Witch Craft Works

Witch Craft Works

Cover of the first manga volume.Showing Main Character Takamiya Honoka and Kagari Ayaka
(Witchikurafuto Wākusu)
Genre Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Written by Ryū Mizunagi
Published by Kodansha
English publisher
Demographic Seinen
Magazine good! Afternoon
Original run March 5, 2010 – present
Volumes 10[2]
Anime television series
Directed by Tsutomu Mizushima
Written by Tsutomu Mizushima
Music by Technoboys Pulcraft Green-Fund
Studio J.C.Staff
Network Tokyo MX, TVA, AT-X, BS11, ABC
Original run January 5, 2014 March 23, 2014
Episodes 12 + OVA

Witch Craft Works (ウィッチクラフトワークス Witchikurafuto Wākusu) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Ryū Mizunagi. The plot revolves around Honoka Takamiya, an average student who somehow becomes affiliated with and protected by the most popular girl in school, Ayaka Kagari. An anime television series adaptation by J.C.Staff began airing in Japan in January 2014.


Honoka Takamiya is a regular student whose only problem seems to be that he sits next to Ayaka Kagari, the school's "Princess". They have never spoken to each other before and any small interaction between them immediately results in her fanclub beating him. But one day, he finds himself saved from an attacker by a fire witch who happens to be Kagari. From this day forward, Honoka finds himself dragged into a conflict between two powerful groups of witches that both want the "white stuff" that sleeps within him, while Ayaka considers Honoka her "princess" who needs protecting.


Main characters

Honoka Takamiya (多華宮 仄 Takamiya Honoka)
Voiced by: Yūsuke Kobayashi
The main character, Honoka is a second year student in high school. At first he often wonders about the frequent coincidences he always takes the same bus with him to school alongside Ayaka Kagari, the school idol. He even finds himself seated next to her and having the same schedules in classroom cleaning duty. One day he is attacked by a group called the Tower Witches who had been covertly making attempts on him. However, the attack is thwarted by Ayaka who turns out to be a Workshop Witch and has been protecting Honoka for quite some time. No longer having to hide her mission, Ayaka decides to become friendlier with him, though their relationship earns Honoka the ire of a lot of his class mates. He has a high regard for her and a feeling that there is some special connection between them as well as history, but can't remember anything past vague feelings.
Shortly after Ayaka reveals her secrets, Honoka asks to be taken as her apprentice so he can help support her. It is revealed that one of the reasons Honoka has been targeted is due to a mysterious, eldritch entity inside him called Evermillion (エヴァーミリオン, voiced by Mamiko Noto), also known as the White Princess (白姫 Shirohime). On occasion this being can manifest into a physical form and can also give Honoka enormous amounts of magical power, though Ayaka says to do so is very dangerous (as Evermillion will demand some form of 'payment' from him.) Through some kind of spell, Ayaka is able to draw upon that power making her practically invincible and extremely powerful, but any damage that Honoka takes gets transferred directly to her instead.
According to the author's notes at the end of the first volume, Honoka was originally written as a girl. He was changed to a boy in the final version, but the feminine name was kept.
Ayaka Kagari (火々里 綾火 Kagari Ayaka)
Voiced by: Asami Seto
The school idol and the chairwoman's daughter, Ayaka is a beautiful, intelligent, and statuesque girl, standing over a head taller than Honoka. However she is extremely stoic and has a low social IQ, rarely changing her facial expression. She is Honoka's classmate, and the official "Princess" of the entire school, with authority over everybody in the school except for the chairwoman. Unknown to many she is a "Fire Witch" (炎の魔女) who is capable of manipulating and controlling fire. Through unrevealed circumstances there is a powerful spell between herself and Honoka, where she can't be killed, can literally ignore wounds such as being impaled by multiple blades, and receives an inexhaustible, enormous power as long as Honoka is nearby. However, powerful attacks like Medusa's petrification can still affect her if Honoka's belief in her falters, and any direct damage that Honoka receives is instantly transferred to her. Even without magic she is a formidable fighter physically, due to her mother's harsh training.
Her mission is to protect Honoka from the tower witches, but she extends this mission to anyone she perceives as harassing or bullying him. According to Ayaka, she is certain she and Honoka knew each other as children though her memories from that time are missing, most likely erased by someone.

