Purple Psychic Serenade (B) 2

Mew Two pillow, female version, back.


Pepe Le Pew 2/6

Front SFW, Heart Glow


Pepe Le Pew 5/7

Back SFW, Alluring rose in mouth.


Fifi Love Pillow / Daki

FifiLovePIllow.rar (d)

Prince Asriel 1/6

RAR file hit a snag, uploading individually. ---------------- Clothed Front


Prince Asriel 4/6

Nude Back (Lovely ass~)


Purple Psychic Serenade (B) 1

Mew Two pillow, female version front


Pepe Le Pew 4/7

Back NSFW, Alluring rose in mouth.


Pepe Le Pew 1/7

Front NSFW, Dick


Pepe Le Pew 7/7

Back SFW, No Rose


Prince Asriel 2/6

Clothed Back


Prince Asriel 3/6

Nude Front


Pepe Le Pew 3/7

Front SFW, No Heart Glow


Buster Bunny Full Pack

NSFW/SFW Picture sets, rar file.

Buster_Bunny_Dakimakura.rar (d)

Prince Asriel 6/6

Nude w/Dick Back ----------------------------- That's all folks! I hope you cherish him as much as I do. <3


Prince Asriel 5/6

Nude w/Dick Front (He wasn't kidding about it being huge...)


Pepe Le Pew 6/7

Back NSFW, No Rose


So yes, please JOIN THE DISCORD

Mon Aug 3 07:43:34 2020


⚠ ⚠ ⚠ And please please PLEASE be sure to mind the DM you WILL receive from the AltDentifier bot, so that you may initiate the verification process, otherwise the system will boot you out of the server.⚠ ⚠ ⚠

Unless u just want to toss money at me without gettin' anything in return... ya kno, whatever floats ur boat... haha UpU 💦💦💦

1500829617572_2017_10_14_23_36_27_UTC.png 1500829617572_2017_10_14_23_36_27_UTC.png


Sat Aug 1 10:42:57 2020


I sent them before going to bed

and plsssssss go through the verification process by allowing DMs from the AltDentifier bot thanks!

1595533581638.jpg 1595533581638.jpg

Hey boys and girls, don't get spooped!

Sat Aug 1 07:38:19 2020

Check your email inbox soon, I've got news for you 💦💦💦

1595367403483.jpg 1595367403483.jpg

June -Lossless Renders-

Wed Jul 1 20:00:02 2020

Oof, eff me, I didn't do any colors this month. . . 💦💦💦

Still hope you enjoy tho'! UvU ✨

👉👉👉Click here to download!👈👈👈


June -Sketch Report-

Wed Jul 1 19:00:04 2020

Hello there 👋

Here's hoping this reward/content alleviates some of the angst 2020 is putting us all through, y'kno? 💦💦💦

Thank you all for sticking around UvU, and I hope to see you for long!

👉👉👉Click here to download!👈👈👈


May -Sketch Report-

Mon Jun 1 19:01:01 2020


So, things are still pretty wild out there huh...

Hope this bit of mind-numbing furry art will serve as a smidgen of relief from the crushing reality slowly consuming us haha 💦💦💦

Thank you all so very much for sticking with me throughout this madness 🙏🖤

👉✨👉🌟👉Click here to download!👈🌟👈✨👈


April -Lossless Renders-

Fri May 1 20:01:00 2020

And now on to Tier 2's rewards! 💖

Hope these find you well! 😺👋

➡➡➡Click here to download⬅⬅⬅


April -Sketch Report

Fri May 1 19:00:06 2020

Hope you all are holding up ok, here's some 0r0 art to hopefully pick your spirits up UxU💦💦💦

Thank you for hanging in there through all of this btw, I'm sure some of you may not be in the best financial security with all the damn lay offs 🙏 🙏 🙏, God willing things will remain steady for you wonderful people.

🎉🎊You all make this possible 🎊🎉

👉👉👉Click here to download👈👈👈


March -Sketch Report

Wed Apr 1 19:01:05 2020

No joke and no time for April Fools -humor-

Not in this environment anyway, so lets get right down to business💦

💖 Click here to download!💖

🖤 💦 🙏 Stay safe out there everyone!🙏💦🖤


February -Lossless Renders-

Sun Mar 1 21:00:03 2020

And moving right along onto the Tier 2

Hope you enjoy the sneak preview of this little critter alt for 0r0 🕶🎉

➡Download Here!⬅


February -Sketch Report-

Sun Mar 1 20:00:04 2020


Lets get these babies out to you folks 🎈🎉

➡Click here to download!⬅


The future of the Tier 3

Sat Feb 1 22:59:08 2020

How do you folks feel about this?

Think you'd be interested??

Let me know in the comments below. . .


January -Production Files-

Sat Feb 1 22:01:03 2020

Wow 0r0, 2 months in a row with Tier 3 rewards? you mad lad💦💦

🌟Click here to download!🌟


January -Lossless Renders-

Sat Feb 1 21:01:00 2020

And moving right along to my precious Tier 2s 💖

🌟Click here to download!🌟


January -Sketch Report-

Sat Feb 1 20:00:03 2020

Hey now!👋

Lets start the decade right!

Now there may not be as many as usual on this here canvas this month, but admittedly I was pretty locked in my commission work as well, hopefully next month will be better.

(though I'm planning on upgrading my systems and work area, so that may eat up into my drawing time... but I'll do my best UvU)

In any case

🌟Click here to download!🌟


December -Sketch Report-

Wed Jan 1 20:00:02 2020

Wew, lot of content for you fine folk this month! 💦💦

Rabbitman was busy busy busy, hope you'll find it all pleasing to the eyes 💨💨

💥 Click here to download!💥

Hope y'all had a happy and safe festivities last night UvU 🎊🎉🎈 I wish your year sees you better in every way, and I hope to see you around all through 2020 and further ✨ beyond! ✨

Dec2019Button1.png Dec2019Button1.png

December -Lossless Renders-

Wed Jan 1 21:01:00 2020

And moving along with the ⭐Tier-2 ⭐ rewards 😸🙋‍♂️🙌🙌🙌

💫 Click here to download!💫

Dec2019Button2.png Dec2019Button2.png

December -Production Files-

Wed Jan 1 22:01:00 2020

Haha guess what😉😉😉❓❔❓

That's right


☢ Click here to download! ☢

Dec2019Button3.png Dec2019Button3.png

November -Lossless Renders-

Sun Dec 1 21:00:04 2019

And now on to the Tier-2 rewards 👋

✨ 🌟 Click BELOW ⬇⬇ to download! 🌟✨


Nov2019Button2.png Nov2019Button2.png

November -Sketch Report-

Sun Dec 1 20:00:02 2019

Alright, year's almost up!

Hope your pledges have been justified so far, and I hope to keep you for another year at least UvU

Thank you so much for your continuous support, and have a safe and happy holidays later this month! ⛄⛄⛄🎄🎁💗

✨ 🌟 Click here to download! 🌟✨

Nov2019Button1.png Nov2019Button1.png

October -Lossless Renders-

Fri Nov 1 20:00:02 2019

And now onto the next tier of rewards!🎉

🎀 Click here to download!🎀

November2019button2.png November2019button2.png

October -Sketch Report-

Fri Nov 1 19:00:04 2019

Had to split the PSD file into two this time around lol, sorry bout that, hope you like!

🎊 Click here to download! 🎉

November2019button1.png November2019button1.png

September -Production Files-

Tue Oct 1 21:01:00 2019

One of the better productions I've done if I may crow about it myself ÙvÚ 💨💨💨

Here's that you think so too!

Click here to download!✨

Sep2019Button3.png Sep2019Button3.png

September -Lossless Renders-

Tue Oct 1 20:01:00 2019

And following up, The tier-2 rewards UvU. Hope you like!

Click here to download! 💨

Sep2019Button2.png Sep2019Button2.png

September -Sketch Report-

Tue Oct 1 19:01:00 2019

It's a two-parter this time around, plenty to look at :D, hope you enjoy!

And thank you so very much for your continuous support 🙏💦💦💕

Click here to download!

Sep2019Button1.png Sep2019Button1.png

August -Production Files-

Sun Sep 1 21:00:01 2019

And finally, for those loyal few who are still here to witness the madness in my mind as I process these works!

I thank you UvU from the bottom of my worn-out heart. And I give you, your reward for the month!

Click here to download! :D

Aug2019Button3.png Aug2019Button3.png

August -Lossless Renders-

Sun Sep 1 20:03:03 2019

Lossless renders are next!

So, you know, you don't have to settle for the awful twitter compression, oof.

Click here to download! :D

Aug2019Button2.png Aug2019Button2.png

August -Sketch Report-

Sun Sep 1 19:00:05 2019

Alright come one come all to 0r0's monthly reward circus

First up, Sketches~

Click here to download :D!!

Aug2019Button1.png Aug2019Button1.png

July -Production Files-

Thu Aug 1 21:01:00 2019


Given this so-called -s k e t c h- got WAY out proportion. . . it actually rose to the level of a publish-worthy render, so. . .! Here's hoping you guys appreciate UvU

Thank you for your pledge as always

Click here to download! :D

PatreonTier3Button.png PatreonTier3Button.png

July -Lossless Renders-

Thu Aug 1 20:00:59 2019

Moving swiftly ahead with Tier 2 rewards!

Click here to download! :D

PatreonTier2ButtonJulySRGB.png PatreonTier2ButtonJulySRGB.png

July -Sketch Report-

Thu Aug 1 19:01:01 2019

Heyo everyone💖 , new and old patrons💵, welcome and thank you very much for your continuous support!

Linked below is your reward commissary with your pledge UvU enjoy!

Click here to download !

PatreonTier1Button.png PatreonTier1Button.png

June -Lossless Renders-

Mon Jul 1 20:00:07 2019

Oh you're in for a yuge bonanza~💦💦

Thanks again for the persistent support! 🙏💖💦💦

Click here to get it all!


June -Sketch Report-

Mon Jul 1 19:01:01 2019

Lots of scribbles this month UvU 💖

Hope you dig! :D

And thank you for your persistent support 🙏💖💦💦💦



May -Sketch Report-

Sat Jun 1 19:01:02 2019


Things are a little slow this month because I've been working on personal private stuff along with this.

Hope someday you will all be privy to it.

In the mean time, enjoy what little I could scribble out this month ahah ;;;;

Download here!


April -Sketch Report-

Wed May 1 19:01:03 2019

Holy canoli did I doodle up a STORM this month @c@;;;. Hope you guys will enjoy!

Download here!


And for my Tier 3 patrons. . .

