit to her to be honest with that body but i think this is nice. Hair gave her some personality too.

Heart Breaker is about a girl who broke the farmer's son Tylor. As she broke up with him at the farm, Liana hated the girl because she made him sad. Before she leave the farm, Liana catches her at a barn, to take revenge. There is a little story about this too.

First Loop Series Download: MEGA

Cya soon!


Barn Hospitality - Free Versions

Sun Dec 23 18:12:43 2018

Hey people!

As i promised, here is the free versions of this animations. Not full HD.

For Herm on Male: Mega Download

For Herm on Female: Mega Download

If you like and want more, please support me!



Legacy Animations - 2007 to 2017

Sun Dec 16 12:19:36 2018

Hey fellas!

NOT: Drages Archive Download link was wrong here, so please re-download it to get the right animations!

As i am older most of you out there, i started animating since 2007. I created many animations since those times. I hate to lose something which i gave so effort to make, but there is still some lost because of computer failures and internet limits.

Here, you can find my old animations at their best quality. With time, they became much more better of course but as you know me, there is some unique ideas at that archives.

As 10$ patreons, you can download all and save them for future. All the animations from 2007 to 2017 will be here with download links.

For more information, you can visit my Furaffinity gallery.

Here is the first archive with old animations:

1. African Execution: Woman-Elephant --- Hardcore/Cum/Sound---M/F

2. African Execution: Furry Fox-Elephant --- Hardcore/Cum/Sound---M/F

3. After Long Sleep: Bear-Tiger --- Hardcore--- M/M

4. Bear Fury 1 Against The Wood: Bear-Canine Furry - Hardcore/Cum/Vore Ending - M/M

5. Bear Fury 1 Against The Wood: Bear-Canine Furry --- Hardcore/Cum/Vore Ending --- M/F

6. Bear Fury 2 Under The Moon: Bear-Canine Furry --- Hardcore/Cum/Vore Ending --- M/M

7. Bear Fury 2 Under The Moon: Bear-Canine Furry --- Hardcore/Cum/Vore Ending --- M/F

8. Danger At Stable: Draft Horse-Female--- Hardcore/Cum/Zoom --- M/F

9. Danger At Stable: Draft Horse-Furry Fox --- Hardcore/Cum --- M/F

10. Draft At Farm: Draft Horse-Male--- Hardcore/Cum --- M/M

11. Elephant Fury: Elephant-Canine --- Hardcore/Cum/Insertion M/M/F

12. Elephant Fury: Elephant-Canine --- Hardcore/Cum/Insertion M/F/F

13. Fallen King: Horse-Lion --- Hardcore/Sound --- M/M

14. Golden Compass: Bear-Female --- Hardcore --- M/F

15. Horse Thief: Horse-Male --- Hardcore --- M/M

16. Indian Elephant Execution 4: Elephant-Male --- Hardcore --- M/M

17. Rome Execution: Draft Horse-Female --- Hardcore --- M/F

18. Stucked and Stabbed: Horse-Leopard --- Hardcore/Cum --- M/M

19. Suicide: Draft Horse-Wolf --- HardCore/Cum/Zoom --- M/M

20. Suicide Zoom Ver.: Draft Horse-Wolf --- HardCore/Cum/Zoom --- M/M

Mega: Drages Archive Download

21. Elephant Revenge 2: Feral: Elephant-Lion --- Hardcore - M/M

Mega: Download

22. Banished: Rhino-Lion --- Feral: Hardcore/Insertion - M/M

Mega: Download

23. Fallen King V2.0 --- Feral: Horse-Lion --- Hardcore - M/M

Mega: Download

24. Security Guard --- Furry: Horse-Fox --- Hardcore - M/F

Mega: Download

25. Choosing Own Way --- Furry: Cow-Fox --- Hardcore - H/M

Mega: Download



News! Now we got a real Bull at our farm!

Sat Dec 15 12:13:19 2018

Yep.. a bull needs to have hoof to be a bull right? At female characters, that feet does not bother me, even i like human feet better sometimes. But at males, hoof is a symbol of strength for me.

Before making this Male on Male version, i wanted to handle some problems. Mostly about program and my style of file management. As the 3D program i use (Poser Pro 11), sadly a not so stable and old one. It reacts things very different. It could be buggy at very bad positions. At long animations (a 7000 frame one like this), i mostly use more then one projects but then it became a hell to change global things, like changing gender of a model. So after many long attempts, I made it a one big projects and thx god, the program handled it for now. So i could add hoofs and handle some problems.

I re-rendered all the animation, added some effects, played with light and colors, fixed some animations.. blabla.. now result is something i am proud of.. I hope you like it too. The links are updated, so you can download the animation at it's own post!

Now i am working on MM version.

For the game project, it goes well and smooth. I planned to put a alpha version here but some details are not as i wanted and i don't want to put something half as a start. No need to rush it and left the quality i desired. As the sound and other animation versions still on work, we can wait more.

Cya soon with MM version then!


Barn Hospitality Extended M/F Version

Sat Dec 8 22:17:57 2018

Hey People who likes everything normal as much as it can.

So here is straight version of Barn Hospitality animation with extended loops. Now it has more then 20 loops and even with very few repeating, it's over 6 minute long.

Another addition is the alternative endings. Now we got 2, one is for snu-snu, other is safe which everybody lives!.. I hope you like them both.

We will have a sounded version, when my artists handled it.

Here is the links. Please DO NOT FORGET to choose whole link, copy and paste to your browser.







Bulls are arrived.

Thu Dec 6 10:06:16 2018

I worked some more hours at the herm model to turn her to him. I can't call him a mature bull but a young one. Again, it's not perfect as there is some lame problems at mostly chest part as the breasts gone, but not big enough to notice.

So for who likes it with males or make male and females can get what they want to see.

This makes "4" version of the animation as H/M, H/F, M/M and M/F. As render time, it would take much.

At least i hope i will able to do it.. We got time. :)


Bodyguards of the Barn

Tue Dec 4 13:00:10 2018

Hey folks!

Now i got one of the most deadly weapons of 3D furry community.. heh..

This weapons is much more detailed then earlier one as you see. It looks more alive and dangerous. I always wanted to have something with great and noticeable shaft because shaft and head of a horse is the real deal.

