Walk East on Beacon

Walk East on Beacon!

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Alfred L. Werker
Produced by Louis De Rochemont
Written by J. Edgar Hoover an article
Laurence Heath
Emmett Murphy
Based on The Crime of the ]]
Starring George Murphy
Finlay Currie
Virginia Gilmore
Music by Louis Applebaum
Cinematography Joseph C. Brun
Edited by Angelo Ross
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release dates
  • April 29, 1952 (1952-04-29)
Running time
98 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office $1.35 million (US rentals)[1]

Walk East on Beacon (1952) is an American drama film directed by Alfred L. Werker and released by Columbia Pictures. The screenplay was inspired by a May 1952 Reader's Digest article by J. Edgar Hoover entitled "The Crime of the Century: The Case of the A-Bomb Spies." The article covers the case against Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for treason.

Plot summary

Federal agent Belden (George Murphy) is assigned to locate the communist mastermind behind the leak, and to trace all avenues of informational access utilized by the Communists. Professor Albert Kafer (Finlay Currie) a scientist who is being blackmailed by the Reds into cooperating with them, while Alexi Laschenkov (Karel Stepanek) is the top Eastern-Bloc spy.[2]


Comic book adaption


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