Brotherhood tier rules

Wed Oct 7 14:18:11 2020

Read me!

I have added a copyright information notice in the comments regarding my use of other people's characters. This comment will never be deleted or edited so as to preserve its validity in the event of some kind of unforeseen legal bullshit happening.

Teeny edit to Brotherhood tier.

Wed Oct 7 13:59:08 2020

Gonna take it down to make the change. You might get a notification that the tier has been unpublished.

Basically I'm knocking it down by $10 and also editing the rules of it slightly. I keep running into this frustrating issue where I've had to refund people who want their new addition to the story to be unkillable.

Like, this is a vore story with a lot of digestion and you're telling me I can't digest the character you've added? :T

So this new rule says outright so patrons can know what to expect.

I am considering lowering the prices a smidge

Sun Sep 20 14:03:35 2020

The prices on my Patreon are kind of steep in my opinion. They were like that because it was to make up for a lack of people at the beginning of this project. I've revised the prices a couple of time. The $30 tier used to be $60 for example, while the current $5 tier used to be $1 at some point (or maybe it wasn't and I'm just crazy). I've also adjusted what those goals represent.

Although you can buy in once, download all the chapters at the moment, and then bugger off, the people who stick around are the ones who are actively supporting month to month because they want to support my work and the creation of the comic.

That said, I would prefer to lower prices because it means more people can access and enjoy my work sooner than later. I emotionally thrive on the positive comments and sometimes even the negative ones as long as they are offering suggestions on how to better my work. However, if I lower prices and the market isn't there, then I just lose money that could have been put toward making the comic, thus delaying the comic.

At this point I don't know if there's anyone else even left to buy in who is interested enough to consider it. This poll is to try to see if that's accurate.

This is ultimately a gamble based on the results of this poll. The more people who say they are willing to buy in will make me more likely to change the prices, but I'll also have to change them back if I turn out to be wrong and not enough people actually join in. So, yeah, don't use vote bots or underhanded methods to get votes just for your own singular benefit. It'll make the prices drop for one month and then I'll have to put them back. That would just cock up the whole process and delay the comic. :( But otherwise, don't be afraid to share with friends.

I might also consider other incrementally lower prices so as to have a less dramatic impact. Maybe adjust the goals so that prices universally go down every time I hit that goal. Example: I am making $1000 a month so now it's cheaper for everyone. When we hit $1k again, I lower the prices again, etc. Food for thought.

Oh no! Pirates found my Patreon! :O

Fri Sep 18 02:04:01 2020

You know what this means! I start getting all paranoid, raising my prices, punishing all of my patrons and locking everything behind a bigger and bigger paywall and wonder why I'm losing all my money! D:

Wait, no. That's stupid.

Remember boys and girls that I am not using this Patreon page to turn a profit. I am doing it so I can support the creation of the artwork. If you can't afford to buy in and happen to stumble on my content through another platform, honestly I'm just flattered that you enjoy my work enough to go through the trouble.

I'll be here if your financial situation ever changes. It's your support that makes this comic happen. Until then, I'm thinking about you! I'll even lowkey drop a few goodies on 8kun's /vore/ now and then. :3c

All of my work will slowly be posted onto either way as more of the comic is completed. That much has always been true and will always remain true. Well, except GaG2 so far. Forgive me for not posting GaG2 stuff yet. I keep rewriting the hell out of it. D: I want it to be totally satisfied with it before I start posting chapters in public where I can't retcon them anymore. More on that issue another day, though.

Also I'd make more public posts here on the Patreon itself but Patreon already locked my page once for NSFW stuff being public. We won't be doing that anymore, sorry.

Junior Scribe Leyla Rodriguez

Sun Aug 23 04:37:40 2020

Done by the artist Wolfy! Aka OnaYowl on Twitter.

This one is safe for work so I can post it in public!


Official Retcon notice for Guts and Glory 2

Sun Aug 2 00:58:46 2020

As much as I love the character Gina and her role in chapter 18 onward, I am officially replacing her with a different character named Julia who is a reddish-blonde girl instead of this girl.

However, don't worry if you're a fan of Gina. She will be making a return in the story!

So if you see the names have changed in the previous chapters and future chapters and are wondering who the hell Julia is, don't be confused.

Gina is a name change of the character Doki who is owned by DokuDoku on Eka's. She is used in the story with permission. Above art is by Doku as well.


Guts and Glory 2, chapters 1-10

Sat Aug 1 16:00:42 2020

I'm in a generous mood and wanted to share the first ten chapters with all patrons who might not have seen this yet. These are the first ten chapters of the sequel not normally available to patrons below Wanderer tier.

$30 is a pretty hefty buy in I know, but I try to organize my content in such a way that it's easy to access even if you're only a patron for a brief time. I'm not insulted if people buy into a higher tier then quickly leave once they get what they want. Just keep in mind that it's your funding which directly allows me to produce the comic. I am making the sequel to help fund the comic of the original.

The URL doesn't seem to be showing up right so I'll post it manually here:

PSA - Where to find me if this Patreon vanishes

Thu Jul 30 21:35:07 2020

Allegedly a lot of NSFW Patreon pages have been getting pulled, so in case that happens, you can find information here as we move to a new platform.

For now, I don't think there's any issues. I already had a spook with Patreon staff back when my series started and they blocked my page but that was just because I had a NSFW picture visible in public. I don't think they actually care that it's fetish stuff.

Issue 16 - Complete

Sat Aug 8 12:00:03 2020

Since I know I'm behind on pages in relation to my Patreon goals, and I'm going to continue being behind for a while, I'm giving you all a treat to make up for it in the way of an entire chapter posted all at once this month! That's 15 pages! I had ndnode doing these over the past 3 months.

Ideally this is how things are meant to work when all of the artists are working up to speed with each other. One artist does the current chapter while another skips ahead, so when we get to the next chapter it's basically already done, then hop-scotch again.

gg_3.jpg gg_3.jpg gg_2.jpg gg_5.jpg gg_1.jpg gg_6.jpg gg_4.jpg gg_7.jpg gg_9.jpg gg_10.jpg gg_8.jpg gg_13.jpg gg_11.jpg gg_14.jpg gg_12.jpg gg_15.jpg

Issue 15 - Complete

Tue Jul 21 11:49:58 2020

A short issue at only 8 pages long, but they're pretty damn highly detailed.

I hope to have a couple extra pages for the next chapter out before this month is over.

1.png 5.png 3.png 4.png 6.png 7.png 8.png 2.png

So the goals have been a bit of a mess for several reasons.

Tue Jun 30 03:21:40 2020

I am still aiming to keep the promise of posting at least five pages a month whenever possible, but the mix of varying quality, ability, and price of every artist has made it very tricky to do things the way I've wanted to.

How I've planned to do things is:

At a certain point after reaching the necessary threshold of funds to hire the second artist, I would have one artist continue working on the latest chapter, while the next artist skips ahead to work on the following chapter. By the time we reach that following chapter we can start posting additional pages in line with the owed extra pages that my patrons are supposed to get. By the time we reach that chapter, the first artist is already hop-scotching ahead to the chapter after that, and so on. I effectively can produce up to 10 pages a month.

How it's actually playing out:

Sometimes I get enough pages, sometimes the artist neglects to put in any work until 3 months later and we're behind schedule by a lot. Sometimes this is well worth the wait because of the superb quality in the work. Sometimes it's because life happens and an artist gets delayed. Either way it ends up in me not posting the appropriate pages in the appropriate time span.

I currently have no idea on if I am behind or ahead of schedule but I feel like I am behind and it's aggravating me and probably you guys as well. I am considering ditching the other goals listed until they become more consistent with reality. Maybe re-work them at a future date. It doesn't help that different artists have varying rates so that further muddles the goals.

I don't want to abandon the goals because it might discourage people from putting in more money to help this along. On top of all that I actually have to pay taxes on every dollar I handle through this, and it's a lot of taxes.

My point is, do I need to worry? Is anyone disgruntled? Talk to me.

Issue 15, pages 1-4

Sun Jun 28 19:22:16 2020

The quality of these pages, especially the power armor, is so much detail that I hope you'll forgive being short one page this month. These were worth the wait.

Done by Prissjoy.

1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png

Holy fekkin Taxes, Batman!

Mon Jun 15 15:43:19 2020

I'm trying to file my taxes for Patreon and Paypal and my God it's confusing lmao

This is going to take some time which is going to stall my work flow a little bit. Apologies in advance if some stuff gets out late this month.

Guts and Glory audition by Stinkychan

Fri May 22 11:15:22 2020

Their going rate is $60 per page. They also finished this in just one night.

What do you think? Could they be another artist to work with us? Vote below.


