Sophie's Easter Eggs 2020

Fri Apr 17 03:17:27 2020

A bit late yeah, but I didn't wanna break tradition. 8th year in a row so far.

This year I decided to try something a bit different. Something less pinup-y and more experimental. I have another idea I want to do so I will get working on that next.

HD and paint-less versions in attachments.

2020_easter_Sophie_2-1_SD.png (d) 2020_easter_Sophie_2-2_SD.png 2020_easter_Sophie_2-6_SD.png 2020_easter_Sophie_2-5_SD.png

Amy Rouge 2020

Tue Jan 14 06:30:59 2020

Poor guy just tryin to watch his shows.

HD version in attachments.

Amy_Rouge_2020_SD.png Amy_Rouge_2020_HD.png

Quickie Rouge Sketchies

Wed Jan 8 18:30:13 2020

Did these up before the holidays. Was in a butt mood.

quickie_sketchie_of_rouge_page.png (d) quickie_sketchie_of_rouge_2.png quickie_sketchie_of_rouge_1-2.png quickie_sketchie_of_rouge_1-1.png quickie_sketchie_of_rouge_3.png

Small New Year Update

Wed Jan 8 17:41:43 2020

So the holidays for me are finally coming to a close. This time of year is always busy for me with family stuff. Brother has been visiting for the past month and leaves tomorrow. Spending as much time with him as I can. Online presence has been incredibly low because of it. Not to mention that historically, december has always been my least productive time of year. Its a slow time for art.

Things will slowly pick back up again as I get back into the groove of things hopefully. There's a handful of projects I will be working on this next year I'm eager to share with you guys! Wanna keep things fresh while I can this year! No big new years resolution for me other than to keep doing art, regardless of what it is.

Like always, I love and appreciate all your continued support. Even during times it might be difficult for me to make anything. I don't see myself stopping this anytime soon.

Happy 2020 Everyone!

Love Argento

Coco x Sophie Yummy Condom Collab

Wed Jan 8 17:54:59 2020

Sophie wasn't expecting much from the bunny boy's tiny dick, but when the condom started to rapidly inflate and expand, she almost couldn't pull it out!

Another amazing collab with Picturd! Again they did the colors and background while I sketched and inked.

You can also find them on twitter: @Picturd1

HD and SD versions in the attachments.

coco_x_sophie_2_inks_SD.png coco_x_sophie_2_inks_HD.png

Coco X Sophie Exhibitionism Collab

Fri Nov 29 18:05:50 2019

Sophie couldn't help but show her friend Coco alternative ways to have fun while out in town.

This was a collab I did with the amazing Picturd! They did the colors and background while I sketched and inked.

You can also find them on twitter: @Picturd1

HD and SD versions in attachments.

cocoxsophieff_clothes_SD.png cocoxsophieff_ahegao_clothes_SD.png cocoxsophieff_nude_SD.png cocoxsophieff_ahegao_SD.png (d)

Sophie Balls Mouse Pad 3 PREORDER!

Wed Nov 13 04:40:35 2019

BEHOLD! The sequel to my original Sophie Mouse pad! Now you can rest your wrist once again upon her pantied nuts!

Preorder info here:

For the past year, I've been asked many times if I would restock on my first balls design mousepad. I never intended on reprinting anything in my shop. So I decided to make a new one instead! These last several weeks I've been working on this. Going back and forth with the manufacture making sure the design is okay to print. There were many edits I had to make, but I finally landed on something I really enjoy! I hope its something you all enjoy too!

Again thank you all so much for your continued support!

❤ Argento


Happy Halloween 2019!

Thu Oct 31 22:46:23 2019

Last minute halloween art featuring Sophie!

I can't tell if she put a lot of effort into her costume or not.

Included the warmup sketch with sophie and her big inflated cum belly. Did all these up in a stream today. I'm also posting this for all patrons despite it being a sketch, as well as publicly for the holiday.

Attached all the files in a zip folder for easy download.

halloween_sophie_sketches_page.png halloween_sophie_sketches_1-1.png halloween_sophie_sketches_1-2.png halloween_sophie_sketches_2-1.png halloween_sophie_sketches_2-2.png halloween_sophie_sketches_warmup_1-1.png halloween_sophie_sketches_warmup_1-2.png (d)

Suspended Sophie

Wed Oct 16 23:08:04 2019

Those are some very unique bikini bottoms, and she seems to be enjoying them more than usual! Maybe its the new suspension gear Edge bought her helping with that.

HD versions in attachments

Vio_Sophie_Commission_Inks_4-1_SD.png Vio_Sophie_Commission_Inks_4-2_SD.png (d)

Vio Caught in a Changing Stall

Fri Oct 11 22:55:08 2019

Vio thought she could be sneaky and get off really quick after changing into her bikini. Seems she peaked at the wrong moment.

HD versions in attachments

Vio_Sophie_Commission_inks_2-1_SD.png Vio_Sophie_Commission_inks_2-2_SD.png Vio_Sophie_Commission_inks_2-3_SD.png Vio_Sophie_Commission_inks_2-4_SD.png (d)

Vio's Wardrobe Malfunction

Fri Oct 4 14:25:42 2019

NOT AMY! Violet May (Vio for short) is a fusion of Amy and Blaze. Admittedly her design is more Amy like in physical appearance and was weighed more into the clothing style, but I'm just going with how I originally designed her. Might make some tweaks in the future.

Anyway, Vio here is having some troubles with her swimwear. Ties must of come loose from having such a huge butt.

Hope you all enjoy. There's more of her coming up.

As always, HD files in attachments.

Vio_Sophie_Commission_inks_1-1_SD.png Vio_Sophie_Commission_inks_1-2_SD.png Vio_Sophie_Commission_inks_1-3_SD.png (d)

Sophie's Mom: Autumn

Fri Sep 27 19:12:58 2019

Last week I went back to an old character I had sitting around and decided to update her and sorta introduce her to you guys. Autumn is her name. She was always meant to be Sophie's mom, and her design mostly hadn't changed, but I wanted to see her in my current style. I am not sure what I will end up doing with her but I do want to keep her SFW for the time being. She also doesnt resemble Sophie much at first glance. But that because Sophie takes on her Dad's features more than her Mom's. I'll be working on him in the near future.

I also experimented here with coloring some of the line work. I rather like how it looks but it feels situational. We'll see. I always like to change small elements of my process from time to time to keep things fresh.

HD version in attachments

Autumn_Cooking_SD.png sophies_mom_Autumn.png Autumn_Cooking_HD.png

Kaeli and Nicole Commission for Espinoth

Mon Sep 23 16:55:01 2019

Hyper balls commission for Espinoth

Espinoth_Commission_2_Nicole_x_Kaeli_1-1.png Espinoth_Commission_2_Nicole_x_Kaeli_1-2.png

Futa Isabelle 2 Colored

Fri Aug 30 20:00:36 2019

No nude version for this. Just was taking me too long to get even these alts done.

HD versions in attachments

Isabelle_commission_2-1_colored_SD.png Isabelle_commission_2-2_colored_SD.png Isabelle_commission_2-3_colored_SD.png (d)

Blazed Donut

Fri Aug 30 19:51:40 2019

Little somethin inked and colored.

(Thanks Furf for the title idea)

HD version in attachments

Blaze_Futa_Booty_color_SD.png Blaze_Futa_Booty_color_HD.png

Vio and Sophie Summer Sketches

Thu Aug 22 19:52:25 2019

Vio (fusion girl of Blaze and Amy from way back) and Sophie enjoying their summer. Maybe more than most would expect~

Commissioned by an anonymous user.

Zipped files, including some full nude alts, in attachments

Vio_Sophie_sketch_Commission_1-1.png Vio_Sophie_sketch_Commission_4-2.png Vio_Sophie_sketch_Commission_4-1.png Vio_Sophie_sketch_Commission_3-1.png Vio_Sophie_sketch_Commission_3-2.png Vio_Sophie_sketch_Commission_2-2.png Vio_Sophie_sketch_Commission_2-1.png Vio_Sophie_sketch_Commission_1-2.png (d)

Sketch Commissions August 2019

Thu Aug 22 19:46:54 2019

Dragon with Dildo and onesie hoodie: Brokenwing

Police Girl Missy: yt937

Suspended Tanuki: Ashi_Zero

Zipped Files in attachments

brokenwing_commission_5-1.png brokenwing_commission_5-2.png brokenwing_commission_5-3.png Police_Girl_Missy_yt937_commission_1-1.png Police_Girl_Missy_yt937_commission_1-2.png suspended_tanuki_Ashi-Zero_commission_1-2.png suspended_tanuki_Ashi-Zero_commission_1-1.png (d)

Futa Isabelle 2 Sketch

Thu Aug 22 19:37:38 2019

Much like the previous one, this was a sketch commission.

Zipped files in attachments

Isabelle_commission_2_1-1.png Isabelle_commission_2_1-2.png Isabelle_commission_2_1-3.png Isabelle_commission_2_2-1.png Isabelle_commission_2_2-2.png Isabelle_commission_2_2-3.png (d)

Taking Commissions

Tue Jul 30 17:55:26 2019

If you are interested PLEASE READ EVERYTHING

The last 2 months I have not met my quota for commissions. So this entire next month will be focused entirely on them. Meaning, yes, I will have to take more than previous times. I am also making the announcement exclusively here on patreon as opposed to the discord server so more of you can see.


So for those of you have not been around the past few times I announced commissions on the discord, how I go about taking commissions is you PM me everything you want as a starting request (patreon PMs is fine, but preferable on discord please). Don't ask me if I'm open, just give me the details of what you want. I determine with you personally what I can and can't do, and fine tune pricing. "First-come-first-server" is NOT necessarily the name of the game here so don't hesitate to really think about what you want.

THEN, this is important, I give you a private link to my listings for said commissions. Here you will fill out ALL of your details we discussed in a request form, including adjusting the price for add-ons. I will then accept the commission or make changes to the request if there's an error. Once its confirmed, I will send you an invoice for payment. Once that is done, I will rough sketch a pose for you and send it for your approval. This will happen at the rough sketch, clean sketch, inks, and colored stages. However, before approving the rough sketch, understand that its highly encouraged to request changes to anything dealing with the pose at this point if needed, as that will be more difficult to change later on and will require additional fees. This is to make sure what you get is as close to what you wanted. Once finished, and you approve of the final version, I will send the final files over for you to accept and close the project. Files will show as previewed thumbnails before accepting, but after accepting you will receive the final HD files automatically. (Don't worry, I send larger preview files before this.)

If you don't have an account there, that's okay, you don't need one, however it's recommended you do. As any message or update there will notify you vie E-MAIL. So please keep and eye out for any updates in your email inbox (and in rare cases always check your spam). Since I use that means that I don't accept paypal payments. Since transactions are processed through Stripe, you can still use a debit/credit card of choice, including paypal debit cards.

I use as a way to protect my paypal and my own service. If there are any issues with you not liking what you got, I will personally deal with an appropriate amount for refunds if that is what you want. But understand that time is mostly what I charge for, and I cannot and will not refund you full price if there ever is an issue.


Single Character Clean Sketch

Base Price: $75

Single Character Ink

Base Price: $200

Will draw most fetishes in most cases. Don't be shy to ask.
No backgrounds unless extremely simple and needed for situational context.
Limit 2 individual commissions per person.
*Alts that require a change to the base pose will have an additional fee.


I will update this pose if there is anything I failed to mention. But I think I covered everything important for now.

If you have any questions, please ask them below.

Rouge Booty (Female / Futa)

Sat Jul 20 21:39:00 2019

HD versions in attachments

rouge_booty_page_sketch_1-1_colored_SD.png (d)

Futa Isabelle

Sat Jul 20 21:37:37 2019

Had fun Coloring this up~

HD versions in attachments

Isabelle_Futa_Commission_Inks_1-1_SD.png (d)

Shadow x Sophie 4

Fri Jul 12 16:55:00 2019

HD version in attachments

Shadow_x_Sophie_4_Inks_SD.png (d)

Sophie x Shadow 3

Fri Jul 12 16:53:55 2019

HD versions in attachments

Shadow_x_Sophie_3-1_Inks_SD.png (d)

Shadow x Sophie 2

Fri Jul 12 16:52:07 2019

HD versions in attachments

Shadow_x_Sophie_2-1_Inks_SD.png (d)

Shadow x Sophie 1 Inks

Fri Jul 12 16:50:38 2019

Sorry for the delayed posts. Last month was another slow one. If you have access to the mega archives, I'll be uploading these there too as well as keeping it open to last months patrons. Next month should expect to see a link refresh like normal.

Anyway, this is the first of a 4 image set series I am doing with a friend. While I wait for them to decide on which ones to color, for now I will be uploading these as wip inks.

HD versions in attachments

Shadow_x_Sophie_1-1_Inks_SD.png (d)

Rouge and Blaze Futa Sketch page

Mon Jun 10 20:53:02 2019

Wasn't sure what to draw up last week. So I tried doing condom suit stuff with these 2 again. Didn't feel super inspired but I like how they all came out! And I hope you all do too!

All the alts and individual renders of the pictures are in the attachments as well as the archive on discord for the $5 tier.

rouge_booty_page_sketches.png (d)

Anaya (Commission)

Tue Jun 4 17:45:22 2019

Commission for Tindurr

Anaya_commission_for_Tindurr_1-1.png Anaya%20commission%20for%20Tindurr%201-2.png Anaya%20commission%20for%20Tindurr%201-1.png

Leslie the Goat 2 (Commission)

Tue Jun 4 17:43:20 2019

Commission for MundaneCartographer

MundaneCartographer_commission_Leslie_the_Goat_2-2.png MundaneCartographer%20commission%20Leslie%20the%20Goat%202-3.png MundaneCartographer%20commission%20Leslie%20the%20Goat%202-2.png MundaneCartographer%20commission%20Leslie%20the%20Goat%202-1.png

Leslie the Goat (Commission)

Tue Jun 4 17:41:28 2019

Commission for MundaneCartographer

MundaneCartographer_commission_Leslie_the_Goat_sketch_1-2.png MundaneCartographer%20commission%20Leslie%20the%20Goat%20sketch%201-1.png MundaneCartographer%20commission%20Leslie%20the%20Goat%20sketch%201-3.png MundaneCartographer%20commission%20Leslie%20the%20Goat%20sketch%201-2.png

Skater Boy Niko (SFW Commission)

Tue Jun 4 17:38:58 2019

Commission for yt937

yt937_commission_Skater_Boy_Niko.png yt937%20commission%20Skater%20Boy%20Niko.png

Hyper Futa Isabelle (Commission)

Tue Jun 4 17:37:07 2019

Commissioner wished to remain anonymous.

Isabelle_Futa_Commission_sketch_1.png Isabelle%20Futa%20Commission%20sketch%202.png Isabelle%20Futa%20Commission%20sketch%201.png Isabelle%20Futa%20Commission%20sketch%203.png

Karoline Bawls 2 (Commission)

Tue Jun 4 17:35:07 2019

Yes thats Sophie under there~

Commission for @Alex93870497

Karoline_Commission_2-1_alt.png Karoline%20Commission%202-4%20alt.png Karoline%20Commission%202-2%20alt.png Karoline%20Commission%202-3%20alt.png Karoline%20Commission%202-1%20alt.png

Karoline Bawls (Commission)

Tue Jun 4 17:32:10 2019

Sketch commission for @Alex93870497

Karoline_Commission_1-1.png Karoline%20Commission%201-1.png Karoline%20Commission%201-2.png

Zoe Puppy (Commission)

Tue Jun 4 17:29:15 2019

Commission for rabbitshakejake

Futa variant is a patreon exclusive at the request of the commissioner.

Zoe_Puppy_Commission_1-1_Public.png Zoe%20Puppy%20Commission%201-2%20%28Patreon%29.png Zoe%20Puppy%20Commission%201-1%20%28Public%29.png

Rouge Booty Sketch (Female/Futa)

Fri May 24 20:06:59 2019

Just a quick thing I did today. Might do some more up later like this. Condom suit ya??

Rouge_booty_sketch_1-1.png Rouge%20booty%20sketch%201-3.png Rouge%20booty%20sketch%201-2.png Rouge%20booty%20sketch%201-1.png

Zeena Using Her Toy

Fri May 24 16:06:15 2019

HD versions in attachments

Zeena_Sketch_6-1_Inked_SD.png Zeena%20Sketch%206-2%20Inked%20SD.png Zeena%20Sketch%206-1%20Inked%20SD.png Zeena%20Sketch%206-2%20Inked%20HD.png Zeena%20Sketch%206-1%20Inked%20HD.png

Zeena's Special Spot

Fri May 24 16:02:12 2019

"Just... keep your face there a bit longer will ya?"

HD version in attachments

Zeena_Sketch_7_Inked_SD.png Zeena%20Sketch%207%20Inked%20SD.png Zeena%20Sketch%207%20Inked%20HD.png

Caught Between Zeena's Legs

Fri May 24 15:59:06 2019

"Hows the view from there?"

HD version in attachments

Zeena_Sketch_5_Inked_SD.png Zeena%20Sketch%205%20Inked%20SD.png Zeena%20Sketch%205%20Inked%20HD.png

Zeena Finding Her New Toy

Fri May 24 15:54:00 2019

Big girl

HD version in attachments.

