Fri Jul 17 01:08:11 2020

Hello there, I was thinking about making this file an attachment for the previous pic I just uploaded, but I wouldn't want it to detract from any comments regarding said pic, so I'll make it a temporary file here.
Still needs fine tuning, but I spent a whole week working on this, and I really want it done for this month, but I do want to make sure other pics get out.
I want to treat my fans right, and I hope you can tolerate it.
See you soon with more pics.

When this is completed I will go into detail about this gif, until then just enjoy the jiggly bits.


Bambi's Motherly Glow

Fri Jul 17 01:04:27 2020

Famed Succubus Chica, Bambi, from Pantboy & Clumzor's The Party series, was left to me to be tasked with rendering her with a look only an offspring can love, and perhaps hyper-enthusiast as well.


Vermana's Maidly Duties (Clean)

Thu Jul 2 04:21:30 2020

now with no obstructing mess.


Vermana's Maidly Duties

Thu Jul 2 04:18:45 2020

Vermana and her owner are enjoying a quaint session of media watching, and in the midst of it, is tasked with a spontaneous cleanup detail.
A task she is both made to handle, and more than happy to do! :D


Candy is Dandy

Thu Jun 25 18:37:44 2020

2 Dudes walk into a candy shop... oh you heard this one?
Well, I wanted to draw up a depiction of that classical joke none the less.
Hope you like it!


Meat & Greet Now With More Meat

Tue Jun 16 21:29:56 2020

Tera was able to properly prepare herself for the challenge issued to her from this Futa chick last time. She's up among the best of them now!


12 Labors Part 2

Thu Jun 11 20:56:40 2020

Continuing where we left of with Meg, she is now tasked with satiating the next recruits for Hades.


Kimberly Katana Ref-Sheet (Clean)

Sun Jun 7 22:11:59 2020

now with an unobstructed view of her face in the extra panels!


Kimberly Katana Ref-Sheet

Sun Jun 7 22:10:11 2020

An OC of mine from the old days, updated for my modern style!


Vermana's Squeaky Clean Duties (CLEANED)

Fri Jun 5 03:31:55 2020

I loved the look of smooshed boobs combo'd with foam built up around em, but they can also look good just smooshed!


Vermana's Squeaky Clean Duties

Fri Jun 5 03:29:07 2020

A Commission featuring the ever busty & THICC robo-maid, Vermana, being tasked with putting her boobs to good use.


Meat & Greet

Mon Jun 1 01:49:29 2020

Tera once again goes through another futanization, this time she has a run-in with a natural born futanari chick. She will take her under her wing to show her how to wield the meat!


Knockers You Knock (CLEAN)

Sun May 24 07:34:13 2020

now with no creampies to enjoy the void of the orifices o.o


Knockers You Knock

Sun May 24 07:29:49 2020

well not the knockers themselves, but the next best thing, the Thicc THOT where the Knockers are attached to! O_O


12 Labors of Megara

Tue May 19 13:28:43 2020

A Commission inspired from a pic I did sometime last year.
This is the epic retelling of mythology, but now with more kinky debauchery!


Pickle Squirrel

Tue Apr 14 01:03:36 2020

You're laughing,
She almost drowned


My Big Brain Play

Thu Mar 26 10:37:08 2020

Another experiment with the oddly erotic (at least in my opinion) Ear-fucking fetish.
Make no mistake, the head's of Mare's in my universe were built for this sort of thing!


Perella's Experience With Symbioses

Fri Mar 20 06:33:03 2020

Not too far off topical from what's going on, and not to make light of it, this was planned before anything happened.
Hope you all stay safe, hope these pics ease the stress lol.
I'll be keeping at the draws, Keep in touch fans!


Red Panda Feeding

Tue Mar 10 22:53:24 2020

This is standard practice for the species, a rare occurrence! o.o


Synthetic Stimulation

Fri Feb 28 02:49:01 2020

This muscular bae has decided to try something more sensual to accommodate someone of her stature, and she's really getting into it, and is finally getting the release she's been beckoning for, for so long!


The Time He Was a Super Hero

Sat Feb 15 23:07:52 2020

Remember that time?
That was a funny time!
Not enough 34 surrounding this series takes advantage the absurd nature of it offers.
You may question what's going on initially, but if you consider the source, you should see it makes perfect sense.


Bovine Imps Need Milk

Tue Feb 11 01:29:05 2020

Title is rather straight forward, this lactating lady is grateful for the gift of a big bust, and is more than willing to dawn the ceremonial cow-outfit to properly gift the devilish imps who bestowed the gift upon her.
A whole lot of lore for huge tits. O_O


The Submissive Dom

Fri Feb 7 23:15:01 2020

The only thing Dominating about this lady is her name, other than that, she prefers to be on the receiving end of kinks. Some kinks however, are better eased into!


Ballistics Impact

Fri Jan 31 06:02:06 2020

These ballistics can handle the impact! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Skarpnun's Holy Obligations

Tue Jan 28 04:50:20 2020

Gerph's Skarpne is re-purposed into the role of a nun, and Dumfer as an Exorcist.
Nothing is canon of course, it's just make believe that these 2 now have to deal with demonic entities corrupting their minds to engage naughty actions. O_O


Dragging Ballz

Sat Jan 25 09:32:30 2020

This lovely blue-haired Lady has cooked up a scheme to get these guards minds off collecting the valuable treasure she holds in her hand, and instead have their stamina invested in something else!


Cheezed Off (Cleaner Version)

Thu Jan 16 12:41:23 2020

incase the sight of smegma was a bit too much for ya, here's a cleaner version, but it's still rank. that is part of the whole theme of this pic. O_O


Cheezed Off

Thu Jan 16 12:39:03 2020

A bit on the raunchy side of fets, but I consider it good clean fun, as ironic as that may sound!


Amish Fudged

Wed Dec 18 01:45:53 2019

I know fudge has other connotations, but here it just means someone fudged up.
You should never give the "Felatio Guarantee", or else you better believe people will take advantage.


It's Not Delivery, It's THICC

Thu Nov 21 00:39:48 2019

To make up for the unintentional injury she inflicted on the frycook, our plump waitress grinds on him to make up for it!



Thu Nov 14 04:32:27 2019

A cute little scenario I hope isn't confusing at all, but just to make it clear, the curvey lady is a bit on the bimbo side of things.



Wed Nov 6 06:24:48 2019

Some hard lesson in properly composing yourself when you get elevated to an elite status!


Mad Scientist OC With No Name!

Sun Oct 20 01:10:47 2019

I need your help coming up with one! D:
But I'll kick around, been loving designing her!


Mink Meets Wolf

Thu Oct 10 21:42:44 2019

My Furry Waifu has a sloppy encounter with a horny wolf! They are common this time of year!


No Wrong Way to Snap a Choker

Fri Oct 4 05:32:09 2019

My take on the Snap-Choker Meme! we do it in reverse around these parts!


Kinkier Times with Xaandra & Trixie

Thu Oct 3 04:33:10 2019

A Tera piece featuring their Draenei OC; Xaandra, and Hardfuse's Goblin OC; Trixie!
Both girls are enduring sum kinky succ with their Big Buff BF's!


Ghouly Curves

Wed Oct 2 01:04:37 2019

Let's start the season of spookiness off right and soft!
No reason to get raunchy just yet.
It's a Ghost Girl with great assets all around!



Tue Oct 1 04:00:24 2019

Just as the conflict between Johnny and Our Acting Queen are heating up, her servant got ousted from deep within her cleavage! who you may recall took a plunge!
Now with him out of the way, the real fun can begin on Our Acting Queen!


Eagerly Charitable

Mon Sep 30 05:38:03 2019

A commission of the client's OC Purgy, donating her seed to 2 ladies more than willing to be her surrogates! For them it's a deed as good as it feels!


Just A Cum Habit

Sun Sep 29 05:45:32 2019

This Society of Busty Nuns works around the clock dealing with demonic artifacts, and this Glowing Books demonstrates some of the mishaps than can happen if you are not careful!


Dragoness Mistress

Sat Sep 28 05:30:35 2019

Another character refsheet commission.
This time of a slightly edited Dragon Futa I drew a while ago.
She's Hung, Busty, and THICC AF all at once.


Genisa Ref Sheet

Fri Sep 27 05:07:29 2019

Another Ref sheet coming at you from Tera!
This one is of their blood elf warrior Genisa.


Echo Back

Thu Sep 26 05:54:34 2019

I am not familiar with every game from the PS1 era, but I always had a soft spot for the ladies from a certain one! Featured quite the perky ladies! O.O


Qhala's Original Sin

Mon Sep 23 03:57:25 2019

Qhala didn't get her confidence through bluffs, quite the contrary, she is more than capable to take the gallons of loads from this monster tentacle thing!
She'll have the last laugh when he's there drained, and she's still begging for more! o.o


Lactating Instinct

Sun Sep 22 03:57:10 2019

IDK if it's true, but maybe you've heard that a lactating mother may excrete milk at the sound of crying.
So that makes this sort of a science/biology-themed pic!


Ingrid Fanpiece

Fri Sep 20 23:55:31 2019

A Thicc Plague Doctor OC from Harriet Amoros, I am not caught up on all the lore surrounding her, but she's cute enough for a sexy rendition!


Totes Tentacle'd

Thu Sep 19 13:53:39 2019

Took some dank vibes I was feeling from some youtube vids I was getting recommended and put it all into this pic! For Realsies.


Boobie Knight's One Eye'd Wonderful Boyfriend

Tue Sep 17 22:36:42 2019

Cyclops are underrepresented in the fiend of potential hot lovers!
Boobie Knight decides to see what gives!
This is part of an Art Trade with Fellow Artist DrShanks!
Boobie Knight here has a whole gallery of pages you can see on his NG, so if she's your type of gal, show her some love on NewGrounds!
Can also keep an eye out for his end of the trade coming soon! :D


Surprised Birthday Surprises

Sat Sep 14 13:02:34 2019

Our Busty anime chick underestimated how much her fat boyfriend can ejaculate,
but that's what makes it so eventful!


Purity Sin's Lily

Thu Sep 12 08:54:23 2019

A fan piece of a youtuber/letsplayer's Avatar, by the name of Lily.
However she is typically not this busty, that's an addition I went with. :3


Vivian Gains a Lot

Wed Sep 11 01:45:24 2019

In this commission featuring the infamous Vivian James of gamer-fame, is just enduring one of the craziest forms of boy-mods! o.o


Agatha The Fireduck

Sun Sep 8 03:41:13 2019

A refsheet for a client's fireduck OC of my design, with various inspirations in place!
What she lacks in safety gear,
she makes up for in lack-of-safety-gear! :D


Love At Various Sights

Wed Sep 4 22:29:31 2019

What's not to love about this bae? from the size of her ass, to the size of her tits, various holes, and a pretty face to match! @3@


Catch of The Day

Tue Sep 3 18:46:07 2019

Our Lamb-Lassie is back with her Feline Friend in a quest to get some good loot from the old-fashion way of fishing.
Waters in this bathhouse are said to increase luck and loot-drop, and since the place is huge, they could have gone unnoticed, if not for the awkward snag.


Tyrinana's Ref Sheet

Sun Sep 1 22:43:38 2019

A Character Spread for client's Demon-Bae OC


Getting Friendly

Sat Aug 24 03:42:16 2019

This lady learns how friendly people can be and has found a new calling expressing a form of friendship all around!


Alien All Topsy-Turvy

Mon Aug 19 03:57:53 2019

This Mature lady thinks she stumbled across her boyfriend last night and tended to him, but in actuality it's an alien! The clothes makes it hard to tell, but what's really convincing her is his stamina! She's satisfied either way.


3-D Spectacle

Thu Aug 8 09:00:26 2019

Our lovely busty lady was eager to see just how convincing 3D graphics have become, and couldn't be more pleased with the results! Almost as if it really happened!


Flash Enabled

Thu Aug 1 03:18:59 2019

The best distractions are always the simplest, and most natural. O3O

Simpsons_04.jpg Simpsons_04.jpg

Milk Shortage Solution

Sun Jul 28 20:18:22 2019

This Panda lady needs to refill her bamboo staff back up with rich white nectar, luckily these staffs produce a rich white nectar of their own. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Sector 7 Brand Milk (CUM-FREE)

Sun Jul 21 21:31:42 2019

TBH I mostly just released a mess-free version, so we get a view of the cute decal in the BG, but also the butt penetration is good looking.


Sector 7 Brand Milk

Sun Jul 21 21:28:34 2019

Hope this biddy is recognizable, The hype around the remake is still in the air, and client needs their fix of busty tits ASAP!


When Lifeguards Gives You Peaches

Wed Jul 17 13:42:14 2019

In the midst of the Summer Heat, sometimes a dip is all it'll take, but when the Lifeguards are this thicc and curvey, you get another stiff situation you need to tend to.
Luckily this one was eager to help our madlads!


All Perk'd Up

Sat Jul 13 04:40:02 2019

I often hear I need to show the actual penetration, and I agree, so here's an attempt at just that, albeit a bit hyper, but not completely ridiculous!


Vampirism in The 80's

Mon Jul 8 20:16:04 2019

A pinup of a ghoulish gal, that is no stranger to me, I've drawn her before, last October if you'll recall! Was tasked with a revisit to her. Hope ya dig!


Tamayami's Beach Leisure

Sat Jul 6 05:27:10 2019

Tamayami gets a face-full of surprises when she tried to have a chill time on a beach!
Standard Issue in a pornverse. o_O


Busty Caution Ahead

Wed Jun 26 20:25:23 2019

A pinup of one of the greatest combinations known to man, Vibrations and jiggly tits!


Knock On Wood

Tue Jun 18 03:22:04 2019

Rarely do I do lady's from the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, but some of them can be real teases, and in some need of that Mighty D! Hope it's appreciated.


Tera's Flushed (CUM FREE)

Sun Jun 16 02:28:54 2019

Same pic, but I like how the asshole looked being plundered, so here's an non-obscured view!


Tera's Flushed

Sun Jun 16 02:26:44 2019

Our favorite Tyrant is a bit more amorous than usual, that's to say. amorous at all.
The local ruffians will not pass up on dope slosh!


All Koop'd Up

Sun Jun 9 19:01:03 2019

Really hope the ear thing doesn't offset anyone, it's just apart of the ever growing hyper smut, that I love so much!


Parent Teacher Conference

Wed Jun 5 15:01:18 2019

Something about this milf, who's source I can't say I'm a huge fan of, just does somethign for me fella's, I can't explain it. Q.Q
also the busty teacher was just a great addition. Will never say no to busty blondes!


Remake, Remastered & Exhausted (MILK)

Mon May 27 22:38:57 2019

now with vitamin D ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Remake, Remastered & Exhausted

Mon May 27 17:49:16 2019

Excitement still rampant around a certain remake, and all I can hope it pays off.
My desires should be apparent according to this pic.


Perella Pounded

Thu May 23 01:02:00 2019

Our favorite green half-cat lady (The best kind of cat lady) has succumb to great exhaustion from the powerful anal sex. O_O
This weird monster has satisfied any desire she had, judging by her expression.


Driver-Side Funbags (CUM-FREE)

Sun May 12 22:47:53 2019

cum-free alternate o.o


Driver-side Funbags

Sun May 12 22:44:28 2019

All for the sake of proper road-safety, will this chick have to learn how to handle the spontaneous roadside succ! the dialogue explains it well!


Putting In The Work

Fri May 10 05:36:49 2019

Tera was yanked onto the table and is now getting a firm delivery of rebellious justice! O.O


Bountiful Booty (Cum-Free)

Wed May 8 01:48:49 2019

same pic, and I love the tits so much, I wanted to showcase them unobstructed! o.o


Bountiful Booty

Wed May 8 01:44:49 2019

This Bounty Hunter Chica, got bamboozled in the midst of a hunt of some criminals.
On the bright side, her tits are free from their tight confinement!


Meat & Greet

Sun Apr 28 15:56:35 2019

This Popular Furry-waifu has gotten a mouth-full just for hosting a themed meeting for all fans!


Pulling Down The Deal

Thu Apr 25 11:00:21 2019

The cleavage was heavily hypnotizing, and just begged to have their confinements released!


