Vietnam Border Defence Force

Vietnam Border Defence Force
Biên phòng Việt Nam
Active 1958 – present
Country  Vietnam
Allegiance Communist Party of Vietnam[1]
Type Border defence force
Size 150,000
Part of Vietnam People's Army
Headquarters Ha Noi, Vietnam
Motto(s) Đồn là nhà, Biên giới là quê hương, Đồng bào các dân tộc là anh em ruột thịt (The post is our home, The border is our country, Our compatriots are our siblings )
Colour          Forest Green
March Hành khúc Bộ đội biên phòng (Border Defence marches)
Anniversaries 3 March 1959 (date of establishment)
Engagements Vietnam War
Cambodian-Vietnamese War
Sino-Vietnamese War
MT Orkim Harmony hijacking
Commander Lieutenant General Võ Trọng Việt
Political Commissar Major General Phạm Huy Tập
Chief of Staff Major General Hoàng Xuân Chiến

Vietnam Border Defence Force is branch of the Vietnam People's Army, as the core, responsible management and protection of the sovereignty, territorial integrity, security, order and national boundaries on the mainland, islands, sea and at the gate as shall by law and is a force members in provincial areas of defence, border districts of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.[2]


On 19 November 1958, the Politburo of the Communist Party of Vietnam has decided to unite national defence forces and army units whose mission is to protect domestic, border protection, beach, boundary and other armed forces in charge of protecting the domestic and border guards,... under management by Police Department, named Guard forces. Guard forces including Border Guard and Homeland Guard.[2][3]

According to the resolution of the Politburo, Border Guard is responsible for:

Homeland Guard is responsible for (this task transferred to police protection under the General Department of Police, Ministry of Public Security):

On 3 March 1959, the Prime Minister of Vietnam signed Decision No. 100 - TTg on the establishment of an armed force in charge of border protection and domestic, to be known as the People's Armed Police, set under the leadership of the Ministry of Public Security. This date is taken as the date of establishment of the Vietnam Border Defence Force.

Ceremony set up the People's Armed Police was held on the evening of 28 March 1959, at 19 hours, at the Military Club, Hanoi.

By the end of 1979 the People's Armed Police was renamed Border Defence Force and transferred under the Ministry of Defence (Vietnam). In 1988, the Border Defence Force moved to directly under the Ministry of Interior until late in 1995, then moved to the Ministry of Defence (Vietnam).[2]


Border Defence Force is the core force in charge, in co-ordination with other armed forces, localities and departments concerned and depend on people to manage, protect borders, maintaining security political, social order and safety in the border areas, maintaining the external border. Border Defence Force operates under the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the international treaties relating to the sovereignty, national security and border on the mainland, islands, seas and border gates that the Socialist Republic of Vietnam has signed or acceded to.[2]


The organisational system of Border Defence Force includes three levels: Command (Central), Command provinces; Border posts.

Command of Border Defence Force

Border Command of the Provinces and Municipalities of Vietnam

Border posts


Flag OfficersField Grade Officers Company Grade Officers
Trung tướngThiếu tướngĐại táThượng tá Trung táThiếu táĐại úyThượng úy Trung úy Thiếu úy
Lieutenant GeneralMajor General Senior ColonelColonelLieutenant Colonel MajorCaptainLieutenant Sub-lieutenantEnsign
Officer cadet NCOs Soldiers
Học viên Sĩ quanThượng sĩTrung sĩHạ sĩ Binh nhất Binh nhì
Officer Cadet Sergeant Major Sergeant Corporal Private 1st class Private


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