Women Without Men (1956 film)

Women Without Men

U.S. poster
Directed by Elmo Williams
Produced by Anthony Hinds
Screenplay by Val Guest
Richard Landau
Based on a story by Richard Landau
Starring Beverly Michaels
Joan Rice
Music by Leonard Salzedo
John Hollingsworth
Cinematography Walter J. Harvey
Edited by James Needs
Distributed by Exclusive Films (U.K.)
Associated Film Releasing Corporation (U.S.)
Release dates
  • April 2, 1956 (1956-04-02)


Running time
71 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Women Without Men is a 1956 British crime drama film directed by Elmo Williams and Herbert Glazer and starring Beverly Michaels, Joan Rice and Hermione Baddeley.[1] Three woman break out of prison together, for varying personal reasons.

For U.S. release the film was retitled Blonde Bait and reedited with new scenes (with additional American actors - e.g. Jim Davis replacing Paul Carpenter as Nick) and notable differences between the plots.[2] Other new actors were Richard Travis, and Paul Cavanagh.[3]


Critical reception

Sky Movies wrote, "Hammer Films, just before their success in the horror field, jumped on the band-wagon for women's prison films that had been rolling in Britain and America since the success of Caged in 1950. Beverly Michaels (sent to prison on the slimmest of pretexts), Joan Rice, April Olrich and Hermione Baddely are among those looking grim, while Thora Hird makes the most of one of her best film roles as the indomitable Granny."[4] and the Radio Times noted a "Second-feature British prison drama of no particular distinction, but deploying some humour and employing some interesting names - Thora Hird, Avril Angers - which up the entertainment quotient...it's good for an idle rainy afternoon or 2am insomnia."[5]


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