Fill'er up!

Thu Dec 14 18:48:15 2017



Wed Dec 13 18:50:06 2017


Werewolverine 3 of 4

Sat Nov 18 18:20:05 2017


Heads Up

Tue Nov 7 00:40:50 2017

Hey everybody, just letting you know that I do plan on keeping my patreon going, but I want to stress that I no longer prioritize art in my daily life anymore. I'm a lot happier letting myself do other things, and I find that in the rare occasions I do come back to art, I find it more fun and rewarding.

If you want to continue being a patron, by all means do. But I won't be posting much, hence why I moved to a pay-per-submission system. My patreon really is just a tip jar if anything, and I WILL NOT BE OFFENDED if you don't want to be a patron due to my low-posting frequency.

Thank you!

Werewolverine pt 2

Tue Nov 7 00:38:42 2017


Shower Time

Tue Sep 12 20:30:53 2017


Commission: bigchris369

Thu Jul 27 18:18:17 2017



Dommy Mommy

Mon Jul 17 01:54:05 2017


Nick Wilde

Sat Jul 15 21:09:07 2017


Were Cooper

Fri Jul 14 21:18:05 2017


Gale Ovi

Mon Jun 5 05:12:42 2017


Taking a break from commission work to make some edits to a piece I did last year. Meant to make this version of it anyway, but finally got around to doing so.

Gale (Married to Mellanie, my flagship character who has a fuckin huge ding dong) takes her wife all the time, so poppin this thing out is a cakewalk for her. Still probably feels amazing though, huh?

Tumblr Name Change

Sun May 14 09:35:15 2017

Changed it to "drmellbournedraws"

Dommy Mommy Were-Milf

Thu May 4 04:58:11 2017


Cooper Gets Stuck

Mon May 1 02:34:20 2017


New Uploads

Fri Apr 21 21:03:36 2017

I will be posting them today. Just too lazy to do it right now. Patreon lets you schedule posts, but once you leave the site, you can no longer see them in the scheduled posts section, so I will most likely be just dumping once a week here from now on.

Cooper Snowboarding Female Colors

Tue Apr 11 05:51:44 2017


Cooper Snowboarding Inks (Herm)

Sun Apr 9 09:29:27 2017


Inked up the Herm version

Cooper Snowboarding Inks (Female)

Sun Apr 9 09:28:33 2017


Inked up the female version

Cooper Snowboarding Sketch (Herm)

Sun Apr 9 09:27:50 2017


Taryn Hyper Colors

Sun Apr 9 09:27:07 2017



Taryn Hyper Inks

Sun Apr 9 09:25:34 2017


Oh god what have I done?!

Cooper Fapchat Colors Hyper

Sun Apr 9 09:22:09 2017


Yeah, you THOUGHT I was done. You THOUGHT I just gave up on the original idea of making this hyper messy. But you thought wrong. You can't escape it.

Snowboarding Skunkbear Sketch

Sat Apr 8 23:50:00 2017


Cooper loves the snow, but she overheats so easily during exercise. Problem solved!

Hyper Taryn Inks

Sat Apr 8 23:36:41 2017


Cooper Fapchat Colors Messy

Thu Apr 6 06:44:49 2017


This is it. I don’t think I’ll be shading this. I think its fine how is. This version obviously has different dialogue but the same idea applies. Cooper is pretty self-obsessed about her dick and balls, and sends her wife Xander lewds on Fapchat.

Cooper Fapchat Colors Clean

Thu Apr 6 06:43:47 2017


Cooper is a self-absorbed little ho. Always obsessed with her dick. But yknow, with a dick like that, you’d probably send your wife lewds on Fapchat, too. I got one more coming people; make arrangements for bonerfication.

Cooper Fapchat Inks Messy

Thu Apr 6 06:42:39 2017

And a dirty version! I was originally gonna have a LOT more cum, but honestly I am so happy with how the rest of the pic turned out, I didn’t want to cover up all the stuff I spent so much time and effort drawing. Color is coming next! Keep your cunts wet, girls!

Cooper Fapchat Clean Inks

Thu Apr 6 06:41:03 2017


I’ll have a few different versions of this coming over the next few days. HAH coming. Yknow cuz… …anyway… I haven’t added dialogue yet, but the general idea is that Cooper is sending her wife Xander some lewds on Fapchat. There will be a dirty version soon, and also color and MAYBE shades if I feel like it but probably not. Anyway, PREPARE YOUR WANGS, LADS.

