Yazidis in Germany

Total population
(from 60,000[1][2][3] to 100,000–120,000 [4][5][6])
German, Kurmanji & Arabic[7]
Related ethnic groups
Iranian peoples

Yazidis in Germany may refer to people born in or residing in Germany of full or partial Yazidi origin.

There is a large Yazidi community in Germany, estimated to be numbering around 60,000 people.[3] This makes the German Yazidi community one of the largest Yazidi communities in the Yazidi diaspora.

Immigration history

Many Yazidis fled to Germany during the 1990s fearing religious persecution in Turkey. The Yazidi population of Germany was around 20,000 in 1998.[2] Many Yazidi intellectuals also fled during this time and now play a prominent role in Yazidi diaspora affairs and maintain connections with Yazidis in Iraq.[1]

Political activism

In August, 2014, German Yazidis held protests against the persecution of Yazidis by ISIL. Between 5,000 and 10,000 people attended the demonstrations.[3][8]

Notable Yazidis in Germany

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