Zack Files (season 1)

The First Season of The Zack Files was broadcast between September 17, 2000 and April 2, 2001

Season one

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Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
11"The Library of No Return"E.J.ThompsonKathy SlevinSeptember 17, 20001.01

Zack forgets to return Alice in Wonderland and the characters come to life. Spencer and Cam must become Zack's lawyer and find proof who disculp him and identify the real thief: Vernon.

Absent: Gwen. She appears in the next episode.
22"You Don't Say"William FruetJames NadlerSeptember 18, 20001.02
When Principal Killerby starts his career at Zack's school, he meets his daughter Gwen. Meanwhile, when Zack picks up a book on ventriloquism at a magic shop and learns to throw his voice, his voice escapes from his body.
33"It's a Wonderful School"Michael DeCarloKathy SlevinSeptember 25, 20001.03
Zack loses the class president election and is so angery that he breaks the voting machine which sends him to an alternate future in which he is a junkie while Vernon is now the headmaster.
44"Quiet Please, I'm Reading Your Mind"John BellKathy SlevinOctober 2, 20001.04
An incident causes Zack to read other's minds.
55"Sock World"William FruetJames NadlerOctober 9, 20001.05

Zack finds himself in a world which is dominated by socks while trying to obtain a sock which reminded him of the time when his parents were together.

Absent: Gwen.
66"Total Rewind"Michael DeCarloKathy SlevinOctober 16, 20001.06
Dan buys a Digital Video Recorder from Vernon's father but the machine has aliens who want an human specimen: Vernon.
77"Loose Lips: A Dog's Story"John BellKathy SlevinOctober 23, 20001.07

Zack discovers he can only talk with dogs if they're in a vehicle which functions.

Absent: Cam and Vernon.
88"Crypt Seeker"Ross ClydeChris DickieOctober 30, 20001.08
It's video game week and Zack buys a new game that is called Crypt Seeker. While playing, he allows Tara Bond arriving in the real world while Spencer ends in the game world. Zack and Cam must find a way to send Tara back and deliver their friend before Tara can seduce Dan.
99"Misfortune Cookie"John BellJames NadlerNovember 13, 20001.09
Chinese cookies can sometimes done the wrong prediction. That's the thing Zack learns when he discovers that all his wishes will be granted. As Gwen faints while waiting her idol with Zack, Spencer and Cam end in a car's cemetery.
1010"Run Zack Run"Ron OliverKathy SlevinNovember 20, 20001.10
When Zack buys magic shoes, he can't stop running.
1111"Deja Vudoo"William FruetKathy SlevinNovember 27, 20001.11
When Gwen celebrates her birthday, Zack immediately falls in love with a girl named Rita and tries to seduce her but fails. While manipulating Spencer's camera, he goes back in the time each time he wants. He is naturally the only one to notice it.
1212"But I'm Too Young to Be My Dad"Ross ClydeKathy SlevinJanuary 15, 20011.12

Zack receives a visit from his future son (played by Daniel Clark who is Robert's older brother in real life).

Absent: Vernon
1313"Photo Double"Craig PryceKathy SlevinJanuary 8, 20011.13
When Zack gets a photo class, his soul is stuck in the photo, leaving him in a zombie state.
1414"One Bad Seed"Ron OliverSheila Presscott VesseyDecember 4, 20001.14
When Zack complains about his height, he accidentally swallows an orange seed and becomes taller.
1515"Fiber!"Gail HarveyKatayoun A MarcianoJanuary 1, 20011.15

When Dan insists that Zack should only eat sane food, he buys old cereals whose date of expiration come the day after. Zack eats it and becomes older and older. But his friend have to help him and reverse the process before Zack turns into dust.

Absent: Vernon.
1616"Anchovy of Doom"Craig PryceKathy SlevinJanuary 22, 20011.16
Zack, while working on a scientific project, commands an anchovy's pizza. He discovers he has the power to shrink people (Gwen, Dickie, Tad, Todd and Vernon) and to put them in a terrarium.
1717"Exit, Stage Fright"John BellKathy SlevinJanuary 29, 20011.17
Zack and his friends lose their pants while trying to vanquish their stage fright.
1818"Talented Mr. Talisman"William FruetChris DickieFebruary 5, 20011.18
After borrowing Gwen's lucky guess, Dan becomes extremely lucky while Gwen receives all the bad luck.
1919"This Is Your Conscience Calling"John BellKathy SlevinFebruary 19, 20011.20
Zack receives a call from his conscience after he forgot his promise to spend less money.
2020"The Switch"Harvey CrosslandPeter ColleyFebruary 26, 20011.21

Zack accidentally switches place with Vernon and begins to enjoy great life while Vernon must confront ordinary life. After that, Charles (Vernon's butler) intervenes which causes Vernon to find his body back and Charles to switch his with Zack.

Absent: Gwen.
2121"The Bottom Line"Ross ClydeLorianne T OvertonMarch 5, 20011.22
Zack obtains glasses which allows him to see the future.
2222"Sparkin'"William FruetKathy SlevinFebruary 12, 20011.19

Zack and Rita break-up and Zack creates some weird sparks who bring love between Cam and Gwen, Spencer and his reflection and Zack with a girl named Sarah.

Absent : Vernon
2323"Gone"Ross ClydeJames NadlerMarch 12, 20011.23

Zack drinks Gwen's ink and becomes invisible.

Absent : Dan
2424"It's a Jungle in There"William FruetMichael MaurerMarch 20, 20011.24
Zack forgets to feed his neighbor's cat and plants which turns her apartment into a jungle.
2525"A Place of My Own"Craig PryceSheila PresscottMarch 27, 20011.25
When Zack finally receives the key for his own apartment, he leaves his father and seems to enjoy adult life. That's until he organizes a party and gets expelled by mistake. Not even that, but he can't return to his old place since Dan converted his room into an office. Meanwhile, Dan tries again to seduce Jennifer.
2626"Dinner with Grandpa"John BellKathy SlevinApril 2, 20011.26

Zack and Dan have a familial dinner in which Zack's deceased grandfather Maurice wants to participate too.

Notes: This is the last episode to feature Grandma Leah and Charles.
Absent: Vernon.
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