Helga blender model version 5

helga5.blend (d)

Remeo character art WIP

Thu Oct 8 22:19:58 2020

I wanted to finish this one today but I am just not happy with the overall look. I want to add just a little more spice to it before I post the final version. meanwhile I will be working on an arkkin concept and plans for a simple nude pinup.


Monthly schedule

Mon Oct 5 02:12:47 2020

I am not too great with schedules but I at least want to set up a pattern that my patrons get used to. I thought since the beginning of the month I am usually left at a blank and take a little time to think up new work and projects that I would at least set a date for when the first project goes up. since I often go back and forth refining old projects and getting them ready for work in the beginning of the month I would post my first project around the 8nth while I use the days prior to remake models or small sets until I eventually have a pose and idea ready.

I might have been already doing that I don't know, but I at least want to have some sort of loose schedule and date I can jote down so my patrons no what to expect.

expect a standing model around the 8th of my black wolf in some fancy clothing. after that I do have a raccoon in the works that I might try for a 3D overpaint sort of work in a more seductive pose.

change to my content.

Fri Oct 2 17:32:36 2020

I wanted to hold this off till the end of the year but decided to make this known sooner than later, especially to my patrons.

In short, I want to change my content from purely NSFW to general furry semi-anthro content. this decision comes from something that I have been wanting to do for a long time as I have wanted to explore more concept-oriented artwork. I have been keeping up the production of mostly NSFW artwork for the sake of my patrons as this is what was promised but I want to change that. my artwork has provided me with a small income to afford things that I need but as of late, such income has stagnated and recently dropped. because of this, I'm shifting focus from the short term gains of Patreon and focusing on building a workable portfolio for a more general audience and for the future.

this month I will work on 1 or 2 NSFW artworks but after that content may or may not fit into that category.

katsumi the fox WIP

Wed Sep 16 13:36:12 2020

so here is the redone real time fur version of katsumi the fox! once again, I am taking it slow this month so forgive me if stuff comes a little later than usual. Anyway. I want to finish a pose with this character then I plan on working on my raccoon. I might finish off with something else perhaps. not sure yet.

unknown.png unknown.png

Toon scraps

Sat Sep 5 20:35:59 2020

I thought before heading out tomorrow to at least post the work I ultimately am going to once again leave on the back burner. whatever techniques I am using are not up to par, short fur creatures look alright but longer fur creatures leave a little to be desired or require more work than recent 3D renders. perhaps I am just not as fascinated with the style. I thought perhaps I could animate these for a 2D 3D style animation feel, but why? might as well animate what I already have, the only down side being that I can't do so in blender and thus can't really share full projects since I am using unity for fur and rendering :/

might aswell do normal 2D animation, wich I am sure with practice I could do but this would simply take to dang long! im going to replace the time taken on this with drawings.

untitled.jpg untitled.jpg untitled.png

Little vacation

Fri Sep 4 06:39:41 2020

This month I am taking a little break from work, for the most part I have taken a step back from blender, Photoshop, unity and all those other programs to unwind and remedy the burn out that I have been feeling. This is not just from my artwork but other problems here at home. I want to take things slow so I don't have any thoughts on particular projects I might work on this month, though I am taking this week off and will do some light setups for projects next week. for the last half of the month I aim to finish strong when I feel less burnt :>

As far as what I want to do with my work thus far, I might for the third time abandon this toon style I have been trying. This is mostly because I wanted to work on the toon stuff for animations purposes however since it means working on two sets of models it is just taking to much time to work on both these realistic looking ones and toon ones. This takes away time I could spend on animation practice and work, not to mention that I really really really want to start drawing again. Focusing on this rather challenging task of making a good toon shader kin to beastars is simply just too much for me!

anyway, just a heads up if you don't see any work early in the month!

any one have questions or concerns let me know!

Plans for this month! your thoughts plx!

Sun Aug 2 12:35:46 2020

I have a few ideas planned for this month that I would love some feed back in. Well, ever since I switched off of blender to try to work in other programs it has become very difficult to share complete 3D files, so I want to return to completely working in blender BUT I really want to have a try at toon like models once more! not only would this make whole files of workable models available for patrons but it would make animation a lot less of a hassle. I am still struggling to figure out what sort of style I should go for but for the most part the WOW art style is giving me some inspiration as well as beastars. I did try to do this before in Maya but things were a little difficult, to me it seems like I have a better chance with blender. my aim anyway, is for simple but elegant and pretty stylized models.

beyond that major aim, I will continue to experiment in unity, for the most part I want to render my new arkkin model in there but also work on more giant models for those interested in that type of art. those will of course be free side projects. I plan to make big animals hugging planets :>

I REALLY want to apologize for the lack of variety, I have been for the most part trying new things with animation and unity and have had little time to set up other models besides felines and canines.

I would love to hear any thoughts watchers or patrons might have so feel free to shout!

Environments for my models?

Sun Jul 12 01:28:28 2020

having one model in a blank room with a simple couch or other piece of furniture is nice. There is something appealing to that simplicity, but recently I have been delving into environment design in unity and was thinking to step up work on backgrounds at least a little.

With the recent venture into simple animations and now environment design, what worries me most is that it will take up my time making any new characters for a while. I simply want to listen to my watchers thoughts on working on still renders of my characters in interesting environments. in particular. would you all be happy seeing less new models for a while until I can come up with a good outdoor/indoor settings? I will stick to my female wolf and 2 large cats as my main models for the most part while I work on these new projects but will try to introduce my male wolf in the process. its a big endeavor as I have to learn the ropes a little more as I go. it is likely I will not have any new models (besides the male wolf) untill the end of the year.

what are your thoughts?

Helga walking animation

Sat Jun 27 20:28:08 2020

decided I am not going to venture into VR chat. not in this point in time anyway. I can't really achieve this sort of quality with the version of unity that VRchat uses, and I want to make things as pretty as possible or else nah!

here is a walking animation I thought I would finish. this thing took too long as most of it was terrible trouble shooting with the animation export. with this I hope to display how my particular "ferals" are able to walk up right, if a little clumsily.

larger animation attached! output_DwWJhj.mp4 (d)

VR chat avatars.

Sat Jun 20 03:21:36 2020

Working with unity thus far I have found an interest in VR chat. I have already worked on a possible lioness model using the same quadruped base mesh (with a few modifications to keep it safe) but with cute standing animations for a more semi anthro appearance. I am still considering diving deep into VR chat and making safe avatars based on each of my characters thus far but still stuck on where I want to take things in the near future. this would of course take time away from the more hawt types of models but would personally be a fun endeavor for me. I still have a bit to learn before I make a good custom avatar but for the time being I will be considering where I want to go. I would not want to out right stop makeing nude pinups and animations but I must admit working on safe stuff has been something I have been wanting to also do.

let me know what yall think.

Shakura WIP video.

Thu Jun 18 21:46:09 2020

A quick look at my work setup and the details of the animation before post the full Gifffff.

Image also shows a look at the standing anatomy.

unknown.png LIoness.mp4 (d)

Electric problems

Sun Jun 14 18:41:31 2020

I am experiencing some rather bad power problems at the moment, ppossibility of a fire hazzard do to some water damage. By late afternoon I should have it fixed at the least but expect some delay the time being.

Helga belly rub animation

Thu Jun 11 03:51:33 2020

My first real animation. there is a little texture stretching and I feel I could of made the overall animation and setup a little better, but I think this is a good start to show off what is possible for the time being. I would love to know what you all think!

check out the higher rez video attached.

ezgif-6-33279d2d1f31.gif output_Qingdf.mp4 (d)

Helga turn table small wind sim

Sat Jun 6 02:35:56 2020

So after a long and grulling dive into unity and after spending a few coins to get the proper fur and post processing assets to achieve as much realism as I can in a real time render. here she is! helga! made in unity with some fancy new real time fur that blows in the wind.

I was SO incredibly unsure of this unity project and more than once I thought I would give up as I was not getting the results I was hoping for and thought I should just stick to normal ray traced still renders. at best I thought I would post a mediocre turn table and slowly lose interest in this new endeavor but all it took was switching from SSAO to HBAO to really make the fur Pop in such a way that really swayed me to keep going. You can see the stark contrast between the two techniques and how drastically they changed the look of the fur in the attachments. attached is also the high res video of the turntable.

I am still getting started with unity and before I move to other creatures or animations, I am going to be reworking my arkkin for something special. Untitled-1.jpg output_572er0.mp4 (d)

Important update, switching styles/learning Unity

Tue Jun 2 04:38:06 2020

I feel that I have to forgive myself for last months lack of work. I have been experimenting heavily with the idea of real time rendering for the sake of quick character pinups and animation. because of this, not to long ago I picked up Unity and thought I would try to use the tools within the program to create my creatures in real time. what really made me want to use the program was the same thing that made me switch from blender to Maya... This was a fur system, as the program gives me access to light weight fur tools with real time physics that blender did not have. I figure if I want to make good real time characters I might as well give it a try.

This is why things have been slow as of late, I have been on a crash course with unity learning the program mostly for an artistic use. to be honest, I am afraid that this venture might very well be a waste as am having trouble with the program and I fear that it might take too long before I get anything great out of the program. I only ask for your patience as I set up my first character in the program.

It is possible that I might only be able to finish at least 2 models this month as I want to take it slow getting used to this new program. I plan on finishing my female wolf helga and re making my Arkkin that I have other big plans for. I want to take this month to truly figure out if this is for me and if people like the results, if not I will go back to simple ray traced pinups.


Valencia Model turn table

Tue May 26 20:39:52 2020

I did not focus much on a pose for this particular project as I wanted to show off the whole model. this month I have been focused on learning newer practices as apposed to finishing whole projects. I am struggling to choose if I should try something new or stay on the same path with simple stills. I am just worried stuff might take to long or I might abandon projects do to failures. I really hope you can bare with me!

0102.png ezgif-4-46fc525abcd4.gif 0102.png 0055.png

New helga blend.

Sun May 24 05:46:21 2020

get it while it's hot

Helga close up fur turntable

Sun May 24 05:33:48 2020

I updated the fur to look a little better at closer viewing. the DOF made an odd shadow ring of some sort but mainly I just wanted to update the fur on Helga to show it off. AVI Attached.

Untitled-1.jpg 0001-0150.avi (d)

Helga turn table2

Thu May 21 05:02:18 2020

I wanted to further improve on the fur so this one has a much nicer tail and over all coat compared to the last turn table. I think this will be it for this model. next I want to work on my arkkin and one of my female felines and get them ready for this sort of style. this one has some bad spots but I will improve that in the future. please let me know what you think of this one!


Helga turn table gif

Mon May 18 00:27:23 2020

I feel that these renders are a lot nicer when they are turned into a turn table. a moving model makes you pay less attestation to any odd effects. I really hope you all like this turntable. technically this is a really simple animation too! I plan to work on a jaguar next and my arkkin as the next creatures to make a turn table animation into.

PLEASE let me know what you think of these moving forward. It would help a bunch to hear your thoughts!


real time helga.

Sat May 16 20:03:58 2020

I feel like I have to forgive myself for spending so long on this project, for the quality I got out of it compared to my recent renders. most of the time on this project was based on research as I wanted to learn real time rendering. sadly the current program i was using did not have the tools I need to achieve the "shell and fin" fur technique I ended up going for.

To make up for the rather mediocre still image, please take a look at the .blend file where you can see this pose in real time!

download the latest blender build to see!

I will be working on another arkkin this month for real time application AND animation, this one should be less of a hassle because no fur is involved.

untitled.png untitled.png

Project his month

Wed May 6 18:52:15 2020

was thinking of trying something new this month so there may be less renders than usual. I am experimenting with textured and polygon fur instead of millions of strands. With this I can make models that are more manageable for rendering and animation in the future. it's a new approach I want to try out, so as I experiment this month it may take a while before I am happy with a model enough to post something.

expect an arkkin as the next pinup and if things go smoothly I can redo my female wolf model in a new style.

Capture.JPG aaaa.jpg

Romeo on pole

Tue Apr 28 23:41:43 2020

Going to play around with the pole with my jag and finally my bear before giving the prop a break. I really hope you like this set of images!



Sue Andy on poll

Wed Apr 22 21:42:14 2020

a pose with the use of those dexterous finggies.


Helga on pole

Fri Apr 17 16:06:53 2020

I wanted something on a pole. I will prolly be using this for the next furry boy or girl. wanted something butt centric with the pose, but that still interacted with the poll beyond grabbing on and bending over, so this is what I came up with. I hope it does not look too odd.

Full REZ


Male Arkkin Stiff

Tue Apr 14 21:47:41 2020

learning substance painter to get much better textures for this guys scales and especially his dongle. for a first texture project in substance it's alright but I think for my next male arkkin I am going to plan things out a lot more with the base sculpt to get better defined scales. I am also going to try and make new textures for my female model that look a lot better. this one is a real big image!


Valencias Rear

Mon Apr 6 05:20:58 2020

new large female cat model, being used here for my jags new bod rendered this one real big.


Male Arkkin debut

Mon Mar 30 21:44:46 2020

here we are, the male Arkkin! want more info on these guys check the FA posts! put a lot of work on this guy, was afraid I would not have a full textured image by the end of the month but I was able to make something quick enough with pretty good textures.


Helga spread legs close up

Fri Mar 20 23:15:38 2020

I know a few people wanted this sort of close up pose so here it is. this particular Helga is using a 4leged bind pose. it actually makes the transition two standing and on fours much cleaner.

Primeleap is having an issue right now so I am just going to post the HD version here.


Plans for this month.

Sat Mar 14 20:47:12 2020

I really wanted to make a male Arkkin (cosmic dragon) creature this month but the work that is going into it is pretty time consuming. This is mostly do to having to learn even newer ways to sculpt scales and work in the z brush program. the process has had me redoing things until I get them looking proper. besides this I am redoing my female black jaguar.

My worries this month is that I might start packing to get ready to move AGAIN, and that my arkkin might take a little longer than expected, Hopefully I can finish the arkkin and have enough time to redo my black jaguar, if not I will repose a creature I already have!


Sue Andy spread close up

Mon Mar 9 23:25:36 2020

Close up render of Sue Andy the raccoon, again, I have to play around with the fur a little more to make the close up look nice. HD!


Katsumi butt shot

Mon Mar 2 22:25:22 2020

a close up of my fox character katsumi with a little bit of a themed background. the textures for her parts were not as nice as they could of been so did a little editing in Photoshop. I also reduced the noise a little with some fancy filtering.



Arkkin FDAU

Fri Feb 28 21:31:23 2020

Another of my cosmic scalie creatures! I do hope you appreciate this less than fuzzy month. I am going to try and squeeze a quick render tomorrow of something more fuzzy. I would love any thoughts as I spent a lot more on the textures of this dragon than I did the other. <HD with all the little scales.


Shukura and helga

Thu Feb 20 22:32:24 2020

I was able to render this thing but goodness was it horrible to work with. things just started chugging at some points and the renders took forever. might be the last time I do a duo until I can upgrade.

I wanted to clean this thing up but it was a pain to do so[, a little shop work was the best I can do. I still hope you like this one! I would love any thoughts!


Arkkin butt

Tue Feb 11 00:29:37 2020

A rear shot of the arkkin. I really hope y'all like this creature as I want to experiment with other textures and designs.

HD >


Anya spread on bed

Fri Feb 7 00:06:34 2020

I know I did a render of anya on a bed spread sorta like this, but this here is a closer lower angle with a little more focus on fur detail.

check out the full rez with all the deets!


Arkkin test render

Mon Feb 3 01:31:26 2020

those big ol booties belonged to this lady dragon/cat thing. can you believe it! stoked bout this model so I might just spend this month working on different iterations on these creatures in different colors and textures! I really hope you don't mind a break from the fur!


One butt 2 render engines

Mon Feb 3 01:16:05 2020

peak at the arkkin dragon creature things I am going to be working on. thought I would render her butt in two sperate programs to show the differences. top is cycles in blender and the bottom is arnold in maya.

besides the angle the lighting and textures are the same. was quite sad because I thought since I only switched to Maya because of the fur that I could try this dragon in blender but turns out Arnold has a bit more to show. easy to see how blocky the lighting is in the top image despite smoothing the normal's. the normal maps themselves are pretty flat compared to the arnold render and the color as well as the blacks are blown out despite messing with the exposure. mixing the 4 or so textures to get the skin just did not work out as well as it did in Arnold so the textures don't mix together nicely.

hopefully Arnold will come to blender sometime soon so I can switch over.

You guys interested in more musings on booty holes and render talk? might post more of these tests every now and then.


Helga with coffee

Mon Jan 27 20:56:27 2020

A bottomless pinup of helga with a little coffee cup. the turtle neck can be better, but it is quite difficult to match the form of a human built turtle neck around a doge.

This one is available HD for everyone on primeleap!


Helga POV

Sun Jan 19 23:35:48 2020

A helga POV with a focus on the legs and butt! the paws could use a little work.

check out the high rez version.


First 2D animation WIP

Wed Jan 15 01:05:19 2020

Been working on this 2D animation. would love to know what you think. its rather rough as I have been picking on it and refining it to learn as a go.

check it out.


Romeo spreading POV

Thu Jan 9 00:16:34 2020

its a lot harder to groom and make longer fur look good. I like very much how the tail and the butt and legs came out, but I can't help but feel that the clumps on the chest look a little off. funny being that things that are farther away tend to become easier to make look good as you can hide odd details with distance, yet I find the closer parts to look nicer.

I would love any thoughts. you can see the PEEN version on my primeleap!


Shukura on wall POV

Sun Jan 5 06:44:14 2020

A little afraid to do these close up shots because they can really who the imperfections in the fur groom but I think this one turned out great! I am rather happy with it. I want to work on another close up shot like this with my male wolf model. let me know what you think.

check out the full rez


New year resolutions and plans.

Wed Jan 1 16:09:38 2020

2D animation! I want to start learning 2D animation to make simple loops. I am going to be using a program I am familiar with (blender). I am thinking I can enjoy using a 3D program and still practice my 2D skills more this way.

I also plan on switching back to blender to do most of my 3D renders, I don't want to focus on any new models this year and instead fixing the ones I already have made and making them better. the only new model I have planed is the Arkkin as I want to work on a more dragon like creature. if I get inspired I might work on a new character but for the moment, I don't have any plans.

Happy new year!

katsumi on white couch.

Thu Dec 26 01:43:41 2019

I really wanted to have a rein deer done for this Christmas, but I planned to work on it on the toon style, sadly the toon style was more trouble than I thought it would be and working on learning and fixing problems with the shader took some time, and I feel like the latest renders were sub par. I decided to polish up my fox model and pose her in a diffrent way to close off this year. I want to try and squeeze in one more render before the end of the year of a current and finished model to have something extra for this months gallery, though for the most part I am taking it slow until the end of the year. really hope yall like this one!


shukura toon

Thu Dec 19 21:27:33 2019

not super happy with this one, together with the amount of time I spent on this I am disappointed with the result. this toon shader is a lot more difficult to handle than I anticipated and despite the quick render times it constantly crashes. My next reindeer project may be my last toon render project for the time being if I don't figure out how to get better results. I did fix a few things with photoshop work but I did not want to completely paint over the render as I wanted this sort of thing to be ready to animate without post work. HD.


shakura pose WIP

Tue Dec 17 22:27:19 2019

this project has been grueling but I think the worst is over. there are just many set backs to this new toon shader I have been working on, worst of being the hard crashes i experience but also, shading the real fur, not just the painted texture. most of my trouble has been blending the real fur with the textured fur. I have tried all sorts of settings and techniques but I think I have something down at last. to avoid taking to long on this project, I want to have something posted by the 20th, if something still looks odd I am going to fix it all in photoshop. sorry for the wait!



Sat Dec 14 01:33:53 2019

quick snip of my current project, had to redo the topo for my lion model and paint a new texture for her bits and all, right now I am trying my best to blend the more painty toony fur with the lion model. so far its going well.


Romeo romeo romeo

Fri Dec 6 23:31:41 2019

So this is the new style I am going to be working on from now on, and the one I might just choose to animate in the future. I really hope you all like how these came out, I wanted to make this a trio of poses being that I spent so much time getting these shaders right to get the result I wanted that I missed an image for last month.

I really hope you all like the results, I want to try this on a shorter furred character. check out the rocket versions on prime leap!


More new style work in progress.

Sat Nov 30 03:57:45 2019

This month lacked a more provocative pose and a third render, and I am sorry for that. I just have been putting most of my time figuring out this 2D 3D cell shading style I want to go for. After much experimenting I think I have something that I can get ready for early next month. This is just the beginning of a texture I am going to use for the model. I also tweaked the shader to look a little nicer.

Capture.JPG wolf.jpg

New style experiment on model!

Thu Nov 28 01:43:34 2019

I have spent alot of time figuring out how to achieve this drawing style with this 3D shader. at first I thought I would just sculpt the fur but the problem with that is in places like the tail and neck where there is a lot of thick fur, sculpted long fur would stretch and look odd. I then thought I would just use thick strands of fur however making the fur look right took quite a while and using this kind of fur all over the body on parts where the fur would be shorter looked very bad.

Now I am thinking of combining the two techniques, long strands for thick bits of fur like around the chest neck and tail and then sculpted painted fur on places where fur would be shorter. I am hoping the finished product will look seamless as I don't want the long real fur and short sculpted fur to look like separate objects, like around the face for instance.


New fur style coming soon!

Sat Nov 23 04:32:21 2019

so I spent a week modeling a wolf with sculpted fur by hand so that I could attempt a painterly render style but going back to the more famalier use of fur tools together with some shader adjustments I made a sample I really really like! the sculpted attempt I was going for I realized later on would not work with dynamic fur that needs to fall swoosh and move so it was never a great option for animation. such a style is still demanding for my hardware but 100x less hair means that animation is feasible and so are hair dynamics as well!


Anya in a hat with a drink

Tue Nov 19 03:37:57 2019

This one took so damn long, I got the pose down pretty quick but I was not happy with the fur and did multiple test renders that took me around 2 days until I got the settings down to something I liked. I still don't like the fur too much and feel like it could be better and more realistic. I had to finish this project as I was taking to dang long. I would love any thoughts!

I put a quick hat on her, thanks to the model artist here I also brought a quick flask for her to hold.

check out the full rez on prime leap


Cell shading and animation. learning something new!

Sat Nov 9 23:28:49 2019

I have been for a while interested in animation, the only thing keeping me from attempting it is how taxing animation with not just fur, but enough fur to make a creature look realistic can be. I recently got interested in cell shading and thought that do to its lack of any real fur I can attempt to first create some interesting more painterly creations and then eventually learn how to animate them. Beastars as seen in this image was a good bit of inspiration but I don't just want to specifically work on this style, I thought it best to mix my 2D and 3D art work by attempting to make painterly 3D models. At the moment I don't really know how I am going to approach and design such a thing, but I do know that my male wolf model Romeo is going to be my first candidate. I am going to take a little while to polish this style on a new romeo model before working on a render, so this project may end up taking most of this month! I will keep you all posted with WIPS!


Sue Andy standing nude

Tue Nov 5 19:12:51 2019

Freaking naked Sue Andy!


Sue Andy daisy dukes

Tue Nov 5 01:00:24 2019

Clothing is hard!

check out the full rez version, there will be a nude version soon too!


Shukura on red sheets

Sat Oct 26 21:17:12 2019

More work with fabrics, the simulation for this seemingly simple fabric took almost 2 hours as I had to drop the model on the sheet itself to more realistically have it cover her shape. I wanted this render to be a big improvement from the last Lion render, so I reworked all the fur and made a fancy Venetian blind lighting look to wash over her. I love this sort of hot spot or rim light look, like the light is coming from a window. I feel I am going to be doing this sort of lighting more often.


spooky cabbit WIP 3

Thu Oct 17 03:48:22 2019

I am so sorry, but once again, I am having trouble with this painting, I am just not feeling it. even if so far it is looking alright, I just don't have the drive to continue for too long. I just can't get myself to get into the background and picture the colors and details needed. not sure what it is. maybe since I am not used to backgrounds I simply need to work on more sketches and scraps before I really finish something. it's not that I am not happy with the image, I just don't have the drive to continue together with just not seeing what I want to put to paper so to speak.

I might work on a simple witch cabbit pinup instead,


Halloween cabbit WIP2

Wed Oct 16 02:33:55 2019

Refind the sketch much more to get a better idea of what I want to do with the image. thinking I might work on the sketch a little more tomorrow to be absolutely sure I have the image in my mind but I also want to get started painting so I don't tire of the image.


Helga on red sheets.

Tue Oct 15 01:23:55 2019 HD link

upping the complexity on my renders, fabrics are a must now! they give a simple picture with one model so much more interest without to much clutter. I increased the poly count on Helga without changing the topology much so that I could sculpt more realistic pelt folds under all the fur. the bit of scruff that flattens out under her right cheek is a good example.


Spooky cabbit WIP

Sat Oct 12 04:07:45 2019

I am afraid of this one. this is the most complex painting I have done. I am used simple pin ups but thought I would give this one more of a spook theme by having some sort of back drop. I am simply not used to more than just a model in the frame and am rather concerned that this one is going to give me a lot of trouble. more so I am worried that I might not finish this one in time for Halloween. every time I look at this I am daunted but hope if I do things little by little I can teach my mind to see what I want the image to look like. either way I hope you all like this image so far.


Skunk and raccoon scrap/Helga the wolf regroom.

Wed Oct 9 23:19:41 2019

Thought I would just finish up the skunk and racoon painting but as more of a spit paint. I put everything in one layer and filled color up quickly and messy. Not something I would put in my main gallery but thought I might as well finish this.

also redoing the groom on helga. there is some odd bug with the fur that makes the side of the face patchy if I add clumping. trying to figure out a fix.

skunk_and_racoon5.jpg Helga.jpg

Cabbit witch sketch.

Wed Oct 9 02:09:54 2019

This one is an idea so far. I want to make a painting for October of a cute spooky cabbit. this one is feeling a little iffy to me, I will keep refining this sketch until it feels right, if not I will work on a more conceptual standing pose and give this one more thought.


Baijanthi on fancy couch

Fri Oct 4 18:30:46 2019

I did not have a NSFW render of this character so I thought I would make one. I learned to use Maya's Ncloth system to make some nice royal purple velvet fabric to frame Baijanthi nicely! HD


Current WIPs

Wed Oct 2 22:48:35 2019

So these are my current WIP images for the moment. I plan on making a full render of my red panda model after a few tweaks as my first project for the month 2nd is my 3 concept paintings of my arkkin creature I will be working on to get a better idea of what I want to do with the creature. Finally it's the raccoon and skunk pinup that, honestly I have lost interest in. I have repainted and thought over the colors of this images so much that it has become not fun. I feel I have little experience with the more painterly classic look that I was going for in this particular painting and I have just lost the steam I built up for it in the beginning as I kept trying to figure out my approach. it has turned into more of a learning experience than a project I want to finish right now. sorry for those that really wanted to see the image done! I am considering working on something Halloween related this month as a painting anyway.

redpanda.jpg Arkkin.jpg Capture.PNG

Back in business. Update /future plans and streaming.

Fri Sep 27 16:42:42 2019

Im back and connected and moved to a new location, for GOOD this time! I am still settling in to this new location and there is plenty of work to do in my new home. its a bit of a fixer upper.

at the very least I am connected and free to work. During the move I had some time to consider some future plans. for the the near future, I am planning to work on a new 3D model. this one is going to be a female Cabit Cat_rabbit. I plan to work on this project on the side as I work on my current painting (skunk/racoon duo) as well a trio concept sketch of my Arkkin species that I might paint. These projects I plan to stream, for freaking FREE! In addition whenever I stream I will also be taking any questions, these can be about technique, technical questions, future projects or anything in between.

As for further in the future, I plan to learn 3D animation! Not sure if I should learn Maya or blender though. I have to think on it, and more importantly see if anyway is interested enough for me to take some time going to "school" but please let me know if anyone is interested! I might start something next year.

Duo project wip 3/ important update

Sun Sep 22 11:41:53 2019

More progress on the duo project but I once again am not feeling this particular painting. I don't know what it is. it might just be this whole move, or simply that I am not used to these sort of settings. I have some what lost interest in this particular image, and I may move on to another project if I lose enough steam.

I will be moving today! and that means I will not have connection until I get settled once again and establish connection. expect a little absence until I can get everything setup.


apologies for the lack of finished projects this month.

Fri Sep 20 02:58:28 2019

This month has been rather awful, I have not had a moment of peace since I moved to this new place and it has been effecting me greatly. before the months end I will be moving again to a more stable and private location where I can work without interruption. It is likely that I will not finish another full project before the end of the month as I just can't find the focus I need to figure out how to tackle the current more complex project. Meanwhile I will be working on a few sketches of my Arkkin creature to so that I can at least have practice.

Duo project wip 2

Thu Sep 19 03:07:44 2019

I was planing on refining the sketch even further until I was confident to paint, but I got a bit of inspiration and thought I would fill in some rough color. I really want to experiment with a cooler natural spot light and warm shadows with warm defused lighting to fill most of the scene.

I am used to looking at the color of reference images and emulating the color as best I can but with this more artsy style I have to figure out and learn how light works myself. I hope I am able to do this without much trouble. I want to finish this one this month but that may or may not happen depending how hectic this month is.


Helga on bed painting

Mon Sep 16 18:47:47 2019

I feel so off with these past few paintings, I am not sure if its because of a loss of motivations, the stress getting to me or if it's just me. I spent a good amount of time, about half a month! of time thinking this image over and redoing parts to see what I can do better and what I can learn, and yet I still feel this image lacks something and is just not up to a standard I would like it to be. I have been trying to learn from some other artists that do more elaborate paintings and emulating what they do with shade and shadow. perhaps the decision to move to more complex paintings is a little daunting for me. I still feel like its a must in order to further my art work so I tend to spend a lot of time looking at my current work and the work of other more experienced artists, such as bubblewolf.

I want to start on a duo painting this month but im afraid because I am still experimenting I might not even finish it before the months end, and that in itself stresses me out.

I did not have the momentum to work on a quick cover up for this image so i will work on a pantie versions sometime time soon to post on FA aswell. for now you can just see the high rez image on primeleap.

I still hope yall like this image anyway!


helga on bed WIP 5

Sat Sep 14 21:27:45 2019

This one is taking longer that I wanted, but this has been mostly experimentation. I am completely avoiding special brushes and experimenting with more traditional techniques. I still feel there is a bit to go.


Helga on bed painting WIP 4

Thu Sep 12 23:29:02 2019


Sue and the racoon and lady le Pew the skunk. sketch idea

Wed Sep 11 04:49:34 2019

I wanted to make a sketch for a first duo pinup, I don't plan on painting this one soon but I wanted to have something to think on and plan properly to make a great first duo pinup.


Prints still open!/I have my own small format printer!

Mon Sep 9 02:13:29 2019

A reminder that prints are ALWAYS open, Just send me a message and I will give you all the info!

25$ + 1.50 shipping for small prints. 8.5x11 (using the printer I have for that)

85$ + 5 shipping for large prints, (gotta use another printer for that)

message for more info! nude or censored artworks available!

Also if you had a problem with any prints that you ordered, let me know!

Helga on bed wip3/little update

Sun Sep 8 18:23:18 2019

I was having trouble with the fur and over all form of the character so I decided to redo the sketch as well as make the backdrop more interesting. all part of trying new things. this will be a step into trying more complex backgrounds for models so I can get used to busy scenes with lots of fabrics, and furniture, and maybe outdoor stuff playing with light. Also I could get some practice and go into group nude paintings!

UPDATE for this month. do to some unforeseen circumstances, I will be moving AGAIN. short of it is, that I have to find a new apartment because I can't live in the one im in anymore. this week will be incredibly troublesome for me as I will have to move things eventually and get set up again. IF things go smoothly next month I will not have to be away from my tablet for too long though. do to this trouble and because I want to take my work further and thus take a little more time with projects, I think I might only be able to finish 2 paintings this month at most. I hope that's alright!

