WIP Climbing Bear Mountain

Mon Aug 10 06:28:39 2020

Fun little personal piece that I thought up of a streams ago and wanted to pursue it. Really loving where it's at!


WIP Urshifu Play

Mon Jul 27 21:57:03 2020

I like to try and do something fun and random at the ends of my stream, kind of like a cool down lap. Today some suggestions were for Urshifu giving a Foot job to a trainer. Something to finish during free times. :)


Monday Stream!

Mon Jul 27 18:22:55 2020

Just having some fun in stream today little bit of work and some personal stuff!



Further Doodled

Wed Jul 22 17:32:13 2020

Refined this from a while ago, still not happy with the camera angle, but the anatomy and figures are really pleasant to look at. I'll have another go at this one day with a more story driven camera angle. ^^


Live Streaming Today!

Tue Jul 21 17:09:30 2020

Going to live stream today while I work on commission and Patreon work! Come join and say hi. :)



Tue Jul 14 16:56:50 2020

Getting to work on some Bowser fan characters for a commission! Adorable stuff!



Mon Jun 29 19:07:05 2020

I'm finally going to dedicate some time to making myself some stickers! So here's a little WIP.


Another Round up!

Wed Jun 3 18:35:14 2020

Just a bunch of more sketches done in the last week or so. :) Most of them are short studies, roughly 1-2 minutes long.


Wip something something

Tue Jun 2 14:26:11 2020

Had a fun adventure party idea with Cath protecting Emmet while he prepares a scary spell attack. Probably painting it in a few more days.

photo_2020-05-13_09-12-42.jpg photo_2020-05-13_09-12-42.jpg CE_DragonHunting.jpg

Paw Day and Butt

Wed May 20 23:22:16 2020

Posting my tribute to Paw Day today! This was a really fun personal piece that started because someone in the stream had asked me if I was going to put anything towards for. So here was my contribution! Also left in a little bit of process... if any of you can understand it.

These are my two Ulterion God boys. Who at times have to have to keep a little bit of a mortal routine. Sometimes (Pretty much all the time.) the parlor is cleaned using their powers and rarely ever do they have to put in a little elbow grease just for show. So why not pretend to clean the floor in the nude? Cath doesn't mind if the window shades aren't fully drawn for the night... buuuut Emmet most definitely does.

Pawday_CathEmmet_RoughSketch.png Pawday_CathEmmet_RoughSketch.png Pawday_CathEmmetLR.png Pawday_CathEmmetValuesChar.png

Commission WIP

Tue May 19 18:48:35 2020

Little WIP for a commission I'm working on. Still have to lighten his fur and make the background more clear!


Weekly sketch round up.

Sat May 16 16:37:12 2020

Maybe trying something new. A weekend post of some sketches I did throughout the week.

IMG_0341.jpg IMG_0342.jpg IMG_0347.jpg IMG_0349.jpg

[Commission] Size Match

Sat May 2 04:31:11 2020

Overly large bear and small wolf have a wrestling match. :)


Personal Gift!

Sat May 2 04:25:03 2020

Fun and cute piece I did for a friend as a birthday gift back on the 29th! The idea is of a scientist and his lab made companion heading up to the moon to help establish a colony.


Commission Sketches

Thu Apr 9 19:02:24 2020

Had a bunch of roughs to give a commissioner! We ended up going with A, but I think I'm going to take C and do something with it.


Above the Abyss

Sun Mar 22 04:50:18 2020

Dancing beneath the waves and above the abyss, two loving Ulterion Gods (Gods who are meant to be hidden among mortals... I made it up.) delightfully skinny dip in some deep exotic waters. Knowing the mortals never venture far into ocean waters alone, the two could peacefully enjoy the naked touch of the other.


WIP Personal piece

Thu Mar 19 03:09:41 2020

Have a personal piece I started working on the other day for fun. Inspired by a fun stream idea of "date night." But since my boys are both Ulterion Gods (Gods meant to be hidden.) I thought it would be fun to have them deep in the water somewhere enjoying one another.


WIP Cath and Emmet at Work

Fri Feb 28 01:28:52 2020

Have some fun WIP art pieces collecting up. I want to finish this, but there are some other things I'm enjoying at the moment.



Fri Feb 14 09:04:11 2020

Another TIMELAPSE video!

Password: ICECREAM

Cathricorn Renders

Mon Feb 3 00:44:32 2020

Two style of Renders for the upcoming commission sheet. Hoping to get something out tomorrow, need to get the specifics out next.

Cathricorn.jpg Cathricorn.jpg Cathricorn_Render.jpg

TL Furry Gestures

Fri Jan 31 20:46:02 2020

Quick time lapse of the 4 fellas I sketch’d and painted.

1.jpg https_i.vimeocdn.com_filter_overlaysrc0https3A2F2Fi.vimeocdn.com2Fvideo2F851890573_1280x1803.jpgsrc1https3A2F2Ff.vimeocdn.com2Fimages_v62Fshare2Fplay_icon_overlay.png

Get Away Island!

Mon Jan 6 01:21:56 2020

Thank you Pudgybear for your support throughout my semester's of school and probably beyond! It's been wonderful working on your characters'! Lots of love!


Two cuties!

Fri Sep 20 01:26:27 2019

For Mr. Stroh the wolverine, of he and his sheppy boyfriend! They're adorable!


Boy and his Monster

Mon Sep 2 21:56:31 2019

Working on a visual board of a personal idea, I've been thinking of doing a comic for a awhile but instead I think I will just post some short "snap shot" like pieces. Not sure of the story for it yet, the idea of just exploring the world with a big beast companion sounds fun to me.


My Favorite Thing is Size Difference

Tue Jul 30 18:21:36 2019

Working on a commission that's featuring some size difference with a polar bear and a bunny and I'm so unf for it! Nearly finished, just waiting for some minor detail notes.


Raife WIP

Tue Jul 30 18:18:56 2019

Little head shot of Raife! Need to fix the eyes, want to have him feel more beasty like.


Commission Sketches!

Thu Jul 4 17:02:18 2019

Just a couple sketches for camera angles for a commission in progress! :D


WIP Family Portrait Sketch!

Mon Jul 1 18:16:54 2019

Working on a family portrait sketch, just need to get Emmet in there


Birb Sketch

Fri Jun 28 06:36:29 2019

Buff birb face.


Birthday Gift

Tue Jun 25 23:54:05 2019

Birthday gift for a friend of mine! A story idea he's had in mind for a while.


WIP Piece

Wed Jun 19 21:05:06 2019

Just a work in progress piece for a dear friend of mine.



Tue Jun 18 05:26:00 2019

Fun WIP of a thing that happened a bit ago and I was in school and unable to find the time to work on it. Won't make sense till I get the others done though.


Some Booooty Painten

Tue Jun 18 05:22:37 2019

Yap butts.



Tue Jun 18 05:22:06 2019

Patreon Reward for Stroh! Thank you for the love! <3


Lil Progress Shot

Fri May 24 15:23:20 2019

Just a shot of a project I'm working on for getting commissions started. Able to work on something personal as well as productive. :D


WorkFlow Shot

Sun May 12 16:51:41 2019

Little progress shot on how I typically work.


3 Bear Boys to Refine!

Fri May 3 19:15:22 2019

Starting with Dakota, chose the three that were most interesting to me and starting to refine them now. Starting with the first one on the left.


Divine Arch Character Sheet 1

Fri May 3 19:14:20 2019

Some main characters from my story I wrote several years and revived it towards a school project.


Gator Boy Incoming!

Fri Apr 26 00:01:29 2019

Destressing from other art with this art. Looking forward to seeing where this gator boy goes!

https_lh4.googleusercontent.com_wkwzr1szRS7H2bT6TIU0iwpVMe5dVluphY0yevzi_0UdJu4POZCl5yuPSEMw1200-h630-p (d)

[School] Compositions

Sun Feb 10 21:21:51 2019

First set of compositions for a pitch board. This will be the first of my projects I work on during my first senior semester. Another 6 more to go.


[School] Dragon and Rider Sketches

Sun Feb 10 21:19:39 2019

My 100 sketches for one of our projects at school. Dragon and Riders.


WIP Patreon sketch

Tue Jan 29 20:07:21 2019

Here's one of the sketches for my patreon reward tiers!