Issue 14 - Complete

Fri May 8 16:23:31 2020

Sorry for the delays on this one, but it's finally out.

aces_vol14_pg1.png aces_vol14_pg2.png aces_vol14_pg5.png aces_vol14_pg6.png aces_vol14_pg7.png aces_vol14_pg9.png aces_vol14_pg4.png aces_vol14_pg3.png aces_vol14_pg8.png

Progress update

Mon Apr 27 17:02:15 2020

Frustratingly, I actually have the first four pages of chapter 15 and the first five of 16 both ready for posting, but I have no pages of chapter 14 when I should have 10 pages by now.

I apologize again for the delays. Things are not getting released in chronological order as I would have preferred. As soon as the artist for chapter 14 catches up, I'll be able to post a bunch of stuff for the chapter all at once to make up for lost time. Either way the failure to keep to the timeline is really putting a wrench in my release timeline especially when I had promised to release more pages for the higher income per month. There's just really nothing I can do right now.

Ravana references

Sun Apr 26 19:33:42 2020

Since everything related to Fallout is late this month, I'm posting this which would normally be only Scavenger tier to try making up for it the frustrating delays.

Ravana_Clothed.jpg Ravana_Nude.jpg Ravana_-_BW.jpg Ravana_-_BW_no_light.jpg Ravana_-_Sketch.jpg

Results of polls

Wed Apr 1 01:58:45 2020

Predictably, Theo was voted to be a human. So that change has been made official. Theodore has been retconned in all chapters to be a human.

Oddly, so was Amber. Unfortunately, I hate to get your hopes up, but I think I have to keep Amber as a Deathclaw since unlike Theo it's a bit more integral to her character, being a runt of the group. I apologize to those who voted for her to be human, but I think I'm gonna keep her as she is.

Furthermore, an earlier poll I did about releasing Guts and Glory 2 was met with overwhelming support, so I'm likely to start posting chapters in public now. I just need a good icon for it on Eka's gallery. :B And also I need to decide how I am going to go about the posting order. I'll probably do the whole "half of it will be posted" thing I am doing with the comic already.

News update

Wed Apr 1 01:55:25 2020

So naturally COVID-19 is screwing everything up, even online. My schedule has been thrown into disarray. I am also trying to get a new job with a new security company.

Content for the month of March is actually near completion, but I'm a little scatterbrained on what I have or haven't posted.

If ever you guys notice something missing from a month's content, don't be afraid to drop me a heads up asking where something is. You can do this either by Discord or right here on Patreon via comments or direct messages.

I know the comic pages for this month haven't been posted yet. They're still coming, don't worry. They're just taking a little extra time to finish.

I currently have three artists working on different chapters. We have ndnode, PrissJoy, and psychoseby at this time. Naturally, I am always open to hiring more artists. Details below:

Species retcon?

Mon Mar 16 18:42:58 2020

Last night I was rereading some of my story and it occurred to me that it's not totally necessary that every member of the family needs to be a Deathclaw hybrid, considering the fact that each of them are actually only a quarter Deathclaw-hybrid, or an eighth Deathclaw at all. With this in mind, some of the family could end up being human rather than Deathclaw hybrids, possibly.

Theo was one who felt appropriate to change to a human. Changing his species doesn't mess with the story very much at all. But, it got me thinking, should I change anyone else?

Poll time again! Vote what species you think each of Violet's/Zuzen's kids should be! Note all of them will still be capable of vore, human or not.

Also, the results of the last poll weighed heavily in favor of posting Guts and Glory 2 in public, so I will get to that. I want to get any last retcon work out of the way first. I have already been quietly making small edits to past chapters.

Theo is the only one I currently want to be retconned to a human, but I'd like feedback anyway.

Should I release Guts and Glory 2 on

Sat Mar 7 03:58:57 2020

I have been considering this for some time. Should I release the sequel on Aryion? I have no plans to make it into a comic like I did the original, although maybe in the late future I might do some stuff. Don't know. No promises.

This is a simple yes or no vote for now. I will discuss the details of how quickly everyone else gets to see the story after we first decide if I should release it. I personally don't like keeping stuff permanently behind a paywall. One, it just encourages piracy, not that I am aware of any piracy of my story yet, and two, it prevents a lot of new fans from being able to see it who might then join the Patreon. That's just my opinion. I'll see if you lot agree.

Issue 13 complete

Fri Feb 21 15:18:56 2020

I forgot to post this. D: Last 4 pages of this month.

4.png 4.png 3.png 6.png 8.png 9.png 1.png 5.png 2.png 7.png

Untitled chapter 1 of a new story

Thu Feb 6 11:05:36 2020

I am making this available to all patrons because I want you guys to read it.

I plan on releasing this story to Eka's in a short while, but I can't think of a good title, so you all get a first look at it.

The story is about [SPOILERS AHEAD] a young girl living in the mid-2000s who, distraught with her life at home, makes a pact with a forgotten pagan goddess that grants her access to magic and the ability to swallow people whole. The more she eats, the stronger she becomes, but at what cost? [END SPOILERS]

https_lh5.googleusercontent.com_SswWIuO0coSlTQWHClNra3Di5kifbeGM7BqttIlW8Rv2BKAH2bOLRT1Y07cTYf-WFhE4ueGM7ww1200-h630-p (d)

Issue 13, pages 1-5

Wed Jan 29 21:35:56 2020

I meant to have 8 this month but the last three are being delayed. Sorry about that again.

1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png

Delayed comic post

Wed Jan 29 21:30:39 2020

Prissjoy is taking too long to finish, so I am not going to rehire them after they finish their current chapter. They took months to finish the first few pages (that I am about to post), but we were ahead of schedule so I didn't care. Now they are falling very behind, and I'm not happy it's taking this long. I won't be rehiring them.

Sorry to anyone expecting another few comic pages this month. It's probably going to be late. I will post what I have so far, though.

Fortunately, I have psychoseby working on the comic again and they'll have something for February probably.

Issue 12, complete

Thu Jan 2 02:29:52 2020

Happy New Year! Here is another five pages, which are the last five pages for this issue!

But wait, I promised more pages, didn't I? Well, we're actually a little behind on art. Issue 13 should be ready by the end of this month, but it's not ready right now. Expect more to be posted before the month is out. Issue 13 is 9 pages long and I plan to just post all 9 pages in order to consider us "caught up" and also to make up for future slow-downs brought about by delays in the process.

So basically, you'll actually be getting a whopping 14 pages this month in all! But, let me explain why.

Right now, although I have 3 artists working for me, I don't have three artists active. I have to write the script for every chapter, which I am behind on, and also each of these artists can only do 5 pages a month at maximum capacity.

I apologize in advance for the inconsistent rate at which my stuff will be coming out, but whenever there is a delay like this, I try to do extra stuff where I can (as I am promising later this month) to make up for it!

Hopefully that all makes sense and I don't lose patrons for it. x_x

1.PNG 2.PNG 7.PNG 3.PNG 8.PNG 6.PNG 4.PNG 11.PNG 12.PNG 5.PNG 9.PNG 10.PNG

First seven pages of Issue 12

Sat Dec 7 21:05:59 2019

As promised, I am posting a couple of extra to make up for a previous month where I was unable to provide more to match the patreon income.


Issue 11, complete

Fri Nov 8 14:42:18 2019

The last five pages for this month are included here!

1.jpg 2.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 11.jpg 10.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg 16.jpg 14.jpg 3.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 15.jpg 17.jpg 18.jpg 19.jpg 20.jpg 21.jpg 22.jpg

Issue 10 reupload

Fri Nov 8 14:38:58 2019

Almost up to speed!

1.jpg 2.jpg 5.jpg 7.jpg 6.jpg 8.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg

Issue 9 reupload

Fri Nov 8 14:06:21 2019

A smaller chapter.

1-complete.png 2-complete.png 6-complete.png 7-complete.png 8-complete.png 4-complete.png 5-complete.png 3-complete.png

Issue 8 reupload

Fri Nov 8 14:02:47 2019

1-Complete.png 2-Complete.png 3-Complete.png 4-complete.png 6-complete.png 5-complete.png 11-Complete.png 18-complete.png 10-complete.png 13-complete.png 9-complete.png 7-complete.png 12-complete.png 8-compete.png 15-complete.png 14-complete.png 16-complete.png 17-complete.png 21-complete.png 19-complete.png 20-complete.png

$100 tier was messed up.

Sat Nov 2 11:30:41 2019

Discord roles were incorrectly not given. That is fixed now. Sorry about that. It only got brought to my attention today.

Issue 7 reupload

Fri Nov 1 15:32:45 2019

My only disappointment in this chapter is I never got to add in the psychedelic dream/nightmare sequence that Violet experiences in the novel.

I would like to go back and do it one day but when I had this developed I was worried that nobody would want to stick around for non-vore stuff so I skipped it for the comic.

I also need an artist who really captures the sort of demented scene that a nightmare scene would have.