Mon Apr 1 21:01:01 2019

Since I didn't have a PSD ready for you fams

Feel free to message me here (or in the appropriate Discord channel) as to what you'd like me to draw for you to make up for the lack of the "real" Tier 3 reward UoU

I'll be waiting :)

March -Lossless Renders-

Mon Apr 1 20:01:00 2019

And on to Tier 2!

Click here to download! ☆*・゜゚・*(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆


March -Sketch Report-

Mon Apr 1 19:00:05 2019

BIG load this month, hope you're ready for it. . . !

Click here to download! 。.゚+:((ヾ(。・ω・)シ)).:゚+。


February -Production Files-

Fri Mar 1 22:00:03 2019

And finally, for those of you who cannot get enough of the scrambled hell that is my brain! (⊙.☉)7

Click here to download!


February -Lossless Renders-

Fri Mar 1 21:00:03 2019

And now for the 2nd set of rewards :]

Click here to grab 'em!


February -Sketch Report-

Fri Mar 1 20:00:03 2019

Wew, almost forgot February only has 28 days lol (;^◇^;)ゝ

Ok here you go folks, come and get it!

Click here to download!


Attention all Tier 3 pledges

Sun Feb 24 00:08:31 2019

Get on up on Discord and click this here invite please :DDD:DD:D



Fri Feb 1 22:02:21 2019

Resident Evil 2 got in the way of my work. . . 😫😫💦💦💦

_/\●_ But as you see in all of my streams, I'm working hard!

I'll see to not let you down next month, thank you so very much for your continuous support ;_;;;;

January -Lossless Renders-

Fri Feb 1 21:02:33 2019

2nd tier is a GO! 💨💦💦💦

👉 Click here to download! 👈


January -Sketch Report-

Fri Feb 1 20:01:01 2019

Alright ladies and gents, time for some well-deserved rewards UvU hope you like! ✌

💪 Click here to download! 💪


December -Production Files-

Tue Jan 1 22:00:07 2019

And finally, WOW, Christ allmighty I seriously had issues with this piece, even though it was supposed to be "simpler" than a full CG render?

Cause I honestly haven't done one of these in YEARS, so, whew, had to re-learn everything from way back then lol.

In the end it serves as another dive into my obsessive process, and I hope you folks will appreciate it as much UvU

!Click here to download!


December -Lossless Renders-

Tue Jan 1 21:00:06 2019

Continuing with the deliveries~

!Click here to download!


December -Sketch Report-

Tue Jan 1 20:00:04 2019

HAPPY NYU YEAS everyone!

Lets start things off on the right foot this 2019 with prompt reward deliveries UvU /'')!

!Click here to Download!


November -Production Files-

Sat Dec 1 22:01:02 2018

Well, I did put enough care and time into this one to consider it worthy of posting in this tier.

Apologies to you kind, gracious select few, I got distracted by color sketches U^U.

I'm gonna do my best to get a full CG out next month, but with the holidays and the fact my next commissions are "inks", egh.

Like, I DO have CG projects on the horizon, but work keeps piling on.

All I can say for certain is I'm giving this my all UoU;! whew

In any case:


A million thank yous to you all, and hope to see you again next month!


November -Lossless Renders-

Sat Dec 1 21:00:05 2018

BIG Bonanza COMING through~!

Click here to grab it all lads!


November -Sketch Report-

Sat Dec 1 20:00:07 2018

Man are you people in for a treat lol, I focused a little too much on color sketches this month I even postponed CG renders @~@;;.

Can't do that again. . . oof

But here! enjoooooooooy :D


October -Production Files-

Thu Nov 1 21:00:05 2018

And for my most loyalest and generous of fans, the intricate look at my terminal autism (ಥ﹏ಥ)

Click here to download!!

And as always, thank you so VERY VERY much 💖💖💖


October -Lossless Renders-

Thu Nov 1 20:00:09 2018

And now for the heavier stuff

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 。.゚+:((ヾ(。・ω・)シ)).:゚+。


October -Sketch Report-

Thu Nov 1 19:00:07 2018

Hope you guys had a happy and safe Halloween!

Here's some extra night-after treats for you ;o


September -Production Files-

Mon Oct 1 21:01:03 2018

And now for the pièce de ré·sis·tance of my slew of rewards~

An indepth, freeform look at my process as a dissected PSD for all observational eyes' delight UvU

ENJOY! (*ฅ́˘ฅ̀*)

And again, thank you all for your sacrifice in the name of my dopey artistic relevance ;u;


September -Lossless Renders-

Mon Oct 1 20:01:05 2018

Following up with the 2nd tier of rewards, here are the full individual sizes of all pertinent posts I've made this month (I think??, let me know if I missed anything lol)

Click here to download! ∩(︶▽︶)∩


September -Sketch report-

Mon Oct 1 19:01:18 2018

Another month, another big slew of sketches and sketch accessories

Click here to download! (๑´• ₃ •̀๑)


August -Production Files-

Sat Sep 1 21:01:01 2018

And finally, for you most generous of patrons~ the itemized PSDs for your learning pleasure └(★o★)┐

Click here to download!


August -Lossless Renders-

Sat Sep 1 20:01:01 2018

Onto Tier-2 rewards, with the big ol' render sizes and dimensions _(-ω-`_)

Click here to download!


August -Sketch report-

Sat Sep 1 19:01:00 2018

Quite fruitful month for scribbles and sketches. (๑ゝڡ◕๑)

Click here to download!


And another one!

Fri Aug 3 19:54:58 2018

oq1pGM38X5DzfwY9NXdaLVUVrnUV7Fllj8iVAM2Dc27i3BUSWR86hRfgIceBjwmR.jpe (d)

Regarding failure to process payments

Thu Aug 2 20:38:19 2018

I'm not sure how many of you might be affected by this, but I'm nonetheless posting it on the timeline to verify.

I'd greatly appreciate it if you were to double check on your end UxU'~

Cheers! <3

0KRR6jtBkq51VxNxCb8APNDLtr3b6ssBvQjbtmFDjEm2lsGMCCBacNCZRf-gz-l5.jpe (d)

June/July -Production Files-

Wed Aug 1 21:01:00 2018

And finally, for those oh so generous folks who have dolled out the big $$$s for little old depressed me~

The Pièce De Résistance ヽ(^◇^*)/

Click here to download! (༶ૢ˃̵̑◡˂̵̑༶ૢ)


June/July -Lossless Renders-

Wed Aug 1 20:01:00 2018

On to tier 2's bigass PNGs ヽ( ´ ω`○)ノ.+゚*。:゚+

Click here to download! (っ- ‸ – ς)


July/June -Sketch report-

Wed Aug 1 19:01:00 2018

Thank you so very much for your patience ✧*。ヾ(。>﹏<。)ノ゙✧*。 !

Here is the sketchbooks for both June and July!

Click here to download! ヾ(0∀0*★)゚*・.。



Fri Jul 20 21:05:42 2018

Enough moping around

Time to get back on track

Further apologies

Wed Jul 4 19:50:18 2018


I want to extend a heartfelt apologies to all of my patrons, for my lack of content for this month's billing cycle.

I'd go into detail, but I honestly don't want to stain the timeline with near suicidal tales about cancer, and the injustice of life, the agony of the absence of a higher power, and the curse of being forced to outlive the most important people in your life.

But suffice to say, there's a good reason why I've been dragging my feet these last 4 weeks. My commissions keep piling up, but I've had to put family first.

I thank you from the bottom of my worn out heart to anyone and everyone who's still listening, reading this post.



Well fuck me sideways

Sat Jun 23 03:53:28 2018

Just a heads-up, won't be able to deliver on the Tier 3 reward this month fams.

I'll sit down and grind it out this week, but it's not looking likely UnU;

May -Lossless renders-

Fri Jun 1 20:01:00 2018

You want to see what's terrifying Flutters so bad don't you??

Click here to download! |*`・ρ・´|


May -Sketch report-

Fri Jun 1 19:01:00 2018

It's time fams . . .

Click here to download! ╰(◉ᾥ◉)╯


April -Production files-

Wed May 2 02:25:45 2018

And of course, for my most generous of patrons, the monthly sneak peek into my completionist turbo-autism. . .

Click here to download!

m(。≧Д≦。)m TYVM for allowing me to continue this path!


April -Lossless Renders-

Wed May 2 02:22:49 2018

Need something to make a poster out of for your man-cave or boy-burrow?

Look no further! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Click here to download!


April -Sketch report-

Wed May 2 02:20:58 2018

Time for the monthly doodle-rama!

So click here to get your well deserved reward ∩|*`・ρ・´|∩!


March -Production files-

Tue Apr 3 02:27:40 2018

And as always, for my best and brightest students of art, my humble gift to you:

A window into my insanity ~(-◎ω◎)


March -Lossless renders-

Tue Apr 3 02:25:43 2018

And now for some prime prime PRIME frog butt

Download here! ⊂((・▽・))⊃


March -Sketch report-

Tue Apr 3 02:23:29 2018

Another month, another minestrone soup of my silly machinations.

Get it right here fam~ ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_


February -Production files-

Fri Mar 2 20:00:59 2018

Delve yet again into my schizophrenic style of CG ゞ(ↂ ω ↂ)ゞ

Download here!


February -Lossless Renders-

Fri Mar 2 20:00:59 2018

Might not be the biggest, but these are the finished files I used to upload throughout all of my galleries ヾ(@゜∇゜@)ノ

Download here!


February -Sketch report-

Fri Mar 2 20:00:59 2018

Think you'll find a neat preview of a Pixiv/FA-only upload I'll do later


Download here!


January -Production files-

Thu Feb 1 21:11:00 2018

And finally, for the most generous of my patrons, your monthly peek at the misery that it's my CGi process (*ฅ́˘ฅ̀*);;;;. . .

Click here to download


January -Lossless Renders-

Thu Feb 1 21:06:00 2018

The next 2 characters in the upcoming collage ῍̻̩✧(´͈ ૢᐜ `͈ૢ)˖῍̻̩


January -Sketch report-

Thu Feb 1 21:00:59 2018

Get your fill of Mae Borowski~ Reda sure is . . . (ॢ˘⌣˘ ॢ⑅)


December -Production files-

Tue Jan 2 20:00:00 2018

And for the most generous of Patrons~

Your monthly dosage of my OCD layering and organizational practices (ؑ⸍⸍ᵕؑ̇⸍⸍)◞✧


December -Lossless Renders-

Tue Jan 2 20:00:00 2018

And for the tier 2 folks, here come the BIG PIX ヾ(。・ω・)シ


December -Sketch report-

Tue Jan 2 20:00:00 2018

Once you're over your newyear's hangover, be sure to click here to get your just rewards .゚☆(ノё∀ё)ノ☆゚.


