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Kinky Kobold layout

Thu Oct 22 01:51:56 2020

I thought I'd share the room layout of the Kinky Kobold store form the kobold quest.

From this point on I was looking at making the rooms on larger scale and pan across them as needed as part of my plan for the quest will be re-using location more often in the future

This is at 50% scale, the 100% png is in the Kobold quest archive in the dropbox.


Brandi at the halloween party

Thu Oct 22 00:16:42 2020

Nocom saved up another double to get Brandi at the farm Halloween costume party.

BrandiHalloween.jpg BrandiHalloweenPrev.jpg

Restuko pregnant

Sun Oct 18 01:42:57 2020

Effigy asked for his October slot to be a pregnant Retsuko sat on her office desk with a naked variant added on, never drawn her before.

Pregsuko.jpg PregsukoNaked.jpg PregsukoPrev.jpg

Chilly girls

Fri Oct 16 20:40:19 2020

New patreon patreon Tom took a double of Nukki and Frieda for their patreon this month.

ChillyGirlsClear.jpg ChillyGirls.jpg ChillyGirlsPrev.jpg

Kobold Quest 108

Thu Oct 15 23:30:06 2020

Picking up the laundry


KoboldQuest 107

Thu Oct 15 23:28:44 2020

Hold up...

KoboldQuest0107.jpg KoboldQuest0108.jpg

Xiang reclined

Sat Oct 10 00:35:49 2020

Xiang upped their sketch to a coloured one and added variant on for a girl dick on their character in a goddess reclining pose.

XiangReclinePose.jpg XiangReclinePoseFuta.jpg XiangReclinePoseFutaSk.jpg XiangReclinePoseSk.jpg XiangReclinePosePrev.jpg

Tawna weight training

Fri Oct 9 09:34:28 2020

Bak continues his patreon sketch requests with new strong Tawna getting exhausted from a workout while pregnant.

TawnaPregWeights.jpg TawnaPregWeightsPrev.jpg

Kobold Quest 106

Thu Oct 8 19:30:40 2020

Pulling yourself together!


Shi-Niss the vampire

Thu Oct 8 01:23:49 2020

Nwazet asked for Shi in a spooky Halloween get-up, so we went for a Chinese vampire dealie.

ShiVampireSk.jpg ShiVampireCol.jpg OctPrev1.jpg ShiVampirePrev.jpg


Thu Oct 8 01:17:23 2020

Silly template doodle of Blueberry and Gooseberry in seasonal costumes.


Bust templates

Thu Oct 8 01:15:36 2020

I was sketching a big blue panda lady and thought "this looks lika a neat template"
And it was, here's a bunch busts.

(blue panda lady coming later when more similar stuff to bundle with her).

BoobTemplate2.jpg BoobTemplate1.jpg BoobTemplatePrev.jpg

Kobold quest 105

Thu Oct 1 22:19:39 2020

Seems like you needed to vent a bit.

KoboldQuest105.jpg KoboldQuest105.jpg

September doodles

Thu Oct 1 01:05:58 2020

Misc bits from September 2020

SeptemberCanvas1.jpg SeptemberCanvas2.jpg SeptCanvas.jpg


Wed Sep 30 23:30:09 2020



Plumbing part 3

Wed Sep 30 22:23:18 2020

Brian made a third part of the ships plumbing problems image set and it was never an option that I wasn't going to colour it too!

plumbing3.jpg plumbing3Prev.jpg

Momo and Lauri makin' babies

Wed Sep 30 01:28:52 2020

The last sketch of the month for Nwazet that they upped to a coloured version.
Momo and Lauri making half panda-beavers.

NwazSeptComSk.jpg NwazSeptCom.jpg NwazSeptComPrev.jpg

Starey-Eyed mookini

Sat Sep 26 02:03:58 2020

A quick edit of something drawn last month, Starey-Eyed Surprise in a cow print bikini.

SesMoocowPrev.jpg SesMoocow.jpg SesMoocowPrev.jpg

The job offer

Fri Sep 25 22:03:23 2020

Kawaii doubled up on their patreon tier to get Myn and Alex discussing a job proposition.

KawaiiSeptComPrev.jpg KawaiiSeptCom.jpg KawaiiSeptComPrev.jpg

Kobold Quest 104

Thu Sep 24 23:25:27 2020

The offer was not successful.

KoboldQuest104.jpg KoboldQuest104.jpg

Plumbing 2

Wed Sep 23 23:31:58 2020

Drake Fenwick sent me this for a colouration with is sister picture :) had a good time working on these.

plumbing2Prev.jpg plumbing2.jpg plumbing2Prev.jpg

Plumbing 1

Wed Sep 23 23:30:07 2020

Drake Fenwick sent this my way for a colouring :) I took a time out and gave it a treatment.

plumbing1Prev.jpg plumbing1.jpg plumbing1Prev.jpg

Important updates to my T's & C's

Mon Sep 21 20:29:53 2020

I have added a new section of terms and conditions on the front page.

This is a notification to all members so its clear.


What are my terms and conditions?
I retain the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.
I retain the right to refuse to create art of any subject matter.

I retain the right to post or not post commissioned artwork publicly on any social media account unless otherwise explicitly agreed.

I retain the right to make and sell merchandise featuring any commissioned artwork unless otherwise explicitly agreed.


If there are any questions ask them here and I will answer.

Reminder - Drawing prices going up next week.

Mon Sep 21 18:58:36 2020

A reminder, Prices on the sketch and drawing tiers are going up next week.

Having looked at how that works I can't change current prices.

What I will be doing is setting new version of the tiers at the higher prices and restrict access to those tiers at first to those who are currently backing the old prices, letting them migrate across.

If it immediately bills anyone before October I will endeavour to refund the change.

Romi poses

Thu Sep 17 23:56:48 2020

Tanalls sketch tier for the month was for Romi posing shyly but seductively.

RomiPrev.jpg Romi.jpg RomiPrev.jpg

Xiang pose

Thu Sep 17 21:11:16 2020

Xiang upped their patreon sketch tier for a colouration.

XiangPosePrev.jpg XiangPoseSk.jpg XiangPose.jpg XiangPosePrev.jpg

Kobold Quest 103

Wed Sep 16 23:27:27 2020


KoboldQuest103.jpg KoboldQuest103.jpg

October Cometh Pt2: The return of Jaffar

Wed Sep 16 01:21:04 2020

October comes and that means one thing. Another entry in the Sonic girls Halloween set.

In the last years we've had - Rouge the Witch, Amy the Werehog, Cream and Vanilla succubunnies, and last year Honey the Vampire.

The poll was a close run for Stick but needed in a Blaze the cat.

Now we need a monster for her to be.....

Ipsy fingers

Wed Sep 16 01:04:42 2020

Shinaz asked for Ipsy tending to herself for this months sketch.

ShinazIpsyFingerPrev.jpg ShinazIpsyFinger.jpg ShinazIpsyFingerPrev.jpg

Dragan posed

Tue Sep 15 15:20:42 2020

September patreon tier from Enigma who opted for their character posing boldly.
Cried out fora statue variant.

EnigmaSeptComPrev.jpg EnigmaSeptCom.jpg EnigmaSeptComNip.jpg EnigmaSeptComStone.jpg EnigmaSeptComStoneNip.jpg EnigmaSeptComPrev.jpg

Hornet baby belly

Sat Sep 12 10:56:57 2020

Effigy asked fora rendering of Hornet from Hollow Knight with a baby belly for their September patreon slot.

EffigySeptComPrev.jpg EffigySeptCom.jpg EffigySeptComPrev.jpg

Kobold Quest 102

Fri Sep 11 00:43:23 2020

Time to pay the shopkeeper.

KoboldQuest100.jpg KoboldQuest102.jpg KoboldQuest100.jpg

October cometh

Wed Sep 9 00:53:36 2020

October comes and that means one thing. Another entry in the Sonic girls Halloween set.

In the last years we've had - Rouge the Witch, Amy the Werehog, Cream and Vanilla succubunnies, and last year Honey the Vampire.

This leaves only a few girls left from the games, so lets poll who we'll use this year,

Monster options that will poll against the winner so far are...

Ghost (Never used game characters Percy or Tiara might be good for this...should I add those two? Naw, maybe next year)

Black cat

Frankenstein's monster



If any suggestions are made i'll consider adding them to the poll.

Coco work out

Tue Sep 8 18:08:07 2020

Another commission from Bak on his pregnant workout trend, this one being Coco Bandicoot. Probably a result of the Coco jam art that belly.

BakCocoCom.jpg BakCocoCom.jpg

Ash between Sif boobs

Sat Sep 5 01:11:13 2020

First of the months patreon tier drawings, Ash wanted his nushisona between the boobs of Sif, big squishy boobs.

AshSeptComPrev.jpg AshSeptCom.jpg AshSeptComPrev.jpg

A glass of spiced rum

Sat Sep 5 01:09:43 2020

A last minute commission from August I finished up earlier this week.

Stream regular Sapphs kobold Spiced rum in a pinup illustration pose pose

SpicedRumPrev.jpg SpicedRum.jpg SpicedRumPrev.jpg

Kobold Quest 101

Thu Sep 3 16:33:45 2020

The flirtation is well received!


Sable rests

Sat Aug 29 12:41:43 2020

I nearly missed this one this month! Effigy wanted a render of Sable resting her pregnant belly for their patreon tier this month

SableRestsPrev.jpg SableRests.jpg

August Canvas

Sat Aug 29 12:38:55 2020

Only two pages of sketches for the canvas this month, a mix of patching old stuff and thumbnail out future stuff.

Full size pngs in the dropbox archive.

AugustCanvas1.jpg AugustCanvas2.jpg

Milf abs

Sat Aug 29 12:36:13 2020

Last minute sketch com for the month, Hedrah wanted Stary-Eyed Surprise showing she's worked off that baby weight and back to fighting fitness.

StarAbsPrev.jpg StarAbs.jpg

Price changes coming in October

Fri Aug 28 17:16:21 2020

I have decided to increase my commission prices.

I have run this for over a year now and with unfavourable exchange rates I am on a slow loss so I am increasing the prices.

This will not affect Patreon tiers this month and September but I will be increasing them in cost to match the new rates as of the end of September for the start of October


Dragan prowls

Fri Aug 28 10:19:10 2020

New drawing tier patreon Enigma asked fora free pose drawing of their heavy scaley character Dragan, so I did a low slung prowl pose.

EnigmanComPrev.jpg EnigmanComB.jpg EnigmanComW.jpg

Kobold Quest 100!

Wed Aug 26 20:54:04 2020

We're at 100 page into the quest!


Making purple kobolds?

Thu Aug 20 18:25:52 2020

Notaname doubled up their comm for the month to get Radish boning Blueberry.

RadStuffBluePrev.jpg RadStuffBlueAngry.jpg RadStuffBlueAngryCum.jpg RadStuffBlueHmm.jpg RadStuffBlueHmmCum.jpg

Vex on Pineapple

Sat Aug 15 00:44:53 2020

Xiang came in late to the patreon last month, so got a double sketch this and they gave me a stack of options, I took the Vexbold slamming Pineapple.

VexPinapplePrev.jpg VexPinapple.jpg

Sif and Ash comm

Fri Aug 14 22:58:13 2020

Ash doubled last months patreon tier into his new Nushisona and Sif this month.

AshSifAugComPrev.jpg AshSifInternalAugCom.jpg AshSifAugCom.jpg

Tanall shortstack

Fri Aug 14 13:49:42 2020

Tanalls patreon sketch com, I accidentally drew the wrong aquatic taur character so corrected.

TanallStackPrev.jpg TanallStack.jpg TanallStackv2.jpg

Kobold Quest 099

Thu Aug 13 18:58:15 2020

Making passes at partybolds


Star lamb workout

Sat Aug 8 01:22:54 2020

Following on from Shinaz draw request, Bak asked for the same un-named Starfox sheep character with their usual post work out pregnant theme, such is tradition.

BakStarLambPrev.jpg BakStarLamb.jpg

Star Lamb

Sat Aug 8 01:19:32 2020

Shinaz asked for their sketch tier this month to be a pose with the unused and un-named sheep pilot from Star Fox 2

ShinazStarLambPrev.jpg ShinazStarLamb.jpg

Kobold Quest 098

Fri Aug 7 01:15:11 2020

Time to sluice off!

KoboldQuest098.jpg KoboldQuest098.png

Clover stuffs Mei

Thu Aug 6 13:49:55 2020

Left over from July, Kawaii doubled up for their red panda stuffing Mei.

MeiNCloverPressingPrev.jpg MeiNCloverPressing.jpg

Strange kobolds

Sun Aug 2 00:15:42 2020

A commission from Macrozamin of two of his strange kobolds encountering two of mine.

MacroComPrev.jpg MacroCom.jpg

Kobold Quest 097

Fri Jul 31 00:51:14 2020

Getting paranoid there Goose?


Gadget post work out

Sat Jul 25 00:30:07 2020

It was Baks birthday so I took a request. Another pregnant workout picture as is their preference, the character and pose were left up to me from a short list, so I went with Gadget and ran with it to colours.

JulyPrev6.jpg PregGadget.jpg PregGadgetBoobs.jpg

Alchemical accidents

Fri Jul 24 22:50:05 2020

A coloured sketch com from Xian of there character getting transformed in an alchemical accident in their workshop.

XiangTransformedComPrev.jpg XiangTransformedFutaCom.jpg XiangTransformedCom.jpg

Kobold Quest 95 and 96

Fri Jul 24 14:36:10 2020

Working out that frustration! just what Goose needed.

KoboldQuest095.jpg KoboldQuest096.jpg

Sukki Nukki and Ming

Sun Jul 19 00:35:33 2020

Another commission from Tom, Once more putting Nukki tightly between Sukki and Ming.

SukkiNukkiMingPrev.jpg SukkiNukkiMing.jpg

Jungle kobold

Sun Jul 19 00:33:39 2020

A nice simple commission for this cute kobold girl.

DavisBoldPrev.jpg DavisBold.jpg

Kobold Quest 094

Fri Jul 17 01:24:30 2020

New character unlocked!

KoboldQuest094.jpg KoboldQuest094.jpg

Kobold Quest 093

Fri Jul 10 19:22:16 2020

Non critical quest error detected


Kobold Quest 092

Fri Jul 10 19:20:56 2020

What a striking shop front.

Its so black!
It's like how much blacker could this be?
And the answer is none, none more black...


Marbal sucks Shi

Thu Jul 9 00:41:19 2020

Nwazet left their sketch tier com up to me if I had any Shi-niss ideas.
As Marbal was on the mind recently form Tee-ko shirts I made a follow on to the sauna scene.

ShiMarbalSuckedPrev.jpg ShiMarbalSucked.jpg

Sexy wrestlers ringing the bell.

Wed Jul 8 00:44:39 2020

Star hover continued their run of sexy wrestler requests.
In the end their small gal has come out on top.

StarHoverCollarPrev.jpg StarHoverCollar.jpg

Shi riding

Wed Jul 8 00:42:05 2020

I couldn't get into drawing at the end of last Friday so took an old black and white, fixed it up a bit and coloured it.

ShiRidesPrev.jpg ShiRides.jpg

Work out Toriel

Sat Jul 4 09:35:52 2020

Bak continued his patreon request for more post workout pregnant stuff with Toriel, joining Krystal and Rouge in the maternity gym.

PregTorielPrev.jpg PregToriel.jpg

Ipsy butt stuff

Fri Jul 3 12:36:40 2020

Shinaz used their patreon tier to get this picture of Ipsty taking a dildo up the butt from last year coloured up.

ShinazSketchJulyPrev.jpg ShinazSketchJuly.jpg

Chasing peepers

Fri Jul 3 12:34:26 2020

Tanall used their patreon tier to get this older picture they requested last year coloured up.

TanallJulyComPrev.jpg TanallJulyCom.jpg

Kobold Quest 091

Thu Jul 2 00:46:34 2020

A direction to go!


Kobold Quest 090

Thu Jul 2 00:45:42 2020

Totally tubular dudes!


June Jackboxes

Wed Jul 1 09:14:15 2020

The various Jackbox drawings made on the stream over the month

ShirtsPrev.jpg JunePattents1.png JunePattents2.png CivicDoodles1.png JunePattents3.png JunePattents4.png JunePattents5.png JunePattents6.png JunePattents7.png JunePattents8.png JunePattents9.png JuneShirts1.png JuneShirts2.png JuneShirts3.png JuneShirts4.png JuneShirts5.png JuneShirts6.png JuneShirts7.png JuneShirts8.png JuneShirts9.png JuneShirts10.png JuneShirts11.png JuneShirts12.png JuneShirts13.png JuneShirts14.png JuneShirts15.png

June Canvas

Wed Jul 1 09:05:52 2020

Miscellaneous doodles and sketched from June.

JineCanvasPrev.jpg JuneCanvas1.jpg JuneCanvas2.jpg JuneCanvas3.jpg JuneCanvas4.jpg

Skunk-tiger oc

Wed Jul 1 08:59:03 2020

A commission for an 'inverse Zig-Zag'

A skunk pattern lady with tiger colouration.

And four boobs.

ThermComPrev.jpg ThermCom.jpg

Kobold quest 89

Fri Jun 26 17:21:59 2020

Well they don't seem to appreciate the offer.


Kobold Quest 88

Fri Jun 26 17:21:00 2020



Kobold quest 87

Fri Jun 26 17:20:12 2020

Propositioning everyone you meet.


Forrest gods

Wed Jun 24 22:09:42 2020

Notaname doubled up their patreon full colour tier for Florence the faun being blessed by her forest god.

