The XT3 server

XT3, introduced in 2011, is the latest model member of the XT video server family from Belgian company EVS Broadcast Equipment.

This video server has been built and designed to allow broadcasters to record, control and play media. It is capable of handling up to 12 channels of SD/HD and 6-channels of 3D/1080p (3G or dual link) and 3-channels 4K channels.[1][2]

Multicam(LSM) which controls XT3 servers or previous generations (XT2+, XT2, XT)

The tapeless server allows loop recording and makes functions like replays, slow-motion, non-linear editing or streaming available whilst recording.

XT servers have been used in sporting event productions such as the FIFA World Cup,[3] the IFAF World Cup, MotoGP, Formula 1,[4] BBC[5] Football Programmes[6] and the Olympic Games[7][8][9][10] and in studio environments such as NBC,[11] Sky,[12][13][14] France 2 and CCTV[15] or others.[16]

The server is controlled by Multicam(LSM) or IPDirector software. With the Multicam(LSM), it allows to replay instantly at variable speed any live camera angle. This configuration is used in most of all OB vans of the world.[17][18][19][20][21][22][23][24][25] This system has received an Emmy Award for that reason.[26]

It has inspired the XS model which is dedicated to studio environments with dedicated controllers.


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