Zeena_Sketch_9_Inked_SD.png Zeena%20Sketch%209%20Inked%20SD.png Zeena%20Sketch%209%20Inked%20HD.png

Zeena's Kissies

Thu May 16 21:22:34 2019


HD version in attachments

Zeena_Sketch_1_Inked_SD.png Zeena%20Sketch%201%20Inked%20SD.png Zeena%20Sketch%201%20Inked%20HD.png

Zeena's Snack

Thu May 16 17:39:59 2019

Shes quite thirsty too~

Commission for a friend I decided to ink and color for myself ^v^

HD version in attachments.

Zeena_Sketch_10_Inked_SD.png Zeena%20Sketch%2010%20Inked%20SD.png Zeena%20Sketch%2010%20Inked%20HD.png

Taking a week break to rest my hands

Mon May 6 14:38:10 2019

As some of you might know from the discord, I've been having some bad hand pains the past month. What I believe to be early signs of carpal tunnel. Something I anticipated happening for a long time as it runs in the family unfortunately. So I'm letting you all know that I'm taking a week off to rest my hands and let them heal. We'll see how it works out after a week.

Deer Girl Darby (Commissioned by RT, for Double A)

Mon May 6 04:24:51 2019

This one was wild hard to do. I have never done a wet shirt before, but I really wanted to try my hand at it. I'd say it was very much worth the effort! Very happy with this and the other alts that came from it.

Commissioned by RT for Double A

HD and no underwear alts in attachments

RT_Commission_Deer_Girl_Darby_Inked_1-1_SD.png (d)

Diago Birthday Balls (Commission for T-Kay)

Mon May 6 04:00:14 2019

Teamed up with T-Kay to make a birthday gift for our bud Diago. A bit late, but better late than never!

Anyway, HD and 2 Cum Alts in the attachments.

Daigo_Birthday_Balls_commission_inks_1-1_SD.png (d)

Kenny (Commission)

Tue Apr 30 23:14:40 2019

I had a lot of fun with this one. Figuring out the final color pass was challenging, but I landed on this and am really happy with it!

Commissioned by Timidrabbit

HD and SD versions in attachments.

TimidRabbit_commission_SD.png TimidRabbit%20commission%20SD.png TimidRabbit%20commission%20HD.png

Expanded Storage (Commission)

Mon Apr 29 18:51:22 2019

Colored sketch commission for Espinoth

All 3 versions in attachments.

Espinoth_Commission_Expanded_Storage_1.png (d)

New Tier system has been implemented!

Sat Apr 20 20:07:10 2019

Thank you all for the feedback on the last poll regarding the proposed price changes to tiers! I got a lot of helpful insight from that and have came to a good conclusion that I believe will please everyone.

Instead of removing existing tiers in favor of the new ones, I decided to keep the old ones as well as introduce Plus (+) Tiers! These new tiers exist between current ones and their rewards and are completely optional. A plus tier offers the same rewards as the next tier down, but is purely for you to decide if you want to help support me that much more.

Currently, the only change you get for having a Plus tier is your discord role and name color will change to show your status. I might include unique rewards for Plus tiers, but I'm not sure what that would be or when. When I think of something good, I will let you all know.

Again thank you all for the feedback and support! I'm excited to see what comes of this. In the end, its more options for everyone, and doesn't compromise what already works for a lot of you. So please go check it out and consider the optional upgrade, as it helps me out tremendously.

Coco Ink Commission for Picturd

Sat Apr 20 17:27:35 2019

Ink commission for Picturd, which he used to color! You can find that HERE!

HD and SD versions in attachments.

Picturd_Commission_Coco_Ink_SD.png Picturd%20Commission%20Coco%20Ink%20SD.png Picturd%20Commission%20Coco%20Ink%20HD.png

Sophie's Easter Eggs 2019 Sketch Ideas

Sat Apr 20 17:19:05 2019

You can save the zip in the attachments

2019_sophie_easter_eggs_sketch_ideas_3-1.png (d)

Sophie's Workout HD Full Download $3 Reward

Sat Apr 20 16:59:10 2019

Includes HD, SD, sketched, and rough drafts of the full comic.

Files in attachments

Sophies_Workout_SD_page_001.png (d)

Sophie's Workout PSD Version Download $10 Reward

Sat Apr 20 16:38:15 2019

Files in attachments

PSD_Comic.png (d)

2019 Sophie's Easter Eggs

Fri Apr 19 22:15:29 2019

That time of year again! > : D

HD and SD versions of all 4 edits in attachments

2019_Sophie_Easter_Eggs_1-1_SD.png (d)

Asking your opinion on a possible tier price change

Tue Apr 16 17:07:40 2019

I'm hesitant to ask, cause this is kind of a big request on my part, but how do you guys feel about me raising all my tiers by $1. So the new tiers would be $2, $4, and $6 respectively. I want to make sure that I still have the lower tier for accessibility. However, I wouldn't be making these changes until I get my patreon back to a stable output again.

As most of you know of the recent sonic content purge, its put me back a bit in how I really wanna approach my patreon now. Things are shifting a lot here recently, and I wouldn't want to make these changes now when I haven't been providing content properly. As I feel a change like this needs to be deserved.

But the main reason for this change is to help bring up my income a bit to help me pay bills and save comfortably. I've been thinking of my future a lot lately. And with recently having to look at commissions again... well I'm taking everything I do right now into consideration for change.

This is to gauge opinion on the idea. I'm not going to be making this change if you guys don't want it. So please let me know what you think in the comments or even a pm if you want to keep it private. I'm taking this very seriously as, like I said, its a big deal to me.

Please pick the option in the poll based on what tier you currently are.

Anais (Commission For Higgy)

Sun Apr 14 16:57:48 2019

Punched this out Friday cause I was really excited to do it. Colored sketch commission for my friend Higgy. Go check their art out if you haven't heard of them already!

Cum alt included in attachments.

Higgy_Anais_Commission_Sketch_1-1.png Higgy%20Anais%20Commission%20Sketch%201-1.png Higgy%20Anais%20Commission%20Sketch%201-2.png

Zeena Sketch Page (Commission)

Sun Apr 14 16:50:04 2019

A long overdue sketch commission for a friend. I had a lot of fun doing these last week.

Individual renders plus a few alts not shown here in attachments.

Zeena_sketch_page.png (d)

Fran (Commission for T-Kay)

Sun Apr 14 16:44:04 2019

Did a colored ink commission a few weeks ago for T-Kay.

Swimsuit and HD versions in attachments.

TKay_Commission_Inked_1-1_SD.png (d)

Update on what happened to my Patreon

Fri Apr 12 14:22:14 2019

So I want to curb any worries you might have from a title like that by saying that my patreon is still up and running, functional, and something I still will be primarily using moving forward as I have been. However, something happened last week that is not great news. This might be a bit long winded, but I'll put a tldr at the end.

As some of you guys on the discord server will already know, a lot of you I feel aren't in the know as of yet, but last week my account was suspended for a few days. Supposedly it was reported?? That bit isn't very clear to me. Regardless I was approached by a rep from Patreon's Trust and Safety team on Monday April 1st about there being content on my campaign page that violated the Community Guidelines.

Now by this time I was not suspended yet. I read the Adult Content section of the guidelines and determined that there were a few picture I did that were incest related (refer to paragraph 3 of the guidelines). More specifically the Cream/Vanilla and Isabelle/Digby posts. So I removed them and replied back to the Rep to say they were removed. However, the next day my campaign page was suspended along with an email reply back saying that I still had content that violated the guidelines. This time I was directed to exactly what it was.

My Sonic content.

Or rather, any character from the Sonic series that is canonically under the age of 18. Which to Patreon automatically violates all of paragraph 2 of Adult Content in the guidelines.

Now I get it, yeah that's all technically true. Most character's canonical ages ARE under the legal age of 18. However I made sure to mention that what I draw does not, in any way shape or form, represent any character under the age 18. Nor was it malicious intention to age them up to circumvent that. I am simply rendering these characters as mature, over the legal age of 18, consensual decision making adults. That's always been my approach as I'm sure all of you can agree. I have never, and will never, render any of my content, paid or unpaid, as sexually glorifying a minor. That's not what I do and not what I support.

Unfortunately, despite my attempt to explain what I do Patreon still deemed it as "sexually glorifying minors." As a result, all of the content on my patreon campaign that was of characters with canonical ages under that of 18 I had to remove and delete.

I will admit, it sucks. A lot. This past week I've been thinking about my patreon and its future. And my personal future as well. How I can still draw what I want to but still provide content to you guys. As you know I draw a lot of characters like Amy and Blaze. Though characters like Rouge, Shadow, Sticks, Bunnie etc are all safe to post. And yes my OCs like Sophie and Edge are safe as well. But I want to stress that my Patreon is incredibly important to me right now and is the source of most of my income. So the best I can do is comply with the rules I'm given and make the changes that are necessary for it. Again, its too important for me to risk being irresponsible with it.

I do want to mention that this won't stop me from drawing the things I've always drawn. As I firmly believe what I do, and what I have been doing, are not wrong. However some of those things, given the new limitations based on technicalities, cannot be hosted, funded, or linked through Patreon. That means I can't give you guys that full archive like I planned. Though I might make a Patreon safe version. But still, all of this has thrown a wrench in my plans on the recent changes I made to my tiers and rewards. So I have to think of another solution for those. Which will take another while to get right for me. As I want to make sure I land on the right work flow for me before I dedicate to any changes I make to tier rewards.

So to wrap all this up, I wanna say thank you all for your support. There will be a shift in content flow here for sure. But I ask you all to be patient with me as I try and figure this out. Ideally, I would have liked to have the answers and a solution for all of this by now, but I simply don't.

I've talked about about this in private with friends, as I felt I needed to come up with an alternative to provide the content I do but in a safe manner that doesn't violate Patreon's guidelines. Its still an ongoing conversation with them. Some of whom do the same thing I do here and are subject to these changes as well. When we have something I will definitely keep you all up to date.

In the meantime, for my current patrons, I want to set expectations of what you're still getting for the next while. You'll still get early access to SD Illustrations as well as exclusive access to HD versions. Sketches, layered work files, and Archive access (coming soon, though limited now) are all still here.

Lastly, I want to say to please keep your opinions of whats happening civil. Its a subject I'm sure will get a lot of people heated, but there isn't much I can personally do about it outside of following the rules. I'm trying to spin this as positive as I can. A way to shift my art in a different direction in a way that's good for me. I've always believed that working without limitations can disrupt creativity. Though I'm completely aware with how that very loosely applies to this situation. HAHA! Still, being positive is important. I don't want this to drag me down as has happened in the past. I'm strong, you're strong, we can pull through this!!

Again, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!! It means a lot to me and helps me continue what I do. Even with the current changing climate. I just ask that you don't pull your support from me in protest to patreon, as that only hurts me. Not that I think any of you will do that, but I want to make that bit clear.

TLDR; Patreon suspended my account a few days last week because I was drawing characters that are canonically under the age of 18 despite my style and my approach to age, consent, and generally how I render my art. As a result I had to delete all my sonic content that fell under that description of age. Not all of it, but most of it. Amy, Tails, Blaze, etc. So I can't host, fund, or link that content through patreon. My OCs such as Sophie and Edge are safe and my rewards, for the time being, aren't changing. THIS WILL NOT EFFECT WHAT I DRAW! But not everything I do will be on patreon. A safe solution to providing all my content is being sought out and talked about, but I don't know if or when that will be. Please keep the conversation civil.

My Patreon Tier Rewards Poll

Tue Apr 2 04:21:16 2019

Hey everyone! Its been a min since I did a poll, but recently I feel I've been needing more feedback and ideas for how I want to progress and evolve my patreon. Not just for changes sake but to keep up with how I work now.

I built my patreon rewards around making weekly illustrations, but that's not how I've been doing my art lately. Not only that, I made my patreon tier rewards simple enough for me to keep up with if things do start to shift. However, I feel lately I have not been fulfilling most tiers even with how simple they are.

So I want to ask you guys; Do you like how the reward tiers currently are?

I do want to mention that if I do make changes, it won't be anything super drastic. I want to keep things simple as they are and only change something if it helps fit my current work flow.

If you have any ideas you'd like to see, lemme know in the comments.

Slut Mania Amy

Fri Mar 29 21:09:38 2019

Amy had anticipated going back to GreenHill zone to better understand what this odd badnik was. Or rather, that was her excuse. She knew exactly what it was. This badnik was fitted with state of the art reactive spring tech and she was eager to take advantage of it.

I made this for TeeR's Slut Mania Art Jam. Which submissions end on Sunday the 31st! So I barely got this done. There's still 2 days left to submit if you're interested in contributing.

It's rare, lately, that I make a huge colored picture like this. But I'm incredibly proud of this and am excited to show you all what I was working on this past few days! Also what should the badniks name be? Its design is based off the moto bug. Hrm...

All 6 HD and SD versions in a zip file are in the attachments.

Slut_Mania_Amy_1-1_SD.png (d)

Recent Sketch Commissions

Fri Mar 29 19:08:40 2019

As some of you might know, I have been slowly getting back into commissions. No openings as of right now, as I'm being selective with what I take to get used to doing them again. But hopefully I will have more available openings in the nearish future.

To see more versions of these, I have uploaded them to my a new MEGA Commissions archive.


I plan to have more of my content here on Patreon uploaded to MEGA. For now its just commissions.


Amy's Hammer

Fri Mar 29 18:44:52 2019

Just a simple doodle I colored a bit ago.

HD version in attachments.

Amy_Hammer_SD.png Amy%20Hammer%20SD.png Amy%20Hammer%20HD.png

Edge and Sophie's Post Workout Play~

Fri Mar 29 18:42:04 2019

These 2 have been a horny bunch lately haven't they~

HD, SD, and Nude versions in attached zip file.

Edge_and_Sophie_post_workout_1-1_SD.png (d)

Amy in Shamar

Sun Mar 3 17:39:02 2019

Hey guys! Really happy to show you all this! I'm super happy with how it came out and I hope you all enjoy it!

Amy is having a nice relaxing day out shopping at the various vendor stands in Shamar. But for some reason she always forgets how big her butt is.

Pantyless, futa, and HD versions in attachments!

Amy_In_Shamar_-_Panties_SD.png (d)

Edge's Condom Suit 4

Sat Mar 2 05:48:36 2019

HD versions in attachments.

Edge doesn't know what to do now that his suit is filled with cum. And he wasn't really expecting it to surround his nuts like that either.

condom_suits_4-2_SD.png condom%20suits%204-2%20SD.png condom%20suits%204-1%20SD.png condom%20suits%204-2%20HD.png condom%20suits%204-1%20HD.png

Edge's Condom Suit 3

Sat Mar 2 05:45:53 2019

Condom material and HD versions in attachments.

My favorite of the 4.

condom_suits_3-3_SD.png (d)

Edge's Condom Suit 2

Sat Mar 2 05:40:19 2019

Condom material and HD versions in attachments.

So the idea of these pictures was that Edge's condom suit malfunctioned, and instead of filling at the tip, it went back into the balls of the suit. 2 more pictures like this up next. Hope you all enjoy them. ^v^

condom_suits_2-3_SD.png (d)

Edge's Condom Suit 1

Sat Mar 2 05:35:32 2019

HD versions in attachments

Sorry for the late upload on these. The first of the month caught up with me faster than I thought! February was a busy art month for me. So I have a lot of work still to be done. So look forward to those.

condom_suits_1-2_SD.png condom%20suits%201-2%20SD.png condom%20suits%201-1%20SD.png condom%20suits%201-2%20HD.png condom%20suits%201-1%20HD.png

Edge and Sophie's Valentines Day (5 of 5)

Thu Feb 21 00:24:36 2019

A relieving end to an all day session of kinky foreplay and rough sex.

Last of the 5 valentines pictures! Was fun doing these everyday. I might try something like this again in the future. I know its been a week, but I hope you all had a good Valentines. Be it that day or the whole week. Still more art to come, so stay tuned.

HD version in attachments.

Valentines_Edge_and_Sophie_5_SD.png Valentines%20Edge%20and%20Sophie%205%20SD.png Valentines%20Edge%20and%20Sophie%205%20HD.png

Edge and Sophie's Valentines Day (4 of 5)

Tue Feb 19 21:27:03 2019

Less kink more fuck~ They just can't help themselves can they.

Part 4 of 5 for the valentines picture set. Last one should be done tomorrow.

HD version in attachments.

Valentines_Edge_and_Sophie_4_SD.png Valentines%20Edge%20and%20Sophie%204%20SD.png Valentines%20Edge%20and%20Sophie%204%20HD.png

(UPDATED) 2 New Sophie Pins! Preorder now Available!

Tue Feb 19 17:11:26 2019

UPDATED: The preorder for the Sophie Head Pins now has a cheaper bundle for both pins at $30! Individual pins are still $20. Those of you who have already ordered both will be refunded the difference via payapl.

Shipping is $3 (US)

International orders accepted


Been slowly working on getting this up the past month. And I'm excited to say that you guys, my patrons, get first dibs!

These are a preorder, so the product does not exist yet and the images used do not represent the final product entirely. This is to help fund the production costs.

Not much more to say other than the pin details are below, and more information is in the store listing. Which you can get to here:

--Pin Details--

- 1.25 inches (Front Design)
- 1.5 inches (Side Design)
- Hard Enamel
- Gold Plating
- 2 Rubber Clutches
- Individually numbered
- Signature embossed on back
- Preorder only - Signed backing card

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! If you use the discount code 15OFF800813 when ordering the Sophie Boobie Mousepads (Sophie Mouse Pad 2), you get $15 off each one in your cart! Offer lasts till Mar 21, 2019 @ 11:00 PM.


Edge and Sophie's Valentines Day (3 of 5)

Mon Feb 18 21:54:58 2019

Edge and Sophie decided foreplay is over. Now to get to the real dirty action~

Part 3 of 5 of my valentines picture set. Next 2 parts will be done in the coming days.

