R34 rip

Master_blaster Kanna

Fly_Away_Kanna_nude.webm (d)

Tron Bonne Test renders.

Fri Sep 11 04:18:37 2020

Here is what i got for tron Bonne.
I'm going to try and do alittle bit more animation wise for this one.
so be patient if this takes alittle longer then usual please.

i hope you'll find it to be pleasing.

TronBonneTestRender.png TronBonneTestRender.png TronBonneTestRender2.png

Tron Bonne shaders

Mon Aug 31 03:28:15 2020

heres the working shaders for tron. this animation might take alittle longer to complete so be patient. :)

2020-08-30_23-14-37.gif 2020-08-30_23-15-26.gif

Baozi Yumi Model download

Thu Jul 2 15:34:39 2020

for those that were askin, ya can now Download my baozi and Yumi models from my model folder now :)

good luck! :D show me what ya make!!pg4ByYAB!2xLPzh2_6FkAwx3Gf9q44A

Phos Model viewer

Wed May 27 23:13:53 2020

Heres a model i was commissioned to make. that im working on atm.
its Phos from land of lustrous. (a private model)

i might animate her.... might not. depends on how busy i am going forward.


Baozi and yumi (60 FPS)

Tue May 26 14:20:14 2020

Sorry for the wait! none of the Schedules seemed to line up.

Special thanks to

PeachyMizz for voicing yumi.

and AmeAfterDark for lending her voice to Baozi.
and FenriosS for sound work.

Hope you guys like it! :D
Baozi & Yumi (60FPS)

Poly shaders done!

Thu May 21 14:19:35 2020

got her shaders in place. gonna be rigging her up soon.


Sorry for the wait!

Wed May 20 23:35:51 2020

the baozi animation was held up due to issue that cropped up with the VAs.
schedules just couldn't line up.
but i got there audio now, the animation is half way polished.
it should be up in the next 3 or 4 days! :D again sorry for the wait. but on the bright side. the krystal animation will be ready earlier next month.

polly Esther wip armor

Fri May 15 18:28:33 2020

more shaders!


Gusse who?

Thu May 14 15:31:07 2020

LOL seems everyone schedules just clash XD hard to get voice work in. so in the mean time im getting a head start on next months animation.
as voted by the poll, Krystal gets her animation next. then after that, the next month will be mal.0.


Baozi yumi test renders

Tue May 12 16:21:27 2020

been testing out shaders and lighting while waiting for voice overs. sorry its taking so long. hope to have it out soon!


Polly WIP 2

Mon May 11 13:34:06 2020

got her helmet textured!


Polly WIP Textures

Sun May 10 21:00:46 2020

Got her body textures mostly done


Possible mc sequel poll.

Sat May 9 17:32:31 2020

Lol for some reason can't make a poll on mobil... (fucking patreon being patreon)

Anyway, no promises. But if i were to make a sequel to milf craft some time down the road. What would you prefer?

Creeper girl encounter.
Slime girl encounter,
Spider girl encounter.

Baozi yumi Animation Sneak peak.

Wed Apr 29 17:00:54 2020

alittle WIP for the animation.


Poly esther Model WIP 2

Tue Apr 28 15:48:56 2020

Armor is done, Just gotta texture it now.

Model viewer


Test renders for baozi and yumi

Sun Apr 26 19:42:44 2020

gonna start animating them soon.


Poly esher WIP

Tue Apr 21 15:13:04 2020

this model is sorta on the back burner i just work on it abit before i go to bed.
its Poly esher from samurai pizza cats.
it will be for a larger animation project soo look forward to that ;D.


Baozi and yumi Shaders

Sat Apr 18 15:30:34 2020

shaders are set up. still tweaking them, then ill go into rigging.


Baozi and Yumi Models WIP

Tue Apr 14 21:42:32 2020

here is "Diives" Baozi and yumi models ive been workin on. :V


Happy Easter guys!

Fri Apr 10 15:40:42 2020

Squiggly bunny girl!


MilfCraft Part 3

Tue Apr 7 16:37:27 2020

here is the final part for now. hope ya like it!





MilfCraft Part2

Fri Apr 3 16:12:02 2020

Heres part 2 guys. one more part to come.





who should i go back and make more lewds for?

Mon Mar 30 17:15:03 2020

of the models i have made, who should i go back and make more lewds for next?

MilfCraft April fools Special.

Mon Mar 30 01:56:53 2020

(im soo sorry.)

seemed abit silly to have a 60FPS version of such a stylized animation technique. so im doing patreon exclusive versions for this one.

anyway, here is part 1 of the Milfcraft short. 2 more parts to come in the next few days. ;)




April fools day teaser

Sat Mar 21 01:10:45 2020

Welp ive finally lost it.
im doing mincraft porn!!. (Bassed of Gerph's "Milf-craft" image)

but figured it would be a pretty fun challenge... hopefully it doesn't turn out to be a total failure.