1-complete.png 2-complete.png 6-complete.png 7-complete.png 3-complete.png 10-complete.png 4-complete.png 16-complete.png 11-complete.png 5-complete.png 9-complete.png 12-complete.png 8-complete.png 13-complete.png 15-complete.png 14-complete.png

Issue 6 reupload

Fri Nov 1 15:28:56 2019

Another reupload for easy finding. Finally getting into the unpublished stuff.

Remember, more pages are coming this month! I'll try to get everyone up to speed before then.

1-complete.png 2-complete.png 3-complete.png 4-complete.png 6-complete.png 8-complete.png 5-complete.png 9-complete.png 7-complete.png 12-complete.png 10-complete.png 14-complete.png 11-complete.png 13-complete.png

Issue 5 reuploaded

Fri Nov 1 15:15:47 2019

Again for ease of access while we wait for the other chapters to be done. Patreon didn't always have this feature where I could upload multiple images at once.

1-complete.png 3-complete.png 2-complete.png 4-complete.png 9-complete.png 5-complete.png 7-complete.png 6-complete.png 10-complete.png 12-complete.png 11-complete.png 13-complete.png 8-complete.png

Issue 4, complete

Sat Oct 19 14:53:36 2019

Reupload for the sake of easy access

1-complete.png 4-complete.png 3-complete.png 5-complete.png 6-complete.png 12-complete.png 11-complete.png 17-complete.png 8-complete.png 2-complete.png 10-complete.png 7-complete.png 13-complete.png 15-complete.png 9-complete.png 16-complete.png 14-complete.png

So we finally beat the 5 page milestone

Wed Oct 16 21:31:21 2019

Now production can really ramp up.

I've been spending a fuckload of my own money straight out of pocket to get two additional artists signed on in anticipation of hopefully getting production to speed up. I have also been rapidly running out of money, so this is good to finally see.

That said, it happened sooner than expected. I have a lot of Issue 12 already done, but I don't want to upload it because Issue 11 is not done, although it almost is.

Since I can't provide the extra pages this month, consider this post a rain check. The first post of Chapter 12 will contain at least eight pages to make up for me not being able to do that now, even if the milestone drops before then.

Right now, it's dropped back to 7 pages. I think Issue 11 will be done next month--I forget exactly how many pages are left to do for it. If the payments don't tank before the next pay cycle, I'll provide those seven pages in the following month, and so on and so on until payments tank or I get caught up properly.


Issue 11, pages 7 - 17

Wed Oct 16 21:08:40 2019

The hell? I thought I posted five pages last month.

You get ten this month, then. Sorry for the delay. I was away on vacation.

10.jpg 10.jpg 9.jpg 12.jpg 11.jpg 16.jpg 8.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg 15.jpg 17.jpg

Issue 3, complete

Sat Oct 12 21:54:29 2019

Same as the last post, just reposting this for easy access!

Public version is at

1-complete.png 7-complete.png 10-Complete.png 12-complete.png 8-Complete.png 6-complete.png 2-complete.png 3-complete.png 5-complete.png 9-complete.png 11-complete.png 15-complete.png 14-complete.png 4-complete.png 17-complete.png 13-complete.png 16-Complete.png

Issue 2, complete

Sat Oct 12 21:49:44 2019

Just another re-upload for the complete issues so patrons can find them easy. Even though this one is on Aryion by now.

This one has my favorite maw shots in the series so far.

The only reason this is set to Patreon viewers only is because of Patreon's TOS regarding NSFW content. You can find and share the public version on my gallery at

1-complete.png 3-complete.png 2-Complete.png 4-Complete.png 11-complete.png 7-complete.png 9-complete.png 6-complete.png 5-complete.png 8-complete.png 12-complete.png 10-complete.png

Issue 1, complete

Wed Oct 2 21:08:00 2019

I am just reuploading this using Patreon's new system so I can upload entire chapters at once. I am also going to tag chapters as 'Comic' from now on, so they are easier to find.

I will slowly upload all the other comic issues before this month is over, just so they are easy to find with tags.

Remember, it's your support that helps make these comics possible! You could give just the $5 to get your smut and run, or you could stick around and help me make more of these! A lot of people giving a small amount goes a very long way.

GaG_1_-_2.jpg GaG_1_-_2.jpg GaG_1_-_1.jpg GaG_1_-_4.jpg GaG_1_-_3.jpg GaG_1_-_9.jpg GaG_1_-_5.jpg GaG_1_-_11.jpg GaG_1_-_16.jpg GaG_1_-_6.jpg GaG_1_-_17.jpg GaG_1_-_10.jpg GaG_1_-_8.jpg GaG_1_-_12.jpg GaG_1_-_13.jpg GaG_1_-_7.jpg GaG_1_-_14.jpg GaG_1_-_15.jpg

Tier changes, again

Thu Sep 5 03:07:52 2019

- $5 tier is unchanged. Access to the comic. Nothing else.

- Wanderer and Scavenger tiers are having their names switched. This is a cosmetic change.

- Wanderer, Scavenger, Minuteman, and Brotherhood tiers are all getting changed in what perks they grant access to.

- New Scavenger tier at $10 will include what the old Wanderer tier did. Unpublished stuff, unfinished stuff, etc. I am discontinuing the spin-off story ideas. I only ever did one and it was a slog. I am not going to promise something I can't do/don't want to do. Eventually I'll get around to dumping all of the unpublished stuff that's been produced so far.

- New Wanderer tier at $30 will include access to Guts and Glory 2. That's basically it. All the other stuff at the $10 tier that was formerly $30 is already included automatically in the $30 tier as well, but now you can see how the new story is coming along.

- New Minuteman tier at $60 will still include VIP access to the Discord channel. However, I am now going to begin doing votes to determine the fate of characters in Guts and Glory 2. I haven't decided if I want to do "chance" votes wherein the voters affect the chances of a dice roll by supporting a particular option, or if I should do a straight democratic vote. I'll decide that when I first end up doing it.

- New Brotherhood role at $100 will mostly maintain its current perk of being able to influence the story at a higher level by posting requests for what direction the story should go. However, I will be adding a new feature wherein you can collaborate with me directly by roleplaying a scene in the story, which I will then transcribe into a chapter. You will be allowed to play any of the current characters if you choose to do this, and maybe even help me introduce some new ones.

I have not made the changes on the tier list yet as I must sleep, so they are not final yet. Do you like the changes? Any questions? Suggestions? I'll check tomorrow.

Guts and Glory 2, the scrapped version

Sat Aug 31 15:35:01 2019

Guts and Glory 2 has gone through a number of rewrites but the most major rewrite was my decision to just cancel and restart the whole story after 13 chapters were already written.

I'm posting it for all patrons to see, just because I feel like saying thanks for supporting this series.

Now, again, this is the scrapped version. It's not canon, and it really doesn't even follow entirely the same plotline. Elements were changed like the attitudes of certain characters, and at least a couple characters were renamed or even cut entirely for the reboot.

Still, enjoy what could have been.

The new version is available to patrons of at least Minuteman tier at this time, and is up to chapter 8.


First seven pages of Issue 11

Mon Aug 19 13:12:54 2019

Since last month only gave 3, this month you get 7!

1.jpg 3.jpg 2.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg

Artist audition by PrissJoy

Mon Aug 19 11:23:09 2019

I think the quality is excellent, and the cost is only $60 a page. The drawback is I'll be working with someone who does not speak English as their first language. So far it hasn't been much issue, though. I think I can deal with any potential headaches that might arise.

If you're part of the Patreon tiers that get access to the VIP channel, you've already seen this!


Probably gonna change or remove the $10 tier.

Mon Aug 19 11:20:24 2019

Frustratingly, I can't bring myself to write many of these alternate scenarios that have been suggested. I can't even pick out of the bunch which one I dislike the least.

It's not that the ideas are bad, it's just that I struggle to imagine the characters in the new scenario for a variety of reasons. Even though I know it's not a canon spin-off, it needs to fit in somehow with the story in my mind, but it obviously never does.

What should I do instead for the $10 tier?

Furthermore, when I do officially change the $10 tier, those who were part of it and feel entitled to some refunds, contact me privately so we can figure it out. I'll be keeping $5 out of each month you were part of the $10 tier because that's what the lowest tier costs right now, but the other $5 each month will be returned.

Pages 6, 7, and 8 of Issue 10

Tue Jul 30 23:26:34 2019

I am only posting 3 this month but we'll have an additional 2 next month because this is the end of Issue 10 and it would be weird to post an odd 2 pages of the next issue so soon. :U

But they are coming I assure you.

7.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 6.jpg

New artist!

Sun Jul 21 16:18:27 2019

Psychoseby has been recruited to do an issue of Fallout: Guts and Glory.

They're a little costly at $100 a page, but the quality is quite worth it. I was not satisfied in the slightest with what few other auditions have been done so far. Out of the four in total who auditioned, one failed to follow up with their audition and were not paid anything. The second artist did their audition nearly to completion without giving me a pricetag, and only once they were nearly finished said they wanted $120 for quality that isn't even half as good as Psychoseby, so I rejected them outright. (I told them to give me a price before trying to do work, but they chose not to, so whatever, it's their time wasted, not my money wasted.) The last audition did a rough sketch and then vanished for months before even finishing the sketch so I revoked payment.

