December 2017 Reward

Cheetahpaws Nekojishi Theme reward (d)

2018 February Rewards

Nekojishi Theme reward (d)


Earlier package nude for red savarin


Haida Drunk [nsfw]

Mon Oct 26 20:41:28 2020

Just wanted to share the nsfw versions here first on patreon.
Fixed some of the details and his face as well.

I still have a lot paintings to catch up on, i hope to get back on them


WIP Hung

Tue Aug 11 11:14:16 2020

Progress on Hung painting, and I'm also doing video recording of the whole process as well.


Aug sketch

Sat Aug 8 02:42:29 2020

Painting Hung from Arknights game. For August reward. This is the sketch before colouring.

I'm also touching up the July pack before sending out soon.


July Rewards

Fri Jul 31 19:17:40 2020

Patreon July rewards: Shirou captive
Variants and high ress will be sent out next week. Thank you for the support.

I'm also catching up with the previous months rewards, please give me some time and i'll post up more updates on them here. Hope you will enjoy this month pack.



WIP - Shirou captured

Mon Jul 27 22:46:12 2020

A wip of Shirou I'm working on for this month rewards.
Also catching up on past rewards right now. I'm very sorry for the wait...


Choice of Face

Mon Jul 27 22:43:53 2020

Which one do you prefer?


Wed Jun 10 22:51:23 2020

A little practice paintover


Shirou in shorts

Fri May 29 12:36:36 2020

Did another warm up painting of Shirou again.
Been really stagnant lately with painting and trying to get back to it and finish up the previous packs and of Shirou as well.

Please hope you can be a little patient with me


Legosi x Louis senpai

Thu Apr 23 03:47:15 2020

Sneak peak painting video recording for my patreon rewards. for those who pledged before for the Beastars pack.

Legosi x Louis senpai


2.jpg https_i.vimeocdn.com_video_882704769_1280.jpg

Shirou roar

Mon Apr 20 09:00:29 2020

I like that Shirou is quiet but when he fights, he is really badass.

Shirou_Ogami_Roar_S.jpg Roar01_s.jpg Roar01V_S.jpg

WIP Shirou

Tue Apr 14 12:16:19 2020

WIP of Shirou being captured


WIP Shirou Ogami from BNA

Fri Apr 10 13:34:04 2020

"We finally captured the legendary Shirou... we have heard you possessed incredible super strength, but we have prepare this re-unforced chain to keep you at bay. Don't worry we are just going to gather some important 'samples' from you for the next few weeks. Make yourself comfortable"

I been wanting to paint Shirou from the show, he is very cool looking character, hope you guys will like it. My schedule is still not very stable so going to try my best.


Tight situation

Thu Mar 26 13:54:34 2020

Wolf from BNA ( Brand New Animal ) Anime


Poll - who is your fav?

Mon Mar 23 08:02:00 2020

Really can't wait to paint these characters,
who is your favourite?


March will be Paused

Sun Mar 22 15:20:22 2020

Just want to announce that March patreon will be paused. No charges will be processed, so existing Patrons may stay without worry being charge payment. I will still continue to upload progress to Patreon.

I decided to take this halt to allow myself to catch up to backlogged art and projects, and clear up some urgent deadlines this month. I am working hard every single day and I hope pledgers will understand. I hope to continue to create better pieces of art. I am deeply sorry for not producing up to expectation. Thank you for your support and patience.



Siamese Cat

Wed Mar 18 12:53:25 2020

Finished up on this cat boy

Clearing up painting daily now


Somethings I'm working on

Wed Mar 11 06:32:22 2020

Here are somethings I've been working on recently, these are some teasers, CD interior art I done for Pepper Coyote re-mastering of his album 'Blast Radius' not released yet.
( I have the permission to share here first )

I'm clearing up work with the schedule, and if all goes well, i will be able to catch up with paintings I set aside for previous patreon packages. So stay tuned

Blast_Radius_CF_Interior_10_Final_s2_s.jpg Blast_Radius_CF_Interior_10_Final_s3_s.jpg


Sat Mar 7 05:05:32 2020

I hope I can catch up and create more arts soon


Thank you

Sat Mar 7 05:03:38 2020

For the support and patience so far,

here is some high ress for the painting i did of these too

TigerDad05B_s.jpg TigerDad05.jpg TigerDad05A.jpg TigerDad05B.jpg TigerDad05D.jpg TigerDad05C.jpg TigerDad05F.jpg TigerDad05E.jpg TigerDad05A_S.jpg TigerDad05C_s.jpg TigerDad05D_s.jpg TigerDad05E_s.jpg TigerDad05F_s.jpg TigerDad05_s.jpg TigerDad02_s.jpg TigerDad01_s.jpg

Pausing Patreon

Sat Mar 7 04:41:45 2020

Hi all,

I feel I should give everyone here a update on my situation. I understand that I may have let people down and disappointed everyone with the lack of updates and delayed works. I feel terribly bad and sorry for not able to keep up the packages and quality.

As such I feel it's best for me and fair for my pledgers that I paused my Patreon till I am able to get back on track. I am working my best everyday to pick up what I have missed out. I know some of you wants to support me but at the same time I do not want to feel that I am just taking your money for free.

I will still finish up past packages and deliver but if you wish for a refund, please just let me know and i will understand that. Thank you for the time and patience, and i just need time to catch back up.

I will go through the messages as much as I can and get back to everyone here.

For some people who have reached out to me, thank you for your kindess, it was a bad period for me because of stress, work and I went through a tough breakup with my bf. I was going through a lot of emotional ups and downs and it affected almost everything in my routine. I am set back for a few months and trying to regain my schedule again.

I will catch up and continue to created new arts definitely. But to make sure I do it properly, i have decided to pause Patreon for the time being.

Thank you a great deal for those who supported me so far, you have really helped and given me the space to develop my arts these 2 years through here.


Beastars finishing

Sat Dec 28 03:41:25 2019

I'm sorry for the lateness but I am making some progress again. Please stay tuned for the alternates versions of this painting

Legosi_Tied_Sketch12_s3.jpg Legosi_Tied_Sketch12_s2.jpg

Legosi x Louis Sempai [BEASTARS]

Sat Nov 23 04:58:31 2019


I'm actually working on this piece for this Patreon, i'm in middle of painting and recording the painting as well. Sorry for the late updates...

i had some setbacks but I'm catching up slowly. Will update this painting as I work on it.

Legosi_Tied_Sketch07_s.jpg Legosi_Tied_Sketch01_s.jpg Legosi_Tied_Sketch01_s2.jpg

Siamese Cat (WIP)

Sat Nov 9 12:24:58 2019

Base on you guys feedbacks, i used the more meaty body shape.
I changed the species to a house cat this time as it seems to fit it better, and also i will be doing quite a few canines next in the line.


Which body type you prefer?

Thu Nov 7 06:20:38 2019

Do you prefer the more slim body (B) or the slightly with more meat (A) ?
Sometimes i wanted some variety but I'm not sure what people like more.


Calendar painting

Thu Nov 7 06:18:17 2019

Just wanted to share the paintings I am working now on for the 2020 calendar, i am thinking i will post the WIPs here

Sports10_s3.jpg cheetah12_s.jpg

Wolf Dating Fox [Done]

Sun Oct 13 18:06:45 2019

When wolf goes out on date with Fox~

Star_Fox10_s.jpg Star_Fox10_s2.jpg

Star Fox WIP

Sun Oct 13 14:14:43 2019

A little warm up painting from yesterday


Update and self

Sat Oct 12 13:38:30 2019

Hi all, I'm really sorry for the late of update for quite some time.

I moved out of my parent's house last month September and for the first time in my life I'm staying on my own. It's only been less than a month, after settling all the logistic and setting up my work corner, I am working out my new routine.

Personally this period, I faced some block. I'm not sure what exactly and given myself some time to get back on track. I hope for your understanding... I understand that some of your might be disappointed by my slow progress lately.

For the most part I was facing some stress, financially and also the daunting tasks of logistics. I think this affected my focus so i haven't been able to really sit down and paint for some time until now. I feel terribly bad for not being able to constantly churn out work for September and replying some messages here.

I have a lists of the paintings I had planned to do and Halloween theme package for October. So I manage to start with a warmup painting today to get my grove again. I will make sure to continue with what I have to deliver. Please be patient.


Law from Sdorica

Sat Aug 24 20:13:12 2019

This August month i would like to paint Law from Sdorica, Here is the progress.
I am also already catching up on past rewards so more updates to come soon.

Law_Chained_up07_s.jpg warm_up_s.jpg

A little quiet time

Sat Aug 10 17:06:35 2019

Obstagoon having some quiet time

Relaxing02_B_s.jpg Relaxing02_B_s.jpg Relaxing02_A_s.jpg

Obstagoon NSFW sequence

Wed Aug 7 15:47:08 2019

Does everyone wants more of him for this month?

Obstagoon05_A_s.jpg Obstagoon05_B_s.jpg Obstagoon05_C_s.jpg Obstagoon05_D_s.jpg


Wed Aug 7 15:45:11 2019

Obstagoon from the Pokemon new release

Obstagoon05_A_s.jpg Obstagoon05_A_s.jpg

Tadatomo Reward sent

Fri Aug 2 03:45:32 2019

I just sent out the Package reward for the Tadatomo month. I apologize for the long wait, I was having difficulties coping with work and some life matters, often leading me to exhaustion. i wanted to fix and refine the paintings more as well. There are other rewards I am working on now for the outstanding packages and will get those sent out asap. Really thank you for waiting, I hope that you will like them.

Will update again with the progress.


Life Updates

Wed Jul 17 01:23:48 2019

Hi everyone, I feel that I should share some updates here and how I'm doing.
Lately life has been a little more hectic as I'm in the mist of preparing to move out of my family and live on my own.
It's a big change for me but I think it's neccassary and will help in my productivity. I can't wait to move out as it's becoming pretty hard to work at home with family drama, on top of that I don't have much space in my tiny room. It's not something new but it's been like this ever since but I guess everyone has their own set of family life to handle.

I'm not trying to give any excuse and I'm doing my best to make sure things are done properly and I hate to compromise quality. I'll send out the rewards soon once I am back. I am terribly sorry for this delay.

Have a Bulgy Day,

Zacian Tied

Sat Jun 29 02:32:07 2019

Working on one more piece for the Zacian Package. This is the idea sketch


Zacian Done~!

Thu Jun 13 13:48:23 2019

For the alternates NSFW versions will be sent out for June Reward end of the month.
This is just one part of it. I'll be working on the Sequel coming up! ^.^

I just came back from a weekend local con which I'm one of the staff ( so i have been terribly lack of sleep and behind schedule) but now that is is done. I am going back on track to finish up the previous rewards.

I have received your notes regarding the earlier packages, so i am on it and will release it asap. I am sorry for the wait. Please give me some more time...

CHAINED13.jpg CHAINED13_s2.jpg

Zacian "Sword gag"

Wed Jun 12 14:14:10 2019

Sword Gag since you like to to bite your sword so much :P


[Sketch] Pokemon Zacian

Wed Jun 12 03:12:59 2019

sketch before the painting


June Theme

Mon Jun 10 02:01:57 2019

Will you all like if iI do the new Pokemon Zacian (sword) and Zamazenta (shield) ? In furry form. Who do you prefer more?

May Reward [Tadatomo]

Sun Jun 2 09:47:34 2019

[Tadatomo] - Interrogation begins.

This is part of May Rewards - it will be sent out on the 10th June if you have pledged for it before 1st June. please allow me some time to compile them.

It includes, SFW, NSFW, alternate erotic variations, steps, psd, video process painting.

I made it into a long format to allow a more cinematic ratio or wallpaper ^.^


May : Tadatomo Ritual

Sat May 18 15:19:19 2019

I changed the entire composition from the earlier sketch. I wanted to push the scene/lighting and story a little more. Here is a little WIP.

It seems like after being captured, he is going through some hot interrogation and ritual.

I recorded the entire painting process for those who gets the full package Tier 4.
All erotic NSFW sequences will be for Tier 2 and above.

Hope you will like the final!


Bonus Package: King with video

Fri May 17 21:41:55 2019

Hi all, I am sending out a Bonus full package for the King Painting to all my existing Patrons as a thank you... and for your support and patience. I understand there has been some delays but I will still deliver all packages as promised. So thank you and i hope you will enjoy this small pack.

PACKAGE includes:

- Video Process (sped up to 13mins)
- PSD original file
- Full ress
- All NSFW sequences



Is this Training?

Fri May 17 05:38:42 2019

Did a small series as practice. Now back to the Tadatomo rewards!

Leopard_undies05_A_s.jpg Leopard_undies05_B_s.jpg Leopard_undies05_D_s.jpg Leopard_undies05_C_s.jpg Leopard_undies05_E_s.jpg

Tadatomo: "...Stop!"

Wed May 15 10:07:31 2019

Tadatomo was captured and tied up, and many things happened from there.

New sketch I did for this series. I will plan to paint this piece into final colour and record the process video as well ^.^ Hope you all will like it!



Tadatomo Captured - POLL

Sun May 12 16:52:27 2019

I did some sketches for the painting, was wondering which do you guys prefer me to paint? The idea is that he was captured by a rival clan and 'tortured' for some information. Just like what any typical ninja would do.

Captured2_s.jpg Rival_Ninja_Clan_s.jpg

Tadatomo Poster

Sat May 11 23:18:21 2019

I have finished the first piece for May theme Tadatomo. Actually this is what I imagine if there was a movie starring him.

Tadatomo is a character from the Tokyo Afterschool Summoners.

I will make some variations of this piece with some battle damage and revealing versions at the end of month as reward ^.^

Tadatomo15_As.jpg Tadatomo15_Bs.jpg

[WIP] Tadatomo

Sat May 11 07:17:17 2019

More detail progress, I also repainted his muzzle to make him look younger.