FloSpiritPrev.jpg FloSpirit.jpg FloSpiritInteral.jpg

Clover kisses

Sat Jun 20 17:22:02 2020

New full colour patreon tier Kawaii asked for their panda Clover blowing a kiss.

CloverKissPrev.jpg CloverKiss.jpg CloverKissBulge.jpg

Kobold Quest 086

Thu Jun 18 15:45:29 2020

Right on the tailbone!


Pet kobold coloured

Wed Jun 17 17:28:33 2020

Coming from the teeko stream drawings Brian made this adorable pet kobold so I had to colour it XD

pet_kobold02ColPrev.jpg pet_kobold02Col.jpg

Lombax backside

Wed Jun 17 01:16:54 2020

Shinaz requested they new hotness Lombax girl for their patreon sketch this month,

ShinazLombaxComPrev.jpg ShinazLombaxCom.jpg

Plum kobold?

Tue Jun 16 19:47:43 2020

I got around to colouring the last of the kobold drawings for my Birthday from Brian :)

We think they're called Plum.

kobold_potionsPrev.jpg kobold_potions.jpg kobold_potionsB.jpg


Fri Jun 12 23:32:52 2020

Ash used his fill colour slot this month to get a nushisona designed up based of his existing cat dude.

NushiSonaPrev.jpg NushiSona.jpg


Fri Jun 12 11:43:53 2020

So patreon does merch now for creators.

Would anyone be interested in me making any of these?

Kobold Quest 085

Thu Jun 11 22:52:05 2020



Kari fucked sideways

Wed Jun 10 10:01:45 2020

Nwazet doubled up their sketch com and added extra colours for Shi riding their Kari sideways, rocking their baby belly.

SheKariSidewaysPrev.jpg SheKariSideways.jpg

Wrestle makeouts

Wed Jun 10 09:58:22 2020

Starhover asked for a follow on from his last sketch com of the wrestler girls making out in a bear hug.

WrestleMakeoutsPrev.jpg WrestleMakeouts.jpg

Phu Cheesecake

Fri Jun 5 23:33:53 2020

Foo asked for their Phu character in a cheesecakey shot for their patreon slot.

PhuCheesecakePrev.jpg PhuCheesecake.jpg

Julie Bruin now with nipples

Fri Jun 5 23:31:56 2020

Having seen the other version thought I'd add some nipples to this one!

JulieBruinPrev.jpg JulieBruinNip.jpg JulieBruinNipink.jpg JulieBruinStareNip.jpg JulieBruinStareNipink.jpg


Fri Jun 5 11:44:49 2020

I was having some difficulty sleeping... so yeah... look at all those tags.

Anything missing? anything I should ad?

Krystal worked out

Fri Jun 5 06:56:39 2020

Following a previous sketch tier reward Bak asked or Krystal exhausted after a gym work out with a big baby belly.

KrystalGymPrev.jpg KrystalGym.jpg

Aritak pregnant

Fri Jun 5 06:55:07 2020

Tanall asked for their birdy with a baby belly for this months patreon sketch.

AritakPregPrev.jpg AritakPreg.jpg

Kobold Quest 084

Thu Jun 4 00:21:13 2020

Good thing we were already done!


Just draw Julie Bruin

Thu Jun 4 00:19:21 2020

My submissions for the Just draw Julie Bruin art jam.


JulieBruinPrev.jpg JulieBruin.jpg JulieBruinStare.jpg

May canvas

Thu Jun 4 00:17:32 2020

Not much on the misc doodles form Mat, just come first passes at the pregnant gym Rouge and Spiced Rum the kobold.


Dropbox password for June

Tue Jun 2 17:16:40 2020

Here's the link and password for the dropbox archive, set to expired 01/07/2020


password K0B0ld5Q4d4lif3!

Voodoo snake lady

Fri May 29 16:24:10 2020

A colour sketch that went way overboard.

Some jungle snake voodoo magic commissioned by Xiang.

XiangComPrev.jpg XiangCom.jpg

Kobold Quest 083

Thu May 28 14:50:07 2020

Lemon has reached her peak.

The nun is pissed off.


Pineapple Cream.

Wed May 27 12:00:26 2020

I was suggested to do a quick edit on this pineapple drawing and it was too good to pass up.

PinapplePussPrev.jpg PinapplePussCream.jpg

Shu Lingerie

Fri May 22 19:27:53 2020

A commission of the dark panda lady I made as an adoptable last year looking grumpy and in gothy undies

ShuComPrev.jpg ShuCom.jpg

Doll webbed

Fri May 22 19:15:05 2020

A DA commission of Doll bound up by a spider lady OC

LaPhobDollPrev.jpg LaPhobDoll.jpg

Kobold quest 082

Thu May 21 00:45:07 2020

Annoying the clergy today.


SpicedRum pours a drink

Sat May 16 00:14:24 2020

Surprise commission for a newcomer to the picarto streams Sapphicubus for her new made kobold SpicedRum

SpicedRumDrinksPrev.jpg SpicedRumDrinks.jpg

Wrestle suckle

Thu May 14 23:38:00 2020

Starhover asked for a double with his wrestler girl sucking big hyena titties, so that's what we got.

WrestleSucklePrev.jpg WrestleSuckle.jpg

Kobold Quest 081

Thu May 14 18:02:45 2020

Living it up as we're going dowwwwnnnnnnn!


Raven and the Hamster by Max Blackrabbit

Thu May 14 13:20:46 2020

Max Black Rabbit drew up a picture of Brians slutty hamster and Ravenhunt :) So I had to a tidy and colour job on it of course!


RavenHamsterPrev.jpg RavenHamster.jpg

Tanall sketch com

Tue May 12 17:16:58 2020

Tanall asked for their taur Souris in a kobold quest style uniform this month :)

SouriClothedPrev.jpg SouriClothed.jpg

Wave and Storm

Sat May 9 00:28:30 2020

Shinaz requested a picture following on from one of their previous sketch coms.

Storm getting a comfy rub from a pregnant Wave

WaveStormRubPrev.jpg WaveStormRub.jpg

Phase lookin' down

Fri May 8 18:49:02 2020

Ash wanted a new Echidna girl designed up for his patreon colour drawing tier, so here she it :)

AshMayComPrev.jpg AshMayCom.jpg

Kobold Quest 80

Thu May 7 15:57:48 2020

Well that was inevitable.


Rouge exhausted

Tue May 5 23:25:30 2020

First sketch tier of the month, Bak wanted a post work out pregnant Rouge, then upped it to coloured.

ExhaustedBatPrev.jpg ExhaustedBat.jpg ExhaustedBatCol.jpg

Dropbox archive access for May!

Tue May 5 14:20:03 2020

Dropbox link


Expires 1rst of June!

The password


April doodles

Fri May 1 00:04:49 2020

A set of loose doodles from the month of April


Kobold Quest 079

Thu Apr 30 18:54:28 2020

Try not to get noticed!


Bedtime penguins

Wed Apr 29 21:42:04 2020

Tom commissioned an image of the Locke family snuggling comfy in bed.

BedTimePengsPrev.jpg BedTimePengs.jpg

Nushi makeouts

Wed Apr 29 21:40:19 2020

Ash commissioned a sketch of Sif and his Nova making out.

NushiMakeoutsPrev.jpg NushiMakeouts.jpg

Kobold Quest 078

Fri Apr 24 00:16:18 2020

Looks like were keeping at it!


Kobold Rave

Thu Apr 23 19:57:49 2020

So drake drew me a neat birthday gift of Pineapple partying, so I had to colour it :)

kobold_raveColouredPrev.jpg kobold_raveColoured.jpg

Kari sucks down Erwynn

Sat Apr 18 01:29:10 2020

Nwazet saved their sketch tier for a double of their panda Kari sucking down some red panda dick, they liked it so much they paid for the colouration job :) looking fine and heavy there.

NwazetSketchPrev.jpg NwazetCol.jpg NwazetSketch.jpg

Brandi rammed

Fri Apr 17 16:51:02 2020

Notnamane doubled up their March and April commission slots into a two character of Teers barnyard donkey girl Brandi getting knocked up.

BrandiRammedPrev.jpg BrandiRammed.jpg

Kobold Quest-077

Wed Apr 15 23:18:04 2020

Oh fuck! It's a nun!



Fri Apr 10 13:09:31 2020

Here's something I'm doing now.


Ipsys bed hair

Fri Apr 10 01:23:12 2020

Shinaz requested a sleepy, just awoken Ipsy for their months sketch.

BedHairIpsyPrev.jpg BedHairIpsy.jpg

Kobold Quest 076

Wed Apr 8 21:20:46 2020

Nothing changed.



Wed Apr 8 00:41:45 2020

Hedrah commissioned a sketch follow up to Tulsi (Frostis' mother) getting banged at the gym with her cradling the result.

TulsiCradleperv.jpg TulsiCradle.jpg

Pool splash

Wed Apr 8 00:39:07 2020

Tanall gave me a free sketch with their aquatic taur this month so i had them coming out of the pool.

Tanall.jpg TanallPool.jpg

Josephine flexes

Wed Apr 8 00:37:36 2020

Starhover asked for Josphine here flexing and posin''

josephine.jpg JosephineFlex.jpg

Isabelle sunbathes

Wed Apr 8 00:36:02 2020

Bak requested Isabelle sun bathing with a big baby belly.

Isabell.jpg BathingIsabelle.jpg

Dropbox Pass April

Fri Apr 3 12:18:56 2020

Heres' the dropbox archive link until the start of next month


password - Fr3y4IsTheB3stJumpr4t!

Pineapple puss

Fri Apr 3 12:15:51 2020

Ash kicked off the months drawings with a commission of Pineapple showing off her lack of panties and one of the teeko shirts from the last month

PinapplePussPrev.jpg PinapplePuss.jpg

Panda Quest 075

Wed Apr 1 02:22:06 2020

Sherbert doesn't mind Bubblegum getting her paws on her assets.


March Canvas and shirts

Tue Mar 31 15:20:34 2020

Sonic doodles and shirts for the month!

MarchCanvas20.jpg MarchCanvas20.jpg MarchShirts1.jpg MarchShirts2.jpg MarchShirts3.jpg MarchShirts4.jpg MarchShirts5.jpg MarchShirts6.jpg MarchShirts7.jpg MarchShirts8.jpg MarchShirts9.jpg MarchShirts10.jpg MarchShirts11.jpg MarchShirts12.jpg MarchShirts13.jpg MarchCanvasShirts.jpg MarchMisc1.jpg MarchMisc1.jpg

Master bedroom

Tue Mar 31 15:07:48 2020

Nwazet commissioned her panda self getting railed hard and bred with twins by Shi-niss.

ShiNwaBreedPrev.jpg ShiNwaBreedBounce.jpg ShiNwaBreed.jpg

Science slimes part 4

Fri Mar 27 19:42:16 2020

More fun with Freida and her science slimes Suckle and Pump.

ScienceSlimesPart4Prev.jpg ScienceSlimesPart4.jpg

Kobold Quest 074

Thu Mar 26 01:17:45 2020

Body paint!


Rouge the Kraken

Wed Mar 25 00:57:23 2020

I saw this youtube video


And got the itch to draw the Rouge kraken monster, went a bit overboard.

OctoRougePrev.jpg batpussPit.jpg OctoRougeKraken.jpg OctoRouge.jpg OctoRougeSketch.jpg OctoRougeWiRef.jpg

Wishing Ring

Thu Mar 19 20:18:56 2020

It was Brian's birthday, so i followed on the last birthday image set with another dubious magical artefact

WishRingPrev.jpg WishRing1.jpg WishRing3.jpg WishRing2.jpg WishRingSet.jpg

Kobold Quest 073

Wed Mar 18 01:24:00 2020

Making time.


Kobold Quest 072

Wed Mar 18 01:22:22 2020

Map acquired!


Amy and Rouge bound up

Fri Mar 13 02:52:30 2020

McClane commissioned a flat colour image of Amy and Rouge bound and taped in each others clothes.

McClaneComPrev.jpg McClaneCom.jpg McClaneComTopless.jpg

Kobold Quest 071

Thu Mar 12 02:20:48 2020

On the way to research!


Dragon boys snake dick commission

Tue Mar 10 16:59:05 2020

So Dragonboy commissioned his dragon character and their snake dicked dragon self.

Left pose up to me so sis a wrap around.

DragonBoyMarchPrev.jpg DragonBoyMarch.jpg

Chistmas Ipsy

Mon Mar 9 20:41:36 2020

Fisatoe on FA commissioned the colouring of this Ipsy picture from last year :)

ShinazIpsyComColPrev.jpg ShinazIpsyComCol.jpg

Ipsy Rides cowgirl

Mon Mar 9 02:29:24 2020

Shinazs' sketch request for the month was Ipsy riding cowgirl :)

Did two faces on this one for her moods.

IpsyRidesPrev.jpg IpsyRides.jpg IpsyRidesSmile.jpg

Isabelles' crazing rage

Fri Mar 6 01:20:03 2020

Bak requested Isabelle raging with her cravings.

One furious doggo.

IsabellesRagePrev.jpg IsabellesRage.jpg

Kobold and jackal make outs

Fri Mar 6 01:18:51 2020

Starhover requested Goose making out with their anubitch wrestler.

Muzzles are hard to kiss with.

GooseMakeOutsPrev.jpg GooseMakeOuts.jpg

Tanalls milk birdy

Fri Mar 6 01:16:44 2020

Tanalls sketch request for the month was their phoenix Aritak hefting her milky boobies.

AritakMilkPrev.jpg AritakMilk.jpg

Ipsy spreads

Thu Mar 5 03:30:08 2020

Ash requested Ipsy in a particular pose for his patreon colour drawing request this month :)

It has been a little bit since I drew this fish/horse

AshMarchIpsyPrev.jpg AshMarchIpsy.jpg

Tulsi at the gym

Wed Mar 4 16:29:59 2020

Commission from Hedrah upped to coloured as it was their birthday.

Penguin mother Tulsi Locke getting it on in the locker room.

TulsiAtTheGymPrev.jpg TulsiAtTheGymV2b.jpg TulsiAtTheGymV2.jpg TulsiAtTheGymV2btextless.jpg TulsiAtTheGymV2textless.jpg

Kobold quest 070

Wed Mar 4 16:24:39 2020

Head out of medical next next.


Kobold Quest 069

Wed Mar 4 16:23:14 2020

Quest 69.



March Dropbox access

Sun Mar 1 13:31:53 2020

Here is the months Dropbox Archive link!




Expires April 1rst

BigDad Bat boobs

Sun Mar 1 13:28:47 2020

I did a colour job on BigDads boob smooshing bats


Of course edited those tops off.

BigDadBatsPrev.jpg BigDadBats.jpg BigDadBatTits.jpg

February 2020 Canvas

Sun Mar 1 13:25:55 2020

The random doodle canvas for February, some partying kobold, a mouse that partied too hard and the cleaned up versions of some of the months Teeko shirt form the stream.

FebruaryCanvasPrev.jpg FebruaryCanvas1.jpg FebruaryCanvas2.jpg FebruaryTshirts1.jpg FebruaryTshirts2.jpg

Massage part 4

Sun Mar 1 13:23:20 2020

Tom threw cash at me to continue this set of the massage getting hotter and more intimate.

And I was happy to do so :)

TomKathFloComPrev.jpg TomKathFloCom.jpg

Kobold Quest 068

Thu Feb 27 02:15:30 2020

Leggings on!


Sisters brunch

Thu Feb 27 02:13:40 2020

My trio of scaly sisters having a get together, commissioned by Lazyrock

LazyBrunchComPrev.jpg LazyBrunchCom.jpg

Whisper by Rav coloured

Fri Feb 21 14:31:32 2020

Took some time last night to chillax and colour a neat picture of Whisper the sniper by Rav, next thing i know its near 5 am and I've done this with it. Fully lined and made variants.

The base version of the picture will be posted to FA and elsewhere as soon as its back up and I've run this passed Rav himself.

RavWhipserColPrev.jpg RavWhipserCol.jpg RavWhipserColCum.jpg RavWhipserColGape.jpg

Wrestling smoosh

Fri Feb 21 14:24:19 2020

A commission from Starhover for some boob smooshing, always happy to oblige those :)

StarHoverWrestleComPrev.jpg StarHoverWrestleCom.jpg

Shinaz Feb com

Thu Feb 20 17:12:47 2020

Shinaz requested Renamon in a displaying pose for their February sketch tier reward.
I can recall ever drawing this character myself before!

ShinazFebComPrev.jpg ShinazFebCom.jpg

Kobold Quest 067

Wed Feb 19 16:26:40 2020

Looks like our dress is gone sadly :( for now.


Bak Feb com

Mon Feb 17 19:57:13 2020

Bak asked for his sketch tier reward to be Gazelle in the Shakira 2020 Superbowl outfit, while also heavily pregnant.

BakFebComPrev.jpg BakFebCom.jpg

Ash Feb com

Mon Feb 17 17:16:58 2020

Ash asked for Sif coming in for a sleepover :P

AshComFebPrev.jpg AshComFeb.jpg

Starhover feb com

Mon Feb 17 17:14:58 2020

Starhover requested his wrestler jackal lady posing up confidently for his sketch tier :)

StarHoverSketchFebPrev.jpg StarHoverSketchFeb.jpg

Nwazet Feb Com

Mon Feb 17 17:13:16 2020

Nwazet had a double character slot so had a sketch form their full colour commission tidied up :)

NwazetSketchComPrev.jpg NwazetSketchComFeb.jpg

Kobold Quest 066

Thu Feb 13 03:12:17 2020

Now were in reception!


Kobold quest queries

Wed Feb 12 03:11:29 2020

I don't think we named the ship! Lets take some suggestions for that.

Also should I do something where patreons can submit crew designs to fill the rooms and halls we go through?

Notaname colour tier reward

Fri Feb 7 10:38:52 2020

Notaname rolled a few months together to get a double character com, asking for reindeer Kathy following the single picture from last month with 'that' shirt on.

NotanameComPrev.jpg NotanameCom.jpg

Kobold quest 065

Thu Feb 6 02:25:00 2020

Now were out in the halls!


February dropbox

Mon Feb 3 15:01:07 2020

Merry February all, here is the link and password valid until end of the month.





Notaname part 1

Fri Jan 31 02:49:14 2020

Part 1 of a two part piece with reindeer Kathy in 'that' shirt.
Part 2 in next months patreon commission tier block.

Not_a_name_com_Prev.jpg Not_a_name_com.jpg

Kobold Quest 064

Thu Jan 30 20:03:25 2020

Getting back on the feet


Nwazet upright com

Thu Jan 30 16:48:06 2020

This has been on the queue too long but its at last done, some upright panda impregnation for Nwazet.

NwazetComPrev.jpg NwazetCom.jpg

Birthday sheep

Thu Jan 23 23:56:54 2020

Birthday gift for long standing friend Macrozamin , a pregnant geeky sheepy girl.

BirthdaySheepPrev.jpg BirthdaySheep.jpg BirthdaySheepMilky.jpg

Kobold Quest 063

Thu Jan 23 18:30:36 2020

And we are conscious again!


Amy by Possum Thot

Thu Jan 23 03:13:41 2020

https://twitter.com/StunnerPony put the psd file up for this sketch for others to colour up :) had a nice time working on it.

Updated with more versions!

0001-AmyPrev.jpg AmyD.jpg AmyDFull.jpg AmyDRip.jpg AmyNoD.jpg

Capybara OC

Wed Jan 22 02:55:23 2020

So I did that make an oc challenge on twitter, here's the result.


Flo massage part 3

Wed Jan 22 01:04:03 2020

Part 3 of a set of flat colour sketch coms :) possibly more in this set later.

FloMassage3Prev.jpg FloMassage3.jpg

Amy the bat

Fri Jan 17 03:23:58 2020

Better get in on this meme while its still fresh!

AmyRougePrev.jpg AmyRouge.jpg AmyRougeBoobs.jpg AmyRougeBare.jpg

Bak Rosalina com

Thu Jan 16 18:24:54 2020

Baks' sketch tier for the month was fora pregnant Rosalina pinup.

BakRoslinaPregPrev.jpg BakRoslinaPregCom.jpg

Greasys Arctica com

Thu Jan 16 12:34:46 2020

Greaseys sketch tier was for Arctica riding a big dildo up the butt.

GreasyComPrev.jpg GreasyCom.jpg GreasyComv2.jpg

Kobold Quest 062

Thu Jan 16 02:18:53 2020

The spice expands consciousness.

KoboldQuest062.jpg KoboldQuest062textless.jpg

Kobold Quest 061

Thu Jan 16 02:17:33 2020

Surfing that wave.

KoboldQuest061.jpg KoboldQuest061textless.jpg

Kobold Quest 060

Thu Jan 16 02:16:46 2020

Into the depths.

KoboldQuest060.jpg KoboldQuest060textless.jpg

Kobold Quest 059

Thu Jan 16 02:15:39 2020

No backing getting off this ride now.


Kobold Quest 058

Thu Jan 16 02:14:40 2020

Buckle in, we're going on a ride.


Sif buttocks

Wed Jan 15 22:04:15 2020

Ash requested Sif in a laid down, legs splayed pose, so here are those thick yoshi hips.

AshSifComPrev.jpg AshSifCom.jpg


Wed Jan 15 22:01:30 2020

So I've been meaning to draw this gal fora while and at last got onto a set of her demon boobs.

CacoDemonessPrev.jpg CacoDemonessBoobers.jpg CacoDemonessMessy.jpg CacoDemonessPreg.jpg CacoDemonessPregMessy.jpg CacoDemonessSet.jpg

Pregnant Blaze

Tue Jan 7 01:43:34 2020

Shinaz requested a reclining and pregnant Blaze for their January sketch tier.

ShinazBlazeComPrev.jpg ShinazBlazeCom.jpg

Raccoon squeezin'

Tue Jan 7 01:42:17 2020

Starhover for January sketch tier asked for their raccoon getting her boobs squeezed

StarHoverSqueezeComPrev.jpg StarHoverSqueezeCom.jpg

Aritak in flight

Tue Jan 7 01:40:57 2020

Tanalls sketch tier for January was their phoenix in flight :)

AritakInFlightPrev.jpg AritakInFlight.jpg

Frieda and Vera over the table

Mon Jan 6 16:15:33 2020

One of those ideas that lodged in my brain, expanded the template from last year and Penguin rayed Escher and Sethy for the penguin pleasure.

PengDeskPrev.jpg PengDesk.jpg

Frosti in the snow updated

Mon Jan 6 16:09:48 2020

Another older drawing, i was looking to upload this to FA, thought it could do with a lil tidying, a while later it was big enough of an update to get it up as it looks now, feeling better about this older piece.

FrostiUpdatedPrev.jpg FrostiComp.jpg FrostiUpdated.jpg

Blaise, Sethy and Alexia

Mon Jan 6 16:07:39 2020

Feeling poorly start of the month so warmed up with taking come older stuff and tidying/drawing it up.

A sketch from Disco that I polished up.

BlaiseSephyAlexiaPrev.jpg BlaiseSephyAlexia.jpg

Dropbox link January 2020

Mon Jan 6 16:04:41 2020

Here's the dropbox archive for the month, set to expire end of the month.

Link - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/eexubuvj0d5r369/AAA1Sg089SRxq7zN6KkE_1Vqa?dl=0

password - YodaStories1973

2020 is here and so am I.

Sat Jan 4 16:51:26 2020

Happy new year all.

For those not in the Discord I have been, and am still ill post Christmas stuff, hence a dearth of content.

I had planned there to be a Kobold quest drawn for New years eve but that's when things got bad so that never got to happen sadly.

I'm on a course of medication right now that should should get me resuming service as normal soon.

In this down time I was doing a bit of thinking looking at other patreons and their patreon suggestions, a big vote selection sop patreons can pick the content for a picture eg 1 options for who - 2 options for with who - 3 options for doing what - ect,

Time to start gathering up patreon tier requests for January and completing the remaining entries on the non patreon queue.

Thank you all for bearing with things.


Casual doodles form tonight

Sat Dec 28 00:22:47 2019

did a casual stream, some drawing, some games, did a bunch of silly stuff and made up a goblin lady.

December_Canvas_prev.jpg December_Canvas1.jpg December_Canvas2.jpg December_Canvas3.jpg

Friedas Box part 3

Fri Dec 27 17:05:44 2019

Not quite done for Christmas day but here is part 3 all polished up!

FriedasBox3flatPrev.jpg FriedasBox3.jpg

Friedas Box part 3 (flats)

Wed Dec 25 02:15:39 2019

Merry Christmas all.

I write this at 2am Christmas morning, sadly couldn't get this full rendered for the day, but I'll get back to it as soon as the season calms down.

PNGs in the dropbox archive as ever.

FriedasBox3flatPrev.jpg FriedasBox3Flats.jpg

Friedas box

Thu Dec 19 01:56:54 2019

Whats in your Christmas box of mystery you scary science bird you?

part 3 probably some point next week at this rate.

FriedasBoxPrev.jpg FriedasBox1.jpg FriedasBox2.jpg

Jjoshu tier reward

Fri Dec 13 00:16:51 2019

New tier reward member Jjosh asked for Frosti riding a huge dildo and not looking satisfied.

JJoshuComPrev.jpg JJoshuCom.jpg

Radish coloured

Fri Dec 13 00:14:08 2019

Drake drew me a kobold for Christmas! so i coloured her up.
Radish the toughest vending machine operative on board.

radishPrev.jpg radish.jpg

Tanall sketch tier reward

Fri Dec 13 00:12:31 2019

Tanall requested their taur reclining back.

TanallsketchComPrev.jpg TanallsketchCom.jpg

Ikusame and Nanuki

Fri Dec 13 00:10:27 2019

Iku won the Nanuki adoptable and immediately commissioned her and Ikusame getting close.

IkuNunukiComPrev.jpg IkuNunukiCom.jpg

Starhovers racoon gal

Wed Dec 11 09:01:01 2019

sketch tier request.

Starhover asked for his raccoon girl posing with arms behind her back and a smile on her face.

StarHoverComPrev.jpg StarHoverCom.jpg

Kobold Quest 057

Wed Dec 11 00:07:48 2019

Things looks fit to fall apart any moment.

KoboldQuest057.jpg KoboldQuest057.png

Ash Xmas Com

Fri Dec 6 01:19:35 2019

Ash doubled up last months com to get a seasonal two'fer of Nova nailing Sif in seasonal gear.

AshXmasComPrev.jpg AshXmasCom.jpg AshXmasComDonger.jpg

Shinaz Ipsy com

Thu Dec 5 14:38:39 2019

Shinaz asked for this months sketch tier reward to be Ipsy in her Christmas dress showing the good.

ShinazIpsyComPrev.jpg ShinazIpsyCom.jpg

Bak Melony sketch

Thu Dec 5 14:37:10 2019

Baks sketch tier for the month was for new pokemon thiccness Melony in Christmas/lingerie getup

BakMelonySketchComPrev.jpg BakMelonySketchCom.jpg

Kobold Quest 056

Wed Dec 4 01:01:54 2019

The coloouurrsssss ... thhheeee coloouurrsssss


Flo massage part 2

Fri Nov 29 17:28:39 2019

Part 2 of the Commission of Flo the faun getting a massage from her friends.

FloMassage2Prev.jpg FloMassage2.jpg

November Canvas 2019

Fri Nov 29 01:59:30 2019

Misc doodles from November this year

November_CanvasPrev.jpg November_Canvas1.jpg November_Canvas3.jpg November_Canvas2.jpg

Flo massage part 1

Fri Nov 29 01:47:50 2019

Part 1 of a Commission of Flo the faun getting a massage from her friends.

FloMassage1Prev.jpg FloMassage1.jpg

Eriko gloves up.

Fri Nov 29 01:45:01 2019

Starhover commissioned a coloured sketch of their fighting red panda Eriko.

StarhoverComPrev.jpg StarhoverCom.jpg

Kobold Quest 055

Wed Nov 27 15:15:09 2019

big, soft milk tanks.


No longer fits

Fri Nov 22 15:28:05 2019

Hedrah commissioned Starey-eyed Surprise wearing her wedding night lingerie .

Its been a few years and few kids since that.

NoLongerFitsPrev.jpg NoLongerFits.jpg NoLongerFitsErrect.jpg

Sketch tier - Not A Name

Thu Nov 21 10:06:02 2019

That's shirts back again.

Not A Name asked for their sketch tier to be the reindeer from last years Christmas mutations wearing the hold me down shirt and getting impregnated.

NotaNameComPrev.jpg NotaNameCom.jpg

Kobold Quest 054

Wed Nov 20 23:50:01 2019

So sofftttttt....


Primirina pregnant

Wed Nov 13 23:58:47 2019

Baks $30 sketch tier requested seal pokemon lady Primrina heavy with child.

PregPrimarinaPrev.jpg PregPrimarina.jpg

Harriet full nelson

Wed Nov 13 22:34:59 2019

Shinaz requested Harriet the Broodle getting a full nelson fucking for their sketch tier, like the pose so threw and extra impregnation variant on there.

HarrietNelsonPrev.jpg HarrietNelson.jpg HarrietNelsonBreeding.jpg

Big titty goth squirrel-friend

Wed Nov 13 19:51:48 2019

For Starhovers $30 sketch tier they requested their squirrel looking grumpy and showing off her huge boobies, I was fine with that.

StarHoversketchPrev.jpg StarHoversketchcom.jpg

Sorui model sheet

Wed Nov 13 19:42:33 2019

Tanall upped their $30 sketch to a 3 shot flat coloured model sheet of their Sorui character.

TanallComsPrev.jpg TanallComs.jpg

Kobold Quest 053

Tue Nov 12 02:12:12 2019

Fresh cream on tap.


Kobold quest 052

Thu Nov 7 23:45:46 2019

Medical all done.


Kobold Quest 051

Thu Nov 7 23:44:36 2019

The poll narrowly came out as Researcher over Geneticist, this caught me by surprise but here we are!

KoboldQuest051.jpg KoboldQuest051Pantless.jpg

Slutty photo

Thu Nov 7 00:07:01 2019

Drawing wasn't working, so I fell back on my favourite means to break the lock, colouring some slutty hamsters from Brian.

Both summer/ autumn, clean/cum versions.

slutty_photoComp.jpg slutty_photoAutumn.jpg slutty_photoSummer.jpg slutty_photoAutumnCum.jpg slutty_photoSummerCum.jpg

October canvas

Tue Nov 5 15:01:52 2019

The various doodles and drawings form October, allot of vampire honey poses in there, until i settles back onto an earlier one the picture became.

doodlesprev.jpg October2019Canvas3.jpg October2019Canvas1.jpg October2019Canvas2.jpg October2019Canvas4.jpg

Pandoptables are live

Fri Nov 1 03:04:33 2019

The Adoptables are up! here's the link.






DropBox November link

Fri Nov 1 03:01:18 2019

October has gone, November is here, so here's the dropbox link and password until the end of November.

Link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gaiafvvj7qq728q/AAC1Ac3scHtN4-_GI6Ukqhwla?dl=0

Password SecretSecretWeveGotASecret21345

Honey the Vampire

Fri Nov 1 02:58:18 2019

Selected by polls, we have the 2019 addition to the Halloween Sonic girls series.
Vampire Honey the cat.

As ever I couldn't just do clothes and unclothed, had a to throw a few more extras on, unsure we'll see a tentacle edit later on, there's still room for extras XD

HoneyTheVampireComp.jpg HoneyTheVampireClothed.jpg HoneyTheVampireExposed.jpg HoneyTheVampireLace.jpg HoneyTheVampireNaked.jpg HoneyTheVampireVampirella.jpg


Wed Oct 30 22:21:48 2019

Trying out this whole adoptables deal, so make four pandas for my first set.

I'll be listening them as soon as i found out where and how.

PandoptablesNPrev.jpg PandoptablesN.jpg PandoptablesC.jpg

Trixie model sheet

Fri Oct 25 22:07:51 2019

Commission from OneTrick for a model sheet of their blue yoshi Trixie,

TrixieModelSheetPrev.jpg TrixieModelSheetClothed.jpg TrixieModelSheetNaked.jpg

Kobold quest 050 poll

Thu Oct 24 18:12:35 2019

the poll for https://www.patreon.com/posts/31014248

Kobold Quest 050

Thu Oct 24 18:10:22 2019

Time to pick a new career path.



Kobold Quest 049

Thu Oct 24 18:09:02 2019

Time for medical attention.


A witchy Neopet

Wed Oct 16 23:53:14 2019

Shinaz requested a sexy version of a Neopet sat on a big grinning pumpkin, almost like its Halloween :)

ShinazOctSketchPrev.jpg ShinazOctSketch.jpg

Jade Witchy

Wed Oct 16 15:10:37 2019

Jades full colour tier, asked for her panda in a cute/sexy witchy costume.

WitchyJadePrev.jpg WitchyJade.jpg

Kobold Quest 048

Wed Oct 16 00:37:11 2019

so many possible jobs


Trick or Treating pup

Thu Oct 10 23:32:07 2019

Tanall extended their sketch tier for a two panel affair with their pup getting a bear hug from Bahm-Bu

TrickOrTreatingPupPrev.jpg TrickOrTreatingPup2.jpg TrickOrTreatingPup1.jpg

Spooky scary sonic girl

Wed Oct 9 15:32:59 2019

Votes edged out for Honey the cat link for those who don't know her.


Now, what spooky Halloween monster shall she be?

We've covered Witches, Werewolves, Devil girls.

So a few more classic options left, I'll hear any other suggestions.

Kobold Quest 047

Wed Oct 9 15:25:22 2019

Calling for attention.


Kobold Quest 046

Wed Oct 9 15:24:28 2019

A new objective!


Sly trio

Fri Oct 4 01:16:22 2019

Lazy commissioned a flat colour drawing of Carmelita Fox and Penelope with Sly, who was I to refuse that?

LazySlyComPrev.jpg LazySlyCom.jpg

Pregnant Daisy dance.

Fri Oct 4 01:13:37 2019

Baks' sketch tier slot for the month was for pregnant princess daisy doing a spooky belly dance.

PregBellySpookDaisyPerv.jpg PregBellySpookDaisy.jpg

Flo butt

Fri Oct 4 01:11:31 2019

Ash's commission slot for the month was for druid Flo showing her backside off.

FloButtPrev.jpg FloButt.jpg

Ursine Threesome

Wed Oct 2 17:55:18 2019

A commission for two panda wives cornering a polar bear in a hot tub :)

UrsineThreesomePrev.jpg UrsineThreesome.jpg

Kobold Quest 045

Tue Oct 1 21:58:17 2019

Reading the reports.


Spooky scary sonic girl poll.

Tue Oct 1 13:55:36 2019

So each year i make a spooky Halloween sonic girl

we've had Witch Rough, WereAmy and Succubus Vanilla and Cream.

Sticking to girls from the games, the question is who this year?

Any other character or Halloween monster-fication suggestions?