I will go for horses next as you guess here. But i don't have idea about the prey or the positions.. if you got something in your mind, you can always tell me.

I can use everything in this website. I mostly use those anyway just with updates on both body and textures.


Game progress goes on with full speed.

Cya soon!

Note: I included the male version of this girl. I don't see any problem here to convert the genders like at preys. As this one not ultra complex like our cow, this is more flexible. AND including this, i am working on to change our cow girl to cow guy too..

I am one of the most open artists in this community, as my real deal is "snu-snu".. so i like to see girls with dicks to do that, but i am totally find to see it from a male too.. to anyone of course.. just snu-snu is the real important thing here.. even so i am happy to make softer versions if people want to see it.. why miss the opportunity, when we got chance, isn't it?

sheguard.png male_horsy.png

Ideas Needed!

Mon Dec 3 16:22:04 2018

Hi people!

Now it's the first SS from my game "Barn Secrets". Most of the designs and all the videos are completed for female version.

But i stuck about something.. mostly i am creative enough but here I don't know what to put to skill images. The images are 100/100 pixel so they are very little to put them some complex visuals from their loop frames so... i need to put something to represent the skill to show you but i am thinking for days and can't figure it out yet..

So if you got any idea about the images, the UI, the positions, anything you see here, I am all open.

Note: Armor is the girls inner resistance btw.


Pfff, you are alive..

Fri Nov 30 16:15:12 2018

Yeah, sometimes they survives.. sad but true :)..

For people who likes my animations but not the ending or the harsh ways, i am preparing a non-fatal ending. But of course our cow lady is not so happy about this :). At the game, if you don't just let her cum before her/his HP gone, he/she will be alive. The move set you will use is just depends on you.. you can go harsh or more soft. But there is not much soft things, as she is not that kind of girl as you know :)..

I don't plan to give more spoilers for new loops. I worked on the additions more then the first animation itself. The game beta will be ready before chrismass i hope.

Sounds... owww sounds.. the first test examples arrived to me from my new editor/actor.. and i can tell you this, the sounds only would be enough to lose yourself!..

Cya soon!


Love in the a...

Tue Nov 27 15:27:42 2018

Hey fellas!

I just can't stop working on those couple.. I just look to them and think "hmm let's see that i can make that pose in my mind.." and it becomes an animation.

Normally it is very hard to make a good transition from a position to another. It takes time too. For that reason most of animator just changes the position without any passing by. I dont like to put anything off camera.

As you remember the kissing scene from our cow and fox, it was hot in many ways. You can think it's love or playing or dominating. For that reason, i wanted to use a kissing for this couple too but it looked very hard with the position they have and those boobs were on the way and more technical issues.. it could be something not well or unrealistic or under my quality limit. But i wanted to give a try and i think it becomes good enough. This is a WIP of course.. just wanted to share it!

- Good Ending

I plan to make an alternative ending for the game version, which our cow did not kill the wolf. I know you are here for more brutal ending already but a normal (normal is barely survived here ofc) ending could be a nice touch for anybody. At game, you will choose her/his destiny anyway..

- Sound

My sound editor/artist started to work and i will share the first ones as i got them!

- New Weapon

I am ordered a much more detailed horse genital special for furry characters. It looks realy deadly.. more spoilers when i got it.

Cya soon!


News Update!

Sun Nov 25 19:32:11 2018

Hey fellas, first of all thank you for your great support. With those donations, i will do many crazy stuff! I hope you continue to stay with me. Let's see our headlines!

- Sound!!

I am contacted with someone who is a pro sound editor and a voice actor same time. If all goes well, we will have a pro sound at all animations.

- Barn Hospitality Expansion!!

As i am maybe the only one who updates his animations time to time for best result, Barn Hospitality animation is getting an overhaul. The main reason is the game, as it needs more loops for the skills you will use. With this opportunity, i revised the whole animation which i noticed after the final rendering finished.

There is many new loops added too, for now i got "18" loops, 18 unique loops.. i think someone can create this many of loops from that position anyway :).

I mostly try to make the sizes realistic but i know you want to see something more too. So as you see here at the picture, one of the loops will have a real "all the way" style with a overpowered thing.

Cya soon!


For The Tail - Herm On Male Ver.

Mon Nov 19 05:00:52 2018

Here is the version with male leopard!





Barn Hospitality-The Game and Future Plans

Sun Nov 18 12:26:14 2018

Hi people!

As i finally finished my promised "For the Tail" animation, now i can concentrate on my game project. Sadly, i still can't show you a screen shot because i am working on the content fully.

The first game will be Barn Hospitality as it's one of my favorite animation i created. It has great many loops to use at my game but they are not enough. To be honest, at first, i wanted to make just a simple game which you select the loop until the end. There is many examples which done on flash at FA and furry galleries. But most of them are just manipulating just an image and got very limited loops to use. The system is very simple too.

My games will have much more of this as content and system wise. Every loop will have it's own stats, abilities, buffs and debuffs... some will heal, some will harm.. there will be an "armor" system which represents the inner organs/bones resistance of the body. There will be "Enrage" system which makes you do more harsh skills.

Here you can see a totally new loop for the game. This will be a "healing" skill which gives more health to the wolf.

I updated the tiers and goals too. All old tiers are same and game releases will be same as animations so you won't need to pay anymore for different things. Other tiers are for people who wants to support me any further if they can and like the stuff i make. Goals edited for more realistic ones and included the game things.

The important point here, i will go for what i do and want to create here regardless of the goals. You already support me as much as you can, so i will go for it without thinking any limit.

Thanks again!


For the Tail - Herm/Female Ver.

Sat Nov 17 20:35:01 2018

Hey people!

Long wait is ended, again. So here is my herm elephant/female leopard animation!

The Story: A leopard bites of our elephant's tail.. the result is a hard snu-snu as always. :).

3 Minutes long with 9 loops with some different camera angles this time. No sound but i plan to handle all the sound work all together.

Enjoy and thx for your patience!

(Male version will be here in some days!)





Mon Oct 29 12:26:25 2018

Hey fellas!

I am not a news person, as you know.. I just want to show when something finished.. because everything can change or improve any time.. so i can never show you something finished before whole project done.. anyway..

