December Update (FC!)

Sun Dec 16 04:03:10 2018

Hey folks!

I thought I'd posted this a few days ago but nope. Ohboy.

Most things to talk about right now are FC related. I'll be there, as a dealer, come by, say hi! Hopefully I don't implode from panic attack! It'll be great! I'll have some merch for sale, including prints of the pin ups we've been doing here.

Hopefully I'll have the braincells to focus on the comic once this looming stress is over.

Will be posting the poll soon, and we'll be ending it early too. Hope to get one last print in before the deadline <3

Thank you, again, for your patience!


November Update

Thu Nov 15 15:30:36 2018


Oh geez I should have done this a week ago! Okay. Several of you probably already follow my FA/WZL and already know. For those who don't, I'll make it simple:

I was in a 8 year long relationship, living together for the last 5 of those. As of just over 2 weeks ago, I'm not anymore. While the break up itself was rather mutually agreed to be the best idea, it was not at all an easy road to get to. There's been a lot of healing already and a LOT more to come. Problem is for most of the last year I've basically been able to focus on commission streams and generally dealing with a mix of stress and depression making other work take multiple times longer than it should.

Hopefully, that's correcting course. It feels like it is to be honest with you. But it's taking effort and time to get my momentum back.

I appreciate all of you who've stuck through this with me. I'm going to see how my routine settles over the next month or two, then be retooling my Patreon to better match my current output.

I do have a comic to work on, and I hope to be getting you the first few pages very soon.

Another pin up poll will be posted in a bit. Hopefully this time I won't make you wait so long for the results.

Again, thank you. Seriously. Your support through this rough time has helped and I don't know where I'd be without it.

Washimi%20Pinup%20B.png Washimi%20Pinup%20A.png

October 2018 Update

Thu Oct 11 20:23:46 2018

Spoooooky Month!

I'll be posting the next poll right after this! Should have got to this like a week ago. I'm sorry. I'm trying folks. 2 new faces, 2 old ones. Excited to draw any and all of them!

Still struggling with other issues but like, hey. I'll let you folks know on updates rather than repeating that from here on.

Attached: More Monstergirls! This Month's pin-up, and a comission I felt was very in theme all said and done.


On the comic front: As of now I'm going to shelve Sunhan's. I want to come back to it but I feel I'd want to redo the first pages. We'll be getting back to Kayden and Miseri soon too, but wanted some more time. So we have an new, short 10 page one that I'm working on instead!

The Twine game: Been puttering with it, but mostly doing small edits for now, nothing complete enough for a new WIP release I feel.

Draekos-Patreon-October-2018.zip (d)

September update (I made a twine game!?)

Tue Sep 11 19:12:09 2018

Hey folks!

I know it's been a while since the last update. I'm in the middle of putting together what I want to do with the next chapter of Maiden Kayden, as well as a few other smaller projects.

As for the problems I mentioned before, Iv'e been seeing a therapist. It's... we'll see how much help she is.

Anyway! I've been experimenting with Twine some and I think I've got something worth sharing now. Title is still a placeholder from the initial idea. I'll have a better one by the time the rest of it is done.

Additionally, I'm going to be posting a poll after this. I'd like to start doing large pin ups each month rather than statedly desktops that I tried before.

Please vote for what you'd like this months' to be!

Snake%20and%20Paladin%20v0.5%20Demo.html (d)

July 2018

Thu Jul 5 23:59:59 2018

So. I've tried to sit down and write this a few times. I'm not sure how to really say this outside of being blunt with it.

The last 2 months have been... heavy. I've been struggling with some anxiety and stress from my personal life, which I'd honestly prefer not to get into in such a public way. It's been an active damper on my ability to sleep, focus, or even motivate art outside of on stream commission work.

As of right now, I'm trying to get an appointment with a therapist to try to deal with it, and I'm hoping I'll be able to get back on track with providing you the comics that you're here for.

I'm not asking for pitty here. I honestly don't want coddling over it. I want to be able to work again without crying with frustration at every panel not being good enough for what I want to be making.

So that being said, this month I'm sorry to say I have nothing for you. If you want to stop being a Patron, I completely understand. I can't promise new work being forth coming. I hold no ill will for people who drop off, and I hope you do not towards me if you do so.

What I want to do is experiment with some different approaches to comic creation. Ideally aiming for 3-8 page short works. Hopefully smaller projects will help me pick up steam and get back to Maiden Kayden.

Sunhan's comic may need to be shelved for some time, I do want to come back to it, I want to do it RIGHT and currently I just can't do that.

Thank you for reading this. I hope you're willing to stay along for this rough part of the ride. I'm pursuing help with my mental health, and very much looking forward to making comics for your enjoyment.



June 2018

Mon Jun 11 18:23:19 2018

Hitting those waves, with Kaiju! Here's this months' pile of art for you :D

I won't lie, it's been a rough and stressful month. I'd... like to get into details but now doesn't really feel right for that. Sorry for the delayed post! This month's a little light on comic, but I give you many other precious creatures as tribute instead!

Draekos-Patreon-June-2018.zip (d)

May 2018

Wed May 9 00:48:26 2018

I hope you've all had a good April and enjoy a beachy comic for the spring season!