Couldn't Wait, Could You?

Thu Apr 6 06:40:32 2017


Xander and Cooper often get on video chat and do naughty things, so that when Cooper comes home from work, she barely takes the time to remove her shoes and shut the front door before she's balls deep in her wife.

Unfortunately, Xander edged a bit too close and passed the point of no return. Needless to say, Cooper is a bit frustrated she doesn't get to see the mess-making in person.

Xander (c) MadKaniini

Bedroom Interruptions Shaded

Thu Apr 6 06:39:58 2017


I think I’m done. Could keep going, not much point. Trying not to work on pieces once I get to the “I don’t know what I’m doing so I’ll just brute force random things until it looks better” phase.

ANYWHOOZLE, have some Roxanne and Dawn fucking.

Bedroom Interruptions Color

Thu Apr 6 06:39:28 2017


I went with a thicker linework here, though I might have screwed myself over doing that if I decide to shade this. I find shading things with thick lines just looks weird to me.

Also added a little more dialogue. Look at Roxanne go! She can sure fill that wolfy wifey of hers nicely, though she’s just getting started here! I should draw these girls together more often, huh?

In case anyone missed the first post, Mellanie decided to stop by Roxanne and Dawn’s place unannounced. Roxanne, being the ever polite girl, tries her best to “welcome” Mell but…you all know how hard it can be to talk when mid orgasm, right?

Bedroom Interruptions Sketch

Thu Apr 6 06:38:47 2017


They's humpin. Yknow like...awkwardly in some sorta reverse scissoring? And Mell came by to say hi at the worst possible time (Roxanne is talking out the window)

Can I help you please?

Thu Apr 6 06:38:17 2017


Alright, I guess enough people wanted the herm version, so here you go!

And not to neglect the pussy in favor of cock, I made sure she's still wet enough that her cunt is dripping all over her own balls. Because Cooper is a messy person.

Cooper is usually a decent amount bigger than this, but anything bigger than this would have covered her face so...no point. Cooper also usually has a sheath and foreskin, but I couldn't really draw the sheath in this without it looking odd so I went without.

Can I Help You?

Thu Apr 6 06:37:35 2017


I’m pretty genderfluid IRL, and I feel femmy right now so I drew myself as a female. But maybe if I get enough people to beg, I can add a fat pair of balls and a big floppy cock. I guess we’ll see, won’t we?

Omicron Persei 8/10

Thu Apr 6 06:36:52 2017


I've kinda had this weird mild crush on Lrrr from Futurama for a while now and since I was on my bara kick I decided to draw him. I actually like the left better, but I'm pretty happy with how his face came out in my style. Also for you purists out there, YES those horns on his head house his testes, but ........c'mon... dick..... c'mon guys.

Working on constructing form with more circular motion, really gestural and sweeping in hopes that my poses are less rigid and also to correct proportion in favor of anatomy.

The King 2

Thu Apr 6 06:36:09 2017


Something I started before deciding to start over art-wise, so it’s like…half cartoony half realistic and I dunno. It’s not what I had in my head but when is it ever? Anyway, its my wife getting fucked silly by The King.

The King

Thu Apr 6 06:35:31 2017


I have to upload this now because the longer I look at it, the more I cringe at the anatomy. But anyway, my wife has a thing for Bowser so I drew her a pic.

I very rarely do bara type stuff so if it's not up to your hair masculine musclegut standards fuck off.

Roxanne Undressing Shades

Thu Apr 6 06:34:35 2017


I wish I had known when I started that I was gonna go this route of shading and whatnot. I would have taken some steps to really save time. But whatever, I had fun. It's not perfect and I don't care. Enjoy big floppy raccoon dick.

P.S. Roxanne has never been the "classiest" girl out there. Could you tell?

Roxanne Undressing Sketch

Thu Apr 6 06:33:44 2017


I tried a new method of sketching today, using the same tool but a 1px line and a lot more passes, with emphasis on contour rather than anatomy. seems to work with reference but god knows i could never draw this without. I'm just glad I was able to change the reference anatomy, something I struggle with. Anyway. Roxanne.

Love Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

Thu Apr 6 06:31:14 2017

If the box of chocolates opens up to a realm of pure slippery salvation.


