Xilam Animation
Founded 1999
Founder Marc du Pontavice and Alix du Pontavice
Focus Television, film, animation
Origins France
Website www.xilam.com

Xilam (pronounced as Cy-lam) is a French production company that specializes in animated series and feature films. Marc du Pontavice founded it in 1999 after he left Gaumont Multimédia.


First logo

The logo features a white stick-figure like man, named Mr. X, walking across the screen, holding a paintbrush and a paintcan. He paints a red X on the floor. As Mr. X backs away, the camera zooms in on the X. The gray letters, "ilam" appear on the left of the X. That forms the company's name. [1]

Other logo

In other variants, the logo uses Gaumont in Space but instead of Gaumont, uses Xilam version.


Programs such as Shuriken School,[2] Space Goofs,[3] and Oggy and the Cockroaches[4] were internationally successful. In 2003, the company released its first animated feature film, the CGI-based Kaena: The Prophecy,[5] and, in 2005, announced an animated film based on The New Adventures of Lucky Luke.[1] In 2012, they announced Oggy and the Cockroaches: The Movie.[6]


Animated series

Purchased from Gaumont



Purchased from Gaumont


Other productions

Purchased from Gaumont



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