I was going to do a vote based on which artist you guys liked most, but honestly, I felt like the competition was a joke at this point. We'll try again if we ever have more than one competent artist to compete with each other.

The Patreon goals will be updated to reflect these changes.

I just had a great idea for the new Scavenger rewards

Fri Jul 12 21:29:20 2019

Since I'm basically out of scrap content to share, excluding the occasional new thing from new stories, you know what else would be really fitting for the "Scavenger" title?

Unreleased artwork that I've commissioned from people.

As a scavenger, maybe I could share with you WIP stuff that either never got published or isn't finished yet. Some will be Fallout, some will be from my other stories, but you'll get early access to incomplete and hidden stuff I otherwise haven't shared yet!

How does that sound? Most of this stuff will go into public later, but only once it's done. Maybe not at all depending what it is. You can share these things as long as you link people back to the Patreon, though.

Page 5

Sun Jun 30 14:01:01 2019


Page 4

Sun Jun 30 14:00:52 2019


Page 3

Sun Jun 30 14:00:43 2019


Page 2

Sun Jun 30 14:00:35 2019


Issue 10, page 1

Sun Jun 30 14:00:28 2019

Issue 10 is going to be pretty short. I probably should have lumped it in with issue 9 but SeekGr was running short on time, so ndnode is back again. 'w'


Status update

Sun Jun 30 13:55:53 2019

Okay so I've gotten really disorganized last few months and I want to apologize for that. Between my trip to Kansas City and trying to find a new artist, along with the constant changes coming at my job (we got bought by another company), it's been hard to keep track of things.

The comic itself is mostly on schedule but it's the other stuff I've been falling behind on.

Wanderer - I am supposed to be doing short stories based on ideas from the users. Problem is, the one I've done so far took twenty pages, several rewrites, and several months to finish, and I haven't yet asked for another idea. Since I cannot hope to keep to a schedule, but I still want to keep the idea of viewer submitted ideas, I am going to modify this tier. It's going to be based on "when it's done" rather than the original setup, but you can submit ideas at any time. That said I'm going to try not to go too nuts on it, and keep things to like, only 10 pages at most. I still haven't even revised the last one and checked for errors.

Scavenger - I really got no excuses for this. I'm just very bad at remembering to post this stuff. If anyone knows when the last time is that I posted scavenger tier stuff, link me to the post and I'll post a bunch of goodies to make up for the forgotten stuff.

Minuteman - I am actually working on the sequel, and I am up to chapter 8 now in chapters not revised. However, I think I have forgotten to post any additional chapters. Again, link me the last post if I don't figure it out myself.

Brotherhood - Only a handful of people have even taken this tier, and none of them have used its perks since I have started doing it. Just shoot me a message for what you want to see.

Tenpenny Tower Suite - Only one person has ever taken this tier. I gave them direct access to the dropbox folder where I store all my goods. I don't know what ever became of them, but this is a one time all access payment. I will only give out two more of these before I close it out but at nearly a thousand bucks I'm surprised there was even one taker.

Don't hesitate to bug me if I have forgotten to post something. Some of you have taken it upon yourselves to shoot me a message when I forget stuff, or to ask when something is coming out. You are not bothering me by doing so. It's totally fine. I am a forgetful person with much that keeps him busy. These little reminders prompt me to go, "Oh shit I forgot" and correct the problem immediately.

Hopefully this clears up some stuff while I continue work, ideally in a more organized way now.

Artists update!

Wed Jun 12 00:24:17 2019

I have several artists who are interested in participating in this project, two of whom are actively producing auditions. I plan on releasing those auditions to you guys to vote on in the future.

Some of the artists are a little more expensive than others, but with that cost comes quality (usually). I will inform you guys when vote time comes exactly how much each page cost me and who the artist was.

Goals updated

Mon Jun 3 00:20:27 2019

Since SeekGr is going away on military service, we are recruiting ndnode for story art yet again. I also have one other artist I may employ in the near future.

I am always looking for more potential artists. If you know any, send them my way.

Rewriting Guts and Glory 2 chapters AGAIN

Sun Jun 2 16:30:07 2019

This story has been hard for me to properly start, but I think I am finally putting together how each arc of the story will go. I am also ironing out and retconning various details which are changed even in Guts and Glory the original, in chapters 100 and the epilogue.

I will post the altered chapters some time later this month.

Page 8

Wed May 29 22:14:27 2019

Thus concludes chapter 9. A much shorter chapter for sure as far as pages go.

Chapter 10 is already in the works!


Page 7

Wed May 29 22:13:02 2019


Page 6

Wed May 29 22:12:42 2019


Page 5

Wed Apr 24 01:24:55 2019


Page 4

Wed Apr 24 01:23:59 2019

Aftercare is adorable. C:


Page 3

Wed Apr 24 01:23:34 2019


Page 2

Wed Apr 24 01:22:53 2019


Issue 9, page 1

Wed Apr 24 01:22:26 2019

Not quite dead yet, but pretty brutally digested.


New production strategy

Tue Apr 9 02:04:55 2019

I am going to bring ndnode back in on the project to produce an additional 5 pages a month. However, because I want to avoid having my comics have inconsistent art styles throughout development of each chapter, but I also don't want to jump ahead and spoil the next chapter, here is how I am going to do things when I have multiple artists to work with.

Keep in mind SeekGr will be going away on military service for a year at some point. It's not exactly clear when. I am always hiring new artists to help, though.

Anyway, I figured out how to solve the problem of consistent style between chapters without overworking my artist. We'll hop-scotch chapters.

It'll work like this. Artist A and B will simultaneously be working on two separate chapters. Let's say chapter 11 is done by artist A, and chapter 12 is by artists B. They will both finish 5 pages in a month. However, this is where things get interesting.

Both artists will at the same time be working, which means the next chapter will be many pages ahead by the time we get to it. Artist A will skip ahead to the next chapter, while artist B finishes the new current chapter if necessary, then will hop ahead to the next next chapter, and so on. Meanwhile, I will release ten pages at a time from then on out as long as I have the funding for it.

I have a lot of excess funding saved, so I can do this even though the patreon amount doesn't reflect it right this very moment.

Right this minute there's still uncertainty regarding SeekGr's military service demands so this strategy may not go into effect for some time, but it's my new plan should I stumble on more artists. I can expand this further if I get more artists on board, which was my intention all along.

Guts and Glory comic so far

Tue Apr 9 01:02:42 2019

A lot of new patrons and people have been asking so here you go!

Page 21

Sat Apr 6 22:08:42 2019

Extra page for being late. :B

And that's the end of Issue 8.


Page 20

Sat Apr 6 22:07:34 2019


Page 18

Sat Apr 6 22:03:57 2019


Page 19

Sat Apr 6 22:04:28 2019


Page 17

Sat Apr 6 22:01:24 2019


Page 16

Sat Apr 6 22:00:55 2019



Fallout Guts and Glory comic so far

Mon Mar 25 17:13:38 2019

By request, I have uploaded into this .zip file all of the current comic pages finished so far. This will make it easier to see all the past pages for new patrons.

Note I will eventually be deleting this link so download while you can. Patreon won't let me upload a zip.


Page 15

Mon Mar 4 15:42:31 2019


Page 14

Mon Mar 4 15:41:54 2019


Page 13

Mon Mar 4 15:41:11 2019


Page 12

Mon Mar 4 15:40:47 2019


Page 11

Mon Mar 4 15:40:34 2019

Yes I know it's late again. February is a short month! Shaddap! :U


Discord perks unfucked

Sat Mar 2 14:35:04 2019

Discord roles will assign correctly now.

Also, starting next month, new Guts and Glory pages will be posted even as Work In Progress to the Discord #vip channel. This includes both comic pages and new story pages for Guts and Glory II.

Tier tweaks

Tue Feb 26 00:04:28 2019

I have reduced the Guts and Glory 2 tier to $60.

However, $100 tiers get to input requests for the story. Since the format of the sequel is more slice-of-life same as Little Lamia in the Big City, this can include anything that would be believable in the context of the story.

For example, something like Amelia finally eating and digesting her brother would be believable. She'd probably get eaten by a very grumpy Violet afterwards, but it's doable.

For an example of something not believable, Violet feeding Zuzen and her kids to Diana to have a lesbian relationship or something.

I still have the final say on what does and doesn't go in, but $100 tier has a say in it.

Also both of these tiers get Discord benefits.

Can't make up my fucking mind \_(ツ)_/

Mon Feb 18 20:59:50 2019

To write it, or not to write it? That is the question. :U

I know I just made a post saying I don't really want to continue GaG 2, but I swing in and out of moods to write about them. The story needs a proper plot, and I am struggling to come up with ideas on what exactly to do about that.