Flower Pot Thot

Sun Apr 21 08:02:38 2019

Ceramic has never looked so fleshy! O_O


A Fitting Reward

Wed Apr 17 07:59:53 2019

Hope it's conveyed in the expressions and dialogue, but our busty lady here is completely oblivious to the pushing going on between her flesh cushions o.o


Jungle Jugs

Wed Apr 10 19:42:01 2019

Rather silly but I love the expressions and overall body-type I had to make it work somehow.


To Get The Bike, Be The Bike

Wed Apr 3 00:58:22 2019

Let everyone ride you, and you get the bike back! :D


Rhythm Ride

Thu Mar 21 22:34:23 2019

It's true!


Bee ____ THOT

Thu Mar 14 06:00:31 2019

Only 90's kids will remember this bee bae!


Griffin Got Got (TEXTLESS)

Fri Mar 8 03:37:47 2019

I loved the dialogue, but if it may have seemed overwhelming to the whole pic.
I felt some of the dicks were covered up, so here's a textless version for a clearer image.


Griffin Got Got

Fri Mar 8 03:33:33 2019

This plan to administer mass amounts of pleasure to this lady is a success! look how excited she is! o.o


Sweaty Sweet Elf

Sun Mar 3 20:17:33 2019

A buxom Elf Lady is being driven to a lusty state of mind with a constant vibration being put to her region @3@


View of The Honey Pot

Wed Feb 20 02:23:32 2019

Probable one of my best pussy's to date, I have to say!


Randy Cotton Candy

Fri Feb 8 09:04:26 2019

Randy is not this biddie's name, but the adjective to describe her personality trait!
As you can see, she is more than willing to offer up her jugs for a massage on a dick.
However, a little bit of lip service can go a longer way!


Touched Downed (Cum-Free)

Mon Feb 4 16:33:50 2019

Same pic, but without the mess and dialogue.


Touched Downed

Mon Feb 4 16:24:24 2019

In honor of Sportsball, despite the fact it's over. o.o


Classic Comic 11/30

Thu Jan 31 23:10:55 2019

Aight, last page for now, but as you can see by the title, it's just a 1/3rd done, so more to come, and that is the plan for the near future! next month will finally get some more progress on this!

Regarding the pic, Futa lady's exploration for a new port of entry, ends in shortstack's mouth!


Classic Comic 10/30

Thu Jan 31 23:04:45 2019

I don't remember much about what i originally wrote, but I do remember addressing the change in cock look. I basically explained it away by saying it's not the most illogical thing to happen in this comic, right? hope it's okay. XD


Classic Comic 9/30

Thu Jan 31 22:59:12 2019

Time for our futa lady to get serious, ther are other ports of entry to explore on shortstack! @3@


Classic Comic 8/30

Thu Jan 31 22:52:12 2019

Not satisfied with having shortstack store all the cum, futa lady steals a bit of the flavor out of pure lust! How perverse.


Classic Comic 7/30

Thu Jan 31 22:46:55 2019

Now you would swear that futa lady's balls are drained, judging by the cum along, but you'd be mistaken dear viewer. They're even visibly still squishy and aching for more release.


Classic Comic 6/30

Thu Jan 31 22:41:40 2019

Now not only is the shortstack's gut cumflated, but now it even found a way inside her tit's!
Always something I enjoy implicating. Cartoon logic at it's best!


Classic Comic 5/30

Thu Jan 31 22:36:57 2019

Having just nutted inside the shortstack, our futa lady made her quite the balloon of spunk, but as you can see by the page number, this is just the beginning!


Classic Comic 4/30

Thu Jan 31 22:30:22 2019

last bit of trivia on my part, would also like to say I really appreciate the patrons, I hope I didn't disappoint you all this month, I just needed a bit of a break, but I can assure this will be the last time you hear that. I don't mean to ruin an apology with an excuse, but I was just burnt out from the years worth of pics all of 2018. o_O
Don't get me wrong, it was super fun committing to something like that, and I enjoyed the challenge, it was an adrenaline rush in a way. Despite a few pics still not being completed, but that is on my to do list, and you should be notified upon their completion.

Context regarding this page, the Big Futa Lady was able to make it in safely inside the shortstack, and judging by the expression on her face, it feel's as snug as she could have hoped and even more so!


Classic Comic 3/30

Thu Jan 31 22:22:17 2019

I did really like this comic, was super fun and really titillating, although in the time span, my skill has improved considerably, even on the cartoony side. However, there is an appeal to this level of quality, if I may say so without sounding like a braggart. lol
Always good to have a kind of refreshed look on your old art to see how it stands, and I can safely say I dig it, but of course what's more important, is if you all do. ^^

Regarding this page, the Shortstack is being measured up pretty much.


Classic Comic 2/30

Thu Jan 31 22:15:54 2019

Another thing I would like to mention regarding this comic, I got asked about it pretty often, and I tried to explain best I could why it was taken off temporarily and progress halted.
This wasn't suppose to take as long as it has, but again I just had a misunderstanding. I don't want to have to keep repeating that, hopefully you all can understand.

Now regarding this page and it's context, the short lady snagged the big lady's protein shake, so the big lady is now going to show her a real protein shake.


Classic Comic 1/30

Thu Jan 31 22:08:04 2019

hey I want to start off by saying sorry I won't have a SMRPG Today, I am having trouble plotting out the direction for it to go, but I will try to have it out soon.
I do however want to bring back a comic I wiped off due to a misunderstanding on my part, back when I had a little bit of a scare, but I am assured I was fine, it was just a simple definition problem.
It is under a name change, but that's about it, and sadly no new page today, but expect this comic to start seeing new pages added next month.
I know I mentioned how I want to make my art more detailed and less cartoony, but this comic started out cartoony, so for continuity sake will remain that way.
Expect more pages soon, like within the next few minutes, hope it won't be a bother.


Perella on The Spit

Thu Jan 31 14:41:36 2019

Our green catty-lady is enduring a stiff spitroast, courtesy of 2 reptilian anthro's, and throughout it, she's left shocked and aww'd at the amount of cum they can pump in her.
How delightfully devilish.


Tamayami Ref Sheet

Sun Jan 27 15:09:40 2019

Here's the next Ref Sheet in the long line of rRef Sheets that inspire 'WOW!'.
We see her in action with super stiff dicks that can fill her up to no end!


Hyper Status Effect

Fri Jan 25 16:01:15 2019

These plant monsters, found on a specific cliff in the 7th series of a certain game, has taken an interest in one of the bustiest chick's roaming the realm!


Queen Bae

Wed Jan 23 10:43:12 2019

This busty red demon chick, is testing out the abilities of these new super succubi's and is enjoying the results!


Sweet Pink Treat

Sun Jan 20 00:31:25 2019

Sorry for the delay, I do hope I can be forgiven. I was just more tired and needed to rekindle the flame of passion more than I thought. q.q
Here I present a bit of a nonsensical piece, in that it is a random assortment of attire and positioning, and even the background, but really all accumulate culminate into showcasing into direction I wanna take my talents.
Huge tits, fellatio, tits inexplicably expanding. stuff I've been doing all of 2018. o_O

But yeah please don't hesitate to lemme know if you think I'm slacking, I was just tired and didn't mean to take too long off for my vacation honestly, but I will keep my promise that only big pics and gifs from now on.


The Princess' Bust

Thu Jan 10 10:51:46 2019

Hey! Finally back, hope it didn't seem too long, I just wanted to take a small vacation to relax and enjoy some time with myself and friends and what not.
I enjoyed it, and now time to get back into it! and I figured a great warm-up would be a classic scenario of a certain familiar princess getting her bust increased!
Also this is the kind of Quality I want to be turning out way more frequently!
I love simplistic cartoony style, but I think I will dedicate that more for comic panels, and commissions on the more affordable scale.
Also starting off rather simple, but things will get raunchy again soon!

One last thing to note, I know there's several pics left in a WIP state from 2018.
I will be completing those (Including GIFS, which I will be doing more of those to completion this year!), and it should notify you when they are complete, so keep an eye out for those as well.


Bound To Earth 2

Wed Jan 2 03:44:24 2019

this is a sequel to an old pic on my HF (Here it is in case you are interested PIC )
but more importantly, if this pic seems familiar to some, it's because it was uploaded on my Patreon before, back when I had a scare, but little did I know, the pic was fine, the only issue I had was a confusion on certain words.
Here it is, back in action, and also I would like to inform you all that now instead of daily pics, this year I will focus on high quality pics and animated gifs!
right now I took a day off because a year straight of daily pics really put a lot of pressure on
but I am good now, and glad I did it, it was fun! and pics will still be coming in at a frequent rate, but again, I will shift focus more onto thin-lines and deep shadows, and again, animated gifs!
Can't tell you enough how excited I am to venture into this field! I think I can get the hang of it!


Queen V Animated Battle Sprite

Tue Jan 1 03:50:08 2019

going to break in the new year with my announcement of the new bigger and better things I'll be doing in 2019, and that is the venture into animated gifs!
I will re-edit this description later when this is completely rendered and fully animated, but for now I have to go to a celebration of New Years Eve!




Mon Dec 31 05:28:36 2018

Our Acting Queen is finally in the flesh once again, and Johnny is utilizing this opportunity perfectly!


The Fierce Christmas Spirit 4

Sun Dec 30 03:23:46 2018

Tera ends her Christmas venture with a visit from The Ghost of Christmas Future, who reminds her of her fate if she carries on with her bad habits!.... or irregardless really.
When you are rocking a body that bump'n, This Ghost will toy with your bits!
Either way, Tera learned the true meaning of Christmas!


Joy for a Toy

Sat Dec 29 05:33:42 2018

A Belated Christmas entry pic of our favorite Milf, but December is just too perfect for these types of scenarios!
Milf Lady is going out of her way to get her son the toy he wants for Christmas, by any means!


The Fierce Christmas Spirit 3

Fri Dec 28 02:43:12 2018

Both Ghost of Christmas Past & Present have taken matters in their own hand to fix Tera's ways!
Past-Tera was little to no help at all sadly, so may as well use her for pleasure!


Milf's Kinky Time

Thu Dec 27 03:51:46 2018

This lovely Lady is exploring the kinkiest of ventures as part of her new-years resolution! @3@


The Fierce Christmas Spirit 2

Wed Dec 26 01:00:02 2018

On Christmas Day, The Ghost of Christmas Presents shows up to take part in the enlightenment of Tera's Tyrannical ways.


Wet-Dreaming of a Mayo Christmas

Tue Dec 25 03:04:50 2018

I went for a surreal approach with this pic, because I thought it would capture the best kind of holiday cheer for Dumfer & Skarpne.
None of this is canon to SkarpWorld, but Gerph did permit me to go all crazy with their proportions and theme surrounding this.
Merry Christmas!


Big Banged

Sat Dec 22 01:39:58 2018

A commission of a high-IQ blonde cutie receiving the Christmas Cheer!


You're A Thicc One

Fri Dec 21 05:50:13 2018

A genderbent on a Christmas Classic makes for a thicc bih who's boobs grew more than 3X that day!


Sapphire Admirer

Thu Dec 20 05:18:34 2018

An ART-TRADE of a great artist by the name of DeonWolf, of his OC Sapphire!
A Lemur Chick with Humongous jugs and a spicy attitude, but at the same time.
Very Go-Gettum! Had to plop a huge dick down her gullet!


Big Breasted Beauty

Wed Dec 19 05:32:47 2018

A return to form with simple huge tittied elf pic :D


YT Regrind

Mon Dec 17 04:57:32 2018

As a thanks for SCHWOO who collabed with me on yesterday's pic, I offer both a Christmas Gift and a thank you! :D
Also I enjoy a cumflated pink cat lady! Win/Win!


Dominated Again (Cum-Free)

Sun Dec 16 00:29:14 2018

because he did a superb job rendering the holes! thought you'd like a peak! :D


Dominated Again

Sun Dec 16 00:24:28 2018

Another amazing collab, between me and Schwoo!
Same thing as last time, I did Lines, and He Rendered up!
This is our favorite green queen lass sporting a creampie in her bottom region!


The Fierce Christmas Spirit 1

Sat Dec 15 04:57:25 2018

This Months Series of Tera Pics will revolve around the Ghosts of Christmas trying to fix her Tyrant ways, OLD-SCHOOL STYLE!



Fri Dec 14 05:42:28 2018

a parody of some loss-tier comic that I'm familiar with.
I hope some of you all are to!


Christmas Milkers

Thu Dec 13 05:35:28 2018

These chicks are back for the Holiday Vacations and yet again, the Busty One's stubbornness has gotten her into more mischief!


Ball Wash & Release!

Wed Dec 12 05:01:48 2018

After you drain you balls in this lovely lady, feel free to have her clean them to!
She does it all in one fell swoop!


Ghoulish Girls 5

Mon Dec 10 22:17:28 2018

Spooky Girls! just in time for.... December? o_O
SB99 is a busy fellow but we got this collab done and wrapped up!
I'll go ahead and let you all know another Spooky Collab between us will be in the future as well!


Stiff North Pole

Mon Dec 10 05:50:49 2018

At the North Pole Toy Workshop, they have an outdoor hot-spring area, all artificial of course, but the futa babes are natural! :D


Provocative Times on VHS 2

Sun Dec 9 05:29:25 2018

Our Elven Workshop lady is tasked with tending to one of Santa's Reindeer's!


Furry Paizuri Fury

Sat Dec 8 05:34:03 2018

Yes, even a huge pair of herm balls can make for a great makeshift fuck cushion!


Pussy Chair

Fri Dec 7 05:25:49 2018

May look a tad uncomfortable, but it was designed for a sexum demon chick!


Making Eggnog

Thu Dec 6 05:30:54 2018

This Kitty makes a revisit to show us a unique take on making some thicc Eggnog.


Musky and Lusty

Wed Dec 5 05:20:00 2018

On fine display and up for public use, this contraption can make for the perfect Christmas Gift!


Dom'd Dom

Tue Dec 4 04:44:10 2018

Another one of them rare collaborated efforts I have with artist now and then!
I do the sketch and linework, and SCHWOO did the rendition process!
Hope you all enjoy, share Schwoo some love!


Ski Bum

Mon Dec 3 05:20:29 2018

Enjoying some winter activities when possible, and hope a huge ass pops out and reveals itself to you. :D


Provocative Times on VHS 1

Sun Dec 2 04:27:07 2018

I was trying for this old timey scratchy-vhs look for the 1st Xmas-themed pic of the month!
Mostly because it's one of the fascinating things I associate with the Xmas-cheer, but that does reveal I am grade-A boomer q.q

but yeah, just kinda testing the waters to see if it looks good,
and I like it! Hopefully you can enjoy it as well!
Will continue this mini saga through the month



Sat Dec 1 05:47:41 2018

Johnny of course didn't get where he was being blind, he saw just how buxom our Acting Queen was, and has took it upon himself to expose these jugs!
We can all thank him for that!


Miss Succs-a-lot

Fri Nov 30 05:19:26 2018

Have you ever noticed how I love me some Face-Fucking :3


So Close to No Nut

Thu Nov 29 05:11:02 2018

Perella is ruining this man's concentration for No Nut November, and it was almost over to!


Fawned of Faun

Wed Nov 28 00:42:12 2018

I was wanting to test a bit of a dynamic angle and lighting, and this chica was a great candidate for that!


Getting In The Holiday Spirit

Tue Nov 27 03:23:13 2018

When Thanksgiving is out of the way, along comes the Holiday cheer, and a certain bat-thot is more than eager to show off her themed slut-wear to her boy-toy.


Bloodelf Lust

Mon Nov 26 05:22:24 2018

Client's OC Aeleheayna is learning the pleasure of giant dick up her asshole!
Scenarios such as these are always fun to describe in the description.
They're just straight-forward and hot.



Sun Nov 25 00:41:46 2018

Don't underestimate the power of Syx's throat, it can easily handle the much manmeat.


Depraved Display

Fri Nov 23 23:13:52 2018

For those of you curious of the type of art Haley likes in her house, here you go!
For those of you who wanted to see her get it in her butt, here you go!


Stuffing Over Dressing

Fri Nov 23 00:12:15 2018

This Milf makes a return to seduce her daughter's BF to tend to her motherly needs in ways only a man can... like a typical cougar.
Happy Thanksgiving!


A Huntress's Job is Never Done

Thu Nov 22 05:40:14 2018

Xandra is confronted by 2 Orcs, who are eager to offer her their talents in her ventures.


