You're Under Arrest (manga)

You're Under Arrest

(Taiho Shichauzo)
Genre Comedy-drama, Police procedural, Buddy cop[1]
Written by Kōsuke Fujishima
Published by Kodansha
English publisher
Dark Horse Comics (1995-present, select chapters)
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Monthly Afternoon
Original run 19861992
Volumes 7
Original video animation
Directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi
Music by Kow Otani
Studio Studio Deen
Bandai Visual
Licensed by
AnimEigo (1999-2012)
Released September 24, 1994 November 25, 1995
Episodes 4 (FILE.1-4)
Anime television series
Directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi
Written by Hiroshi Watanabe
Music by Kow Otani
Yasunori Iwasaki
Studio Studio Deen
Bandai Visual
Licensed by
AnimEigo (1999-2012)
Network TBS (1996-1997)
English network
Original run November 2, 1996 September 27, 1997
Episodes 47 (FILE.5-51)
Anime television series
Directed by Junji Nishimura
Studio Studio Deen
Bandai Visual
Licensed by
ADV Films (2003-2009)
Network TBS (1999)
Original run March 29, 1999 April 29, 1999
Episodes 21
Anime film
You're Under Arrest: The Movie
Directed by Junji Nishimura
Produced by Kazunori Noguchi
Ken Matsumoto
Tetsuo Gensho
Music by Kenji Kawai
Studio Studio Deen
Bandai Visual
Licensed by
ADV Films (2003-2009)
Released April 24, 1999
Runtime 92 minutes
Developer Pioneer LDC
Publisher Pioneer LDC
Genre Adventure
Platform PlayStation
Released March 29, 2001[2]
Anime television series
Directed by Shōgo Kawamoto
Written by Michiko Yokote
Studio Studio Deen
Bandai Visual
Licensed by
Sentai Filmworks (2009-present)
Network TBS (2001)
English network
Original run April 7, 2001 September 29, 2001
Episodes 26
Original video animation
Directed by Shōgo Kawamoto
Music by Ko Otani
Victor Entertainment
Studio Studio Deen
Bandai Visual
Licensed by
Sentai Filmworks (2009-present)
Released April 25, 2002
Runtime 23 minutes
Television drama
Directed by Fumiro Igarashi
Kazuhiro Furuhashi
Shōgo Kawamoto
Produced by Hiroshi Akabane
Toyohiko Wada
Jun Akiyama
Takuya Nakagome
Written by Tetsuya Oishi
Seigo Kashida
Studio AVEC
Network TV Asahi (2002)
Original run October 17, 2002 December 12, 2002
Episodes 9
Anime television series
You're Under Arrest: Full Throttle
Directed by Koichi Ohata
Studio Studio Deen
Bandai Visual
Licensed by
Sentai Filmworks (2010-present)
Network TBS (2007-2008)
Original run October 4, 2007 March 27, 2008
Episodes 24

You're Under Arrest (Japanese: 逮捕しちゃうぞ Hepburn: Taiho Shichauzo) is a Japanese seinen manga series written and illustrated by Kōsuke Fujishima and was serialized in Kodansha's Afternoon magazine from 1986 through 1992. It centers on a fictional police station in Sumida, Tokyo as its officers tackle everyday criminals while keeping people safe. It mixes both drama and action with some comedy and humor.

The chapters of You're Under Arrest have been collected in seven tankōbon volumes by Kodansha. The manga has been adapted into three television seasons, three OVA series and a film, all animated by Studio Deen. The series also spawned a live-action drama special starring Misaki Ito and Sachie Hara. Since its release, You're Under Arrest has received positive reviews from critics.


The story revolves around Natsumi Tsujimoto and Miyuki Kobayakawa, two female members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and the protagonists of the show as they are stationed at the fictional Bokuto Police Precinct located at Sumida, Tokyo. The series is largely episodic, and much of it focuses on the interaction between the main characters and the humorous supporting cast.

The majority of the series take place in the Greater Tokyo Area. However, the site where the Bokuto Police Station is supposed to be does not exist in the Sumida Ward.[3] In reality, the Bokuto Hospital takes its place.[3]


Most of the series reflects on the standing friendship between Miyuki and Natsumi as they deal with their personal lives and their jobs as police officers, with some being portrayed as slice of life stories. The series also reflects the human side of Bokuto Station's various police officers in their field of work and in their personal lives outside of police work.