YokedCoder Commission

Tue Jan 29 03:43:19 2019

Commission for YokedCoder! He was allowing me to do some experiments with one of his characters!

This was meant to be one of the styles I was going to do for a commission sheet. But never finished getting around to making one over my break hehe. More likely for the summer.



Tue Jan 29 03:40:10 2019

A sketch request during one of my live streams.


King Raife

Mon Dec 24 01:23:57 2018

With Sketch. King Raife who will be featured in my comic. Used the time for designing a commission price sheet to do a character design as well.


Raife The Bear King (WIP)

Tue Dec 18 07:03:32 2018

Small quick piece, working on my characters for the comic I hope to be starting over my break.

This was a nice personal piece to work on during finals stress. Trying to keep my self motivated by doing something not work related.


Digital Painting Class Comp Sketches

Tue Nov 13 09:05:00 2018

10 of 15 comp sketches I have for my first painting in my Digital Painting class. I'll have to do a total of 45 comp sketches and 3 paintings by the end of this class. Looking forward to it though.

Adapting my Divine University story into a video game. :) Unfortunately leaving out all the naughty bits.


Intoxicated Stream Draw Session

Sun Nov 4 08:48:49 2018

Pretty much just drew naught porn... nothing new. Did a little edible experiment before starting this though. I really want the butts.

Monster Sculpting

Sat Nov 3 00:12:07 2018

Some recent stuff that I've been working on during my free time.

October High Tier Patreon rewards!

Wed Oct 31 19:16:16 2018

Featuring Bauer! Pudgybear's boar character! As the Horsemen of Famine!


October High Tier Patreon rewards!

Wed Oct 31 19:15:06 2018

Featuring Stroh the Wolverine! As the Horsemen of War!


October High Tier Patreon rewards!

Tue Oct 30 22:27:34 2018

Featuring good ol Dynewolf and his character Darius from the Extracurricular Activities Visual Novel!

Theme: Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Death


Bear Vs Fox (With Sketch)

Mon Oct 29 06:25:19 2018


What To Draw?

Thu Oct 18 21:24:20 2018

Interested in doing some warm up sketches but lately I’m not sure of what! Any of my patreon people have some ideas or want to send me a private DM that could end up in a sketch?

Icon_Sketch Version

Thu Oct 11 07:51:03 2018

Yup it is.


(School Related) More Photobashing

Thu Oct 11 07:35:30 2018

While this one felt less successful to me, here's another photobashing project. This time Killer Croc along the same 1920 and gangster era


(School Related) Photobashing

Thu Oct 11 07:34:39 2018

School project. Worked on photobashing, our assignment being batman. I went for a 1920's ww1ish era.


September Patreon! Second Wave!

Thu Oct 11 07:32:53 2018


Patreon Pieces for September First Wave

Fri Oct 5 20:13:04 2018


Patreon Sketches Rolling out.

Wed Sep 19 20:47:44 2018

Getting my September Sketches ready and rolled out. Should start painting probably starting next week.


Fun stream sketch.

Wed Aug 29 20:35:51 2018

Pretty cool sketch I got to work on during the stream the other day. Neither are my thing, but working the pose was pretty fun!


More WIP

Wed Aug 29 20:31:18 2018

Some more WIP of my final commission before the semester starts again.


August Patreon Reward sketches WIP

Fri Aug 17 17:20:02 2018

WIP of two of the four sketches for this month's Patreon rewards. Have the other two ready in a day or two then can start cleaning them up and coloring. The theme's gonna be this sort of tribal theme along with a little butt tease!


Commission wip!

Fri Aug 17 15:53:26 2018

Just a wip of the last commission for the summer. Sorry I haven't been posting as often guys! Need to get back into the daily post mojo! Enjoy this thhough!


Harley Commission

Fri Aug 17 15:49:18 2018

Commission completed for Harley, one of two of my final commissions before school starts up again.


Squid Hat

Mon Jul 30 17:42:48 2018

Fun but random painting done at the end of a stream.


Floaty Boy

Sun Jul 15 05:34:12 2018

Weird cool down doodle I did of a weird monster.



Sun Jul 15 05:33:22 2018

Commission WIP for Harley! Not working on porn this time. Nice change. ;D


Shark Doodles

Sun Jul 15 05:32:20 2018

Have a couple commissions coming up with sharks involved, so needed the practice.


Painting of Morton.

Wed Jul 11 01:54:21 2018

My big ol demon fella!


Personal Work

Mon Jul 2 05:44:59 2018

Landscape shot of an idea.


Personal Work

Mon Jul 2 05:44:22 2018

Working on a character redesign.


Commission wip

Sun Jun 10 18:13:57 2018

Another commission ready to paint. I love me some coaches.



Fri Jun 8 04:27:43 2018

Then a finished commission I had a while ago. For Pudgybear on FA. Love working on his bear.


Rough commission sketches

Fri Jun 8 04:26:51 2018


Wip Sketchies 2

Fri Jun 8 04:26:27 2018


Wip Sketchies

Fri Jun 8 04:26:02 2018


Elephant Butt

Thu May 24 22:49:34 2018

He's nearly finished. Going to take a break and look at him later.


Xhyra Commission

Tue May 22 22:28:12 2018

Commission for Xhyra, did a few effects on em for extra fun.


Caught ya! (Sketch)

Fri May 18 22:58:12 2018

WIP commission for Xyhra getting the line work fleshed out better. Struggled a bit hard with this guy, but it'll come along tomorrow.


Jacking it VR (Sketch)

Fri May 18 22:57:20 2018

Another sketch during the stream today. I want a VR set.


Sketch The Elephant Dad

Thu May 17 07:46:50 2018

What a good way to start off on commissions. Nice big ol butt.


Some doodle

Fri May 11 05:12:40 2018



Because... Finals

Fri Apr 27 06:46:19 2018

This is what I need during finals.


Dats a big cock.

Sun Apr 15 05:13:46 2018

Now plow me.


More Sketches

Sun Apr 15 05:13:06 2018

Getting stuff a posted. :D


I will find you.

Mon Apr 9 08:44:24 2018

"I know you're out there, I'm still looking. So hold tight and stay strong while I journey to you."

Present for an upcoming birthday for a really good friend of mine. It also allowed me to just take a break from the roughness of my semester and do something I enjoy doing.


Quick Sketch Bear 2

Thu Apr 5 08:37:39 2018


Quick Sketch Bear

Thu Apr 5 08:37:22 2018



Sat Mar 31 20:35:30 2018

Trex for my friends B-day.



Fri Mar 23 18:18:54 2018

Very random, I don't really expect to get some of you in here since I don't post super often as I should here. But thought I'd do it because I'm in the mood to post up a stream! Going to be working on school things, doing some world building for my post apocalypse world.

file.Untitled (d)


Wed Feb 28 02:09:29 2018

Bear cock.


Something... personal.

Wed Feb 28 02:09:03 2018



Some stress free art work.

Thu Feb 15 07:33:04 2018

For fun! :)



Tue Feb 6 00:00:21 2018


MHW Doodle

Tue Feb 6 00:00:07 2018

I call him Big Brother... probably in the future Big Daddy because of how much he watches over me and my friends when we go out and fight other monsters. :D


School stuff.

Wed Jan 31 07:14:37 2018

Worked on a character design of myself for my world building course. The right side is generally what I look like today, and left is what I would look like in a sort of dystopian future 30 days into it.


Sun Jan 14 02:27:39 2018

Worked with Jaysee on this one- he did the line drawing I worked the painting into it. It was fun and definitely something I could get into when school finishes! :D


Raahi Ref Commisssion

Fri Jan 5 20:19:58 2018

Finished a ref sheet for KrustyKobold! The character was pretty fun to work on. Never done some mech stuff with my work and this was pretty cool.


More WIP

Fri Jan 5 20:18:35 2018

Commission WIP! :D


Ref Sheet WIP

Mon Jan 1 22:18:13 2018

Working on a Reference commission! Really enjoyed working on the legs! Also I don't get to do a lot of lions so that was nice too!


Commission WIP

Tue Dec 26 05:59:04 2017

Starting on commissions to save up for some goodies! Starting with this one!



Sun Dec 24 02:25:17 2017

Quick studies today.


Part 3

Sat Dec 23 16:20:08 2017

And more to come as I’m again at the airport doing more.