Skarpne in Heat

Wed Nov 21 05:52:43 2018

Things get heated real quick when Skarpne temps horny and savage dogs.


Vagrancy Crimes PAID

Tue Nov 20 05:50:22 2018

Maybe a certain game went under the radar to some, but I caught wind.
Fun all around.


Lustre Collaboration

Sun Nov 18 22:38:19 2018

A nice pinup done in collaboration with the writer of like %90 of my work
We designed this chick sometime back, and RatherDevious wanted to try their hand at rendering up my work, so I let them.
I do like seeing other people's take on characters of my design, and this one's no exception.


Modified Hentai of Hentai

Sun Nov 18 05:50:19 2018

Yo dawg ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I heard you like Hentai Parodies.
This is revamped with bigger boobs!
They may only get bigger


Pried Open

Sat Nov 17 05:29:45 2018

I wanted to innovate the way a thot would spread wide for a cock to go in her butt! o.o


Perella Goes Busty

Fri Nov 16 05:10:56 2018

An oldschool OC from the earlier years, but she got a boost!


Perfect Milky Figure

Thu Nov 15 05:34:12 2018

A glowing and radient demon, breaking in her newfound hyper fat jugs!


Lucky Number

Wed Nov 14 05:17:53 2018

It's not Friday the 13th, so we good!



Tue Nov 13 05:41:19 2018

Working girls gotta do what they can to earn that green boi!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Labors of Megara

Mon Nov 12 05:33:13 2018

I always had a thing for a certain Greek Honey, despite having never actually seen any source for said Honey.
Thought you might enjoy a blast from the past!


Save Me Homie

Sun Nov 11 04:10:30 2018

abduction in broad daylight is rare, but that's what makes this so cunning!


Stiff Performance

Sat Nov 10 04:45:53 2018

I know Jackelope's don't actually exist, but if they did, they'd be gifted actresses and have high amount of testosterone, even in the females! o.o


The Fall

Fri Nov 9 04:31:11 2018

It's the thong that took the fall if you will!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Honestly hope this doesn't appear too cold for our thicc Lady, but it is the perfect weather for a casual sundress!
Though as explained above, it's windier than she anticipated, but that can just make the weather all the more perfect from our perspective!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Wishing Big (NO SHADE)

Thu Nov 8 03:40:54 2018

I actually liked how close to the original style this one came out, all things considering lol.
Figured might as well show a version without the shading.


Wishing Big

Thu Nov 8 03:33:53 2018

I think we all know who is to blame for this! o.o


No Nut Ever

Wed Nov 7 04:38:38 2018

This Herm Giraffe chick to the challenge just a little too far!


Beachbum Bumped

Tue Nov 6 04:43:24 2018

IDK what it is exactly, but I love beach scenario scenes too much, and I know it's too chilly out to be thinking of such things! but I just love skimpy bikinis!
Hope you all don't mind.
It's still a great anal scene!


I'm A Belieber

Mon Nov 5 04:49:48 2018

The things thots will do for that guy.. or would? idk how relevant he is anymore, but this scenario I thought would be amusing on the nostalgia factor alone!


Booty at The Beach, Cocksleave in The Sheets

Sun Nov 4 04:28:06 2018

Some thicc Doggo chick getting a great and deep pounding for being so bootylicious!


Nun-thing to Hide

Sat Nov 3 04:16:29 2018

That's right, this nun bares all! o.o


Clutching Pearl

Fri Nov 2 04:02:18 2018

Thinking fast, and acting impulsively, our juggy hero hid the sought after toy with perverted precision! No one would think to look there!


Queen Bowsentina Special 3

Thu Nov 1 04:54:31 2018

Our Queen has gone even more extreme than before! now indulging in the ONE-HOLE-FITS-MANY policy!



Wed Oct 31 04:47:02 2018

Our Acting-Queen not only overestimates her abilities and authority, but underestimates other's! Johnny Jones is not to be taken lightly, as he displays on the squid chicks he was plundering!
This can only spell trouble for our Heroine!


Tera's Halloween Ritual 4

Tue Oct 30 04:44:06 2018

And they lived Happily Ever after!...
well they would if not for the whole demon spawn part.


Luscious Fibers

Mon Oct 29 03:37:17 2018

What would October be, without a little bit of an edge! ?


Queen Bowsentina Special 2

Sun Oct 28 04:49:03 2018

It doesn't end on a cock tease for the newly arrived cocks, they get to ravish her orifices as well!


Tera's Halloween Ritual 3

Sat Oct 27 04:37:46 2018

Tera's ritual is only getting crazier, and taking turns she didn't expect!


Thinking With Head

Fri Oct 26 04:35:19 2018

He's not completely headless, he still has a big one that still has some great ideas!


Queen Bowsentina Special

Thu Oct 25 04:43:18 2018

Just for Halloween, and you my fans, I did a spin on a fad that I was iffy on, but I get a strong feeling you all might appreciate! hope you like!

(Note: this won't take place of this month's SMPRG Page)



Wed Oct 24 03:08:57 2018

I've been seeing this genderbend take going around, and I found her more appealing than the other trends tbh! Simple Pinup of her huge tits is fun for me! :3


Spooky Scary Sexing

Tue Oct 23 04:52:14 2018

These girls make a return on Halloween to scare the pants of people! @3@


Milf'r Treat

Mon Oct 22 04:50:18 2018

This lad is not too happy to be Trick'r Treating with his Milf, but she'll do what she can so that he's the most talked about guy in his school!


Fistful of Ass

Sun Oct 21 04:40:06 2018

A Zombie Monster is gonna take my Zombie OC Carie!


Dick & Stiff

Sat Oct 20 04:15:54 2018

Kinda sounds like Trick or Treat, right?


Skarpne & 3

Fri Oct 19 04:36:41 2018

Skarpne is challenged to take in 3 dicks at once, and she does just that!


Tera's Halloween Ritual 2

Thu Oct 18 02:23:29 2018

Things have clearly escalated for our sexy Tyrannical Waifu, but maybe she can get it under wraps, if she can just reverse the spell!


OktoberBreast (Cum-Free)

Wed Oct 17 00:43:33 2018

I am very proud of the progress my cum-rendering has evolved over the years, but I still love the sight of huge tits! especially since I also evolved the way I rendered tits! :D



Wed Oct 17 00:39:47 2018

I am going to sound like a super pleb. and admit I am days late on this, Oktoberfest ended on the 7th!
I had no idea it started in September, the reason for my misunderstanding should be obvious.

Anyway, pinup for big huge tits on a German Shepard Anthro makes for a fitting pinup!


Thot or Not

Tue Oct 16 01:39:38 2018

obviously, she's a thot!


Tera's Halloween Ritual 1

Sun Oct 14 22:19:10 2018

For Halloween, our Tyrant is working on a spiritual summoning act, or sumtn?
Hard to tell for now, but it'll work up into something she didn't expect!



Sat Oct 13 14:09:05 2018

Winner of the costume contest wins a surprise splash!
Had this contestant known, she might have not resorted to body-paint!


A Sextremely Goofy Situation

Fri Oct 12 19:45:33 2018

I drew a thot not-unlike this, a while back, and now she's making a comeback with a spiffy, but clueless OC! not mine though, the client's.



Fri Oct 12 04:52:43 2018

made by a rack! it's like, gone full circle?



Thu Oct 11 04:54:06 2018

Some thicc deer milf, making the hero submit to her kinky ways!


Gloomy Boobs

Wed Oct 10 04:31:40 2018

Man am I on the huge boob kick lately!
Just can't control myself, but yeah! thought I'd try crazy boobage bulging out of her top and what-not!


Not Super Enough!

Tue Oct 9 04:33:40 2018

I guess this is halloween related? she's a costumed super hero, who gags at the idea of sucking dick! She's a Super Hero! not a plaything!


Bimboween Hi-jinks

Mon Oct 8 04:52:49 2018

We're all familiar with the ever-so-spooky concept of a Naughty-Nurse for Halloween, yeah?
Well this takes it to new heights, and really puts the scare on the person wearing it!
Imagine it, you can't ejaculate, no matter how much you, or you're long schlong may insist!


Too Much Candy

Sun Oct 7 04:32:50 2018

Visiting back my fascination with BBW furrys o3o
And managed to make it Halloween themed as well!


Zombies With Ease

Sat Oct 6 04:51:42 2018

Okay, I need to start gearing my pics towards the spooky angle in honor of October, so here's the 1st for this month!


Secret Formula

Fri Oct 5 04:52:00 2018

This is not how they do it in Texas!


Thicc Stick

Thu Oct 4 04:53:54 2018

Some familiar style done to thiccify one of their most well-re-known chicas!


Busty Dino Problems

Wed Oct 3 04:24:38 2018

The problems with busty dinosaurs only get amplified when this is the period of the hugest of tits!


Goodbye Sweet Angel

Tue Oct 2 04:49:03 2018

For those of you who keep up with H-Artist all about!
This is made in honor of my buddy DingoRingo30, who announced recently, that he will be retiring from hentai.
He's been a great inspiration for levels of thicc, that shouldn't even be possible!



Mon Oct 1 04:41:54 2018

Our Lovely Acting Queen, if you haven't guessed by now, doesn't like to have her stolen-authority questioned in any manner. Johnny however can't help but wonder, how exactly she pulled off her mutiny against her original Queen.
A perfectly reasonable thing to wonder, I'd say.


Ghoulish Girls 4

Sat Sep 29 23:43:48 2018

Almost to the end of the Spooky Girl Collab! one more pic :D


Qhala X Syx Sex

Sat Sep 29 04:37:32 2018

The Humanized form of the Cobra Anthro is caught up in an act of Breast Press, with the ever-so-busty Syx!


Xandra Has Her Fill

Fri Sep 28 04:44:06 2018

Judging by her gut & boobs, I'd say she's had enough.


The Tyrant and The Tentacles

Thu Sep 27 04:06:02 2018

Some sweet Saliva and Tentacle in the Mouth Action going on!


Skarpne is a Cow

Wed Sep 26 04:53:27 2018

she's too thicc for her own good!
She has earned the title of Cow!


Tyrannical Banquet

Tue Sep 25 04:38:30 2018

Our lovely Tyrant, Tera, is getting a mad reaming for the good of her people!


Bargain With a Dragon (Text-Free)

Mon Sep 24 05:00:59 2018

Same pic but with no Text o.o


Bargain With A Dragon

Mon Sep 24 04:58:01 2018

A deal is going down between a Dragon Futa Queen and a captive princess!


Bunny Buns

Sun Sep 23 02:29:37 2018

Some huge fat bunny ass getting cummed in, c/o some nondescript purple guy


Ghoulish Girls 3

Fri Sep 21 18:35:46 2018

The 3 set of waifus from this spooky collab thingy!
2 more to go in case you weren't familiar with what this all is.


Aqua Thot Succ'n Whore

Fri Sep 21 04:39:11 2018

Number one in the hood G


Tempting Flight Attendant

Thu Sep 20 04:30:22 2018

I've always wanted to do a provacative & cute Flight Attendant bae, teasing us with that open window cleavage!
Her ass aint bad either so lets get a look at that!


Reinventing The Breast

Wed Sep 19 04:52:29 2018

some cavewoman chick excited about being the first to have huge honkers!


Board Stiff

Tue Sep 18 04:05:16 2018

Some little goofy guy bouncing on this futa chick's dick.
('3' )


Ghoulish Girls 2

Mon Sep 17 02:10:31 2018

Maybe you can guess from this sequel that me and SB99 are indeed going to attempt to draw up the whole group of these Halloween babes! :3


Cutie Furry Pounding

Sun Sep 16 04:53:43 2018

Hey folks! hope I haven't seen distant lately.
I was pretty shook by the recent scare I had with Patreon, but still on good terms, just need my sea legs back! Even before then I was slackin on quality, am Sorry about that, I have noted it dear Viewers, but trust it was all from devoting time into the more time consuming pics of high quality I like to turn out!
Anyways hope this doesn't seem like rambling, I like to keep you all informed, and will be doing some good stuff here soon!
For now, enjoy a really juicy fat ass being fucked balls-deep!


Ghoulish Girls

Sat Sep 15 01:54:29 2018

A collaborated effort between me and SB99!
I did the sketch and linework, he did the colors and shading! it's based on this video of his HERE! it's also a good link to all his profiles about!



Fri Sep 14 03:11:42 2018

Okay I will be going through all my pics to scrub it of pics that may be considered violating Patreon's terms of Service, though that was never my intention, I thought if I avoided specific displays of clear violations to their Terms, I would be okay.
It seems some pics are still too close to these violations, so I will have to remove them, but let it be known dear patrons, that I did maintain a daily upload pace for a long time, almost a year, which was my goal for 2018 alone.
After which I wanted to still maintain a healthy upload schedule, and more importantly I would switch my intentions on making animated gifs.
Assuming I resolve my current state with Patreon (which I should) I guess we can consider this a blessing in disguise somewhat, because I willl go ahead and shift my focus onto making animated gifs, as more of a motive to avoid any pic that could be considered violating Patreon's TOS. My gifs will include bouncing & expanding breast, acts of fellatio, penetration, and who knows what else when it comes to my mind!
I am disheartened I couldn't meet the daily upload schedule through powers out of my control, but hopefully the future of gifs will be more than enough to make up for it for you all!

TL;DR I will be deleting past pics, but will shift my focus onto making gifs to make up for no more daily uploads.

Monstrous Nurse

Fri Sep 14 02:59:45 2018

A slime-based monster nurse of my design!

(NOTE SUBJECT TO DELETION LATER; aight I am posting this just to see if I can still maintain an upload, though you all may not be able to see much just yet, I have to comb through my patreon and rid it of pics that may be in violation of Patreon's TOS, but I will be moving them to HF where they are allowed, but on it's own schedule. I will make a post later adressing this in detail, right now I just neeed to know if I can still maintain uploading. ALSO; YES! this pic will be completely rendered here in a bit.)


Sparkling Table

Thu Sep 13 04:49:05 2018

Some more furry booty, but this time from the rear view!


Shim Sham Bammed

Wed Sep 12 04:52:40 2018

Always wanted to give this cat thot another go! this time in her butt!


Chocolate Woppers

Tue Sep 11 04:50:57 2018

Possibly even cream-filled?


This Zone is For Unloading Into

Sun Sep 9 04:19:27 2018

The sequel to the past Zone-Tan pic I did! this time more hyper!


Ill Will Squeezed

Sat Sep 8 03:57:47 2018

Imma do 2 pics of this biddy, one in this semi-flat-color style as a sequel for one of my first pics of her, but also gonna a sequel to the more detailed one as well!
Both styles are fun and hold an appeal to me, but truth be told, I just couldn't make up my mind which one I wanted more, so will just do both!


Say it Loud

Fri Sep 7 04:54:00 2018

Say it proud, you like big butts, and cannot lie!


Gamer Problems

Wed Sep 5 04:55:08 2018

How many times do us gamers have to deal with the occasional spring of multiple boners out of our pants?
I just wanted to give this chick another rendition, since I felt I could have done better to make it look like the source, so here it is!


Growing Spurts by The Pool

Tue Sep 4 04:53:32 2018

These 2 ladies make a return to showcase the developing dilemma of this lady's ever changing body!
The lads have undoubtedly taken notice to said changes!


3rd Prize

Sun Sep 2 04:50:29 2018

A continuation to the simple sage regarding a busty girl at a counter,
and a horny hero who is determined to be the best bowler in the land!

Now more importantly I want to announce this month I wanna make another theme, if you recall I declared July a month to revolve around established characters (i.e. more Rule34's and less OC's).
Was a bit hectic to make sure I could do it often, but it was fun none-the less! Sadly in August I couldn't devote it to a theme, but had fun none the less!
This month's theme, I wanna make it dedicated to continuations of pics I've made! @3@
I have plenty in mind I wanna continue, but if you have ones in mind you really wanna see, feel free to comment below the title or description if you can!



Sat Sep 1 04:55:45 2018

Our Acting Queen has seem to forgotten this wasn't just anybody she was going to see, but a pirate monster boss man! (or some kind of hybrid like that?) so now her attention is undivided!


Condom Cums

Thu Aug 30 04:27:51 2018

Tera The Tyrant is Futanized again, and sporting a stiffy inside a condom this time!
I hear people like to see this sorta thing!
I should know, I'm one of them!