The English version of the manga was published by Dark Horse Comics, which only contained selected episodes from volumes 6 and 7 (reportedly at Fujishima's request, resulting in continuity confusion by some fans of the series[4]). The final frame of the last Japanese volume refers to a You're Under Arrest 2, which has not yet been serialized.

Original Release
No.Japanese release dateJapanese ISBN
1 December 17, 1987[5]ISBN 4-06-315001-1
  • FILE.1: "The Fearless and Explosive Police Ladies" (怖い物知らずの爆風婦人警官 Kowai Mono Shirazu no Bakufū Fujin Keikan)
  • FILE.2: "Don't Trash the Violation Tickets" (反則キップは破らないで Hansoku Kippu wa Yaburanai de)
  • FILE.3: "Big Shower Room Incident" (シャワールーム騒乱事件 Shawā Rūmu Sōran Jiken)
  • FILE.4: "A Salute to an Arrogant Bike Cop!" (傲慢白バイ警官に敬礼! Gōman Shirobai Keikan ni Keirei!)
  • FILE.5: "Dash into Fire" (とんで火にいる Tonde Hi ni Iru)
  • FILE.6: "Tracking the Bomber" (追跡ボンバー Tsuiseki Bonbā)
  • FILE.7: "Invincible Old Lady on a Moped" (完全無敵の原付おばさん Kanzen Muteki no Gentsuki Oba-san)
  • FILE.8: "Search for the Bike Thieves" (バイク窃盗団をさがせ Baiku Settō-dan wo Sagase)
  • FILE.9: "Found 80,000,000 Yen!" (8千万円みーつけ! Hassen Man-en Mitsuke!)
  • FILE.10: "Regretless Driver's Safety Seminar" (さっぱりと交通安全講習会 Sapparito Kōtsū Anzen Kōshū Kai)
  • FILE.11: "Very Desprate Love Confession" (愛の告白は命がけ Ai no Kokuhaku wa Inochigake)
  • FILE.12: "Yosaku Will Cut the Tree" (与作が木を切る Yosaku ga Ki wo Kiru)
  • FILE.13: "Extremely Lucky Weather Conditions" (すごくツイてる絶好調日和 Sugoku Tsuiteru Zekkōchō Biyori)
  • FILE.14: "The Day Miyuki got Angry" (美幸が怒った日 Miyuki ga Okotta Hi)
  • FILE.15: "Natsumi-type Spirit Controlling Method" (夏美式精神改造法 Natsumi-shiki Seishin Kaizō-hō)
  • FILE.16: "Nemesis: Thief No. 704 Appears" (宿敵・怪盗704号登場 Shukuteki: Kaitō Nanahyakuyon-gō Tōjō)
  • FILE.17: "Female Attitude Match" (女は態度で勝負する Onna wa Taido de Shōbu Suru)
  • FILE.18: "Bokuto Station Arm Wrestling Match to Win Natsumi" (墨東署夏美争奪大腕相撲大会 Bokutō-sho Natsumi Sōdatsu Dai Udezumou Taikai)
  • SPECIAL ISSUE: "GOOD MORNING! NATSUMI&MIYUKI: Natsumi and Miyuki's Private Life" (GOOD MORNING!NATSUMI&MIYUKI ~夏実と美幸のプライベート・ライフ~ GOOD MORNING! NATSUMI&MIYUKI: Natsumi to Miyuki no Puraibēto Raifu)
2 June 23, 1988[6]ISBN 4-06-315003-8
  • FILE.19: "Fox Hunting" (フォックスハンティング Fokkusu Hantingu)
  • FILE.20: "The Roar and Power of Making Lunch" (怒号とパワーの弁当作り Do-gō to Pawā no Bentō-tsukuri)
  • FILE.21: "Thief No. 704 Strikes Back" (怪盗704号の逆襲 Kaitō Nanahyakuyon-gō no Gyakushū)
  • FILE.22: "The Old Man Tunes Up Without Asking" (問答無用のチューンアップじいさん Mondō Muyō no Chūn Appu Jī-san)
  • FILE.23: "Traffic Control Under Hot Weather" (炎天下の交通整理 Entenka no Kōtsū Seiri)
  • FILE.24: "Horror Night" (ホラーナイト Horā Naito)
  • FILE.25: "Finding Runaway People Under Hot Weather" (炎天下の家出人探し Entenka no Iede Hitosagashi)
  • FILE.26: "Mysterious Luce Rotary Coupe Car Incident" (妖車ルーチェ・ロータリークーペ事件 Ayatashisha Rūche Rōtarī Kūpe Jiken)
  • FILE.27: "Heavy Rain, Strong Wind, and Finally, Perfect Weather" (豪雨、強風、後、快晴 Gōu, Kyōfū, Ato, Kaisei)
  • FILE.28: "Underground Food Regeneration Strategy!" (地下食再生作戦! Chika Shoku Saisei Sakusen!)
  • FILE.29: "Chase the Red BMW!" (赤いBMWを追え! Akai Bī Emu Daburyū wo Oe!)
  • FILE.30: "The Atache Case Mystery" (謎のアタッシュケース Nazo no Atasshu Kēsu)
  • FILE.31: "10,000 Rotation MONUMENT" (1万回転のMONUMENT Ichi-man Kaiten no MONUMENT)
  • FILE.32: "Big Thunder Mountain" (ビッグ・サンダー・マウンテン Biggu Sandā Maunten)
3 January 23, 1989[7]ISBN 4-06-315007-0
  • FILE.35: "Poisoned(?) Juice Incident" (毒入り(?)ジュース事件 Dokiri(?) Jūsu Jiken)
  • FILE.36: "Love is Energy" (恋はエナジー Koi wa Enajī)
  • FILE.37: "The DJ Disappeared - Find the 1" (消えたDJ-1を探せ Kieta Dī Jei - Ichi wo Sagase)
