Paweł Urbanek Rails Performance Consultant

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Full Stack web development consultant with over 8 years of experience. Specializing in Ruby on Rails and website performance. Experienced in building scalable APIs for startups and refactoring legacy codebases. Blogging about web development related topics. After hours I train rock climbing to rest my wrists from the keyboard.

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Rails Performance Tuning, Security and Reliability Audit

Don't wait for an actual incident to improve your app's security. Frustrated clients will not tell you that your website is slow but click away to the competition.

I'm available to conduct a performance tuning and security audit of your Rails app. You can now improve the fundamentals of your project, without compromising on your roadmap and features development speed.

I offer a condensed set of security and performance-related best practices that I've already applied in numerous client projects. Sometimes it took our team months of work or an actual security incident to realize that we needed this particular solution in place.

The final outcome of my audit is not only the report of what you should fix in your app. I can submit the PRs with improvements to your Rails app repo and apply infrastructure fixes. Additionally, I'll guide you through my process of identifying, debugging, and fixing bottlenecks. As a result, you'll be able to apply similar fixes yourself when new issues pop up.

What My Clients Say

Working with Paweł was an enlightening experience. He took the time to go into every detail to optimize our application by helping us understand the bottlenecks, how to measure them and how to act pragmatically on them. After just a single day of work, his suggestions made our app 30% faster during peak time, making our customers extremely happy!

Gianluca Bargelli, Founder of

I reached out to Paweł because we had some pages that were loading very slow, and it was hurting us in Google's search results. Paweł was able to review our code and make changes to cut the page load speeds in half within a day.

Ryan Chin, Founder of

Paweł helped us develop the core of our software. He was leading the development of a high performing SAAS service that scaled. There were several areas that Paweł worked with: Database performance, Ruby code performance, and security at many technical levels (…) His ownership and dedication to his work inspired the rest of the team to perform and create high-quality software.

Jan Steinar Kvilesjø, CTO at

Paweł contributed as a defining individual contributor to our backend and frontend in the the early days of our company. I still think back to the time when he supported us and single-handedly got a lot of big things out of the way.

Marius Simon, CTO at

Paweł has got a scientific mind and is a very careful observer. With his vast knowledge about programming and infrastructure and experience with backend and frontend technologies, he is a very good adviser and fast problem solver. He helped us with some security and performance issues.