October Dropbox link

Mon Sep 30 21:17:53 2019

This months dropbox link


Password: Spo0kySc4rySk3let0ns

Password Valid until October 31rst


Thu Sep 26 13:15:18 2019

Drake drew Velma and some tentacle horrors, I coloured it :)

And a blood moon variant.


jinkiesPrev.jpg jinkies.jpg jinkiesBloodmoon.jpg

Paulas witchy outfit

Wed Sep 25 22:41:58 2019

Baks sketch com tier had some colours thrown on, his panda Paula in her a witch outfit with her baby belly.

BakPaulaBellyComPrev.jpg BakPaulaBellyComSketch.jpg BakPaulaBellyCom.jpg

Kobold Quest 044

Mon Sep 23 16:23:06 2019



Shinaz sketch com - Ipsy butt stuff

Fri Sep 20 16:01:19 2019

Shinaz sketched requested Ipsy riding a horse dildo up the bum, so here it be!

ShinazSketchSeptPrev.jpg ShinazSketchSept.jpg

Kobold Quest 043

Fri Sep 20 00:51:43 2019

Yeah, no getting out of that one.


Jade model sheet

Thu Sep 19 09:28:57 2019

Jade doubled up on their colour drawing tier fora full on model sheet of their shortstack panda self.

Both clothed and naked version.

JadeRefSheetPrev.jpg JadeRefSheetNaked.jpg JadeRefSheetClothed.jpg

Sunbathing plesioshi

Thu Sep 19 09:26:33 2019

Tanall's request for their sketch tier a sunbathing plesiosaur/yoshi,

She was a one off sketch from a few years ago, nice to put my hand in on this one again.

SunbathingPlesiPrev.jpg SunbathingPlesi.jpg

Freya - pole rat

Wed Sep 11 23:35:07 2019

As Ashes sketch tier was already a ratty dressed as Freya, I went ahead and made a full blown Freya variant.

FreaPolePrev.jpg FreyaPole.jpg FreyaPoleTabard.jpg

Ash full colour tier - pole rat

Wed Sep 11 23:33:26 2019

Sketch tier commission from Ashking of his ratty lady dressed as a slutty Freya from FF9

With and without tabard, line works in there too.

AshFreyaCosplayPrev.jpg AshFreyaCosplay.jpg AshFreyaCosplayLines.jpg AshFreyaCosplayLinesT.jpg AshFreyaCosplayTabard.jpg

Pony wives upright

Wed Sep 11 23:30:15 2019

sketch commission from Hedrah of Supermare and her pony wife Stary-Eyed Surprise

PonyUprightsPrev.jpg PonyUprights.jpg

Kobold Quest 042

Wed Sep 11 12:57:43 2019

Coitus interruptus!


Kobold Quest 041

Wed Sep 11 12:56:39 2019

Getting close now!


Trying to get back on schedual

Tue Sep 10 11:27:18 2019

I'm a bit off on time keeping here, over the last 7 days I lost a few days work due to someone breaking into the house, the stress of that not helping with a seasonal cold I've contracted, so things are running a little behind.

Still working on today's Kobold quest before comms now.

Kobold quest 040

Mon Sep 2 21:26:48 2019

getting into the swing


More slutty order variants

Mon Sep 2 12:41:39 2019

Added a few extra versions to the slutty order picture, I know its not August any more but I'm keeping it in the August folder to keep it with its first version.

slutty_order02ExtraPrev.jpg slutty_order02ColCum.jpg slutty_order02Mouthful.jpg slutty_order02MouthfulCum.jpg

August Canvas 2019

Sun Sep 1 01:57:38 2019

Two pages of roughs and silliness.

PNG's on the dropbox archive.

Aug19CanvasPrev.jpg Aug19Canvas2.jpg Aug19Canvas1.jpg

Slutty order part 2 coloured

Sun Sep 1 01:52:57 2019

Brian drew a follow up part two to this months earlier slutty order picture, so i coloured it up too today :)

slutty_order02ColPrev.jpg slutty_order02Col.jpg

Lazy butts comm

Sat Aug 31 01:20:17 2019

Lazy commissioned a row of Mario girl butts, Wendy, Pom Pom and Harriet :)

lazyButtsSketchCommPrev.jpg lazyButtsSketchComm.jpg

Patreon sketch tier com

Fri Aug 30 18:56:05 2019

Shinaz commissioned Wave the swallow being taken on a work bench by Storm the Albatross for their sketch tier reward.

ShinazComPrev.jpg ShinazCom.jpg

Pony Wife kissings

Tue Aug 27 01:18:39 2019

Hedrah commissioned Starey-Eyed Surprise and Supermare in Starey's favourite position.

All kiss and cuddle.

PNG's in the dropbox

SMponykissesPrev.jpg SMponykisses.jpg

Kobold quest 039

Mon Aug 26 14:56:41 2019

Help for Gooseberry.


Kobold quest 038

Mon Aug 26 14:55:15 2019

The party is getting in a real swing now.


Shi on her belly

Sun Aug 25 21:14:12 2019

Another two parts of the future Dakimakura project.
with and with out underwear.

As ever patreon dropbox now has the larger files

ShiPillowBackPrev.jpg ShiPillowBackBare.jpg ShiPillowBackPanties.jpg

Kobold quest 037

Wed Aug 21 23:38:59 2019

Prime that main pump!


Security kobold Niq

Thu Aug 15 21:17:17 2019

Commission form Tom who wanted a koboldified iteration of his lizard girl Niq.

Niq_security_Prev.jpg Niq_security.jpg

Slutty order coloured

Thu Aug 15 13:50:16 2019

Drakes slutty hamster and her mom call for pizza, another piece I just had to colour up :)

Jpg here, Png on the dorp box.

slutty_orderPrev.jpg slutty_order.jpg

Kobold Quest 036

Thu Aug 15 13:48:07 2019

Getting down to it!


Nova presses Sif (Ash comm)

Thu Aug 8 21:51:17 2019

Ash doubled up July in August slot for a Sif and Nova mating press.

SifNovaPressPrev.jpg SifNovaPressSketches.jpg SifNovaPress.jpg SifNovaPressTextless.jpg

Kobold Quest 035

Wed Aug 7 00:57:53 2019

Blue is oh so VERY grateful for the help.


Kobold Quest 034

Wed Aug 7 00:57:07 2019

Pumpkins in an fixing stuff.


August Dropbox password!

Thu Aug 1 22:05:24 2019

Link -


Password -


Vera and Seth Penguin

Thu Aug 1 22:02:20 2019

Disco sketched up some big penguin boning, so I coloured it up!

VeraSethyPrev.jpg VeraSethy.jpg

Tani Yoshi Comm

Thu Aug 1 22:01:07 2019

$30 sketch tier commission for Tani who wanted a big titted Yoshi lady

And I was cool with that.

TaniYoshiComPrev.jpg TaniYoshiCom.jpg

Bag Check

Wed Jul 31 12:08:29 2019

So I met Drake Fenwick last year, while on the train down I drew some gift art of Belle his security bear inspect my Freida's carry on.

I at last polished it up last night.



July Canvas

Tue Jul 30 17:28:13 2019

The sheet of miscellaneous doodles and drawings from August this year.

CanvasPrev.jpg JulyCanvas01.jpg JulyCanvas03.jpg JulyCanvas02.jpg JulyCanvas04.jpg JulyCanvas05.jpg JulyCanvas06.jpg

Pony Shower

Tue Jul 30 17:24:19 2019

Hedrah commissioned some good old pony wife shower sex.

PonyShowerPrev.jpg PonyShower.jpg

Kobold Quest 033

Tue Jul 30 14:47:58 2019

The door is open at last!


Freida tentacled part 3

Sat Jul 27 11:30:09 2019

Part 3 of the ever evolving Freida and her science slimes commissioned by Tres.

They've now got names and faces so can really get to business now.

PNGs on the dropbox archive.

TresPart3Prev.jpg TresPart3.jpg

Cartoon kitties

Tue Jul 23 23:36:51 2019

Lazyrock commissioned a sketch of April O'Neil mutated into the cat and Marge Simpson in her Tree House of horror cat self.

It was only a sketch, but really felt this one, so put some colours on.

PNG's up on the Dropbox

LazyKittiesPrev.jpg LazyKitties.jpg LazyKittiesCol.jpg

Lemon the short stack Kobold

Tue Jul 23 23:34:37 2019

Drake drew another space kobold! A short stack called Lemon.

Had to colour it!

PNG in the dropbox archive

LemonPrev.jpg lemon.jpg

Crystals Rebel Yoshi com

Tue Jul 23 23:31:54 2019

Commission for a rebellious Yoshi lady

You'll find the PNG on the drop box Archive.

CrystalComPrev.jpg CrystalCom.jpg

Kobold Quest 032

Tue Jul 23 01:54:05 2019

Rescue comes?


Kobold Quest 031

Tue Jul 23 01:53:26 2019

Tricksy Blue!


Kobold Quest - 030

Tue Jul 16 00:22:40 2019

Goose isn't very happy.


Shade the Echidna/Mating Press

Fri Jul 12 01:33:10 2019

So this started off as just the first image in the set.

Taking an abandoned commission pose and changing the sonic girl from Mina to the much underused Shade the Echidna, Then i doubled the canvas size for a the full body shot.

Left with a full shot I was calling it done, then got struck with the idea... get her in a mating press. More steps were added as it went along.

ShadePrevP.jpg ShadeTheEchidna.png ShadeTheEchidnaPress1.png ShadeTheEchidnaPress2.png ShadeTheEchidnaPress3.png ShadeTheEchidnaPress4.png ShadeTheEchidnaPress2B.png ShadeTheEchidnaPress4B.png

Shade the Echidna/Mating Press

Fri Jul 12 01:30:42 2019

So this started off as just the first image in the set.

Taking an abandoned commission pose and changing the sonic girl from Mina to the much underused Shade the Echidna, Then i doubled the canvas size for a the full body shot.

Left with a full shot I was calling it done, then got struck with the idea... get her in a mating press. More steps were added as it went along.

ShadePrevJ.jpg ShadeTheEchidna.jpg ShadeTheEchidnaPress2.jpg ShadeTheEchidnaPress1.jpg ShadeTheEchidnaPress4.jpg ShadeTheEchidnaPress3.jpg ShadeTheEchidnaPress2B.jpg ShadeTheEchidnaPress4B.jpg

Misty collaboration

Fri Jul 12 01:24:34 2019

This got thrown my way this week! a three part collaboration.

Sketch by Dutch

Inks by Drake

Colours by me.

misty_bbcPrevP.jpg misty_bbc.png

Misty collaboration

Fri Jul 12 01:23:38 2019

This got thrown my way this week! a three part collaboration.

Sketch by Dutch

Inks by Drake

Colours by me.

misty_bbcPrevJ.jpg misty_bbc.jpg

Kobold Quest - 029

Tue Jul 9 00:15:44 2019

Talking to the neighbours


Kobold Quest - 028

Tue Jul 9 00:14:26 2019

Welcome to a green world


Dropping the PNG uploads to patreon

Fri Jul 5 12:18:29 2019

So here's a question.

Given I have the Dropbox now where all full res pngs' are getting uploaded, should I keep uploading them directly here?

I'm thinking change the notification to be both JPG and PNGs' previews combined, uploading the JPGs' here, then only putting the PNG's onto the drop box.

What do you think?

Koala sauna

Fri Jul 5 12:12:45 2019

So I've been meaning to create a Koala girl for a white.

Jumped feet first ion on this one.

And so has she.

KoalaSaunaPrevP.jpg KoalaSauna.png

Koala sauna

Fri Jul 5 12:11:37 2019

So I've been meaning to create a Koala girl for a white.

Jumped feet first ion on this one.

And so has she.

KoalaSaunaPrevJ.jpg KoalaSauna.jpg

Rouge heavy weight

Tue Jul 2 14:38:46 2019

Rouge is having difficultly keeping airborne wit that heavy load.

RougeHeavyFlightPrevP.jpg RougeHeavyFlight.png

Heavy flight

Tue Jul 2 14:37:56 2019

Rouge is having difficultly keeping airborne wit that heavy load.

RougeHeavyFlightPrevJ.jpg RougeHeavyFlight.jpg

DropBox Password for July

Tue Jul 2 14:27:59 2019

Expires last day of the month


Password KrystalDynamic69420

Kobold Quest - 027

Mon Jul 1 21:08:14 2019



June Canvas

Fri Jun 28 01:13:09 2019

Bits and doodles form this month between other projects!

June2019CanvasP.jpg JuneCanvas01.png JuneCanvas03.png JuneCanvas02.png JuneCanvas04.png

June Canvas

Fri Jun 28 01:12:11 2019

Bits and doodles form this month between other projects!

June2019CanvasJ.jpg JuneCanvas01.jpg JuneCanvas03.jpg JuneCanvas02.jpg JuneCanvas04.jpg

Shi Licked

Fri Jun 28 01:10:51 2019

I was given some gift art for my birthday :) it's taken me a while to get to colouring it but here it is.

I ran some extra edits, took the hooker top off and then thar Shi blew.

slutty_lickPrevP.jpg slutty_lickFR.png slutty_lickToplessFR.png slutty_lickToplessSpurtFR.png slutty_SpurtFR.png

Shi licked

Fri Jun 28 01:07:48 2019

I was given some gift art for my birthday :) it's taken me a while to get to colouring it but here it is.

I ran some extra edits, took the hooker top off and then thar Shi blew.

slutty_lickPrevJ.jpg slutty_lick.jpg slutty_lickTopless.jpg slutty_lickToplessSpurt.jpg slutty_Spurt.jpg

Repair Kobold

Fri Jun 28 01:05:07 2019

Got a bit of kobold art for the adventure :) had to colour it up.

She may be seen in the adventure to come.

repair_koPrevP.jpg repair_ko.png

Repair Kobold

Fri Jun 28 01:04:28 2019

Got a bit of kobold art for the adventure :) had to colour it up.

She may be seen in the adventure to come.

repair_koPrevJ.jpg repair_ko.jpg

Azu com

Thu Jun 27 14:11:14 2019

A sfw com of a scaly boi on his car.

AzuComPrevP.jpg AzuComsketch.png AzuComFR.png

Azu com

Thu Jun 27 14:10:18 2019

A sfw com of a scaly boi on his car.

AzuComPrevJ.jpg AzuComsketch.jpg AzuCom.jpg

Kobold Quest 026

Tue Jun 25 16:39:35 2019

a bit of watery relief.


Freida Tentacled Part 2

Fri Jun 21 12:53:17 2019

Those slimes are starting to getting some personality now.

Part three is on the way.

TresComm2P.jpg TresComm2.png

Freida tentacled - part 2

Fri Jun 21 12:51:17 2019

Those slimes are starting to getting some personality now.

Part three is on the way.

TresComm2J.jpg TresComm2.jpg

Kobold Quest 025

Mon Jun 17 21:55:19 2019

Easing off some of that pressure


Kobold Quest 024

Mon Jun 17 21:54:27 2019

Getting introspective.


Zhali fills Dorothy

Thu Jun 13 19:31:15 2019

The $30 sketch tier asked to save up for 2 characters and flat colours.

So here's Zhali and Dorothy busy in the office.

ZhaliDoroComP.jpg ZhaliDoroComCol.png ZhaliDoroComSketch.png

Zhali fills Dorothy

Thu Jun 13 19:30:18 2019

The $30 sketch tier asked to save up for 2 characters and flat colours.

So here's Zhali and Dorothy busy in the office.

ZhaliDoroComJ.jpg ZhaliDoroComCol.jpg ZhaliDoroComsketch.jpg

Jackelope dude

Thu Jun 13 17:53:24 2019

Ash commissioned this horny boi.

AshComJuneP.jpg AshComJune.png AshComJuneConcept.png

Jackelope dude

Thu Jun 13 17:52:49 2019

Ash commissioned this horny boi.

AshComJuneJ.jpg AshComJune.jpg AshComJuneConcept.jpg

Rainy Ungulates

Thu Jun 13 17:51:39 2019

Commission of a rain soaked sheep and llama


Rainy ungulates

Thu Jun 13 17:50:51 2019

Commission of a rain soaked sheep and llama

MacroComJ.jpg MacroCom.jpg

Kobold Quest 023

Sun Jun 9 01:07:36 2019

Lets see if this gets any attention.


Kobold Quest 022

Sun Jun 9 01:06:46 2019

Took another look in, no getting their attention right now.


Seapony Wedding

Wed Jun 5 23:06:26 2019

SFW work commission, putting a background onto the seapony wedding picture.

WeddingUpdatedP.jpg WeddingUpdated.png

Seapony wedding

Wed Jun 5 23:05:39 2019

SFW work commission, putting a background onto the seapony wedding picture.

WeddingUpdatedJ.jpg WeddingUpdated.jpg

Ash comm

Wed Jun 5 23:03:50 2019

From the Great Wyrm slot, Ash asked for Nova getting a morning Sif-job.

AshSketchComP.jpg AshSketchCom.png

Ash Comm

Wed Jun 5 23:03:06 2019

From the Great Wyrm slot, Ash asked for Nova getting a morning Sif-job.

AshSketchComJ.jpg AshSketchCom.jpg

Kobold Quest 021

Mon Jun 3 23:47:30 2019

Yup, still sopping wet


Shi daki cover

Thu May 30 15:40:17 2019

So the furry dakimakura people approached me for some designs for body pillows.

So here the first one, Shi-Niss :)

ShiPillowPrevP.jpg ShiPillowPanties.png ShiPillowPantieLess.png

Shi daki cover

Thu May 30 15:38:52 2019

So the furry dakimakura people approached me for some designs for body pillows.

