Women and Satan First

Women and Satan First
Studio album by :wumpscut:
Released 2012
Genre Electro-industrial
Label Beton Kopf Media
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Fuckit Women and Satan First
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Brutal Resonance[3]

Women and Satan First is a 2012 album by wumpscut:.

Artwork for the album cover was created by German 'photo artist' Thomas Buchta[4] depicting Satan as an elderly naked man accompanied by female nudes, in front of a tan backdrop.

In November 2011 :wumpscut: announced the album with a remix contest, inviting fans to download remix packs for 'Grobian' and 'Kill That Little Fuck' and then submit their mixes.[5]

A limited edition deluxe 'Satan Box' edition was released on 6 April 2012, containing two CDs (a copy of the original album plus a disc of remixes), access to exclusive remix MP3 downloads (these remixes were made by fans in response to the competition), a shirt, a flag, a booklet, a calendar and other related items.

A limited edition 180 gram vinyl edition containing a poster, booklet and download links for the tracks was also released in April 2012.

Track listing

  1. Hallelujah - 4:33
  2. Women And Satan First - 3:58
  3. Death Panacea - 5:18
  4. Kill That Little Fuck - 5:25
  5. Burial On Demand - 4:34
  6. Grobian - 6:40
  7. L'Enfer Noir - 5:46
  8. Blutsturtz, Baby - 4:06
  9. Cunnilingus Creuzfeur - 4:36
  10. Kaufe Deine Seele - 5:09


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