  • FILE.38: "Blowing the Fire From Natsumi's Face" (夏実の顔から火が吹いた Natsumi no Kao Kara Hi ga Fuita)
  • FILE.39: "A Dangerous Date" (危険なデート Kiken na Dēto)
  • FILE.40: "Spicy Love" (きわどいのがお好き Kiwadoi no ga Osuki)
  • FILE.41: "Explosive! Cannonball" (爆走!キャノンボール Bakusō! Kyanonbōru)
  • FILE.42: "Lovely Bodyguard" (すてきなボディーガード Suteki na Bodīgādo)
  • FILE.43: "A Building Demolished by a Sneeze shot" (くしゃみ一発ビル全壊 Kushami Ippatsu Biru Zenkai)
4 November 22, 1989[8]ISBN 4-06-315012-7
  • FILE.44: "I Want to be a Policewoman" (婦警さんになりたーい Fukei-san ni Naritai)
  • FILE.45: "1/2 Day" (1/2デー 1/2 Dē)
  • FILE.46: "The Devil's Tears Love the Black Dress" (切り裂き魔は赤いドレスが好き Kirisaki Ma wa Akai Doresu ga Suki)
  • FILE.47: "Natsumi's Beer" (夏実の酒 Natsumi no Sake)
  • FILE.48: "Valentine Love" (愛しのバレンタイン Itoshi no Barentain)
  • FILE.49: "The Women's Dormitory Serial Arson Incident" (女子寮連続放火事件 Joshi Ryō Renzoku Hōka Jiken)
  • FILE.50: "Becoming A Motorcycle Cop" (白バイ警官になっちゃうぞ Shirobai Keikan ni Natsuchauzo)
  • FILE.51: "Being an AV Actress is Fun" (AV女優は楽しい Ei Bī Joyū wa Tanoshī)
  • FILE.52: "The Start of a Headache has Begun" (頭痛のタネがやってきた Zutsū no Tane ga Yattekita)
5 August 23, 1990[9]ISBN 4-06-315025-9
  • FILE.53: "A Sunny Sky, and Natsumi's Judgement" (天晴れ、夏実裁き Ten Hare, Natsumi Sabaki)
  • FILE.54: "Race Through Driving School!" (教習所を突っ走れ! Kyōshūjo wo Tsuppashire!)
  • FILE.55: "Natsumi's Car is the Super Car" (夏美の車はスーパーカー Natsumi no Kuruma wa Sūpā Kā)
  • FILE.56: "Catch the Masked Robber!" (覆面強盗を捕まえろ! Fukumengōtō wo Tsukamaero!)
  • FILE.57: "Silky Panty Collector" (シルキーパンティー・コレクター Shirukī Pantī Korekutā)
  • FILE.58: "The Christmas Tree Explosion Plan" (クリスマスツリー爆破計画 Kurisumasu Tsurī Bakuha Keikaku)
  • FILE.59: "The Mysterious Kattobi Rider" (謎のかっとびライダー Nazo no Kattobi Raidā)
  • FILE.60: "Is Dad Okay?" (お父さん大丈夫? Otōsan Daijōbu?)
  • FILE.61: "Nice Shot, Aoi-chan!" (ナイスショット、葵ちゃん! Naisu Shotto, Aoi-chan!)
6 September 21, 1991[10]ISBN 4-06-315038-0
  • FILE.62: "Getting Revenge on the Paint Army" (ペイントアーミーに復讐を Peinto Āmī ni Fukushū wo)
  • FILE.63: "Reverse Shot! Home-Run Girl versus Strike Man" (逆転一発!ホームラン女 対 ストライク男 Gyakuten Ippatsu! Hōmu-Ran Onna tai Sutoraiku Otoko)
  • FILE.64: "Out!? Strike Man's Fearsome New Special Moves!!" (出るか!?ストライク男 新必殺技の恐怖!! Deru ka!? Sutoraiku Otoko Shin Hissawwaza no Kyōfu!!)
  • FILE.65: "Deathmatch in Late Summer Heat - Tear Apart Beach Volley Man!!" (残暑の死闘 ビーチバレー男を破れ!! Zansho no Shitō - Bīchi Barē Otoko wo Yabure!!)
  • FILE.66: "Mother is 20-years old" (お母さんは20歳 Okā-san wa Nijū-sai)
  • FILE.67: "Defeat!! the Santa Claus From Hell" (倒せ!!地獄からのサンタクロース Taose!! Jigoku Kara no Santa Kurōsu)
  • FILE.68: "Fragments of a Dream" (夢のかけら Yume no Kakera)
  • FILE.69: "Spin!! Revolving Lamp of Fire (Part one)" (廻れ!!炎の回転灯(前編) Maware!! Honō no Kaiten-tō (Zenpen))
  • FILE.70: "Spin!! Revolving Lamp of Fire (Part two)" (廻れ!!炎の回転灯(後編) Maware!! Honō no Kaiten-tō (Kōhen))
7 May 23, 1992[11]ISBN 4-06-315046-1
  • FILE.71: "The Raiding Strike Girl corps" (遊撃ストライク少女隊 Yūgeki Sutoraiku Shōjo-tai)
  • FILE.72: "The Sweet Wedding Bell Trap" (ウエディングベルの甘い罠 Uedingu Beru no Amai Wana)
  • FILE.73: "Yoriko-chan - Biggest Match of a Lifetime" (頼子ちゃん 一世一代の大勝負 Yoriko-chan - Isseichidai no Dai Shōbu)
  • FILE.74: "Tokyo Mystery Theater" (東京ミステリー劇場 Tōkyō Misuterī Gekijō)
  • FILE.75: "Little Secret of the Two" (ふたりだけの秘密 Futari Dake no Himitsu)
  • FILE.76: "Aoi-chan Panic!" (葵ちゃんパニック! Aoi-chan Panikku!)
  • FILE.77: "A Magic Item" (魔法のアイテム Mahō no Aitemu)
  • FILE.78: "The Final Challenge of Today (Part one)" (トゥデイ最後の挑戦(前編) Tōdei Saigo no Chōsen (Zenpen))