November -Production Files-

Sun Dec 3 20:01:00 2017

Get it while it's hot! \(゜э゜)/


November -Lossless Renders-

Sun Dec 3 20:01:00 2017

Pick up your goodie bag here fams ₍₍ ◝(●˙꒳˙●)◜ ₎₎


November -Sketch report-

Sun Dec 3 20:01:00 2017

Come one come all to download your goodies here (/ ‘з’)/

October -Production Files-

Thu Nov 2 21:30:55 2017

And the whole package up for download here :D


October -Lossless Renders-

Thu Nov 2 21:29:41 2017

Giving you folks sneak peeks of my VS series collage

Pick your stuff here plez :>


October -Sketch Report-

Thu Nov 2 21:27:55 2017

Rake in the rewards here fams :>


Have you figured out what I'm planning~?

Mon Oct 2 22:00:01 2017

With all these profile busts hmmm??

September -Production Files-

Mon Oct 2 19:00:01 2017

Get it all right here :]


September -Lossless Renders-

Mon Oct 2 19:00:05 2017

Download here!


September -Sketch Report-

Mon Oct 2 19:00:01 2017

Figured I might as well release these along with the sketchpad!

Specially considering these should also count as I'm building towards that special illustration UoU /'')

Download here!


Monthly Sketchbook Report // August '17

Sat Sep 2 20:21:49 2017

Alright, here's the Sketchbook of the month for everyone to enjoy.

Sorry I didn't have more to show for my time this month, left for Japan without my gear U~U;. I'm hoping I'll have more fruitful endeavors to show this next deadline.

Thank you all and enjoy!!! ;0;

Download HERE~


Silver Unit Line Up [Production PSDs]

Sun Jul 16 19:00:59 2017

Download here! :D


Silver Unit Line Up [Fullsize PNGs]

Sun Jul 16 19:00:59 2017

Download here! :D


Silver Unit Line Up [Sketchfile PSDs]

Sun Jul 16 19:00:59 2017

Download here! :3


Afterschool Activities [Fullsize PNG]

Fri Apr 14 21:46:56 2017

How do you folks like the new "buttons"? ;O

AFterschoolFullsizes.png classroomoral.png

Afterschool Activities [Sketchfile PSD]

Fri Apr 14 21:33:48 2017

And this month's sketchbook as well!

AFterschoolsketches.png Apr17Sketches.rar (d)

Afterschool Activities

Fri Apr 14 21:29:21 2017

A first! you folks get to premiere the piece before I post it on Twitter or FA or Tumblr 8O WHOAOOAOAOAOAOAOO

jfc I hope you guys enjoy, cause God fucking damn this was a pain in the ass........

I had to redraw the background like 3 times before getting it right, and in one of those times, Clip Studio Pain CRASHED, making me lose about 1:30hrs worth of shading work, Jesus.

Thing is I didn't expect to need to draw a background, but then I reviewed the architecture of the Looniversity, and the classroom's window would invariably have to show the ground level and the entrance...so... the piece took on a much longer path than initially expected


But yeah, enjoy folks!!!


Semi private stream

Sat Apr 8 01:53:33 2017


Notice of upcoming content

Mon Apr 3 03:59:29 2017

So if you've been paying attention to my twitter feed, shit's been going down something fierce lately, triggering a considerable change in how I manage my affairs.

Bundled with the necessity of updating the overall look of this page and it's buttons, it's been a trialing month, hence the lack of any substantial content as of this post.

I'm striving to change that up and get myself back up to speed, but things look, rather grim.

I want to keep going, and I will! but I've got other things weighting me down, which I have to consider greatly into the content I can even muster up to display here.

So should you decide to stick around and bear with me, know that I'm beyond grateful and flattered that you hold me in such regard; I will do my best to not let you nor myself down.

But if you'd rather take your leave until I can get back up to speed, just as well, and hope to see you back in due time :]

I'll continue having a direct line of contact with all of you via my streams and twitter, so you won't see me slouching!

Shit, I'm even doing speedpaint videos now, got over that pathological fear...now I must make more..!

Thank you for your time and God bless!

PS: See you on Monday~


Fri Mar 31 06:53:32 2017

What do you folks think?

Learning how to do these speedpaint/timelapse videos for the tier 4 rewards

any and all feedback will be taken into consideration UoU /'')

(btw the password to the video is "bababohay")


Meido Adovaizu [Fullsize PNG]

Thu Mar 2 01:55:50 2017

Get it right here folks!


Meido Adovaizu [Sketchfile CLIP]

Thu Mar 2 01:48:58 2017

This one's a little different, because for how "simple" the illustration was, I only really sketched DD once, and then free-handed the inking process...

So the DD sketch is within this here Sketchpile .clip file UoU.

I could've turned it into a PSD, but the thing is, the file would then end up being over 80mb in size... unless I shrunk down the sketches '^'

But it's up to you folks, would you like to simply have these saved as PSDs at a smaller res so you don't HAVE to download Clip Studio Paint/Manga Studio to view them?

Or would you rather have the .clip file in it's full resolution?

Here's the CLIP file in the meantime UoU /'')

DDSketchpileThumbnail.png JanuarySketchpile.clip (d)

'''''''Rewards''''''' incoming, just let me do some clean up here

Wed Mar 1 21:19:25 2017

come watch me zombie around in the mean time http://picarto.tv/0r0ch1 ~

Another month

Wed Mar 1 21:18:46 2017

another slew of fraud/declines patrons to clean up, fugg :D:D::D:D:DDD


Fri Feb 24 05:46:31 2017

5$ tier it is then! (๑•́o•̀๑)

Meido Adovaizu

Thu Feb 23 22:19:25 2017

Only applicable to folk under 30. Cause after 3 decades in this filth of a planet, you damn well deserve to be ultra-picky with what you allow to exist around you

God damn


CG Study - Nan Yaegashi

Thu Feb 23 21:03:57 2017

Something different for once!

Decided to edit this piece of Mirai by Nan Yaegashi, give it a nude edit cause nobody else was doing it. I mean from all the edits I saw on gelbooru and danbooru and the like, I never saw an edit of this particular render.

Also, I wanted to break down the illustration to it's bare layers, see what coloring techniques he could be using to do make these, seemingly endless CGs for the Senran Kagura series.

Maybe I could duplicate it down the line, but all in all, it served me well in terms of knowledge-gathering I guess, and you folk get this nice nude edit of everyone's favorite FLAT CAT ٩(。•ㅅ•。)و

At my usual 600DPI fuckhuge dimensions lol

Check your inboxes soon ;O~<


Should I start adding my Monthly sketch .clp file of assorted scribbles into my Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 rewards?

Thu Feb 23 02:26:53 2017

Like, the stupid canvas file where I tend to keep ALL of my doodles that eventually move into full production or just remain as scribbles to later post on my galleries.

I mean on one hand, it could lend itself to a certain level of intellectual piracy since it's stuff I have in the backburner, that I might want to develop further later on... and if someone sees the stuff, and then decides to take it and use it and develop it into something of their own without giving me proper credit? hmmmm... it'd be a messy situation (●´⌓`●)

So like, I could put the file out there, just not... you know, for cheap? (。ŏ﹏ŏ)

Comments, opinions?

Watch this space on the 14th ~

Thu Feb 2 23:54:48 2017

<3ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

50 Depths of Sponty [Fullsize PNG]

Wed Feb 1 22:27:27 2017

Let the lewdness


٩(♡ε♡ )۶


The bonus situation [Fullsize PNG]

Wed Feb 1 22:24:48 2017

Get your reward~




50 Depths of Sponty [Sketchfile PSD]

Wed Feb 1 22:23:22 2017

Hit that download button to nab your reward ₍₍ ◝(●˙꒳˙●)◜ ₎₎

sketchspontybutton.png spontySketch.psd (d)

The bonus situation [Sketchfile PSD]

Wed Feb 1 22:21:01 2017

Hit that download button to nab your reward ₍₍ ◝(●˙꒳˙●)◜ ₎₎

MilesSketchbutton.png MilesSketch.psd (d)

50 Depths of Sponty

Tue Jan 31 05:15:33 2017

Just how many can she handle at once....!??!?!


The bonus situation

Tue Jan 31 05:14:11 2017

Should've asked for specifics there boy.........



Wed Jan 18 21:57:22 2017

See how this goes

Red rocket liftoff [Fullsize PNG]

Mon Jan 2 21:13:26 2017

Right here folks c: come get your..........hot.........steamy...........redrocket...........

KageKitsuneCommFullButton.png KagecommissionFull.png

✦ Soak it all in girl ✦ [Fullsize PNGs]

Mon Jan 2 21:07:28 2017

Get it right here folks :>

SiyuFullButton.png SoakitallinSiyu.rar (d)

Red rocket liftoff [Sketchfile PSD]

Mon Jan 2 21:06:20 2017

Reward attached to this here post c:

Kagecommsketchbutton.png KageSketch.psd (d)

✦ Soak it all in girl ✦ [Sketchfile PSD]

Mon Jan 2 21:04:48 2017

Reward attached to this here post c:

SiyuSketchbutton.png SiyuSketch.psd (d)

Red rocket liftoff

Sat Dec 31 21:12:58 2016

Gotta show off after a workout...........


✦ Soak it all in girl ✦

Sat Dec 31 21:11:14 2016

Sometimes a girl just needs to let her fans love her~


JFC I can't edit old posts

Wed Dec 28 01:52:21 2016

Been trying to edit a few broken links in the timeline, but everytime I try to, Patreon won't let me cause I haven't "posted a picture to continue".

Even though the fucking picture is still there.... ugh

The Collector [Fullsize PNGs]

Fri Dec 2 06:47:59 2016

And the wallpapers as well!


The Collector [Sketchfile PSD]

Fri Dec 2 06:47:10 2016

QhalaSketchbutton.png QhalaSketch.psd (d)

風破刃 [Fullsize PNGs]

Fri Dec 2 06:46:09 2016

Grab 'em right here folks c;


風破刃 [Sketchfile PSD]

Fri Dec 2 06:45:06 2016

ZonkKickSketchbutton.png zonkkicksketch.psd (d)

★ ミドリ ノ ネトラレ ボウケン ★ (Fullsize PNGs)

Fri Dec 2 06:43:26 2016

And a couple more goodies this time around ;O~<


★ ミドリ ノ ネトラレ ボウケン ★ [Sketch file PSD]

Fri Dec 2 06:36:27 2016

SenpaiTradeSketchbutton.png SenpaiTradeSketch.psd (d)

The Collector

Wed Nov 30 21:23:44 2016

This one's a big post coming in the next few days @o@



Wed Nov 30 21:21:01 2016

Something for one of my kouhais UoU /'')!