I am working on elephant animation as you see with some creative loops.. a real "between 2 hard places" situation.

BUT the main point is about my game project. I will hopefully got a beta version in this week and i will publish it here. Patreon is very very serious about feral content so i will start with our cow and wolf one and then i will publish the elephant one somewhere else. I am using all of the patreon money to this game project for now so your support is very important for this dream!.

Thank you for your patience! Cya soon!


News and Surprises!

Mon Oct 1 21:30:42 2018

Hey people.. it was a silent month but as you all know, i return with storms after long silent..

I am working with some people to turn my animations to "games". This is a huge step for me and my ultimate dream. I am creating animations for more then 10 years and i love to create what i want to see. Animations are always unique even the tech goes on. I don't talk about some gifs or short loops.. i mean short videos like very few animators does out there. And I know that you support me for this reason for long time.

But animations got limits.. you just watch it and like it more or less, but then you don't rewatch it soon.. it's like your favorite movies or series.. even you like them so much, you don't return to them. You put it in your archives and go on.. because you know it already. The story ends..

I nearly never watch my animations after i create the final version. Probably because i already saw it enough at progress anyway.

But games are different. Games gives you your own stories. The game i try to create is about to control the top one and you choose how to do the sub. You will get more loops with time to use. But it's not that simple...

Sub will have a health and resistance bar and top will have cum and super bar. Your purpose will be to cum without finishing the sub, or better same time. Every loop will have it's own specialities like attacks at a MMO. Some loops will you give super bar for bigger loops.. some loops will have cool downs, some loops will give you bonuses.. some loops will relax you top and sub.. so you will have a tactical game play somehow..

After first beta finished, i will release it here. I hope we will have a good one at this month. First game will be the elephant and hyena. There will be new loops, which i did not used at animation. You will control the elephant.

After the first game finished, i will create games for my newest animations and will create more games and animations to use this way.

Including this, i made some audio experiments and we can have sounds soon.

Just give me some more time for more awesomeness!!!

Thanks for everything!

Elephant then!

Wed Aug 15 06:38:45 2018

I started to the animation and as i am at vacation,i will able to finish it sooner.

Note: I did not used feral dick at elephant because it does not fit to elephant furries i think.


What do you want to see?

Mon Aug 13 12:39:28 2018

Hey people!

I am working on different models and shapes. I got many possibilities but i would you like to see what do you want to see next. Do you like my characters and should i go with them (our herm cow for example) or try different combinations?..

And I would like to go feral this time but Patreon is not so open minded like before and i saw many bans with animal content, even they are both animals of furries.. i don't understand why internet is so against feral stuff so badly.. probably some religion pressing.. anyway..

Here are some options.. Please tell me what you feel..

Barn Hospitality - H/M Animation

Thu Jul 5 07:12:11 2018

Here is the male wolf version for people who wants to see guys more!


Copy all the link:



Barn Hospitality - H/F Animation

Wed Jul 4 07:34:39 2018

Hey people!

This is the day! Barn Hospitality finally finished as herm on female. As story, our cow-girl captures a wolf and handles the problem as she knows best..

Even there is 11 loops at the animation, as you advised before, i made it short with repeats, so it's 3.5 minutes total.

Herm on Male version will be here in some days too!

Please copy all the link! Enjoy!



Barn Hospitality - Pages 10-23

Tue Jul 3 10:32:14 2018

Here is the 2. part. Enjoy!

Copy all the link!


Edit: Fixed Duplicated Images


Barn Hospitality - Pages 0-10

Sun Jun 24 20:52:06 2018

After some non-stop hours, i handled the still image series├žIt will be 2 part and second part will be next month (about one week later)..

Animation is now rendering and i included the earring and necklace too!..


Copy all the link!



Barn Hospitality - Page 0

Sun Jun 24 11:57:52 2018

"I am sure that, i will enjoy the neck most..."

- Your friendly cow from next barn..

Even the high security of our barn, there is always runaways.. that wolfs want some free food which we can't blame them for this. Buuut if you catched, there is consequences.. and here as you know, farmers don't chase you with shotguns.. so this little fella will be cared by our famous cow girl..

Hey fellas.. final animation details checked, lighting is good, back ground fit well enough.. so everything is ready for main rendering. With this quality it will take time.. probably 2 weeks.. so i will make some still renders to enjoy until that time..

We can discuss the male version after this finished. Sadly animation won't have necklace and earring because animating those takes tons of time which i don't want you to wait more..


I don't have teeth & fangs, but...

Fri Jun 22 21:23:53 2018

I know that some of you thinks about what i am doing silently for this months.. just RL is going so fast without any seconds for myself at this year.. so many things happening.. sometimes i just want to take my laptop and run to a cave..

But finally good news.. this animation's (did i give a name to this one? i don't even remember that) animating state is finished and will start main rendering after some lighting-background tries.. the animation got 2700 frames which means 1.5 minutes without looping..

I did not share much because of "spoilers".. but i will share the quality renders.

At least her farm is safe again!!! ;)


Cow Legs, Expressions, more loops..

Mon May 28 18:52:12 2018

Hey people!

Our adventure continues with more details. There is many improvements as you can see at this example.

1. Facial expressions are in!

2. More physics.

3. New and longer loops with different acts..

4. Cow legs! Yeah finally i have them! Maybe i can have the paws before i finish the animation but can't promise about it.

Yeah it takes time but as always i don't wanna throw a simple animation.. so i will make our cow enjoy as much as she can until that little doggy stop breathing..

Thx for patience!


Need a Name

Fri May 4 21:42:39 2018

I continue to work on our cow-wolf couple. I am creating many loops and trying to find more.. and we need a name..

Any suggestions?


All the Way - Free Ver. Links

Tue May 1 19:20:48 2018


Please copy all the links!






News.. Surprise!!!

Tue May 1 09:26:13 2018

Hey fellas!

Yeah the question is, what is this guy doing for weeks???

Answer... ultra lame-painful RL and some learning!!!!

I tried to figure out some animating and rendering methods and i made many many tests about those things.. so as a result i figure out some nice things to use at my animations.. to be honest i could share them but i jumped so many times from one to other, i did not want to to confuse you to death.