HD and complete nude versions in attachments.

Valentines_Edge_and_Sophie_3B_SD.png Valentines%20Edge%20and%20Sophie%203B%20SD.png Valentines%20Edge%20and%20Sophie%203A%20SD.png Valentines%20Edge%20and%20Sophie%203B%20HD.png Valentines%20Edge%20and%20Sophie%203A%20HD.png

Edge and Sophie's Valentines Day (2 of 5)

Fri Feb 15 23:43:19 2019

Edge and Sophie have a bit more fun and decide to switch roles.

Part 2 of the valentines set. Probably wont be working on the next few very much over the weekend, but this was my favorite one of the entire bunch.

HD version in attachments.

Valentines_Edge_and_Sophie_2_SD.png Valentines%20Edge%20and%20Sophie%202%20SD.png Valentines%20Edge%20and%20Sophie%202%20HD.png

Edge and Sophie's Valentines Day (1 of 5)

Thu Feb 14 23:57:14 2019

Updated: Changed Sophie's outfit from red to black to better fit the color of the overall picture as well as a very subtle red filter to make the colors fit better.

Happy Valentines Day! Edge and Sophie decide to have a bit of fun today and try something new.

This is the first of a 5 picture set. The others are currently being worked on. Hopefully for the next 5 days I can get them out. This also was a very last minute idea and will be posting them publicly as they come out. Though the HD versions are still patreon exclusive.

HD version in attachments.

Valentines_Edge_and_Sophie_1_SD.png Valentines%20Edge%20and%20Sophie%201%20SD.png Valentines%20Edge%20and%20Sophie%201%20HD.png

Sally Futa

Wed Feb 6 16:54:55 2019

Powers gone to her head. She thinks she can just do that.

HD version in attachments.

Sally_futa_SD.png Sally%20futa%20SD.png Sally%20futa%20HD.png

Amy Futa

Wed Feb 6 16:53:21 2019

Playing around with rim lighting. Nothin crazy.

HD version in attachments.

Amy_futa_SD.png Amy%20futa%20SD.png Amy%20futa%20HD.png

Edge Colored

Sun Feb 3 17:12:06 2019

Wanted to throw some colors on these inks I did a bit ago.

HD version in attachments

Edge_colored_SD.png Edge%20colored%20SD.png Edge%20colored%20HD.png

Cream and Vanilla Futa 2

Sun Feb 3 15:13:25 2019

They can't help themselves can they.

Single framed and HD versions in attachments.

Cream_and_Vanilla_futa_2_SD.png Cream%20and%20Vanilla%20futa%202%20crop%201%20SD.png Cream%20and%20Vanilla%20futa%202%20crop%202%20HD.png Cream%20and%20Vanilla%20futa%202%20crop%202%20SD.png Cream%20and%20Vanilla%20futa%202%20SD.png Cream%20and%20Vanilla%20futa%202%20crop%201%20HD.png Cream%20and%20Vanilla%20futa%202%20HD.png

Cream and Vanilla Futa 1

Sun Feb 3 15:09:51 2019

Bad bunnies~

HD version in attachments.

Cream_and_Vanilla_futa_1_SD.png Cream%20and%20Vanilla%20futa%201%20HD.png Cream%20and%20Vanilla%20futa%201%20SD.png

Futas~ Sketch Page

Wed Jan 30 19:16:15 2019

I had a lot of fun with these. Lemme know which ones you'd like to see inked and possibly colored.

Individual images in attachments

futas.png futas%204.png futas%202.png futas%203.png futas%201.png

Donut Exercise

Mon Jan 21 21:08:13 2019

Sophie puttin that thing to work!

HD and SD versions in attachments

donuts5_SD.png donuts5%20SD.png donuts5%20HD.png

Glazing Sophie's Donut

Mon Jan 21 21:04:50 2019

HD and SD versions in attachments

donuts4_SD.png donuts4%20SD.png donuts4%20HD.png

Donut Squish

Mon Jan 21 21:02:18 2019

HD and SD versions in attachments

donuts3_SD.png donuts3%20SD.png donuts3%20HD.png

Edge enjoying his breakfast

Mon Jan 21 21:00:48 2019

Boy is hungry

HD and SD versions in attachments

donuts2_SD.png donuts2%20SD.png donuts2%20HD.png

Showin off Sophie's Donut

Mon Jan 21 20:57:52 2019

Edge can't help himself.

HD and SD versions in attachments

donuts1_SD.png donuts1%20SD.png donuts1%20HD.png

Female Presenting Pussy

Mon Jan 21 20:55:37 2019

Made this in response to Tubmlr banning porn.

HD and SD versions in attachments

female_presenting_pussy_SD.png female%20presenting%20pussy%20SD.png female%20presenting%20pussy%20HD.png

Ball Abuse

Mon Jan 21 20:52:28 2019

Sometimes you need to motivate a cock to fill its condom in creative ways.

HD and SD versions in attachments

lots_of_balls_8_SD.png lots%20of%20balls%208%20SD.png lots%20of%20balls%208%20HD.png

Big Ball Butt Edge

Mon Jan 21 20:50:16 2019

Gotta extract that juice

HD and SD versions in attachments

lots_of_balls_6_SD.png lots%20of%20balls%206%20SD.png lots%20of%20balls%206%20HD.png

Public Relief

Mon Jan 21 20:48:23 2019

He couldn't wait to get home.

HD and SD versions in attachments

lots_of_balls_3_SD.png lots%20of%20balls%203%20SD.png lots%20of%20balls%203%20HD.png

Edge's Condom

Mon Jan 21 20:45:22 2019

I really liked how this one came out.

HD and SD versions in attachments

lots_of_balls_5_inked_SD.png lots%20of%20balls%205%20inked%20SD.png lots%20of%20balls%205%20inked%20HD.png

Electrostim Condom Filling

Mon Jan 21 20:43:37 2019

HD and SD versions in attachments

lots_of_balls_4_SD.png lots%20of%20balls%204%20SD.png lots%20of%20balls%204%20HD.png

Sorry for the lack of updates here guys

Mon Jan 21 20:38:09 2019

I've been posting everything on the discord server though. I'll break that habit here soon. So I hope you guys don't mind the influx of pictures uploaded here today.

Edge's Big Balls

Mon Jan 21 20:41:49 2019

HD and SD versions in attachments

lots_of_balls_1_SD.png lots%20of%20balls%201%20SD.png lots%20of%20balls%201%20HD.png

Happy New Year 2019 Balls Drop!

Wed Jan 2 01:51:45 2019

I'm a bit late to post this but I don't think you guys mind ;)

Here's to a wonderful 2019!

"Before" picture in attachments as well as the HD versions.

sophie_new_years_ball_drop_2_SD.png sophie%20new%20years%20ball%20drop%20SD.png sophie%20new%20years%20ball%20drop%202%20SD.png sophie%20new%20years%20ball%20drop%202%20HD.png sophie%20new%20years%20ball%20drop%20HD.png

Tails' Yoga Pants

Mon Dec 10 12:34:50 2018

I created and posted this publicly first a few days ago in response to this:

Not setting this to any particular tier as its not timed exclusive or anything.
In the future, sketches are still a $3 tier. I also want to remind that, for that tier, I post screencaps and wips way more frequently in the Discord. So if you haven't connected that I would suggest doing so if you want to be the very first to see new stuff from me.

Tails_yoga_pants_1.png Tails%20yoga%20pants%204.png Tails%20yoga%20pants%202.png Tails%20yoga%20pants%203.png Tails%20yoga%20pants%201.png

Edge Balls Full Sketch Page

Mon Dec 10 12:24:13 2018

Here's the rest of the sketch of Edge and his big nuts.

lots_of_balls_Edge_page.png lots%20of%20balls%209.png lots%20of%20balls%208.png lots%20of%20balls%207.png lots%20of%20balls%206.png lots%20of%20balls%205.png lots%20of%20balls%204.png lots%20of%20balls%202.png lots%20of%20balls%203.png lots%20of%20balls%201.png

Edge Balls 1-3

Fri Nov 30 21:05:49 2018

Gunna be working on a second set of Edge pictures like these soon.

lots_of_balls_1.png lots%20of%20balls%202.png lots%20of%20balls%201.png lots%20of%20balls%203.png

Edge and Sophie Inks

Fri Nov 30 21:03:35 2018

Lately Iv'e been really enjoying just solid and bold inks like this. Something colors can't really portray.
HD version in attachments.

Edit: Some say this would be good as a poster. What do you guys think?

edge_and_Sophie_inks_SD.png edge%20and%20Sophie%20inks%20SD.png edge%20and%20Sophie%20inks%20HD.png

Edge Argento

Sat Nov 24 20:47:32 2018

Been a while since I drew him

Edge_Ink_SD.png Edge%20Ink%20SD.png Edge%20Inks%20HD.png

Sophie Boobie Mousepads Now Available

Wed Nov 21 03:11:15 2018

I apologize for the lack of updates lately. I've been busy with stuff like this and possible future projects. And also not having any new ideas! Regardless, I'm letting you all know first before everyone else that these new mousepads are available. So you guys get first dibs.

You can find them here:

But yeah I hope you all are doing good. I'll get back to the normal arting soon.


Halloween Isabelle 4

Wed Oct 31 08:32:58 2018

HD version in attachments.

Isabelle_halloween_2018_colored_5_SD.png Isabelle%20halloween%202018%20colored%205%20SD.png Isabelle%20halloween%202018%20colored%205%20HD.png

Halloween Isabelle 3

Wed Oct 31 03:32:46 2018

HD version in attachments.

Edit: very very minor fix

Isabelle_halloween_2018_colored_4B_SD.png Isabelle%20halloween%202018%20colored%204B%20SD.png Isabelle%20halloween%202018%20colored%204B%20HD.png

Halloween Isabelle 2

Wed Oct 31 03:18:52 2018

HD version in attachments

Isabelle_halloween_2018_colored_2_SD.png Isabelle%20halloween%202018%20colored%202%20SD.png Isabelle%20halloween%202018%20colored%202%20HD.png

Halloween Isabelle 1

Wed Oct 31 03:17:27 2018

HD and Futa versions in attachments

Isabelle_halloween_2018_colored_1_SD.png Isabelle%20halloween%202018%20colored%20futa%201%20SD.png Isabelle%20halloween%202018%20colored%201%20SD.png Isabelle%20halloween%202018%20colored%20futa%201%20HD.png Isabelle%20halloween%202018%20colored%201%20HD.png

Isabelle Halloween Sketches

Wed Oct 31 03:13:38 2018

Isabelle_halloween_2018_1.png Isabelle%20halloween%202018%205.png Isabelle%20halloween%202018%203.png Isabelle%20halloween%202018%204B.png Isabelle%20halloween%202018%202.png Isabelle%20halloween%202018%201.png

Isabelle and Digby 4

Thu Oct 25 02:22:00 2018

These 2 are so fun to draw I can't help myself.

HD version in attachments

Isabelle_sketches_colored_10_SD.png Isabelle%20sketches%20colored%2010%20SD.png Isabelle%20sketches%20colored%2010%20HD.png

Isabelle and Digby 3

Sat Oct 20 20:07:03 2018


Isabelle_sketches_colored_8_SD.png Isabelle%20sketches%20colored%208%20SD.png Isabelle%20sketches%20colored%208%20HD.png

Isabelle (Female/Futa)

Sat Oct 20 19:47:54 2018

HD versions in attachments.

Isabelle_sketches_colored_9-1_SD.png Isabelle%20sketches%20colored%209-2%20SD.png Isabelle%20sketches%20colored%209-1%20SD.png Isabelle%20sketches%20colored%209-2%20HD.png Isabelle%20sketches%20colored%209-1%20HD.png

Isabelle Fighting Stance

Sat Oct 20 19:46:08 2018

I know I'm a bit late on the Isabelle announcement in smash, but whatever. This was fun.

Isabelle_sketches_colored_7_SD.png Isabelle%20sketches%20colored%207%20SD.png Isabelle%20sketches%20colored%207%20HD.png


Sat Oct 20 19:44:14 2018

Well did you?

HD version in attachments.

Isabelle_sketches_colored_6_SD.png Isabelle%20sketches%20colored%206%20SD.png Isabelle%20sketches%20colored%206%20HD.png

Isabelle and Digby 2

Mon Oct 8 06:15:05 2018

Slowly getting these done. Thanks for being patient with me y'all.

Isabelle_sketches_colored_4_SD.png Isabelle%20sketches%20colored%204%20SD.png Isabelle%20sketches%20colored%204%20HD.png

Isabelle and Digby

Fri Sep 28 18:51:24 2018

I love this taboo pairing. I dunno what it is, but this in combination with exhibitionism is just a really fun scenario to do.

Update: Added a subtle gradient.

Isabelle_sketches_colored_2_SD.png Isabelle%20sketches%20colored%202%20SD.png Isabelle%20sketches%20colored%202%20HD.png


Fri Sep 28 18:48:30 2018

Its been a while since I drew her. I kinda broke my thing about being overly stylistic with faces. I try to be more accurate to the source as I can. But I think her face is really fun to draw like this. More expressive.

Update: Forgot to add a subtle gradient to make it not look so flat.

Isabelle_sketches_colored_1_SD.png Isabelle%20sketches%20colored%201%20SD.png Isabelle%20sketches%20colored%201%20HD.png

Isabelle Sketch Batch

Tue Sep 25 15:45:45 2018

Isabelle_sketches1.png Isabelle%20sketches9-2.png Isabelle%20sketches9-1.png Isabelle%20sketches10.png Isabelle%20sketches8.png Isabelle%20sketches6.png Isabelle%20sketches7.png Isabelle%20sketches5.png Isabelle%20sketches4.png Isabelle%20sketches3.png Isabelle%20sketches2.png Isabelle%20sketches1.png Isabelle%20sketches%20page.png

Cross-Dressing Tails 3

Mon Sep 17 16:19:45 2018

Boobie and HD versions on attachments.

tails_stuff_5-1_colored_SD.png tails%20stuff%205-2%20colored%20SD.png tails%20stuff%205-1%20colored%20SD.png tails%20stuff%205-2%20colored%20HD.png tails%20stuff%205-1%20colored%20HD.png

Cross-Dressing Tails 2

Mon Sep 17 16:18:38 2018

HD version in attachments.

tails_stuff_4_colored_SD.png tails%20stuff%204%20colored%20SD.png tails%20stuff%204%20colored%20HD.png

Cross-Dressing Tails 1

Mon Sep 17 16:17:51 2018

Boobie version and HD versions in attachments.

Cross-dressing Tails Sketch Batch

Mon Sep 3 19:33:39 2018

Boobie versions in the attachments~

tails_stuff_2-1.png tails%20stuff%206-2.png tails%20stuff%206-1.png tails%20stuff%205-2.png tails%20stuff%205-1.png tails%20stuff%203.png tails%20stuff%202-2.png tails%20stuff%202-1.png tails%20stuff%201.png tails%20stuff%204.png

Tangle Condom Suit 3

Fri Aug 31 22:27:07 2018


HD version in attachments

tangle_sketches_colored_4_SD.png tangle%20sketches%20colored%204%20SD.png tangle%20sketches%20colored%204%20HD.png

Tangle Condom Suit 2

Fri Aug 31 22:25:05 2018


HD version in attachments

tangle_sketches_colored_7-1_SD.png tangle%20sketches%20colored%207-2%20SD.png tangle%20sketches%20colored%207-1%20SD.png tangle%20sketches%20colored%207-2%20HD.png tangle%20sketches%20colored%207-1%20HD.png

Tangle Condom Suit 1

Fri Aug 31 22:23:38 2018


HD version in attachments

tangle_sketches_colored_6_SD.png tangle%20sketches%20colored%206%20SD.png tangle%20sketches%20colored%206%20HD.png

Sophie Balls Mouse Pad Available for Preorder!

Fri Aug 24 16:55:38 2018

Its finally here! Not much more to say other than that! Lota work went into figuring this out. So I hope you guys enjoy this.

Edit: Also, the preorders will only be live throughout the weekend.

More info in the link on the product itself.


Post Regarding Layered PSD Files

Thu Aug 23 18:39:36 2018

So lately I haven't been uploading psd files. There's both a good and not good reason for that. Firstly, I haven't been making as much BIG colored images. And I feel kinda eh about uploading the recent flat colors cause there's really not much to em. (Though if you really want to see them let me know and I'll start uploading them) SECOND, and this is gunna get technical, I found out that even though I've been converting my .clip files over to .psd, I realized that photoshop doesn't actually have the function of clipping folders like clip studio does, only single layers. And I do that... A LOT. So if you've ever opened my .psd files and they've appeared broken, its not because its actually broken, its because PS doesn't know what to do with a folder that has clipping on it. So in the future, I will still convert to .psd, because its a universal format, but try and open it in programs that have folder clipping. Currently I do not know what programs other than clip studio (and maybe sai??) that have that function.