★ ミドリ ノ ネトラレ ボウケン ★

Wed Nov 30 21:14:02 2016

Senpai trade @v@~


Dicks' Row [Fullsize PNG]

Thu Nov 3 19:43:51 2016

Enjoy! :D

artiefullthumb.png Artiesharem.png

Dicks' Row [Sketchfile PSD]

Thu Nov 3 19:34:00 2016

ArtieSketchthumb.png Artiesketch.psd (d)

Dicks' Row

Mon Oct 31 19:23:16 2016

Prepare your defenses~


Rabbit and Hyena in repose [Fullsize PNG]

Sat Oct 1 21:34:54 2016

MyBoobiesThumb.png MyBooblesFull.png

Rabbit and Hyena in repose [Sketchfile PSD]

Sat Oct 1 21:33:42 2016

ClueBedroomSketchthumb.png MyBoobiesSketch.psd (d)

Do you effin' mind??? [Fullsize PNG]

Sat Oct 1 21:30:43 2016

DDisbusyfullthumb.png DragonIsBusyFull.png

Do you effin' mind??? [Sketchfile PSD]

Sat Oct 1 21:27:38 2016

DDisbusysketchthumb.png DragonisbusySketchfile.psd (d)

Rabbit and Hyena in repose

Fri Sep 30 19:30:19 2016

They fell asleep during the Clue Mansion walk-in


Do you effin' mind???

Fri Sep 30 19:28:40 2016

Excuse me, unless your dingdong can migrate to Swift 3, I ain't interested!


Divine Fist [Fullsize PNG]

Thu Sep 1 22:08:43 2016

Hit the little clipboard icon to download :]

divinefistfullbutton.png DivineFistFull.png

Divine Fist [Sketchfile PSD]

Thu Sep 1 22:07:55 2016

Hit the little clipboard icon to download :]

divinefistsketchbutton.png divinefistsketch.psd (d)

Destiny Fist [Fullsize PNG]

Thu Sep 1 22:05:12 2016

Hit the little clipboard icon to download :]

destinyfistfullbutton.png DestinyFist.rar (d)

Destiny Fist [Sketchfile PSD]

Thu Sep 1 22:03:49 2016

Hit the little clipboard icon to download :]

DestinyFistsketchbutton.png destinyfistsketches.psd (d)

French Kiss [Fullsize PNG]

Thu Sep 1 21:55:47 2016

It's actually a couple this time around lol.

frenchkissfullbutton.png FrenchKiss.rar (d)

French Kiss [Sketchfile PSD]

Thu Sep 1 21:53:59 2016

Hit the little clipboard icon to download :]

frenchkisssketchbutton.png WhoreBoySketch.psd (d)

Divine Fist

Wed Aug 31 10:06:01 2016

Taking flight in the ethereal celestial glow.


Destiny Fist

Wed Aug 31 10:05:12 2016

Forged in the depths of hell.


French kiss

Wed Aug 31 10:03:32 2016

I know for a fact this is how french people greet each other... Mr. Le Pew showed me so....


That's more like it! [Fullsize PNG]

Thu Aug 4 01:12:52 2016


TMLfullsizebutton.png thatsmorelikeitFull.png

Nightstalker [Fullsize PNG]

Thu Aug 4 01:11:18 2016

knock knock!

nightstlakerfullsizebutton.png nightstalkerbelafull.png

Fisting the wife [Fullsize PNG]

Thu Aug 4 01:08:17 2016

Slip it in~

MWAITBfullsizebutton.png MWAITBFull.png

That's more like it! [Sketchfile PSD]

Thu Aug 4 01:05:15 2016

This one's an odd piece.

I messed up and deleted the sketch underneath this one...............so I'm upping the unflattened PSD since it might as well be a sketch @~@;;; fugg.


TMLsketchbutton.png zaryareadyfordutyunflats.psd (d)

Fisting the wife [Sketchfile PSD]

Thu Aug 4 01:04:11 2016


MWAITBsketchbutton.png MWAITBSketches.psd (d)

Bela Butt Blog (dot com) [Sketchfile PSD]

Thu Aug 4 01:01:45 2016

Apologize for the tardiness, it's been a taxing week!

Nightstalkersketchbutton.png NightStalkerSketch.psd (d)

Fisting the wife

Sun Jul 31 22:30:12 2016

Pancakes nothing baby.... I'm digging deep into the cookie jar~


That's more like it!

Sun Jul 31 22:28:57 2016



Bela Butt Blog (dot com)

Sun Jul 31 22:17:18 2016

Someone's about to have a rude midnight visitor....................


Welcome to Looniversity [Sketchfile PSD]

Fri Jul 1 22:58:13 2016

Hit the attachment icon to download :>

BusterxArtiefootiessketchbutton.png BusterxArtieFootie.psd (d)

Welcome to Looniversity

Fri Jul 1 22:56:40 2016

Fullsize PNG for your enjoyment :]

BusterxArtiefootiesFullbutton.png WhatdoyouwantPEASANT.png

ミューズと私の先輩 [Sketchfile PSD]

Fri Jul 1 22:55:15 2016

Hit the attachment icon to download :]

bokkunosenpaisketchbutton.png senpaisketches.psd (d)

ミューズと私の先輩 [Fullsize PNG]

Fri Jul 1 22:53:35 2016

Hit the attachment to download :O

bokkunosenpaiFullbutton.png bokkunosenpaifull.png

Bust Trigger [Sketchfile PSD]

Fri Jul 1 22:51:42 2016

And now for the sketch set :>

ExcessofPowersketchbutton.png TrixieAlphaSketches.psd (d)

Bust Trigger [Fullsize PNG]

Fri Jul 1 22:48:42 2016

Wew, this is a big set since I did like 9 versions total... so come get your fix here :]


Welcome to Looniversity

Thu Jun 30 21:31:00 2016

Artie finds himself on the receiving end of campus' top bun Buster's hazing.

Starting to get the hang of this painting business...!



Thu Jun 30 21:13:56 2016

Little something for my senpai and the muse that fueled a lot of his early works. Also further practice for my looser, speedier approach to CGing.

Not everything has to have 3D-like depth and shading right?


Bust Trigger

Thu Jun 30 21:02:16 2016

My first attempt at speeding up my process and applying a much more lax method of painting. Couldn't pass up the opportunity to practice on the greatest and most powerful of all unicorns!


Gonna be absent in May

Thu May 12 01:31:19 2016

If anyone here has been following my lame blog, you'll know that I've wanted to retool my CG method for a while now.

Partly because it takes me for-fucking-ever to finish anything, which makes making any money here, a stressful affair.

So I've been conditioning myself to get rid of some of my control freak method of CGing, but it's prolly going to take a bit of time. Putting everything into practice and not fall back once again into the meticulous method that keeps making me go insane trying to fit the monthly quota here.

Because my Patreon is on an update-basis, you won't be charged a dime until further notice, so don't worry about removing yourselves from the campaign, your dosh is safe.

If you still would rather move onto another Patreon, then thank you for everything, and hope to see you again sometime!

in the meantime I gotta make sure I don't barf my brains out here.

TTYS! <3



Wed May 4 03:27:37 2016

Yo I'm trying this new hosting service, if any of you have any problems downloading any of the 3rd party links, hit me up ok?

Gotta see if multiple downloads trigger a throttling or whatever.


Game Over - Try again ? [Sketchfile PSD]

Wed May 4 03:23:25 2016

Click the paperclip icon to download :]

GameOversketchAd.png GameOverSketches.psd (d)

Game Over - Try again ? [Fullsize PNG]

Wed May 4 03:22:11 2016

Click here to download ;>


Good Morning [Sketchfile PSD]

Wed May 4 03:20:53 2016

Hit the paperclip icon to download O:!

SlickymouthrapeSketchAd.png slickymouthrapeSketchfile.psd (d)

Good Morning [Fullsize PNG]

Wed May 4 03:17:11 2016

Click the paper clip icon to download 'u' /)

goodmorningfullsizead.png GoodMorning.png

Little dragons can't fight [Sketchfile PSD]

Wed May 4 03:15:47 2016

Click on the post's attachment icon to download 'u' /)

LDCFsketch.png NenEmpressSketches.psd (d)

Little dragons can't fight [Fullsize PNG]

Wed May 4 03:13:46 2016

Click here to download


Prince Asriel + Don't turn your back at him now [Fullsize PNG]

Wed May 4 03:10:17 2016

Well I figure I might as well release this bad boy already since it's been a few months since I finished him!

Once again thank you so much to everyone who joined my Patreon in hopes of nabbing him on his first UNDERCOVER run, and even more so to everyone who has stuck around since UuU~

Really has made a difference in my finances as of late <3

Anyway enjoy!

Click here to download



Mon May 2 20:23:41 2016

Just a second guys, I'm migrating all of my stuff to a different hosting service and the rewards will resume in a bit @~@;;;;

Thank you for your patience!

Game Over - Try again ?

Sat Apr 30 09:30:51 2016

Or do you just want to stare at the continue screen a little while longer~


Good Morning

Sat Apr 30 09:29:48 2016

Want some coffee with your cream?


Little dragons can't fight

Sat Apr 30 09:26:41 2016

I mean Dragon Dip fits the role of Grappler, she'd hug you to death!


Janitorial services [Fullsize PNGs]

Sat Apr 2 19:59:19 2016

Again since this is a set, hit HERE to grab them (there's even a little surprise in there hah)


Janitorial services [Sketchfile PSD]

Sat Apr 2 19:56:52 2016

Hit the attachment to download 'o'!

BustersketchfileAd.png BusterFatButtesketchfile.psd (d)

Stern Huffy Mare [Fullsize PNGs]

Sat Apr 2 19:54:47 2016

Since these are a set, please head on over HERE to grab 'em 'u'


Stern Huffy Mare [Sketchfile PSD]

Sat Apr 2 19:49:25 2016

Hit the little attachment to download 'w' /)

SternHuffySketchfilead.png HarshWhinnySketchfile.psd (d)

Janitorial services

Thu Mar 31 02:57:21 2016

Buster what are you doing??

We shouldn't be in here...nor should you look so surprised to find yourself in this situation~

God I'm so relieved this came out well ; ; jfc fml lol


Stern Huffy Mare (Side B)

Thu Mar 31 02:56:12 2016


Stern Huffy Mare (side A)

Thu Mar 31 02:48:49 2016

A while back, Mango-chan and I ventured into a lovepillow design together.

Taking everyone's favorite, uptight, pent-up business mare, to new, gloriously soft and jubbly and glistening climaxes!

Sadly not a lot shared our fascination with girls in business suits :'[, but we still made a cute profit!

And I think my lineart it really brought forth to attention, a lot of Mango's ability in coloring details, making them POP all the more because of his amazing coloring.

