Video Italia (Canada)

Video Italia

Video Italia logo
Launched June 15, 2005
Closed September 18, 2007
Owned by Telelatino Network (80%)
Radio Italia Solo Musica Italiana (20%)
Country Canada
Broadcast area National

Video Italia was a Canadian category 2 Italian language digital cable specialty channel. It was an all-music channel that included such programming as open-air concerts and music videos. It was a Canadian version of the Italian channel Video Italia. It was primarily distributed in a package with two other channels called Super Trio Italiano. The other two channels were Leonardo World and Sky TG24. All three channels were wholly owned by Telelatino Network with the exception of Video Italia which was 80% owned by Telelatino Network Inc. and 20% owned by Radio Italia.

On September 11, 2007, Vidéotron discontinued carriage of Video Italia and on September 18, 2007 the remaining carriers, Rogers Cable and Mountain Cablevision discontinued carriage of Video Italia also.

Original logo of Video Italia
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