We're the Chipmunks (Music From the TV Show)

We're the Chipmunks (Music From the TV Show)
Soundtrack album by The Chipmunks featuring The Chipettes
Released September 25, 2015
Genre Pop, rock, dance, children's
Length 26:44
Label Rhino/Bagdasarian Productions
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We're the Chipmunks (Music From the TV Show)
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We're the Chipmunks (Music From the TV Show) is the licensed soundtrack based on the Chipmunks 2015 television series ALVINNN! and the Chipmunks. It was released as a digital download and on CD September 25, 2015 by Rhino Entertainment.[1][2][3][4] The entire album was written and produced by Ross Bagdasarian, Jr. and Janice Karman.

Track listing

No.TitlePerforming Artist(s)Length
1."We're The Chipmunks"  The Chipmunks1:01
2."Ooh Girl"  The Chipmunks2:41
3."Ring a Ding"  The Chipettes2:33
4."All for You"  The Chipmunks feat. The Chipettes2:08
5."Champions"  The Chipmunks2:53
6."Mister Manners"  The Chipettes2:25
7."Run the Runway"  The Chipettes2:48
8."Can't Live With 'Em"  The Chipmunks2:35
9."Guest of Honor"  The Chipettes1:48
10."You Gotta Be Cool"  The Chipmunks2:56
11."I See You"  The Chipettes2:46
12."Running All Night"  The Chipmunks2:52
13."The Weekend"  The Chipmunks2:19


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