Winx Club (season 3)

Winx Club (season 3)
Country of origin Italy
No. of episodes 26
Original network Rai 2
Original release 29 January (2007-01-29) – 28 March 2007 (2007-03-28)

Season 3 of Winx Club an Italian animated series, premiered on Rai 2 on 29 January 2007 and concluded on 28 March 2007, airing 26 episodes. The season focuses on the girls adventures in their third year at Alfea School of Fairies, where they strive to earn an enhancement to their powers called Enchantix. The Trix escape from their prison and bring back a new villain named Valtor, who has a special connection with Bloom.

The series has been broadcast or syndicated to countries worldwide, with Rai providing an English language dub. In the United States, the show was re-dubbed and edited by 4Kids TV. Season 3 premiered on Fox under the 4Kids TV programming block on 30 September 2006, and concluded on 22 September 2007. Nickelodeon produced their own English localization of the season under the title Winx Club: Enchantix, which ran on their titular channel from 14 November 2011 to 26 December 2011. The episodes have also been made available on home media.


No. in
Italian Title (translation) / RAI English Title
F 4KidsTv / Nick English Title
Italian air dateAmerican air dates
(4Kids / Nick)
531"Il ballo della principessa"  (The ball of the princess) / "The Princess' Ball"
"The Princess Ball / The Perfect Dress"
29 January 2007 (2007-01-29)30 September 2006
14 November 2011
Stella's father is throwing a princess ball for her, and he promises her a special surprise. The Trix awaken Valtor and try to escape from the Omega Dimension. Aisha must return to her realm urgently. In the b-story, Stella and another girl, Chimera, fight over a dress for her princess ball.
542"Il marchio di Valtor"  (The mark of Valtor) / "Valtor's Mark"
"Beauty is a Beast / Valtor's Plan"
31 January 2007 (2007-01-31)7 October 2006
15 November 2011
At the party, Stella's special surprise turns out to be more of a shock, as King Radius has announced his engagement to Countess Cassandra. Chimera also casts a spell on Stella, turning her into a monster.
553"La principessa e la bestia"  (The princess and the beast) / "The Fairy and the Beast"
"Pretty Pretty Princess / The Monster's Escape"
2 February 2007 (2007-02-02)28 October 2006
16 November 2011
The Winx Club help Stella escape Solaria and seek help to break the spell cast upon her.
564"Lo specchio della verità"  (The mirror of truth) / "The Mirror of Truth"
"Mirror of Truth / Stella's Truth"
5 February 2007 (2007-02-05)4 November 2006
17 November 2011
The Winx Club arrive at the ice caves in search of the mirror of truth. Aisha (Layla) hesitantly explains her feelings about Valtor's arrival at her home planet. Stella turns back to herself. The Winx learn about earning their Enchantix! Fairies can earn their new powers from pure sacrifice for their people. Only Bloom doubts she'll get her new power because there's no one left of her realm.
575"Il Mare della Paura"  (The Sea of Fear) / "Sea of Fear"
"Mission to Tides / Andros in Danger"
7 February 2007 (2007-02-07)11 November 2006
18 November 2011
The Winx team up to save Aisha's home, Andros, while Stella stays at Alfea to cover them for sneaking out of the school. Meanwhile, Aisha loses her sight when Valtor casts a dark spell on her.
586"La scelta di Aisha"  (The choice of Aisha) / "Layla's Choice"
"The Mermaid Queen / Aisha's Courage"
9 February 2007 (2007-02-09)18 November 2006
28 November 2011
The Winx girls, minus Stella, proceed to the underwater city of mermaids to aid in a rescue of its queen, while Stella receives news of her place in the new royal hierarchy. Aisha is offered a chance to heal her blindness, but forgoes it to heal the dying Mermaid Queen, earning her Enchantix as a reward. However, she is still blind.
597"La compagnia della luce"  (The company of the light) / "The Company of the Light"
"Royal Behavior / Heroes of the Past"
12 February 2007 (2007-02-12)25 November 2006
29 November 2011
The five members of the Winx Club return to Alfea where they are promptly punished for their excursion having to clean up the library, while Valtor continues his conquest to recoup his power. In the b-story, Winx Club discover the tremendously strong healing effects of the Enchantix fairy dust, with which Layla uses to cure her blindness.
608"Una sleale avversaria"  (A disloyal adversary) / "Disloyal Adversary"
"Dark Sky / Diaspro's Deception"
14 February 2007 (2007-02-14)24 February 2007
30 November 2011