Here you see our cowgirl tries to go dry into a little wolf.. will her ass able to resist? There is some details here, especialy the hands.. to have afluid animation at this kind of pose, the hands should hold as best as they can. It was a big step for me because i am so huge fan of this position. Our girls shape is much better at animating too. Still somethng remains.. the legs and feet..

I don't like human legs/feet at furries.. i nearly hate that.. but sadly i am out of options when i want so specific shapes and bodies.. but very soon i will have proper legs/feet and i will replace those human ones..

As most of my fans really liked our cowgirl, i will go for this animation and plan to finish it at this month.

Thanks for your support people! and if you got any idea about this animation, please share!

Cya soon!


Progress News

Fri Apr 6 11:01:32 2018

Hey people!

I was not around for this month here but as you know me, i can go silence sometimes because of RL things or my mood..

This month was mostly about experimental things for more quality. I tried tons of new things.. sometimes failed, sometimes catched some details.. mostly technical stuff..

I hope i will be more active this month and you will get more news from me.

thx for support again and cya!


All the Elephant - M/M Improved Ver.

Sun Feb 18 21:17:13 2018

Here is the male version.




All the Elephant F/M Improved Ver.

Sun Feb 11 21:19:30 2018

Yes, finally i finished it.. a real finish..

- A much longer forplay

- 2 more loops (now total 4)

- More struggle with hand and more logical leg movements..

- Fixes

So this animation is about an elephant and a furry hyena. As the legends say that furries don't have organs and can survive against any sizes, it does not mean, it does not hurt at all.. here he test it..


Download link (copy/paste all!):




Sat Feb 10 22:05:28 2018

The new and final version would be ready tomorrow!..

A new longer start (which you can see the elephant's more clearly), 4 loops, and the final.. It's done and now i am adding the filters.

And it's M/F version..


It's not over yet..

Sat Feb 10 13:21:50 2018

I am probably one of the artists who just can't make proper plans.

I found some free time, and my instinct told me that the final elephant animation is not unique enough to be a Drages Animation..

You and I want to see something dark.. something evil.. not just a random animal does bad things to another without soul.. I like to give an evil soul to my preds at every animation, every scene i create.. you already know that..

At "All the Elephant".. it starts way to fast, don't you think? There is no actual beginning.. you can't make yourself ready to what will happen.. I did not like that.. I don't want to throw this animation just to be made only.. I want to tell a story, a short movie.. because i don't create just porn movies here.. you are not here to see just size difference..

For this reason, i created a prologue for this animation for about 25 sec/ 720 frames and .. i want to add a loop too, but can't promise.

I hope you don't mind about this because i give more time for animations..

What is next?

Sat Feb 3 22:28:56 2018

As the elephant animation took longer then i expected, i was just experimenting possibilities. I recreated many furries i got, like my cow, elephant and bear.. they look much more better.

I am a huge centaur fan too as i like horses, but horses are hard to pose when they are 3D model.. I mean, an artist can somehow draw them at difficult poses but 3D models got their limits when they did not created specially. I like to check all the adult art sites about humans and furries and when i see a great scene, i try to create it at my 3D world. I mostly fail, because drawing always win over 3D models.. sometimes i hyped so much that i try more.

As you see at the picture, i wanted to make a real under centaur scene and i somehow managed to do it.. i tried that with pure horse models but failed countless times.. because just making a pose is not enough if you want to animate it..

so let's see what we can do..

1. Series to Animation: Some of my series can be turned to animation with less effort. The farmer's boy deep throating mini series is a good example for this. I want to it happen..

2. Centaur Animation: A herm half horse half human over a boy.. i think it's unique enough to create..

3. Series to finish: the farmer and herm horse will be finished..

This is what i planned for now. Thx for your support.. i am open for centaur animation ideas too!


All The Elephant - M/M Furry

Thu Feb 1 07:52:05 2018

Hey again!

Finally it's finished. I think i gave enough time for it and need to start another animation project already. I changed the name a bit.. i think it's more fitting rather then calling every elephant animation with same name.

So here we see an elephant doing something to a hyena furry!.. what a description :P..

Male-Female-Human versions planned too.

Enjoy the ride!

Download (Copy all link)



Birth Day Gift Act 2 - Part 1

Wed Jan 31 14:26:31 2018

Hey people!

Did you forget me? If you say yes, i would not blame any of you.. My new mission assignment is a hell on a frigate.. i am always on the sea.. and i am still on it but at least near my country so i got internet.. as the missions and their stress is consuming everything i have.

But thanks for your support, i can find a reason to continue what i like to do.. not as much as i want, but at least i can do some..

Here is a 6 pic from arc 2 of birthday gift.. i hope you like them!



Don't forget to copy paste all the link!


Indian Execution Test Version

Fri Dec 15 12:47:03 2017

Hey fellas..

I would you like to share the current version of the animation before new year.

There will be fixes here and there.. this is a bulk version.




Elephant Animation News

Tue Dec 5 10:18:13 2017

Hey people!

I want to thank you for your support again! I know that you try to support as much as you can, some of you can do it every month, some can come just time to time.. but the important thing is you are with me here..

So at animations, it takes mostly more then i planned because i add more and more things at the progress. You already know me well, as i want to create something as rich and good as i can. When i got the animation done, i don't want to say "i wish i had "this" too"...

Let's talk about our elephant friend and his poor buddy under him.. My first animation "Sacrifice (about horse and dog one)" is still very famous around my fans even it was years ago. So most of you liked that ending too. And again many people expects me to create something like that. You told me about this animation too. As a good news, yeah i done it. It took hell of a time but i nearly finished that kind of ending.

I am working on details now and to be honest i got still more ideas to add..

I am testing more furry types and bodies for future possible animation and series too. You will see new things in this week!..

Please give me ideas if you have about this elephant animation too if you got.. maybe some details too..


Birthday Gift - Act 1

Mon Nov 20 19:29:48 2017

Hey fellas..

Busy RL strikes again, so i want to share my final series with new lighting and textures styles.

I plan to change the bedroom scenery soon.

Download: https://mega.nz/#!DMFg2DYD!2pkVkb9oy4lk_yI537vz-SmyE62bopiAXFGihMlyGhk

Don't forget to copy whole link!