So here the first one, Shi-Niss :)

ShiPillowPrevJ.jpg ShiPillowPantieLess.jpg ShiPillowPanties.jpg

Dropbox fixes

Wed May 29 10:20:02 2019

Minor update

Turns out i wasn't as done as though, missed a bunch of files, replaces swathe of stuff from 2009-2015 has now been replaced with full res pngs from the old small jpgs.

The Dropbox is live!

Mon May 27 19:02:14 2019

Here is the first link, it will be vaild until the end of June


Password First0utTh3G4t3

Archive progress

Mon May 27 00:17:20 2019

The archive is mostly up no for NSFW art, the password system is tested and working.

I've used it as an excuse to review and re-render allot of my older pictures into full res png's so allot of stuff will be in a larger, clearer format then used before.

Now there's allot of the SFW folder stuff that needs uploading too, its well passed the 4 gig mark of files. it is still progressing.

The archive pass will be in the $10 tier ultimately.

Kobold Quest 020

Mon May 27 00:12:38 2019

Noisy fantasy space lizards!


Dropbox archive be coming

Thu May 23 10:11:47 2019

working on the dropbox archive of art at the moment, so much stuff to upload.

Freida's Lab

Thu May 23 00:04:14 2019

Commission to draw Freida with a lab experiment "gone wrong"

She couldn't possibly have deliberately intended this.

TresCommPrevP.jpg TresComm.png

Freidas' Lab

Thu May 23 00:03:28 2019

Commission to draw Freida with a lab experiment "gone wrong"

She couldn't possibly have deliberately intended this.

TresCommPrevJ.jpg TresComm.jpg

Mina Boobflash

Wed May 22 00:49:28 2019

Commission slot for Mina Mongoose giving a flash :)

With and with-out nipple piercings.

GarCommPrevP.jpg GarCommBarbellsFR.png GarCommFR.png

Mina boobflash

Wed May 22 00:48:25 2019

Commission slot for Mina Mongoose giving a flash :)

With and with-out nipple piercings.

GarCommPrevJ.jpg GarComm.jpg GarCommBarbells.jpg

Kobold Quest 19

Mon May 20 01:29:14 2019

Looking through that vent, working on the view in the next room, feel free to add thoughts :P


Kobold Quest HD pack 13-18

Sat May 11 15:32:08 2019

Another set of the Kobold Quest HD files.

018.jpg 013.png 014.png SoloShirt.png 015FR.png 016.png 017.png 018.png

Kobold Quest 018

Sat May 11 15:29:20 2019

The box has been opened and the burger seen.


Anezka sheet

Thu May 9 10:59:37 2019

Commission for the body shot of a white tiger lady.

RagnarokComP.jpg RagnarokComBustier.png RagnarokComFinal.png

Anezka sheet

Thu May 9 10:58:31 2019

Commission for the body shot of a white tiger lady.

RagnarokComJ.jpg RagnarokComBustier.jpg RagnarokComFinal.jpg

Jade filled

Wed May 8 21:01:50 2019

Follow on to a previous commission from Jade.

Her panda getting filled by Shi-Niss.

JadeComP.jpg JadeCom2.png JadeCom2Impreg.png

Jade filled

Wed May 8 21:00:47 2019

Follow on to a previous commission from Jade.

Her panda getting filled by Shi-Niss.

JadeComJ.jpg JadeCom2.jpg JadeCom2Impeg.jpg

Penguin Belly dancer.

Wed May 8 20:00:54 2019

I was commission to just come up with a penguin belly dancer, a bit of a belly and with a spell weaving magical ability.

PaulCommP.jpg PaulCommC.png PaulCommN.png

Penguin dancer

Wed May 8 19:59:52 2019

I was commission to just come up with a penguin belly dancer, a bit of a belly and with a spell weaving magical ability.

PaulCommJ.jpg PaulComm.jpg PaulCommN.jpg

B.J. Doodles

Wed May 8 19:55:25 2019

Doodles from the canvas of April, like and times of B.J. the red panda.

AprilCanvasP.jpg AprilCanvas2.png AprilCanvas.png

B.J. doodles

Wed May 8 19:54:00 2019

Doodles from the canvas of April, like and times of B.J. the red panda.

AprilCanvasJ.jpg AprilCanvas2.jpg AprilCanvas.jpg

Kobold Quest - 017

Sun May 5 21:07:33 2019

The door looks risky.

Duck acquired.


Kari takes a break JPG's

Wed May 1 07:00:10 2019

A commission of Kari the panda engineer taking a break.

then with a baby belly making her all milky.

NwazetComPrevJ.jpg NwazetCom.jpg NwazetComMilky.jpg

Kari takes a break PNG's

Wed May 1 06:58:56 2019

A commission of Kari the panda engineer taking a break.

then with a baby belly making her all milky.

NwazetComPrevP.jpg NwazetCom.png NwazetComMilky.png

Kobold Quest 016

Sun Apr 28 23:02:32 2019

Now I'm dressed? what next?


Kobold Quest 015

Mon Apr 22 21:15:42 2019

What to wear? Vote on the pole.



Costume choice

Mon Apr 22 21:13:21 2019

The poll for the Quest!

What shall I put on.


Lilac Com PNGs

Thu Apr 18 09:10:17 2019

Commission of Lilac From Freedom Planet but chubby and pulling off her top.

Additional Pregnant and milky edits.

LilacComP.jpg CandLilacCom.png CandLilacComPregMilky.png CandLilacComPreg.png

Chubby Lilac

Thu Apr 18 09:08:14 2019

Commission of Lilac From Freedom Planet but chubby and pulling off her top.

Additional Pregnant and milky edits.

LilacComJ.jpg CandLilacCom.jpg CandLilacComPregMilky.jpg CandLilacComPreg.jpg

Kobold Quest 014

Tue Apr 16 18:21:59 2019

Waters stopped, but what clothes do we have to wear?


Sif bathes

Tue Apr 9 18:07:27 2019

Lazy commissioned Sif bathing so here she is , all relaxed and warming up.

LazySifComPrevP.jpg LazySifCom.png

Sif bathes

Tue Apr 9 18:06:44 2019

Lazy commissioned Sif bathing so here she is , all relaxed and warming up.

LazySifComPrevJ.jpg LazySifCom.jpg

Nova body sheet

Tue Apr 9 18:05:15 2019

Commissioned to redesign the red Yoshi Nova for Ashking

NovaSheetPrevP.jpg NovaSheetFR.png

Nova body sheet

Tue Apr 9 18:04:29 2019

Commissioned to redesign the red Yoshi Nova for Ashking

NovaSheetPrevJ.jpg NovaSheet.jpg

Kobold Quest 013

Tue Apr 9 17:59:53 2019

It's not even 7am yet. What a day.


Kobold Quest HR PNG pack 1

Thu Apr 4 13:55:16 2019

Full res PNGs for quest pages 6 -12

006.jpg 006FR.png 007FR.png 008.png 009.png 010.png 011.png 012.png

Jade sketch

Thu Apr 4 13:47:46 2019

High res commission from Jade for her panda getting her suck on.

JadeBustComPrevP.jpg JadeBustCom.png JadeBustBukCom.png

Jade sketch

Thu Apr 4 13:46:26 2019

Commission from Jade for her panda getting her suck on.

JadeBustComPrevJ.jpg JadeBustBukCom.jpg JadeBustCom.jpg

Laila the roadrunner

Thu Apr 4 13:44:17 2019

Higher res pngs of the commission.

BPComPrevP.jpg BPCom.png

Laila the roadrunner

Thu Apr 4 13:43:14 2019

A posing bird commission.

BPComPrevJ.jpg BPCom.jpg

Kobold Quest 012

Mon Apr 1 20:13:03 2019

Well you're on the ground again at last!


Jade before the throne

Thu Mar 28 15:16:27 2019

Commission from Jade for their panda self before Shi-Niss on the throne of the mistress of the purple python school.

JadeComThroneP.jpg JadeComThrone4.png

Jade before the throne

Thu Mar 28 15:14:51 2019

Commission from Jade for their panda self before Shi-Niss on the throne of the mistress of the purple python school.

JadeComThroneJ.jpg JadeComThrone.jpg

Kobold Quest 011

Tue Mar 26 18:40:51 2019

Floaty shame.


Ikusame Victory

Mon Mar 25 23:18:59 2019

Commission, Ikusame roaring in victory.

IkuComPrevP.jpg IkuComTopless.png IkuWrestleCom.png

Ikusame Victory

Mon Mar 25 23:16:39 2019

Roaring with success

IkuComPrevJ.jpg IkuComTopless.jpg IkuCom.jpg

Kobold Quests 010

Sun Mar 24 18:28:43 2019

Looks like we'll be on the ground again at some point .


Kobold Quest 009

Thu Mar 21 00:43:50 2019

Oh balls! that didn't go as planned.


Penguin Party

Tue Mar 19 23:57:56 2019

This old pic from 2017 had allot more potential, I expect to colour it at some point now it has been tidied and redrawn in aplces.

PartyBirdsP.jpg PengPartySketchTops.png PengPartySketch.png

Penguin Party!

Tue Mar 19 23:56:14 2019

I took this party sketch and went on a serious tidying spree, now the birds are having a much better time of it.

PartyBirdsJ.jpg PengPartySketchTopless.jpg PengPartySketchTops.jpg

Kobold Quest 008

Mon Mar 18 15:26:09 2019

Caught the clock!


Kobold Quest 007

Sat Mar 16 22:45:25 2019

Flailing around!


Kobold Quest 006

Sat Mar 16 18:11:31 2019

6am and there's no power.

What do you do?


The Idol

Thu Mar 14 13:31:09 2019

Birthday gift, an idea that's been sitting around for a while at last rendered out.

Good old fantasy boob expansion.

IdolP.jpg Idol1.png Idol3.png Idol2.png Idol4.png

The idol

Thu Mar 14 13:30:00 2019

Birthday gift, an idea that's been sitting around for a while at last rendered out.

Good old fantasy boob expansion.

IdolJ.jpg Idol1.jpg Idol2.jpg Idol3.jpg Idol4.jpg

Slut Mania 2019

Wed Mar 13 11:49:21 2019

PNGs for my entry into this years Slut Mania, some pole dancing bat boobs and butt.

Slutmania2019update.jpg ScrappedBalze.png Slutmania2019ClearFR.png Slutmania2019BukakeFR.png Slutmania2019DildoBukakeFR.png Slutmania2019DildoFR.png

Slut Mania 2019

Wed Mar 13 11:46:43 2019

Jpegs for my entry into this years Slut Mania, some pole dancing bat boobs and butt.

Slutmania2019updateJ.jpg ScrappedBalze.jpg Slutmania2019Bukake.jpg Slutmania2019Clear.jpg Slutmania2019Dildo.jpg Slutmania2019DildoBukake.jpg

SM Birthday gift

Wed Mar 13 11:44:33 2019

PNG's of a birthday gift.

Some pony waifu fun for Hedrah.

SMBday2019Prev.jpg SMBday2019Col.png SMBday2019Sketches.png

SM Birthday gift

Wed Mar 13 11:42:50 2019

Jpegs of a birthday gift.

Some pony waifu fun for Hedrah.

SMBday2019PrevJ.jpg SMBday2019sketches.jpg SMBday2019Col.jpg

Kobold Quest 005

Tue Mar 12 00:19:41 2019

The door is picked. The quest will now truly begin.

Kobolds5Wide.jpg Kobolds5Wide.png

Supermares' Birthday binding

Tue Mar 12 00:17:40 2019

Birthday gift for Hedrah of her favourite pony wives.


Still intact down there

Thu Mar 7 15:58:11 2019

I drew this a bit ago, but now I have the prices set. up soon.

CommsAnnounce.jpg CommsAnnounceFR.png

Kobold Quest 004 poll

Tue Mar 5 22:12:27 2019

The poll for https://www.patreon.com/posts/25164197

Choose our setting.

Kobold Quest 004

Tue Mar 5 22:09:03 2019

The choice has been made, Blue won the poll, now the last setup choice.

Our setting.


Kobolds4Wide2.jpg Kobolds4Wide2.png

Jingle Balls

Fri Mar 1 01:17:26 2019

Looks like I kinda forgot this sheet when the Not Yoga set took over

Drake Fenwick over on Fa drew a cute ass busty reindeer gal


And I just mutated one of my own characters into one, I had this combination on my mind.

Some more lil Kobold doodles too.

JingleBalls2.png JingleBalls.png

Not Yoga Herm extras

Fri Mar 1 01:05:12 2019

Part two of the not yoga set, this being the obligatory dick formula version.

NotYogaHerms.jpg NotYoga4Herm.png NotYoga5Herm.png NotYoga6Herm.png NotYoga7.png

Not Yoga

Fri Mar 1 01:02:39 2019

Sukki and Ming, I dropped this a long time ago for various reasons and picked it back up this week.

It needed re-scales and redraws on allot, but happy to get this set all done and out there :P

NotYoga.jpg NotYoga1.png NotYoga2.png NotYoga3.png NotYoga4.png NotYoga5.png NotYoga6.png

Kobold Quest 003

Sat Feb 23 15:25:58 2019

Comment here with the name suggestions.

Kobolds003.jpg KoboldQuest003.png

Tie breaker!

Fri Feb 22 00:29:06 2019

Green and Blue tied with 9 votes each.

So we have a 24 hour tie breaker round.

Kobold Quest 002 poll

Wed Feb 20 13:37:02 2019


Who shall we pick?

*n.b. that should be Sandy Kobold obviously.

Kobold Quest 002

Wed Feb 20 13:35:04 2019

First choice is here, hit up the poll to make the choice.


Kobolds002.jpg KoboldQuest002.png

Kobold Quest 001

Tue Feb 19 12:30:05 2019

New we can begin.

Kobolds001.jpg KoboldQuest001.png

Question time.

Wed Feb 13 00:56:45 2019

I feel at this point I should ask, is there anything I can be doing more to help you folks access my work here easier?

Am I missing some tricks that other patreons use to make the experience more conventional for their supporters?

Do you have any suggestions for what you've like to see here?

Let me know, I'm curious to find out.

Over the table

Wed Feb 13 00:53:39 2019

Folks in the stream like the very quick pose of the sonic underground girls bent over a table getting railed, so full rendered it up with 3 more variants suggested by stream guests.

Fox friends Victoria and Abbey.

Queen Aleena and Sonia Hedgehog.

Sea pony Ipsy and her mother Pathaeila

Barnyard friends Melanie and Brandi

overtablePrev.jpg BarnGirlsFR.png FoxesFR.png FoxHorsesSketches.png PoniesFR.png SonicUndergroundFR.png SonicBarnSketches.png

Mynxy fits

Wed Feb 13 00:47:04 2019

So, I'm not playing Wow any more, one of the few things that would get me back? playable Vulpera.

Sketched this tiny fox dancer a while back, re-visited the drawing and gave her the full colour treatment :)

MynxyPrev.jpg MynxyFits1.png MynxyFits2.png MynxyFits3.png MynxyFits4.png MynxySketches2.png MynxySketches1.png

Sonic Pole dancers

Wed Feb 13 00:43:39 2019

I'll be participating in Slut Mania next month, I threw a rough pose together then had fun templating a load of girls into it :P

Check out next month for the full rendered Rouge and Blaze pole dancing.


Pole dancing

Mon Feb 11 11:59:55 2019

Last gasp of January I got the suggestion to draw a pole dancing predator, so i made a set of other dancers.

Snorkmaiden, Rouge, Florence and Freida.


Testing out the mutations

Mon Feb 11 11:57:43 2019

So Freida made Tryst into a robin at Christmas, now she's seeing how well the new change works on her wife Penny.

Its all good science.


pregnant sea-pony wife snugs

Mon Feb 11 11:53:58 2019

Hedrah in stream demanded this, and who was I to let them down.

Supermare and Stary-Eyed Surprise cuddling.


January Canvas 07

Mon Feb 11 11:49:52 2019

Last of the January randoms, the open leg post that became Peg Pete was juggling between her and Rouge initially, hence the fusion of the two.

Arctica also got in on there too.

They she became Spider Gwen.


Change is coming.

Mon Feb 11 11:42:06 2019

I've been a bit quiet here while things have been going on, but now its time to let you, my patrons in on the loop.

Those who have been in my streams may know this but I left my call centre job at the end of January and I am now free to concentrate more on my artwork.

I have savings set to cover my bills and try this Patreon thing full time for at least six months.

What does that mean for here?

I will be producing allot more content for here and some new options will open up.

Art will still come here first for an extended period before public release but I may reduce the wait from 6 to 3 months for that.

I could divide the art upload into 5$ regular .jpeg files and $10 high res .pngs, but I don't massively like the sound of that idea, I'll decide later.

Polls will start coming up asking what you all would like to see.

New limited tiers will open for priority drawing and requests slots.

Commission will be opening up and Patreon patrons will get to sit at the front of that queue.

As soon as i work out my rates and nail those down.


Be ready for the Kobold quest.

Feel free to ask me any questions

also my discord is up and running if you want to join https://discord.gg/t6yfJF


Lustre reclines

Fri Jan 25 23:07:32 2019

The most expensive kobold knows her precious stones.


January Canvas 5

Fri Jan 25 23:04:23 2019

Canvas doodles from the stream #5 for this month


January Canvas 4

Fri Jan 25 23:03:03 2019

Canvas doodles from the stream #4 for this month

Birdy balls and other stupid shit.


January Canvas 3

Fri Jan 25 23:01:44 2019

Canvas doodles from the stream #3 for this month

Marikas' latest expansion should have been properly researched.


January canvas 2

Fri Jan 25 23:00:15 2019

Canvas doodles from the stream #2 for this month

Dancing panda, fish horses, heavy kobolds and titty suckin.


