Zvonko Lepetić

Zvonimir "Zvonko" Lepetić (17 November 1928 – 4 January 1991[1]) was one of the leading character actors of Croatian and Yugoslav cinema and television.[2]

Lepetić was born in Berane, Montenegro. Since 1939, he lived in Sarajevo, where he graduated from gymnasium and was later enrolled at the Drama Studio (Dramski studio).[1][2] In 1953 he joined the Sarajevo National Theatre.[1] After short acting stints in Buje, Šibenik and Zadar, in 1963 Lepetić joined the Croatian National Theatre in Split, where he stayed until 1968 and his move to Zagreb.[1][3]

Lepetić's earliest film role was in Fadil Hadžić's Konjuh planinom (1966), but his first prominent film performances were in The Pine Tree in the Mountain (1971)[1] and Acting Hamlet in the Village of Mrdusa Donja (1973).[2] In his career, Lepetić had more than 60 film and television credits.[1]

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