So after almost a year of having released her into the wild, we're reining her back in for private access~

If you missed her when she was out there "for sale" you can nab her now! :>


Prince Asriel + Don't turn your back at him now [Sketchfile PSD]

Wed Mar 2 04:41:29 2016


asrielsketchad.png AsrielSketchFile.psd (d)

Ivory Mounds [Sketchfile PSD]

Wed Mar 2 04:38:16 2016

Same as the other one c:

torielsketchad.png TorielMILFolioSketches.psd (d)

Ivory Mounds [Fullsize PNG]

Wed Mar 2 04:33:14 2016

Click on the attachment icon to download :]

TorielFullAd.png MamaTiddy.rar (d)

Rewards incoming, check your inbox in a few hours ;O~<

Wed Mar 2 00:03:25 2016

here comes Asriel and Toriel~

Don’t turn your back at him now

Sun Feb 28 09:47:32 2016

Are you really going to turn down such inviting....everything? ;O~<


Prince Asriel

Sun Feb 28 09:43:38 2016

Seems as though the ultimate God of hyper death has welcomed you into his boudoir!

What ever shall he do with you?



Sun Feb 28 09:41:22 2016

What could bebetterto walk downstairs to on Xmas day, than aGoat Momcalmly nursing a hot glass of cocoa. It sure warms a tired heart, and livens it up with the soft boiling fires of sin.

It’s a bit of a wonder where she got those teasing,


little numbers though.


To everyone pledging for the GOAT prince

Tue Feb 2 22:22:08 2016

You'll receive your beloved hyper god of death at the beginning of March, provided your pledges are successfully processed <3

Thanks in advance!

Sunday Bunday [Fullsize PNG]

Tue Feb 2 22:20:26 2016

Click in the attachment icon to download (\ 'w' /)

slickycommfull.png slickycomm.png

Sunday Bunday [Sketchfile PSD]

Tue Feb 2 22:17:30 2016

Click in the attachment icon to download (\ 'w' /)

SlickySketch.png SlickySketch.psd (d)

GnPNY [Fullsize PNG]

Tue Feb 2 22:15:52 2016

Click in the attachment icon to download (\ 'w' /)

trixiefull.png TrixieSamaFull.png

GnPNY [Sketchfile PSD]

Tue Feb 2 22:14:59 2016

Click in the attachment icon to download (\ 'w' /)

TrixieSketch.png TrixieSketch.psd (d)

MeanieShy [Fullsize PNG]

Tue Feb 2 22:13:53 2016

Click in the attachment icon to download (\ 'w' /)

meanieshyfull.png MeanieShyFull.png

MeanieShy [Sketchfile PSD]

Tue Feb 2 22:11:37 2016

Click in the attachment icon to download (\ 'w' /)

meanieshysketch.png Meanieshysketches.psd (d)


Sun Jan 31 00:53:02 2016

It's an acronym ^



Sun Jan 31 00:48:43 2016

I actually meant to post this (and the following post) a while back, but we were under a strict NDA. And then I just plain forgot cause I THOUGHT I did? but then as I reviewed my 2015 listings, I noticed hey now, these haven't been posted!

So here we go UpU (Also cause, as most of you have witnessed in our streams, I've been mad busy with Goat Bro to actually do anything else lol)

Hopefully you'll enjoy these and the materials related to them that will roll out in the first few days of Feb :]


Sunday Bunday

Sun Jan 31 00:46:59 2016

Commission for Slicky



Thu Jan 28 20:36:18 2016

Now I have to make a new banner for this thing! @D@

Buster Bunny love pillow design

Fri Jan 22 07:58:50 2016

Welp! since:

A) It's been long enough since I made this a Patreon exclusive


B) Patreon has since finally put anti bot/leak systems in place (sorta)

I figured I could stop clogging your Patreon inboxes and just post the links to this old submission here in the timeline :>

Click here to Download!


Royal Demon Rose

Sun Jan 3 04:39:28 2016

I apologize to my Tier 2 patrons, as I failed the foresight to save the sketches to this piece, so in order to give the best value to all of my current patrons, I'm making this one particular download available to even the Tier 1 pledgers too U~U!


RarityaphroditeFull.png AphroditeRarityFullrenders.rar (d)

Violet Mist [Fullsize PNG]

Sun Jan 3 04:36:26 2016

KyonoFull.png Kyono4.png

Violet Mist [Sketchfile PSD]

Sun Jan 3 04:35:33 2016

KyonoSketchFile.png KyonoSketchFile.psd (d)

Oceanic Collapse [Sketchfile PSD]

Sun Jan 3 04:34:26 2016

KlodetteSketchFile.png KlodetteSketch.psd (d)

Oceanic Collapse [Fullsize PNG]

Sun Jan 3 04:29:24 2016

KlodetteFull.png KlodetteFull.png

Royal Demon Rose

Thu Dec 31 06:56:30 2015

An old piece of mine that, looking back on, is still damn good!

Good enough to retroactively get it's due even.

and now you can get access to the magic of this piece and see how it is to give armor, anime-detail like this. along with full-res versions of all 3 variants!


Violet Mist

Thu Dec 31 06:52:40 2015

Commission for Kyono Miyagami!


Oceanic Collapse

Thu Dec 31 06:49:26 2015

Commission for everyone's favorite, hyper blue unihorn-dog!


November fully funded~

Fri Dec 4 07:05:56 2015

Thank you kindly folks!

For those of you who are still around, see you in early January UpU /'')!

Or in the stream, you know wherever! <3

Industrialized Subjugation [Fullsize PNG]

Fri Dec 4 07:02:39 2015

Ver 2 of 2!

TrophywifeFSad.png BimboficationFullVHS.png

Industrialized Subjugation [Fullsize PNG]

Fri Dec 4 06:59:34 2015

Ver 1 of 2

TrophywifeFSad.png BimboficationFull.png

Industrialized Subjugation [Sketchfile PSD]

Fri Dec 4 06:58:37 2015

Click on the clipboard icon to download :>

TrophyWifeSketchad.png trophywifeSketchfile.psd (d)

Amorous Asphyxiation [Fullsize PNG]

Fri Dec 4 06:55:06 2015

Right on the clipboard icon!

facesittingthehusbandFSad.png Sinkintomydepthsbunnyboy.png

Amorous Asphyxiation [Sketchfile PSD]

Fri Dec 4 06:53:17 2015

You know what to do... You know what to do... [click]

facesittingthehusbandSketchAd.png facesttingthehusbandSketchfile.psd (d)

Bunny Bum Bump [Fullsize PNG]

Fri Dec 4 06:48:42 2015

Click on the clipboard icon to download C:

TAKINGTHECOCKFSad.png naughtynaughtywifeFull.png

Bunny Bum Bump [Sketchfile PSD]

Fri Dec 4 06:44:40 2015

Click on the little clipboard icon to download :]

TAKINGTHECOCKsketchad.png TAKINGTHECOCKsketchfile.psd (d)

Industrialized Subjugation

Sun Nov 29 20:01:14 2015

Faced with the prospect of animbalanced matrimony, and with no other option as to how to subdue, or at least tone down the seeminglyinfinite bravadoof his wife,0r0decides to sendDeniseto the local, award-winningStepford Wife Institute.

Where they not onlyremoldyour beloved into an icon of dutiful servitude, they alsoenhanceher appearance, proportions, attributes~ they pretty much reshape her to the client's every whim; to suit every lastkink, fetish, desire~

From head to toe, and inside out<3

To be continued...


Amorous Asphyxiation

Sun Nov 29 20:00:09 2015

Despite using his best toon gender shifting spells, the rabbit finds himself at the bottom of a dominant hyena matriarch, muzzle-deep in Yeen vag, suffocating in royal goop.(not that he doesn't enjoy any of this)

ThisHyena matriarchwon't be so easily tamed, Husbun~

You'll have to do a littlebetterthan this UcU!


Bunny Bum Bump

Sun Nov 29 19:57:14 2015

Turns out having such asassy, vivacious andvirilewifeis not always asmooth experience!. The newly weds find themselves dealing with each other's nuisances and quirks ininventiveand unexpected ways!

Bad night for 0r0 to practice hisgender-shifting;P [/Flowey], great night for Denise to come home drunk as all holy hell!.



Wed Nov 4 04:35:12 2015

Check your Patreon inbox for the Fullsize PNGs of the Buster Bunny love pillow!

Same goes for tier 4 rewards @u@ /'') !

October fully funded!

Wed Nov 4 04:30:55 2015

Thank you so so much for your continuous support!!! <3

Look forward to November, it's gonna be yeena wife + husbunny month UpU <3<3<3

Definitely wanna stick around for what I have in store UvU /'')

Buster love pillow design [Sketchfile PSD]

Wed Nov 4 04:28:56 2015

Click above to download :D


The World [Fullsize PNG]

Wed Nov 4 04:22:20 2015

Click on the clip icon to download :D


The World [Sketchfile PSD]

Sat Oct 31 20:43:04 2015

Click on the attachment clip to download :D


Buster love pillow design (back)

Fri Oct 30 21:08:52 2015

And same goes for this one, look forward to it!


Buster love pillow design (front)

Fri Oct 30 21:06:30 2015

Here we go folks, expect this bad boy in your Patreon message inbox soon!


The world

Fri Oct 30 21:04:36 2015

A little piece I did for

my best friend and his boyfriend

. Wanted to do a more dynamic pose for this one (the regulars to my stream should know what I'm talking about) but I wanted the focus of the image to be


, signifying they're a couple and all? so I decided to go for a close up that better presents the message and

not just eye-candy from BeeLady

there <3


September fully funded

Mon Oct 5 23:08:03 2015

Many thanks to everyone who's stuck around this long UoU /''), I hope to continue meeting your C4$H approval over the next few months @u@


Mewtwo lovepillow design [Fullsize PNG]

Sun Oct 4 20:51:46 2015

Head on over here to download them at your discretion :]


Mewtwo lovepillow design [Sketchfile PSD]

Sun Oct 4 20:50:34 2015


MewtwoDakiSketchAd.png mewtwdakisketches.psd (d)

Bumblehooves [Fullsize PNG]

Sun Oct 4 20:47:01 2015

Click here to download :D


Bumblehooves [Sketch PSD File]

Sun Oct 4 20:40:05 2015

Attached to this post :]

BHoovessketchAd.png BDSketches.psd (d)

Purple Psychic Serenade (B)

Tue Sep 29 09:38:25 2015

Side B~


Purple Psychic Serenade

Tue Sep 29 09:08:05 2015

Time to release this bad boy into the wild, after a myriad of experiments and test-runs with plenty of willful subjects~ ;>

You'll receive both female and male sides with these 2 uploads in the following days.