I can't thank all my patrons enough, I am going through some trouble right now, but your support really makes a living possible.


Helga pinup WIP2

Wed Sep 4 15:01:24 2019

look closely and you can see the new canvas texture I am trying out for this style. this approach is something new as well, I tend to slowly build up the painting piece by piece but I want to get used to blocking in color and slowly adding detail through out. I am starting out with the backgrounds so I can get more confident with them and also get a better feel for the lighting.


Helga pinup WIP

Sun Sep 1 00:47:27 2019

A new sketch ready for a painting of Helga for next month! I want to get a few paintings of my 3D character cast done before I work on newer creatures! I worked on a new painterly brush set to once more try new techniques. I do I hope I am able to come up with something that I like more than my previous 2 paintings.


Hunter the puma on bed

Tue Aug 27 03:49:02 2019

This project turned into more of an experiment on creating a more painterly and high contrast image, I was a little disappointed at my previous lion painting as it felt very flat both in composition and lighting. with this one I attempted to try new things and if you look closely you can see the Hodge podge of different brushes that I used in random places, I am not completely happy with this image either. something about the higher angle shot not looking natural to me, like the observer would have to hover pretty high above the bed to get a proper shot from this angle. Next time my angles are going to be lower. I also hope to improve this painterly style. check him out!


UPDATE! shipped prints/shipping charges/upcoming paintings!

Mon Aug 19 19:57:34 2019

>If you were one of the few that has paid for a print, they have been shipped! as for other requests they will be printed soon. for those that are waiting, I will let you know once your prints are ready!

>Print requests are still open! the prices for smaller prints is still 25 for small prints and 80 for larger fine art prints respectively, however to pay for packaging and shipping small prints will will cost 1.50 extra for shipping with the larger prints shipped in tubes costing 5$ for shipping! this will help me pay for post and boxing! Have a request? just ask!

>I will be painting a lot more now, and for a while I think. 3D is great, but time consuming, most of the time being spent waiting for renders, that's not fun and most of my renders are lame when I have to cut back to save on time. So now most of my time will be spent on painting. I want to step up on quality and focus a little more on backgrounds and such aswell.

Shukura in aerial silks.

Sun Aug 18 23:24:41 2019

My first painting in a while! I really hope I did not lose my touch! I wanted to refine this a little more but I think this painterly style sets it apart from the 3D stuff. I used very little fancy brushes and just kept a nice chakly pastel like brush through out most of the project.

I would love to know what yall think!

HD without panties


Shukura WIP 2!

Fri Aug 16 19:07:33 2019


Shukura aerial silk WIP!

Thu Aug 15 02:41:50 2019



New topology for mid sized cat model

Mon Aug 12 21:24:37 2019

I feel its about time I once again, maybe for the 5 or something time I update the topology for some of my models. I have done so for the mid sized female cat model for characters such as Valencia the black jaguar. as you can see here that long bit of stretching skin is a new addition too the topology that should make posses where the arms go above the shoulder stretch the topology less and thus avoid ugly bold spots where the fur is thinned to much. I also upped the poly count so that I may be able to sculpt more defined muscles on my models when the put strain on a specific part of the body. I am doing this for feline models first as the shorter fur makes the underlying topology and all its flaws look more apparent.


Anya butt!

Sun Aug 11 02:33:20 2019

Next project is a painting, though I hope you enjoy this render! had to redo the fur settings for a nicer close up. I hope it looks great!

Anya_butt.jpg Anya_butt.jpg

First prints!/things to note about orders.

Sun Aug 11 00:27:17 2019

So here is a sample of some prints I just got! at the moment I have to take care of a few things yet at my new home so these are just a few orders I am getting ready, I will be printing other orders some time soon.

Just a few things to note!

>small ones are 25$ and the large one is $80

>do to the nature of the random reso of differing projects, some prints might have borders!

>final thing to note is that you have the option of having a signed print with my artist signature seen in this image! plx let me know if you want a sig!

>prints look nicer than seen here on my crappy phone camera!

20190809_163922.jpg 20190809_163922.jpg

Print updates/handling orders

Tue Aug 6 23:00:14 2019

So I have a few prints from a few patrons that have requested. at the moment what I am trying to figure out is how to properly and safely send these prints, as well as how to manage orders and payments.

For the moment I do have a few notes down but it would be very helpful if those that have requested a print leave me a message on patreon so that I can more easily manage requests in one place, as well as personally handle payment and delivery information privately. so please if you have requested an image, message me with a link of said image and I will get to you there when I can.

hopefully by the end of the month I will figure out how to handle this new endeavor. thank you!

Butt up Helga

Mon Aug 5 19:57:07 2019

Face down ass up that's the way I like to take a nice picture!

I started working on this project last month but do to all the trouble I never had a time of peace to finish it. this closer shot required a lot of tweaking of the fur and A LOT of waiting for the render. I want to start painting my lion project now that I am done with this one but I also plan on posing another model—perhaps my male lion as I messed up the file—as I work. HD link!

butt_up_helga.jpg butt_up_helga.jpg

Prints update. No limit

Sat Aug 3 07:12:17 2019

I did not think more that 3 peeps would ask for an order so quickly so I said freak it. if anyone wants a print just let me know here. just bare with me, I have to learn how to manage addresses and communication with people that want to get prints! I will make a simple list I suppose.

so a few of you asked for prints already. I will contact you via patreon to discuss further details. Feel free to ask any sort of question about prints or what sort of project you would like printed.

3 prints open!

Sat Aug 3 02:18:16 2019

So, still thinking about how I am going to handle doing my own prints, but for the time being I want to test interest and what would be a fair price. I am going to start off with 8.5 x11 prints printed from a small scale printer on gloss, but in the future I will be printing with a fancy large format printer using paint, and maybe even canvas if possible!

before I figure out how to sell these myself useing a site like etsy or perhaps my own simple site I am going to open up a first come first serve of just 3 prints at a flat 25$ starting now!

So if anyone is interested just leave me a comment and we can talk! I am not limiting to any specific pieces.

Shukura on aerial silk.

Fri Aug 2 00:08:35 2019

So this is my first sketch after a long time. I would love to know what you think of this idea and pose! I still want to refine a few things before I start painting. I still feel I need to get back into a groove so I hope this form an anatomy is good!


signed prints!/painting again!

Wed Jul 31 16:08:59 2019

Finally finally back in action and living in a new place! the time off has got me thinking and I have new plans.

I am now able to make my own high quality prints, (small and large format) thanks to a friend with some top quality hardware. Because of this I want to manage my own prints so that I can sign, and ship them myself! I want to start off small and print a few small prints of my older painted work to see if there is any interest.

This is why I would love if any of you have a particular painted image, or heck a 3D render that you might like, let me know!

personally, the idea of making prints makes painting feel a lot more gratifying for me, so because of that, I am indeed going to be painting again, starting out slow so that I can get back into the groove!

Move update. Fire.

Mon Jul 29 23:19:55 2019

Yes a few days before I am ready to move into the this new apartment there is a fire in the kitchen in the other household connected to uus. Now we have to wait for the insurance to Checkout the damage before they let us move in.

am hopeing this gets resolved soon. Thank you for sticking with me. This has been a very bad week.

Update/small break.

Thu Jul 25 22:15:37 2019

For those that have not read. this month I am moving into a new apartment and have been in the process of moving things over, except my computer so that I may work. the last of the month has been a little stressful for me, not terribly, more of an annoyance really, but just enough that I am having trouble creating anything without blanking or just outright not feeling attached to the work I am making. I feel it is an obsessive thing, like I first want to get settled in my new home before I start really working. I also feel this is sort of a new chapter for me personally and the prospect of having things changing like this (for better or worse) has me on edge.

so I think I am going to be taking it easy this last month, if only because I am drawing a blank. this means that I most likely will not finish another pose before the months end. I hope y'all understand!

still I am working and thinking up new things, namely approaching fantasy creatures. I want to try my hand at a dragon (drake style) but I also want to incorporate my Arrkin design design into this, I already have a mesh for my Arrkin but I wanted the creature to have a bit more classic dragon styling, so I am making new topology and giving the creature a more plate scale look. besides that, I have considered working on neat things like cabits!

attached is a obj file of the WIP for the new Arkkin topology, if you have any thoughts about this design or anything else let me know!

thank you all for your support!

Arkkin%20body.OBJ (d)

Baijanthi stands

Mon Jul 22 02:36:52 2019

Another standing pose for one of my characters, this one took a little longer as I had to work with completely new topology and textures as the old model was not up to the quality of my current models.

for the end of the month I am going to work on a more provocative pose as an exclusive, using one of my current and ready models. not sure what one yet but you can leave suggestions. working on anything new is just going to take to much time, and this particular Firefox demanded a lot of work.


Moving Soon!

Wed Jul 17 15:45:26 2019

Thanks to all my patrons I am finally making just enough to move out and afford to help pay rent in a nice duplex apartment. my living arrangements have always been kinda odd, living in my uncles house with gran out in the country, while my mom lives with my sis in the suburb. I usually just help pay internet and a bit of the electric bill but thanks to the continuing support of patrons I am finally moving out into a place I can help pay for myself closer to civilization. ma is also moving in with me to help a little with other expenses.

This month I will be busy getting things ready and moving things bit by bit and leaving the computer for last so I can work until l install internet over in the new apartment. Hopefully if all goes smoothly there will not be any hiccups and can find the time to finish 4 projects this month without any rush.

Romeo stands

Wed Jul 10 00:01:02 2019

This one has an erect version for patrons!


Helga standing on couch.

Fri Jul 5 20:21:33 2019

more work put into Helga here with a better groom and nicer lighting using an HDRI.

Let me know what you think!


Shukuras butt, bonus angle!

Wed Jun 26 18:06:58 2019

There is still so much to learn in order to refine the fur and over all body structure. I feel that every model is a continuing work in progress. Sort of feel that the pose here might be a little stiff and the neck a little odd, but I hope you all still like this bonus pose!


Shukura's Butt

Fri Jun 21 18:10:23 2019

Check her out! I feel the fur is a little fuzzy. it might be a sampling issue but the render was already reaching almost 2 hours! < no panties



Fri Jun 14 19:49:12 2019

Swore I was going to do this further in the future but with a little inspiration I finally decided to tackle and finish a new model for this creature!

I hope you all like it!


New Arkkin project.

Tue Jun 11 15:30:35 2019

this month might be a little slow as I finally decided to work on my Arkkin creature. new topology and a new sculpt. working on something with exposed skin is a little different and a little difficult to get right at the moment, so I will be spending a little time on this but also redoing my Lioness character!

so this is basically my attempt at a dragon (female) but with other aesthetics thrown in and my own fancy lore behind it. This is drake style dragon as i'm not to fond of four legged things with wings. might this mean a wyvern style dragon in the future if I decide to work on one? yes!

I hope any of you that more fancy something with more fur still appreciate this new model!



Katsumi the fox on fancy couch

Fri Jun 7 03:22:28 2019

Tried to finish this one quickly after a bit of a break I took. I hope this Katsumi looks even better!

I don't have any plans for new characters yet as I want to perfect what I already have, though I have thought of working on stuff without fur, perhaps a wingless dragon or something, and my Arkkin creature.

I would love any comments about what sorts of critters you want to see in the future, for now feel free to let me know what current character you would like to see redone!


Akili the lion on fancy couch!

Thu May 30 01:33:49 2019

Im doing the clothing thing again!

check out the prime leap link for the uncensored version.


Sue andy on couch

Tue May 21 22:12:19 2019

the new Sue Andy with nicer shaders and better fur. Just noticed how grey this image looks but I think it fits nicely with her fur.

please let me know what you think!


Anya on bed.

Wed May 15 21:02:10 2019 <HD

here is the new Anya in a sort of familiar pose, now with much more fancy fur. I just hope the bed sheets don't look to odd. I took a while to clean this one up a bit.

let me know your thoughts!


Lil update/ sorry for missing any comments

Sat May 11 13:53:47 2019

For this next project I am reworking Anya! you may have noticed That there is some new furniture in the last two projects I have posted. to save time and focus mainly on character design, I have been spending a little on props to give my characters more life.

Anyway, I am so sorry if I have missed any comments or questions, I don't want to ignore any one that may have questions and especially concerns but I have been having some trouble with patreons messaging system. If i missed anything PLEASE let me know here.

Also feel free to ask any other questions about upcoming projects and such. anything at all.

Romeo on fancy couch.

Wed May 8 17:53:40 2019

getting much better and still learning more! this time I figured that I was using the DOF all wrong, so now it looks much better.

I would love any thoughts! next I think I am going to be redoing Anya the bear!


Romeo groom.

Sun May 5 22:05:28 2019

he looks a little derpy in his T pose, but the groom is what I really focused on. alot of Maps used to control clump size and density. This will be my next project, after that I plan to work on Anya the bear!

Bear with me! this month has been a little busy.


Valencia on fancy couch

Mon Apr 29 20:17:02 2019

I needed to play with the shaders a bit to get shiny fur down, Arnold sure does do a better job at shiny short fur out the door but I still needed to spend time on balancing the spec to avoid any super bright and odd highlights. I am not completely happy with the spec shine here but I think its a pretty good job for the time being.

also, I started buying some props to texture myself to give my models more life! I would love any thoughts on this one, this pose is similar to an older shot of this model so I hope this is a major improvement to yall! I would love any thoughts.

check out the HD version here!


Valencia 2.0w0

Fri Apr 26 03:51:08 2019

her face can do for more work but at the moment this is just fine for a farther off shot. I really want to pose her and finish her for this month. hears hoping!


Helga rendered in arnold.

Sun Apr 21 15:24:26 2019

Finally after such a long time, I am able to bring you my first project finished in Maya and rendered in Arnold, most of my time spent on this was learning Maya and it's ins and outs. Its different from blender so I had to relearn a lot of habits. Maya and Arnold seem to be a little more intensive on my computer as well so a lot of time was also spent making it through a bunch of slow downs and crashes.

So after all this time I really hope you all think this quality is an improvement. I still think I can learn a few more things to make my work nicer, but I really wanted to get something out so that I could at least start on another project this month.

thanks for sticking with me! <HD


Helga 2.0w0

Sat Apr 13 04:59:08 2019

It was grueling but with a little crunch I was able to learn the basics of Maya and xgen to recreate the groom on Helga. I think using Maya and Arnold is definitely an improvement. I could not get this sort of fur clumping and density with blender hairs system but Xgen proved to make very complex fur patterns. Arnolds hair shader also gets into those nooks and crannies a lot nicer and give a much smoother spec.

So I do think I will be switching to Maya and giving all my current characters new life. again, I want to finish at least two projects this month, but I am still getting familiar with Maya, so sorry if things take a while. I just hope the up in quality is worth it! and with time its sure to get better from here!


Learning to use Maya.

Mon Apr 8 02:17:53 2019

I have really been wanting to use the Arnold render to get some cinema level fur for my characters. there is a plugin being worked on for blender but Its not certain when its coming out! 4 or so days ago I started using Maya and right now I am reworking Helga in Maya with a whole new fur system. if the quality of this project is better than what I already have than I will consider switching to Maya as my main software.

because I am having to learn this new program this month is going to have less projects. I aim to at least finish 2 projects In Maya. I want to take my stuff to the next level and while blender is a great program and even better in some ways than Maya, Maya's hair system and Arnold render seems to me, to be unmatched. So I hope you all will all support me as I take some time to try something new!

Here is an example of what I hope to achieve.

I do not aim for this sort of quality anytime soon but it is a goal I am working towards with my characters.

Sue Andy pillow rest

Sun Mar 31 22:19:56 2019

was able to finish this one just before the month as my 4th. Did some re grooming and tweaked the shaders some. hopefully I can have access to Arnold to make the fur look nicer on all my models by next month.


Anya sits - dark

Sat Mar 23 22:18:33 2019

This one is a smaller free-bee. just wanted to try a darker shot.


Anya sits

Fri Mar 22 16:14:22 2019

I tried to make clumping more apparent in this one. the fur might appear a little less soft and much more grizzly, but that might be the point!


Experimenting learning new stuff (Arnold render engine)

Sat Mar 16 11:54:24 2019

Recently I have not been focusing on much projects this month as at the moment I am experimenting with and Improving techniques and learning more about 3D applications and what more I can do. This desire to experiment and improve mostly came about when I started re working my jaguar model Valencia. I felt that even though the current render engine was good, and the overall result of the new fur and shaders for Valencia were pretty decent as well, I found that I hit a wall as far as realism goes with the fur. I found that this was a limit with the cycles render engine. the engine is great, but working with Valencia I found that its not particularly great at short fur compared to other engines.

So I experimented with another free engine called luxcore, again a great engine but no good shaders for smooth animal fur. Using the engine also forced me to rollback to blender 2.79 in order to use it, which caused a few bugs that made its difficult to finish a project. At this point I looked at what Arnold could do, and holy heck! Rocket raccoon, Paddington the bear, all rendered with this engine. There are two caveats though, firstly, support for blender is in beta, though I can still use it in 2.8 and the development for the engine and blender integration is going strong I am even part of a discord! Secondly, Its and industry standard render engine and its over 600 a year to get a licence!

So at the moment I am going to try the engine as a demo and get to know how all the shaders work, but I am really considering buying the engine and using it WHEN it runs smoothly on blender 2.8. I want to aim to finish at least 2 models this month (characters I already have) with cycles. I am thinking the raccoon and bear perhaps, but this month I am also considering experimenting with Arnold and tweaking and refining what I already have so I might finish the month with one render.

So anyway, just a quick announcement, so everyone knows where I am at right now. any questions and thoughts? please let me know!


Romeo standing on stool

Sun Mar 10 23:35:50 2019


I have been wanting to revisit some models to change up the fur settings and textures, I want edit another one or two models before I rework the Red panda model completely as the new model this month.


Helga butt 2

Wed Mar 6 10:56:55 2019

Another angle. this one is available for 1$ patrons In HD aswell!


Helga butt.

Wed Mar 6 00:16:23 2019

I was planing to post the red panda first this month but I thought I would post a quick pose of helga instead. sadly it was not as quick as I wanted it to be. For this particular shot I had to up the fur count considerably, which made my comp run rather slow and crash a few times during rendering. I was also having trouble making the fur clump nicely at this distance and I am still not sure if it looks it's best. I am not super happy with this image overall but I suppose I learned a few things from it.

plx let me know what you think!


Baijanthi The red panda! NEXT!

Fri Mar 1 05:25:20 2019

Next up is Baijanthi the red panda! this is technically going to be a whole new model as I scraped the old Red panda mesh to work on a new better one. this one is going to have new textures and fur and everything!

Please feel free to ask any questions about my work and any plans I might have in the future. Your feed back helps me with ideas!

Katsumi bow

Wed Feb 27 20:56:38 2019

check her out!


Akili leg stretch 2

Fri Feb 22 02:03:47 2019

Here is a second pose! the high res of this one is available for 1$ patrons as well.


Akili leg stretch.

Thu Feb 21 00:12:52 2019

check him out and all his stuff!


Akili - Anya - Maya - .blends

Wed Feb 20 23:57:00 2019 Anya the bear Maya the otter


Akili the lion + .blend files

Tue Feb 19 04:14:07 2019

At the moment I am working on Akili the lion. You can see a few Wips on the discord.

I will be uploading the .blend files for the recent projects on patreon after I am done with Akili!

Anya on belly 2

Sat Feb 16 19:10:29 2019

I thought I would make this one an exclusive image! this one is not going public anytime soon and these second angle shots will be available for 1$ patrons as well!


Anya on belly

Fri Feb 15 19:47:36 2019

check her out!


Maya the otter

Sun Feb 10 20:05:53 2019

Check her out!


Otter character WIP

Fri Feb 8 13:31:48 2019

Been taking some time on this new model. re texturing and getting the fur right. there are still many many things I need to iron out and think over. I might take a little extra time on this particular project, so sorry for the wait!


Hunter the puma .blend

Sun Feb 3 19:07:08 2019


Hunter on couch

Sat Feb 2 01:18:58 2019

a little more set dressing in the one.


Another Arkkin concept

Thu Jan 31 00:45:50 2019

Another Arkkin! I am working on a bit more lore for these critters that I want to build more on, so I hope you all find this creature interesting! I think I will be working on more 2D art of these guys. Please let me listen to your thoughts, on this bit of artwork, or the creature itself!

Check out the HD image!


Katsumi the fox!!! .Blend

Sat Jan 26 16:27:38 2019

I messed up the last post and uploaded as a vid instead of a link! this one should work!


Shukura standing

Wed Jan 23 21:41:05 2019

Another fancy standing pose!

Note. I decided to make these posts public as you need to sign up on primeleap to view the full rez anway. I did not consider would be patrons need to see the link in the first place! silly me.


Up coming projects this month.

Fri Jan 18 18:10:58 2019

I want to rework my female lion model into a standing pose for my next project. I also want to see if I can finish a female otter mesh for a new character before the end of the month!

Romeo and hunter .blend

Fri Jan 18 18:05:26 2019

first link is Romeo the wolf, second is a re upload of his pal hunter the puma.

Questions, problems, want to learn a thing? just ask!

to avoid crashes and stuff have at least 18 gigs of ram IF you want to render ALL the fur. at least 11g of Vram if you want to render that with your GPU. fur is turned off by default so most peeps with an up to date system can view the file without problems.


Romeo standing

Thu Jan 17 23:51:11 2019

in all his standing up glory.


metal Retsuko pinup.

Mon Jan 14 14:00:12 2019

Even it you might not be a fan of the anime, I hope you still appreciate a nice redpanda!I really hope this more cell shaded style is nice to the eyes too!


Sue andy the racoon and Helga .blend

Wed Jan 9 04:09:25 2019

first link is the racoon

this one is helga!

hopefully these should have the textures working!


Sue Andy on bed

Tue Jan 8 22:38:52 2019

spent a good amount of time reworking the fur color on her belly to make the fur look more coonish. wanted white strands within some darker grey fur. really hope this one looks nice to y'all as I feel the lighting might be a little flat. hope it's just me.


Helga on belly .blend

Sat Jan 5 21:02:45 2019

Dont try to render with GPU unless you have at least 12 gigs!


Helga rests on her belly.

Sat Jan 5 20:58:27 2019

for this closer shot I had to use a lot of fur to make things look nice. render itself took over 9 gigs!

please let me know what you think! would love to hear any thoughts.



Tue Jan 1 01:17:36 2019

this one is a record for me! 5 projects this month!


Shukura on bed

Mon Dec 24 00:34:30 2018

check her out and tell me what you think! I feel the lighting might be a little to hot on her mid section. added a subtle filter effect, as I felt it was to smooth.


Next model poll

Tue Dec 18 00:44:39 2018

I want to pose some of my recent models in another fancy way.

Baijanthi the redpanda would be on here but I have yet to retopologize her.

Want to suggest a creature for the next new model? please leave me some suggestions.

sigrún the reindeer.

Mon Dec 17 22:22:49 2018

Please let me know what you think, I struggled with the lighting on this one a little.


Free art streams?!/New twitch channel

Fri Dec 14 01:54:27 2018

I have a good amount of 10$ supporters yet such a small fraction of them watch the streams from that reward sooo, I was thinking, perhaps I could just make them free and leave the 10$ tier with the reward of .blend files! I would also post random youtube streams on the discord itself thus making art streams fall into the 6$ tier in a way.

I would like to know your thoughts on this.

In other news, Im making a twitch channel. nothing to do with this patreon, just thought it would be a fun thing to do.


Fri Dec 14 01:34:50 2018

Blend file for the fox project!


Streaming today!

Wed Dec 12 16:44:53 2018

I will be working on the new reindeer model! around 5PM EST

Also, I will be posting new blender files soon.


Anya on couch.

Sun Dec 9 03:23:41 2018

check her out!



Wed Dec 5 20:18:20 2018

Around 5 EST working on ANYA


Katsumi the fox

Mon Dec 3 23:41:39 2018

Check her out!


Next project

Tue Nov 27 21:49:27 2018

Still not up for making a whole new mesh, but again, I have an even toed ungulate I have in the works I will probably turn into a rein deer. I am just not sure about the design enough to turn the sculpt into a character. for now I am sticking to the topology I already have.

So here are some characters I am interested in doing again. I want to try my new shader on longer fur, so none of the felines for this project.

remember you can vote on more than one.

Hunter the puma .blend

Tue Nov 27 19:22:38 2018

Download here

Hunter the puma

Tue Nov 27 18:48:29 2018

I feel this project has the best lighting and color so far



Sat Nov 24 15:56:06 2018

Around 5PM est


Twitter/ tier update.

Thu Nov 22 15:17:25 2018

I am going to be using twitter to post random pics of my work, as I work. I figure i can more quickly post quick shots of my progress on twitter instead of having to upload on patreon every now and then. because of this the 5 dollar tier will simply be for the artwork in general but any low rez SFW screen grabs will be posted on twitter. I will post NSFW grabs of my work on here however.

Sue andy Blend file

Tue Nov 20 22:16:13 2018


Sue andy atop stool

Tue Nov 20 22:14:59 2018


Sue Andy the racoon WIP

Mon Nov 19 02:16:52 2018

This fur is my most complex yet. I am using separate hair particles to create a more realistic double coat, with a short, thick, close to the skin coat underneath and a clumpy and thin coat above. I am also using a fancy shadier trick to give each strand a variety in brightness from one and other. I want to pose and finish this tomorrow hopefully, so I can get started on the male mountain lion character.


Streaming today!

Fri Nov 16 12:37:15 2018

around 5PM EST, possibly 4 Depending.

file.1 (d)

Valincia on modern stool

Wed Nov 14 23:43:45 2018

Getting the fur right was a pain but I think I got it down alright. short fur likes to make very noisy lighting with a bunch of fireflies.


Next project

Tue Nov 13 02:13:37 2018

Just taking the runners up from the last poll. just a quick poll as I plan to do both of these this month, but which one first? both will be new characters!

Valincia and modern stool

Tue Nov 13 01:44:19 2018

I should finish this one soon. very few things I just want to think over and polish! LOOK a fancy SEAT!


New stream.

Sat Nov 10 23:10:54 2018

sorry old stream crashed.


Streaming soon.

Sat Nov 10 21:08:45 2018

I bit after 5PM EST!


Streaming tomorrow.

Fri Nov 9 22:59:43 2018

Planing to stream tomorrow around 5PM EST!

Poll ending soon

Fri Nov 9 02:06:03 2018

Poll ends in 13 hours.

Trilla the dingo .Blend

Thu Nov 8 22:58:57 2018

blend for trilla the dingo. this is on alpha blender so make sure you are up to date on the latest daily build. all textures should be packed in the file itself. (d)

Trilla the dingo on bed

Thu Nov 8 22:57:20 2018

First project of the month is done. today is the last day for the next project poll so take your pick!


Next project poll

Thu Nov 8 03:57:33 2018

Was hoping I would finish the new Dingo project today, but I am giving it more time for refinement.

I want to plan some projects ahead of time so here are a few choices. the choices with new characters might take a little more time as those require finishing up some topology. Anya and valencia also need some reworking before I start but not as much as the new characters.

Trilla the dingo WIP

Tue Nov 6 01:55:54 2018

This will not be the final pose! she is pretty much done, just have to groom the top coat a little then figure out a nice pose for her. I want to do something where she is on her belly.


Streaming 5EST

Mon Nov 5 17:06:01 2018

I will be streaming around 5EST PM

trying to finish up the textures and fur for the current dingo project. I will be working for quite a bit

if the URL does not work let me know.


New Mesh WIPS

Sun Nov 4 20:25:19 2018

an example of the changes to the new meshes. from top left right, bottom left right. female canine mesh, lion mesh, lioness mesh and male canine mesh.

as you can see I added topology for male parts as well as the paws, I also added teats for the female models.

I still have the jaguar mesh and bear mesh to finish, as well as the redpanda mesh. I will likely finish these after I finish the raccoon mesh.

for the moment I am working on the dingo project.


Starting from scratch... again.

Thu Nov 1 08:54:29 2018

I have learned quite a few things since I started 3D work, enough to see the sloppy designs in my current models toplologies, many things that make work not just less appealing but give more troubles. Among many mistakes the largest being how I made the paw-pads as a different object instead of just part of the same mesh as the body. Not only does this make things more of a hassle to work with when I have to pose, but it also makes the hand/foot paws look not so nice, and nice paw beans are important for a nice creature!

so to fix this I don't have to necessarily start from a cube and make my models anew but I do have to sculpt better paws and hands and all around better topology for a better work flow in general. this means New UV's, new textures, and re grooming the fur. so this week, I am going to spend time fixing all my old meshes, but also working on a new meshes such as a raccoon base and even toed ungulate base. I will be posting them as WIP's and put up a poll for what mesh you all want to see turned into a whole project.

So in short not really devoting time to a full project, just getting the bases for everything ready.

any questions or suggestions for projects? please share!

Helga on bed

Sun Oct 28 22:35:08 2018

Check her out!


Helga on bed WIP

Thu Oct 25 02:36:58 2018

This pose is basically done and ready to render but there are just little teeny things that bother me tremendously. I don't want to be quick to post this but I am sure that this will fit in as the 4th project of the month. I feel like going with the black sheets but wanted to show the differences.


Streaming today

Tue Oct 23 17:27:24 2018

at around 5 PM EST

I will be posing and grooming Helga on the bed prop. I might also put a little work in zbrush on the equine model I am working on. this will serve as a base to sculpt other even and odd toed ungulates.

Edit: that stream crashed


Little update/ next project

Mon Oct 22 17:13:48 2018

Going to be changing the description on my 5$ and 10$ tier, nothing to different, still same least 3 projects a month just without the sketch and tiff part. there are still going to be WIP's. for the 10$ tier I will be adding blend files as rewards now too.

as for the next project. I am going to try to render another Helga this month, this time on the bed.

Comfy zoe

Sun Oct 21 23:08:44 2018

Thankfully unlike the lion, this render did not give me to much trouble and required very little tweaking in Photoshop.


Comfy zoe WIP

Sat Oct 20 16:54:25 2018

this is just about done, she just needs a little more work done, learned I messed something up big in blender that made all my fur look thin and lack any volume. well not really my fault. turns out an important parameter that controls the tapering of the fur shaft was completely inverted or at least opposite to what was described online in the blender wiki.

I was scratching my head wondering why setting a positive value for the fur shaft shape did not have any noticeable effect on making the fur strands thicker. as it turns out I had to set the shape to a negative value unlike what was described online. by setting a positive value I was actually tapering the fur to the point where it looked not just thinner, but shorter. fur should look a lot more full now!


Akili the lion

Thu Oct 18 00:53:54 2018

This project was very very daunting and difficult. the final render of this project, I felt, was just awful and I had to tweak it alot in photoshop. his parts and rear had to be shaped by some paint as the overall render made things look flat and just not as defined as I was hoping for. the fur and muscle definition that I tried to achieve also did not look good and most of the fur on the legs had very bad patches and odd angler highlights. the amount of fur I had to render also made things very difficult as I crashed constantly. the face went through the most overpaint as I simply could not capture the subtle fur patterns around the eyes and mouth which ended up making this look fake and flat. I am hoping with the amount of paint over that I did things still look appealing! in the future if I have a go at this character again I am going to redo just about everything and render it with another render engine that does fur better.


Lion WIP

Mon Oct 15 20:24:51 2018

This was going to be a project on the side of wolverine but I think I am going to finish this up first instead. there is still a few things I want to fix in this image. sculpt a bit more muscle, give him the little tale tassel and such. the very small details I am going to finish up in photoshop

I don't have a name for this model yet.


Zoe on couch. WIP

Thu Oct 11 00:13:07 2018

Brand new zoe!


Streaming now!

Wed Oct 10 20:06:14 2018

Now! streaming now!

furring the Zoe the wolverine!

file.2 (d)

Arkkin 3D

Mon Oct 8 01:00:21 2018

This one is not a specific arkkin. more of a concept really, I wanted a blank setting as I don't know how I want to size these creatures, I know I want them big but not sure how big. I put a lot more Photoshop work in this one than my previous projects as I had a hard time getting the textures right. Tell me what you think about this thingy!

get the High rez image on prime leap.