Actually my most favorite part is how i did the tear sleeves lol


Update - May

Fri May 10 19:26:48 2019

Been needing to write properly to you all and wanting to express how I am doing lately. Firstly I am very grateful for those who have been supporting me throughout here on Patreon. without the support here I don't think I'll be able to afford as much time as I have now to do art weekly.

Lately I think I've been experiencing some burnout and tired after working hours. I'm been trying to tackle work and balance out my sleep. I believe I will catch up because I hate doing things halfway. So i will complete and sent out those rewards as promised, and past rewards. I just need some more time.

I will post up more regular updates and art and send out packs as I get them finished. Thank you for your patience. I'm sorry i havnt been able to reply to everyone regarding the old packs, so i will get back asap.

[WIP] Tadatomo

Fri May 10 19:19:14 2019

Tadatomo is back~

Trying to improve my usage of local tones to create a better sense of volume in the painting and forms.


[In the Shower] speedo version

Wed May 1 16:42:36 2019

The normal versions with the speedos


[WIP] Rocket captured

Mon Apr 29 20:49:10 2019

For April reward, will have some NSFW and alternates naked versions for patrons.

Trying our some new painting techniques

Rocket always seem to get himself into some sort of trouble


Shower Room

Sat Apr 27 21:27:49 2019

Decided to finish it to practice toning more~ shower room scene. It is a kinda like a prequel to a piece Chunie did of me here:


Shower Room [WIP]

Sat Apr 27 09:53:42 2019

Havn't painting my character in some time, did a little practice today. WIP with the detailing.

CheetahPaws_Pants01A_s.jpg CheetahPaws_Pants01B_s.jpg CheetahPaws_Pants08_s.jpg

Space Invaders

Sat Apr 27 09:48:29 2019

A warm up painting last night, wanted to do a space theme painting for quite a while, will detail and finish this piece some time.


Behind the Scene Rocket Racoon

Thu Apr 25 12:19:13 2019

Hey guys we found rocket racoon behind the scehe on a green screen set, i wonder what is it doing XD

This is a warm up piece from a a bunch of RR sketches. more to come~~

Rocket_Green_screen_B_s.jpg Rocket_Green_screen_s.jpg

Rocket Racoon Month?

Thu Apr 25 01:57:44 2019

Not having any spoilers, but do you guys want to see some rocket racoon art for this month? In the spirit of Marvel End Game movie showing this month. I did a first version of Rocket in his orange spandex during his debut, and hasn't painted him since then. I would like to work on a few action shots of him and perhaps have some alternates battle damage version for patrons here. What do you think?

Additional Note: I'm behind schedule for the previous 2 packs, I'm getting that done as well. Apologize for the delays. I really don't like being late. I think I got a little burnout earlier this week but I managed to clear office work, so I can paint again for this week. Thank you for your patience, i know some of you have sent me messages, i will get on it asap.

These previews are what I did of him previously just sharing it here if anyone missed it out ^.^

Rocket_Racoon_Packing_a_big_gun_SFW.jpg Rocket_Racoon_Packing_a_big_gun_s.jpg

New OC - Hitori

Fri Apr 19 14:00:27 2019

Please be gentle to him~
also i wanted to try simple comic for characters next involving them


BLACK HOLE - Movie Poster

Fri Apr 12 16:56:57 2019

Run... He is coming... to suck you.

The movie critics says.. "This movie sucks" will you still watch it? XD

I had fun working on this! and I was surprised people seem to like him alot~ :0


New OC: Black Hole

Thu Apr 11 19:52:21 2019

I created a new character, his name is Black Hole and super power is he sucks.


[WIP] Pang - Sdorica

Thu Apr 11 19:50:11 2019

Trying to finish this painting right now, it's is Pang taking a rest in the forest before the tentacle scene ambush.

I'm behind schedule, but I'm working hard to catch up on finishing these paintings best as I can.


[Video] Wolf Sketch Process

Wed Apr 10 07:33:03 2019

Just wanted to share a little sketch process video of the chained wolf i did some time ago.
While i wrap up the past packages


file.4 (d)

[WIP] Pang in Trouble

Mon Mar 18 05:26:37 2019

While Pang was resting in the woods, something came along XD.
This is for FEB Package, sorry for the delay.

I want to experiment with a little comic paneling. Hopefully more when I can put in more time into these paintings.~

Hope you will like the final!


[Seth] Extra Bonus

Sun Mar 17 09:09:22 2019

I made a extra extra bonus for the Seth Package. Climax scene.
I will update the PSD files and sequence (Seth Orgy14O-Seth Orgy14S) 5 extra in the google drive, if you subscribed to the Tier. Please check~

Thank you and hope you enjoy it~

I will also be uploading these package on Gumroad as digital sales. But as a Patreon supporter you get it first foremost and also around 1/3 of the price for the entire package as a thank you. Because you allow me to be able to do this on a monthly basis, without this, i won't be able to dedicate as much time to these painting. So I really appreciate the support here alot.

Seth_Orgy14S_s.jpg Seth%20Orgy14S_s.jpg

[Sketch] Pang Resting

Thu Mar 14 01:00:01 2019

Wanted to do a Pang resting... and just being himself in the field. I will be painting this up together with the tentacle version XP

Pang_Undressing02_s.jpg Pang_Tentacles02B_s.jpg

Pang SP Unleash the Demon (Reward Sent)

Sun Mar 10 11:31:03 2019

I have just sent out a partial reward (as suggested) for FEB rewards.
The character is Pang SP demon form from Sdorica.
While waiting, hope you will like this piece ^.^

The painting comes with High Ress SFW, NSFW with erotic variations and small sequences. PSD, STEPS, (base on the Tiers you have)
This painting has total of 28 small variations.

It comes with a little story that a friend helped me write:
"Pang SP: A murderous demon born out of Pang's traumatic past. But demons, too, can be defeated. Bound by the holy ropes from the Temple of the Sun, the demon finds himself unable to escape. As the magical ropes coil tighter and tighter around him, all he can do is struggle in vain. Now bound and helpless, he's stripped and edged, bringing him closer and closer to release. And in the moment of blissful weakness, his release will be his defeat."

Hope you will enjoy it~!

Pang_Resting_Teaser_s.jpg Pang_Resting12_s.jpg

How to paint rope

Sun Mar 10 09:51:22 2019

Just a short video on how I paint rope easily.

Download the attachment for the better resolution.

1.jpg Rope_Tutorial.mp4 (d)

Pang captured by Tentacles

Sat Mar 9 20:12:48 2019

Sketch of Pang when he was fighting a tentacles monster :P
I will be painting this and having a video recording of it.


Seth Package Sent

Sun Mar 3 23:02:43 2019

I have just sent out the Seth Package for January.
Please let me know if you have any issues receiving them in your inbox.
If you have any feedback, please let me know how i can improve and i will do my best.

I'm rendering the video for this painting, for those who pledged for Tier 4, give me some time and i should be able to get it done and delivered. This is also one of my favorite pieces.

I will be working on finishing the FEB package and catch up on the past paintings as well.


Seth Package Complete

Sat Mar 2 11:34:06 2019

Hi, I have finally finished the entire Jan Seth Package and it's alternate sequences!

Am organizing the files and ready to upload, you will recieve a message with the download links.

Thank you for waiting!!! This pack has at least 60 alternates.

Seth_Orgy14_s.jpg Seth%20Orgy14_s.jpg

Scorbunny nsfw poll (sorry updated)

Fri Mar 1 14:41:54 2019

(sorry i forgot one more option) - Incineroar x king kazma x scorbunny threesome

I want to do a NSFW piece for scorbunny. Which would you like to see more?

King Kazma is from an anime called 'Summer Wars'

Fight Fire with Fire

Fri Mar 1 14:33:33 2019



If King Kazma meets Scorbunny.

Fri Mar 1 14:32:45 2019

Will they fight or be friends :D


Need your feedback

Fri Mar 1 06:01:13 2019

Hi all,

I realized I facing a problem about sending out the packs.
I wanted to make the pack with more variations and keep editing but it ends up taking more time and delays.

I need to make sure the packs are delivered more promptly. So I thinking if it is better if I send out the packs first when it is done, and then any other variations that is added on, i will resend again, if that makes more sense. and if people don't mind receiving again (with a updated better version) than waiting indefinitely.

Really do not like how much I'm lagging behind so I am terribly sorry. I have received your messages and I am working hard on the paintings without compromising the quality. To be honest a lot of the packs are mostly done.

Let me know what you think and thank you for the patience.

Also I am sending out the January Seth Package today. I will post here when i am sending it out too.

Scorbunny sketch

Fri Mar 1 05:46:18 2019

Little sketch of the cute bunny


Pang Sketches

Wed Feb 27 16:33:13 2019

Ideas for the next painting


Pang from Sdorica

Wed Feb 27 12:05:05 2019

[FEB PACKAGE] reward is Pang from Sdorica
✪PSD✪NSFW Alternate naked aduilt✪Video Process recording✪Steps

Stay tune for more~


Pang SP (Sdorica) Theme FEB

Wed Feb 27 07:34:52 2019

I'm working on some Pang SP for Feb theme.
He is a character from (Sdorica)


Nice Melon

Fri Feb 22 03:16:27 2019

I am finally wrapping up this painting~

Looks like you are alone with Seth in the room...
Seth: "This melon sure is delicious!"
You: "Nodding over your camera"
Seth: "Wait, are you taking photo of melon?"
You: "Yea nice melon" :3


Which ver Seth is better?

Tue Feb 19 12:33:17 2019

I can't decide which version of the setting is better, afternoon or sunset?

I'm going to do the undies version and no pants version of this for those who bought Jan Package


[WIP] Seth student

Sun Feb 17 19:48:23 2019

Base colour set in~ wanted to try something different with a more clear sky setting to give a more windy peaceful atmosphere. It's just Seth relaxing and having a melon to cool down.

Hope you will like it when it is finished~ and yea i will remove his shorts later XP


Seth as student

Sun Feb 17 12:46:24 2019

If Seth was a student after his run and resting in the classroom by the window breeze.

This was actually meant for the last piece for January Pack, I wanted to do something more different than the usual setting/scene. So I decided to colour this piece. I'll put the rejected sketches into the folder,


Shu Chi Senpai

Thu Feb 14 19:31:28 2019

Wishing you a happy valentines~

(I'll make a undies version of him for patrons here )

Also I can reveal the news now, I am part of Nekojishi team for the new game~


Comic - Seth

Wed Feb 13 08:25:28 2019

Just a small Seth comic while i wrap up the Seth Package, sorry for the wait. Been dealing with meetings and problems these 2 weeks


[WIP] Seeding Seth

Sun Feb 3 10:15:18 2019

Making progress on the Seth painting, also i plan to make quite alot of variations on this piece. Hope you guys will like it when it is done.

Update again soon!


Seeding Seth [WIP]

Sat Feb 2 14:53:49 2019

Recording this piece to complete January Seth Reward. So stay tuned!
This will have Bulge undies version and dick/cum versions.


SETH in Fundoshi [Jan Reward]

Wed Jan 30 14:55:50 2019

Seth Jan Package reward done~!
This January includes Seth ✪ NSFW fundoshi + naked versions ✪ PSD ✪ Steps ✪ Video Process of this painting.

Thank you all for waiting!

Also there are 2 more painting in the process :3 Stay tuned!


Seth in tight spot

Tue Jan 29 06:30:12 2019

Will you help him?

This is a part 2/3 for Seth Package this month. That I am working on now, more update soon!



Mon Jan 28 14:42:30 2019

I'm sharing an illustration I did for the Jmof secret music video that was released during Jmof 2019~ since it is finally over, i can show the piece now I drew of my character Tai

The final video if anyone is keen is here: Called Starman, Hence the star theme in the painting.


Seth WIP

Sun Jan 27 10:21:40 2019

Seth:" Want to join me for some snack?" :P

Video process and naked version will be available in this month package rewards


Jan Pack Seth Month

Sat Jan 26 12:51:31 2019

I will be making January pack Seth month.

And catching up on all outstanding rewards this month


Tai in Fundoshi

Sun Dec 30 07:38:54 2018

I've finished the painting! Also fixed the eye mistakes, thanks for pointing it out! Is this looking better now?

December package reward comes with nude x steps x psd x video process of my character Tai in fundoshi.



Sat Dec 29 09:24:20 2018

I'm painting Tai into the calendar for 2019. He is a character I created a year ago for a kemono anthology, but because it's printed I didn't post up anything about him. So I'm sharing it here first hand with Patreons

He is a red tiger boi who becomes a kemono hero at night time.
Full name is Tai (Taigar Inazuma 稲妻) ~ i have alot of art of him and info that i will share


Reyathae painting complete

Thu Dec 27 16:04:01 2018

Reyathae relaxing and looking inviting :P



Mon Dec 24 16:48:28 2018

WIP for ratchetclank86, his character having some nice sushi in his relaxing attire.


Calendar 2019 - Rabbity

Thu Dec 20 12:22:07 2018

Character belong to Rabbity
I am very satisfied with how the colours came out, i think this is the set direction I wanted for this series, now to make them all consistent! Hope you will like it~~


[DEC] Update

Thu Dec 20 12:18:12 2018

Hi all, just want to give some updates.
I know that I havnt been doing very well, so I just went to my psychologist appt and got myself some anti-depressant medicines and sleeping pills aid to help me balance my emotions right now.

I think I'm able to gradually get back on my feet. So focusing on finishing this Calendar by end of DEC and send them out in the rewards for these months. I'm terribly sorry for the delays, I'm trying my best. I did not expect to fall into such a state, so it's been quite a struggle for 3 months already. I have received messages (regarding purchasing past rewards, but I may not be able to tend to them as fast as I would, so please give me some time.