Farmer's Daughter HD Mini Series

Fri Oct 27 19:40:26 2017

Here is the full series about the Farmer's daughter and our cow.



Farmer's Son - Full Series

Fri Oct 27 19:25:43 2017

I deleted all single posts and here you can find all of with one download.



Under the Elephant Loop Preview

Fri Oct 27 18:56:02 2017

Here is the example animation for some all the way loops.



Under The Elephant - Full Series

Fri Oct 27 16:35:55 2017

Hey fellas..

"Patreon" limited some of hardcore stuff, so from now on i won't publish any visuals directly here but as a download. I am cleaning all the hardcore words and posts too. I think this will make things easier for you to download and archive the files you have.

I am changing some names of the series and animations too.

As a helloween post, here is the full series to download:


Don't forget to copy all the link!


Farmer's Daughter Page 3

Thu Oct 19 18:49:38 2017

What a hug


Final Blow Ideas

Sun Oct 8 19:51:12 2017

As i am working on the animation, i remake nearly everything now.

So this animation looks like to "Suicide" animation i done years ago, about a horse and dog.. after a harsh mating and the elephant done what he wanted as all way in, how will he kill the hyena as he survives that dick somehow..

As i was at posing, i got the idea "back breaking". The elephant will use his dick to bend hyenas back so much until it breaks..

So what do you think about it?


Indian Execution - All the Way Loop Preview

Sat Sep 30 20:50:34 2017

Hey People!

As some people wanted a all-the-way possibility, i want to give a try. I made some morphs and made the main loop much longer and slower rather the animation we got.

Face, neck and body got special morphs to able to take the elephant. So the action is more smooth and realistic..

I will continue on this animation and the final version will be much more serious, longer and detailed.

And i got a sound plan for this and the cow one.

Cya soon!


Farmer's Daughter - Page 2

Sun Sep 24 12:41:46 2017

They always shocked when it's in.. they should forsee whats coming..


Indian Beheading Series - Page 5

Thu Sep 21 22:08:05 2017

Can't take it any more...


Indian Beheading Series - Page 4

Thu Sep 21 22:06:17 2017

Need to hide!!!


Render Tests

Thu Sep 21 21:56:21 2017

Sometimes, even creating a "single" scene like this could get about 5 hours. Yeah.. i did not expect too.

These are example of my render and lighting tests. This is the same room as the Farmer's Son series happened, but as you see the visuals are much more "real" and this is not a very quality render.. quality ones takes hours.. not good for testing..

Night version is cool but daylight just shows you every detail.. hard to choose..

I think i figure out most of it. So my series will be much more photo realistic then ever.

That boy is so lucky that he got a present for his 18. birthday.. no need to be shy..


intheroom-lightE.png intheroomE.png

Indian Beheading Furry M/M Animation V 0.5

Thu Sep 21 21:53:02 2017

Yeah very long name but it's here as the first version.

I am making some light and rendering tests for different methods and you will see them very soon here.

Just enjoy with this for a while ;)



Indian Beheading Series - Page 3

Sun Sep 17 11:48:18 2017

Need to hold him when the organs starts to squish..


Indian Beheading Series - Page 2

Sun Sep 17 11:46:59 2017

It started..


Indian Beheading Series - Page 1

Sun Sep 17 11:41:27 2017


Indian Beheading/Furry series started. The series will have some dark scenes of the animation. Animation will be ready soon too. The images will have different camera angle, much more quality and darker.

I used a male Hyena as a victim.

We will see that, furries got inner organs too :)


Farmer's Daughter - Page 1

Sun Sep 17 00:01:03 2017

Heya people!

Miss our cow? Don't worry.. she is on action again.. this time with daughter!.. a little mini series which you will get all soon..



Indian Beheading M/M Animation

Wed Sep 13 19:47:35 2017

here is the male version.

As i said the furry versions will be after weekend. Enjoy!



Indian Beheading Animation v0.5

Tue Sep 12 17:41:15 2017

Hey people!

You know, i mostly push the limits.. more harsh, more deadly..

I was working on this animation and wanted to try something i planned for many years. Some of you asked or expected this too.

I will make it more longer with more sexual stuff rather then one go but as i tried the ending i plan and success, i wanted to make a short and fast version first.

To be honest, i planned to do a "go out from the mouth" scene but the elephant was way bigger then her mouth even her neck. So i wanted to create more possible and logical way.

Elephant is exactly knowing what he is doing and what will be the result. Probably not the first time for him..

There will be furry (male and female) versions for this after this weekendi hope.


I hope you like it.. cya soon!


Animation News

Sun Sep 10 13:50:38 2017

Hey people.

First of all thx for continue to support me even i am not around for a long time. But i won't let you down.

Finally i find time to work and i wanted to make a new scene to give me enough hype to go for.

Another elephant execution with much better models and background is on the way. You guess the scenario so this animation will have both human and furry version.

Here is an animation which shows the maximum penetration.

I am open all creative ideas too as i am at early progress.


Thanks again and cya!


Progress News

Sat Jun 10 10:50:38 2017

Sadly not well..

I was off for a long time, sorry for this but it was about my sail schedule. I was at the see for 25 days of the last month. I finally arrived to home and will stay for some time.

For this lame RL reasons, i could not do any progress. I made some plans. I am thinking about adding more thing to the Farmer's Son series.. maybe some more positions even some different places. Maybe i can animate some loops.

I am sorry again. Bahhh.. why does real life create always problems?...

Farmer's Son Reaching Stomach 6

Wed May 10 15:45:18 2017

It's done!.

Please share with me your ideas with our cow lady!


Farmer's Son Reaching Stomach 5

Wed May 10 15:42:21 2017

A late post but better then never.. :)

I like to use legs at deep throating.. a unique and rare position.


Farmer's Son Reaching Stomach - Page 4

Mon May 1 21:55:54 2017

Sorry people.. this days are very tough on me because of new reassignment to the battleship and moving my house to another city near my new base. I was on sale for 5 days without internet.


Farmer's Son - Reaching Stomach - Page 3

Sun Apr 23 12:43:21 2017

Open wide...


Farmer's Son - Reaching Stomach - Page 2

Sat Apr 15 12:04:45 2017

Every one is happy!