Arkkin WIP 2

Fri Oct 5 02:04:40 2018

the whole body is covered in texture maps so she is basically ready to pose. there are just a few things that need to be tidied up and fixed before I do so however.

please let me know what you think! any questions about this weirdo looking thing? I would love to answer!


Arkkin WIP

Thu Oct 4 01:52:29 2018

I did not plan on working on the arkkin anytime soon, but I already had it rigged. I was really just worried that textureing skin might be a little bit of a challenge, and I also was not sure if what I had in mind for the species design and skin was what I was going to stick with in the future. I figure the latest painting was enough to go off though.

let me know what you think so far!


Romeo on couch.

Wed Oct 3 01:41:56 2018

I think this is my best work so far.

Full rez here!


Romeo on couch WIP

Mon Oct 1 01:53:25 2018

Took a bit of a break for these last few days, just to freshen up and think so forgive the wait. This project should be done pretty quickly as the fur is set up. just needs to be groomed and lit nicely. I have to find a nice pose for him too and sculpt any parts that look odd.


Up coming projects and .Blend uploads

Thu Sep 27 00:35:31 2018

because I jumped the gun and used all my projects with the newest alpha version of blender, anything that involves reworking topology, is rather broken.I also can't import Meshs from zbrush (the program I use to make new species and meshes) into blender smoothly.

because of this I don't want to tackle any new species as active projects, even though I do have a raccoon and otter in the works, including my dragon looking alien thing "The Arkkin"

I think I got over the learning curve of this program pretty quickly but there is still a lot to learn before I develop a rythem so if my uploads feel oddy spaced, I am sorry for that. I really do hope I am providing as much work as you expect!

I would like to make as much sorts of critters as I can, but of course starting from a new mesh and texture is a lot more time consuming than setting up, lighting and grooming an already made model. even so, besides carnivora I have ideas for stuff like ungulates and perhaps a few reptiles in mind for the future!

as for the blender files available for 10$ patrons (or peeps that just really want them) I don't want to post them now as they would just be a buggy mess. though if anyone really wants a peek at a file just let me know!


-Alpha blender was a mistake
-No new models soon
-hope I am providing enough work
-I am thinking of making more critters besides mammalian carnivora for the future.
-blend files will be posted once 2.8's release.

Shukura crawling on couch.

Tue Sep 25 02:28:58 2018

check her out


shukura over couch WIP

Sat Sep 22 19:13:41 2018

I was planing on working on a new model, but felt that I had to redo some mistakes on old meshes. because of this models like the badger and bear had to be redone with new UV's and textures. thought I would again instead redo models I already had and make them better.

sorry if this month seems a little slow. just feeling a little overworked from other things besides my artwork.

this project still needs some work so parts that are lacking like on her rear bits are going to be refined in photoshop


European badger WIP

Tue Sep 18 21:24:52 2018

My next project, things have been going a little slow as this version of blender is giving me a a lot of trouble. my fault.

I am also working on other meshes on the side. namely a raccoon and otter mesh.


Helga on couch.

Sat Sep 15 22:37:42 2018

Full image on primeleap!!!

let me know what you think.


Helga resting on couch WIP

Fri Sep 14 03:21:20 2018

here is the over all idea with some simple environment lighting. I have to change up the lighting and dress the scene a little more. I want to do very slight adjustments to the couch and pose. also might groom her a bit more.

let me know what you think!


Red panda .blend

Wed Sep 12 20:59:12 2018

Going to be sharing my blender files.

3 things to note

>these downloads will be a new addition to the 10$ tier. though you can just ask for them for free if you really want too toy around with the file

>these files are from blender 2.8, still super unstable and buggy

>alot of these projects are updated every now and then, so what you see in this file is prolly going to be out of date at some time. (d)

Helga New fur WIP

Wed Sep 12 13:26:09 2018

Using what I learned to update the fur on my wolf model. still needs a little work. This is not the final pose, just there to illustrate the difference between old and new.

let me know what you think! check out the older image and tell me if this one is better!



Sun Sep 9 20:13:44 2018

Full rez image now on my primeleap!


Red Panda WIP 3

Thu Sep 6 21:32:54 2018

over all pose I am going for. rather inexpressive face and simple lighting right now. also have to work on the paws and give that couch a little give.

would love any thoughts.


This months projects plans.

Thu Sep 6 14:11:41 2018

I have been working and reworking my current red panda model, often scraping textures and fur work to figure out the best ways to create much more realistic fur. needless to say, I am taking a bit to complete this project. I don't want to do less that 3 projects this month and I am still aiming for 4. because of this it is likely that after this new red panda model, I will be working on new poses and fur for models I already have. I aim to revamp the wolf, bear, and lioness.

so sorry for the wait!

if you have ANY thoughts about my current projects or posses and future species you might like to see PLEASE let me know. talk to me.

Red Panda WIP 2

Tue Sep 4 05:08:13 2018

This one is difficult. I have the fur ready for the whole body but I still need to mess with the fur settings to get something I like. I might mess around with the shape of the mesh underneath too. thinking Il fatten up the hand paws a little. not really sure.

let me know what you think!


Red panda WIP

Sat Sep 1 23:00:52 2018

The face and neck for for the red panda is done. her overall textures are just about done too.

I just streamed this one! so if you are a 6$ patron you can check that stream out.


Streaming today.

Sat Sep 1 15:35:29 2018

Around 4PM EST.


Streaming tomorrow!

Sat Sep 1 00:28:34 2018

Around 4pm est I will be streaming work on the red panda project! first stream of my 3D work!

Primeleap Q&A

Fri Aug 31 13:00:14 2018

Any one have any questions and concerns about Primeleap let me know in the comments or send me a message.

Red panda! next model

Fri Aug 31 00:04:52 2018

Next model is going to be a red panda. I am really thinking about what to do with the size of this model. as I enjoy keeping the creatures overall look and anatomy, I am considering how small I am going to make this model. Red pandas are small creatures so I aiming for something around 2 and a half feet.

Thing is I usually draw these critters on backgrounds that make their size ambiguous, but I plan on using measurements and reusing the couch in my previous image to really show the size of the model.

Let me know what you think!

Valencia The jaguar, on couch

Wed Aug 29 22:51:24 2018

last image for the month is finished, you can view the image on primeleap now! if you haven't already, its free sign up.

Valencia 2 WIP#3/ reworking this project

Sun Aug 26 20:12:16 2018

This would be my final render (sans Photoshop work) but I am just not happy with this at all. short hair is proving a great hassle to pull off and I don't just want to fix it all in photoshop without understanding how to properly get the effect I am looking for. I would like to take the rest of this month to rework the fur shaders and lighting completely. the fur is just not as physicaly accurate as I would like and everything looks blotchy.

Might not finish this image by the end of the month like I planed :/

once again, I would like to remind that the final image will be available on primeleap when its done!


Valencia 2 WIP#2

Sat Aug 25 01:12:30 2018

Still going to be posting work in progress images here!

going for a better angle, need to frame and work on the shader as well as the lighting and texture for the foot paws.


Important announcement!

Fri Aug 24 14:11:23 2018

A site dedicated to posting and cataloging patreon content has recently ripped my work. I usually don't much worry about chans posting some early work as I understand that sometimes it can't be helped if digital content it leaked, but this particular site encourages and is built around a community of people who actively seek out patrons to rip content from. more despicable is that the site owner profits from the site.

now again, I am pretty lax about finding my early art on chans as, once more, it often can't be helped, but the fact that this particular site is profiting off other peoples work as well as building incentive to actively rip work buy using a "most requested" system under the guise of some backwards ethical standard of "not having to be forced to pay" is another matter.

because of this I will be using a 3rd party to post my content called primeleap, a rather new service for artists. instead of posting my artwork directly to patreon I will be posting links to my work hosted by this site. the site requires a sign up but but I hope that is not to much trouble.

Valencia 2 WIP

Thu Aug 23 23:55:12 2018

low rez render, still very messy on the deets but I should finish this before the end of the month. feel like I need to fix the overall shape and comb job but what I really want to fix is how her weight reacts with the couch. Valencia is a big ol jaguar around 180lb surely, but its all muscle. the couch might have to need a little more give.



Sun Aug 19 22:28:42 2018

I think I finally have a hair shader that I am really happy with, I had to do only minimal tweaks to the render.

Romeo_wolf.jpg Romeo%20wolf.tif (d)

Wolf WIP2

Sat Aug 18 00:59:46 2018

Low rez render. I need to fix a few patches of missing fur and play around with the lighting a little more, but this should be the final pose!


Male wolf WIP1

Thu Aug 16 17:04:52 2018

My first good boi in blender.



Mon Aug 13 23:54:06 2018

Zoe the wolverine!

please let me know what you think!

Zoe.jpg wolvarine2.tif (d)

Wolvarine WIP 3

Sun Aug 12 23:52:04 2018

Just about the final pose, I still want to fix the composition of the pillows and very slight tweaks to the fur and pose. parts like the rear end where there is a pink smear is do to the hairs picking up the pink color underneath so I have to make a separate texture for the fur.

I also need to do compositing after this and tweak some things in Photoshop.

still no name for her! feel free to give some ideas for this model. My idea is that she is Canadian.


Wolverine WIP 2!

Sun Aug 12 01:55:35 2018

Still no name for this model but the fur is done! fur still needs a little tweaking as well as the texture, but other then that I mostly have to set up the pose and lighting and figure out a good angle that does not make this particular pose look to wonky.


Wolverine WIP1

Thu Aug 9 20:41:41 2018

Render of the face and neck fur with a simple sun lamp.

I don't have a name for this model yet.



Sun Aug 5 23:57:44 2018

Shukura the lion! This one here has a little more CG in it and only very little edits in Photoshop. I wanted to add only a small amount of edits to see if people like the the raw renders underneath.

I would love any thoughts you might have! any ideas welcome.

my next project is going to be a wolverine!


lioness WIP

Thu Aug 2 14:24:21 2018

As of yet unnamed lioness. struggling a little with the exposure and I also have to really fix the deformations on this pose as a lot of it looks wonky. the fur is also on this model but it need more combing to look nicer.


Otter base

Tue Jul 31 13:21:37 2018

So I was going to work on a wolverine but for whatever reason felt like makeing an otter. this is still very much a WIP and was re purposed from the bear, hence the big claws still being there. this base will then be turned into a wolverine. way I see it there are two type of mustelids slinky and stout, I wanted to get slinky out of the way but I may still want to slink her up a bit.

Also as a change of plans, since I already have a big cat base that is rigged in blender, the next project will be a lion instead of a wolverine.



Sun Jul 29 14:53:41 2018

Anya is done. I learned alot about texturing hair from this, but the final render was still not completely how I wanted it to be. I feel like I have a ways to go before I perfect fur rendering. I made like 10 or so renders of different fur styles and shaders and was planing to do more, but as I was coming around the end of the month I thought I would just iron out whatever was bleh in Photoshop. so here she is. hope you all like it!

next model is going to be a wolverine.


Anya The grizzly WIP5

Fri Jul 27 01:57:21 2018

I planned to finish this at least 2 days ago but there are things about the processes that I am using and the over all render of the image that I am just not happy with. I want to take some more time to tweak things. this particular render took a little over an hour I then added some tweaking in photoshop.

Next project after this will be a wolverine, I want to make a few female bases before I work on males so the boys will be made a in the future.


Anya The grizzly WIP3

Mon Jul 23 01:09:25 2018

A quick view port render, not the final pose or texture. I am a little unsure about this one so far. I am just not completely happy with how it looks. Il keep giving it a little work until I figure out what I don't like.

let me know what you think!


Anya The grizzly WIP2

Fri Jul 20 04:11:36 2018

A simple pose, and some quick lighting. the texturing and coloring need some work as well as the fur needing more combing and hair editing. Still want to refine everything before a final pose.


Anya The grizzly WIP1

Tue Jul 17 00:54:07 2018

Bit of sloppy texturing and some fur that needs a little work. this is my next model!

I would like to remind everyone that my fund raiser for computer parts is still on going, I am a little more than half way there. these upgrades will see to it that I have less trouble making these renders.

Consider donating!




Sat Jul 14 23:58:43 2018

Shes done! this is mostly 3D with a little editing in Photoshop to fix some stuff that was wonky.

Tried to put in a blend file but it seems a little to large. I have to figure out where I can place them.

let me know what you think!


Helga WIP 4

Fri Jul 13 05:32:42 2018

Started texturing her, I felt another low reso image on the side would not be to exiting of a change, as the changes from far at such a low resolution don't look to different, so here is a nice render of her butt.

EDIT. added the FACE!

There are still a few problems with the seams I have to fix but the actual pinups are not going to be this up close at such an angle in their final renders so those seams should not be too apparent. anything that does not look right I will fix up in Photoshop.

I reckon I could finish this up tommrow.

I would love to know what you think!


Helga WIP 3

Thu Jul 12 03:03:49 2018

Mostly combed the hair and started to add a very subtle texture for the hair. the fur still needs some grooming.


Helga WIP2

Tue Jul 10 23:21:15 2018

Thanks to y'all and your donations, hair like this is much smoother to do and less time consuming to render. the fund raiser is still going but even with a little over half the funds I was able to get a good GPU to increase the work speed of my 3D artwork significantly. This fur needs to edited just a little more, so if parts seem patchy that's because I have yet too tweak those spots. also no texture on the fur itself yet so don't expect the fur to be so uniform and the face to be so blank in the final product.


Helga WIP1

Sat Jul 7 21:59:10 2018

Matilda is going to be a wolf perhaps black or white, not really sure yet. this is the rough pose and render but I want to shape up the muscles a little more before I start the process of adding fur and such.



Thu Jul 5 23:58:13 2018

Woot, done! and pretty quick too. I hope people like this, I aim to work on more.

Still figuring out how to apply this technique with longer furred creatures but for now I am very happy with how it turned out on this model.

Jag3.jpg Jag3.tif (d)


Thu Jul 5 18:54:49 2018

At 5 EST


Valencia WIP2

Wed Jul 4 22:37:40 2018

Spent some time today redoing some topology on my canine model, but gave her a little work as well. Going to stream some work tomorrow. at the rate this one's going I might be able to finish this on a stream tomorrow, if not finish a good chunk of it.


Valencia WIP1

Tue Jul 3 19:22:55 2018

Here is the beginning of my first indevevour into this technique. though I did edit the dingo render with Photoshop, it was only very slightly. with this project I plan to use painting a lot more. composition and shape is out of the way, so is the lighting, now I have to spend the rest of the project texturing with brushes and changing the shape where things are not as they should be. added a subtle filter to start things off more painterly

I fear that this technique may not be well received as much but I really want to see if I can make something amazing with this technique that people will love. my goal with this is to create even more realistic creatures of better quality and in half the time.

This is my second named model. Valencia the brazilian black jaguar.

I would love to hear any thoughts, especially on this new direction in my work.


Next project.

Tue Jul 3 00:37:25 2018

For my next project I plan on doing something I considered for a while outside pure 3D. I want to make a simple model with simple textures and lighting and add more painterly textures and details in photoshop.

I might make this my style if I am able to come up with something really good. If all goes well this next project should look much like my current work and perhaps alot more realistic.


Fri Jun 29 22:23:15 2018

Haida!. As I said tried to use less special brushes and focus more on lighting. this one is alot more painterly than most of my images but it fits for this character I think,

Hyena7.jpg Hyena7.tif (d)

Streaming today

Fri Jun 29 11:52:43 2018

430 EST

final stream for this project!


Haida WIP 4

Wed Jun 27 00:01:58 2018

One more stream should finish this. if I dont stream tomorrow il finish it the next day. might make room for another rough sketch this month.



Tue Jun 26 13:52:15 2018

4:30 EST


Haida WIP 3

Sun Jun 24 23:50:29 2018

Im am changing up my style, trying to avoid using fancy fur brushes to much and instead using simple chalk and pastel brushs. focusing more on lighting this time.



Sun Jun 24 16:22:47 2018

Around 4:30 EST


Streaming tomorrow!

Sat Jun 23 23:05:30 2018

Heads up for another stream tomorrow! going to put a lot of work in to finish this project this month.

Trilla the dingo 2

Fri Jun 22 23:08:29 2018

A nice combination of CGI and some Photoshop polish. the render itself was pretty meh considering the textures where not as good as they could be, but after some tweaking with paint I think I came up with a style I rather love.

I think this is good work for this month when it comes to CGI so now its time to focus on my final painting for this month.

this image is coming out public to draw a little more attention to my fund raiser. credit to the person that helped me render is going to be on FA!

please let me know if you like this and consider donating to my go fund me


Haida WIP2 final sketch

Thu Jun 21 23:14:18 2018

Next is color!



Thu Jun 21 20:04:41 2018

starting up a stream in about a half hour.


streaming tomorrow.

Thu Jun 21 01:26:59 2018

I plan to stream tomorrow and get some work done on the hyena!

Around 430 EST.

Haida WIP1

Tue Jun 19 02:11:25 2018

Rough sketch so far, I tried to stream this one but I just could not find the confidence to finish this in the stream. it felt like I was sketching for the first time. been feeling like that for a while but it has to pass sometime soon. This image is warming up to me so that's good.

anyway, this was just going to be a hyena with a work shirt and tie but I really like where I am going with the face and eyes and I really get the feel for the character Haida in there so far. going to sketch the shirt next I just have the body here to get a feel for the form.


A little break.

Sun Jun 17 18:26:22 2018

I have been taking a small break from painting as of late. I just don't have the passion to paint at the moment and my newer venture into 3D artwork has made me give less attention to painting. I am just so infatuated with what I learned from 3D artwork that I have spent whole days working on models and textures and the like instead of painting. I wanted to say this for a while now but was a little afraid to mention it in fear that I might lose support. I have the current hyena on the back burner but have not felt strongly about it, or at least not as strongly as my current 3D projects. A jaguar as well as a lion mesh to follow.

I still want to finish the male hyena painting before the end of the month but progress will be slower than usual. till then I hope to have a render for this jaguar ready soon as well.


Thu Jun 14 17:43:30 2018

5:00 EST

going to be finishing up the sketch but also hopefully figure out most of the color.


Streaming tomorrow!

Thu Jun 14 01:28:37 2018

I will be doing a live stream of this male hyena tomorrow. remember live streams are kept in an archive and are accessible for the 6$ tier so give them a look if you are curious how I work.

Next painting, male hyena

Tue Jun 12 19:15:40 2018

Next image of this month is a male hyena. as I said I am doing at least 2 images a month to make room for my 3D work. I aim for an increase in quality to make up for that and I hope that's enough art to satisfy all my patrons!

This will be a model on his back with an open white work shirt and tie. I plan on making it more of an archetype of haida from aggressive retsuko instead of the character himself, hence the white work shirt. a cute chill 9 to 5 office worker with a pretty swell dink,

Musk Deer

Sun Jun 10 23:38:21 2018

Musk_deer.jpg Musk%20deer.tif (d)

Streaming today!

Sun Jun 10 15:56:28 2018

4:30 EST

Going to finish up the deer! join me!


My GoFundMe!

Sun Jun 10 01:19:43 2018

The link to my Go FundMe. Thought I would make it sooner than later.

Thank you all!

Trilla the dingo. stalking.

Sat Jun 9 20:56:27 2018

A rather rough render as the fingers are not posed or rigged. this image serves as a public promotional to show what I can do and what else is expected in future. I plan to make a fundraiser soon.


Fund Raiser!

Sat Jun 9 18:15:22 2018

My new interest in 3D modeling and artwork has been growing, but my machine has hit the roof. I tend to not mind the often slow and stuttering work flow I have been getting, but it has reached the point where my computer just quits and often times I lose progress as well as time.

I want to make a fundraiser for new computer parts to fix these troubles. A good CPU and GPU will do. I aim for a goal 1000$ together with my savings to pay for something high end to help with rendering. before I start the fundraiser I want to gauge interest, but also post another more provactive render to show what I can do. that's coming soon.

Any way please let me know what you think!

Musk deer WIP3

Fri Jun 8 23:28:13 2018

Might be able to finish the tomorrow.


Streaming today!

Fri Jun 8 15:53:31 2018

4:30 EST!


Musk deer WIP2

Wed Jun 6 23:14:37 2018

Felt a little slow when I started painting the face. I hope things will go quicker once I get to the butt and the background.


Streaming today!

Wed Jun 6 15:16:59 2018

around 4:30 EST


Musk deer WIP1

Tue Jun 5 03:54:19 2018

Wanted to try a pretty tight pose. having trouble with the bottom leg and the overall form. something just does not seem right. These types of deer have very long legs relative to their front legs so I thought showing a nice stretched leg off would be nice. yet to have drawn the tail here.

let me know what you think!


Musk Deer > next image <

Sun Jun 3 18:37:20 2018

Next image is a musk deer!

Spectacled bear

Thu May 31 22:23:04 2018

Finished, and just before the months end.

hope you like.

specticled_bear.jpg specticled%20bear.tif (d)


Thu May 31 19:15:15 2018

Stream starts around 5PM EST, going to finish the bear project!


spectacled bear WIP 5

Tue May 29 22:45:57 2018

Making good time with this one. I am sure to finish it before the months end.



Tue May 29 20:33:55 2018

join me.



Tue May 29 05:48:43 2018

Tuesday. today. 4:00 PM EST

missed a day of work today on the bear so I am going to take these last days of the month to finish her up on some streams.

spectacled bear WIP 4

Mon May 28 00:26:53 2018



Sun May 27 17:49:04 2018

stream starts today around 530 PM est


spectacled bear WIP 3

Sat May 26 01:02:08 2018



Fri May 25 21:45:28 2018

stream starts 6:30 EST


BUTT render.

Fri May 25 07:17:41 2018

Most of this month's work has gone too learning and working on this 3D model. I added the spec maps on the skin to make her parts less flat. textures here all hand painted, the rest of the legs are black because I have not finished the texture for the whole model yet.

Wanted to post a quick render of the intimates. rather happy with how it came out and I hope this makes the long wait beetween my art WIP's worth it.

going to put a pause on this project while I finish my current 2D project for the month

I would love to listen to any thoughts patrons might have. please take a look at the other renders of the face and body and tell me if you would like to see this model posed and alive sometime!


Sorry for the delay.

Fri May 25 01:45:06 2018

I feel this month has not been as productive as it could of been besides whatever hardware problems I had, I feel I went too head first into working on something far removed from this patreons original intention (that being the 3D art work) I do not like the idea of under performing and not reaching at least the minimum amount of images I promise a month. I said I would stream twice and twice i missed a day but this next stream will be coming up tomorrow. I still aim to complete a second image for the end of the month.

If this image happens to be finished just an hour after the months end it's free.

Dingo, render eye close up.

Thu May 24 05:05:07 2018

made the eyes tonight. wanted to show what it looks like.


Dingo face. fur test render.

Thu May 24 00:45:36 2018

I was going to do a little work today on the spectecled bear, but I spent last night worrying about whatever challenges I might encounter with fur and rendering on the dingo. It's silly, but I was hyped to render fur that I made myself, but was afraid that my expectations and excitement might be broken once the render came out looking like an old carpet. thankfully that was not the case! after watching a few vids and further learning a few things about blender and 3D stuff in general I came up with this pretty sweet render.

Yes. no eyes, but I will be working on those soon enough. also have to work on the ear fluff and speculer highlights on the lips and nose. The body and hand remain to be seen.

I would love to hear what you all think about this so far! I will give the bear some attention tomorrow on a stream!


spectacled bear WIP2

Wed May 23 01:59:20 2018

Thinking I am going to edit the face just a little before painting. not happy with it just yet. tomorrow I plan on another stream to!



Tue May 22 21:43:32 2018

6:30 PM EST.

Going to finish up the sketch.


spectacled bear WIP1

Tue May 22 00:13:18 2018

The rough sketch, I plan to give her a happy expression with a little teeth. I also plan to stream more progress tomorrow!


Next project/Future goals

Sun May 20 12:38:27 2018

Next project I plan on working on some sort of bear, female. Im thinking about working on a smaller species such as a black or sun.

I am going to be working in tandom every now and then with my current 3D project, so I should be done around the end of the month with the bear.

On to future goals. I have been further considering where to go with my work once I really get a hang of 3D, and its very possible that I might stick mostly to 3D in the near future and likely do more concept art style stylistic images instead of highly detailed 2D renders. IF, that is IF, the 3D projects I am working on now is of good quality and is liked aswell. I plan to mix my photoshop work with my 3D work if that is the case and edit alot of what I do in 3D with brushes in photoshop to keep with the style I already have

My real goal is to eventually make a model monthly, that I can pose multiple times in many ways in a photo shoot style setting I would model as well. With that I even considered to give models their own names and expand further on their character.

this is mostly expectations for now, im still very unsure where to take all this. whatever I might do, I will assure, great quality as always! As an example, this is what I aim to achieve in my 3D artwork.

if you have any thoughts let me know.

Dingo, test render.

Sun May 20 07:03:34 2018

Just a test render, the final product should look way nicer than this. This is 10% of what has to be done. the fur texture here only has color data, its still missing glossiness and depth to actually make the fur stand out. I have to work on a normal and speculator map for that but not before I finish texturing the whole body in the first place.I then have to go in there and add loose geometry to make her appear more fuzzy and less flat around the edges. its all going to be hand painted textures so i hope this builds up to look alot like the art I already do.


American Badger

Fri May 18 23:13:22 2018

The cutest patootest cuddle bean.

check the stream of me finishing her up.

USA_badger.jpg USA%20badger.tif (d)

3D art interest poll

Fri May 18 18:27:45 2018

My sudden infatuation with 3D programs and art and the time I have spent on them has had me a little worried as too what patrons think of the sudden switch of work. this poll is just to gauge interest in 3D artwork

Thing is, I have been considering switching to mostly 3D artwork with hand painted textures. I feel I can work on a model a month and get them set to pose in any way one wishes. This may again rip into my 2D art time. I do plan on keeping the same style in my current art in my 3D artwork, and make my 3D art look alot like my current art by using the same techniques I use for texturing and lighting.. It still remains to be seen however, as the current dingo project need to be done.

please leave comments if you have any.


Fri May 18 16:57:16 2018

Stream starts at 5EST


Dingo high ploy bust and body texture

Fri May 18 15:20:15 2018

I am doing alot more work on this and getting a lot farther than I thought I would. both blender and Zbrush have been some what of a breeze to learn and the prospect off all the new things I can do with a fully textured 3D model exite me. I really want to forgive myself if any patrons expected more work on 2D artwork this month, or atleast more focus, but I have had a big spark of inspiration and really aim to get this lady articulated and textured before the end of the month. Maybe even in a nice pose and setting.

I would love to hear any thoughts bout this project, in the start I though it would be more of a side project, but this is taking the front of my time so far.I hope yall are as exited as I am!


Streaming tomorrow!/ 3D stuff update.

Fri May 18 01:06:38 2018

Going to finish my badger project tomorrow on a stream, might of done things a little quicker this month with more projects, but spent a lot of time learning the programs, good news is I found some one that may be interested in helping me out with my 3D projects, so I might just save a little time with that.

Going to start a stream around 4EST or 5EST depending.

American badger WIP6

Thu May 17 01:18:59 2018


American badger WIP5

Tue May 15 01:40:43 2018

I want to fix the feat a little.


Low poly Mesh

Mon May 14 14:01:05 2018

My on going project/learning work. This is proving to be a crazy challenge. The model without textures looks alright but I dread what it might look like once I texture it (and even attempt to pose it), whatever method I might use. not sure if that is going to be anytime soon however. I might feel more confident if I find other 3D artists to help me out. Going to change this from a Jackal to a dingo as the fur is alot simpler, and I don't plan to use fancy hair particals and instead go for low poly PNG fur textures.

Not confident I will finish this this month, next month, or the month after that, though If I am able to I will, again I am going more to school with this project than actually trying to finish it.


American badger WIP4

Sat May 12 01:02:30 2018

Spent alot of today practicing 3D stuff, so spent some time tonight to get a feel for the rest of this image and keep the momentum on this badger.


Jackal mesh

Fri May 11 20:37:04 2018

Been working on this jackal mesh little by little on Zbrush while I get used to blender. bottom most image is an attempt at a simple sloppy pose done without a rig (I just moved the mesh around a bit) to see how viable a semi-anthro mesh is as a character model you can actually rig.

The way the forward swept shoulder blades are placed makes the range of motion kinda wonky and its easy to get ugly clipping polygons. The butt seems to pose rather nicely though. My biggist fear is that I work on this model, texture all the fur in blender only to have a stiff realistic looking render that you can't even pose, but Im sure that's a silly thought. pose on the bottom is pretty half assed and its not too bad.


American badger WIP3

Fri May 11 02:45:45 2018

so long.


Streaming 6:30 EST

Thu May 10 21:46:17 2018

join me!


Back/New plans and projects, let me know what you think.

Thu May 10 02:03:57 2018

So hopefully this is the last bit of trouble I have for a while. With my time off I have considered this for a while, and I really want to go into 3D modeling, this of course means that I have to dedicate time to learning and working on projects outside Photoshop in other 3D programs, namely blender and Zbrush. because of this I plan to reduce my monthly project aim by 2 full projects a month as apposed to 3.

So what do I plan to work on exactly in 3D? for now, mostly character models, no rigging no animation. I am aiming to create realistic semi-anthro (fully furred) character models that in the future I can pose and give nice scenes to. I want to focus on models mostly so I aim to find a partner to help with rigging and animation in the future. if all goes well perhaps animations, and yes of the XXX variety. for now I want to start small. Just a heads up.

rewards are all the same, While I will be posting WIPs on FA and other sites, the images of sculpts from angles that show intimate parts will be available for 5$ patrons. I will also be streaming work every now and them in the respective 3D program.

Please let me know what you think about this new endevour! A stream of the current badger image will be streaming tomorrow,

Computer troble again

Tue May 8 22:55:08 2018

This is the third Psu that broke and this one only lasted a day before the inside popped loudly. I dont know what to make of this string but even if i get a new Psu today i am not going to start my computer untill i get to the source of this problem.

I am very sorry about this i planed to work on a good amount of images and to show some more progress on 3d content but things are just not going my wa this month.

Streaming today!

Tue May 8 17:14:03 2018

Around 5:00 EST!

Back up and running.

Tue May 8 01:51:58 2018

Was able to replace my PSU today, thanks to your patronage, it did not cost me much! Also, thankfully that's all that got fried. Going to be doing a stream tomorrow and spend some time on the sketch and painting of the current badger project. was afraid this problem would be worse but for now its mostly resolved until I can figure out whats casueing the surging on my machine. going to aim for 3 projects this month.

Computer trouble.

Mon May 7 15:04:20 2018

My computer wont turn on. I dont really know why but i assume its the power supply as i dont even get lights. This supply is hardly two months old and i am stressed that if i replace it again my computer still wont turn on because of some other broken part. Then it would just be a waste of time and money.

I am incredibly stressed in general but either way i plan to rplace the part tommrow if not today. Expect a small hiatus but most likely il get just 2 projects done this month. I am very sorry.

canine semi-anthro 3d base sculpt WIP

Sun May 6 22:58:12 2018

Just to announce some new endeavors I am going to be working on, I do not plan on working on 3D variations of my artwork in fully possed and textured renders of nice scenes any time soon (Even though I thought about it) but instead for the time being I am an interested in making rig-able base models for animators to use.

for now its more of a curiosity but I would definitely want to see something like this textured posed or animated. Have to figure where to go from here and what to learn to turn something like this into a super real doggo render.

but that's not any time soon, I want to keep learning, but I also don't want to take time away from my 2d art.


American badge WIP2

Sun May 6 22:47:09 2018

this is the last general pose I am going with, I am streaming after this and cleaning up the lines a little but I will be painting too. forgive any delays, I have been working on a side project that I will be posting a little of after this.

let me know what you think of the pose!


American badger WIP1

Sat May 5 00:28:24 2018

Not to happy with the sketch so far. don't like the body or head to much. I am likely to change this a good bit. sorry for taking a while to post a sketch I have been working on SECRET projects on the side.