Kanna Lewds Part 3

Tue Mar 10 02:44:15 2020

Kanna's back at it~
gonna start going back and giving some love to my older models. should keep you guys busy while i keep working on larger projects. ;)
i can say for sure that more Mal.0 is coming. but who would you guys like me to animate again?
i'm really quite liking where this next ones going. it was quite the challenge. but will be the perfect April fools day animation.
anyway here is kanna.
(Kanna Part 3)

Commision WIP.

Wed Feb 19 00:59:32 2020

heres another model i'm working on. might see an animation with her some time in the future. (d)

Squiggly Lewds Part 2 (60 FPS)

Fri Feb 14 18:13:38 2020

Happy Valentines day guys!
Here is part 2. the Zone alt colors will be up soon. Sorry, for some reason the strips were initially flipped. but fixed now.
[Squiggly (Normal)]

[Squiggly (Zone)]

Squiggly Part 1, "Does this count as penetration"?

Sat Feb 8 17:17:41 2020

Sorry for the delay again, There will be part 2 before the months end. :)
hope it was worth the wait.



Sorry for the delay.

Wed Feb 5 16:20:26 2020

Miss Peachy, the one whose doing the voice for my squiggly animation got in a car wreck a few weeks ago, shes fine but due to the circumstances around the wreck she cant really get alone to record.
im not sure how long it'll be, but i'm gonna start creating a backlog of animations with my existing models in addition to new stuff. so these types of things don't stop the content for you guys.
terribly sorry for the delay.

Squiggly Animation Wip.

Wed Jan 29 23:00:23 2020

sorry its taking so long,
heres what i got so far.
im hoping to have it finished in the nest day or two.


Squiggly Turntable.

Mon Jan 20 02:33:01 2020

Heres the turntable for her.

Squiggly (WiP)

Sat Jan 11 06:12:38 2020

here is a model ive been working on.
yes she has her leviathan. but considering how long he is in his reference pose i opted to exclude him from the model viewer.
will probably see an animation with her before the end of the month. (d)

curly part 2

Fri Jan 3 17:04:16 2020

heres part 2 guys

Curly Lewds 1

Tue Dec 31 04:25:13 2019

Heres the first one. more comeing soon.

Merry Christmas!

Wed Dec 25 13:09:06 2019

sorry i don't have a loop ready. Holidays are busy and such. here is alittle teaser.
Merry ass-mas ;)


Curly brace (w.i.p)

Mon Dec 16 22:15:26 2019

Here's what i got for curly so far. What do you think. Anything seem off? (d)

Happy thanks giving guys!

Thu Nov 28 15:21:24 2019

it means the world that you all support me.
those of you participating in no-nut November might be in trouble, cuz that streak might be over.
the first loop for Krystal should be posted tomorrow,
hope you guys like it :)

Krystal test renders

Thu Nov 21 23:46:13 2019

sorry, this took a really long time guys... might be a little late on the lewds for her. but hopefully it will be worth the wait.

Krystal Model WIP.

Tue Nov 12 21:35:01 2019

Krystals model is mostly done now, doing some final tweaks before i move on to materials.

https_p3d.in_model_data_wideshot_s1USU (d)

December GOTM Poll

Tue Nov 5 20:15:13 2019

end of the year GOTM poll
lets send em out with a bang!

Mal.0 Part 2

Fri Nov 1 22:33:14 2019

here is the final part!
hope ya'll like it!
krystal won the poll so ill start on her next!

http_s1.webmshare.com_t_8mm4X.jpg MalO.mp4 (d)

Here is all the models ive made for GOTM.

Tue Oct 29 17:19:08 2019

it seems ive fallen far behind on releasing my models. but rather then uploading my models to a slow website. i think its easier to just update this mega link which holds all my models. keep in mind ive still not had time to clean up these model files or update the older ones to work better with the current version of blender.

welp, wpatreon doesnt like that... so just copy and paste this into your browser.!pg4ByYAB!2xLPzh2_6FkAwx3Gf9q44A


mal.0 part1

Tue Oct 29 15:30:25 2019

Happy Halloween!
part two coming soon. waiting on voice acting.
here is a seasonal fap. been meaning to do her for a year now.

Final1.mp4 (d)

Brass short.

Mon Oct 28 17:06:12 2019

sorry, hope you don't mind too much that i reused the animation from last month for brass, but wait till you see what comes tomorrow! ;)

http_s1.webmshare.com_t_GxxR8.jpg medabots_brass0001-1978.mp4 (d)

Tinpet Variant.

Sat Oct 5 20:00:00 2019

Thanks to 'Fenro' for provideing sound effects and 'MizzPeachy' for provideing her voice. 2 more variations of this coming soon. sorry webmshare has a fairly hefty size restriction. for better quality version download the attachment.

medabots_tiinpet0001-1978.mp4 (d)

Diastage variant.