Additionally, I'd like to offer you to get some free art! Deets for getting your character turned into a Dwolaite here: https://goo.gl/forms/pON5FsOhlK8mwDAx1

Sunhan%20the%20Beach%201.png Sunhan%20the%20Beach%202.png Sunhan%20the%20Beach%203.png

2018, Patreon, A request for input

Fri Mar 23 16:49:48 2018

Hey folks, we've come a long way since my first comics, some times it feels like no time at all. I want to thank all of you for being involved in this and helping to make the comics viable!

That being said, I want to reevaluate how I handle the comics in general. Notably, I want to change my production flow. I've been considering streaming my comic work, as I seem to get a lot more actual work done while streaming. Would this be something people would be interested in?

Additionally, I've noticed working on singular pages really slows my productivity. Either I'd need a period of not posting pages or moving to a system of sending out a pack (at least 4) pages each month. Or just simply posting pages as they're completed and not sticking purely to the 1 per week guideline.

Regardless of how things end up released, I'd still like to make a WIP folder available at perhaps the 5 or 10 dollar range?

To be blunt, you're the people giving me money. You're the folks helping me not worry about bills while making these comics. Do you have any strong feelings on these topics?

Sunhan the Beach

Fri Mar 23 03:43:49 2018

It's... it's a pun, okay? :D

New comic, this will be a short one and we'll be back to Kayden and Miseri's antics.

We'll be handling this comic a bit differently. I'll be making a text post tomorrow to more clearly go into the changes I'd like to try with Patreon in the future.


Maiden Kayden - BONUS PAGE

Fri Mar 16 03:47:44 2018

Keep an eye out for next week's post, as I have some text to put togehter, for now, have a this :D


Maiden Kayden - 19

Fri Mar 16 03:44:40 2018


Maiden Kayden - 18

Fri Mar 2 06:09:09 2018


Maiden Kayden - 17

Fri Feb 23 20:26:40 2018

Technically difficulties be damned, have a comic!


MaidenKayden - 16

Fri Feb 9 04:45:18 2018


Maiden Kayden - 15

Fri Feb 2 04:21:43 2018


Let's make an OC

Sat Jan 27 04:56:35 2018

Gonna be honest, not sure I'll even get 8 comments, all you folks tend to be quiet. But let's see if this gets someone interesting :D

If there's a lot of interest, we may make similar sort of games a thing on here :3


Maiden Kayden - 14

Fri Jan 26 00:54:18 2018


Maiden Kayden - 13

Thu Jan 11 04:02:19 2018

Day early, since I'm going to be on a plane for most of tomorrow.

See you at FC, if anyone spots me in the crowd :D


Maiden Kayden - 12

Fri Jan 5 02:46:08 2018


Maiden Kayden - 11

Fri Dec 29 03:07:37 2017


Maiden Kayden - 10

Fri Dec 22 03:00:31 2017


Re: Payment Proccessing Changes.

Fri Dec 8 16:29:11 2017

I'm aware, I'm not happy about it. Considering alternative sites, but also not wanting to jump the gun on it.

I know a fair bit of you are here on the $1 level and not too pleased with how much money Patreon's deciding to make you pay for a stupid change they decided to make. Let's see how this goes together.

Maiden Kayden - 09

Fri Dec 8 04:45:14 2017


Maiden Kayden - 08

Fri Dec 1 01:01:46 2017

Maiden Kayden - 07

Fri Nov 24 02:22:32 2017


Maiden Kayden - 06

Fri Nov 17 03:36:24 2017


Maiden Kayden - 05

Fri Nov 10 01:17:22 2017


Maiden Kayden - 04

Fri Oct 27 03:01:36 2017


Maiden Kayden - 03

Fri Oct 20 05:46:35 2017


Maiden Kayden - 02

Fri Oct 6 04:20:41 2017


Maiden Kayden - 01

Fri Sep 29 00:30:44 2017


Mae X Bombshell

Thu Sep 21 20:50:40 2017

Oh fickle creative juices. I just had to remember Bombshell existed and there just weren't any good kisses between these two I could find online.

I had to solve this.

Current page may be a little delayed from this and a commission backlog still needing wading through. Also I kinda went overboard on the page's background, oh gods why do I do this to myself?

ANYWAY, have some art. On a short lunch break before getting back head first into some cute arts.


Maiden Kayden (cover)

Fri Sep 15 01:59:52 2017



Another shout out and update on things

Thu Jul 27 21:18:12 2017

Been making a lot of these lately.

Several of you probably know, I've been having some serious life stresses and a recent addition is moving. You ever feel tired of being tired? Getting that lately. Still need to pack more.

Currently doing some planning for comics and trying to decide which of a few ideas I want to push to flesh out right now. I can promise we'll be focusing either on Karkasy (scifi stuff) or more of Kayden (seen in Hot Coffee)

Additionally, I've run across mass back-uploads of comics online, so I'll be using Patreon's emailing distribution rather than direct posting to hopefully avoid some of this. I'd love feedback once that's started if that's prefered or not.

I just want to say thank you, again, to all of you still being Patrons through this rather hectic time in my life. Seriously, thank you.




What Even Are Dwolaites?: After Dark

Fri Jul 21 01:41:09 2017

Final page about Dwols, FOR NOW. Will be running a QnA once this page is public, we've already got a few things for it too.

Thank you all for tagging along for this ride, will be moving on to the next comic very soon!