Sheepy birthday

Fri Jan 25 22:56:45 2019

It was a friends Birthday this month so I drew them some tubby sheep stuffin'

SheepyImageSet.jpg SheepyFR1.png SheepyFR2.png SheepyFR3.png SheepyFR4.png SheepySketches.png

Nova bangs Sif

Fri Jan 25 22:52:46 2019

Smaller Yoshi Novas getting hir way with much bigger Sif.

SifNovaPatreon.jpg NovaBangsSif.png NovaBangsSifSketches.png

Jan Doodles 01

Fri Jan 4 09:38:15 2019

Started off 2019 with stream doodle requests.

Here this weeks, some Ducktales, sea pony wife, some more cross breed penguins and a cozy doll.


Magic duck tits

Fri Jan 4 09:34:30 2019

I was doing doodle requests on the stream and Teer requested some Magica De Spell.

I liked where it was going so ran with the idea and then of course some one requested to give her a baby belly, so that happened too.

Also she wasn't going to be pierced until Brian said a bad girl like her would, so then she was.

Here's the individuals attached.

MagicaSet.png MagicaGreen.png MagicaSketch.png MagicaGreenPreg.png MagicaSketchPreg.png MagicaWhite.png MagicaWhitePreg.png

December Canvas 2018

Fri Jan 4 09:29:20 2019

The various bits and doodles that were made through December.

Alien bodies.

Yoshi doodles.

What should have followed the mutations if i had the time, maybe later.

And the groundwork on the mutation sets.

DecemberCanvas.jpg DecemberCanvas01.png AlienBody.png AlienBodyBooms.png MaybeNextTime1.png MaybeNextTime2.png MutationsDraft.png MutationGun.png

Sif Mutation

Sat Dec 29 00:53:30 2018

Set three! Sif is now big angry bear.

SifMutation.jpg S3.png S2.png S1.png S5.png S4.png

Tryst Mutation

Fri Dec 21 22:48:24 2018

The science bird strikes again, this time with some robin DNA.

Some booby dreams have come true.

TrystMutation.jpg T1.png T3.png T2.png T5.png T4.png

Christmas Mutations 1

Wed Dec 12 00:30:29 2018

So Freida got the turtles Ooze.

Science is running rampant this Christmas

KathyMutation.jpg K3.png K2.png K1.png K4.png K5.png K5tits.png

November Canvas

Thu Dec 6 08:43:25 2018

Sorry this took a few days to get up, had some issues with Patreon logins and time.

Various bits, small comms and doodle requests from the stream

NovemberCanvas.jpg FuckTalesWooHoo.png GoatMom.png ChubbyPanda.png LazyPincushionComms.png MadScience.png NovMisc.png PennyMeme.png PenguinOfLeng.png PinCusionCrowned.png Spoobies.png UpcomingComs.png StreamRequests.png

Deep ponies

Thu Dec 6 08:40:53 2018

Deep fish fish horses love a show.

First Ipsys mother

Second Starey-Eyed Surprise.

UnderSeaPonies.jpg UnderDeSea.png UnderDeSea2.png


Sat Nov 24 11:28:37 2018

I had a mad itch to draw a busty Krystal this month, so I did and things got messy.

StarFucksTats.jpg StarFucksTats3.png StarFucksTats2.png StarFucksTats.png StarFucksTatsDoodles.png

VDiscos Birthday

Sat Nov 24 11:26:47 2018

It was VDiscos birthday so I drew his big penguin gall getting full of birthday presents.

VeraBday.jpg 02VeraBday.png 03VeraBdaycumming.png 01VeraBdayLeadupsketch.png 04VeraBdayInternal.png

Teers Birthday

Sat Nov 24 11:24:16 2018

So it was Teers' birthday so I drew his donkey Brandi getting down in the barn.

BrandiBarn.jpg BrandiBarncummingsketch2.png BrandiBarnCol.png BrandiBarnColCumming.png BrandiBarnsketch1.png

Succubunnies Rouge pack

Fri Nov 2 01:28:10 2018

Pack 5, the first years Halloween sonic girl Rouge returns to bite off more than she can chew, or at least swallow.

SuccubunniesRouge.jpg SuccubunniesRougeCDicks.png SuccubunniesBabyMakinC.png SuccubunniesBabyMakinN.png SuccubunniesRougeCFilling.png SuccubunniesRougeDicksNfilling.png SuccubunniesRougeDicks.png SuccubunniesRougeFCStrapons.png

Succubunnies futa pack

Fri Nov 2 01:25:28 2018

Pack 4, The clothes come off and the dicks come out in this set.

SuccubunniesDicks.jpg SuccubunniesDicksCorset.png SuccubunniesDicksCTentaclesCum.png SuccubunniesDicksCTentacles.png SuccubunniesDicksNaked.png SuccubunniesDicksCTentaclesMessy.png SuccubunniesDicksCTMessy.png SuccubunniesDicksNakedMessy.png SuccubunniesDicksNTentaclesCum.png SuccubunniesDicksNTentacles.png

Succubunnies Corset pack

Fri Nov 2 01:22:54 2018

Pack 3 The lower tights off were just down to corsets and thigh highs now.

SuccubunniesCorset.jpg SuccubunniesCorset.png SuccubunniesCorsetCum.png SuccubunniesCorsetSlime.png SuccubunniesCorsetStraponC.png SuccubunniesCorsetDildos.png SuccubunniesCorsetStrapons.png SuccubunniesCorsetStraponV.png SuccubunniesCorsetTentacles.png SuccubunniesCorsetTentaclesSlimed.png

Succubunnies full clothes

Fri Nov 2 01:21:08 2018

Pack 2 here we have full clothes in various states of ripage.

Clothed.jpg SuccubunniesClothedCummy.png SuccubunniesClothedStrapons.png SuccubunniesClothedSlime.png SuccubunniesClothedTentacles.png SuccubunniesRipped.png SuccubunniesClothedTentaclesSlimed.png SuccubunniesRippedDildos.png SuccubunniesRippedtentacles.png SuccubunniesRippedtentaclesSlime.png

Succubunnies Nakesd set

Thu Nov 1 01:37:55 2018

I took a night off from drawing, but allocated some time to this and rendered up the first set of naked bunny demons.

Next packs will be with varying degrees of clothes. Then a separate pack for futa dicks.

All that tomorrow

SuccubunniesNaked.jpg SuccubunniesNaked.png SuccubunniesNakedDildos.png SuccubunniesNakedBukkake.png SuccubunniesNakedStrapons.png SuccubunniesNakedStraponVanilla.png SuccubunniesNakedTentacles.png SuccubunniesNakedTentaclesSlimed.png SuccubunniesNakedSlimed.png SuccubunniesNakedStraponCream.png


Wed Oct 31 01:51:13 2018

Happy Halloween, Following on from last years WereAmy and the year before thats' witchy Rouge I bring you the succubunnies.

I guess this is a thing I'm doping each year now, next year will maybe be vampire Sally or Ghostly Tikal, we'll see, but once I had this idea it was set.

I've finished this at 1:30 am and need to sleep, I'll get the other iterations rendered and posted, but might shrink size that that full res one is 10mb and theres allot of variants on this.,

SuccubunniesFA.jpg Succubunnies.png

Posting more frequently and other shenanigans

Wed Oct 17 09:45:35 2018

Spooky Halloween everyone.

I'm going to make a move to post things more evenly through out the month here rather then a big dump at the end.

One of the reasons I left this as so is that I have a tendency to keep going back to tweak stuff through out the month and wanted to avoid posting the same thing repeatedly.

Outside of art I'm still waiting on certain things to progress so I can be freed to make the great Patreon experiment, I'll be through more tiers up and more frequent content including a Patreon action suggested adventure like Problem Sleuth, but you know, with honking boobs

Halloween preview

Wed Oct 17 09:29:13 2018

So this is what the bulk of October so far has is been on.

Foundations are down, got all sorts of variants down too so it should all be ready for Halloween night.



Wed Oct 17 09:25:55 2018

Revamped and old Sonic Riders OC sketch, and revamped her chicken breasts.

chickennugggets.jpg RoseTChickenBoobs.png RoseTChickenFR.png

Misty Mouse coloured

Wed Oct 17 09:17:32 2018

Taking a break form the Halloween picture I coloured the Misty mouse sketches froma while back.

MistyCol.jpg Misty1Col.png Misty2Col.png

Hold me down shirt

Sat Sep 29 00:36:09 2018

Stream regular Hedrah commissioned this of Stary-Eyed Surprise wearing the Hold me down shirt and its consequences.

SeptSketchesPrev2.jpg HoldMeShirt01.png HoldMeShirt02.png HoldMeShirt03.png HoldMeShirt05.png HoldMeShirt04.png HoldMeShirt06.png

September Canvas

Sat Sep 29 00:33:50 2018

The drawings from September 2018 that don't fit the full images

SeptSketchesPrev.jpg SeptCanvas01.png SeptCanvas03.png SeptCanvas02.png SeptCanvas04.png SeptCanvas05.png SeptCanvas06.png

Princess Harriet

Fri Sep 28 00:40:21 2018

In the rise of these Supercrowns getting around, here is the wedding planner rabbit form Mario Odyssey, Harriet, sporting one.

HarreitPrev.jpg PrincessHarietFR01.png PrincessHarietFR02.png PrincessHarietFR03.png PrincessHarietFR04.png PrincessHarietFR05.png PrincessHarietFR06.png

Peach riding Bowser

Thu Sep 13 20:39:37 2018

Here's a new image set, Peach riding Bowser commissioned by a regular to the streams. Went to a few more variants here.

LazyComUpdate.jpg LazyComDaisy.png LazyComKoopaPeachImpreg.png LazyComKoopaPeach.png LazyComPeach.png LazyComPeachKiss.png LazyComPeachXray.png LazyComPeachXrayFull.png LazyComPeachXrayImpreg.png LazyComQueenPeach.png LazyComToadstool.png

Panda backside

Fri Aug 31 14:13:24 2018

Took and older picture, tidied it up a bit more and made some new edits :)

pandaBackPreview.jpg PandaBack01.png PandaBack03.png PandaBack02.png PandaBack04.png

Lustre invites

Fri Aug 31 14:11:25 2018

Lustre is inviting some one into her private rooms.

LustrePreview.jpg LustreCurtains01.png LustreCurtains02.png LustreCurtains03.png

August Misc doodles

Fri Aug 31 14:08:06 2018

The Miscellaneous doodles PNGs from August.

Flo did some tit fucking, Griotte got a ride, yoshi boobs, Sha, Misty mouse got a new shirt and all it entailed, and I made a new Vulpera girl adn stretched her out.

And some sexy snake.

AugustMisc.jpg AugustMisc01.png AugustFlo01.png AugustMisc02.png AugustFlo02.png AugustMisty01.png AugustMisty02.png AugustMisc03.png AugustMynxy01.png AugustMynxy03.png AugustMynxy02.png AugustSnake01.png AugustSnake02.png

August the month of BJ

Fri Aug 31 14:03:11 2018

So I made August the month of my red panda gummy berry fiend, BJ.

Here the PNGs for the month as she went boob sucking, got bimbofied and generally partied.

AugustBJ.jpg AugustBJ01.png AugustBJ02.png AugustBJ03.png AugustBJ04.png AugustBJ05.png AugustBJ06.png AugustBJ07.png AugustBJ09.png AugustBJ08.png AugustBJ11.png AugustBJ10.png AugustBJ12.png AugustBJ13.png

July canvas 2018

Fri Aug 3 00:30:57 2018

There were a few full pictures this month so not many sketches, mostly coloured up last months bimbo boos, added a few more.

August is already off to a full start.

5sMR-qm4w42dIVup7_bB4_1cZ5hf1yFkqjuGwXV0iZKlHCsaSCa57xPwZqXJgY1l.jpg JulyCanvas02.png JulyCanvas03.png JulyCanvas04.png JulyCanvas01.png

Bahm-Bu drinks her Sake

Thu Jul 26 23:24:52 2018

Requested in stream and rolled on to far, big panda girl Bahm-bu in her bare bear self,

then with black and peachey undies, and basted in spunk variations.

BahmBuUpdate.jpg BahmBuSake.png BahmBuSakeBlackCummy.png BahmBuSakeBlack.png BahmBuSakeCummy.png BahmBuSakePeachCummy.png BahmBuSakePeach.png

Starey-Eyed Surprise Shower

Thu Jul 26 23:21:22 2018

A re-skin of the Arctica shower

SeS getting fucked

Filled with cum

Filled with cum with internal shots


SESShowerPrev.jpg SesSShower.png SesSShowercum.png SesSShowercumInternals.png SesSShowerPreg.png

Arctica Shower expanded

Thu Jul 26 23:19:14 2018

A sketch progressed full and then expanded.

Heres Arctica getting full of cum.


Then pregnant and full of cum.

ArcShowerPrev.jpg ArcticaShowerPreg.png ArcticaShowerCummy.png ArcticaShowerPregCum.png

Classy Ladies and their pets

Fri Jul 20 00:02:45 2018

It is complete, all the guests to the party have arrived with their pets.

This was definitely an interesting thing to try.

LadiesPartySmol.png LadiesPartyFinal.png ElleTofee.png FrostiPenny.png BreezyHoney.png Slot0.png RougeAmy.png Slot7.png Slots1and2.png Slots5and6.png Slots5and6Cloth.png Slots3and4.png

Arctica Shower

Fri Jul 6 00:28:17 2018

As requested, Arctica in the shower has been fully rendered up :)

ArcShowerPrev.jpg ArcticaShower.png

YCH is live

Tue Jul 3 21:11:27 2018

So here its my first ever go at a YCH auction

I'm running them over on ych.commishes.com and selling in separate slots for single sand pairs

If anything doesn't sell I'll allocate it a cannon sonic girl for the space.






Lets give this a go.


Snorkmaiden tittehs

Mon Jul 2 07:15:22 2018

Another piece of birthday gift art form Drake Fenwick , tidied and coloured up.

Snorkmaiden.png SnorkmaidenFR.png

June Canvas

Mon Jul 2 01:03:04 2018

Everything for June 2018 that doesn't belong in an image set.

Juneprev.jpg EttieAss.png JuneCanvas01.png JuneCanvas02.png JuneCanvas03.png NovaMaidFin.png JuneCanvas04.png

Does she spit?

Mon Jul 2 01:01:26 2018

Dinos about this month, so redraw and old spitter girl of mine.

spittersprev.jpg SpitterSketch.png Spitter.png SpitterFriull.png

Boob templates for june

Mon Jul 2 01:00:00 2018

Started slutty, then got weight as people requested in stream who they wanted to see.

boobsprev.jpg JuneBoobs01.png JuneBoobs02.png JuneBoobs03.png JuneBoobs04.png JuneBoobs05.png

Clove Pronghorns milk tanks

Mon Jul 2 00:58:36 2018

Clove has had some new augmetics installed.

CloevPrev.jpg CloveProngMk3.png CloveProngMk3Dildo.png CloveProngMk4.png CloveProngMk4Dildo.png CloveProngPreg.png CloveProngPregDildo.png CloveProngSketches.png

May part 2

Fri Jun 1 00:36:53 2018

Did a few more doodles tonight. onto June from tomorrow

MaySketches2.jpg MayCanvas07.png MayCanvas06.png MayCanvas05.png

My first YCH test

Thu May 31 00:12:40 2018

So there's a buncha gaps between the girls in the party. and they are for Your Character Here slot, gonna get them in there in June.

Details to follow.


May Sketches

Thu May 31 00:11:01 2018

the misc drawings form the month

MaySketches.jpg MayCanvas02.png MayCanvas01.png MayCanvas03.png MayCanvas04.png

Classy ladies and their pets

Thu May 31 00:04:51 2018

So this month I've been working on redrawing an older sketch into a full blow piece.

This one inst done jusstt yet

PartyLineup.jpg LadiesPartyElleToffee.png LadiesPartyBreezyHoney.png LadiesPartyPennyFreida.png LadiesPartyRougeAmy.png LadiesPartyLine.png

Matron Mango

Mon May 7 22:34:20 2018

Mango from the Roommates story by TGWeaver.

I doodled this at work (with clothes on) then got hot for teacher and took them off.

MatronMangoPierced.jpg MatronMangoNaked.png MatronMangoPierced.png

Birthday Frieda coloured

Thu May 3 00:08:51 2018

So in a neat piece of birthday art Drake Fenwick drew this for me.

I took some time to edit and colour it up and here are the full res pngs.

llama_huntFA.jpg llama_huntCol.png llama_huntColGlasses.png

April 2018 stuff

Tue May 1 00:40:58 2018

Birthday month come and gone.

I was have a couple of birthday pics I'm colouring up but they're not near ready to be called done yet.

April_Pics.jpg April03.png April01.png April02.png April04.png April05.png April07.png April06.png April08.png April09.png April10.png April11.png April12.png April13.png

late uplaoded

Tue Apr 3 17:16:25 2018

Sorry for the delay from last months stuff, been an off month and ended it ill. But here's all the new content up, onward into April for my birthday.

M'Ress alien enocunter

Tue Apr 3 17:15:15 2018

It was Drake Fenwicks birthday last month and he made a trade request for some M'ress amazedly grasping Na'vi boobs


I still have no idea what to ask back for for myself.

DFbdayPrev.jpg DFbdayDicks.png DFbdayGrope.png DFbday04.png DFbday05.png DFbday03.png

March Canvas

Tue Apr 3 17:03:58 2018

Drawings from the month, its not been a great one and not done as much as I'd like but here they are.

I started with a boob smoosh template that didn't work for me so I scrubbed it.