Fri Oct 4 19:45:38 2019

Thanks to 'Fenro' for provideing sound effects
and 'MizzPeachy' for provideing her voice.
2 more variations of this coming soon.
sorry webmshare has a fairly hefty size restriction.
for better quality version download the attachment.

http_s1.webmshare.com_t_gLVWj.jpg medabots_dia0001-1978.mp4 (d)


Thu Oct 3 17:00:03 2019

Thanks to 'Fenro' for provideing sound effects
and 'MizzPeachy' for provideing her voice.
2 more variations of this coming soon.
sorry webmshare has a fairly hefty size restriction.
for better quality version download the attachment.

http_s1.webmshare.com_t_mKY04.jpg Medabots1.mp4 (d)

No-nut November poll.

Wed Oct 2 21:53:01 2019

lets put November on hard mode boys.
some big heavy hitters.

(blazermate animation has most its soundwork done and will probably come tomorrow.)

heres a little teaser for Blazermate to tide ya over.

Mon Sep 30 19:22:29 2019

looking like might be abel to upload the short in its entirety in 2-3 days.


Update on blaze.

Fri Sep 27 19:04:36 2019

Just a heads up the blazer mate lewds are abit longer then the ones ive done in the past. Bit there basically done! But some schedules didn't line up and the VA won't be able to contribute till a little after this month it seems..

BlazerMate WIP

Sun Sep 8 18:56:02 2019

here blazer mate soo far.

https_p3d.in_model_data_snapshot_gQ45Y (d)

September GOTM poll

Mon Sep 2 13:12:27 2019

here's the poll for September. Octobers next month! for Halloween i have a few good spooky ideas for characters. might take some 'sexy' interpretations of characters from folklore or creepy pastas. like how snowwy's Mal.0 looks.

kanna lewds 3 nude

Fri Aug 30 19:00:03 2019

kanna lewds

Kanna_3_nude0001-0266.mp4 (d)

kanna lewds 3 semi nude

Fri Aug 30 18:00:02 2019

kanna lewds

Kanna_3_seminude0001-0266.mp4 (d)

kanna lewds clothed 3

Fri Aug 30 17:00:03 2019

kanna lewds!

Kanna_3_Clothed0001-0266.mp4 (d)

Kanna lewds nude

Thu Aug 29 20:00:00 2019


http_s1.webmshare.com_t_jvRZL.jpg Kanna_2_nude0001-0515.mp4 (d)

kanna lewds 2 seminude

Thu Aug 29 19:00:00 2019

semi nude!

http_s1.webmshare.com_t_WxPb8.jpg Kanna_2_seminude0001-0515.mp4 (d)

Kanna lewds 2 clothed

Thu Aug 29 17:49:11 2019

sorry it took longer then i thought!
but i think rendering out a couple variations on an animation is worth it in the long run.

http_s1.webmshare.com_t_6VvzD.jpg Kanna_2_clothed0001-0515.mp4 (d)

Kanna Club Nude

Sun Aug 25 18:00:00 2019

nude version of the club animation.

next loops gonna be pretty sweet ;3

Kanna_1_Nude.mp4 (d)

Kanna club SemiNude

Sun Aug 25 17:00:00 2019

semi nude version of Club

Kanna_1_semi_Nude.mp4 (d)

Kanna Club Clothed!

Sun Aug 25 15:00:00 2019

Don't worry, some full on lewds are coming next. just had the idea of a panty and stocking parody and wanted to try this idea for kanna. ;)

http_s1.webmshare.com_t_ojQEE.jpg Kanna_1_Final.mp4 (d)

Kanna_test renders!

Mon Aug 19 16:00:04 2019

took a little bit for me to wrap my head around blenders new render engine. but learning it will allow me to render out several versions of an animation with small changes.. (mainly layers of clothing)
bare with me for abit!
lemme know what ya think!

Kanna_C.png Kanna_C.png Kanna_B.png Kanna_A.png

Kanna modeling time lapse.

Fri Aug 16 16:53:26 2019

i made a time lapse for the modeling phase. about 20 hours of work brought down to 5 minutes.

2.jpg http_img-hw.xvideos-cdn.com_videos_thumbs169ll_43_7b_ae_437bae367492ae791c6880046e9fd75c_437bae367492ae791c6880046e9fd75c.15.jpg

Kanna's model WIP

Sat Aug 10 17:34:14 2019

here's her model!

https_p3d.in_model_data_snapshot_BxAKL (d)

Demon Domino

Mon Aug 5 15:47:30 2019

Heres an Extra, Demon domino loop. someone commissioned.


3rd leggy loop.