Part 2

Sat Dec 23 16:19:26 2017


Sketches 1

Sat Dec 23 16:18:56 2017

Stuff doodles at the airport.


Painting Studies Day 3

Tue Dec 19 05:15:57 2017

Number 3


Painting Studies Day 2

Sun Dec 17 19:33:12 2017

Today was the second day for studies, so here's another one, little more than an hour.


Painting Studies Day 1

Sun Dec 17 19:32:43 2017

Going to try and get some painting studies everyday, spent a little more then an hour on this one.


November's Patreon!

Thu Dec 14 21:04:02 2017

For Mr. Cain and his dad character Stroh!

One day I'll get to meet you sir at a con! <3


Haulting on the 25$ Tier

Thu Dec 14 02:50:06 2017

Hey hey, I've spoken to all of you about stopping my 25$ tiers for my next semester. As I will be finishing up these last months pieces after that I will be closing on the tier at least until the summer.

My next semester is supposed to be a difficult one, and I'm already not posting enough as it is here, so to avoid some stress and complications in the future I'm going to hault on this for now.

Thank you Pudgybear, Cain, Kookeh and Anthony Green for supporting me! I really appreciate it guys!

PS if my next semester isn't too rough as I think it's going to be I'll make sure to put the tier back up, but for now thank you and adiu!

Hey Santa Bear

Thu Nov 30 04:30:48 2017

Putting out Patreon pieces for November.

featuring: Pudgybear!


Nudie Doodles

Tue Nov 28 01:11:00 2017


Creature WIP 2

Mon Nov 13 03:57:17 2017

Second of the four designs ready for school, still gotta design his habitat.


School WIP Creature 1!

Mon Nov 13 03:56:23 2017

Got my first creature done. Still have to work on his anatomy! 3 more to go.


October's Monster Line Up

Fri Nov 10 19:59:17 2017

Featuring YokedCoder and his Dracuuuuullleee Bear

He vants you to suck his cock!


October's Monster Line Up

Fri Nov 10 19:58:24 2017

This one's Featuring Cain! Spooky sexy werewolf!


Doodles 3

Fri Nov 10 19:57:16 2017

Even MORE!


Doodles 2

Fri Nov 10 19:56:46 2017

More doodling



Fri Nov 10 19:56:06 2017



Sat Oct 28 01:23:08 2017



Sat Oct 28 01:22:48 2017


Thundercat Redesign WIP

Thu Oct 19 19:56:44 2017

Another school project, that is suprisingly furry! Have to do a redesign for thundercats, I went Panthro and focused mostly in the head area and maybe some longer felin arm features. Probably going to redesign the armor too a little bit in the future.


I can't stop staring

Fri Oct 13 15:17:33 2017

No... I can't, because Stroh's got a nice ass. Featuring Cain's Character- Stroh for the September High Tier Theme!

I love drawing all these butts!


Buns on Buns

Fri Oct 13 15:16:27 2017

More booooooty! September's High Patreon Theme Featuring Elaz, I like eating my cake with more cake, okay?



Got his Good side

Fri Oct 13 15:15:12 2017

Porter's good side... I mean all of his sides are good but I'm just biased cause the butt! More Butt stuff for the Patreon High Tier.

Featuring Pudgybear and his polar bear Porter!


Some fun Buns!

Fri Oct 13 15:13:51 2017

Butts were the original theme of September's High Patreon Tier! This one's featuring YokedCoder!

Thanks for the patreonage buddy! <3


Bear Orc Hybrid

Fri Oct 13 15:13:02 2017

WIP of some more school stuff. :)



Thu Oct 12 20:57:07 2017

Been playing Shadow of War in my free time, and thought it appropriate to do something for Bruz.

Going to try and do more of these inkings, one a day would be nice but I doubt it would happen xD.


Second School Project Pegasus

Thu Oct 12 20:56:20 2017

Had to redesign the pegasus so his anatomy made a little more sense. Made mine out of an ostrich/secretary bird and horse.


Patreon Theme!

Thu Sep 28 20:24:20 2017

The patreon theme this month is going to be about asses. I want to draw asses.

That is all.

Centaur Redesign

Wed Sep 27 05:38:54 2017

First major school project. Whew!


Break time

Tue Sep 19 06:00:27 2017

Since I got my homework done I treated myself with this xD. This is ol Blue, not one of my official characters, but a bear I've used often in my old FA gallery.


Centuar work

Tue Sep 19 05:59:41 2017

After those silhouettes think I'm going to go with this centaur creature redesign. Flesh in the face more throughout the week.


Centaur Silhouettes

Tue Sep 19 05:59:10 2017

School stuff whew!


Paint Stream Time Lapse

Tue Sep 12 16:09:24 2017

Tried an interesting experimentation the other day while streaming. Here's the sped up version which came out pretty nice!

Music might be a tad loud though. :|

Cat Anatomy Prac 3

Tue Sep 12 02:52:45 2017


Cat Anatomy Prac 2

Tue Sep 12 02:52:16 2017


Cat Anatomy Prac 1

Tue Sep 12 02:51:46 2017

And we had to do kitties toooooo


Horse Anatomy Prac 3

Tue Sep 12 02:48:00 2017


Horse Anatomy Prac 2

Tue Sep 12 02:47:26 2017


Horse Anatomy Prac 1

Tue Sep 12 02:46:36 2017

Some school work stuff


Rando Thing

Fri Sep 8 07:17:58 2017

Dunno what I really did tonight while I streamed... had a cool idea with the concept of furries. This guy just lost his arm, reasons unknown, but he's getting it fixed up.

It was in the near future where humans had developed the technology to create AI that were programmed to be attached to a certain person. Typical AI were used for basic things such as house work and day to day small tasks. But there were a few that were allowed to have one for enhanced work, such as police force, companionship and protection. Some AI were allowed more freedom than others, but there main goal was always towards one thing, protecting there companion.

Thought this was a cool idea and I definitely would want to explore a world like this in the future!

Ps this would be my fella, and he would have all the sexy parts.


Nice ass

Thu Sep 7 06:23:43 2017

Did a study while streaming.


School Has Officially Begun

Tue Aug 29 00:58:02 2017

Alright, well after that bit of a stressful final week of trying to find another room mate, everything's going to work out in the end. Little bit of extra paying on rent, but that's the least of my worries.

But now school has officially begun, so you guys will most likely start to see some more sfw content and school work stuff. I still don't exactly know how the schedule of what I have is going to affect my time management but hopefully I can still get some naughty stuff in here and there! :)

Thanks again for your guys awesome support! <3

Commission feat Jaysee!

Sun Aug 27 21:30:55 2017

Featuring Jaysee on Twitter! Some gecko stuffs!


WIP Patreon stuffs

Sun Aug 27 21:30:13 2017

feat Elaz!


I am... Incredibley Stressed.

Thu Aug 24 06:33:40 2017

So, I am going to school and live in an apartment, with three other room mates who are also going to the school. Tonight, Wednesday, we just found out that our room mate isn't going to be renewing his lease... great. School starts on Monday and now my other two room mates and I have to try and find somone to live with us in less than a week... double great.

So, I'm under some pretty grave stress right now, it's not something completely and totally unfortunate, maybe it is... it sure feels like it is right now... but I'm sure there are a lot worse things. I will be able to cover the extra rent if worse comes to worse. but it's not something I want to do (An extra 200$ rent a month is murder) and it very likely is going to hinder me for the rest of the year.

I'm not super sure what exactly is going to happen the next couple of days but I hope we can solve it before things get real stressy with school. Anyways, I want you lovely people to know that I'm probably going to be quiet for the next couple of days and I'm deeply sorry that this has interferred with this part of my life. Bleh bleh bleh fuck it all! T.T now I'm going to go lay down and try and get a fresh start tomorrow to get this shit sorted out.

Work Flow Video: Vikings!

Tue Aug 15 22:11:56 2017

Been a little while since I've uploaded another work video! Check it out!

Questions for my Supporters.

Tue Aug 15 01:49:14 2017

What kind of content interest you guys? I believe I've asked a question similar to this but I do wanna check in since it's been awhile since I've asked.

I try to just post whatever I'm working on but is there anything that you would find more interesting over something else? Or is there something I should post more of? Let me know in a comment below.

WIP Patreon High Tier! VIKING THEME

Mon Aug 14 21:35:36 2017




Sun Aug 13 22:14:49 2017

Wip of commission for Jaysee


Creature Design 2

Sat Aug 12 22:52:17 2017

Another fun one, good ol sketching streams are my favorite.