Got some gator fingering in, then a better bust template came up but too late, some riding and some bears followed.

Updated some older yoshi girls too

MarchCanvas.jpg Busts.png Busts2.png March%20Canvas01.png March%20Canvas02.png March%20Canvas03.png March%20Canvas04.png March%20Canvas06.png March%20Canvas05.png March%20Canvas07.png Marchdominoes2018.jpg March%20Canvas08.png GatorsTeamup.png

Prison Bears

Tue Apr 3 17:00:37 2018

From the Roommates story the busty black bear Nisha ended up in prison.

Good news: Her cellmate likes her

Bad news: Her cellmate likes her.

PrisonBearsprev.jpg PrisonBears.png PrisonBearsNaked.png PrisonBearsSucky.png

Cummed busts

Tue Apr 3 16:58:49 2018

Edits to last months busts, some got some horse dick basting.

CummedBusts.jpg CummedJessy.png CummedElisa.png CummedBuxoms.png CummedMarika.png CummedNova.png CummedRaven.png CummedToriel.png CummedViv.png

Birthday Bumpin

Sun Mar 4 11:59:11 2018

So a stream threw money at me to draw them a birthday picture this weekend. here it be Supermare boning Stary-Eyed Surprise.

BirthdayBumpinFin.png BirthdayBumpinFin.png BirthdayBumpinBW.png

Roommates after dark : In the suite spot

Thu Mar 1 21:33:04 2018

So I did some sexy writing in the TGWeavers FNAF AU series Roommates.



Feb PNG's part 2

Thu Mar 1 21:29:27 2018

The months stream drawings! in PNG format.

Feb_PNGS_2.jpg Febuary12.png Febuary11.png Febuary10.png Febuary15.png Febuary14.png Febuary13.png Febuary17.png Febuary16.png

Feb PNG's 1

Thu Mar 1 21:27:08 2018

The months stream drawings! in PNG format.

Feb_PNGS_1.jpg Febuary01.png Febuary02.png Febuary03.png Febuary04.png Febuary05.png Febuary06.png Febuary08.png Febuary07.png Febuary09.png

Hollis Valentine

Wed Feb 14 01:41:46 2018

A seasonal picture form my seasonal gal,


smurfette X coloured

Sat Feb 3 01:40:21 2018

So Drake Fenwick drew this andI coloured it for fun.

I made some changes, and tweaks so here's good, bad and black and white.


smurfXGood.jpg smurfXClear.png smurfXGood.png smurfXBad.png

January boobs 2018

Tue Jan 30 01:47:17 2018

So I've been a bit quiet on posting most of this month.

When I've bee working I've spend time on these on my picarto stream.

Viewers have been making requests for who they want top see on the busting out big boobs template. It's been pretty fun, next time I create a new template like this I'll go for something more dynamic.

First set in colour and the Black and white drawings

1 - Lustre, Lack, Nova, Doll, Elisa

2 - Peach, Birdo, Alexia + Sethy

3 - Hoodiuie pig, Pathaaila, catfish, Victoria, Atlantica, Stary-Eyed Surprise.

4 - Jessy mint, Griotte, Shandra, Raven Hunt.

5 - Toriel, Alisa, Vicky , Vivian, Buxom Gal, Buxom Gal White.

6 - BJ, Sakuya, Camerlita Fox, Toffee, Miss L, Krystal.

JanBoobs2018.jpg Januar18_01col.png Januar18_02col.png Januar18_03col.png Januar18_04col.png Januar18_05Col.png Januar18_06Col.png Januar18_01.png Januar18_02.png Januar18_03.png Januar18_05.png Januar18_04.png Januar18_06.png

November 2017

Tue Jan 16 18:38:20 2018

Nov_2017.jpg November2.png November1.png November3.png November6.png November5.png November4.png November8.png November7.png

Aug Sept 2017

Tue Jan 16 18:35:29 2018

AugSept2017.jpg augustcanvas1.png augustcanvas3.png augustcanvas2.png september2.png september1.png augustcanvas4.png september5.png september3.png september4.png september8.png september7.png september9.png september6.png

May and July 2017

Tue Jan 16 18:33:01 2018

May_July_2017.jpg may2.png may1.png may4.png may3.png may5.png may6.png may7.png may8.png may9.png july1.png july2.png july3.png july4.png july6.png july5.png

March April 2017

Tue Jan 16 18:27:31 2018

March_April_2017.jpg March1.png March2.png March3.png March4.png March6.png March5.png March7.png March9.png March8.png March11.png March10.png March12.png AprilSketches2.png AprilSketches3.png AprilSketches1.png AprilSketches5.png AprilSketches6.png AprilSketches4.png

Jan and Feb 2017

Mon Jan 15 20:37:00 2018

The last year begins

JanFeb2017.jpg Jan1.png Jan2.png Jan3.png Jan4.png Jan6.png Jan5.png Jan8.png Jan7.png Jan9.png Jan10.png Jan11.png febuary1.png febuary2.png febuary3.png febuary4.png febuary5.png febuary6.png febuary7.png febuary8.png febuary9.png febuary10.png febuary11.png febuary12.png febuary14.png febuary13.png febuary15.png

December 2016

Mon Jan 15 20:28:37 2018

A year down.

December2016.jpg December3.png December2.png December1.png December5.png December6.png December7.png December4.png December9.png December10.png December11.png December12.png December8.png

November 2016

Mon Jan 15 20:26:10 2018

Near the years end

Nov2016.jpg Nov2.png Nov3.png Nov1.png Nov5.png Nov4.png Nov6.png Nov7.png Nov8.png Nov9.png Nov10.png Nov10a.png Nov13.png Nov11.png Nov12.png Nov16.png Nov14.png Nov15.png Nov19.png Nov18.png Nov17.png Nov20.png Nov21.png

Sept and Oct 2016

Mon Jan 15 20:22:57 2018

SeptOct2016.jpg September3.png September2.png September1.png September6.png September4.png September5.png September7.png October3.png October1.png October2.png October4.png October5.png October6.png October7.png October8.png October11.png October9.png October10.png

July and August 2016

Mon Jan 15 20:17:09 2018

JulyAug2016.jpg july1.png july3.png july2.png july4.png august2.png august1.png august3.png august4.png august6.png august5.png august8.png august9.png august7.png august10.png august11.png august12.png august13.png august14.png august15.png august16.png august17.png august18.png august19.png august20.png


Mon Jan 15 20:12:18 2018

June2016.jpg june3.png june1.png june2.png june5.png june4.png june6.png june7.png june8.png june9.png june10.png june12.png june11.png june13.png june14.png june15.png june16.png

May 2016

Mon Jan 15 20:08:17 2018


May2016.jpg May1.png May2.png May3.png May4.png May5.png May6.png May7.png May8.png May10.png May9.png May11.png May13.png May12.png May15.png May16.png May14.png May17.png

April 2016 PNGs

Mon Jan 15 01:50:22 2018

PNG drawings from April 2016

April2016.jpg april3.png april1.png april2.png april4.png april6.png april5.png april7.png april9.png april10.png april8.png april11.png april12.png april13.png april14.png

March 2016 PNGs

Mon Jan 15 01:46:08 2018

March 2016s doodles

March2016.jpg march1.png march2.png march3.png march4.png march5.png march6.png march7.png march9.png march10.png march12.png march8.png march11.png

Feb 2016 PNGs

Mon Jan 15 01:43:50 2018

February 2016's drawings

Feb2016.jpg Feb2.png Feb3.png Feb1.png Feb4.png Feb6.png Feb5.png Feb7.png Feb9.png Feb8.png Feb10.png Feb12.png Feb11.png Feb13.png Feb14.png Feb15.png Feb18.png Feb17.png Feb16.png

January 2016 PNGs

Mon Jan 15 01:39:40 2018

The January 2016 collection

Jan2018.jpg Jan1.png Jan2.png Jan3.png Jan4.png Jan5.png Jan6.png Jan7.png Jan8.png Jan9.png Jan11.png Jan10.png Jan12.png Jan13.png

2015 Jan May Sept PNGs

Mon Jan 15 01:35:38 2018

PNG files for January, May and September 2015

2015JanMaySept.jpg Jan03.png Jan02.png Jan01.png Jan05.png Jan04.png Jan06.png Jan07.png may02.png Jan08.png may01.png may03.png Sept01.png may04.png may05.png Sept02.png Sept03.png Sept04.png Sept05.png Sept07.png Sept08.png Sept06.png Sept09.png Sept11.png Sept10.png Sept12.png Sept13.png Sept14.png Sept15.png Sept16.png

2015 August and Jane

Mon Jan 15 01:26:01 2018

2015 files begin with August and a set of paid requests.

2015AugustJane.jpg Aug01.png Aug03.png Aug02.png Aug04.png Aug05.png Aug06.png Aug07.png Aug09.png Aug10.png Aug08.png Aug13.png Aug11.png Aug12.png Aug14.png jane%2001.png jane%2003.png jane%2002.png jane%2004.png jane%2006.png jane%2005.png jane%2007.png jane%2010.png jane%2009.png jane%2008.png jane%2011.png jane%2013.png jane%2012.png

2014 PNGs

Mon Jan 15 01:17:44 2018

The next set, the 2014 collection, still not in months yet, 2015 files next.

2014PNGS.jpg august3.png august2.png birsoroos1.png august1.png birsoroos2.png DarkOttsel1.png birsoroos3.png DarkOttsel2.png DarkOttsel4.png DarkOttsel3.png DarkOttsel5.png DarkOttsel7.png DarkOttsel6.png dontdisapoint1.png PandaStuff2.png PandaStuff1.png PandaStuff4.png PandaStuff3.png PandaStuff6.png PandaStuff7.png PandaStuff5.png PandaStuff9.png PandaStuff8.png PandaStuff10.png PandaStuff11.png PandaStuff12.png sketches01.png sketches02.png sketches03.png sketches04.png sketches06.png sketches05.png sketches07.png sketches08.png

2013 PNGs

Mon Jan 15 01:06:49 2018

I recently collated all those drawings I did over the years into a collection of full res PNG files, starting with 2013 here so no more digging through the files.

after this year it gets into set months.

Lets begin.

2013PNGS.jpg PNGs03.png PNGs02.png PNGs01.png PNGs04.png PNGs05.png PNGs06.png PNGs08.png PNGs07.png PNGs09.png PNGs11.png PNGs10.png PNGs12.png PNGs13.png PNGs15.png PNGs14.png PNGs17.png PNGs18.png PNGs16.png PNGs19.png PNGs20.png PNGs21.png PNGs23.png PNGs22.png PNGs24.png PNGs26.png PNGs27.png PNGs25.png PNGs28.png

Flo and Nag

Sun Dec 31 00:36:03 2017

A little bird on my livestream requested that I complete one of my rough sketches, so I did.

Thank for Foo who re-sketched his beast Nag here for me to redraw.

FloNaggedprev.jpg FloNaggedClear.png FloNaggedFilledClear.png FloNaggedFilledtext.png FloNaggedtext.png

December Nuki

Sun Dec 24 01:56:23 2017

Bearly a doodle this evening.


2017 the 25th day of christmas

Sat Dec 23 10:53:58 2017

So I finished it!

The files below are with undies or naked and both in a combination of 3 wall paper sizes :)

Merry Christmas all.

pandarevengeClothed.png PRWPNx768.png PRWPNx1024.png pandarevengeBare.png PRWPNx1080.png pandarevengeClothed.png PRWPx768.png PRWPx1024.png PRWPx1080.png

2015 25 days of christmas

Sat Dec 23 10:51:54 2017

So a few years ago I did a 24 days of Christmas thing... but I never finished that last day...

setsheet.jpg 1%20Yuke%201.jpg 2%20Elle%201.jpg 4%20Frida%201.jpg 3%20Ipsy%201.jpg 6%20Yuke%202.jpg 5%20Bahm-bu%201.jpg 7%20Elle%202.jpg 8%20Ipsy%202.jpg 9%20Frida%202.jpg 10%20Bahm-bu%202.jpg 11%20Yuke%203.jpg 12%20Elle%203.jpg 14%20Frida%203.jpg 13%20Ipsy%203.jpg 15%20Bahm-bu%203.jpg 16%20Yuke%204.jpg 17%20Elle%20and%20Ipsy%204%20and%204.jpg 18%20Frida%204.jpg 20%20Yuke%205.jpg 19%20Bahm-bu%204.jpg 21%20Elle%205.jpg 22%20Ipsy%205.jpg 23%20Frida%205.jpg 24%20Bahm-bu%205.jpg

Marika Iced

Sun Dec 10 13:15:38 2017

A birthday gift for Teer, his squirrel Marika

MarikaIcedSmol.png MarikaIced.png

Sketches and stuff

Sun Dec 10 12:49:38 2017

Had some issues with the two step verification,but I'm back now and working on the Christmas picture, until then here's a dump of pandas and bits

notyoga3.png notyoga3.png notyoga4.png 2BearButt2.png Rose2017ad.jpg BlaiseSephy4.jpg

Halloween 2017 full res mega pack

Thu Nov 16 08:27:02 2017

Now all the versions are done, here is the zip of full res PNG's of this years WereAmy.

FAAmyGhost.jpg Halloween.zip (d)

Halloween part 3

Thu Nov 16 01:41:50 2017

Scrub the earlier statement, cummy edits on.

haloweenupdate3.jpg HW2017AmyCumTent.jpg HW2017AmyCum.jpg HW2017WereCumFR.png

Halloween 2017, Amy Tentacles

Wed Nov 15 22:57:43 2017

the last of the variants, non Werehog Amy getting spooked.

haloweenupdate2.jpg HW2017AmyTentPush.jpg HW2017AmyTentTease.jpg


Tue Nov 14 02:10:13 2017

They're here, non Were-Amy soon.

haloweenupdate.jpg HW2017WereGhostTentacles.jpg HW2017WereTentacles.jpg

Sketchy stuff

Mon Nov 13 00:37:29 2017

Bits and bobs from the sketch streams the last two weeks, back onto getting the Halloween pic finished soon, tentacles to get done.

Novembersketch01.jpg bannsqueeze.jpg Novembersketch01.jpg Novembersketch02.jpg Novembersketch03.jpg TruckBack.jpg Novembersketch04.jpg

Halloween 2017

Sun Oct 29 23:56:47 2017

Last year was Rouge the witchy bat based of her SA2 costume, I wondsered what to do this year, wanted to go with Amy and the idea fell into place.

This is the first half of the post, there will be tentacle edits to come a bit later on once they're complete.

haloweenupdate.jpg HW2017Amy.jpg HW2017AmyGhost.jpg HW2017Were.jpg HW2017WereGhost.jpg

Foo visit sketches

Sun Oct 29 23:53:46 2017

So last weekend a friend of mine dropped around and allot of pencil sketches were done

All the FooVis files are A3 sketches I scanned in two halves, com[posited together and did a lil tidy up work on.

FooVis01.jpg FooVis01.jpg FooVis02.jpg FooVis03.jpg FooVis05.jpg FooVis04.jpg Sept05.jpg

Halloween 2017 wip

Thu Oct 12 07:34:40 2017

So i had an idea for this years Halloween :3 more to come


Blaise and Sethy

Wed Oct 4 07:22:56 2017

I felt like working on some older stuff today so took a rough sketch Vdisco gave me years back of Seth and his gal Blaise and ran with it.

BlaiseSethy.png BlaiseSethy.png BlaiseSethyFR.png

More sketches

Sun Oct 1 20:52:31 2017

last weekend doodles, really wish i could get more time drawing but its bloody busy recently.

Sept01.jpg partyhole01.jpg Sept01.jpg Sept03.jpg Sept02.jpg Sept04.jpg september%20canvas03.jpg

What am I doing with my ill gotten gains?

Thu Sep 21 20:38:16 2017

I just used your patreon payments to upgrade my Clip Studio Paint Pro to Clip Studio Paint EX.

What does that mean?

Busted open that animation tool to more than 12 frames a second adn longer than 22 frames.

Polar Blow v1

Thu Sep 21 00:37:45 2017

first run on this animation

much work to come


Buncha stream sketches

Wed Sep 20 00:31:05 2017

bits and bobs, some may become full pics in time.

SMSESpublic.jpg goatmom.jpg pincushsucky.jpg september%20canvas01.jpg september%20canvas02.jpg SMSESpublic.jpg

A bunch more Slut mania

Wed Sep 20 00:27:47 2017

this time were getting messy.

SlutmaniaShoelessMess.png SlutmaniaLines.png SlutmaniaEntryMess.png SlutmaniaShoelessMess.png SlutmaniaShoeMess.png

Junko bear

Thu Sep 14 07:37:18 2017

A requested sketch from my livestream of Ashkings bear girl.

JunkoBear.png JunkoBear.png

Slutmania entry

Thu Sep 14 07:30:26 2017

So I've done a contribution for the slutmania art jam.

I'll make some messier variants later for here.

SlutmaniaEntry.png SlutmaniaEntry.png SlutmaniaFR.png

Panda animation

Fri Aug 25 00:17:45 2017

The animation test continues, the next version should have a hand back on that dick.

Getting more familiar with the program

PandaAnimTest5.gif PandaAnimTest7.gif

Todays drawings

Wed Aug 23 01:53:00 2017

Did some bits today, progressed some panda/polar/panda squishing, and drew a two headed flying snake form ghost busters with tits, looks like a band logo.