What Even Are Dwolaites?: Settings

Thu Jul 13 23:04:32 2017


What Even Are Dwolaites?: Breeding and Hybrids

Fri Jun 30 02:47:09 2017


What Even Are Dwolaites?: Magic

Fri Jun 23 01:10:14 2017

I really should just move to thursday releases. They fit better in my work week.

Ideally, 2 more pages and we're onto a new comic!

Also, thank you Lyndane for the initial Royal report <3 just needed some tweaking and shortening


What Even Are Dwolaites?

Fri Jun 16 01:40:59 2017

I know, it's not a -REAL- comic, but it'll be short I swear :D

thank you for the patience folks.


What next.

Wed May 31 21:52:37 2017

Turning Pages part 2, done. Whew! Every comic is a new pile of lessons. It seems a good time as any to check in on the community, and all you new Patrons (there's a boatload of you in the last month <3 hello and thank you! )

Firstly, Take a peep upon this here cutie. I've been playing with this style a bit and I'm enjoying it. The next comic or two will be done in this style to try it out, although not monocolor.

Secondly, what the next comics will contain. For those of you unaware of Dwolaites, they're the dragony species my sona Kos is a member of. As well as Tess and now Elise and Olivia. And even those who know that are asking "so what really ARE they though?". I'd like to take a few pages to answer that. Traits and details of the race as I'm now fairly happy to set those details in stone.
And after that? I'll give you some hints: sharks, science, poor labeling practices.

Third, I've retyped this bit a few times. To keep it simple, cancer sucks. I had it in my teens, beat it. Dad has it, it's not the beatable sort. Still has several years left, but having that confirmed today has hit hard. I'm sorry I don't have art for this week's update. I hope you all understand.

So yeah, I'll see you folks next week. Again, thank you.


Turning Pages 2-26

Thu May 25 04:32:25 2017

Consider it an epilogue, and a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you <3


Turning Pages 2 - 25

Thu May 18 05:22:50 2017

And that ends this chapter <3


Turning Pages 2 - 24

Thu May 11 07:48:50 2017



Tue May 9 18:51:11 2017

A character I've played with for ages, although making her an elf seemed so perfect. So have some art of her. I hope to be using her in future comics :3


Turning Pages 2 - 23

Fri May 5 00:59:49 2017


Turning Pages 2 - 22

Thu Apr 27 04:08:06 2017


Turning Pages 2 - 21

Thu Apr 20 04:47:58 2017


Turning Pages 2 - 20

Thu Apr 13 02:16:31 2017


Turning Pages 2 -19

Thu Apr 6 01:23:35 2017


What kind of $5+ exclusive content would you like to see?

Wed Apr 5 07:05:47 2017

Poll is simple enough, I hope :3

Discussion about this in replies, very very welcome!

Kayden is a god damn Gem (+Personal art things)

Wed Apr 5 07:02:25 2017

So you know what.

I fucking love this little snep boy, and I have realised next to Kos, he's one of my oldest lasting characters... and the most that's ever changed about him is hairstyle. Damn. Love this fluffbutt.

On a different note though, I'm curious to know if you folks actually like getting these pieces ahead of time. It's oddly hard to motivate myself to actually make art of my own characters outside of the comics. Linking them to Patreon seems to work though.
In fact, I'll be making a poll about it, so drop comments on that (the next post)

And hey, hey you. Stay awesome, you hear? <3


Turning Pages 2 - 18

Thu Mar 30 04:21:10 2017


Turning Page 2 - 17

Thu Mar 23 03:26:11 2017


Minicomic 5Stars

Thu Mar 16 23:50:53 2017

Style experimentation. Page took less than 4 hours to complete, which is startlingly faster than other comic pages.

Although I still want to stick to colored rather than black and white; I may be using similar shading styles to this in future works!

Input welcome!


Turning Pages 2 - 16

Thu Mar 16 00:07:06 2017


That newer sweater meme

Fri Mar 10 05:44:22 2017

Life's been shitty this past week or two, and the comic work is surprisingly more time consuming that it should be.

While I couldn't get this week's page together in time, I did pen this.

So enjoy two characters we may just be seeing a lot more of, in a shading style I've been considering switching to for the comics to come (would look horrible changing mid-sex scene!)


Turning Pages 2 - 15

Thu Mar 2 06:47:58 2017


Turning Pages 2 - 14

Thu Feb 23 06:00:09 2017


Turning Pages 2 - 13

Thu Feb 16 04:48:58 2017


Turning Pages 2 - 12

Thu Feb 9 21:43:30 2017


Turning Pages 2 - 11

Thu Feb 2 03:41:46 2017


Turning Pages 2 - 10

Thu Jan 26 05:46:09 2017


Turning Pages 2 - 9

Thu Jan 19 06:08:20 2017


Turning Pages 2 - 8

Thu Jan 12 03:35:36 2017

Oh geez there we go, sorry! Forgot to update this over to the finished version.

Technical issues, fuck em.

Thank you all for your patience!


Turning Pages 2 - 7

Thu Jan 5 03:17:37 2017


Turning Pages 2 - 6

Thu Dec 29 03:26:17 2016


Turning Pages 2 - 5

Thu Dec 22 03:29:43 2016


Turning Pages 2 - 4

Thu Dec 15 21:42:29 2016

Sorry for the delay on this week's page!