I think that if I do continue the story however, I will lower the cost input for it at least for a while. $100 a month is a little absurd unless I can pump out at least two chapters a month, and given my current schedule, that's really not happening. I might knock it down to the $60 tier, and the VIP channel on Discord will also be a place where I can discuss the story.

Hell, maybe even let some of you play as the various characters if you wanna collaborate with me on the story. I already collaborate a lot with Sid on Little Lamia in the Big City. He helps through a lot of writer's block, even if I end up retconning 30 pages of work sometimes because our RP goes in a different direction than what I want the story to do, such as the main character getting sloshed prematurely.

Anyway, I like the characters in Guts and Glory 2, and I don't want to get rid of them, I just can't decide what the hell I want to do with them.

Sneak peek at new series, Ouroboros

Sun Feb 3 02:24:36 2019

Showing it to all Patrons to make up for the fact that I haven't uploaded any cool shit lately.

So here's chapter 1 of my new series, due to release on Aryion (eventually™)

https_c10.patreonusercontent.com_3_eyJ3Ijo2MjB9_patreon-posts_GC6niU0uMBIQ5YU1P3DfyW_9mcXQUxMd1pYnzeblopZhFDQ8cwg-moV4rB3mO6J2.pngtoken-time1550361600token-hash7Ux16QGOWTicphV3VZsYzt7Korfyv1IMKAIwUepUP0Q3D (d)

Regretably, I do not like the GaG sequel

Sun Feb 3 02:14:33 2019

Guts and Glory wasn't really designed to have a sequel, and to be honest, trying to write the sequel just makes me want to not have one more and more.

The last story wrapped up so nicely. I'd rather keep it that way.

I've still got some stuff I have to release, and I still plan to do so, but frankly, I just don't want to do a Guts and Glory sequel after all. It feels too forced.

To my handful of $100 patrons, what should I do instead? To other patrons, is there something that you'd pay more money for to see me do? I mean, perhaps I could do a vore story not involving the original cast, but still have it be set in the Fallout universe. That's just one idea.

If I cancel the GaG sequel, I'll release all of the current content for it, including the unfinished stuff.

Page 10

Fri Feb 1 12:19:47 2019

I'm a day late on posting this weh.


Page 9

Fri Feb 1 12:18:53 2019


Page 8

Fri Feb 1 12:18:07 2019


Page 7

Fri Feb 1 12:17:33 2019


Page 6

Fri Feb 1 12:17:02 2019


Page 5

Sun Dec 30 16:59:39 2018


Page 4

Sun Dec 30 16:59:17 2018


Page 3

Sun Dec 30 16:59:11 2018


Page 2

Sun Dec 30 16:59:03 2018


Chapter 8, page 1

Sun Dec 30 16:58:21 2018

Like I said I only have the comic this month, but the normal schedule should resume soon.


Rewrite of Guts and Glory II

Tue Dec 18 22:42:00 2018

I'm rewriting a lot of the story to edit some circumstances with the characters, although the story its self is going to touch on a lot of the same plot points as the original.

There's a lot of stuff that I don't like being left out, and a lot of plot points that, at the moment, feel very forced. To be fair this wasn't a story I wanted to write in the first place, and was only doing it to fund the comic.

That said, I'm slowly getting into it as I finally have an idea on where the hell I want the plot to go. Because I have some actual direction with the plot, it also means that I can comfortably upload the series to for public viewing. Just as Little Lamia in the Big City is funded by viewers, so too will this series. Just as I also do with the comic, only half of the finished story will ever be available on Aryion at a given time.

It's going to otherwise stay available only to high tier patrons outside of that because it's still a story that I am struggling to write. However, I do not believe in keeping new stuff locked behind a paywall, because how the fuck are you supposed to get new people interested in a series? And people usually pirate the stuff anyway if you're bad enough about it, not that I have found anyone pirating my content yet, which is good.

So yeah. Updates! In case you're wondering what I am busy with. Hopefully as IRL work calms down with the holidays ending, I can dedicate more time to writing.

Status update

Thu Dec 6 01:56:44 2018

So, for November and December, I can't promise anything for the higher tier rewards. The comic its self will be completed as per the usual schedule now that we're back on track, hopefully without any more delays.

But in regard to side stories, scrapped chapters, side projects, unreleased content, etc, I can't promise that stuff because work is extremely busy. I am an armored truck guard, so I'm the guy who supplies money to all your banks and retail stores, so I don't think I have to tell you more as to why my job gets busy around the holidays.

After the holidays are over, we will resume business as usual.

Feel free to adjust your patron contributions, or don't. Just be aware that if the overall contributions dip below $200, I won't be able to supply you with the usual 5 chapters a month, so I would advise not doing that. :U

That said, I plan to bring ndnode back on board with the project as SeekGr is going to be going away on mandatory military service for their country. That won't happen until late spring/early Summer, though, so worry about that later.

Page 16

Wed Nov 28 01:16:56 2018

Thus concludes this chapter.


Page 15

Wed Nov 28 01:16:28 2018


Page 14

Wed Nov 28 01:16:01 2018


Page 13

Wed Nov 28 01:15:37 2018


Chapter 7, page 12

Wed Nov 28 01:15:10 2018


Wanderer ideas

Mon Nov 19 23:50:22 2018

Since I only have two suggestions for the next non-canon Wanderer story, I'm asking everyone for suggestions this month.

Tell me an idea you'd like to see written about involving the Fallout characters and I'll pick my favorite idea.

Page 11

Sat Nov 10 14:33:22 2018


Page 10

Sat Nov 10 14:33:16 2018


Page 9

Sat Nov 10 14:33:12 2018


Page 8

Sat Nov 10 14:33:07 2018

More Amelia fantasies.


Page 7

Sat Nov 10 14:32:58 2018

Sorry it took so long. <_>


Change to $100 tier

Tue Nov 6 03:39:14 2018

Since I am just not going to be consistent about posting up to 4 chapters a month, considering I have so many other projects, I'm instead just going to do it this way instead.

You'll only get one chapter but you'll get to make suggestions on what happens in the story and I'll pick my favorite ideas, just as I do with the Wanderer tier, except these suggestions have a sense of continuity and permanence that the Wanderer tier stories simply lack.

More delays. <_>

Sat Nov 3 21:49:26 2018

Sorry this happens so often. There was a fuck-up in the script and the last page of the last 5 pages has to be fixed. When it's fixed, I'll post it.

Page 6

Thu Oct 4 22:02:33 2018


Page 5

Thu Oct 4 22:02:18 2018


Page 4

Thu Oct 4 22:02:06 2018


Page 3

Thu Oct 4 22:01:53 2018


Page 2

Thu Oct 4 22:01:27 2018


Chapter 7, page 1

Thu Oct 4 22:01:09 2018


More coming this month now that Patreon isn't shafting me.


And we're back!

Thu Sep 13 22:41:28 2018

Money is unfrozen, we're back to business.

Paid out of pocket for the next set of pages just to get the ball rolling in case this wasn't fixed in a timely manner, but now I get my money back.

Patreon accounts frozen

Sat Sep 8 23:37:36 2018

"Your creator balance is on hold while our Trust & Safety team review your account."

Oh lovely. Wonder what the problem is this time.

Page 14

Tue Aug 28 10:20:14 2018

Page 1 of the next chapter is actually already done, but it would be kind of awkward to release it right now, so I'll just post six pages next month.

In the mean time I'm trying to pump out some other content for you guys.


Page 13

Tue Aug 28 10:18:52 2018


Page 12

Tue Aug 28 10:18:35 2018


Page 11

Tue Aug 28 10:18:13 2018


(New series) Dragon Pilot - Red Flag

Mon Aug 20 00:06:14 2018

This URL won't work once I have the finished version, but I thought I'd treat you all to a sneak preview of a short writing series I'll be working on.

I'm in a generous mood so all patrons get to see the preview. :B

Other unrevised/unreleased content will be put up before the end of the month for $30 patrons.

If this link is broken, it's because the final version of this is posted on for public viewing. I'll review it later for errors. If you want to proof read it for me, go right ahead and tell me of any errors you find.

file.Untitled (d)

Payment up-front charges from now on

Thu Aug 2 21:40:06 2018

For current patrons, nothing changes. You'll get charged normally.

For anyone who is a new patron or changing the amount they are paying, you'll be charged up front when you make the change, then resume getting charged on the 1st of each subsequent month.

Just thought I'd give a heads up, given the nature of this work.

Wanderer short story update!

Mon Jul 30 15:05:44 2018

I've chosen what I will be writing, so take this opportunity to post ideas for the next spin-off tale.

This month's spin-off story will be a suggestion by Ruby Yanez where Diana gurgles up Amelia, Yoseph, and Marin in an alternate history that doesn't have them leave the airbase.