Creature Designs

Sat Aug 12 22:51:46 2017

Doodled while streaming. Warm up stuff.


[Com] Jackson Albert

Wed Aug 9 22:02:05 2017

I'm super proud of how this turned out! Commission for ZoidZane on FA!

Very moody, much like!



Sun Aug 6 23:37:01 2017

Work in progress of Den, the jerk of a dragon!


July Patreon

Sun Aug 6 23:35:39 2017

Pudgybear is enjoying the sun! Thanks for the wonderful patreon support! <3


Another July Patreon piece! featuring Cain!

Wed Aug 2 21:23:11 2017

Featuring the awesome Cain for supporting me! Thank you so much bud I really appreciate it! <3



Wed Aug 2 17:22:29 2017

Good to be home and back in my normal studio area. Time for some streaming!

bsBKPIptEL679vp7lzRAmVq07P0Fea9Jo5JaIT2nK9N7XcRcejQurjMjp1nJesNW.jpe (d)

July Patreon's! Feat Elaz

Tue Aug 1 22:19:42 2017

One more pool party before the end of the month! :D

Thank you Elaz for supporting me! <3


July Patreon Feat Kookeh!

Sat Jul 29 23:05:12 2017

Hey I got one done on time! :P

On a serious note, I was struggling a bit with work so this was nice to be able to get this done and on time, and I actually enjoy the colors on it! Thanks a bunch for supprting me Kookeh!


Work Flow Video

Mon Jul 24 18:58:49 2017

Been awhile since I've uploaded a sketching video. None the less, enjoy!

Demon/Mech Panda?

Mon Jul 24 18:38:53 2017

Had a strange dream Saturday night and had this idea to sketch out a Panda mech/demon he had pretty crazy thighs and a butt, which I'll get to later. So did some sketches when I woke up that day still need to go back and finish getting some arm designs in. Most likely after doing commissions.



Thu Jul 20 03:24:16 2017


More WIPs

Thu Jul 20 03:23:58 2017


Live Streaming Today

Wed Jul 19 19:35:28 2017

Doing a bit of live streaming while I work on comissions and hopefully get started on the patreon tiers today!

Come enjoy some music and my bad microphone while I'm away from my usual set up. :P

wD2YWs6IBo6UrTTrsE-FgBvU-QOJrPGMVgsELELXxJY7-wQABsTFrbYgwx5-bjd3.jpe (d)

[Com] WIP

Mon Jul 17 19:18:46 2017



[Com] WIP

Mon Jul 17 17:55:27 2017

Got to play around with perspective this round, it'll be nice!


[Com] WIP

Mon Jul 17 17:54:22 2017

Commission WIP He's got meat.


Another quick sketch of Den

Sun Jul 16 23:20:00 2017

I like his meaty hands.


Character creation

Sun Jul 16 23:19:10 2017

Working on a new character. All I can say is he's going to be a complete asshole. And his name is Den.


Back Studies

Mon Jul 10 20:16:08 2017

I always get confused when I do backs, so did some doodles. Hopefully it helped later on xD


Quick Gesture Doodles!

Mon Jul 10 20:15:27 2017

Some random doodles.


June's Patreon feat Elaz

Mon Jul 10 20:13:36 2017

You sexy red coats you! Thanks Elaz for supporting me on Patreon.


June's Patreon feat Porter

Mon Jul 10 20:12:36 2017

Thank you for all the support Pudgybear! <3


[COM] Roy

Fri Jul 7 04:23:13 2017

Commisison for Roy on Twitter Bottle-less version! :)


[COM] Roy

Fri Jul 7 04:22:40 2017

Commission for Roy on Twitter! Bottle Version


[COM] Tao Haptism

Fri Jul 7 04:21:27 2017

Got to work on a lovely commission for Tao Haptism on Twitter. Mmm a used butt.


June's Patreon feat Cain

Sat Jul 1 19:43:44 2017

Starting to roll these out now! I'm enjoying my new custom brushes! :D

featuring Cain, the amazing booty assasin wolf! Thanks for the Patreon support bud!


[Com] WIP

Mon Jun 26 21:16:33 2017

Another com WIP, done today during the stream!


[Com] Tao WIP

Mon Jun 26 06:19:36 2017

Another WIP today, just need to fix the left leg perspective which I'll do tomorrow and add some ghost hands spreading his used butt apart! >;)


June Theme WIP

Mon Jun 26 06:19:05 2017



Sun Jun 25 21:20:06 2017

Streamed for a little today and drank a bit of Fireball while I worked on this commission. Enjoy! I'm getting better at drawing cocks! :D


[Personal] John

Thu Jun 22 03:24:57 2017

Finally finished this late-birthday piece for my good friend I got to meet on my trip out to Idaho/Washington this week. His birthdate as like a month ago :O


[Com] Featuring Harley

Sun Jun 18 23:54:11 2017

Oh, the good ol professor's study!


[Com] feat Ivandeus

Sun Jun 18 23:53:19 2017

Commission I finished up for Ivandeus... this is some kinky stuff! :O


[Com] feat Achillesmeyer

Wed Jun 14 21:09:03 2017

Woo another Commission today! I'm on a roll! This ones featuring Achillesmeyer on Furaffinity.


May's Patreon piece

Wed Jun 14 19:23:43 2017

Finally got it done! lol, thank you Cain, Pudgybear, Elaz and Kookeh for your awesome support and patience while I got this ready for you guys! Next ones going to be more character and video game design for your characters.


[Com] Rudy Sheath Version

Sat Jun 10 22:22:46 2017

Second version for Rudy's Commission on FA but with his sheath!


[Com] Rudy Knot Version

Sat Jun 10 22:22:01 2017

Another commission I finished today for Rudy on FA.


[Com] CanadianPanda FA

Sat Jun 10 22:21:11 2017

Finished up a commission for CanadianPanda on Furaffinity.



Thu Jun 8 02:33:48 2017

Didn't like how the first one was turning out so started over. I'm sorry this is turning out so late guys! T.T


Still a WIP

Sun Jun 4 23:40:23 2017

Getting there guys for the pool party! Haven't made much progress this weekend as I was away on vacation with my boy friend. Hoping to have this done early this week!


WIP Commission

Wed May 31 19:22:41 2017

Thought I'd share some more work with commissions since I've been a little quiet lately.


WIP of Baloo

Tue May 30 22:21:27 2017

Getting good ol Baloo from Tail spin worked out as was the winner from the 1k tumblr celebration poll! Still rough and I think I wanna give him a bigger belly.


May's WIP piece

Tue May 30 22:18:23 2017

And here I thought I would have a little break from feeling busy, but I feel just as busy haha! Probably because May's mostly been vacation and left me with little time to draw! Gotta get this done by the end of the day tomorrows!



Mon May 22 21:09:42 2017

Working on a commission super rough sketches, we're going to go with the one in the top left.


Yeena Sketch

Mon May 22 21:08:39 2017

From a few weeks ago, quick stream warm up sketch!


So late!

Mon May 22 21:06:03 2017

Finally had the time to post my last of April's work, I finished it so late and the vacation has left me no time to post some work! So going to do so now! This is for Kookeh, I appreciate your patience with me working on this so late! Thank you so much!



Mon May 15 04:49:45 2017

Erright fellas, it's happening if you want to vote for a character painting check it out in the link! This is going to be the first poll of three, the first and second being characters and the third being the top three characters.


Poll! (Coming Soon!)

Sat May 13 09:13:49 2017

Alright my lovely Patreoneers! So I just recently hit 1k followers on muh tumblrs and I'd like to do some kind of lood and nsfw piece in celebration! If you have any recommendations of characters to draw, I want to get a poll going for characters! I have a few in mind, and that would be of Kass from Zelda BOTW, yes I know he's been doing so much and I'm joining the band wagon, but hey if some people wanna see a thicker Kass why not?!

That's... all I've considered honestly... schools kept me out of the loop with some popular characters at the moment... fucking school! Anyways guys, leave some comments below on who you'd be interested in seeing done and I'll set up a poll!

Grayscale Warm up

Tue May 9 18:58:12 2017

Another quick warm up done during my stream.


Painting Warmup

Tue May 9 18:56:37 2017

Quick painting warm up, friend offered some great references for this so happy to work on it!