But there are some links to my (if anyone is interested)

Thank you


[WIP] Matsuri Fundoshi Calendar 2019

Thu Dec 20 12:10:11 2018

Character belongs to Reyathae



Mon Dec 17 12:24:49 2018

with CP underwear :P



Sat Dec 15 22:42:55 2018

[ sketch - final ]

Incineroar:"want to put out my flame? You can try... just don't get burn :9" There is going to be NSFW version of this at the end of the month. I used this to do warm up after I couldn't paint for so long. (I'm also on anti-depressant pills atm... so trying my best) Hope you will like it! Please give me some time to recover...

I forgot to record the process of this painting.... wasted 5 hours



Sat Dec 8 04:41:38 2018

EDIT: flipped to the correct side, coz the eye patch suppose to be right eye.
Also added in some variants and finishing ^.^



Fri Dec 7 08:48:22 2018

"It seems that the leader of the CP Corps is being captured, it's been 2months but how long more can he endure before help from his clan comes and rescue him. But he will never betray his clan and give in to his enemy!"

Just a little edit and story from the previous painting I did, some may have saw it. Doing this as a warm up to get back to my painting momentum again. There is more versions to this, so I will post it when it is done~! If it generates interests... I'll consider doing more scenes out of this little story.



Wed Dec 5 00:13:09 2018

Hi all, I just wanted to update everyone on how things are. Sorry for the delays while I sort of the mess. I've been going through quite alot of personal incidents lately tha lt left me overwhelmed. I havnt been able to do work, causing the Calendar to missed the MFF deadline. I'm on pills to help me and trying to sort out and get in my feet again, I can't afford to watse too much precious time so I thank you for the patience and waiting. Me letting myself missed the calendar deadline is a huge dissapointment. I have never missed it, after 5 years series. (this is the first) I planned out a schedule to get it done in this 2 weeks. So there will be updates soon.

I lost quite alot of pledges due to this but I understand. I will still deliver the past packages that I promise when it is done. Thank you for being here.

One Eye Chee - naked ver

Sun Nov 25 01:58:06 2018

Just something I painted last night to destress



Tue Nov 20 18:29:09 2018

Progress on the next piece



Mon Nov 19 11:12:35 2018

Made some refinements to the piece so it's almost complete, just left the BG


Scalarius [Matsuri]

Mon Nov 19 11:06:26 2018

Sorry for the late updates, it has been a rough period for me... And i will miss the Deadline for MFF for the Calendar, but I will get it done before end DEC still. Here is a piece I finished lately.


Eye procedure

Sat Nov 3 00:16:43 2018

I went for an eye procedure for my right eye just yesterday. Its called cornea cross linking. Its to strengthen my weaken eye illness, as my right eye has been gradually weakening due to it. The procedure is considered simple day surgery which cost $2.5kSGD. But It is something I should have done long ago for the sake of my vision.

I can still see but I have to take breaks these few days coz of the discomfort and pain.
I will still push and definately be finishing work so expect some updates soon after a few days.

Calendar Sketch

Fri Oct 26 02:17:20 2018

I did this sketch for some time, but I'm still deciding whether it is good enough, i may or may not add it into the calendar.


[Calendar] WIP

Fri Oct 26 02:14:13 2018

some progress on my calendar paintings, these few weeks has been really packed.


Seth x Anubis Animated

Mon Oct 15 08:36:39 2018

So LATEα* Hyenα made a collab with me with this animation from my SETH painting, check it out~!



Sun Oct 14 19:10:10 2018

Working hard on the series now, here are some teasers! The second piece is not disclose to public yet. Wanted to share to you guys first on patreon.


Fox sketch

Wed Oct 10 05:14:49 2018

will be doing the tonal next


Need some time

Tue Oct 9 17:06:01 2018

Hi, just want to request and ask for some time for the September (Grey mane) pack to be done. I'm right now under a very tight deadline schedule everyday and coping with stress. Lately I'm also going through some personal problem which left me very emotionally unstable. I'm trying to force myself to do the work still, to avoid piling up again. But at this rate I would need some time. Thank you for understanding, if you need refund, I understand please let me know. I'll do what I can. I've refunded a few people who requested and also recieved messages with people who are willing to wait. So I thank you. Chee

言犬 Painting

Mon Oct 8 03:24:37 2018

I wanted to share my painting process with everyone so I got the hang planning and making videos more efficiently and for this painting. Hope you enjoy it~

Character belongs to 言犬 Kunaru

file.2 (d)

言犬 Kunaru

Mon Oct 8 03:17:17 2018

My art trade with 言犬 Kunaru
and the painting he did for my character:

It is nice to paint some light hearted colours and action pose


Where the light shines brightly

Sat Oct 6 12:27:52 2018

Practicing my lighting lately for all my latest pieces~


[WIP] Taiko Cheetah

Wed Oct 3 21:12:55 2018

Cheetah doing a performance playing the Taiko drums ( 太鼓) that used during the festival.

Never played a real drum but I also personally like to play the game Taiko no Tatsujin (太鼓の達人) so I decided to choose this ^.^


Cheetah >//<

Wed Oct 3 03:57:29 2018

I redrew the picture I had done 2 months ago because I wanted to improve on the dynamics while retaining the idea with the drum. So somethings still nice about the first piece. (below) so i wanted to share it here. since it won't make it to the final.


Which dicks you prefer?

Tue Oct 2 03:50:32 2018

Some people has requested me to draw more canine dicks, like as a variant. So I was wondering what dicks do people actually prefer when looking at paintings?

So i decided to make a poll to ask this question I have for a loong loong time. What do you love your dicks like?
And also mention anything that I missed out listing. I didn't put 'small dicks' cause I think generally everyone love it big.
Also/// Veiny or Non-Veiny Dicks?

Normal size, Larger than average size dicks or Dicks that looks like it will fill you up good?


Tue Oct 2 03:35:25 2018

Hi~! I just want to announce OCT theme early for this month! I have not published this yet, so you are the first to see this teaser ^.^

You will get early previews for the calendar project I'll be working on called: "Matsuri" 祭 Fundoshi Calendar 2019.

If you pledged for this month and November, you will also get exclusive 'naked' versions of the painting that I will make here, it will also have variants and some sequences like my usual packages. There is also a recording of this entire painting for those who wants Tier 4.

I'm working very hard on these and been planning for 2 months, I wanted to challenge myself to create more 'story driven narrative with the background' given enough time. So your support will help me to dedicate more time to these.

Thanks for the interests!


Greymane Dick

Tue Oct 2 03:19:01 2018

I have some request to draw different versions of his dick, like canine version, so i will make it for this pack as a alternate.

Thank you for the support in the greymane pack~ please give me some time to complete the paintings ^.^ Here is a 'progress' before the stab. :P



Sat Sep 29 04:05:42 2018

Some progress of the painting, I added the his braids and fixed his face proportions a little and buff him up :3

There is a recording of this painting on the way~


Punishment Part2 (Greymane)

Fri Sep 28 14:15:34 2018

Did a new sketch to continue from the part 01 idea.

When the spy tried to backstab the king but failed. He is caught, Greymane has a better idea to punish the betrayer, by returning the favour to 'backstab' him, literally. (no pun intended heh)

Hope you will like the final piece of this little series of Greymane.

Let me know what you think!
[This is for September theme of Genn Greymane] There will be a recording of this entire painting, in the process right now if you are keen to get Tier 4 of the pack this month. It gives you PSD and video process.


Preview of Painting Video

Fri Sep 28 04:58:48 2018

I finally finished editing my painting video for Batzz~!
Managed to learn some simple editing and recording the entire process.
This is a small preview of the entire video sped up to 600% speed.

I'm actually really satisfied with how it turned out hah. Thank you all~
Sending this out to those who pledged for the video for Batzz package.

file.1 (d)

Regarding 'Pay up Front'

Thu Sep 27 15:46:24 2018

Patreon release a feature for patron to change to pay up front method which means that once you pledged you will be charge immediately. This feature is permanent for creators if they choose to change to it. I read and decide that I will not use it. So nothing will change here. You will not be charge until end of the month. I want to allow my supporters to see teasers before they decide to support me or if they feel unsatisfied, they can remove their pledge anytime and not forced. That way I hope it will keep it as flexible as it can be. As well as give me time to work on the arts. So I just want to say that I will keep the 'payment' method same and nothing will change. Thanks! Let me know what you think too~

Batzz Package Sent!

Wed Sep 26 11:43:17 2018

Hi all, I've just sent out the July Batzz Package~!
I have finally finished it, the entire package has almost 60 alternate variants. Let me know what you think and if there is any place i can improve more, i would like to hear your feedbacks.

I'll be working on more arts over this weekend.


Batzz Package

Tue Sep 25 16:18:07 2018

I finished my Batzz package finally~!
Will be sending tonight once i arrange and organize the folders, thank you for the support.

I made a full recording video process for this entire piece as well, for those who pledged Tier 4 will receive it. Thanks! ^.^


Which version you prefer

Mon Sep 24 17:06:01 2018

Hi may I ask which version you prefer?
The clear sky or sunset version


Last pic of Batzz

Fri Sep 21 10:47:34 2018

For those waiting for the July Batzz Package, I'm finishing the last painting soon, I plan to get it sent out this weekend, thanks for the wait!



Thu Sep 20 09:49:00 2018

"The prisoner/slave enters his private chamber, clearly with a hidden motive in mind. He seems to be under some sort of spell, to assassinate the King.

But we all know that such a trival scheme will be seen through with Greymane keen eye. The question is what happens next?"

This is the the first of the Sep Worgen painting I've decided to work on. I wanted to push my illustrations to the next level, creating a more story driven/cinematic shot, rather than just a pin-up. But it will be more challenging for me to paint~ but let me know what you think. I think I'll still have to do pin-ups as this piece will take longer time.

I'm thinking of the part 2 of this series leading from this piece. Perhaps some action that might happen after the slave got caught, if you have any ideas, feel free to suggest~! :D


Greymane sketches

Wed Sep 19 15:55:28 2018

Just some sketch ideas i might work on for Greymane worgen


September Theme [Greymane]

Wed Sep 19 09:49:57 2018

Based on all the suggestions, I will be doing a Genn Greymane theme pack for this month September. Stay tuned

and thanks for all the suggestions! I've save some of the ideas for next time

What would you like for Sep Theme

Tue Sep 18 14:00:37 2018

Hi all, I would like to ask, is there any particular characters you would like to see for this month theme? I will try to take in some of the suggestions. If there are alot of ideas then maybe will do a poll if it's better. Otherwise I can just choose which is the most popular mentions. Just wanted to know what you guys might like before I start this month. Thanks!

My King

Tue Sep 18 13:21:17 2018


Seth X Anubis Video Sent

Tue Sep 18 08:56:32 2018

Hi, this is probably my best recorded video I have done so far, it's a 32mins video process, entire painting compressed from many hours of painting that goes into this piece... T.T

If you had pledged for the Tier 4 of August, you will have received a link for the download (581mb file)

Let me know if you have any problems with the download~ hope you like it.



Seth Package Sent

Mon Sep 17 22:17:26 2018

I have sent out the Seth Package, let me know if anyone has problems with the downloads.

I created some extra variants for the 'seth x anubis' painting :P

I hope you like it ^.^


Under Review

Mon Sep 17 21:19:40 2018

As some of you have noticed, my Patreon page is currently under "Temporary Suspension" I'm writing to the support team to ask them to review and UN-suspend my Patreon. I have already done up the changes they require to keep it under their rules and guidelines, mainly is the displayed images on the 'overview section' viewable by public.

In the meantime I'll still be continuing to work on this month package and previous months that have not been sent, please stay tuned.


It's SETHember

Sat Sep 15 14:03:17 2018

While waiting for the pack, please have a great SETHember~ :P


Email from Trust & Safety

Sat Sep 15 02:48:20 2018

Recently Patreon is very strict on their NSFW rule and guideline. I recieved an email from recently. Just sharing, In the email it wrote: "Hey Cheetahpaws, I'm on the Trust & Safety team here at Patreon. I'm writing to inform you that your page violated ourCommunity Guidelines. Content that can be viewed publicly on the site cannot contain nudity or adult content. Adult content includes any implied nudity, full rear view nudity, or visible nipples or genitalia. Please update any public posts with adult content to patron only, as well as review your overview section and remove any adult content. You can review your public posts by navigating to "Posts" and clicking "Public" on the left under your tags. Let me know when you've updated your page, and don't hesitate to email me if you have questions in the meantime. I'm here to help." So I got to change my 'overview' section to SFW, and new image post with nudity will be set to 'Patreon only'. But luckily is they give warning to change and not totally shut down.

Need one more day

Fri Sep 14 15:20:04 2018

Hi, I couldn't send the pack yesterday coz I was too tired from work... So I will likely have this weekend to pack it up. Sorry about the wait coz I recieved a few messages and wanted to inform you all.

Seth [House Rules]

Thu Sep 13 14:45:50 2018

Finally finished the last piece for the Seth Package... *Sweats

I have tried to do at least one multiple character piece, so it took longer time to complete.... but hope you will like the multiple versions in this pack! Also I recorded the entire process in video for those who pledged Tier 4.

[August 2018] Seth Package:

Tier 1 + SFW High Ress
Tier 3 + PSD
Tier 4 + Video

Thank you for the wait for those who pledged for August, I'll sent it out later today once I organized the files orderly and check for mistakes.

You will recieve a pm for the download in your message. If you have any questions, please let me know!


Private Time Seth

Wed Sep 5 17:25:35 2018

When Seth is having his private undisturbed time alone
extra sketch ^.^


Seth Loves the pool~

Mon Sep 3 14:35:59 2018

This piece has alternate speedo outfit and naked versions, steps and psd will be sent as part of August package rewards!