Farmer's Son - Reaching Stomach - Page 1

Tue Apr 11 13:12:23 2017

A short series about a deep throating.. a very deep one.


Farmer's Son Page -1

Sun Mar 26 18:03:00 2017

Nobody can resist that boobies.. Those are her strongest weapons, charming the victim. He totally can't think what happens if the thing in his hands goes into his butt. Now there is no escape!


Farmer's Son Page -2

Sun Mar 26 17:57:44 2017

"Come on, it won't hurt you. You will like it, i promise..."

I love to have sexy poses sometimes rather then rough humping. Those for plays give more meaning and feeling to the story.

She want to do him but not with a killing intention. The farm is his fathers anyway. So she just want to do him really tough.. she likes humans, they are so squishy..


Farmer's Son Page -3 (?!)

Sun Mar 26 17:51:48 2017

Hey people!

I am on the sea with my battleship now and just scheduled those pictures to give you. I probably can't even connect to internet..

So there is 3 pages before all starts, which shows you how she convinced him to do him :).. He is not stupid as we think but she got her own weapons :).


Farmer's Son Page 12 - End

Sun Mar 26 09:31:30 2017

So this series ended... or?

As most of us like our cow, i wanted to make some more scenes with the boy..

There will be 3 scenes before page 1, which shows how our cow convince the boy at first place.

Then a 6 scenes mini series with deepthroating will be with you!


Farmer's Son Page 11

Sat Mar 25 08:46:03 2017

Hey fellas!

I got a tough mission assignment (i am at navy), so i will be not here for 15 days.


Choosing Own Punishment Animation 1.0

Sun Mar 19 19:35:57 2017

Yes, it's done!

Full quality render and filters with more smooth and edited loops. More then 11 minute with 10 loops with different speed variations and combinations. Still no sound sadly.

It took my tons of time but i done it.

Here is the download link:


Don't forget to copy all the link!..

I hope you like it! I will look for human versions too but can't give any time.


Farmer's Son Page 10

Sun Mar 19 18:03:37 2017

"I want to touch your heart..."

Yep she will.


Farmer's Son - Page 9

Fri Mar 17 18:32:00 2017

"Come on, you can take it.. just i don't care, i will go in anyway. :)"

Yep 9. page..


Farmer's Son - Page 8

Thu Mar 16 14:52:44 2017

Yep, i started to finish the series.



Rendering Progress and Next Project

Tue Mar 14 20:03:38 2017

Hey people!

Thanks for rising your supports with the animation release. I know there are people who is still fapping and can't commented to the animation post for this reason. Don't worry, take your time :)..

So i worked on some rendering options and i could bring down to 2 min per frame. It means 150 hour of rendering for 4500 frame, about one week for a computer. As i will support the progress with my main computer too (got 2 computer so i can let one render non-stop), i can finish all the editing before next month. This version will have more camera angles and some zooms like here at kissing scene. Many of you and I liked the kissing part because i think it's never done before. You don't see any drawing about hardcore sex with kissing out there :).

As next project, it will be Serengeti Justice. But before that, i plan to finish Farmer's Son series and maybe add one series too.

If you got any idea to add Serengeti Justice, please share with me. Maybe we can find something never done before between a herm elephant and a poor lion.

Thanks your patience. We are a little group of hardcore lovers here and i try to create what we dreamed of.


Choosing Own Punishment Animation Ver 0.5 UP!

Wed Mar 8 18:46:47 2017


No, i did not trick you about rendering times. Here is a good and bad news situation.

I will start from bad one, which is not so bad. The rendering quality i choose, is needed much more longer time then i expected. It was about 12 minutes per frame. Just multiplay with 4200 and it becomes more then a month with non-stop rendering. I will try some more combinations to get faster results without giving up from quality.

So what happened? Here starts good news. I made a quality but preview rendering of the animation which took about 10 hours. Even it's a preview (which i put here to show you before), i saw that, it's acceptable. So i start directly to the editing to see the whole thing. After some hours i done with it.

The good point is, i saw some flaws at animation and some texture problems ( mostly at cow face at extreme face expressions like kissing) and now i can handle them very easy before main rendering.

I did not used any photoshop editing, not a long, complex editing. Even that, it looked fine to me. Please watch and share with me your thoughts. Don't come before all finished. You need to resist for 7 minutes only. :)




Animating State done!

Tue Mar 7 19:38:39 2017

Hi my dark fellows!

Finally the animation stage is done. I think i lost some brain cells because of the non-stop working on a really dark kinky animation at least for 10 days but i think this is the best what my models, program and I can do.

4200 Frame, 3 minute pure video without any loops, 10 different loops (speed variations are not included).. as you see this is not an "animation", it's a short video.

Now i will go for rendering, i don't know how much time it will take without seeing some progress. I plan to include some camera angles but it could be added at another later version if the rendering gets longer then i planned.

After rendering, the editing part will start and then you will have it. I will finish it until 15. of the month if rendering finishes before next week.

As the senario, it starts willingly, then the panic starts, cow does not let him go and even she is nice at beginning, she goes harder and harder and start dominating.. you know the end..

I love that cow..


Farmer's Son Reupload

Mon Mar 6 17:18:16 2017

I think it's somehow gone. So here is the download link for first part.

I will work on it after the animation.



Animating BALLZ and Tongues...

Sat Mar 4 22:02:30 2017

Hey People!

I am working on the animation details non-stop, nearly 12 hours/day. As the animation is my most complex one, every detail need to be revised. Every finger, every ball, every tongue, every ear... everything..

I want to make this animation as a symbol of my style, my taste and my skill. I am giving huge time for this to complate in time with the most quality.

Expressions are a very important part too. I am working on expressions to make you feel what both furries are thinking at that moments.

Thx for patience!


Happy Ending... tbh not there yet..

Mon Feb 27 19:47:59 2017

Some really hard work, some lucky nice posing, some imagination, some corrupted mind and yes...

4200 Frame pure animation with great moments. I liked it. Really, i am someone who satisfices hardly with own work and i really liked it. I managed to do the animation sequences i imagined.

The final is long and harsh.. probably one of the most brutal one i created. You can feel how our cow thinks about the fox like just a meat toy to enjoy.