I'm Back, And Expect Pic Dumps

Thu Apr 6 06:29:38 2017

Hey everybody,

I apologize for not being more active here. I will be uploading all of my recent stuff here. For anyone who missed out on these posts, I'm really sorry. Granted, the resolution I post to my tumblr and other sites is pretty decent, I know you guys deserve something back for your patronage.

Anyway, I will be uploading any of my new full res images so sit tight!

Beds Aren't For Sleeping

Thu Apr 6 06:27:58 2017

It's been a while since I created anything new. Figured I'd try my best. I fought through countless roadblocks where my brain said "this is terrible, go do something else" and I got to a point where I feel I can say I created something, even if it looks unfinished. Still don't love my style, still have a lot of issues deciding how to go about the entire process. Probably time for me to watch some streams and try some other methods.



Sat Dec 31 19:33:00 2016

I think I'm going to be taking some time off from art. A few weeks, maybe even a few months. Been really depressed lately and while my urge to draw hasn't really gone away, my skill and inspiration have. They'll be back someday, but I gotta see if I can point that urge in some other creative direction for a while instead of burning my tires trying to do only art.

To anyone who has followed me for more than a few years, you probably aren't surprised. I tend to come and go in waves. Anyone on my patreon, don't waste your money pledging until I'm back. I'll post journals when I plan on contributing more.

Patreon Fix

Tue Dec 20 20:01:26 2016

I finally got around to re-doing my google drive and have restored access to all posts. I have removed some commissions and announcements, as well as project files. But all patrons should have access to every image now, regardless of pledge.

Mell Nude Paint

Tue Dec 20 19:43:39 2016

I guess I totally forgot to upload the final version of this pic.


Genevieve Booty Thong

Tue Dec 20 18:41:05 2016

Genevieve might be small but her booty swallows up them panties so good she makes boy shorts look like a g-string.


Genevieve Booty Nude

Tue Dec 20 18:39:59 2016

Bunny butts are the best butts. First time cell shading in years. I hated it. Never again.


Gale 3

Tue Nov 29 21:50:51 2016

Working more on it. Cleaned up the lines, put some more detail into the hands and whatnot. Not really sure if I wanna do much more than this.


Gale 2

Mon Nov 28 17:42:38 2016


Gale Upskirt

Sun Nov 27 17:49:02 2016


Had an urge to draw dragons so I drew my dragon girl and Mellanie's waifu Gale. I will probably clean this up at a later date when I can.

Bunny Butt

Fri Nov 25 17:33:45 2016


Mell Booty Shades

Thu Nov 24 04:36:08 2016

So I shaded it. I haven't really done much shading lately, because I don't like how it looks and I need a new method. BUT WHATEVA. Have some 3D ass.


Mell Booty

Wed Nov 23 00:57:48 2016



Get Low When The Whistle Blow

Mon Nov 7 21:21:50 2016

I dunno why I've been on such a chick Cooper kick lately. I tend to draw her more often when I'm having image issues IRL so maybe that's it. Either way, I've been listening to a lot of Trap music lately and this terrible song came on that inspired me.


Cooper Selfie 2

Sun Nov 6 21:29:28 2016

I like this one better but I don't really love it either. Looks a little more like me I spose.


Cooper Selfie 1

Sun Nov 6 21:24:57 2016

Decided to draw Chick Cooper taking a selfie. Nothing else to see here...


Tongue Bath

Sat Oct 22 05:54:48 2016



Sat Oct 22 05:42:28 2016


Gale at the Beach

Sat Oct 22 05:22:06 2016


Xander and Levi

Sat Oct 15 09:23:10 2016


Roxanne Dakimakura

Fri Oct 14 05:50:30 2016



Sun Aug 28 00:05:09 2016

Just a doodle, nothing to see here, move along.


Chick Cooper Hug

Wed Jul 6 22:54:51 2016


Commission for Echoen

Wed Jul 6 04:40:43 2016


Commission: Marbles

Fri Jul 1 23:20:49 2016

Commission for Marbles


Chick Cooper 3 of 3

Wed Jun 22 19:41:21 2016


Chick Cooper 2 of 3

Tue Jun 21 23:00:17 2016


Chick Cooper 1 of 3

Mon Jun 20 22:34:32 2016


Commission: Sirkain

Mon Jun 13 00:55:54 2016

I had a ton of fun with this one. I was pretty apprehensive about drawing a car, especially a 50's era car since there aint a single straight line on the damn things. Anyway... Fun 50's hairstyles, blatant ripoffs of cold-war era tobacco products, and terribly drawn shoes (I really can't draw shoes....)