Thank you for the wait~


Water Rendering

Sun Sep 2 10:59:32 2018

[WIP] Water water everywhere~~~~
trying to get this done this few days,
Also designing seth pants
Making some nice progress on this piece~



Wed Aug 29 13:30:41 2018

someone is a naughty boi


[WIP] Seth x Anubis - nsfw

Tue Aug 28 08:36:16 2018

Sketch for the next piece, seth having some quality bonding time on the chamber :P

Thank you for the wait! i'll be getting back to everyone in the messages



Mon Aug 27 21:01:58 2018

Almost done with this picture~ you will receive the high ress when it is sent out.

I'm starting another nsfw seth piece now



Mon Aug 27 15:14:39 2018

WIP~ ^.^ Thank you all for the feedbacks~

The 2 on the left is official reference of Seth


Which seth version do you prefer?

Mon Aug 27 12:02:05 2018

May I ask which is your preference? >.<


Seth Sketch

Mon Aug 27 04:03:40 2018

Traveling Seth pack with his favorite melon~

Seth: "Would you like some melon? I can share with you!"


Extra Batzz (バッツ Battsu) Sketch

Sun Aug 26 05:44:36 2018

Here is a additional Battz (From BuddyFight) sketch for the delay and thank you for the wait... Y.Y


[WIP] Seth by the pool~

Sat Aug 25 13:26:34 2018

Someone toss him a watermelon~


AUG character - SETH セト

Fri Aug 24 16:32:11 2018

I really wanted to do Seth this month, so hope you guys are ok that I've chosen this character for august, I've already done up some sketches~ His is the new character from Tokyo Afterschool Summoners



Fri Aug 24 16:24:14 2018

Hi all, I understand I'm way behind time, but I'm really glad to free up some time from office work, so I am able focus on painting, I've jot down the schedule to finish off the remaining touch ups to JUNE and JULY work. They mainly left some refinements ( and the reason I couldn't sent out, I'm very sorry about that)

So I hope you can expect more updates now, and thank you for the time and patient... T.T

Bad Dragon?

Sat Aug 11 02:42:19 2018

Sketch to final painting.
I'm happy to say that I'll be able to send out July pack very soon~! I'm working on adding some extra nsfw variants and naughty bits now. Thank you for waiting! I'm working really hard these days



Fri Aug 3 02:04:25 2018

Dear supporters, I've been behind schedule for quite awhile and I've been trying to catch up. During this period I have not followed up as best as I should, which resulted in lack of updates. So I'm terribly sorry for this. It doesn't look professional and I'm very disappointed with myself for not living up to expectations. I'll be spending these few days replying to your messages. I understand your decision if you may stop your pledge. This is my fault for the slow content.

I just finished my part-time job and have these few days off. So I'll seek to get back to everyone message foremost. I'm open to refund if anyone wishes not to wait, or unsatisfied. But I'll still make sure to finish all existing art and send out.

This was due to me having stress and unable to cope with multiple problems I'm facing with my life and family. Some friends helped me out and I think I just needed some more time to get better.

Thank you for understanding,


Battz from BuddyFight [Final]

Tue Jul 31 05:39:13 2018

Completed Battz painting~~! :D Chained and looking grand~
I'm making a few new comic sex sketches to include into the pack~!

May not be able to show today but i'll try~ Hope you guys will like it ^.^



Mon Jul 30 18:32:11 2018

Almost done with this piece~ and finally fixed most of the problems.

Also recorded the entire procress of this painting


[WIP] Battz

Mon Jul 30 05:20:15 2018

"Will you serve me"

WIP piece! This one has a video recording, till the ending, working on the nude version now :D


Battz from BuddyFight

Sun Jul 29 03:03:24 2018

This month July package I'm doing Battz from BuddyFight
STEPs ★ alternate nsfw ★ Underwear bulge ★ erotic versions


Young Wolf O'Donnell

Tue Jul 24 19:14:03 2018

Finishing the Wolf O'Donnell pack with an extra younger version of him, with a few alternate clothing in the locker room.

T.T sorry for the wait...


Good Boy

Tue Jul 10 10:18:19 2018

Sorry for the late of updates, I'm only beginning to manage to sort out some of my own emotional struggles but I think I'm doing better now, so this is a warm up to share with you all~



Tue Jun 26 05:50:19 2018

Wolf O Donnell going for a date with Starfox :P


[Teaser] Prisoner Wolf O'Donnell

Sun Jun 24 12:55:10 2018

Teaser for this month package, seems like someone lose the battle and is captured now :P


[WIP] Smashing

Fri Jun 22 10:59:42 2018

^.^ I'm pretty sure they are just having some workout


[WIP] Smashing

Fri Jun 22 03:49:44 2018

Smashing Starfox :P

Working on the next sequel, i'll do up another after this piece for this month


Come to DADDY...

Thu Jun 21 15:39:18 2018

There will be variants/naked version for Patreon only here


WIP - Daddy Wolf O'Donnell

Thu Jun 21 14:15:29 2018

Making some progress


Letting go

Wed Jun 20 03:39:44 2018

It's always tough to go through a heartbreak, cherish the people you love and close to you.


Update: June

Wed Jun 20 03:36:51 2018

Hi all, sorry for the lack of updates and delays... I'm trying to get back to my working and painting. I actually felt terrible, first due to not delivery here to you guys and second I haven't been doing any arts for awhile with the lack of productivity. I don't wish this to snowball and excuses. So this month I wish to paint some Wolf O'Donnell and Star Fox >.< hope you all might like it.

March Pack (80%done) and May (40% done), so if you pledged for it, please give me sometime to complete it and sorry for the wait...

May Teaser Shu Chi Senpai

Mon May 28 05:11:33 2018

For May Nekojishi theme, i wanted to try new attempt at 'semi comic' like this. Been wanting to do this for this month, so here is a preview of how it will look like. i get to cramp more lewd shu-chi in this manner :P


Update and personal

Sun May 27 19:03:16 2018

Hi, I think I should share this, even thought I really hate to bring up personal reasons/excuses for nu-productivity, because it always looks bad. But I was going through some tough time lately, and i didn't expect it will affect me in such a terrible way, to the point i couldn't eat or sleep properly daily. It has been ongoing for a month,

I was churning out work alot just last month, every day, but now my schedule has all been affected and out of my plans. and I felt terrible and on one hand for this late delivery. I manage to finish off the April Package and going to work on the May Nekojishi Package. I had all my ideas jotted down but I didn't get to execute them. So it may take awhile longer. I'll try to post up some sketches as previews if possible, if anyone is still interested on this month packs.

I just want to say sorry for the wait, and I don't wish to take it for granted, and i understand if anyone is not satisfied, please let me know. For those who sent me pm, I have a lot of notes now to attend to one by one, please allow me sometime to get back....

Just Sent out April Package

Sun May 27 18:42:22 2018

You should received a pm with the download for the April package.

I've spent more time adding in extra sequences for the patience... (attached is the previews of what the full packs has)

I've received messages regarding the April delivery, im sorry i didn't respond back earlier. So I hope you have the download link sent to you.

Thank you for the kind wait... T.T


Sending packs this week

Thu May 10 08:49:26 2018

Hi all, just want to let you all know I'm finishing the packs this week and send out. Sorry for the delay. When I got back there was so much work to catch up and I was very drained last few days... But I should be getting back on track now

Away for 2 more days

Sat May 5 04:01:00 2018

Hi, just wanted to have a small update, I had wanted to complete and send out the the April Package this weekend, but I had to make a small travel to Melaka for my childhood best fren (of 21years) wedding. I'll only be back home on Sunday night and continue work. So sorry for the wait. I'll make sure everything will be done well and to my best effort. Thank you for your patience. >.

April 2018 Package Rewards

Tue May 1 13:00:04 2018

Going to send out April reward sometime this week, preparing and organizing the files. Making some bonus extra 'naughty' variants to the pics. Thank you for supporting me and I hope you will like them!

Package includes [Tadatomo] [Zeraora] [Haida]

$5 + SFW versions

$10 + NSFW versions , erotic sequences versions, Painting Steps

$15 + PSD with layers organized.

$20 + Speed up painting Video Process (One Selected Piece of the month)


Heart Broken Haida

Mon Apr 30 14:35:22 2018

If you watch the show, you know which scene. it really got it me.. T.T (sad)


Haida Cum (NSFW sequence)

Sun Apr 29 01:46:22 2018

Posting the full sequence for the Haida drinking party session :D

From the animation: Aggretsuko



Fri Apr 27 13:51:03 2018

Retsuko:"I think you drink too much"
Haida:"it just feels really hot here..."

From the show Aggretsuko, watch it if you havn't~ it is pretty funny.


パツシィ, Patsushi

Mon Apr 23 05:51:28 2018

Did a little Patsushi, Patxi fanart, from grand fate order, i don't play it but just thought it is a pretty cool character ^.^


Update and Personal

Sun Apr 22 06:27:00 2018

Hi all, just wanted to update and also say thank you for the support so far. Here is Biker wolf and his tiger buddy, havn't drawn them in a long time.

Lately I've been going through some personal obstacles for the past weeks/months, from ' relationship break ups', some family hardships, health and just trying to keep everything in check. So it's not entirely easy to deal with. I'm pretty sure everyone has their own issues to deal with as well. So I'm trying at best not to let it affect my work like last year did.

My eyesight is deteriorating slowly for the last 3-4years, the doctor diagnose me with Keratoconus disease and advised me to go surgery one day. But i'm hesitant because it is expensive and it may cost around $3k for each eye... so I'm waiting out to see how things progress, but at this rate I might still need to go surgery coz reading is becoming difficult.

Work is the only thing that i put in as much effort into, actually part of the earnings i made, i give $600 to my parents every month, because they are getting old and probably should stop working hard labour jobs. I've been doing that since i started working at 21. My dad is a truck driver and my mom is a helper at food centre. I still have to do part-time job at my teaching, because industry is very unstable. I'm not sure when I can do furry art full-time, but with the current patreon, i could still at least spend more time arting then i used to be. For that I consider myself really lucky. But lesson I learn is never take things for granted. I really want to keep improving so I can create better contents and illustrations and share it with everyone. For that I want to say thanks and hope you will continue to like the works that i churn out.


Nekojishi game DLC

Sun Apr 22 01:06:51 2018

You guys heard there is update for Nekojishi DLC available now on their steam. *Looks at LIkulao outfit and Shu Chi. Know it's early notice, I'll resume more nekojishi art for next month to come ^. ^

Rise and Shine Zeraora

Fri Apr 20 05:49:00 2018



Tue Apr 17 15:22:48 2018

"Come journey with me"


Tenticular VS Tadatomo [90% Done]

Mon Apr 16 14:29:09 2018

I just finished 90% of the picture, here it is ^.^
But still some more to refine, i am adding in some outfit- torn- naked-cum sequences, if you pledge this month, you will get the package and also the video painting~ :D


Tentacle Monster VS Tadatomo

Mon Apr 16 08:12:21 2018

"Who will win?" :P
I believe one of the very few times i spent this much time and layers is to create this 'arcade fighting' interface. It's just a silly idea that came to mind today and i wanted to try it out to make it a little more fun.

I might be changing the monster name to "Tentacular" or something.

Also thank you for the big feedbacks! I was actually going to pick the normal 'top lighting' until you guys feedbacks so i changed it to this. I hope it is better. Next time perhaps if i ran into anything, i can ask for you guys suggestions again, if that's ok ^.^



Mon Apr 16 05:04:29 2018

I am working on deciding which lighting i should go for. Top or bottom light direction.

Can i ask your opinion, which version do you prefer?


[WIP] Tadatomo - Alone Time

Sun Apr 15 04:27:54 2018

Just a wip of the Tadatomo. I'm trying to practice more on lighting.

Also did a video recording of the painting process, include a few small variants for his bulge >.<



Sat Apr 14 16:26:22 2018

wanted to do a epic battle scene illustration for a long time, did up a little draft but not sure when i'll be able to colour it. will have to put it aside for now


Tentacle Situation - Tadatomo

Sat Apr 14 09:39:06 2018

When you are a ninja, you might face off with tentacle monster one day :P


Tadatomo sketch

Sat Apr 14 03:36:32 2018

As Tadatomo kun is having his quiet time in his hideout after a mission completed. No one knows that he was being watched by 2 ninja who were sent here for him. They are clearly caught off guard by the sight :3


Stroking Zeraora, ゼラオラ

Fri Apr 13 07:32:48 2018

How to make a your pokemon happy on your DS :3


April Voting!

Thu Apr 12 12:48:16 2018

I'm setting up a poll for this month theme characters to be drawn. You can vote in the poll to see what you want to get drawn most~!

I'm also opening up the poll to public this time to see which is the most popular character this week.

Also the characters I chose seems to all have cool scars on their bodies :P

ゼラオラ Zeraora WIP

Thu Apr 12 05:52:44 2018

Zeraora pic almost done~


[WIP] Zeraora

Tue Apr 10 19:37:24 2018

Just a little progress on the Zeraora colours.
Also probably gonna add his *ehem* in the final as well. >.< as a extra version for patreon.

I am making a video recording of the colouring process as well.


Zeraora Sketch

Tue Apr 10 05:49:51 2018

Decided to do a Zeraora art for this month, but i drew a adult version of him ^.^ will be colouring him up.

Here is his actual appearance:


Nekojishi Family Bonding (WIP)

Sat Apr 7 14:14:03 2018

Finally get a go on painting them having some family bonding session.

Also me trying to practice on more lighting.

This is part of the March Pack, which you will receive once it is completed~! Thanks for the wait!


March Package

Fri Apr 6 21:52:08 2018

I'm still trying to complete March Package. which includes this piece which I just finished >.< just wanted to show you first.

Hope you guys will allow me a little more time to finish it, sorry for the delay, trying very hard to catch up on all the work.