Look And Do Touch

Wed Aug 29 04:40:40 2018

This Month's Syx pic includes just her body being subject to very eager men psyched from just groping and feeling her warmth!


Hyper Skarpne Harlot

Tue Aug 28 03:37:03 2018

This monthly Skarpne features hyper boobs, and ahegao, winning combo as always imo!


Tyrannic Sunshine

Mon Aug 27 04:42:53 2018

A huge set of boobs flopped down in front of her face, that's one of the best views to catch! :D


Thot on The Loose

Sat Aug 25 04:33:48 2018

We've received word a thirsty thot has been cited near another girl's man.
Maybe you've seen her?


Top Villain

Fri Aug 24 04:38:40 2018

a bit on the grotesque side, I can admit, but it's fitting for this chick from what I'm told.
Nothing is too evil for her to manage.


Hell of a Time

Thu Aug 23 02:25:13 2018

Doing a different take on the interpretation of Hell, and made it a place with a foreboding view of temples in the sky, and colorful imp's who can be tricked into sucking dick.
Now it don't seem so scary! :3


Pant-Full Fitness

Tue Aug 21 04:33:38 2018

Going to the gym packing a monster dong can be more trouble than it's worth in this futa-chick's case.



Mon Aug 20 03:49:51 2018

I think I should take it upon myself to really pornify anime bitches who have been in them softcore-hentais.
Y'know, the ones where there's no real sex, but plenty of fan-service,
and if you're lucky, boobies! Sadly it goes no further than that...
Not to say this is anybody in particular, I'm just thinking aloud.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



Sun Aug 19 04:40:25 2018

Oh man, Nun puns are just too easy, but had to make one!
But yeah, I always liked the spanking fet.
Very old school kink! Big juicy butt too! lol
Hope ya'll like!


Experienced Ballerina

Sat Aug 18 04:11:08 2018

A Ballerina and her instructor who has quite the chubby, are having an intimate moment, what with their genitals touching.


Spy Hard and Handled Harder (NUDE)

Fri Aug 17 05:03:36 2018

since the suit was made via filters on a different layer, it was easy to make a simple nude edit, thought some of you might like it.


Spy Hard and Handled Harder

Fri Aug 17 04:56:33 2018

A Busty Assassin chick underestimated her enemy, the text above explains it thoroughly, so do give a read if you're interested in what's going on in detail!
Basically dude is being mind controlled!


Vampire Caress

Thu Aug 16 01:54:53 2018

Been meaning to get back into a swing of vampire chicks, I think this a lot to explore there. Make up my own rules to the whole vampire and have it be a story about loven that could be considered better in than that of Twilight.



Tue Aug 14 04:14:56 2018

title is a spin on the name of a female ninja, kunoichi . just making sure we start on the same foot!
Next step is to just explain I realized been a while since I done a real straight forward cumflation pic, so had to do one!
After all, let's not pretend my name is not synonymous with strange fets!
༼ つ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ༽つ


The Ever Accursed Tit-Mouse

Mon Aug 13 04:42:41 2018

You don't want a tit-mouse bandit suckling away at your heavy breast!
It's drains massive Stamina points, and some mana as well!


The Apple Bottom Doesn't Fall Far

Sun Aug 12 04:38:43 2018

Same Dude, different chick, but it's not too bad right?
He keeps it in her family!
A chick can only wish to be so lucky!


Just Pikause

Sat Aug 11 01:28:59 2018

I can't help myself but to do a porn rendition of some cringey movie adaptations! Althought if you're unfamiliar with what this parodies, you might just think it's a romantic gesture, but you'd be mistaken sadly lol.
Still, it's a nice ass & thighs making a dick cry, so there's that!


Ergonomically Erotic

Fri Aug 10 04:02:14 2018

Well finally we see some huge tits being put to a practical use outside of sex! There's plenty more innovation to be explored in busty bitches!


Overlorded With Pleasure

Thu Aug 9 04:42:24 2018

Weeb Chick is blessed with the task of harboring a king's offspring!


Starving Darling

Wed Aug 8 04:07:20 2018

Hope you all think it not cheating that I used a set damask pattern, I can't go through the trouble of doing careful craftsmanship to render up such a big pattern! o.o
In any case, some cute chicks in a gothic style!


Deep Hole Creaming

Tue Aug 7 03:27:49 2018

Dank-Gape from a gangbang that left a messy creampie for this lady!


Impish Behaviour

Mon Aug 6 02:55:05 2018

This imp chick feels wondering eyes ogling her curvy body, but what can you expect around demons in heat?


Testing The Waters

Sun Aug 5 01:18:56 2018

Sort of a sequel to an old pic of mine, but it's not on patreon because it's pretty old. (I.E. not as good as muh newer stuff)
Basically just some science experiments gone sexy!


Ghostly Goo

Fri Aug 3 23:35:41 2018

One is definitely a ghost, not sure if the fat purple one is an actual ghost? in any case both have that spirit-vibe, and always wanted to do a pic with the canon futa revolving around the slim purple one.


Tiny Predicament

Fri Aug 3 01:18:50 2018

Showcasing a scenario play out involving elongated dicks and big tits.
I know this is perhaps one of the weirder pieces I've made, but can't deny the sexual tension that is very much present in this room!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Bondage Babe

Thu Aug 2 04:23:26 2018

Some cute bdsm-themed pinup to start the month!



Wed Aug 1 03:56:03 2018

After a little nervousness first encounter with the guard,
Our acting Queen gets some of that dank insight as to why she was even called upon in the 1st place.
Soon we will learn Johnny's big plans!

Now as the person making this story, I just wanna say that I wanna keep this porn comic moving along smooth.
I don't want to rush any plot worthy point, so not trying to drag out Johnny's intro or anything, I just want it to read easy for the fans.
Hope you appreciate it.


The Breast Kind of Gift

Sat Jul 28 04:28:44 2018

I'm a man who likes to peruse porn sites now and then (surprise surprise)
and while doing so I more than often saw a clip of something I just couldn't get out of my mind, so I felt the need to just give in and do a rendition of said clip.


Syx's Tentacle Session (Cum-Free)

Fri Jul 27 03:37:13 2018

Same pic, but with zero mess!


Syx's Tentacle Session

Fri Jul 27 03:34:35 2018

Every now and then Syx gets her holes stuffed by tentacles, but it's to be expected when you're just so busty and sexy.


Blazing Skull

Wed Jul 25 04:22:50 2018

A crossover of 2 universes to make for a messy situation all the more believable!


Trapped Tyrant

Tue Jul 24 02:33:25 2018

Tera The Tyrant has been pinned by some aroused rebels, and now she needs to succ and handjob her way out of this situation!


Bustiest Paizuri

Mon Jul 23 03:58:31 2018

This Goth Cartoon waifu has experienced a sudden growth spurt in her tits and has caught the attention of a horny local!


Dry Run

Sun Jul 22 03:54:21 2018

A waifu spin on a classic vid-game enemy, such renditions are always cleaver and fascinating to me!


Sabrina On-Tether

Sat Jul 21 03:05:28 2018

This lass is known in the old-school furry community, not that I consider myself a part of said community, but I always thought she was hot and worthy of my rendition.


Nephalem in The Making

Fri Jul 20 04:17:25 2018

I rarely ever do romantic stuff, but I am not afraid to touch on it time-to-time! can be cute!


Ready For Lift Off

Wed Jul 18 15:14:16 2018

This aviator chick is not prepared to share a cockpit with her co-pilot just yet! some procedures should be made first, but they are to be in the air NOW, so waiting is not an option O_O


Mammary Beach

Wed Jul 18 01:31:41 2018

My end of an art trade with Ber00!
Featuring their OC (A goat milf) experiencing a milky mess on her hands!
Will you be so kind, as to help relieve her of her troubles?
( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)


Negative Impact

Tue Jul 17 03:25:45 2018

Some home-spun tentacle sex with a cartoony flare!


4th Prize

Sun Jul 15 01:42:49 2018

Ooooh he almost had it!
Could have gotten to touch them sweater puppets, but alas, it was not meant to be this time around!


Flesh Flute

Fri Jul 13 22:52:03 2018

This Half-Genie thinks this whistle made of meat will summon a cream genie, and she's not completely wrong.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Qhala Booty Smother Ver-B

Thu Jul 12 03:13:42 2018

And just like that, in a matter of seconds, the cock succumbed to cumming, what a shock!
Now normally I just make cum & cum-free pics but home slice wanted to dialogue something different per edit, so it just made more sense to make it a different version.
Hope you enjoy!


Qhala Booty Smother Ver-A

Thu Jul 12 03:09:55 2018

Sexy Snek Qhala is loving her flesh seat especially as it throbs and edges closer to exploding with ejaculant up her butthole!
Normally she isn't this thicc, but sometimes you just gotta go buck-wild with the butt proportions!


Knockers of The Night

Tue Jul 10 21:20:50 2018

Now and then you all may be seeing pics with a theme more appropriate for Halloween, but this is to have em ready for October!
Hope you all don't mind!
Though I don't get why anyone would object to a juggy goth chick getting her face fucked!


Persuasive Sway

Mon Jul 9 22:52:29 2018

a simple pinup of a green-haired lass swishing around her huge jugs, some tame stuff from me for now, but savior it fams! not everything needs to be a hectic erotic hot-mess :3
That comes later!


Raunchy Slop

Sat Jul 7 18:08:50 2018

Your standard symbiotic sex scene where a curvy anthro mink is getting plumped and having her warm mouth act as a cum deposit!
Quite wholesome imo


Can't Skatewell

Fri Jul 6 14:42:21 2018

I made a pic years back featuring high-heel rollerblades, and I always wanted to showcase that concept off again.
Of course it's absurd and completely impractical, but so are amazingly huge jugs!
Hope you like em!


Treasure Chest & Pirate Booty

Thu Jul 5 16:33:25 2018

Wordplay and borderline puns was the sole-focus of this pic,
and by wordplay & puns I mean Tits & Ass!
The idea has probably been thought of before,
but I wanted to just render it in such fine-detail for all of us to enjoy!



Wed Jul 4 21:59:39 2018

Aight her ?obs were just too huge and bulging to not show unobstructed by a huge load ejaculated onto them, so here is the cum-free version, as well as dialogue free!
Happy 4th of July just the same fam! ['v' ]



Wed Jul 4 21:54:21 2018

Happy 4th of July, maybe it was just a coincidence this powerful chick dawning patriotic colors was completed around this time for you all to see, but then again, maybe it wasn't? o.o
Anyway, this lovely lady we gonna stop some criminals, but as it turns out, they knew her weakness (covering up her chest).
With this knowledge they exploited her weakness and foiled her plans!
It's the perfect crime! o.o
It is perfect timing, and a very nice boob inflated pic just the same!
Again have a good 4th of July!



Sat Jun 30 21:38:16 2018

Our lovely Acting Queen has arrived at Johnny's Kingdom!
She tries exerting her newfound (though unearned) sense of authority over another henchmen, but he makes it clear, he only answers to one boss!


Growth Spurtroasted

Sat Jun 30 01:59:11 2018

A short comic pic depicted in a more simplistic fashion to resemble that of a cartoon!
Really I would have wanted to avoid shading to simulate that, but I just can't help myself to shade a nice set of tits and bubbly ass!


BDSyMbiote 1

Wed Jun 27 23:30:53 2018

Gerph's Skarpne & Dumfer were doing some test with bondage equipment, but as it turns out, the equipment was actually a slime-like life-form!
I love the concept if I may compliment myself for a moment, and it gets more extreme later!


Bound For The Bimbos

Wed Jun 27 04:58:08 2018

A cute pic revolving the capture of a gothic pet for these tan busty blonde bimbos... who have dicks o.o


Booty Bondage

Mon Jun 25 04:36:22 2018

Some bondage setup on a white-haired lass with an A+ Ass!
As substantiated by the marking on her butt!



Sun Jun 24 03:55:50 2018

I didnt plan for those emojis to act as a form of censoring or anything, I just find it titillating tbh, but for all the horndogs who want ZERO obstruction from huge tits, I got you covered!


Lit AF

Sun Jun 24 03:53:03 2018

Oh dear fans, I hope you are not so against all things cringe in this world you would hate me for dabbling in the pornification of certain things


Skimpy Chimpanzee

Sat Jun 23 03:25:49 2018

I love the color pallet in this, totally didn't plan for it to be rainbow aesthetic, but it just came out that way through the progression of this pic, and let's not let Monkey Pussy take a back seat to the real appeal of this pic!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Whatever she's wearing allows for the maximum contortion of her whole vaginal region, with the upmost arousal on her end as well!


Hogging Goblin

Fri Jun 22 04:46:19 2018

This Goblin Imp chica is way too excited about her new boytoy!
She gets to tease him with pussy-only play at first, then if he proves himself worthy, maybe she'll treat him to some more
kinky methods of fucking!

I explain all this in case some of you all have trouble understanding her accent!


Hot Sweaty Mess

Wed Jun 20 02:00:48 2018

OOF I know some may be going through quite the heat wave and not wanna be reminded of such plights, but lets not pretend it's all bad, right?
( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)


Street-Rules on The Court

Tue Jun 19 04:04:21 2018

Some intense face-fuckage, because I need my fix as much as the next hyper pervert!
Hope you all enjoy it as well!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Tyrannical Hike

Mon Jun 18 02:00:55 2018

Tera The Tyrant is caught between 2 rebel soldiers teasing out her body,
and though it may be a bit weird, it showcases the great ass she has!


See The Jungle Through The Thot

Sat Jun 16 22:09:07 2018

aight truth time, I made this pic 1st, and do love the fuck out of it! @3@
HOWEVER I wanted to showcase the jungle-themed waifu that is centered around this pic, so went back and made that 1st pic!


Can't See The Jungle For The Plot

Fri Jun 15 20:05:20 2018

If a jungle anime waifu is providing fan-service,
and there's no one around to see it,
was there even a plot?


Plus-Sized Booty

Fri Jun 15 04:53:31 2018

Some major hotdogging going on here with plus-sized assets all around!


Sweet Sweat & Saliva

Thu Jun 14 03:40:07 2018

Putting in some practice on both Ahegao focused pic, as well as touch up on my soft-shading style!


Breast Spectacle

Tue Jun 12 04:51:38 2018

Her tit's read 'Avert your eyes plz! THNX :)'
I don't think it did any good in preventing gaze upon her cleavage though.


Ass Assessment

Sun Jun 10 22:54:51 2018

This chick was showing signs of stress, and fat robo-man was able to detect, so he does what he was programmed to do, and provide aid to all forms of ailment.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Look at The Upside

Sun Jun 10 01:54:27 2018

I believe I expressed a desire in seeing boobs flopped down in a chick's face due to her being upside down before.
A really specific kink, I admit, but it's such a cute an erotic look imo!


Pulling Pussy

Thu Jun 7 23:07:07 2018

I was so intrigued to draw this angle of pussy grinding, that shouldn't even be possible!
The choice to make her a bat furry came later!


Seed Stow Then Grow

Tue Jun 5 21:17:29 2018

Another classic hyper inflation scene from me, complete with a neat story to explain the whole ordeal, hope you can read the fine print, these pics are full reso, so shouldn't be a prob.
Basically flower girl got more than her flower's worth from using the old-fashion barter system.


Wanted Alive

Tue Jun 5 02:17:55 2018

Originally I was gonna call on you all to help me locate a pic that was very similar to this, I practically recreated it, because I had trouble finding it.
Alas I was able to stumble upon, but like most nostalgic things, it wasn't quite what I remembered.
I would have sworn the tits were larger, but anywho, so glad I did this anyway!
came out top-tier imo!


Tempting Apple Bottom

Mon Jun 4 04:27:48 2018

It's basically a delicious Candy Apple!


Quarantine Time

Sun Jun 3 04:47:41 2018

A collaborated effort between me & fellow artist Schwoo!
featuring an alien lass not unknown to me, and in fact fun to sketch getting deep anal!
Which was my part of this collab, Schwoo laid down all the colors, shading, and lighting effects!


Because You Deserve It

Fri Jun 1 17:16:30 2018

Just some rando-futa-furry fucking the face of a rando-furry!
Would like to note sometimes I do huge boobs that are naturally pressed together, other times, I like the huge tits that just don't see eye-to-eye,
if you know what I mean!
but yeah just simple facefuck pic to start the month!
The ride only gets wilder from here fam-squad!



