Warning Sign (film)

Warning Sign

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Hal Barwood
Produced by Hal Barwood
Jim Bloom
Written by Hal Barwood
Matthew Robbins
Starring Sam Waterston
Kathleen Quinlan
Yaphet Kotto
Jeffrey DeMunn
Music by Craig Safan
Cinematography Dean Cundey
Edited by Robert Lawrence
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release dates
  • August 23, 1985 (1985-08-23)
Running time
99 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office $1,918,117

Warning Sign is a 1985 science fiction-horror film directed by Hal Barwood and starring Sam Waterston, Kathleen Quinlan, Yaphet Kotto, and Jeffrey DeMunn.


The movie tells about the outbreak of a virulent bacteria in a secret military laboratory operating under the guise of a pesticide manufacturer. During routine work a sealed tube is broken, releasing the secret biological weapon. Where upon detecting the release of the agent, one of the plant's security officers activate "Protocol One," a procedure sealing all of the workers inside from the outside world and they are left to wait out the deadly effects. A local County Sheriff whose pregnant wife, the security officer, is trapped inside, and with the help of a past employee who is a known alcoholic, must fight through a government agency and the chemically affected workers to find his wife and put a stop to the spread of the lethal weapon. The former employee had started creating an antidote to the weapon, which the sheriff and his wife create and deploy.



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