Wakker Nederland

Wakker Nederland
Type Public broadcaster
Country Netherlands
Availability Netherlands
Founded 16 February 2009
Official website

Wakker Nederland (abbr. WNL, English: "Awakened Netherlands") is a Dutch public broadcaster on the NPO.[1]

It was founded on 16 February 2009 as a right-wing conservative counterweight to the perceived leftist bias of Dutch public television. WNL and PowNed have their origins in the newspaper De Telegraaf.

WNL takes care of the morning television programming and began airing their morning show Ochtendspits (English: "Morning Rush Hour") on Nederland 1 on 6 September 2010. They also had an evening news show on Nederland 2 called Uitgesproken WNL (English: "Outspoken WNL") on Wednesday evenings.

WNL also make radio programmes.


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