Thu May 31 16:08:59 2018

Our Acting Queen's journey to the ship of The Neighboring Captain
Was both a bumpy, and subsequently bouncy one!
Was really fun to make what with all the chibi faces and motion blurs fam!
Hope you're digging it thus far, trying my best to make the comic panels flow in a proper pace, with establishing shots and what-not!



Thu May 31 04:10:29 2018

More of an excuse to try some pixel art, but a certain
busty half-genie totally brings new dimensions to this whole scenario!


Sunday Paper Porn

Wed May 30 04:51:23 2018

I attempted that classic comic-cartoony style common in old-timey newspapers!
Hope it goes appreciated!


Stiff Ski

Tue May 29 00:26:31 2018

Been doing a lot of summer-themed pics, and for good reason of course (it's summer), but a part of me can't forgo the idea of skimpy gear in frigid temperature causing perky nipples.
More importantly though, the cold isn't what bother's our Futa Ski Girl, but the sight of dicks that arouses our lass!



Mon May 28 01:38:24 2018

What's going on here?
Parody admiration!
That's what I call it!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



Sun May 27 02:00:06 2018

I have always wanted to make a BBW Elephant Anthro, and that's just what I did!


Tyrant Tit Expulsion

Sat May 26 03:59:58 2018

What to do when you rule over an empire, but you're milkers still go on overdrive in their lactate production?
I suppose this is a job for an eager slutty maid,


Lock Stock & Pegged

Fri May 25 04:09:34 2018

Another Furry Futa in hardcore BDSM setup!
I am just a complete nut when it comes to the sexual torment
I wanna see on these busty teases!

Hope I'm not alone fam,
misery loves company!
( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙)


Symbiotic Slimey Succ

Thu May 24 02:08:39 2018

I am trying my hand in Symbiotic fetish o.o
can probably be more slimey, but give me some more practice fam!


Syx With Orc All Day

Wed May 23 04:36:39 2018

Syx was whore'd out (as is her thing) for on fuck session with this Monstrous Orc Dude, but little does she know, one fuck session is at least 12 hours judging by the window.


Sexy Waitress Time (Dialogue)

Tue May 22 05:10:06 2018

I've been having urges to give small-chested chicks a go!
I think it came out cute, I've done it a few times before.
But yeah this Feisty Redhead can't stand humiliation,
and she can only be pushed for so long,
til she gets down and sucks your dick with such passion,
but also a tight grip to prevent your nut from busting.


Sexy Waitress Time

Tue May 22 05:01:20 2018

I have a dialogue version coming, but it won't make sense with the cum ,so it's a reverse of my normal thing!


Cop Out

Mon May 21 01:04:26 2018

I did a pic kinda like this a few years ago, but I needed to give it an update! much better imo!


Wolf in Sheep in Wolves Clothing

Sun May 20 00:44:31 2018

A little bedtime story for us all to enjoy from the pages
from my own fairy tales!



Fri May 18 16:26:30 2018

I can only take so much credit for this pic, it's pretty much a recreation of another pic, but I was forced to do this, please forgive me fam!
lol nah no one will get up in arms over it, it's all in the never-ending quest to lewd the fuck out of cartoon shows!


Skarpne's Sunny Day

Thu May 17 23:17:07 2018

Maybe you've caught I tend to do a Skarpne Pic once a month!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

But yeah I just told Gerph I am gonna slap huge jugs on her, then have those huge jugs pressed on by dicks!
It just works!


Big Bottom Fridge

Thu May 17 02:33:43 2018

Hope you all don't mind the onslaught of some more simple pinups and stuff, but I like to enjoy the figure as a whole now and then!

now and then I will take these breaks before I kick back up the whole hyper penetrations and gangbangs and what now.


Bursting at the Seams

Tue May 15 15:13:13 2018

Some standard tit expansion on my end, got some big brain complex pics coming soon, but I feel the urge to just have a huge set of jibblys busting out in my face!
This biddy was cute to, I like homing in on my take on anime waifus!


Bobs & Vagene Sent

Mon May 14 18:40:31 2018

Surprisingly the hetero pron artist, actually hasn't posted some pussy focused pics in a while.
It's pretty hot, I forgot just how dank this stuff can be!


Mother Not So Dearest

Sun May 13 18:55:53 2018

I was thinking of what to do for the Mother's day pic for Patreon, and decided on some original content, of a stern mother struggling with so much, she doesn't have time to milk her own futa daughter's dick!
Her siblings watch on ever-so-perplexed!



This Zone is for Unloading Only

Sat May 12 09:14:44 2018

Been meaning to do some porn of this biddy! She doesn't get her face stuffed enough!


Mother's Day Special

Fri May 11 09:18:35 2018

Dexter's mom was a mother's day special for European Mother's Day,
This one is for USA's Mother's Day!


Succubus BUST

Thu May 10 12:07:55 2018

Some Japanese themed demon restaurant for men
with a questionable thirst that can only be quenched with the breast milk,
from busty succubus such as the one depicted!


Look in The 3rd Hole

Thu May 10 00:15:24 2018

Something classic, yet kinda in right now I believe.
I'm no fan per-say, but I was always fascinated with 70's style animations.


Pound This Nerd

Wed May 9 04:12:03 2018

She didn't cough up her lunch money, so it's anal time!


Paulli The Cockatrice

Tue May 8 04:35:39 2018

I friggin love these mythical creatures, such a straight-forward idea!
Put a chicken head on a dragon, and that's it!

Had to make a sexy version!


Cinco De Mayo Special

Sat May 5 18:31:28 2018

My annual Cinco De Mayo pic!
It's also immediately public for it's just one of those special pics between me and my fans across the board!


Raunchy Smooch

Fri May 4 14:43:39 2018

Big Red Animal Monster and Slender Blue Horse Lass in a kinky kiss-off!


Succface Summer Cumdump

Fri May 4 02:52:18 2018

Some of you all may have noticed that I've been on a
summer-themed kick for my pron,
but what's new here is another pic in return to my old-Cicada ways of elongating mouths for a succ.
I know it's ridiculous, but I just love some of the craziest things!
Hope you don't mind.


Teacher's Pet

Wed May 2 04:08:55 2018

Some sexy titillating teacher is way too into teaching!



Mon Apr 30 22:22:47 2018

The name of our Acting Queen's Next encounter has been dropped!
She'll be rushed over to his headquarter to see what the deal is!


2Spooky 2REKT

Sun Apr 29 14:56:02 2018

Somewhat obscure, but totally fun to spoof!
Hope this isn't too creepy for ya'll.


Cock Cushioning Aeleheayna

Sun Apr 29 04:49:15 2018

A Rather titillating piece of Client's OC!
All these cocks want in by any means necessary!
Her Armor just aint cutting it.


Ghouls & Milkers (Cum-Free)

Sat Apr 28 03:57:10 2018

Nice cleavage ya got there M'Lady!


Ghouls & Milkers

Sat Apr 28 03:12:49 2018

I can't be the only one to notice the nice bust at a certain point,
on a certain game.
Almost made the trip worth it.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


The Legend of Pussy Pounding!

Fri Apr 27 03:56:37 2018

Client is really into this chick, about as much as that dick is in her pussy!
Very much dig how the ass has implied jiggle, and the nipple kept in mouth was cute to!


Holes VS Zombies

Thu Apr 26 01:44:05 2018

Some biddy cornered by zombies and getting a pounding!


Size Too Small

Wed Apr 25 04:33:44 2018

Client's OC is big in all the right places IMO!
Her bikini bottom seems to disagree though.


Mayo Bombing (CUMLESS)

Tue Apr 24 03:22:23 2018

Same pic, but with all the mess moved outs the way!


Mayo Bombing

Tue Apr 24 03:19:13 2018

Gerph's Skarpne is being gangbanged into pure exhaustion!
She even passed out by the 2nd panel!

I made her ass way more fatter for this scene!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Bun Slosh

Mon Apr 23 01:11:01 2018

A little bit of fangirling in a way on my end, but it's for a good cause!
Just makes this silly little scene all the more memorable for us all!


Milf's Life

Sat Apr 21 21:34:53 2018

A piece inspired from DingoRingo30's rendition of the same character!


Syx Installment

Sat Apr 21 00:26:42 2018

Another sweet rendition of Scratch's Syx!
Syx is taking some time for some self-reflection!


Equine Quarantined

Fri Apr 20 03:02:27 2018

Something rather rambunctious, but just for the sake of showing this particular lass getting a face full of monster dick with just the right amount of logic!


A Tyrant's Regret

Thu Apr 19 01:21:42 2018

Client's OC Tera was checking with her mad scientist of his latest discovery, only to get a dose of a ray that futanizes you to freak status.
The constant ejaculating is a mere side-effect.


No Pain No Gain

Wed Apr 18 00:03:55 2018

Tension is in the air, and the strain enforced on this bitch's balls is incredible.
She may not know a orgasm for some time.
Which is in a way it's own reward for this chick who seeks this kind of thing.



Mon Apr 16 16:09:56 2018

A surprise sequel to an old-ass pic from my early days, here's a link, nothing special; PART 1
Really enoyed making the pixelated effect.
Might do again for that reason alone!


Unofficial Winger Sequel

Sun Apr 15 14:36:52 2018

a fan-piece for the late Doug Winger!
I can't imagine he would object to this! he basically pioneered the hyper fetish!
Hope ya'll dig!



Sat Apr 14 03:00:05 2018

I have save-stated a certain area in a certain game.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


15 Youtube Queen Cock Succage

Thu Apr 12 20:00:29 2018

The First thing you want, sucking your dick.
In a bathroom stall gloryhole,
Is some busty cat hoe,
Succing your junk.


Whole Milk Hero

Wed Apr 11 18:05:07 2018

Something of one of my fave gals to render up in some of those whacky hyper ways you know I do so well!


The Denying Game

Tue Apr 10 23:58:11 2018

The untouched genre/fet of maleXfuta, hope you all can tolerate this much. o.o
You should all know I pretty much stop at scat,guro, & softcore fets.
I do reiterate this because I wanna ensure everyone of what I typically aim to do and what-not.


Slurping May Suffice

Tue Apr 10 04:04:47 2018

POV Succing fun!


Ass Over Mind (Cum-Free)

Mon Apr 9 04:28:39 2018

Really loved the view of penetration in this pic, meant to upload at the same time, but slipped my mind.
Nothing else has changed though.


Going in Deep

Mon Apr 9 04:30:27 2018

Tits The Bimbo is a little surprised that her beach buds are as aroused as they are around her body.
She really shouldn't be though.


Ass Over Mind

Sun Apr 8 04:47:00 2018

She thought she could make this horse her mount, but instead, the opposite happened!


Depravity in the Park

Sat Apr 7 03:21:43 2018

Haley catching up on some studying, and her BFF Neva just playing around with Haley.
Light-Hearted fun betwix friends that leaves one facial'd and the other in amusement.


Glass Case of Frustration

Thu Apr 5 22:25:26 2018

Her erection clearly paints the pic!
This lady wants to cum, but the Glass Case Challenge just seemed more tempting for her, for whatever reason.


Aeleheayna's Bound Trip

Thu Apr 5 03:42:59 2018

Client's OC bound and filled to a fucking extreme proportion!
All the cum is going to her tits and gut and thighs, it's just going everywhere!


QPU Misaligned

Wed Apr 4 04:52:05 2018

QPU stands for Quality Panty / Undies...
This is all based off a meme btw.


Perella's Tentacle Slam

Tue Apr 3 03:47:34 2018

Client's OC getting her gut pumped from ze tentacles.
Simple clean wholesome fun!



Mon Apr 2 03:50:01 2018

Something obscure to start off the month!



Sun Apr 1 04:40:47 2018

Finally free from the knot of her right hand man, our Acting-Queen is NOW ready to begin some Queenly duties!

Punishing this thug will have to wait for another time!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



Sat Mar 31 02:10:50 2018

Knocked up, and nowhere to go.
The milk from the pregnancy must gush with great force.


Theory of Bangs That Are Big

Fri Mar 30 01:21:34 2018

Bozengo yo!


Night in Bondage

Thu Mar 29 04:18:27 2018

Some extreme binding! Always wanted to try my hand at getting ridiculous with it!


General Hospitality (of the sexual kind)

Tue Mar 27 04:08:38 2018

Tawnya my Shark Anthro OC is getting special treatment from the Doctor, and this really upsets her nurse coworkers.
They should let Tawnya fly her sex-freak flag!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Hot Flash Fleshlight

Mon Mar 26 02:46:39 2018

Really SIlly, that much I can admit, but I myself am just a huge fan
of the over-the-top cartoony sex.


Syx Gets Tentacle Dix

Sun Mar 25 00:04:18 2018

Another Addition to the Syx Library!
This bitch is top waifu material!
I am so glad to be pioneering in some decent Syx porn, hope you all share this sentiment!


Womb Tomb Trial

Sat Mar 24 01:24:08 2018

Doggo Knight going to town on Beaked Woman to hyper proportions!


Lewd Clues

Thu Mar 22 17:27:40 2018

I had to give some mad support to my boi DingoRingo!
Some may credit sssonic for the lewd craze, but nah Dawg,
That's Fake News!
Dingo started it!


Bump'n Country Bumpkin

Thu Mar 22 00:25:13 2018

Had an urge to have a very sexy hillbilly chick under my belt!
She's too cute, and really loving her ass!
But should mention, she's dumber than a bag of hammers!
She is convinced this is milk.


Tyranny Panty Pull

Tue Mar 20 23:28:39 2018

Tera The Sultry Tyrant is demanding we give her are undivided attention...
Not that she had to say anything, who in their right mind would ignore this sight?
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Double Stuffed Ahegao

Mon Mar 19 23:18:35 2018

kinda sounds like that one sandwich cookie, get it?
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Lots-o-fun is to be had on this black & white bottom heavy bear anthro babe. She is all inviting in her bottom orifices, and is still putting on a smile as her face gets caressed.


Stuffed Super Shero

Sun Mar 18 23:28:10 2018

Not sure why the need to make the word 'Shero' Hero already has a 'Her' in it.
Kind of a semantics argument really, but whatever.
Afraid I don't wanna say much cause reasons, but I do think because of the popularity around this kind of media, I can't lose out in offering my rendition.
Hope you all enjoy!


Tempting Apple

Sun Mar 18 02:15:30 2018

A lot of you all may not recognize this theme,
but those who may need to know;
This was my favorite thing to do before I started the hentai art stuff.


Fall & Fondle & Facefuck

Fri Mar 16 02:37:07 2018

it's been a while since I've done some animu stuff, so here's one of something I thought rather silly, it's just a base further than what happened.
Silly him.



Thu Mar 15 03:16:22 2018

Last one of this fun set, is just some simple body writing added onto this bitch!
Til next time!



Thu Mar 15 03:12:49 2018

Now preggerz, so some may be asking, "well has she been pinned for 9 months?", but nah, it's just some fun edits, so imagine it like an alternate universe, and not so much a sequential thing.
Really just having fun with it!



Thu Mar 15 03:09:41 2018

Fun-Factoid, this was the original drawing of this chick, but I was informed many more edits were in order, so now you know!
& knowing is half the battle!



Thu Mar 15 03:06:00 2018

A perfect candidate for the whole "unamused spitroast" gimmick!
an underrated gimmick I must add!


Depraved Bullying

Wed Mar 14 04:14:21 2018

Haley finds herself in a bash in her school halls, over lord knows what?
I think maybe the dude is fighting for his girlfriend's honor as the biggest slut?


Sylvia's Cynical Trials END VER B

Tue Mar 13 04:26:42 2018

or is she?
She might have underestimated a thing or two here and there?


Sylvia's Cynical Trials END VER A

Tue Mar 13 04:24:39 2018

And thus another Sparrow-Cicada Collaboration is at an end!
Our Futa Rabbit hoe is now the sex crazed bunny bitch she could have only dreamed of!


What Are Mothers For (Cumflation)

Mon Mar 12 00:56:36 2018

May not be obvious to everyone, but this is the special for Europe's Mother's Day!
Though not European, I can't pass a chance to draw some hot milf action!


What Are Mothers For

Mon Mar 12 00:51:54 2018

Certainly not this, but some people get kicks in the most devious of ways!


Beauty & The Breast

Sun Mar 11 03:04:14 2018

I've heard from several people that some cartoons can suck more than others, but even still; busty blondes need to get their rendition from those passionate about the bust!