Tue Jun 7 00:21:43 2016

Dawn more realistic again, with natural shaped boobies and whatnot. Dawn is supposed to be stacked, but after doing some research (and getting to look at my girlfriend's ex boobies) I learned a lot. Breasts pretty much NEVER have cleavage without a bra or something similar pushing them together (unless prone) I put the nipples lower to emphasize weight and softness. Added longer lines separating her pectorals and upper arms to also emphasize weight.

Mostly I just hate her face in this. It took me almost 2 hours of reworking, redrawing, resizing, etc just to get a result I was OKAY with. I can't draw muzzles from sharp angles like this, and I suck at mouths too.



Tue Jun 7 00:15:31 2016

I made a SAI file where each layer was a quick sketch of a photo or drawing and I liked this one. Roxanne normally doesn't have this body shape but I didn't really wanna mess with it much. She normally has a smaller tummy and waist, more of a pear shaped figure...but I also wanted to try and make the figure a bit more realistic and believable. heavier less perky breasts, bigger belly and love handles, smaller hips. Sometimes it's nice to draw a figure that's not "perfect" yknow? Like...especially with furries, they tend to all be very voluptuous. Real big hips and thighs, narrow waist, big perky breasts. Even the fat or skinny furries tend to be hip heavy, which don't get me wrong, I love that...but again, nice to take a break from fantasy and shoot for realism once in a while.

Oh and dick. Yeah. Dick. That's probably all anyone cares about.


Quite the Position

Tue May 31 21:05:46 2016

It takes strength and flexibility.


The Locker Room

Mon May 30 11:51:25 2016

Cooper has boundary issues. Decided to draw Cooper and Xander in the locker room together.


Teen Chick Cooper

Mon May 30 04:52:21 2016

Tried a few styles out with a teen (18) chick Cooper. I like the one on the left the best, but I'm a sucker for monochrome art that isn't greyscale. Which one is your favorite?


Patreon Updates

Tue May 3 02:55:01 2016

Hello everyone! I have updated my patreon finally, and changed it into more of a tip jar. Unfortunately I have to work a lot of overtime at my job in order to pay bills, which means less time doing what I love; drawing and sharing my art! I'm just reminding anyone who currently has a pledge that I will be starting it up now, so make sure to check it out in case you need to change it before it's charged!

I will not be posting much here due to the difficulty of uploading art to 30 million different websites, and for some adult restrictions. However, I will try to post my full res images here!

Commission: NotJustOne (link in description)

Mon May 4 06:16:43 2015

ALL THE DETAIL. Gods it took forever but it was fun. Lots of fun. Enjoy!


Giddyup! Color WIP (link in description)

Thu Apr 16 06:44:46 2015

I wanted to push the boundaries of the biggest dick drawn by me. This definitely is the biggest dick I've ever drawn. And hell, I wanted a sexy fat raccoon to top it off, so Roxanne. Will shade this tomorrow or next day depending on commission progress.
Full res available at patreon.com.drmellbourne


Giddyup! WIP (link in description)

Thu Apr 16 01:46:01 2015

So I got this idea when I asked people for critique on my art and instead got someone saying they wanted to see less obscenely huge dingalings. Not to spite anyone, but more to go, "Hmm...what's the biggest wing-wang I've ever drawn?"

Well now it's this.


Fluffy Juicy Goodness Color (link in description)

Fri Apr 10 08:20:11 2015



Fluffy Juicy Goodness WIP (link in description)

Thu Apr 9 07:38:01 2015

Experimenting with a different inking style and technique... I like it and don't like it. I think if I can find a way to sorta make it a bit less fluffy here and there and mix it with the varying line weights of my previous style that help to convey depth, it'll look really great.


Commission: Sirkain 002 (link in description)

Thu Apr 2 02:57:19 2015

Here we see Cooper doing what he does best; turning people into living waterbeds.


Commission: Dickbitch Molly 001 (link in description)

Thu Apr 2 01:57:30 2015

This was actually a pretty challenging yet fun commission for Dickbitch Molly!


huskybutt WIP

Fri Mar 27 05:29:08 2015

just doodled up a pose. not really sure what to draw her doing.



Huge Bunny Balls WIP (link in description)

Thu Mar 26 03:03:03 2015

I really don't know. Got the idea from one of yous guys


March "Third-Leg" Commission Form

Mon Mar 23 01:17:01 2015

This is for "Third-Leg" status patrons for the month of March. I will begin work on these commissions once payment is confirmed in the first week of April.