However, only two of you petitioned your ideas. If nobody posts ideas this month, I'll use one from Ryx for next month, who said they want to see Amelia 'accidentally' digest Yoseph.

Page 10

Mon Jul 30 15:02:46 2018

I know I've promised other goodies this month, but they're going to be a smidge late. Ergo, I am posting double the goodies next month, including uncanon spin-off stories chosen from this month.

All of this will be posted in the coming weeks.


Page 9

Mon Jul 30 14:59:59 2018


Page 8

Mon Jul 30 14:58:44 2018


Page 7

Mon Jul 30 14:56:47 2018


Page 6!

Mon Jul 30 14:56:23 2018

Fun fact: That coin is the NCR's first President.


Guts and Glory 2 in the works!

Sat Jun 30 13:26:57 2018

The first chapter will be posted early next month. As of now, it's only for $100+ patrons.

I'm following a format similar to Little Lamia in the Big City, so the $100 a month pricetag is not meant as a paywall; it's literally funding development of the story. In exchange, those patrons will get early access, and also help fund the story's development to be done faster.

If you're poor, don't fret, I'll be sharing the stories in the public eventually. You'll just have to wait a lot longer and hope I don't forget about you. :B

Scrapped chapter 71

Sat Jun 30 13:23:30 2018

Starting next month (so like, tomorrow), I'll begin posting WIP stuff from other stories besides Guts and Glory.

Because I generally use dropbox links, you'll be able to see the stories in progress if I update them at all. Stardust is my current next big project.


Wanderer short story request!

Sat Jun 30 13:18:25 2018

If you can see this, you're eligible for the "Wanderer" tier rewards!

Since the actual Fallout story is over, I'll be writing non-canon spin-off stories instead. Each month, I'll make a post about the topic. Everyone post their ideas, characters they'd like to see, scenarios they'd like played out, and I'll pick my favorites among them to put into a short story that will appear on my gallery when it's done.

So, post your ideas! They don't have to be canonical! I'll pick my favorite one to do.

Page 5

Sat Jun 30 13:15:53 2018


Page 4

Sat Jun 30 13:15:30 2018


Page 3

Sat Jun 30 13:14:57 2018


Page 2

Sat Jun 30 13:14:27 2018


Chapter 6, page 1

Sat Jun 30 13:14:08 2018


Patreon account unbanned

Thu Jun 14 00:10:43 2018

I was a donk and left a mature post as public. :U

Also in other news, the VIP channel on the Discord actually works now. I share WIP stuff there as it's in progress, rather than at the end of the month like I do with everything else.


Patreon Tiers updated

Mon Jun 4 23:50:09 2018

I've adjusted Patreon tiers to try and cater to some of the suggestions given to me, including one tier that offers access to a canonical Guts and Glory sequel, as well as other unpublished stories!

Thank you for the feedback you've given. Hopefully this will be of more interest than the old, now obsolete tiers. Alternatively, if you feel like it's not worth it, you can change your rank.

Be advised that the $1 buy-in rank no longer exists. The minimum is now $5. As promised, I'll be releasing all of the pages done so far on in the next few weeks, but future pages will require this buy-in. As before, I'll still post up to half the existing pages on Aryion, but as more pages get done, this process will get painfully slow.

Feedback for Adjusted Patreon Ranks and Rewards

Sun May 27 19:23:22 2018

Now that the story is actually over, I need to decide what can be done to entice people to keep contributing while also still making enough money to prevent finishing the story in comic form from taking like, two decades.

Because I am going to be most likely changing the buy-in price to something higher, probably like $5, all of the current pages will be released to the public, so nobody feels like they got ripped off. I think I'm also going to mass-dump the rest of my unpublished chapters as well.

Now, my goal is to be able to recruit multiple artists to help do this story. The problem is, different artists have different work loads and different pricetags and different quality. I've only found two artists willing to participate for the long term, and only one of them is currently being paid because they cost less money and are able to do more work per month. This creates a problem because there's a gap between which artists can do how much work in a month.

Say an artists wants $50 a page, and we can buy up to 5 pages a month. Another artist wants $60 a page and can do up to 3 pages a month. If we have $300 to spend, who gets the money? Do we give the leftover to the other artist and just finish a chapter really slowly? What if that extra money dries up? One artist is inevitably going to get ahead of the other, or I have to artificially throttle how much the faster artist can work. I need to maintain a consistent art style across one chapter either way.

So that's the first issue.

The second issue is that I don't know what the hell do actually give people who pay more money. What do you guys want as Patreon Rewards, potentially? I'm hesitant to do commission raffles because I often end up getting asked to do stuff that I just straight up don't like or lose interest in and the product quality suffers and I feel dirty afterwards.

Need your feedback. Price changes will go in effect before the next pay cycle.

Scrapped chapter 70

Sun May 20 10:34:22 2018


Page 13, end of Chapter 5

Sun May 20 10:32:25 2018

Also I am going to be adjusting Patreon rewards soonish. Be advised, as this may affect all users.

If I do something drastic like change the minimum input from $1 to something else, I'll post all of the current chapters up to this one for public viewing, so you don't lose out.


Page 12

Sun May 20 10:31:14 2018


Page 11

Sun May 20 10:30:59 2018


Page 10

Sun May 20 10:30:41 2018


Page 9

Sun May 20 10:30:20 2018

A bit later... :o


Scrapped chapter 69, and more

Fri May 4 00:12:31 2018

oops did I make that available to all patron tiers? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Eh, it's something in exchange for everyone's patience.

Here's some earlier scrapped chapters too.


Chapter 5, Page 7

Fri May 4 00:11:10 2018


Chapter 5, Page 6

Fri May 4 00:10:49 2018


Chapter 5, Page 5

Fri May 4 00:10:41 2018


Chapter 5, Page 4

Fri May 4 00:10:33 2018


Chapter 5, Page 3

Fri May 4 00:10:17 2018


Chapter 5, Page 8

Fri May 4 00:11:19 2018


Chapter 5, page 1

Fri May 4 00:08:11 2018


Possible good news

Sat Apr 7 17:06:25 2018

I might be able to get 8 pages this month, to make up for the 3 I missed last month.

If SeekGr is able to produce 8 pages, I'm going to hold off on those refunds, but if we reach the end of this month and I only have 5, I'm going to refund the month's payment in exchange for the slowness of last month. I'd refund only partial payment if I could but I do not think that is possible so I'll just have the two pages be on my dime.

Does that all make sense?

Also, the posting of previously scrapped chapters will continue as normal.

Scrapped chapter 67

Sun Apr 1 16:53:38 2018


Scrapped chapter 66

Sun Apr 1 16:53:00 2018


Page 17

Sun Apr 1 16:49:41 2018

Thus ends the chapter.

I'm a little late to posting these, sorry. This month has been a nightmare with work.

The next scrapped chapter is also going to be posted in a bit. Hell, I'll post two, just so I don't forget later for this month.


Page 16

Sun Apr 1 16:44:36 2018


Refunds inbound

Sat Mar 31 15:58:28 2018

Due to some screwiness in my writing the next chapter's script for the comic, I am not going to have 5 pages this month.

The last two pages of the last chapter will be coming out shortly, but I know I owed you five so when payment for next month arrives, I am going to try figuring out how to refund it.

I'm pretty sure I am unable to proportionately refund people but whatever it's $120 out of pocket. It just doesn't feel honest to accept money when I haven't delivered. Work has been very busy lately so I have been busy with that instead of writing.

Also, Patreon is costing me a shitload in taxes, so there's that too.

If anyone wants to give money anyway, contact me directly for a paypal link. Otherwise I'm going to be refunding you all because I can't just be like "oh yeah I'll just only put out 2 pages this month because taxes" without warning everyone. Seems unfair.

Scrapped chapter 65

Thu Mar 1 01:42:36 2018


Page 15

Thu Mar 1 01:41:35 2018

There's a few minor mistakes in the last 5 pages, but I wanted to post them anyway.


Page 14

Thu Mar 1 01:40:46 2018


Page 13

Thu Mar 1 01:40:23 2018


Page 12

Thu Mar 1 01:37:05 2018


Page 11

Thu Mar 1 01:36:36 2018


Scrapped chapter 57

Thu Feb 1 13:14:16 2018

I also didn't post one of these yet.


Ch. 4, Page 10

Thu Feb 1 05:19:41 2018

Sorry I was a little late on this. There's more coming this month too!


Ch. 4, Page 9

Thu Feb 1 05:18:58 2018


Ch. 4, Page 8

Thu Feb 1 05:18:31 2018


Ch. 4, Page 7

Thu Feb 1 05:18:01 2018


Ch. 4, Page 6

Thu Feb 1 05:17:33 2018

Shit I forgot to post these last weekend. SORRY.


Unpublished Chapter 55

Mon Jan 1 11:15:22 2018

Forgot to post this, sorry!