Tangle Condom Suit Sketches (Futa)

Thu Aug 23 17:25:00 2018

Bringin this back.

tangle_sketches_6.png tangle%20sketches%207.png tangle%20sketches%206.png tangle%20sketches%205.png tangle%20sketches%204.png

Tangle 3

Sat Aug 18 23:13:10 2018


HD version in attachments

tangle_sketches_colored_3_SD.png tangle%20sketches%20colored%203%20SD.png tangle%20sketches%20colored%203%20HD.png

Tangle 2

Sat Aug 18 23:12:02 2018


HD version in attachments

tangle_sketches_colored_2_SD.png tangle%20sketches%20colored%202%20SD.png tangle%20sketches%20colored%202%20HD.png

Tangle 1

Sat Aug 18 23:11:01 2018


HD version in attachments

tangle_sketches_colored_1_SD.png tangle%20sketches%20colored%201%20SD.png tangle%20sketches%20colored%201%20HD.png

Tangle Sketches (Futa)

Wed Aug 8 01:21:08 2018

Really enjoyed drawing her. Might do more.

tangle_sketches_1.png tangle%20sketches%203.png tangle%20sketches%202.png tangle%20sketches%201.png

Patreon/ Declined charges

Thu Aug 2 16:38:24 2018

I just wanted to let everyone know that patreon made a change to their system that somehow makes peoples banks think their charges are fraud. Im not 100% sure of the details or the solution, but if your charge was declined, know it was patreons doing and not yours.

Edit: Be sure to contact your bank/credit card company and let them know it wasn't a fraudulent charge and it should be okay.

Futa Blaze 3

Wed Aug 1 19:54:22 2018

HD version in attachments.

Futa_Blaze_3_SD.png Futa%20Blaze%203%20SD.png Futa%20Blaze%203%20HD.png

Futa Blaze 2

Mon Jul 30 00:38:13 2018

HD version in attachments.

Futa_Blaze_2-1_SD.png Futa%20Blaze%202-1%20SD.png Futa%20Blaze%202-1%20HD.png

Futa Blaze 1

Mon Jul 30 00:37:13 2018

HD versions in attachments

Futa_Blaze_1-1_SD.png Futa%20Blaze%201-1%20SD.png Futa%20Blaze%201-2%20SD.png Futa%20Blaze%201-1%20HD.png Futa%20Blaze%201-2%20HD.png

Blaze Sketches

Fri Jul 20 04:06:48 2018

blaze_sketches_2.png blaze%20sketches%201.png blaze%20sketches%203.png blaze%20sketches%202.png

Wooden Sophie Charms Now Available!

Thu Jul 19 19:20:28 2018

So a few days ago I put this new item on my store. So far its been a success! A while ago I showed off the design for it on discord and after waiting almost a month after ordering its finally here. I was really eager to get this out.

If you've bought one already, thank you! If you haven't or are curious to check it out, go to my store here:


Update: I'm back

Thu Jul 19 19:11:56 2018

So if you've been paying attention to the discord, I've been really busy the past week researching and contacting 3D mouse pad manufactures. It's
a lot more work than I thought and its pretty much eaten up a lot of my time. Reply, wait, work on design, reply, wait, rework/resize design, and so on. The picture here is the final rework for one of the manufactures I talked to. There are several versions of this for different manufactures, since they all have different requirements for what kind of nudity can be shown. I would still prefer to have a full nude one, but most wont do it. There is one that will but I'm iffy about the quality. I am going to be getting several samples from a few choice places that looked promising plus the one that can do nudes.

If you're wondering when something like this will be available to purchase, know it will be a least a month or 2 before that happens or maybe even longer, I don't really know. This stuff takes time to cook. But I wanted to give all of you a heads up on what I'm working on and what I plan on doing for the future.

Starting tomorrow I'll be going out of town for the weekend with the family. I plan on getting a few sketches out later tonight since it's been a while since I had a good sitdown sketch session. I wanna start getting some normal art out to you all again.

Anyway, this is getting long. Thank you all for being patient with me and continuing to support me.


Taking a small vacation and also moving

Sat Jun 23 07:57:42 2018

Over the next 2 weeks I'll be taking a break from doing any art. We're moving to a new apartment within this time so I didn't want to worry about the move and trying to get out art at the same time. I also would just like a small break as well, come back refreshed with new ideas. I think this will be good. Thank you all for your support. I hope you enjoy the most recent picture as well. I'll still be here and on the discord if you need me. <3

Amy's Secret 2 PSD

Sat Jun 23 07:48:50 2018

PSD_picture.png Amy%27s%20Secret%202.psd (d)

Amy's Secret 2

Sat Jun 23 07:40:44 2018

The sequel.

HD version in attachments.

Amys_Secret_2_SD.png Amy%27s%20Secret%202%20SD.png Amy%27s%20Secret%202%20HD.png

Amy Color 4

Fri Jun 15 20:57:52 2018

I totally didn't forget to upload this here.

HD version in attachments.

amy_sketches_4_SD.png amy%20sketches%204%20SD.png amy%20sketches%204%20HD.png

Amy Color 3

Mon Jun 11 19:10:44 2018

I really have no idea for a title. But its the third of the amy colors from that sketch batch so far. Like the last 2, just doing simple colors for these kind of poses for now. That way I can get started on the next one sooner and leave the big colors for the more interesting ideas.

HD version in attachments.

amy_sketches_3_SD.png amy%20sketches%203%20SD.png amy%20sketches%203%20HD.png

Another Amy Booty

Fri Jun 8 20:13:04 2018

not as fancy as the last, but I wanted something simple to do yesterday.

HD version in attachments.

simple_amy_booty_color_2_SD.png simple%20amy%20booty%20color%202%20SD.png simple%20amy%20booty%20color%202%20HD.png

Amy Booty

Mon Jun 4 19:41:35 2018

Just a simple in and color for this one. Didn't want to spend a bunch of time on it.

HD version in attachments.

simple_amy_booty_color_SD.png simple%20amy%20booty%20color%20SD.png simple%20amy%20booty%20color%20HD.png

Amy's Secret PSD

Sat Jun 2 07:27:22 2018

PSD_picture.png Amy%27s%20secret%20fetish.psd (d)

Amy's Secret

Sat Jun 2 07:26:10 2018

Really happy with how this came out.

HD version in attachments.

Amys_secret_fetish_SD.png Amy%27s%20secret%20fetish%20SD.png Amy%27s%20secret%20fetish%20HD.png

Amy Sketches

Tue May 29 16:39:23 2018

Some sketches I was able to get out during last week.

amy_sketches_4.png booty%20sketches%202.png booty%20sketches%201.png amy%20sketches%205.png amy%20sketches%202.png amy%20sketches%203.png amy%20sketches%204.png amy%20sketches%201.png

Amy's Rubber Dress PSD

Thu May 17 22:50:28 2018

PSD_picture.png Amy%27s%20Rubber%20Dress.psd (d)

Amy's Rubber Dress

Thu May 17 22:49:04 2018

Is this the power of condom suit technology?

HD version in attachments.

Amys_Rubber_Dress_SD.png Amy%27s%20Rubber%20Dress%20SD.png Amy%27s%20Rubber%20Dress%20HD.png

Blaze's Condom Suit 3 PSD

Fri May 11 21:47:04 2018

PSD_picture.png Blaze%27s%20Condom%20Suit%203.psd (d)

Blaze's Condom Suit 3

Fri May 11 21:45:53 2018

Yeah I brought it back. Though it was largely due to the fact I didn't have any good ideas to draw, so I used an existing sketch. Figured you guys would appreciate me finishing another condom suit picture~

HD version in attachments

Blazes_Condom_Suit_3_SD.png Blaze%27s%20Condom%20Suit%203%20SD.png Blaze%27s%20Condom%20Suit%203%20HD.png

Sophie Rubs PSD

Tue May 8 04:43:12 2018

PSD_picture.png Sophie%20rubs.psd (d)

Sophie Rubs

Tue May 8 04:32:20 2018

She couldn't help herself and needed to rub one out.

No cum and HD versions in attachments.

Edit: Forgot to mention that this was supposed to be finished saturday, but that did happen as I was working on a new charm design over the week. So look forward to that. I'll also be working on the next illustration soon for friday as well.

Sophie_rubs_cum_SD.png Sophie%20rubs%20no%20cum%20SD.png Sophie%20rubs%20no%20cum%20HD.png Sophie%20rubs%20cum%20SD.png Sophie%20rubs%20cum%20HD.png

Sophie's Workout Page 11 PSD

Fri Apr 27 21:01:59 2018

PSD_Comic.png Sophie%20Workout%20page_011.psd (d)

Sophie's Bwalls PSD

Fri Apr 27 20:58:18 2018

Edit: Should probably upload the the psd file with this too. lol

PSD_picture.png Sophie%20Bwalls.psd (d)

Sophie's Bwalls

Fri Apr 27 20:47:29 2018

So now that the comic is done, I can get back to working on weekly illustrations. Thanks for being patient guys.

HD version in attachments.

Sophie_Bwalls_SD.png Sophie%20Bwalls%20SD.png Sophie%20Bwalls%20HD.png

Sophie's Workout FULL HD Download

Sun Apr 22 23:42:49 2018

The attached files are the final and most up to date versions of what I've released so far. So please update your files with these.

But yeah, its all done. I can say I completed something like a short comic. Its not as big as some other comics you see out there, but its a nice personal milestone to have reached. I'm really happy with how it came out.

Eventually this will see a physical print. Though not entirely on its own. I'm still figuring out what I want to add to the book alongside the comic to make it... well... longer than 11 pages. Minimum I'm going to shoot for is 24 pages. But we'll see how that goes.

Anyway, thanks for your support guys, I'm sorry that I had to put the weekly illustration on hold while I did these. I felt like it was really important to put all my focus on the comic to actually see it through. So thank you for being patient with me. I don't really think I would have gotten something like this done without your support. So once again, thank you all.

Sophies_Workout_HD_page_011.png (d) (d)

Sophie's Workout Page 10 PSD

Fri Apr 20 03:57:20 2018

PSD_Comic.png Sophie%20Workout%20page_010.psd (d)

Sophie's Workout Page 10 Inked

Fri Apr 20 03:47:20 2018

page 10 of 11.

For the most part, yes this is the final action page. Last page is going to be pretty simple. For when I post the last page, I'll be posting the entire comic in one download for you all. I will also be doing a final pass on the entire thing to fix some mistakes/inconsistencies throughout the pages.

HD version in attachments.

Sophies_Workout_SD_page_010.png Sophie%27s%20Workout%20SD%20page_010.png Sophie%27s%20Workout%20HD%20page_010.png

Sophie's Workout Page 09 PSD

Wed Apr 18 19:06:50 2018

PSD_Comic.png Sophie%20Workout%20page_009.psd (d)

Sophie's Workout Page 09 Inked

Wed Apr 18 19:03:57 2018

page 9 of 11

2 more to go!

HD version in attachments.

Sophies_Workout_SD_page_009.png Sophie%27s%20Workout%20HD%20page_009.png Sophie%27s%20Workout%20SD%20page_009.png

Sophie's Workout Page 08 PSD

Mon Apr 16 14:40:01 2018

PSD_Comic.png Sophie%20Workout%20page_008.psd (d)

Sophie's Workout Page 07 PSD

Mon Apr 16 14:38:24 2018

PSD_Comic.png Sophie%20Workout%20page_007.psd (d)

Sophie's Workout Page 06 PSD

Mon Apr 16 14:32:20 2018

PSD_Comic.png Sophie%20Workout%20page_006.psd (d)

Sophie's Workout Page 08 Inked

Fri Apr 13 21:01:13 2018

8 of 11

HD version in attachments.

Sophies_Workout_SD_page_008.png Sophie%27s%20Workout%20HD%20page_008.png Sophie%27s%20Workout%20SD%20page_008.png

Sophie's Workout Page 07 Inked

Fri Apr 13 21:00:02 2018

7 of 11

HD version in attachments.

Sophies_Workout_SD_page_007.png Sophie%27s%20Workout%20HD%20page_007.png Sophie%27s%20Workout%20SD%20page_007.png

Sophie's Workout Page 06 Inked

Fri Apr 13 20:58:28 2018

6 of 11

HD version in attachments.

Sophies_Workout_SD_page_006.png Sophie%27s%20Workout%20HD%20page_006.png Sophie%27s%20Workout%20SD%20page_006.png

Sophie's Workout Page 05 PSD

Tue Apr 10 02:55:36 2018

PSD_Comic.png Sophie%20Workout%20page_005.psd (d)

Sophie's Workout Page 04 PSD

Tue Apr 10 02:53:09 2018

PSD_Comic.png Sophie%20Workout%20page_004.psd (d)

Sophie's Workout Page 05 Inked

Mon Apr 9 21:29:58 2018

Just finished page 5 today. Gunna start working on the next page tonight.

HD version in attachments.

Sophies_Workout_SD_page_005.png Sophie%27s%20Workout%20SD%20page_005.png Sophie%27s%20Workout%20HD%20page_005.png

Sophie's Workout Page 04 Inked

Mon Apr 9 21:26:54 2018

page 4/11

I hit a snag in how I wanted to approach the style, but I think I settled more on what I want for the rest of the pages.

HD version in attachments.

Sophies_Workout_SD_page_004.png Sophie%27s%20Workout%20SD%20page_004.png Sophie%27s%20Workout%20HD%20page_004.png

Amy Butt 2016 PSD (Request Upload)

Sat Apr 7 00:43:55 2018

Requested from a patron for upload. Since I seemingly forgot to back when I made this (May 5th 2016).

Original picture can be found here:


PSD_picture.png amy%20butt%20panty%20shot.psd (d)

Easter Balls 2018 PSD

Sun Apr 1 00:14:52 2018

PSD_picture.png 2018%20easter%20eggs.psd (d)

Easter Balls 2018

Sun Apr 1 00:01:11 2018

Happy early easter everyone! Time to enjoy some festive "candy" filled eggs~

HD and non-paint versions in attachments.

2018_easter_eggs_1_SD.png 2018%20easter%20eggs%201%20HD.png 2018%20easter%20eggs%201%20SD.png 2018%20easter%20eggs%202%20SD.png 2018%20easter%20eggs%202%20HD.png

2018 Sophie Easter Idea Sketches

Thu Mar 29 23:57:53 2018

I forgot easter is coming up. Would have done this last week. But that's fine. Better late than never.

2018_easter_ideas.png 2018%20easter%20ideas%202.png 2018%20easter%20ideas%204.png 2018%20easter%20ideas%205.png 2018%20easter%20ideas.png 2018%20easter%20ideas%203.png 2018%20easter%20ideas%201.png

Blaze's Condom Suit 2 PSD

Fri Mar 23 21:12:09 2018

PSD_picture.png Blazes%20Condom%20Suit%202.psd (d)

Blaze's Condom Suit 2

Fri Mar 23 21:00:36 2018

That's a big glob there Blaze.

HD version in attachments.

Blazes_Condom_Suit_2_SD.png Blaze%27s%20Condom%20Suit%202%20SD.png Blaze%27s%20Condom%20Suit%202%20HD.png

Blaze Sketches

Thu Mar 22 01:05:00 2018

Just some sketches I did in a stream earlier today.

blaze_condum_suit_sketch_page.png blaze%20condum%20suit%20sketch%206-2.png blaze%20condum%20suit%20sketch%207.png blaze%20condum%20suit%20sketch%20page.png blaze%20condum%20suit%20sketch%206-1.png blaze%20condum%20suit%20sketch%205.png blaze%20condum%20suit%20sketch%204.png blaze%20condum%20suit%20sketch%203.png

Blaze's Condom Suit Sketch 2

Tue Mar 20 15:51:10 2018

I wanna sketch a few more ideas before I go ahead with this weeks illustration.


Blaze's Condom Suit PSD

Sat Mar 17 03:16:13 2018

PSD_picture.png Blaze%27s%20Condum%20Suit%201.psd (d)

Blaze's Condom Suit

Sat Mar 17 03:15:18 2018

Looks like Blaze wanted to change her under armor. She could have gone with white, but She wanted to try something new.

HD and non-transparent variation in attached files.

Blazes_Condum_Suit_1-2_SD.png Blaze%27s%20Condum%20Suit%201-1%20HD.png Blaze%27s%20Condum%20Suit%201-1%20SD.png Blaze%27s%20Condum%20Suit%201-2%20SD.png Blaze%27s%20Condum%20Suit%201-2%20HD.png

Rouge's Condom Suit 3 PSD

Thu Mar 8 03:38:48 2018

PSD_picture.png Rouge%27s%20Condom%20Suit%203.psd (d)

Rouge's Condom Suit 3

Thu Mar 8 03:35:08 2018

One more shouldn't hurt.

Rouges_Condom_Suit_3_SD.png Rouge%27s%20Condom%20Suit%203%20SD.png Rouge%27s%20Condom%20Suit%203%20HD.png

Rouge's Condom Suit PSD

Sat Mar 3 07:09:27 2018

Sometimes I have to alter a lot of the original picture to make alternate versions work. So that's why theres 2 files.

PSD_picture.png rouge%20condom%20suit.psd (d) rouge%20condom%20suit%20Alt.psd (d)

Rouge's Condom Suit

Fri Mar 2 22:05:24 2018

I still wanna do more ideas with her improved outfit.

HD variants in attachments.

Rouges_Condom_Suit_1_SD.png Rouge%27s%20Condom%20Suit%202%20SD.png Rouge%27s%20Condom%20Suit%201%20SD.png Rouge%27s%20Condom%20Suit%202%20HD.png Rouge%27s%20Condom%20Suit%201%20HD.png

Rouge's Special Suit PSD

Sat Feb 24 05:37:51 2018

PSD_picture.png Rouge%27s%20special%20suit.psd (d)

Rouge's Special Suit

Sat Feb 24 05:32:23 2018

What happens when you combine condom technology with rouge's body suit?

Rouges_special_suit_SD.png Rouge%27s%20special%20suit%20SD.png Rouge%27s%20special%20suit%20HD.png

Futa Rouge Sketches

Thu Feb 22 22:25:21 2018

Bottom one is being colored for this week ~

rouge_sketches2.png rouge%20sketches2.png rouge%20sketches1.png

Sophie's Big Balls

Sat Feb 17 18:25:49 2018


HD versions in the attachments.

