Zenit Đozić

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Zenit Đozić (born 8 October 1961 in Bugojno, PR Bosnia-Herzegovina, FPR Yugoslavia) is a Bosnian actor, humorist and television producer. Known under nicknames Zena and Fu-Do, he started his entertainment career as early drummer of rock band Zabranjeno Pušenje.

He left Zabranjeno Pušenje before the band recorded its first album, but formed Top lista nadrealista with his former band-mates and became one of the most prominent members of the group. He then returned to the group on their second album in back vocal capacity, and did the subsequent tour with them.

He stayed in Sarajevo during the Bosnian War and took part in war-time sketches of Top lista nadrealista.

After the war, he finished Academy of Performing Arts (ASU) in Sarajevo and then received a master's degree in television production in London.[1] As of 2006 he is living in Sarajevo and working as television producer.[2]


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