Thanks for the support!



Tue Sep 29 09:03:30 2015

I was approached by the fine folk atBad Dragonto design a cute science-type pony for their new toy, and this little guy spawned!

You can get a hold of this academia pony's junk



August fully funded!

Sat Sep 5 02:23:16 2015

Thank you so very much to everyone who legit stuck around again UvU y!

I kiss u now, mwa! <3

??????? [Fullsize PNG]

Sat Sep 5 02:20:22 2015

Click on the attachment icon to download :D

Untitled-6.png PinkWivesFull.png

??????? [Sketch PSD file]

Sat Sep 5 02:18:45 2015

Click on the attachment icon to download :D

Untitled-3.png VNpicsketches.psd (d)

Under Control [Fullsize PNG]

Sat Sep 5 02:15:51 2015

Click on the attachment icon to download :D

Untitled-5.png T3hCaitComm1Full.png

Under Control [Sketch PSD file]

Sat Sep 5 02:14:05 2015

Click on the attachment icon to download :D

Untitled-1.png poledancingrabbitsketchfile.psd (d)

Pepe le Pew (B) [Fullsize PNG]

Sat Sep 5 02:11:29 2015

Click here to download the files :]


Pepe Le Pew (B) [Sketch PSD file]

Sat Sep 5 02:06:36 2015

Check das attachment :>

Untitled-2.png PepeSketchfileBackside.psd (d)

Halved the 3rd-tier reward

Thu Sep 3 19:58:40 2015

Finally got the up-speed upgrade I was promised months ago! which means uploading is a lot faster/easier.

Which of course calls for a reduction in the 3rd tier's price. Hopefully this will entice more people to pledge to it or upgrade to it ;o

Rewards coming soon, still a few pledges to clear.

Thank you for your support!

Pepe le Pew (B)

Fri Aug 28 02:07:34 2015

And the backside!


Under Control

Fri Aug 28 02:05:12 2015

Commission for




's character Kay Yun-Jun…………. And yes I detailed each water droplet manually @u@;;;;…fug..



Fri Aug 28 02:03:49 2015

This thing started out as a mock VN screenshot, but fuck having to design and add the VN HUD |D. That's why they're all staring at the viewer and all.

You got your Pinkie, your Babs bunny, your Mimi, even Classic Amy makes the scene!, what's not to like???


Pepe Le Pew [Fullsize PNG]

Tue Aug 4 20:08:17 2015

Oops, this one was a bit too big for Patreon to host, so CLICK HERE to download instead :O


Pepe Le Pew [Sketch PSD file]

Tue Aug 4 20:00:23 2015

As always click the attachment clip icon to download your goodies :]

4257b7ca528f2700d8431ebad1291fc1.jpg ad09fe309972a97ad747eed6686e533b.psd (d)

This love will be your downfall [Fullsize PNG]

Tue Aug 4 19:58:49 2015

As always click the attachment clip icon to download your goodies :]

085997e6c4caee7c08007fb0679ecc4c.jpg 062200dd59770e180b97443508dd642a.rar (d)

This love will be your downfall [Sketch PSD file]

Tue Aug 4 19:56:01 2015

As always click the attachment clip icon to download your goodies :]

0d42c9fd3f437181fc8393af488c3cc9.jpg ce7a8a865ffe55666b6f9a5191b09769.psd (d)

The cat has overhwlmed [Fullsize PNG]

Tue Aug 4 19:54:39 2015

As always click the attachment clip icon to download your goodies :]

d0f0387fd6c80a7d1c12562d78b35a59.jpg 4f36c58ee4c8f6bae3f1e3890dd369de.rar (d)

The cat has overhwlmed [Sketch PSD file]

Tue Aug 4 19:52:58 2015

Spiffy new EZ2READ headers for the rewards!
As always click the attachment clip icon to download your goodies :]

6743fbef095721bc8c205bf8cac10c49.jpg 412a28b006ec6d8a3945a9cccb68b4c2.psd (d)

July Patreon supported!

Tue Aug 4 09:59:42 2015

Thank you very much for your continued support!
Expect the rewards in the following days 'v'

Pepe le Pew

Sun Jul 26 04:19:58 2015

Finally releasing the full sizes, sketches and PSD of this successful venture into the lovepillow field!

You will receive all pertinent rewards of the front variants this month, and the backside variants next month :]

Don't worry, I'll start pre-orders for the Fifi la Fume one in September (that's when most schools start classes again right?)

Thank you for your support!


The cat has overwhelmed

Sun Jul 26 04:17:16 2015

And finally 0r0 turns into a cat!

Drawn on the surge of inspiration after finding out the mangaka whose art I've been a fan of since the early 2000s, starting with "Cat Wife" UwU. Nakagami Takashi's (Mayoineko) style is, in the shortest of descriptions, perfected 90′s anime

His proportions are unbelievable, the sharpness of his linework, the thickness of his sketching, the variety of his expressions during coitus, the dynamism of his LEWDs, everything is just fantastic.

He may be the most western of kemono artists too! Dude even does Pokemon and some MLP (though this ain't as good as his more anthropomorphic work). I highly suggest you hunt down his stuff, it's magnificent visual aide.



Thu Jul 16 21:19:21 2015

I love how there was like 3 people who pledged for the tier-3 development reward (the 50$ unflattened PSD one)

And upon seeing that they couldn't just leech off the PSD from the Patreon timeline, they retracted the pledge.




Wed Jul 1 21:48:17 2015

Oh, forgot to mention, that the whole issue is that Paypal just doesn't "enjoy" being associated with PORN or wtvr?

So you can't tell it not to auto-decline the payment, you legit just have to use a different source of payment to pay for NSFW Patreons, like say a debit card or credit card or wtvr else Patreon lets you use to fund your pledges.

Such is life in the zone.

Regarding Patreon Paypal payments/pledging

Wed Jul 1 21:32:57 2015

It has come to my attention that Paypal now automatically blocks payments to NSFW Patreons, so if you happen have Paypal as your default payment method for my Patreon, I'd greatly appreciate it if you took a few minutes out of your day to modify your payment method for this upcoming billing cycle, so as your pledge doesn't get declined and all.

Otherwise I'm screwed ;_;!

Thank you for your time folks UuU /'')


Lack of June content

Wed Jul 1 19:01:01 2015

WELP, I got sidetracked by a big project that I ended up putting on hiatus after the source material stopped being a thrill for me and ended up becoming a gigantic pain in the ass/wallet.

I'll have plenty of content this next pay cycle tho', if you've been attending my streams you'll know what I've been working on.

Sorry folks U~U;; hang in there! and thanks!

Empress rose claw [Sketch PSD file]

Sat Jun 6 20:42:52 2015

And the sketch file, enjoy!

a6b346ad7af3e64fba16b22f6d712ff6.jpg 7005fd6b266948e5dc001b8c8534832e.psd (d)

This love will be your downfall

Sat Jun 6 20:45:11 2015

This is what happens when freakin' ACstlugets together with lord Discord.

He gets these kind of ideas and now 0r0 is forced-genderswapped into being Discord's breeding station. HUFF!


Empress rose claw [Fullsize PNG]

Sat Jun 6 20:35:24 2015

Full size file attached to this post, thank you for your continuous support c:!

6f52e54b4efa66acfe0f1ef49d2f28dc.jpg 0978eb340a6fe8bd5f4029c26a207c30.png

Empress rose claw

Fri May 29 20:54:18 2015

My submission for LMJ's deck of cards projectFull Service 2 :D, 0r0ch1 serving as the King of hearts.

Along with a few alts I wanted to show, just color desaturation and without the rose energy burst. (which I will post later during the reward period c: )


Twinkie Pinkie [Fullsize PNG]

Fri May 15 00:01:11 2015

And finally, worsd bonis Purple Smart and Party Tail

d466622ad18194b8e89a72009fa084c0.jpg b4745ecc11f9952a7e2049b7daf9e2b7.png

Flowerwalls [fullsize PNG]

Thu May 14 23:59:31 2015

Yellowquiet and Whiteclassy [check the attachments]

f4add487d1e2349de889e44784feccbd.jpg 08b1e53003d545a9c1fe8bfac7f3ea5e.png

Appledasher [fulll size PNG]

Thu May 14 23:56:59 2015

And here you go folks, starting up with the objectively best bonies. Check this post's attachments for the full size file c:

5b6b164a83d0577c32deb616160be578.jpg 24e2d20a5898965414b4310e3acbca58.png

Even more goodies tomorrow, stay tuned! ;O~

Thu May 14 06:52:18 2015

Next daki preview [side B]

Wed May 13 23:05:11 2015

Can't do side A without some side B (for butte)


Next daki preview [side A]

Wed May 13 23:04:33 2015

As I mentioned earlied on my tumblr, you lucky folk get a quick preview of my upcoming Fifi la Fume love pillow design UuU /'')



Wed May 13 08:57:14 2015

And it's sister Blu version (the best)

again, check the attachment to this post c;

check again tomorrow for something even BETTER

8d5bcc05666dee27ad07637237d4cf64.jpg 731cbd484f492386fdc52d9da8a619ef.png


Wed May 13 08:55:20 2015

Freebie for you fine folk c:

Attached to this post is the full-size PNG of this ol favorite of mine UuU /'')

8b6ba59c7bfefc2397e2c93225ecd12b.jpg e37985d96ae6d42165a582ac1aa0d66b.png


Mon May 4 04:46:39 2015

But you know what, considering the lackluster content this month, I think I'll give you guys a few goodies in the next couple of days!

Check your activity notifications tomorrow ;>

Inventory meeting [Sketch PSD file]

Mon May 4 04:46:23 2015

Sketch file incoming :O

d49081260060033456cb5c0537b96ae3.psd (d)

Inventory Meeting [Full size png]

Mon May 4 04:41:26 2015

And here come the rewards for this month's rewards, thank you for being patient :]!

Gonna try to do better this month UcU, now that I'm done with all pending outsourcing work @w@;;

Attached is the fullsize file of Inventory Meeting, enjoy :]


Inventory Meeting

Tue Apr 28 05:22:27 2015

A loving, little after-hours meeting at Club Stereotronique among the 3 managers~

Featuring Maxximizer's lovable Patachu-like babbu and Inuki's historic Gen!

Managed to churn this one out just in time for the Patreon roll lol ; ;;;;; whew!