Turning Pages 2 - 3

Thu Dec 8 01:08:06 2016


Turning Pages 2 - 2

Thu Dec 1 02:53:36 2016


Turning Pages 2 - 1

Wed Nov 23 22:12:38 2016


[IMPORTANT] Updated Patronage Tiers

Thu Nov 17 00:11:41 2016

Just a reminder, Patronage levels have been shifted to better reflect what I want out of Patreon and what I can provide between other work.

So have a Paige, right before I post the first page of the rest of our lives.

Or something like that anyway


Turning Pages (Part 2) - Cover

Wed Nov 16 23:25:42 2016

By popular demand, part 2! :D


New tiers, new comic, news in general.

Thu Nov 10 18:49:12 2016


Just bleh.

These last few weeks. Bleh is all I have.

I'm sorry, deeply, for the delays in getting the next comic out. An initial concept had to be shelved after getting a fair bit of sketching done, and this is after a wave of depression and general frustration.

At this point it is clear I have been overly ambitious with Patreon and will be reworking my teirs to reflect this.

As it stands, with the posting of the cover of the next comic on wednesday the 16th, I'll be changing to the following tiers:1$/month : Comic pages, in the high res format. Your name on a thankyou page

5$/month: Bonus content. Desktops, bonus pages, everything more than comics

20$/month: special thank you section above other names

Thank you, again, all of you. I know times have been rough, but I'm pulling out of the art block I've been wallowing in lately, and am looking forward to the next comic. I hope you all are too.

For now, meet Olivia, we'll be seeing more of this girl in the months to come, trust me :3


Poll for next comic

Thu Oct 27 17:07:14 2016




Input, always welcome. Trying to decide between these ideas. All of them interest me


Feilen Comic

Thu Oct 27 05:30:19 2016

Commission work, the last before the next project, I swear!

Still trying to decide what that will be. Will be posting a poll to get input I think. Tomorrow. Tomorrow~

Also, yes, this is a comic dealing with gender dysphoria, it actually was rather emotional to work on.


Irick x Kayden one page comic

Thu Oct 13 00:05:16 2016

To hold some time between now and the next project, have this page :D


Small update.

Wed Oct 5 17:05:15 2016

You folks, you have some patience. Thank you for that!

The tablet I had recently ordered had been defective, it wouldn't hold pressure sensitivity. I have a new one arriving TOMORROW and the other one has been refunded.This means we have no update this week. There's a handfull of one-page comics for people I'll be doing here, then we're onto the next project. So again, thank you for the patience right now. We'll be on a real schedule again soon!



(Have this agender demon character as penance!)


10-16 Dekstop

Sun Oct 2 14:48:39 2016

More Elise, and our mystery dragon spirit



Sat Oct 1 14:07:00 2016

Raffle winner for September


Zeta Syanthis

Sat Oct 1 14:05:33 2016

Raffle winner for September


Heated Audit - 11

Thu Sep 29 02:34:31 2016

And that's it for Rithy and the 'bolds.

Next up, a few one-page comics on commission , and more. We shall seeee~ :DPosts may be bi-weekly instead of weekly until the next full comic is coming out. It'll all depend on other workload issues. <3


Heated Audit - 10

Thu Sep 22 02:04:25 2016


Heated Audit - 9

Thu Sep 15 03:13:33 2016


Well damn (also, free art?)

Mon Sep 5 19:45:06 2016

You're here for the brackets aren't you?

Currently my tablet (and back up) is dead. One too many falls off the desk I guess. I need a better arrangement. Anyway. Digital art is not a thing I can do at present. As Patreon's being slow to actuall proccess payments, and having just moved... funds are a little short for buying a new tablet until that money shows up.

TL;DR: No digital art by me for probably 2-3 days. No comic page this week. I am DEEPLY sorry. The fact I'm delayed one page is bad enough.



^ I've been meaning to get more practice with traditional art, so hey. Come get some?

09 - 16 Desktop

Thu Sep 1 01:40:03 2016


Headed Audit - 8

Thu Sep 1 01:33:38 2016

Heated Audit - 7

Thu Aug 25 01:44:38 2016


Heated Audit - 6

Thu Aug 18 05:00:22 2016


Heated Audit - 5

Thu Aug 11 05:00:24 2016

Ohboy, again, I'm sorry to keep you all waiting so long for the this page. The next will be on time I assure you!




The Joys of Moving.

Thu Aug 4 00:28:57 2016

So as I think several of you may know, My spouce and our roommate are moving soon. This Friday even. Horray for that at least, will have some better desk space.That being said the last few weeks have been extremely stressful, and I've been trying to keep the comic coming between packing and other lovely (to put it simply) drama.

Unfortunately this week's page is not complete, I really am extremely sorry to have to say that. I will try to be sure to come up with something this month to make up for this lacking.

Again. I am sorry, I hope you all understand



Heated Audit - 4

Wed Jul 27 23:58:01 2016


Heated Audit - 3

Thu Jul 21 00:45:41 2016


Heated Audit - 2

Thu Jul 14 04:45:52 2016

It's 11:45

It's not LATE yet <_<

This was actually only finished this evening due to some rather pressing RL delays instead. Debated posting it tomorrow, but eh. :D


An update to management of my Patreon:

Thu Jul 7 00:56:46 2016

Any of you at $5 or higher level of Patronage may have noticed this recently posted page is in the low resolution posted on other site. There is cause for this.