Mon Jul 29 18:00:00 2019

I know the leggy loops haven't been particularly pornographic. I'm just such a minus 8 fanboy i had to animate those dances. as well i wanted to try and do something more complicated. (same thing will likely happen if i ever do his pacman Ghosts or mario girls. ) so, I'm gonna try and do a couple of full on lewds with Leggy next month in addition to kanna! (probably not in the same loops) lets just say the bucket will be full! ;)


August GOTM Poll

Thu Aug 1 15:00:01 2019

Working on Kanna now! Shes gonna be fun, for sure!

leggy loop 2!

Wed Jul 24 23:37:11 2019

beep beep!


leggy Lamb (Minus8) Dance loop.

Thu Jul 18 16:43:30 2019

decided id do some dances because there fun.
now the minus8 influences really shine through!


Leggy Lamb Test renders

Sun Jul 14 05:39:47 2019

allright here is the test renders for leggy!


Leggy lamb WIP

Thu Jul 11 00:15:42 2019

since there no real canonical design for leggy. (her originally being a gag character that appeared in an old cartoon for 6 seconds. ) the internet just kind of ran with her design wise. and i took some of the best aspects from a wide variety of designs. "plague of gripes" to "minus" probably being some of the bigger influences.

https_p3d.in_model_data_snapshot_mOL5C (d)

June (GOTM) poll

Mon Jul 1 15:55:09 2019

allright working on Leggy now!
figured id start throwing on some previous poll entries in with new ones now.

Dawn lewds 3

Sun Jun 30 17:05:39 2019

Here it is! a nice thigh job.


More Dawn Lewds

Sat Jun 29 15:13:40 2019

next one coming tomorrow


First dawn lewd

Thu Jun 27 19:47:44 2019

heres the first loop! rest comeing soon


Dawn Test renders!

Tue Jun 18 21:46:37 2019

keep eyes peeled for lewds comeing soon ;)

https_pbs.twimg.com_media_D9X_uRcX4AEd2R6.jpglarge (d)

Dawn (WIP) Model viewer (update 1)

Fri Jun 7 15:50:34 2019

(well, I said id try to do more WIP stuff. Bare with me, i have no clue how to do this in an interesting way.

but here is what i got for dawns model so far. still gotta do her cloths ( and eyelashes).
any thoughts tweaks or criticisms?)

(id say her model is mostly done. aside from a few tweaks. either way ill start on materials.)

https_p3d.in_model_data_snapshot_NZUgx (d)

July (GOTM) poll

Mon Jun 3 23:13:39 2019

Oh! Shoot, should probably hold the next poll huh?

pheromosa loop 3

Sun Jun 2 14:43:52 2019

Heres the 3rd one


Pheramosa loop 2

Thu May 30 15:44:06 2019

here is the next pheromosa lewds!


Sorry for the wait.

Thu May 30 04:08:26 2019

just got the voice lines for pheramosa. so expect the next two by tomorrow.
in the mean time here is this to tide you guys over.


Pheramosa lewds up.

Sat May 25 15:44:11 2019

heres the first one! sorry for the delay. >.> ...
also prolly gonna be a delay on the last two since the VA is busy.


Pheramosa Teaser

Sat May 18 19:43:46 2019

Alight guys here's pheramosa! keep your eyes peeled for lewd loops soon.


Pheramosa update.

Wed May 15 19:33:50 2019

Just thought id post this since i thought it was hilarious.
shes probably the first character I've done where the bones that make up her limbs are Thicker then her actual limbs.

in any case I'm rigging her now so you guys should see some stuff coming in soon.
I'm gonna try to do these Behind the scenes/ Updates more often.


Changes to my patreon.

Mon May 6 18:52:14 2019

So, Nin10do has been striking down Creators on patreon who do anything lewd with there characters again. while i've not been affected i've been chatting with other artists about it. While I had initially thought this was only for those creators who used modified versions of nin10do's assets. but with the striking of another creator recently who does Art that in no way could be confused with anything official. it seems that its just anyone who puts there lewd fan art of nin10do characters behind a paywall. and since patreon asks that all 18+ art be restricted to patrons here. all lewd art is behind a paywall and there for technically infringing.
so as a preemptive measure I'm going to be implementing a few policies from now on.
here is a couple of ideas we spit balled.

instances of characters or franchise from Historically litigious companies will be intentionally misspelled on patreon in a way that you can still understand what I'm talking about, but hopefully wont show up in the search engine rankings. (Nin10do, poh-kay-manz, fair-ha-mosa, may-ri-o, guard-e-vore). im not sure how effective this will be. may only succeed in making me look silly. but worth a shot.

and since the issue seems to be the fact that the art is on patreon. i think this will be the more effective of the two.
for Nin10do characters i may have to do a way with the timed patreon exclusive nsfw art.
so WIP, polls and non-nin10do characters will still be on patreon. but NSFW art for nin10do Characters will go up on New grounds and twitter about the same time would release it here. and maybe notify you guys here to check those sites.

ultimately the only thing that changes is when i release the lewd loops to the public for nin10do characters but everything else atm remains the same.

so i just wanted to inform you guys about these changes and ask what you would rather go down here.
and if ya have any thoughts or ideas of your own go ahead and sound off.