Sophies_Big_Balls_SD.png Sophies%20Big%20Balls%20HD.png Sophies%20Big%20Balls%20SD.png Sophies%20Big%20Balls%20Alt%20HD.png Sophies%20Big%20Balls%20Alt%20SD.png

Sophie's Bulge PSD

Fri Feb 16 17:37:16 2018

I totally didn't forget to post this last week >.>'

PSD_picture.png Sophies%20bulge.psd (d)

Sophie's Bulge

Fri Feb 9 17:50:27 2018

HD and Wet versions in the attachments.

Sophies_Bulge_SD.png Sophies%20Bulge%20HD.png Sophies%20Bulge%20Wet%20HD.png Sophies%20Bulge%20SD.png Sophies%20Bulge%20Wet%20SD.png (d)

Sophie's Bulge (WIP INK)

Thu Feb 1 02:05:31 2018

Sophies_bulge_wip_ink.png Sophies%20bulge%20wip%20ink.png

Sophie's Big Balls (WIP INK)

Thu Feb 1 02:03:50 2018

Sophies_big_balls_wip_ink_1.png Sophies%20big%20balls%20wip%20ink%202.png Sophies%20big%20balls%20wip%20ink%201.png

Sophie and Amy PSD

Fri Jan 26 15:09:24 2018

PSD_picture.png Sophie%20x%20Amy.psd (d)

Sophie and Amy

Fri Jan 26 00:19:13 2018

Cause I'm not feeling very creative with the title.

Alot of you said this sketch was your favorite of all of them, so I decided to go down the natural path and finish it up for you guys.

HD and SD versions in attachments. Plus a version I accidentally made when trying to color correct. Thought it looked cool enough to include! Hope you all enjoy!

Sophie_x_Amy_SD_ver1.png Sophie%20x%20Amy%20SD%20ver1.png Sophie%20x%20Amy%20HD%20ver1.png Sophie%20x%20Amy%20HD%20ver2.png Sophie%20x%20Amy%20SD%20ver2.png

Sophie and Amy (WIP INK)

Tue Jan 23 13:28:13 2018

!!! Wheres that goin Sophie??

Sophie_x_Amy_ink_wip_SD.png Sophie%20x%20Amy%20ink%20wip%20SD.png Sophie%20x%20Amy%20ink%20wip%20HD.png

Sophie's Workout Page 03 PSD

Sun Jan 21 09:48:15 2018

PSD_Comic.png Sophie%20Workout%20page_003.psd (d)

Sophie's Workout Page 02 PSD

Sun Jan 21 09:45:38 2018

PSD_Comic.png Sophie%20Workout%20page_002.psd (d)

Sophie's Workout Page 03 Inked

Sun Jan 21 09:41:41 2018

And page 3. The next page is just starting to be inked. Will hopefully have that done sooner.

HD version in attachments.

Sophies_Workout_SD_page_003.png Sophie%27s%20Workout%20SD%20page_003.png Sophie%27s%20Workout%20HD%20page_003.png

Sophie's Workout Page 02 Inked

Sun Jan 21 09:39:21 2018

Took me a while to figure out what font to use and text bubble formatting. Its still not entirely professional, but I think I did pretty good for free-handing it.

Anyway, HD version is in the attachments. hope you guys enjoy these despite the slow roll-out.

Sophies_Workout_SD_page_002.png Sophie%27s%20Workout%20HD%20page_002.png Sophie%27s%20Workout%20SD%20page_002.png

Sophie Stream Sketchies 2

Sat Jan 13 05:36:30 2018

Did another stream tonight! So that means more Sophie! This one got a bit more fetishy with some some hyper futa. Though I'm sure most of you wont mind ;D

Sophie_stream_sketchies.png Sophie%20stream%20sketchies.png Sophie%20stream%20sketchies%201.png Sophie%20stream%20sketchies%202.png Sophie%20stream%20sketchies%203.png Sophie%20stream%20sketchies%204.png Sophie%20stream%20sketchies%205.png

Sophie Stream Sketchies

Thu Jan 11 06:14:57 2018

I have no idea if putting all these images in the text box will be okay. Guess we'll have to find out. All files are in attachments as well.

stream_sophie_sketches.png stream%20sophie%20sketches.png stream%20sophie%20sketches1.png stream%20sophie%20sketches2.png stream%20sophie%20sketches3.png stream%20sophie%20sketches4.png stream%20sophie%20sketches5.png stream%20sophie%20sketches6.png stream%20sophie%20sketches7.png

Small update on the Pins

Thu Jan 11 00:41:42 2018

I've talked with a few people, and have decided to open up the pins to international shipping. So you don't have to live in the US to get one now.

I hope this change pleases some of you!

Penelope redesign sketches

Wed Jan 10 07:57:06 2018

Shes an old character, and I've been meaning to redesign her for a long time. I'm really happy with how she turned out here. I will continue to iterate on her as time goes.


Sophie Pins! (Pre-Order)

Wed Jan 10 07:51:32 2018

Hello everyone. Its been a while. The holidays in combination with having the flu really kicked me down for a long time. But I'm back and feeling better.

I haven't really been able to do much work, so I decided to get in contact with some pin manufactures and really just start the thing I've been wanting to do for a long time. I know this was something for a later goal, but I really wanted to try it out for the new year.

Anyway, about the pins. These aren't actually made yet. The money from the pre-orders will help fund the production as well as gauge how many to purchase. I'm letting you guys, my patrons, know about this first, since the pins will be individually numbered and assigned based on order date. I wanted to make sure you guys had first dibs. Right now I don't have a discount system setup for these, but in the future, I will.

Anyway, onto the details:

Purchases are limited to US addresses only.

$20 + $5 for shipping, packaging, backing cards, and paypal fees.

Pre-orders will be available only for a week. (until next wednesday)
After that, extra stock will be sold like normal until gone.

Pin details
- 1.5 inches tall
- Hard Enamel
- Black Dyed Metal
- Rubber Clutch
- Individually numbered
- Preorder only- Signed backing card

You can find my store to pre-order from here:

There's a bit more details on the product page, so please read that as well.

If you have any questions, ask me in the discord, pm me here, or whichever place is most convenient for you.

Thank you all so much for your support. I can't wait to get those out to you guys who want them! I will work extra hard to make sure all this goes smoothly.


Sophie's Workout Page 01 PSD

Thu Dec 21 05:52:48 2017

This is the very first $10 tier reward since we hit the patreon goal for finishing up the comics. I hope you all enjoy this. I'm excited to get working on this again and hopefully flesh this tier out more in the future.

PSD_Comic.png Sophie%20Workout%20page_001.psd (d)

Sophie's Workout Page 01 Inked

Thu Dec 21 05:44:56 2017

Finally got around to this. I've decided to be a bit more lax with the inking so I can get these done at a decent pace. Which makes it a lot of fun.

Don't forget the HD version is in the attached files.

The PSD for this will also be available for the $10 tier shortly after this is uploaded. This also marks the first time I've had a proper reward for that tier. So yay!

Anyway, thanks again guys for the support. Hope you all keep warm and have a happy holiday!

Sophies_Workout_SD_page_001.png Sophie%27s%20Workout%20SD%20page_001.png Sophie%27s%20Workout%20HD%20page_001.png

Forces OC: Cat PSD (Futa Version)

Mon Dec 18 16:38:37 2017

Futa version~~~

PSD_picture.png sonic%20forces%20Cat%20OC%20Futa.psd (d)

Forces OC: Cat (Futa Version)

Mon Dec 18 16:36:28 2017

Sorry it took a few days for this. Have been away and didn't want you guys to wait for this version to be done before seeing the female one.

sonic_forces_Cat_OC_Futa_SD.png sonic%20forces%20Cat%20OC%20Futa%20SD.png sonic%20forces%20Cat%20OC%20Futa%20HD.png

Forces OC: Cat PSD (Female Version)

Sat Dec 16 03:17:00 2017

PSD_picture.png sonic%20forces%20Cat%20OC%20Female.psd (d)

Forces OC: Cat (Female Version)

Sat Dec 16 03:14:37 2017

Like last time, Futa version will be posted later. Alternate versions sometimes take a lot more extra time to get right. Hope you guys enjoy this version for now.

sonic_forces_Cat_OC_Female_SD.png sonic%20forces%20Cat%20OC%20Female%20SD.png sonic%20forces%20Cat%20OC%20Female%20HD.png

Amy's Bulge PSD

Fri Dec 8 10:17:41 2017

PSD_picture.png Amy%27s%20Bulge.psd (d)

Amy's Bulge

Fri Dec 8 10:11:25 2017


Amys_Bulge_SD.png Amy%27s%20Bulge%20SD.png Amy%27s%20Bulge%20HD.png

Amy Balls Sketches

Wed Dec 6 08:55:58 2017

fun fun


Forces OC: Wolf PSD

Thu Nov 30 06:48:04 2017

PSD_picture.png sonic%20forces%20Wolf%20OC.psd (d)

Forces OC: Wolf (Futa Version)

Thu Nov 30 06:17:05 2017

And the futa version.

sonic_forces_Wolf_OC_Futa_SD.png sonic%20forces%20Wolf%20OC%20Futa%20SD.png sonic%20forces%20Wolf%20OC%20Futa%20HD.png

Forces OC: Wolf (Female Version)

Thu Nov 30 01:44:02 2017

I wanted to get something to you guys at least by the end of this month. There is a futa version of this but that will have to be posted later as its not done yet. So for now enjoy the female one.

Its been a veeerrry slow month for me. I'm very sorry about that. This would be the part I would say it was because of holidays, and while that's not false, its also not really the main reason. Being creative is not easy sometimes, but its also important to not stress yourself to the point of not enjoying it. So things like this happen from time to time. I'll hit my stride again, I always do. So thank you all who were patient with me this month.

Also as a side note, we've been teetering around the $900 goal the past few weeks. Though it will drop a bit from this next charge period, I will still consider the goal having been met. So expect comic inks to be started on in the near-ish future. (I'll make a proper more detailed post about it at some point too when I have the proper words to say.)

sonic_forces_Wolf_OC_Female_SD.png sonic%20forces%20Wolf%20OC%20Female%20SD.png sonic%20forces%20Wolf%20OC%20Female%20HD.png

Forces OC Wolf Ink WIP

Thu Nov 23 04:29:18 2017

Futa version will be available when picture is finished.

sonic_forces_Wolf_OC_ink_wip.png sonic%20forces%20Wolf%20OC%20ink%20wip.png

Monday Poll 8

Mon Nov 20 21:59:37 2017

Yeah I don't do these too often as I should, but that would usually be due to me having ideas of my own I sell myself on. But every so often I can't figure out what I wanna do next. I figured since I got some positive feedback on the Forces OC's I made last week, I'd have you guys choose which I go ahead and finish.

Poll ends tomorrow (Tuesday) at noon. Yeah not a huge amount of time, but I do wanna start working on this as soon as possible. I don't want you guys waiting for my next picture for too much longer.

Fusion Girls 2

Tue Nov 14 02:23:20 2017

Now Cherrie joined the fight. Really showing Vio and Beryl how to REALLY have fun.

Cherrie is the tri fusion of Amy, Rouge, and Blaze.


Fusion Girls 1

Tue Nov 14 02:12:50 2017

Vio (bottom) and Beryl (top) havin a bit of butt fun. Beryl really likes to play with the other girls butts. She cant help it.

Haven't drawn the fusion girls in a while. If you don't know who they are, which I don't blame you if you don't, I drew one of those 3 character fusion wheels a few years ago using Amy, Rouge, and Blaze.


Sonic Forces OC Sketches

Sat Nov 11 02:02:10 2017

This is a special post. Because Forces came out this week, I wanted to have something public to post for it. So while this wont be patreon exclusive this time, colors/inks will be if I decide to do them later.

And yes this is still a $1 post because I can't have nsfw content as public posts.

All individual images are in the attached files.

sonic_forces_OC.png sonic%20forces%20OC%202-3%20futa.png sonic%20forces%20OC%202-3%20female.png sonic%20forces%20OC%202-2%20futa.png sonic%20forces%20OC%202-2%20female.png sonic%20forces%20OC%202-1%20futa.png sonic%20forces%20OC%202-1%20female.png sonic%20forces%20OC%201-3%20futa.png sonic%20forces%20OC%201-3%20female.png sonic%20forces%20OC%201-2%20futa.png sonic%20forces%20OC%201-2%20female.png sonic%20forces%20OC%201-1%20futa.png sonic%20forces%20OC%201-1%20female.png

Sophie's Workout Comic (Fully Sketched!)

Tue Nov 7 10:49:12 2017

Sophie finds herself experiencing, for the first time, the thrill of exhibitionism! This short 11 page comic marks the start of her adventures where she discovers her untapped sexual desires.


The sketched version is finally finished! All 11 pages are fully sketched and polished. You can find the full comic in the attached files.

This is a big deal for me. My first short comic. I still have a lot of learning to do. Its not perfect, but its the best I can make it right now. So I really do hope you all appreciate the work I put into this.

This is also just the sketched version. Like I've mentioned before, once we hit the next milestone I'll start inking this.

Anyway thank you all for being patient with me on this. I wanted to make sure it was just right for what I wanted. This is just the start of Sophie's exhibitionism adventures as well. So who knows what she'll get herself into in the future.

EDIT: I want to mention that all the pages in here have been updated to some degree from the original posts here on patreon. So if you want the most up to date versions, this would be where you get them for now.

Sophies_Workout_sketched_page_web_001.png (d)

Wind Stone PSD

Mon Oct 30 06:17:24 2017

PSD_picture.png Wind%20Stone.psd (d)

Wind Stone

Mon Oct 30 06:08:42 2017

I have a bad habit of uploading stuff super late at night. Sorry about that.

Hope you guys enjoy this one. Its been a long time since I used the games and their mechanics as inspiration for something.

Wind_Stone_SD.png Wind%20Stone%20SD.png Wind%20Stone%20HD.png

Wind Stone WIP Ink

Tue Oct 24 10:10:35 2017

Color later this week.


Wind Stone WIP Sketch

Tue Oct 24 09:18:37 2017

Next illustration. Almost done with inks.


Taken PSD

Mon Oct 23 03:17:49 2017


Sun Oct 22 23:52:21 2017

W̧̢͈͙̠̺̪̤̘̔ͭͅi̵̳̱̫̰̬̖ͯ͒͒̔͆̆̉̉́͢l̷͉̭ͤͬͤ̐̊͌l̻̜̆ͭͬͯ ̰̼̪̪͇̫̓̿̆͗͋͛̚ͅy̞̱̘̪̻͍̰͉͌̂ͧͦ̔͡ͅo̝̦̼͕̩͚̹̮̺ͧ͘͡u̵̢̘̖̟͉͙͖͆ ͔͍͉̫̮̱̮̙̼̓͐̃ͪ͢ḃ̗̲̘͖̹͛̌ͯ̕ͅe̖ͪ̓͜ ̰͇̭͍̠̌̉́̓͋̕͟ͅm̻̖͇ͦ͑́̾͊͝y̷͙͙ͬ̆̌̉ͧ̍̈́ ̳̅̀̊͆̍̀́̀T̢̖̿͒̊a̹̻̺̱̟̦̳̤͌ͯͭ͆̿k͆ͫ͝҉͈̳e̬͍̥̪͙̝̰̯͕̓̎̑ͦ̀͘n͍̩̹̭̭̍ͯ͐͑ͭ͐ ̰̯͖̖͈̝̉̔͋ͤǨ͗ͧͨ̃͒̿̈́͏̨͙̩̠̭̠͚̰į̞̮̩̘̬͕ͣͧͤ͆̎n̴̸̫̤̦̊̽ͬ̌̍̕g̠̲̅ͦ̿̀͜͝?̮̦̩̩̿̎͐ͪ̃ͥ̅

Taken_Amy_Female_SD.png Taken%20Amy%20Female%20SD.png Taken%20Amy%20Futa%20SD.png Taken%20Amy%20Female%20HD.png Taken%20Amy%20Futa%20HD.png

3D Mousepad: Sophie's Balls (FIRST SNEAK PEEK! )

Thu Oct 19 05:19:51 2017

So before I talk about this picture, I wanna say that the "sneak peek" reward in the $5 and up tiers has been around a while. But I never actually posted anything for it, and for good reason. I haven't actually had anything to post! And just as a disclaimer, these kind of posts will be few and far between, and will usually not relate to what's already in the content flow of my patreon (like illustrations and comics).

Anyway, for the first post, I wanted to show you guys an idea that I've been sitting on for a while. 3D Mousepads! Now its still up in the air when or if I will get these done and printed. They're expensive to invest in and I do not have the budget for something like this at the moment. But the end goal IS to print and sell them. I'm also not sure if I will come up with any more ideas for it, cause I do really like Sophie's balls being the main attraction here (as opposed to the usual butt for these things), and I really wanna move forward with these sketches cause I liked how they turned out.

Anyway this post is getting too long. There's another version of the sketch in the attachments. Please enjoy for now and thanks for being patient.

tldr; Will be a bit before you can enjoy resting your hand on Sophie's 3D Mousepad Balls, so enjoy this sketch while you wait.

