Type 24/7
Format Online
Owner(s) Winnie Wong
Founded 3 March 2006
Headquarters New York City
Website www.yibada.com

Yibada (Chinese: 易八達;) is a Global Chinese online media company for Chinese communities around the world. Yibada operates 35 cities' editions, including New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Hongkong, Beijing, Shanghai, Nigra, São Paulo, etc. The different cities' editions help facilitate easy access to local cities' news and useful information.

Launched in 2005, Yibada was created to provide news and information services to the local Chinese community. It is a privately held company and still owned by its co-founders Winnie Wong. Its headquarters are in the Financial District of New York.


The company was first conceived in San Francisco, California, by Winnie Wong, a Chinese native born in Hong Kong, came up with the idea for the global Chinese community news and practical information. She found that the international Chinese around the world need more news and local information. The online media could be a better platform. The site went live in 2005, and formally incorporated the company in March 2006 as Yibada in California. The website has the large circulation among Chinese and Chinese American, and it grows quickly and expands to national Network. In the last 8 years, Yibada has covered 35 cities around the world, including 17 cities in North America, 5 cities in China, and 13 cities in other regions, like Europe, South America, Middle East and Africa.


Yibada features news, classified information, and custom content yellow pages. It has since expanded to include other specialized sections, Travel, Food, Fashion, Wedding, Health, Education, TV, Game, and Forum. Yibada provides Internet services to the local Chinese population. In every localized city edition, there are breaking News, practical classified information and specialized Travel, Food, Fashion, Wedding, Health, Education, TV, Game, and Forum sections.

Yibada developed the local custom yellow pages product to provide the best practical information to the local Chinese; the content includes the detail business introduction, using custom photos, videos to display the local business information. Yibada also set up the practical classified information and specialized sections to help the local Chinese get more useful information from the Internet. Yibada also share and spread local information via the popular social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo and Forum. And there are a large amount of fans from these media. Yibada Forum and Weibo provide a free and large platform for more Chinese around the world to share the fastest and useful information and communicate with each other.


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