Domino Mono loop (no sound)

Sat May 4 16:19:57 2019

Here's something extra for you all ;)
model will be released soon.

https_c10.patreonusercontent.com_3_eyJ3Ijo2MjB9_patreon-media_p_post_26592517_4a61537644e84974bda579476a6460e5_1.jpgtoken-time1558137600token-hashy5rwws4PArKABx6V5VrFXxXSH-Dhr1azGIWVtD1WTfE3D (d)

June GOTM Poll

Wed May 1 03:47:40 2019

figured its about time i did a human for GOTM.
Various girls from Pokemon.

May Poll winner!

Wed May 1 03:37:30 2019

Pheramosa has won. ive been wanting to do this one for a while now. hope i can do it right!

Carrot loop 3

Sun Apr 28 20:19:03 2019

Heres loop 3 guys!
I'm actually rather fond of how this one came out.

i really need to make some new environments... as of right now i only have 3 that are usable.

https_c10.patreonusercontent.com_3_eyJ3Ijo2MjB9_patreon-media_p_post_26426680_7a56a19261834d2aa3531966facee0b9_2.jpgtoken-time1558137600token-hashmCaMuM_DuNe-pwPjiACkss_qCbl96m3sQhgc7lmRsJg3D (d) carrotloop3.mp4 (d)

Carrot Loop 2

Sat Apr 27 15:25:25 2019

Heres carrot loop 2.
really screwin like bunnies.

http_s1.webmshare.com_t_j3J9W.jpg carrotloop2final.mp4 (d)

Carrot loop 1

Sun Apr 21 22:27:18 2019

Happy easter!

https_c10.patreonusercontent.com_3_eyJ3Ijo2MjB9_patreon-media_p_post_26266844_f0039f1212684f708515f0cd0e290720_2.jpgtoken-time1558137600token-hashkLVJWlh8oBImWIdX4oxGEIPCSXqkLx_w7QfmKHj1mAs3D (d) Carrot_loop10001-0819.mp4 (d)

Carrot teaser.

Thu Apr 18 01:01:28 2019

Carrots model is mostly done and ready for animation. still got a few things to tweak.


GOTM April winner.

Mon Apr 1 18:11:19 2019

Carrots the winner for April!
ill start on her ASAP.

Fortune loop 3

Thu Mar 28 21:02:59 2019

here's the third loop... look i got the missionary pose right.

http_s1.webmshare.com_t_wYva0.jpg mechafortuneloop3.mp4 (d)

Robo-Fortune Loop 2

Tue Mar 26 18:34:42 2019

Allright, here is loop 2

https_c10.patreonusercontent.com_3_eyJ3Ijo2MjB9_patreon-media_p_post_25635626_61af32ac8dc943dd95db39dd5c2c0c46_2token-time1554940800token-hashZ18iwae8kutnBQe94JARJZD1JkKVaO8jM5CUqIN_eTM3D (d) mechafortune2.mp4 (d)

Robo-Fortune 1

Sat Mar 23 15:26:56 2019

alright guys here's the first loop.
for some reason this idea for a loop was Fairly vivid to me and i just had to animate it.

https_c10.patreonusercontent.com_3_eyJ3Ijo2MjB9_patreon-media_p_post_25575416_4d0f7dcf63e3448fa7184fa0d589badf_2token-time1554768000token-hashqJoR06hHcuFamnAVS-D91BLrYTUcXdd7cxUT2g-Xe5I3D (d) robofortune1.mp4 (d)

May GOTM Poll

Sun Mar 31 17:00:02 2019

i think I'm gonna Phase out themed polls for the time being.

Rouge Model Released.

Sat Mar 30 17:00:00 2019

feel free to use my model!

rouge_test.png (d)

Robo-Fortune update.

Thu Mar 14 05:44:55 2019

Robo-fortunes model is almost done. Got a few tweaks to her rig to do then ill start on some animations.


Rouge loops with updated audio.

Mon Mar 4 20:08:53 2019

sorry about the delay. but fenrios is back soo hopefully this wont happen again. sound FX by "Fenrios SFM" check him out!

loop3.mp4 (d) rogue_project.mp4 (d) loop2.mp4 (d)

Robo-Fortune (Gotm)

Wed Mar 6 22:03:00 2019

here's some of the sketches i did to help figure out her form.
rigging her should pose an interesting challenge with her extending limbs and detachable parts. the latter of which being more difficult to pull off but having alot of potential in loops.

Hopefully things will move abit more swiftly this time around. doesn't seem like any more bullshit should pop up.

ill keep ya posted.


Robo-Fortune is the winner.

Fri Mar 1 20:00:04 2019

alright, ill start working on her asap. stay tuned.