April Patreon feat Porter

Tue May 9 18:55:12 2017

April's Patreon piece for Pudgybear! I love drawing your Porter!


Character Design

Thu May 4 08:36:59 2017

My final one for school, just going with a nice human design! He's supposed to be the mob boss. Painting it this weekend.


WIP Comic Strip

Mon May 1 06:52:45 2017

Idk... working on a short comic strip whenever I get stressed. Nearing finish though.


I Need a Hand!

Mon May 1 02:39:21 2017

This daddy got me like... huff huff... s...sure I'll help you out daddy.

For the amazing Elaz!


Get to Work!

Mon May 1 02:35:26 2017

Here we are, April's Patreon Painting Tier! This is for Cain, super amazing and easily h-h-hot! PHUUUUUU.


Birthday Gift (WIP)

Sat Apr 29 00:23:28 2017

Working on a birthday gift for an incredibly good friend. My first furry friend I ever knew when I first got here. We clicked in liking the same kind of characters and interests so thought I would do something special for him.

This year I actually got to work on something for him in good time... mostly because I finally added his birthday to my calendar. :)

I want to try and get it colored but there's some other priorities I still have to work on.


Quick Paint Coach Grifter

Wed Apr 26 06:16:23 2017

I've been playing the Extracurricular Activity VN lately and so far coach is my man! So did a quick paint of this cute guy, may or may not push it. Kind of spur of the moment thing.


Storyboarding Part 4

Tue Apr 25 05:52:58 2017


Storyboard Part 3

Tue Apr 25 05:52:30 2017


Storyboard Part 2

Tue Apr 25 05:51:37 2017


Just... stuff.

Sat Apr 22 21:52:40 2017


[School] Storyboarding Final Scene

Fri Apr 21 18:25:05 2017

Working on our final scene for my storyboard. Thought you guys might like it! Probably 1 of 4 or 5 right now.



Wed Apr 19 04:04:34 2017

Third of the Sketch Tier for April. Mo booty!


[P] April's Patreon Sketch 2

Tue Apr 18 03:03:49 2017


[P] April's WIP Patreon Sketch

Tue Apr 18 03:02:26 2017

Went with the construction theme this month, something I haven't done yet so thought it would be a good opportunity to go at! Will be posting two of the sketches and work on the last two this weekend.


[School] Finished Character Design 3

Tue Apr 18 03:00:34 2017

Yay, got it finished, now get to work on one more for the end of the semester! This is my take of Carol, from Where the Wild Things Are as a 1930s gangster. Enjoy! :)


It's consuming all my time! T.T

Mon Apr 17 01:55:30 2017

This si what I'm currently owrking on, due tomorrow that's pretty much been eating up most of my time right now. That and story board stuff that will need to get cleaned up to be presented tomorrow too! Sorry not so much furry porn as of late, going into the finals for the end of the semester.

After that I can do much much muchz of pornz


Working on School stuff!

Wed Apr 12 03:55:05 2017

Come join if you wanna check out some of my current work for school. Trying to stay motivated so a stream should help.


Another Work Flow Video!

Thu Apr 6 04:38:02 2017

Just some school work, quick little sketch over.

April Theme?

Wed Apr 5 15:17:24 2017

Hmmmmm any ideas for Aprils theme this month? Throw some down below. :)

March Patreoneer!

Mon Apr 3 22:37:12 2017

And finally the last of the four, I tried to do a little bit of photobashing this one, but don't think it relaly worked. xD Either way I still like how it came out!

featuring Porter! Pudgybear's polar bear!


Random Monday Stream

Mon Apr 3 19:22:04 2017

Going to try and get some commissions all completed today!


Patreon Background WIP

Mon Apr 3 19:13:08 2017

Going to be updating my Patreon background soon, here's a sneaky peaky.


[25 Tier Patreons!] Patreon Folder

Mon Apr 3 03:38:49 2017

Here's a link to your images for March's Patreon pieces! As well as a link to the rest of the folders for the rest of the year, this is where you guys can go if you need to get the original image! :D

Trying to keep things neat and tidy, I appreciate your support so much! If you don't have a gmail feel free to ask for it through telegram or any other method you can reach me via private messaging!

March Work Flow

Wed Mar 29 20:59:40 2017

Hey guys, another work flow video from me, trying to get these up every now and again but I think I'm slacking a bit D:!

March Patreoneers!

Wed Mar 29 20:45:59 2017

One nice and classy dressed boar dad getting a nice grin at you.

Thank you Kookeh, for all your wonderful support!



Wed Mar 29 20:44:53 2017

Here comes another one... oh boy a beer and cock? :O

Featuring Stroh, Cain's character!



Wed Mar 29 20:43:34 2017

Alright boys, here's your daddies! Featuring Elaz! Thank you so much for the support, I love drawing daddies so thanks even more for letting me use your character to experiment with!!! :D


[School] Character Design 2

Mon Mar 27 19:37:53 2017

And a more finished version of my second character design.


[School] Storyboarding

Mon Mar 27 19:36:13 2017

Needed to do a more fleshed out version of a few boards. This one probably turned out the best out of the other 2.


My Champion

Tue Mar 21 07:39:19 2017

Daruk... Hello....


[School] WIP Character design 2

Tue Mar 21 04:40:44 2017

Working in class on this guy, kind of let my sketch critique get to me, but feeling a little better about it


[School] Storyboard Part 3

Mon Mar 20 05:56:29 2017

Third and Final part of Act ones story boards. ^^


[School] Storyboard Part 2

Mon Mar 20 05:55:30 2017

Second part of my storyboard.


Character Design 2! {School}

Thu Mar 16 21:54:05 2017

My second character design for the semester. Will paint it up next week.


Some school stuff

Thu Mar 16 00:10:07 2017

Not sure if anyone is interested in storyboarding stuff, but I think it would be kind of cool to work on something like this for some furry comic stuff and maybe even put it into some slow frame by frame stuff. Part one of probably three that I need to get finished by the end of the week.


WIP Daruk

Tue Mar 14 21:40:14 2017

Also a WIP of Daruk from Zelda Breath of the Wild. He's my daddy.



Tue Mar 14 21:39:07 2017

Couple sketch WIP's for this month's theme for my Patreon tiers. IT will be featuring Daddy attire. So get ready for some whiskey and garters. :)


Saturday's Streaming

Sun Mar 12 01:52:53 2017

Incase anyone is interested in joining and chatting with me while I stream! :) Feel free to join!


Booty Drooling

Sat Mar 11 06:36:24 2017

Worked on this during the live stream this Friday!

Link to the cumless version:


February workout! feat Kookeh

Wed Mar 1 18:11:31 2017

And finally, after a long hard workout, we can relax and just do some self admiring muscle flexes! Looking good moose fella, looking good!


February workout! feat Porter

Wed Mar 1 18:10:42 2017

Finishing out our rough workout is Porter, starting to... sweat in all places!


February workout! feat Elaz

Wed Mar 1 18:09:21 2017

Welcoming our newest 25$ tier patreon, Elaz! Moving on next to the big weights and getting ready for a hard workout and a hard something else.


February Workout! feat Cain

Wed Mar 1 18:07:53 2017

This month's patreon featuring Cain, the theme was some working out so we're starting with some stretches getting all those parts nice and ready to "workout"



Tue Feb 28 09:38:40 2017

Working out my new style, so practicing with some quick colors. Hoping this can be the constant design for the future 25$ tiers :) with maybe some little pushes of line work.


[School] Character Design 1

Mon Feb 27 19:30:58 2017

Here's what's been kind of eating up my time from furry art for the moment. My first character redesign is due today. Thought I'd share it here so I don't seem like I've gone MIA!

Tomorrow (Tuesday the 28th) I'll be finishing up my last Patreon and posting it then so if you're in that 25$ tier expect a message on Telegram from me at some point tomorrow.


February Patreon WIPs!

Sat Feb 18 19:13:55 2017

Sketchies for Februarys WIP theme featuring: Elaz, Pudgybear, Cain and Kookeh


School Storyboarding

Mon Feb 13 03:56:13 2017

Here's from an Antagonist point of view, not the main antagonist, but one major character that kind of gets the ball rolling if I were to continue with the story. I'd love to if I can find the time to write again.