Just got back home

Mon Apr 2 09:25:31 2018

I have gotten back home and now resume to catch up on all the works,

Sorry for the lack of previews this month round. But I have some ideas to work on, and hope I can manage to finish them up.

I will be back on 30th March

Thu Mar 22 18:48:02 2018

Hi guys, just wanted to let you all know that I'll be away at Thai tails today till 30th, because I was invited as goh there. I'm sorry that I might not be able to update here as much during this week but I will catch up once I get back home.

I have already prepared some sketches for March rewards and hope to share with you soon. I was staying up all night preparing materials before my flight in 5 hours. So much on my mind >.< mostly all the work i want to get done... >.<

Sketch - Tadatomo

Thu Mar 22 18:42:56 2018

Tadatomo from Tokyo Highschool Summoners


Nekojishi Package Sent!

Thu Mar 22 18:35:54 2018

Hi all, I have just sent out the FEB package to your PM.
Please let me know if you have any issues with the download, and also thank you for the kind wait...
I was trying to improve the paintings to as much as I can, also add more variations to them. Sometimes it was doing more than I should but I really like to try to see how far I can push the quality.

I hope you like them!

For those who pledge for Tier 3 + 4. You will recieve the PSD files along with the jpeg. For the PSD files, I have tried to organized the layers with colour codes and naming to be as clear as possible.

For the process video, please allow me some time to edit finish it >.<

Thank you so much for the support~~~~~~~! I hope I did not disappoint too much


March Theme

Thu Mar 8 17:46:59 2018

I thinking of March theme and I wanted to find out what you guys might like me to draw more?

If you have any request/ideas, feel free to let me know in the comments~

WIP March Painting

Thu Mar 8 17:40:26 2018

I decided to start streaming again, i might try to do more stream and post it here for the future pieces when i painting.

Here is a royal King~
I have the progress pics, ( but i forgot to save the video... ) *sad face.


FEB Package update

Thu Mar 8 17:35:53 2018

Hi all, please wait awhile as I'm compiling the FEB package to be sent out, I am touching up one of the pieces. I will post here when I have send it.
Thank you for the patience!

Likulau Painting Process

Tue Feb 27 10:51:14 2018

I just sent out the Painting Process video for this Likulau piece.
This is for those who pledge for the Nekojishi Part 1, (Tier 4 $20) during December rewards.
You can check your mailbox for the download of the video file.
If you have pledge and did not manage to receive the message, please let me know~!

Thank you and hope you enjoy the making of the painting ^.^


Black Panther Process

Tue Feb 27 09:46:06 2018

I put together the process for the Black Panther piece, to share with you guys ^.^


[WIP] Shu Chi Senpai (Evil vs Good)

Fri Feb 23 14:37:54 2018

I am very tempted to portray shu chi in his mischievous way. But i prefer him more cheerful.

Just sharing what im working on right now :3


Likulau Teaser

Thu Feb 22 15:26:32 2018

This piece comes with psd, steps, and the naked version you will get in the reward package when it is sent out ^.^

Thanks for all the feedbacks! I decided to paint him as Likulau as it is more fitting with some adjustments, Will leave Lin Hu as another piece.


Dumb mistake

Thu Feb 22 05:45:12 2018

I feel so stupid, I only realized one of the psd had lost all the layers, and is the one I sent out to you all for this piece.
And I don't have the original anymore...
I'm sorry guys for not giving you the proper psd working files for this, you must be confused when you got it.

But i don't have it anymore... i only realized when i wanted to retrieve the tattoo layer to use. now i have to remake them again too.



Thu Feb 22 05:29:13 2018

Do you think this body type fits Lin Hu or Likulau more? >.<
I am making the adjustments and the patterns
but i can't decide yet : /


[WIP] Sempai Portrait

Thu Feb 22 05:28:03 2018

Working on a little Sempai Portrait


Going through all the messages

Wed Feb 21 07:23:49 2018

Hi, just wanted to say i'm going through as much messages as I can, If I havnt replied you, I'm sorry I'll try my best to get back with everyone.
You can also poke me again if you feel the message was too long ago.

Thank you! Hope you understand (There is a lot of messages to go through all >.<)

Happy New Year of Dog!

Mon Feb 19 10:50:38 2018

新年快乐~! Happy New Year~ it's tradition to offer red package, so if you havn't received any, here is one BIG red package for you!
May the new year brings you good fortune, open doors to new opportunity! As the saying goes, when one door closes, another opens.
You gotta grab it with your own paws! :D

Edit: There is NSFW version for this too


Black Panther

Sat Feb 17 17:05:56 2018

How I imagine black panther to be in a furry form :P Just wanted to do a fanart for a loooong time.



Fri Feb 16 05:30:14 2018

Hi all, wishing you all a very prosperous and good lunar new year! A great year, good health and wealth ahead. There are messages I really want to get back to in the in box, today is supposedly a holiday but I have to do obligatory family and relative visits. I will get back to your message soon!

Likulau Done~

Thu Feb 15 12:54:39 2018

I have finished this piece for Likulau, now I'm going to work on something new.
This piece will have nsfw, and erotic versions, Steps, PSD file for the rewards~


Likulau in bed [WIP]

Thu Feb 15 05:23:05 2018

WIP of Likulau


Shu Chi Senpai Sleep [Sketch]

Tue Feb 13 17:33:35 2018

Sometimes I imagine Shu Chi Senpai can have his quiet moment, after all those dance and energy high activities. So I decide to draw something peaceful to capture him.
I will most likely finish this piece :3

Also I hope I draw his body type better now?


Teaser - Lin Hu

Sun Feb 11 19:03:37 2018

Lin Hu from Nekojishi, for this month reward, with pants and no pants version.


[Teaser] Lin Hu - Nekojishi

Sun Feb 11 09:53:27 2018

The initial sketch.

I just finished this painting for this month's Theme: Nekojishi Part 02.
As many are requesting I draw more Lin Hu the tiger guardian, so I made this~ ^.^

You will receive the NSFW version for this at the end of this month reward with the alternates~


Sketch Lin Hu Milked

Sat Feb 10 20:31:16 2018

How to get Tiger milk :3


Shu-Chi Strapped (Feb Teaser)

Tue Feb 6 02:21:09 2018

I took the feedbacks and this time I drew Shu-Chi leaner and sleeker.

It seems like the cats are punishing him more~! Will be colouring this piece and you will receive it for FEB Package.


Salt Bae Cat

Wed Jan 31 15:32:09 2018

When monster hunter cat chef is Salt Bae <3


No Charge for this month January!

Tue Jan 30 14:14:41 2018

Hi all!, just to remind you there is NO CHARGE, for this month of January!

So no need to worry about leaving your pledge on, you won't be charge. February will resume ^.^

Feb Teaser Lin Hu

Tue Jan 30 14:13:12 2018

This is early Teaser for February theme Nekojishi Part 02!

There is a full picture for this, including a naked one that you will get at the end of Feb for those who pledge. Stay Tuned~!


February theme

Mon Jan 29 07:06:22 2018

Hi guys! Just want to share that for February theme next month, I'll do doing another Nekojishi pack part 2~! Thanks for all who like the first Nekojishi pack, it was like the most popular package I made so far~ will share more sketches soon ^.^

Chef Cat (naked-cum version)

Sun Jan 28 10:20:26 2018


Dick Feast

Fri Jan 26 04:50:22 2018

Doing some line work practice to warm up ^.^ Thinking if I should colour this.


Under Armour Shorts

Fri Jan 26 04:48:47 2018

Cause they are snug and comfy :3

Denim Shorts Sequence

Mon Jan 22 10:03:26 2018

Hi all, I'm back from my break and warming myself to work mode. So here are some warm up sketches :3


Nekojishi Package Sent!

Wed Jan 3 05:49:02 2018

Hi all, I have just sent out the Nekojishi Package rewards!

This round on time ^.^ ( As I just uploaded, give it a while to sync. )

Let me know how you find the package! and any ways to improve or you like to see more off?

Thank you~~~ so much for the support! As mentioned earlier, this month I will be pausing the Patreon, so you won't be charged on the 1st FEB, even if you leave your pledge on.

I am going for a short break and will be back in mid Jan and resume work and catch up on all the overdue packages and videos editing.


Likulau Extras

Tue Jan 2 06:11:38 2018

I'm doing a few more extra alternate versions for this piece, because it seems like many like it a lot.

You will also get my PSD for those who grab Tier 3 and 4.


Happy New Year Everyone~!

Sun Dec 31 17:05:19 2017

Happy 2018 to all. May you and your family have a great new start of the year!

It's actually been a very tough ride for me this year... a lot of things happen to me and I was having troubles handling relationships. It has not been easy and for a few months I got derailed, my health and work schedule. So it has been tough.

Work wise it is going fine, I've putting in a lot of hard work and trying to improve. As well as getting the additional support from you guys with my patreon, I feel that I can do a lot more. Will keep pushing the art quality further. I've not reach the level I want to be at yet, there is so much more I want to learn.

Thank you for the kind patience this whole year. I still owe some packages, which I will promise to deliver still. I will be taking January off. I am going for a short break and will be back mid Jan.

I will place a "PAUSE" on January Pledges. You will NOT be charged. Do not worry, so you don't have to remove any pledges or changes. I will use this month to catch up on work and will resume Patreon in February.

Thanks all, Stay Bulgy


DEC 2017 Package Preview [Nekojishi]

Sun Dec 31 16:23:07 2017

Here is preview for Dec 2017 Package teaser,

it will also include some extras.

I'll be sending them out in the next few days.


Shu-Chi Senpai Fucked

Sun Dec 31 08:56:29 2017

Preview of the coloured version of this piece.

Also I made a painting process video recording of this, so i can share to those who have pledged Tier4 $20.

I should be able to send out this month package very soon!


Shu-Chi Senpai Coloured

Sat Dec 30 12:13:11 2017

Preview of the coloured version~


Shu Chi Senpai fucked Pt2

Sat Dec 30 02:33:24 2017

Here is the punishment part 2, because he deserve more :P


Shu Chi Senpai fucked

Sat Dec 30 01:31:02 2017

For being a bad cat this year.

Sketch :3


Likulao in tight shorts

Fri Dec 29 12:38:11 2017

December package preview~!


Reward Preview Nekojishi (WIP)

Wed Dec 27 17:14:46 2017

WIP of the Likulao picture in bed.
I've also recorded the painting process of this piece.


Sketch-Likulao Wrapped

Tue Dec 26 15:55:02 2017

Likulao: "I'm not a present!"

Wishing everyone a merry christmas~! XD


Let me feed you [Nekojishi]

Fri Dec 22 06:00:05 2017

"你这只贪吃的小猫, 让我来喂你~"

"You little greedy cat, let me feed you."


Likulao (updated)

Thu Dec 21 04:58:45 2017

I made some fixes to slim down his tummy and give him more lower body and fixed arm colour.

It's just some small changes ^.^ but better looking now i think!


Liao in Bed Likulao Sketch

Thu Dec 21 04:54:51 2017

Liao: "you can sleep on the bed with me tonight... *blush"

Likulao: " ..... *nods"


Sep 2017 Package Sent

Thu Dec 21 04:47:58 2017

It may be late but I have sent out September Reward!!

[Bathym x Yohei]

Thank you for the kind wait.


Shu-Chi Senpai 家有大貓

Tue Dec 5 03:16:17 2017

Liao: "Shu-Chi Senpai! Please wear more clothes!"
Senpai: "But it is hot today."
Liao: "I don't care, this is not your house!"
Senpai: "You could lend me your clothes then" *winks*
Liao: "No!" *embarrassed* Now you are just teasing me."

I will make a no undies version just for Patreon reward:3


[Sketch] Likulau on Bed

Mon Dec 4 08:50:05 2017

Likulau:"...Liao want me sleep on bed?"
Liao :"you can sleep on bed tonight"



Sun Dec 3 17:54:57 2017

Hi guys,

I havn't been able to attend to all the messages I have recieved, but I wish to let you know that, if you are asking regarding not receiving some of the older packs, is because I have not sent out.

It is partly that I haven't complete them as I was stuck at some of the difficult paintings, and need to fix them, I do not wish to send out bad works, so please give me some more time. I have your names lists so I know who is missing out.

I will also be planning to pause patreon in January. So you won't be charge for January month. I will be using that month to catch up on old packages.

December month I've decided to do Nekojishi theme, (sorry there is no poll) I'll post up more in progress sketches (base on feed backs) So hope you guys will like them.


Sun Dec 3 17:47:30 2017

Likulau:"I need you..."

Wanted to do some painting warm up before I start on the more nsfw stuffs of the characters.

Havnt been practicing enough because of part time job, so I hope to be more art productive this month again.


Likulau Portrait

Sat Dec 2 17:47:16 2017

Likulau: "...Please come with me"

I'm still playing through the game and really love the characters so far. Wanted to portray them how they are in the game. More to come~ ^.^

This is a little practice



Fri Dec 1 06:13:13 2017

Thank you guys for the feed backs, I'll post more sketches. Here is something for December. I feel better to be able to work on more complex pictures.


Proposition (Your thoughts?)

Wed Nov 29 11:43:56 2017

Hi all, as some of you have been following and supporting in my Patreon for some time. I've done mostly single character pin-ups. The thing is that I've been wanting to work on more complex erotic painting that involve 2-3 characters per piece. However that usually requires much more time and refinements.

I was thinking if it is reasonable and possible that for the rewards to be either:
4 pieces of illustrations (single characters)

3 pieces of illustrations ( includes one highly complex piece, involving 2 or more characters.

As I am keeping up with the 4 piece of illustrations per month, i usually can't afford to have the 4th piece being too complex, that way I'll be unable to complete them for delivery.