I have noticed a rather quick turn around of reposting of these pages to third party sites (yes, I bother to check that now and then), and feel I have only one real option around this. Additionally people gain access to the tier they pledge at before actually being charged.

Starting this month all Patron rewards will be released after each monthly charge. Meaning the month's desktop, comic pages and any other Patron specific rewards will be in a single file sent out to those able to receive them.

I am still mulling over the options for how to rearrange my tiers, but I hope that this change is acceptable.

If you wish to have access to a previous month(s)'s rewards, please contact me directly. I will be spending some time tomorrow arranging my current content according and removing completed comic pages from the history

thank you all again,


Heated Audit - 1

Thu Jul 7 00:53:02 2016

So begins our new tale, a focus up the dragonessRithnok as well as a cameo of sorts from our longtime Patron Galzren(Silidirian)



07 16 Desktop

Fri Jul 1 14:51:56 2016


Inq Raffle

Wed Jun 29 14:49:40 2016

Oviposter, eggs, cockatrice. Yep


Ikani Raffle

Wed Jun 29 14:46:20 2016



Heated Audit: Raffles and update

Wed Jun 22 23:11:25 2016

Sketches are now mostly done, from here it's correcting and tidying up and actual arting!

10 pages coming, winners of slots:




There are still two Kobold slots left, this will be put up for YCH style action once those winners have selected options!

There really wasn't much competition for this though, so I think the raffled slots are not the best decision. Just more reason to correct the tiers to better scaling rewards.

I'm sorry I don't really have an image to be showing off right now. But at least sketching is done and the anxiety lately has really fallen off.

Again, thank you folks for your continued support while I'm between projects. I hope to not keep you waiting too long!

Kobold Komic (Heated Audit)

Thu Jun 16 02:12:54 2016

and so, enjoy some scribbly sketchwork.

Some a bonus as well for folks who may be interested. The same sketches for Turning Pages:



Some free scribbles

Fri Jun 10 01:34:06 2016

Results for the night, Think I may use this form again in future.

At least something was drawn tonight


Free Scribbles Time

Thu Jun 9 23:29:12 2016


Depression, blah blah, wanting low stress art ideas from outside of my skull. Not enjoying the ones in it lately. Throw some stuff at me

I'll be doing the raffle as normal this weekend for Patron art, don't you worry <3



An update of news:

Wed Jun 8 21:30:25 2016

First of all,

Thank you for your patience. I realize it has been a while since I've posted a comic page. While I do not want to hide behind this as a shield, I've been experiencing some extreme depression and anxiety issues. Creative progress on just about anything I've been working on has ground to a halt, but I'm trying to get those gears turning again. I will not take offence to people stepping back from being a Patron until work properly resumes again. I do not want a single person feeling I am mooching or similar.

That being said, we've flirted with the 500 point Kobold Sketch goalmultiple times. For the sake of full transparency: there is roughly 200 dollars in pledges that are not being paid. These people are not receiving content, and I have taken to removing pledges that have failed to be charged multiple months in a row.

For the current comic project (and a look at my general approach to comics):

-Currently 7 of 9 (possibly 10) pages are sketched. [Ideally, this should be done by next wednesday. It should have been done for this.]

-Refined sketches will be made of each page once the whole story has been roughed out. [1-2 weeks]

-For this comic there are 5 (possibly a 6th) guest slot. 2 of these will be auctioned (most likely on FA, for sake of active community), but first the rest will be raffled at the $30 monthly group. I admit this raffling feels bias, and I have been considering rearranging how certain tiers are rewarded. While I want to give a special thanks to those willing to support with larger amounts, I do no want to make the 10 and lower Patrons feel left out. Perhaps I'm being too transparent now.


There's the news. Please feel free to comment, share some input if you have any. I want to be sure everyone feels they are getting what they deserve from this arrangement. Would people be interested in hi-res packs of finished works? Specific image sets or similar of specific IP (say, all the waifus of Overwatch for example)? If you're reading this, you're giving me money to draw art for you to see. I'd like to be sure I'm providing what you are wanting.

Thank you for reading this,


0616 Desktop

Wed Jun 1 18:13:02 2016

You know, I just can't get enough of near-future scifi stuff.

And vaguely german tanks

So have both!


Kobolds in a Komic (part2, for higher reward Patrons)

Thu May 26 14:42:07 2016

For all current $30+ Patrons, I will be holding 2 raffles to be one of the 'lead' Kobolds in the current project. Should you happen to not have a Kobold available, I am very willing to koboldize a character you do have.

Please keep in mind my Kobolds are a fixed species. Scales, no hair, horns, no whites in eyes, short.

Once I have drawn winnners, I'll be asking for additional characters from others to fill in the gaps in kobolds involved.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to drawing so many scaley butts :3


Kobolds in a Komic

Thu May 26 14:32:31 2016

Turning Pages is done, for now. There will at least be a part 2. If we start getting into part 3 or 4 and it starts getting weird-lore-storytime, someone please shoot me.

Before that is a risk through, we have the current project. Yes. Kobolds. A pile of them in fact! Including some from our own Patrons right here :3

Sketches are underway, about half the pages are at least in roughs. I hope to have more news for you on this in a week or two.