Workshop Witches

Kasumi Takamiya (多華宮 霞 Takamiya Kasumi)
Voiced by: Ai Kayano
Honoka's little sister, who also happens to be a Workshop Witch, has a teddy bear familiar that can transform into a gigantic combat mech she named "Maka-ron" (摩訶ロン) or Macaroon (depending on the translator). She also has an extreme brother complex with Honoka, their mother recounting how she jumps into his bed or tries to take baths with him every two days despite them both being teenagers. As such, she's extremely jealous of Ayaka and often gets into fights with her, especially when she finds her and Honoka in very suggestive situations. At some point she became a Workshop Witch with the task of protecting her brother when Ayaka wasn't around. Since her master is Rinon she is a strong hand to hand fighter as well. For some reason she can only bring out her full magic by using bears given to her by Honoka as mediums, which is why Macaroon is occasionally seen running errands in the background.
Kazane Kagari (火々里 かざね Kagari Kazane)
Voiced by: Sayaka Ohara
Ayaka's mother, head of the Workshop Witches in the city, and the chairwoman of Tōgetsu High School who has been alive as far back as the Crusades. Kazane has earned multiple nicknames over her lifetime, including "Dragon Tooth," "Torturer," and most infamously, "Bad End."
In sharp contrast to her daughter, Kazane is a short-tempered, violent, chain-smoking woman with little tolerance for issues. While somewhat intelligent, she tends to handle things with raw power rather than thinking them through resulting in wild misunderstandings and missing important details. As head of the local Workshop, Kazane possesses magic so powerful that ensures when anything gets destroyed by magic, any people nearby will survive un-harmed, though large enough magic damage to a large part of the city can drain her reserves.
Kazane has been acquainted with Honoka's family for years, having attended high school with Komachi Takamiya, Honoka and Kasumi's mother. During her high school years she was a violent delinquent, frequently being suspended. The first time she and Komachi met was after Kazane beat up her entire class for bullying Komachi. They became close friends afterwards, even getting into a romantic relationship. However, since they couldn't get married they decided to marry Honoka and Ayaka off to each other. While it is revealed that she not only knew, but had taken Honoka places while he was in elementary school, its still unclear on what happened or why his and Ayaka's memories were removed.
Kyōichirō Mikage (Mikage Kyōichirō)
Voiced by: Kazuyuki Okitsu
A chemistry teacher at Honoka's high school who helps manage the memories of the non-witch population whenever parts of the city get destroyed by magic. He also recruits witches throughout the city for the Workshop. Mikage has his own plans for Honoka and his "white stuff," but his true motives are unknown.
Touko Hio (氷尾 凍子 Hio Tōko)
Voiced by: Kana Asumi
A Workshop Witch who specializes in ice-based magic that can increase in proportion to a perceived threat, even bringing a sweeping cold front over the entire city if she finds herself in mortal danger. Touko was a childhood friend of Ayaka, being asked by Kazane herself (along with Houzuki, Ayaka's fanclub leader) to watch over her as Ayaka had almost no social intelligence to speak of, and continues watching her into the present. Touko works part-time at several different jobs around the city to help support her family of 12 siblings, including maid cafe waitress to bartender, which conveniently allows her to provide important information to Ayaka when necessary. Until Ayaka took over the position she was the Student Council's Vice President, and is now the "Vice-Vice President."
Rinon Otometachibana (乙女橘 りのん Otometachibana Rinon)
Voiced by: Noriko Shitaya
A Workshop Witch and Kasumi's teacher in the Workshop hierarchy, who also runs a gang of delinquents that dress up in hamster-themed costumes. Nicknamed "Bear Killer" after allegedly choking a tiger (named "Bear-eye") to death with her bare hands. Publicly challenged Honoka for control of the school's Student Council until she was defeated. Honoka almost beat her himself, but refused to land the final blow when he had a chance so Ayaka and the Ivory Quintet finished her off. Unlike other witches, Rinon doesn't use visible magic at all, preferring to instead use it to enhance her immense physical strength. In the anime, it is implied that she underwent Kazane's harsh training alongside Ayaka.
Atori Kuramine (昏峰 あとり Kuramine Atori)
Voiced by: Ikumi Hayama
A soft-spoken witch with cat-like ears who wields a large sword. Atori prefers to talk through a small, magical ventriloquist doll she keeps nearby at almost all times. Has a questionable understanding of first-aid.