WIP_Sophie_Balls_3D_Mouspad_idea_2.png WIP%20Sophie%20Balls%203D%20Mouspad%20idea%201.png WIP%20Sophie%20Balls%203D%20Mouspad%20idea%202.png WIP%20Sophie%20Balls%203D%20Mouspad%20idea%202%20cum.png

Sophie's Workout Ink Preview

Thu Oct 19 04:42:37 2017

I was experimenting with different inking pens and wanted to really get that sharp ink sketch look for the final visual pass. Though I won't actually be working on the inks until I reach the $900 goal here on patreon. I just wanted you guys to get an idea of what it will look like when its all done.

We're roughly $100 away from the goal, so I figured this was a good time to show whats next in the pipeline. Hopefully we can get there soon! I'm eager to see this project finished! :D

Sophie_Workout_ink_WIP_preview.png Sophie%20Workout%20ink%20WIP%20preview.png

Sophie's Workout (Sketched Page 09)

Tue Oct 17 22:42:01 2017

2 more pages to go.

Sophie_Workout_sketched_page_09.png Sophie%20Workout%20sketched%20page%2009.png

Sophie's Workout (Sketched Page 08)

Fri Oct 13 03:32:55 2017

And we don't want that to happen.


Sophie's Workout (Sketched Page 07)

Fri Oct 13 03:28:38 2017

Finally letting her puss breathe.

Sophie_Workout_sketched_page_07.png Sophie%20Workout%20sketched%20page%2007.png

Discord reminder

Tue Oct 10 05:51:13 2017

If you haven't gotten into the discord channel yet and want to. Please link your discord account to patreon. If you have any trouble, PM me and I'll help you sort it out.

Thanks for your support guys!

Isabelle's Halloween Costume PSD

Tue Oct 10 05:38:10 2017

PSD_picture.png Halloween%20Isabelle.psd (d)

Isabelle's Halloween Costume

Tue Oct 10 05:06:17 2017

Isabelle couldn't decide on her outfit for Halloween this year, so the Mayor took it upon himself. She doesn't seem too thrilled with it, but the Mayor seems to be enjoying his fantasies of his secretary dressing up as his favorite video game character.

Sorry for all the attached files. There's 2 of each like usual, one full res and one standard.

Halloween_Isabelle_Female_1_SD.png Halloween%20Isabelle%20Female%201%20HD.png Halloween%20Isabelle%20Female%202%20HD.png Halloween%20Isabelle%20Futa%201%20HD.png Halloween%20Isabelle%20Futa%202%20HD.png Halloween%20Isabelle%20Female%201%20SD.png Halloween%20Isabelle%20Hyper%20Futa%201%20HD.png Halloween%20Isabelle%20Female%202%20SD.png Halloween%20Isabelle%20Hyper%20Futa%202%20HD.png Halloween%20Isabelle%20Futa%201%20SD.png Halloween%20Isabelle%20Futa%202%20SD.png Halloween%20Isabelle%20Hyper%20Futa%201%20SD.png Halloween%20Isabelle%20Hyper%20Futa%202%20SD.png

Isabelle's Halloween Costume (WIP Ink)

Sat Oct 7 04:12:23 2017

Only the base version for the ink upload. I do the other versions after the main colors are done.

Halloween_Isabelle_1_ink_SD.png Halloween%20Isabelle%201%20ink%20SD.png Halloween%20Isabelle%201%20ink%20HD.png

Isabelle's Halloween Costume (WIP Sketch)

Fri Oct 6 22:01:18 2017

"M-Mayor, its hard to see with this on. You sure this is okay to go out in?"

Halloween_Isabelle_1.png Halloween%20Isabelle%201.png Halloween%20Isabelle%202.png Halloween%20Isabelle%203.png Halloween%20Isabelle%204.png Halloween%20Isabelle%205.png Halloween%20Isabelle%206.png

Monday Poll 7

Mon Oct 2 13:21:50 2017

So for all of October, I wanted to do Halloween themed pictures. This first poll will be between a few characters I have been wanting to draw again. I wanted to do something with latex for this first one.

Poll will end tomorrow at noon central time.

Presenting Badger (PSD)

Sat Sep 30 04:41:41 2017

Edit: Forgot to add the PSD file when posting this. Should be attached now.

PSD_picture.png Sticks%20presenting.psd (d)

Presenting Badger

Sat Sep 30 04:14:29 2017

I'm sure she wants everyone to see how flexible she is.

Dildo, Futa, and ballbusing futa variants in the attachments.

Sticks_presenting_female_HD.png Sticks%20presenting%20female%20HD.png Sticks%20presenting%20Dildo%20HD.png Sticks%20presenting%20Futa%20HD.png Sticks%20presenting%20Ballbusting%20HD.png

Presenting Badger

Fri Sep 29 19:57:26 2017

But to whom? The public? Surely.

Dildo and futa (as well as some ball spanking) alts in the attachments.

Sticks_presenting_sketch1.png Sticks%20presenting%20sketch1.png Sticks%20presenting%20sketch2.png Sticks%20presenting%20sketch3.png Sticks%20presenting%20sketch4.png

Sketch 09-29-17

Fri Sep 29 06:47:58 2017

I want to explore more latex ideas.

Nudie version in attachments.

rouge_thing2.png rouge%20thing2.png rouge%20thing.png

Sophie's Workout (Sketched Page 06)

Fri Sep 29 05:47:51 2017

She's getting a little adventurous now~

Sophie_Workout_sketched_page_06.png Sophie%20Workout%20sketched%20page%2006.png

Sophie's Workout (Sketched Page 05)

Wed Sep 27 19:16:36 2017

About half way there. This page isn't very comicy on its own, but I thought this moment was big for her. Touching herself for the first time in public. Must be exhilarating for her.

Sophie_Workout_sketched_page_05.png Sophie%20Workout%20sketched%20page%2005.png

Sophie's Workout (Sketched Page 04)

Sun Sep 24 20:32:29 2017

Sophie wanted to do this more than she thought! 0o0

Page 05 is going to be only one panel, but its where things get spicy. So stay tuned.

Sophie_Workout_sketched_page_04.png Sophie%20Workout%20sketched%20page%2004.png

Update 9/23

Sun Sep 24 00:52:22 2017

Apologies for the slow content update again. This week I was kind of thrown a curve ball. My mother had to get surgery, while she had it planned she didn't tell me till 3 days before that I had to help her. Not a big deal I've helped her with this same thing last year. But unfortunately for me I was not prepared to be staying with her for a week. I brought my computer with me, but I can't guarantee I'll get much done. I will try though. Also no worries about her, she is perfectly fine. Just recovering, faster than last time too so that's good.

So for the art side of things, my top priority is moving forward with this comic. I'll try and come up with an illustration idea over the weekend as well. Doing these comics is really going to change how I move forward with how often I do illustrations now. I'm not sure how that will turn out, I'm trying to figure out a good balance there.

So anyway, thank you all for being patient with me. I wanna get things rolling again, just gotta get organized. Hope you are all having a great weekend too.

Sophie's Workout (Sketched Page 03)

Mon Sep 18 08:51:06 2017

Aight so I'll be putting most of my focus on getting these pages done for the next while. Really wanna see this whole thing come to life. So expect the full on illustrations to be a bit sporadic.

I also tweaked/updated page 02 due to some feedback and attached it here. So update your files ya'll!

Sophie_Workout_sketched_page_03.png Sophie%20Workout%20sketched%20page%2002.png Sophie%20Workout%20sketched%20page%2003.png

Dildo Dilemma (Unfinished)

Sun Sep 17 20:23:23 2017

So, there's a point in which an artist needs to know when to stop and move onto new things. As much as I don't like to "give up" on a piece, I must admit defeat. I'm extremely sorry for making you all wait on this one, but I bit off more than I could chew. I learned a few things from this though, but in the end, I have a lot more to learn before I can tackle something like this again.

So as a form of apology, I'm giving everyone the layered psd and a few other wip versions of this so you can see the work I've done on it up until now. I will also not be posting this publicly, or at least beyond the sketch form. So enjoy this one time exclusivity.

Thank you all for your support and patience. I'm still growing, and I still have a lot to learn. I'll get there someday.

Boom_Amys_dildo_dilemma_HD.png Boom%20Amy%27s%20dildo%20dilemma%20sketch%20wip.png Boom%20Amy%27s%20dildo%20dilemma%20unfinished.png Boom%20Amy%27s%20dildo%20dilemma%20SD.png Boom%20Amy%27s%20dildo%20dilemma.psd (d) Boom%20Amy%27s%20dildo%20dilemma%20Inks.png

Sophie's Workout (Sketched Page 02)

Sat Sep 9 22:10:49 2017

Once I get all these sketched out, I'll compile them all into one post. There's 11 of them so I'll try and speed this up a bit more.

Sophie_Workout_sketched_page_02.png Sophie%20Workout%20sketched%20page%2002.png


Wed Sep 6 12:28:48 2017

Sophie loves em.

Old picture I colored last night, so its not in super HD like usual.


Dildo Dilemma (Sketch)

Mon Sep 4 19:29:04 2017

This will be the next illustration picture, Though I'm doing something I don't normally do, so it might need some extra time in the oven. Hopefully it'll be worth it.

Boom_Amys_dildo_dilemma_sketch_wip.png Boom%20Amy%27s%20dildo%20dilemma%20sketch%20wip.png

Giving Mommy a Hand (PSD)

Mon Sep 4 01:13:09 2017

PSD_picture.png futa%20vanilla%20x%20cream.psd (d)

Giving Mommy a Hand

Mon Sep 4 01:03:45 2017

A bit late with this one. I kinda caved and made the outer lines thicker. I'm still not used to thinner lines. Maybe I'm missing something. Either way, I enjoy how this came out.

Cum, SD, and HD files in attachments.

Edit: Forgot to give credit where its due. This was inspired by this picture.

futa_vanilla_x_cream_HD.png futa%20vanilla%20x%20cream%20SD.png futa%20vanilla%20x%20cream%20cum%20ver%20SD.png futa%20vanilla%20x%20cream%20HD.png futa%20vanilla%20x%20cream%20cum%20ver%20HD.png

Giving Mommy a Hand (Ink WIP)

Sat Sep 2 07:12:44 2017

Inks aren't too dynamic this time. Wanted to do thinner lines with less ambient occlusion, or none in this case. I wanted to try and break away from thinking inks only looked good with thicker lines. Though this type of inking lends itself better to coloring still. If I were to do an ink only picture, I would use thicker lines with more AO. Expect colors to be done tomorrow.

futa_vanilla_x_cream_ink_wip.png futa%20vanilla%20x%20cream%20ink%20wip.png

Giving Mommy a Hand

Fri Sep 1 18:35:48 2017

futa_vanilla_x_cream.png futa%20vanilla%20x%20cream.png

Rewards update (Comics are a thing now)

Thu Aug 31 18:32:31 2017

I wanted to update you all on the fact that I have started the sketching process of my first comic. The storyboard thumbnails and the sketch for the first page are already posted! If you're a $3 tier and up, you will have access to all my comic content from here on.

I also wanted to mention that the $10 tier will have something to look forward to in the future if we ever meet the next goal. That little something will be the layered PSD versions of the comic pages! Since finishing comic pages will be a big endeavor for me, it only makes sense to make it a premium thing.

It's been a long time coming that I finally am able to work on comics again. So thank you all for letting me have this moment. TvT

Sophie's Workout (Sketched Page 01)

Thu Aug 31 17:43:32 2017

She's getting a little exhausted.

Sophie_Workout_sketched_page_01.png Sophie%20Workout%20sketched%20page%2001.png

Workout Sophie Comic Thumbnails (wip title)

Thu Aug 31 03:23:25 2017

So I finally got around to making these thumbnails for this first comic. Kinda got carried away and instead of making this a 3-4 page comic, its going to be an 11 pager. Premise of this is Sophie is out for a jog when she finds herself to be a bit more horny than she usually is. A small little solo adventure for those who like exhibitionism. I wasn't able to fit all my ideas into this, but I figured this one was a "first" for Sophie. So it'll be pretty simple this first go-around.

You can see the rest of the thumbnails in the attached files along with the dialogue. Though warning, my handwriting is pretty bad, so if you cant read it, I'm sorry.

ALSO, if its not obvious, these are JUST thumbnails, not the proper sketched out versions. This was just to lay out and visualize the entire thing before actually doing any work on it. So I will be posting the sketched versions for the $3 and up tier as I finish them. In fact, the $3 tier will be the bare minimum needed to even get access to the comic and its entirety from here on. Work-in-progress AND finished.

Workout_sophie_thumbnail_1.PNG workout%20sophie%20thumbnails%201.png workout%20sophie%20thumbnails%202.png

Pucker Up (Commission)

Mon Aug 28 23:56:31 2017

Sketch commission for DigitalDomain123.


Ball Sits PSD

Sun Aug 27 15:32:03 2017

PSD_picture.png Amy%20Blaze%20Ball%20sits.psd (d)

Ball Sits

Sun Aug 27 06:24:12 2017

ooo~ comfy~

Amy_Blaze_Ball_sits_HD.png Amy%20Blaze%20Ball%20sits%20HD.png

Ball Sits (WIP Ink)

Fri Aug 25 03:44:20 2017

Experimenting with thinner lines here. Want something that comes off as clean but also has some rough sketchy edges around it. I don't think it came off like that at all tbh. Just the same as usual but thinner. HA! Still gunna color this.

Amy_Blaze_Ball_sits.png Amy%20Blaze%20Ball%20sits.png

Sophie wants to sit on your face (Commission)

Thu Aug 17 20:41:50 2017

Doesn't look like you have a choice.

Nude version in attachments.

Commission for Val-Cat.

val-cat_commission1.png val-cat%20commission1.png val-cat%20commission2.png

Back Home

Thu Aug 17 20:34:07 2017

I forgot to update you guys on this, but I'm back at home now. I had fun but its time to get back to work. I do hope you guys do not mind me not having an inked/colored picture for you this week. Work flow is kinda scrambled. I'm trying to get this handful of commissions done and also I want to attempt my first few page comic for you guys.

Hypnotized Sally (Futa)

Wed Aug 16 01:04:12 2017

I uploaded this publicly already, but I figured I'd show you guys on the off chance you missed it. Twas a commission for Vorp. And also me experimenting with a new sketch pencil. I am really enjoying the feel of it.


Tablet Sketch 8-5-2017

Wed Aug 9 14:13:06 2017

I guess its not really a sketch butwhatevs.


Tablet Sketch 07-28-2017

Fri Aug 4 22:11:38 2017


Tablet Sketch 07-28-2017

Fri Aug 4 22:07:28 2017


Tablet Draw 08-04-2017

Fri Aug 4 22:04:35 2017

I drawed a thing on my tablet


I will be away for Vacation

Tue Aug 1 18:26:36 2017

Today I take a flight to visit some friends. I will be gone till August 11th. I will not have any new illustrations to post, but I will try my best to work on some sketches on my tablet. I appreciate you all so much and I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Blaze's Boxing Balls PSD

Tue Aug 1 17:10:30 2017

PSD_picture.png Blaze%27s%20Boxing%20Balls.psd (d)

Blaze's Boxing Balls

Tue Aug 1 17:06:20 2017


Blazes_Boxing_Balls_HD.png Blaze%27s%20Boxing%20Balls%20SD.png Blaze%27s%20Boxing%20Balls%20HD.png

Amy Ball Spanks PSD

Wed Jul 26 16:29:54 2017

Sorry for the large psd file sizes lately. I work in .clip format and when converting to the .psd format, it almost doubles in size. Not sure what to do about that.

PSD_picture.png Amy%20Ball%20Spanks.psd (d)

Amy Ball Spanks

Wed Jul 26 16:25:37 2017

Would you have stopped anyway?

Amy_Ball_Spanks_HD.png Amy%20Ball%20Spanks%20HD.png

Amy Ball Spanks (WIP ink)

Wed Jul 26 05:05:09 2017

Almost done with the colors on this. Will finish and post tomorrow.


Panty Problem PSD

Fri Jul 21 18:54:16 2017

PSD_picture.png Panty%20Problem.psd (d)

Panty Problem HD

Fri Jul 21 18:39:50 2017

Amy's havin' a tough time getting her panters on.

Cum version in attachments.

Panty_Problem_HD.png Panty%20Problem%20HD.png Panty%20Problem%20cum%20ver%20HD.png

Panty Problem (WIP Ink)

Thu Jul 20 20:24:34 2017

Work in progress ink for the next illustration.

Panty_Problem_WIP_Ink.png Panty%20Problem%20WIP%20Ink.png

Amy's Anus PSD

Thu Jul 13 18:11:19 2017

Kinda went a bit redundant with the layering between the 2 versions here.

PSD_picture.png Amy%27s%20Anus.psd (d)

Amy's Anus HD (Female/Futa)

Thu Jul 13 18:07:45 2017

That's a huge puffer you got there Amy.

Futa version is in the attachments.

Amys_Anus_Female_HD.png Amy%27s%20Anus%20Female%20HD.png Amy%27s%20Anus%20Futa%20HD.png

Amy's Anus WIP Ink

Thu Jul 13 01:59:28 2017

This is the female version. I'll make the futa version after I finish the colors for this.


First Goal Reached!

Mon Jul 10 13:05:22 2017

So for those of you who might not be aware, I reached my $600 goal last night. I can't thank you all enough for supporting me and getting me here. I probably don't thank you guys enough, but trust me, when I say it I wholesomely mean it.

But for this post I am going to explain a bit more in detail what exactly my goal is and what it means going forward from here.