As for this being posted Thursday rather than Wednesday. The last few days have been hectic to say the least, I honestly woke up this morning and didn't even notice yesterday had slipped by.

Love you all, and thank you for your support!



Aesth Sketch

Tue May 24 02:21:45 2016


ScribeGrey Sketch

Wed May 18 23:31:47 2016

Kayden Cuddles!


Turning Pages - 12

Wed May 18 23:30:15 2016

Oh man I nearly forgot to post this today didn't I?



After some other projects.


Turning Pages - 11

Wed May 11 21:39:21 2016

Booky dragon spirit, always a giving friend, it seems!


Turning Pages - 10

Wed May 4 18:57:19 2016

Messy :3


0516 Desktop Alt Ver

Sun May 1 15:41:11 2016

For those who do not enjoy text in this image


0516 Desktop

Sun May 1 15:38:45 2016

Dark Souls 3 fan art AND Silvana art.

I feel I need to draw hir more.


Turning Pages - 9

Wed Apr 27 23:46:01 2016

the quivery lines have arrived!

..and I think dwolaites are just naturally sizequeens, it seems <_<


Ketnah Sketch

Fri Apr 22 03:18:19 2016

for Meshelle


Genwyn Sketch

Fri Apr 22 03:17:25 2016


Turning Pages - 8

Sat Apr 16 15:57:55 2016

Because, I mean, why not :3


Turning Pages - 7

Tue Apr 12 05:48:22 2016


A dragoness's best friend.

Even if she was recently human and probably has best friends.



Turning Pages - 6

Wed Apr 6 16:48:30 2016

GLASSES NNNOOOOOOO-oh wait, they look okay

All bow to the glory of our lord and savior, tail :3


0416 the real desktop this time

Sat Apr 2 19:48:28 2016

As much as we all love Claire, here's a non april fools dekstop :3


04/16 Desktop

Thu Mar 31 19:38:23 2016

I give you

the best damn desktop you will ever use.




A YCH, let's try a new thing!

Thu Mar 31 19:32:34 2016

Well, actually an old thing I've not done in a while.

So here we go. First responder here who wishes to get their character in this pose, it's yours!

-Species change? Wings? cool, within reason (dragon, insect? sure! 8 arms, 4 winged godbeing? nope!)

-male/herm/trans/AnythingWithADick? yep yep! Good! I'll be doing later images for non-dicked characters

-Clothing? Sure, we can talk about outfits!

Price? A flat 40 for render/shaded line work.

If a week goes by and no one takes this image, it'll be hitting FA for auctioning.

Consider this a test run! :D


Turning Pages - 5

Mon Mar 28 20:31:35 2016

and so it continues! Poor Elise, still so very confused by events.


Turning Pages - 4

Fri Mar 18 18:33:13 2016


Turning Pages - 3

Wed Mar 16 22:14:04 2016


Turning Pages - 2

Wed Mar 9 17:44:42 2016


Kuno: For King and Kobold

Tue Mar 8 23:03:39 2016


Reminder: Discord Server is a thing!

Tue Mar 8 20:50:37 2016

Want to be in on chattering with folks of at least similar art interest to you? Please do consider swinging by the Discord server. Patrons have a private chatroom for things that the plebs (see: not actually plebs, I just wanted to use that word today) are not meant to see.

Comic conversations?


Future plans for projects?

All over here!


(Oh and a NSFW channel occasionally bombarded by my spouse sharing the cream of the crop from amateur porn tumblrs! I've already used a few images from those as inspiration for poses :3 )


Commissar Roach

Tue Mar 8 14:38:48 2016


Turning Pages - 1

Wed Mar 2 14:37:25 2016

We're here!


That ref sheet for Elise probably makes so much more sense now :D

No cameos in this one, sorry to those Patrons who would be added to a raffle for such things. The next comic will need many a background face and I'll be sure to make up for it there :3

Next page next wednesday. I hope you all enjoy!


Monhtly Sketch Eija (Rynn)

Sat Feb 27 17:01:02 2016

you know, this sort of feels like it roams outside of 'sketch' <_<

Perhaps I should re evaluate this process.

EITHER WAY! Eija being ever so busy fixing the pile of old computers.

Because what is ever more scifi than a pile of blinking lights and particle projectors?


0316 Desktop

Sat Feb 27 16:01:12 2016

perhaps a tad early, but fuck it, I really wanted to share :D


Doodle Witch

Wed Feb 24 21:54:02 2016

It's not a comic page.

But I hope it'll amuse!

Next week though, there will be a comic page, and pages more to follow


Turning Teaser Page

Thu Feb 18 05:08:29 2016




what have I gotten myself into?


Inqacuga Monthly Sketch

Tue Feb 16 22:56:14 2016


I've been enjoy goopy things lately <_<


burd boy

Sat Feb 13 14:46:53 2016

a stream scribble from yesterday, just mostly playing around with some things and it came out really well <_<


Hot Coffee PDF

Thu Feb 11 00:15:45 2016

It's here at last!

With 3 (infact 4) bonus pages!

I hope to get the next comic out to you folks, at least the first page, in the next 2 weeks <3

Thank you all for your support, and I hope you enjoy the extra nod and love

PDF_ad.png Hot_Coffee_By_Draekos.pdf (d)


Thu Feb 4 18:02:19 2016

Why did I do a ref sheet sort of thing for an owl?