Could I hear your thoughts? Do you think it is fair and sufficient? I really want to make more epic paintings that involve a lot of attention to details that you may enjoy as well.

November Preview

Wed Nov 29 11:36:09 2017

First time I drew a Siamese cat :3 If you pledge for November package,
There will be some alternates naked versions of him for Patreon rewards this month.


OCT Reward sent

Wed Nov 29 10:54:38 2017

Hi, for those who have pledged and waiting for the October reward, it has just been sent to your private message. You can find the download link to the files.

As a thank you for the kind wait and understanding, I have also increased the number of erotic sequences. You can find at least 34 small alternates in total inside.

I hope you like it!


Full Moon 满月

Wed Nov 22 23:29:13 2017

Thank you for the wait, i have finished the last piece for the OCT Halloween painting. This piece has SFW/NSFW version. Will be sent out shortly.


Nov theme

Tue Nov 14 14:10:48 2017

I wanted to mention that for this month November content, you get early access previews of my latest illustrations on my Calendar. As well as the high resolution, steps and Exclusive NSFW versions for them. (NSFW on patreon access only)

Those who pledge for the $20, will receive a painting video process as well as the PSD layers I made.


Sun Nov 12 15:54:07 2017


Werewolf of the night

Sun Nov 12 12:45:21 2017

It's the full moon and the werewolf is out to have some action.

I'm still trying to finish colour for this last piece of the OCT Halloween pack before I can send out >.< I thank you for your kind patience.

Lately I've also been improving on my line work before painting commence so I can have better and more dynamic poses.


Slight Delay

Sat Nov 4 11:34:23 2017

Hi, i wanted to address the lapse for September "Package". it is actually 90% complete but lately I had to crunch work and projects mainly for deadlines by end of November, i was in a tight schedule... there are still progress but it's being staggered as i juggle between multiple work.

Just wanted to inform and ask for you patience again. T.T

OCT Package

Sat Nov 4 11:27:04 2017

I am wrapping up October package to send you all soon~


Preview + Question

Thu Oct 12 14:23:25 2017

Hi guys, just a silly question, would you prefer if i post the teaser with the "Tear out" version or the "Censor bar" version in public?

I know most will say I should post a totally uncensored version here : P
Let me know your thoughts!

It could be something entirely different too, i saw some people just cropped the entire picture from waist up too, so i was wondering which might be better. I know it's not a big deal but just curious.


Werewolf Mummy

Sat Oct 7 13:17:59 2017

Treat or Treat!
Preview of October Halloween Theme.

$10 Patrons: STEPS, Alternate Erotic Versions. Full 4K High Ress

$15 Patrons: PSD, STEPS, Alternate Erotic Versions. Full 4K High Ress

$20 Platrons: Will get full painting process of this picture, PSD, STEPS, Alternate Erotic Versions. Full 4K High Ress


Mummy Werewolf

Wed Oct 4 22:10:49 2017

Would you like trick or treat this mummy werewolf?

OCT Sketch



Mon Oct 2 19:02:19 2017

I have thought about October theme that will be "HALLOWEEN", expect some werewolves and 'tricks' I'm sorry this month won't have any polls.
I wanted to use this chance to experiment and challenge myself to new composition and painting styles and hope to bring better excitement to the new pieces.

Will share more when there is sketches.

Update & Progress

Mon Oct 2 18:25:46 2017

Hi all, thank you for the interests so far and the support.
I thought it would good to do a little update progress.

I am currently able to wrap up SEP package content and send out in the coming week. I've changed to using a different video recording (EZVID) as I mentioned sometime ago and manage to compile the painting videos more efficiently. (previously I spent so much hours to edit them properly)

Because of my job and some life change, this year I've adapting to my new schedule and able to still continue doing arts, all possible because of this Patreon and the supporters, really. So I am truly appreciate it. My goal has always to create better visuals and share with everyone.

Just something more personal that I thought I should talk about it. It's just a condition that I've always been facing. I have some eye condition that is causing my eyesight to deteriorate slowly and lately my vision has been not so good. I have been seeing eye specialist for the past 5 years and spending money on it. I might have to schedule a small eye surgery soon to stabilize it which will cost about 2.3k. I really hate as it directly affects my passion to produce art. There is also this fear I will go blind one day and not be able to draw anymore... That is also why I wanted to create as much art when I can now.

Some of the previews few months of Patreon reward that was delay last year, I'm working on them, currently working on Nov 2016 Ricardo (70%done) , follow by mar 2017 (80% done) and send out asap. Follow by the other months. That period I was experiencing some troubles with my life and i couldn't work and all things got snowballed, it was really bad.

I felt really bad and don't want you guys to think I'm cheating your money and not giving back what you pledged. I created a list of the things I will have to get done. For those who are affected, i apologize for the wait and thank you for the patience.

Yohei x Holdem Preview

Sat Sep 30 15:54:58 2017

Here is a preview of the coloring of the sketch I posted earlier.
This piece will have a closeup shot of the "rear action" :P
Preview while refining all the arts to be ready to deliver.

Thank you for the support!



Fri Sep 29 12:57:31 2017

Will be colouring this



Fri Sep 29 12:57:00 2017


Ripped Bathym

Fri Sep 29 06:35:47 2017

Oh no! the shirt is ripping off :3


Bonus Beach Bathym

Wed Sep 27 09:51:06 2017

Bathym: "Wanna play ball with me?"

I did a extra Bathym pic :3



Tue Sep 26 12:59:59 2017

I havn't posted this earlier, the results for the Votings. It seems like Bathym won by a landslide >.<


SEP Teaser - Yohei

Tue Sep 26 12:57:06 2017

Yohei enjoying some shower time, this is the 3rd teaser for the pack.
My last picture idea is some action with Yohei X Holdem.

Keep a lookout for it~!


September Teaser Bathym

Sun Sep 17 13:20:45 2017

Here is the second teaser Bathym picture, still work in progress that I want to share with you all. I also did a recording of this painting. So this month's package will have total of 2 painting videos as a bonus extra!

I'm also getting back to some notes that I have not reply, mostly about the previous packs, I wanted to address that I am working on them. But please do not feel that I am cheating your money... :( I will refund any request if needed if you are unsatisfied. Or if you like any packages as a compensation or replacement. Please let me know. I'm so sorry for the past delays.


Bathym Summer Version

Sat Sep 16 12:19:13 2017

Bathym just making summer hot at the beach. Teaser for September Package, based on the votings.
Patrons who pledge for the full Tier will get the entire painting process of this picture~


Dawn Painting Process Sent

Thu Sep 14 09:35:32 2017

I just sent out the painting process of Pokemon Dawn for those who pledged for it. You will receive the link in your inbox to download or view online.
Thank you, hope you will like it~!


August Package reward sent

Wed Sep 13 16:38:57 2017

Hi all, I've just released August Package reward, you should find it in your inbox.
It will include NSFW, FULL RESS, STEPS, video process, depending on the Tiers you pledge.
I wanted to say thank you for the month's pledge. I'm trying to push the painting a little more and better with each illustrations.

If you have any feedbacks or problems, please let me know!



Voting for SEP

Sun Sep 3 09:07:14 2017

Hi all, while I'm preparing the August package to be ready. Here is the new voting for this month's theme characters~!
I've picked a series of characters from Grimoire of Zero, Tokyo Afterschool Summoners and Shining Force.

I'll tally the results on the 9th SEP . Top 2 characters will be illustrated. If you are interested, please show your vote!



Ricardo Pack

Fri Sep 1 02:41:47 2017

Hi all, for those who have pledged for the Ricardo Pack back in November. I'm so sorry for the late delay because I'm redoing all the images, as It didn't look good enough to be sent out. So here is a preview look of the new piece (WIP), the rest I'm retouching up his face more. Please give me some more time and I'll make sure it's of quality. Thank you. T.T


Sleeping Dusk

Wed Aug 30 17:33:24 2017

There will be a naked version for this as well as the steps by steps progress. Hope you guys will like them!


DUSK Sleeping WIP

Tue Aug 29 19:04:02 2017

Every lycanroc has his favorite bolster.
This will be part of the August package.

Hope you will like how the final turns out :3


Little Lycanroc Progress

Mon Aug 21 12:48:02 2017

I seem to be able to capture their features slightly better now after drawing them many times ^.^

After this piece there will be one more featuring DUSK pin-up in bed.


Come here boys

Fri Aug 18 10:37:32 2017

A little WIP for the 3rd piece, base on the vote results. Dawn gets to be sandwiched. A little family bonding is much needed since the introduction of the new members.


Painting Video Preview (Testing)

Wed Aug 16 14:58:14 2017

This is a small snippet of the 2 hour long painting and how it looks.
I'm testing out capturing using a new free screen recorder called 'EZVID' that I just downloaded yesterday. It comes with all the basic capturing tools, I'm liking it cause it converts directly to wmv files. (im trying to get used to it)

The problem I have using the previous capturing called OBS, Open Broadcast Software, it does ok but it doesn't save the video in a common file format (conversion also saved in a really big file) , which I have to used adobe premiere to convert and edit. That I realized took up more time than I should be painting... so I ended up with alot of raw footage that I have that is not released, due to this.

Hopefully using this new capturing I can speed up the edits, (not much edits) and even release more than 1 video per package. Maybe the extra I can share it public. So just wanted to share what I have been working on.

Stay tuned!

TFpjU--dI8wYkSmsiLxE44IuQA1yafbtjSEzSxlBwdf4lpvEnhWUglRV0t6KXPBj.jpe (d)

DAWN Alone Time

Wed Aug 16 11:54:05 2017

Just a second preview for this month Lycanroc August Pack.

I've also recorded this entire painting process which I am making into a video to send you all for those that pledge for videos.

Thanks! Look forward to another 2 more updates.

*Update: Due to my com hanged while recording... I lost the 2nd half of this video painting. *(Frustrated) So I'll do a new one with the next painting.


Dusk Sketch

Tue Aug 15 07:00:07 2017

How I imagine Dusk in anthro form ^.^


Picture Poll

Mon Aug 14 16:47:04 2017

In a threesome, which Lycanroc you wish to see being sandwiched and pounded in the middle? :D


August Theme + Updates

Mon Aug 14 14:35:41 2017


Just wanted to share some good news, I've finally manage to free up some schedule and will be going full steam again. so August month will resume.

For August theme, I really wanted to work back on the Pokemon Lycanroc theme again, including dusk :3 so here is a teaser. I've also recorded the full painting video. (This piece posted) It will also have the naked version at the end of month.

It is my take on midnight being a little more muscular version.

Some personal thoughts here. I wanted to say, because of the support here on patreon from you all, I've been able to practice more on painting and arts, without subjecting to doing more odd freelance. Also been taking lesser freelance because as some of you guys know my health wasn't too good the last few months from over working, so I forced myself to take more breaks, and there was a lapse in delivery.

So thank you for the help and patience.


July Charge Paused + Arcanine WIP

Sun Jul 30 07:16:57 2017

Hi there,

I have "Paused" July's charge. You won't be charge on 1st August for the month of July. This is partly to let me recuperate on my health, schedule balancing and catch up on outstanding work. I am slowly getting back on pace.

Here is a preview on the Arcanine painting I'm working on.


Arcanine in speedo

Sat Jul 15 10:43:11 2017

Just showing some wip for the arts.
This was for May's speedo theme. I'll update with more progress as I go.

I'll be pausing this month July charge. For myself to catch up on previous months art that I'm behind.

So Patrons won't be charge for this month July.


Patreon Paused for June Month.

Wed Jun 28 19:49:14 2017

Hi all,

I have 'paused' Patreon for this month, so you won't be charged on the 1st July for the content of June. I'll continue to pause the charge for 1-2 months, or however long it may take for me to catch up.
This means that you don't have to worry about being charged without receiving anything next. And you can still leave your pledge. I think this works for the best for now.

This allows me to get back all the outstanding patreon packages that I have not delivered and still working on them. So I won't feel like I'm cheating people's money for not delivery new contents.

Thank you for your understanding. I'm taking in less free-lance work right now sadly (as it affects my income) but I have to re-balance my health and with better schedule for work first.


Wed Jun 14 16:10:17 2017

Hi everyone, just an update here.

Sorry for the lapse in response, these few months I was overworked and just last week I fainted from lack of sleep. Right now I'm having 2 weeks off from part-time work. I'll use this time to catch up with arts and patreon.

I have received a lot of messages, and I'll refund back for those who have asked right now immediately. Sorry for the lack of updates and disappointing your pledge. I'll still be continuing with finishing all outstanding and future rewards and deliver them. So some time I can catch up.


May Teaser Part2

Sun May 14 16:28:55 2017

[Swimming Safety Tips 2] Always make sure swim suit is of good material to prevent tentacles from ripping them apart & entering your behind.

I wanted to do a series of public swimming safety tips~ The next 2 pieces is already planned and in the making, hope to share more soon. Thank you for liking it so far~!


May Teaser

Thu May 11 14:27:29 2017

May Package idea was planned to be swim/speedos theme that I wanted to do lately. I have this teaser preview. The rest are in the sketch phase that I will share soon. Hope you guys will enjoy them!


Upated and Lapse

Thu May 11 13:58:42 2017

Hi everyone,
I apologize for this long month of absence. I was stretched thin with my part-time job and got caught up with other life problems that I was trying to manage. To strike a balance, I had to sacrifice other things and time.

I am lapse behind with March and April packs. (together with the outstanding packs I owe) The files are here but I need some time to fix the mistakes before I can send them out. I think I didn't handle everything so smoothly. I have to get back to the notes that I have received. If it's regarding the March and April packages, I can only ask you for your patience and time. Otherwise I can only do a refund for you. Please let me know.

Thank you so much till now. I hope to get everything sorted out asap.