Damaged Goods

Sat Mar 10 05:26:23 2018

Why even give a robot an asshole?


Brazen Bull Load

Fri Mar 9 05:55:07 2018

A scenario inspired from Gerph's series,
where she gave Dumfer a magical pill, turning him into a Minotaur!
I just gave my own take on the scenario!
Hope ya dig!


Banana Slip

Thu Mar 8 05:22:13 2018

Let's not judge too quick here, there's faults on both sides,
The Futa Chick should know better to walk about with a boner.
On the other hand, Asian Girl should be handling ice cream a bit more delicately.
Well there seems to be no bad blood, I think they'll get along just fine!


Dinner With Elkie

Wed Mar 7 03:46:01 2018

Venison, Stuffed with natural spices!
Nice & Hot!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Praise Where The Sun Don't Shine

Tue Mar 6 03:59:35 2018

Something cute and innocent for a change!
Albeit juvenile at best, but that's as innocent as it tends to get with me.


Yellow Suck-it

Sun Mar 4 02:34:17 2018

Though actually a wasp, I believe a yellow jacket is a different bug all together?
Despite my namesake, I know very little about bugs, and really don't even draw too many, but people seemed to like my rendition of anthropods!
They are fun to design, I gotta say!


Marry, Lay, Slay

Sat Mar 3 05:35:20 2018

A rather typical theme of swords & sorcery affairs,
what with knights, treasures & dragon!
Nothing new there, but when the dragon's means of defense is
exhausting the hero of all his stamina, well we got us quite the scene here.


Ivory Towers Internship 2

Fri Mar 2 05:26:15 2018

Our Ebony lass is having a great day as the
designated cumdump in Ivory Towers!
You learn to ease into this kink after numerous trials!
Don't knock it, til you rock it!



Thu Mar 1 05:58:59 2018

Page 5, and Bird Dude finally blew his load!
I really wanna get her to meet her next match in March!
Cause things only get hot and heavy from here!


Quadruple Triggered

Wed Feb 28 04:22:55 2018

As a female gamer, You know you're triggered;
when 4 cocks erect and ejaculate almost-instantly!
Maybe the tits swollen is also a part of it?

Anyway, just some outlandish trollery on my part
from some stupid shit brought on from a certain trailer
for a game to be released this year.


Empty-Headed Head

Tue Feb 27 04:36:42 2018

I find the explosion of cum out of nonsensical orifices,
both arousing and amusing!
Always a winning combo in my book!


APY Uranus Prober Shirt

Mon Feb 26 03:14:01 2018

Another addition to the fictional band Alas Poor Yorick's shirt designs.
I can't state enough how much I genuinely admire shirt designs of this nature!


Aye Caramba

Sun Feb 25 03:07:52 2018

I know there's Hotter chica's out there in Fields of Spring,
but something about These Ladies and This Lad makes it extra special!
Hope you all don't mind!


Abbey The Honey Pot Ant

Fri Feb 23 23:52:47 2018

You all familiar with these types of ants?
Pretty cool, client wanted an Anthro OC of one, designed by me!
Gotta say, came out super dope! really like it!
The transparent cum jugs and abdomen effect were really interesting to work on!
Hope you all can appreciate some weird bug anthros. o.o


Cow Tipping

Fri Feb 23 04:56:20 2018

I hope you all don't mind an overtly silly pic like this,
but in all honestly, I do find it really erotic when a busty gal is turned upside down, and just having her jugs bounce down in front of her view!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Wish You Were Depraved

Thu Feb 22 00:28:59 2018

Haley is writing her mom from summer camp, because cell phones aren't allowed on the premise. Now in regards to what she wrote, well it's not too far from the truth, just the detail of her clit being pressed against a huge dick is neglected to be mentioned, but some things in Summer Camp, stay in Summer Camp!



Mon Feb 19 22:04:44 2018

A buxom/busty astronaut chick!
examining a suspicious looking plant!
What may happen next, is a mystery?


Skarpne's Special Trick

Mon Feb 19 04:43:44 2018

Gerph's Skarpne has been futanized and is showing off all she can do with her newly gained member!


Dungeon'd Dame 1

Sat Feb 17 19:33:02 2018

This elf Queen Chick Bound up and toted about, as per the orders of her new king!
Not too familiar with lore of this all, but client & I were still having fun deciding how this goes!


More Than Just Firm

Sat Feb 17 05:24:40 2018

Client's OC Snek Chick with huge tits!
Pressed up and squishing through bars!
Look at dem knockers!


I Can't Believe It's Rank Cum

Thu Feb 15 05:13:33 2018

taste more like bitter liquefied meat.


Freed Willy

Wed Feb 14 04:46:51 2018

Orca Dude has had enough of Cobra Hoe playing rough with his cock,
so down her gullet it goes!


Diving Board V2

Tue Feb 13 05:44:30 2018

It elongated and plumped when she realized she's being watched, maybe a turn on for her?


Diving Board V1

Tue Feb 13 05:41:34 2018

An Olympic Themed pinup of a Futa Chick getting excited during her performance!
Maybe she can still impress the masses in another way!


Gaffed Up

Mon Feb 12 01:06:19 2018

just in time for the annual release of Those 50 Shades movies!


Xaandra Ref Sheet

Sun Feb 11 04:48:28 2018

Another one of these ref sheets of mine that consist of
Front View, Back View, and Sex View!
the 3 most important angles!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙) ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)


That Sultry Valentine Appeal

Sat Feb 10 04:58:38 2018

Muh Valentine's gift for you all!
Albeit a few day's early!


Lucky There's A Family Pet

Fri Feb 9 02:51:12 2018

BETER, I think your dog is cucking us BETER!

Beter is my OC do not steal.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Sylvia's Cynical Trials 4 VER B

Thu Feb 8 05:16:48 2018

Aight, one more page after this, if you've been keeping on the lore about this whole Sylvia ordeal, you will know she basically caming here with a problem, and a certain doctor felt she had just what she needed to cope with her life as a hyper futa bunny!...
or something to that effect?

At any rate, promise me you won't be sad when it's over,
just smile that it happened!

Fo rizzle, this was dank, and do enjoy collaborating with Sparrow.
I personally will look more into it with my own ideas!


Sylvia's Cynical Trials 4 VER A

Thu Feb 8 05:12:29 2018

For those of you who are still sad the Alyssa thing is over, cheer up!
Me & Sparrow still have this chick!
Where's that smile?

Anyway, client's bunny futa is getting her cockhole fucked!


Taunting Thot

Wed Feb 7 05:31:34 2018

If you're a thot, and find your anus resting on a giant monster cock,
It's probably best to refrain from taunting it!
This chick is just lucky she's a cartoon!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Bare Gloss Thiccness

Tue Feb 6 04:38:17 2018

I am a boob man above all else, I never pass a chance to draw them!
BUT...t I do enjoy a fat ass on occasion, and decide to give you booty-lovers a treat to just the thiccest ass I could possible render!


Denial Under Yonder

Mon Feb 5 04:27:54 2018

May have noticed I tried to recreate a specific cartoony style!
Well here's it's done again!
I ejoy trying it, pretty cute at times!
Can't say the same for the subject matter at hand.



Sun Feb 4 01:39:19 2018

No Vitamin F in this Shampoo, maybe next pic around this theme?


Crowley VS Vampires VS Elvis (Entry 17)

Sat Feb 3 05:42:19 2018

Something I thought interesting, and that be a universe were only the females catch vamperism, and one Man seeks to cure them the only way he knows how!

Written by Rather_Devious


Sparring Darlings

Fri Feb 2 04:59:46 2018

I caved into the pressure of working on a more muscular chicks!
Figured the best scenario for em would be a gym, YES!?
Had a lot of fun making this one!
Hope you dig it!


Beach Balls

Thu Feb 1 05:52:45 2018

A familiar Cobra bitch makes a return, this time as a lifeguard on duty!
And she's just as slutty here, as she was a maid.


Boob-Focused Gif WIP

Wed Jan 31 02:15:39 2018

to prove to you all I am serious about the Gifs (or Jiffs o.o )
here is a Work-in-Progress of some squishy tits! this will be a full on breast expansion scene! hopefully won't take long, I just need to learn more about what would be the best method of both coloring & Shading this, but I trust myself to get the expansion overall looking nice!

Rarely do I like to post Work-in-Progresses, but for Gifs, I think there's enough in em to spark a fascination all around! a lot of artist who do mostly drawings, are always psyched to see their works take movement!


Twinkle Park Even Darker (CUMFLATION)

Tue Jan 30 00:44:52 2018

having really liked the pic, I had to give it the old-college-try and offer a variation where the nut has busted all up in her gut causing for quite the cumflation all up inside her!
I can't defend the silliness of it all, but come on, you know me!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Twinkle Park Even Darker

Tue Jan 30 00:38:24 2018

kind of a remake of a pic I did years ago,
(it's not really worth linking (my style has improved considerably))
Though not a crude gangbang, but instead something more effective, deep hard anal!
It's even crushing the puss from the other end it seems!
Trust me when I say, I really enjoy how this came out!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Harem Bae

Sun Jan 28 16:06:28 2018

This chick is into the whole reverse Harem thing according to some data/info on her.


Alyssa's Training (5/5)

Sat Jan 27 07:31:46 2018

Welcome to the late night release of the Final page to the
Sparrow & Cicada brand Comic!
We been with Alyssa through both the high & low points in her life,
and in the end, it was Beauty who tamed the beast!

Sparrow will be posting these on his HentaiFoundry in the future,
and I will be posting these on my FA, Tumblr, & Newgrounds,
alongside when Sparrow does.

Hope you dug the ride, and as Sparrow would say;



Sat Jan 27 03:10:27 2018

My YT has been recomending me a certain series a lot latley, not sure why? but having recognize a certain cutey from a previous drawin'g I've seen of her, I was inspired to do this little shindig!


Famed Hentai Lass (Cum-Free)

Fri Jan 26 02:23:20 2018

for those counting their carbs, here is a variation that offers glimpse of her ever-so-perky JUGS!
Also captures the beauty that is, Tan Lines!


Famed Hentai Lass

Fri Jan 26 02:18:01 2018

A Dramatic Reenactment that is extremely close to eye-witness accounts of a possible existing Hentai.


The Problem With Busty Centaurs

Thu Jan 25 04:43:06 2018

The problem being, when they gallop, they force more jiggle and bounce to transmit to their breast, but one centaur's problem, is another man's viewing pleasure!


Boobs Aren't Scary

Tue Jan 23 04:25:38 2018

Not that I know anyone making such a claim, but still, it has to be said!


Android Unfaithful

Mon Jan 22 04:40:31 2018

When your wife was a robot in her previous life,
you can't be surprised when she is unfamiliar with taboos of all kind!



Sat Jan 20 22:28:50 2018

Admittedly, this is a touch crude, was trying to do some audio stuff from some source, But I mainly wanna show I wanna start doing Gif's and yes they will come colored, but need to home in on smooth animation 1st!


Wolves in Sheep's Holes

Sat Jan 20 00:16:41 2018

Now before you go feeling sorry for anyone here, all you need to remind yourself is, these are all demonic animals, so it's A-OK!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


The Fault in Our Galaxy

Thu Jan 18 23:36:16 2018

She may look familiar, but fret none, she is all oc, including that monster turtle thing.


Rising Poll

Thu Jan 18 04:13:33 2018

Who knew this anthro-feline waifu had a cock?
I certainly didn't.


Rupee Farming

Wed Jan 17 05:47:05 2018

The thing I find most fascinating about this piece,
and indeed, any piece of mine with the fellatio-dialogue,
is that on-looker's can comprehend what they say!
Makes any conversation with a bih sucking dick, that much more fun!


Infiltration Satiation

Tue Jan 16 05:44:24 2018

Dude passed as a robot, Box and light-up cock-ring & all!
Robot chick should realize somethings up... her butt!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Ojigi & Hiryu!

Mon Jan 15 05:55:17 2018

A cute story about an odd couple!
Now knowing me and my style, you might expect this to be typical hyper penetration, but as you can see, I took both a more cartoony and realistic approach!


Sweet Candy of Mine

Sun Jan 14 05:52:57 2018

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Ribbit For Her Pleasure

Sat Jan 13 02:07:41 2018

I guess keeping with an animu theme?


Uganda-Wrong Wae

Thu Jan 11 06:03:28 2018

More memey goodness from me


Alyssa's Training (4/5)

Wed Jan 10 23:18:12 2018

In this page of Alyssa's Training, we get treated to one of her proudest accomplishments!
Keeping with the good vibes, Alyssa is now getting the hang of
Huge Monster Penises fucking her!
All it took was... well, Huge Monster Penises fucking her!


Aerodynamically Slutty

Wed Jan 10 00:56:28 2018

Oh boy, it was just a matter of "when" in regard to me doing my rendition of anthro planes getting jiggy.
Hope ya dig!


Syx's Sloppy Service (CUM FREE)

Tue Jan 9 00:13:41 2018

For those of us who enjoy seeing the inner-workings of a cunt!
I know the egg panel makes no sense now, but still it's a cute panel!


Syx's Sloppy Service

Tue Jan 9 00:10:12 2018

What started as a means to raise cash at the expense of Syx's holes,
Turned into a lottery!
1st man to knock her up, wins all her earnings!
Not much else to it!


Life Fiber Tera

Mon Jan 8 02:17:04 2018

Client's oc dawning the ever so infamous life fibers!
Big dick in the foreground rounds out the cast.



Sun Jan 7 01:07:23 2018

Now don't think her tit's wouldn't be vastly appreciated under normal circumstances!
Big Bird Guy is just a big brute who thinks only with his dick, and it wanted to get coated in Valentina Throat Spit.
Who could blame it?


Caution When Crossing

Sat Jan 6 05:36:01 2018

You must stop when told


OMG Look At That Face

Thu Jan 4 22:45:51 2018

Not a pop star, just an incredible simulation!


Alyssa's Training (3/5)

Wed Jan 3 13:21:18 2018

Part 3 of 5, and Alyssa's butthole may be use to 2 cocks at once,
but 2 cocks at once!?
That's a whole other issue... well only when they're monstrous.


2018's Smegma

Tue Jan 2 01:59:36 2018

Start the year with the year itself, and the dick cheese he harbors.


Dashing Wilde

Mon Jan 1 00:50:15 2018

Another Christmas themed pic, and also with a Redhead cartoon babe!
What are the odds?
Happy New years!



Sun Dec 31 05:08:56 2017

That's not a question, it's a statement!
o .o



Sat Dec 30 05:26:48 2017

This Cobra is spitting from the wrong end.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Twins Twitch

Fri Dec 29 04:28:29 2017

The extremes camwhores can get away with are only escalating!


Sarena Demon Queen

Wed Dec 27 00:51:29 2017

Client's demon OC doing for us a titillating pinup!
... and Yes, they're real.



Mon Dec 25 22:44:53 2017

Merry Christmas Patrons!
Hope you enjoy the long awaited page 3!
Things are only just getting messy for a Acting-Queen and Body-Guard!
Will a titfuck be enough to satiate our Big Bird Man?
I wouldn't make that bet, is all I'll say.


Rolisalaida Ref Sheet

Sun Dec 24 06:34:50 2017

A Character ref sheet of the Client's OC, some undead chick from the WoW universe.


Birds, Bees, and Cyborgs

Thu Dec 21 13:04:15 2017

Let's stop lying to ourselves, and admit a certain franchise that rhymes with Jar Doors, fucking sucks.
It's always sucked.
However it did give us cool looking characters.


Vocal/Oral Talent

Wed Dec 20 03:09:22 2017

A commission featuring someone who may or may not be a prominent Voice Actress?

Also, she's a nerd, hints the D'nD setup, but that's for later.


Alyssa's Training (2/5)

Mon Dec 18 07:57:20 2017

In the continuation of Alyssa's Training,
we are reminded of how well she can succ.


Til I Put On The Mask

Sun Dec 17 21:09:46 2017

Everyone always cared who she was even before doing so.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Thermal Shock

Fri Dec 15 02:49:41 2017

Some bih from somewhere, is captured by some monsters from the same somewhere!


Donna Ref Sheet

Tue Dec 12 18:12:07 2017

A ref sheet of client's Reindeer hoe, Donna.
Obviously Christmas-esque themed.