Regarding this upcoming month cycle

Sun Apr 5 19:45:08 2015

Might not have a lot to show this next cycle, as most of you are aware, I'm still working on a couple of dakimakura designs I'm planning on releasing VERY soon, but damn, they take a long time with their edits and all @~@;;;

It's also why I didn't add the DfD-tier pledge, my time is still being consumed by these 2 designs along with another outstanding deadline looming over, a pending commission, etc etc, but I have to hurry the fuck up lol. Fug ; ;;;;;

I'll still have a couple of works for ya tho' :]

Thank you for your continued support, hope you'l stick around for longer


Welcome to the adventure [Sketch PSD file]

Sun Apr 5 19:37:01 2015

And for my 100th activity post! "Welcome to the adventure"'s Sketch PSD @w@

95e8d0d1d808255fe386c32225eb5c8d.psd (d)

Welcome to the adventure [Full size png]

Sun Apr 5 19:28:35 2015

And now, pls press Start for WELCOME TO THE ADVENTURE


Lunar Electronique [Sketch PSD file]

Sun Apr 5 19:25:46 2015

following up it's her sketch PSD file :>

b5bc8d184576beccd191678b74ad71fa.psd (d)

Lunar Electronique [Full size png]

Sun Apr 5 19:24:37 2015

DJ p0n3's turn! Attached is the full size piece :]


Flutterslip [Sketch PSD file]

Sun Apr 5 19:14:50 2015

And it's sister sketchfile 'w'!

2c02ca082ab624cef9938beba95a771c.psd (d)

Flutterslip [Full size png]

Sun Apr 5 19:12:14 2015

Attached is the Flutterslip full-size piece UuU /'')


Welcome to the adventure

Thu Mar 26 05:24:56 2015

After much consideration, and looking back at the little circus I had to go through in order to get everything right for this piece (Font included, whew), I decided it's worth some patronage.

A small heartfelt tribute to some of my beloved franchises encased in the golden era of Capcom's fighting reign!


Lunar Electronique

Thu Mar 26 05:11:30 2015

And here's the last piece I submitted to MLS4, covering the last holiday in the solar calendar, (though publicly released more accordingly to the lunar calendar's dates).

Don't know if anyone else noticed, but the order in which I did the 4 pieces was chronological? Halloween => Thanksgiving => Xmas => Newyear's 'w' lole. Anyway enjoy p0n3 in her formal attire UcU~



Thu Mar 26 05:09:44 2015

Finally getting around to uploading the other 2 illustrations I did for MLS4.

Fluttershy is in for a big surprise as she tries taking on Ol' Saint Nick's role @w@;;;


Thank you for your input!

Sun Mar 8 02:21:15 2015

I think I got a few good ideas for next month. I just wanna do away with some outstanding pending projects before I implement them, hope you'll find them interesting at least!

Creator Goals feedback

Tue Mar 3 00:19:57 2015

Might as well use this moment to ask you folk what would you say is a good Creator Goal to have?

Cause like, you'd think that an easy one would be to do more frequent streams, but the thing is I can barely stream without something entertaining me at the same time as I draw?

And there's just so many times a guy can watch KOTH or American Dad or Simpsons before they just become an annoyance rather than a distraction. So I don't think I could handle streaming daily or weekly without Howard's show to feed off of (and it really helps with the audience I think, brings up good topics and tidbits to enjoy while I SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWLY work my magick)

I suppose another option would be to offer like, idk, wallpaper versions of each post? 'w';;;

TBH I don't feel the whole "raffle" thing, but I suppose I could give it a shot? But then the logistics of it drive me nuts, like, setting up a stream for the drawing to take place, worrying about everyone actually attending, and to reassure folk that the selection was indeed completely at random.

I'd like to hear your input tho' UwU /'')


Tue Mar 3 00:11:07 2015

Great, Howard's away doing AGT :|

Bloody Rose [Sketch PSD file]

Mon Mar 2 20:49:14 2015

And it's sketch file, hope it serves as good visual guide for you folks! U3U

d95fd58da3bcdbe41ba61b26c0f3a3d9.psd (d)

Bloody Rose [Full size png]

Mon Mar 2 20:43:45 2015

Big ol' titties and dong for ya UcU~!


Steam camouflage [Sketch PSD file]

Mon Mar 2 20:36:45 2015

Got a few layers on this one. Had to hammer out the background and steam pattern 'w'

ed43166ed826dc05473748f4984c1fa3.psd (d)

Steam camouflage [Full size png]

Mon Mar 2 20:31:30 2015

Hope you like 'u' /''), it's in the attachment as always~


Lance Blasting Bolt Hymn [Sketch PSD file]

Mon Mar 2 20:23:48 2015

Little bigger than usual, cause I had to re-sketch it to a size I could then blow-up even further for final inking, was damn worth it in the end tho'

c8ffc980075095abf9796c6ac57ffa96.psd (d)

Lance Blasting Bolt Hymn [Full size png]

Mon Mar 2 20:12:45 2015

Click on the attachment to download 'w' /'')!


Hey guise!

Sun Mar 1 04:05:29 2015

I'd like to bring attention to an issue I've been having with patrons just kinda leaving all of a sudden.

Clearly they pledge at first after reading through the pledge rewards, But sometimes, folk will just up and leave all of a sudden. I know I don't produce a lot of content on a monthly basis (that's why my thing is setup to charge per-piece), but is it really that inconvenient to wait for the rewards/end of the month?

IDK, like I just don't get why people would just up and leave when they can simply A) put a limit to how much they pledge a month and B) It's not like I go full scumbag mode and post a bunch of paid posts JUST to get dat $$$ at the end of the month.

What's so offensive about just, like, being patient? I guess?

If anyone has any insight, I'd like to hear it, I just don't get it @~@


Sat Feb 28 20:31:14 2015

Rewards coming out soon, stay tuned >w< y

Lance Blasting Bolt Hymn

Tue Feb 24 00:26:23 2015

My half of a trade with Mango-chan! one which I'm incredibly proud of.

Mango approached me with the idea of drawing Mango as a magical girl-type character, and it got me thinking. I mean it's bad enough that I hit puberty during my viewing of Sera Mun back in the early/mid 90's! But now that I can draw/compose the same shit that I looked up to everyday on my limited dial-up internet access??? Well suffice to say I was very hyped to craft this.

Moreso because then I asked myself, what happens to magical girls that grow into adulthood with those powers, I mean Madoka shat all over that possibility, and Sera Mun, we never ever really went farther than 18ish with Haruka and Michiru. Sure we saw what happened to Usagi, but she's a special case, SUPPOSEDLY the other senshi remain soldiers, but they still rook the same.

But yeah I just went with that interesting notion, a fully grown (and filled out) woman still fighting the good magical girl fight, not letting age wear her down. What if it's JUST the one magical girl, not a team.

I wanted to properly display a magical woman and her plight in a picture, her battle spirit and emotional baggage from so many years, and I think I did a good enough jobbe on it UoU /")


Straw Poll

Sun Feb 15 21:25:53 2015

Ey folks, would you mind voting on this here poll? UuU thank!


Bloody Rose

Sun Feb 8 20:55:12 2015

Commission for Teh Cait on over on FA :]


Steam camouflage

Sat Feb 7 18:04:48 2015

Patreon commission for Heartwood over on FA :]


Thunder Thighs and Crackling Whips [Sketchfile PSD]

Tue Feb 3 05:24:56 2015

Fuck me with a 10ft pole, I seem to have misplaced the sketchfile as well @u@;;;;;;;;;;;;; so... well, here's something more for your troubles UnU;;! enjoy!




Thunder Thighs and Crackling Whips [fullsize PNG]

Tue Feb 3 05:22:02 2015

And now the one you've been waiting for UuU hehehe


Tiger cat blues [Sketchfile PSD]

Tue Feb 3 04:50:39 2015

And the sketch file UuU

1330eaafa4fe76eedaf9319aa5c4f6c3.psd (d)

Tiger cat blues [fullsize PNG]

Tue Feb 3 04:47:10 2015

Up in the attachments 'w'


Top me off Sparkles [Sketchfile PSD]

Tue Feb 3 04:34:26 2015

So it turns out I misplaced the sketches of this piece, so, to not leave the 5$ pledgers without anything to this piece, here's the unflats, eek

use this link to download UoU https://www.dropbox.com/s/pjkkat6dfertxkp/voodoopredoneunflats.psd?dl=0


Top me off Sparkles [Full size PNG]

Tue Feb 3 04:15:13 2015

Up on the attachment 'u'



Tue Feb 3 04:01:20 2015

And here come the rewards UuU /'')

0r0xHaiku high res PNGs

Tue Jan 27 02:48:03 2015

Alright, well if you've seen this here post of mine on Tumblr http://crackervolley.tumblr.com/post/107434759648/little-sequence-i-did-for-fun-with-my-qbee you might like to see that there's a bigger-sized version of that sequence UcU, SO, to tide you over to the next rewards, here they are :] attached to this post! enjoy <3

3a3901da67832bae6cea4b8bf3ced164.jpg 9cc7e2296b865eb2ee1348f38c5bb9da.rar (d)


Tue Jan 27 00:53:03 2015

So are close-ups of T3H SEX still allowed here on Patreon? I got something for my patient patrons to enjoy while they wait for the rewards of these last 3 pieces U~U!

Thunder Thighs and Crackling Whips

Thu Jan 22 22:02:45 2015

Alt version of a piece I drew as a trade with Lil Miss Jay. Seemed like a natural thing to do to make a version with canon chars for everyone else :]


Tiger cat blues

Sun Jan 11 02:13:12 2015

Inspired by Mark of the Wolves' arcade intro, a piece for Mestiso over on FA of his Tiger character :]


Top me off Sparkles

Sun Jan 11 02:11:41 2015

Render of a big-dicked Unicorn "Owen" for Darkmor over on FA :]


Applejack in repose [Sketch PSD]

Mon Jan 5 05:14:31 2015

Check the attachments as always UuU

cf9ddd3a4d4731f1c4b228aeb0f9253f.psd (d)

PinkieWeen! [Sketch PSD]

Mon Jan 5 05:11:16 2015

Up in them there attachments :]

ffc206f05e7272aa70ac89dc9469bd8a.psd (d)

PinkieWeen! [Fullsize PNG]

Mon Jan 5 05:08:26 2015

Hope you rike :]]]]]

444c5ed65d3bef220a0cf0132293da87.jpg e50a2134c6d4c78b956de414d8ef8d9c.png

Applejack in repose [Fullsize PNG]

Mon Jan 5 04:54:57 2015

Enjoy :D (in the attachment)

44fbfffc0a1663670f27a381c7b8784d.jpg 2c123f53da8df7b3955850bf833aa46a.png

Rewards incoming

Sun Jan 4 00:27:27 2015

Rewards coming in the next couple of days :]!


Mon Dec 29 22:11:25 2014

Another one of my pieces for MLS4, Halloween themed, and featuring everyone's favorite pinkblob UcU!