School Storyboarding

Mon Feb 13 03:54:57 2017

Taking a story boarding class for school, doing an adaptation of my story Divine University that's on my Sofurry, some sketches of Divine.


Aaragor Part 1

Sat Feb 11 16:21:37 2017

All finished with this cute guy! Now to work on his salty rage mode form. :D

Enjoy guys!


WIP Aaragor

Fri Feb 10 10:09:35 2017

Another WIP shot of Aaragor, so far coming out nicely, getting some painting in there.


Aaragor Color 1

Tue Feb 7 23:52:30 2017

Playing with color, he has a kind of wrath, spectral form that I'm going to work on sometime in the future, so might play with some colors, not sure if purple or more of a turqouise tone for that side of him.


WIP of Aaragor

Tue Feb 7 23:52:08 2017


Aaragor Sketch 1

Tue Feb 7 23:49:56 2017

An old character form when I used to write. This is Aaragor and he used to be one of the seven beings of Hell until he was free'd, his liberator died in the process but now Aaragor roams the earth protecting the boy who's Father free'd him.


Work Flow Video - FINALLY, featuring Carol

Sat Feb 4 11:53:15 2017

I watched Where The Wild Things Are the other night and really got attatched to cute ol Carol! He's really adorable and lovable, but now it's put me into a pretty depressing mood. I decided to record the video though so enjoy my work progress on it and some music from the movie.


WIP Cain

Sat Feb 4 03:12:47 2017

For Cain, working on a Stroh! Some adjustments still to be made but eventually this will turn into a reference shet. :)



Sat Feb 4 03:03:14 2017

Decided to go with a new icon for pudgybear, liking this one more I think.


Pudgybear's Patreon

Wed Feb 1 07:09:18 2017

Pudgybear's 25$+ Tier Patreon! <3 you for all your support.


Cain's Patreon!

Wed Feb 1 07:08:14 2017

For Cain, who's apart of the 25$ Tier! Thanks for supporting me bud!


January 25$ Patreon Tier KOOKEH!

Sat Jan 28 20:27:47 2017

Kookeh's Patreon piece!


[WIP] Sketch Icon

Fri Jan 27 02:12:37 2017

Commission WIP for Pudgybear, will try to paint it tomorrow during the stream along with the last Patreon piece! :)


School Starts Today!

Mon Jan 23 17:43:34 2017

My school semester officially begins in 3 hours! Back to the old grind, of school stuff! Wish me luck! Will have the final parts of the 25$ Patreon tier posted by the end of the week!

Stream Request 4!

Mon Jan 23 17:43:02 2017



Stream Request 3

Mon Jan 23 17:42:31 2017



Stream Requests 2

Mon Jan 23 17:41:59 2017



Stream Request 1

Mon Jan 23 17:41:10 2017

Had a stream session with some requests!


January Patreon Tier WIP

Fri Jan 20 02:07:44 2017

For Cain!


January Patreon Tier WIP

Fri Jan 20 02:05:32 2017

For Pudgybear!


He couldn't BEAR it.

Tue Jan 17 22:10:19 2017

Leave more title puns down below. This was from the polls you guys voted for. It was awesome to work on it!


He's Cuming!

Tue Jan 17 19:13:32 2017




Tue Jan 17 17:06:05 2017

Just going to do some drawing today, work on things that need to be worked on! :) Come join!

NSFW bear art and other arts!


Back Home

Mon Jan 16 18:35:41 2017

Hi all,

I'm back home in my apartment the winter break is just about over I have about a week left just to myself. So going to try and get some streams going and get to working on the Erotic Chubby Bear that won the polls! Hope to see you guys on my stream.

Poll Stream!

Thu Jan 12 19:23:19 2017

Let's just try this out for some fun! Typically when I stream, I kind of go into it blind, so this will give me some options on what to do and I won't be so clueless :P. Sooooo choose a thing! :P

Woah Polls!

Wed Jan 11 01:35:35 2017

Cool I can do polls on Patreon now, so expect something soon! :)

Elliot Study

Fri Jan 6 20:53:20 2017

Finished up the study of Mr. Elliot. Enjoy! ^^


[25$ TIER Patreons]

Wed Jan 4 00:38:08 2017

I'm putting in all of the 2016 works for this tier into this google drive. There's some fun sketches in the October folder of works I didn't get to finish because of Mid Terms. So if you would like those sketches they are there! :)

[PSD Tier] Google Drive Folder

Wed Jan 4 00:26:50 2017

Okay, here we are for a bit of an updated google drive folder for you guys that are interested in seeing some works. I'll keep throwing more and more PSD files in there, (I finally updated my google drive box) so you can has so manys!!!

Just let me know which one or ones you'd like.

Elliot Progression

Tue Jan 3 18:26:08 2017

Felt like working on something today, but more personal so here's Elliot from Pete's Dragon, just a little WIP progression shot.


Happy New Year!

Mon Jan 2 22:01:53 2017

Happy New Years! I hope all of you had a wonderful New Years and celebrated with friends or family. Personally I was undergoing a bit of a sinus infection and was sentenced to some bed rest. I apologize I wasn't able to put something up. I'd like to do something here in the next couple days though, so expect something within the next few days!

So as far as New Year's Resolution for 2017 go, the biggest thing that comes to mind is More content. I definitely still need to upload a few sketch tutorial like videos, (Like a derp I left my headset at home when I traveled to see family for my vacation) So I won't be making any for a couple more weeks at least but that's definitely something I'd like to do. So definitely some sketching, more works I'd like to get some school work in there and maybe some other areas of erotica that aren't exactly furry. (I always take suggestions) I'm broadening my horizon!

On a personal note. Thank you guys so much, so very very much on supporting me here and anywhere else! All of you allow me to work on things that are incredibly personal to me while not having to worry about some financial parts of my life. So please feel free to give some shout outs or message me with a couple small requests, I always need sketch ideas to warm up with!

December's Patreon Cain!

Wed Dec 28 04:03:56 2016

Here's this month's 25$ Patreon Tier! Thanks so much for the support Cain! <3


December's Patreon Pudgybear!

Wed Dec 28 04:01:47 2016

Here's this month's 25$ Patreon Tier! Thanks so much for the support Pudgybear! <3


December's Patreon Kookeh!

Wed Dec 28 03:12:08 2016

Here's this month's 25$ Patreon Tier! Thanks so much for the support Kookeh! <3



Fri Dec 23 05:15:06 2016



Daddies Buns

Thu Dec 22 19:25:57 2016

Painted up my daddies buns! So hot! :D


Sketch Daddy Buns

Thu Dec 22 19:24:32 2016

Mmmmm my daddies buns are so hot!


[School] My Digital Painting Final

Mon Dec 19 21:31:35 2016

Here's what I did for my digital painting final. It could use a little more rendering and clean up in some areas but overall I'm pretty satisfied with it.


WIP December Patreons #2

Mon Dec 19 18:59:21 2016

Second one nearly finished! Again third one is going to attempted being done in a sketching tutorial! :D


WIP December Patreons #1

Mon Dec 19 18:57:13 2016

These couple I have are nearly complete just need to touch up those cute faces! I think I'll try and use the last patreon piece as a sketch tutorial we'll see how it goes.



Sat Dec 17 19:57:01 2016

Hey guys, I'm going to be streaming today! Finally done with finals and have everything wrapped up so come and join me if you want!

My usual NSFW smut and music


Quick Stream

Thu Dec 8 20:38:31 2016

Doing some work on my final, and it's pretty furry related so feel free to join if you can! :)



Wed Dec 7 07:05:21 2016

This is what I'm working on for my final for one of my classes. Enjoy!



Sat Dec 3 18:12:17 2016

Are any of my supporters artists or just curious in general on drawing? I wouldn't mind doing like a tutorial if they want to know how I sketch some things or paint?

PSD file update

Thu Dec 1 18:35:54 2016

Updated this guy with the lastest things so far. If you want something else feel free to message me via Patreon or telegram @cathricorn

November Patreoneer

Thu Dec 1 18:29:30 2016

I need a gaming bear like this in my life! I'd cuddle right between those thighs!


November Patreoneer

Thu Dec 1 18:28:47 2016

Whipped Butt... yum!


November Patreoneer

Thu Dec 1 18:27:29 2016



Random Thursday Streaming! :)

Thu Dec 1 17:39:23 2016

Something to help me finish up my patreon pieces, and then it will be time for doing some home work sketches.