Rouge Loop 3

Thu Feb 28 18:27:27 2019

heres the 3rd loop. Sound guy still abit busy.

Special thanks to Sailor Silver Star For providing her Voice to rouge.

https_c10.patreonusercontent.com_3_eyJ3Ijo2MjB9_patreon-media_p_post_25027082_0fed67bbe9f842768a2d4c7b71e093a9_3token-time1554768000token-hashmjZyHcAbeXFSZlNchEYZpqOrxJnJoQoJNyW9D9dSJcw3D (d) Rouge_Loop20001-0599.mp4 (d)

Lopunny model released

Fri Mar 1 05:00:00 2019

(GOTM) for january.
have fun with her ;)

Loppuny_Pinup.png (d)

Rouge Loop 2

Thu Feb 28 03:41:43 2019

sorry my sound guy is still abit busy. been a busy week all around actually.
ill update these posts with the final sound versions when i can.

Special thanks to Sailor Silver Star For providing her Voice to rouge.

https_c10.patreonusercontent.com_3_eyJ3Ijo2MjB9_patreon-media_p_post_25012797_7f8fe695be53461e922f5d8b7183da74_3token-time1554768000token-hash0WJelfQWW5ZsOJ8s6RrTaVkRhDPMTh1VE3ZMJLllqm43D (d) Rouge_Loop20001-0855.mp4 (d)

Rouge Tit Job

Thu Feb 21 22:39:47 2019

Sorry, Fenro is busy atm and cant do the sound work for me. ill update this when he gets around to it. but hey Got a voice actor to lend me her voice.

Special thanks to Sailor Silver Star For providing her Voice to rouge.

https_c10.patreonusercontent.com_3_eyJ3Ijo2MjB9_patreon-media_p_post_24866805_e0d6a04252d547369fc65058ca20f503_2token-time1552521600token-hashNdMqHn-WleUrUXYQGs1n9L9jb6MtuW3pb6elmiq52mc3D (d) rogue_project.mp4 (d)

Rouge the bat Test render.

Sun Feb 17 06:25:29 2019

Working on some loops now!


Rouge update.

Fri Feb 15 00:04:31 2019

Sorry, i was hoping to have have a Cute valentines themed render ready for today... But thanks to 'life' stuff i wont be Abel to deliver this today.
in the mean time. here's a peek at her model.

Happy valentines day! :D


Rouge the bat Sketches.

Mon Feb 4 20:43:39 2019

Here is some sketches for rouge the bat i did to study the design.. (Yes i realize i forgot the wings in the drawing. her model will have wings.)
ill post some pics of her model soon!


Girl of the month winner February!

Tue Jan 29 20:00:00 2019

Well it looks like Rouge the Bat has Taken it by another large margin!
Stay Tuned as i make her model!

April (GOTM) Poll

Sat Mar 2 19:00:02 2019

For Easter we have a Bunny girl theme.

March (GOTM) Poll

Wed Jan 30 22:02:59 2019

For this month we will have a Robot Girl theme.
Couple of sexy Fem-Bots to choose from~

Lopunny Model Preview

Sat Jan 12 03:59:45 2019

lopunny's model is almost done!
keep an eye out for lewd loops to come.


Lopunny Model

Mon Jan 7 06:18:20 2019

Finished up lopunnys model. doing textures and materials now.


February Girl of the month.

Mon Dec 31 22:02:59 2018

im currently designing Lopunny's model.... but im gonna go ahead and throw the poll for February out there.

this months theme is a Valentines day theme.... sooo any character that vaguely hits that Valentine day theme is good to go. (not alot of characters fit this bill...)

Girl of the month winner.

Wed Dec 26 17:59:57 2018

alright I'm calling it now.
its pretty clear that by a large margin Lopunny is January's winner!
i will begin working on her now and preparing some content for the month of January.

in the mean time im gonna start probing for suggestions for February. im going for a valentine days theme. so can anyone think of characters that would fit that bill?

Merry Christmas!

Tue Dec 25 13:18:16 2018

Merry Christmas everyone!
Be safe.

Shantae Model Viewer.

Sat Dec 22 21:59:59 2018

The nearly final model for shantae.

https_p3d.in_model_data_snapshot_rASME (d)


Sat Dec 15 22:00:02 2018

here is the generic male model i came up with for GOTM.
this should be fun.


Girl of the month kicks off january.

Tue Dec 11 00:20:35 2018

Near the end of december i will call the GOTM poll and will begin working on the winner in january. This is also when the next GOTM poll will begin. So if you have a character you want added to future polls suggest it here and ill consider adding em to my list.
Also go ahead and suggest what positions you would like to see for your preferred character in the poll's comments.

In the mean time ill be working on the shantae short as well as developing a generic male character to use in the lewd loops.
Hopefully ill find time to revamp my banner art here too.

Ill keeep ya posted!