I'm still not sure, I'll be honest.

She's a cutey and I may just recyle her for something in the future... or make her and adoptable or something? I dunno :V



Tue Feb 2 18:46:42 2016


So folks, it's been a quiet month and I am sorry for that. I will be updating Patreon ideally within a week (new lay out and a few small changes to tiers) Please do keep an eye out for that.

As for the next comic, current working title is Turning Pages, and is being sketched. still need to add a few 'bonus page' content for you Patreon folks and a PDF and such.

All in all, I hope you're looking forward to more in the next few weeks!



Mon Feb 1 16:15:01 2016

This month is contains my spouce's birthday. It seems only right to have a desktop for Iris :D


100% Less Bean

Sun Jan 31 00:48:38 2016

Plad shirt, Beanie, and (I guess) root beer.


Definitely a dyke <3

stream makes me draw weird things :D


A kobold, because it's been a while

Sun Jan 31 00:47:58 2016


Rampant Lesbianism

Sun Jan 31 00:47:29 2016

A warm up doodle from stream :D


Silidirian Monthly Sketch

Sat Jan 23 14:31:33 2016


Scribe The Grey, Monthly Sketch

Fri Jan 22 16:29:32 2016



Fri Jan 22 16:27:38 2016

This seems like the best system for keeping in touch and being contacted if people want to easily message me.


Be sure to message me privately to get added to the Patreon specific chat!


This next week (AKA: FC)

Wed Jan 13 16:20:11 2016

So, I am sorry to say I will not have major content for you folks today. There is still backer specific content for the comic I wish to provide to you, but that will be delayed for now. This last week has been plowing through prepping for heading to FC and general life business.

That being said, There is a future comic that I hope to be starting into drawing or even posting by the end of the month. There are infact 3 comic ideas I'm toying with and may put up a popularity pole to see which gets done first! Things to deal with AFTER the week at FC (or at least, during some quiet time at the con)

I want to just say thank you again to all of you,



2016: Welcome to the new Year. Questionnaire and such

Fri Jan 8 04:38:44 2016


Hot Coffee is done. For those of you at a high enough tier for the PDF copy, there is some extra content I want to wedge in for you folks, so that's going to be a little while before they're sent out.

We've also passed 300 (nearly 400!) monthly support, so that mean's we're going to two sketches a month! I'll be doing that raffle this weekend, so keep an eye on your emails.



This is as short as I could make it, anonymous, and will be impacting how I will be handling future projects. Please provide as much input as you wish to!




Hot Coffee - 16

Thu Jan 7 02:25:08 2016

And so, deer friends, it has come to a dear-an end!

There is still some work to do, but keep an eye out for future announcements!


1/16 Welcome to the newyear! Have a desktop!

Fri Jan 1 16:11:54 2016


And a Nadja New Year~

Mon Dec 28 01:55:58 2015

well, it's a day early, and perhaps not what you were expecting today... but I hope you enjoy! I wish I could fit all my friends, all the people who matter so much to me in this, but a smattering of 10 seems fair enough no? <3

Pro tip folks: don't start into a project like this with about 48 hours before it needs to be posted.

My shoulder is weeping.


Masked Intentions (Commission for Kyr)

Sat Dec 26 05:50:38 2015

So it's not the MAIN comic.

So it's not what you're paying for.

But you folks desrve the high res version, I'd say :D

Happy Candlenights to you all!


Hot Coffee 15

Thu Dec 24 01:24:29 2015

let's be honest. You ALL were expecting this, right? :D


Raffle Art - Aiko

Sun Dec 20 07:26:22 2015

Nerd Dragon asked for their chracter Aiko in 'something NSFW'

seems about right to me :3c


Hot Coffee 14

Thu Dec 17 01:10:37 2015

Whoops, nearly forgot to upload this today.

Sorry folks, the last ~3 days have been very 'off' to say the least.


Pants Naga

Sun Dec 13 00:24:07 2015

More a practice to see if I could just go with the first thing suggested for colors and such.

Better execution on that tail pattering and I think she'd be perfect XD


"ASSassin Rat Failed Miserably."

Sat Dec 12 03:51:49 2015

~Kerillian the Waywatcher.

This was supposed to be a warm up scribble.

It was supposed to be just for you folks...

but I just had to share it with the non-paying plebs (kidding, I love all my fans, seriously)

<3 Enjoy


Hot Coffee 13

Sat Dec 5 02:03:22 2015


Unnamed Jezzail

Sat Dec 5 01:53:44 2015

Because who doesn't love skaven evil-rock-bullet snipers?...oh. That's mostly just me isn't it?

And this concludes today's mass upload. It should be far more of a trickle from now on.


ElfBoy, sketch

Sat Dec 5 01:52:03 2015

so. Since we all know I just can't draw boys that aren't adorable traps...

Seriously want to offer commissions in this style. It's super easy and I think it came out wonderfully!... things to ponder.


Panda Boy, Monochrome

Sat Dec 5 01:50:18 2015

An art style I've rather enjoyed. I should really consider offering cheepy commissions in this style.



Sat Dec 5 01:47:51 2015

Geez, I really do love my glow effects don't I?