School Sketches

Thu Dec 1 17:38:14 2016

Some sketches for my final project, think I"m going with the 2nd one.



Tue Nov 29 00:35:13 2016

Geting to them patreon pieces boys! :) Today or tomorrow should be finished with em all.


WIP Pudgybear

Mon Nov 14 00:56:03 2016

Getting on top of things this month! Just gotta paint em now. :) For Pudgybear my 25$ tier Patreon!


WIP Kookeh

Mon Nov 14 00:55:21 2016

Getting on top of things this month! Just gotta paint em now. :) For Kookeh! my 25$ tier Patreon!


WIP Novemeber Patreon

Mon Nov 14 00:54:11 2016

Getting on top of things this month! Just gotta paint em now. :) For Cain my 25$ tier Patreon!



Mon Nov 14 00:50:53 2016

I hear raptors are really good with their tongues... but... just becareful D:


Rex D

Sun Nov 13 07:30:59 2016

From last week's stream, maybe I'll color this tomorrow or something. :)



Sun Nov 13 07:19:05 2016

Spent my Saturday night with some cocks. ^^


October's Patreon

Sat Nov 12 09:15:35 2016

Unfortunately I couldn't get to last month's Patreon because of Midterms with schooling. These were the ideas for it though, I can at least give you guys the sketches for what I had plan.


October's Patreon

Sat Nov 12 09:14:49 2016

Unfortunately I couldn't get to last month's Patreon because of Midterms with schooling. These were the ideas for it though, I can at least give you guys the sketches for what I had plan.


October's Patreon

Sat Nov 12 09:13:13 2016

Unfortunately I couldn't get to last month's Patreon because of Midterms with schooling. These were the ideas for it though, I can at least give you guys the sketches for what I had plan.


Feeding the Rottie

Sat Nov 5 06:02:12 2016

Streamed it finished it.... cumed it.


Feeding the Rottie (WIP)

Fri Nov 4 22:08:27 2016

Half of it finished during the stream today. Planning on streaming again tonight after a little bit of a nap to finish er up :). I'll post another stream link when I do.


Feeding the Rottie (Line Work)

Fri Nov 4 22:07:25 2016

WIP piece!


Friday Stream

Fri Nov 4 17:47:35 2016

Getting back into the Friday stream! Come join for some chat and some doodles. The usual nsfw furry stuff :)


Personal Work

Fri Nov 4 09:02:28 2016

Definitely something personal after this month's stressful time. Just needed something to start for now, would like to work on this as time goes on, might go at it again during the stream this Friday. For now though, enjoy!


Patreon Refund - 25$ Tiers

Mon Oct 31 21:41:50 2016

Hey my 25$ Tiers, expect a refund to be coming back to you, if you could get back to me with your paypal, I think I have some of yours already but just in case please send me a message here so I can send back your money.

This October has been Midterms and I had a little melt down myself and it's just easier for me not to do it this month there's been so much stress in this month that as fun as the art will be, it's just another thing in my head that I'm worrying about, so I apologize for that! November should be a different story and I'll be able to manage things a lot easier... (I hope.)

But again just letting you all know that you will be getting a refund this month sorry again I couldn't come up with something, but it's just been super stressful. :(


Fri Oct 21 23:32:49 2016

Redesign of my Husbando Bear. Enjoy! :)


Streaming Guys :) Friday the 21st.

Fri Oct 21 18:20:22 2016


Another Bogo WIP

Sun Oct 16 07:34:41 2016

Yup. Part 2 I'll refine it another day.


Exclusive Works.

Sun Oct 16 06:05:29 2016

So, I need to start getting some exclusive stuff for you guys, anything you guys enjoy most maybe I can consider to start adding into my work? I've got a few personal things lined up, probably reworks of old stuff that I'll go ahead and make exclusive here, but anything else that might tickle all of your fancies? :)

WIP part 2

Sun Oct 16 06:01:47 2016


Commission Porter Reference Sheet

Sun Oct 16 04:01:03 2016

Pudgybear gave me the opportunity to redo his reference sheet for Porter. I super love his bear and was more then excited to work on this guy! :D Finally he's complete ^^


WIP Chief Bogo

Sun Oct 16 03:59:53 2016


Chief Bogo Work Flow Sketch

Mon Oct 3 09:45:10 2016

Whew, this was actually a little rough in the making, didn't do much sketching over the weekend so that's what I get :P. Enjoy anyways! ^^

Maybe I'll do something more with this later on in the week. :) I still need to learn how to render videos in AE that aren't so big! D:

Work Flow Video Update

Mon Oct 3 08:44:26 2016

So I've now got a decent program to do some screen recording and video editing/ uploading so I'm hoping I can get some more sketch videos/painting videos going. There is going to be occasional uploads to the 1$ tier of these videos, but the 5$ tiers will get unlocks to all the videos I create. I'm trying to project at least 2 or 3 videos for the 1$ tier and maybe 5 or 6 for the 5$ tier each month. Also looking into getting some laptop upgrades so should make the uploading go even smoother! ^^

PSD FILES Google Drive

Mon Oct 3 07:07:45 2016

Hey guys, just doing some updating for the PSD files, here's a link to some of my more recent PSD files if you're interested in how I typically work.

I'll try and update this as the week goes on. :)

Going to stream for a few hours!

Thu Sep 29 18:31:49 2016


Tier 1 and 2 adjustment

Thu Sep 29 18:10:20 2016

Hey guys, I'm going to adjust the first and second tier, to just be one, so for just a 1$ you can get access to all the WIP and HD images, feel free to adjust your payment amount if that suits you. :)

September's Model

Thu Sep 29 17:34:10 2016

Our fourth and final model of this month's theme! Kookeh, wanted a cute German Shepherd to be showing off some package so here you guys go!


September's Model 3!

Thu Sep 29 16:56:44 2016


Septembers Model 2

Thu Sep 29 16:45:51 2016

Here comes the second model, featuring Cain's OC!


September's Models

Thu Sep 29 16:43:36 2016

Rolling out the Patreon tiers! This month featuring some Fall underwears :P. Next week will be Halloween theme'd for sure! featuring Pudgybear's OC!


German Shepherd Sketch: Work Flow Video

Mon Sep 26 08:46:44 2016


September's Patreon Theme WIP 4

Mon Sep 26 06:41:50 2016


September's Patreon Theme WIP 3

Mon Sep 26 06:41:29 2016


September's Patreon Theme WIP 2

Mon Sep 26 06:41:10 2016


September's Patreon Theme WIP 1

Mon Sep 26 06:40:41 2016


WIP Commission for JamieFox

Sun Sep 25 03:49:35 2016

WIP piece for JamieFox92 on Furaffinity, one of two commissions I've currently got going.


Demon Bear

Thu Sep 22 22:37:48 2016

Don't think I posted this fella here. So enjoy! ^^ :)


September's Painter Tier Theme

Mon Sep 19 07:54:00 2016

So just to make a little announcement to the theme of this month, I'm probably going to go with something Fall related and was also thinking of some under wear lines, so expect something very teaser like with the Fall theme :P. If my four receiving these have any under wear suggestions for their picture please respond here or send me a message ;)

Strip Poker!

Fri Sep 9 20:13:43 2016

Commission for Pudgybear on Furaffinity!

Porter and Bauer playing, looks like Bauer lost this round.


Big Foot

Mon Sep 5 05:28:17 2016


Hippo 2

Sun Sep 4 03:17:41 2016


Hippo's Aren't Always Fat!

Fri Sep 2 23:45:08 2016

Dis ones a buff daddy!

From the stream today ^^


Friday Streaming ^^

Fri Sep 2 19:28:04 2016

Yes'm doing some streaming today, not sure how long, probably as long as I can go. Patreon is being a butt and not letting me past the url in though so I'll leave it down below!


August Patreons!

Wed Aug 31 06:23:50 2016

Featuring this Super Hero Moose dude, thank you so much for supporting me Kookeh! <3


Things to create?

Fri Aug 26 07:35:49 2016

Hey my patron-eers I was just curious if there was some content you'd prefer to see over other things? I'll continue to post what I enjoy doing most but maybe you can add some sleight of hand with the theme or characters involved? Leave a comment or message me what you'd like to see on the future!

I'm Streaming! :) For a couple hours today.