Progress report (12/8/2018)

Sat Dec 8 22:01:59 2018

Here's what i got for shantae so far. still need to tweak her abit more. but just about done with her model.


Future Patreon Changes.

Thu Dec 6 22:00:02 2018

I'm thinking of Gearing the patreon away from these long animated projects and more towards a sort of. "Girl of the month" type deal. where ill develop a character rig for a character you guys vote for and a few animation lewd loops in the span of a month or so.
mostly because when i'm in pre-production for a short i'm way too busy to provide you guys what i think you deserve.
there will still be Animated shorts i do on my time. and keep ya posted on.
But i feel this might be a better option for patreon involvement on my part.
this will likely be effective once the Shantae Project enters the animation Phase.
This in by no means final but it is what i'm leaning towards.
as usually any suggestions are appreciated.

but for the First "Girl of the Month Poll" who would you all like to see.
if we decide to go this direction i can likely knock out a lot more of these so as always keep suggesting what ya wanna see.

Cynthia commission.

Sun Dec 2 01:11:05 2018

Sorry the weekly post was a bit late today... life stuff got in my way.

anyway ive gotten abit of work on shantae done but not enough to show.
in the mean time here is a commission ive been working on.
for the SFM artist Urbanator.
hes still working on getting it ported to sfm so keep an eye out in the next couple weeks or so to see what he does with it.

i might end up doing some lewd animations with her myself but not anytime soon.


Tuki Model Viewer.

Sat Nov 24 22:03:02 2018

Finished up models and Textures.
hers the Model Viewer version.
not exactly how she will look in the short but its close enough to give ya an idea!

https_p3d.in_model_data_snapshot_T9Je3 (d)

Progress Report (11/17/2018)

Sat Nov 17 22:00:00 2018

Working on Tukis model right now.
Texturing and rigging will come soon.


Progress Report (11/10/2018)

Sat Nov 10 22:00:02 2018

Sorry i don't have much else to show atm.
but ive gotten about a 1:05 done of the story board.
so very shortly i should start actually working on the assets for the film.
probably Start doing the environment or Tuki first.
sit tight!

Gardevoir Model Released.

Sat Nov 3 21:02:59 2018

im going to start releasing some of my models i don't plan to use much any more.

starting with gardevoir, im fairly sure ive cleaned up her file. made it more clear to use and Commented out Irreverent bits of her UI Panel.
if somethings unclear or i neglected to add something send me a message and ill fix it or clarify.


Test_01.png (d)

Progress report (10/27/2018)

Sat Oct 27 21:06:00 2018

nothing much to show.
Just been story boarding.
ignore the crude drawings. lol


Progress report.

Sat Oct 20 21:00:01 2018

First Progress report for the Shantae short whoop!
still very much in the scripting and story boarding stage.
I'm thinking the short will take place in mermaid falls to give myself more of a challenge.
so i did a little Modeling test to see how i would go about doing that before i nailed down the environment in the story boards.
ignore the cheap Shader this is just a test in making geometry look and behave like water.
the waterfalls would just be an element in the background, no one will be interacting with it so i feel that this method may work decently well for waterfalls.


Shantae x Tuki Test

Sat Oct 13 21:00:02 2018

Testing out posing ideas for the short.
and giving myself ideas on what Tuki's Body needs to do so i know how to rig it.


Shantae X tuki Concept sketches.

Sat Oct 6 19:01:00 2018

yeah, concept art.
im not the best drafts man but i like to think it comes across ok.


Poll results!

Mon Oct 1 15:55:36 2018

All right, boys! Shantae and tuki will be the next nsfw short! Keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Weapons of mass Erection.

Sat Sep 29 21:00:03 2018

i dunno... concepts for a Side Project that might turn into something.


Lab Environment.

Sat Sep 15 21:00:02 2018

the current project im working on calls for a lab of sorts..


Patreon rework requests and improvements.

Wed Aug 29 21:02:00 2018

So ever since i started this patreon ive been trying to think of ways an animator can be more interactive with there patrons given the fact that animation Takes a long time i don't have very many things i could do that wouldn't hinder commissions or Poll Projects.. does anyone have any ideas for what they would want from me?

something i've had in mind was a smaller scale Poll project For me to create Character rigs of specific characters Voted on by you. which at most takes me a week depending on the characters complexity. however i'm not ready at this time to roll something like that out just yet.

Lewd Loop Suggestions.

Fri Aug 17 00:14:29 2018

i have a few other suggestions i plan to honor from the last one that for one reason or another didn't get made. in addition to the ones possible suggested here.

any suggestions for loops?

positions, characters ect.

Sorry, still rendering.

Sat Aug 4 21:11:41 2018

Yeah some of these scenes are takeing longer then expected.

3 more scenes left to render... so its looking like it may be done soon.

Sorry and thanks for your patience.

Still working on it.

