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This project is personal which means that it will only be run by me. Initially, the main goal of this project is only for me to learn developing decentralized applications (DAPPs) and share my learning experience with other beginner developers. "Why not make a team like every other projects?". Sure, but will be a different project, not this one. Through out my academic careers and no matter what job I went through I always spare some time for my personal career which in the past was content creating and investing. Therefore, this will be a project that I will never abandon until I die. However, I am often very busy, I can guarantee you the progress of this project for as long as I live but I can only guarantee a very slow progress. So do buy only a little, just $10 and no more than $100 because beyond that is your own risk and not financial advice!


Level 1 Subscription 🛒

Many contents are available but hold enough tokens to access, so buy only as much as you need to access contents you are interested in because buying anymore may prove useless that you will not make profit and you may feel scammed for losing your money. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Level 2 Utility 🛅

If this project grows, I may provide goods and services, get discounts, and PURCHASE ONLY WHAT YOU NEED.

Level 3 Speculation 🤑

After many aggressive marketings, this token may become famous which often results many will take the high risk to trade the market for profit. DO NOT TRADE MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE.

Level 4 Investment 📈

When there are prospective businesses that I can use your money to make more money, we can share profits called dividends. Then this token will have matured but do your own research (DYOR).

Level ? Complete Decentralization 🌐

I will not live forever and when I die, this project must still continue.


Experiment Token Contracts:


  • Mint experiment tokens ✅
  • Hodl subscription system
  • Monetize public DeFi portfolio
  • Start with cryptocurrency 101 book and trading 101 book (basic (basicfta.888/), intermediate (intermediatefta.888/), advance (advancedfta.888/)) ❌
  • Start with 2 video gameplay stories ❌
  • Fast forward trading signals videos ❌
  • Initial Coin Offerings ❌
  • Listing in decentralized exchanges (DEXs) ✅
  • Multi EVM Chain ✅
  • Cross EVM Chain ❌
  • Mint fixed tokens ❌
  • No Ads, Donations, and Javascript Mining on existing blogs ✅.
  • Open multiple tabs 3rd party DeFi wallet trackers and save search histories as file ❌
  • More premium contents ❌
  • Time locked subscription system ❌
  • Liquidity providing subscription system ❌
  • File selling system ❌
  • Advertisement section ❌
  • Listing in Coingecko, Coin Market Cap, etc. ❌


Coin Information

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Decentralized Exchanges

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Centralized Exchanges

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The future subscription method will be liquidity token subscription, just remind the list below for myself: