Zoom (1999 TV series)

Created by Christopher Sarson
Developed by WGBH Boston
Opening theme "Come On And Zoom"
Ending theme "Send it to Zoom" (seasons 1–2 and 7)
"Send us Z-Mail" (seasons 3–6)
Country of origin United States (1999–2007)
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 7
No. of episodes 200
Executive producer(s) Kate Taylor
Producer(s) Jonathan Meath[1][2]
Location(s) Boston, Massachusetts
Running time approx. 30 minutes[3]
Production company(s) WGBH-TV
Original network PBS Kids (1999-2004)
PBS Kids GO! (2004-2007)
Picture format Closed-Captioned, Color
Audio format Mono
First shown in United States
Original release January 4, 1999 (1999-01-04) – May 6, 2005 (2005-05-06)
Preceded by Zoom (1972 TV series)
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Zoom is an American television program for ages eight and up, created almost entirely by children. It originally aired on PBS from January 4, 1999 to May 6, 2005. It was a remake of a 1972 TV series by the same name. Both versions were produced by WGBH-TV in Boston. Reruns were aired until around early 2007. Zoom also aired on Discovery Kids in Canada.


Zoom made a comeback in 1999 in largely the same format, with many of the same games and continued to feature content and ideas submitted by viewers. This second Zoom series ran for seven seasons (19992005) and featured 32 Zoomers but was not renewed after the 2005 season due to falling ratings blamed on the increased competition in children's programming.[4]

Cast members

ZOOM Cast Member 1 Cast Member 2 Cast Member 3 Cast Member 4 Cast Member 5 Cast Member 6 Cast Member 7
Season 1 (1999) Zoe Costello Jared Nathan Keiko Yoshida Pablo Velez, Jr. Alisa Besher David Toropov Lynese Browder
Season 2 (2000) Ray MacMore Caroline Botelho Claudio Schwartz Alisa Besher Jessica "Jessie" Ogungbadero Kenny Yates Zoe Costello
Season 3 (2001) Frances Domond Kenny Yates Rachel Redd Eric Rollins Kaleigh Cronin Buzz Barrette Caroline Botelho
Season 4 (2002) Aline Toupi Garrett DiBona Rachel Redd Matthew "Matt" Runyon Estuardo Alvizures Kaleigh Cronin Caroline Botelho
Season 5 (2003) Caroline Botelho Aline Toupi Estuardo Alvizures Garrett DiBona Mike Hansen Kortney Sumner Elena "Shing Ying" Shieh
Season 6 (2004) Mike Hansen Kortney Sumner Francesco Tena Cara Harvey Kyle Larrow Maya Morales Elena "Shing Ying" Shieh
Season 7 (2005) Nick Henry Taylor Garron Francesco Tena Noreen Raja Emily Marshall Kyle Larrow Elena "Shing Ying" Shieh

Season overview

Season Episodes Originally Aired (U.S. Dates)
First Aired Last Aired
1 40 January 4, 1999 January 3, 2000
2 40 January 4, 2000 April 24, 2000
3 40 January 1, 2001 April 11, 2001
4 20 January 25, 2002 June 7, 2002
5 20 March 31, 2003 July 18, 2003
6 20 April 19, 2004 June 7, 2004
7 20 April 4, 2005 May 6, 2005



Four videos were released based on the show: Party with Zoom (June 22, 1999, ISBN 157807200X), The Zoomers Video Special: The Making of ZOOM! (January 11, 2000), America Kids Respond (March 20, 2001), and Zoom: America's Kids Remember (October 8, 2002). Additionally, a two-disc set with four full episodes plus various footage from all six seasons of the 1970s version was released on October 28, 2008.[5]

Four books by Amy E. Sklansky compiled from material submitted by viewers were published by Little, Brown and Company:

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