Walter Long (actor)

Walter Long

Walter Long, 1924
Born (1879-03-05)March 5, 1879
Nashua, New Hampshire, U.S.
Died July 4, 1952(1952-07-04) (aged 73)
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Occupation Actor
Years active 1910 - 1950

Walter Huntley Long (March 5, 1879 – July 4, 1952) was an American character actor in films from the 1910s. He was born in Nashua, New Hampshire.


From The Birth of a Nation-Hooded Klansmen catch Gus, a black man portrayed in blackface by Walter Long

He appeared in many D. W. Griffith films, notably The Birth of a Nation (1915), where he appeared as Gus, an African American, in blackface make-up, and Intolerance (1916).

Long also supported Rudolph Valentino in the films The Sheik, Moran of the Lady Letty, and Blood and Sand. He later appeared as a comic villain in four Laurel and Hardy films during the early 1930s.

Personal life

In 1908, Long married Luray Roble, a stenographer from Wisconsin who later became an actress at Triangle/Fine Arts. She died in 1918 at age 28, due to the Spanish influenza epidemic.

Walter Long and Carol Dempster in Scarlet Days (1919)

Walter Long served in during World War I and World War II attaining the rank of lieutenant colonel before receiving an honorable discharge at the end of World War II.


Long died of a heart attack on July 4, 1952 in Los Angeles, California, while watching the fireworks display at The Coliseum, during Fourth of July celebrations.

Partial filmography

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Year Title Genre Role Notes
1910 The Fugitive drama Unknown
1911 The Primal Call drama Unknown short silent film
1911 Bobby, the Coward drama Unknown
1912 The Girl and Her Trust drama Grace's Bashful Suitor
1912 The Painted Lady drama Unknown short silent film
1912 The Musketeers of Pig Alley drama Unknown Credited as the first gangster film in history.
1913 The Deerslayer drama Unknown
1913 Traffic in Souls drama Policeman silent film
1914 The Broken Bottle drama Unknown
1914 The Life of General Villa action-drama Federal Officer Pancho Villa plays himself.
1914 Home, Sweet Home (1914 film) drama himself silent, biographical
1914 The Escape drama Unknown Now considered to be a lost film.
1914 Dan Morgan's Way drama Unknown silent film
1914 Blue Pete's Escape western Unknown
1914 The Avenging Conscience drama Detective Based on The Tell-Tale Heart.
1914 Where the Mountains Meet Unknown himself silent film
1914 The Revenue Officer's Deputy drama Bruner silent film
1914 Ethel Has a Steady comedy Unknown silent film
1914 Bobby's Medal drama Unknown silent film
1915 The Birth of a Nation drama Gus silent film
1915 Martyrs of the Alamo Santa Anna
1915 The Highbinders crime Pat Gallagher short silent film
1915 Little Marie
1916 Daphne and the Pirate Jamie d'Arcy
1916 Sold for Marriage Col. Gregioff
1916 Intolerance drama Musketeer of the Slums silent film
1916 Joan the Woman
1917 The Evil Eye Mexican Joe silent film
1917 A Romance of the Redwoods
1917 The Woman God Forgot
1919 An Adventure in Hearts Guilamo Sevier
1920 The Sea Wolf drama Black Harris, the Mate silent film
1920 Held In Trust romance Hasbrouck Rutherford
1921 The Sheik Omair
1922 My American Wife
1922 Moran of the Lady Letty Captain 'Slippery' Kitchel
1922 Shadows
1922 Blood and Sand Plumitas
1922 Omar the Tentmaker
1923 His Great Chance
1923 The Shock
1924 White Man
1924 The Ridin' Kid from Powder River western Steve Lanning
1925 The Lady drama Blackie silent film
1926 Red Dice crime drama Nick Webb
1926 West of Broadway comedy-western Bad Willie
1926 Jim, the Conqueror Western
1927 The Yankee Clipper Portuguese Joe silent film
1928 Gang War
1929 The Black Watch
1930 Beau Bandit
1930 Conspiracy mystery melodrama Weinberg
1931 The Maltese Falcon Miles Archer
1931 Pardon Us comedy The Tiger Laurel & Hardy film
1932 Any Old Port! comedy Mugsie Long Laurel & Hardy film short
1932 I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang crime drama Blacksmith uncredited
1934 Going Bye-Bye! comedy Butch Long Laurel & Hardy film short
1934 The Live Ghost comedy Sea captain Laurel & Hardy film short
1934 Three Little Pigskins comedy Joe Stacks Three Stooges film
1937 Pick a Star
1939 Union Pacific
1940 Dark Command
1941 City of Missing Girls dramaOfficer Larkin
1948 No More Relatives comedy Joe Edgar Kennedy film short
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