This little mothbot has been fluttering about in my skull for a long time, and I'm rather pleased with having nailed her down to canvas. Might do a little more tweaking of the design, but she's also extremely hotswap compatible.



Sat Dec 5 01:42:47 2015

She's been a character design I rather like, and want to put into good use some point.

Still trying to decide on if she should be some kind of monstergirl or actually the first normal human character in the pile I have <_< hm


Wyverny Renderings

Sat Dec 5 01:40:13 2015

A practice on lineless drawing and playing around wiht some of the tools in Clip Studio I don't normally use. I rather like her, even if she's a bit animu-monstergirl


Demony Girl Doodle

Sat Dec 5 01:38:03 2015

A warm up sketch for today's stream. Debating posting any such 'complete but not Complete' images here, for all you loving supporters <3

Yay? Nay? Let me know what you think!


Hot Coffee 12

Thu Dec 3 00:13:28 2015


AMA for Paige Hatheway

Wed Dec 2 00:49:40 2015

This month we're trying something a little different! Asks specifically for single characters! Paige being our favorite girl lately, seems only right for her :D



12/15 Desktop

Wed Dec 2 00:38:52 2015

Two cats, two mugs of cocoa, let the PJ-fueled gossiping commence!

No two-version desktop this month, but I hope the extra details make up for it :D


Hot Coffee 11

Wed Nov 25 21:17:56 2015


Hot Coffee - 9 (Corrected)

Thu Nov 19 14:38:51 2015


Don't worry.

You didn't see a thing. it's all fixed now!


Hot Coffee - 10

Thu Nov 19 00:16:19 2015


December Desktop Poll

Sat Nov 7 17:53:13 2015






Hot Coffee - 8

Wed Nov 4 16:56:18 2015

Sherin may infact be too good at what she does


Another QnA~

Wed Nov 4 03:25:25 2015


RIGHT, I forgot to link this sooner! Silly me!


11/15 Desktop (glamoured bottoms)

Sun Nov 1 17:33:21 2015

And, as always, a second more sexy version


11/15 Desktop

Sat Oct 31 13:19:57 2015

Nunci doing his chocobo thing in final fantasy 14

God damn that game has such pretty outfits! D:


Hot Coffee - 7

Wed Oct 28 17:21:45 2015



Hot Coffee - 6

Wed Oct 21 18:06:50 2015



November Desktop Poll

Sat Oct 17 00:29:13 2015



Raffle art - Keahi

Sat Oct 17 00:27:38 2015

Winner of this month's (and the first) raffle was Mishelle, and this slimey little salamander was the result!

Thank you all for your donations and good luck with next month's raffle <3


Hot Coffee - 5

Wed Oct 7 22:28:12 2015

*sips coffee*


Hot Coffee - 4

Wed Oct 7 22:27:08 2015

Kayden writes what we've all been thinking since Hotsprings.


10/15 Desktop (now with more clothing)

Thu Oct 1 15:28:39 2015

Because perhaps you desire a desktop without bare bits!


10/15 Desktop

Thu Oct 1 14:12:02 2015

You folks voted and Karkasy won by a rather notable margin! It only seems fitting she be rocking a Valkyria Chronicles cosplay for halloween :D


October QnA!

Wed Sep 30 21:46:43 2015

Got questions? Got answers! :D Come on by and ask me (or my chracters) what ever you'd want you know... assuming I actually know the answer at least. I can't tell you how to build a time machine D:



Hot Coffee - 3

Wed Sep 30 21:42:21 2015

The plot thickens~


Hot Coffee - 2

Wed Sep 23 20:43:21 2015

oh Kayden, why do you tease the girls so?


Hot Coffee - 1

Wed Sep 16 13:07:13 2015




and of course a special thank you to that silly fellow who became a Patron before I had even announced the campaign!

Next page? Next wednesday :3


Hot Coffee - Title

Wed Sep 9 20:51:14 2015


From here on forward every Wednesday (until the end of the comic) We shall be seeing a new page of this lovely adventure and sequel to Hotsprings.


A Bold Butt

Thu Sep 3 21:07:41 2015

just a little early gift for you folks~
Don't worry, that comic thing you're all really here for? There should be some news of that within the week! :D


0915 Desktop Alternate Version

Tue Sep 1 19:13:44 2015

These may not be too too common, but it feels right to give you folks this :D


09/15 Desktop

Tue Sep 1 19:12:29 2015

Have a desktop for all you lovely poeples :D


Sherin's Refsheet

Fri Aug 21 01:08:24 2015

And that's that folks, that's our cast for now :3


Paige's Refsheet

Fri Jul 17 03:16:14 2015

Oh boy, just one more of these to do and we're ready folks :D


Tess's Refsheet

Thu Jul 16 23:38:34 2015

Oh Tess.

Dear Tess.

We'll be seeing more of you soon won't we? :D

Just two more of these to go, and then the real work begins


Kayden's Refsheet

Thu Jul 16 23:36:36 2015

The first ref sheet, and first thing for you lovely Patrons!

Many of you may already know this boy, but we'll be getting to know him far better rather soon indeed.


And so it begins...

Thu Jul 16 23:31:48 2015

At this point, I wish to thank you just for looking at this.

There are still things to set up before I go live-live with this. Art to draw and announcements to make.

For now, if any fo you are crazy enough to already subscribe to this:
Thank you.
Thank you, you mad mad fools.