Female american badger up next.

Wed May 2 22:14:32 2018

Next up is a female badger, will most likely be on her back with her belly up.


Tue May 1 01:25:46 2018

Here she is! those stripes were hell! but I think I learned a lot from the challenge.

Next image, whatever it is, is going to be of less complex fur!

tigeress.jpg tigeress.tif (d)

Tigress WIP 8

Sun Apr 29 23:37:16 2018

Just the last of those sheets and that leg left. might finish this tommrow but I may also give it time to polish the image and maybe, work on a rimlight if im up to it.



Sun Apr 29 21:47:09 2018

Streaming starts in a bit.


Tigress WIP 7

Sun Apr 29 01:42:20 2018

I feel once I get the last of the midsection stripes down the rest of her should be Ez as the belly should not have so much thick stripes. once I get to the belly I might think of adding some highlights to make her pop a little more.

Have been doing only a little bit of work with this one as I want to get this one right. might not finish this, this month but I will most likely get most of it done. sorry if anyone expected more images this month!

This time I will be streaming tommrow, and working without interruptions to get a good part of this done.


Tigress WIP 6

Sat Apr 28 00:05:49 2018

Did not get a lot done today, mostly very slight details and the beginnings of the sheets. I am feeling a little unsure as to how to proceed and am a little afraid I might lose myself if I start on the left hand paw and the rest of the torso to soon without really getting a feel for the fur and lighting in my head first.

I want to really nail the fabric on this one so I want to make sure the sheets don't clash with the colors on the tiger and that they realisticly fold at her weight.

Think whatever I do after this I will be pretty confidant with if it does not involve stripes and other such patterns. Might not finish this one this month but I will most likely have the subject colored in.


Tigress WIP 5

Fri Apr 27 00:28:50 2018

rather iffy about the lighting with this one so far, not sure if it needs brighter whites or darker greys to pop out more. I want to spend time with a thin fur brush and slighty build up highlights so I can build up the shape slowly without messing anything up. still seems just a little flat.



Thu Apr 26 21:01:08 2018



Tigress WIP 4

Thu Apr 26 01:03:46 2018

Felt pretty alright working on these stripes considering I did not really plan them out. still a little worried about the lighting and if they look as natural as the should, but from afar they look good, so im sure its mostly the fur deets that need work.



Wed Apr 25 21:29:45 2018



Tigress WIP 3

Wed Apr 25 02:37:45 2018

Fixed what I felt were some perspective problems. made the head drop and turn a little more. figure that makes more sense as she is more so on her spine than on her side, so her heads going to drop a little more. usually afraid to be this dynamic with the heads of the models but I want to get used to it. hoping this looks better and more comfy and grounded. thought the previous image was more bunched up and the head was not really resting on a surface.

Going to start streaming tomorrow! this tiger will have stripes but I am avoiding guide lines so I can more naturally paint them.


tigress WIP2

Tue Apr 24 01:57:21 2018

Changed the face to something more angled to add to the depth on the image. I still want to go over the lines a little more before I start painting. something is still not completely to my liking.

Please let me know what you think!


Tigress WIP1

Mon Apr 23 02:09:10 2018

rough sketch of what I am going for. of course gota clean the lines a bunch and play around with some slight proportion adjustments in the legs and paws.

I feel like I can take on the stripes actually, might just give her a splash of orange.


Populer pick poll

Sat Apr 21 12:34:59 2018

These two critters were among the most suggested. this will be a female model.

I want to start a new project

Fri Apr 20 23:44:42 2018

Does not mean I am going to abandon this gryphon, but this project is just a little much for me do to the wings. I feel I am doing very little work for not a lot of progress and it has made me feel uninspired and like I could be working on a lot more. not that I don't think the image is looking good for the most part, its just that I lost momentum having only spent time tweaking little things here and there for 2 hours. I just need something fresh.

If you have any idea for critters you might want to see. something without wings maybe, lol, just give me your thoughts.

Griff WIP4

Fri Apr 20 00:32:48 2018

I would really like to finish this image. and I plan to. its just that the whole thing does not sit right with me, it may be that I dread working on the wings and the lighting and not getting it right or perhaps that the old gryphon just spoils this one with its bad memories. Thought more than once, not to abandon it but perhaps start on something new, but I also tell myself to go for it. just afraid I might invest all that time with what I feel is a lack of motivation and confidence and end up wasting time on painting when I could of moved on to another project and saved the coloring on this one for later. I considered just doing some sketches for this month and finish them as complete images for the next. I might do that. This one WILL be finished though.

Any way. added more poofness to her neck and gave her softer eyes. I also lowerd the profile with a quick morph and toned the legs. also bird scales on the arms.

let me know what you think.


Griff WIP3

Thu Apr 19 00:20:27 2018

Still slowly working on this image. I honestly do not feel as motivated as I would like for this projects but I really don't want to abandon it. if anything this month Il work on more sketches to get some ideas going. body is alright for me but the legs and rear still do not sit right with me.

any way let me know what you think! it always helps.


Griff WIP2

Tue Apr 17 22:13:34 2018

Another pose but I am still not sure about it. not sure if this month just does not feel right or if this project worries me to much to be confident enough to tackle it. I just do not feel in it at the moment one way or another. I feel sloppy, this sketch alone took a while to make.

tell me what you think either way! any critiques on current anatomy are appreciated.


Griff WIP1

Mon Apr 16 20:59:10 2018

been stumped as to what pose to pick for this project. had 3 ideas 2 of them being a side view including this one but the other had her chest propped up instead of resting. the last pose was a sort of a bow with the butt up, but again, mostly a side view. thought I would try this one as it looks more flexible and also relaxed. I want to make this gryphon gracile and air worthy. this pose is also remansant of the gryphon project I abandoned but from another angle.

This is a really rough sketch as at the moment I am still unsure about how to tackle this project. I also wanted to show how messy these start out. as I said this may be the last project of the month if the feathers become a bit of a learning experience. I am also planing to further figure out how to create great lighting and texture with minimal strokes and time.



Sun Apr 15 00:26:26 2018

This one took me a while but I made sure to be very meticulous with this project. I do like the idea of quality over quantity but in order to really go this in depth into a project I have to really really be in to it, else I get bored. after working on this project I considered practicing more stylized projects that are not as super in detail but still polished and a little quicker to do. I don't know, I just want to see all the creatures I can work with and whenever I work on a project this long thats all thats in the back of my mind "what else can I create?". I really want to do these bombastic projects but I also want to create a bunch of cool creatures just to see what forms I can do and come up with.

Just a thought.

anyway let me know what you think!

lion24.jpg lion24.tif (d)

two projects this month

Fri Apr 13 23:23:41 2018

At the rate I am going I might only finish 2 projects instead of 3. I feel the gryphon is going to take a lot of extra work and time to think over as I don't know much about feathers and wings. also feel like giving the current lion project some time tomorrow if I don't feel it ready tonight.

Lion WIP5

Fri Apr 13 01:03:20 2018

Once I complete that top leg and the rest of the back ground, there might still be a little polish I want to give this image. I really want the next post to be the finished image and since this image has been going rather smoothly that might be the case.



Thu Apr 12 21:14:37 2018

6:30 PM EST!


Lion WIP4

Thu Apr 12 07:14:08 2018

very happy with this so far.



Wed Apr 11 21:09:03 2018

Stream will start at 6PM EST


Lion WIP3

Wed Apr 11 00:14:01 2018

Very happy with this one. not only the quality but the mane was not as hard I I expected it to be.



Tue Apr 10 21:57:20 2018

starting up a stream!


Streaming today!

Tue Apr 10 18:21:19 2018

Got a replacement second screen so I will be streaming today! around 6PM EST

Lion WIP 3

Tue Apr 10 03:05:42 2018

Last bit of work I am giving the lines. Still very very small things that bother me but I doubt it has anything to do with the anatomy and more to do with OCD. The image is good to go for painting I think.

Would super duper help if anyone had thoughts about the sketch. Would give me a little much needed perspective before I start painting.


Lion WIP 2

Mon Apr 9 01:53:10 2018

Changed the legs a little and worked on that mane. I want to focus on the line work for the mane a little as I also want to extend it down the belly. I want to make sure I have a good idea of where those long locks are going so I don't have trouble when I paint. Might also give the main more volume or less depending.


Lion WIP1

Sun Apr 8 00:53:16 2018

So here is the same overall shape with a normal lion head. still want to change some stuff as the change to the lion head makes things seem a little different to me. I want to, not necessarily rush, but spend more time on this project in order to get more done as I feel I am a little behind, do to computer troubles and a few creative stumps.


Current project changes

Fri Apr 6 06:31:46 2018

After some thought I decided to change my current gryph model to just that of a male lion; however, I plan on makeing the next image after this a female gryphon. Among other things, I changed my mind because I thought I would try to draw a nice classic lions mane, but also, because I had some people that really wanted to see my abandoned female gryphon project completed. I thought it better to make a new female gryphon completely with wings talons and all.

sorry for anyone expecting a male gryph! :<

Next Male image.

Tue Apr 3 00:10:10 2018

Next image is going to be a male gryphon (lion/hawk) or perhaps a demigryph if I can't figure out those wings.

Comments, thoughts? let me know.

Arkkin Concept 2

Sun Apr 1 23:19:54 2018

got the courage to experiment with a nice back light. also added some fancy chromatic aberration.

Arkkin_2nude.jpg Arkkin%202.tif (d)

Arkkin 2 WIP 5

Sun Apr 1 00:43:00 2018

Color is filled up but I still want to polish the image up and add a few more details. also the shadowing, not happy with it.


Arkkin 2 WIP 3/4

Sat Mar 31 01:18:28 2018

This one is WIP 4, the pinned image is WIP3.

Had trouble with patreon and not being able to post so sorry for the delay. there are also links to the streams I did for this on my discord!

Untitled-21.jpg Untitled-16.jpg

Arkkin 2 WIP 2

Thu Mar 29 00:03:24 2018

Here is most of the color for the head. a bit of a redesign. made the belly and neck black skin. the creature it self actually has very very fine short fur wherever its blue.

Please let me know what you think! any questions about this critter? ask me and il tell you what I have in my head or maybe even make stuff up!



Wed Mar 28 20:48:53 2018

Starting this stream at around 6PM EST!


Arkkin 2 WIP 1

Tue Mar 27 00:36:29 2018

here is the redesign of my arkkin creature. very lizard and dragon like with an angular dogish snout and very big concave eyes. very wide low profile head though its not easy to see at this angle. the ears spread out dramatically giving the head a very triangular look. her parts are a little pillowiy but also sort of angular as well. her body is proportioned like a four walker but her hips are wide enough to stand comfortably and her shoulders dexterous enough for a full range of motion.

Please let me know what you think! I would appreciate any feed back you might have!

I still want to work on the sketch a little more.


Trying my own IP's and creatures/Arkkin next

Sun Mar 25 14:55:55 2018

I have been considering this for a while but wanted to make sure patrons were interested. I really want to try and work on my own creations and ideas. very familiar but still alien designs that float around my head, one of them being the Arkkin. (blue dragon dog lizard thing)

for my next project I plan on working on just that. I was planing on working on a male for this next project but because I decided to work on an Arkkin I wanted to harken back to my old original painting and pose and give it a go in my new style. that particular image was a female.

Other ideas include a Sear. a bear/wolf/deer looking thing.

anyway let me know what you think about this.


Sat Mar 24 22:55:36 2018

Done, hope you like it!

Edit. fixed some minor things that bugged me.

Racoon1.jpg Racoon1.tif (d)

Raccoon WIP7

Sat Mar 24 00:45:29 2018

This will be the last WIP. I have to color in the tail but I also want to adjust the lighting and tidy up the sheets.


Raccoon WIP6

Thu Mar 22 23:53:53 2018

Mostly filled in, I still want to work on the shading and a few other details. Also the sheets!



Thu Mar 22 21:10:52 2018

Stream will start around 6PM EST


Raccoon WIP5

Thu Mar 22 00:00:59 2018

Got most of the body down! Little iffy about that hand there but I feel that if I color tone it a bit it will pop more.



Wed Mar 21 21:53:07 2018

starting up a stream in a bit.


Raccoon WIP4

Wed Mar 21 00:42:40 2018

Got the face. feel like I am spending more time than I should on the fur when I was painting the face. I hope the body is much quicker to figure out.



Tue Mar 20 21:59:11 2018

streaming in a bit!


Streaming today!

Tue Mar 20 18:26:41 2018

Or more likely tonight! I plan to stream at around 6PM EST!

Raccoon WIP3

Tue Mar 20 00:25:39 2018

Much happier with this so far. defined the face and sculpted the legs a little better. Still want to clean up the sketch but I am confidant enough to start working on her on a stream tomorrow!


Raccoon WIP 2

Mon Mar 19 00:50:55 2018

A small change to the design of where the hands go. not much progress over all but it took me more than a while to figure out what to do with the head. still some things I am not super happy about but I want to finish the sketch tomorrow and start coloring.


Racoon WIP1

Sun Mar 18 02:07:38 2018

Sorry for the long wait, I was down with a pretty bad bug that had my sinuses and eyes all bloated. Just had to take a bit more of a break as I felt a little miserable. some good hot soup and I got better tonight and got the motivation to come up with a sketch finally. this sketch did have the design for the head but I could not figure out how to make it fit correctly. I need to figure out what to do with that left foot and hand paw too.

This pose is pretty tricky, Let me know what you think of it so far!


Small break.

Fri Mar 16 22:33:49 2018

So sorry if you expected a sketch recently, I am just taking a small break from working. The minimum 3 images will be done this month but I am sure I can work in some work with a 4th!

Racoon next!

Wed Mar 14 22:10:15 2018

female raccoon next! going to figure out the pose by myself mostly but there is plenty of brainstorming in my discord if you wish to join and give me ideas!

River otter

Wed Mar 14 01:23:38 2018

Here she is. I was going to work on her a little more and add very slight subtle highlights here and there to add to the realism but I thought I would move on and do more work like this until eventually I work on something super crazy awesome down the road, thus I did not polish this too much. I am really happy with this one for the most part!

let me know what you think.

Otter17.jpg Otter17.tif (d)

Species poll, discord pop picks.

Mon Mar 12 23:49:04 2018

popular choices picked on my discord. will do this poll again once an image wins.

River otter WIP 5

Mon Mar 12 23:30:08 2018

This one is almost done! I think its enough detail for the otter herself alone. I might just stick with this style more often as it may have less counts of hair strokes but the soft brush strokes in the base color make the image look soft and nice.

I want to work on the sheets tomorrow so that I can get a poll ready for the next image and start on something new as soon as I finish.


River otter WIP4

Mon Mar 12 00:05:58 2018

Goodness I am really enjoying this image so far, I really think I nailed my technique with this one. I feel like I got passed my experimenting stage with this one and really found my method so things feel so smooth so far. the amount of work I did today shows that I think. I am still a little iffy but thats just me, its mostly the background im worried about but I definitely feel much better about this one than previous works.

I think I am going to finish most of this tomorrow on another stream!.


Streaming now!

Sun Mar 11 20:52:28 2018

Setting up stream. join me!


Streaming today

Sun Mar 11 19:50:22 2018

5:00PM EST

Streaming tomorrow!

Sun Mar 11 02:54:16 2018

A heads up. was planing on working today off stream but lost some mojo do to some bad sleep. was not at my best to really tackle the image. just a little stump.

River otter WIP3

Fri Mar 9 23:34:54 2018

This one feels very right so far. considering I picked a pose that was something I found a little daunting, I feel very confident in the way I am painting her so far. trying old techniques too.


Streaming soon!

Fri Mar 9 21:16:54 2018

ch-check it out!

cdiGdiFg62c_J4kq-ohc8wqJErUUH2v4mGNUEzpiKDfqwQZ5aZBNZlO5fmIKU2gT.jpe (d)

River Otter WIP2/streaming at

Fri Mar 9 17:42:46 2018

Like this sketch much better. took a while to figure out what to do with her right paw so I just had it tickle her neck a little. I might want to change the right foot as well as it seems a little meh to me. I think I am going to start coloring the face first then figure out what I want to do with it later.

Today I am going to stream! around 4:30PM EST!


Streaming tomorrow!

Thu Mar 8 20:41:05 2018

apologies for the delay in WIP's recently, I wanted to at least have a WIP every day but became a little flustered and took some days off. tomorrow I plan on streaming for a good bit so please, if you are interested in streams, don't be shy and join me if you can!

Tier change/Discord is up!

Thu Mar 8 04:49:31 2018

6$ Tier now has discord rolls. I believe I set things up properly, hopefully... first time setting up a server like this. Any one with a 6$ pledge should be able to hope on discord and leave a message.

Check it out!


Wed Mar 7 00:15:22 2018

I thought I would include a discord reward in one of my tiers. any one interested? A nice place to chat about art and other things!

River Otter WIP1

Tue Mar 6 03:52:00 2018

Worked on a quick rough sketch and refiend it just a little. I thought of doing a simple belly up pose without too much bendyness but I wanted to try something more complex. I hope this does not prove to be too difficult.

If I can't come up with the final sketch tomorrow or at least get to a stage were I am sure I want to color, I will most likely pick up another project on the side.

Please let me know what you think anyway!


Otter next.

Tue Mar 6 01:42:53 2018

Next image is an otter, going to figure out a pose for this one myself.

Nude male jackal

Tue Mar 6 00:37:41 2018

Spent the whole day having trouble with this image, did not want to stream as most of working on this image today involved staring at it for 10 minutes not quite knowing why I did not like it. It strange, I spent so much focus and time on this image yet still find it a little off, while I went back to older images that I really liked yet had a rather enjoyable and some what easy time working on Without much attention to detail. I could not figure out why those came out to my liking. Was it the brushes I used? the way I progressed? the reference I used? the lighting? the pose? shape? Its frustrating to say the least, and I hate when an image that looks like its going to go well ends up as such a headache. I really hope its just my mood that alters my perception of the work but at the moment it feels that there must be something I did wrong that I am not sure of.

Any way, I really hope you like the image. any thoughts would be super appreciated with this one.

Untitled-26.jpg Jackle%20breaf.jpg Jackle%2034.tif (d)

African Jackle WIP 5

Sun Mar 4 23:48:52 2018

This is the last WIP. I plan on finishing him tomorrow. I am really trying to do away with lines in this one, and making the image very clean. There are still tiny little things that bother me that I want to fix, not sure what they really are yet.

Hope yall like him so far!



Sun Mar 4 20:51:22 2018

Plz join me!


Streaming today!

Sun Mar 4 19:01:41 2018


Species poll

Sun Mar 4 11:22:07 2018

Poll for the next female model

These are the critters I am interested in trying

Any thoughts or ideas for these creatures? Something you want to see? Please share!

African Jackle WIP 4

Fri Mar 2 23:46:39 2018

Alot of work done today I think, and I feel I am getting even more comfortable shaping and shading with fur strokes. Stream crashed and ended early and I did not notice so sorry for that!

Back drop there is just for an idea, I am going with a simple canvas back drop. might change the shape just a little in the legs not sure yet.

Please let me know what you think!


Streaming now!

Fri Mar 2 21:43:37 2018

Join me.

_tOqfBEuUeBP1_w-22l5OlVx_mzXlz8-4smmTDtrUnP1RptPjDdTGu97JKpJwoTw.jpe (d)

Streaming at

Fri Mar 2 21:05:28 2018


African Jackle WIP 3

Fri Mar 2 00:33:50 2018

I am worried this one is going to take a little long though it may just be the fur on the face. the creature has that kind of fur were every other strand is a different color, sort of like a white noise of fur. I have to really get in there myself too make it look right. I am hoping its just the face that gives me the problem but also that I don't have to be a super meticulous on the body to match the work on the face. I was going to just finish the face but took an extra half hour to finish the head and ears.

Tell me what you think!


Streaming, African jackle.

Thu Mar 1 21:45:45 2018

Join me! will be starting in a bit.

L90gtm2wTrhoE3pZvqNCqHxukvcG1fsOr51p7pKmzk8XxTS5oKAFHJ0oJXlVE0cd.jpe (d)

African Jackal WIP 2

Thu Mar 1 02:02:17 2018

I put some work on his face and made sure to extenuate the brow and cheek bones in the sketch to make him seem more masculine. I also took time to figure out the muscles of the pectorals and those leading into the neck. a very athletic build I am going for. I think this one is ready for painting though I might change just a few things perhaps. streaming tomorrow!

Please let me know what you think! I hope this guy is what y'all expected.


African jackal WIP 1

Wed Feb 28 02:54:53 2018

took a few days to refresh. felt tonight was right to work on s sketch. here is the overall shape of the model but there are somethings I just want to fix before I complete the sketch. I am not to happy about the way the right arm looks or the way the head is on right now so that and a few more lines are going to change.

Let me know what you think though! any thoughts are helpful.


Lynx with ribbons

Mon Feb 26 02:29:59 2018

Mostly picked at this little by little for the rest of the day, one of those that I am simply not completely sure about but an sure I will grow to like it.

Lynx_on_back27.jpg Lynx%20on%20back27.tif (d)

Poll ends tomorrow.

Sun Feb 25 00:39:56 2018

Going to end the pose poll tomorrow around 4 EST to start on a sketch. at the same time I am going to post my current project as I want to give myself a little more time to figure the background out.

Pose poll

Sat Feb 24 20:05:24 2018

Pose for upcoming male project.

So sorry!

Sat Feb 24 05:46:16 2018

All this time on patreon and I just noticed the community page. I am so sorry I missed any comments and will get to those right away. I tend to just scroll to see new comments and did not even notice I had messages there.

I have been getting some concerns about the TIFF files being censored and Jpeg quality being poor. I will be updating some files soon.

Again my bad!

Edit. just updated a few files, if there is anything I missed or y'all have any concerns please let me know!

Male pole African animals.

Sat Feb 24 00:50:13 2018

here is a poll for the next project. a few things to note. ungulates are a little harder to make look morphologicaly ambiguous as I have to tighten the core and reduce the size of the large gut, and greatly reduce the size of the metacarpals.

I will most likely work on something like this but of course less cartoony.

as for felines specifically the males I might have to take a few artistic liberties with the males or at least work on a proper pose to have the dink stand out as they have their parts a little further back from the looks of it

I would run into this problem if I made a standing pose for instance

no dink in sight.

please vote and feel free to share ideas and thoughts!

Lynx with ribbon WIP 5

Sat Feb 24 00:17:03 2018

I feel like I am really getting into the groove with figuring out how to pace and plan my work. Sketch - refined sketch - head - body - legs - finishing touches. I am certain I can finish this tomorrow. I want to be quick enough to figure out a sketch in one day though. either way it looks like I will be able to start another project this month.


Streaming now!

Fri Feb 23 21:22:49 2018

Join me!

OHmOWmztmaw0KRqzjbD546VpSSie1N25BIqQVBR_nyKRBkfl_AKT_DpcqgQ7Yybq.jpe (d)


Fri Feb 23 20:09:58 2018

4:30 EST

Lynx with ribbon WIP 4

Thu Feb 22 23:28:16 2018

Good pace today. I think I could finish the butt tomorrow and maybe the whole thing the day after that!



Thu Feb 22 20:56:44 2018

Join me!



Thu Feb 22 19:59:20 2018


Lynx with ribbon WIP 3

Wed Feb 21 23:57:12 2018

Heads pretty much done. now to work on the rest. Going to try to finish the body and arms tomorrow. get used to figuring things out quickly.



Wed Feb 21 21:23:26 2018

Join me!


Streaming today

Wed Feb 21 19:45:29 2018

4:30 EST

Lynx with ribbon WIP 2

Wed Feb 21 01:58:15 2018

Here is the main sketch! I found some good references for this image so I am pretty OK with the overall look. I like how cheeky the face is turning out but I still need to pretty it up a bit. tomorrow I plan on streaming more refining and then a little color for the face. I am thinking an eurasion lynx.

Let me know what you think!


Lynx on her back WIP1

Tue Feb 20 00:29:16 2018

super rough sketch, spent some time just scratching until I found something that looked nice. What will most likely change is her left arm. not really sure what I want to do with it.


Goal reached!

Mon Feb 19 18:52:00 2018

Thank you thank you thank you! to all my supporters for making this possible. You all have helped me both emotionally and financially and for that I am very grateful!

I don't know what else to say. at the moment I am trying to figure out where to go from here. I said something about posters but I am not really sure how to go about it. I need to figure something out.

Suppose I can't express much else, but more projects are sure to come!

Again. thank you!

Lynx next

Sun Feb 18 17:10:39 2018

Lynx won the previous poll, so another cat it is! I am going to decide the pose this time however. I am thinking another pose where the model is on her back but its from a side view on a lower angle slightly turned so you can see her parts. Going to take a break today though I might work on some chicken scratch and look for some good reference.

Black Jag

Sun Feb 18 00:15:22 2018

Not super happy with this one. Just had so much trouble working with the black short fur, but most difficult was the bed sheets. I worked on them for hours and something just did not feel right. I found that the jaguar herself looked better in a plain grey background as the dark sheets messed with the jaguars contrast. I did not want to settle for less however. it pains me but I had to call it done.

but anyway here she is! I hope you like her and please let me know what you think!

I will make a panties version later on.

EDIT. Made her right foot a little more foreshortend with a quick use of the lasso tool.

Jaguar67.jpg Jaguar66.tif (d)

New image tomorrow.

Sat Feb 17 01:38:05 2018

I was going to post the black jaguar today as a finished piece but I was not happy with the final result. its one of those images that have me stumped. the dark sheets and shiny fur are new for me and are giving me trouble. I am going to give it one more day for extra polish. + tomorrow I am ending the poll so vote!

Black Jaguar WIP6

Fri Feb 16 06:09:34 2018

Forgot to post this WIP!



Thu Feb 15 21:17:14 2018

Streaming now, come join me!

yv2KCL8-Otb2RvSM2WeJ2khChS9M8uZEGskhAR2xUFIC2kxcK0QDCPtZxc1FxP45.jpe (d)

Species poll

Thu Feb 15 19:51:14 2018

More stuff to choose from! this one will be another female, though I plan to work on a male after this.

Streaming today!

Thu Feb 15 17:50:28 2018

Last stream for this project before I take some time to polish and finish!

Same time around 4 EST

Black Jaguar WIP4

Wed Feb 14 23:55:45 2018

This shiney fur is a real challenge. a little intimidating as well, as I am sorta just feeling my way with what might look correct. Am hoping that shiny strip that I am working in around the chest and belly looks right.



Wed Feb 14 21:03:51 2018

Starting up a steam in a bit!

ZiUBWcIX1NY6d7SGjM3i3Zx71TgjuX2vQ_8mBXUpWMuofqMwWwnPK44-Q6bKeg-8.jpe (d)

Black Jaguar WIP3

Wed Feb 14 00:26:49 2018

Black on black. still going to mess with the sketch a little, around the legs at least, not completely happy with it.


Streaming again!

Tue Feb 13 21:48:01 2018

had to restart my computer to fix some issues. new stream!

21EhU3wbW9rLANhztUslrcIBI5XRIXO84MEpYCYORO-nBb9wjGoK4bX_Jr_sjpZs.jpe (d)

Black Jaguar WIP 2

Tue Feb 13 00:25:51 2018

Refind the paws and gave her core some form. I think I have the perspective alright and I think the head is alright where it is being how slinky felines can be but the proportions I am still uncertain about. I have the legs and body/head on other layers just in case I want to change things around. I want this image to be ambiguous as to the pedal anthro/feral form so I might resize the legs and make em smaller or bigger, not sure yet.

I want to stream some work tomorrow and see If I could start with color. even though I am uncertain about the legs I could still work on the head and body and change the legs around later on.

let me know what cha think!


Black Jaguar WIP1

Sun Feb 11 23:37:37 2018

this sketch was pleasant, I had a little trouble getting the head on right but I think this makes sense for the most part. their are still some things I want to iron out and maybe move around but this is good for the basic sketch. going to sleep on this one and see if something hits me.

Please let me know what you think! any thing you find wonky or off let me know!


Black jaguar next.

Sun Feb 11 18:54:32 2018

Black jaguar won the poll together with the lower angle belly up pose. I want to attempt a tricky in between shot. like 45° from the ground, to get a good picture of the legs and body. I also plan on working on a contorted sort of pose where the body bends to the side as the subject lays on their back.

sorta like this

have to rap my head around how I am going to go about that so I might take a little to figure out a sketch.

Red fox bowing

Sat Feb 10 01:36:10 2018

Done! but like often happens I still wanted to pick at the image but I really must continue.

let me know what you think!

Bent_over_fox1.jpg Bent%20over%20fox1.tif (d)

Pose poll

Fri Feb 9 13:58:07 2018

Quick pose poll, the description of these are a little more descriptive.

Fox stretch WIP 6

Fri Feb 9 01:15:30 2018

I wanted to finish it today, but I always feel like I have to pause as soon as the main character is filled in. I just like to think over what I can do to the image to make it better. At this rate I am sure I can finish another 2 images this month but I am still always pushing for 4 a month!


Species Poll

Thu Feb 8 17:30:57 2018

Same as the other poll but I added another creature to make it four.

Fox stretch WIP 5

Wed Feb 7 23:33:25 2018

I Think I am getting a better grasp of the background. using a texture brush to get that canvas feel. Right now what im having a little trouble with is the tail. I am sorta just guessing how to make it look natural. I want to finish this tommrow!


Streaming fox.

Wed Feb 7 21:15:00 2018

Join me!

6qzQsYiF3GDM9B6zn3guTnBhhOf8GoVJWWMuvSsdHsZFCHHOrx9Mpl4xBcC0FYIt.jpe (d)


Wed Feb 7 19:11:52 2018

4pm EST

Fox stretch WIP 4

Tue Feb 6 23:09:39 2018

Front ends done, or at least the main color is there, I still feel it needs polish. my trouble now is the background. im thinking a greenish brownish canvas backdrop.



Tue Feb 6 20:56:17 2018

Join me!

0Fa2a959ocmZkFVHrWWtRFXOi35C7ruVJd0qA_JYFsti_WzfxECdDJEUXhR01Psr.jpe (d)

Streaming today!

Tue Feb 6 16:19:06 2018

around 4PM est

Thank you!

Tue Feb 6 00:06:28 2018

Just want to thank all my watchers and patrons, thanks to all of you I was able to finally, after a long time coming, get a licence and afford myself a good car. patreon and my supporters early on have been a steady—and about my only—source of livelihood for me and I incredibly grateful.

Just wanted this to give a little thanks to relieve some butterflies.

Fox stretch WIP 3.5

Mon Feb 5 23:47:35 2018

I am getting a just a little stuck with this one, having a little trouble with the foreshortening. today was a busy day and I was far from my tablet so when I came home to sit down there was just the littlest thing that got too me. the body did not look as fox like as I wanted to, at least for me. I ever so slightly reduced the size of the butt and with that the overall proportions of the legs to make the image less foreshortened and more ambiguous as to being feral or anthro. the proportions of the legs are important and I always fear I over extend the length.

Any way this is such a little change but I wanted to post something today, I am just going to make this one public and get a little more work in tomorrow.


Fox stretch WIP 3

Sun Feb 4 23:07:28 2018

Going to take some thinking to nail the fur on this one. mostly because of the color. I am not to comfy with saturated colors yet and this is going to have a bunch of deep orange and reds to work with.

let me know what you think!


Streaming! fox.

Sun Feb 4 21:02:03 2018

Join me!

Fh-rKcKcyv10na7GLY19KIeZWDAE8MfduaRg65HTkqrgEhyiy1KvYlTkwZ3ovX5a.jpe (d)

Streaming today.

Sun Feb 4 16:30:12 2018

I will be streaming the fox project today around 4PM EST!

Fox stretch WIP 2

Sat Feb 3 03:06:27 2018

struggled just a little with posing the body, more so her right arm. in a previous sketch the right arm was posed exactly like her left as to not show her right paw/hand. this troubled me as I always like to show an opposable thumb as a context clue that the creature is not just feral. I made her right arm reach diagonally and perpendicular to her left so I could both show a thumb but also make the image more dynamic. I still want to work on the body a little more though. this is still rather rough.