I love that cow...

Prepare one of the most evil animation at furry fandom..

So all the main animating/posing done. Now i will work on some physics, hands, fingers, tails and other little details and go for render.


French eat.. kissing!

Mon Feb 27 15:04:22 2017


The animation goes well. When i was at final loops, their heads came together at posing.. first i plan to put cow's head over fox shoulder, but then i though about a deep kissing! A deep kiss! She can swallow easily all the fox mouth and nose so she reach as deep as she can with her tongue! and she fucked him at this position some more..

Animation reached 3000 th frame without any loops and i finally came to the final part.

I will finish it this week and render next week.


About Render Series at Future

Wed Feb 22 11:09:45 2017

Hey people!

I know that some you are expecting some image series i done before, at least to give you something time to time.

First of all, the render series are the backbone of my animation projects. I use that poses as the key stone of the animation version. For this reason, i create those series, i see the story, i got an idea what i can do.. it's like the sketch story board of a movie.

So creating those takes less time then an animation of course but it still gets the time i need to finish the animation itself. For now i am giving an animation 2 to 2.5 month to finish and as i don't want to create a simple one, i add more things i planned mostly. This means a much better result but needs more time.

I know that, you don't support me to see some simple animations. I don't want to create something you can see at every furry board. For that reason i never try to go easy and fast ways.

For all those reasons, i choose to consantrate on animations rather then another render stories. By the way, I am creating more characters and pairs for future animations time to time, I test some poses, some possible scenarios but not just scraps..

After cow animations finished, i will start to elephant and lion. I stoped for farmer's boy because the cow models get broken so badly when i tried more complex positions. Maybe i can give it another tries after elephant and lion.

After elephant animation finished, i will go for render series again and create animations from them. For i got bears-gazella, hyenas with something and maybe more.. i am open for pairing ideas!.


Feeling Inside

Wed Feb 22 10:55:02 2017

Hey Fellas!

I am on the final loops/positions and working hard. The animation is already ore then 2000 frames (without loops) and i try to add sme exciting loops like i did at horse one.

She starts like a mercifull big cow which tries to not to harm the foxy and let him to get used to it by himself, but after time she loses her temper and wrecks him with enjoy.

This animation is different then casual xxx animations you can see everyday, most of the animations are just taking position+loops+different camera angles. That kind of animations could be good when you got many loop sections but could be cheap with 1-2 loops too. And another thing is the direct passing to the positions. I mean, you don't see the position change, and just another loop starts.

At my all animations, i never use cuts. You always see all the movements. It's a huge challenge, because making models to change positions is much more harder then creating any loops.

Thx for your patience!


Can you resist the hand!

Thu Feb 16 14:36:07 2017

More positions, more penetrations.. the end is near.. end of the month, i hope.


More Story then Loops!

Tue Feb 7 17:52:04 2017

Hey people..

Again after a silence, i am here with you.

I am still working on this animation and i made some little changes. Rather then starting direct humping, i added some story to the beginning.

As this makes everything more complex and great, i want to make something more emotional at this animation. I hope i can handle it.

Thx for support again!


Hands.. Fingers.. Holding.. AAAA!!!

Mon Jan 16 21:09:17 2017


At an animation, when you work with little parts, it takes much more time to make it good enough. The cows hands took my most of time. I tried to make as best as i can. But i think i handled well for now.

More emotions like you can hear them talking is a nice touch too..

"Are you ready?"

"I hope, i am..."

"Let's try!...."

"Nooo fcksake!!!!, OMG!!!"..

like conversation.. :)..

I hope we will get this animation at end of the february.

Thx again and cya!


New Projectssss

Wed Jan 11 08:07:58 2017

Hey people.

I continue to the cow animation and same time i try to find good combinations with different animals.

There will be some new blood to the series soon!



Choosing Own Punishment Series HD Download

Sun Dec 25 20:04:23 2016

Here is the HD version to download.



Serengeti Justice Series HD Download

Sun Dec 25 20:00:47 2016

Here is the link for full HD version of Serengeti Justice.



Merry Chrissmass

Sun Dec 25 15:14:05 2016

Hey people!

I hope your next year would be better then old one..

Now here is a early preview from next animation:




Security Guard V.1 Finished!!

Sat Dec 17 15:59:36 2016

The long wait is over!

A security guard for a farm, found a little foxy at the grass and he handled the situation fast and harsh.. This is the best quality version for all patreons. I will publish a lower resolution one soon to the public.


I hope you like it.. it's not perfect, there are some flaws but all those little details takes time more and more and i think you waited enough.

There is no liquid and sounds yet. Liquid is not my strong point and for my programs i use, but i will try to do something about it. Sound could be added in the future. Human version will be there probably, just can't give a timeline yet.

I will start directly to "Choosing own Punishment" with our cow and male fox.

Thx for your support again!


Security Guard Final Part Finished

Thu Dec 15 20:35:01 2016

Hello people..

I am very sorry to not share many things with you but it's like a making a movie. Just, there is many work at background.. many detail corrections, renders, filters.. failures, remakes.. so this goes on and when i don't find anything not enough to show, i just wait the moment.

But you deserve more.. it's sure thing..

Let's talk about our animation. I wanted to make a good ending and it takes many tries. Sometimes i don't like it and erase everything and remake it. So i think i finished finally. There will some corrections done and will start to render this weekend.

I plan to publish it before new year.

Here is a preview for final part.. yeah i hate fall animating but i think it looks hardcore good as we all wanted!



Old Animation Archive For 10$

Thu Dec 1 23:51:14 2016

As the direct payment option started, there is no reason to send the archive link via not. So here it's for new comers:


Thx again!

Very Close to Finish

Thu Dec 1 21:14:11 2016

Hey people!

I finished %80 of the renders and i am working on filters now. As animation only cumshot left.. and i think it won't take long.

It took more time i though.. i am still adding things.. i don't want it something average quality..

I hope you understand..



this is final loop before cumshot!

Animation Progress

Sat Nov 19 09:29:41 2016

Hey fellas..

I am still at rendering progress.. i am correcting here and there too. I go full quality so my computers are burning :)

I still think it will be done at the end of the month!