During a party on Sky's home planet, Princess Diaspro, aided by Valtor, launches her plan to gain the affections of Prince Sky. While doing this, she damages Bloom's feelings as he states that he is Diaspro's boyfriend. During their attempt to escape from Eraklyon, Stella earns her Enchantix after saving her father from a dragon's attack.
619"Il cuore e la spada"  (The heart and the sword) / "The Heart and The Sword"
"Operation Boyfriend Rescue / Breaking the Mark"
16 February 2007 (2007-02-16)3 March 2007
1 December 2011
The Winx Club and Riven and Brandon devise a plan to figure out Sky's erratic behavior and go to Eraklyon. In the end, Stella breaks the spell on Sky. The Winx Club have to leave without knowing it worked, but Brandon is arrested.
6210"Alfea sotto assedio"  (Alfea under siege) / "Alfea Under Siege"
"Attack of the Zombie Witches / Taking Over Cloudtower"
19 February 2007 (2007-02-19)10 March 2007
2 December 2011
Valtor conquers Cloudtower, brings the student witches under his control, and forces them to attack Alfea after he imprisons Professor Griffin. All the fairies, including Mirta, fight the witches while Valtor goes into battle with Ms. Faragonda. Meanwhile, Musa earns her Enchantix after trying to save Princess Galatea from a fire started by Darcy in the Alfea library. She then uses her fairy dust's healing abilities to restore Galatea's fairy wings.
6311"Trappola per fate"  (Trap for fairies) / "A Trap for Fairies"
"Missing in Action / Facing the Enemy"
21 February 2007 (2007-02-21)17 March 2007
5 December 2011
While the Winx Club conduct a search for Ms. Faragonda, they encounter Mirta returning to Cloudtower concerned about her friend Lucy. Valtor uses the intrusion to fight the Winx.
6412"Le lacrime del salice nero"  (The tears of the black willow) / "The Black Willow's Tears"
"Tears From the Black Willow / A Journey to Lynphea"
23 February 2007 (2007-02-23)24 March 2007
6 December 2011
The Winx Club go to Flora's home planet seeking guidance in breaking the spell cast on Ms. Faragonda. Flora's younger sister, Miele, tags along. Flora earns her Enchantix after saving her sister from the poisoned tears of the Black Willow and dumps the Trix (who are sent to stop them from gathering the tears) into the Black Willow's tears where they turn into little girls.
6513"Un ultimo battito d'ali"  (One last beat of wings) / "One Last Fluttering of Wings"
"Point of No Return / Tecna's Sacrifice"
26 February 2007 (2007-02-26)31 March 2007
7 December 2011
Valtor's conquest over Aisha's home world threatens to destroy both the planet Andros (Tides) and the Omega Dimension. The Winx Club must stop the destruction and the escaped prisoners from the Omega Dimension, and one of them will ultimately have to make a supreme sacrifice to do it. Volunteering to close the portal herself, Tecna earns her Enchantix in the process—but is seemingly lost forever in the Omega portal.
6614"Furia!" (Fury!) / "Fury!"
"Payback / Revenge!"
28 February 2007 (2007-02-28)7 April 2007
8 December 2011
Anguished with the loss of Tecna, the five Winx Club go to confront Valtor at Cloudtower. Bloom learns the fate of her real parents. In the end, Sky returns with Brandon, saying Diaspro has been banished for her crime.
6715"L'isola dei draghi"  (The island of dragons) / "The Island of Dragons"
"The Island of Dragons / Dragon Quest"
2 March 2007 (2007-03-02)14 April 2007
9 December 2011
Bloom arrives on Pyros, an island inhabited by dragons, where she is instantly attacked and becomes stranded. Daphne guides Bloom, and she meets a small dragon who is friendly and teaches her how to be a dragon. Meanwhile, back at Redfountain, Timmy dedicates all his time into finding Tecna in the Omega Dimension through his computers.
6816"Dalle ceneri"  (From the ashes) / "From the Ashes"
"The Power Within / Building Hope"
5 March 2007 (2007-03-05)21 April 2007
12 December 2011
Bloom continues her exploration of Pyros and encounters a sorceress named Maya, who offers to train Bloom and help her become much stronger. Meanwhile, the Winx Club and the Specialists arrive at Tecna's approximate location in the Omega Dimension. Back on Pyros, Bloom must battle the Trix by herself, but by believing in herself and refusing to give in to Valtor, she gains a stronger connection to the Dragon Fire and earns her full-fledged Enchantix, and goes back to Alfea.
6917"Nella tana del serpente"  (In the lair of the snake) / "In the Snake's Lair"
"The Omega Mission / The Omega Mission"
7 March 2007 (2007-03-07)28 April 2007
13 December 2011