Applejack in repose

Mon Dec 29 22:09:42 2014

One of the pieces I submitted to My Little Sweetheart 4 UuU /''). Now allowed to release publicly <3!


Test/Sample LV-426 sketch files

Sun Dec 28 10:06:43 2014

And the sketches UoU, again, check the attachement :]

b106c87eac861887569f89b2484dddaf.psd (d)

Test LV-426 fullsize PNG

Sun Dec 28 10:01:12 2014

Check the attachements 'u' /'')


Sample LV-426 fullsize PNG

Sun Dec 28 09:47:23 2014

Check the attachements 'u' /'')


Tes LV-426

Sun Dec 28 09:40:21 2014

Ditto UuU


Sample LV-426

Sun Dec 28 09:38:51 2014

Reuploading this baby after the ToS scare :::DDD


False alarm

Tue Dec 23 06:51:32 2014

Oops, seems drawn smut is still A-Ok with Patreon, I'll re-upload the LV-426 pieces back then @u@


Mon Dec 22 20:31:18 2014

To anyone pledging the 50$ reward: Contact me about past submission's PSDs, I don't keep them on file here, gotta upload those again lol

Violet Spirit sketch file

Fri Nov 7 09:01:23 2014

And now the sketches UvU

612a6eaaf7c0bc24a5c2f89088a52be8.psd (d)

Full size PNG of Violet Spirit

Fri Nov 7 08:39:00 2014

here come the rewards :], starting with the full-size file of the pic



Sun Nov 2 02:56:34 2014

Hopefully that'll be the last of these kind of updates.

By which I mean I will soon change the method I get income from this here website, from "by the pic" to simply "by the month"

Gotta finish the buttons and new reward descriptions first, stay tuned UoU

Hat Red

Sun Nov 2 02:54:55 2014

Navy Seals copypasta with a flare!


Upcoming changes and additions to rewards

Thu Oct 30 06:42:52 2014

Time for a revamp! stay tuned U~U

Violet Soul

Thu Oct 30 05:49:16 2014

Trade with Sif on over at FA :]



Sun Oct 5 22:14:17 2014

And that's it, 50$ rewards will be delivered privately to their respective donors UwU

Thank you kindly yet again for your continuous support! <3

Semen Hound flat PSD file

Sun Oct 5 22:13:13 2014

And finally, Miss Dipyena's file UcU~~~

9293825a3120242a28058839d9a9768b.psd (d)

Pixelatronic flat PSD file

Sun Oct 5 22:03:52 2014

Skunkboy's file now UwU /'')

e9dc53fe85c73784631150c825e1f9ea.psd (d)

Miss Rara fullsize PSD file

Sun Oct 5 21:51:41 2014

Now onto the fullsize PSDs. Starting with Miss Rara <3

1306db0bb2c2b3a8f7815089f7e0953d.psd (d)

Semen Hound sketch file

Sun Oct 5 21:39:33 2014

And of course we can't forget about Miss Denise UwU /'')

3357d8af60c4f577b9c5345c19744700.psd (d)

Sketch file for Pixelatronic

Sun Oct 5 21:36:56 2014

Now the lacey leathery skunk's turn

0bedbe4c2bc7b99ab2a818d0d7034394.psd (d)

Sketch file for Rara :]]]]

Sun Oct 5 21:33:39 2014

Moving onto the 5$ pledge rewards, here's the sketch psd file of the Rara illustration, enjoy! (and pls notice that her spine is correctly aligned!)

5bb56a72b8e60b9b37570a339fe32532.psd (d)

Semen Hound fullsize PNG file

Sun Oct 5 19:24:08 2014

And here's the one for that BAD BAD Hyena <3


Pixelatronic fullsize PNG files

Sun Oct 5 19:19:35 2014

Now the PNGs for the Pixelatronic (gonna compile them in a rar file since it's like 4 of them lol)

e2d50e64dd033514dcf5a5a01677daf6.rar (d)

Rara fullsize PNG file

Sun Oct 5 19:06:39 2014

Alright here we go, lets start with all the rewards for Rara :]

Here's the fullsize png (sans EBIN maymays)


Semen Hound

Wed Sep 24 08:41:31 2014

Little gift for Honey Dip at http://haiku-oezu.tumblr.com :]



Wed Sep 24 08:37:18 2014

This picture was a neat exercise in rendering techniques and visual styles, if you noticed the Tumblr post there's liek 4 version of this, going from untouched to completely stylized by gif compression.

Gonna start using that in more stuff from now on UuU



Mon Sep 22 18:48:21 2014

My half of a trade with Siden!

He asked me to depict Rara doing wtvr, classy as only she can. This was the result UwU /"). IDK I liked going against the typical depiction of the girl, always decked out in high fashion everything, kinda like her better when she's loose and relaxed and intimate like this!

And you lucky Patrons will get to see the sketches that show her spine is awrite, I just fucked up the cloth folds ayylmao



Wed Aug 27 05:52:13 2014


Hope you like <3, got another one coming up soon after, just gotta shade the bitch

Full size PSD file: Lightning Dust (back)

Tue Aug 5 22:28:33 2014

backside now


Full size PNG file: Lightning Dust (front)

Tue Aug 5 22:26:31 2014

Oh and of course, the fullsize PNGs for every patron UuU /'')



Tue Aug 5 22:23:27 2014

I know a couple of you have pledged the big reward for the un-flattened PSDs. However those came up after I finished these last 2 pics, so I don't eggsactly have anything to show for you generous folks (yet)

BUT, there are a couple of kickass illustrations coming down the line that will greatly take advantage of multiple layering and effects UwU, so if you're legitimately interested in some 0r0-brand visual learning, don't let up, you'll be handsomely rewarded come next month <3.

Thanks in advance!


Tue Aug 5 22:21:08 2014

Now the sketches. I do a lot of internal visualization UwU;;; saves on drawing time lol


Full size PSD file: Lightning Dust (back)

Tue Aug 5 22:18:41 2014

Now the backside ;O~<

538b40e297345ea14995e3e1e3e81774.psd (d)

Full size PSD file: Lightning Dust (front)

Tue Aug 5 22:15:04 2014

Since the illustrations have been paid for, here come the rewards 'u' /''), starting off with the full size PSDs.

This one will be for the front-side Lightning Dust!

b8270776394cd53759e38636b59b0cab.psd (d)


Tue Aug 5 03:42:15 2014

Whew, ok back from Bronycon! I'll upload the rewards soon! 'u' /'')

Sky Villain 2

Tue Jul 29 22:18:20 2014

Showing off her backside now yeah..yeah that's the ticket..!

As always, I'll post the sketches and PSD once payment clears for these 2 little pix UuU /'') kthx!


Sky Villain 1

Tue Jul 29 22:14:59 2014

Sorry for the lack of updates, been running around cons and trades UwU /'').

Also looking at other bidniss possibilities, that may or may not include this here illustration ;3~<. enjoy="" in="" mean="" so="" the="" time="">



Wed Jul 2 20:11:18 2014

Seeing as how the Buster pic has been the only one fully paid post so far, here's the PSD for you 10$-tier patrons UwU /''). Thanks!

7a952bf185890bf8926717e4a6251dff.psd (d)

Concerning oldies but goldies

Fri Jun 27 01:04:35 2014

Attention all Patreons, how would you feel about me uploading pre-Patreon artwork (like say, that TF2 pony poster) as paid posts. Which would allow for fullsizes and PSDs of said olden works.

Would that be a little bit TOO jewy? lol

Let me know!

Full Size and PSDs

Thu Jun 26 20:34:15 2014

I've been getting word that a common practice in this website is that people cancel their pledges before they're charged if you show them the rewards through these activity feeds :[

So I think I'll instead use the rewards manager to send out the full-sizes and PSDs after each payment cycle UnU

Just looking out for potential scammers ya kno.

Thanks for understanding!

Tiny Toony Tootsies

Thu Jun 26 18:37:50 2014

seems like someone got into Fifi's make up kit!


rolling rolling rolling

Wed Jun 25 20:31:14 2014

Working on the next update UvU /'')


Full size FOR REALS

Thu Jun 19 22:03:58 2014

Hmm, ok so evidently effin' Patreon still resizes the images regardless of their original size at upload. Soooo, I'm attaching the latest upload on this here post



Thu Jun 19 21:09:23 2014

Cackle! group portrait!

Been a while since I made a group shot like this. Reason being that I learned that, in order to do those amazing group shots I saw as a kid, in arcade flyers and publicity, they drew/CGd each char individually (in most cases), then bunch them up together to form the grouping…9_6;;;

Not like, draw the whole group and color them together (again, for the most part) fak.

Plus doing each char individually allows for more freedom of alternative grouping and composition in the longrun

But damn it takes a while, fug


Lets keep it rollin'

Thu Jun 12 06:45:31 2014

Working hard on the next update :]


Alt Color 5

Fri Jun 6 20:17:46 2014

These were her original colors (Sakura colors) before I switched to the Lucky Star summer shade.

Also had to turn this one into a JPG cause the PNG wouldn't fit in Patreon 'w';;;


Alt color 4

Fri Jun 6 20:12:27 2014

Wanted to see how it'd look like with a more fitting color for the ribbons


Alt Color 3

Fri Jun 6 20:09:15 2014

Just a darker shade to contrast her bright colors


Alt color 2

Fri Jun 6 20:06:06 2014

Colored after Sailor Jupiter's duds :3c


Nvm I figured it out

Fri Jun 6 20:01:22 2014

Alt color 1 'u'


Salt's PSD

Fri Jun 6 19:51:09 2014

Ok since I can't seem to put up another "creation" with the PSD attached, imma do it here 'w' /'') [Check the little clip icon on the upper right of this post]

a0f698e62cb87d1ae8deb905b5a87b19.psd (d)

Leave my breath salty

Fri Jun 6 19:41:03 2014

Hope I'm doing this right '~'


1st update redux

Fri Jun 6 03:21:35 2014

Reposting the first upload, but without the link, I think? this site's post options needs a bit more work honestly '~';;. Inspired by this little filly http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13514073/



Fri Jun 6 02:54:30 2014

And I finally come up with a proper sketch for the piece 'w' /'')



Fri Jun 6 02:53:01 2014

Ok I think I got the hang of this, unfortunately you cannot link and post an image with the update at the same time '~', it's gotta be one or the other. So yeah, the first update 2posts below has an attachment on the upper right (has another sketch)


More sketches of dat dere Salt

Fri Jun 6 02:50:56 2014

More sketches! cause lord knows I wasn't satisfied with the first doodles I did of her


Actually looking into this, don't worry lol

Wed Jun 4 22:04:39 2014

Working on an update folks, don't fret UwU, I'm just taking some time with it to get it just right!