Tower Witches

Ivory Quintet

Tanpopo Kuraishi (倉石 たんぽぽ Kuraishi Tanpopo)
Voiced by: Shiori Izawa
One of the Tower Witches who transferred to the same school where Honoka and Ayaka are studying. She is a "Shikigami User" (式神使い Shikigami Tsukai) and her familiars are an army of paper rabbits which she can magically turn into mechanized soldier bunnies. She is the unofficial head of the "Ivory Quintet" (a.k.a. "Furry-eared Gang", or KMM-dan in Japanese), a group of witches who were given the task to transfer to Tōgetsu High-school and capture Honoka Takamiya.
According to the author, Tanpopo's last name was originally written to be "Crisis," but felt that would be too foreign in context, so instead she localized the name as Kuraishi. This became a running joke in the story, where Honoka constantly forgets how to pronounce her last name.
Kanna Utsugi (宇津木 環那 Utsugi Kanna)
Voiced by: Shiina Natsukawa
She is a member of Ivory Quintet, despite of her natural mad-looking face, she is actually has normal emotions. Her power is to summon and use demons by the book called "Black Vice" (ブラックヴァイス Burakku Vaisu) that she carries on her back, though this power is rarely shown.
Rin Kazari (飾 鈴 Kazari Rin)
Voiced by: Momo Asakura
A soft-voiced member of Ivory Quintet, who wields a scythe. She has a power called "Bone Animator" (骨使い(ボーンアニメーター) Hone Tsukai (Bon Animeta), lit. Bone User), which can only be used to revive dead skeletons of any size.
Kotetsu Katsura (桂 虎鉄 Katsura Kotetsu)
Voiced by: Natsumi Hioka
A member of the Ivory Quintet and Tōgetsu High School's Kendo club. Her given name is based on a same-named Japanese sword that she wields.
Mei Menowa (目野輪 冥 Menowa Mei)
Voiced by: Yuko Iida
One of the Tower Witches that form the Ivory Quintet. She has the ability to pass through walls and create a defensive barrier. She wears a complete wolf pelt called "Coast Fenrir," a sort of baby wolf formed from the feather of a fallen angel that functions as both extra appendage and semi-sentient weapon.


Chronoire Schwarz VI (クロノワールシュヴァルツ・シックス Kuronowārushuvarutsu Shikkusu)
Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya
A powerful Tower Witch who specializes in crafting potions and often walks around with a well-dressed crocodile familiar named Sebastian. Has her own plans for Honoka's "white stuff." Chronoire is on relatively neutral terms with Kazane despite officially being her enemy; sometimes Kazane physically beats and tortures her for information, other times Kazane entrusts her as temporary chairman of the school while she's on other business. Chronoire also has earned the nickname "Dead End" for her ability to turn into a part-crocodile monster and literally eat other witches if she wants.
Medusa (メデューサ Medyūsa)
Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro
A high-ranking Tower Witch who controls the KMM Gang and their associates in order to steal Honoka's "white stuff" for herself. Has the power to petrify her enemies into stone statues, but has been weakened after being trapped in a magic prison.
Weekend (ウィークエンド Wīkuendo)
Voiced by: Aya Hirano
A Tower Witch whose main strength is meticulous planning and preparation as opposed to any overtly magic power. Though Weekend is not her real name, she uses it anyways for the notoriety it brings her. Weekend's specialty involves setting up explosives of both magic and non-magic varieties. Runs her own small faction to kidnap Honoka for his "white stuff" as well.



The manga was written and illustrated by Ryū Mizunagi and published by Kodansha. The manga has been serialized in Good! Afternoon bimonthly magazine since January 7, 2011 and has been compiled into 6 tankōbon volumes as of November 7, 2013. Vertical Comics published officially-translated English volumes of the manga in North America, with its first volume released on October 21, 2014.

No.Japanese release dateJapanese ISBN
1 November 5, 2010[3]ISBN 978-4-06-310713-5
2 July 7, 2011[4]ISBN 978-4-06-310760-9
3 March 7, 2012[5]ISBN 978-4-06-387810-3
4 November 7, 2012[6]ISBN 978-4-06-387849-3
5 May 5, 2013[7]ISBN 978-4-06-387884-4
6 November 7, 2013[8]ISBN 978-4-06-387931-5


A 12 episode anime television series adaptation, directed by Tsutomu Mizushima at studio J.C.Staff, is currently airing in Japan. The series' first episode was screened at Tokyo's Cinemart Shinjuku theater on December 29, 2013, streamed to 2000 people on December 30, 2013, by Bandai Channel[9][10] and premiered on Tokyo MX on January 5, 2014. Additionally the anime is airing on TVA, AT-X, BS11 and ABC and is streamed with English subtitles by Crunchyroll.[11] The series' writer is Michiko Yokote and its music is composed by Technoboys Pulcraft Green-Fund.[10] The opening theme song is "divine intervention" by Fhána and the ending is "Witch☆Activity" (ウィッチ☆アクティビティ) by KMM Gang consisting Izawa, Natsukawa, Asakura, Hioka, and Iida.

