Yim Ho

Yim Ho
Chinese name 嚴浩 (traditional)
Chinese name 严浩 (simplified)
Born 1952 (age 6364)

Yim Ho (Chinese:嚴浩) is a Hong Kong director most active the 1980s, and a leader of the Hong Kong New Wave.

He began his career in television production making television programs for RTHK, then became a film director in 1980.

One of his most critically acclaimed work was Homecoming (1984). This film was different from other films of that period in that it presents certain emotions and sympathies towards the relationship between Mainland China and Hong Kong (the Sino-British Joint Declaration was signed the same year Homecoming was released).

The film brings together two very well known actresses, Josephine Koo and Siqin Gaowa. Anita Mui's theme song with the same title as the film has also been a popular cantopop song.

Ho's son Ling Yim (Chinese:严艺之, otherwise known as 嚴羚) is an actor, musician, and director who acted in Ho's 2005 film "A West Lake Moment", in addition to composing its original soundtrack.


Awards and nominations

Hong Kong Film Awards

Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards

Berlin International Film Festival

Tokyo International Film Festival

Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival

Chicago International Film Festival


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