[Shower Time] March Preview

Thu Mar 30 16:04:55 2017

Snow relaxing in the bath and waiting for someone to clean him up :P
This one includes the •Psd •Steps •High Ress •Erotic + FULL VIDEO PROCESS of the painting from start to finish~ ^.^


[Garmr Milked] March Package Preview

Mon Mar 27 17:01:17 2017

This one includes the •Psd •Steps •High Ress •Erotic +Milking versions~ ^.^ we know sooner or later this will happen to him :P


Garmr Milked Sketch [Preview]

Sun Mar 26 17:13:13 2017

We knew sooner or later, his friends Bathym and Snow are going to do this to him. : P
Preview for March Package~


[Bathym Chained] March Preview

Sat Mar 25 11:29:37 2017

Here is the preview for March Package~ I have done Bathym being captured in a tight situation theme.

It will include: PSD, STEPS, Undress Erotic versions.


[March Teaser]

Fri Mar 24 10:21:51 2017

Sketch preview of march package.
Bathym x Garmr x Snow


March Threesome Poll

Thu Mar 23 05:31:23 2017

I'll be planning to do one complex threesome painting again for this month's package. Your preference will determine which character will take the lead ^.^
Who do you prefer to be the TOP. I'll assume the least voted character will take the bottom. (maybe spit roasted) : P

[March Preview] Bathym

Thu Mar 23 05:28:47 2017

A little sketch teaser of Bathym~ looks like he is in a tight situation now : P


[Vote Results] March

Tue Mar 21 03:23:44 2017

Here are the winners for March votings~ Thank you for participating.
It seems like people are interested in the newer characters this round.
So hope to share some previous with you all soon! :3


[March Voting]

Thu Mar 16 20:45:10 2017

I decided to do Tokyo Afterschool Summoners for one more month, as there were people who missed the last month and wanted the package.

But I've replaced some of the characters that got the least votes with 3 new ones.

I'll tally the results on the 20th March. If you are interested, please show your vote!


Character_Voting_copy.jpg Character_Voting_copy.jpg

[February Package Sent]

Thu Mar 16 19:36:45 2017

Hi all~!
For those supporting February package, I have just sent out~
Please let me know if you have any issues, & thank you for the support so far~
I hope you like them.

Also I have still outstanding package to do for previous month which I'm working on now. I'll get back to your messages T.T


Kamui x Managarmr x Nomad

Mon Feb 27 18:32:31 2017

Another update for the Feburary Package to come!
This is the result from the voting base on the most preference.

Pledgers $10 & above will recieved the Full resolution + NSFW + Alternate versions + Steps.

$15 above will recieve the additional PSD working files.

Thank you all for the support!
Also there is another final Managarmr picture I am working on for this package that you will also get :3


[FEB] Package Sketch Preview

Sat Feb 25 14:42:34 2017

Based on the polls, threesome got the most votes. I havn't done many 3 characters before so here is one try. Hope you will like the final painting when finished!


[FEB] Kamui Teaser

Fri Feb 24 08:47:16 2017

Another wip preview for Feburary Package!
This piece will come with the full painting video process from start to finished as well.


[Poll] February Preference

Thu Feb 23 06:36:06 2017

The 4th picture of this month package. I would try to make it more complex/detailed painting.

Seeing what you guys might like to see most.

Feburary Package Preview

Wed Feb 22 15:12:03 2017

Here is a preview for 1/4 of the Feburary Package. There will be a NSFW version for this piece as well as painting steps.

Will post another teaser soon!


FEB Votings Results are out!

Fri Feb 10 07:09:17 2017

Winner - HorkeuKamui
2nd - Managarmr and Nomad cutting it close at 3rd place :3

Thank you all for the participation!
You will see some drafts next.


Question (Regarding Posting)

Mon Feb 6 15:43:59 2017

Hi all, I would like to first find out what you think and your opinions base on your experience/thoughts and as my Patrons here before I do anything.

I started this Patreon last year February 2016. I'm thinking of posting/sharing up some of the older pictures onto my gallery in FA/Twitter, But they will be limited to low-ress and underwear versions.

I will still retain the psd/steps/high ress/nsfw/videos versions exclusive on Patreon.
I'm wondering what do you feel about it, is it unfair since you have pledged a certain amount, and what might you expect. Is there anything I can consider doing better way? I've been looking at how other artists are managing and everyone has their own methods, some share their Patreon materials after a month, some totally don't. So I'm not very sure if me posting some old low ress pictures from here, will anyone feel mad/unfair about it?

Thanks for the time and thoughts! I appreciate your feedbacks if you have any before I post. I'll consider your opinions and what you think a good balance should be.


Zabivaka (WIP)

Sun Feb 5 20:06:31 2017

For those waiting on the Zabivaka package, here are some of the WIPS.
If you need to be the world best player, you got to have a great (Tiger) coach to train you :3


Download Link issues

Sat Feb 4 15:40:41 2017

Hi all, I've just got notified that my dropbox link got overwhelm with traffic and they sent me an e-mail sayings it will be temporary down. I'm not sure how long it usually takes to refresh itself? Does anyone familiar, In the meantime I need to find alternate more reliable free server to upload my materials and package.

I've tried MEGA in the past but people have told me they have bandwidth issues after a while and cannot download the links I sent out.

So may I ask if anyone could recommend some more stable server, or anyone who is experience knows what other artist use?


Bonus pic

Sat Feb 4 14:44:26 2017

Hi all, because of all the delays, I did this extra Lycanroc pic which is sent out for the September Pack. Hope you like it~ some of you might have seen it during the Picarto live stream of it.


Cast you Votes for Feburary Theme!

Sat Feb 4 08:20:18 2017

Hi all!
I've decided to bring back the VOTINGS again to see that you might like to be drawn. With the latest popularity of characters from "Tokyo Afterschool Summoners"
Please show which characters you like to see painted most! (likely in lewd and bulgy situations :3 )

I'll tally up the results on the 10th FEB and ranked them to see who is the winning character.

Hope you will like this month theme and participate.



Package Sent

Sat Feb 4 08:13:31 2017

I have sent out the package for September 2016 [overdue...] You will find the dowload dropbox link in your message. While I'm still trying to catch up everyday, thank you still for the support. T.T

I've included a bonus Lycanroc illustration in the package as a thank you and apologize for the lateness.
Let me know if you have any feedbacks or issues.




Tue Jan 10 03:09:17 2017

Hi all,

I am preparing to send out the December package, expecting Christmas theme ^.^

My plan is to work from the current month and the last outstanding month, so I can catch up eventually without delaying the new patrons. This way I need to work twice as hard to create all the arts.

This was what I had in stall for the previous months patrons:

Septemeber: Pokemon theme
Oct: Zabivaka
Nov: Ricardo Welkin from ReZero Anime.
Dec: Christmas

I recieved many who has already deleted their patrons pledge. So I appreciate so far the many who are still here, despite my setback. allowing me to continue creating and exploring the illustrations, and improving my crafts. You do not know how much this means to me a great deal. So thank you for the patience.

I recieved some advice to work on communication more, so I will update more often from now on.




Bonus Painting

Thu Dec 22 17:40:52 2016

Because of the lack of updates and huge delays. I'm adding in this extra 5th painting that I'm painting right now into the package for September before sending it out.
I'm not really happy how I performed and I'm constantly feeling bad to my patrons here, especially my new supporters. I don't have this huge delay before but I can only pick up where I left off.

Again, I apologize, if anyone wishes a refund, kindly let me know. I can understand.

I have the next few months of themes already planned up long ago. It includes Zabivaka and wolf from Re:Zero anime. Hoepfully bring back the votings again.


Lycanroc Midnight

Thu Dec 22 13:27:50 2016

This was for Sep theme of lycanrocs, which will be sent out next~



Thu Dec 22 07:47:33 2016

Hi, I have been slowly managing to get back on pace. There is still alot to do but I want to make sure that all is done well and sent out.
I'm also tending to all your messages I have recieved, and reply all.

I know these 3 months from august I did terribly, and I did not manage to do arts as I was going through a relationship breakup...

If you wish to have a refund for the long wait, please let me know and I'll tend to it right away. Sorry for the trouble. I am honestly shock that many still stayed on to support me regardless. So I am very grateful. I will make sure the arts will be done and hope you will like them!

I have just sent out the package for August & I have september package ready soon. So I'll post another update soon.



Did someone say he is cold?

Fri Nov 18 17:29:45 2016

Just a little something extra ^.^


Update (Back from the dead)

Thu Nov 17 00:38:38 2016

Hi all, I deeply apologize for the delay, the personal set back I have in august took longer than I would like to to get back on my feet and catch up with all work. I calculated I am 1.5months behind schedule.... when I couldn't do any production. Finally I have picked up where I left & cleared some projects.

As a thank you for the patience, you will find an extra piece of this Incineroar (with a NSFW version) in the packs I just did for those who are waiting for them.

I am going to send out packs for august. For september & october, I would need just a little more time. I promise to not miss out anything as I don't want to compromis any quality.

But for anyone who may not be satisfied and wishes a refund, I understand and please let me know.

I hope to be able to share more, I will get back to your notes asap. I have quite a number in the message boxes.



September Theme

Wed Sep 28 17:19:57 2016



Wed Sep 28 17:11:14 2016

Hi all,

Thank you for the patience... this month has got to be the worst setback for me as I was going through some rough patch. So I couldn't get any production for a period of time. This is an update that I'm preparing to send out August materials very soon, you will find some more Arcanine in them ^.^ (Above)

I have received a lot of messages, which I'm going through one by one now to reply.
Give me some time to get back asap.

Thank you,



A slight Delay

Mon Sep 12 23:49:11 2016

Hi all, just wanted to say that the package will be delivered slightly late for August month. As I wasn't feeling well the past 2 weeks.
But I promise to send to you the package, without fail and no compromise on quality. I just need some time. Thank you for the understanding.

Question regarding Past Package using Gumroad

Mon Sep 5 05:54:54 2016

I have been receiving more requests about obtaining the previous months packages. I've done it manually, so it has been slow to handle all the increasing interests.

I'm considering and preparing all the previous month packages through using "GumRoad"

Has anyone used that before? I figure I will give that a try if it proves to be efficient
For those who have sent me notes/messages on this matter. Please give me a while to sort this out. I have 6 months worth of illustrations, and once I out it out clearly, it might be easier for all to preview and decide.

Thank you!

September Discount

Mon Sep 5 05:42:14 2016

Hi all, as promised., I have initiated the price reduction for Pledges.
And introduce the Tiers to better match and give more flexibility to what contents you might like to pledge.

As such Tier 2 ' Boy Shorts' Package will have all NSFW alternate versions.

There are total of 4 Tiers now.
Tier 1 - $5 + High Ress SFW version
Tier 2 - $10 + High Ress NSFW Alternate version, Step by step.
Tier 3 - $15 + PSD Layer files
Tier 4 - $20 + Painting Video Process

You may remain without changes to your pledge as there is only more rewards given with the same amount. Or you can decide to revised your pledge amount this month base on what you may like.

I hope that this current price will make a difference in allowing more people to view the package, also it is possible with all your support so far and previous patrons, I know who your are! Thank you for following thus far.

*New: There will be a little bonus, which I will post up soon for this month. :3



August Teaser

Mon Aug 29 07:14:05 2016

Hi all, this is a August Teaser for this month~ will also include the full painting video for this illustration of Luxray VS Arcanine. Clearly we have a winner :D

Pokemon pack.

I just got back home from a vacation and will resume all work and also catch up on messages that I have receive in the mailbox. I'll reply back asap!

Hope you all will like this month package.


August Update

Fri Aug 19 02:28:01 2016

Hi all, I'm on a little vacation break for a few days from overworking myself. So this month teasers will be release a little later but I've decided to do a second series of 'Pokemon' I've been recieving alot of nice comments on them and to do more. So I've started planning out my pictures, just waiting to be started once I get back.
Thanks for the patience!


Sun Aug 14 13:09:52 2016

You should be seeing Mightyena in the July Package as well :3


July Package sent out!

Sun Aug 14 12:35:27 2016

I have sent out the download link to the July Package. You should see it in your message. Huge file again with some alternate variations I added in ^.^ Hope you will like them and the Theme "Gotta Catch Em aLL" and again do let me know if you have any feedbacks and comments, I do take note of all of them and try to make each package better.



MightYena Next

Sat Jul 30 04:21:03 2016

Some are asking what's next on the Package, I have added Mightyena~ :D new in the Pokemon Go.Although I do not have Pokemon Go here yet, but I thought it will be nice to do him. heh.
*edit, it's not introuduce into Pokemon Go yet I realized, but still will be doing it :P


[July Package] Teaser

Fri Jul 29 06:49:05 2016

Care for your pokemon after battle :3


July Teaser (Pokemon Theme)

Tue Jul 26 10:52:40 2016

Little teaser if you pledge for this month's package which is Pokemon themed and spoof ^.^

I have also recorded the full entire painting of this picture which took 7 hours.


June Video Process

Mon Jul 25 19:41:25 2016

Video painting process for "Got Milk" was sent out~

You should have receive the download link for the entire video.

(518MB) 1280x720. 40mins long.

Hope you enjoy it.



Painting Process of 'Sheng Long'

Sun Jul 24 17:18:44 2016

You would have receive a message for the video download process of 'Sheng Long'.
It was a 3 hours painting, compress into a 30mins, video. 1280x720 mpeg (472MB)
Hope you enjoy it~!



Tier price reductions, your thoughts?

Sun Jul 24 06:33:49 2016

Hi all, I've been thinking through this a lot and wish to share with you and maybe gather some of your feedbacks.

I am planning to reduce the price for each Tier, offering the rewards for at a much more affordable price, and making the adult contents more accessible and less exclusive for everyone.
The reduced price plans are:

I believe people wish to get the adult versions, and I wish to share more arts with all, instead of making it $20 exclusive, I will reduce it to half price by $10.