No. Title Original air date
1 "Takamiya-kun and the Fire Witch"
"Takamiya-kun to Honō no Majo" (多華宮君と炎の魔女) 
January 5, 2014
Honoka Takamiya is going through his usual routine of a boring school life and getting beaten up by bullies for his perceived closeness to the school's idol, Ayaka Kagari. However, one day he finds himself under attack by an army of tin soldier rabbits. He is saved from the attack by a witch with powerful fire-based magic, who turns out to be Ayaka herself, and refers to Honoka as her "princess." 
2 "Takamiya-kun and the Witches’ Agenda"
"Takamiya-kun to Majo-tachi no Omowaku" (多華宮君と魔女達の思惑) 
January 12, 2014
Honoka opens a classroom door to find Ayaka torturing four of the evil witches who transferred to their school. The leader of the group, Tanpopo Kuraishi, claims that they want to get his "white stuff." Suddenly, the fifth transfer student witch kidnaps Honoka, but doesn't get far before Ayaka blows them all away with her fire magic. Shortly after the incident, Honoka goes on a date around town with Ayaka, explaining the conflict between the Tower and Workshop witches. Then she brings him back to school to meet the chairwoman, her mother, and the leader of the Workshop witches in the city: Kazane Kagari. 
3 "Takamiya-kun and Chronoire’s Trap"
"Takamiya-kun to Kuronowāru no Wana" (多華宮君とクロノワールの罠) 
January 19, 2014
After another quick encounter with Tanpopo's "KMM Gang," Ayaka begins training Honoka on how to use his own latent witch powers, including the ability to hide in plain sight and fly on a broomstick. After flying around the town, he uses his powers to intervene and save a little girl from bullies, until Honoka himself has to be rescued by Ayaka again. Later, as the two of them ride the school bus, they find themselves in the trap of a powerful Tower witch named Chronoire Schwarz VI. She subdues Ayaka by injuring Honoka and using his latent powers of transferring all his damage to her, then gives him a candy that she predicts he will swallow in the future. Ayaka manages to wake up in time and force Chronoire to retreat, but Honoka keeps the candy. 
4 "Takamiya-kun and the Mean Little Sister"
"Takamiya-kun to Ijiwaru na Imōto" (多華宮君といじわるな妹) 
January 26, 2014
A powerful Tower witch named Medusa is shown slowly cracking open her supposedly unbreakable prison. Elsewhere, Honoka's sister, Kasumi Takamiya, starts getting jealous of her brother spending more time away from home with Ayaka. While the KMM Gang attempts another plan to kidnap Honoka by splitting him from Ayaka, Kasumi intervenes on her brother's behalf, using a giant teddy bear to fight the giant tin soldier rabbit that Tanpopo summons to fight her. However, the bear grows so large that its attacks destroy a significant portion of the town (while leaving the people unharmed). Afterwards, Ayaka returns having quickly beaten the Tower witches, promising to watch over Honoka 24/7. 
5 "Takamiya-kun and the Witch of Stone Eyes and Stone Hands"
"Takamiya-kun to Sekigansekishu no Majo" (多華宮君と石眼石手の魔女) 
February 2, 2014

Ayaka comes home with Honoka to ask his mother if he can stay over at her house from now on. Despite her daughter's loud objections, Komachi Takamiya agrees, revealing that she actually had an agreement with Kazane in the past that, because they couldn't get married to each other, their future children would be married to each other instead. Upon arriving at Ayaka's incredibly luxurious mansion, Ayaka and Honoka find themselves face-to-face with the escaped Medusa. Ayaka tries to fight her, but Medusa uses magic to turn her into stone. With no other options left, Honoka swallows the candy that Chronoire gave him before, drawing out the White Princess, Evermillion. Evermillion uses her power to beat back Medusa, which ends up destroying most of the mansion and a large part of the school as well, angering Kazane enough to call for a Tower witch-hunt. Evermillion then reveals that all Honoka had to do was kiss Ayaka with love to wake her up, which he does. Ayaka then uses her powers to defeat Medusa and the KMM Gang (again).