Let me know what you think!


Fox stretch WIP 1

Fri Feb 2 00:05:29 2018

Just the rear end, I spent more time looking at some muscle diagrams than sketching with this project. in particular, quadruped hamstrings and glutes. I already knew how they were built some what but I wanted to know the subtle differences. quadrupeds have large hamstrings compared too their glutes unlike with humans that are other way around. the muscles are pretty much all the same except they are proportioned in another way. I like to imagine what sets the difference between a biped and quadruped here in the wider hips as a real animal would have a much more narrow hip. This is all I have today as I am not sure how to continue so I am giveing myself time to figure out where to go from here.


Poll ends soon!

Wed Jan 31 00:01:24 2018

Poll ends tomorrow at 2:30pm. I will make sure, to make sure to preempt these polls, so there is more time to vote next time!

Species poll!

Tue Jan 30 18:27:29 2018

The cat stretch poll won, this means face down bottoms up.

Want to start painting tomorrow so this one is a quick poll! also short as these are some of the creatures I want to try out in this pose.

Any questions or thoughts about the upcoming project? let me know!

Poll ending

Tue Jan 30 02:36:43 2018

Poll ends in 15 hours. vote if you haven't!

Male brown bear

Mon Jan 29 04:17:41 2018

Done! This project felt so natural for some reason, I sometimes have hang ups where I am stuck or afraid to approach a certain area when painting, but that did not really happen with this project. I often find myself slowly focusing on little details here and there on tiny tufts of fur that take me hours to paint. very often I stop to think if I should add this bit of fur here or that bit of highlight here but I was so loose with this image and just painted without putting much thought into what might go wrong. Yet with that I still manged to figure out how to make the image pop without so much tedium. I decided I would also not clean up every line or paint stroke, which also adds a messy but nice painterly feel I think as well as making the work quicker all together.

As a side note, I was considering it but I desided not to work on an erect version. I am so sorry to those that anticipated that but it's just something I rather not do with this image. I still hope you enjoy it either way and please let me know what you think!


Female pose poll

Sun Jan 28 23:18:00 2018

Some poses for my next project. not sure about the species yet. With these posses, whatever might win, I plan on a rear focus, so through camera angle or perhaps a twist of the body I plan on bringing the butt in focus.

Brown bear WIP 6

Sat Jan 27 23:09:12 2018

This one is going very well! I feel like I could finish this today at the rate I am going but I want to pace myself. I am sure I can finish this tomorrow or at least get it to a polishing stage.


Streaming brown bear 3

Sat Jan 27 21:00:15 2018

Stream starts in a bit.

Dmg6SWbzS0QeCr3UcwEWV63bXdaT_UfnO_yNrY23AifQf6_226s-irXyJVtX2sdw.jpe (d)

Streaming today!

Sat Jan 27 15:29:39 2018

Around 4PM EST

Brown bear WIP 5

Sat Jan 27 04:52:26 2018

Had a very unproductive day today. not sure if I got a bug or something but I felt very fatigued. I was able to figure out the texture of the sheets however. I like how they are turning out and I feel that I am getting better at fabric.

still want to finish this one before the end of the month.


Brown bear WIP 4

Thu Jan 25 23:20:22 2018

got the body and the arm going. I feel that the subject wont be to hard to paint but I am a little worried about making the sheets and pillows look nice.


Streaming brown bear 2

Thu Jan 25 21:15:17 2018

Setting up the stream!

y7dcn3nGNMeY4wXAYKfdKZIaZguIm0-TXlB_lhX9vh6zQ7XwF2OB2zWBXLPKuCWN.jpe (d)

Brown bear WIP 3

Thu Jan 25 01:57:00 2018

pacing myself. just the head. next is the body and one on the arms perhaps.


streaming now!

Wed Jan 24 21:59:55 2018

eAiE9B-kaBJcPx7mR6TcjfMlQ69ZyW_zffeEMViG9akSOOMdDjTqEgnXqCxpAqPO.jpe (d)


Wed Jan 24 21:01:13 2018


Brown bear WIP 2

Wed Jan 24 05:05:10 2018

Much more refined sketch. thinking I will start on a stream Thursday.


Brown bear WIP 1

Mon Jan 22 23:46:38 2018

Super ugly rough sketch. there is a whole bunch of things I have to refine and tweak in the sketch, mostly subtle parts of the anatomy in order to make this look great. Right now its a little, I dont know, gloopy.


Brown bear next!

Mon Jan 22 20:09:44 2018

Last image for the month is going to be a male brown bear. a male lion with a nice luscious mane came close so I think when I work on another male its going to be a lion. drawing a mane should be fun.

I took some time to consider the pose and I decided on a reclining pose on a bed. This one is going to evolve some sheets and other fabrics so figuring out how too fit things in nicely is sure to be a challenge. I luckily have two really good ref images. my goal is to finish the image for the end of this month.

Honey badger on her fours

Sat Jan 20 21:11:25 2018

Here it is. there is still somethings about the image that bugs me but you learn very little when you linger.

Please let me know what you think!

Honey_badger51_DOF.jpg Honey%20badger51%20DOF.tif (d)

Update/next project.

Sat Jan 20 00:04:35 2018

male Brown bear looks to be winning so far but there is still 20 min before the poll ends.

I want to give my current project a little more thought, but I am pushing to post a finished version tomorrow and start on a sketch for the male project the same day.

Species poll

Fri Jan 19 02:23:12 2018

Took a break today from any work but I plan to finish the honey badger tomorrow. I want to make a quick species poll for the next male image. this poll is a little limited as these are creatures I prefer to draw overall.

Honey badger WIP 5

Thu Jan 18 05:43:04 2018

very close to being done. I just want to take some time to really polish the image and fix some things I don't like. I might want to think some things over with the image and give it some time so perhaps I will give it a day of thought.



Wed Jan 17 21:56:36 2018

setting up the stream now, will start in a bit.

Streaming today

Wed Jan 17 20:51:58 2018

A little later today at around 5 PM

Honey badger WIP 4

Wed Jan 17 01:43:39 2018

Wanted to just work on the body today but I went ahead and worked on one leg as well. I am at the part where I am a little unsure about the image but I will keep poking at it. I was going to stream today but wanted to take my time and work at it every now and then through out the day.

I will be streaming tomorrow however.


Honey badger WIP 3

Tue Jan 16 00:13:17 2018

I am really giving it my all with this one. I often settle with defused lighting with little shadow or directional light but I am trying to out do myself with this image. I am also playing around with color a bunch. I want to pace myself with this one so it turns out well but that might mean I might not finish a 3rd image this month. 3 images is my goal for this month though so at the very least If I cant finish a 3rd image I will at least have enough to start my 3rd image after this one is done.



Mon Jan 15 21:46:08 2018


D72IYFptkU2v8mWoS0UYMx2H5WWgmJ6W9n1A5IkxSTSVEctZi631AWPlEZWPIMA2.jpe (d)

Streaming today

Mon Jan 15 20:05:01 2018

Around 4 or 5 PM

Honey badger WIP 2

Mon Jan 15 00:09:33 2018

Here is the final sketch. was a little difficult figuring out this low angle but I think this is fine. I feel I made the face a lot softer and lady like which is good too. tomorrow I paint and stream!

Please let me know what you think! does this angle look correct in terms of perspective? is the model pretty? let me know!


Male poll

Sun Jan 14 07:22:01 2018

I want to have a plan for this month, at least 3 but I am pushing for 4 images. to be ready with an idea for the 3rd image this month I will be making some polls while I work on my current project. I want to work on a male but I am not sure of the species. for now I will make this simple poll. I will think about the species as I work on my current female honey badger.

Honey Badger WIP1

Sat Jan 13 00:54:06 2018

Here is the rough sketch that is most likely going to change when I am done figuring out how I really want to shape everything. spent some time with many chickin scratch sketches before I came up with this general shape. I want to try a low angle shot with this one. for now I think its a little ugly so I want to make her a little more shapely.


African Wild dog

Thu Jan 11 01:51:59 2018

As my first image of the year, I felt I took a little to long on this one, if only because I was so unsure about it. there is still something that I am not completely happy with in this image, but I could not figure it what. might just be me!

Please, I would love any thoughts if you have them!

african_wild_dog.jpg african%20wild%20dog.tif (d)

African wild dog WIP7

Tue Jan 9 23:38:13 2018

This is the final WIP I really just need the tail and that leg.

let me know what you think so far!


African wild dog stream 3

Tue Jan 9 20:54:39 2018

Setting up the stream now. will start around 4:30

XVH9if16qlnAQ-GkI2ts7wwhUiYCsempeHC37r-kOwIUucPY0Xivb4Mu0t8py0F2.jpe (d)

African wild dog WIP6 + stream today

Tue Jan 9 17:39:16 2018

Quick sloppy bash of the background with some simple painted over textures. yesterday I was unable to get any work done so I whipped this up today to get started on a good long stream.

I will be streaming around 4PM EST.


African wild dog WIP5

Sun Jan 7 23:21:26 2018


African wild dog stream 2

Sun Jan 7 19:23:51 2018

Getting a stream ready. check it out!

cyor3I7fUfwsCacEiVO_1VX38WH7Auta4Ox1Woe7bEw-T04EFveataudvr0j2Dm_.jpe (d)

African wild dog WIP4

Sun Jan 7 17:11:18 2018

Just a little work I was able to do yesterday. going to stream some more today.


Bent over pose species poll.

Fri Jan 5 23:34:17 2018

I want to work on something full body, bent over and rear focused for a side project. the pose that I am thinking of Is the sort I have done previously with the past moose and bear projects. making this poll short with these 4 categories.

African wild dog WIP3

Fri Jan 5 23:14:58 2018

Head took a little long so I am worried about the body. I feel like I could work on a project on the side or at least start another sketch.



Fri Jan 5 20:02:48 2018

Join in!

FXns_2mUTiZjOr5YWO3Osb9cc1Jvu8G_OYtwA0Qvkx-KTxHB5WTKBbN0LBkQDGJ5.jpe (d)

Streaming soon!

Fri Jan 5 20:00:59 2018

Around 3:30 PM EST

Streaming tomorrow

Thu Jan 4 21:32:40 2018

Said I would color today but I am taking more time to figure this model out. Final sketch will be posted tonight but tomorrow I am sure to color. do to the nature of the fur on this creature I may get stuck, if that happens I will start on another project on the side!

African Wild dog WIP1

Thu Jan 4 00:40:06 2018

Spent a while scribbling and looking at many posses before I came up with this general shape. Still need a bunch of refining as the body still looks a little off but this is the overall pose I am going for. Thinking I will finish the sketch tonight and start coloring tomorrow!


African wild dog.

Wed Jan 3 17:05:49 2018

I decided on an African wild dog to start the year. this is a creature I have been avoiding only because of the crazy fur pattern but I think it's time to give it a try. perhaps it will make everything else after the project less of a hassle.

New year new projects!

Tue Jan 2 16:48:20 2018

Starting the year off with something of my own choosing. The pose I have in mind is a horizontal side long shot of a model on her side exposing her belly and lifting her legs a little. I am not sure of the species yet but it is most likely going to be a canine or feline. I am still considering other species that fit that morphology though.

If any one has any ideas for species and poses and other things this year, please let me know in the comments! I want to start fresh with new ideas.

Wolverine in hoodie.

Sun Dec 31 01:31:46 2017

Done with this one! am really hoping you all like this image and that it's good enough to end the year on! much much more projects to come next year!

Please let me know what you think!

wolvarine_hoodie-31.jpg wolvarine%20hoodie-31.tif (d)

Computer problems

Fri Dec 29 22:23:05 2017

My CPU fan stopped spinning a while ago and caused my CPU to overheat and shut down my computer. I was able to clear some dust and allow it to chug along but every now and again it just stops spinning and I have to give it a tap. I wanted to finish my current image by now but I am scared to freak up my CPU. going to really try and finish by the 30th at most if not today but I have to keep on eye on the little stock fan.

Hooded wolverine WIP5

Wed Dec 27 23:39:30 2017

Next I am going to merge all the lines and color and refine and polish everything. I think I might just finish this one tomorrow!

Don't forget you can watch the process on you tube aswell!


Wolverine in hoodie stream 3

Wed Dec 27 20:57:01 2017

Streaming now!

Hooded wolverine WIP4

Tue Dec 26 22:48:36 2017

I think I will definitely finish this one before the end of the year. this project feels so right so far and I sure to finish the year strong with it. Really learning to do things quick with this one and thats what really makes me happy about it.

Please let me know what you think!


Wolverine in hoodie stream

Tue Dec 26 20:27:42 2017

Streaming now, check it out!

hSWXUOKseD8F98zsdKY_was-DE6eGdDeSkGdo1ny7RnPN8TYEcgJOIY2zSY_J8Zf.jpe (d)

Stream cancelled

Sun Dec 24 23:41:29 2017

Very sorry I really wanted to get more work done before the eve in one sitting but I can't find the time to stream. too avoid having to kick around a stream time again, I am going to stream after Christmas when I am sure not too be busy. my goal is still to finish this project before the year end.


Sun Dec 24 20:37:37 2017

4:30 PM EST

Hooded wolverine WIP3

Sun Dec 24 01:59:26 2017

I was not ready to paint today but tomorrow I have am going to decide on the colors so I dont spend to long on this one. I mostly spent an hour and a half figuring out fur direction and how the fabric bends and such. mostly just tedious things that bugged me. I did stream this, so 6$ patrons can check the video out now. not much at first glance, but this was a focus on really subtle things.


Wolverine hoodie stream 1

Sun Dec 24 00:07:44 2017

Really wanted to work at 5 but late night has to do. going to try and stream for about 2 hours. mostly line work and refining.

PmeviAGnBzLTL8wtDbHR50ISYVuga7PICi9KlHuprxcDvaSiyMaY7Q7-Z1FZRqxM.jpe (d)


Sat Dec 23 19:20:18 2017

Around 5PM EST

Hooded wolverine WIP2

Fri Dec 22 23:55:38 2017

Seen with hoodie! this is the final shape I am going with all that is missing is the tail but the main mass is there. I am going to stream more progress tomorrow. I really want too finish a majority of this image before Christmas so I am going to stream for those 2 days and a some during Christmas too!

I would love any thoughts If you have them!


Hooded wolverine

Fri Dec 22 05:22:49 2017

Seen here without the hood. put a lot of time into figuring out the pose, this was a standing pose at first but it seemed a little /too/ tame so I felt I had to give it some diagonals and have an excuse to extenuate the nethers with a wider pose for the legs, it took a while to feel out but I think this is alright? I attached the old pose on this post if you want to check it out.

please let me know what you think!

wolvarine-12.jpg Untitled-14.jpg

Reward rework.

Fri Dec 22 03:18:49 2017

I have considered changing some rewards, in particular the stream rewards. The first change will push back the work in progress rewards from the 6$ tier to the 5$, allowing 5$ tier patrons to view WIP projects in addition to complete images. With this change I will also change the way I do streams. the 10$ tier will still maintain the reward of access to live streams but 6$ patrons can now have access to to streams aswell; however, the change being that access is granted only after streams are finished! this will grant 6$ patrons access too the unlisted library of streams on you tube as well. the 10$ tier will still be exclusive to LIVE streams only.

I thought it would be best to go with the first change so people waiting on lengthy projects in the 5$ tier can still give me their input on projects as I work. I decided on the change in stream rewards in particular because of the Live steam turnouts seldom exceeding 3 viewers.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything please let me know! end of the year has me feeling scattered so I hope most of you are getting what you expect!

Druid deer

Wed Dec 20 23:23:32 2017

Version with skull mask as well as full rez Tiff is attached to the post.

Druiddeer3.jpg Druiddeer4.jpg Druid%20DEER.tif (d)


Wed Dec 20 21:18:13 2017

join me.


Streaming today

Wed Dec 20 19:14:36 2017

At 4:30PM EST going to finish up my project!

Druid WIP 7

Wed Dec 20 00:39:08 2017

This is the final WIP. going to finish this image tomorrow!


Druid WIP 6

Tue Dec 19 02:33:26 2017



Mon Dec 18 22:04:40 2017

Going to stream in a few but I am leaving the link up.


Druid WIP 5

Mon Dec 18 14:56:27 2017

Going too stream some more at 4PM


Druid WIP 4

Sun Dec 17 23:34:49 2017



Sun Dec 17 23:09:49 2017



Sun Dec 17 20:44:02 2017

Going to stream again tonight at 6Pm EST!


Sat Dec 16 23:03:54 2017

Streaming now!


Streaming tonight

Sat Dec 16 20:39:35 2017

Going to stream a little later tonight at 6pm

a reminder too vote on the previous pole if you have not already.

Poll results

Sat Dec 16 20:18:10 2017

Going to wait for at least 60 votes before ending the current poll this time

Druid WIP 3

Sat Dec 16 05:04:39 2017

Had very little work done today as I had very little sleep and I was not at my best. I considered the design a little more and thought I would work on a more traditional druid as apposed to an RPG type of druid. A simple cloak with some long sleeves would do! I want to avoid adding antlers as I want to keep the doe appearance but I will add a skull mask as an alternate style.

I am going to stream some coloring tomorrow!


Bottomless model poll

Fri Dec 15 07:23:41 2017

The current image is going to take some time for me to nail the design so in the mean time I want to work on another sketch.

Unlike the theme poll this poll is more about the type of clothing. I feel inspired by the classic civilized animal. a cute top, a hat and no pants!

in the future I will repeat both this and the last poll to cover some of these choices.

What might the creature be? not sure yet.

Druid deer WIP2

Fri Dec 15 03:07:01 2017

A fancy head dress and a staff. there is also a skull mask but I really like the face on this model so I am going to make a version with and without a mask.


Streaming now!

Thu Dec 14 21:03:16 2017

Druid deer!


Streaming today!

Thu Dec 14 18:13:39 2017

Around 4PM

Druid deer WIP1

Wed Dec 13 23:57:29 2017

Here in the general sketch and pose I am going for. not adding a staff as I thought of before but I am thinking about working on a bone head piece, some body paint, as well as some other planty stuff. suppose the approach is not to different from tribal but I still have to think stuff up.

I am particularly proud about the butt on this model as I had to read up on both biped and quadruped gluteal muscles a bit more. unlike a human glute the muscle here does not completely rap around the rear and extend further down but also unlike a quadruped glute it is a tad bit larger and more pronounced. most of the "Butt" in this model is actually hamstrings.

I am going to give this sketch a bit of thought before I start any color. please let me know what you think!


Plans for up coming project

Mon Dec 11 21:44:39 2017

Looks like a white tail druid is up next! wanted to tell everyone about the pose as I plan to do a pose that's not as provocative as my recent images (meaning no genitalia will be in view) because of this I can't really release a nude exclusive for 5$ patrons so instead what I will do is release a higher reso Jpeg plus TIFF early and a lower reso image will be posted on E621 and FA .

As for the pose it is going to be an upright stance with the models back to the camera with a focus on her butt as she looks side long at the viewer. I plan to make this image a real mix of anatomy using mostly reference of deer rearing up on their hind legs. I will of course rap my head around subtly increasing the width of the hips and size of the glutes and most importantly turning the fore legs into more dexterous appendages. I feel its going to be a challenge as the way unglulates are built it is alot harder to make them semi_feral bipeds. definitely a lot harder than bears.

Any way, would love to hear your thoughts on the idea. wish me luck.

Species poll for druid theme

Mon Dec 11 00:26:21 2017

Here are some species I would enjoy drawing for the druid. theme will most likely include a staff and some sort of head dress and face paint. the model will have little in the way of clothing to add to the nature theme but might have some paint here and there.

Theme poll tie breaker

Sun Dec 10 00:41:51 2017

We have a tie between druid and belly dancer for next projects theme

Wolf on back

Sat Dec 9 22:16:51 2017

Don't know what it is, I am just not completely happy with this one. I have been spending to much time on this project though and feel I need to move on for the sake of starting on another project and getting used to not lingering. It might just be me, I can't really tell what I don't like about the image.

Either way here she is! Way more on the provocative and bestial side when it comes to the pose.

wolf5111.jpg wolf51.tif (d)

Theme poll

Fri Dec 8 01:53:24 2017

My current project is going through some revisions and might take a day or two to finish. It started out feeling like it was going to be a walk in the park and I felt confident at first, but often times there is just something that I find so wrong about where the image is going that most of my time is spent confused and stuck. Might just be me, images like the pine marten though one of my most technical were actually more streamlined and less of a headache than other simpler images. can't say why. maybe its because I knew what I wanted from the get go. Still I feel like avoiding something too foreshortend and at an angle might help me so my next project is going to be a standing pinup and I want to focus on theme so my head gets used to drawing other things besides fur as well. That might build some connections in my head perhaps.

The themes selected will mostly give the model some subtle article of clothing or prop that they can interact with (swimmer for instance might add goggles and a beach ball, grease monkey goggles and a wrench!) the selections might inspire different creatures depending on what wins. This model will be female. feel free to suggest a species!

Timber wolf WIP7

Thu Dec 7 20:19:23 2017

Might finish this today or tomorrow.


Timber wolf WIP6

Wed Dec 6 14:39:12 2017

Played with the hue a little and made the fur a little warmer.


Timber wolf WIP5

Tue Dec 5 19:14:45 2017



Mon Dec 4 21:02:20 2017


Timber wolf WIP4

Mon Dec 4 17:41:09 2017

Streaming again today around 4PM EST



Sun Dec 3 21:22:17 2017

Streaming now!


Streaming tomorrow

Sat Dec 2 22:13:55 2017

I plan to stream tomorrow around 4PM EST

Timber wolf WIP3

Sat Dec 2 01:15:35 2017

Going to change the creature, I feel the arms and legs are not as gracile as they should be to make make the model work as a maned wolf, so I am changing her to a timber wolf instead.

I did learn a little something about framing with this. At first I wanted to work with a horizontal frame but because her right arm was extended upward I could not make it work. I tried a vertical frame and found that it gave the model a sense of depth.


Maned wolf WIP 2

Thu Nov 30 23:31:15 2017

I am liking this image so far even though I have been working on it only a little. it just feels "right" like I could work on it without getting stuck. I think I am going to sketch some fur direction and maybe change the proportions of some things here and there but this is basically it as far as the pose goes. I am happy with how the head and face came about. I always was a little intimidated by head angles that are upside down and slightly tilted upward so I would often find a reference of (a cat or dog looking up) that was not as helpful as I would of liked. I was able to form the shape of the head with some basic shapes before refining it to what is.

Last sketch of the month, 1st of the next I plan to finish the sketch and start coloring.


Maned wolf WIP1

Wed Nov 29 00:23:23 2017

After a bit of reference and a few squiggles and cleaning I came up with this rough idea. Put most of the effort on her left paw even going so far as adding a little Carpal pad! I also tried to extenuate longer metacarpals to make the hand even more paw like. of course there is a clear thumb as well to add to the anthropomorphism.

Very rough right now and the sketch is subject to change but I am rather comfortable with this particular drawing so I feel I might just complete the sketch at the end of the month.


Poll result.

Mon Nov 27 23:29:33 2017

Belly up low angle view won the last poll, with this project I am going to attempt another pose much like the previous project but with a little less foreshortening. Going to try and finish some sort of rough sketch before the end of the month.

As for the species I feel like working on something not too exotic, I will most likely work on a canine of some sort, not really sure yet.

Where I want to go.

Mon Nov 27 16:28:24 2017

I had enough time to think about where I want to take my artwork and I decided I want to stick with that level of ambiguity. I considered the idea of working with different levels of anthropomorphism but I personally find it more intriguing in every sense to work with more animalistic forms. So what is to be expected? Well it's been said, semi feral/anthro creatures. I want to blur the lines between 4 and 5, that means very often no large breasts (an exception for the ursine species) and as I like to put it: Feral vertical proportions with more anthropomorphic lateral ones. This means from profile the models should be almost unmistakable from there animal counterparts except for a slightly larger rear, but from a frontal view larger hips, tighter cores, and wider more dexterous shoulders should give away the anthropomorphism. Another thing I want to add is that even though I enjoy making my content erotic in nature, I do wish to work on less suggestive nudes as well.

I just wanted to make it clear for any followers and supporters that wish to stick to watching my work progress.

Thank you!!!


Female Pose poll

Sun Nov 26 21:04:59 2017

Going to take a little break until next month as I figure out what I want to do next. previous image took a while yet I am still not as happy with it as I would of liked. I want time to figure out why this is and what I could of done better so in the mean time I am just going to study and sketch a little. I will also leave a poll up! I want to pick the creature myself but I will leave the pose up to a vote. You could also leave a suggestion for the type of creature you want to see.

example of high angle belly up

example of low angle on side


Sat Nov 25 22:56:35 2017

This one took a while to figure out, hope the wait was worth it! No breasts as I find that more gracile and cat like but I hope it looks feminine and pretty enough.

This is the last image for the month I want to take a break with some light sketches to figure out where I want to go for up and coming projects next month. I hope I learned something from this project enough to not find myself stuck next time I work on something this foreshortend.

saber_Tooth1.jpg saber%20Tooth2.tif (d)

Sabertooth WIP8

Fri Nov 24 21:58:03 2017

This is going to be my last work in progress. I hope to finish it tonight if I have the time but I am sure to finish it tomorrow if not.


Sabertooth WIP7

Wed Nov 22 22:54:56 2017

Just the leg and the back ground left. after that a little polish. If I stream tomorrow I hope to finish filling the image up before polishing it and giving her fur some pattern.


Sabertooth WIP7

Wed Nov 22 00:30:11 2017

I do want to add some markings but I am thinking I will lightly build them up as I go.


Sabertooth WIP6

Mon Nov 20 23:26:00 2017

Slowy but surely. this image is a feels like a bit of a journey. I am not one to learn from many drawings, so practice means I focus on one image for a long time I guess. not going to complicate the background, I just want it to look clean and tidy.


Streaming Again again.

Mon Nov 20 21:36:52 2017

Cat turned off my computer, here is another stream link.



Mon Nov 20 20:40:02 2017

Streaming again, check it out.!


Sabertooth WIP6

Sun Nov 19 22:37:57 2017

Not sure what I am going to do with the background but I feel I have to atleast figure out the fur. maybe when I have some color I can picture things better.



Sun Nov 19 20:19:32 2017

Saber tooth tiger.


Streaming today!

Sun Nov 19 16:08:26 2017

3:30 PM EST!

Streaming tomorrow!

Sat Nov 18 21:35:54 2017

I plan on streaming tomorrow. around 3 EST. Been picking at this current sketch for far to long and I need to start coloring!

Sabertooth WIP5

Fri Nov 17 22:47:38 2017

after giving the sketch a break I came back to it to Finally have a go at the perspective and weight of the subject and how she interacts with the bed she is on. I still want to work with the perspective of the pillow and bed frame before I consider lighting and color.


Taking a few classes.

Wed Nov 15 15:12:58 2017

Going to spend some time this month with online classes to learn new techniques, because of this I will mostly likely finish one other image this month instead of the usual 3. I am hoping seeing professionals work will give me the kick I need to get some mojo back.

Sabertooth WIP4

Wed Nov 15 00:26:52 2017

Gave the image visible hand paws as well as making her face a little softer and less mean looking. I want to clean the sketch and add where I think fur might be thicker or there might be small patterns but other than that I think this is the shape I am going for.

What I really need to think about is the background and the angle she sits on the bed. I am a little worried how I am going to go about figuring that but My hope is that I can feel it out.

Please let me know what you think!


Sabertooth WIP3

Mon Nov 13 14:59:05 2017

Changing the sketch a good amount, but even then I am not sure about it too much. I have been spending most of my time sketching and erasing without really knowing what I want or what I am doing. For now I am happy with the over all shape though I might change the head and face. I want to make her a little more feminine too. This project is proving to be a hell of a challenge. I feel a little stressed as I did not want to be this far into the month without starting to color my second sketch but I am just having so much trouble with these months projects.

Going to to add a hand/paw over the belly to give the image more movement.


Red Panda

Fri Nov 10 03:59:01 2017

All done.

Red_panda86.jpg Red%20panda87.tif (d)

Red panda WIP10

Fri Nov 10 01:05:36 2017

Looks done but I want to give it at least an hour of polish, If I don't finish it tonight I will finish this one tomorrow!


Red panda WIP9

Wed Nov 8 22:45:43 2017

Just need to really figure out how to go about making the tail look good, after which I will figure out the whole background and refine the sheets and polish the fur.


Red panda stream 2

Wed Nov 8 20:55:07 2017


Streaming today!

Wed Nov 8 18:42:44 2017

Around 4PM EST

Red panda WIP8

Tue Nov 7 23:57:51 2017

I did work on the tail with this one but it did not come out the way I liked I need to refine the sketch of the tail to really figure out how to draw those rings.


Red panda WIP7

Tue Nov 7 02:06:08 2017

I have no idea what to do with perspective when it comes to the background so I am just going to feel it out. I am not sure if the edge of a bed would be visible from such as angle, and if it is I am afraid of making something like the edge of a bed look odd. In my head the model is rather small maybe under 5 feet so my idea is to just make big pillows and surround her in soft fabrics. just pasted a pillow in the background as a place holder to get an idea for light and a perspective line where the pillow meets the sheet.

let me know what you think! cute?


Red panda WIP6

Sun Nov 5 23:26:13 2017

A good start for the head I think, feels very smooth so far.

Hope you like!


Red panda stream

Sun Nov 5 21:13:57 2017



Stream Redpanda.

Sun Nov 5 17:25:55 2017

I will be streaming work on the red panda today around 4 EST!

Sabertooth WIP2

Sat Nov 4 23:25:32 2017

Just a little more refining and the all important framing. Still not super sure about the sketch yet so to avoid lingering il do just as planed and start working on the red panda as far as color goes.

I just really want those legs and paws to pop but I still want to give the impression of a semi anthro creature that can run on all fours. I fear that the legs might not be the right size in the image to match the length of the arms/forelegs if one were to look at the model from a less foreshortened angle.


Saber tooth WIP1

Sat Nov 4 00:57:14 2017

Here is the main idea. I am going through some sort of weird stage where I am really unsure where I want to take most of my work. I often tell my self I just need to push myself a little more and that I am just making excuses but I think I am really hitting a speed bump mentally. I don't thinks its burnout because I have been pacing myself and I am not really tired of working, its just that I seem to lack the ability to visualize, most of all I have been afraid of painting and shading as of late. That being said this image is sure to change a little here and there as far as the sketch goes as I try to figure things out.

Please let me know what you think! your thoughts help out a lot.


Red panda WIP5

Thu Nov 2 18:47:09 2017

Once again leaving this WIP for the 5$ tier as the project is taking a while and I am still unsure what I want to do with it. Going to be lightly working and tweaking the image a little here and there but in the meantime working on another sketch. this one will be unlike the griffon as I feel I could finish it but I want to give this image time so I know exactly what I want out of it.

I will be working on a saber tooth now!


This months prospects.

Wed Nov 1 23:13:58 2017

This month I am going to try to aim for at least 3 images or 4 if I get the chance. my current project is proving to be a little difficult for me so to avoid to much anticipation I might post a WIP for the 5$ tier so those that pledged that amount at least know what's in the works. I might also start working on another sketch if the current project does not progress.

Species Poll

Tue Oct 31 20:11:32 2017

Large animals won the last poll. I am in the mood to work on an extinct creature, so here are some creatures that are no longer with us. 200lb+ average.

Red panda WIP4

Mon Oct 30 21:22:41 2017

Might not seem much of a difference but most of the time spent on this image has been these little tiny things that have bothered me. I would go back and forth between older and newer iterations with little changes like a larger paw or a smaller rear and spend a literal hour resizing and reshaping various small parts to figure out the perspective. just very nitpicky things that I was not sure about.

As always I wanted to give her the vertical proportions of its real life counterpart but give her a more pronounced butt. Its easy to figure out how long the legs should be when its a standing or laying pose from farther away, but with foreshortening I can't figure out if I made the legs to short or to long.

but anyway tell me what you think! I want to start painting this on the 1st of next month.