Sky and Bloom reconcile, and go to rescue Tecna. After falling off a ledge, Tecna and Bloom find the other Winx girls, who are trapped by an ice snake. With their help, they manage to escape with the Specialists. The Winx Club and the Specialists return to Alfea, where the girls celebrate their reunion with a party.
7018"Lo scrigno di Valtor"  (The casket of Valtor) / "Valtor's Box"
"Day at the Museum / The Museum of Magic"
9 March 2007 (2007-03-09)28 July 2007
14 December 2011
While training, Bloom faints and discovers her Enchantix is dangerously incomplete because she never saved anyone from her world but from sheer willpower. Valtor announces his plan to steal a relic that is associated with the destruction of Domino but it's really in the box that holds the hour glass. So the Winx go to the Magix Museum to gain the object that can hold unstable power. Ophir (Nabu), who is interested in Aisha (Layla) because she is his betrothed, aids the Winx in defending the museum. However, his inference causes the lose of the object and they suspect he is a spy for Valtor.
7119"All'ultimo minuto"  (At the last minute) / "At the Last Moment"
"Biker Chick Wedding Crashers / Back to Solaria"
12 March 2007 (2007-03-12)4 August 2007
15 December 2011
Countess Cassandra announces plans to marry Stella's father, prompting Stella and the Winx Club to crash the wedding. The boys help them ride their bikes so they can act like a bike gang, due to the tight security. In the end, Stella reverses the effects of Cassandra's magic on her father, using her Fairy Dust. Cassandra and Chimera are arrested, and Solaria is restore to its former glory.
7220"La carica delle Pixies"  (The charge of Pixies) / "The Pixies' Charge"
"Little Big Shots / The Pixies Fight Back"
14 March 2007 (2007-03-14)11 August 2007
16 December 2011
While the Winx Club are away on a mission, their Pixies defend their village from Icy, Stormy, and Darcy winning in the end.
7321"La torre rossa"  (The red tower) / "The Red Tower"
"The Golden Kingdom / Beyond the Magic Dimension"
16 March 2007 (2007-03-16)18 August 2007
19 December 2011
The Winx club proceeds with a plan to negate and ultimately defeat Valtor by going to the Golden Kingdom. Ophir becomes a stowaway on their mission. They are attacked by pegagaurds and are left unconscious.
7422"Il labirinto di cristallo" "The Crystal Labyrinth"
"The Crystal Labyrinth / Finding Your Way"
19 March 2007 (2007-03-19)25 August 2007
20 December 2011
In order to obtain the Water Stars that can defeat Valtor, Stella, Musa, and Tecna must find their way through a maze with obstacles testing their commitment to possess the Water Stars.
7523"La sfida dei maghi"  (The challenge of magicians) / "The Wizards' Challenge"
"The Wizard's Challenge / The Water Stars"
21 March 2007 (2007-03-21)1 September 2007
21 December 2011
Valtor challenges the three headmasters of the schools to a duel. The Winx Club determines the duel a diversion to occupy the headmasters while the real Valtor breaks into Alfea.
7624"La rivelazione delle streghe"  (The revelation of the witches) / "Witches' Revelation"
"The Witches' Crypt / Seeking the Truth"
23 March 2007 (2007-03-23)8 September 2007
22 December 2011
The Winx Club go to find the missing Cloud Tower crypts to contact the three ancient witches who destroyed Domino. Meanwhile, Valtor endows the Trix with Disenchantix abilities which the Winx"s destroy with combined fairy dust.
7725"L'ira dello stregone"  (The anger of the wizard) / "Wizard's Anger"
"The Spell of the Elements / Valtor's Fury"
26 March 2007 (2007-03-26)15 September 2007
23 December 2011
Valtor releases a spell of the four elements, fire, water, wind, and earth, to conquer Magix. The Winx Club are determined to stop him once and for all. In the end, every one except Bloom thinks that Valtor is gone for good.
7826"Un nuovo inizio"(A new beginning) / "A New Beginning"
"Fire and Flame / The Final Battle"
28 March 2007 (2007-03-28)22 September 2007
26 December 2011

Valtor survives the attack and lures the Winx Club into a trap by kidnapping their boyfriends. Bloom is determined to rescue Sky and stop Valtor for good. At the end of the battle against Valtor, Faragonda informs Bloom that she is now ready to find her birth parents at last. Note: In the 4kids dub, Bloom used her Dragon Fire Fury spell to destroy Valtor's own essence. While in the Rai and Nickelodeon versions, she used her fairy dust.

Note: This episode is followed by The Secret of the Lost Kingdom movie.


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