Voice of Croatia

Glas Hrvatske
City Zagreb
Broadcast area Europe
Language(s) Croatian
Owner Croatian Government
Sister stations
  • HR1
  • HR2
  • HR3
  • Radio Sljeme
  • Radio Rijeka
  • Radio Pula
  • Radio Osijek
  • Radio Split
  • Radio Zadar
  • Radio Knin
  • Radio Dubrovnik
Website glashrvatske.hrt.hr

The International programme of Croatian Radio "Voice of Croatia" (Croatian: Međunarodni program Hrvatskoga radija "Glas Hrvatske") is the international service of Croatian state radio via satellite and Internet.

The programme is for Croatians living abroad, Croatia's minority groups and the international community. While mostly in the Croatian language, news and segments of up to 15 minutes duration are broadcast in English, German, Italian, Hungarian, and Spanish at different times of the day.

The station is no longer available on shortwave, and also stopped transmitting from Zadar on AM (1134 kHz, covering Europe) on January 1, 2014.[1] Prior to leaving shortwave, transmitters in Germany were rented to reach audiences in the Americas, while the Pacific region was covered for four hours daily via the relay station in Singapore.

Previous Shortwave frequencies

As logged on November 2010:

On January 1, 2013, Voice of Croatia ceased broadcasting over shortwave. Transmissions on mediumwave stopped on January 1, 2014. The programme can still be followed via satellite and the Internet.[2]

Satellite broadcasts

The Voice of Croatia (Glas Hrvatske) is transmitted 24 hours a day via satellite:


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