Sat Jul 28 21:00:02 2018

Sorry. it seems i may have been overly optimistic in my earlier estimate. still working on rendering everything.
but it surely wont be too much longer now
in the mean time here is a little teaser.

Progress Report(7/20/2018)

Sat Jul 21 21:01:00 2018

Animation is Done Boyz!

Won't be too long now, just got a few technical details to tweak, sound design and then render.

I'm hoping to get it out to you guys by this time next week!
if not, ASAP.

See ya then!


Tera_Tyrant 2

Sat Jul 14 21:00:04 2018

pXC5SRwO7P8Bpq6Z3mR0djoifgHoC5DwBSTzFWTCBLV3ggMNvUgcg1AZ8Y8Bb-dZ.jpe (d) TeraKirlia20001-0181.mp4 (d)

Progress Report(7/7/2018)

Sat Jul 7 21:00:01 2018

Honestly, not too long now.
im well over halfway done with the animation.
and whats left is relatively easy.
still aiming for it to be released by july's end but it may be early august if i run into another snag..


Tera Tyrant and Kirlia.

Sat Jun 30 21:00:00 2018

new character by Tera (

sorry about the grass clipping.

s2G18omaPcvXPeJ9RXw9Y-3NUzXLmMVH5TFtq2MshRhR_6WsF8gfmBPUmJYL6vds.jpe (d)

Progress Report(6/23/2018)

Sat Jun 23 21:00:00 2018

Progress is coming along rather well.

been doing some touch ups to previous seems and rendering some shots out so the render load isn't to heavy by the end of the project.

im aiming to have it finished by mid to late July.


Kirlia loop.

Sat Jun 16 20:59:59 2018

another Teaser loop.

u0lsE9UqCcAAzvCl7MKxEFtHM7sb0vzNPLxnDpeSMV9KHpAo9s-0ZY_Z-7n7uKK6.jpe (d) Kirlia_loop1.mp4 (d)

Progress Report (6/9/2018).

Sat Jun 9 21:01:00 2018

Got all the sfw parts of the short done as well as a few lewd shots.

roughly 45 seconds done as of today.

I am currently working on all the lewd parts of the short.

not too long from here out!



Sat Jun 2 21:01:02 2018

Here is the 4th loop. enjoy!

sorry seems i set these as videos rather then links so there broken..... noted for the future.

c9jKPOtvuMXc383B-HEaUmvd7xqpVEzyyBpgVbvDGwoEH8Z1NDI6iK4M71qLnhy5.jpeg Gard_Loop4.mp4 (d)

Progress report (5/26/2018).

Sun May 27 06:09:15 2018

i seem to have Gotten a lot more work done here.

3 more shots done adding to the 2 from last time.

as of right now got roughly 23 seconds done.

i will continue hackin away at it.

Thank you guys for your support.

Suggestions for future lewd loops.

Fri May 25 19:06:17 2018

Any suggestions for lewd loops?

Characters limited to those I've previously used, any positions and camera angles are all fair game.


Sat May 19 21:00:03 2018

sorry just noticed the dress sim freaking out at the top... bit too late to fix now.

E1H2cpJA19-ms0a9I69jFqhr8IO4CCBC033kEVq6ABOZapy3nsV1cx9jH-aylC7H.jpeg teaser20001-0039.mp4 (d)

Progress report (5/12/2018).

Sat May 12 20:33:01 2018


been a pretty busy week for me.

so far i got 2 shots done and am working on the 3rd.

along with various rig and material tweaks.

not as much as id hope to get done but its ok.

nothing i really think anyone would like to see in motion yet but i will show more interesting sneak peeks in animation as they come out..

so far I've got about 11 seconds of animation done.

these first few shots were pretty simple from an animation standpoint so progress may vary depending on the shot as the weeks go on.

but as it stands 11 seconds of the 2 minute 15 second short are done and ready to be rendered.

Thank you guys for your support.


Harriet Model Free download!

Sun May 6 15:49:32 2018

Here is my Harriet Model. Feel Free to use it as ya wish.

Currently only in Blender.

Gardevoir Teaser 2

Sat May 5 20:39:40 2018

this will be released to the public in a week. enjoy!

Z-JDMjc-5WEY1dlYym1B_ejv9SX8q8nK-zyYfXuLMsFqbK7UpdpU1Dp8WALExpGM.jpe (d)

Here is the Lewd Teaser.

Fri May 4 16:03:13 2018

09w3XJvuUj-W1MPf1i60lsVzhEOjidG-4a0DpIX4AOfmfhY2v2ES8iuTBJwbSFzl.jpe (d)

Gardevoirs model sheet.

Fri May 4 04:26:47 2018

ahh, the short all started with this little doodle. its come along way.

i hope you guys will enjoy what it becomes.


What should the Next Animated short be?

Thu May 3 17:37:54 2018

These Projects take so long to make. you guys should have a say in what i make!