  • FINAL: "The Final Challenge of Today (Part two)" (トゥデイ最後の挑戦(後編) Tōdei Saigo no Chōsen (Kōhen))
Dark Horse Comics Release
No.TitleEnglish release dateEnglish ISBN
1The Wild OnesOctober 15, 1997[12]ISBN 978-1-56971-319-8
  • Issue #1: "Natsumi Makes the News" (Initially FILE.53, released December 1, 1995[13])
  • Issue #1: "Racing Through Driving School" (Initially (FILE.54, released December 1, 1995[13])
  • Issue #2: "Natsumi's Supercar" (Initially FILE.55, released January 1, 1996[14])
  • Issue #2: "Trick or Treat" (Initially FILE.56, released January 1, 1996[14])
  • Issue #3: "The Silk Panties Collector" (Initially FILE.57, released February 1, 1996[15])
  • Issue #3: "The Exploding Christmas-Tree Caper" (Initially FILE.58, released February 1, 1996[15])
  • Issue #4: "The Wild One" (Initially FILE.59, released March 1, 1996[16])
  • Issue #4: "You Okay Dad?" (Initially FILE.6, released March 1, 1996[16])
2Lights and Siren!December 1, 1999[17]ISBN 978-1-56971-432-4
  • Issue #5: "Nice Shot, Aoi!" (Initially FILE.61, released April 1, 1996[18])
  • Issue #5: "Defeat of the Paintball Army" (Initially FILE.62, released April 1, 1996[18])
  • Issue #6: "Strikeman vs. Home-Run Girl" (Initially FILE.63, released May 1, 1996[19])
  • Issue #6: "Strikeman Returns!" (Initially FILE.64, released May 1, 1996[19])
  • Issue #7: "Mom's Only Twenty?!" (Initially FILE.66, released June 1, 1996[20])
  • Issue #7: "The Santa from Hell" (Initially FILE.67, released June 1, 1996[20])
  • Issue #8: "Lights and Siren! Part One" (Initially FILE.69, released July 1, 1996[21])
  • Issue #8: "Lights and siren! Part Two" (Initially FILE.70, released July 1, 1996[21])
No.Japanese release dateJapanese ISBN
1 April 21, 1999[22]ISBN 978-4-06-314202-0
  • FILE.1 - FILE.26
2 April 21, 1999[23]ISBN 978-4-06-314203-7
  • FILE.27 - FILE.41
  • SPECIAL ISSUE: "You're Under Arrest MECHANICS (1)" (逮捕しちゃうぞMECHANICS(1) Taiho Shichauzo MECHANICS (Ichi))
  • SPECIAL ISSUE: "You're Under Arrest MECHANICS (2)" (逮捕しちゃうぞMECHANICS(2) Taiho Shichauzo MECHANICS (Ni))
3 May 21, 1999[24]ISBN 978-4-06-314205-1
  • FILE.42 - FILE.53
  • SPECIAL ISSUE: "You're Under Arrest MECHANICS (3)" (逮捕しちゃうぞMECHANICS(3) Taiho Shichauzo MECHANICS (San))
  • SPECIAL ISSUE: "You're Under Arrest MECHANICS (4)" (逮捕しちゃうぞMECHANICS(4) Taiho Shichauzo MECHANICS (Shi))
  • SPECIAL ISSUE: "You're Under Arrest MECHANICS (5)" (逮捕しちゃうぞMECHANICS(5) Taiho Shichauzo MECHANICS (Gō))
  • SPECIAL ISSUE: "You're Under Arrest MECHANICS (6)" (逮捕しちゃうぞMECHANICS(6) Taiho Shichauzo MECHANICS (Roku))
4 May 21, 1999[25]ISBN 978-4-06-314206-8
  • FILE.54 - FILE.66
  • SPECIAL ISSUE: "You're Under Arrest MECHANICS (7)" (逮捕しちゃうぞMECHANICS(7) Taiho Shichauzo MECHANICS (Nana))
5 May 21, 1999[26]ISBN 978-4-06-314207-5
  • EXTRA: "You Can Also be Strike Man!" (キミもストライク男になろう! Kimi mo Sutoraiku Otoko ni Narō!)
  • SPECIAL ISSUE: "You're Under Arrest MECHANICS (8)" (逮捕しちゃうぞMECHANICS(8) Taiho Shichauzo MECHANICS (Hachi))
  • EXTRA: "The Mystery of You're Under Arrest Omnibus 5" (逮捕しちゃうぞ総集編5つの謎 Taiho Shichauzo Sōshūhen Itsutsu no Nazo)
  • SPECIAL ISSUE: "You're Under Arrest MECHANICS (9)" (逮捕しちゃうぞMECHANICS(9) Taiho Shichauzo MECHANICS (Kyū))
  • EXTRA 1 - EXTRA 2
No.Japanese release dateJapanese ISBN
1 April 23, 2001[27]ISBN 4-06-334401-0
2 April 23, 2001[28]ISBN 4-06-334402-9
3 May 23, 2001[29]ISBN 4-06-334406-1
4 May 23, 2001[30]ISBN 4-06-334407-X
5 June 22, 2001[31]ISBN 4-06-334422-3
6 June 22, 2001[32]ISBN 4-06-334423-1
No.Japanese release dateJapanese ISBN
1 May 12, 2004[33]ISBN 4-06-360756-9
2 June 11, 2004[34]ISBN 4-06-360757-7
3 July 9, 2004[35]ISBN 4-06-360758-5
4 August 10, 2004[36]ISBN 4-06-360759-3