Chapter 4, page 5

Sat Dec 30 00:10:54 2017


Chapter 4, page 4

Sat Dec 30 00:10:04 2017


Chapter 4, page 3

Sat Dec 30 00:09:45 2017


Chapter 4, page 2

Sat Dec 30 00:09:27 2017


Chapter 4, page 1

Sat Dec 30 00:08:47 2017


Another update!

Wed Nov 29 02:15:17 2017

Chapter 3 is now finished! Although we narrowly missed our goal of 7 pages a month (5 by SeekGr and 2 by Ndnode), there was enough money on the side that had been accumulating that allowed me to just buy the extra two chapters, and SeekGr had enough time this once to do 7 pages instead of the usual 5.

However, this was likely a one-time deal and I don't want to burn SeekGr out.

Meanwhile, I know NdNode is available for more work, but I don't want him to start work on the next chapter then suddenly we have no more money because somebody dropped out. As a result, I've changed the Patreon goals accordingly.

So from now on, if the Patreon funding supports at least five pages, SeekGr will do additional pages if they have the time that month. If not, I keep the money for later, and let it build up until I can dump it all at once to help finish a chapter faster.

For example...

Let's say we have enough money for seven chapters, but SeekGr can only do their agreed maximum of five that month. I set aside the extra $120 for later. Now let's say this happens again. Now I have $480. And so on and so on. Eventually, say this happens a total of 15 or 16 times. I now have $960 set aside collecting dust. I'll dump that money all at once on NdNode or another artist who will then do an entire chapter over the course of a few months.

On the other hand, let's say we have enough money for seven chapters, and SeekGr can do all seven during the month. We just get the seven chapters right away!

But now let's say we can pay for eight chapters. I'll just have SeekGr do five, and NdNode do the other three. At least now if somebody drops out last minute, NdNode probably will still be doing the other two pages until his chapter is done.

Is this making sense? Does this seem fair? Leave your feedback below if you have questions, comments, or complaints.

In the mean time, I'm going to start writing up the script for Chapter 4!

Unpublished chapter 54

Wed Nov 29 02:11:47 2017


End of Chapter 3

Wed Nov 29 02:11:24 2017


3 - 16

Wed Nov 29 02:11:13 2017


3 - 15

Wed Nov 29 02:11:03 2017


3 - 14

Wed Nov 29 02:10:53 2017


3 - 13

Wed Nov 29 02:10:45 2017


3 - 12

Wed Nov 29 02:10:33 2017


3 - 11

Wed Nov 29 02:07:52 2017

A little later, but we also got two extra pages this month! :O


Fri Nov 3 19:56:26 2017

So I haven't quite gotten enough capital yet to be comfortable with hiring on ndnode, because every time we pass the thresh hold, someone drops out of funding it.

But instead, because we actually met one of the thresh holds this month, I'm just going to buy a 6th and 7th page from SeekGr. Normally they can only sustain 5 pages a month, but we have money for the 6th, and the 7th I'm paying out of pocket because why not.

If we can maintain a more reliable income high enough to justify signing ndnode back on, I'll do so. Otherwise I'll just save the extra money for later use.

Expect seven pages this month.

Unpublished chapter 51

Wed Oct 25 06:25:11 2017


3 - 10

Wed Oct 25 06:25:05 2017


3 - 9

Wed Oct 25 06:25:04 2017


3 - 8

Wed Oct 25 06:25:03 2017


3 - 7

Wed Oct 25 06:25:02 2017


3 - 6

Wed Oct 25 06:24:59 2017


Unpublished Chapter 50

Thu Sep 28 22:00:20 2017

I wrote like 3 versions of chapter 50, so here they all are.


3 - 5

Wed Sep 27 17:53:09 2017


3 - 4

Wed Sep 27 17:52:49 2017


3 - 3

Wed Sep 27 17:52:28 2017


3 - 2

Wed Sep 27 17:52:00 2017


Chapter 3, page 1

Wed Sep 27 17:51:27 2017


You know you $60 patrons have perks, right?

Fri Sep 22 20:28:58 2017

Only one of you has taken advantage of the perks, which is why Jordyn is featured in Guts and Glory. (I also liked the character so I kept using them.)

But, nobody else has offered up any characters to add to the story. Not saying you have to--I'm perfectly fine just taking the money for more pages--but it's an option you guys have.

Contact me directly at on the username Aces to get added to the story.

Page 12

Fri Aug 18 10:27:47 2017

That's the end of chapter 2! That got done so much more quickly than chapter 1.

Chapter 3 is on the way. If we keep raising more funds we can even start chapter 4 early.


Page 11

Fri Aug 18 10:27:46 2017


Page 10

Fri Aug 18 10:27:45 2017


Page 9

Fri Aug 18 10:27:43 2017


Scrapped chapter 49

Thu Aug 10 21:20:37 2017

Sorry I keep forgetting to post these.

FJjWdqjlNI1ZXUcIqCRzeCfieDpCeYKAUPxqgMIXUw8dK8jdO0KRuvri11eymoCJ.jpe (d)

Scrapped chapter 46

Thu Aug 10 21:19:50 2017

Upl4R0hXVccbjrUG3thYsCYcdjgfuZy9edsoDiqnkWtyF9tOmpYtxBdyUO4Evsbn.jpe (d)

I'm glad to see so much support

Thu Aug 10 21:16:51 2017

If payment goes through I'll be able to bring ndnode back on board with the project. I'll have to adjust the goals accordingly, but it'd be nice to do this.

Chapter 2 got finished pretty damn quick. There might actually be hope of finishing the entire story over the course of a few years if we continue to bring on patrons at this rate.

Page 8

Wed Jul 26 02:57:19 2017


Page 7

Wed Jul 26 02:56:46 2017


Page 6

Wed Jul 26 02:56:19 2017

Made this page public at least to tease progress on the comic to non-patrons! The more who contribute, the faster it gets done!


Page 5

Wed Jul 26 02:55:34 2017


Page 4

Tue Jun 27 03:04:24 2017


Page 3

Tue Jun 27 03:03:50 2017

Angry momma Deathclaw. :O


Page 2

Tue Jun 27 03:03:18 2017


Chapter 2, page 1

Tue Jun 27 03:02:19 2017

In case you were wondering how that cloak looked.


Price update! More good news!

Tue May 30 07:50:42 2017

I decided not to have SeekGr color the pages, since that would be inconsistent with the already finished pages. Instead, this means each page is only $40, which is substantially less than before.

You're getting at least two new pages next month as promised, and possibly a third one assuming the patron payment stays over $120 at the turn of the month. If it's at $150 as it is now I might just throw in an extra $10 out of pocket for four pages.

Thank you all for sticking with me through this. I don't think you all realize how much it means to me that people enjoy my writing enough to help have my stories illustrated. I hope you enjoy what lies ahead.

Chapter 1 is finished!

Tue May 30 07:30:37 2017

The whole thing will be uploaded onto on my profile (Aces) in about a month.

In the mean time, here's a download to the final product in its entirety!

Also, SeekGr will be drawing the next two pages to start Chapter 2, assuming we keep up a rate of $120 at the turn of the month. Like I said, in order to speed this process, I am going to start hiring on multiple artists if we have enough money to do so.


Last page running a little late, but it's coming.

Tue May 23 02:00:48 2017

ndnode had some things come up, hence the slowness of the last page.

However, if we turn over to next month and still have >$100 of contributions, I'll be able to start buying 2 pages at a time from SeekGr.

With the last page of chapter 1 finished, the whole series will be posted on as I promised initially. However, chapter 2 will be locked for patrons only until it is also finished (except for like, the first few pages).

I will also be adjusting the patron rewards, so keep an eye on those too and decide if you want to adjust how much you're giving. I need to see how much SeekGr is capable of doing in the span of one month. I also intend on hiring on other artists to skip ahead and do other chapters so this series doesn't literally take 30+ years to finish. We've just got to have money for that.

Change of plans, and good news.

Tue May 16 01:48:29 2017

I'm likely to just sign on a new artist to the project, as their art is cheaper than ndnode's while also being in color. The new artist will likely be SeekGr from!

If we get enough money, and SeekGr can't handle the work load on their own, I might also have ndnode back on to skip ahead to another chapter. That way the comic can be finished exponentially faster.

The more money we have, the more we can do. If SeekGr accepts, the price tag for commissions will drop to $50 a page. That means for $100 we can have two pages a month!

Scrapped chapter 45

Wed May 10 18:13:37 2017

Page 16

Wed May 10 18:12:17 2017

Only one more page to go!


Scrapped chapters 21, 36, and 39

Wed Apr 5 17:25:31 2017

Because I neglected to post these.

Page 15

Sat Apr 1 21:37:51 2017



Page 14

Thu Mar 2 18:51:55 2017

Okay THIS is my new favorite page. c:


Page 13 (Updated)

Sun Feb 26 06:28:21 2017

Some corrections to scale, and the inclusion of a rope on Juno's wrists.