For the tutorials and videos, those will come with higher Tiers as an option if anyone are more keen. I feel that this won't force people to pledge the $20 just to recieve the adult version, I think it is a little pricey.

I will also put change into action starting August next month. I'll make an announcement so you can adjust your Tier pledge or remain the same for August onwards. I'll be adding in bonus sketch raffles of your character eventually into the Tiers as a reward and thank you for the pledges.

What do you think of this decision? Any feedback please feel free to let me know.


Zootopia Painting Video

Sun Jul 24 06:28:59 2016

I have a video for those who pledge for the Zootopia package~!
It is 3 hours painting compressed into a 45mins video. (587MB file size)
You would have received the link to the download in your note.

Hope you will like it~! ^.^

Expect a influx of the rest of the other videos shortly!



June Package Preview

Wed Jul 20 15:28:31 2016

I have been getting requests from many who wish to get the earlier packs and wanted some previews. So I'll compile them and upload samples for each month, for the convenience for anyone who might have missed out.
So here was the June's previews.
I'll do that for March-April-May shortly. Stay tuned!


June Package sent out!

Wed Jul 20 15:23:37 2016

I have just sent out package for all June content and you would have received a download link for the files. It is a huge file with all the psd, steps process, alternates versions NSFW for the full tier.

If anyone have any issues and did not receive the files, please let me know! Again thank you for the support, I hope you will enjoy them. I tried to create the best painting I can with each piece.
Please wait for the videos to be done and I'll share them with you as soon as possible with the best quality.



Updates on May Contents

Sun Jun 26 15:37:57 2016

For overdue May package content, I've finished all and will be sending to you all by tonight. Thank you for the understanding, This month I have a big change in my job schedule and was extremely busy getting with little free time to do arts.

I am sorry for the delay, as much as I hate to be late.

It has been settled now and I'll send out all arts as promised. And it will be my best effort and quality each piece. The art will not be compromise, however I ask for your wait and thank you so far for all the support!


[June Teaser] Day Dreaming Cat

Sun Jun 26 15:32:20 2016

This month June Package Preview!

For full Tier 3,

It includes this illustration:

-SFW and NSFW Alternate naked version

-PSD, all layers.

-Full Video Process (3 hours of painting)


Thank you for the patience and wait! I'm finally catching up on production of arts with my new schedule.


Got Milk? June Preview

Sun Jun 19 00:19:13 2016

For this month June, I decided to do a series of more light hearted, right at home feel, portraying daily lives. Something we might all relate to. It's a break from all the fantasy warrior theme ^.^ I hope you will all enjoy it.

For June Package includes this:

-PSD files layers.

-Full video process in this painting, hours of footage.

-NSFW alternate version



New Patreon Video Intro

Sat Jun 18 12:45:14 2016

I've created a new patreon video intro. ^.^

Doing it as a practice, been spending a lot of time learning adobe premiere, and I've recorded hours of painting process videos to share with all my existing patrons. Now I'm slightly more confident to record and put them together with more consistency.
I had quite a bit of trouble in the first video, and I realize the sizing wasn't fixed properly and quality wasn't that good.

Tekken - King

Sat Jun 18 12:39:29 2016

Finally slowly catching up on all arts.
This is for May Pledgers. Theme "Game Characters - Blast from the past"

In this 'Package' you will recieve:

- High Ress NSF/NSWF Version

- PSD files

- Steps

- Video Process

Thank you all for the patience. This week is my transition at my office job, thus having alot to adjust to new schedule. But I'm slowly working it out.



Wed Jun 15 07:34:30 2016


As promised, I've put together the bonus painting video process of the artworks for those who pledge Tier 3 for any of the months. I spent hours in my free time reading up tutorials and learning how to use Adobe Premiere. (I'm a noob at video editing, never have done it before) So I had to spend a lot of time trying to figure it out. Finally I can say I grasp the basics to put together my recordings to an acceptable presentation.

What you will receive (For those who pledge Tier 3 in past month)

I apologize for the delay, I'm behind schedule to send out May's 'Game Character Theme' content. That will be done soon. (Those who have pm me, I have yet to send out the package)

Also for those who may have missed out the previous month content and wished to get them, you may pm me to arrange.

I hope that now I have manage the video editing, I can get back on track with schedule to deliver the arts. And this time with even better quality. I would like to keep pushing my skills more. What the patreon support helps in every way and I wish to produce more to share with everyone.

Thank you for the patience, I'll be getting back to your questions if you have any, feel free to pm me.



June Update

Wed Jun 1 16:45:17 2016

Hello all~
Just some thoughts to share, while working hard to get the materials prepared to be sent out to everyone around 7th-10th June.
Thank you for the continuous support for me in this contents. I will keep continue to push quality and create better ones. I also would wish any feedbacks if you may have, good or bad, things to improve, or wish you see more if I can capable to create.

If this becomes more stable, I am continuing to keep thinking of offering more arts while keeping the pledge amount the same or even lesser in the future.
So that pledgers will find it is easier to get more without burning your pockets. I also noticed that many pledgers are spreading their money supporting across a few other artists. I think that is a very pleasant thought. I would want you to get the most out of my arts as well.

In this period I would be thinking of ways to refine everything more, Tiers, price, contents and rewards. In this short span of time, I am surprise to receive many kind words and allowed me to explore in this area more. Even if it is not pledging, I still appreciate it.

Hope you will like the latest series and share more with you.
Thank you,


[WIP] Duga

Fri May 27 08:41:26 2016

I am recording this painting, from the start, line sketch phase onwards.

I'll be editing all the videos so I can send out together with the May month content for those who pledge for the 3rd Tier.
That is hours of full length videos :O
Thank you for all the patience! Let me know of any feedbacks and what can be improved here on this Patreon. ^.^


[Shen Long] Teaser NSFW

Fri May 27 05:38:45 2016

The naked version teaser, I made a few alternate versions for this...Torn clothes, normal bulge, and *ahem his "Long" bulge :P

*This post is visible for Tier 3 only ^.^


May Preview

Thu May 26 12:55:32 2016

Here is the preview for Sheng Long that will be given out~
I recorded the 2-3 hours of painting video and it will be sent out together.

This one has the ahem pantless NSFW versions off course, psd files, and Steps (usually around 10 - 15) progress pictures I saved throughout the painting.

I did a few alternate versions for this piece that you may find in the final.

Hope you all like it~ ^.^



Mon May 23 14:55:57 2016

[Shen Long] This is how usually how my sketches are like when I brainstorm poses. I did about 8-10 roughs before I chose this.
My sketches are usually very messy like this, but it is how I paint from here on wards. My lines are not as clean as others... but hope you will like the finish ^.^


WIP [Red Savarin]

Sun May 22 18:55:57 2016

Sharing a little WIP of how Red Savarin painting is going ^.^ I'm trying to get his design as accurate as possible and also my style take on an anime games character. Hope to share the final and the rest very soon! :D


Red Savarin Teaser

Fri May 20 23:53:32 2016

Sketch of Red Savarin ^.^ It is my first time drawing him, and very rare times I draw of a more anime game character. It will have a ... ehem* more pantless version off course :3


May Vote Results!

Fri May 20 23:48:52 2016

Here are the TOP 4 winners, most popular goes to Red Savarin!
All 4 will be drawn with SFW & NSFW versions :3


May Theme Voting: Game Chactacters

Sun May 15 16:28:11 2016

Hi all, I mention before I would like to include voting to this month's theme 'Game Characters' Blast from the Past.

The lists of characters are out~ if you like to participate, just leave your comments below in this thread! Base on your pledge tier, your voting power increases, so this means your votes will have a bigger say on what you would like to see~ ^.^
Feel free to ask any questions if unsure. I'm excited to see what you might like!
Happy Voting


Art practise stream

Fri May 13 14:23:06 2016

Doing some art practise stream tonight if anyone wants to join,

Starts in 20mins.


April Package Sent

Tue May 10 18:05:01 2016

Hi everyone~ ^.^

I have sent out the April Package contents~ through PM, you will receive the link for the downloads. April month was more soldier medieval theme as I was watching a lot of Game of Thrones. >.<

For the Full Tier 3 you will received:




For the videos, I would request a bit more time to deliver to you... as I'm still new to doing the video edits. I have recorded the entire many hours of painting process and need more time to edit and compress them. I will send them out asap as another link. Hope for your patience... >.<

If you have any issues with the downloads, please let me know!

I hope you enjoy them, and I'm always happy to hear any comments.

Thank you~



NSFW Preview for Patrons [April]

Sat Apr 30 07:24:43 2016

Just a little tease :3


April Content Teaser

Sat Apr 30 07:19:21 2016

April content will be sent out early 3rd-10th May. Through PM, you will receive a link for download in a organized zip folder.

Hope you will like them!

NSFW Preview


MAY Theme

Fri Apr 29 20:24:24 2016

While waiting to share all the April Arts with you all soon. I have also decided on next month's Theme~ "Blast from the Past: Arcade characters"
I will introduce voting power, so everyone can have a little input on what they might like to see.

April Content

Thu Apr 28 22:35:14 2016

Together with the rest of the materials,

It will also include this 1 hour painting video. To show the creation process, from Line Art - Tonal - Colours - Refinement - Finish.
Patrons will get the NSFW full body version too.

With my new planned schedule, I am able to dedicate more time to Patreon contents, if the support is enough, I will then be able to fully create much more.

Eventually I would like to allow votings, including free sketch raffles for Patrons reaching certain amount, as appreciation.

Until then I will be constantly churning out artworks as best as I can.

Thank you for the patience!



[WIP] Royal Guard

Tue Apr 26 16:46:41 2016

If there is a King, then there needs to be well bodied royal guard. But here he is just striped off his armour and relaxing in the quiet night.
This will be part of this month April content rewards~
There will be Step by Step images of this piece together with the PSD file for Patrons. :D
If you like what you see, let me know what you think!



[WIP] Knight

Sun Apr 24 09:05:03 2016

[April] A wip of a current painting. In the theme of the previous picture of 'Service ot the King' ^.^
Will share more soon! The video painting of this will be recorded and release as part of the rewards.



April Rewards

Sat Apr 23 18:08:23 2016

Hi all~!
Here is a Teaser for April. Previews of the rest of the contents will be reveal soon~
I will sent out the contents in a Zip file once April is charged ^.^
For people pledging the full Tier 3.

You will receive in this Pack including this picture:

Thank you all for the support and patience!


March Rewards Sent

Sun Apr 17 09:23:14 2016

I have sent out March Rewards to your PM, let me know if you did not receive them.
It includes:


March Rewards

Wed Apr 6 08:43:53 2016

I'm rolling out March Rewards for Patreons soon! Because of the delay, I'm compensating with a little extra video process.

You will be getting :

Thank you for the support and patience. The delay was due to work changes and schedule, but I'll soon be dedicating more time to produce artworks, commissions and also tidy up Patreon to give more rewards for the amount supported,

I would like to hear any feedbacks on what you would like to see for the amount you are paying. I'll see what I can do!



April updates

Mon Apr 4 10:17:32 2016

To my Patreons, I wish to let you know that I am working on delivering the updates for March and has been slightly delayed. Which I'll do my best to deliver the content.
Thank you for the patience and if you are concerned. I am not running away, but making some huge change in my job.

I'll soon be able to do a full-time art and produce more. Please stay tune!



Sat Mar 19 03:08:09 2016

One of my recent Sketchbook page.


Sketchbook Page

Thu Mar 17 17:06:37 2016

A new pencil sketch I did tonight. Been awhile
since I did some traditional drawings.


Art Streaming

Wed Mar 16 14:34:38 2016

Join me in my art stream in 10 mins~


Early Preview

Wed Mar 16 10:12:28 2016

[WIP] Early preview for 2017 Calendar "Samurai" Have been working on this idea for the past few months. If you have dropped by my stream few days ago, I have also showed some of the initial sketches for the first time.

Hope to share more soon and thanks for the support!


Art sketch from streaming

Mon Mar 14 00:26:43 2016

These are sketches from yesterday's Picarto art stream. If anyone

missed out. Will be finishing it and compiling into a painting process



Stream Art

Mon Mar 14 00:23:36 2016

These are sketches from yesterday's Picarto art stream. If anyone missed out. Will be finishing it and compiling into a painting process series.


Picarto Art Stream Now

Thu Mar 10 09:14:07 2016

Join me if you are around!



Thu Mar 3 01:33:22 2016

A little preview of whats to come. Thank you for all the kind words and support!



Mon Feb 29 17:20:12 2016

Hi everyone, I'm really in awe that within a few days, there are already so many people pledging... Even though it was already end of Feb when I announced this. For that I'm planning to work on a new piece of exclusive Art for my Patrons. Thanks alot, no matter how big or small amount. I appreciate your support.
Stay Tune!
I welcome any feedbacks if you have, feel free to message me ^. ^

'Underwear Sherrif Tier'

Sun Feb 28 17:23:55 2016

I have added a 'Underwear Sherrif Tier' for the rewards. :3

Rewards Tier!

Sun Feb 28 16:15:46 2016

I'm adding and adjusting the rewards Tier increments to better suit the art creations.

[WIP] Rocker Dog

Sun Feb 28 14:31:48 2016

This is to see if the $5 Tier is able to preview this ^.^


Work in Progress Previews

Sun Feb 28 14:24:27 2016

For my patreons supporters, I'll be able to share more wips and sketches that I don't normally posts up in early stages. So you will be the first to get a glimpse on the projects I may be working on.

Hope you will enjoy it~! Feel free to let me know what you would like more.
Thank you for the support!



Welcome! *Chirps!

Sun Feb 28 13:38:31 2016

Hi, Welcome to my Patreon! This is the beginning of the posts, this is all new to me, hope to share more with you very soon~!