Animation in Progress

Wed Nov 9 19:53:46 2016

Hey people!

I was silent for some days but i am working as always!. I will finish the horse and fox animation this month if everything goes as planned.

There is not much to show you, it's mostly about details, loops so just wait a bit and you will have your anal destruction.

There will be a human version too.


Hugging you!

Thu Oct 20 21:57:44 2016

Another pose from new loop!


Captured by Security

Wed Oct 12 22:45:20 2016


Hi people!

I was thinking about how to Farm Security and it was very tricky because i did not do anything at the series. But an animation should have a nice good opening.

So i made a grabing from the ground scene and i think i gone well.

Now the ending sequence left and a general polish, done!

Cya soon!

Choosing Own Punishment Preview 1

Sat Oct 8 12:57:36 2016


Hey again! A first view of the Choosing Own Punishment animation. It's as draft state for now and i put it here to give you some idea about it.

Cya soon!

Farm Security Preview 2

Sat Oct 8 12:22:13 2016


Hey People

The animating progress is going well. I added some more poses which i put to the series to make it more rich.

I want to add some more positions rather then a dull 1-2 loop thing, so it takes a bit more time.

I hope you like the progress. Thx for support again!

September Series Links Send!

Sat Oct 1 21:37:37 2016

Thank you! just Thank you..

I send you the links for 1 full series and 1 on going.

As i said at my note, i will work on animations much more at this month. I hope i will handle them well.

You will see more previews!

Cya at next update!

Animations on the Way

Sat Sep 17 12:50:17 2016


Hey people,

I was a bit silence both at my galleries and here. Some vacations and other things were between me and my dark side :)..

But don't worry.. i am working on animations. As many of you liked the horse mini series, i wanted to give it a try. I am working on our cow animation too.

Here is an example and will be much more..

And those animations will have "human" versions too..

Cya at next preview!

Ideas Time! Give them to me!

Thu Sep 1 07:30:52 2016

Hey Fellas!

In few days (until 3 September) you all will get your animation collection archive and new series.

If most my patreons have no problem about payments, i will go for normal daily publishes rather then using monthly not system. So you won't need to wait for full month.

Now i created most of the things in my mind. There is of course some stories i want to try or improve. But as my followers i am sure that you got some sick, never seen positions or stories for my stories and future possible animations. Rather then voting, i want to see what you got first.

I got some ideas about anal/vaginal alive dildoing and crashing/suffocating inside there. It will be more then vore, more sexual and painful. Those will be addition to our standart series. I will continue to the series i already done and publish here as living condom stories.

I got some notes from you about some combinations already. Most of them was about hyenas. I will use some them for sure too.

Please share your ideas with me. If you got any art or real photo about the positions and possibilities please share them too because it's the best to show and understand each other, even you can draw some very basic pictures to explain.

I will add some more pledge types too. Some people asked me about commision type requests. I don't get commissions because i just like to make what i got mood about that, it's personal. BUT if your idea fits this patreon, my mood and your character could be done with my limitations, i can put it on the line. I am planning to make it total 200$ for now so if your pledge became 200$ in 2 month then your idea would be on the line. This is not certain and could be change.

Cya soon!

Info about this month rewards

Sun Aug 21 09:09:21 2016

Hey friends

After a very hard rl days, I finally go to a vacation with my wife.

All the patreon series for this month are done. As I said you will have 2 series per month but its hard to choose which one for this month.

My liana as executioner cow got a huge from you as I understand from all yours comments and notes. So with her as herm and male fox would be one of two series.

As the next one for non herm patreon I got the male horse and female fox as my banner.

So next one will be probably safari style with elephants and more.

I will start to animate with liana the cow too. I plan to make human versions of all series too.

With all those series which maybe one of the best 3d art you will see out there with all the effects, editing and render quality, and making animations same time is a hard work but with your support I will endure all.

Thx again for all your support.

Fallen King V.2 Animation HD

Wed Aug 17 18:53:32 2016


New version of Fallen King animation as HD.. enjoy!


Kitty Taming Mini Rhino Series

Sat Aug 13 20:01:44 2016

Hey people..

I am still working on crazy things. Thx for your support!

I done always unique things which you won't able to find easy and i will continue for it. Good series are done and i plan to send the real deals to you directly with notes and share some little things here day by day..

Patreon got still tons of fake account and i don't want them to steal real supporters things.

We will see.. enjoy!

tamingkitty-1.png tamingkitty-2.png

Hardcore ohh yee!

Fri Aug 5 20:12:46 2016

Size does matters.. i continue to create series, with different variations. With your support i will do much more.

I plan to release 1 full series per 2 week.. so 2 for month.. animations could be any time and after i finish some series ideas in my mind i will start to make animation versions of them.

For now i am releasing the previews for public to show people what i do.. after a short period, everything will be early for only patreons..

With 3$, you will able to see anything 1 month earlier and more will make me much more art.


Look to this website if you want. I am getting my furries from there and i make them final shapes. So if you want to see any couples and ideas please share!



Banished V.2 Animation

Fri Aug 5 17:49:34 2016

Even i forgot this animation but my fans send me whole my old archive from FurAffinity and some of you wanted to see this again.

Sadly the quality was really bad and it was a just a little video as flash format. I try to clean it by frame by frame and this is the result.

I am putting this here as best quality i can have. Enjoy!



New Series Incoming

Tue Aug 2 21:57:37 2016

Hey people..

Not only animations but nice series awaits you! All for size difference, all with deadly endings! Please tell me if you got any combinations..

farmsecurity-1.png tamingkitty-1.png Choosingownpunishment-1.png

Elephant Revenge 2 Animation

Sat Jul 16 23:38:34 2016

Here is the download link:




Merciless Kombat Series 4 - Not Fast Enough Released!

Sat May 7 23:05:33 2016

New name is Vorality Series. And this is the most advanced one with Epic Sounds and Effects.

(The pure animationRELEASEDfor Patrons who pledged 15$+)


ER 2 - Start Preview

Thu Apr 21 16:40:12 2016

Here is the preview scene of the video. I am open for all ideas and critics.



Preview 1. Loop / Elephant Revenge 2

Tue Apr 19 11:33:41 2016

Here is the preview of first loop with sound.