Tendril Test Drill ENDING

Mon Dec 11 02:38:56 2017

Our Scientist chick learns the hard way, that when you program an Ai that surpass your own intelligence, it will most likely leave your pussy and asshole gaping.

Let this be a lesson to us all.


Alyssa's Training (1/5)

Thu Dec 7 05:15:50 2017

If this chick seems familiar, it's because she's from a comic me and Sparrow did ways back.
This time more stuff happens.


That Time We Acted Out Our Brony Fetish

Tue Dec 5 18:43:54 2017

Remember it? o.o


Your Own Personal Bookmark

Mon Dec 4 02:17:45 2017

Lauren F has to wonder on occasion "What have I done?",
don't you think? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Up & Over & Under

Sat Dec 2 20:27:42 2017

Client's pony oc was milking her horse, when out of nowhere,
she got her panties in a bunch!
Women am I right? [-_- ]



Sun Nov 26 23:39:39 2017

Dank ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Anor Londo Baptism

Wed Nov 22 17:59:01 2017

Making Anor Londo Whole Again. ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)


Depraved Debauchery

Sat Nov 4 06:52:06 2017

A commission involving 2 girls from one of those Dating Simulator games, as well as a trap from said game!
All partaking in fucking muh OC Haley!


Give Her Hell-Man 2

Wed Nov 1 09:34:24 2017

The sequel to the Gerph's Skarpne fan-series!
Where she struggles with day-to-day issues, and a dragon-cock in her pussy.


Sylvia's Cynical Trials 3 VER D

Mon Oct 30 06:12:24 2017



Sylvia's Cynical Trials 3 VER C

Mon Oct 30 06:10:48 2017



Sylvia's Cynical Trials 3 VER B

Mon Oct 30 06:07:54 2017



Sylvia's Cynical Trials 3 VER A

Mon Oct 30 06:00:29 2017

Another collab between Sparrow and I, more to come in the coming minutes.


Dip in Blue

Fri Oct 13 00:45:40 2017

Not exactly the scene-perfect kick-off to the Halloween spirit, but we'll get to that in a jiffy.
This is just a piece driven out of questionable desire to see small blue chicks getting facefucked, and really not much else.


Four-Armed Forplay

Tue Aug 8 13:25:45 2017

Client's OC utilizing all 4 of her arms to make this sci-fi cock explode over her huge tits.


Ashley Wears Life Fibers (RISES)

Mon Aug 7 12:24:13 2017

In the heat of unimaginitve super hero reboots, I too succumb and remade that Ashley pic visible in my Patreon banner.
Really I have been wanting to go further with it, but seeing as my skills have evolved since (IMO) I feel it's best just to start from ground up.


Wish for More

Fri Jul 28 19:38:01 2017

Genie & Friend sharing a grind from thick cock,
as good friends often do!


Suckface Selfie

Thu Jul 6 04:56:22 2017

It's so cute! Hope this craze catches on!


Honey I Shrunk Your IQ

Wed Jul 5 03:09:41 2017

I know this is one of the rare fets to fit the common perv's need,
but it is a fet none the less.
I will not deny any perv their lust to gaze upon Hyper Bimbo porn.


Give Her Hell-Man 1

Mon Jul 3 06:58:49 2017

Gerph's Skarpne graces our Patreon again,
but this time with that direct to video feel...
and by video I mean anus,
and by feel I mean rape. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Better Ingredients Better Anal

Sun Jul 2 05:44:34 2017

That's the power of Home Depo!
Hope this isn't too spoopy for anyone.


Wet Pussy Cat

Sat Jun 24 01:55:00 2017

In reality I am far from a comic book fan by any means, only 2 comic movies really catch my attention, but with that said.
Most people do seem to enjoy the industry as a whole, and who am I to not treat you all to a smexy lil pinup.


Tapu That Ass

Tue Jun 20 14:48:57 2017

Very Cute & Simple Ass pic.


Teller Something She Don't Know

Mon Jun 19 10:07:07 2017

A quirky scene involving a slutty Sperm Bank Nurse, and a black dude, who has quite the Sperm Sample stored up.

Also anyone having trouble reading, I do hope you know these are full reso jpegs. >.>
You can right click and open image in new tab to have a better view.


Every Hentai

Thu Jun 15 16:02:01 2017

Another pic based on an anime, perhaps the Best Anime in fact!

( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)


Couple's Conversion Therapy

Wed Jun 14 16:45:30 2017

I hope this doesn't offend any lesbian lover XD
I just like the idea of these 2 trying something new involving cocks.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Alas Poor Yorick Rex T-Shirt

Mon Jun 12 00:55:13 2017

Available in both Men & Women's sizes.

Doing my best to label this as if it were an actual shirt. (of course it's not :P )
If the name seems familiar, it's because I used it in the Succubus Groupie Pic.
I always liked Band Shirts with this style of art; bright and cartoony, yet compact in it's composition.
Too bad most bands who use this style suck, at least imo.


DARKNESS At The Edge of Dick

Sun Jun 11 08:10:15 2017

Sorry fam, been busy, but here's a rare 34, of some chick from an old cartoon.
It's actually pretty funny at times, though I rarely watch tv, especially cartoons, but this was cleaver at times.
At any rate, I was more interested in the Hot Blonde it had. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Also don't worry, she won't drown.


Worthy of a Gem

Mon May 29 21:37:19 2017

How many of you all know about this Snes gem?
If so, hope you appreciate the rendition of what might have went down in that tent!



Sun May 28 17:14:49 2017

Another pic with an anthro fanbase,


A Tail of 2 Titties (Cum-Free)

Fri May 26 09:55:04 2017

because I was so proud of these tits!
I was actually really proud of the cum too!
in case you might have missed I did it a bit different than usual.
Anyway, hope you enjoy both variants.


A Tail of 2 Titties

Fri May 26 09:49:09 2017

The word luscious springs to mind for this whole ordeal @3@
Hope you like even if you're not a fan.
Which I would totally understand.


Succubus Groupie

Mon May 22 09:48:40 2017

Simple pic of a demon chick who fancies rocker dudes.



Wed May 17 09:09:40 2017

if you're a fan of what this parodies I mean no disrespect of course, just having a little fun.


Motherly Command

Sat May 13 19:41:47 2017

my Mother's day Special this year o.o


Fender Bender

Fri May 12 18:41:39 2017

Ripe ass ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Milf Milkbar 3

Thu May 11 03:56:14 2017

a continuation of a series revolving around famous milfs! will one is an aunt, but the spirit is the same!


Viva La Anal Beads

Mon May 8 20:01:26 2017

Long Live The Anal Beads!


Cinco De Mayo Special (2017)

Fri May 5 17:00:45 2017

As the title might suggest! here's a special pic to commemorate
2017's Cinco De Mayo!


Full Responsibility

Fri May 5 08:01:34 2017

The future is now


Sylvia's Cynical Trials 2 VER C

Thu May 4 04:19:59 2017

Here comes another one


Sylvia's Cynical Trials 2 VER B

Thu May 4 04:17:12 2017

Dicks Docking in another Dick


Sylvia's Cynical Trials 2 VER A

Thu May 4 03:53:19 2017

Part 2, Version A, attempt 1, sentence 1, Hi, here is the continuation!



Tue May 2 23:52:05 2017

You can't paizuri without a good pair of tits!


Harley The Problem

Mon May 1 14:32:14 2017

Harley! Now with more cum


Harley a Problem

Mon May 1 12:47:48 2017

Hot & Stupid is no way to live, especially in a life of crime!
You could easily be taken advantage of, Harley demonstrates one such scenario.


Malia Ref Sheet

Sat Apr 29 19:53:20 2017

"Man's best friend!?" - Charlie Brown



Fri Apr 28 18:03:45 2017

Well I promise to have way more pages in motion for next month! got a few more comms to handle.
So yeah here is page 2, Valentina tried to talk her way out of this, but no good dead goes unrewarded.


Deva's New Groove

Tue Apr 25 06:48:39 2017

Normally in movies, a nerdy girl gets hot from taking off her glasses..... and that's it, but Deva went a slightly different route, and got fucked by 2 demonic dogs (if you recall) and now she has features that definitely make her stand out!



Mon Apr 24 13:51:20 2017

How suiting is it for this to be Anal? o.o


Sylvia's Cynical Trials 1 VerB

Wed Apr 19 19:19:15 2017

and aside from being different variations, the story is in this order, so to make sense of it all, be sure to go in the correct order.
Read it for the plot!


Sylvia's Cynical Trials 1 VerA

Wed Apr 19 19:15:08 2017

A Collab with Sparrow of client's futa rabbit Syl!


Science Friction

Tue Apr 18 05:04:36 2017

Pulsarah is bound up for the pleasure of client's OC!
Simple clean Scifi fun!


STRONG In The Real Way

Mon Apr 17 21:41:03 2017

Oh dang, I didn't realise this wasn't on here.
It was on my HF.
But yeah this is part 1.

New pic coming soon, just not related to this.


STRONGER In The Real Way

Sun Apr 16 20:48:28 2017

Part 2 to a thing >v>


God's Not Dead

Fri Apr 14 21:49:32 2017

Here's my pic to commemorate this year's Easter!
I based it on that edgy movie Golden Compass, for no other reason than it having a rabbit and having something to do with atheism, though I'm not sure what?


Ivory Tower's New Intern

Thu Apr 13 14:20:15 2017

If the line "New Smart Nymph" sounds a little wonky, well that's because I had to edit it to be a little more suitable for Patreon.
Just playing it safe, use your imagination as to what was really said.
Anyway, our lovely ebony Intern should have been aware of what kind of activities go on about in Ivory Towers, given they allowed her to dress like that.


Tendril Test Drill PART 4

Wed Apr 12 11:31:29 2017

Things are sizing up for our lovely scientist lady.


Aeleheayna Ref Sheet

Tue Apr 11 11:44:58 2017

If vowels had a thick & curvy physical form, this would be it!
Aeleheayna is a client's OC and she's got huge tits and a big ass.
Why wouldn't she?


King of The Zone

Mon Apr 10 12:43:15 2017

For those who recognize this, know that I am not a fan of that band, the Screamo genre is not my style.
For everyone else, all you need to know is that I am a fan of neat shirt graphics, so I remade one with a pornographic twist!


Sweetest Species

Sun Apr 9 09:50:09 2017

A voluptuous display of an original species in front of what they might consider a constant threat.
Those are to give you an idea of what kind of hazards they are to deal with on a regular basis.



Sun Mar 5 07:07:39 2017

Shantae is revisited by me once more for a hypnotic fucking!


Uplifting Spirits

Mon Feb 13 02:40:34 2017

Eoin the Clydsdale putting the moves on a bunny waitress!
People seemd to love the scottish accent so I contacted Karyn/TakanTwins w/e they go by :P


Annabelle is Cow Tipped

Wed Jan 4 07:56:14 2017

Annabelle gave a deep sigh as she peered into the grassy field through the wooden fence. She quickly saw her intended target: a lazy cow munching on grass. It was all alone, no one or nothing else was in sight. All she had to do was rush in and push it over.

Pranking the farmer was the only way that Annabelle could join the local adventuring club and her only way out of this small town. Besides, she was already in debt to the group for the leather armor they had given her and of which she was currently wearing around her slim form. If Annabelle didn't go through with this prank, paying off her debt was not going to be fun.

Looking around one last time to make sure that nobody was watching, Annabelle slipped through and quietly made her way over to the cow. When she got up to it, a grin played across her lips and she reached out with both hands to push it. The lazy cow didn't budge an inch and Annabelle groaned as she tried harder and harder to push it over. All to no avail.

That was when things went wrong. A beautiful lady clad in rather skimpy green clothes rose out of the ground and glared at Annabelle. "Young lady, you dare try and harm this innocent creature? You shall pay the consequences for your actions and live that life!"

Before Annabelle could so much as make a peep of protest, her world became dizzy and she spun on the spot. Her vision was flashing white and her ears were ringing. Annabelle was just about to lose her balance when she felt her body begin to shift about.

A rather intense, albeit painless, jolt ran through Annabelle's body and made her groan. It concentrated around her ears, pulling on them. They were getting longer with each passing second and Annabelle brought her hands up to grab them. That only made the tingling worse, as her long ears were now rather sensitive.

Annabelle moaned and shivered as the tingling worked its way down to her nose. By now, the spirit was gone, but that made it no less embarrassing as both her nose enlarged and stuck out farther than normal. Her nostrils tingled sensitively just like her ears.

As if out of some sort of new instinct, Annabelle let out a plaintive moo. She kept mooing, not knowing what else to do as the changes kept coursing through her body, now making her breasts burn slightly. They swelled up and Annabelle moaned out again.

In a futile effort to stop the changes, Annabelle groped and squeezed her breasts. She hoped that if she held them in place, they might stop growing. She was wrong. Pleasure coursed through her as she fondled her own chest and in no way did they stop growing.

Not even her tight, toned tummy was spared the changes. Like with her breasts, Annabell's middle started to balloon outwards and four nipples grew on the expanding paunch. The girl let out another loud moo, still too dizzy to do anything else, and as her udders formed, it was too heavy for her to do anything anyways.

When her belly was done growing, Annabelle felt that tingle continue downwards until it enveloped her rear and all of her legs. Her toes fused together into hooves and fur climbed up along her legs up to her ankles. A long tail sprouted from her backbone as well. Not used to hooves, Annabelle fell down to the ground on her butt with an "oof!" The tingling disappeared and she looked down at herself; what had been a human body was now some sort of human-cowgirl hybrid!

As if things weren't bad enough already, the farmer made his way over and stopped close to Annabelle, towering above her and casting quite the shadow. "Well, if it isn't a naughty, little cowgirl getting her just desserts for trying to push my cow over. Yeah, I'm mighty thankful for that nature spirit that lives here; takes care of naughty little things like you."

"Moo..." Annabelle said. She could still speak and even understand the farmer, but she was still too dazed to do anything else but make her new 'favorite' noise.

"That's right," the farmer said. "You'll fit in just fine around here, I think. Yeah, I got lots of plans for you, girl." He tossed a rope around her neck and tied it tight.

"But..." Annabelle tried to protest, but the farmer just dragged her off to the barn to get her started with her new life on the farm.


The Where, The Why, & The How of Cock Sucking

Thu Dec 8 06:42:26 2016

A neat-o piece made for you all!

Involves more spit than I have ever drawn!


Liz & Beth in a Family Outing

Sun Dec 4 02:35:46 2016

Our favorite Futa Monkey Daughter returns! this time with her GF Beth!

A situation has arisen as you can see!

What's even more obvious, is how this may all end up.


Hardest Before Something

Thu Dec 1 23:36:34 2016

I do like this style alot e3e


Happy Leche Comes From Bound Bitches

Wed Nov 30 23:46:11 2016

A pic in honor of some Mexican Holiday in November!


Cygnee-3 & The 4 Possibilities

Wed Nov 30 05:16:04 2016

Space Swan Babe Cygnee-3! in a scene, straight from a low-budget space themed porno!

Except with really huge tits!


Valentina's Sexcapades

Wed Nov 23 23:08:34 2016

Not the official title, but a temporary one.

But yesh! hopefully you can see how this is gonna go from here.

I will say I am sorry for all the delays that have happened, but I don't want to bore you with any excuses, let's just get back to making sweet porn together.



Tendril Test Drill PART 3

Fri Nov 18 01:05:08 2016

Part 3 with our scientist leaves her questioning her Ai's methods of testing, that perhaps there was a more sanitary method, would of been ideal.


Getting Krump

Wed Nov 9 01:42:29 2016

Gimp suit futa incest! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Has a nice ring to it!


Knock'r Up!

Mon Nov 7 10:00:45 2016

Based on an upcoming game I'm excited for!



View Master

Sat Nov 5 12:07:24 2016

Buddy Gerph's Marie Kankor knock-off Skarpne!

I just had to peek in that asshole! ^3^


You Hate Em Right

Thu Nov 3 13:06:28 2016

few days behind on Halloween, but the spirit still shines. v3v>


Lewd Goth Chick

Thu Oct 27 13:40:09 2016

some goth chick >v>;;

anyways, this is 2nd to last halloween/goth themed pic.

Hope you been enjoying these.


Attack on GAZ - 2

Tue Oct 25 03:21:31 2016

Gaz rejoices in sweet release, now that she's free form he capter!