Later, before Chronoire can launch her evil plan, Kazane captures and then tortures her for information. 
6 "Takamiya-kun and the Test of Love"
"Takamiya-kun to Ai no Shiren" (多華宮君と愛の試練) 
February 9, 2014
When Ayaka and Honoka arrive at school, the science teacher separates Honoka from Ayaka, using Clarke's Third Law as an excuse. He warns Honoka that by using the candy, one of five seals has been broken, and if he reveals the information to anyone, Kazane might take drastic action. Later, Ayaka uses her semi-official "Princess" position at the school to unilaterally replace the student council President with Honoka. After school, Kasumi shoots Ayaka with a powerful tranquilizer gun and kidnaps Honoka to take him out of the city, where Kazane's power supposedly can't reach, but Ayaka quickly recovers and uses a dragon to shoot down Kasumi and her giant teddy bear plane before they can escape. 
7 "Takamiya-kun and Noblesse Oblige"
"Takamiya-kun to Noburesu Oburīju" (多華宮君とノブレス・オブリージュ) 
February 16, 2014
Ayaka has been secretly keeping Medusa and the KMM Gang in her room at Honoka's house after their last battle. Tanpopo tries to quietly kidnap Honoka but can't seem to find the right moment. However, Mei and Kotetsu accidentally run into him while coming out of the bath and immediately capture him, provoking a standoff with Kazane as she returns from a shopping trip. Ayaka aligns herself with the Tower Witches to protect Honoka, and merges with Medusa to boost her power, but ends up losing anyway as Kazane beats Honoka unconscious before sending both him and Ayaka to a dungeon. Ayaka later borrows some of Honoka's power to break out, damaging another section of the school to Kazane's despair. Ayaka prepares to fight her mother, but Kazane refuses, demanding the two of them go home instead. 
8 "Takamiya-kun and Kagari-san's Wound"
"Takamiya-kun to Kagari-san no Kizu" (多華宮君と火々里さんの傷) 
February 23, 2014
Honoka has a dream of Ayaka's past, where she was a socially-stunted little girl to the point that her mother asked two similarly young Workshop witches to watch over her. She often spent her after class time looking for a certain boy at nearby schools until she finally found Honoka. In the present, Honoka is forced to deal with a challenge to his authority as President of the student council. The previous President lied to infamous delinquent Rinon Otometachibana that Honoka physically abused her, and as revenge, Rinon set her entire hamster-themed gang to trash the school before challenging Honoka to a one-on-one duel. Ayaka tries to help Honoka fight her at first, but on the day of the duel she cheats to make it appear as though Honoka won. Later, it is revealed that Ayaka manipulated the deposed President from the start just to reaffirm Honoka's position at school. 
9 "Takamiya-kun and the Witch of the End"
"Takaimiya-kun to Owari no Majo" (多華宮君と終わりの魔女) 
March 2, 2014
Ayaka decides to teach Honoka about offensive magic, trying to make him summon a familiar by throwing him off the roof of a tall building. In a panic, he ends up summoning a giant image of Ayaka in a sexy nurse outfit that catches the two of them before punching a nearby building. Meanwhile, Kazane discovers a giant magic bomb underneath the city, and meets with a Tower Witch named Weekend to negotiate, but Weekend simply detonates the bomb, destroying several buildings and exhausting all of Kazane's magic power as she tries to limit the damage. Ayaka and Honoka are escorted into a cell by other Workshop Witches for their safety, but a high-tech magic puppet created by Weekend finds them. Ayaka uses the puppet to blow up a section of the wall and break out, but Ayaka remarks that neither of them have their magic power. 
10 "Takamiya-kun and the Weekend (Part 1)"
"Takamiya-kun to Wīkuendo (Zen-pen)" (多華宮君とウィークエンド (前編)) 
March 9, 2014
The Workshop Witches are in crisis mode as Ayaka and Honoka emerge to find themselves in a broken city. Without Kazane's powers, the Workshop Witches in the city are unable to use any magic and no outside help will arrive in time. To make matters worse, Weekend captures a group of Workshop Witches and straps magical bombs to them, demanding that they hand over Honoka in 30 minutes or she will detonate her hostages one by one. While Rinon and Atori try to defuse the situation, Ayaka takes Honoka down to the core of the city to renew the contract using Honoka's latent powers. At the very last second, Honoka completes the contract, allowing the Workshop Witches to rescue the hostages and capture Weekend. However, after being thrown in a magic-nullifying cell, Weekend reveals that she let herself be captured so she could destroy the Workshop from within, which she does with more hidden bombs. Honoka uses his new powers to revive the wounded witches, but Ayaka knocks him out before the strain kills him. 
11 "Takamiya-kun and the Weekend (Part 2)"
"Takamiya-kun to Wīkuendo (Chū-hen)" (多華宮君とウィークエンド (中編)) 
March 16, 2014