Wed Aug 24 01:53:09 2016


Should I Post Live Streams?

Tue Aug 23 22:57:18 2016

Just a question for those supporting me. Do you guys want me to post for live streams here? If so I definitely will, if not you can follow my Twitter or FA for live stream notifications.



Request 3

Tue Aug 23 22:56:36 2016

Mayor Lionheart from Zootopia giving a foot job

Last sketch request from the live stream.


Request 2

Tue Aug 23 22:55:57 2016

Another one from the Live Stream


Sketch Lion from SU

Tue Aug 23 22:54:51 2016

Had a request during a live stream, to draw the Lion from Steven Universe!


Commission Cain

Tue Aug 23 22:54:00 2016

Awesome Star Wars commission I was able to do for Cain on my FA! :D


Commission Dawson Donkey HD

Tue Aug 23 22:52:26 2016

Commission for Dawson Donkey on my FA :)


Commission Pudgybear

Fri Aug 5 06:04:16 2016


Monthly Patreon!

Fri Aug 5 05:38:26 2016

Featuring Pudgybear! Because of all the hype of Pokemon Go!


WIP sketch

Fri Aug 5 05:35:09 2016

For Cain on FA. Enjoying some stormtrooper action!


WIP sketch

Fri Aug 5 05:33:42 2016


WIP O-Fur-Watch Parody

Fri Jul 29 23:02:49 2016

Featuring: Genji

First of many to come.


WIP Reference Sheet for Pudgybear

Tue Jul 26 08:58:34 2016

Still a WIP, mostly on the text and deciding what to call this cute fella! For Pudgybear! :D


WIP for commissions this week

Tue Jul 26 08:57:31 2016

Glance at a new character coming soon to a furry site near you! For Pudgybear!


Patreon for Kookeh!

Tue Jul 26 08:56:05 2016

Kookeh's joined the 25$ a month club! Yay! Now we get to enjoy a cute panda being all lazy! :D


Personal Bit 1

Thu Jul 14 07:45:10 2016

Just a personal piece I'm working on, may or may not finish it. If I have the time :P


Commission Darksoulsauron

Tue Jul 12 08:46:11 2016

Over on FA and SF had this commission done for Darksoulssauron!


Cath's Work flow 2

Fri Jul 1 18:41:49 2016

Sorry ahead for the bad quality about mid way through. Was most likely my internet during the stream, since it occasionally craps out! Hopefully you enjoy anyways!

Edit: Apparently Flickr only wanted to upload the first 3 minutes of the video... so uploading it again.


Commission: Come with me.

Fri Jul 1 07:36:46 2016

T-bone has that lust in his eyes... do you dare go with him?

Commission for Solobear on Furaffinity and @slobbermut on Tweeter! :)



Wed Jun 29 11:30:42 2016

Remember to check your messages on Patreon, or send me a message here if you're supporting the 5$ tier and would like to see a PSD file. Just let me know which commission and I can drop a Dropbox link for you anytime! :).

WIP Solobear

Wed Jun 29 11:19:24 2016


WIP jamiefox92

Tue Jun 28 01:29:39 2016


WIP darksoulssauron 2

Tue Jun 28 01:28:52 2016


WIP DarksoulSsauron 1

Tue Jun 28 01:28:12 2016


WIP commission for darksoulssauron!

Sat Jun 25 20:59:01 2016

Kinda looking forward to this clean commission. :)



Thu Jun 23 18:46:07 2016

Commission for Gadriel on Furaffinity.


Commission: SFW version Lying with the King

Tue Jun 21 23:36:35 2016

SFW version of Ivandeu's Commission from FA


Commission Lying with the King

Tue Jun 21 23:35:42 2016

Commission for Ivandeus on Furaffinity! ^^


Commission Monkey & Krusty

Mon Jun 20 18:43:53 2016

Commission for MonkeyCarlo and KrustyKobold on my FA! Doing some hot edging!


Cath's Work Flow 1

Thu Jun 9 22:39:15 2016

So I'm going to be attempting to post up some Patron videos of how I sketch and eventually paint and they'll most likely be of the streams I have so if you miss it, you can see a sped up recap of them here every so often.

This first one is going to be for everyone and eventually it will go to the 3$ and up donors.


May's Patreon Features

Thu Jun 9 20:16:50 2016

Pudgybear's character for last month's feature! Fish hat! ^^


Commission WIP

Thu Jun 9 20:13:18 2016

Commission WIP for Gadriel on FA, gimmie dat hot butt!


Commission WIP

Thu Jun 9 20:11:44 2016

For Ivandeus on FA, WIP this is super cute!


WIP sketchies!

Thu Jun 9 20:10:12 2016

WIP Commission for MonkeyCarlo on FA


Commission WIP Edging!

Mon Jun 6 00:25:01 2016


Commission: Early Gaming!

Fri Jun 3 05:09:00 2016

Commission for MonkeyCarlo on Furaffinity! Nice idea to me!


PSD Folder Update!

Mon May 30 07:22:26 2016

Noticed I had another Patreon for the PSD file sharing. So decided to add a couple recent projects to it! Please let me know if you see a specific picture you would like to be added to this folder let me know via email, twitter, notes, or Tumblr!

Oh jeeze this image is hideous! I'll have to update it in the near future! xD


HD version of My Thanks!

Sun May 29 06:04:13 2016

For getting 1k watchers on FA!


Tanuki Butt wip!

Sat May 28 01:09:42 2016

Commissions wheeewwwwww! :D


Commission for Gritou

Tue May 24 21:14:42 2016

Batbear and Gritou! HD version



Tue May 24 21:12:46 2016

Mr. Roadhog all tuckered out.



Wed May 11 05:00:19 2016

Some overwatch fan art, for a commission on FA! :D


Com for WRF

Wed May 11 03:05:45 2016


COM - Pounding

Tue Apr 26 04:59:35 2016

Com for Elaz on FA! :)


COM - 3's company!

Tue Apr 26 04:57:59 2016

Com for Cain on FA :)


Commission Reflection

Sun Apr 24 19:09:00 2016

Commission for Pudgybear on FA! :)


APRIL quick paints

Fri Apr 22 08:58:36 2016

Featuring Porter, Pudgybears character! :)


WIP 3 some com

Wed Apr 20 01:35:06 2016


WIP com

Wed Apr 20 01:34:33 2016



Mon Apr 11 23:35:54 2016

Little warmup


Ball Slappingly Good!

Mon Apr 11 22:07:19 2016

Commission for Firestarter wolf on my FA! :)



Mon Apr 11 21:09:45 2016

Not sure if I'm gonna finish this or not, was going to do a YCH with a single character slot getting pounded by bowser, but might end up changing the pose later on. Let me know what you think.


Commission - Royalty

Sun Apr 3 08:12:21 2016

Commission for Bearking on Furaffinity.



Sun Apr 3 08:11:43 2016

Another roughie sketch waiting on its approval! :)


[Update] PSD file folder updated!

Sun Apr 3 01:04:07 2016

[Commission] Rahzr

Sun Apr 3 01:01:59 2016

Hang in there buddy!



Fri Apr 1 22:36:11 2016


PSD File Dropbox

Tue Mar 29 21:55:16 2016

Heyo my 10$ and up donors! Going to slowly start putting PSD files into this Dropbox if you want something specific please message me and I'll drop it in there!

Commission HD

Tue Mar 29 21:22:51 2016

Commission for zwoosh-k9 and Loupio1987 on FA some fun bondage! :D


WIP ballz

Tue Mar 29 21:10:35 2016

Commission for Mr Vale on SF


Bearking WIP

Tue Mar 29 05:32:21 2016

Commission WIP for Bearking! I don't norally do ladies... but I feeling comfortable with this one. :)


Rope Tying Sketchies!

Tue Mar 29 05:31:18 2016

Commission WIP! :)


Little Warm Up Sketch

Wed Mar 23 22:41:39 2016

Just a little warm up sketch, getting back into the groove.


WIP Bondage boys

Tue Mar 22 23:28:47 2016

Commission Collaboration WIP! First time with bondage, a couple of changes have been modified to it alreay, including the poppers tied to the straps are no longer there, it's now just a single tube connecting to a tank.



Tue Mar 22 19:04:07 2016

Just working to set up Patreon right now! Getting all my rewards and things set up! Hopefully I can get it up and running by the end of the month! ^^