Attack on GAZ - 1

Sun Oct 23 07:02:05 2016

1 of 2 showing the dangers of having a fanbase that takes things too far! e3e


Snake Like Tongue

Sat Oct 22 23:06:05 2016

Hope you all can tolerate some fine feral smut!

Though, even if you can, you still might be a tad confused with what's going on, so I'll explain!

Snake chick Naileen loves horse cock!

She'd even go through the semi-vore treatment of getting in a mare's mouth to snatch that up!


Perella Silverbud Ref Sheet

Fri Oct 21 02:14:46 2016

Your standard ref sheet for a clients OC!


Zone's Tricked

Thu Oct 20 21:19:35 2016

She comes for the cum, but stays for more cum! O.O


Zone's Treat

Wed Oct 19 21:44:31 2016

a very simple Zone-Tan Pinup for October -3->


Patented Potency

Wed Oct 19 16:45:33 2016

2 OC's from different owners locked in sticky sruggle!


Nymphomaniacally Yours

Tue Oct 18 16:20:50 2016

That's a mouth full( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Here's another pic in the spirit of Halloween!


The Tame Game PART-3

Sun Oct 16 12:53:01 2016

Our Hero is going in for the capture now! pay close attention to her cleaver way of deceiving this beast! >v>


Let Them Fuck Off

Sat Oct 15 09:01:01 2016

Rare 34 a very obscure game!This is of course in honor of October! >v>


Master Thief

Wed Oct 12 09:33:30 2016

Boobs the Bat ending up in the middle of a bargain plea!( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


G-Ranked Conundrum

Mon Sep 26 03:01:37 2016

Here is a full resolution of one of my fave pics, that I consider a masterpiece.I would also like to adress my absence, I just caught a naasty flu so I was really out of it, I do appologize, but I can promise you I am back to good health now, and can get back to maintaining frequent updates. hope all is well.Also I need to adress one other thing, I can live stream, but it will kinda laggy, so I am hesitant on it. Most live streams seem to require at least 60MB of upload speed, I live in a quiet town so there's no big name providers here, I am capped off at 18MB.Fortunately I do plan on moving to Austin, there I can get good service,so for now, we will make do with what I got, and that is shitty country bumpkin service.One last thing, the comic promised at the pledge hit one little snag cuz of an update here, but I think if I just name it sumtn else, we'll be okay.Sorry if this seems TMI but I rlly want you all to know what happened, and what I will do to fix. With that said, enjoy this pic! ^3^


Tits, Dicks & Beyond

Wed Sep 7 22:57:32 2016

Crystal make a comeback sporting giant tits and a freakishly huge cock.Her 2 friends help round out this whole ordeal.


Martian Breeding Facility 1/?

Sat Sep 3 20:18:16 2016

I can't take an anime serious when the ladies have jugs that huge, but I am more than happy to draw porn of em!

In all seriousness I did go out of my way to learn some lore behind this & get my buddy to write up a story that is all somewhat canon.


Sister Sister 11/30

Fri Sep 2 20:13:28 2016

I wonder if lil sis knows there's a giant flared horse cock making it's way down her throat? >.>


Sister Sister 10/30

Thu Sep 1 07:11:40 2016

The Cock changed while it was inside lil sis apparently!Who knows what will happen next? o.o


Millennial Floozy

Mon Aug 29 07:58:14 2016

Based off a very dank meme that cringes at the idea of what anybody raised online would really be like, but I say, let's look at it in a new light!


My Big Big Ass

Sat Aug 27 00:00:31 2016

Have I no respect for anything? ;3;She was but a simple children's cartoon character x.x

Great Ass though, if I do say so myself!


My Big Big Ass

Fri Aug 26 22:38:41 2016

Have I no respect for anything? ;3;She was but a simple children's cartoon character x.x

Great Ass though, if I do say so myself!


Getting Familiar'd

Thu Aug 25 02:54:42 2016

For the title to make sense, I do hope you all know what a Familiar can refer to?Magic/Demonic animals, or so is the definition I am going with!in any case, we got mega monster dog cocks!


Kevinsano's Dixie

Tue Aug 23 09:17:46 2016

Hey here's a collabish piece between Kevinsaon's lines and style, and my colors, breathing life into Dixie Kong!


Overlord Over All

Tue Aug 23 06:23:56 2016

Here is a tentacle raping on all the lovely ladies form my 1st Patreon Post!@3@


Sister Sister 09/30

Mon Aug 22 02:08:27 2016

Older Sis is finally pulling out, and will give another hole of Little Sis a try!


Bombed at The Theaters

Fri Aug 19 03:13:27 2016

This is raffle reward for $20 tier Patron, he chose to have his Asian dick-throb partaking in theater sex! not an unusual fantasy, I must say!


Terror on Tera #3

Tue Aug 16 00:50:58 2016

Tera decides she may not be fit to run a kingdom, so she will try being a stay-at-home mom! She already seems to enjoy how it's turning out so far! ^3^


Pokemon GO big or Choke Trying

Sun Aug 14 05:17:57 2016

Raffle reward for Tier 10!Candela & Blanche (Not in that order) are bound and facefucked!



Sat Aug 13 00:46:59 2016

Raffle reward for Tier-1! more coming soon!


CVNTS Full Resolution

Thu Aug 11 22:18:16 2016

One of my favorite pics! I didnt realised I still had the PSD on my new pc, so I just rendered into jpeg and now posting for you all!


Tendril Test Drill #2

Thu Aug 11 19:31:40 2016

As if one giant dick wasn't bad enough, our Busty Scientist is gonna have to test each of the giant phallic tendrils!


The Tame Game PART-2

Wed Aug 10 10:51:51 2016

Penetrated & Down, but not out!

Our Pandaren Heroine will still try to tame this beast!


Terror on Tera #2

Mon Aug 8 21:42:09 2016

Tera is a little tied up at the moment! and don't try to talk to her just yet, her mouth is full! one more part to come! I think then Tera can spare some time for us!


Sister Sister 08/30

Mon Aug 8 08:57:43 2016

Kissy-Face! ^3^


Queen Valentina Ref Sheet

Sat Aug 6 12:31:30 2016

Oh Lordy,Here it is! Queen Valentina rebooted to best suit a porn parody!I do hope this rendition is what you all had in mind when I said "a Super Mario RPG porn comic centering around Queen Valentina!". or words to that effect?I do hope you all can continue to support me via Patreon, so this comic can be made and posted for the world to see!


Tendril Test Drill #1

Thu Aug 4 02:23:02 2016

There's gotta be an alternative testing method to witness the durability of artificial cock tentacles....

but that would be boring >v>


Sister Sister 07/30

Wed Aug 3 13:01:56 2016

If not for being exhausted into confusion due to being cum-bloated, I am sure Little Sis would be scared to death upon hearing Big Sister's News!


The Tame Game PART-1

Tue Aug 2 09:14:50 2016

Panda OC of client is about to learn, that only with hard work and perseverance any anima-She's gonna get fucked >v>


Sister Sister 06/30

Tue Aug 2 04:02:16 2016

She speaks the truth you know, this is only the beginning @.@


Thank you for your Patronage!

Mon Aug 1 21:41:13 2016

Hey-o Thank you peeps for the generous pledges!We are close to getting the SMRP comic off the ground, so I will work on a ref-sheet for

Queen Valentina

to share with you all, as well as outside fans, just so they can know what's in store for my Patreon as time goes on!

In addition I will also begin work on the Patreon exclusive thank you pic, run a raffle this week, and if anyone can inform me on the best way to take a poll from you all, I will do just that!Well pics coming in today, so stick around! >v>

Haley & Eve BFF's (Cum-Free)

Sun Jul 31 09:14:55 2016

Same pic, but without the cum and speech.

it offers a nice view of their asses.


Haley & Eve BFF's

Sun Jul 31 06:05:07 2016

That of course stands for Butt Fucking Friends!Here's her Diary Entry for this fiasco;

Dear diary:

I made a new friend! She said her name was Eve. I was lucky to catch it, she was really out of breath! I was helping some of my classmates before class started and she just happened to have the locker next to mine! The guys took an immediate liking to her and it looks like I have a new buddy for our morning meetups!

Our throats were pretty sore, so I guess we'll try and get each other's numbers tomorrow!


Hey Whats Her Face

Sat Jul 30 08:07:33 2016

an old drawing, but now it is in full reso! I actually thought I uploaded this already, but I was mistaken. It's a total favorite of mine!New pics coming soon!


Sister Sister 05/30

Fri Jul 29 16:27:37 2016

When the balls are beginning to swell, that's when you take cover....also they moved out of the kitchen it seems! >v>


Yes You May (Cum-Free)

Fri Jul 29 02:11:45 2016

It's not everyday I absolutely love how a pic can look cum-free, but this is such a pic!also did away with egg panel and dialogue.


Yes You May (Egg)

Thu Jul 28 17:28:12 2016

A neat & spiffy commission consisting of my 2 favorite pokemon; Huge Left Tit and Huge Right Tit!The horses are cool to I suppose :P


Sister Sister 04/30

Wed Jul 27 21:21:11 2016

Little Sister is now in full regret mode!


Terror on Tera #1

Wed Jul 27 04:13:15 2016

If you scroll down some, you may see this chicks ref sheet,Using that, we are now getting to know what makes Tera tick!Stick around, we all might learn a thing or two!


Sister Sister 03/30

Tue Jul 26 23:09:00 2016

It's gonna penetrate any sec now e.e


Sister Sister 02/30

Tue Jul 26 01:38:06 2016

If at any point in your life, you are sitting on your older sisters giant cock, you may have made some mistakes. ;3;


Sister Sister 01/30

Sun Jul 24 22:49:13 2016

Normally I would want to complete a few pages before posting, but this is done in this cartoon-esque style, you should see updates frequent enough!In any case, I sure hope you like Sister Incest Pron... cause that's whats about to go down!


Positively POV

Fri Jul 22 00:08:21 2016

A commissioned piece consisting of an IRL couple doing what couples do IRL!I remember my 1st bathroom bj >v>


Minotart (Cum-Inflation)

Thu Jul 21 06:01:33 2016

Minotaur and Cat Lady are now a more happy couple!

this is the other variation! 2 of 2!


Minotart (Bulge)

Thu Jul 21 05:57:15 2016

A commission with a Minotaur & Cat Lady fucking!Simple, yes?This is variation 1 of 2!


Monkey Spank P5

Tue Jul 19 22:02:57 2016

Some Stains never come out Elizabeth! -3-


Monkey Spank P4

Tue Jul 19 21:43:47 2016

Things took a turn for the depraved with no hesitation!


Monkey Spank P3

Mon Jul 18 18:17:08 2016

We meet the Milf behind the mammary glands!

And Out monkey Futa Daughter is as hard as Ever o.o


Linkette Fan Comic

Sun Jul 17 01:57:19 2016

This is not canon to the story of Linkette's quest, but it is hawt just the same!


Exveemon Pron

Sun Jul 17 01:54:11 2016

Digital Milk is Best Milk!


Monkey Spank P2

Fri Jul 15 22:28:51 2016

In Part 2 of this Comic, Monkey Daughter gets Busted!


Monkey Spank P1

Fri Jul 15 22:18:55 2016

Here is a commissioned saga revolving around a monkey chick I drew months ago.

client liked her so much, they opted to give her some spotlight!


Haley Support

Thu Jul 14 19:34:33 2016

here is my 1st pic to help promote my Patreon!


Patreon Banner

Thu Jul 14 18:43:49 2016

Just a banner I made to promote myself!



Thu Jul 14 00:39:48 2016

I call this Milfs cause this saga doesn't center around Family Guy universe o.o


Kingdom Hearts 34 Part 4

Thu Jul 14 00:21:39 2016

The next part in the KH Race Saga cuts to Sora & Pals

screwing around!


Kingdom Hearts 34 Part 3

Thu Jul 14 00:18:22 2016

Monkeys enter the picture!

and when that happens, no mouth is safe!


Kingdom Hearts 34 Part 2

Thu Jul 14 00:14:26 2016

for some reason I called this file KH_4, and I am not sure why?

me and client did work on these out of order.

Oh well!


Kingdom Hearts 34 Part 1

Thu Jul 14 00:10:31 2016

Here we have a Kingdom Hearts pron story with a theme centering around a race through the woods!


Anime 34 Part 2

Thu Jul 14 00:07:49 2016

That's Clones in The Corner,

That's Clones in The Moonlight.


Anime 34 Part 1

Wed Jul 13 21:13:32 2016

Here is the start of a Anime porn saga! it's some anime about clones!

as you will soon see!


SMRPG-XXX (Old Ver) P2

Tue Jul 12 21:24:08 2016

Here is page 2 to the unfinished and cancelled comic.

I do love dem titties, but I am much looking forward to giving this a great big reboot!

Fingers crossed for Goal 2 to be meet!


Reminder: Both pages are Patreon exclusive,

I have no intention to post these to the outside world.


SMRPG-XXX (Old Ver) P1

Tue Jul 12 21:09:00 2016

HEY! if you only read 2 pics from this gallery, make sure this is one of them!

Aight, so I am super happy you all contributed enough to help me reach my 1st goal! that's nifty! I will post suggestion for what you think my Patreon Reward pic should be for you all!

Til then, lemme tell you all about my next goal;

It will be a comic that will have 2 pages published a month!

That Goal should cover the cost of this.

The Comic mentioned (if you haven't guessed) will be a

Super Mario RPG XXX Parody!

more specifically, a very detailed gangbang scenario centered around

Queen Valentina! (A rare 34 I might add)

So the purpose of this Patreon exclusive pic at hand is to show that at one point,

I did attempt to start on this comic , but sadly it only got to page 2.

Due to creative differences and the like, but perhaps ablessing in disguise though! Let's not kid ourselves, I had a lot to learn in anatomy and overall digital-skill!

Though the person who colored this was very talented Blisschild, but she had a scheduling conflicts and we just fell out of touch.

FRET NONE once my next goal is meet, we can get serious about this,

and I will give you all a version of this comic, where I put in all my effort!

Just to reiterate

, this particular page is part of an unfinished and cancelled comic, but when my next goal is meet, I will start over with my new-found skills!

I just figured, this will be the best way to inform you all.

Thank you for reading!


Kylie 34

Tue Jul 12 21:06:44 2016

Here is a pic I will post on a certain shitty movie's premier!


Kinori Inflation

Tue Jul 12 21:02:44 2016

If you remember, I did a Character ref sheet of this big Purple chick awhile ago!

well now she is cum-inflated!


Kinori B-Day

Tue Jul 12 20:59:42 2016

A rather innocent commission, especially in comparison to my norm!


Mechanism Bondage

Mon Jul 11 20:37:14 2016

Bound and Pregnant is no way to live for Chibi Elfs!


Shizuka's Dream

Mon Jul 11 20:29:48 2016

This is how the client wants to kick off the next mini-saga for Shizuka!



Mon Jul 11 20:07:40 2016

Vermana Commission taking a play on them guys over on youtube.


Shoji C

Sun Jul 10 14:38:45 2016

and the last one of the Shoiji thing!


Shoji B

Sun Jul 10 14:37:12 2016

and another one of the SHoji thing!


Shoji A

Sun Jul 10 14:34:39 2016

a 3 part commission consisting of some chicks from a SIM game.


Shizuka Elephant

Sun Jul 10 14:31:21 2016

Part of the Shizuka's Zoo installment!


Tera Chick!

Sun Jul 10 14:27:15 2016

a client's OC turned female! @3@


Jane Gangbang

Sun Jul 10 14:24:40 2016

Jane from that Tarzan Movie.


Beyond REM mini comic

Sun Jul 10 14:15:34 2016

Another big'n I had the pleasure to work on!


Tifa's Tits

Sun Jul 10 14:12:34 2016

Full Reso Tifa Tits!


Wild on Luce Wilde

Sun Jul 10 14:09:13 2016

Here is another Personal Fave of mine, Lucy Wilde 34!


Ashley KLK Thingy

Sun Jul 10 14:07:12 2016

I still love this pic, granted it's an older one, but I present to you, anybody here...

the full reso [-3-]/


Fucking Lots of Fucking

Sun Jul 10 14:02:01 2016

This commission was a beast to work on!

what it lacks in story driven sex, it makes up for in a lot of sex!


Chibi Demons

Sun Jul 10 13:57:21 2016

Hey I hope you think they're cute! I will keep most descriptions short at the moment, for I got several other pics to upload.