If you didn't know, my initial goal is my halfway mark to my overall goal here on Patreon. That's pretty amazing that we're already half way there in only 3 months. So what I'll start working on is the ground works for short 2-4 page comics (lewd of course). That will include writing, thumbnailing, and sketching out pages. I already have a few ideas planned so its a matter of starting the writing phase and eventually finishing off with a nice set of sketched pages. I will also take a second pass at my reward tiers and update that to fit this new content. I will update you all on that when the time comes.

The next step however will be at the $900 milestone. From there I will ink and color/monochrome the comics. If and when we reach that goal I will dive into more detail since its a ways off. But for now, that's the general approach to it.

So I wanna end this by saying thank you again, to all of you. Really, it's crazy that this is even a thing and that you guys want to support me like this. Despite my lack of communication sometimes, I love you all and I cannot put into words how much I appreciate it. So again, Thank you.

~Love, James.

Blaze and Amy Futa PSD

Sun Jul 9 16:32:00 2017

PSD_picture.png Blaze%20and%20Amy%20Futa.psd (d)

Blaze and Amy Futa HD

Sun Jul 9 16:27:16 2017

I really couldn't think of a title for this. Either way I hope you all enjoy. And thanks for all your support. I wouldn't have been able to do this without everyones help.

Blaze_and_Amy_Futa_HD.png Blaze%20and%20Amy%20Futa%20SD.png Blaze%20and%20Amy%20Futa%20HD.png

Amy and Blaze WIP Ink

Thu Jul 6 15:28:01 2017

Still trying to think of a proper title.


Bouncin Bedside PSD

Thu Jul 6 15:19:29 2017

Almost forgot this.

PSD_picture.png Bouncin%20Bedside.psd (d)

Monday Poll 6

Tue Jul 4 02:12:45 2017

So for this weeks poll I wanted to put up the ones from last time that didn't quite win. I still really like all of them so I wanted to give them a second chance.
Since I'm posting this a bit late, I'll extend the usual end time for this from noon to 9 pm Central time tomorrow on Tuesday.

Bouncin Bedside (HD)

Mon Jul 3 05:34:17 2017

Sorry for how long this took. I was experimenting a bit with the colors.

I'm going to sit on this for tonight before I post the PSD for it. Just in case I need to make an update.

Bouncin_Bedside_HD.png Bouncin%20Bedside%20HD.png

Bouncin Bedside (WIP color)

Sat Jun 24 02:22:05 2017

Background done. Next up Blaze and Amy~


Workout Sophie Warming Up PSD

Fri Jun 23 20:39:19 2017

PSD_picture.png workout%20sophie%20warmup.psd (d)

Just to clarify about HD work now

Thu Jun 22 17:24:53 2017

For those who haven't been on the discord, I've recently started working at a much higher resolution when inking/coloring. Almost by 4 times of what I normally did. First pictures will be the Amy and Blaze futa, and the already posted Workout Sophie.

What does this mean for you? Well you, as a patron, will be the only ones able to see the full resolution versions of my completed work. While the rest of the world gets what would be the equivalent of what I've always been doing, which is roughly 25% of full resolutions.

So yeah nothing is really changing except for the fact you guys are getting more! Yay!

Workout Sophie Warming Up HD

Thu Jun 22 17:14:39 2017

Now in beautiful HD! From now on Patrons will get exclusive access to the max resolution of illustrations. While standard resolutions will be uploaded publicly. (Roughly 25% of actual resolution)

Futa version in attachments.

workout_sophie_warmup_HD.png workout%20sophie%20warmup%20HD.png workout%20sophie%20warmup%20Futa%20HD.png

Bouncin Bedside (WIP Ink)

Thu Jun 22 16:58:58 2017

Will resume work on this on Friday.

blaze_amy4_wip_ink.png blaze%20amy4%20wip%20ink.png

Amy's Embarrassing Erection PSD

Wed Jun 21 20:09:59 2017

PSD_picture.png silverbob%20commission%202.psd (d)

Amy's Embarrassing Erection (Commission)

Wed Jun 21 20:03:56 2017

Commissioned by Silverbob, he wanted me to post it here on patreon. Normally I wouldn't, but It's Amy with a huge dick. How could I not!?

Panty bulge and cum versions in the attachments.

silverbob_commission_2-4.png silverbob%20commission%202-1.png silverbob%20commission%202-2.png silverbob%20commission%202-3.png silverbob%20commission%202-4.png silverbob%20commission%202-5.png

Workout Sophie Warmup (ink wip)

Wed Jun 21 02:22:35 2017

Just a sketch I've been wanting to ink since easter. Might not go full out on this. Probably just throw some flats on it. This is also the first proper ink at 600dpi. Might be a little rough around some minor edges at full zoom. But thats okay.

Futa version in attachments.

workout_sophie_warmup_wip.png workout%20sophie%20warmup%20wip.png workout%20sophie%20warmup%20futa%20wip.png

Monday Poll 5

Mon Jun 19 11:52:58 2017

So coming back from a short break from the polls (almost a month I'm sorry T.T) I've decided to let you guys choose which picture I should finish next from the recent Futa Amy/Blaze sketch set. Only 4 options this first go around, but I'll have the others in a future poll.

Werehog Breeding PSD

Sat Jun 17 18:00:02 2017

PSD_picture.png werehog%20breeding.psd (d)

Werehog Breeding

Sat Jun 17 17:34:33 2017

==Werehogs must be chained down at all times. Only specialized teams are permitted to maintain harnessing equipment. In case of equipment failure, please contact the Werehog Catastrophe Unit (WCU).*==
==Please do not tap on glass**==
==Cleanup crew is granted bi-hourly access to werehog chambers.==
==If any employee is caught having sexual intercourse with a werehog unit, they forfeit all employee rights and are automatically demoted to 'Breeding Unit'*==

*Please see the Werehog Breeding Facility's Workers Manual for further instructions*

werehog_breeding_Normal.png werehog%20breeding%20Normal.png werehog%20breeding%20Cum%20Inflation%201.png werehog%20breeding%20Cum%20Inflation%202.png werehog%20breeding%20Futa%20Small.png werehog%20breeding%20Futa%20Large.png

Blaze and Amy Sketch Page

Mon Jun 12 01:19:45 2017

Done in last nights stream. A few extras I added to fill out the blank space on the canvas. A lot of stuff I really like here. Might include these in future polls to see what gets finished.

Individual renders in attachments. Numbered left to right, top to bottom.

blaze_amywip.png blaze%20amy1.png blaze%20amy2.png blaze%20amy3a.png blaze%20amy3b.png blaze%20amy4.png blaze%20amy5.png blaze%20amy6.png blaze%20amy7.png blaze%20amy8.png blaze%20amy9.png blaze%20amy10.png blaze%20amy11.png blaze%20amy12.png blaze%20amy13.png

600dpi High res practice (Sophie)

Sat Jun 10 05:41:58 2017

Trying to find a comfortable printable size to work with. This seems pretty good.

Sophie_lips.png Sophie%20lips.png

Werehog Breeding (wip sketch)

Sat Jun 3 19:50:47 2017

==The facility accepts all forms of sex. Non-female subjects are for pressure release only when a Female is not available.
==The subject must be able to withstand larger than average male organs for extended periods of time.
==Please use caution handling setup with live werehogs. Any signs of harnessing equipment failure will result in relevant chamber lockdowns, regardless of employee locations.

werehog_breeding_sketch_1.png werehog%20breeding%20sketch%205.png werehog%20breeding%20sketch%203.png werehog%20breeding%20sketch%204.png werehog%20breeding%20sketch%202.png werehog%20breeding%20sketch%201.png

Amy sketchies

Fri May 26 23:40:40 2017

Very very rough sketches


Isabelle Latex Pupper PSD

Fri May 26 23:38:43 2017

PSD_picture.png Isabelle%20Latex.psd (d)

Isabelle Latex Pupper

Fri May 26 22:36:00 2017

Gotta walk your dog every day.

Isabelle_Latex.png Isabelle%20Latex.png

Monday Poll 4

Mon May 22 17:12:57 2017

So I wanted this week to be fairly simple. Just 2 options between Amy and Blaze. They've been in most of the polls so far, so I wanted to put a focus on them for this week.

I wont make a heap of alternate versions this time. just futa and female.

Poll will end tomorrow at noon PDT.

Isabelle, Doggy Style?? (Ink wip)

Sat May 20 02:59:30 2017

I have no idea what to call this.

Isabelle_Latex_ink.png Isabelle%20Latex%20ink.png

Isabelle Layered PSD

Wed May 17 22:19:37 2017

As I said in the Illustration post, I took some extra time to make sure all of the alternate parts were modular. So you can switch them out and make more combinations than what I posted.

PSD_picture.png Isabelle.psd (d)

Isabelle! (Futa Nude + Hyper ver.)

Wed May 17 22:02:10 2017

From the winner of the last poll, I bring you Isabelle! This took much longer than I had anticipated. But that was due to the fact I wanted to make as many versions as I possibly could. Including Bigger boobs, and 3 different sizes of Pussy and Penis/balls. So I am very sorry that it was half a week late.

I will be posting all of these in 4 posts to keep things organized.

And for those who have access to the PSD version, know that all the parts are modular, so you have even more options to choose from!

Isabelle_Futa_Nude.png Isabelle%20Futa%20Nude.png Isabelle%20Bigger%20Futa%20Nude.png Isabelle%20Hyper%20Futa%20Nude.png

Isabelle! (Futa Swimsuit + Hyper ver.)

Wed May 17 22:00:56 2017

From the winner of the last poll, I bring you Isabelle! This took much longer than I had anticipated. But that was due to the fact I wanted to make as many versions as I possibly could. Including Bigger boobs, and 3 different sizes of Pussy and Penis/balls. So I am very sorry that it was half a week late.

I will be posting all of these in 4 posts to keep things organized.

And for those who have access to the PSD version, know that all the parts are modular, so you have even more options to choose from!

Isabelle_Futa_Swimsuit.png Isabelle%20Futa%20Swimsuit.png Isabelle%20Bigger%20Futa%20Swimsuit.png Isabelle%20Hyper%20Futa%20Swimsuit.png

Isabelle! (Female Nude + Hyper Pussy ver.)

Wed May 17 21:59:23 2017

From the winner of the last poll, I bring you Isabelle! This took much longer than I had anticipated. But that was due to the fact I wanted to make as many versions as I possibly could. Including Bigger boobs, and 3 different sizes of Pussy and Penis/balls. So I am very sorry that it was half a week late.

I will be posting all of these in 4 posts to keep things organized.

And for those who have access to the PSD version, know that all the parts are modular, so you have even more options to choose from!

Isabelle_Female_Nude.png Isabelle%20Female%20Nude.png Isabelle%20Big%20Pussy%20Nude.png Isabelle%20Hyper%20Pussy%20Nude.png

Isabelle! (Female Swimsuit + Hyper Pussy ver.)

Wed May 17 21:47:47 2017

From the winner of the last poll, I bring you Isabelle!
This took much longer than I had anticipated. But that was due to the fact I wanted to make as many versions as I possibly could. Including Bigger boobs, and 3 different sizes of Pussy and Penis/balls. So I am very sorry that it was half a week late.

I will be posting all of these in 4 posts to keep things organized.

And for those who have access to the PSD version, know that all the parts are modular, so you have even more options to choose from!

Isabelle_Female_Swimsuit.png Isabelle%20Female%20Swimsuit.png Isabelle%20Big%20Pussy%20Swimsuit.png Isabelle%20Hyper%20Pussy%20Swimsuit.png

Isabelle Sketches

Fri May 12 21:15:40 2017

: D there might be one in there I'm finishing for next weeeeeeek~

Isabelle_sketches.png Isabelle%20sketches.png

Monday Poll 3

Mon May 8 17:28:27 2017

So with this time, I will be just doing a single character pinup, but I will try and make as many alternates as I can. Like female, futa, etc. Only 4 options this time, but these are characters I just really wanna draw right now.

Poll ends tomorrow at noon.

Rouge x Shadow 2 PSD

Sat May 6 17:22:40 2017

PSD_picture.png Rouge%20x%20Shadow%202.psd (d)

Rouge X Shadow 2

Fri May 5 22:36:45 2017

I didn't do a good job posting work-in-progress pictures for this. I'm sure you guys don't mind as long as you get something new XD.

You can find the normal and cum versions of this picture in the attachments.

Rouge_x_Shadow_2-1.png Rouge%20x%20Shadow%202-2.png Rouge%20x%20Shadow%202-1.png

Sophie Squat

Fri May 5 15:47:57 2017

Same with this one, almost forgot to post it @.@


Cutie Sophie 2

Fri May 5 15:46:59 2017

I almost forgot to post this! bwah!


Content poll

Thu May 4 02:19:41 2017

Not sure what to say for the title text but I'm curious what kinds of things you guys would want to see from me. I'm gunna list all the things I tend to draw on my own.

You can choose more than one, but try to keep it to only the things you enjoy seeing.

Rouge x Shadow Sketches

Sat Apr 29 17:35:54 2017

Just some of the ideas I doodled down for the Rouge x Shadow pic. I might revisit some of these later.


Rouge x Shadow PSD

Sat Apr 29 16:20:32 2017

Layered PSD of this weeks Illustration.

Edit: Forgot to actually attach the psd file. oops!

PSD_picture.png Rouge%20x%20Shadow1.psd (d)

Rouge x Shadow

Sat Apr 29 15:33:58 2017

I can imagine this being normal to them.

Winner from this weeks poll.

This will be posted publicly in a week.


Cutie Sophie

Sat Apr 29 00:28:35 2017


Workout Sophie Stretch

Sat Apr 29 00:26:41 2017


Tails x Cream Hidden Sketch

Thu Apr 27 19:41:18 2017

Congrats to SilverBob and Viro Veteruscy for finding this sketch.

Please do let me know if you guys like the idea of hidden sketches in my PSD files. Do you feel this one might have been too difficult? O do you like the idea of a challenge going forward?


Hidden Sketch??

Thu Apr 27 19:08:43 2017

Still has yet to be found. >:P

Rouge x Shadow WIP Ink

Wed Apr 26 21:54:08 2017


Rouge x Shadow WIP Sketch

Wed Apr 26 19:26:59 2017


Monday Poll 2

Mon Apr 24 15:54:11 2017

Same options as last time, but without Cream and Tails.

Poll ends tomorrow at noon.

Hard and Soft (Ball Tied) PSD

Mon Apr 24 02:24:40 2017

PSD_picture.png ball%20tie.psd (d)

Hard and Soft (Ball Tied)

Mon Apr 24 02:19:59 2017

G-Get it? A rock is hard... and Sophie, well, is soft...


Tails X Cream PSD (+Hidden Sketch)

Sun Apr 23 16:37:07 2017

Layered PSD of this weeks illustration.

There is also a hidden sketch somewhere in the layers. If you find it, PM me a screen cap of it, or tell me what it is if you can't do that. I will then post it here for $3 and up tiers to view.

Let the search begin : D

PSD_picture.png tails%20x%20cream.psd (d)

Tails x Cream

Sat Apr 22 15:40:40 2017

Cream: "C'mon Tails, weren't you ever curious how it felt?"

Winner from last monday's poll. Post will be made public in a week.

Alternate penetration version in attachments.

tails_x_cream3.png tails%20x%20cream4.png

DISCORD REWARDS (please read)

Thu Apr 20 15:33:05 2017

There was some technical difficulties with getting patreon to work with my discord server. I have found out that if you are trying to get in, and you are not able to, disconnect your discord from your patreon, and relink it. And as an extra step if that didn't do it, "update" your pledge. This should automatically get you in.

Discord now linked

Thu Apr 20 14:04:38 2017

linked all the discord roles to each reward tier. It sometimes takes a while to get into the server from the patreon bot, so give it some times.

If you have not gotten into the server yet, and its been a few days, check your patreon account settings and make sure your Discord is linked to it. If it is, and you're still waiting, message me and I will send you an invite.

Tails x Cream wip Sketch

Wed Apr 19 20:44:43 2017

If it's not obvious by now, Tails x Cream votes won majority... Consider this with announcement of the winner... *ehem*

I'll be moving onto the next portions of this in the next few days.

Also be sure to link your discord to your pareon accounts. I will be opening up my Discord channel here soon.


Easter 2017 Idea Sketches (All 4)

Mon Apr 17 15:52:56 2017

Ideas 2, 3, and 4 are in the attachments.

Sketch 4 has a female and ballbusting alt. You don't have to view it if you do not want to.

easter_2017_idea_sketch_1.png easter_2017_idea_sketch_2.png easter_2017_idea_sketch_3.png easter_2017_idea_sketch_4.png easter_2017_idea_sketch_4_-_Ball_Busting.png easter_2017_idea_sketch_4_-_Female.png

Sophie Workout Warmup (Sketch)(female/futa)

Mon Apr 17 15:48:45 2017

Something I may finish in the near future.
Futa version in attachments.

workout_sophie_warmup_female.png workout_sophie_warmup_futa.png

Monday Poll

Mon Apr 17 13:17:14 2017

Alright, So I'm going to try doing polls on mondays and see if this works out.

This poll will be about what I draw for my next Illustration. I think the options will be pretty self explanatory and things I haven't done in a long while. You will have until tomorrow at noon 12pm PDT/4pm EDT to vote.

Added Featured Tags

Mon Apr 17 13:03:36 2017

Hardly worth an update like this, but I wanted to point out something regarding new $1 patrons. Yes you will be able to see some sketches, but they are old posts that were at that tier at one point. I did not feel it was right to alter rewards that were already posted.

Changes and the Future of this Patreon

Fri Apr 14 16:56:29 2017

As some of you might or might not have see, I have revamped how this patreon will be working goring forward. This was done in an effort to put a much larger focus on my patreon rather than commissions. This will allow me to make more of my own art and allow me to experiment with new ideas.