Size Poll

Sat Oct 28 21:14:58 2017

While the month draws to a close I am taking it easy and thinking that 3 images is good for this months quota, however I will still be working on my current image to finish it early next month. I might also work on another sketch or plan out another project so while I work Il do some of these polls.

This one is about size when it comes to the actual size of these creatures real world counterparts. the animals described in each are only to give an idea of size and do not describe the only animals I might draw. these polls will be for a female creature.

Red panda WIP3

Thu Oct 26 01:31:19 2017

Going to count this one as a the 3rd work in progress, as it is part of the process. still want to fix the prospective on this one just a bit. I jumped the gun and deleted the older image because I did not like it at first, now I go back to it on here and decide I actually like it again. God dammit. going to recover the image just to have the pose for a future work perhaps.

Is this one better, all the same, or worse?


Project update.

Wed Oct 25 11:46:20 2017

Suppose the end of the month has me with a little less focus, I am going to be attempting another Red panda sketch with another angle. if not to use it for the main project, at least to get more practice in. wanted to end this month with a 4th project but I may instead finish this one very early next month.

Red panda WIP2

Wed Oct 25 00:51:36 2017

This is often part of my workflow, I often do this sort thig. I save every so often so I have multiple iterations of the same project as it progresses. Sometimes I spend hours just on the crevasse of leg or tiny placement of the head. often what happens is that I go back a few files to see how much the sketch has changed and if I like the more original images more this was sort of the case for this one.

The image in the center is the most recent WIP posted here on patreon while the image on the right was my newest sketch. What ended up happening is that I went back to my older WIP and found that there were things that I liked more about it. to fix this I slapped the older file in the middle, coppied my most recent on the right and tried to make something that was in beetween what I liked about old and new and work on that one on the left..

at first glance they all look the same but believe me there are things that drive me crazy about some parts. As for the project as a whole this one is proving rather difficult or I am at least having trouble getting what I want. I mayhaps get stuck and work on another sketch if anything.

Let me know what you think!


Red Panda WIP1

Mon Oct 23 20:52:40 2017

General Idea for now, still not too sure about the pose over all when it comes to prescriptive, as its not a completely top down shot but a slightly lower angle one. I might have to change some things.

let me know what you think!


Red panda up next!

Sun Oct 22 16:24:41 2017

My next image is going to be a red panda. a fit athletic build in a provocative pose shot from a rear angle. I plan on working on a difficult angle on a soft bed so its going to take a bit to get a sketch I like down. I thought of a north american badger at first, then a raccoon however I want to get used to more saturated colors that critters like red pandas have in their fur. this is going to be another step up as far as pose and color goes. Im rather scared of working on the tail too but lets see.

Male pine marten

Sat Oct 21 23:29:08 2017

Here it is! tell me what cha' think.

I feel like I did not make him as shy as I wanted to, but I am hoping it comes across at least a little. he does have nice biceps though!

Male_pine_marten.jpg Male%20pine%20marten1.tif (d)

Pine Marten WIP 6

Sat Oct 21 00:12:10 2017

Need to add some of the seams of the couch as well as really get into little lighting details and fur details. of course the tail too! Let me know what you think!


Marten stream

Fri Oct 20 21:06:27 2017

file.Untitled (d)


Fri Oct 20 20:08:51 2017


Pine Marten WIP 5

Fri Oct 20 02:09:28 2017

I was going to leave this WIP for after the stream but I got pretty motivated today. Next WIP will be after the stream tomorrow EST, for now I rest.


Pine Marten WIP 4

Thu Oct 19 20:41:25 2017

Wanted to have part of the subject, couch, and back ground ready to go, that way I have a better feel for the overall tone of the image.

Going to have at him a little more tonight but before the next WIP I am going to stream some work.


Pine Marten WIP3

Thu Oct 19 01:34:44 2017

Prepping this one right now. going to be working on many layers so this one is going to be pretty complex but I hope to have more fun than trouble.


Female body type poll

Tue Oct 17 23:42:12 2017

Wanted to have atleast one WIP a day but for the moment I am trying to rap my head around working with leather and backgrounds to get ready to tackle that couch in my current project.

Some one try and break the tie in the previous poll!

Pine marten WIP2

Tue Oct 17 00:00:11 2017

A cleaner sketch but I still want to pick at the sketch a little more until I am completely happy with what I have and I can see what to do next in my head.


Female body language poll

Mon Oct 16 17:33:08 2017

Here is a poll for a female project. going to keep this one going for a bit just like the last poll. Will most likely work on a sketch in unison with my current project.

Pine marten WIP1

Mon Oct 16 01:17:15 2017

A lower rez chicken skratch sketch. even so it took me a while to get to this point as the pose is proving very difficult. Alot is going to change to be sure.

any thoughts on anatomy or perhaps something that you might see off that I don't would be super helpful!


Next project ideas

Sun Oct 15 19:01:20 2017

not going to make a pole for this one just want to hear what sort of creatures you all want to see to give myself an idea.

The polls that won are a shy pose with a toned and fit body, and I already have a plan to work on a partial shot of a model reclining on a sofa.

being a more gracile morphology I will be working with I am looking to draw things like bob cats, lynx, smaller mustalides and viverrid, or foxes, all with some shapely athletic builds.

Feel free to toss some ideas and I will consider a model!

This project will be a step up as I have to draw a sofa so I might finish the sketch and if painting proves a hassle I might work on another female on the side, so except polls for that!

Witch rat.

Sat Oct 14 20:02:13 2017

Had such a rough time with this one. I struggled greatly to continue in fact, but I also learned a lot about lighting and exposure. Dimly lit photos tend to have lighter blacks. kinda counter intuitive but true!

really gave this one feral top to bottom proportions but gave her some shapely shoulders and large hips as well and a nice plump bottom for the sitting and dancing when she does all her incantations.

Edit: small change is design choice, changed height of legs and hips.

WITCH_RAT41.jpg WITCH%20RAT41.tif (d)

Up coming male poll (body type)

Fri Oct 13 17:46:48 2017

I plan to do these very same polls with the female after this. hope this is fun.

A shy pose won the last Poll.

Body type might change some of the species I work with.

Skinny might be something like a civet or ferret, toned and skiny might be something like a med sized wild cat, Very Fit might be something like a large cat or horse, burly and chubby might be a bear or hippo perhaps.

It depends what I can come up with, it's not cut and dry what species I might choose.

Witch rat WIP 5

Fri Oct 13 17:32:57 2017

Struggling a lot with this lighting, Had to make some compromises with design simply because I can't yet rap my head around how to make the lighting I envisioned look right.

I really wanted to make this model have cartoonish rodent proportions, it's just something I like to do with smaller critters like skunks and rabbits by giving them a pear shape like this. head to toe proportions are very much feral what with the shorter legs and the larger head but the lateral proportions are more humanoid with the large curvy hips and thighs.

This is going to be the last WIP. for the final version I plan on shaping her a little too.


Witch rat WIP 4

Thu Oct 12 21:51:03 2017

got so much work done in 2 hours today, even with lighting I am not used too.

Let me know what you think!



Thu Oct 12 19:52:59 2017

file.Untitled (d)

Streaming around 4 EST today.

Thu Oct 12 17:30:37 2017

Heads up

A question about expected content.

Thu Oct 12 00:45:14 2017

I have had one complaint about the way my work has changed overtime but it's a complaint that I think some others might feel aswell so I would like to listen to my followers. the concern I read about was that my artwork has turned from anthropomorphic too a much more feral form, a sentiment that I will not deny. For those that have followed my work from its early stages or at least know of my older work, the change over time is clear as well. there is a clear lack of upper breasts aswell as more animalstic proportions in the legs and bodies in my newer work, that my older work only had to a slight degree. because of this I can't argue that the old description for my patreon (furry/anthro related artwork) does not accurately describe my content as of late.

As a furry artist I don't consider my aim to be feral, but neither do I aim for the classic furry art style for lack of a better description. as an artist I could best describe my inspiration to be that of classic Disney animal characters or story book civilized animals if that makes sense. this is of course with the addition of a much more adult theme. since the biggining I wanted my content to undoubtedly be sexually charged but with some restraint, at least this was the idea in my head, there for I would settle with nude pinups. Early on I also wanted to blur the lines between animal and humanoid as much as I could but I was not experienced enough or learned in anatomy enough to give that aesthetic justice. now that I am more experienced with the type of aesthetic I aimed for, I feel that I may have changed in my art style dramatically and there for alienated my older followers. at least that is how I feel.

I would love to hear any thoughts however. I know I asked this a while ago, but I would like to hear what my watchers are looking for in my work.

Thank you!

Witch rat WIP 3

Thu Oct 12 00:41:02 2017

Streaming after this WIP.


Up coming male poll (body language)

Wed Oct 11 00:09:43 2017

Thought I would make some interesting polls to come up with ideas for the next male image while I work on my spooky rat lady. thought it would be fun to do a poll for aesthetic and some polls later on for species and poses and stuff so people can contribute to the ideas behind a project and I don't get art block!

Rat witch WIP3

Tue Oct 10 23:21:56 2017

Was not ready to start any color today so I mostly cleaned the image a little and added the all important feef. unsure about the lighting or how I wish to make the background. I am also trying to figure out how I am going to go about making the wood of the broom handle, I have never drawn wood. might work on the sketch just a little more and change some little things but next WIP I post is going to have color.


Rat witch WIP2

Tue Oct 10 03:51:31 2017

Getting SPOOKY! need to make that hat bigger and fix up her feets. I gave her a nice pear shape.


Rat witch WIP1

Mon Oct 9 01:12:07 2017

Super rough sketch that might change some here and there. she is going to be tipping her hat a little, it might cast a shadow or something. I am trying to tell myself too make this a low key lit image just like the goat, but damn if figuring out the lighting was not exhausting. I must though! I don't think I am going to get used to lighting if all I do is defused models. if the painting stage proves difficult and I get stuck I will start another sketch to have something to do.


Up next

Sun Oct 8 15:10:24 2017

Next image is going to be a witch rat with a pointy witch hat and maybe a broom. the pose is going to be something akin to the way a mouse would sit up.

A combination of those is what I plan. let me know what you think of the idea.

Demon goat

Sat Oct 7 20:06:16 2017

very subtle demon thing going on on the hooves. subtle is spooky.

goat49.jpg goat50.tif (d)

Your thoughts for next image

Sat Oct 7 14:15:06 2017

Just about to finish that goat, I was thinking of doing more spooky creatures for October (or at least creatures that fit a spooky theme) and just redoing the poll I did last but I am not sure. not really looking forward to drawing anything in particular but I did consider doing a rodent poll with critters like squirrels, capybara, and beavers, even thought of working on chimera like creatures like furred dragon dog things, you know, the kind many people make and slap OC on. perhaps that blue dragon dog thing I worked on a while ago. Any way I want to read your thoughts again to get some ideas, what sort of creature or pose would you like to see?

Demon goat WIP 6

Fri Oct 6 21:16:25 2017

Last WIP I have to think about some effects or trinkets to add to make this not just a normal goat.


Demon goat WIP 5

Thu Oct 5 21:17:08 2017

Was a short stream but I was able to finish her upper body. also harder lighting! something I have been scared of doing but I think its coming out well here.


Goat stream!

Thu Oct 5 19:22:08 2017


Streaming today!

Thu Oct 5 18:45:33 2017

Around 3:30 Est

Demon goat WIP 4

Wed Oct 4 22:07:24 2017

Thought I would have more trouble getting started but this already feels alright. still uncertain about the color and what to do with the horns but I will hopefully figure that out too. going to refine the face a little more than start on a stream tomorrow.


Demon goat WIP 3

Wed Oct 4 15:51:06 2017

Did what I wanted to do with the legs. I think the body flows much better now and the bony hips are extenuated. This is ready for painting but not sure what colors and mood to use yet. I want a dark backdrop to make the picture moody but am a little afraid of the trouble it might give me. going to start painting today and perhaps start a stream, though im going in blind when it comes to a plan for lighting direction and such.


Demon goat WIP2

Tue Oct 3 20:07:43 2017

This should be the final pose, or at least what I want to go for. still feel that the legs need a little work before I start color. going to pick at the sketch a little more but if I find that I am getting no where I might start on another project to jog my brain.

critiques are helpful!


Demon Goat WIP1

Mon Oct 2 17:37:23 2017

Still figuring out what to do with the arms. very early sketch so some stuff might change.


Teats or breasts

Sun Oct 1 18:50:53 2017

I want my next image to be a standing pinup with a dark backdrop but well lit model. something like this

the subject is going to be a white goat with some demonic features in the face and horns, and maybe some spooky jewelry. now I personally feel like adding breasts to this particular subject as I have no problem with teats being that I have added some for designs in my previous work but I mayhaps want to mix things up.

Still not sure 100% what I want but thought I would make a poll to gauge interest.

Fantasy creature II tie breaker

Sat Sep 30 23:58:02 2017

There was a tie!

Fantasy creature monster II

Sat Sep 30 04:54:05 2017

Some spoopy selections for October.

I made an Ad!

Fri Sep 29 20:15:03 2017

I worked on a small ad for fur affinity. I have never made a gif so I hope this is not to bad. I wanted to be minimal.


Lady le pew

Thu Sep 28 21:11:19 2017

Please let me know what you think! projects after this will go back to regular tiers.

Skunk-20.jpg Skunk-20.tif (d)

Streaming today 4:30

Wed Sep 27 18:45:56 2017


Skunk stream 2

Wed Sep 27 18:44:07 2017

hjeTl2fPkl00ormyDnN8ZVCZh84w8aWCFbUbxWs5D5bexaz_Lujj_vwGCU6kdmJB.jpe (d)

lady le pew WIP4

Wed Sep 27 00:12:50 2017


Lady le pew WIP 3

Tue Sep 26 00:35:43 2017

A little work today. I plan on finishing this one by the end of the month but felt little inspiration today. I also plan to finish this up in a final stream where I work on her parts and tail. again this one here is all for the 5$ tier.


Lady le pew WIP2

Sun Sep 24 21:18:06 2017

I feel that the break gave my brain time to connect things together. Struggled with the face at first but this one feels right so far. I feel like I have improved a little more.

let me know what you think!


Skunk stream!

Sun Sep 24 19:15:14 2017

0fTqys74cB0o_W5Oi6dx1_53lyeP94JSw0KOa4JNuw8Ly7wPCk3g5qBSqHljy3rX.jpe (d)

Streaming today

Sun Sep 24 15:47:38 2017

I will be streaming at around 3 EST today, open for the 5$ tier. going to make the WIPS and streams for this particular project available for this tier.

Cute skunk WIP 1

Sun Sep 24 02:43:57 2017

Thinking I am going to go right into color without much refining of the lines as I am never happy with lines anyway and always find myself having to erase them to make them less prominent later on.


All systems go!

Sun Sep 24 02:40:54 2017

I was really not optimistic when they said that they would fix the net in 1 or 2 days but here it is all lights green just tonight!

I will be posting a WIP for the 5$ teir as well as doing a stream tomorrow for the 5$ tier to make up for the long wait.

Net update/project

Sat Sep 23 01:42:44 2017

Florida power and light fixed our cables 2 of 3 at least. Turns out the 3rd cable-the fat utility one that gets me online-is not their responsibility so they left it dead on the ground. I have to wait for the ISP to fix the wire for me. They say 50% of our area is with out service and that they might get things up and running in 1 or 2 days. Sure hope so. Good news is i am still able to work and have a nice skunk model sket ready togo!


Thu Sep 21 00:09:21 2017

Just got power but the internet is down. Things have been exhausting both for my head and body so i need some time to rest. I will still be working in the meantime to try nd finish an imagethis month. Again thanks for the support.

Update/pose poll

Sun Sep 17 00:29:53 2017

Still no damn power and I am afraid of losing people do to inactivity. I have to build anticipation for something so here is a pose poll for....


Irma/griffon update

Tue Sep 12 21:28:12 2017

Hurricane was a near miss where we were at but it still messed things up. We are all safe but we still have work to do and plenty of tree too cut and root.

Through the storm all I could do was ponder what to do with my current project and thiss little break helped. Going to make some changes to the sketch and post a a new WIP for the 5$ tier to make up for the wait. I thought i would just start on the skunk project i had planed and leave the griffon for later but i had enough time to figure out what to do and change my mind.

Anyway just a little longer before the power comes back bbs.

Hurecane update

Fri Sep 8 04:19:50 2017

Alot more likely that we are going to get hit directly. We are right next too the path of the eye. Windows are boarded up in our home but my grandma and 2 uncles (the family I live with) as well as my self are seeking shelter elsewhere. This includes pets. My computer and tablet are bagged up and going right in a dish washer. I will most likely not be able to work any time soon this month or atleast post as after the storm hopefully if we make it with our health we ofcourse have to wait for civilisation to spring back.

This storm has me fearing for my life and the health of my family to be honest. I am rather scared of what might happen but I do hope to make it throgh and get back to good spirits and back to painting soon.

Thank you to all my patrons and watchers your support helps me out alot.

Hurricane Irma

Wed Sep 6 17:08:01 2017

I live right on the dick end of rural Florida, If I am gone for a bit don't worry, I will be literally weathering the storm. just busy making preparations and most likely making sure my stuff is safe.

Project update.

Wed Sep 6 01:05:00 2017

Going to have to work on something else and save my gryphon for a later time. the combo of feathers wings and scales plus the low angle pose is proving a little difficult for me. Its also one of those images that I am just unsure about and don't know why. I have tried many ways to fill in color and in feathers and fur and I always lose interest. I am going to leave the image as is and work on another project to start fresh.

I am considering posting the sketch as a finished project for the time being just so others can take a gander. I still have to refine the sketch for that just a bit.

Gryphon WIP3

Mon Sep 4 20:17:54 2017



Mon Sep 4 16:17:00 2017


file.Untitled (d)

Gryphon WIP2

Sun Sep 3 19:51:54 2017

Here is the more refined sketch. I feel rather happy with it, my only concern is if the framing looks alright at this perspective. this is going to have a simple background only because I imagine this subject to be rather large and at this angle she would really sink into fabric do to her weight even with her hollow bones. At first glance, she is rather feral looking, but no feral has hips and a gluteus maximums that large, thus she is able to walk upright, even trot, and look! thumbs! she can give you a hand shake too! Still want to work on the sketch before I add any color, though I really want to be sure I know what I want with this image so I may start on another sketch for another project. I need to figure out what parts are feather and what parts are fur, though for now at least I know I want her to be half golden eagle half lion.

Please let me know what you think!


Gryphon WIP1

Sun Sep 3 01:05:32 2017

Rough sketch I settled with. figure I could focus on the body first and the wings later without having to worry to much about how to fit the wings in this angle. the over all shape feels pretty good from afar. Now I just have to slowly chisel and shape the line work and hope that it turns out great.


Gryphon up next!

Sat Sep 2 15:55:52 2017

Bird lion up next! grit my teeth a little when it won only because wings are hard! but I am sure I will manage with some good reference and time. The pose will be a gryphon on its side/back at a lower angle with the legs spread, one flat on the ground another up in the air, wings mostly out of site. (think back to the Dhole image but with the top leg spread and at a lower angle) I might work on another sketch after this one so that I could give myself time to really think about color and background.

Wish me luck!

Male grizzly

Sat Sep 2 00:00:48 2017

Here it is! finished on the 1st of this month so I am not counting it as an image for this month but the last instead. I found this project to be rather enjoyable as I did not feel stuck or lost while working on it. it felt natural.

let me know what you think!


Male bear WIP 5

Fri Sep 1 17:16:14 2017

Will try and finish this tonight.


Popluer pick Poll

Fri Sep 1 15:12:33 2017

A collection of some of the ideas from my previous post.

What sort of creature do you want to see?

Fri Sep 1 00:56:11 2017

Not going to make a poll for this as I am curious what sort of creatures y'all really want to see. don't be shy, give me a species or even a fantasy/game creature! feel free to suggest a pose, or fancy clothing perhaps.

I am still not sure what I want to work on next, a female to be sure but not sure what. give me your thoughts!

Male bear WIP 4

Fri Sep 1 00:36:53 2017

Took a day off on Wednesday so wanted to finish the focal point today. I wanted this image to be finished by the end of the month but oh well. I feel pretty confidant with the image so far so it should not be any trouble. I want to set a goal to finish this by the first of next month.

Please let me know what you think!


Male bear WIP3 Edit

Wed Aug 30 14:50:22 2017

Just a small edit before I start work today. some wished to see a little more of the rump. I wanted the lift to be subtle.

Let me know if this is better!


Male bear WIP3

Tue Aug 29 22:28:53 2017



Tue Aug 29 19:00:22 2017

file.Untitled (d)

Stream tommrow

Tue Aug 29 01:19:06 2017

at around 3PM EST. I will be working on the bear for quite a while as could not get any work done today.

Male bear WIP2

Mon Aug 28 00:37:58 2017

spent most of the time on this today working on two similar sketches side by side each with tiny little differences in the angle, like really small things that I was unsure about. mostly how much of the upper body shows, how forward the arms are stretched out and how turned the head is. basically not sure if I wanted the direction of the rear to be more parallel with the "camera" thus showing less of the body and head, or if I wanted the rear to be more at an angle so the body showed more. just really really silly things. I am still unsure but I did not want to linger so more at an angle it is. I still have to clean up the sketch until I am confidant with how I want to tackle the fur.


Male Bear WIP1

Sat Aug 26 21:28:52 2017

Chicken scratch! you ever look at a popcorn ceiling and see faces and stuff? I am learning that if you sketch lightly from afar you could more easily see patterns and forms. not that you can just scribble till something pop us. You still have to know what you are doing, but starting with a very light messy sketch really helps you SEE. something about this guy just does not seem robust enough though, not sure what it is. maybe that will change when start to refine.


Bear breed poll

Sat Aug 26 20:29:50 2017

Rump up pose won. this is Just a small poll. feel like tackling either of these 3. last one is a large prehistoric species with interesting markings on the face.

Bear pose poll

Sat Aug 26 12:39:33 2017

Already have the lightest of a sketch for a laid back bear but I wanted to see if any one wants to see other posses for this male grizzly.

Update!/Next image idea

Fri Aug 25 13:46:41 2017

This month has been very slow at least compared to last month where I worked on a good bit of projects. So far this months 2 projects have been complete with one currently in the works. Forgive me if any one expected a little more work for this august compared to last month. I Suppose this month I was a little burned from last months 4 or something projects. I hope to at least have a sketch or some WIP images for the current projects before the end of this august.

as for the current project and what I plan! next model is going to be a male grizzly. I originally wanted to work on a pose focused on a rear angle but last fossa already covered that in part with a little of the rump showing. Instead I plan on working on a belly up and lounging pose for the up and coming model, something kin to this.

This is another pose that I find a little daunting so it may take a bit for me to get a sketch that I want down proper. If the pose proves too difficult I will work on a standing pose or perhaps work on another project on the side so I don't get stuck. I find myself in a bad spot when it comes to motivation this month so I hope I hop out soon.

If you have any questions ,suggestions or comments please let me know! it keeps me level headed knowing what my patrons are looking for!

Male Fossa

Thu Aug 24 21:10:54 2017

Took a while but here it is. really took my time on this one.

Please let me know what you think!

Male_Fossa.jpg Male%20Fossa.tif (d)

Male Fossa WIP Final

Thu Aug 24 02:32:36 2017

I wanted to finish this tonight but I felt a little ill and was in bed most of the day. All I need is to finish the tail smooth everything out, and tweak the background.


Next male poll

Wed Aug 23 03:49:09 2017

Going to finish my next project soon so I want an idea for the next image. here are a bit of options.

any thoughts or comments on what you might want to see let me know!

Male Fossa WIP5

Tue Aug 22 18:56:47 2017


Male Fossa WIP4

Tue Aug 22 01:44:22 2017

Not sure if I am taking it to slow or just having a bad month. this is my 2nd project of the month and I feel like I could of finished more. I hope I can end the month with another project after this one. I am trying to push myself with this one though.

hope yall like this so far!


Male Fossa WIP3

Mon Aug 21 00:46:28 2017

A little color!


Streaming Male Fossa.

Sun Aug 20 21:06:57 2017

Male Fossa WIP2

Sat Aug 19 21:53:18 2017

This should be the last sketch for now if not maybe a few changes here and there before I start to paint!

let me know what cha think about this guy!



Sat Aug 19 19:09:31 2017

Will be streaming in about 30 min

Streaming tomorrow!

Sat Aug 19 03:47:35 2017

Tomorrow I plan to do a stream around 3PM EST to get a good bit of work done. this project has been a little intimidating but a feel that with a stream I should build some confidence!

Male fossa

Fri Aug 18 14:43:50 2017

This look natural? not forced? I spend most of my time with this image on my other screen asking myself these questions while I every now and again change a line or move the hips a little. I feel that I am taking too long with this and should start working on the hands and feet to see if that grounds everything. I am also going to have the whole tail in frame unlike most of my images. for lots of reasons working on the tail especially having the appendage in the foreground is rather difficult as you could mess up the perspective but I want to get comfortable with visualizing perspective hence why I the image is also not drawn on a flat horizontal view.

please let me know what you think!


Some trouble.

Thu Aug 17 02:03:13 2017

Current sketch is giving me some trouble can't figure out how to work with this particular pose on this particular creature so I have been struggling a a bunch. nothing new but any sort of work in progress is going to take a while. at worst I will work on another pose that is not as difficult :<

Poll ends in about an hour.

Tue Aug 15 23:34:47 2017

Just a reminder to vote on that poll, I want to get started on a new sketch soon.

Fossa Pose Poll

Tue Aug 15 21:12:23 2017

Well the poll ended in a tie so... well I suppose its up to me since I want to get started on the image already. suppose for the sake of mixing things up a bit I should try a male? I was surprised how split the poll was to be honest so I hope no one is upset with that choice. I already have a sketch that is focused on the rear with the subject propped up in a contorted fashion only possible with such a slinky animal. In this pose there is some of the boys and the bum in view with the dinky hiding under the legs, but I could also work on other posses that show the willy a little more.

Please feel free to leave suggestions or comments!

fossa up next. male or female?

Tue Aug 15 08:29:46 2017

I really feel like working on another fossa as I really want to make use of that slinky body in an interesting pose. I am also considering working on a male. For this particular project I am fine with either or, but the next project is sure to be a male.

Belly up werewolf

Mon Aug 14 20:32:09 2017

wanted to do a little more and perhaps tweak some stuff here and there but I must move on!

Any thoughts are appreciated.


Late night stream!

Mon Aug 14 01:43:18 2017

Join me!

Werewolf WIP5

Sun Aug 13 20:54:48 2017

Here is all the color. There is still A LOT of polish and detail I want to give it, and of course the background. I plan on streaming later on tonight.


Werewolf WIP4

Sat Aug 12 22:57:59 2017

Slowly getting there. I Am not to fond of the paws but I might fix that once I clean the lines a little later on. I am using a pallet from some old werewolf monster movie that I suppose was ripped from VHS or something. the dark colors on the image had a slight red tinge to them, hence why the bottom of her butt is sorta blood red. I did not intend to make it look like that but it works for the theme I guess.

I might stream some work tomorrow. Please let me know what you think!


Werewolf WIP3

Sat Aug 12 00:21:39 2017

Just starting from another angle front to back, or bottom too top? I want to finish the rear first before I start with the torso then head. I feel that that can give me a feel for the lighting if I slowly work in fur. Still worried about the background but I am going to save that for absolutely last.


Project update.

Fri Aug 11 17:36:07 2017

Starting fresh with the werewolf project. Might be too much of a challenge with the darker lighting. sketch is great, but I can't figure out how to work in the dark. if it proves to much of a problem and I am not progressing I will start another project or at least a sketch until I become more comfortable.

Werewolf WIP2

Fri Aug 11 04:34:37 2017

Working on a darker image with harsher lighting is giving me a hard time, so I hope I get the motivation to see this through without much of a hassle. This image also seems incredibly dark on one of my screens but pretty visible on the other. I am sure that is do to the white backdrop that patreon has so if you have trouble seeing the image just open it on a darker tab.

Would love to hear any thoughts, I feel a little iffy about this so far.


Werewolf WIP1

Wed Aug 9 21:40:24 2017

This took me a while to get to this sketch. I had so much trouble figuring out this angle and what angle I wanted to work with in the first place. half way through I had to edit the sketch to make the rear larger as I wanted to work with something more foreshortened and closer. I also wanted to make the pose less subtle, something I was unsure about as not everyone is a fan of canine anatomy. this sketch had me waking up 3 hours after midnight just to work on a paw. used a lot of reference but slowly built up to this final shape bit by bit. I still want to sketch the fur pattern before I start painting so that I know what it is that I want. I also plan on a darker image so I am going to try low key or at least low light lighting, like chiaroscuro I suppose. this is a style I am a little intimidated of but I must practice lighting!

Let me know what you think! critiques and stuff are helpful.


Ending poll at 7PM EST

Tue Aug 8 17:02:12 2017

Ending poll today so that I can start on my next project ASAP

Fantasy creature/monster

Tue Aug 8 13:03:04 2017

Something fantastical, gnarly, dark or with a lot of teeth is what I feel like drawing. This is what I can think of right now. My favorite creatures are usually big beasts and stuff so I am sure to have fun with this one. have any specific suggestions or things you would like to see? let me know in the comments!

Sitting polar bear

Mon Aug 7 23:59:27 2017

Here we are!

critiques and such very appreciated, I took a while to polish this one.


Sitting polar bear WIP8

Mon Aug 7 02:33:56 2017

Last WIP. have to finish the other leg and foot, then polish things up a little and it's done. Hope to post the final image tomorrow.


Late stream

Mon Aug 7 01:02:50 2017

An impromptu stream. if you can't make it, it's always archived!

Sitting polar bear WIP7

Sat Aug 5 23:27:39 2017

I am really trying to get a hang of building fur with smooth brush strokes with this project. this did not take me very long, but again, I am taking it slow with this project. After I finish the top I will stream working on the legs and groin for the last WIP.

let me know what you think!


Sitting polar bear WIP6

Fri Aug 4 21:25:09 2017

Just a little progress. the way that I am working is not really tedious at all, or taking too long. at this point I am just pacing my self with the image so that I don't find myself getting lost half way through. Sleeping on it so to speak to see the image as fresh every now and then. I hate the idea of taking too long on an image or missing a day without work but I want to be sure I know what i am doing.


Sitting polar bear WIP5

Fri Aug 4 00:26:06 2017

I would have removed the previous works and made this one the 3rd WIP being that I started from the head but I feel that a mess up is still part of the process so this is indeed the 5th work in progress. doing this with a different approach. instead of filling with color and shade then texturing (like I did before) I am working stroke by stroke.



Wed Aug 2 19:56:05 2017

My current bear project got lost on me when I was painting can't really say why, it just did not look right to me. the face is perfect soft and pretty but I feel the the rest of the body was rushed and messy. going to start from and older file with just the face and see what I can learn.

Sitting polar bear WIP4

Wed Aug 2 05:03:04 2017

Most of everything is painted but I want to spend a day or 2 working on this to add texture and polish the image bit by bit. It still seems like it is lacking in something.

let me know what you think so far!



Tue Aug 1 20:08:40 2017

Streaming today around 4 EST

Tue Aug 1 12:44:51 2017

Sitting polar bear WIP3

Mon Jul 31 09:47:56 2017


Sitting polar bear WIP2

Sat Jul 29 22:51:43 2017

Wanted to give her some really soft features.

This image feels really right and I am pretty confident I can see it through. Something about using the thicker lines helps me I suppose. I some how see the shape better.

Let me know what cha think! I might stream this tomorrow.


Sitting Polar bear WIP1

Fri Jul 28 20:50:19 2017

I was able to finish this sketch on stream. rather happy with it so far but I need to refine it and change some things that still seem a little off to me. Let me know what ya think!

