What a Hero!

What a Hero!

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Traditional 嘩!英雄
Simplified 哗!英雄
Mandarin Huá! Yīng Xióng
Cantonese Waa1! Jing1 Hung4
Directed by Benny Chan
Produced by Yuen Kam-lun
Screenplay by Ho Tung
Starring Andy Lau
Maggie Cheung
Anthony Wong
Roy Cheung
Michael Chan
Nick Cheung
Music by William Hu
Cinematography Cheng Siu-Keung
Wong Po-man
Patrick Chim
Edited by Ma Chung-yiu
Movie Impact
Chun Sing Films
Distributed by Golden Princess Films
Release dates
27 February 1992 (1992-02-27)
Running time
96 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$11,534,659

What a Hero! is a 1992 Hong Kong action comedy film directed by Benny Chan and starring Andy Lau and Maggie Cheung.


Yuen Tak-wah (Andy Lau) has been practicing Taekwondo since he was a kid and becomes an expert at it with his best trick being the 720 Degree Whirlwind Kick. Wah later becomes a cop and uses his good skills to contribute in cracking cases which leads to the jealousy of Officer Cheung Yeung (Roy Cheung), the leader of the rival team. Cheung is also a Taekwondo expert who has a won a championship at the Hong Kong Police Force's Taekwondo tournament. Finally, conflicts launched the two into the Taekwondo finals where compete against each other. At the earlier rounds, Wah was at a disadvantage until he uses his Super Whirlwind Kick and wins the championship, while Cheung loses and is convinced. Afterwards, Wah opens a martial arts school which specializes in training the Whirlwind Kick to students, attracting many youths to register in order to learn from him.


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Box office

The film grossed HK$11,534,659 at the Hong Kong box office during its theatrical run 27 February to 11 March 1992 in Hong Kong.

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