I will also be switching to the pay-upfront method for new patrons. To avoid any confusion with payments after the switch, I will do doing it at the 1st of next month.

Additionally, I will be updating my page description within the next few days. I'm still writing it up. Once I get that done, I'll go public with my changes.

I really do hope my focus here will really benefit not only me, but you guys as well.

If you have any comments or feedback you'd like to share, please to leave them here. I'd love to know your thoughts.

~Love Argento

Easter 2017 Winner PSD

Fri Apr 14 16:50:05 2017

easter_PSD_picture.png Easter_winner_2017.psd (d)

Happy Easter!

Fri Apr 14 16:24:42 2017

Like every year, I paint Sophie's balls like easter eggs. This year is no different. Hope you all enjoy. I'll be posting this publicly on Easter Day.

Non-painted balls in attached files.

Easter_winner_2017.png Easter_winner_2017_2.png

Easter Poll reminder

Thu Apr 13 14:35:46 2017

If you haven't posted on the Easter poll yet, please do so today, as I will be working on the winner this afternoon.

Easter 2017 Poll

Tue Apr 11 19:29:28 2017

So it's been a while since I posted a poll. There are some changes I plan on making to this patreon here in the next few days. So things will be a bit different from here on.

But for now, please vote on which picture will get the easter egg treatment this year. If you aren't aware, ever year I make a picture on easter with Sophie's balls painted like easter eggs.

Amy Com PSD

Tue Apr 11 18:43:12 2017

amy_com_.PNG Silverbob_commission.psd (d)

Amy Commission (futa)

Tue Apr 11 17:55:35 2017

A commission for Silverbob. There is hyper futa version in the attached files.

Silverbob_commission1.png Silverbob_commission3.png Silverbob_commission4.png Silverbob_commission2.png

Sophie Booty (PSD)

Wed Mar 29 12:42:45 2017

ghjfcjgv.PNG Sophie_booty.psd (d)

Sophie Booty

Wed Mar 29 12:36:51 2017

Not much to say here. It's Sophie's butt. The attached file is just a blue toned version of this. Figured I'd include it cause I did so last picture. I'm sort of experimenting here so if it looks odd for now I totally get it.

Sophie_booty1.png Sophie_booty2.png

Workout Sophie (PSD)

Mon Mar 27 08:49:22 2017

vjhiuoubi.PNG workout_sophie.psd (d)

Workout Sophie

Mon Mar 27 08:39:44 2017

Did this in stream last night. Other versions below.

workout_sophie1.png workout_sophie4.png workout_sophie3.png workout_sophie2.png

Bathtub Amy

Sun Mar 26 01:48:55 2017

Still really uncreative with titles. Regardless, this was a commission, and I figured I'd share this with you guys before I eventually post it.

Sorry there is no female version of this for those wanting that.


Amy (sfw)

Fri Feb 3 14:24:29 2017

Felt like practicing slightly new methods of inking/coloing.


Blaze Sketch

Wed Feb 1 15:25:04 2017

Second of 2 paper and pecil sketches from the other day.


Amy Sketch

Wed Feb 1 15:22:32 2017

Decided to do some paper and pencil sketches the other day. 1 of 2


Unintended Results

Thu Jan 19 20:16:19 2017

Tails didnt expect this to happen.

Futa varient in the attached files.

This piece was commissioned by WhiteWhiskey.

WhiteWhiskey_commission_2_-_1.png WhiteWhiskey_commission_2_-_3.png

Amy Panties (com)

Mon Dec 26 23:57:08 2016

I know I haven't update in a bit, but I really wanted to show you guys this commission I did. Really like how this one turned out. You can find the panty-less version in the attachments.

Val-cat_commission_2_-_1.png Val-cat_commission_2_-_2.png

Changes Coming

Wed Nov 16 04:46:07 2016

Though I have not set in stone what changes I want from this place, know that its to be able to put more focus on what it is this place was supposed to be for. Thank you all for your continued support, and I only hope that you guys can allow me to experiment and find what works for me here in the coming months. This is nont only to benefit me, but you guys as well. So again, Thank you.

Blaze Destiny Costumes

Wed Oct 12 22:25:03 2016

Its not very Holloweeny, but Ive always wanted to draw this idea, just never got around to it. Figured now would be a better time than ever to do it. seeing as...well... ya know... Halloween and shiiii. Anyway there's an unshaded version in the attachments. I rather liked how it looked on its own too.
Edit: I guess I should have also mentioned that these costumes are from the game Destiny. And Blaze is dressed as each class using their Solar super abilities. Which is why I'm using Blaze. lol.

hunter_Blaze.png hunter_Blaze_no_shade.png

Sophie sketch stuff

Sat Oct 8 21:11:21 2016

Stuff I did in stream the past 2 days


Ball Tied

Sat Oct 8 21:08:53 2016

Not sure if I will be coloring this, but I probably will.



Fri Sep 16 19:10:34 2016

experimenting with a new sketching brush. Rather liking this and will probably move forward with this from now on.


11 inked Adele pictures

Thu Jul 28 22:13:20 2016

I was originally only going to do the voted pictures for this month, but I personally really wanted to see a lot of these inked. If I proceed to color these, which I need to still figure out her color palette, it will be the voted ones.

Also you'll find the rest of the inks in the attachments. There was too many to post individually and there's no way to post multiple images on patreon posts. Maybe that's something they should look into.

bunny_girl_Adele_2.png bunny_girl_Adele_1.png bunny_girl_Adele_3.png bunny_girl_Adele_4.png bunny_girl_Adele_5.png bunny_girl_Adele_6.png bunny_girl_Adele_7.png bunny_girl_Adele_8.png bunny_girl_Adele_9.png bunny_girl_Adele_10.png bunny_girl_Adele_11.png

Tied Together

Fri Jul 22 20:46:11 2016

Little something I made for HotRed last night. He gave me the idea and I just HAD to do it.


Cum inflated sophie

Fri Jul 22 10:15:33 2016

Originally a commission, but I had misread the description so it was completely wrong. Now its not really a commission piece anymore and I figured I'd show you guys before I post it. I'm thinking about inking it when I have the time.

Non cum version in attachments.

sophie_cum_inflation2.png sophie_cum_inflation1.png

Bunny Vote

Sat Jul 16 23:54:03 2016

So for the voting for this month, I'm not gunna have a poll, but rather just let you guys tell me which picture/pictures from my Adele sketch page I last posted I should finish. There was so many there I didn't want to pick and choose numbers and stuff. So lemme know in the comments what you'll want to see.


Fri Jul 8 16:48:42 2016

Felt inspired to redesign an old character of mine. Always wanted her to have a very simple design. And I'm actually really happy with how it came out this time. The stuff at the bottom of the page feels more like what I want her to look like. The entire page was me sort of refining what she looked like.


Regarding posts here on my patreon

Wed Jul 6 17:22:41 2016

So far I have been doing a lot of commissions lately, and I was always sort of hesitant on posting commission work here on my patreon because I see that as a sort of double dipping kind of thing. You guys are paying me here on patreon to see my own personal work. But I am having a hard time getting to do my own work along with commissions, which I have to do to pay my bills. So my question is, to you guys, since I'll be working on my commission work regardless, would you want to see those works posted here along with their psd files? I want this to by your guy's decision because if this is something you want, then I will do it. But if it were completely up to me, I wont. I will also be sure to ask permission from the commissioners for each commission.

Lemme know in the strawpoll link.

Also leave your thoughts in the comments if you want.


Fri Jul 1 17:48:43 2016

Posted this on twitter a few days ago. Was a little gift for buxbi. No real reason behind it other than I wanted to draw her arm and leg floofs.


YCH preview

Sun Jun 26 14:06:44 2016

I've been enjoying doing these ych auctions lately. Really lets me sort of play with my own ideas. This time I wants to make it panty focused! I might do this for next time I do this as well cause there are so many ideas that could be fun to do.


Sophie FloorBalls

Sun Jun 5 06:34:46 2016

Lol I am not creative with titles sometimes. But yeah, finished this in a stream. I'll post it to the usual places in a few days.

Female alt in the attachments.

futa_sophie_floorballs.png futa_sophie_floorballs_female.png

Futa Sophie FloorBalls WIP

Sat Jun 4 01:13:16 2016

Figured I'd give you guys a look at what I'm workin on between my commissions.

Female alt in attachments

futa_sophie_floorballs2_wip.png futa_sophie_floorballs1_wip.png


Wed Jun 1 11:28:38 2016

Amy_panty_shot_psd.png Amy_panty_shot.psd (d)


Wed Jun 1 11:25:39 2016

Showin her panties, though she doesn't seem too happy about it.

2 Futa alts in the attachments.

Amy_panty_shot.png Amy_panty_shot_bulge.png Amy_panty_shot_big_bulge.png

Amy Wardrobe Malfunction PSD file

Thu May 12 16:33:14 2016

Edit: Had to make a small changed that I only noticed right after I uploaded.

sdfghsgdfh.png Amys_tight_fitting_suit.psd (d)

Amy's Wardrobe Malfunction

Thu May 12 16:14:26 2016

This is the picture that was voted on for this month. I'll be doing the one that came in second to make up for the lack of one last month.


Futa Amy/Sophie Sketch Vote

Tue May 3 04:07:45 2016

I posted these before, and I wanted to do these last month, but I was never able to get around to it. So here it is. Vote for which one you want to see finished.



Sun May 1 09:50:56 2016

Sorry about the lack of content this month. Been real busy with the last set of commissions this past month. Pretty much done with them and the next thing I'm gunna do it sketch a buncha stuff for you guys. So sit tight.

Hidden Easter Egg picture

Wed Mar 30 02:51:34 2016

Congrats to Tobiah Schafer for finding this in the PSD I posted yesterday.

I mentioned there was a hidden picture in the file somewhere and that I'll post it if anyone found it.
Anyway, I plan on doing this again in the future. I'll try being a bit more creative next time.


Easter PSD (hidden egg inside ;D)

Tue Mar 29 03:16:44 2016

I know its not a super fancy color this month. But Its all I could do for the time I have right now.

And for fun, there's an extra hidden imagine somewhere in this file. There's no prize for finding it, but I'm curious to see if you actually can. : P

I'll post it if someone can find it.

easter_balls_2016_cum.png easter_balls_2016.psd (d)

Blaze Butt PSD File

Fri Mar 4 10:00:51 2016

blaze_butt_panty_shot_colored_female.png blaze_butt_pany_shots.psd (d)

Blaze Butt

Fri Mar 4 09:22:44 2016

Last month's most voted sketch to be colored. This was tough given that I am still getting used to clip studio's blending tools. But I'm getting there. Thanks for the support guys.

Futa version in attached files

blaze_butt_panty_shot_colored_female.png blaze_butt_panty_shot_colored_futa.png

Panty Shot Sketch Vote

Thu Feb 11 21:35:18 2016

I will be coloring the one that is most voted on. So choose wisely. If there's a tie, I'll ink both but I'll decide which one I want to fully color.


WIP Panty Shot Sketches

Thu Feb 11 21:22:05 2016

Hopefully I'll add more to this page. Cause I have a few more ideas.


Futa Stream Sketchies

Sun Jan 31 15:25:28 2016

Posting these here a bit before I post them on my normal art places.


PSD File 6

Fri Jan 8 06:14:34 2016

I wanna start off by saying sorry for how long its been since I last did a colored picture. Really trying to find my place with them. But I guess that will be interesting cause you guys will get to see what different things I do in each of them.

The layers are a bit of a mess, but there's a few in there that went unused and I was too lazy to delete. Though I am happy with how this came out, I do feel like there is room for improvement. Anyway thanks be being so patient with me guys, and really, thank you for being so supportive here. It really does help more than you know.

rougey_tails_3_Dont_Look.png rougey_tails_3.psd (d)

Wip sketches Futa sonic girls

Mon Dec 14 21:20:55 2015

I've been on a futa craze lately. Hope that okay with you guys.


Poll 3 Inks: Image 7

Mon Dec 14 06:00:35 2015


Poll 3 Inks: Image 4

Mon Dec 14 05:42:56 2015

futa and cum versions in attachments.

some_futa_doodles_4ink_female_no_cum.png some_futa_doodles_4ink_female_cum.png some_futa_doodles_4ink_futa_no_cum.png some_futa_doodles_4ink_futa_cum.png

Poll 3 Inks: Image 6

Sun Dec 13 06:44:42 2015


Poll 3 Inks: Image 8

Sun Dec 13 06:42:42 2015

No cum version in attachments.

some_futa_doodles_8ink_cum.png some_futa_doodles_8ink_no_cum.png

Poll 3 Inks: Image 2

Sun Dec 13 06:41:03 2015

Female version in attachments.

some_futa_doodles_2ink_futa.png some_futa_doodles_2ink_female.png

Poll 3 Inks: Image 5

Sun Dec 6 18:41:45 2015

Wasn't sure which character to use for this pose. Started making cream out of it and just went with it. Though she has a pretty big chest size for cream. lol oh well.


Poll 3 Inks: Image 10

Sun Dec 6 18:38:56 2015

Last of the images that were voted on. Though I will continue to post inks of the pictures I wanted to finish. Which will probably be most of them. Futa version in the attached files

some_futa_doodles_10ink2.png some%20futa%20doodles%2010ink.png

Poll 3 inks: Imge 9

Sun Dec 6 18:37:08 2015


Poll 3 Inks: Image 1

Thu Dec 3 16:50:07 2015

Voter suggested this pose be of Cosmo. Never drawn her before. Though it was fun. Alternate female and non cum version in the attachments.

some_futa_doodles_1ink_1.png Cosmo%20female.png Cosmo%20no%20cum.png

Poll 3 inks: Image 3

Thu Dec 3 16:44:38 2015

Posting the highest voted images first. Labeling by their voting number.

Voter suggested this pose be of Sally, so here ya go :P


Picture Poll 3

Sun Nov 15 21:14:14 2015

Like last time, multiple choices are enabled. This way I get an idea of which ones you guys would want to see finished first. Cause I want to at least ink most of these. You can even suggest which characters will be for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, and 11. Just leave a comment on which one you'd like to see.


Futa wip preview

Sun Nov 15 21:10:14 2015


Edge's Ball Cleavage

Sun Oct 25 23:29:44 2015

Hyper version in the attachment.


Tails and Rouge 2

Sun Oct 25 23:28:20 2015

2nd ink


Tails and Rouge Ink 1

Sun Oct 25 23:19:03 2015

To compensate for the lack of wip sketches this month, I'll be posting a few inked pictures that I have yet to post, and will in the future. Enjoy.


PSD File 5

Sun Oct 25 23:14:45 2015


WIP sketches: Tails and Rouge

Tue Sep 29 12:01:54 2015

Not sure what I want to do with these. The top right one was inspired by HotRed's latest works. The tails wearing rouge's outfit was inspired by sparkydb.


Poll 2 Inks

Fri Sep 25 22:42:41 2015

Sorry Ive been slow to update. Been kinda busy/away the last month. But I finally got around to inking these. I'll start work on my next sketch page soon.



Fri Sep 11 04:10:37 2015

Hey guys, thanks for the support last month. I'll be updating and finishing up those poll inks here soon. I've been out of town the last week so things have been kinda slow here on my end. Things should be back to normal here soon.

Picture Poll 2

Wed Aug 19 17:07:12 2015

This time I decided to allow for multiple choices just in case you want to see more than just one of them finished.


WIP Sketches 2

Wed Aug 19 16:59:03 2015

Sorry guys. Not as much on this one for now. Been busy with a lot of private works.

There will be a futa alt version of this later on.



Tue Aug 18 20:32:59 2015

Working on the next wip/voting sketch page. Should be posted by tonight or tomorrow.

PSD File 4

Sat Aug 15 09:43:41 2015

silver_glow_psdicon.png silver_glow.psd (d)

WIP Edge Sketch

Mon Aug 10 22:00:24 2015

Sorry I haven't been uploading much sketches after I made this, its gunna be a slow start but things will pick up. Been working on some private commissions lately. Anyway, here's a sketch of Edge. Think "ball cleavage" as the inspiration for this. XD Added a slightly modified version in the attachments as well as a cute view of the outfit hes wearing.

I plan on inking this soon. Not sure if I should color though.

edge_underballs.png edge_underballs_big.png edge_new_outfit.png

PSD file 3

Sat Jul 18 14:23:38 2015

2680b1d3f6595569cdfbdc4f0fbdb52a.jpg ec24872afe6478a34de3283cc04d8799.psd (d)

PSD file 2

Sun Jul 12 22:15:14 2015

d60904ceba73b67a5a09812ef4e8d85c.jpg 0d8a40682c86c16531939e0ecb20a7ca.psd (d)


Sun Jul 5 01:49:19 2015

Though I have just started this Patreon, I decided to use my most recent works that aren't quite what I usually draw. In the future, expect to see more of my usual.

Picture Poll 1

Sun Jul 5 01:44:42 2015

Top tier patrons get to vote on what works I complete next from my sketches.
Ive marked all the sketches with numbers, and ones I have already inked. Vote on what number you'd like to see completed sooner.

Vote here:


PSD file 1

Sun Jul 5 01:37:45 2015

For the first psd file, I figured I'd post this. Loved how this came out.

Edge_and_sophie_Balljob_no_bloom_psd_preview.png Edge_and_sophie_Balljob.psd (d)

WIP Sketches 1

Sat Jul 4 09:56:44 2015

Though I have drawn and given this out to some people in my stream at the time, it still isn't posted for the most part.