The series was first adapted into a four-episode OVA series, directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi, which was released in Japan from 1994 to 1995. An animated television series subsequently aired in Japan on TBS between 1996 and 1997, spanning a total of 49 episodes. It was also broadcast on Rai in Italy, NTV7 in Malaysia, Hero TV in the Philippines and TTV and AXN-Taiwan in Taiwan. 20 7-minute Mini specials and one full length episode was created and broadcast on TBS in 1999. A 26 episode sequel to the series also aired on TBS in 2001. A third animated television series, You're Under Arrest: Full Throttle (逮捕しちゃうぞ フルスロットル Taiho Shichauzo: Furu Surottoru), aired from 2007 to 2008.[37][38] Animated by Studio Deen and produced by Bandai Visual, the series featured character designs by Atsuko Nakajima and music by Kow Otani and Yasunori Iwasaki. The first two television series were aired with English subtitles on AXN Asia's networks in Southeast Asia and South Asia.[39]

AnimEigo licensed the initial OVA series, the first television series, and the only full-length television episode of You're Under Arrest that aired in 1999 for North American release. ADV Films subsequently released the 1999 mini TV episodes that comprised the rest of You're Under Arrest! Mini-Specials as well as the movie. The 2001 TV series, the 2002 OVA TV special and Full Throttle are licensed in North America by Sentai Filmworks and distributed by the new company Section23 Films.[40][41] Like the US, each of the anime series were licensed by different companies in France.