SnakeHead.png PandaPolarSammich.png SnakeHeadFR.png

Bee bear continues

Mon Aug 21 00:57:41 2017

I was away fora while, spent this evening getting my hand back into drawing, carried on with my substance addicted bear, she got help now, help she did not ask for but can't get away from.

beejaybear3.jpg beejaybear4.jpg

Animation test 1

Sat Aug 12 00:49:07 2017

Not done thins in a long time, but getting the feel of things now


Jumping rat ladies

Wed Aug 9 00:06:51 2017

So playing FF9 again, always had a soft spot for Freya and the other Burmecian/Cleyrans


Mess of sketches

Tue Aug 1 23:50:15 2017

Between focused project right now, so heres a mess of sketches recently, those panda threesome ones are likely my next big picture.

Aug01.jpg Aug03.jpg Aug02.jpg beejaybear2.jpg julysketches02.jpg julysketches03.jpg

A Trsyt sammich

Thu Jul 27 01:10:33 2017

A sketch advanced along, that herm formula has to wear off sometime ,but not fora while yet here for Tryst my Ottsel girl.


2016 sketch dump

Fri Jul 21 22:07:28 2017

Again another mash dump of doodles and sketches, some might have been in the previous compilation, i cant recall so dropping files here, lots and lots of stuff.

If anything takes your fancy that's not been made into a full picture, drop me a line and I'll see about getting it advanced on.

ArcticaBanginDoodle.jpg arcticadoodles.jpg april%20skitches.jpg dances.jpg Hedrequests2.jpg Hedrequests1.jpg Jandoodles.jpg misc%20july.jpg moorepanda.jpg MonEveSketches1.jpg October%20sketches%20penguins.jpg October%20sketches%20poses.jpg OpenSketches1.jpg pndaflus.jpg panda%20sketches.jpg ponfun.jpg smsketches05.jpg sonicskitches.jpg smsketches06.jpg toffeechews2.jpg SyxStketches.jpg toffeechews.jpg WangDoodles.jpg SeptemberDoodles2.jpg SeptemberDoodles3.jpg SeptemberDoodles4.jpg SeptemberDoodles5.jpg

2015 sketch dump

Fri Jul 21 21:58:20 2017

I drew allota sketches and compilations in 2015, here s a dump of those that got rendered up.

If anything takes your fancy that's not been made into a full picture, drop me a line and I'll see about getting it advanced on.

new_doodles2.jpg DarkOttselshades.jpg new%20doodles3.jpg new%20doodles2.jpg new%20doodles4.jpg new%20doodles5.jpg Pandemic03.jpg pandemicladyboner.jpg pandas%20sheet.jpg sciencebirds.jpg new%20doodles7.jpg yoshifucken.jpg SnuanuSkitches.jpg sciencebirds2.jpg


Tue Jul 11 00:41:31 2017

Sif got older, but she still has an appetite.

MilfSificaSmall.png MilfSifica.png

Miss hiss sketches

Tue Jul 11 00:40:14 2017

Snek girl gets around.


Bahm-bu blowjob

Sat Jul 8 07:01:42 2017

A panda sketch that ran on.

BahmBlow.png may%20sketches08.jpg BahmBlowLarge.png

Lustre reclines

Fri Jul 7 00:10:45 2017

stream sketch of my kobold girl laying back.

LustreReclines.jpg LustreReclinesLarge.jpg

Dr's girls redux

Thu Jun 29 00:19:47 2017

A picture form 12 years ago, re-drawn, replaced the one shots with characters who have arrived since. too me for ever to get this to a point I'd call done.

Remake.png RemakeCompare.png RemakeLarge.png RemakeFR.png

Sketch bundle

Tue Jun 13 22:59:49 2017

I've doodled up bits and pieces all over in the last weeks, here's a compilation.

bday01.jpg March%20Sketches1.jpg may%20sketches02.jpg may%20sketches01.jpg may%20sketches03.jpg

Frosti remake

Tue Jun 13 22:55:35 2017

So I redrew one of the very first Frosti Loxxxe pictures from a long time ago, hence the bundled comparison, boy that's uncomfortable to look at now for me.

FrostiRemakeStandard.png FrostiRemakeCompare.png FrostiRemakeLarge.png

pick up sketch set

Mon Jun 5 00:01:28 2017

Been playing with these, sketching on, its been a fun set and will get more attention.

RoadTripA03.jpg RoadTripB02.jpg RoadTripC02.jpg RoadTripD02.jpg RoadTripE03.jpg RoadTripB03.jpg


Wed May 17 17:26:17 2017

Sifs sisters having a lil party :)

partyplannedLR.jpg partyplannedLR.jpg partyplannedFR.jpg

Frida and Raven in full res

Fri Apr 21 23:16:07 2017

Attached below are full res versions on this 2015 gift art.

FrostiRavenPartClothedFullRes.jpg FrostiRavenNakedFullRes.jpg FrostiRavenPartClothedFullRes.jpg FrostiRavenClothedFullRes.jpg

Tikal bathing

Fri Apr 21 23:13:00 2017

Full res version attached bellow in all her Majesty :P

TikalTappy7.jpg TikalBaredFullRes.jpg TikalCoveredFullRes.jpg

Betsy and Sethy

Fri Apr 21 22:37:39 2017

Adding some older stuff in a higher res.

BetsySephyedit.jpg BetsySephyedit.jpg

Arctica showering sketch

Tue Apr 18 23:33:50 2017

title says it all.


Starey spitorast

Tue Apr 18 23:20:24 2017

A commission piece of Starey Eyed Surprise between Supermare and Ispywitch with dicks.

StareySpitroast4.jpg StareySpitroast4.jpg StareySpitroast4FR.jpg

Sonic Bukkake

Mon Apr 17 22:37:08 2017

Another edited and recoloured picture, A sonic girls pic by Max Black Rabbit


I changed some proprtions and expresisons.

I'm putting it up here with the full res versions attached, both clean and cummy variants

sonicbukeditsSMclean.jpg sonicbukedits01.jpg sonicbukeditsFRclean.jpg sonicbukeditsFRcummy.jpg

The Selection

Mon Apr 17 22:32:05 2017

http://www.furaffinity.net/user/vdisco/ Vdisco drew my Hobold girl Lustre and I just had to colour it, so here is a copy.

Disco already uploaded it to his own FA too http://www.furaffinity.net/view/23112154/

hobold5coloured.jpg hobold5coloured.jpg

Easter Holli

Mon Apr 17 22:22:00 2017

Happy Easter from Holli, our seasonal lizard girl.

I started with a vibrating egg picture, and the egg just got bigger and bigger.

hollieasterFull.jpg hollieasterFull.jpg

Wendy Altered

Mon Apr 17 22:19:21 2017

Didn't like her bust line so re-did it.

WendyGanged2.jpg WendyGanged2.jpg

Helga tits

Wed Apr 12 00:10:46 2017

How'd i miss this one? just the tits, no wang.

HelgaBlackFin05.jpg HelgaBlackFin05.jpg

Wendy gangbanged

Wed Apr 12 00:05:02 2017

An oollldddd sketch abandoned as crap over a decade ago, now recovered, redone and now looks like this.

WendyGanged.jpg WendyGanged.jpg

Starey spitroast

Wed Apr 12 00:01:08 2017

Quick commission piece of Starey Eyed Surprised getting spit roasted

StareySpitroast3.jpg StareySpitroast3.jpg

Helga Black Final Edits!

Thu Mar 30 00:01:27 2017

I decided I wasn't done with this one so moved the dick up and took off her top, all files attached.

HelgaBlackFin00.jpg HelgaBlackFin01.jpg HelgaBlackFin02.jpg HelgaBlackFin03.jpg HelgaBlackFin04.jpg

Party planned progress

Thu Mar 30 00:00:21 2017

work on this continues


Lustre the hobold

Wed Mar 22 08:25:49 2017

Another stream sketch that went on bit further again based on the sexy kobolds turning up recently, the hobolds.


party planned progress

Tue Mar 21 01:10:01 2017

the lines and colours move along!


Bible Black Helga

Mon Mar 20 01:57:50 2017

One of my older pics came up on the head of a 4chan thread, so I threw two hours onto updating it tonight and pushing on with its bible black themeing.

So the attached files contain the newly updated versions with a futanari Helga, this is your warning.

Edit: made another set of small corrections to overall improve, the next updates on this will be boobs out and possibly wiener too.

HelgaBlackUpdate01.jpg HelgaBlackUpdate01.jpg HelgaBlackUpdate03.jpg HelgaBlackUpdate02.jpg

Couch party

Fri Mar 17 00:38:48 2017

The roughs on a bigger picture coming up. bouncey yoshi goodness.

partyplanned3.jpg partyplanned3.jpg

Not Yoga pt 2

Wed Mar 15 01:27:56 2017

Sorry I've not been getting onto stuff recently, here the current project, part 2 of a 5 part series

notyoga2.jpg notyoga2.jpg

Image set update!

Thu Feb 23 19:23:55 2017

Okay! something I seemed to have not grasped before but have now fixed here on patreon. Image resolutions!

If you now go back through the folders you will find the long image sets all gone. What you will find is now instead is an example piece holding a Zip file containing the higher resolution image files for the whole set.

Each solo image here also now has a higher res copy attached to it to download, this is how I will be handling files on here form this point on.

Penguin boob smoosh

Thu Feb 23 01:55:44 2017

My Frosti and Gregs Nekki squaring up

boobiebattle.jpg boobiebattle.jpg

22nd doodles

Thu Feb 23 01:55:05 2017

Stream doodles from this night

22nd_sketches.jpg 22nd_sketches.jpg

Should the images be Patreon exclusive for evveerrrrrrr

Wed Feb 22 08:44:37 2017

So other patreon creators are using this model and various people have messaged me about it. But its all of you actually paying the money here so I thought I'd run it passed you all.

Should the images I post here remina jsut here?

Or should I post them to regualr service like FA much later?

party plan sketches

Tue Feb 21 01:27:29 2017

another stream set of sexy doodles

partyplanned2.jpg partyplanned2.jpg

21rst sketches

Tue Feb 21 01:26:40 2017

tonights sketches from the stream, a few mix bag suggestions and follow ons.

21rst_sketches.jpg 21rst_sketches.jpg

Pony butts in panties

Thu Feb 16 00:40:13 2017

worksafe-ish version.


Pony butts

Thu Feb 16 00:33:07 2017

The asses of Ipsy and Stary-eyed Surprise

PonyButts.jpg PonyButts.jpg

Seth and Alexia internals

Wed Feb 8 22:29:58 2017

SethAlexiaComplete3.jpg SethAlexiaComplete3.jpg

Seth and Alexia alt

Wed Feb 8 22:28:56 2017

SethAlexiaComplete2.jpg SethAlexiaComplete2.jpg

Seth and Alexia

Wed Feb 8 22:28:00 2017

SethAlexiaComplete.jpg SethAlexiaComplete.jpg

Alisa milks

Thu Jan 26 01:12:18 2017

A birthday gift for a stream regular, they asked for a milking cow girl.

AlisaCow.jpg AlisaCow.jpg

Smurfin 'ell

Wed Jan 25 00:52:06 2017

another silly doodle

Smurfin_hell.jpg Smurfin_hell.jpg

Sephy and Blaise 2008 cleanup

Wed Jan 25 00:41:20 2017

Stream tongiht had a quick stab at fixing some old art, this one could do with a redraw.

MoreSephy_time_Updated.jpg MoreSephy_time_Updated.jpg

Hollis new year set 2

Thu Jan 12 08:22:36 2017

HolliNYEAR04.jpg Holi_New_Year_pt2.zip (d)

Hollis new year set 1

Thu Jan 12 08:20:09 2017

HolliNYEAR01.jpg Holi_New_Year_p1.zip (d)

Not yoga

Sat Jan 7 01:22:51 2017

I need to finish that new years pic up but sketches from this new image set have been to much fun.

Sukki and Ming get off to a bumpy first sketch in this escalating series.

notyoga.jpg notyoga.jpg

Arctica up against the glass

Wed Jan 4 00:40:07 2017

Shower sex :D A doodle from tonights stream sketches.

ArcGlass.jpg ArcGlass.jpg

Holli's new year

Sat Dec 31 18:06:08 2016

Ending the year with a bang!

I'll finish this later on but I'm busy for the nexyt few days

Happy new year all!


Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.

Wed Dec 28 13:25:21 2016

It's been a busy few days away with the familly but I'm back for a few days between now and new year. So I'm taking this opportunity to say Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to all you who've backed me up in my works this year and onwards into the next.
Thank you all and seasons wishes to you all :)

Merry Christmas

Wed Dec 21 01:24:07 2016

Holli the holiday yoshi girl

Holli2016.jpg Holli2016.jpg

Devi and Sethy

Wed Dec 21 01:22:57 2016

A warmup redraw sketches that went far beyond there intended,

Open the Zip for 5 iamge set.

DeviV3.jpg DeviXSethySet.zip (d)

Christmas picture

Tue Dec 13 00:33:23 2016

Hmmm who to draw for the christmas image this year?

Panda, Yoshi or other?

I'm not sure, but want to start soon.

Bahm-Bu Zen 08

Mon Nov 28 08:49:36 2016



Bahm-Bu Zen 07

Mon Nov 28 08:48:57 2016

Back to disapointed


Bahm-Bu Zen 06

Mon Nov 28 08:48:12 2016

just her


Bahm-Bu Zen 05

Mon Nov 28 08:47:06 2016

Getting messy


Bahm-Bu Zen 04

Mon Nov 28 08:46:20 2016



Bahm-Bu Zen 03

Mon Nov 28 08:45:49 2016

getting better


Bahm-Bu Zen 02

Mon Nov 28 08:45:15 2016



Bahm-Bu Zen 01

Mon Nov 28 08:44:03 2016

First in the series


Panda sketches 2 : Back to bizniss.

Wed Nov 23 01:02:00 2016


Panda sketches 1

Wed Nov 23 01:00:09 2016

bouncing bears


Penguin Sketches 1

Wed Nov 23 00:58:25 2016

Birdy bits and bobs


Odd sketches 2 : electric boogaloo

Wed Nov 23 00:57:05 2016


Odd sketches 1

Wed Nov 23 00:55:26 2016

a collection of bits


Pony sketches 2 : Revengence

Wed Nov 23 00:53:04 2016


Pony sketches 1

Wed Nov 23 00:51:37 2016


Yoshis 4 : Modern Warfare

Wed Nov 23 00:50:01 2016


Yoshis 3 : the ghost house

Wed Nov 23 00:49:05 2016


Yoshi sketches 2 : the bouncening

Wed Nov 23 00:47:48 2016


Yoshi sketches 1

Wed Nov 23 00:46:34 2016

a collection of doodles


Busy busy busy

Tue Nov 22 01:05:18 2016

Wow! The numbers of backers are filling out here, I'll spend some time tomorrow getitng allot of those stream sketches compiled up and posted here. There are so many over the last year and the year before.

I'm also planning to put in some patreon only private streams taking some sketch requests as I fancy


Thu Nov 10 18:03:17 2016

Already got few people backing me here :) thank you all for the support and I hope you'll stick around with what coming next.

There are so many pictures in the concept and early stages for here, I may set up a place for suggestions in time.

In the mean time, thank you all for your support :)

Syx sketches again

Wed Nov 9 01:35:19 2016

Two more additions to this run :)


Ipsy and Escher Internal Cum

Wed Nov 9 01:32:35 2016


Ipsy and Escher Internal

Wed Nov 9 01:31:52 2016


Ipsy and Escher Cum

Wed Nov 9 01:31:08 2016


Ipsy and Escher Clear

Wed Nov 9 01:30:14 2016


Polar / Panda Sketches

Fri Nov 4 16:40:17 2016

Running wit this polar bear girl form the panda whore house picture to do more with her, the names Nukki Snowpaw and the panda herm is Miss Shi-niss.


Tikals titties wallpaper

Fri Nov 4 16:38:34 2016

Some one in stream requested a wallpaper cut of my recently Tikal, so here the first go, I might make a more fancy one later


Manasworldcomics Syx

Fri Nov 4 16:36:16 2016

A request sketch from this weeks drawing streams


Ashkings Nova

Fri Nov 4 16:35:20 2016

A request sketch form this weeks drawing streams


Lucedos Guilina

Fri Nov 4 16:34:22 2016

A request sketch form this weeks drawing streams


Teers Brandi

Fri Nov 4 16:33:09 2016

A request sketch form this weeks drawing streams


Halloween Rouge naked slime dicks

Tue Nov 1 00:31:33 2016


Halloween Rouge naked slime

Tue Nov 1 00:30:58 2016


Halloween Rouge naked cum

Tue Nov 1 00:29:50 2016


Halloween Rouge naked

Tue Nov 1 00:29:02 2016


Halloween Rouge corset dicks

Tue Nov 1 00:27:53 2016


Halloween Rouge corset slime

Tue Nov 1 00:26:59 2016


Halloween Rouge corset cum

Tue Nov 1 00:26:25 2016


Halloween Rouge corset

Tue Nov 1 00:25:32 2016


Halloween Rouge clothed dicks

Tue Nov 1 00:24:38 2016


Halloween Rouge clothed slimy

Tue Nov 1 00:23:49 2016


Halloween Rouge clothed cum edition

Tue Nov 1 00:22:56 2016


Halloween Rouge clothed

Tue Nov 1 00:21:44 2016


Halloween Rouge Bikini dicks edition

Tue Nov 1 00:20:02 2016

Rouge in a more slimy variant with ghost dicks


Halloween Rouge Bikini slime edition

Tue Nov 1 00:18:43 2016

Rouge in a more slimy variant


Halloween Rouge Bikini cummy edition

Tue Nov 1 00:14:10 2016

Rouge in a more saucy variant


Rouge clean bikini

Mon Oct 31 23:43:45 2016

Halloween base bikini edition.