Page 13

Wed Feb 15 03:18:51 2017



Scrapped Chapter 12

Sun Feb 5 07:12:55 2017

At only 3 pages before I threw it out, this isn't a very long or vorish one to start us off, but it shows what a very different direction the story was initially to take with Amelia.

She was going to meet Voyla or the Enclave or Brotherhood in this scene, but this plotline was ditched when I realized how absolutely forced it felt. There was no buildup to Amelia's outburst in this chapter about how she doesn't have any friends beside her brother. It just completely broadsides the reader, so it was bad. I just kept getting stuck and eventually junked the whole thing and started over.

I instead placed those concerns of isolation into Juno worrying about Amelia (after some much needed smut prior to that).

Chapter%2012%20-%20Copy.doc (d)

Goals changed!

Thu Feb 2 19:01:48 2017

I've edited our goals with the intention of hopefully providing two comic pages a month instead of one. Otherwise, at the current rate we're going, this comic series is going to take a stupidly long time to finish because I'm 50 chapters into the written story and we're still doing chapter 1 for the comic.

For now the next goals are $140 for two pages a month, and $200 for two colored pages a month, but the colored pages are just a placeholder until I manage to hear back from ndnode on how much he can feasibly draw in one month's time.

Nearly enough money to meet one of our goals.

Thu Feb 2 09:55:50 2017

However I just realized; what if instead of colored pages, we instead did 2 pages a month instead of just one? That would raise the goal to $140 but the comic is already in mainly black and white so it'd be consistent.

Post your opinion!

New Rewards!

Tue Jan 31 08:36:07 2017

I scrapped the "Institute" reward (not discounting the one person who ever accepted it) and added a new reward.

If you pay $30 a month, starting next month, you will gain access to abandoned and incomplete chapters I have written and scrapped to the side. People have been demanding this, because they contain interesting alternative scenarios and cut content and occasionally gurgly smut that I scrapped because it ruined the storyline.

Obviously these chapters aren't canon, and I ask you to please not publish them or share them without my direct permission. They are still subject to copyright laws.

Page 12

Sat Jan 21 19:40:43 2017

Reasons like this Jer stays alive.


Page 11!

Thu Dec 22 18:44:14 2016

Jeremy is pushing his luuuuuck.


Page 10

Fri Nov 11 09:22:35 2016

Did you realize how big Juno's jiggly butt is? Cuz it's quite big~


Page 9

Sun Oct 23 18:13:35 2016

Page9 is late, but it's finally done!


Page 8

Sun Sep 4 17:06:15 2016

Sorry for the lengthy delay on this one. Patreon's been a nightmare.

Anyway, that's it for current funding. I need more money before I can finish the comic.


Page 7

Wed Aug 10 07:34:15 2016

This is my favorite page so far. >////>


Character Q and A

Fri Aug 5 00:43:50 2016

ndnode is a little busy, so here's something amusing to keep us entertained in the mean time!

Page 6

Fri Jul 22 16:55:57 2016

I'm reaching the end of the pages I can pay for.


Page 5!

Fri Jul 1 19:06:05 2016

Sorry for slowness. Ndnode has been moving and I have also been busy.


Violet, the Voluptuous Vocalist

Tue Jun 7 19:03:18 2016

More of Violet can be seen in the link above! Meanwhile the next page is on the way.

In other news, I'm going to be changing how the next Patreon works. Because I didn't really understand Patreon when I first started this, I didn't really do this right when it came to knowing when and how much to charge patrons.

As a result, I screwed a few things up.

I'm going to try to complete this campaign before changing the rules, but the next campaign will charge per page of the comic posted, with a meager $70 being the needed amount for each page posted, and additional goals for, like, colored comic, etc.


Page 4 is out!

Tue May 24 12:29:07 2016

Sorry for the delay; I have reference pictures for Violet on the way, who appears in the next chapter.


Page 3

Wed May 11 15:53:48 2016

Zuzen can be such a mean older brother~


Pages 1 and 2, redone!

Mon May 9 17:41:12 2016

Now ndnode will be moving onto page 3. Sorry for the delay! As promised, patrons who pledged $7 or more will gain early access to the page as soon as it's finished. Everyone else has to wait until the 1st of next month.

GaG_1_-_1.jpg GaG%201%20-%201.jpg GaG%201%20-%202.jpg

Comic Corrections

Tue May 3 04:24:07 2016

I really haven't been satisfied with how Amelia is depicted in the comic, and some of the viewers have taken notice, so I'm having corrections made. Ndnode has charged me $60 for both pages, which I'm just going to pay out of pocket. These mistakes were a result of my failure to provide an accurate and clear description of how I wanted Amelia drawn.

It is not ndnode being a greedy shit or anything so please don't give him any flak. If I were asked to basically rewrite a story commission, I'd be charging partial commission too. I'm just glad the corrections aren't too costly.

The new comic will feature Amelia depicted as she is in the drawing Aesir did, which is the most accurate picture of her yet posted.

Although if you guys want to donate a few extra dollars my way anyhow, please let me know. I'm paying for my own mistake right now otherwise.

Page 3 is also on the way, but may be slightly delayed due to these adjustments and fixes. Pages 1 and 2 will be reposted here and updated on Eka's, but page 3 will be Patreon Exclusive until the end of the month, as promised.

Issue 1, Page 2

Fri Apr 22 14:34:01 2016

Oh dear, looks like Zuzen's belly is already quite active? Oh I'm sure Amelia will be fiiiiiiiiiiine.

Remember, please do not post this anywhere without my permission! Everyone gets the comic for free eventually. If you share it without my permission, you're only hurting yourselves! :P

I'll post this on Eka's at the end of the month.


Page 1

Wed Apr 13 16:07:03 2016

Normally I wouldn't allow this, but since this is just the first page, feel free to share this with your buddies. If you can get more Patrons on board, it means the rest of the story gets completed sooner! And you'll all see it as it's finished, instead of one month at a time!

Just please do not share future posts, is all I ask. After all, if you do, I mean, I'm not going to stop making this comic, but you're going to massively slow down incentive to help pay for it if you do. That means less content for everyone! :(

But this post may be shared, since it's the first page!


Big funding boost!

Mon Mar 28 04:46:56 2016

There's a couple of patrons who have jumped in on the bandwagon finally! Welcome aboard. You guys are going to see the first six pages of the comic before anyone else! :D

I'll be contacting ndnode ASAP.

Juno, Momma Deathclaw

Sun Mar 13 05:32:31 2016

Watch out! This fat Deathclaw lady is laaaarge and in charge! Towering at an impressive nine feet tall, you'd probably barely dent that big fat potbelly stomach of her's...

Want to see more of her? I need your help funding this. Otherwise it's going to take forever and a day to turn into a comic!

Strength: 10

Perception: 4

Endurance: 8

Charisma: 5

Intelligence: 4

Agility: 5

Luck: 4


Chapter 1 is going to cost a total of $1190.

Fri Mar 4 03:57:01 2016

That's $70 per page. I'm going to need your help with this in order to do it sooner rather than later, else it could be a year before chapter 1 is even paid for, much less finished.

I was hoping to pay for the entire first chapter out of pocket but between college loans and Vorestation server payments, I don't see that happening.

However if we can pool together our funds, we could have something great for all of us. Every little bit helps toward the goal.

Meet Zuzen!

Wed Mar 2 01:49:32 2016

Zuzen is the eldest child in the family. Like his mother, he's a hybrid, but his father is a human. In spite of only 25% of his genetic makeup being Deathclaw, it's enough to give him the ability to unhinge his jaws, as well as some unusual mutations over his body. Unfortunately, what he gains in brute strength and bulk, he lacks in the department of intelligence.

He is known for being arrogant and letting his stomach do the thinking for him much of the time. This has gotten him into trouble many times throughout his childhood, but somehow he's survived into adulthood. His little sister Amelia helps to keep him out of the worst case scenarios, having a better sense of foresight than Zuzen does.

Zuzen enjoys junk food, chubby girls, and picking on his little sister by gobbling her up and trapping her in his gut for hours on end. He's certainly not an ideal boyfriend, though. If you're a cute chubby gal, you're more likely to end up padding that potbelly gut of his than being a long term girlfriend... but if you manage to keep his appetite at bay, he makes a loyal and protective companion.


Strength: 7
Perception: 7
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 4
Intelligence: 4
Agility: 9
Luck: 4

Chapter 1 finished, comic scripted, awaiting invoice!

Tue Nov 3 00:14:46 2015

The first chapter of the series is done. As promised, I am going to be trying to pay for this out of pocket. It's a hefty 17 pages long though, so I'm going to need help.

However once it's done, it'll be free for all to view, exclusively on my gallery on Aryion!

After this though, I need the help of you patrons to commission other chapters. To follow the story as it has been written so far, check out my gallery. As chapters are finished and revised, they are posted to my gallery. Please feel free to input criticism.