The movie ran for 90 minutes in the US and 92 minutes in France.[42]

Video game

Released in 2001, it introduces two new characters. One of them is a detective named Ryosuke Arisugawa, a 24-year-old plainclothed officer assigned to Bokuto Police Station in order to identify and arrest a hacker who was trying to break into the precinct's network system. Another character is his 18-year-old sister Chiharu Arisugawa, who the player must keep an eye on.[43]


A novel was done by Kodansha. It is a stand-alone story from the series, detailing a fight with Miyuki and Natsumi due to the latter being late for work again in Bokuto Station.[44] Work on the novel had been supervised by Kōsuke Fujishima himself personally with Atsuko Nakajima doing the artwork in the novel.[44]

TV drama

A TV drama was created and aired on TV Asahi in 2002. The opening theme song was called "Galaxy" by Nana Katase, and the closing theme was "Through the Rain" by Mariah Carey. It adapted the main characters while adding new characters over the course of the nine-episode series. The drama also advances the romantic relationships of the main characters, and it appears as if the producers of this drama were giving the fans what they have always wanted. Each episode ran for 45 minutes each.

Model Kits

Two models were created and titled Honda Today and Natsumi's motorcycle. Each are 160 scale.


You're Under Arrest was among the top 10 anime shows in Newtype's August 2001 issue.[45] "Little that the series does in these episodes is especially fresh or memorable, but if you were always a fan of the Bokuto Traffic Section's antics in the earlier series then that enjoyment is unlikely to fade here." — Theron Martin, Anime News Network.[46] "Though this season pales for a lot of people because some of the supporting cast are either minimized or gone entirely, I appreciated the return to dealing with the core cast of characters after all this time." — Chris Beveridge, Mania.[47]


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You're Under Arrest

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You're Under Arrest

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