March "The-D" Commission Form

Mon Mar 23 01:15:44 2015

If you are a patron of "The-D" status, this is the form you will fill out for the month of March. I will begin work on your commission once payment is confirmed in the beginning of April.



Sly Cooper WIP (link in description)

Mon Mar 23 01:07:33 2015

Because why not? I was told to draw this by my mate.


Whaddaya Want?

Thu Mar 19 06:52:58 2015

Again, time for some ideas. Things have been dry lately and I need more! I apologize for not having much content to upload, but I'll get right to work on that right after you tell me what to draw!


Xander's New Toy (Link In Description)

Wed Mar 11 07:03:29 2015

Guess what it is! Something that USUALLY belongs to a horse!


Cooper's New Blanket Low Res Project File (link in description)

Sat Mar 7 09:11:30 2015

For anyone wanting to know how I made this atrocity, here you go!


Cooper's New Blanket (link in description)

Sat Mar 7 09:09:46 2015

I got nothin creative to say. It's a spoo blanket.


Suggest what to Draw!

Fri Mar 6 07:56:28 2015

It's early March and I would LOVE to hear what my patrons would like to see this month. Fill out this form as many times as you want, and I will read over ideas and pick some out to draw for you guys! Feel free to submit multiple ideas! This is part of the perk of being a patron, so please do not share this link with any non patrons!


Human Mell and her Horsey Hardon (link in description)

Thu Mar 5 04:27:42 2015

Mell has something ELSE to show you...


Human Mell and her Doggy Dong (link in description)

Thu Mar 5 04:26:51 2015

Mell has something to show you


The Horsey and the Bunny Low-Res Project File

Thu Mar 5 03:14:37 2015

Here's the project file for y'all


The Horsey and the Bunny (link in description)

Thu Mar 5 03:13:33 2015

Yeah, misleading title, I know. But this is what happens when you mess around on the farm.


Facesitting Low-Res Project File (Link In Description)

Thu Mar 5 01:44:35 2015

Low res project file for Cooper and Xander Facesitting


Facesitting (Link In Description)

Thu Mar 5 01:43:11 2015

Xander gives Cooper a good ol ride. Yknow, the kind that involves shoving your muzzle up someone's you know what.


Commission: Insomnicon 001 (link in description)

Mon Mar 2 04:02:34 2015

Tula and Please are playing a heated game of doubles, and one of them seems to be getting a big carried away! For Insomnicon


Commission: Kah 01 (link in description

Mon Mar 2 03:21:28 2015

Scaramouche decided it was high time Cooper found out how awesome it is to have a huge hoo-hah, and how awesome-er it is to have said huge hoo-hah in your face. Or actually, face in hoo-hah.


Mells Sexperiment LRPF (link in description)

Mon Mar 2 03:00:50 2015

And here we have the low res project file for anyone pledging $5 or more per month!


Mells Experiment Phase 1 (link in description)

Mon Mar 2 02:56:42 2015

I'm so thankful to have received as much support as I have already! I love you guys! And for that, I give you the first milestone pic!


Patreon Reward Changes

Sun Mar 1 10:28:00 2015

I just wanted all my patrons to know that I have implemented my new changes to patreon. Unfortunately, I made some mistakes in the beginning, and have overworked myself. As well, I have not had much time to work on fan suggested artwork, and would love to do more for my fans other than commissions.

I know prices and rewards have changed a bit, and I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, but it's for the best for everyone. I hope you all understand, and I appreciate your patronage.

The good news is that ANYONE pledging above $1 will be eligible to enter a suggestion every month for what to draw. Much like the milestone pictures, I will choose suggestions randomly and draw them. Unlike the milestone picture, however, I won't do just one. Chances are, your suggestions will show up in my art!

For any pledgers of february, don't worry. I have written down your names and am working on your commissions as they were advertised in february. These changes will only take place in March.

Mells Experiment Phase 1 WIP (link in patreon description)

Sat Feb 28 06:36:25 2015



Facesitting is the BEST (Link in Patreon Description)

Sat Feb 28 06:33:23 2015

So here we see Cooper getting sat on by Xander, and yes that is his junk in the background. Because this is almost his fav kink.


February The-D Commission Form

Sat Feb 28 05:04:44 2015

This is for February patrons of "The-D" Status. This is the form I need you to fill out for your commission! Remember...You do NOT also get to fill out "Third-Leg" form. Just this one.