As Ayaka lays Honoka to rest in what remains of his home, Honoka views several of Kazane's memories. Honoka then gets word from the science teacher Mikage that they are in an alternate reality created by the city due to the contract Honoka just made, and takes him down to a shelter where the residents of the city are stuck in suspended animation until they can be safely revived. Suddenly, one of Weekend's underlings attacks Honoka at the shelter. Meanwhile, Ayaka heads off to fight Weekend herself at a church. However, Weekend uses several bombs she planted around the church to drain Ayaka's power, then captures her using giant monster golems, revealing that she planted the bombs in the city months ago as part of her plan.

Back at Honoka's house, Mikage ends up reviving Honoka while Atori is attending to him. Mikage then delivers a message that Weekend plans to destroy the shelter unless Honoka is delivered to her in 30 minutes. Honoka and Atori race to the scene of a large explosion to find a drained Ayaka, and Honoka gives her some more power to defeat Weekend before she can destroy the shelter. However, Weekend reveals that she already set off her bomb. 
12 "Takamiya-kun and the Weekend (Part 3)"
"Takamiya-kun to Wīkuendo (Kō-hen)" (多華宮君とウィークエンド (後編)) 
March 23, 2014

As Tanpopo decides to carry Kasumi out from the wreckage, Weekend's bomb wipes out all the townspeople inside the shelter, including Mikage. Honoka desperately tries to save them, striking a bargain with Evermillion by sacrificing his life to save the town and everyone in it, but Ayaka decides to exchange her life for Honoka's at the last minute. All of the people and buildings in the city are restored as if nothing happened, including Weekend, who stabs Honoka with a knife.

Weekend decides to have Honoka healed and acknowledges her defeat, shortly before running into Chronoire. In the restored church, Honoka, Atori and Mikage work on a way to bring Ayaka back to life, using some of Honoka's blood and a kiss. Miraculously, Ayaka regains consciousness. Meanwhile, Chronoire is shown impaling Weekend and most of her underlings on sharp poles, when Kazane shows up. Kazane then demands Chronoire hand Weekend over for questioning, but Chronoire responds that Weekend is her "dinner," and the two fight each other to settle the score.

Later, an unconscious Honoka and Mikage visit Evermillion as she talks about the renewed contract that Honoka has formed with her, warning him about the consequences he will have to face if he tries a similar action in the future. As he wakes up, Ayaka greets him at the bedroom door. The two then walk to school when the reformed KMM Gang threatens them en route. Even without her magic restored, Ayaka simply grabs Tanpopo and Mei by their faces and squeezes them until the gang submits. 
13 (OVA) "Takamiya-kun and His Sister's Conspiracy"
"Ta hana miya-kun to imōto no warudakumi" (多華宮君と妹の悪巧み) 
January 7, 2015

After the events of the previous episode, Kasumi meets with a drunken Tanpopo in a nearby bar and proposes an alliance to defeat Ayaka for supposedly stealing Honoka from her. After collecting some Tower Witches who were defeated by Ayaka in the past, Kasumi and Tanpopo's new gang confront Ayaka in her room, only to be swiftly beaten by her strength alone. The next day, Kasumi watches an anime DVD with her friend Tanuma, but the more risque scenes from the show conflict with her ideas of what a romantic relationship with her brother would mean.

Suddenly, Rinon appears and carries both Kasumi and Tanpopo to a site where a giant penguin is wreaking havoc on the town. Rinon tells Kasumi to fight the penguin with her own giant teddy bear, and soon Kasumi and Tanpopo find themselves in a tag-team match against the giant penguin and one of Weekend's followers, all using enlarged familiars. Finally, Kasumi ends the fight by growing her teddy bear so large its head reaches the stratosphere, then smashes the penguin. After finding that the giant penguin was somehow spawned from a penguin idol her brother carved, she hides the evidence in her teddy bear and heads home. 


The fourth volume of the manga series ranked #25 in the Oricon charts on November 2012 with a total of 27,389 copies sold in under a week.[12] The fifth volume ranked #28 in the Oricon charts on May 2013 with a total of 31,678 copies sold in under a week.[13] The sixth volume ranked #29 in the Oricon charts on November 2013 with a total of 27,573 copies sold in under a week.[14]


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