X-Men Classics (action figure)

For the comic book series titled "X-Men Classic," see Classic X-Men.

X-Men Classics is the name of two different series of 6-inch X-Men action figures by Toy Biz.

The first line was released in 2004 and consisted of comic accurate sculpts and paint applications. The line went on hiatus after 1 wave.

The line was revamped in 2005 and lasted 3 waves. It featured several new sculpts of both completely original costumes and previously unproduced costumes with repaints of existing figures scattered throughout.

The revamped line also featured 4 new vehicles and a repainted Sentinel from Toy Biz's 1990s 5-inch X-Men line.

Series 1 (2004)

This line was originally going to include Pyro at some point, but the line was cancelled before that figure, and whatever others, could be released. Pyro would later be released in Marvel Legends Series XIII.

Series 2 (2005)

Series 3 (2005)

Series 4 (2005)


Each vehicle came with a 6-inch fully articulated figure.

This line was slated to include a Jean Grey Phoenix figure but the figure was cancelled for unknown reasons.

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