Stream is archived so you can check the process with the same link.


stream length

Fri Jul 28 20:16:02 2017

I thought I should mention that most streams last around 2 hours if I don't have any watchers so you can stop on by in that time frame if you still want to catch the stream. I also like to extend the stream if I get at least one watcher.

Streaming in a bit!

Fri Jul 28 18:58:51 2017

Bear sketch stream tomorrow!

Thu Jul 27 22:48:09 2017

I usually avoid streaming sketches because I still struggle with getting the pose that I want but I feel the best way to remedy this is too face the fear of looking like I am completely lost. Today I am taking a break but tomorrow around 3 or 4 EST I will be streaming the sketch. hopefully from start to finish.

Lioness scratching head

Thu Jul 27 16:56:35 2017

Finally done with this one! I think this is my 4th image this month so I am glad I was able to finish it.

critiques and thoughts welcome!

Untitled-52.jpg Untitled-52.tif (d)

Lion WIP4

Wed Jul 26 22:38:49 2017

What was done on the stream. something about this image, or perhaps many things still bug me. it just does not sit right with me. Going to take the rest of the month to finish it before I start something new. I do think this is at least my 4th image for the month so that's not bad! Little by little I will add hairs and deets until this feels right.

I really hope you have enjoyed the process of this image so far!


streaming now!

Wed Jul 26 18:32:48 2017

Streaming tomorrow

Tue Jul 25 20:05:42 2017

I will be streaming tomorrow at 3PM EST. wanted to stream earlier but was still unsure about some aspects of the image. I want to give myself more time to look over the image before I finish it on the stream.

Lion WIP3

Mon Jul 24 16:23:41 2017

I will be streaming this soon.


Bear species POLL

Sun Jul 23 21:11:15 2017

What sort of bear should I draw?

note that bears like the black and panda bear are not in this poll only because the last poll was about heavy animals and they don't really reach close to a short ton or at least a quarter and a half. I would also add cave bear but they do not look to distinct from modern grizzlies being that they are just dead brown bears.

Lion WIP2

Sun Jul 23 01:09:47 2017

I got more interested in this image again, but I have been taking its slow. having to redo an image usefully puts me in a cautious place. I hope if I take this one slowly I would not run into any point where I just don't know where to take the image. what actually worries me most is the sheets and background and not really the lion itself. I worry I might have trouble grounding her.

Hope its pretty.


Lion WIP1

Fri Jul 21 20:27:35 2017

I went back to working on the lion, though I will be working on the heavy weight creature as well. I am just going to take it slow with this one.

I feel what happend with the previous go is that I tried a technique that just did not work for me. with the previous iteration I blotched in color with the intention of adding detail later, but that is just a process I am not comfortable with. I rather finish the image bit by bit. I am already liking this head better and I really hope I can continue this image without much problem.

Let me know what you think!


Heavy weight poll

Fri Jul 21 02:14:26 2017

I want to work on another sketch as I feel I should leave my current image be for a while as it took the life out of me and put me under a little stress. I wanted to make this poll about extant heavy weights, or animals that reach a ton and over. I do not include the draft horse as I personally don't wish to paint a horse at this time.

Starting fresh.

Thu Jul 20 23:59:30 2017

While working on the current feline I was not happy with what I had so far once most of the image was painted. I am starting over again from the sketch, same pose and all.

stream over

Thu Jul 20 18:23:06 2017

Was a short stream today but I plan on finishing the image soon. this is one of those images that I really feel lost with and don't really know how to get the result I want.

check the link to the archive if you want to see the stream.

Streaming now!

Thu Jul 20 17:22:47 2017

Main monitor broke

Mon Jul 17 12:48:17 2017

My larger main monitor had a problem where it kept turning off by itself. I tried to fix it with no luck. I am using a much smaller screen but it feels so strange painting with it. tried to calibrate this current monitor as best I could so I hope any work after this looks good on your screens.

Just one question. is the kimono on my recent tanuki image more bluish, or more purple?

Thats the spot, Species POLL.

Mon Jul 17 00:57:43 2017

I already have a pose in mind and and a reference to go with my next project, I don't however have a species in mind. the pose will be a cat scratch type of deal, where the rear leg is used to scratch the back of the ear. the model will be resting on its side flanks to the viewer while doing so. My head is stuck on a feline or canine or some other sort of carnivora. I don't rly want to go tooo fancy with the critter on this one.

this poll is to gauge some interest when it comes to these more common anthropomorphic characters but please feel free to give other suggestions that you think might match the theme. if you wish to see a specific breed please let me know aswell.

here is one of the main references I am using.


Sun Jul 16 17:46:01 2017

Its done! I experimented with slight rim lighting on this, hope it looks nice! this image was tricky and made me unsure as to what exactly I was going for but I picked up a few good habits with it. there is another version in the Tiff with a single vent.

Untitled-120.jpg Untitled-19.tif (d)

Thylacine WIP4

Sat Jul 15 22:15:17 2017

Not sure about the over all color of this. over all shape is there but there are just these little tiny things that bug me. going to take a little more before I finish.

Let me know what you think so far!


thylacine WIP4

Sat Jul 15 00:26:08 2017

Spent so much time on the face. I had a really hard time trying to figure out the lighting for such a toned face. I had to redo the face twice before I was happy with it. I want to finish the face 100% before I start on the body. I feel having the face to completion makes me feel more confidant when seeing the whole image through. sorta sets the standard of what the rest of the body should be.

is the face pretty?


stream crash

Fri Jul 14 20:57:04 2017

Stream crashed. here is the link again.


Fri Jul 14 19:44:58 2017

Join me!

Thylacine WIP3

Thu Jul 13 23:16:50 2017

just more cleaning and very slight changes. still not sure about the neck but I think I got the legs down. Next WIP will be the complete sketch.


Thylacine WIP2

Thu Jul 13 20:03:15 2017

Still playing around with the shape and pose, also starting to plan out the base. she is going to be sitting on a bed with white sheets on a darker backdrop. this sketch is very rough and I plan to still polish and tweak it here and there.



Thu Jul 13 15:46:27 2017

This pose was so hard to figure out, well, I started with the legs and that was easy enough but figuring out how a semi feral body would contort in that posture was grueling. I had no idea what I was doing. at first I started with a a simple leaning back position but felt it did not do the more feral feel justice so after the 10nth attempt of sketching the body I thought I would go for a fully contorted twisted S curve body. funny that the most dynamic pose turned out to be the one I was most comfortable with. still a little unsure if the hand/paws should be hidden like that but for now I am happy with the over all shape.

As for her parts being that she is a marsupial, I thought I would give her slightly more marsupial parts, slightly convex as they tend to be. I would also give her a slight redundant rump however.

does this S curve body look natural and comfortable?


Tasmanian tiger next!

Wed Jul 12 22:53:02 2017

Everyone's favorite extinct carnivorous marsupial, the Thylacine will be my next image, I will start on the sketch soon once I figure out the pose.

I want to show the belly so that the pouch might be visible, I will also not stick to the anatomy 100% on this one, at least with her parts and give her a little less of marsupial like bits. I will figure it out as I sketch.

Kimono kemono tanuki

Wed Jul 12 21:21:12 2017

Here it is! used some free textures for that kimono as making all those flowers was tedious and was not coming out the way I wanted them too. hope it looks alright.

You can still see a little of her peep so I am going to post a pantie version on my other sites


Kimono Kemono Tanuki WIP4

Tue Jul 11 22:02:31 2017

Did this on the stream, almost done!



Tue Jul 11 20:36:40 2017

first stream broke here is a new link!


Tue Jul 11 18:48:37 2017

going to start streaming at around 4:00 EST ~link

Poll results

Tue Jul 11 05:13:24 2017

Looks like the thylacine wins the vote. that will be my next project after this tanuki.

Kimono Kemono Tanuki WIP3

Tue Jul 11 01:32:10 2017

Zoom into the image to see some of the detail all that space is just for reference. I am streaming once I start working on this again. I am going to make streaming random but at least 2 or 3 times a week.

tell me whatcha think!


Kimono Kemono Tanuki WIP2

Sun Jul 9 01:36:34 2017

I made the body before adding the kimono. at first I made the kimono on another layer and removed the parts of the body that were hidden with a mask, but having to switch layers drives me crazy. so this is all on one layer that I am still going to tweak and morph until I get the shape just like I want it.

Let me know what you think!


Poll ends, 2 days

Sat Jul 8 14:53:03 2017

Just a reminder.

Kemono kimono tanuki

Sat Jul 8 05:26:30 2017

really pushed the proportions on this one so the legs are really chibi like. that's about the proportions you would except from a four legged creature though, legs about the length of the torso or something like that. It's like a feral with hips really, and super smart brain! in my head it seems like she would waddle a little but just as easily trot on her hands. she could also just as easily sit on a comfy couch and manipulate a remote or drink tea or something. yeah! I don't really think to much about the character of the subjects that I draw but it helps me to imagine them doing every day stuff so my head can make the connections needed to paint a picture in my head. could you just imagine this creature brewing a cup of tea or coffee as she waddles around the a kitchen with those lil legs?

kimono is yet to be seen

let me know what you think!


Animals not often seen POLL

Fri Jul 7 21:17:52 2017

All the animals I could think of that are not often anthropormorphizided.

please vote!

Up coming work and update

Fri Jul 7 20:52:40 2017

After some thought I wanted to have something with a Japanese vibe for my next sketch. a Japanese raccoon dog is what I considered, one wearing a nice open kimono at that. This will give me a chance to work on some soft fabrics and clothing. Here is the predicament however, the image is going to be a standing pinup with an open garment as well as being bottomless, so rather subtle nudity. Now I tend to make two versions of an image one being a little more revealing than the other. this allows me to post one for patrons and the other to my other pages until enough time has passed to post both. The thing is that this works nicely for the more provocative images with a clear view of the undercarriage. adding a pant very clearly removes something major in the image so I always save that one for the public until I post the uncensored one. Being that the idea for my current image and many more image ideas like it that might come after don't really have much to hide, if feels unnecessary to make two versions. Instead for this image I am going to post the high res one for patrons and a much lower rez image publicly! the more booty centric images will of course still receive two versions. I hope that this is ok.

Any way! I also want to work on a second sketch so I will make a species poll for that. as it stands a pretty tanuki is next.

Dhole resting

Thu Jul 6 18:11:22 2017

I wanted to stream this one but the project became kinda lost on me and I had trouble figuring how what to do. just spent every other hour adding small things till it came together. Maybe I rushed it to much as it was a second project next to the bunny. maybe there was little planing and very little use of colors. The original image had a rather flat orange tone so using a gradient map I gave it a very subtle blue tinge in the darker areas.

Let me know what you think!

Dhole11.jpg Dhole10.tif (d)

Streaming update

Thu Jul 6 03:35:49 2017

I am going to set my streaming days for Fridays and Thursdays.

Dhole WIP4

Tue Jul 4 17:51:37 2017


Dhole WIP3

Sun Jul 2 22:30:39 2017

I am having a little trouble with the colors and figuring out how I want to render the fur.

Tell me what cha think! I will stream this sometime.


Blackfoot jackrabbit

Sun Jul 2 01:04:03 2017

I was able to finish this one rather quickly! I hope I can finish other images at such a pace in the future.

let me know what you think!

Rabbit12.jpg Rabbit12.tif (d)

Jackrabbit WIP 4&5

Sun Jul 2 01:01:43 2017

Rabbit7.jpg Rabbit11.jpg

Streaming now!

Sat Jul 1 19:47:55 2017

Jackrabbit WIP 3

Sat Jul 1 18:16:46 2017

Before I start the stream I wanted to at least get the head painted. I tend to take it rather slow on the face, working on and off as most of the time is spent just staring at the image and figuring out what I want.


Streaming today.

Sat Jul 1 13:57:12 2017

Going to be streaming today around 4PM EST. I am going to start painting the rabbit.

Jackrabbit WIP 2

Thu Jun 29 01:27:00 2017

Line work just about ready. just a few things needed here and there before I start painting.

let me know what you think!


Stream done.

Thu Jun 29 01:26:24 2017

Not much done today other than cleaning up the line work on the wabbit. Check the archives with the same link if you wish too see the stream.

Straming now!

Wed Jun 28 23:10:37 2017

Streaming tonight

Wed Jun 28 20:24:31 2017

Streaming tonight around 7!

Dhole WIP2

Wed Jun 28 01:26:42 2017

Spent the whole day picking at this sketch. she is supposed to be resting on one shoulder at a bit of an angle, but I still am still unsure about the overall shape. This is enough of this image for now and I will get back to working on the rabbit on the next stream.


Dhole WIP 1

Tue Jun 27 02:49:16 2017

Most start with the head of a subject, but I start with the butt!

I thought I would work on more than one sketch at a time, not because I want to rush things but because I want to be able to move on to another image if I get stuck.

A Dhole is a type of mountain wolf apparently. I was looking for a interesting canine species to work on and I really liked the look and the funny name of this critter. its like a large fox.


Best time to stream?

Mon Jun 26 20:52:46 2017

As of now I don't have a specific day that I have chosen to stream but perhaps a specific day would be more orderly.

There will be a stream tomorrow however.

Jack rabbit.

Sun Jun 25 18:29:01 2017

I am thinking white fur, on white sheets, or maybe brownish fur on white sheets. Maybe I will not get ahead of myself. I will stream the sketch sometime. Not going to rush this one as this is my 4th image this month.

Thoughts appreciated.


Jack rabbit

Sun Jun 25 05:19:04 2017

I am in the mood for something soft and cuddly. next image is going to be a jack rabbit rear focus resting on the floor.


Sun Jun 25 04:22:53 2017

I rushed this one a little. maybe for the best, as I feel I often dwindle a little on images I am having trouble with. the plan was to save a stream where I add more texturing and fill in the wings, but because I found myself lacking in motivation for the image I did some tricks using filters and layers to give the image a gritty texture that makes it look less flat without having to go in and paint individual feather patterns. Can't say I know what I found so troubling about the image, its not horrible but something about it just did not make it to my liking and made the process rather difficult. The image also came out looking a little ambiguous but I suppose that is ok. next image will look a little more feminine.

Tell me what you think!

burb11.jpg burb11.tif (d)

Peregrine WIP6

Sat Jun 24 23:03:42 2017

I am struggling with this one. I knew I would! its those wings, and that bright lighting. I took a short cut and stamped 2 or 3 single feathers for the wings and part of a texture just to get a feel for pace. very tedious process but it saves time and headache. I want to finish filling in the empty space before I start to polish the image and get into those wings and make them look less stamped as I don't want to much of the original textures to be present.. I will stream the polishing part once I am done. hopefully tomorrow. Worst case I give this image a break and start on something new.

let me know what you think about it so far though! would really help.


Hang out and ask me stuff.

Sat Jun 24 03:53:27 2017

Stream was empty today so I am worried there was little interest. Again process videos are kept in an archive if you wish to watch on your own time but I also keep my mic on if you have any questions for me or wish to learn something live!

Peregrine WIP5

Fri Jun 23 23:26:45 2017

burb9.jpg burb9.tif (d)

Stream over

Fri Jun 23 23:23:26 2017

The stream is over, but the video is still saved in an unlisted archive patrons can check out using the same link.

Streaming soon!

Fri Jun 23 19:53:23 2017

click link to join.

First stream today.

Fri Jun 23 13:29:48 2017

Streaming today around 4PM EST

Peregrine WIP4

Fri Jun 23 04:28:32 2017

Here is the color WIP. I will go through other WIP posts and set them to the 6$ tier when I have the time.


Reward changes starting tomorrow!

Thu Jun 22 18:57:21 2017

I was hoping for a little more feedback about the reward changes I planed on doing, I thought I would wait longer but I am getting ready to start painting my current project.

as a recap 6$ patrons would Get access to all WiPs, including sketches and paintings. 10$ patrons would get access to frequent links for Streams of my work.

I hope that sounds fair.

Bird sketch WIP 4

Thu Jun 22 03:03:26 2017

Before I thought of this project, I imagined a bird wearing like a sort of plague doctor mask thing. In my head is seemed thematic, so the rough sketch looked like it had more of a raven or vultures face. Now that I know what species to go for, and being that that species is of a lighter plumage I thought such a dark mask would not work. I also really took the time to look at some raptor faces and thought that that fierce brow and sharp stare they have was really something I wanted to work with.

I still really want to clean up the sketch and get a feel for what I want to do before I color. Let me know what you think so far!


Your thoughts on reward changes!

Wed Jun 21 21:41:38 2017

I was considering changing the reward tiers to provide a little extra for the 6$ patrons and something new for 10$ patrons. I would appreciate any thoughts.

As the change I was considering making the 6$ not only provide sketches, but the color WiP's as well that you get with the 10$ as of now. too make the 10$ worth while I was thinking patrons would get access to frequent streams of my artwork. I want to add something else for the 10$ tier but I am not certain what to add as of yet. If you have any suggestions let me know! Also let me know if you think this change is fair and worthwhile!

On a side note, I want to set a goal to provide at least an image a week, my current project well most likely be finished this month making it the 3rd for this month but I feel that I could eventually complete 1 image every week if I pace myself.

Bird sketch WIP 3

Tue Jun 20 21:05:39 2017

Do to the nature of feathers and all their layers, there is going to be more attention to the line work on this project. I have been having some trouble with the wings and feet so much of my time has been spent erasing and drawing, erasing and drawing.


Bird of prey Poll

Mon Jun 19 05:29:17 2017

I have a sketch for a nice bird of prey so far. These 4 fit the part for the type of creature I want to make. this will change the sketch a little but most of all change the markings and color! If you have a specific species that fit within one of these 4 that you wish to see, comment bellow.

Bird sketch WIP 2

Mon Jun 19 05:07:52 2017

I thought I would give her some leather flight head gear. I also thought I would work on very slight pseudo breasts just to make er look more feminine but still aerodynamic and sleek. I still want to play around with the shape just a little before I really finish the sketch.

Thoughts welcome.


Bird WIP sketch 1

Sun Jun 18 23:14:29 2017

Here is the general shape of the bird. I am a little intimidated by this pose and how I am going to tackle the wings when it comes to details but this is a good starting point I think

I might change the size and shape of the head and I may or may not add breasts, or at the very least I might leave a tuft that looks like breasts

Tell me what yall think! it would help out a bit.



Sat Jun 17 16:51:52 2017

A moose!

This project was fun, critiques and thoughts welcome.

Moose12.jpg Moose12.tif (d)

Non mammalian Species poll.

Sat Jun 17 09:14:57 2017

Moose image coming out real soon. till then I am considering working on something non mammalian.

Please vote and or suggest a specific species.

Moose WIP 6 Color

Fri Jun 16 19:15:18 2017

Moose11.jpg Moose11.tif (d)

Moose WIP 5 Color

Wed Jun 14 21:20:53 2017

Quick background texture from photo with some editing to really get a feel for space.

Moose.jpg Moose11.tif (d)

Moose WIP 4 Color

Wed Jun 14 01:14:11 2017

Moose9.jpg Moose9.tif (d)

Moose sketch WIP 3

Mon Jun 12 02:58:58 2017

Just very little changes. a very subtle lift and curve of the buttoxe and a smoothing of the lines. This is the last sketch of this project. spent most of today just polishing.

Hope the anatomy and pose is appealing!


Moose sketch WIP 2

Sun Jun 11 02:11:12 2017

There is the cute lil moose snoot.

Any thoughts and critiques appreciated.


Moose sketch WIP 1

Sat Jun 10 20:42:13 2017

Very rough sketch of the pose to be used with the moose. So glad this sketch was not to hard to manage with some help from reference and a little inspiration from other artists.

Semi anthro as always. moose have narrow hips as with most bipeds as well as a loose abdomens as with most large herbivores. they got that big billy that extends beyond the width of the shoulders when looking at them from the front. This creature here has a much tighter core and larger heavy hips. other wise the creatures back is in line when standing on it's "fours" so it could surely trot I think.

Let me know what cha think so far.


Honey badger on bed

Fri Jun 9 22:32:15 2017

let me know what you think. put a lot of time on those sheets and pillows.

badger11.jpg badger10.tif (d)

Honey badger WIP 7 Color

Fri Jun 9 18:29:02 2017



Fri Jun 9 02:15:47 2017

I was going to post another work in progress but patreon broke I guess. tried other browsers too.

Strange patreon glitch

Fri Jun 9 01:46:45 2017

For whatever reason I can't scroll through my tiers and only have the 1$ and public options. Can't find any help online.

Honey badger WIP 6 Color

Thu Jun 8 22:39:43 2017

Alot more work this time, had a sting of motivation today so I may very well post another WIP today. Took me a bit to figure out how to color her feef and not make it look like pasted on hominid bits. figure its the same color as their dark skin and maybe a little smaller. I also had memory of some veterinary pictures of all sorts of mustelidae as well as a rather large image library of all sorts of creatures from tons of angles. call her feef a culmination of study and artistic liberty.

please let me know what you think!

badger6.jpg badger6.tif (d)

Moose wins!

Thu Jun 8 20:16:41 2017

The moose gets the vote. after the honey badger a moose will be the next project.

Honey badger WIP 5 Color

Thu Jun 8 03:18:04 2017

Wanted to do a little more work before posting a new WIP, as I am trying to improve on the speed at which I complete projects, but I took some time off to collect myself and figure out how I was going to ground her.I feel that I did a pretty good job with the sheets so far, and I do feel that I am having much less trouble visualizing what I want to paint.


Ungulate poll tie breaker.

Wed Jun 7 22:43:34 2017

Was a tie between these two for the next next images subject.

vote and break.

Honey badger WIP 4 Color

Wed Jun 7 04:05:53 2017

Sketch felt alright, but now that it has a little color the head feels kinda iffy. maybe that will get fixed once I rest her noggin against something.

let me know what'cha think!


Poll tie

Wed Jun 7 02:26:37 2017

Ungulate poll ends early tomorrow morning EST, its a tie between rhino and moose! see if it breaks.

Ungulate poll

Tue Jun 6 15:34:24 2017

Here are a few random ungulates I thought I would give a try. so far a bent over position is winning the poll. This project will be right after the honey badger.

Honey badger Sketch WIP 3

Tue Jun 6 15:31:19 2017

Time to color.

thoughts and critiques appreciated. how is the anatomy and perspective?


Pin up stance poll.

Mon Jun 5 03:01:43 2017

pose is super important in a pinup. My current project is a honey badger resting on its back. I plan to do some sort of ungulate after the project so what sort of stance is best?

I might do another poll in the future as I work on this image so I can further gauge what my audience is looking for and challenge myself as well. might do a poll on what kind of ungulate to work on. I also thought of making a poll asking if there is interest in reptiles and avians as I have not done much of those.

Any specific pose you are looking for? Please share your thoughts!

Honey badger sketch WIP 2

Mon Jun 5 02:40:49 2017

3rd WIP will be the final sketch. I have the shape so far but I want to get down the form of the fur with some light lines, and of course the tail.

I might play around with the placement of the head too.

badger4.jpg badger4.tif (d)

Badger sketch WIP 1

Sun Jun 4 01:07:09 2017

Might make a honey badger or a north american one. not sure.

What worries me most about this project is how I am going to handle the background. I am thinking some simple white sheets with a fabric backdrop, nothing to distract from the creature. I am going to attempt to work on the backdrop first and see if that helps me.

Check out the TIFF for the reference images I am using.

badger2.jpg badger2.tif (d)

North american badger

Sat Jun 3 01:23:35 2017

Next image is going to be a badger.

Fennec fox

Fri Jun 2 01:58:29 2017

And here it is, I was going to post it earlier today but I kept poking at the image not really being sure what to do with it. I feel the teats might be a little uncanny but... Here it is.

Would love any thoughts or critiques.

Fennec_fox13.jpg Fennec%20fox13.tif (d)

Cute fennec fox WIP 6

Thu Jun 1 00:15:14 2017

I don't like how the teats are so far so I am going to try and soften them up or perhaps work on them a little more.

This is the last WIP before the final. I was going to try and finish this image this month but I will give it another day as I am not happy with how the belly is turning out.

I would love any thoughts or critiques as I am a little unsure about the design.

Fennec_fox13.jpg Fennec%20fox13.tif (d)

Cute fennec fox WIP 5

Wed May 31 01:08:39 2017

I feel the dark purple to light brown fabric is going well. Let me know what you think.

Fennec_fox13.jpg Fennec_fox13.tif (d)

Cute fennec fox WIP 4

Mon May 29 02:23:41 2017

Took a while to sleep on this one and decide to go ahead and try a darker fabric. I find working on lighter fabrics less troublesome and a little easier to get the subject too not stand out too much. A darker back drop is something I need practice with.

Fennec_fox12.jpg Fennec%20fox12.tif (d)

What my patrons are looking for

Sat May 27 20:30:01 2017

Might of asked a question like this in the past so forgive if I repeat myself. Well, my artwork is no doubt about it erotic in nature, and I am sure many who would support my work are looking for such content. The question is... is that the primary reason why someone would wish to support me? now I don't plan on straying away from erotic pinups anytime soon as I really enjoy that type of work, but I am still curious.

I do have thoughts about where I might go with my art in the future but for now I really mostly enjoy erotic pinups. My worry for now is not so much if my pinups are mostly appreciated if they are erotic or not but if the current "forms" of the subjects I paint are appreciated in both regards. I consider myself a Semi-Anthro artist as I enjoy blending the lines between bipeds and quadrupeds. I just wounder how patrons feel about such a style? Personally if fulfills both a carnal and artistic want for myself as an artist, and yeah I understand that's important and stuff; however, I am still curious what my current patrons think about my work as it stands.

Does it look appealing from a carnal view as well as an artistic one?

Thank you :)

Cute fennec fox. Sketch WIP 3

Sat May 27 20:18:18 2017

Taking a while on this sketch as I am, once again, trying to blend a semi anthro aesthetic into the creature. The reference that I am using for this pose is at a very slight angle and those tend to be tricky.

I understand not everyone likes this sort of style and prefers the more humanoid appearance (at least from a provocative perspective) but I am rather fond of it.

I just hope y'all don't mind it to much, semi anthro is just what I want to stick too. I hope at the very least, those that find this less carnally appealing enjoy the art.


Cute fennec fox. Sketch WIP 2

Wed May 24 22:26:19 2017


Cute fennec fox. Sketch WIP 1

Tue May 23 20:26:55 2017

Did not have much trouble figuring out the pose with a little reference. this here is going to be a smaller image to see if I could finish it before the end of the month. still a little odd looking to me as I am taking reference from and actual animal and figuring out how to make it semi anthro from there, but I am sure with a little bit of time and thought I could fix whatever it is.

let me know what you think!



Mon May 22 21:22:32 2017

Wold love any thoughts or critiques! took a while on this one but here it is. back to my line-less super deet style with this one.

14.jpg 14.tif (d)

binturong WIP 6

Sun May 21 00:24:53 2017

Let me know what you think!

10.jpg 10.tif (d)

binturong WIP 5

Fri May 19 14:43:02 2017

a flat photo of sheets for now to get an idea for space and lightness.

9.jpg 9.tif (d)

binturong WIP 4

Wed May 17 17:47:36 2017

This one is going to take a while, I am having trouble figuring out how to get the fur right and what colors I am using. I am trying to go with a more photo like look with this one.

Might take a while as I am a little unsure with the image.

Let me know what you think!

9.jpg 9.tif (d)

binturong sketch WIP 3

Mon May 15 09:39:28 2017

Spending a lot of time on this line work, going to start painting.


binturong sketch WIP 2

Fri May 12 18:51:58 2017

Changed the head to make it more emotive. gave the hip a little more flex as well. its mainly the hips that set a biped apart from a quad. You need some nice developed gluts and a wide pelvis to keep yourself upright for so long. She has her legs about the same length as her arms, so she can surely trot along on all fours too. still need to refine and play around with the shape a little. this creature has rather long fur so I am going to have to really try and grasp how all that fur moves around the body. her big tail is the next thing.

let me know what you think!


binturong sketch WIP 1

Thu May 11 18:05:42 2017

Starting off rather messy and then refining with the eraser as I go. I am starting to get a feel for my process after the image of the giraffe. I simply don't like working on two or three layers for the subject and having to go back and forth between the color under the line and the color over the line. I feel that painting on a flat layer gives me more freedom and feels more natural. been trying tricks with shadows on a multiply layer and such but It never really feels right.

maybe I am just not used to really managing my layers so who knows if that might change.



Wed May 10 23:05:40 2017

I am going to work on a Binturong next. a nice bed pinup.

if there are any other creatures you would like to see feel free too suggest something or share your thoughts.

Giraffe worms eye view.

Tue May 9 16:14:55 2017

Took a while to slowly and steadily figure out where I was going but here it is. I am sure a learned a little from the angle and some new things I tried. this one as a few textures around the legs and hooves.

let me know what you think!

giraffe_sketch157.jpg giraffe%20sketch157.tif (d)

Giraffe color WIP 9

Sun May 7 05:31:52 2017

I knew the blotches were going to give me hell if I painted them alone so I am experimenting with a few textures. I kept trying to figure out the size and placement of the blotches but could not get a good idea of what I wanted. I am going to use some low rez textures just get a feel for what I want but morph them enough to be completely different from the original.
going to spend of time on and off on this one for sure.

Let me know what you think!

giraffe_sketch156.jpg giraffe%20sketch156.tif (d)

Giraffe color WIP 8

Fri May 5 02:38:07 2017

The lighting is giving me a hard time. I thought I would move on to another project or perhaps start over but I am sticking with it I think. I am just going to have to really pace myself with this project.

Critiques would be super helpful. let me know what you think about the lighting, or overall look.

giraffe_sketch154.jpg giraffe%20sketch154.tif (d)

Giraffe color WIP 7

Thu May 4 01:34:07 2017

tried to block in the color as quick as I could to get a feel for space. I am still having a little trouble getting the shading to look like its actually outside so I have been trying different stuff with some multiply layers you could see in the TIFF's. this is harsh sunlight lighting I am not really used to so wish me luck.

Let me know what you think!

giraffe_sketch153.jpg giraffe_sketch153.tif (d)

Giraffe color WIP 6

Wed May 3 03:11:57 2017

experimenting with a dry pastel brush. Am hoping that the under sketch will make texturing a little easier as well as give me a guide for the spots, as I have always struggled with fur patterns like this

Would love any thoughts!

giraffe_sketch150.jpg giraffe%20sketch150.tif (d)

Giraffe Sketch WIP 5

Tue May 2 01:32:19 2017

giraffe_sketch150.jpg giraffe%20sketch150.tif (d)

Giraffe Sketch WIP 4

Sat Apr 29 03:13:35 2017


Giraffe Sketch WIP 3

Fri Apr 28 03:39:56 2017

I changed the perspective so it looks even more foreshortened. I am also experimenting with cross hatching with this sketch not only to try something new but to also figure out how lighting really works at this angle.


Giraffe Sketch WIP 2

Thu Apr 27 12:05:26 2017

Thoughts and critiques welcome.


Giraffe Sketch WIP 1

Tue Apr 25 23:57:57 2017

I very rough sketch that I have been working on for hours. this is really just meant for me to zoom out and get a feel for the perspective and if it even makes sense. feels like I am going to take a bit on the sketch for this one.

Any critiques and such are super helpful!tell me if anything looks off.



Mon Apr 24 23:22:41 2017

Next image is going to be a giraffe!

Maned wolf

Mon Apr 24 18:24:46 2017

Let me know what ya think~!

bust24.jpg bust25.tif (d)

Maned wolf color WIP 7

Sun Apr 23 22:19:18 2017

Almost lost this one do to a saving mishap. spent some time having to redraw some stuff but I was lucky that my G drive saved a backup!

Any way Do y'all like this style so far? let me know. not really trying to mimic a photo with this style and instead trying to make the image look a little more natural. I am using some dry medium and pencil brushes to add a more traditional look. my previous technique relied on some fancy brushes and a few photo textures but I just felt that to really get a handle and understanding of what I am drawing I needed to learn how to draw with simple brushes.