February Third Leg Commission Form

Sat Feb 28 05:02:48 2015

This is for February patrons of "Third-Leg" ONLY. If you are "The-D" status, this is the WRONG form.




Fri Feb 27 05:56:06 2015

So I've made a decision some of you might like, and some might not. For the month of March, I will no longer be offering commission tiers. I have to catch up on the commissions from january and february first, but the real reason is more that I want to be able to offer my patrons more. It might seem like I'm offering less...but hear me out.

While I do love drawing commissions, they do tend to take up a lot of time. A lot of time I could be spending drawing non-commissioned artwork, so the other patrons that don't get a commission every month at least are getting something out of their patronage. I want to focus more on fan-suggested content so that I have a deeper connection with all of you, and can produce artwork that not only inspires me to draw more, but caters to the tastes of my fans. So I will most likely not offer commissions after this point, but if you have signed up for one for the month of February, you will still get it. I will figure out some new tiers for march.

Thank you for your understanding!


Mon Feb 9 09:03:32 2015

Leaving for my trip in a few hours. If my plane crashes, someone come to my house and burn my hard drives plz.

Xander Cboy

Sat Feb 7 08:43:57 2015

My mate's fursona, Xander, as a Cboy


Mellanie Mellbourne (@DrMellbourne) | Twitter

Wed Feb 4 06:32:18 2015

Hello Patrons! Thank you so much for supporting me! I will be gone for about a week starting the 9th to visit family in Nevada. I wont be able to draw anything during that time, so there will be some delays on Patreon commissions and with the Milestone 1 picture. But rest assured, your previous month's partronage will be rewarded before the end of february!

I will be on twatter in the meantime!



Genevieve in Lingerie LRPF

Wed Feb 4 05:38:24 2015

Low Res Project File. Reuploaded due to moving some files around in Google Drive


Genevieve In Lingerie

Wed Feb 4 05:37:24 2015

Genevieve is sort of my wishy washy "I dont know what style I am" character.

Reuploaded due to moving some files around in google drive.


Comic Test

Wed Feb 4 05:32:07 2015

Round three guys. Sorry I suck at this, I am still learning patreon! I realized my Google Drive is 96% full and have to move a lot of files around, and patreon wont let me edit the URL, only reupload.


The Girls

Wed Feb 4 04:03:42 2015

Full res butts!


Mell Is Open

Wed Feb 4 03:57:58 2015

This was the pic that got all you guys over here, figured I'd upload.


Xander Cboy WIP

Wed Feb 4 03:54:57 2015

My mate's character, Xander, as a Cboy. Enjoy!



Fri Jan 30 08:14:20 2015

Thank you for your patronage! It's nearing the end of the month and I'm amazed at how much support I've already gotten. Remember, if you are eligible for a commission or avatar commission, please look for my forms to fill out listed below.

As well, I am working on making a form for ALL my patrons to fill out for suggestions on what Mell's first experiment will be! I will either be going with the most commonly suggested idea, or if all ideas are different from one another, I will just have to pick one lucky weiner!

Mell's Experiment Phase One Suggestion Form. (I encourage ALL patrons to participate!)

Avatar Commission Form (For Third-Legs only) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/19Kw_05_G0BtfS4j6Dnh6OqFgwrlYgD-wbnLJfsbLKuM/viewform

Commission Form (For The-Ds only)

Joel Comic WIP

Fri Jan 30 08:04:08 2015

This is a comic I started last year and never finished...forgot how much of it I got done. I only have two more pages to go so maybe I ought to finish it...


Cooper Reach

Fri Jan 30 07:59:31 2015

Cooper is trying to get something off a high shelf. Why he's naked, I dunno. I don't know if I'll finish this but we'll see.


Gabby's Cum Lake LRPF

Fri Jan 30 07:49:26 2015

The Low Res Project File for all you Schlongs out there.


Gabby's Cum Lake

Fri Jan 30 07:48:37 2015

Hey, Wilsford Cum Lake is a real place, so why not Gabby? Gabby is (c) MadKaniini


Taryn Shows Cooper LRPF

Thu Jan 29 05:15:49 2015

The Low Res Project File.


Taryn Shows Cooper Fullres

Thu Jan 29 05:14:16 2015

Cooper knwos how to get to people, and also knows how to get what he wants. Put two and two together, and you get this. And the full res version available with the download button.