Let me know yer thoughts.

bust19.jpg bust19.tif (d)

Question for my patrons. (Images per month)

Sat Apr 22 23:11:51 2017

A question for my current patrons, one that I have been meaning to ask because it has been gnawing on me for a while. The question is, if patrons of the 5$ tier are happy with the rate of new images per month. I have been taking it slow as of late do to various circumstances and I am worried that I am not providing what my current patrons are looking for.

At the rate I am going I seem to be completing 2 projects per month at least, or 3 at most per 30 day period.

Is the current rate of projects and their quality acceptable? I do hope to provide more work in the future.

Your thoughts would be helpful and would remedy a good bit of stress. thank you!

Maned wolf color WIP 6

Fri Apr 21 21:52:41 2017

I while ago I was critiqued that my colors were a little too flat and there was little variation in warmness and coolness and other such color related stuffs. Suppose it was because I was focusing on photo-ishness and useing some fancy brushes to speed up the process of making all those little hairs. I was focusing on texture too much and not on value and hue. Not that using such a technique is a bad thing but it leaves little room for learning. This project has been an exercise in stepping away from my comfort zone and and trying to really figure out the structure and color of hair and fur without depending so much on special brushes. I thought this project would help me "see" and I suppose it is doing that.

Projects like these have been a long time coming and I apologize for that. I have been spending most of my time with small courses and tutorials as well as just days to let my head relax.

Let me know what you think about this style!


Maned wolf color WIP 5

Tue Apr 18 19:48:28 2017

bust15.jpg bust15.tif (d)

Maned wolf Sketch WIP 4

Tue Apr 18 19:44:55 2017


Streaming RN

Tue Apr 18 14:53:08 2017

Streaming on picarto. come hang out.

A little nudity.

Maned wolf Sketch WIP 3

Mon Apr 17 15:15:23 2017

Been spending some time watching some short courses online on how to draw animals and fur among other things. I am not familiar with this sort of line work but really wanted to give it a try as I wanted to teach myself how to look at fur of this length as simplified shapes as to really understand structure and junk. Going to try some new stuff with this project so would love any feedback!


Maned wolf Sketch WIP 2

Fri Apr 14 23:52:16 2017

Spent some time getting the shape down. Now I am going to try and render the fur with some contour lines.

bust4.jpg bust6.tif (d)

Maned wolf Sketch WIP

Thu Apr 13 17:13:33 2017

I was planing on just working on a bust for this pin up, but I thought that I would be missing on the subjects interesting black leggings.

I am going to spend much more time on this projects line work, this time making the sketch on two layers. one with the general shape and the other with the outline and negative spaces of all the fur.

I want to plan everything before I add color.

bust4.jpg bust4.tif (d)

Bust project

Wed Apr 12 20:49:54 2017

I am planing to work on a bust. I am choosing a maned wolf as the subject.

Just going to be a chest and head but I plan on putting a little more detail into this one.

Variety pinup

Wed Apr 12 03:27:41 2017

Going to finish this one here. I so wanted to give more detail but I am not learning or getting any better by lingering and doing teeny things here and there. this was supposed to be a collection of much more simple pinups anyway!

let me know what you think.


Variety pin up Color WIP 9

Tue Apr 11 22:20:15 2017

This will be the last WIP before I finish this image.

I want to refine everything a little more and draw a little more fur on the jackle


Variety pin up Color WIP 8

Mon Apr 10 15:05:54 2017

This project has taken a while. even though I enjoy the subjects, I just have been a little intimidated with it. I spend most of the time with the project on another screen trying to figure out why some things are not too my liking or why something looks off instead of actually working with it hoping that I get some sort of epiphany. I just hope this is the quality that is expected.

Sorry for the wait.

any thoughts would be super helpful! <3

Untitled-21.jpg Untitled-21.tif (d)

Variety pin up Color WIP 7

Sun Apr 9 01:57:59 2017

Any thoughts or critiques are appreciated.

Untitled-14.jpg Untitled-17.tif (d)

Variety pin up Color WIP 6

Fri Apr 7 23:45:08 2017

Not using any fancy brushes for this one. just a handy chalk brush. the first image is proving a little difficult, are at least difficult to get the image to look how I want it to. It feels like I have the values some what right but the fuzzy fur texture is hard to nail down with out fancy brushes. May or may not use simple modified or painted textures

Let me know what you think!

Untitled-10.jpg Untitled-10.tif (d)

Variety pin up Color WIP 5

Fri Apr 7 15:45:04 2017

I will be streaming work today around 4 PM est on picarto

The stream is free for everyone to watch.

Untitled-5.jpg Untitled-8.tif (d)

My old old deviant art

Fri Apr 7 02:51:28 2017

I am back to using my old deviant art page to post my work if anyone wants to check it out.

Up front charge

Fri Apr 7 01:46:17 2017

Do to a slew of fraudulent and declined pledges at the end of last month, I changed the method of payment to upfront. any new patrons that make a pledge will be charged as soon as said pledge is made.

Thank you!

Variety pinup sketch WIP 4

Thu Apr 6 23:14:39 2017

Here are the sketches! I am thinking of working on one at a time starting with the background than moving on to the subject to get a better idea of space and value.

I will be streaming the process of the project on picarto for everyone to see

Let me know what you think!


Variety pinup sketch WIP 3

Thu Apr 6 03:23:26 2017

After much deliberation I thought an often stout animal would be a good choice to finish off the trio. I chose a chubby lovable panda bear to join the toned lion and lanky jackal.

I wanted to post an intermediate sketch of her creation to show the new technique I have been using to build up shape. For the last WIP sketch I am going to refine and finish all the subjects.

Feel free to ask questions or tell me what cha' think!


Variety pinup sketch WIP 2

Wed Apr 5 15:14:53 2017

A more lanky and skinny jackal lady. still not sure what to do for the next sketch though. I am thinking some sort of bird perhaps mayhaps a bear.


Variety Pinup sketch WIP 1

Mon Apr 3 20:48:12 2017

I thought what I would do is make variety pinups, a collection of about 3 pinups of varying species and body types per project. With this I could work on smaller projects but still make the whole project piratical as an actual pinup. To start off I put a good bit of time on this lioness really trying to nail that semi anthro feel again without making her to ambiguous. I plan on making the next sketch some sort of canine. I am thinking a jackal with visible top breasts.

not sure what to do for the third yet so I would love any ideas.

Critiques are appreciated for this sketch.


Inkedfur account and posters.

Sat Apr 1 20:29:23 2017

I recently got an inked fur account to be able to actually pin-up some of my pinups.

Before I upload a few images, what sort of images, current and for the future, are you interested in as prints?

Resting puma

Sat Apr 1 02:11:48 2017

Puma22.jpg Puma22.tif (d)

Puma WIP 6

Fri Mar 31 02:14:10 2017

Going to try and finish this before the end of the month. I will be streaming my other project with the smaller images of the 4 horses on picarto after this one is done.

Going to give the next full pinup fuller upper breasts as a feel this image became a little more ambiguous and not as feminine as I wanted it to be, being that it lacks any visible mammaries.

Any thoughts are appreciated!

Puma17.jpg Puma17.tif (d)

Puma WIP 5

Wed Mar 29 22:38:39 2017

Puma15.jpg Puma15.tif (d)

Puma WIP 5

Tue Mar 28 03:19:43 2017

Am a little worried about this one. I keep feeling like it is going to give me trouble once I start texturing her and removing the lines. I thought I would spend some time with this today instead of the horses because I really wanted to get a feel for where I wanted to take this image.

Any thoughts and critiques would be super helpful.

puma_31.jpg Puma9.tif (d)

Puma WIP 4

Mon Mar 27 01:46:22 2017

Going to approach this one bit by bit. thinking I will render the head before I continue with the rest of the body.

Please let me know what you think! Would love any thoughts.


Horse concepts WIP 5

Mon Mar 27 00:48:10 2017

Untitled-20.jpg Untitled-20.tif (d)

Horse concepts WIP 4

Sun Mar 26 05:26:09 2017

Doing all these with a flat round brushes. I really enjoy doing these small concepts and plan to do these between monthly large pinups so my brain has new shapes to process.

Let me know what you think!

Untitled-20.jpg Untitled-20.tif (d)

Horse Sketch collage WIP 3

Fri Mar 24 22:46:42 2017

Last and final horse on the right. going to take a while to polish the sketches before I start painting, still not super happy with them just yet. I may just enlarge the images a little too.

let me know what you think!

spotted, brown, black, white, blonde? what sort of colors would you like to see?


Horse Sketch collage WIP 2

Fri Mar 24 17:22:05 2017

I plan on sketching another model and turning each sketch into mini concepts, each with there own color and fur.

Thought this would be a nice break between full pinups and also teach me how to paint and sketch a little faster.

Hope you enjoy!

critiques and thoughts welcome.


Horse Sketch collage WIP 1

Wed Mar 22 13:25:28 2017

Will be working on a small series of sketches to get a feel of how I want to design horses and other equine anthropomorphic creatures.

Thoughts appreciated.


Resting horse study 1

Tue Mar 21 04:06:06 2017

A little iffy about this one. I was going too sketch a feline in this pose but also wanted to try another species.

There is something about the sketch that I am not too wild about so I may or may not continue with this image right away.

any thoughts or critiques would help greatly!


Puma Sketch WIP 3

Mon Mar 20 01:28:23 2017

Going to leave this sketch alone for now and work on another study before I think of color. I really really like how this sketch came out but I want to try a similer project where I also take a resting feline pose and anthro-fi it.


Male wolf

Sun Mar 19 22:44:18 2017

Boy_wolf-19.jpg Boy_wolf-19.tif (d)

A matter of mammaries

Sat Mar 18 06:11:29 2017

My recent female images feture a flat chest. I simply enjoy a flat chest especialy on felines because I feel it looks more sleek, athletic, and ferocious. I am sure however some people like some nice breasts too.

What are your thoughts about breasts on these anthropomorphic subjects?

Male Wolf WIP 6

Thu Mar 16 23:35:03 2017

Boy_wolf-15.jpg Boy_wolf-16.tif (d)

Puma Sketch WIP 2

Thu Mar 16 17:54:06 2017

I have been picking away at this sketch trying to see what form I like best. This feels alright but I might still change and refine some small things here and there.

Next WIP will be of the wolf image.

Would love any thoughts!


Puma Sketch WIP 1

Wed Mar 15 22:48:14 2017

A small sketch just to get an idea of what I am going for. the bottom image was the one used as refrance. Something about starting off the sketch with red makes it easier to visualize what I am going for. Some primal part of my brain that needs to pay extra attention to red or something.

Going to change some stuff up in the final sketch most likely.

Please tell me what you think!


Male wolf WIP 5

Wed Mar 15 03:36:38 2017

This image has been rather slow and may have the most WIP's to date. I don't want to rush this image so I am spreading my time and Mojo on secoundary images like the coming sketch for the feline I am working on.


Semi anthro Mock up and study

Wed Mar 15 00:00:02 2017

Just wanted to share some studies I am doing when it comes to figureing out how to combine feral and anthro figures.

I might go on ahead and start up a sketch for this. The current male wolf image is giving me a little trouble but another WIP will be posted soon.

This is purely instructional and not ment to be represented as an original work. Still Some thoughts on the design and theme would be helpful.

I plan to make this a line heavy image of a female puma just so I can get an idea for structure and other images of this sort in the future.


New 6$ tier

Mon Mar 13 22:39:07 2017

Thought I would add a 6$ tier for sketches.

Male wolf WIP 4

Mon Mar 13 04:20:24 2017

Sorry for the wait on this WIP post.

Boy_wolf-2.jpg Boy_wolf-12.tif (d)

Male wolf WIP 4

Fri Mar 10 21:42:43 2017

He is going to be a nice earthy timber. Not useing any special brushes here. just a standard flat round with some fading and tapering.

What do yall think? better, worse?

Boy_wolf-2.jpg Boy_wolf-12.tif (d)

Male Wolf WIP 3

Fri Mar 10 00:41:03 2017

Would love any thoughts!

Boy_wolf-2.jpg Boy_wolf-10.tif (d)

Male Wolf WIP 2

Thu Mar 9 04:26:55 2017

Just the flat line work for most of the body. after I draw the legs I have to go over the lines again and draw fur tufts and such. I don't have much practice when it comes too line drawing fur so I am taking time to learn from many other line heavy artists.

The Web comic "Off white" has the sort of line work i am looking for and I have been studying some of the pages from that. artists like blackchaos666 for instance really have the style I am aiming for when rendering the lines aswell.

Line work is just something I feel I need to work on to really get an understanding of form.

this image is going to be a full render but I am going to try and use less of those special fur brushes. Wish me luck.

Boy_wolf-2.jpg Boy_wolf-8.tif (d)

Male Wolf Pinup WIP 1

Wed Mar 8 18:45:49 2017

The starting sketch of a male pinup I am going to be working on. I have no idea what to do for the body, I just know I want it to be relaxed and standing with a nice semi feral look.

Boy_wolf-2.jpg Boy_wolf-2.tif (d)

Male Dragon concept

Wed Mar 8 16:16:18 2017

Wanted to make this one male. Going to keep this in my sketches untill I feel like rendering him.

Dragon_dude12.jpg dragon_dude.tif (d)

Male pinups?

Wed Mar 8 16:05:39 2017

I want to try some male pinups. just hopeing there is still interest in that sort of artwork from patrons. Standing male pinups is something I want to try personally. Please offer your thoughts.

Friendly serpent WIP 3

Tue Mar 7 03:31:37 2017

I really like how this one is turning out. I might just make her another concept for my Arkkin species.

Wingless dragon thing.

It's supposed to look like a feral draggon rearing up. still sticking to that semi-feral vibe. did I do good in that regard?


Friendly serpent WIP 2

Mon Mar 6 15:01:56 2017


friendly serpent WIP 1

Sun Mar 5 02:07:16 2017

Feralish dragon I am going to be working on. legs might change a little.



Fri Mar 3 22:05:06 2017

Tell me what you think!

Blacky34.jpg Blacky34.tif (d)

Blacky WIP 3

Fri Mar 3 00:12:21 2017

Blacky27.jpg Blacky28.tif (d)

Blacky WIP 2

Wed Mar 1 20:40:43 2017

Just taking on a new technique. a nice smooth fill under the lines. next layer is going to add just a few deets.

Blacky18.jpg Blacky18.tif (d)

Blacky WIP 1

Wed Mar 1 00:52:12 2017

Been taking it slow, worked on some throw away sketches and then spent some time on this. for this image I will be trying some new techniques, or perhaps older techniques? I am going to be staying with the line work for the most part and try to stray away from useing to much fancy fur brushes.

Leaving this sketch WIP at 5$

this one here is going to be a black panther.

I would love any sort of feedback. It would really really help me out.


Small hiatus from major works

Sat Feb 25 23:37:21 2017

Been feeling burned out and lacking much motivation to finish a major fully rendered image by the end of this month. I feel Like I have been drained of much needed desire to work on any big projects, like I got the blood sucked out of me or something. I find I have to force myself to tackle a project, but my hands and eyes feel sluggish and I have trouble visualizing what I want to see.

I am going to be working of much smaller images for the rest of this and the coming month, that is of course if I climb out of whatever hole I find myself in right now. perhaps its some faulty neurons.

Sorry to the patrons that expected a fully rendered image by the end of this month. WIP Sketches will still be available for the 5$ tier.

Going to work on a charr soon. just need a little break.


Sat Feb 25 11:30:51 2017

Scrapped my previous work, something about it just did not sit well with me even though I tried again and again to fix the sketch.

Forgive the delay in WIP's. I will be working on a new project. Another charr perhaps.

Charr WIP 1

Wed Feb 22 15:34:38 2017

Tell me what cha think.

charr21.jpg charr21.tif (d)

Lady Charr WIP 1

Mon Feb 20 22:04:19 2017

Large feline.


Poll results.

Sat Feb 18 19:01:49 2017

Looks like large feline has it. If you did not find your favorite species in the poll don't fret! These polls will always be a little random and things will be categorized in different ways everytime.

Idea's for next image.

Sat Feb 18 10:02:28 2017

Instead of asking for ideas on what my next image should be—as a usealy do—I will now start doing polls instead. I believe that I could get a bit more feed back by doing so.

Also I think they are fun, so here we go. Note, these selections are not necessarily orderd by taxonomy.

Edit. going to close the pole

Sleepy Lemur

Sat Feb 18 01:33:33 2017

Changed a few things. just found the chest too messy so I went over it with a single tuft brush and texture. also changed the eye.

So here it is!

Lemur61.jpg Lemur61.tif (d)

Lemur WIP 5

Thu Feb 16 23:16:28 2017

Wanted to finish today but there are just somethings I don't find right about the image. Of course the tail will be in the final product, but even today I tried to paint it on and had to scrap what I was doing because it was not to my likeing.

Thoughts are always helpful peeps!

Lemur36.jpg Lemur43.tif (d)

Lemur WIP 4

Wed Feb 15 21:19:42 2017

A little progress as I took a break yesterday, and just started working on the leg today. Tail is still to be drawn but thats for the end! no pun intended.

Lemur36.jpg Lemur39.tif (d)

Lemur WIP 3

Sun Feb 12 23:24:01 2017

The type of fur the animal has really determines how difficult the project is going to be. the fur of a lemur, especialy upclose is a nightmare. I think this is partly do to the actual size of a lemur as apposed to the subject in the painting that I am trying to illustrate. The subject in the image is more human sized as apposed to lumur sized. The problem is that the fur texture on a smaller animal is going to be a little different if the animal scales up. The cracks where the fur splits are going to be a little darker, the fur is going to have more weight, and the way the fur moves around the body is going to change a little aswell.

This means I have no real refrance to take from and I am left to use my eyes alone. not to mention that lemur fur is rather messy.

I would love any thoughts or critiques as that would help me greatly!

Lemur36.jpg Lemur36.tif (d)

Lemur WIP 2

Sat Feb 11 16:56:02 2017

Got newfound motivation for the image so I am seeing it to the end. Its going to take a while is all.

Thoughts are super helpful and welcome!

Lemur31.jpg Lemur31.tif (d)

Lemur WIP 1 scrap

Fri Feb 10 15:14:01 2017

This image here is just proving a little too difficult to get it the way I want it too look. for now I am going to leave it in my scraps untill I feel like tackling it again. Lemur fur is just a nightmare.

I am not counting this as a real WIP because it is not going to be done anytime soon as I am moving to another image.

Your thoughts are always helpful!


Sun bear

Mon Feb 6 23:22:22 2017

Crituqes welcome

Untitled-24.jpg Untitled-24.tif (d)

Sun bear WIP 4

Mon Feb 6 00:06:45 2017

Untitled-18.jpg Untitled-18.tif (d)

Sun Bear WIP 3

Thu Feb 2 22:41:42 2017

Untitled-15.jpg Untitled-15.tif (d)

Sun bear

Thu Feb 2 06:02:05 2017

Untitled-13.jpg Untitled-13.tif (d)

Sunbear WIP

Thu Feb 2 05:07:15 2017

thoughts welcome


Sumatran Sunrise.

Thu Feb 2 00:44:53 2017

Thoughts welcome!

Sumatran_Sunrine7.jpg Sumatran_Sunrine7.tif (d)

tiger stretch 4 WIP

Tue Jan 31 21:17:00 2017

Rushing this one a little so now I have to go over her a bit and adjust the shadows and highlights so it does not look so flat.

Thoughts are appreciated!


Stretching Tiger WIP 3

Mon Jan 30 19:45:40 2017


stretching tiger WIP 2

Sun Jan 29 21:15:58 2017

To start off I used textures on the teeth nose, right cheek and eye and left ear to get a feel for what I am doing and speed up work flow. a techneque I am going to be useing more often to get quick but good looking results. Final results are completely painted over as I only want to use textures as a point of refrance or (primer) rather than what should be seen on the surface.

Tell me what cha think!


Wolf lady in snow 2

Sat Jan 28 07:03:24 2017

Another version with more humenoid parts. did it in about a half hour on a wim so it's a little crude.


Stretching Tiger

Fri Jan 27 17:49:23 2017

A bit of an anatomy study before I start a project. this pose took me a long time get right and there is still some stuff I have to iron out before I start painting.


Sunbear WIP

Wed Jan 25 23:37:16 2017

Would love any thoughts!


Resting white lion

Mon Jan 23 20:51:46 2017

I wanted to do a little more with this one but was putting too much time and getting very little work done.

So here it is! thoughts welcome.

resting_lioness47.jpg resting_lioness47.tif (d)

Resting White lion WIP 5

Mon Jan 23 05:17:30 2017

Almost done. I don't know how to explain what I want to try with the floor, but I am getting insperation for the backdrop from the game besiege. I plan to keep the infinite background but paint a faint patch of grass or earth under her.

resting_lioness45.jpg resting_lioness45.tif (d)

Resting white lion WIP 4

Sat Jan 21 21:44:42 2017

Qustions and critiques appreciated!

resting_lioness18.jpg resting_lioness35.tif (d)

Resting Lion WIP 3

Thu Jan 19 21:00:22 2017

resting_lioness18.jpg resting_lioness18.tif (d)

Resting white lioness WIP 2

Wed Jan 18 17:38:58 2017

I want to take my time on this one. Glad I took the break from working on her as that gave me time to decide to create a white lioness instead. I want her fetures to look soft yet strong, hence her rather toned bicept.

critques and qustions appreciated!


A small hiatus

Tue Jan 17 17:54:14 2017

Took these past 3 days off from painting a little just to refresh my sences. A new WIP will be coming soon after I get back some Mojo.

Lying lion WIP

Sat Jan 14 01:22:37 2017

Here is the desighn I am going for! as always some things are subject to change.

Tell me what ya think!


Crude Mockup Example.

Fri Jan 13 04:48:27 2017

Before starting some images I tend to play around with crude mockups to get an idea for space and such. This is one of those mockups. I avoid useing any textures or trace from the photo and use the mockup only as a guide. here I add the 3 simple changes you can give a quadreped to make them a functional semi-feral biped.

First you need large glutes to stand for long periods of time

Secound you need large sholderblades for a dexterous upper body

Fnaly you need to give those paws a handy thumb.

Keep the broad chest craning neck and propotionaly shorter legs and there you go!

This mokeup is going to be used to help me with my next project.

Let me know what you think about this idea!


Patreon update.

Thu Jan 12 15:52:43 2017

I am considering opening my uncensored works to the public on my patroon after they have been up for a month. I am getting a pretty negative response on my E621 so I thought it best to take this approach. I have thought about it for a while and came to the conclusion that for a niche community such as this, support comes from those that a appreciate both the work and the artists and I can't really force those that don't wish to support from seeing my art. so I thought this the best choice to provide incentive to click on my patron but also show those that are on the fence about supporting me what my work has to offer.

Wolf lady in snow

Thu Jan 12 03:23:48 2017

Done! Kept the more canine design on the rear. Would love to hear some critiques or qustions about art stuff. don't be shy.

Plenty of layers and such in the Tiff to play around with. check it out.

wolf50.jpg wolf50.tif (d)

Wolf WIP 3

Wed Jan 11 05:11:02 2017

A complete change on the head and neck and I will admit a rather blatant photobash. I was struggling with this image when it came to rendering the face so I removed a little detail from the reference image and painted over it to get a feel for color and space. The complete face will cover any semblance of the photobash of course! back ground is also from the refrance but messed with it enough to look a little diffrent.

Whats left is to give the fur on the rear more depth by painting some thick clumps and randomness. already started doing that with the tops of her glutes.

Would love any thoughts!

wolf50.jpg wolf50.tif (d)

Wolf WIP 2

Tue Jan 10 02:22:13 2017

Might keep the cooter, feels like this one might turn out a little too real from the looks of it.

Would love to hear your thoughts! have not done an explicit image like this in a while.

wolf10.jpg wolf10.tif (d)

Wolf WIP

Mon Jan 9 17:32:57 2017

I was going to do a meerkat but thought that I have done enough mustelades for now. So a wolf it is. Her cooter is a little more canine though that might change depending on where I want to go with the design.

Critiques Welcome! would love to hear what any of you think.

wolf.jpg wolf.tif (d)

Sitting lioness

Sat Jan 7 19:13:59 2017

Rather safe image.

Lion_sitting.jpg Lion_sitting.tif (d)

Lioness WIP 3

Thu Jan 5 14:37:26 2017

Almost there.

Untitled-8.jpg Untitled-8.tif (d)

Sitting lioness WIP2

Wed Jan 4 20:18:02 2017

Been paying the most attention and giving the most time to the face of this image than I normaly do. the new year always makes me feel slugish and at a loss for any sort of energy. hopefully I get back my mojo soon.

Critiques appreciated!

Untitled-8.jpg Untitled-8.tif (d)

Arkkin bust

Mon Jan 2 16:31:10 2017

did not want to spend to much time on this one. Critiques welcome!


Arkkin bust WIP 2

Mon Jan 2 05:13:36 2017

Really wanted to do something painterly but I just can't get something down that I like. going to texture this one a little and add some DOF effects before calling it done.


Arkkin bust WIP

Sat Dec 31 14:34:36 2016

I wanted to show more of my races face. I also want to practice making less refined and more painterly images, hence why I kept the lines on one layer. the whole image is going to be on just one layer. Might sound strange but yes, I have trouble making more painterly images with less detail.

would love any thoughts!

Untitled-2.jpg Untitled-2.tif (d)

Sitting feline thumbnail and Ref

Sat Dec 31 14:18:02 2016

Just the set up for one of my current projects. going to start with a thumbnail and a little color before blowing it up and working on something with more detail.

First I am going to resize the current sketch, make it bigger and save it on another file. I am then going to work on this small thumbnail as a guide for color and lighting. I hope this will save me the head hurt that I always get when I am the coloring around the end and feeling that what I have is not what I expected. a small guide image should help me quickly see how much space it all takes up.

really going for that semi feral look here, I find all you need to do is beef up the hips and sholders and keep everything else the same. critiques welcome! I feel that this one might look a little strange, but what do you expect right?

Untitled-8.jpg Untitled-8.tif (d)


Thu Dec 29 16:21:08 2016

join me!

Arkkin WIP #2

Tue Dec 27 23:33:20 2016

Not much progress as I was enjoying the holidays with the fam.

So, it's a big ol' dragon lookin' thing with a doggy snoot.

critques or qustions welcome!

arkin_concept17.jpg arkin_concept17.tif (d)

Arkkin concept WIP

Mon Dec 26 15:58:04 2016

An old creature of mine I feel should be brought to life. Any intrest?


Naked and fearless.

Fri Dec 23 23:15:33 2016

Hear we are, deadly and fierce.


Naked and fearless WIP #3

Fri Dec 23 03:34:37 2016

Worked on the legs, and groin. I have been useing the color of the refrance and picking the right hues using an eye dropper tool. The paintings fur looks lighter and less saturated than the refrance image. I am hoping that it has to do with the grey background tricking the eye and not that I am failing at getting the values correct.

Cooter is not seen here, sorta combed over by all the long fur. I was thinking that that idea would work great for the censored image. going to render it for the uncensored version however.

Naked_and_fearless25.jpg Naked_and_fearless25.tif (d)

Naked and fearless WIP #2

Wed Dec 21 22:34:38 2016

Took me a while to get the torso right, there is something so troubling about multi toned fur. You have to make sure the shifts in color don't look too blatant to the point it looks fake or too gradiated to the point there is no difinable edge in fur shift at all. Still a little ify about the neck area so I would appreciate some critques.

Lookit! worked in a nice army/forst green bra too! the color matches so well with her earthy fuzz yes?

Naked_and_fearless25.jpg Naked_and_fearless25.tif (d)

Naked and fearless WIP

Tue Dec 20 20:06:32 2016

I really like how this particular pinup is turning out. This is the overall desighn I am going for, might change a little here or there. she is ready to mess up any ones day!

This one is a jpeg cus it's rly only the line.

Critques and qustions appreciated!


A troubling creature and image.

Tue Dec 20 04:20:29 2016

I was going to post a few WIP's of what was my current project. Rear shot of a wolvireine lady with the DOF, feef and foof, and the whole nine yards. this image proved to be too difficult for me and was not close to achiving the quality I imagend for it, so I scraped it. Before I start the same project from another angle I am going to first work on a lower rez pinup of a wolverine for practice.

The sketch will be posted as a WIP.

Reindeer Pinup

Sat Dec 17 03:27:02 2016

Early Xmas present.

critiques apprechiated!


reindeer final WIP

Wed Dec 14 22:22:59 2016

About here is where I start working on the back drop, I take the backdrop from the refrence to get an idea for space and stuff than add my own shading and shadowing to make things fit. the background needs just as much atention as the subject. backgrounds are personally a pain in the butt espechialy when you want them to look real. Around this point I really start to add some very fine details such as dark spots, contact shadows, and highlights not yet seen here.

Untitled-27.tif (d)

Riendeer WIP 2

Mon Dec 12 20:50:45 2016

Hands and other extremeites are always the hardest part because of thier little details. here I just block in general shading and color and avoid focusing on the little stuff.

Untitled-20.tif (d)


Sun Dec 11 00:25:19 2016

Older image I did not post, now in full rezo.


Reindeer WIP 1

Sat Dec 10 23:25:28 2016

Here is the first WIP. thought I would provide a little explination with these. On the left you see a bunch of refrence. I always select the refrence I am going to use before starting an image. I never take completely from refrence and only use them as a guide to understand light color and shape. I use very little layers but tend to start off with a black and white painting of the head over the lines to get an overall feel for lighting. I then paint over with a color blending mode on the same layer and continue with a normal blending mode from there. the color and shadeing of the head is used then to get a general idea of what I want to do with the rest of the body. I like a small layers panel so most of my images only have a color layer, a line layer, and a background layer.

Untitled-18.tif (d)

Old projects at full REZO!

Sat Dec 10 16:47:03 2016

Here are most of my older projects at full rezolution! feel free to update the E621 if you like. (d)

Dearest Doe

Sat Dec 3 17:47:34 2016

Here it is. this one took a while but is finaly done.


Posting schedule/streams

Sat Nov 26 20:52:01 2016

I have been stressing over making sure that I provide enough work to keep the few patrons that I have sated. I have no idea what is expected of a patreon artist so I get a little worried every now and again. I thought I could use a little input from patrons themselves.

I plan to post one close up full body/background Images at least every month. in beetween there are going to be full body photostudio-esqe back drop pinups. I also plan on doing streams of the procces of creating the images for anyone that wishes too see. both for patrons and not patrons. the streams are going to be over at picarto so check it out!

The current deer should be done around the end of the month or a little after. I will post on furaffinity when I will be streaming the work. around 4 is when I usealy start.

Tell me what cha think!


Fri Nov 25 22:26:27 2016

I started off the head with the B&W to color approach, I always feel that it leaves the image looking a little flat or, I dont know... thin? Would love to hear some thoughts, I feel like this one is going to take a while.



Thu Nov 17 21:26:11 2016

Any sort of qustions about my work or proccess? ask away! Tools and techniques and such? do it!

First goal reached!

Wed Nov 16 01:51:44 2016

Don't know how to best describe my gratitude and exitment. for reaching over 100 a month. suppose a simple post is the best. this comes not to far from reaching over 1000 viewers on furafinty!

Thank you all so much for your support. more work to come!

chubby Panda lady

Sat Nov 12 17:59:46 2016

Again partially photo bash around the feet and face. put a little less effort on this one around the end but saw it through. could of finished this earlier but really procrastinated.

Still a rather fun project! critiques and questions appreciated.



Sat Nov 5 03:17:19 2016

Cute Redpanda lady


Red Panda teaser WIP

Wed Nov 2 17:41:47 2016

Still want to give it a whole lot of polish. Also needs the tail.


Red Panda.

Wed Nov 2 17:24:23 2016

Finishing up a Red panda Pinup. the uncensored version will be posted here first


Wed Oct 19 03:42:11 2016

"Innocent" vampire bat



Tue Oct 18 00:06:03 2016

Fearsome fossa fanny


Fossa WIP

Sat Oct 15 23:52:16 2016

Critiques welcome.



Wed Oct 12 23:25:38 2016

Shy husky